Brandon climbed out of his wheelchair and into bed, put his glasses on the night table and lay back on the pillows. But sleep was slow in coming.

His mind was crammed with recollections of the past week, most recently of Pablo. Having behaved meanly to him in the gym, Pablo had made amends by generously presenting the boy with his old red pickup truck that Pablo himself had converted to disabled-driver hand controls. Thrilled with the possibility of greater independence, Brandon was looking forward to the driving lessons Pablo had promised him.

His mind then flashed on the fun sex he had had with his two new boyfriends Eddie and Ben, filled with laughter and youthful high spirits. And lastly he tried to make sense of how he had woken up beside the handsome Mario and the long talk they had had over coffee in the cool elegance of Mario's room.

Brandon had wanted sex with the beautiful and classy young Italian but Mario had made it clear that would not happen just yet. He said he liked to get to know a guy first ("I never - how you say? - fuck on the first date"). But, sex or not, Brandon was dying to spend more time with him. There was something about Mario's quiet maturity, his elegance and good taste that was new and intriguing to Brandon.

Then there was Jamie. Working so close to him how long could he keep his hands off the hot young surfer? Every day Jamie waited for Mark to come home and fuck him ... which must look incredible ... he'd like to be a fly on the wall of that room ....

It was all too much to take in and everything was going so fast it made him nervous that it would all disappear just as fast, like a dream after you wake up. Perhaps Bob had been right when he suggested that Brandon go to see the therapist who was Randy's brother. Steve was his name, wasn't it? Maybe he could help him sort everything out.

"Maybe .... maybe .... his mind wandered, but before he could come up with any answers Brandon was fast asleep.


If he had fallen asleep full of doubts he awoke next morning full of promise. He had a family, he had a job as Jamie's assistant, and he even had a car - if he could ever learn to drive it.

Still drowsy he pulled himself out of bed and into his wheelchair and went to the kitchen to throw together his solitary breakfast of cereal and coffee. No, he laughed to himself, those days are over. It was early but he knew the twins would be up already and making a start on breakfast for the hungry tribe. It had become a habit for Brandon to help them - and he loved doing it.

He showered quickly in his specially equipped shower, pulled on shorts and a T-shirt, put on his glasses, and in a few minutes he was rolling himself down the hill. He had his own key to the gate, let himself in and went straight to the kitchen.

Empty - no signs of life. Of course - Sunday! That was a day for a late breakfast - more like brunch really - and everyone slept in late after their sexual exertions of Saturday night. The twins usually spent that night with Bob and Randy and they were still there no doubt.

Brandon wheeled himself back out to the garden and sat there, blinking uncertainly behind his black-rimmed glasses. Suddenly, from over his shoulder, "Buongiorno, amico." The musical Italian accent made Brandon spin round - and his jaw dropped. Mario was wearing black gym shorts and nothing else, except for a white towel draped round his neck. He had obviously come from the basement gym as his ripped muscles were still flexed and his perfect physique gleamed with a light sheen of sweat. "You are early, my friend."

Brandon gulped and found his voice. "Yeah, too early. I forgot it was Sunday. Everyone's still asleep."

"Everyone except me," Mario smiled. "I like to use the gym early as it gets crowded on Sundays with all these boys trying to improve on already perfect bodies. What a pleasure to find you here. Andiamo, we shall have coffee together in my room as we did once before."

On their way cross the garden Mario stopped at a table covered with trays of young plants. "Ecco - this is my table where I transplant seedlings into pots. I just bought a lot that I will transplant today. You can help me if you would like to."

"I would like that a whole lot," Brandon said, his eyes sparkling, his cock stirring in his shorts.

"Good, then it's a date," Mario smiled. "Here let me help you." He scooped Brandon out of his wheelchair, cradled him in his arms and carried him upstairs to his room. Nestled against the Italian's muscular body, still damp with sweat, and looking up into his green eyes Brandon almost creamed his shorts. Mario pushed the door open with his elbow and settled Brandon gently in a chair by the table.

"If you will excuse me I need to rinse off after the gym - and then, coffee." As Mario walked to the bathroom he dropped his gym shorts and Brandon inhaled sharply as he glimpsed the round globes of Mario's ass, ivory white against the sharp tan lines of his bronzed body.

Soon Brandon heard the sounds of the shower and imagined Mario's naked body in the steam, water running over his black hair and handsome face as he soaped up his muscles still pumped from the gym. He fantasized about sitting on a stool and sucking Mario's cock, an erotic image that made him stroke the bulge in his shorts. He heard the water turn off and rubbed his bulge harder as he waited breathlessly for Mario to emerge.

"Aaah..." Brandon moaned out loud as Mario came out of the bathroom buck naked, with a white towel slung over one shoulder. Mario sighed, "Eccellente! Nothing like a hot shower after the gym." He grabbed the towel and rubbed his curly black hair so vigorously that his long cock swung between his legs. Brandon gazed at the beautiful, naked Italian in disbelief. He pressed his hand on his shorts to stop from cumming but it was too late. "Oh..." he gasped and blushed deeply as he came in his shorts.

Mario threw back his tousled wet hair and laughed. "I am glad you are so pleased to see me, amico. Here, I think you will need this." He tossed the damp towel to him and Brandon nervously stuffed it under his shorts trying to wipe up most of the jism. Mario picked up a light, blue and white cotton dressing gown and wrapped it loosely round him, tied at the waist with the top flopping open, revealing his sculpted chest. The effect was elegant and ultra-sexy at the same time and Brandon, incredibly, already felt his cock stirring again.

Mario moved round the room with the poise of an athlete and soon Brandon was facing a table set with two small bowls, warm milk, croissants and aromatic Italian coffee - with Mario sitting opposite him. "Caffè con latte, I think," Mario said, pouring coffee and milk into both of the bowls. He dipped his croissant into his bowl, pulled it out soggy and dripping, raised it up and, tilting his head back, lowered it into his mouth. "Mmm, delizioso ... not the ideal food after a workout but who cares?"

Brandon copied him rather clumsily, and laughed as the warm coffee ran down his chin. Mario applauded. "Just like an Italian. We could be in Milano .... maybe one day we will be and I'll show you my city." Brandon was feeling so ..... 'Continental' was the only word he could come up with, though he wasn't even sure what that meant. All he knew was that he loved being here with Mario in the quiet of the early morning before the other guys had stirred. It felt special .... even glamorous somehow.

But he was still embarrassed about his unintended orgasm and said, "Er, Mario, that thing I did - cumming and all - it's just that I couldn't help it and ....."

Mario laughed, "Amico, you don't have to apologize. I consider it a compliment that you ejaculated just by looking at me."

"Yeah but, I dunno, when I'm at this house I seem to have a more or less permanent woody. I want to fuck with every one of them."

"I know just what you mean, Brandon. When I first came here I was the same. Surrounded by such beautiful men who would not have, as you say, a 'permanent woody'? That's a great English word by the way, I must remember it - 'woody'. See, my vocabulary grows all the time.

"Not that there is anything wrong with frequent erections in a sexy young man such as yourself, but you do have to be careful that sexual lust does not consume you and shut out the possibility of love. Right now, when you first see a man your thoughts go straight to fucking, rather than getting to know him first and building a friendship that is not focused only on your cock."

Brandon could have listened all day to the lyrical Italian accent with its carefully modulated English, but his words sank in too. "I guess that's why you say you don't fuck on the first date. But how can you hold back when your cock is hard as a rock?"

"It is all about not always thinking with your cock, curbing your bodily impulses - as I am doing right now with you." Their eyes met and Brandon's bodily impulses took a leap. "Something that helped me a lot was a few therapy sessions with Doctor Steve. You have not met him yet but I hope you do. His methods can be quite unorthodox but he has helped most of the guys in the house at one time or another." Brandon remembered Bob making the same suggestion.

Changing the subject Mario said, "So, mi amico, you have a busy time ahead of you, especially today, helping the twins, working on the seedlings with me, getting your first driving lesson from Pablo and, I'm sure, spending a little time with Jamie in the office. But when your active life calms down a little maybe I could invite you to a movie someday soon, with dinner afterwards?"

"That would be great," Brandon beamed. "Kind of a date, you mean?"

"I prefer not to put labels on thing," Mario smiled. "That creates expectations and I'd rather let life to take its natural course. So let's just say dinner and a movie and we'll take it from there. Here, have some more coffee."

Brandon was rather sorry that Mario was 'curbing his bodily impulses' quite so successfully.


Brandon would have liked to emulate Mario's poise and self-control but he had only just entered this world of gorgeous men and seemingly non-stop sex, so his restraint was constantly put to the test. And later in the day he found himself in a situation where he was not only thinking with his cock but letting it take over completely.

The day began placidly enough. The twins were the first to stir, as usual, and when he heard them going to the kitchen Brandon reluctantly said goodbye to Mario, thanking him for the 'caffè con latte', his words of wisdom - and his promise of dinner and a movie. The twins welcomed him as warmly as ever and immediately put him to work.

Sunday brunch was always a festive affair, and today was no exception. As Brandon was wheeling out the last plates of food he almost collided with two men coming through the gate. He hadn't met them before but immediately recognized one of them as Dr. Steve because of his remarkable resemblance to his brother Randy.

Steve flashed a gleaming smile at him and said, "You must be Brandon - what a pleasure to meet you after everything I've heard about you - all of it good, I must say, and none of it exaggerated now that I see you. This is Lloyd, my lover and Randy's architect."

Brandon blinked behind his glasses as he shook their hands. Jeez, this house just won't quit, he thought to himself as his cock lurched in his shorts. He was gazing up at a sophisticated duplicate of Randy, with the same rugged good looks but without the rugged manners. And Lloyd was another hunk, with handsome square-jawed features, dark hair and an obviously gym-honed physique under his Polo shirt and shorts.

Brandon was at a loss for words but he was rescued by Mario who came up and said, "Hello, Doctor, hi Lloyd. Brandon has only been here short while but I mentioned to him that he could probably use a therapy session with you soon, Steve."

"I should say," Steve laughed. "Any red-blooded boy with raging hormones tossed into this group should get therapy right away. You've probably shot bucketsful of jizz already, eh Brandon?" The boy blushed and nodded. "Good, well just call my office and make an appointment and I look forward to talking to you ..." he whispered conspiratorially ... "plus whatever else it takes to solve your problems."

During the meal Brandon let the flood of competing conversations wash over him as he exchanged excited glances with Eddie, Ben and Mario. When it was over he helped the twins clear away and then Pablo spirited him away for his first driving lesson in his new truck. After their rocky start Pablo and Brandon had bonded in a close friendship where Pablo played the older brother that Brandon had never had.

Driving lessons can often create tension between instructor and learner, but when they got back Pablo said to the other guys, "Perfect first lesson, perfect student - no fights, no punches. He'll be driving in no time. I'm gonna call the DMV tomorrow and schedule his driving test."

By this time the guys were all lounging around the pool, all except Mark who was working today, his shift ending in late afternoon. Mario was sitting at his gardening table working on his seedlings so Brandon wheeled himself over and was soon engrossed in horticulture. "Bob has asked for more color in the garden," Mario explained, "so I'll show you what I bought."

Eddie was watching them with their heads together in close conversation punctuated by bursts of laughter. With sparkling eyes Eddie grinned over at Bob and Hassan and rolled his eyes in the direction of Mario and Brandon. Bob nodded enthusiastically and said to Hassan, "That kid of yours is no fool, buddy. He knows exactly what's going on and he's got a heart as big as Texas. You must be real proud of him."

"I love him to pieces," Hassan smiled, "and tonight he'll sleep with me and I'll show him just how much."

Bob grinned, "Another dose of Marine 'punishment' like the last time? Bet the kid can't wait."


Sometime later Jamie strolled over to the table where Mario and Brandon were just finishing their work. "Hey, dude," Jamie said casually to Mario, "could I borrow Brandon for a few minutes? Sorry to break up this love-fest with the seedlings you guys have got going here."

"Stupido," Mario laughed. "Of course, if Brandon agrees. We've finished here anyway and we'll have lots of time later, eh amico?" Brandon kissed him on the cheek and wheeled himself after Jamie. Mark and Jamie's apartment was on the ground floor so Brandon rolled inside with no problem and followed Jamie into the bedroom.

Jamie was wearing his usual faded board shorts and loose tank top and Brandon's cock got hard as it always did around the hot young surfer, though so far when they were together it was all business. "Sorry for dragging you away on a Sunday," Jamie said, opening his laptop, "but I wanted your opinion on something I'm working on." He smiled. "Bob says I'm a workaholic but I was just going over this project while I was waiting for Mark. His shift ends soon."

By now Brandon knew what 'waiting for Mark' meant. Everyone in the house was very familiar with the ritual. When the cop got home after eight hours astride his police motorcycle he was horny as hell and needed to fuck - and Jamie had to be waiting for him. Brandon looked over to the bed, the very bed where the cop would fuck his boy, and his cock got harder in his shorts.

Jamie broke into his fantasy. "See, buddy, check this out. I was thinking of transferring this whole payroll section here to the application you use. What do you think?"

"Sure, it's a great idea. Then I don't have to keep toggling from one program to the other. In fact, you could ...."

His words died in his throat as the door was flung open and there, backlit by the sun, was the homoerotic figure of the blond police officer in full black uniform, legs astride, chest heaving, eyes gleaming with lust.


"Oh, sorry sir," said Jamie instantly. He slammed his laptop shut and stood up. He pulled off his tank top, dropped his shorts and lay naked on his back on the bed. Brandon blushed with embarrassment and wheeled himself quickly to the door.

"Hey, Brandon," Mark said, "where do you think you're going?"

"I'm leaving, sir. I'm sorry I shouldn't be here. I know that you and Jamie want to ...."

"We wanna fuck, sure," Mark grinned. "I've riding been around with a hard-on all day thinking about my boy's ass. But there's no reason for you to leave. About time you got a look at what your boss does when he's not working. You up for that, Jamie?"

"Sure, sir," Jamie said, nodding encouragement to Brandon. "That would be way cool."

"You'd have to just watch at first though, kiddo," Mark said.

"Absolutely, sir," Brandon said. "I'll just sit over here and watch. Used to do it all the time with my videos. I'm very good at watching." His odd use of words made him blink behind his glasses and Mark smiled at him. "Yeah, well this is no video, it's life in the raw and hotter than a movie, I guarantee. Does your porn collection have any scenes of a cop fucking a gorgeous young surfer?"

"No, sir, but I've fantasized about it .... especially lately," he said quietly and blushed again.

"Well sit back and enjoy the real thing, kiddo." Mark went into their small kitchen and came back with two beers, one of which he gave to Brandon. He took a swig of the other, then turned his attention to Jamie. His voice became gruff and he paced the room as he spoke to him. "As for you, boy, where are you supposed to be whenever I get off work?"

"On the bed naked, sir."

"And where were you today?"

"Working at my computer, sir. I'm sorry, sir."

"'Sorry' don't cut it, boy. It's that sweet ass of yours that has to pay. Come on, show it to me."

Jamie turned over on his hands and knees and Brandon gasped as he saw the round white globes of his ass pushed in the air. Jamie had a deep golden tan from all the time he spent at the beach and sharp tan lines accentuated the whiteness of his perfect butt. His head hung down in submission to his master, his long, tousled blond hair falling forward.

Brandon's cock was throbbing. Up to now he had always seen Jamie as a beautiful, proud and self-assured young man, one of the most senior boys in the house, and Brandon's boss. But now here he was on his hands and knees surrendering to his master, the magnificent uniformed cop, a Greek God who could make any boy bow his head in submission.

Brandon's favorite videos were the master/slave ones and his sexiest image had always been of a young stud submitting to an authority figure, putting himself at his mercy. And now he was seeing the best.

As the stunning, muscular cop circled him he undid a couple of buttons of his shirt, displaying the white T-shirt underneath stretched over his chest. He took a slug of beer and stared at Jamie's ass. "Look at me, boy." Jamie raised his handsome face, his blond hair falling over his forehead as he gazed at the police officer.

"You weren't ready for me today, boy, so you're gonna pay with your ass." Mark raised his arm, making his shirt's short sleeve slide back from his bicep, and slapped the palm of his hand across one cheek of his boy's ass.

"Aaah," Jamie gasped and his face grimaced with a flash of pain. "What do you say, boy?"

"Thank you, sir."

"You want more?"

"Yes please, sir. Punish my ass, sir."

Brandon watched the white globes bounce under the blows of his master's hand, first one cheek then the other. Brandon's reflex was to go forward and help him, but he held back when he saw the look of ecstasy on Jamie's face, and his cock hanging stiff as a pole beneath him. Brandon's own cock was rock hard in his shorts and he knew one touch would release his load.

Mark pulled away from the bed and Brandon gazed in awe at Jamie's ass, the white globes now marked with red hand prints. Mark took another hit of beer and growled, "That was just the start, boy. Now for the real action."

He put down his beer, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Brandon gasped at the pornographic vision of the cop stripped down to his white T-shirt, the contours of his broad shoulders and muscular chest etched under the thin cotton, biceps bulging under the short sleeves. His torso slanted down to where the shirt was cinched by the heavy police belt at his slim waist. His black pants with silver stripe were tucked into his shiny black motorcycle boots.

Mark had been right - this beat any porn video ... the gorgeous, muscle-stud cop pacing round the athletic young surfer, naked on hands and knees offering his ass to his master. Brandon's gaze moved from the submissive boy's red-striped ass to the cop towering over him and he knew what was about to happen. The cop had already slapped the boy's ass .... and now he was going to fuck it.

Brandon stared at the cop in his tight T-shirt, then at the blond surfer waiting to get fucked. The fantasy was so erotic that he lost control, his cock shuddered and ... "aah" .... he creamed his shorts with a blast of hot, sticky cum.

Whether or not Mark and Jamie were aware that he had cum they paid no attention, focused as they were on each other. "Damn, I want that ass," Mark growled. He slapped it once more, spat on it and pushed two fingers into the hole, massaging it inside before pulling out. "OK, boy, show me how you should have been when I came in." Instantly Jamie rolled over onto his back, hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs far back, displaying his hole with its downy fuzz of blond hair.

Mark at last knelt on the foot of the bed. He unzipped his uniform pants and pulled out his long, iron-hard cock and rested the tip against the warm, damp hole. "You know I've been waiting for this all day. You want it too, boy?"

"Yes, sir, please, sir," shouted Jamie in desperation. "Please let me feel your cock in my ass."

"OK, boy," the cop roared. He yanked off his T-shirt, grabbed Jamie's ankles and pushed them high in the air. "Let's fuck!" The cop plunged his massive rod deep in the boy's ass and the young surfer's body arched, his head flew back and he screamed, "Thank you, sir."

Brandon gazed in disbelief at the beautiful, bare-chested cop, arms stretched up as he moved his hips back and then, his muscles rippling, slammed his cock back into his boy's ass. The image was overwhelming for Brandon and he pulled his cock from his shorts, stroked it once and it erupted for a second time, this time all over his own chest.


Brandon had no idea how many times he came from then on ..... it was the most amazing fuck he had ever seen, in real life or on video. Jamie reached up and grabbed the corner posts of the bed. Mark let go of his legs, which the boy kept high in the air, bracing himself against the ramrod of the cop's steel shaft. Mark stared down at his beautiful boy and said, "Here we go, stud - just how you like it." He put his hands on his hips that pistoned back and forth as he pounded his ass.

This is what Jamie lived for. He gazed up at the god-like cop, stripped to the waist, hands on hips, his muscles flexed and gleaming, his eight-back abs clenching every time his hips slammed forward. "Yeah" ..... Mark pumped his fists in the air in jubilation as he took full possession of his golden boy. Then he fell forward and pressed his palms on Jamie's pecs. "You're fucking gorgeous, Jamie, your ass feels so damn hot and I love you to death. Make love to me boy."

With Jamie still impaled on his cock Mark fell forward and passionately kissed the boy's face, his cheeks, his forehead, his eyes. He pressed their mouths together and instantly they were locked on a wild, ravenous kiss that made Mark increase the tempo of his fuck, that seemed to go on forever. But at last Mark pulled back off his chest, reached up and pinned Jamie's wrists on the bed. His eyes gleamed, breath heaved and his powerful muscles bulged as he gazed down at his boy and continued to jackhammer his ass.

"This feels fucking beautiful, boy. Shit, I can't get enough of you. Tell me you love me, Jamie."

"Sir, I worship you, I think about you all day. I long for you to come home and fuck me. I push my fingers in my ass keeping it moist and ready for you, sir. I'm so in love with you. You're the most beautiful man in the world."

Brandon was going wild, watching the cop and the surfer make passionate love, hearing Jamie's devotion to his master as Mark reamed his ass. "Please, cum ...." Brandon heard the words before he realized they were his. He had been intermittently stroking his cock, then pausing, trying desperately to delay yet another orgasm, when his plea had escaped his lips.

Mark looked over at Brandon, then grinned at Jamie. "On your knees, boy." He pulled his cock out and Jamie twisted over onto his hands and knees on the bed as he had been at the start. "Hey, Brandon," Mark grinned. "Come over here and grab a piece of the action." Dazzled by the prospect Brandon wheeled himself right up to the side of the bed, facing Jamie whose hands were braced on the edge of the bed.

Kneeling behind Jamie Mark grabbed him by the hair and plunged his cock back into his ass even deeper than before. As Jamie opened his mouth in a scream Mark pushed his face hard forward, right onto Brandon's cock which stifled his scream. Brandon gasped as he felt the surfer's mouth swallow his cock. He gazed up at the shirtless cop, his chiseled square-jawed face and the rippling muscles of his torso gleaming with a light sheen of sweat, his tangle of blond hair flying over his forehead.

He stared at the huge cock pounding Jamie's ass and felt the same jarring rhythm in his own cock as Jamie's mouth rose and fell on it in time to the jackhammer in his ass. In a daze Brandon felt almost as if his cock was being worked on by both the cop and the surfer simultaneously. He had been holding back his orgasm before but now he was lost. The pornographic sight of the half-naked muscle-god cop, the feel of Jamie's hot mouth on his cock .... it was overwhelming and he yelled, "I can't stop, sir ..... I gotta shoot ...... I'm coming...."

"That goes for all of us, boy. Do it, Jamie ..... aaagh.....!"

Brandon watched the magnificent cop flex his muscles and roar as his cock pistoned into his boy's ass one last time. It made Jamie's cock erupt beneath him and forced his face forward onto Brandon's cock which blasted jism deep down his throat, making the young surfer gag and swallow desperately. Brandon felt he was dreaming as he watched the cop's beautiful face thrashing wildly, his chest heaving. And his boss Jamie shuddered, with his ass impaled on his master's cock and his mouth impaled on Brandon's.

When their juices were finally spent Mark pulled his cock slowly out of Jamie's ass and pulled him off the bed. They both knelt beside Brandon and kissed his lips, lubricated by Brandon's own cum that was oozing from Jamie's mouth. The sensation was so intense that Brandon thought he would pass out, when suddenly Mark sprang to his feet and stood with his legs astride, shirtless in his black uniform pants and high black boots.

"Now you know, kiddo," Mark grinned at Brandon. "You know what your boss gets up to when you're not looking. He's getting his ass good and fucked by a hot, horny cop.


When the three of them finally emerged into the garden they were greeted by a cacophony of cheers and lewd wolf whistles. Standing on either side of Brandon's wheelchair Mark and Jamie each raised one of his arms in a gesture of triumph. Mark had changed into shorts and a T-shirt and now joined the other men while the boys crowded round Jamie and Brandon. Eddie's eyes were dancing as he asked, "How many times did you cum, dude? A record, I bet."

"I don't know," stammered Brandon, still in a daze. "A whole lot - it felt like one long endless climax." In a few minutes he was able to break free and wheeled over to a smiling Mario. "So much for not being led by my cock, eh?" Brandon said. "I almost feel like I let you down ... you're probably ashamed of me."

"Ridicolo," Mario laughed. "Any boy watching the superb Mark and Jamie make love would have to cum many times, unless he were in a coma. And I take it you were very wide awake. However, amico, before sex overwhelms you I still recommend that you have a talk with Dr. Steve. I think you would find it very stimulating." He smiled a mysterious smile and pulled Brandon's chair up beside him at the table.


The first thing Brandon did the next morning was to pull out the card Steve had given him and call his office. The receptionist, Ruth, answered and he said, "Ma'am, I met Doctor Steve the other day and he suggested I call to make an appointment." She suggested a date and time, then Brandon asked, "And ma'am, is your building wheelchair accessible?"

"Good heavens, yes," Ruth laughed. "We'd go out of business if it weren't, not to mention be in trouble with the law. There's handicapped parking underneath right next to the elevator and you can take it straight up to our floor. I look forward to seeing you, Brandon."

With that settled Brandon immersed himself in work with Jamie and in the California Driver Handbook. He got his Learner's Permit and spent a lot of time driving around with Pablo as his tireless instructor. When the day came for his written and practical tests he passed with flying colors. The sense of freedom that gave him was immeasurable. When Friday came he drove himself to the construction site and wheeled himself up the ramp to Randy's office.

"Where's Jamie?" Randy asked and Brandon smiled. "I drove myself, sir. I have Pablo to thank for that. From now on all you get is me. Here are the timesheets and the payroll printout." Randy smiled down at him with the pride of a parent.

A few days later Brandon took the longer ride to Beverly Hills, parked underneath Steve's building in a handicapped space and rode the elevator up to his office. Ruth smiled at him. "You must be Brandon - a pleasure to meet you. The doctor will be free in a minute so take a seat. Oh," she blushed, "you are sitting of course - clumsy of me."

"Don't worry, ma'am," Brandon laughed. "That kind of stuff happens all the time."

A buzzer sounded on her desk and she said, "You can go right in, Brandon." He wheeled himself to the door just as Steve opened it, welcomed him in and closed the door behind them.

Brandon had met the doctor only once before and now he looked up at him in awe. What was astonishing was his similarity to Randy - same chiseled features and muscular build - contrasted with what he was wearing - a blazer, white shirt and blue tie, tan slacks and smart loafers, an outfit very different from Randy's customary old cargo pants and grubby tank top.

The voice was different too, more cultured, as he said, "So here you are at last, Brandon. So good to see you. Who brought you?"

"Nobody, sir," Brandon said proudly. "I drove myself. Pablo converted his pickup truck to hand controls and gave it to me. He taught me how to drive and, as you say, sir, here I am."

Steve shook his head. "My, my, Randy's group never ceases to amaze me. You guys over there sure take care of each other. OK, make yourself comfortable in that armchair." Brandon pulled himself into the chair and Steve sat facing him. "Well, kiddo, you seem to have your life well under control - new job, new car, new family - but from what you told me when me first met it seems you have a few problems settling in."

"Oh not really problems, sir .... well, except one. See, before I met the guys all I used to do for sex was jack off to porn videos, but in the house the reality is better than any porn and I'm so blown away by all those gorgeous guys that my boner never goes away and I jack off looking at them all the time. Sometimes I don't have to jack off, even - I just cum." Steve listened intently and made notes as Brandon described all of his sexual adventures there so far. "I just can't seem to stop, sir, and .... I think I'm addicted to sex."

Steve smiled. "We prefer to call it sexual compulsion, which is what I think it is with you. It probably started with your obsession with porn videos. I bet you watched them a lot and came a lot, right?"

"Yeah, a whole lot, sir."

"There was no love there, though, just lust for hot men having sex. And when you went to the house you transferred that lust to the guys there. You were like a kid in a candy store."

"Yeah, a whole lot of eye candy, sir."

"I sympathize," Steve laughed. "Anyone would find it hard to keep his hands off his cock surrounded by those gorgeous guys. But there's nothing wrong with feeling horny and," he grinned, "contrary to those old urban myths, masturbation won't make you go blind or make your cock fall off.

"However, there is a danger that a sexual compulsion can take root and leave you impervious to feelings of love and romance, feelings that are more meaningful and satisfying. And that would be a shame as I sense that you have a real capacity for love. So what we have to do here is convert some of your raw physical lust to affection and eventually real love before they pass you by. There's nothing wrong with getting a hard-on when you look into a guy's eyes - you just don't have to bust your load a dozen times a day."

Brandon nodded attentively and Steve continued, "Take my lover Lloyd and me. When we first met the attraction was physical - he's a gorgeous hunk of man, after all. But as we grew to love each other we no longer depended exclusively on fucking. Instead of spending all our time in bed we discovered the joy of going out together, to restaurants, to a show, to the beach.

"Lloyd and I can go several nights in a row without fucking, and then one day he'll drop in here to take me to lunch, I'll lock the door and we'll fuck like jack-rabbits right here on the floor. What you need, young man, is for someone to ask you out to dinner and a movie, otherwise known as a date.

"Oh, I already have that, sir. Mario has made a date to take me out to a movie and dinner two days from now, except he doesn't call it a date - he says labels put too many expectations on things. See, these days he doesn't believe in having sex with a guy until he gets to know them. I've slept with him several times but we haven't had sex. I'd like to and my cock gets hard in bed with him but then he puts his arms round me and I snuggle up against him and fall asleep."

"Hm, yeah, Mario is an interesting guy. I hope you see more of him. But right now let's get practical." Steve stood up, took off his blazer and hung it over his desk chair. He loosened his tie, opened the top button of his shirt and rolled his sleeves up to just above his elbows. He came round the front of his desk and sat back against the edge, resting his hands beside him on the desk, making his arms bulge and his chest and shoulders flex under his shirt. As his handsome face smiled down at Brandon he looked incredibly sexy and the boy shuddered.

Steve's words were growing fainter to Brandon as the homoerotic image grew increasingly mesmerizing. The doctor was comparing Brandon's situation to the days of Gay Liberation, "where a repressed community was suddenly freed and they let loose with an orgy of sex, running from boy to boy. And some of those guys still to this day find it hard to make a real commitment. So you see, Brandon, freedom can have its drawbacks I always ....."

"Aaah!" Brandon gasped and blushed deeply. He had creamed his shorts. Steve reacted with clinical detachment, grabbing a clipboard from his desk and making notes. "Yeah," he murmured, "much sooner than I expected though. What is it Eddie calls you - a gusher? We've got our work cut out here, kid." He went to the restroom, came back with a hand towel and dropped it in Brandon's lap.

Just then the buzzer sounded on Steve's desk. "I'm so sorry, doctor," came Ruth's voice, "I know you didn't want to be disturbed but I thought you should know that Lloyd is here. He dropped by to see when you would be free for lunch."

Steve's eyes suddenly gleamed. "What a good idea! Have him come right in, Ruth."


The door opened and in came the handsome architect, elegant in a pale gray suit, white dress shirt and beige tie. "Hey buddy" ..... but his smile faded as he saw Brandon stuffing a towel down his shorts. "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize - session in full swing, I see." Lloyd couldn't resist a quizzical raise of the eyebrows at Steve.

"No problem," Steve said, "as a matter of fact your timing is perfect." He walked behind him and locked the door with a loud click. "Remember when you came for lunch last week, buddy....?" Lloyd suddenly realized he was being co-opted into the therapy session, but he didn't mind - not if last week was anything to go by."

He watched as Steve bent and whispered in Brandon's ear. "I hope you don't mind, Brandon, but you may have heard that my methods can be unusual. I'd like to give you a glimpse into what I was describing earlier - to show you how two men make love. It'll involve fucking most likely - he is gorgeous after all - but we are lovers and this is our expression of love. I would like you to watch without cumming, if possible, until the end. But you, as my patient, have to give your consent to this. If not I can send Lloyd away."

"No, sir, please, don't send him away. I would like to .... well ... to watch and learn how to ....."

His words were getting tangled so he pulled himself out of the chair and into his wheelchair and rolled over to the side of the room. His heart was beating fast and his cock was already getting hard.

Steve turned to focus entirely on Lloyd. "So, big guy, you wanna work up an appetite for lunch?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way," grinned Lloyd, putting his hand round the back of Steve's head and pulling him close, their lips meeting, softly at first but then in a building embrace." Steve eventually pulled away and said, "So how's your day going so far?"

"Huh," Lloyd grunted, "mezzo-mezzo. Your brother Randy is kicking up rough as usual, but I have a feeling my day is about to get a lot better. Come here." He led Steve to the big open space in the room where Brandon had a perfect view. They held each other at arm's length and Steve smiled and shook his head. "Why is it you always look so damn hot in a suit and tie? Seems a pity to get you out of them - but it can't be helped."

He unbuttoned Lloyd's jacket, pushed it off his shoulders and folded it over the back of a chair. He loosened Lloyd's tie and opened a couple of shirt buttons. "This is the bit I love about you," Steve smiled, running his fingers through the tuft of dark chest hair that poked over the top of his open shirt.

"Oh yeah?" Lloyd grinned playfully. "But it's no match for this." He pulled Steve's tie open and let it hang round his neck. He unbuttoned his shirt all the way down, pushed his hands inside and ran them over his pecs. "Mm, did I ever tell you that you have a gorgeous body?"

"I believe I did hear that once," Steve laughed. "And yet I can't quite recall how yours looks. Let's check it out." He pulled off Lloyd's tie, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it clean off, then stood back and admired. Brandon was admiring too - blown away would be more accurate, as he gazed at the gym-sculpted physique, not overbuilt, totally fat-free and perfectly proportioned. Somehow it looked even hotter in the smart gray slacks and the elegant brown belt round his slim waist, just below his eight-pack abs.

Steve murmured, "Fucking gorgeous," and pulled off his own shirt. They stood still, stripped to the waist, two beautiful men in love admiring each other. Silently they walked toward each other and fell into a warm embrace. "God, I love you," breathed Lloyd and they resumed their passionate kiss. Without separating they sank to their knees, fell onto their sides and rolled over the floor holding each other, laughing, kissing, caressing with increasing fervor.

Brandon was entranced. He had watched guys have sex before, intense physical sex like Mark and Jamie's heavy authoritarian action. But these guys were somehow more relaxed, easy-going with each other. They knew each other so well, loved each other so much, that love-making came natural - it was part of their lives, like sharing dinner, talking out their day, falling asleep in each other's arms.

For Brandon it was very sexy and reminded him of Mario, who had the same let's-take-it-easy attitude. And although Brandon's cock was permanently stiff he didn't have the same compulsion to cum. True, he had already shot one load, but now he was content to watch and let the men's warmth radiate his way.

By now Steve and Lloyd were lying on their sides, propped up on their elbows gazing at each other. "How's your appetite," Steve grinned. "For lunch, sure," Lloyd replied, "but not as big as my appetite for .... hey, I don't have to spell it out, do I? Hell, you can't get me all worked up and then just feed me lunch." He rolled onto his stomach facing a floor to ceiling mirror and grinned at Steve's reflection. Steve rolled over and grabbed the mounds of his lover's ass through the fabric of his slacks.

"Well, now you mention it, this does look like it needs feeding before your mouth does. He got on his knees, reached under Lloyd and unbuckled his belt, then pulled his slacks and shorts down below his ass. "Oh, yeah," Steve laughed, "now that is one hungry ass. Guess I better feed it." He licked his fingers and pushed them into Lloyd's hole. He spat on it and lubricated his ass even more.

Steve unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff dick. He eased himself above Lloyd and arched over him, his legs and arms splayed out, braced by his hands and feet on the floor. He looked at Lloyd in the mirror. "Now I'm only gonna do this if I'm sure you love me."

Lloyd grinned. "Can't stand the sight of you."

"Asshole," Steve said, then eased his cock slowly inside his lover's ass. If Brandon had expected a Randy-style power fuck he was disappointed. And yet he wasn't disappointed at all as he watched the gentle love-making of two beautiful men for whom sex was the ultimate expression of their love for each other. They fucked and moaned with pleasure for a long while, smiling at each other in the mirror.

Finally, as Steve rose and fell over Lloyd he said softly, "Shit, your ass feels good, man. I love you like crazy, you know that? OK if I cum inside you?"

"Any time you like, buddy. Love to feel your warm jizz in my ass."

Steve increased the tempo and then, "Aah, here it come man, deep inside, just how you like it .... yeah ....." And just like that, quietly, tenderly, the doctor came inside his lover - no yelling or screaming, just a gentle expression of his love.

"Let me look at you, let me see you," Lloyd said more urgently. Steve pulled out and Lloyd rolled over onto his back beneath him, looking up at him. "Come on, man, let's do it," Steve said and they both stroked their cocks vigorously. Steve was able to cum again all over his lover and Lloyd gazed up at his intense face, at the rippling muscles of his torso. "That looks so fucking gorgeous man .... aaah ...." and his own cock blasted white juice that mingled with his lover's on his chest.

Steve rolled over on his back beside him and breathed, "Man, that was good." Brandon had watched spellbound. The men were big alpha males but when they made love there was a lot of fun and laughter, playing like young boys, like Eddie and Ben when they made love. Suddenly Steve called out, "Hey, Brandon, come over here." He wheeled up to where they lay on the floor and Steve asked, "Did you cum, yet?"

"No sir, like you said."

"Good, well if you can get turned on by an old married couple, now's the time kid." Brandon needed no further prompting and pulled his rigid cock out of his shorts. Huh - old married couple! The doctor and the architect were two gorgeous, macho studs, handsome faces, ripped bodies, and they were lying on their backs smiling up at him, one with pools of semen all over his chest. It took Brandon only seconds to add to it.

His pent-up lust and pulsing cock now exploded in a ribbon of cum that shot in the air and splashed down on both shirtless men, followed by another and another. The two men playfully raised their arms to shield themselves in mock desperation and through the shower of semen Lloyd shouted to Steve, "Man you were right ... this kid's a real live gusher."


They all toweled off and Steve and Lloyd put on their shirts, ties and jackets, restoring themselves to immaculate doctor and architect. Lloyd ruffled Brandon's hair and said, "Now it would probably be against doctor/patient ethics for Steve to invite you for lunch, but there's nothing wrong with me doing it. So would you like to join us Brandon?" He laughed. "After making you spill all that jizz it's only fair that we help replace the protein. The restaurant is just down the block so we can walk there."

Brandon accepted eagerly and as they went down in the elevator Steve said, "So here endeth the first session, Brandon. Unfortunately I can't promise you that future meetings will use the same methods, but today you saw an act of love between two men that wasn't just a cum-fest.

"So I'm gonna set you some homework before we meet again. You've already watched Eddie and Ben make love, Mark and Jamie too, and now us. So I want you to see how the other couples act too. I think you'll find that, however rough and rugged their sex may be, they too are really making love in their own way - even guys like Zack and Darius who are into leather and some pretty rough bondage stuff. In fact you might start with them. And if you play your cards right you might even graduate to the inner sanctum - Bob and Randy's room.

"Also, spend as much time as you can with Mario. As for the others, I'll spread the word through Bob but I think we'll find all the guys are willing to help out. Most of them are pretty much exhibitionists deep down. But, as hot as it looks, make an effort to concentrate on their love for each other instead of their muscles and cocks.

"I know it's a bit like throwing you in at the deep end, but try to enjoy watching them without cumming too often. See, the idea is, as you watch couples making love in their own way, it'll help you see that love is the answer, rather than simply pounding your meat all day. Then you can report back to me at our next session.

Steve chuckled. "I think you have to agree, kiddo ... no boy ever had a homework assignment quite like that!"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 229


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