Randy had confessed the truth to his boy, Pablo. "You should be ashamed of me, kiddo," he said as he hugged him. "I fucked up real bad this time -gave Mark a beating he didn't deserve just because he fucked that Ranger, Pete, a guy who's not even a member of the group."

He pulled Pablo down beside him sitting on the bed. "Truth is, it had nothing to do with Pete. Deep down it was about Bob - always is. I guess I just saw Mark taking another guy away from me and I got paranoid about him and Bob .... for the umpteenth time. Shit, it's like the same movie playing over and over."

Dr. Steve, their therapist and Randy's brother, had put it more forcefully to Randy and Bob. "Listen, I'm tired of pussyfooting around this, walking on eggshells. I've given you two so many therapy sessions and it seems to have had no effect at all. It's like a video on a continuous loop. I am so fucking tired of going round and round with you and ending up where we started. I'm beginning to think I must be a lousy shrink, wasting my time lecturing two over-privileged alpha males on why their life is a mess.

"So what in hell is going on here? Sure, I know Randy and his anger is the cause of this latest blow-up, as usual, but you, Bob, are not entirely free of blame. I mean, what exactly do you have going with Mark? As I understand it you two are in love with each other - you sometimes even make love - and I've seen you eye-fucking each other when I'm at your house. How do you think that makes Randy feel? How would you feel, Bob, if Randy and Mark were 'in love' and you were always wondering if one day Randy would choose Mark over you?"

"OK, so Randy's gonna get punished by Mark in this kinda medieval ritual you guys have for settling disputes But when the dust has settled I want to see all three of you at my house for a therapy session. That's a toxic triangle you got going there, ready to explode at any time. We gotta look that one straight in the eye, see what we can do.


So what was going on? Steve pondered that question as he sat with the whole group watching Mark's ferocious punishment of Randy. He felt there was something behind Randy's rivalry with Mark, something more than just jealousy over Mark's attraction to Bob. He knew there was a piece of the puzzle missing - he just couldn't put his finger on it.

He glimpsed clues to the answer as he carefully watched Randy, buck naked, helplessly bound, with the cop's baton shoved in his ass. It had become a real trial of strength between the two alpha males - the construction boss enduring the cop's savage retribution but refusing to verbally submit to him. Mark grabbed Randy's black hair and pulled his head up. The gypsy's rugged, tortured face stared up at him - wild-eyed, running with sweat, tears and semen, his stubbled jaw sagging open. "Now you have to submit, man, Mark said, "Just two words and it's over." Randy stared defiantly into Mark's eyes and growled, "Make me."

It was Randy's boy Pablo who broke the stalemate. Unable to watch his master suffer anymore he offered his own ass to Mark if he would cut Randy loose. Mark agreed and was about to fuck Pablo when Randy howled in despair. "No - not my boy. OK, OK, I give up. I submit to you, officer. Please don't fuck my boy... forgive me for what I did to you ... you've beaten me ... you've won." He shouted so everyone could hear. "I submit to you, sir. Please .... I submit."

And it was over. Mark shook Pablo's hand and said, "Well done, kid. You are your master's boy alright." Mark turned to Randy, took his face in his hands, leaned toward it and their lips touched. Their mouths closed over each other in a long, shared, silent kiss.

And at that moment Steve knew. Of course, he thought - damn, I've been so stupid. Suddenly it all fell into place - those glancing looks that didn't fit, that meant something else ... the subtle hints Steve had noticed ... Randy's refusal to end his punishment by Mark. What did Randy admire in men most but their strength, their courage ... and their beauty? And the cop had all that and more. He was a beautiful, dominant alpha male who commanded universal respect, so gorgeous that only he could seduce Bob into loving him - Bob, who was so devoted to Randy.

And it was that that had obscured the picture for so long. The rivalry between Randy and Mark was legendary in the house. Randy saw all of Mark's sterling qualities only in respect to Bob, resentful of Bob's attraction to him, scared of the possibility that Mark could steal him away. But Randy's fierce resentment had hidden a larger truth. Sure, when he saw them together Randy was jealous of Mark. But what Steve hadn't realized until now was that Randy was jealous of Bob too.

The key was that Randy and Bob shared the same affections and emotions - they thought and felt alike. Everyone knew that Bob was in love with Mark, but there was something nobody else ever guessed, least of all Randy and Bob.

Randy was in love with Mark too.


Zack, the black leather master who had presided over the event now took charge again. He untied Randy and supported him until he regained his balance. Mark faced him, they stared at each other long and hard .... then shook hands, like competitors after a fight. Steve caught the intense look that passed between them and that clinched it. 'Yeah,' he thought, 'I was right.'

Zack hooked Randy's arm over his shoulder and led him away. Ignoring everyone else Randy turned his sweat-soaked, cum-streaked face briefly to Bob who winced and inhaled sharply. And then Randy was gone. Zack took him across the street to his house to clean him up and put him to bed. Jamie ran to Mark and hugged him, knowing how painful the whole episode had been for him. As a cop Mark had learned to hate violence and now he had inflicted pain and suffering on another man.

As Mark led his boy into their apartment the other boys crowded around Pablo with congratulations but some concern. He had disobeyed a primary rule that boys stay out of masters' fights, and by offering himself to Randy's rival he had forced Randy to submit to Mark, something he had fought against so hard. "You did great, dude," Darius said, throwing an arm round Pablo's shoulder.

Pablo stared back with tears in his eyes. "I gave up, Darius. I wasn't tough enough to watch Randy get tortured anymore. He refused to submit so I made him do it. He only did it to save me and he'll hate me for that. He'll think I'm not tough enough to be his boy."

"Bullshit," Darius said. "You did it because you're his boy, because you love him. It was the only way. That stuff was turning into a brutal trial of strength between two macho, bullheaded guys and could have ended real bad. Can you imagine the pain of the cop's club in his ass?"

"Well I've taken your club in my ass often enough."

"Yeah, but even my dick is not as big as that. You know, Zack once told me that a guy can suffer his own pain but watching someone you love suffer is ten times worse. It took guts to do what you did and I'm proud of you, dude." He grinned. "Wait 'til we're in bed and I'll show you just how proud. Now I'm going to Zack's to help him with Randy - and you're coming with me."

Pablo flinched in protest but Darius insisted. "When that guy wakes up he's gonna want to see your face, kiddo. You know how he is - after that beating he's gonna have to prove to himself that he's still the same tough muscle-stud he always was, and there's one sure way to do that. My guess is your ass is gonna get a real pounding. Nothing wrong with that is there?"

Pablo gave his crooked grin. "Guess not. Thanks, dude. Come on, let's go."


The show was over and the group was thinning out. But Bob still sat there staring blankly ahead, a mass of confusion. It had been agony for him to watch Randy suffer so bad, stubbornly refusing to submit. But he also remembered the traumatic sight of Mark, lying half naked in the dirt after being savagely beaten by Randy for no real reason except the paranoid insecurities in his mind.

"It's real tough, eh, buddy?" Steve had come to sit beside him, knowing the convoluted thoughts that must be plaguing him. Bob turned to face him. "The worst part is, Steve, that it's mostly my fault. You said yourself I'm not free of blame. I've made no secret of my love for Mark nor he for me. Randy could tell when I'd been fucking with Mark and it must have hurt like crazy. How could I have done that to him, especially knowing how explosive he can be?"

Steve smiled reassuringly. "Don't beat yourself up, old buddy. There's enough blame in this sorry story to go around for everyone involved - even me for not realizing sooner what I know now." He grinned, "As Randy says to me, 'You call yourself a shrink?' Bob, this thing is more complicated than you can imagine and I need to talk to you about it. Not now, but to all three of you in a proper session at my house. I happen to know that Mark's not working tomorrow and Zack can substitute for Randy. Can you take tomorrow off work and come up around 10am?"

Bob nodded. "I hadn't planned on going in to my company anyway, and Jamie and Brandon can take care of the office here. They practically run it anyway. So I'll be there." He hesitated. "Do you think I should go to Randy now?"

"No I don't. I'm sure he's asleep and Pablo's watching over him. And when he wakes the first thing he gonna want is to assert his masculinity - by fucking ass. I just hope Pablo's up for it."

Bob managed a smile. "No doubt on that score. Nothing Pablo loves so much as a hefty fuck from his big gypsy master."

"In the meantime," Steve grinned, "I see a couple of guardian angels on your shoulder." The twins, Kevin and Kyle, had been hovering in the background, always discreet, always waiting to serve the master they idolized. Bob turned to them and Kyle said, "Sir, we've already taken a tray of food to your room and, if it's OK, we'd like to join you, eat with you, take care of you."

Bob blinked in surprise and suddenly realized there was a world outside all this angst and mayhem, a sane serene world. He also realized that the company of the gentle twins was exactly what he needed, especially with the prospect of them 'taking care' of him.

"You guys," he smiled, "thank you for the offer - there's nothing I would like better right now. Lead on." He got up from the table. "Thanks a million, Steve. I'm intrigued by these 'complications' you mention - a bit scared too. See you tomorrow."

Steve watched with a sigh as the twins led Bob inside the house. Steve grinned at Lloyd. "At the risk of sounding like the Lone Ranger, 'my work here is done, Tonto'. At least for now. Let's hit the road." Lloyd laughed. "OK, Kemo Sabe. Let's go."


As soon as Bob walked into his bedroom he felt overwhelmingly tired. The situation involving him, Randy and Mark seemed to have reached a breaking point and he had a strong sense that he was at fault. Steve himself had said Bob was not entirely free of blame, but later he had told him, 'There's enough blame in this sorry story to go around for everyone involved - even me for not realizing sooner what I know now'.

What did that mean? It was all so damn confusing. And what was Randy doing and feeling right now over at Zack's? Did he miss him? Did he still love him? Then he remembered early that morning when he had looked through the crack of the bathroom door and saw Randy jerking off and murmuring his name. Well, at least he still lusted for him ... that's something, I guess, Bob thought to himself.

"Sir? Excuse me, sir." Kevin's voice jerked him out of his troubled daydreams and he saw for the first time that the table in the bedroom had been set for a meal. He realized that, as well as being confused, he was hungry. Kyle took over: "Sir, why don't you take a shower while we take care of the hot food and coffee in your kitchen here? Then we can eat."

"What about food for the guys downstairs? It's Sunday brunch today."

Kevin spoke soothingly. "Nate, Eddie and Brandon are already doing that under Mario's supervision. Please don't worry about stuff like that, sir. Leave everything to us."

Bob heaved a deep sigh and started to relax. He kicked off his shoes and delivered himself into the tender hands of his twins who began to undress him. Kevin unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off and licked the sweat running down the cleft between his pecs. Kyle knelt at his master's feet, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Then he lowered Bob's boxers and, as his long, thick cock flopped out, he couldn't resist leaning forward and licking it once from bottom to top.

The twins took their naked master to the bathroom, made sure he had warm towels and left him to shower as they went to the small kitchen in the suite. A bit later Bob emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a soft white bathrobe, loosely tied at the waist, the top hanging open and giving a tantalizing glimpse of his muscled pecs. The twins were standing by the table in their usual shorts and white T-shirts, tight enough to show the outline of their lithe young bodies underneath. Their youthful beauty made Bob smile and his cock stiffened.

As they sat down to hot food, coffee and juice Bob felt a wave of affection for his boys, always working quietly in the background no matter what drama was unfolding, making sure everyone was fed. The twins were extremely close, even sexually, and had spent all their young lives going from one foster home to the other, sometimes running away to prevent being split up. Their greatest fear was being separated from each other and Bob had sworn to them that that would never happen. And so, in utter contentment, they ruled their kingdom - the kitchen.

As they all ate Bob said, "Hey, you guys have your ear pretty close to the ground, you always know what's going on, so tell me how the boys are handling all this."

"Pretty good, sir," Kyle reassured him. "We've all pulled together, even through the scary moments. Pablo is pretty shook up, though he always puts on a display of bravado. Brandon's being real good with him as Randy apparently asked him to be a friend to Pablo."

"Anything else?" Bob asked sensing that they were holding back.

"Well, sir," Kevin said hesitantly, 'We have a kind of sense that Eddie's feeling a bit put out as he was Brandon's first friend. Now Brandon's got Mario, plus Randy gave him that job on the construction crew, then Brandon did his gutsy number up at Steve's and now he's being a friend to Pablo. So with all that going on Eddie's feeling kinda left out. You know Eddie - always thinks he's 'only the assistant houseboy'. We hinted all this to Brandon and he and Mario are planning to have Eddie and Ben up to his place for dinner - kinda get reacquainted."

"Thanks, guys. Keep me posted on the Eddie and Brandon thing. That's the kind of friendship we should encourage here." There was a silence as Bob sipped his coffee and weighed his next words carefully.

"Er, Steve has asked Randy, Mark and me to go up to his house tomorrow for a therapy session - kinda sort things out. He said that things between Randy, Mark and me are more complicated than I thought and he now realizes something he should have guessed before. Er, like I said, you guys are pretty astute and usually know what's gonna happen around here before it does so, er ... do you have any idea what he was talking about?

The twins looked at each other rather uncomfortably, communicating with their eyes as they usually did. "Sir," Kyle said, "we've talked about this quite a bit and we, well, we think we have a good idea what Steve means."

"So?" Bob asked expectantly.

Kyle shifted in his chair. "Sir, you know there's a rule in the house that the boys don't get involved in the masters' affairs."

"Yeah, well Brandon and Pablo seem to have broken that rule with great results." Bob saw their discomfort and smiled. "But you're absolutely right and it was not fair of me to ask you. It's up to Steve to tell me what he's thinking, not you, so I apologize and we'll let the subject drop." He sighed deeply and raised his arms in a long, languid stretch. "Jeez I'm tired."

"Sir," said Kyle in a commanding voice. "Kevin and me think you need a nap."

"Guys, I'm in your hands." Kevin stood up and said sweetly, "Just what we wanted to hear, sir. If you'd allow me." Bob stood up, Kevin went behind him, pulled the bathrobe from his shoulders and folded it over a chair. Kyle said, "Please, sir, lie on the bed." Bob willingly obeyed and as soon as his naked body touched the cool sheets and his head sank into the pillows he started to unwind. But muscles have a memory and his were still tight after the dramatic events of the last couple of days. The twins took care of that.

He gazed up at them as they stood at the foot of the bed and slowly pulled off their shirts, dropped their shorts and smiled down at him, wearing just white boxer briefs. God they were gorgeous, Bob thought, with their angular, all-American faces, tousled light brown hair, sparkling eyes and tall, lithe young bodies that had been perfectly sculpted by sessions with Randy in the gym. They were not only absolutely identical but they seemed to communicate through telepathy, always knowing what the other was thinking.

Perfectly synchronized they sank to their knees on either side of the bed. Kevin opened a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of massage oil they had used before. He unscrewed the top, held it high and let the liquid drip onto Bob's chest, releasing the oil's scent of sandalwood. When oil was flowing down the cleft between Bob's pecs the boys leaned over him and ran their hands over his chest.

In earlier years, when they were homeless and broke, they had been forced to trade sex for money and they became experts. They put their skills to good use now as they gently massaged their master's pecs and neck, digging their fingers into his trapezius muscles and making him sigh with the painful pleasure of deep massage. Bob watched the twins' intense expressions as they moved down to his ripped abs and over his slim hips, then concentrated on a leg each, digging into his muscled thighs, calves and finally massaged his feet.

By this time Bob's cock was standing tall as a flagpole and the twins grinned at each other. They eased upward, bent their heads and licked his cock, one on each side. Then Kyle took the whole length into his mouth and down his throat, his beautiful face moving slowly up and down, hair falling over his forehead. He yielded to Kevin who took over seamlessly, and soon they were trading back and forth. Bob looked down at the erotic sight of two beautiful young faces focused on his cock, taking turns sliding their mouths over it.

"Guys," Bob breathed, "I can't hold out much longer, you've got me so hot, I...."

"Please don't cum yet, sir," Kyle said. "You will know when it's time." Kevin drew his head back so only the head of the cock was in his mouth. Kyle leaned forward ... and kissed his brother. The head of Bob's cock was trapped between their mouths. He felt their lips kissing over it, felt their tongues licking each other, licking his cock .... and it drove him wild.

He had never felt a sensation like this, never seen his boys look more beautiful as they kissed each other with his cock between them. He was in ecstasy, his cock shuddered, his breathing became ragged and with a long sigh .... "aaaah".... his cock erupted in their mouths. The boys swallowed hard, competing for every drop of their master's precious juice.

They pulled off, smiled at each other and kissed each other passionately across their master's naked body, sharing his semen. They pulled back and linked their four oily hands together ... around Bob's long shaft. He watched their muscles flex as they ran their linked hands up and down his cock. They had been staring at each other but now turned to look at Bob. "Please, sir," Kyle smiled, "we want to drink some more." "Please, sir," said the gentle Kevin.

They stroked harder, faster, and although Bob had already shot a load he felt his cock pulsing again, he looked at their expectant faces poised over his cock .... and a stream of jism spurted up into their open mouths and once again they swallowed the liquid like nectar from a god.


Bob lay back, closed his eyes and felt all the tension drain from his body. All his confusion of conflicting emotions had been dispelled by the twins' tenderness and love. He was tired but elated and did not move as he felt his legs being lifted up, and he merely sighed as a cock slid slowly into his ass. He opened his eyes and saw that the twins had removed their shorts. Kyle was standing naked on the bed holding his legs up high and Kevin knelt before him, his hips moving back and forth massaging his ass with his cock.

Bob surrendered completely to his boys as he gazed at the two young bucks taking turns fucking his ass. He was drifting into a world of pure pleasure ruled by the twins where all negative thoughts were banished. His cock was hard again and he groaned, "Please, guys, let me see you cum."

"OK, sir," said Kyle who was taking his turn fucking him. But instead of intensifying the fuck to its climax he pulled his cock out and moved up the bed, kneeling astride Bob's chest facing him. Kevin dropped to his knees behind his brother - and pushed his cock into Kyle's ass.

Bob had seen the brothers fuck each other before, and the sight of identical twins making love was highly erotic. But they had never done it kneeling over him before. He turned his head to the side and stared into the floor-length mirror on the wall, at Kevin gently fucking his brother, both of them with placid smiles on their faces. Then he turned back to look up at them.

Kevin was reaching round his brother's chest and squeezing his nipples as he fucked him, and Kyle was stroking his cock, pointing it at Bob's face. "Sir, you wanted to see us cum? Here it is, sir." Kyle blasted a spray of semen onto his master's face. Stunned, Bob looked through the film of jism and saw the hazy image of the boys trading places. Kevin was getting fucked by his brother, he was pounding his cock .... and a second load of cum spurted into Bob's face.

Bob closed his eyes and feasted on the image of his beautiful twins fucking each other, each in turn blasting their juice into his face, some of it landing in his mouth. He was savoring the musky taste of his boys' fresh semen when he felt them move. The next in a long string of erotic sensations was the feeling of their tongues cleaning his face and eyes. They sucked in their own juices, then closed their lips over their master's in a long, cum-filled three-way kiss.

When at last they separated Bob smiled at them. "Guys, you are absolutely incredible, you know that? Wow, that was awesome - just what I needed to clear my mind of all the wreckage. But I'm totally bushed. You promised me a nap - and I hope you'll join me."

"The other boys can hold the fort, sir," Kevin smiled. "We won't be interrupted." They climbed into the bed, one on each side of their master, and in minutes they were asleep, with the twins lying face to face on Bob's chest, their lips almost touching.


Calm had also been restored across the street at Zack's house - except in the mind of Pablo. He sat at Randy's bedside keeping vigil while his master slept fitfully, regaining his strength and restoring his energy after the brutal punishment he had endured. Zack and Darius had left them alone in the guest bedroom but remained within earshot in case they were needed. Plus, in Darius's case, so he would be the first to know of any new developments.

Darius had said that when Randy woke up he would want to see Pablo's face, and to fuck him to prove that the punishment had not made him any less of the sexual stud he had always been. Pablo kind of doubted this because of the way he had offered himself to Mark to end his master's torment and made Randy submit. Also, Randy would be in no shape yet for sex.

It was a long time before Pablo got his answer. He sat loyally beside him, gazing at his naked body half covered by a sheet. Finally Randy stirred and groaned with the residual pain in his ass from where the police baton had been shoved in it. He turned on his side, opened his eyes and, when his blurred vision cleared, he saw Pablo. The boy was shifting uncomfortably in his chair, looking as if he was about to take fright and run.

"What the fuck you doing there, boy?" the deep voice growled.

Pablo gulped. "Sir, I've been sitting here all the time you've slept in case you woke up and needed something, sir."

"I don't mean that ... I mean what the fuck are you doing in that chair and not in my bed? OK, so I have woken up and I do need something - you."

Pablo stood up, holding his head high. "Sir, I don't deserve to be in your bed after what I did. I got involved in your fight with Mark, offered myself to him and made you submit. I'm not tough enough to be your boy, sir, let alone be in your bed."

Randy sighed, "Oh shut the fuck up, boy, and get your ass over here. Cut the bullshit, get your fucking clothes off, and get in the damn bed."

Scrambling to obey Pablo stripped naked and eased into the bed beside him. Randy pulled his head toward him and fixed him with his steely eyes. "Now listen, kid, 'cause I'll only say this once. What you did today took a lot of guts - and I know you've got guts. You did it for me and you were prepared to take the cop's dick up your ass to save me. I would expect nothing less of my boy." His voice softened. "In fact it gave me a way of submitting to the cop just to save my boy."

"Anyway, it's done, and you know me ... when a thing's over it's over. We'll say no more about it. Of course, you're gonna get your ass fucked - good and hard. Feel this." He guided his boy's hand down to his iron-hard cock and said, "See, no damage there. And being in bed with you always gets me hard. But first I need more sleep. So what say I reserve that perfect butt of yours before any other guy gets to it? Lube me up, kid."

Quickly Pablo lowered his head over the massive cock and swallowed the whole length down his throat. Randy pulled the boy's head back by the hair. "That'll do it. Now turn over." Pablo turned his back to Randy who pushed his wet cock between the mounds of his ass and all the way down his chute until it came to rest deep inside him. "Right, now when I wake up, boy, you're really gonna get it."

He put his brawny arm round Pablo and pulled him against his chest. Before they fell asleep he murmured softly in his ear, "Thanks for what you did, kiddo. I'm real proud of you."

Pablo's crooked grin stayed on his face even after he fell asleep, impaled on his master's rod.


"What time are they coming?" Lloyd was sipping coffee across the breakfast table from Steve next morning. "Around ten o'clock," Steve said, "that's if they all show. Bob and Mark will but I have my doubts about Randy. He's as stubborn as a mule and sometimes just as dumb. Kicks like a mule too. We had quite a moment together yesterday when he apologized for keeping his distance from me, for shutting me out, and actually told me he loved me.

"But I know how he can be. Always has to be the boss and resents his younger brother (younger by a year!) taking charge of the situation. He thinks he should always be in command - only difference is that he exerts his authority with his fists and I use words, so at this point there's no choice. He's already done the fist thing and look where that's got us. Let's go upstairs. I want to watch them come in. You can tell a lot by body language."

Standing at their bedroom window Lloyd said. "I always love to watch you work, your thought process. You're a great therapist, you know "... he grinned ... "in spite of what Randy says."

"You're right," Steve chuckled, "he'd never admit to that. Hold on, here they come." They saw a truck pull up at the gate, then a black sedan. Lloyd pressed the button to open the gate and Mark strode in, followed by Bob. "Hmm," Steve mused, "separate cars, not an auspicious sign. Look at the way they walk - Mark's resolute as befits a cop, tough and determined. But Bob is less sure of himself. Poor guy's racked with self-doubt. Now where the hell is Randy?"

A few seconds later a bigger truck pulled up and there was a loud slam of a door. "Hear that, Lloyd? That's anger but a lot of insecurity, nervousness too I'd guess, though that's not usually a word I'd use for my big brother. I better go down and meet them. I want this to be an informal session and, when the time's right, I'd like you to join us if they agree. Sorry to ask you this but could you bring us coffee on the terrace when we start?"

"Sure," Lloyd grinned, "happy to. Only you'll pay later. You can't always be in command you know. Someone has to take you down a notch or two." Steve grinned salaciously. "Maybe down in the basement?" "Definitely the basement," Lloyd said. "It's about time the patient turned the tables on the doc. Now get your ass out of here."


Mark was already standing at the front door when Steve opened it. "Hey, officer," he beamed and shook his hand firmly. "Good to see you ... come on in." He was closely followed by Bob who smiled uneasily at him and they too shook hands. Steve had decided that hugs would be out of place .... might set the wrong tone and even show favoritism - a definite no-no."

They stood in the hallway uncertainly until the door flew open again and Randy stood there in jeans and his usual loose tank top that displayed his muscular torso more, even, than a tight one would. But it was not through vanity (physically he didn't have a vain bone in his body), it was just what he always wore and fuck everyone else.

Steve, observant as ever, noted how they were all dressed. Mark was in shorts and a ribbed black tank top (Jamie's favorite, Steve knew that) contrasting with his blond good looks, making him look even more spectacularly handsome than ever. Steve made a mental note - 'dressed to impress'.

Bob looked almost preppy in clean blue-jeans and a white T-shirt. Steve guessed that in his nervousness he had taken refuge in a conventional look that made him feel comfortable. Though there was nothing conventional about Bob. The most ordinary white T-shirt could not mask the stunning musculature of his body underneath and highlighted his gorgeous face.

"Welcome gentlemen," Steve smiled. "I wanted this session to be as informal as possible, so we'll go out by the pool and Lloyd will bring us coffee and anything else you guys want."

"Whatever," growled Randy, "let's just get the fucking show on the road." He strode through the house onto the deck and threw himself into a whicker armchair, legs stretched out before him. (Always the leader, Steve smiled to himself) The others followed and sat in the other chairs, unaware that Steve had arranged them carefully on one side of a long table with him seated in a slightly higher chair on the other side. He had to keep them all in his eye line. It would be a mistake to turn his back on one while talking to another ... he needed to watch reactions.

Timing his entrance perfectly Lloyd brought out a tray of coffee and smiled mischievously at Steve. He was barefoot, shirtless in just blue jeans with a white strip of underwear showing just above the waist. His tanned, perfect gym-hone body looked sensational and he knew it. A smile flashed on his handsome face and he said, "Coffee, gentlemen, and if there's anything else I can do for you, just give a holler. I'm all yours." All the men felt their dicks stirring and Steve smiled up at him mouthing "asshole", unseen by the others.

Bob and Mark reached for coffee ... Randy didn't stir, hunched morosely in his chair.

"OK," Steve said, "I want this to be an interactive session with you guys doing most of the work. As I see it we have a complicated situation here with love versus obstinacy, clashing egos and a lot of denial. And much of that is to be expected. After all, you are three powerful, dominant alpha males - not to mention stunningly good-looking. That's a perfect breeding ground for macho rivalry.

"I want to say one other thing before we get going. In all my experience I have never seen two people as much in love as Randy and Bob. They are united as one, joined at hip, unable to exist without each other despite their obvious differences of background and style. But that should not be a boulder blocking the entrance to their world ... rather, it's a rock foundation we can build on. Any questions before we go on?"

Mark and Bob shook their heads. Randy stared into space, bored by his brother's sermonizing, as he thought of it, and resenting this whole damn-fool session. No one could tell him who he was or what he felt, least of all about his feelings for Bob. Steve watched his reaction and smiled inwardly. OK, brother, he thought to himself. Maybe this'll get your attention.

"Good, so right off the bat I have a question for Randy. He stared straight at him and they locked eyes. "Randy, are you in love with Mark?"

It took a few moments for the stunned men to take this in, and then Randy threw his head back and laughed. "Yeah right - good one, bro. Me in love with the guy who just tortured my ass, the guy who wants to steal my man away. OK, enough with the jokes - let's get serious here."

Steve looked at him evenly. "I am serious, Randy. I want to know. Are you in love with Mark?"

It was as if thunder clouds had suddenly rolled in. Randy flexed his stubbled jaw, clenched his fists and sprang from his chair. "Are you fucking crazy," he yelled at Steve. "You call this therapy? It's fucking insanity, that's what it is. Where do you come up with these off-the-wall ideas? Me? In love with this asshole cop who just because he looks like a damn Greek God thinks the sun shines out of his fucking ass. Yeah sure, I'm in love with the arrogant son-of-a-bitch, if love means wanting to beat the crap out of him every time I lay eyes on him."

He started to walk away, but turned back and jabbed his finger at Bob. "You ... you put him up to this ... it's a conspiracy you all cooked up to make me accept Mark as your lover. OK, if that's what you want, take him, just don't expect me to sit through this bullshit circle-jerk you all call therapy. I'm outa here." In spite of everything Bob gazed in awe at the raging gypsy. This was when he looked his most magnificent, his body flexed with anger, blue eyes flashing in his swarthy face ... and Bob's cock was rigid.

Randy spun round and strode up the driveway to the gate. Steve sighed and looked at the other two. "Jeez, all I asked was a simple question. Guess I'll take that as a yes."

Bob looked at him in alarm and was about to comment when suddenly Randy stopped at the gate, whirled round and strode back to face them, legs astride, muscles flexed. "OK," he said, his tone less ferocious than before, but still riled up. He again pointed at Bob. "OK, maybe you didn't put them up to it, I take that back. Steve just brainwashed you is all. And you," pointing at Mark, "I take back that stuff about the sun shining out of your ass - you can't help your looks, I guess - and I don't wanna beat you up. There's been enough of that."

He pointed next at Steve. "But you ... you are a fucking lousy shrink and I'm damn-well not gonna let you brainwash my man here." He sat down heavily in his chair. "So go ahead, doc, let's hear some more of your half-assed bullshit."

Ever the professional Steve took it all in stride. "Randy," he said calmly, "you should know that I didn't share my 'off-the-wall' idea, as you call it, with anyone until I asked that question just now. It came to me as I watched Mark punish you yesterday and saw the looks that flashed between you. Your pride wouldn't let you submit, certainly, but there was more to it - you actually wanted sexual attention from Mark, no matter how rough. And that kiss at the end. That was not just Mark making nice. That was a passionate kiss between two men who had strong feelings for each other.

"Now I may well be a 'lousy shrink' as you say, but I never lie to you, brother. And I swear that when Bob and Mark came here neither of them knew any more about my idea than you did. Call it a circle-jerk or anything you want, but this is a professional therapy session."

Randy huffed a bit and glanced at Mark and Bob, but he seemed to settle down. He knew Steve was honest - it's just his crazy ideas that made him so fucked up. So he was more receptive when Steve said, "Now as all this is new to Bob too I would like to talk to him alone for a while. And Randy I do mean talk, not brainwashing. So if you two wouldn't mind leaving us for a bit - maybe take a dip in the pool...?

Randy shifted in his chair ready to dig his heels in but Mark stood up. "Fine with me," he said. Facing them he began slowly to pull his tank top off over his head, revealing first his ripped, eight-pack abs, then the slabs of his chest until he was stripped to the waist. He tossed his shirt onto a chair, then bent down to unlace his sneakers, showing off the muscles rippling in his broad back.

He stood up straight, unbuttoned his shorts, let them drop and stepped out of them, letting his long cock swing free. Backlit by the sun the naked cop looked spectacular, the light glowing behind his face and blond hair creating the halo image of a god. "Coming Randy?" he smiled.

It was a challenge - at least that's the way Randy saw it - and he always rose to a challenge. He stood up next to Mark, facing Bob, kicked off his boots, pulled off his tank top and dropped his jeans. It was less showy than Mark's performance but the result was at least as stunning and Bob gazed in awe at the two naked muscle-gods, almost like competitors in a bodybuilding contest. Steve, of course, realized they were showing off for Bob, and in that sense they really were contestants. Randy spun round, ran to the pool and dived in, closely followed by Mark.

Steve grinned at Bob and said, "Always has to be the leader. Actually, the reason I sent them away was more for them than for us. Sometimes it's best to drop the bomb then let the patients sort through the wreckage. Not that I think there will be much wreckage here - I hope not. But now that we're alone, how are you feeling right now?"

Bob laughed, "Ah, that good old therapist question - 'and how do you feel about that?' Huh, if only I knew. 'Stunned' comes to mind, though between you and me, Steve' I'm not entirely surprised. I know Randy so well - his little quirks, what drives him, what pushes his buttons. I always felt that his continued antagonism to Mark was a bit over-the-top - contrived in a way. Of course, what masked everything was his jealousy of Mark's feelings toward me. But I always suspected there was something else."

Bob sighed. "Steve, what you said about me being partly to blame was absolutely true and I feel so guilty. I love Randy like crazy, as you said, and I somehow took him for granted. Guess I thought he was tough enough to handle the situation between Mark and me but I was wrong. When it comes to me he's about as tough as a newborn puppy. Steve, I'll do anything to make things right - leave Mark, leave everything. I'd follow him anywhere, do anything he asks."

"Hey, hey, it won't come to that, buddy. Let's take it one step at a time. First of all, we saw what just went into the pool. Let's wait and see what comes out.


When Randy and Mark first dove into the pool it was (no surprise) a contest. The rivalry between Randy and Mark had lasted so long that it would not be dissolved just by Steve's crazy idea that Randy was in love with the gorgeous cop. The pool was a long lap pool, great for competitive swimmers like these two. But, as with almost everything physical, Randy was the stronger swimmer of the two and when, after numerous laps, Randy paused for breath he boasted, come on stud, keep up."

"Fuck you, man," Mark panted, swimming up beside him. "Damn, I just never seem to be able to improve my speed."

"That's because of your form," Randy said. And suddenly the contest had become a lesson. The physical activity had eased the tension between them. Whatever else they were, they were both men of action and admired each other's strength. When they first knew each other they had undergone a brutal trial of strength at the hands of thugs in the desert and had fought side by side to defeat them. The memory of that was still embedded deep in their brains.

Sure, Randy was still showing his superiority but this time as a coach. But Mark saw it merely as a lesson and accepted his advice. "Yeah," Randy said, "a few changes will make all the difference. Right now your arms are like windmills - you need to bend the elbow when the arm exits the water and then reach far forward. And try to keep your head lower when you breathe. Here it's easier if I show you." Standing beside him he wrapped his arm round Mark's waist and held him belly down in the water

"OK, as I move you forward breathe after every three or four strokes and bend your elbows like I said. Yeah, that's better ... keep your body straight like an arrow and turn your body side to side like a dolphin. The less you splash the better."

Mark felt the improvement .... and he also felt Randy's body and his cock pressed against his side. Randy's cock was getting hard and he pulled away from Mark. "OK, race you." They launched themselves off the side, swam the length of the pool, their muscles gleaming as they churned through the water, and Mark reached the end a split second after Randy.

"See the difference?" Randy beamed as they hung onto the side face to face. Mark grinned, "You should be a swim coach, big guy." Flushed with physical exertion they smiled at each other. Their faces - one chiseled blond, the other swarthy and rugged - were streaming with water, handsome icons of the male athlete. Their eyes locked and impulsively they pressed their lips together. The kiss mounted in passion, tongues probing, until they both jerked back with embarrassment.

"Hey," Randy said, "better get back and save Bob from Steve's brainwashing. You with me?"

"Right behind you, buddy."


Steve and Bob had heard the laughter from the pool and Steve smiled at Bob. "Progress, I think. Whenever Lloyd and I have a fight I push him in the pool, we tussle .... and in a few minutes we're fucking. Thought I'd give it a try with these two. Let's see if it worked." He grinned as he watched the two muscle-studs pull themselves out of the pool and walk toward them ... both sporting rock-hard erections. "Oh yeah," Steve grinned, "worked a treat."

"I hate to mention the obvious, guys, but what you gonna do with those tree trunks?" They both stared lasciviously at Bob but Steve intervened. "Oh no you don't. Bob's sitting this one out - this is between you guys. We gotta decide this once and for all." He pulled a mattress from a chaise and tossed it on the deck. "By my estimation," he grinned, "and by the authority vested in me by the State of California ... someone's gonna get fucked. Let's toss for it - your call Randy. The men looked on bemused as Steve tossed a coin and Randy blurted out, "Heads."

"Heads it is," said Steve, slapping the coin on the table. "OK, guys, go for it."

Randy looked at Mark and grinned sheepishly, "You up for this, man?"

"I am if you are. Gotta do something with this boner." He lowered himself onto his back on the mattress and gazed up at Randy, his sparkling blue-gray eyes issuing a challenge, a challenge Randy was only too willing to meet. "Give me a chance to get my own back," Randy said. Bob and Steve watched in nervous apprehension as Randy knelt between Mark's legs. They both knew this was the make or break moment.

Randy was still confused by his feelings so, as usual, he took refuge in brute strength. He pulled Mark's legs up and pushed his cock between his ass cheeks. "You busted me up good, man. My turn." He slammed his cock deep into the cop's ass, making him scream, then pulled back and ramrodded him again. Mark winced in pain and looked Randy straight in the eye. "Why don't you cut the crap, buddy? You don't mean this ... you and I know you don't hate me. We both know Steve was right. For once in your life surrender, Randy. Surrender to the truth."

Randy gazed down at the beautiful, sculpted features, the blue-grey eyes, the tousled blond hair .... and that magnificent body. Mark said softly, "Make love to me, Randy. Please, man ... I've wanted it for so long."

Randy whimpered, leaned forward and clamped his hands over Mark's wrists above his head. "I don't wanna hurt you, buddy. I've hurt you so much in the past and I guess deep down I never wanted to. I was scared of you. Every time I pounded your ass it was a warning and a punishment. Not this time. Man, you are so fucking beautiful." He grinned, "I want you, officer."

Mark flashed a dazzling smile. "So go for it, big guy."

The rest was poetry. Steve and Bob stared at Randy's magnificent body poised over the cop. His long, thick rod eased into Mark's ass, pulled back, paused and pushed in again as Mark moaned, "Oh yeah, that feels so good. Keep fucking me, man. Make love to my ass."

They stared at each other transfixed and Bob could see that Randy's hypnotic blue eyes were having the same magical effect on Mark as they always did on him, drawing him in to that enchanted world that he shared with Bob. It was the same mesmerizing effect Randy had on any man who had ever felt the gypsy's cock in his ass and been bewitched by his eyes.

Bob might have felt jealous, scared, as his lover made love to another man, but this man was Mark whom Bob also loved. Randy glanced briefly up at Bob with a gleaming smile. Bob was thrilled to see Randy so happy and he gazed in wonder as the two glorious muscle gods continued to fuck. Bob looked up at Steve and got a reassuring nod - but then he caught sights of the coin on the table. It showed tails. He frowned at Steve who smiled, "A little white lie. It had to be this way, buddy. Randy had to go first. Wouldn't have worked the other way."

The fuck went on and on until Randy couldn't hold back any longer. He stared down at Mark and said, "Your ass feels so fucking good, man, I gotta cum. I wanna pump my juice inside you. Here it comes buddy ... I'm gonna cum ... Yeah ... Oh yeah ..." and his cock erupted deep inside Mark's ass.

Randy pulled out, fell forward onto Mark and pressed their mouths together. But Mark twisted over on top of Randy and in seconds Mark's cock was inside him, massaging his ass as he pressed his palms on his chest. Mark was now so hot his balls were bursting. "I love you, man," he breathed. "This is for you ..." and Randy felt the cop's hot jism flowing inside him.

They gazed at each other panting hard, hearts pounding. Mark gently withdrew his cock and they fell into each other's arms and kissed passionately, ferociously, rolling over and over on the deck in the ecstasy of newly discovered love.

Bob was mesmerized, watching the two men he loved in the throes of passion. Instinctively he stood up, pulled out his own cock and stroked it faster and faster, gazing down at the churning bodies at his feet. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. His body convulsed and he howled, "Yes! .... Yes! ... Aaagh!" Semen blasted from his cock and splashed down onto the bare flesh of the men he loved. When his cock was drained dry he stood dazed, then slumped back in his chair, emotionally exhausted, confused and nervous about what came next.

Bob's ecstatic shout jarred the men out of their fierce embrace. Randy stood up, pulled Mark to his feet and the two glorious men stood shoulder to shoulder, their breath heaving, smiling down at Bob. They stretched out their hands toward him and Randy said, "Come here, buddy."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 235


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