Up to now, despite being a handsome 19-year-old, Brandon had lived a solitary life, increasingly focused on his independence living alone and overcoming his limitations. But tonight he found it hard to sleep. His head was whirling with memories of the most extraordinary day in his life.

There was so much he didn’t understand and he tried to piece it all together as he pulled himself out of his wheelchair and into bed. All those incredibly hot men, fantasies right out of his porn collection, had come and gone and he’d most likely never see them again. Except for the one called Bob. He had made promises to him and he knew he’d keep them.

His mind ran over the homoerotic images. First a rugged gypsy construction worker had shown up out of the blue, installed his new shelves and fucked his face. Then the most gorgeous cop in the world had come by and given Brandon safety instructions, had stripped off his shirt and T-shirt and ended up pouring his semen all over him.

The cop had been followed by a shirtless black leather-master who had installed two much-needed air-conditioners and, as payment, had impaled Brandon’s mouth on his massive horse-dick. A fire inspection was conducted by the same stunning fireman in his fireman’s calendar whose picture he beat off over every day. And lastly the man called Bob, the image of Superman, had come to talk about the boy’s future and had made cum without touching himself.

Brandon didn’t know, of course that his whole day had been orchestrated by Bob and the boy, Eddie, whom he had met only once. He had liked Eddie a whole lot and fantasized about maybe a long friendship, but he hadn’t seen or heard from him since that first time. Another bubble burst, he thought. But then Eddie had shown up out of the blue with his massively handsome Marine master, Hassan, and they had taken him out to dinner.

It was all a mystery to Brandon as he lay trying to work it out. How come all these super-hot guys had shown up today, one after the other? And where did Eddie and his incredible Marine master fit into it all? And what was this group of guys they had mentioned?


Unfortunately the day had ended on a sour note. Over dinner, Brandon and Eddie had discovered they were almost the same age … Eddie would be 19 tomorrow and Brandon in a week. The problem was, Eddie had always told Hassan that he was 21.

“So all this time you’ve been lying to me about your age, is that it?” Hassan barked. “You do know that the worst thing a boy can do is lie to his master, and if ever it happens the boy has to be punished? And you know the rule – it has to be a ritual punishment in front of the whole group and, as you lied about your age, your birthday is an appropriate time to do it. You’ll spend the night with me and tomorrow we’ll go down to the house when everyone’s gathered and that’s where I’ll punish you.”

Brandon squeezed Eddie’s hand under the table and Eddie looked at him mournfully. “Sorry, dude, I was gonna take you to meet some guys tomorrow. I got a whole lot of stuff to explain to you – stuff I’d been keeping secret, but it’ll have to wait. I don’t want you to see me get punished, but when it’s all over I’ll come and see you again, OK? You’re still my friend, right?”

“Of course I am, dude,” Brandon grinned. “Best friend forever.”

And so they parted. Brandon wheeled himself back into his apartment and pulled himself into his bed where he lay trying to make sense of his extraordinary day.


That night Hassan was unexpectedly affectionate to Eddie, almost as if nothing bad had happened. But Eddie was ashamed of his lie and next morning he felt increasingly nervous about his public punishment. Hassan made a few private phone calls and then, at noon, they set out for the house.

There were a lot of cars and trucks parked at the house and Eddie knew all the guys would be gathered inside. He felt like a lamb gong to the slaughter. They went through the gate into the garden and there, sure enough, was the whole tribe, men and boys, standing in a row facing him solemnly. His courage failed him and he thought his legs would give way.

And then it happened. The whole group suddenly raised their arms and yelled “SURPRISE!!” Someone pulled a cord and a banner unfurled from a tree saying “Happy Birthday Eddie!” There was an eruption of cheers and applause and shouts of “Ed-die, Ed-die.” Hassan pulled him into his arms and whispered, “Happy Nineteenth Birthday, Eddie. I love you, boy.”

Eddie looked up at Hassan with tears running down his face. “Thank you, sir.” But suddenly he pulled away and gazed at the crowd, at all the laughing faces. He shouted, “Hold that thought, guys. I gotta go – but I’ll be right back.” He turned and raced out of the gate.

“Well that was weird,” said Darius. “Do you know where he’s going, sir?”

Hassan grinned broadly. “Oh, I have a pretty good idea.”

Eddie was speeding up the hill and was soon pounding on Brandon’s door. Brandon opened it and gazed up at him in amazement. Eddie got behind his wheelchair and pushed him out the door. With a peal of laughter he said, “Come on, dude. We’re going to a party!

Brandon was blown away … his new friend Eddie was full of surprises. At least Brandon was not naked as he often was around the house. He was wearing cargo shorts and the old tank-top Randy had left at his house yesterday. It hung loosely on his lean body, showing off the well-developed muscles he had built from wheeling his chair all the time, and he loved the feel of it, reminding him of the construction boss’s visit yesterday that began it all.

“Let’s go, dude,” Eddie urged him. “Race you down the hill.” Eddie’s excitement was contagious – and Brandon was determined not to let his new friend beat him in a race. So as Eddie took off Brandon closed and locked his door, released the brake on his wheelchair and, with a powerful thrust, wheeled after him.

Brandon was used to wheeling himself down the hill, letting gravity do its thing while he skilfully worked the brake. This time he went faster than usual and was soon overtaking Eddie. When he got to the gate he spun round and gave the panting Eddie a cocky grin. “My wheels beat your legs any day of the week, dude. And I didn’t even break a sweat.”

“Oh yeah, dickhead?” Eddie grinned back. “Well you won’t be such a smartass when you see what I’ve got in store for you. Brace yourself, dude – this is gonna be so cool.”

He opened the gate and Brandon followed him inside. He halted and all his self-confidence drained from him. Standing in the garden was a group of the hottest men and boys he had ever seen and, even in his state of shock, he recognized some of the men who had come to his house yesterday. He blushed at being the focus of their attention and was saved by Eddie’s jubilant voice.

“Guys, this cool dude here is my new friend Brandon!”

“Hi, Brandon!!” The roar of greeting wrapped around Brandon like a warm cloak.


Brandon was in shock, frozen in place, and it was Bob who rescued him, stepping forward with a beaming smile. “Hello, again, Brandon. Welcome to our house.” He leant down and hugged him, then shrugged his shoulders with a grin. “I did try to warn yesterday that your life was about to change, didn’t I? But we’ll try not to overwhelm you all at once. I gotta tell you that everyone here knows the story of yesterday. News travels fast around here.” He beckoned to the twins. “Hey, guys, come over here.”

The twins had been busy setting up tables of food but now they ran up. “And if you think you’re seeing double, Brandon, you are,” Bob said. These are my boys, Kyle and Kevin, the chefs of the house.” Brandon gazed at the identical twins, identically beautiful, and was tongue-tied.

“Welcome Brandon,” they said in unison. “You live alone, don’t you?” asked Kevin. “You cook for yourself?” asked Kyle.

Brandon found his voice. “Er, kind’ve, if you can call it cooking. Mostly I order pizza.”

“No way,” they laughed. “Spend a couple of days with us in the kitchen and we’ll show you what cooking’s all about. You can make a healthy meal in no time.”

“Thanks, guys,” Bob said. “OK, Eddie, why don’t you do the honors and introduce Brandon to some of the guys?”

Eddie couldn’t wait to show off his new friend and he tried to go by seniority. They approached the group and Eddie said, “I think you already met Randy – he’s the big boss around here.”

“Hey kiddo,” Randy grinned, “good to see you again. Hey, ain’t that my shirt you’re wearing?

“Oh, sorry, sir,” Brandon blushed and started to take it off.”

“Nah, looks good on you, kid. Keep it – a birthday present. Hey, boy, get your ass over here.” Pablo came up, self-importantly. “This here’s my boy Pablo – my adopted son, too.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Brandon said, getting his hand crushed by Pablo’s handshake. “That’s an awesome bod you got on you, Pablo – awesome.”

“You’re no slouch yourself, kid,” said Pablo, adopting the lofty tone of ‘boss’s boy’. “Great upper body. Abs need a little work. Couple of sessions with me in the gym downstairs and we’ll have them popping out in no time.”

As they moved on Eddie whispered, “Randy and Bob are lovers.” Brandon’s face lit up – “No way!” “Yeah, you should see it when they fuck – totally awesome.”

Next came Mark. “Hey Brandon. Gotta say you clean up pretty good after the way I left you yesterday. You haven’t met my boy Jamie, yet.” Brandon found himself looking up at a smiling golden boy, the image of a hot young California surfer, with his tousled blond hair, broad shoulders and a classic physique under his loose tank top and surfer shorts. Brandon’s cock got hard in his shorts as he imagined what the cop and the surfer must look like making love.

“Hey, Brandon,” Jamie beamed. “Bob suggested that I interview you for the job of my assistant in the office. I’m swamped with work, should have hired someone a long time ago, so if you’ve got time later we could do it this afternoon.”

This was the guy Bob was talking about – this gorgeous blond surfer? This guy would be his boss? Brandon felt pre-cum wetting his shorts and stammered, “Sure, sir, whenever you say.”

“Hey,” a voice interrupted, “you don’t have to call him sir. ‘Dude’ is good enough for the rest of us boys so it’s good enough for you, kid. Hi, I’m Darius, and this here’s Zack – I’m his boy. Oh, I forgot, you already met him yesterday and gave him a great blow-job so he told me. You must’ve been taking lessons from Eddie.” Zack clipped him behind the ear and said, “Down, boy – that mouth’ll get you into real trouble someday.”

“Already has, sir – many times.”

“Hey, Brandon,” Zack said, “how are those air-conditioners working out for you? You’re looking real cool I gotta say.” Brandon looked up in awe at the black muscle-god in his usual black jeans and gray muscle T-shirt. “Oops,” Zack grinned, “move over Darius – don’t wanna get upstaged by the fireman calendar guy.”

Brandon saw Jason coming his way with a gleaming smile. He looked sensational in black gym shorts and a white tank top that showed off his tanned physique to perfection. “Hey, Brandon, great to see you again. Lot of fun yesterday, eh? Here, I want you to meet my boy Ben.”

Brandon was looking up at a boy with a distinctly gypsy look about him, with his square jaw, high cheekbones, blue eyes and black hair falling over his brow. What’s more, with his muscular body, he looked like a junior version of Randy. Eddie jumped in and said proudly, “Ben’s not only Jason’s boy, he’s Randy’s youngest brother – and my boyfriend, eh Ben?” Eddie kissed Ben passionately on the mouth to prove his point – and Ben reciprocated. “All three of us are gonna be best buddies,” Eddie smiled – “the Three Amigos.”

Ben flashed a smile, bent down and hugged Brandon. “Eddie never stopped talking about you yesterday, dude. Great to meet you at last.” Jason interjected. “One day soon the three of you have got to come down to my house and try out my gym – if you don’t mind watching me work out, that is.” The pre-cum in Brandon’s shorts kept dripping.


And so the introductions went on, with Brandon’s head reeling. Eddie led him to a tall, handsome man in a white T-shirt, with strong, finely etched features, golden tan, short dark hair, and clear, confident brown eyes. He had his arm round a good-looking boy with a warm, open smile. “These here are the Aussies, Adam and Nate – they live in the Aussie house next door. Adam works for the airlines and he’s – well you can see what he is.” Adam laughed and said in his Aussie accent, “G’day, mate. Bloody good to meet you after everything Eddie’s told us.”

Eddie pulled Brandon over to a dark-haired young man who looked like a male model. “Mario, meet Brandon. Mario’s Italian,” Eddie said confidentially, like he was an exotic plant. Mario flashed a wide smile. “Ciao, amico … benvenuti a casa.” He bent down and kissed Brandon on both cheeks, then lightly on the lips. He smelt of some musky cologne and that, plus the European kiss and the musical, Italian accent, made Brandon want to kiss him some more.

“I do the garden here, amico, and when you have time you can give me a hand with all the re-potting I have to do. I live in the room between Ben and Eddie, so when you get tired of them you can visit me and I will give you an Italian lesson.”

“Brandon gulped. “I, er, I think I would like an Italian lesson very much, Mario.”

By now the group had, as usual, split into two, with the men sitting at the table drinking beer and the boys gathered in a tight group around Brandon. Now that the ice was broken Brandon soon relaxed and joined in the noisy chatter, answering all their many questions. “Hey, dude,” said Darius, gazing at the wheelchair. “Can you do wheelies in that thing?”

“Duh!” Brandon said. “Is the Pope Catholic? Stand back, guys.” He quickly wheeled the chair back a few feet, leaned back so the front wheels came off the ground and wheeled forward to balance. “Can I do a wheelie!” he said scornfully. He turned one wheel forward, the other back and in an instant was spinning round so fast he became a blur. “Wow,” Darius said. “That is radical dude.” The shouts and whistles were deafening as the boys cheered him on.

Brandon came to an abrupt halt, his eyes sparkling and said, “Other way?” They chanted “Go, Brandon,” and he span just as fast in the other direction. Finally he came to a halt to rousing cheers, and Darius said, “Hey, shove over, dude, and let me try that.”

Brandon wheeled himself to the table and pulled himself out of the chair and onto a bench. Darius sat confidently in the chair and tried to copy Brandon but nothing moved. Brandon said, “Er, Darius …” but Darius cut him off. “It’s OK, it’s OK – I just gotta get the hang of it.” He leaned back and jerked the front wheels off the ground but kept on going and would have fallen backwards if Pablo hadn’t caught him.

“Er, if I were you Darius,” Brandon began but Darius’s pride kicked in and he said, “No, I can do this on my own.” Again he tugged at the wheels without effect and Pablo teased, “Guess Brandon’s arms are stronger than yours, dude.” “Fuck you, dude,” Darius said in frustration and Brandon spoke up again.

“Er, I was only trying to say, Darius, that it sometimes helps if you release the break first. Usually works for me.”

The boys burst out laughing and Darius glared at Brandon. “Fuck you, asshole,” he said, then flashed a dazzling smile. “You’ll fit in here real well, kiddo. Just like one of the family.”

It was music to Brandon’s ears.


Darius did get the hang of it and as he spun round Brandon yelled, “OK, guys, Darius is the one to beat.” They all took their turn, some falling on their backs, others doing real well. Eddie ran over to Bob, his eyes shining. He grabbed his arm and said, “Good, ain’t it, sir?”

“Very good, Eddie,” Bob smiled, “and it’s all thanks to you. I know one guy who’s very proud of you.” He glanced at Hassan who said, “Damn right, but you know why we came here boy. You still gotta get punished.”

“Yes please, sir.” Hassan and Bob stifled grins and Hassan said, “Don’t let any of the other boys hear you say that. This is serious.” Eddie saluted. “Aye, aye, sir.”

The contest was winding down and in the end Brandon declared Nate the winner. “OK, mates, I gotta come clean,” Nate said. “I used to do this in my cousin’s chair in Sydney.”

Talking above their howls of disapproval Bob said to the other men at the table, “Well I guess that takes care of the wheelchair issue. No pussyfooting around with our boys – just hit the subject head on. But hell, you give ‘em a new friend and a new toy and the noise is deafening.”

“I’ll take care of that,” said Hassan and he stood up and shouted, “OK, guys, listen up. Now this is a joint celebration of Eddie’s birthday today and Brandon’s in a week. But something you may not know is that it’s Eddie’s 19th birthday. You may not know it because my boy has been telling everyone he’s 21 – he’s been lying about his age – even to me.”

There was a clamor of exaggerated mock outrage from the boys, even though many of them had been known to fake their own birthdate in the past when they were underage. There were shouts of shock and indignation and a chant of “punish him – punish him.”

That kind of upstaged Hassan as he said, “So I have to punish him – here, in front of you all. We’ll use the trees. You know what that means, boys. Prepare him.”

Eddie was instantly mobbed by the crowd of enthusiastic boys who pulled off his shirt and shorts and in seconds he was being dragged naked over to the trees. One boy who did not share their enthusiasm was Brandon who grabbed the hand of Ben sitting next to him. “We gotta do something, Ben. We gotta save him.”

Ben laughed, “Eddie wouldn’t thank us for that, dude. He’s loving every minute of this – the center of attention and about to be worked over by that sexy hunk of Marine. “You’ll get used to us, kid. You are gonna stick around, aren’t you?” He threw his arm round Brandon’s neck and they watched the show together. Eddie was now tied by his wrists and ankles, spread-eagled between two trees. The boys withdrew and joined the men, leaving the field clear for Hassan.

He strode toward the bound boy and stopped six feet away. Slowly, ritualistically, he pulled off his muscle T-shirt, then bent down and pulled off his baggy fatigue pants over his boots. The muscle-god Marine stood there naked except for his heavy boots and the dog tags round his neck - a homoerotic vision of a naked soldier about to teach his boy a lesson. An awestruck murmur of excitement went round the group and there wasn’t a boy there who wouldn’t have willingly traded places with Eddie – even Brandon who was caught up in the highly charged atmosphere.

Hassan pulled the belt from his discarded jeans, walked forward and hung it round the boy’s neck. “You know what this is for, don’t you, boy?”

“Sir, yes sir – to punish me, sir.”

“And you know why you’re being punished?”

“Yes, sir – because I lied to you, sir.” Hassan pulled the belt from his neck, took a step back raised his arm and slapped the belt across the boy’s chest. It was a light blow, just enough to sting, but he made it look painful and Eddie pulled at his restraints. Another blow followed and another as the spread-eagled boy gasped and struggled.

“No!” The shout came from Brandon who began to wheel his chair forward. But Ben grabbed it and pulled him back. “It’s not right,” Brandon wailed, “he’s hurting Eddie.”

“Don’t you believe it kiddo,” Ben smiled. “Can’t you see they’re only light blows, just stings a bit. No way would Hassan hurt his boy – he’s crazy about him. The story goes that way back when he was an Arab soldier he interrogated enemy soldiers – even tortured Mark – that’s how they met. But not Eddie – this is the best birthday present he could give him. Just look at that huge boner he’s got.”

As Hassan increased the strength of the blows across his chest Eddie gazed at his master, the spectacular Marine, his muscles rippling as he wielded the belt. For both of them this was an intensely intimate moment, master and boy engaging in a ritual punishment. Eddie loved the soldier, so proud to be his boy, their passion on display to the whole tribe. He stared at the dark, exotic face, the brown slanted eyes, and pulled against his restraints, desperate to touch his own shuddering cock.

As he struck him again Hassan barked, “What do you say, boy?”

“Sir, thank you, sir,” Eddie shouted. He saw a trace of a smile in Hassan’s eyes and he screamed, “Thank you, sir. Dazzled by the sight of his naked master, the bound boy yanked frantically at the ropes, his body writhing under the lash, and ... “Aaagh”, his cock erupted in a long ribbon of cum that rose in the air and splashed down on his master’s boots.”

“What did I tell you, dude?” Ben whispered in Brandon’s ear.


There was a burst of applause and cheering from the spectators, but it was ignored by Hassan and Eddie who had eyes only for each other. Hassan threw the belt aside, approached his boy and stared into his eyes. “There’s more to come, boy, you know that? This is gonna be a birthday you’ll remember – even when you really are 21.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you sir. I love you.”

“And I’m crazy about you, kid. What you’ve done for Brandon …. awesome. So what say we show ‘em how much we love each other, eh?” He turned to the group and shouted, “So, guys, you’ve seen me whip my boy. What d’you think I should do next?”

The boys were giddy with excitement and yelled back, “Fuck him, sir…. ream his ass … shove your dick in his ass, sir.” Hassan grinned at Eddie and said, “I guess it’s unanimous.” He walked behind him and said, “Shit that ass is gorgeous …. look at those buns.” He slapped his hand across the white globes, then the back of his hand the other way, and went on until red handprints branded the white flesh.

Eddie was moaning in ecstasy and the crowd went silent as they watched the Marine slap his boy’s ass. Then, with an exhibitionist flare, Hassan pushed two fingers slowly into his mouth, withdrew them and eased them between the hand-marked cheeks, lubricating his ass. He pulled out, slapped the ass one more time and whispered in his ear. “Let them hear what you want, boy.”

“Please, sir …. Fuck my ass …. Let me feel your cock in my ass, sir, I need it so bad…..”

The Marine’s huge, iron-hard shaft was pointing straight at the mounds of the ass, handprints still flaring on the white skin. Hassan grabbed Eddie’s hips and pulled them back while his own hips moved slowly forward. The head of his cock pushed between the cheeks and he paused when he felt it touch the warm, moist hole. “Here it comes, boy,” he murmured.

The crowd watched in awe as they saw the long pole disappear into the naked boy’s ass, inch by inch, until the Marine’s wiry pubic hair was pressing against the tender flesh, his cock deep inside his boy. “Aaaah…..” Eddie’s moan was loud and long and he threw his head back against his master’s shoulder as he felt his ass impaled on his cock. Suddenly, Hassan pulled all the way out, then plunged back in – forcefully this time – and in seconds he was fucking his boy’s ass with piston strokes that increased in speed and strength.

Brandon was holding his breath, unable to believe his eyes. He had never seen a man get fucked before – not in real life, only in his videos. He even had a video where a boy gets tied up and fucked – but it had never been as spectacular as this. This naked boy, Eddie, was roped, spread-eagled between two trees, getting his ass fucked by the swarthy muscle-stud solider, naked except for his boots and the dog-tags hanging over his chest.

As the fuck became ever more intense the soldier’s face jerked back, his black hair flying. His sculpted muscles flexed and gleamed in the sunlight, his own perfect ass clenching as his hips pounded forward. He put one arm round his boy’s waist and raised the other triumphantly in the air, like a naked cowboy riding a stallion. “Ýeah,” he howled, “feel it boy, feel that soldier’s cock riding your ass. Take it, boy, take it all the way up that sweet ass.”

The awed silence that at first prevailed slowly broke down as several of the boys could not restrain themselves and shouted out, shouts that quickly became a clamor of cheers, whistles and howls of encouragement. Brandon was mesmerized watching his friend get his ass pounded by the powerful Marine and he instinctively squeezed Ben’s wrist sitting next to him.

Ben grinned to himself and unobtrusively moved his wrist and Brandon’s hand over to Brandon’s lap, coming to rest on Brandon’s cock. Ben moved their hands back and forth so carefully that Brandon was not even conscious that he was rubbing his own cock through his shorts. Hypnotized by the sight he murmured, “That looks so … Man I wonder what it feels like. Soon they’re gonna cum … they’re gonna bust their loads and … “aaagh”…. Brandon creamed his shorts.

Ben pretended he was unaware, but one thing Brandon had murmured was true. The show was reaching its climax. Hassan’s balls were bulging as he ramrodded his boy’s ass and Eddie was desperately holding back his orgasm. “OK, boy,” Hassan said in his ear, “Let’s show them, eh? I’m gonna bust a load in your ass while you show off for me. Let’s do it, kiddo.”

Hassan pulled back, paused, and drove his rod deep inside his boy’s ass as they both screamed and their dicks exploded. Feeling hot juice flowing into his ass Eddie flexed his bound body – and poured his own jism over the grass. “Untie him, boys,” Hassan ordered. Pablo and Darius responded instantly and freed Eddie in seconds.

Hassan looped his arms under his boy’s arms and locked his hands behind his neck in a full-nelson. He leaned back, raising him off the ground and walked forward with Eddie hanging helplessly, his back pressed against Hassan’s chest, legs dangling, his ass impaled on his master’s cock.

“Gentlemen,” Hassan shouted, “This is my boy – my beautiful boy.” He pulled his hips back and with one last savage thrust, slammed his cock even deeper inside him. This time there was pain and Eddie screamed as he shot another stream of cum high in the air that splashed down onto his own body and ran down it onto Hassan’s boots. The crowd went wild at the sight of the helpless boy impaled on the naked soldier’s cock, blasting jizz over himself.

Hassan relaxed and let Eddie slide off his cock. As his feet touched the ground his legs crumpled and he sank to the ground on his knees, bent forward and licked his own semen from his master’s boots in an act of homage to his master. Hassan pumped his fists in triumph. Then he leaned down, pulled Eddie up and folded him tight in his arms, kissing him voraciously.

The cheers reached a crescendo and as the passionate embrace went on and on Randy’s deep, bawdy voice could be heard above them all. “Get a room, guys. Go get a room.”


Actually, Randy’s suggestion was especially ironic in view of what happened next. In fact the whole garden became one big bedroom. After such a lusty display or raw sexuality, testosterone hung so thick in the air that the other guys couldn’t hold back, and many of them paired off – but with no thought of getting a room. The grass would do just fine.

Adam started in on Nate on one side of the garden, Mark and Jamie on the other while Zack and Darius flaunted themselves in the middle. In every case boy got fucked by master, though the positions varied – the boy on his back, on his knees and even standing against a wall.

Brandon took in everything wide-eyed and squeezed Ben’s hand, jerking his head at Jason walking their way. Standing in front of them Jason dropped his shorts but left on his white tank as he knew exactly how hot he looked in that. He tugged Ben over to the floor-length window of the house, their reflections clearly defined as Ben fell on his knees and Jason knelt behind him, both of them riveted on their stunning images in the glass.

The others sat round the table watching the orgiastic show. The twins glanced at each other in silent communication, then looked at Bob, who nodded his approval. They walked to the center of the lawn faced each other – and kissed. Then they sank to the ground, Kevin lay on his back, Kyle pushed his legs in the air …. and slid his cock in his ass. Brandon could not believe his eyes – two identically beautiful brothers fucking each other for all to see.

Bob looked on approvingly with Brandon and Mario, and Hassan and Eddie joined them. Eddie sat down gingerly on his sore ass next to Brandon and Bob said, “Eddie, my boy,” Bob said, “you deserved everything you got out there, and I’m not talking punishment. I think Hassan gave you the best birthday present ever, showing you off as his boy before the whole tribe.”

“You bet, sir,” Eddie grinned, throwing his arm across Brandon’s shoulders. Brandon hesitated, then said quietly, “Dude, you and Hassan looked totally awesome but – what did it feel like?” Eddie struggled to come up with the words but Bob saved him. “Brandon, I told you before – getting fucked is not something you can describe – you have to actually feel it. This is your birthday celebration too, you know – a week early – so you should be thinking about your present too.”

Brandon looked out over the garden, and his eyes settled on the fireman – his calendar fireman – his flawless muscles rippling under his white tank as he fucked his beautiful young gypsy boy. Then he focused on the Aussies, laughing as they fucked, then gazed at the two black men with their huge dicks, at the twins, and at Mark and Jamie. He had wondered what the cop would look like fucking his handsome young surfer, but the real thing beat any of his fantasies.

Brandon’s cock was again straining under his shorts and he looked at Bob, blushing a little. “Sir, I … I think I know what I would like for my birthday, but I’m not sure if I could actually…..”

“Of course you could,” Bob smiled. “Like I said before, it all depends on the man you choose for your first time.” He waved his arm over the action on the grass. “Those guys represent the cream of the crop, kiddo. Tough choice.”

Just then Randy and Pablo put in a swaggering appearance. “OK, boy,” Randy said loudly. “Let’s show them how real men fuck.” They stripped naked, Pablo lay down on his back and pulled his legs up, offering his ass to the big boss. Randy dropped to his knees and, with no foreplay, plunged his cock into his boy’s ass making him howl with pain and pleasure. They were both showing off and this was a classic Randy rough fuck. Brandon clutched Eddie’s hand as he watched the savage pounding that the wild gypsy gave to his muscular boy.

It was quite a show and Eddie murmured in his friend’s ear. “And that, dude, is how a boy gets fucked by the King of the Gypsies.” He whispered even closer, “Bob too.” Brandon looked over at Bob and fantasized about this beautiful alpha male getting his ass jack-hammered by the wild construction boss with the riveting blue eyes, stubbled lantern jaw and breathtaking body. Eddie sensed his friend’s arousal and stroked the bulge in Brandon’s shorts. For the second time he shot a load in his shorts, choking back the shout that almost escaped him.

Bob suddenly looked over to him and flashed a gleaming smile, and once again Brandon was convinced that Bob could read his thoughts. But they were distracted by the lawn show as the men were all reaching their climaxes, cumming in turn with variations on shouts, screams, sighs and laughter (from the Aussies).

Last, of course, was Randy who turned the heat up, his huge cock pounding into his boy’s ass like a pile-driver. Pablo was screaming, “No more, sir, please …. I can’t take any more, I’m gonna … aaagh!” He shot a shower of semen high in the air as the gypsy exploded deep in his boy’s ass. Immediately he pulled out and blasted more juice over Pablo’s face and chest, his body heaving, his blue eyes gleaming like lasers.

“And that,” said Bob to Brandon, “is ‘how real men fuck’, according to Randy. Certainly not for the squeamish, or the novice. No, kiddo, when you make your choice you need someone gentle, someone patient who takes his time – definitely not a guy you’re scared of.”

“Thank you sir,” Brandon stared into the soft brown eyes. “I’ll bear that in mind.”

“Key, kid, we’re all getting in the pool.” Darius was towering over Brandon, running with sweat. “You coming? Er, is it OK – like – can you swim?

“Duh!” Brandon exclaimed. “With these shoulders? Like a fish. Only thing, I don’t have any swim trunks.”

“Duh!” Darius grinned in turn. Butt naked he moved his hips and his huge cock swung in front of Brandon’s face. Brandon’s eyes opened wide and he said, “Jesus Christ.”

“Nah, just me and my ten-inch schlong – though it’s true, a lot of guys do say Jesus Christ when they see it. Come on then – last one in’s a pussy.” Followed by Eddie, Brandon wheeled himself quickly to the pool steps, slid down out of the chair onto them and lowered himself into the water, where he suddenly became a different creature. His mobility no longer restricted he glided easily through the water, his strong arms propelling him forward, legs trailing behind him. Soon he was joining in the boisterous action, giving as good as he got.

Bob grinned at Randy. “Didn’t take him long, did it? Just like one of the gang already.”


And so the festive afternoon progressed. They ate, drank, laughed and teased, determined to do the double birthday celebration justice. But everyone knew there was one important act to play out and Bob gently pushed the point with Brandon sitting next to him. “So, kiddo, back to that subject we talked about earlier. You’ve told me often enough that you want it and now looks like as good a time as any. Like I said, it’s important you choose the right man.”

“Oh, I’ve already done that, sir. Except I’m not sure that I…..”

“Well I am.” Bob stood up and called for silence. “Hey, guys – question. What usually happens to a new boy when he joins us?”

“He gets his butt reamed,” yelled Darius.

Bob smiled indulgently. “Well, I would have phrased it a little differently as Brandon is new to this ….. this would be his first time and I’ve told him he has to choose carefully. I think I speak for us all, men and boys, in saying any one of us would welcome the privilege of helping Brandon lose his virginity. So Brandon, it’s up to you now, boy.”

All the men were still on their feet and Brandon found himself in the middle of a circle. There were tears in his eyes as he said, “Guys, I’m just blown away by today. When I woke up yesterday morning I was facing another day on my own, except for my porn collection and this.” He jerked a half-curled fist in front of his crotch, bringing laughter and bawdy comments from the crowd. “And now here I am being welcomed by a group of spectacular men and boys. Who needs a porn collection, eh? I gotta say thank you to Eddie who started all this and I hope that him and Ben and me are all gonna be Three Amigos, as Eddie calls it.”

When more cheering died away Brandon said, “But I already know enough about the tribe that you’re not really a full member until you get your ass fucked. And I’m supposed to choose from all you awesome guys. I would be honored for any of you to be the first guy to fuck my ass.”

He looked around at the men, many of whom he had so recently watched fucking their boys right here in the garden.

There were the two leaders of the tribe – the wild gypsy, Randy and his lover, the wise and gentle Bob, the Superman who made him feel so safe. There was the gorgeous fireman whose picture he had jerked off to so often … the black leather-master who had already fucked his face … the Greek-god cop and his hot young surfer who was might end up as his boss … the exotic, muscular Marine who had made him cum as he watched him ‘punish’ his boy Eddie… the gorgeous Aussies … Mario, the handsome, sophisticated Italian landscaper … not to mention Eddie and Ben, Pablo, Darius and Bob’s beautiful twins who apparently did everything together – even fucking.

Bob chuckled. “OK, impossible choice, Brandon, but you gotta do it. Who’s it gonna be?”

There was a hush as the group held its collective breath. Brandon wheeled himself over to face one of the men and said, “Sir, if it’s OK with you, I would be honored for you to be the first man ever to fuck my ass.”

A cheer went up and Brandon was mobbed again. But Randy pulled Bob aside with a look of panic in his eyes. “I can’t do it, man. Why me of all the guys? – I felt for sure you or Jason. Hell, he saw how rough I was on Pablo, is that what he wants?”

“No, Randy,” Bob smiled, “he wants you, and I know why. He wants to prove he’s worthy to be one of the guys, no limits, so he’s gone right for the top. He desperately wants to belong and knows that only you, the boss, can give the ultimate seal of approval. If you accept him everyone else will. He’s heard you’re the best fuck in the world, the guy who can make any man shoot hands-free. Dammit he wants to get fucked by the King of the Gypsies. Who doesn’t? I sure do.

“But it’s more than that. He also remembers your kindness when you went to install those shelves. You treated him like a regular guy, your assistant and, sure, you fucked his face, but you didn’t hurt him. He saw in you something a lot of guys don’t – something I’ve known since the day I met you.

“You remember in that motel when you were in a rage and working me over real bad? You made me kneel in the shower – you were gonna piss all over me …. but before you did you put a folded towel under my knees ‘coz you knew they would hurt. That’s when I saw what Brandon now sees. You may behave like a caveman, buddy, but inside you’re the kindest man I know.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Randy protested, “but this kid is … he’s ….”

“Disabled – he’s disabled. You afraid to say the word?” Bob was losing his temper. “You know, big guy? Of all the men to be scared off by a boy just because his legs don’t work you’re the last guy I would have thought of. You disappoint me, Randy.”

“Yeah but you don’t have to fuck him.”

“Neither do you! You can just say no, you know.”

“That’s right, sir,” came a voice behind them. Brandon was looking up at them, blinking behind his black-frame glasses. “You don’t have to fuck me if you don’t want to, sir. I understand – it’s always been the reaction I got from other guys, so I really do understand. I’m sorry I embarrassed you by asking. Forgive me, sir.”

He turned and started to wheel away, but Randy said, “Now wait just a goddam minute here. Get your ass back here, boy.” Nervously Brandon came back and blinked up at him. “Shit, boy, you saw the way I fucked my boy Pablo. Almost shredded his ass and even that tough young buck was begging for mercy. Kid, I’m scared of hurting you.”

“Oh you wouldn’t do that, sir,” Brandon said brightly. “When you came to my house you were kinder to me than most guys are. You didn’t even mention the wheelchair and you made me your assistant.”

“Yeah, then I yelled at you.”

“Of course, sir, ‘coz I dropped the shelves. You were the boss. I deserved it and you didn’t hold back like most guys do just because I’m in a wheelchair. Anyway, I knew you wouldn’t hurt me. I was sure of that when, after you’d shot all that jizz in my mouth you said, ‘Here, kiddo, let me get that for you,’ and you bent down and licked my mouth and face clean. That’s when I knew how you really are, sir.” (Bob breathed in Randy’s ear, “The towel under the knees.”) “And that’s when I knew I wanted you to fuck me, and why I wore your tank top that you left at my house.”

Randy gulped and blinked back a tear as he gazed at the earnest young face staring up at him. And something happened that had never happened to Randy before. It wasn’t physical lust, it wasn’t the need to show another alpha male how tough he could be, of proving he was the boss. It was simply the sight of this brave young kid, blinking behind his glasses, that made Randy’s cock rise up and become stiff as a pole. He was turned on by the kid’s simple courage.

He smiled for the first time. “One thing you haven’t learned about me yet, kid, is that I can be a prize asshole. You’re tougher than I’ll ever be, boy and it will be a privilege for me to be your first – and a pleasure.” He leaned forward and scooped Brandon out of his wheelchair. Bob removed Brandon’s glasses and said softly, “Excellent choice, kid.”

Cradling the boy in his arms Randy walked to the center of the lawn as the guys stepped back in awed silence. With Brandon’s head resting on his shoulder Randy bent down and kissed him – a long, open-mouthed kiss and a ritual sign of approval by the boss for the tribe’s newest member. Then Randy knelt down and placed the boy gently on his back on the lawn. He grinned. “Good job we’re both naked after our swim. I don’t even have to rip off your shorts.”

“That would be hot, sir … next time I’ll wear them.”

“You little fucker,” Randy grinned. He felt a nudge on his arm and Pablo was standing there with a tub of lube. Randy winked at his boy and a knowing smile passed between them. Randy knelt at Brandon’s feet and glanced up at the crowd of men, his men, standing round gazing down at him, waiting. So often Randy had shown them he deserved their respect by displaying his strength. But now for the first time the big boss had to prove to them that he was their leader not by how tough he could be, but how gentle – by how he treated this boy they all admired so much.

Randy very gently pushed the boy’s legs apart and Brandon grinned. “Don’t have to worry about hurting them, sir. They can’t feel a thing.”

“Yeah, Randy grinned, “but your ass is gonna feel this.” He was lubing up his cock, curling his greasy fist round it and sliding it up and down the huge shaft. He saw the boy flinch and said, “Yeah, it’s big, but we’re gonna take things nice and easy – no hurry. First I’ve gotta get that ass ready.” He pushed his lubed-up fingers against the hole and said, “Jeez that’s tight. I can tell you never had a dick inside it. Now if you don’t remember anything else remember this word …. Relax! Come on kiddo, look into my eyes.”

Brandon stared into the mesmerizing pale blue eyes and right away found himself falling under Randy’s spell. The dark, gypsy face was so fierce with its stubbled jaw and long black hair, like a demon in a movie. But the eyes were kind, gentle with a hint of a smile. Brandon felt a wave of happiness sweep over him and he did relax – his mind, his body … and his ass. He didn’t even clench it as he felt first one finger then two probe it, slowly twisting round in it, lubricating it, stroking the soft membrane and then making him gasp as Randy massaged his prostate.

Randy knew he had him. “You have to really want this, boy. I have to hear it. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck my ass, sir,” said Brandon in a near trance. “I’ve wanted it from the time you were working in my house and pressed your pants against my face and I felt your cock under them. You are so beautiful, sir. Please, please fuck my ass.”

“That’s all I needed to hear, kid.” Randy picked up Brandon’s legs and pulled them over his shoulders where they hung inertly. It was a strange feeling but Randy concentrated on the boy’s face, his upper body and his cock, which were all as vibrantly alive as his legs were dead. “Now you’re gonna feel my cock against your ass for the first time and you’re gonna be a bit scared, OK?” He pressed the head of his cock lightly against the tight hole and the boy gasped and flinched as expected.

“That’s OK, Brandon, that’s normal.” He began to rub his greasy cock up and down against his ass, almost like he was fucking him without being inside him. “You feel that cock, boy? It’s almost fucking you, but I have to put it inside you and it’s gonna hurt at first.”

“That’s OK, sir,” Brandon said breathlessly. “I want it so bad.”

Again Randy rested the head against his hole and, imperceptibly, increased the pressure. “Take a deep breath, kiddo, and don’t take your eyes off mine.” Randy reached forward and lightly twisted the boy’s nipples, at the same moment pushing the head of his cock over the sphincter, pausing just inside his ass.

Brandon panicked. “No, sir, I can’t … it hurts, it’s so big. Pull out, sir, please … it hurts.”

Randy pulled his cock out and tears spurted from Brandon’s eyes. “I’m sorry, sir, I wanted it so bad but it really hurt … I’m sorry, sir, I don’t think I can ever take your cock, sir.”

“Now listen, boy.” There was an edge to Randy’s voice now. “This ain’t only about you. I’m hot to fuck that virgin ass and I’m gonna do it, like it or not. No one ever says no to me and you’re gonna do what the boss tells you to, is that clear? Is it?”

“Yes, sir.” Brandon was trembling. “Sorry, sir.”

“Right, now you can make it easy on yourself by doing just what I say.” His tone was softer now. Take some deep breaths and relax … relax …. relax….” The deep voice was becoming hypnotic and Brandon found himself wanting the gypsy’s rod more than ever. So this time he didn’t flinch when the cock pressed against his ass and even when it slid over his sphincter but as it pushed slowly further he felt another wave of panic and closed his eyes. “It hurts so bad, sir, I don’t think I ….’

“Open your eyes,” Randy ordered. “I told you to look at me.” Brandon obeyed and suddenly there was nothing in his world except the laser eyes and the acute pain in his ass. He was breathing raggedly, longing to tell Randy to stop but not daring to. As the long, thick cock went even deeper he was moaning louder and louder and the pain became so intense he thought he would pass out. “I can’t – I can’t,” he sobbed. “Please let me go, sir.”

Randy barked, “I said look at me, boy.” Brandon looked at him wild-eyed with fear. Then he saw the eyes soften and a smile crossed the handsome face. The voice was soft, soothing. “Brandon, I’m inside you – all the way. My cock is inside your ass. Now where’s that brave boy I know you are? Take a deep breath …. and look at my eyes.”

Brandon obeyed – and suddenly everything changed. The pain faded away, replaced by a sensation like nothing he had ever felt before. His ass was on fire, his body was on fire – this magnificent man’s cock was inside him. Randy’s eyes, his face, his body possessed the boy. His ass clenched round the monster cock and he felt his balls bursting, his body shuddering …. “Aah … aah … aaagh!” His scream echoed round the garden …. and his cock exploded in the most incredible orgasm he had ever experienced in his life.


The silent spectators stared down in awe as they watched stream after stream of white juice pump over Brandon’s chest, his neck and face. When at last it stopped Brandon looked at Randy in alarm and panted, “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean … I couldn’t stop …..”

“Hey, hey, Brandon. It’s fine, it’s normal. Lots of guys bust their load when they first feel my cock inside them. It’s like I’ve broken in my stallion and now I can ride him. He knows I’m the boss and he’ll do whatever I say until I shoot my load inside him. Ain’t that right, boy?”

“Yes, sir. I’m yours, sir. Please, I love feeling your cock in my ass.”

“OK, we gotta take it easy now.” Randy pulled slowly back, Brandon winced but quickly settled into the rhythm of the monster cock sliding in and out of his ass. He was smiling at the gypsy boss taking possession of his ass and he reached up and ran his hands over the slabs of his chest and his washboard abs as they flexed with the motion of fucking. The boy became almost delirious, moaning, “Thank you sir, thank you …. I love you, sir …. I love your cock in my ass. It feels so good. Don’t stop, sir. Please, sir, do it faster, harder, sir.”

Randy grinned to himself that Brandon had taken to this so quickly. But he was now immune to pain and that made it even more likely that he could hurt him. He sure didn’t want to do to him what he did to Pablo. “OK, kid, you tell me if it’s too much.” He applied ever more strength, probing deeper and deeper but still the look in Brandon’s eyes was euphoric. Randy knew the boy was in a kind of rapture and that he could easily hurt him. He glanced quickly at Bob who had an uneasy frown on his face. That did it. He had to end it.

“Hey, kid, you wanna feel my juice in your ass, while you shoot another load?”

“Yes, sir, please, sir,” Brandon gasped.

Suddenly Randy stopped, with his cock buried deep in the boy’s ass. He leaned forward, pinned Brandon’s wrists to the ground above his head and eased his cock tenderly in and out of his ass. He smiled down at him. “You’re a great kid, Brandon, and a great fuck. This is it, kiddo, something you’ll remember always. This is how it feels to get fucked by the master. You ready?” He pulled back one last time, paused, then pushed his rod deep into the furnace of his ass … deeper still and then ….slid the head over the inner sphincter. “Yeah….” His cock shuddered and poured semen in the deepest cavity of the boy’s virgin ass.

Brandon’s eyes opened wide, he shook wildly and screamed as his cock exploded once again, his juice spurting upward and splashing on Randy’s chest above him. The silence was shattered and the crowd erupted in wild cheers and applause. Randy leaned forward and kissed Brandon, licking the cum from his face and eyes. Then he pulled out slowly, jumped to his feet, picked Brandon up and cradled him in his arms.

He smiled down at him. “That was you baptism, kiddo. Welcome to the tribe. Guys,” he shouted, “say hi to Brandon, the new addition to our family.”

Once again the lusty chorus rang out. “Hi Brandon.”


Randy carried the ecstatic boy through the cheering group and lowered him into his wheelchair. The boys crowded round him while Randy broke free of the crowd and sat next to Bob.”

Bob threw his arm round his neck. “Told you, buddy. The boy made exactly the right choice. I watched all the guys and they were in awe of you – the ultimate leader. You were perfect for Brandon, and that fuck was just amazing. Er – any chance that I can … er … get some of that tonight?”

“Oh you’re gonna get it stud,” Randy growled, “even if I have to tie you down.”

“Now there’s a thought,” grinned Bob.

Just then Randy’s cell phone rang in his shorts lying on the bench. “Yeah?” he said into it. “Hey, man, this is a surprise – how you doing? ….. Yeah, funny you should say that, my mind was running on the same lines, but you sure you want more? …. OK, sounds good. Let me talk it over and I’ll call you right back, OK?”

He shut off the phone and grinned at Bob. “You know buddy, I can take only so much of this group Kumbaya shit? What say we get away for a few days – just you and me?”

Bob cocked his head and grinned. “OK, Randy. Who was that?”

“Well … remember the guy I said I met last time Zack and me took the boys fishing at the lake?”

“You mean the homophobic forest ranger who you introduced to the joys of man on man sex? Another virgin ass you broke in as I recall.”

“That’s the guy – Pete. Well he went back to his old life with his drinking buddies and his girls and I never expected to hear from him again. But I had talked a lot about you – of course – and he mentioned that when I was next at the lake he’d like to drop by. I thought he was just blowing smoke, but …. that was him on the phone. Hey, buddy, you wanna go fishing?”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 225


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