With the amazing help of Doctor Steve, Pablo had taken a few more steps on the road to becoming a man, the senior boy he had always boasted of being, without much justification given his immaturity. Darius had recently taken similar steps to manhood, having brought order to the chaos of the boys' fight, where he had exhibited all the signs of leadership.

Mark, the authoritative cop, not unnaturally, wanted to nudge his boy Jamie in the same direction. Jamie was the third of the most senior boys but he was still content just being a laid-back young surfer - California mellow. Mark encouraged Jamie's friendship with Mario, the sophisticated, self-assured Italian boy, but he wanted Jamie to shed his remaining insecurities, to assert himself and assume his rightful place as one of the senior in-charge boys.

With this in mind, Mark had proposed a trip to the same Guadalupe dunes where Bob and Zack had recently indulged in their macho sex games. Some time ago Mark had made a gift of his own shack up there to Jamie, and now he made clear that Jamie would be the host to him and Mario. And so, a few days later, they had loaded the rowboat onto Mark's big truck along with their surfboards and the rest of their gear and were driving north along the coast.

Easing Jamie into a leadership role right away Mark had pleaded exhaustion after back-to-back shifts and asked Jamie to drive. So now Jamie sat proudly behind the wheel of the big truck, with Mario beside him. The cop was content to doze in the passenger seat, listening with amusement to the boys' surfer talk. And on the subject of water and waves Jamie was literally in his element, a real expert, and naturally assumed the role of guide and mentor.

Mark knew that Jamie had the makings of leadership in him because he had seen him become a different boy in settings where he considered himself an expert, such as now, authoritatively teaching Mario some of the finer techniques in surfing. Mark had admired him too in the office at home where, as Bob's assistant and with his patient guidance, the boy had learned quickly.

Bob and Mark had smiled to each other as they watched Jamie going over the construction company's budget with the boss, Randy. "No, sir," Jamie had said firmly, "you're wrong there. It can't be done under the current budget ..... we'd have to transfer funds from one of the other projects otherwise we'd be going into deficit." (Randy had taken instruction from Jamie well, Bob had been pleased to note. One thing about Randy, he admired firmness and efficiency, especially in a boy.)

All this drifted through Mark's mind as he listened to Jamie with his eyes half closed, the strength and authority in Jamie's voice making the cop's cock hard in his jeans. Mark always loved the way the boy obediently offered his gorgeous ass to him every evening, but this commanding tone made him extra hot.

Mario listened attentively, occasionally asking a question for clarification, but from time to time he glanced quickly at Mark and smiled. Through his half-closed eyes Mark saw Mario's look and acknowledged it with a soft smile of his own. It was at moments like this that he realized how much Mario understood of Mark's goals for Jamie.

Mark had not discussed his plan with Mario - that would have been too much like a conspiracy - but Mario had come to know Jamie and Mark intimately and was well aware of the dynamic between the master and his boy. The handsome young Italian had huge respect (and usually a hard-on) for the gorgeous cop, and had developed a strong affinity to Jamie - almost like a brother, though they came from totally different backgrounds - the blond Southern California surfer and the dark, sophisticated Italian from Tuscany. Actually, lovers would have been more accurate than brothers, as sex between them was sensational.

The thought of Jamie becoming more dominant turned Mario on too, but of course he knew better than to intervene in Mark's plans. He would stay in the background and help out only when called upon. He was quite sure that the cop could handle it - as he handled everything.

And so, heading north, Jamie talked, Mario listened - and Mark slept.


"Sir, we're here." Mark woke from a dream-filled sleep, shook his head and found himself looking through the window at Jamie standing by the truck with a beaming smile. "You slept most of the way, sir." Mark yawned and stretched. He was wearing the black tank top that turned Jamie on so much and now his muscles rippled under it. "OK, kiddo," he said. "Thanks for doing the driving - now let me help you boys unload the gear."

"Absolutely not, sir," Jamie insisted. "Me and Mario can handle all that. Don't forget - you're my guest this trip so why don't you finish your nap on the patio?"

"Aye-aye, captain .... if you insist."

"I do, sir," Jamie grinned. So, while he and Mario went about unloading the rowboat, jamming their surfboards upright in the soft sand and carrying the rest of their stuff into the shack, Mark stood on the patio, pulled the tank off over his head and stretched again, his glorious body gleaming in the sunlight. Watching from the truck with Jamie Mario said, "I hate it when he does that. Gives me a roaring hard-on and I want to jack off all over him."

"Maybe later," Jamie laughed. Mark sprawled in a large wicker chair on the deck, shirtless and barefoot in just his old cargo shorts. He shoved a pillow behind his head and closed his eyes. The boys came back to the shack and gazed down at him. A grin came to the cop's handsome face and he opened one eye. "What are you two looking at?" he asked drowsily.

"Oh, nothing, sir," Jamie blurted out, but Mario was not so bashful. "Actually, sir, we were looking at you - with boners in our surf trunks. But don't worry - we'll leave you in peace. We're gonna walk into town and shop for groceries and all the stuff we need."

"Nah," Mark said, "don't worry about that, kids. I'll take care of that after my nap. Why don't you go away and play - maybe find a way to take care of those bulges in your shorts?" And he closed his eyes again.

Jamie grinned at Mario. "OK, dude, let's do as the man says, eh?"


Jamie pulled off his loose tank top and Mario his T-shirt. Jamie grabbed a blanket from the shack, threw his arm over Mario's shoulder and they walked together over the dunes, barefoot in just their board-shorts. Maybe it was the feel of the hot sun on their backs or the warm sand between their toes ...... maybe it was the excitement of just being together in this wild and beautiful place ..... or most likely it was the image of the gorgeous cop lying near-naked on the patio ..... It was probably a combination of all this that made their cocks stay hard and their bodies tingle with anticipation.

They reached a sun-baked hollow in the dunes, where the only sounds were the seagulls overhead, the breeze whispering through the dune grass and the distant hiss of waves washing ashore. This was the place. Jamie shook the blanket and spread it on the sand. He threw himself down on it on his back and spread-eagled his arms and legs in blatant invitation.

Mario gazed down at the beautiful young surfer and flashed a gleaming smile. "Sei così bello, mi amico," he breathed, loosening the drawstring of his trunks, letting them drop and letting his rock-hard cock spring free. Jamie wriggled his butt against the warm blanket, reveling in the thought of the hot young Italian's cock inside it. But Mario had other ideas.

"Give me your hand, amico," Mario said, reaching down. Their hands locked and Mario pulled Jamie to his feet. He smiled into Jamie's surprised blue eyes and said, "Not this time, my friend. This time you are in charge, remember? It is what Mark wants ...." he kissed Jamie lightly on the lips "..... and what I want too - very much."

Mario fell onto his back on the blanket just as Jamie had done and now it was Jamie's turn to stare down at the dark, muscular Italian lying naked, propped up on his elbows. "Dude," Jamie grinned, "talk of 'belo'! That's about as 'belo' as it comes. He unlaced his board shorts, let them drop and stepped out of them. He was suddenly charged with a surge of testosterone as he gazed down at the naked Italian - offering himself - waiting.

Jamie dropped to his knees and asked, "Do you really want it, buddy?"

"Jamie, mostly I fuck your gorgeous ass, and even when you do fuck me it's gently. I've seen you in many moods, amico, but never rough. Give it to me, Jamie."

Another jolt of testosterone gripped Jamie; he pushed Mario's legs back and spat on his butt hole. The sight of the handsome, masculine young Italian added more fuel to the fire consuming Jamie and his jaw clenched as he drove his cock inside his ass. He fell forward and gripped Mario's wrists above his head, staring down at him. "So - you want it rough? You got it, man." His muscles flexed as he pulled his hips back, then again slammed his cock in hard and deep, drawing a loud gasp from Mario.

Despite the ache in his ass Mario was mesmerized by the change in Jamie. No longer the laid-back, boyish surfer-dude, his classic features were set in a look of rugged determination. His tousled blond hair still flopped over his face but his blue eyes pierced Mario's like lasers as his cock gathered speed until it was a pile-driver in his ass. "Man, your ass has never felt this good," Jamie growled. "This what you want, boy?"

"Yes, sir .... please ..... your cock feels so good in my ass .... Aaah...." He groaned as the piston drove in even deeper. Jamie had never felt quite like this - empowered, in total command, with the Italian pinned to the ground, his prisoner, his athletic body writhing beneath him as Jamie pounded his ass. And suddenly he knew how Mark felt when he fucked him just like this. He remembered how Mark tamed his ass every evening. Mark was a master fuck and now Jamie copied him.

The ferocious fuck slowed and Jamie's cock began to caress the tender membrane of Mario's ass with long deep strokes, sending Mario into flights of euphoria, his head twisting from side to side. But just when he was lulled into a state of bliss Jamie picked up the tempo and soon his rod was driving into Mario's ass even deeper than before. Alternating between a savage pounding and a gentle massage of his captive's ass, Jamie was playing with him, like a cat plays with its helpless prey.

Jamie had learned from Mark that being in command meant more than just a raw, savage fuck. Controlling a man meant keeping him on edge, oscillating between pain and pleasure, never knowing what would come next. And Mario was learning that Jamie was capable of this .... he had the makings of a true top-man, just like his master. Jamie was on fire, his eyes blazing as he skillfully worked his friend's ass. "Man, your ass is perfect," he panted, "and it's mine. "This time I own it - understand?"

"Capisco," Mario said, reverting to Italian in his delirium. "Tu sei il migliore - you are the best." He was looking up at a man, not a boy, and he moaned, "Fuck me, sir ..... my ass is yours."

And so it continued under the blazing sun as the seagulls swooped and screamed overhead. From that far up the perspective would have been of two small naked figures far below, moving in unison, one atop the other, alone in the emptiness of the dunes. A closer view revealed a tanned, blond surfer, his hard rod hammering the ass of a handsome, dark-haired boy, both of them moaning in the joy of sexual conquest and submission.

Jamie was reaching the pinnacle of passion and as his savage fuck slowed once more to a tender caress he grinned down at Mario. "Now you're gonna do what I tell you, dude, 'cause I'm the boss." Mario gazed up in surrender. "Anything you tell me, Jamie. Anything."

Jamie took another leaf out of Mark's playbook. "I wanna see you shoot a load for me, boy, without touching your cock. Maybe this'll help...." He pulled his cock slowly back up Mario's chute and all the way out, then paused with its head resting on the warm hole. Mario gazed up at the strong, masculine features - the clenched jaw, strong cheek bones, tangled blond hair .... and that flawless sun-tanned physique. Gripped in the vise of Jamie's hands over his wrists Mario held his breath - and waited.

Jamie's eyes flashed as he said, "Here it comes, boy...." His hips slammed forward and his cock plunged into the hot ass like a jackhammer, forcing its way over the inner sphincter and coming to rest in the fiery depths of Mario's ass. Mario's eyes opened wide and he screamed as his cock reared up and blasted a ribbon of cum high in the air, then raining down on his heaving chest. A second stream shot even higher and splashed onto his face.

While Mario's cock was still erupting Jamie pulled out his cock, held it steady in his fist, felt it pulse and watched juice pour from it, mixing with the pools of cum smothering Mario's body and face. They both stared in wonder and disbelief at the twin jets of semen flowing together, an outpouring of their twin passions.

It took a while for their juice to stop flowing, their heartbeats to subside. Then there was stillness as they stared at each other. It was Jamie's mouth that crinkled first, his eyes sparkling. Mario quickly followed and ..... they both sputtered, choked .... and erupted in peals of laughter. Jamie was a high-spirited boy again, after his lusty performance as a macho stud, and impulsively he fell forward onto Mario's cum slick body. They rolled over the blanket in each other's arms laughing, kissing, licking in a giddy display of youthful high spirits.

When eventually their exuberance subsided they lay back on the blanket side by side gazing up at the sky. "Amico," Mario said, "you were magnifico .... you looked so hot. You are, of course, a beautiful boy, but as a man.....! Wow, spettacoloso - almost like a young version of Mark. Is that how he fucks you?"

"Pretty much," Jamie grinned, pleased and flattered. Mario turned his face to his friend and said, "Jamie, he is going to love you like that. I guarantee."


With adrenaline still coursing through them they decided to work off their high spirits in the ocean. They raced each other over the dunes, down to the water and plunged into the waves, where they gamboled and tussled like playful young puppies. Jamie broke away and raced off through the shallow surf with Mario in hot pursuit. When he caught up they turned and ran back toward the shack, matching each other stride for stride. They detoured up to the dunes, grabbed the cum-streaked blanket and jogged back to the shack. They pulled up short as they saw in the distance that Mark was still motionless, sprawled in the wicker chair on the patio.

They approached silently and stared down in awe at the magnificent sight of the near-naked cop, his Greek-God face tilted slightly to the side, eyes closed, the perfectly sculpted features, lantern jaw and tangled blond hair and the trace of a smile on his lips. Their eyes ran down his sculpted torso, his muscles rippling slightly, catching the sun as his chest rose and fell evenly. It seemed he was dreaming as the trace of a smile played over his lips in sleep and the bulge in his shorts caught the boys' rapt attention.

Despite their recent orgasms Jamie and Mario both had huge erections in their shorts, inevitable as they gazed down at the stunning sight. Jamie pulled his cock out and nodded at Mario to do the same. Careful to remain silent they communicated in mute facial gestures. Jamie looked down at Mario's shorts .... 'Come on dude, let's do it.' Mario stared at him with a wide-eyed question mark .... 'Are you sure?' Jamie shrugged and grinned, urging him on ..... 'Sure I'm sure.' Then he whispered, "Can't let this go to waste, dude."

And so they did it - stroking their cocks, gazing down at the beautiful cop. When he moaned and stirred in his sleep his head flopped to the other side, his muscles flexed and gleamed in the sunlight .... and that did it. The boys pounded their cocks faster, they clenched their jaws to stifle their shouts ..... and two streams of cum splashed down on Mark's chest, followed by others on his ripped abs and onto his face.

They saw his head shake, he waved his hand as if swatting away a fly, he licked his lips and the bitter sweet taste of cum made him open his eyes. It was as if he were still dreaming as he looked up through a film of cum at two boys in board shorts, one blond, one dark, both gorgeous. They were holding their cocks and as full consciousness returned Mark realized what they had just done.

"What the fuck?" he yelled, bracing his elbows on the arms of the chair, looking down at the pools of cum on his chest and feeling it run down his face. "This is your fucking jism all over me. You wait 'til I....."

"No, sir!" Jamie's authoritative voice rang out. "You wanted me to take charge this trip, so I did. Don't blame Mario .... he busted his load over you 'cause I told him to. And he does just what I tell him to."

Startled, Mark stared up at Jamie and his initial anger, born of surprise, dissipated. There was something different about the boy - way different. His look, his attitude, his beaming face that rivaled the sun in its brilliance. It was a Jamie he had rarely seen before - and it was a massive turn-on.

Jamie was still in charge as he decreed, "And now, sir, me and Mario are gonna clean you up." With a glance at Mario he knelt on the deck at one side of Mark's chair and Mario did the same on the other side. Mark stirred as if to rise, but Jamie quickly grabbed Mark's discarded tank top off the floor and used it to tie Mark's wrist to the arm of the chair. Mario looked around, saw the T-shirt he had taken off earlier and bound Mark's other wrist.

Jamie knew that Mark could have got free in a second so he directed a steely gaze at him. "Sir, we want you to remain still while we clean your body." Mark saw the determination in Jamie's eyes and felt an urge to obey this man-boy. With a sense of relief and excitement he willingly surrendered to his boy's order and relaxed back into the chair. Jamie unbuttoned Mark's shorts and slid them down over his legs and off. He and Mario stared at the rock-hard cock that sprang free, salivating over the naked muscle-cop bound to the chair.

Then the boys went to work on him, leaning over him and lapping up the cum from his tanned flesh - Jamie from his chest, Mario from his washboard abs. They licked, slurped and kissed with increasing ardor. The cop stirred and moaned, instinctively trying to grab his cock, but his wrists were tied. He was helpless, at the mercy of his boy, and the cop's unaccustomed feeling of powerlessness was a massive turn-on. Jamie was in charge ..... he was Jamie's prisoner ..... and god, it felt good.

The boys licked the contours of Mark's torso - between the ridges of the abs, up through the cleft between his bulging pecs, up to his cum-soaked neck .... and up to his face. Mark pressed his head back into the pillow offering up his face, and felt one boy's lips kissing his eyes, while the other boy licked cum from his mouth. Their tongues ran over his forehead, then his cheeks, until both of them settled on his lips.

Mark opened his eyes and looked down at two heads, the tousled blond hair of one, the other with curly black hair, and both beautiful young faces in profile as they kissed his mouth, forcing their tongues inside. He reciprocated, searching their mouths in turn with his tongue, sucking in their breaths, moaning as he tasted the sweet essence of youthful passion.

Slowly their mouths moved off his face, back down over his neck, down to his chest .... his nipples. "Aaah!" "He inhaled sharply as he felt a mouth close over each nipple, tongues licking them gently. He looked down and saw the boys feeding hungrily on his chest, felt the exquisite pain as they began to bite on them. Again he pulled at his bound wrists, eager to press their heads against his chest, and again he had to surrender to his boy's control.

As they felt the chest flex hard under them the boys caught each other's smiling eyes with the recognition of shared lust. God, Mario thought, Jamie was good at this. Once he grasped his own manhood he could drive a man wild - as he was doing to Mark. So Mario followed Jamie's cues as they pulled their teeth off Mar's tits and moved quickly lower, over the abs to their primary target.

Soon they were burying their faces in Mark's tangle of sweat-soaked pubic hair, licking it, munching it, buried in the musky smell and taste of the macho cop. Working in perfect unison the boys moved their mouths off the hair and onto the balls, licking them, kissing them, and then, incredibly, closing their mouths over them, one boy on each swelling globe, sucking hard, pulling on the scrotum.

"Aaah," Mark gasped. His tortured body writhed in the chair, his muscles flexing hard. He moaned, "Jesus Christ, that feels ..... Oh Jesus .... Untie my wrists, man ..... I gotta touch my cock so bad." With one last yank on the testicle Jamie pulled his mouth off and raised his head. "No, sir. No need. We'll take care of that." He grinned down at Mario, lowered his head again and together they started work on the huge cock standing straight up, rigid as a pole.

They began at the base, one tongue on each side, licking, kissing, wrapping their lips round the thick shaft. Slowly they moved upward, to the sound of the cop's ragged breathing and ecstatic moans. It was a long way up but they finally reached their goal - the corona, the hard rim at the base of the head - and they flicked their tongues at the most sensitive part of the cock. "Aaaah .... No ..... I can't take it, man ..... you're gonna make me ......"

"No!" Jamie reared back on his knees and glared defiantly at Mark. "You will not cum until I say so. You gave me control and I'm using it. If you cum before I give you permission I will have failed." A slight smile flickered over his face. "And we don't want that, do we?"

"No, sir," Mark said, surprised to hear that word coming from his own mouth. Jamie looked down at Mario and said, "OK, buddy .... finish him off." Mark felt the tongue move up the head of his cock then poke into the hole at the tip as Mario savored the pre-cum oozing from it. There was a pause, and then the mouth slid down over the head, down further over the length of the shaft until, incredibly, it slid to the back of Mario's throat and his face was buried once more in the damp pubic hair.

Mark's body was on fire and he trembled, desperate to hold back his orgasm. He wanted his boy to succeed in his dominant role but, more than that, he found himself wanting to obey him, to restrain his climax until the boy gave him permission. It was one of the most erotic sensations he had ever felt, at the mercy of his own boy, desperate to please him. And then things got more intense.

Jamie leaned over him, their faces only inches apart and Jamie's steady, resolute eyes were staring into his. Mark moaned as Mario sucked his cock expertly, but he could not tear his eyes away from Jamie's. "You see," Jamie smiled. "I do have it in me. I can drive any man crazy with lust .... especially you, sir." He leaned lower and pressed his lips against Mark's in an open-mouthed, airtight kiss so they were breathing the same air back and forth. And still Mario worked relentlessly on Mark's cock, sliding it deep into his throat.

When Jamie pulled his mouth back Mark was gasping. The cop was completely in his boy's sexual power, his body on fire, every fiber of his being desperate for release. He was floating in a trance, hypnotized by the boy's steel blue eyes and he heard himself plead. "I need to shoot so bad. Please, man, I submit to you .... let me cum ..... please, sir....."

Jamie smiled down at him and said simply, "OK, do it. Do it for me .... because you love me."

The muscle-god's naked body shook, spasmed, then flexed ..... "Aaah .... Aaah .... Aaagh! I love you, Jamie!" Mario gagged as the cock exploded in his mouth, and he swallowed hard as semen poured down his throat. Wild-eyed he looked up and saw Jamie approaching. In a seamless transition Mario's mouth pulled off the cock and was immediately replaced by Jamie's, who gulped down the juice still streaming from the policeman's cock.

Mario took Jamie's place at Mark's face and pressed his mouth against the cop's, letting Mark's cum flow between them. Mark was in a daze, unaware who was kissing him and who was draining his cock. Suddenly he felt more lips on his, more cum filling his mouth. Both boys were kissing him, licking his lips, his face, his eyes and still he was swallowing his own cum.

At last Jamie sprang to his feet and Mario did the same. They towered over Mark, arms folded across their chests, gazing down in awe at the naked cop tied to the chair, veins standing out in his rippling muscles, his cock drained, his eyes glazed, head thrown back in total exhaustion. As Mark's vision cleared his boy came into focus and he heard him say, "Now you know, sir. Now you know what it feels like when your boy takes charge - when he becomes a man."

Through heaving breaths Mark said, "Jamie, you were spectacular. I've never seen you like that. You are such a stud - such a fucking turn on."

Mario turned and grinned at Jamie. "Told you, didn't I? Told you he'd love it."


Jamie quickly untied Mark's wrists and pulled him to his feet. Mario took a discreet step back as man and boy came together in a passionate embrace. Then Mark opened one arm and beckoned Mario in. "Come here, Mario. You're one of us now."

When they finally pulled apart Jamie changed the mood and the topic. "Now I'm dying to get in those waves - look at them, they're perfect. I'll wax the boards, dude." Mark watched the tall young athlete stride over to the surfboards, then turned to Mario. "He's incredible, Mario ..... stunning. What happened between you two in the dunes?"

"He fucked me, sir, but a fuck like none before. He was so macho - such a .... a top. It was an incredible fuck ..... he said that's how you fuck him - he learned it all from you."

Mark grinned with pride, "He said that, did he? Well, wherever it came from, I want more of it. In the meantime I gotta go for a run - clear my head after all that sleeping - and waking up with jism all over me," he chuckled. He pulled on his shorts and they walked over to Jamie. "Hey, kid, I'm gonna go for a swim and a run along the beach. Then I'll circle back over the dunes to the village and get the groceries we need. Now I know I always say this, but you guys take care out there. I don't need to tell you how unpredictable those currents can be."

"OK, sir," Jamie grinned. "I'll take good care of myself and my Italian amico here." Mark ruffled Jamie's hair and took off running through the waves."


Now for something where Jamie really was the master - surfing. Mario had only moderate skills, having only begun to surf when he came to work at the Laguna Beach hotel. So as they stood on the sand looking out to sea Jamie said, "You can tell a lot about the conditions just by watching from the shore. See, the waves are breaking real nice - not too big but keeping their shape. Farther out it looks like there's a moderate current running so we have to pay attention in case it gets stronger. OK, buddy, you ready?"

They ran into the water, threw their boards forward and straddled them, paddling strongly to pierce the breaking waves. Once out in the slight swell beyond the waves they turned toward the shore and looked back over their shoulders. "OK, dude, this next set's a beaut....." With Jamie shouting instructions so Mario got the timing right they jumped up on their boards sped along the crest of the wave, howling with exhilaration.

Way up the beach Mark looked over his shoulder as he ran and saw the boys in the far distance, moving in perfect harmony. He smiled to himself, pleased that the boys were getting along so well. He always wanted Jamie to have a close friend and Mario, with his calm sophistication, seemed to fill the role perfectly.

But it was Jamie who most strongly occupied his thoughts - and his feelings. He kept seeing his boy's tough, determined face as he and Mario had worked him over, tied to the chair. He had rarely seen Jamie take charge in this macho way, but it was what he had wanted and it was a huge turn-on. And when he remembered Mario describing how Jamie had forcefully fucked him in the dunes he felt his cock grow stiff as it bounced in his shorts.

Then he caught sight of something else .... three other surfers in the distance being carried by the current parallel to the shore. They apparently didn't have Jamie's skill at staying out of the strongest part of the current. Still, Mark was pleased to see they had company. Safety in numbers if anyone got into difficulties. With a sigh of contentment he continued his run.

Out in the waves Jamie saw the three approaching surfers. They looked younger than him and Mario - not much over eighteen - and it was clear to Jamie right away that they were not very skilled surfers. "Hey, guys," he shouted cheerfully, "bitchin waves, eh?" As they floated closer he added, "Strong lateral current though, that's what carried you here. Stay a bit closer to shore so you don't catch the worst of it."

They acknowledged his instruction with a wave but didn't make any attempt to heed his warning. Jamie, Mario and the three newcomers caught a few more waves and Jamie saw, as he had thought, that they were not experienced surfers, unsteady on their boards. This increased his anxiety about the strengthening current and as they sat astride their boards waiting for the next set he said to Mario. I don't like the pull of this current, dude .... look how far it's taken us. We better call it quits for now."

"Hey, guys," he yelled to the three youngsters. "That lateral current's getting real gnarly. Trouble is there's a rip-tide undercurrent too and they meet right around here. Me and my buddy are gonna ride the next wave in - you should do the same. Just follow us."

Luckily the next wave was a big one, strong enough to counteract the rip current. Jamie and Mario jumped up at just the right time and rode it all the way in to the shore, their best ride of the day. "Awesome, dude," Jamie grinned, jumping off his board and tucking it under his arm.

Mario gazed at him spellbound. This was Jamie at his best, a beautiful athlete glowing with health and excitement as he strode through the shallow water in his clinging shorts, his pumped muscles gleaming wet in the sunlight, his tangled blond hair blowing in the breeze. Enhancing the image was his air of authority, his ease in the elements of water and wind, his natural leadership in giving instructions to the younger boys.

But when Jamie turned his head and looked back his satisfied expression changed to anger and frustration. "Shit damn, those stupid assholes. They're still out there." Mario followed Jamie as he ran up the beach to the shack, planted his board in the sand and shaded his eyes to see more clearly. "See that dude? Fucking idiots - they're caught in the current and doing exactly the wrong thing. They're trying to fight it instead of going with it. Shit, I'm gonna have to take the boat out and help them."

"I'm right with you," said Mario, but Jamie protested. "It could get pretty hairy, buddy. Those currents can be wicked. Don't wanna put you in danger."

Mario looked mildly offended. "Hey, were amicos, right. You don't think I'm gonna let you go out there alone, do you?"

Jamie grinned at him. "Sorry, dude. You're right. Come on then - let's rock." The rowboat was beside the shack and Jamie threw in the oars and some lengths of rope. Together they hauled it down to the water, pushed it out and jumped in. "OK, dude, while I row, you be ready to help the boys when we reach them," said Jamie, the natural captain of the ship. Mario sat in the stern and Jamie sat facing him. He slotted the oars into the rowlocks, dipped them in the water and began to pull hard on the oars.

Despite the anxiety of the moment Mario once again gazed in awe at his blond friend, at the clenched jaw, the tough, determined look on his face and his gorgeous body, his muscles straining to the max as he applied all his strength to the oars. Again his ocean skills served him well as he adjusted his speed depending on the current, slicing through the crests of the incoming waves.

They finally made it to the three boys who were obviously in trouble, wobbling as they sat astride their boards. "Help, we're caught in the....." one of them shouted but Jamie cut him off. "Save your breath, boy. Now here's what's gonna happen. The most important thing - don't lose your board. Sitting like that you risk getting knocked off and swept away. So get down flat on your belly on the board and wrap one arm round it. My buddy here's gonna throw you a rope each. Wrap it round your free wrist and hang on. We'll tow you behind the boat. I'll be facing you and if anyone feels he's in trouble, just yell and my buddy will help you."

"OK, sir," one of them said. There was something in the authoritative voice that inspired trust in them, despite their panic, and they did exactly as the boss ordered. In a few minutes they were set. Mario had secured three lengths of rope to the stern and thrown them to the boys who were lying on their boards and grabbed the ropes as ordered. Now it was up to Jamie and he pulled hard on the oars.

He was so intent on his task that he didn't look up to see the tall figure standing on the rocks in the distance. When Mark had walked over the dunes to the shack, laden with grocery bags, he looked puzzled as he saw Jamie and Mario rowing out through the waves. Then he saw the three figures waving frantically further out, obviously trapped in the current. Instantly Mark grasped what was happening - his boys were going out to the rescue. He dropped the bags on the sand and his impulse was to race into the waves and swim out to them.

But even as he began to run he realized that he was doing the wrong thing. One more body in the water was one more body to rescue, and the boat wouldn't seat three without becoming dangerously heavy in these waves. Besides, nobody knew these waters like Jamie, and Mark had trained him well in rescue methods. He would let Jamie handle it and keep watch from the rocks, ready to dive in if they had problems. He could see Jamie shouting orders to the boys and knew that he had things under control. A flash of pride ran through him ..... his Jamie sure was growing up.

Out in the current Jamie was in total command. He was rowing with the lateral current but steering very gradually toward the shore trying to escape it. He kept his eye on the three boys and calmly gave orders to Mario if rope adjustments were needed. As Jamie rowed, the two friends concentrated on each other's eyes and, even in the middle of this predicament, there was something almost sexual about working together so intensely.

"It's working, buddy," Jamie panted, managing a grin. "We're pulling out of the current. You boys OK?" he shouted. "Yes, sir" ..... "thank you, sir," came the responses. Jamie's muscles were cracking under the strain but he clenched his jaw and rowed hard, easing the boat ever closer to shore. Then he caught sight of Mark racing along the shore parallel with them, and that gave him a burst of adrenaline. Suddenly he was doing this for Mark, to impress him, to show that he was strong, a leader - not just a laid-back surfer boy.

Mark watched anxiously from the beach, knowing that the hardest part would be when the boat caught the strong waves crashing ashore, as it could easily upset. But he frowned as Jamie stopped rowing. What the hell was he doing? He had turned the boat pointing toward the shore and was looking back over his shoulder. He was like a patient surfer, riding his board, waiting for the next good wave to build.

And then Mark knew. That's exactly what he was doing - just what he would be doing on a surfboard. Sure enough, Jamie suddenly started rowing furiously as the swell under the boat lifted it higher. He looked quickly to both sides, adjusted his stroke and then.... "I don't believe it," Mark said out loud.

The boat rose on the crest of the wave and Jamie steered it so it rode the crest like an expert surfer, towing the three surfboards behind it. The boat was surfing ashore! It came closer and closer on the curl of the wave and when the wave finally broke on the shore the boat landed evenly with a slight bump, skinning along the sand, with the three boys behind it as if they were riding surfboards to a perfect landing.

Mark dashed into the water, grabbed the prow and dragged the boat onto the sand. Jamie was slumped over the oars in exhaustion. Mark reached down, lifted him gently out of the boat and into his arms. "Jamie," he breathed into his ear, "that was magnificent. I've never seen anything like it. I am so proud of you, man, so lucky to have you."

Jamie lifted a jubilant face. "Thank you, sir. That's all I ever wanted - to make you proud."


Finally they broke apart and Jamie looked around him. He saw the three surfers up ahead walking along the beach with their boards under their arms, and yelled, "Hey .... Freeze!"

Mark looked at Mario and they both broke into a wide-eyed grin, hearing Jamie shout the cop's command. The boys turned round startled and Jamie said, "Come here." They approached, crestfallen and embarrassed - they had been too ashamed to face their rescuer. "Now listen up, boys. Me and my buddy here just saved your asses out there so a simple 'Thank You' would be way cool."

"Thank you, sir" .... "we're sorry" ...... "very sorry," came the chastened chorus. "That's better, and the next time someone like me tells you to do something you do it, is that clear?" Another, "Yes, sir," in unison. They were trembling and the smallest one seemed close to tears.

"OK, OK," Jamie said, softening. "You've had a bad scare, I know, but you're on dry land now and in one piece. And you're not the first to get into trouble in those currents. Same thing once happened to me and my buddies and we were rescued by this gentleman here." The three youngsters looked wide eyed at the big muscle-god as if he had stepped off another planet.

"Now - give us a hand here. You two, carry an oar each in your free hand, and you take the ropes. Come on." They did as told and Jamie walked between two of them with an arm over each one's shoulder. "Right, now let me explain the rules if ever you get caught in a lateral current again. Here's what you were doing wrong......"

As the youngsters walked on ahead with Jamie, Mark and Mario smiled at each other, hugely impressed by the way Jamie had spoken to the boys with a mix of sternness, compassion and guidance - signs of a real leader. "Well," Mark grinned at Mario, "looks like you and I get the boat, kiddo." Mario lifted the bow and Mark the heavier stern and they carried it easily with matching strides.

At the shack they deposited their loads and Jamie said, "What are you guys' names anyway?" They introduced themselves and Jamie said, "OK, you know you can't surf for shit so you need some instruction before you go out there again. Me and my buddy here will be out there tomorrow, so if you come by at 7am sharp I'll give you your first lesson."

"Thank you sir," they said, eyes shining. "That would be awesome." By now they were putty in the hands of their rescuer - so strong and commanding - and so totally gorgeous. They shook hands with him and the smallest one threw his arms round him, blushing deep red. Jamie grinned. "OK, OK, get off home now, and remember - 7 o'clock sharp."

They ran off and Jamie turned to the others and shook his head. "Jesus ..... young jerks bit off more than they could chew. Still, I guess I was like them not so long ago."

"Not any more, though," Mark said. "Not by a long shot." He had watched Jamie take charge of the boys and they clearly looked up to him with respect bordering on worship. Mark realized that ever since the danger had passed he had had an erection in his pants watching his boy take command as a dominant young man. He caught Jamie's eye and said, "Come with me, Jamie." They walked into the shack and closed the door.

Mario smiled to himself and sat on the deck. He had never felt happier in his life, being so close to these spectacular guys, loved by them both. "You're one of us," Mark had said. Mario was smart enough to know when his presence was welcome, which was most of the time, but also when to pull back and give Mark and Jamie time to be alone. Now was one of those times and as he heard the sounds coming from inside the shack his smile broadened.


In the subdued light of the shack Mark gazed at Jamie as if he were seeing him for the first time - which in a way he was. He surprised Jamie by dropping his shorts and lying on his back on the bed, just as Jamie did every day when the cop came home from work. "Come on, man," Mark said softly. "You know the drill."

Of course he did - except that now things were reversed. It had been a transformative day for Jamie - first his ferocious fuck of Mario, then his forceful treatment of Mark, tying him to a chair and controlling his orgasm, and then the adventure in the waves where he had been in absolute command. Adrenaline still coursed through his body .... he felt pumped, empowered ..... and now here lying before him, offering himself, was the spectacular naked cop. Yeah - he knew the drill, alright.

He flexed his muscles to excite Mark even more, then knelt on the bed and with his right hand pushed one of Mark's legs up high. He looked down at the cop's exposed ass, spat in his left hand and rubbed it against the hole, pushing first one finger, then two inside it, massaging the prostate as Mark had done so often to him. His voice was deeper than usual as he said, "Now I'm gonna fuck you, man."

His cock was rock hard and he pressed it against the hole, smiled down at the Greek-God face .... and suddenly plunged his rod deep into the warm ass. "Aaaagh!" Mark yelled, the first burst of pain quickly dissolving into a sensual warmth, then heat as his own glorious boy began to fuck his ass. Jamie's eyes pierced his as he accelerated the thrusts of his cock, building to the speed of a piston driving into the tight ass.

Still holding the leg back with his right hand, Jamie put his left hand behind his head, flared his lats and flexed his chest and biceps like a bodybuilder pose in a junior competition. He looked spectacular and Mark breathed heavily. "That feels fucking awesome, Jamie ..... you look so fine ..... such a fucking ..... man! "Fuck me, sir, fuck that cop's ass ..... take it ..... it's yours ....aaagh"

The shaft became a pile-driver, pounding his ass. Mark's flawless body bounced as it got hammered into the bed, his muscles flexed, his face thrashed from side to side, tears springing to his eyes. It was wild ..... he was getting fucked by his boy ..... no, no longer a boy. He had been fucked by his boy before, but not now .... now his ass was getting hammered by a man, a tough, dominant young athlete - a man he could submit to - a man he needed to submit to.

Jamie was stretching his arm up triumphantly like a cowboy riding a bucking stallion. "Yeah," Mark howled, "ride that ass, stud .... fuck that cop. I submit to you, man, you are so fucking beautiful. Please, man, shoot your load inside my ass - I wanna feel a man's juice inside me .... Please, man ..... do it."

Jamie's eyes were wild as he gazed down at the stunning muscle-god beneath him. He yelled at Mark, "Don't cum, man..... please don't cum ...... aaagh!" His body shuddered, then tensed, and his cock erupted inside the cop's ass, again and again, pouring cum deep inside him. Mark made a huge effort to hold back his own orgasm as he gazed up at the triumphant face of the rugged young buck who had just topped him.

But suddenly he saw a change come over that face. It was as if the fire drained from Jamie, his face crumpled and he fell forward on top of Mark pressing his face against his. Hearing gentle sobs Mark held him tight and said softly. "What's the matter, Jamie? You were sensational - the best ever. What's up, kiddo?" Jamie gazed into his eyes. "Sir, will you fuck me, sir, like you always do. That's why I asked you not to cum."

Mark smiled and kissed Jamie's cheek. He eased out from under him, picked him up and laid him gently on his back. He knelt over him, leaned forward, pinned his wrists to the bed and smiled at his beautiful boy. "Of course I'll fuck you, kiddo - like always - like this." He pressed his rigid cock against Jamie's ass, felt it relax, inviting him in, and he entered his boy, sliding his cock gently all the way inside him. "You know I have to shoot real soon, kiddo - I'm ready to explode. You've turned me on so much today, taking charge like you did - a real stud. It's an honor to fuck you, Jamie."

Jamie sighed and gazed into Mark's blue-gray eyes, saw his magnificent body rising over him and moaned softly as he felt his master's long shaft sliding in and out of his ass. "I love you, sir. I love being your boy. I love feeling your cock in my ass. Please cum inside me, sir." Mark grinned at him. "OK, Jamie .... you're in charge .....here it comes.... Aaah." They sighed together as the cop poured his juice inside his boy and they swam in each other's eyes.


A few minutes later they were lying on their sides gazing at each other. "Sir," Jamie said with a slight frown, "after today, will I still be your boy?"

"Jamie, you know you will always be my boy, now and forever. But after today you'll be a whole lot more - my boy, my man, my buddy, my lover. And it's gonna be so hot. See, kid, the great thing is you can be all those things together - being some guy's boy doesn't stop you being a man - even a top man. We'll fuck, get fucked, just as the mood takes us. And there's nothing like fucking a real man like you. It's gonna be so much fun. You are such a beautiful boy, and such a rugged, handsome young man. You know what you are, kid? You're my man-boy - and it doesn't get sexier than that."

Jamie grinned, "But you know, sir, it's real tiring being a top-man." Mark laughed and stroked his face. "Don't worry, kid, you'll grow into it. Stick with me and we'll be everything to each other."

"I think we already are, sir," Jamie said and snuggled closer.


Outside on the patio Mario smiled to himself. After all the love-making noises from inside had finally abated a stillness settled over the cabin, the only sounds now being the distant cry of the seagulls and the waves hissing onto the sand. Mario closed his eyes and drifted into a dream-filled sleep. His muddled dreams included the sound of a car, doors slamming and excited voices. The sounds persisted, grew louder and, as Mario stirred into consciousness he slowly opened his eyes, blinked, and found himself staring up at the smiling faces of .... the twins.

"Hey, Mario," they said excitedly. "Surprise!" He sat up and blinked again. "Mio dio - it sure is. Hi, guys - you here alone?"

"Of course not," said Kyle. "Bob brought us," said Kevin.

"Hey, Kyle, Kevin," said a deep voice. Mark too had been roused by the noise of the truck and now stood in the doorway, buck naked. "Where is Bob?"

"Right here, buddy." Bob came round the corner of the shack, shirtless in blue jeans. As he locked eyes with Mark their faces lit up with dazzling smiles.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 202


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