Randy's phone rang - it was Hassan. As a courtesy the Marine was calling to tell Randy what he had been doing with the four boys at Brandon's house, treating them to a wild military fantasy of capture, bondage and discipline in which he had fucked all the boys and they had taken their revenge.

He was calling specifically to explain that he had fucked - and been fucked by - Randy's young brother Ben "Wanted to make sure you're cool with that Randy 'coz I know how protective you are of him."

Randy chuckled at the thought of his little brother fucking the powerful Marine. "Sounds like you had your hands full, big guy - and not only your hands, apparently. Sure it's cool, provided Ben had a good time."

"No worries there, Randy. Ben and the boys will be talking about it for weeks to come."

"Thanks for the heads-up, soldier. When my little brother starts telling me a story I know I'm in it for the long haul. I appreciate the call, buddy. Glad you took care of Ben - see you soon."

The call served only to increase the good mood Randy was in. He was having late-night drinks with Bob and Mark and they were planning a trip. "We still got a lot to sort out, guys," he was saying, "and we haven't had any time alone together yet since we patched things up. So I think the lake's the place to go. It's so remote that we'll be left alone there to do what we have to do."

"Unless Ranger Pete shows up," Bob chuckled. "Don't forget, he turned up when you were there with Zack and then again when you took me up there."

Mark grinned, "Yeah, but Pete surely won't show his face this time after the way you thrashed him at the house, Randy. He was real pissed. No way he'd put in an appearance again."

""Who gives a shit?" Randy laughed. "Don't forget guys, there are three of us now. I'm damn sure the three of us together could handle the Ranger real good, no matter how pissed he is."

Macho testosterone was thick in the air as the three handsome alpha males joked and got drunk together. And that was part of the attraction of this trip, the male bonding. But there was much more to it than that. Dr. Steve, Randy's therapist brother, had dubbed the trio a 'toxic triangle' until a session with him had cleared the air. It turned out that not only were Bob and Randy inseparably in love with each other, they both loved Mark too ... a passionate and potentially explosive situation in a group of three dominant and naturally competitive males.

Which is what Randy meant when he said, 'we still got a lot to sort out'. Since the revelation of their mutual love they had instinctively kept their distance, unwilling to put their love to a physical test. Under the skin the passion built, but on the surface they pretended that nothing especially momentous had happened. But it had and it was Randy who finally seized the reins and suggested the trip, where they would confront each other - and their passions.

In the days building up to the trip the three men explained to their boys what was going on. Pablo had no problem with it, confident that Randy would take the lead, as he always did, and be the dominant force of the tree. The twins, as always, took everything in stride knowing that everyone loved Bob so no harm would come to him. They concentrated rather on the food they should pack for the three men with hearty appetites.

Jamie had the most concerns as he lay with Mark after the cop had, as always, come home horny from his shift and fucked his surfer boy before even taking off his police uniform. "But sir," Jamie said, "everyone knows that Randy and Bob are crazy about each other, as close as two men can be, so I don't see how it can be equal. I remember Dr. Steve saying once that any love triangle usually consists of a couple and a third person. Wouldn't the third one be you, sir?"

"Smart kid," Mark grinned, "and don't think I haven't thought that myself. But I've told Bob and Randy that whatever happens I won't do anything that damages their relationship. Love like theirs is too precious" - he smiled - "as you and I know, Jamie. Like I said before, none of this will change us ... you'll still be the boy I love ... and the boy I think about when I'm pounding the beat on my motorcycle ... the boy I fuck as soon as I get home."

"Thank you, sir," Jamie said, his eyes moist and his dick hard again, even though he had just cum when the cop fucked him.

Mark got off the bed. "OK, kid, I'm gonna take off my uniform and hit the shower, and when I come out I want you right here on your stomach so the first thing I see is that sweet ass of yours. And I'm gonna fuck it again. OK with you, boy?"

Jamie smiled. "You know it is, sir. Most days I jack off thinking about you fucking me when you come home. So I'll be here waiting, sir."

"Good boy," Mark grinned. "But no jacking off before I get my dick in your ass, OK?"


Next morning saw the inevitable noisy commotion as all the boys helped load Randy's truck with the rowboat, the gear of all three men and the mountain of food the twins had put together. Bob thanked his boys and hugged them goodbye. Randy sat with Pablo in earnest conversation, the boy listening intently to his master's instructions.

Mark reminded Jamie that he, Pablo, Darius and the twins were the senior boys and they were to keep the place in order. "I have every confidence in you Jamie. I'm glad you and Pablo made your peace with each other, and you know Darius will keep things lively and the twins will keep you well fed. Zack will be in charge but he's also taking Randy's place at work so a lot will fall on your shoulders. And whatever happens at the lake, don't forget what I'll need when I get home."

"Me naked on the bed, sir?" Jamie grinned. "Is it OK if I whack off thinking about it while you're gone?"

"Just as long as you're hot and ready for me, kiddo," Mark laughed, folding his arms round him.

By now the noise had reached a crescendo, with Pablo's dog Billy barking up a storm, and Randy shouted above the din, "OK, guys, let's get this fucking show on the fucking road."

The three men jumped into the truck and drove off with cheers ringing in their ears. There was a collective sigh and Randy said, "Peace and quiet at last - nothing like it." But the silence that settled over the trio was not that peaceful, at least underneath their placid expressions. This was new, uncharted water for all of them, water that could easily become choppy, even stormy.

Randy was driving, of course, with Bob sitting between him and Mark ... physically and emotionally. Bob was essentially the one who held them together. On one side of him Randy was the least concerned, ever the confident leader with no worries just as long as he had Bob sitting beside him, and he would always have that. On the other side was Mark, the least secure in this new, odd arrangement.

Mark was a traditional, buttoned-down kinda guy, comfortable in a regular one-on-one relationship like the one he had with Jamie. But he had admitted to himself that he was in love with the calm, sophisticated Bob and, in quite a different way, with the roughneck gypsy Randy. It was easier when it was all under wraps but now that Steve's therapy session had brought it out in the open he had to face it. But for an alpha top-man like the authoritarian cop, it wasn't easy.

Even the little things. Randy had assumed that they would take his truck and that he would drive, and Bob accepted this as his normal role. But that was usually Mark's role, too. The way he felt when driving Jamie, with his boy's hand resting between his legs, was quite different from how he felt now on the passenger side, with big boss Randy in control.

Bob, sensitive as ever, was aware of all of this and pressed his leg against Mark's in a gesture of reassurance. "You know, guys," Bob said, "I can't remember ever feeling happier than I am now between two of the most beautiful guys on the planet. I know there's a little tension between us but I hope we can relax and take it one step at a time. I think we're gonna have a great time. I mean, whenever explorers go into new, unmapped territory there are always dangers, but that's one reason they go. It's the excitement."

Randy grinned and slung his arm over Bob's shoulder, ruffling his hair. "Trust our man here to put things in perspective. Hey, let's just have fun, guys ... catch as many fish as possible and just hang out. One thing though, Mark. I didn't get much sleep last night - got a lot on my mind about the new contract we just got - a big one. So when we stop for gas halfway there I'd like to close my eyes and take a breather. Would you mind driving the rest of the way?"

Bob slumped down in his seat with a big smile. He was safe.


When they stopped at the gas station they traded places and as Mark drove back onto the highway Randy hunched down in the passenger seat and closed his eyes. But he half opened one eye and glanced at Bob who smiled and squeezed his leg. Then Randy dozed while Mark rested his free arm across Bob's back. That's it, Bob thought, one small step at a time. Maybe this is all gonna work out after all.

Mark finally pulled off the road and they bumped down the long, winding gravel track that led to the lake. He pulled to a stop right behind the small secluded beach surrounded by trees that Randy had discovered long ago in one of his daylong rambles through the forest. It was so remote that nobody ever came there - well, almost nobody.

Their silence in the truck, which had evolved from tense to comfortable, was suddenly broken by a surge of activity as they leapt out and unloaded the rowboat and all their gear. Randy was like a dog in his ability to go instantly from dozing to full-bore activity, but he curbed his usual impulse of taking charge and barking orders. They worked as equals and soon their gear was stowed under the trees and Randy and Mark were carrying the rowboat down to the water.

Randy had worn his usual jeans and tank-top, Bob wore cargo shorts and a white V-neck T-shirt, and Mark was in the black tank-top that Jamie loved so much as it hugged the contours of his amazing body perfectly. But now they were on their beach so Randy said, "OK, let's get comfortable, guys," and they stripped naked down to boxer shorts.

It was an oddly self-conscious act. The guys who usually didn't think twice about showing off their bodies now looked at each other almost shyly. Bob grinned and broke the silence with "One more small step, guys." Trouble was, they all had boners in their shorts, which was inevitable among these three stunning men - the rugged gypsy, the Superman look-alike and the blond Nordic god.

But now what? Surely not sex right away, Mark thought. Viscerally they all wanted it but they knew that Bob's 'one small step at a time' was the way to go. Mark was the one who needed time to adjust to all this and said, "You know what, guys? I think I'll take the boat out and do some fishing. I used to be real good at that. I don't get much time alone these days, except on that damn police bike where I'm always on alert. The idea of floating out in the middle of nowhere, just letting my thoughts wander, sounds pretty nigh perfect. Do you mind?"

"Go for it, buddy," Bob said. "You're right, it is perfect. When I did that it was like meditation - didn't catch any fish, though."

"Well, maybe I'll catch lunch for us," Mark grinned. Instinctively he made a move to hug Bob, but checked himself awkwardly. He knew that once his body was pressed against Bob's there would be no holding back. Save it for later, he thought.

So Randy helped him load the fishing gear and advised him on the best bait to use on the fish in this lake. As Mark sat down and grabbed the oars Randy smiled and said, "I'm real glad you're here, officer. Kinda makes it complete. We'll see you later - both of us." Randy shoved the boat out and shaded his eyes watching as Mark rowed strongly to the middle of the lake.

"I think he's having a confusing time with all this," Randy said to Bob. "Yeah but he'll come around," Bob said. "Remember, he's a conservative by-the-book cop and there's no book to cover this situation. He just has to loosen up a bit. Meditating as the boat rocks gently beneath him will do him the world of good." He grinned salaciously. "In the meantime ....."

"In the meantime you wanna go for a walk in the woods, right?"

"You read my mind, buddy."

"Not hard to do," Randy laughed. "Whenever we come here you're like a homing pigeon, heading straight for the place where it all started. OK, big guy ... lead on."

They both knew where they were going - the clearing in the forest where they had gone soon after they had first met, and in the driving rain of a thunderstorm Randy had vented his anger and confusion by tying Bob to a tree. But realizing he was risking Bob's life in the jagged flashes of lightning he had gone back to release him and the tension led to a fight, their bodies churning together in the mud.

The homoerotic event had ended with them fucking each other - the first time either of them had fucked any man. This was the place where their budding love affair had burst into full bloom and changed their lives forever.

To this day, whenever Bob jerked off thinking of Randy (which he did often) his mind went back to this place on the day of the thunderstorm - the place where they were headed now.


It was a long time since Mark had meditated. Ever since Jamie became his boy Mark found that fucking him could bring him joy and relieve his stress better than meditation ever did. But he still remembered his mantra so he settle back on the floor of the boat and closed his eyes. The images that floated through his mind were disjointed but all centered on one theme - sex.

He had not realized that driving up here with Randy and Bob, the two glorious men he loved and desired, had pushed his testosterone level to new heights. As confused and reticent as he had been up to now, as his body and mind relaxed he could freely acknowledge his lust for them. Floating between consciousness and dreaming he first had a vivid image of Bob, of fucking his ass then yielding his own ass to Bob's flawless beauty.

Then suddenly Randy was in his dream and he had a jumble of images - sucking Randy's huge dick - lying beside Bob kissing him while Randy fucked them both in turn. He could taste Bob's lips, could feel Randy's huge shaft piston in his ass .... and his body shuddered just as the boat jerked to one side.

He sat bolt upright with a start ... and realized that the fishing line was taut. A fish had bitten and he hauled it on board and put it in the cooler he had brought. As he did so he felt a stickiness at his crotch and looked down at the stain spreading over his shorts. His erotic dreams of Bob and Randy had made him cum.

He smiled to himself and his doubts and inhibitions floated away at last ... his sexual release had cleared his mind. Still, a wet dream was one thing but reality was waiting for him on shore, the reality of making love to his two handsome, muscular buddies. He laughed out loud at the recollection of how tense and confused he had been. He was in love with two men and they were all here in this remote haven to consummate that love. Simple as that.

The line went taut again and he hauled in another fish. Seemed like nature was cooperating now that he had opened up to his feelings and embraced the real world. He caught more fish in quick succession, then headed back to shore. He hauled the boat up the beach, with a twinge of disappointment that the guys were not there. Must have gone for a walk. He took out the cooler with the fish and set up the things needed to cook a meal, including the small barbecue they had brought.

Determined to prove he was a useful member of the group he was about to fire up the barbecue but stopped, not knowing when Bob and Randy would return. Maybe he'd go look for them. He went down to the water and waded in up to his waste to wash the cum stains from his shorts. He went back up the beach, pulled on his sneakers and set off through the woods.

He was surprised how dense the undergrowth was as the branches scraped his bare flesh and he pushed his way through. He had gone some distance when he realized that a guy could get lost and disoriented in the thick forest. He thought he should probably retrace his steps and wait for them at the beach.

But just then he heard sounds coming from some way off. Must be the guys ... at least it gave him something to aim for. As he got closer he heard voices - Randy's voice - and caught snatches of words ... "looks fucking gorgeous .... remember when we? .... Holy shit ...." Mark stumbled closer until he could hear everything and gasped as he peered through the dense foliage into the clearing.

Bob was naked, his muscular body stretched upward, wrists tied together with a rope looped over a branch. Randy was pacing naked around the clearing, his eyes fixed on his handsome prisoner. "Oh man, that's just how you looked that first day when I was so mad at you. Remember the rain, the thunder and lightning?"

"I think of it all the time," Bob said softly. "I beat off thinking about it, how you fucked me for the first time - the first time I ever took a dick in my ass. You were so savage, so beautiful, like a wild animal pacing round me like you are now. And that's when I knew I was in love with you."

"We've been through so much, buddy - seems like a lifetime ... all those times I was scared you would leave me and I punished you, but you forgave me and swore you would never leave me. What was it, man? What made you stay with me and put up with my anger and insecurity?"

"I was in love with you," Bob said simply. "More in love with you than anyone before, more than I could ever be. You're so exciting, Randy, such a fucking stud. You're my life, my soul. I remember that first time when I was scared shitless as you started to fuck me and I realized I wanted it so bad .... like I do now."

Randy's voice got coarse. "Don't worry, asshole, you're gonna get it." He stood in front of him and reached up the branch Bob was tied to. He pulled himself up in a chin-lift and hung there so his huge erection was pointed at Bob's face. His magnificent body flexed as he wrapped his legs round the tree and forced his cock into his lover's mouth. "That's it, stud ... get it good and hard, lube it up, 'cos it's gonna ream your ass."

Hidden behind the dense eaves Mark could not believe his eyes. He had never seen anyone do this, never believed anyone had the muscular strength to hold himself in a permanent chin-up while he face-fucked a guy. He gazed at the muscles rippling in his flared back, saw the solid globes of his ass tense as he fucked Bob's mouth. Mark's impulse was to run away, leave them in private, but he was rooted to the spot, transfixed by the incredible scene.

"OK," Randy said, dropping to the ground. "See this rod, all lubed up? You know where it's going, man?"

"In my ass," Bob breathed, mesmerized by the steel blue eyes he knew so well. "Please, sir ... please fuck my ass. I love you, I love your cock. Please, I need it inside me."

Randy walked behind him, grabbed his hips and pressed the head of his cock between the mounds of the ass he claimed as his own. "How many times have we done this, man? And always I'm as hyped as that first time, in the driving rain, with you tied to this same tree. Here it comes, buddy...." And he drove his rod deep in his lover's ass as Bob howled.

It was vintage Randy, the wild gypsy, ramrodding ass, bringing his man to the limits of his pain, to the edge of orgasm before pulling back, pausing, then starting again, driving him wild. Randy was a master fuck, a man who could make anyone fall in love with him and beg for more. But there was one special man he wanted to please, the man he loved above all others, the man he could ride and make him fall in love with him all over again.

Bob was yelling in a euphoria of pain and pleasure. "Yeah, fuck my ass, man, it's yours - you own it. I love you, Randy, I can't live without you - without this - without your dick in my ass. Please, let me feel your juice inside me ... Please, sir ... My ass is yours ... Please cum in my ass ... Yeah!!"

Mark watched spellbound as their magnificent bodies shuddered together, Randy pistoned his cock deep inside Bob for the last time and Bob shot a ribbon of cum across the clearing, then another and another. Mark's cock was shuddering in his still-wet shorts.

And then there was silence, except for the exhausted breathing of the two men clinging together. Mark was stunned. He had witnessed the ultimate expression of passion between two men - two men who were so deeply in love, joined so tightly together that no man could come between them. No man .... not even him. There was no role for him here ... he was in the wrong place ... should never have come. Steve had been wrong ... this could never work ... he had to get away.

Mark turned and stumbled blindly through the trees.


Randy had the fine-tuned instincts of a wild animal and he sensed the presence of someone else, heard the faint sound of twigs snapping. "What the fuck?" he growled. If someone had been spying on them he needed to know. Buck naked in just sneakers Randy took off through the trees. But, whoever had been there, the bushes closed behind him as he left and all Randy saw was dense foliage. He stopped, raised his head like a forest animal catching a scent, and thought he heard the faint sound of leaves rustling in the distance. So he ran forward.

Up ahead the bushes scratched Mark's near-naked body as he stumbled aimlessly through the forest, a confusion of thoughts crashing in on him. He had been so hopeful, he loved both men, he knew he did ... lusted for them ... but now he knew he couldn't be near them. It could only bring pain to them all. He had seen them in their most private and intense moments, displaying a passion so deep it was spiritual as well as erotically physical. They had a history, belonged together, so who the hell did he think he was to come between them? He had to get away.

Randy was following the faint sounds and getting closer, he judged. Suddenly he saw light up ahead and realized he was approaching the open dirt path leading to the road. He broke through the trees and saw the man sprinting ahead. It was Mark. What the fuck? Shit, he must have come looking for them and seen them in the clearing. "Mark," he bellowed. "Wait ..."

Whether he heard him or not Mark increased his speed with the urgency of getting as far away as possible. But when Randy wanted something nothing could stop him. His feet pounding on the gravel path he slowly lessened the distance between them and finally, howling "Mark!...." he launched himself forward though the air, wrapped his arms round Mark's waist from behind and brought him crashing to the ground in a flying football tackle.

The two magnificent bodies rolled in the dirt, Mark desperately trying to crawl away, Randy holding him down. They wrestled for a while, their bodies and crotches pressed together, but the grueling race had exhausted them and soon Randy had Mark pinned on his back, pressing his wrists into the ground above his head, sweat dripping down on him.

Their chests heaving they stared at each other, blue eyes to blue eyes, too exhausted to talk - but not to feel. Their physical exertions had only increased the sharpness of their senses, the intensity of their passions, and Randy impulsively leaned forward and pressed his mouth on Mark's. Their breath still heaving they inhaled and exhaled into each other's mouths, sharing the breath that had sustained them in their run and now joined them together in a fierce embrace.

They ground their mouths together, probing hungrily with their tongues. No thought intervened, no anxiety, no confusion - just the love and lust of two glorious alpha males. Finally Randy pulled back and said, "We want you, man. We love you - both of us. Bob's waiting for you ...." Suddenly his soothing voice changed to alarm. "Bob! I left him tied up, alone, helpless, scared - just like I left him that first time in the storm. God, if anything's happened to him I .... Come on, man, we gotta help him."


There was no time now for any more self-indulgent analysis, hesitation or doubts. Bob, the man they both loved, might be in trouble, bound and defenseless. That was enough to galvanize them into action. They leapt to their feet and crashed back into the forest. Still tired from their first run, fear and adrenaline now spurred them on with increased energy and speed. Randy had an instinctive sense of the way back and Mark followed close behind, with a clear view of the muscles rippling in Randy's back, and the cheeks of his bare ass flexing as he ran.

When Randy finally burst through the trees into the clearing he yelled, "Bob .... You OK?"

"Never better," Bob smiled calmly, a smile that grew wider as he saw Mark at the edge of the clearing. Randy hesitated, not sure what to do next as his panic subsided and adrenaline drained away. But Mark took care of that. His cock was still hard from watching the naked muscle stud pound through the forest, and the dazzling smile from Bob clinched it. His turn now. He leapt forward in a football tackle as Randy had done and brought him to the ground.

As before they grappled for a while but this time it was Mark who ended up on top pinning Randy. He gazed down at him. "You big enough for this, stud? You big enough to let your man watch, tied up and helpless, as his big gypsy lover gets fucked in the ass by a cop?"

"Try me," Randy growled.

Mark spotted a long length of rope on the ground left over from when Randy tied up Bob. Randy didn't resist as Mark bound his wrists together and ran the other end round the base of the tree Bob was tied to. He stood up and surveyed the scene - Randy on his back, arms stretched upward, wrists tied tight, at the feet of his bound lover.

"Good," Mark growled. "I watched you two make love and thought I couldn't take it. But I'm a top-man like you, a tough muscle-stud like you, and now you're both tied up at my mercy."

He dropped his shorts and his rod sprang out, hard as steel. He spat in his palm and stroked his cock, watching with satisfaction as both men's dicks rose up like poles. Bob and Randy couldn't take their eyes off the blond Nordic God flexing his muscles, preparing to work them over. Instinctively they both pulled against the ropes, not so much to escape but to satisfy their craving to touch their cocks.

Mark knelt between Randy's legs and pushed his wet fingers into his ass. "Feel that, big guy? Well you're sure gonna feel my cock."

"Go fuck yourself, man," Randy growled, instinctively resisting.

"Uh-uh, that's not the way it works, asshole. See, I'm in love with your man who I watched you fuck. But now you're both tied up and I'm gonna humiliate you ... force him to watch as his master, the big top-man, gets his ass ploughed by the cop. Ready or not, man, here it comes."

He pushed Randy's legs up, positioned his cock between the hard globes of his ass .... and drove it in like a jackhammer. There was an instant's silence, then Randy's scream shattered the calm of the forest. "Man," Mark gloated, "I love to hear a big stud scream. I wanna hear more." Now he fucked in earnest, his cock driving into his ass like a pile driver as Randy howled, his magnificent body writhing, his face contorted in pain.

Mark looked up at Bob who was frowning, instinctively concerned for Randy. But Mark smiled at him and said, "How's that look, buddy - two guys in love with you - the cop fucking the gypsy while you watch? Looks hot, eh? Makes you hot for me - makes you love me even more. Tell me you love me, man, while I fuck your big gypsy. Tell me, man."

Looking down at the chiseled features, the blue eyes and tangled blond hair, at the superb body rising and fall over Randy's ass, Bob couldn't resist. "Yeah, man, I love you, I've always loved you. You're so fucking beautiful I wanna surrender to you."

"No," Randy yelled, his protective instinct kicking in, but Mark silenced him by ramming his cock in so deep that the cry of protest became a howl of pain.

"Surrender," Mark gloated, "that's what I wanted to hear. I'm gonna make you do that, buddy, even while I fuck your man's ass." Mark pushed Randy's legs further back, giving him an even cleared shot at his ass, and at the same time leaned toward to Bob's face. "You're gonna submit to me by cumming, buddy. Like this ...." Pressing forward he took Bob's cock into his mouth, swallowed it to the back of his throat, then went to work on it, his head pounding back and forth on the hard rod while his cock pistoned inside his lover's ass.

If anyone had been watching they would have seen an extraordinary tableau - three beautiful men, two of them in bondage, the powerful gypsy getting his ass ramrodded by the muscular cop who was sucking the cock of the gypsy's bound lover. And if anyone had been watching, this time Randy was too engrossed to catch the faint crack of twigs or the sound of heavy breathing.

Bob was in a state of frenzy staring down at Randy's face wincing in pain and ecstasy as Mark's pile-driving cock slammed into his ass. Bob turned his gaze to the stunning cop, his mouth wrapped round his cock in the burn of passion. He felt his balls near to bursting and knew that, even if it meant Randy hearing him submit to another man, so be it.

"Mark," he groaned. "It feels so good I gotta shoot. So I give in to you, man, I have to. I love you, man, you're so fucking hot .... I love you ... I'm cumming ... Aaagh!" Mark gulped as he felt his mouth filling with the musky taste of Bob's semen. He swallowed again and held the rest in his mouth. He pulled back and let the dripping cock fall out of his mouth.

Mark looked down at Randy and let his cock come to rest deep in his ass. He leaned down face to face with Randy and pressed their mouths together, exhaling so Bob's cum flowed from one mouth to another. Randy had swallowed Bob's jizz many times but this was the first time there was an intermediary, a man who sucked the semen from Bob's cock and deposited it in Randy's mouth. It gave a whole new meaning to the concept of 'coming between them'.

Mark pulled back. "I made him cum, Randy. I made your lover surrender to me and cum in my mouth. That's his jizz you're swallowing right now." Mark was triumphant. "Now it's your turn, big guy, your turn to submit to me while your lover watches. I gotta have you both in my power."


Randy expected an even more ferocious ass pounding but he was wrong. "Nah," Mark smiled. "I could pound your ass into oblivion but I'd never make you submit like that. You're a tough son-of-a-bitch - but one who recently claimed he's in love with me. That's quite a claim, big guy, seeing as you already have the most beautiful man in the world as your lover. So let's just see if it's true. If it is, you'll submit to me by cumming, even tied up as you are."

So Mark began slowly and gently to massage his ass with his cock. He often did this to his boy Jamie, caressed his ass with his cock, bringing him slowly to his climax then slowing down, starting again, each time denying his orgasm and driving him wild with frustration and desire. Randy was a harder nut to crack but in the end it worked on him too. He started to moan, he pulled at the ropes round his wrists, desperate to touch his cock.

And still Mark made exquisite love to his ass and still Randy held out, his eyes tight shut. But Mark knew how to force him into the surrender of orgasm. It always worked with Jamie. Mark was no narcissist but he was fully aware of his extraordinary beauty and knew when to use it. "Open your eyes, Randy. I challenge you to open your eyes"

He had used the magic word 'challenge', a word Randy could never resist. So Randy opened his eyes and found himself staring at the face that had mesmerized him the first time he saw it, though it took him a long time to admit it. But now, during Steve's therapy, he had admitted it, had said out loud that he was in love with Mark. And now he saw why.

He gazed at the perfect physique, the chest, the arms and shoulders, his muscles rippling as he rose and fell over his ass. But it was the face, the lantern jaw, high cheek bones, proud forehead with that blond hair tumbling over it. Mostly he was riveted by Mark's eyes with their subtle blue-gray color and their hypnotic intensity. "See, I know how you do it with Bob, Randy. That thing you do with your eyes .... like this...."

His eyes changed into mirrors where Randy saw himself reflected - the wild, dark gypsy framed in the placid blue pools, calm, captivating ... irresistible. Randy felt himself floating. "I love you, man," he said like a man hypnotized. "I am in love with you. Sure I'll cum for you, I'll do anything for you. I surrender to you man. Fuck my ass, hammer it man, hurt me, I want it, Mark, I want you. I submit to you, man ... I love you."

Mark took him at his word and his cock became a jackhammer, driving insatiably into his ass, watching the stubbled gypsy face grimace in pain, the mouth opening wide in a shattering scream ... "Aaagh!!" He yanked at the ropes, his body writhed, convulsed, and "aaagh" his cock exploded, blasting cum over his heaving chest, up to his neck, splashing in his face and dripping in his long black hair. He lay exhausted, his chest heaving.

"Shit," he rasped ... "Holy fucking shit. Ah, Jesus ... man that was ....." Instinctively he looked up at Bob who gazed down at him awestruck, his own cock shuddering at the sight of the two men he loved after the most incredible fuck he had ever seen. That look was not lost on Mark who said, "See that? Bob wants you man ... like he always does. I think he wants to shoot another load. You and me, Randy, we always have to give Bob what he wants, you know that."

Even though Mark had not yet cum, he pulled his cock out of Randy's ass, stood up, clasped his hands under his belly and pulled him up onto his hands and knees, his wrists still tied. Mark manhandled him until he was kneeling in front of Bob. He pulled Randy's bound hands up and looped the slack rope between his wrists round the base of Bob's cock and balls, buried in his pubic hair so, And so, as Randy's hands hung down, the loop tightened round Bob's scrotum like a cock ring.

"Guys," Mark said, "the only one who hasn't busted his load yet is me, though go knows I've wanted to. Randy, your ass is so fucking hot, man, I gotta push my dick in it one last time."

"Go for it man," Randy muttered. "I'm looking at what I want." He was licking the head of Bob's cock dripping with old cum and new pre-cum. Mark grinned, "OK, guys - this is it." Randy pushed his mouth over Bob's cock and moaned into his gag as he felt Mark's cock once more penetrate the depths of his sore ass.

"It's up to you, buddy," Mark said to Bob. "Your man's ass is already shattered but you can release him. See, I'm not gonna cum inside him until you shoot anther load. I know you just came in my mouth, but now you have two mouths to feed. That's what it means to have two horny guys in love with you ... you gotta satisfy them both. Besides, you have no choice. That gorgeous body of yours is tied to a tree and it'll stay there until you cum."

Mark's deep voice had an erotic effect on Bob. He was mesmerized by the sight of the man he had loved for so long fucking the man he worshipped, while Randy sucked his cock. The rope round his scrotum tightened, subjecting him to painful cock-and-balls torture. His groans made Randy ease the pressure by linking his hands round the base of his cock for support and digging his fingers into his pubic hair while his face pistoned down on the long shaft.

Bob stared at the inexorable cop jackhammering Randy's ass as he had been doing for such a long time - one of the longest fucks he had ever seen - and he knew that only he could end it. It was not only the pain in Randy's ass that concerned Bob, it was the humiliation Randy must feel being butt-slammed by the cop while he was forced to suck his lover's cock in a desperate effort to make him cum in his mouth.

It was sensory overload and it made Bob's cock start to shudder. Then Mark clinched it. "Come on, man, he can't take much more, you know that. I can go forever, spilt him open, unless you save him. Look at him, then at me ... you know we're both in love with you man."

He pounded Randy's ass harder and Bob gazed at Mark's beautiful face, running with sweat, his tangled blond hair flying, his head thrashing from side to side as he slammed his cock into Randy's tortured ass. His muscles rippled and flexed as he fucked ... he was wild, spectacular, pornographic! Randy was screaming into the gag of Bob's cock as it exploded in his mouth.

And finally, at long last, Mark's cock erupted in Randy's ass. The damn burst, pouring out the massive pent-up river of juice that had been building for so long. The force of the eruption made Randy pull off Bob's cock and his head reared back, cum flying from his mouth as he bellowed with the spine-chilling howl of the wild gypsy. The unearthly sound that rang through the forest gave voice to the sexual exhilaration they all felt, the passion of three supreme alpha males in love.

So intense was their euphoria that no one heard the muffled gasp from somewhere in the trees.


The ice was broken, inhibitions vanquished, concerns put to rest. It was as if they had leapt from a sepia movie into a Technicolor world. They crashed back through the forest, raced down to the water and dove in, yelling, laughing, splashing like kids released from school.

The three glorious men waded ashore, water streaming from their bodies, and Mark ran to the cooler on the beach. "He took off the lid with a "Ta-da!" and proudly pointed to the fish he had caught. "Gentlemen, I intend to cook you the best lunch you've ever tasted - this side of the twins of course," he said winking at Bob. "We all know those guys cook the best food on the planet ... like eating in a five-star restaurant. Afraid you'll have to settle for three stars today."

"Man," Randy said, "I could eat a damn horse no matter how many fucking stars it's got." Mark went to work and they were soon sitting cross-legged on the beach chowing down, and gulping copious amounts of beer. Randy raised his bottle and said, "Guys that was phenomenal sex today ... here's to more of it ... here's to us." They clinked bottles then lay back propped on their elbows.

There was an expectant silence as they looked at each other, from one handsome face and gleaming body to the next. "Well hello, glad you could come?" grinned Randy as all three cocks stirred in unison and rose slowly to full mast. They roared with laughter, and when he could control himself Bob said, "Nothing but a bunch of horny sex addicts ... addicted to cock. Guys we shouldn't let this trip be all about fucking."

"Why not?" Mark laughed. "Non-stop sex works for me .... you Randy?"

"Sounds good to me, officer. Hey, give me a hand clearing up this mess." They grabbed the plates and dishes and ran down to the water to rinse them off. But the dishes were soon forgotten as their bodies touched and they began shoving each other until Mark hooked his foot round Randy's leg and yanked him off balance. They fell together in the shallow water, splashing, wrestling, roused by the feel of each other's muscular body, two athletes competing in successive trials of strength.

It was shamelessly homoerotic and as Bob watched the two muscle-gods writhing together his cock got even harder and pre-cum oozed from the tip. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back in the sheer euphoria of the moment. When he opened his eyes he found himself gazing up at the two spectacular naked men, the Nordic blond and the swarthy gypsy. "Mark," Randy said in mock amazement, "you see what I see - that fucking flagpole?"

Bob leaned back on his elbows and grinned, "Yeah well maybe I got this big boner 'coz I'm the only guy here who hasn't yet had the pleasure of pushing my flagpole into anyone's ass. What d'ya say to that guys? You feel like saluting the flag?"

"Damn right," said Mark. He knelt over Bob, straddling his chest, reached down and tweaked his nipples. He lowered his hips until his ass was almost touching the head of Bob's cock. "Here," Randy said, grabbing a jar of lube, greasing up his fingers and shoving them in Mark's ass. That seemed unnecessary but Bob had an idea of Randy's motive.

Well lubed, Mark had no problem sitting on Bob's dick and letting it slide deep inside him. "Oh yeah, that feels hot, man." He rode up and down then leaned forward, pinned Bob's arms to the sand and stared into his eyes. God I Iove this, I love your cock in my ass, buddy."

He was so engrossed that he didn't think anything of Randy adding more lube to his ass as it rode Bob's cock. It didn't even register at first that something else was pressing against his butt, not until he saw Bob grin at Randy over his shoulder. "No," Mark yelled ... I can't." Reflexively he tried to straighten up but Randy pushed him even further forward to open up his ass. "It's called double-teaming, old buddy. You knew it was gonna happen to one of us. After the way you pounded my ass it had to be you."

"No," Mark screamed, I .... Aaagh!" His shout echoed over the lake as he felt Randy's cock slide in beside Bob's. "I can't, guys ... I've never .... pull out, man ... pull out ...."

"Mark ... Mark, look at me," said Bob soothingly. "Do it for me, Mark, do it for me. Let me feel Randy's cock sliding against mine in your ass. It's the best feeling ever. Relax, buddy, and enjoy the ride." As always Mark was enchanted by Bob's beautiful face and deep brown eyes. The pain in his ass subsided and as he relaxed he really felt the cocks of the two men he loved sliding against each other inside him.

The cop rose up on them, then slowly, gently lowered his ass as Bob gazed up at him and at Randy grinning over his shoulder. The pain had eased but Mark couldn't take the fullness in his ass any longer. He yelled, "Cum, guys .... Please, shoot in my ass ... please ....."

"Aaagh!" It was the explosive climax of their sexual journey as Mark blasted his load over Bob's face while his ass was filled to bursting with the juice of two men. Quickly Mark pulled off the cocks and howled as his ass contracted. He caught his breath, then fell forward onto Bob, jism flowing from his ass and down his legs. Randy joined him, both of them kissing Bob, licking cum off his face, his eyes, his neck in the final consummation of the love they shared

"Aaah ....aaah." They thought at first that one of them had gasped. Then immediately they knew the sound had come from the trees."

Randy got on his knees and yelled, "What the fuck? Get out here - show yourself whoever the fuck you are before I drag you out."

Leaves rustled, branches parted and a tall uniformed figure emerged. It was the Ranger - Pete.


Pete stepped forward, his cock hanging out of his uniform pants dripping with cum. He blushed, hastily stuffed his cock back in his pants and zipped up. In the stunned silence Bob was the first to move. He jumped to his feet, walked over to Pete and shook his hand. "Pete, good to see you again, man." He pulled him into a shoulder bump and then a hug. "Hey, we were talking about you before we came - didn't think you would ...."

"... didn't think you would show your face here again, Ranger," growled Randy, his body tense. "What the fuck are you doing anyway, spying on us?"

"No, no, I..." Pete stammered and Bob said, "Hey, sit down, buddy. Have a beer." Confused into inaction Pete allowed himself to be pulled to the ground where he sat facing Randy and Mark. Bob pulled out beers for them all and said gently, "So what did bring you here, Pete?"

The Ranger took a slug of beer and found his voice. "I didn't come intentionally I swear. Hell, I thought about you all a lot, couldn't get you out of my mind, but after what happened at your house I swore I would never mess with you guys again. But today as I was on patrol I saw from the highway in the distance two figures who seemed to be fighting, rolling over on the path. Then suddenly they dashed into the forest. It's my job to investigate stuff like that, so I did.

"I followed the figures into the woods and heard voices coming from the clearing. Hidden in the bushes I saw that it was you three... and you were having sex - Bob tied to a tree and you two fucking and .... and .... hell, it was the most exciting damn thing I had ever seen. I couldn't tear myself away but couldn't show myself, so I just watched .... and jerked off - a lot."

"And you saw everything?" Mark asked. "Everything we did?"

"When you left the clearing I followed you to the beach and watched you in the water, watched you eating. I couldn't take my eyes off you, couldn't stop pounding my meat and busting one load after another. And then ... shit, I couldn't believe what you did next ... I mean you, Bob and Randy both in Mark's ... I just ... I lost it. That's when you heard me - cumming again.

"Thing is, the last time I saw you at your house, Randy, you were beating the crap out of Mark, and now ... now ..."

"Now we're all in love with each other," Bob grinned - "as I think you noticed."

"Ah, forget what you saw at the house, stud," said Randy, warming to the confused Ranger. "See, in our group we have a way of taking care of business and then putting it behind us and getting on with our lives. A little therapy helped too. My brother's a shrink. I wouldn't blame you if you looked on us as bad news, but you don't have to worry about that 'cos you're way out here and we're miles away in the city, so our paths don't have to cross again if you don't want."

Pete took a deep breath. "Well actually that won't be the case much longer. See, I've been offered a job as the chief of park rangers for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks - a lot more money and responsibility. So I'll be moving to L.A. soon. Thing is I don't really know anyone in the city, except you guys, and the first thing I've gotta do is find a place to live.

"Anyway, that's no concern of yours. Just so you know," he managed a grin, "next time you come out here I won't be patrolling around and spying on guys having sex in the bushes." He laughed. "I'm told there's enough of that going on in L.A. in Griffith Park." He took a last slug of beer and said, "Hey, I should be on my way, leave you guys in peace to get on with your ....with, er, what you were doing." His voice trailed off and he actually blushed.

"Pete," Bob asked. "You any good at fishing?"

Pete brightened. "Hell yes. Nothing I don't know about the fish in this lake. I come here all the time on my own to unwind. To me fishing's like meditation."

"Yeah, tell me about it," grinned Mark remembering his wet dream in the boat.

"Reason I ask," Bob said, "is I was wondering if you could you join us for dinner - and maybe help us catch it first? Unless you have to get back to work ...."

"No ... no, my shift is over. That's why I was able to spend so much time, er, checking you out. Sure, I'd be happy to help you catch some fish ... and eat them too."

"Good," said Bob with a broad smile. "That's settled then. First thing we gotta do is get you out of that uniform. Randy, come to the truck and help me find Pete a spare pair of shorts.

They walked over to the truck and Randy grinned at Bob. "You son-of-a-bitch," he said softly. "What the hell's spinning through that devious mind of yours now?"

"Oh, nothing," Bob said innocently. "Just dinner."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 238


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