Doctor Steve's therapy was legendry for breaking all the rules but there had never been a session like this. He had asked Randy, Bob and Mark up to his house so they could sort out the tangled issues and emotions in their 'toxic triangle' as Steve called it. He had finally come to the conclusion that Bob was not the only one in love with Mark. Randy was too.

But predictably, when Steve bluntly asked him if this was true Randy went ballistic. "Are you fucking crazy? Me? In love with this asshole cop who just because he looks like a damn Greek God thinks the sun shines out of his fucking ass. Yeah sure, I'm in love with the arrogant son-of-a-bitch, if love means wanting to beat the crap out of him every time I lay eyes on him. Just don't expect me to sit through this bullshit circle-jerk you all call therapy. You're a lousy shrink, doc, and I'm outta here."

It took all of Steve's professional skills to placate Randy, but he grudgingly resumed his seat to protect Bob from Steve's 'brainwashing' as he called it. Soon Steve said he wanted to talk to Bob alone and suggested that Mark and Randy go for a swim in the pool where they played out their rivalry in swimming races that eventually dispelled Randy's anger and Mark's resistance.

Flush with physical exertion they smiled at each other. Their faces - one chiseled blond, the other swarthy and rugged - were streaming with water, handsome icons of the male athlete. Their eyes locked and impulsively pressed their lips together. The kiss mounted in passion, tongues probing, until they both jerked back with embarrassment.

"Hey," Randy said, "better get back and rescue Bob from Steve's brainwashing. You with me?"

"Right behind you, buddy."

Steve and Bob had heard the laughter from the pool and Steve smiled at Bob. "Progress, I think. Whenever Lloyd and I have a fight I push him in the pool, we tussle .... and in a few minutes we're fucking. Thought I'd give it a try with these two. Let's see if it worked." He grinned as he watched the two muscle-studs pull themselves out of the pool and walk toward them ... both sporting rock-hard erections. "Oh yeah," Steve grinned, "worked a treat."

"I hate to mention the obvious, guys, but what you gonna do with those tree trunks?" They both stared lasciviously at Bob but Steve intervened. "Oh no you don't. Bob's sitting this one out - this is between you guys." Steve had cleverly maneuvered the two former rivals into doing what, deep down, they had both wanted to do for so long now ... make love.

True to type Randy began slamming his cock deep into the cop's ass, then pulled back and ramrodded him again. Mark winced in pain and looked Randy straight in the eye. "Why don't you cut the crap, buddy? You don't mean this ... you and I know you don't hate me. We both know Steve was right. For once in your life surrender, Randy. Surrender to the truth."

From then on it was poetry. They fucked each other, made love, rolled over and over on the deck in each other's arms. Bob was mesmerized, watching the two men he loved in the throes of passion. Instinctively he stood up, pulled out his own cock and stroked it faster and faster, gazing down at the churning bodies at his feet. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen .... and he blasted his juice all over the cop and the gypsy.

Emotionally exhausted, confused, and nervous about what came next Bob slumped back in his chair. Randy stood up, pulled Mark to his feet and the two glorious men stood shoulder to shoulder, their breath heaving, smiling down at Bob. They stretched out their hands toward him and Randy said, "Come here, buddy."

They each grabbed one of Bob's hands and pulled him up into their arms, a three-way embrace where Bob found himself the recipient of passionate kisses over his cheeks, eyes, brow, neck until he had to pull away. "Hey, what is this," he laughed, "a competition?"

"Not any more buddy," Randy said. "Just trying to show you how much we love you." At that moment, as if on cue, Lloyd appeared with a tray of sandwiches and beer. Still shirtless and shoe-less he looked spectacular in blue-jeans with a strip of white underwear showing above his waistband. He knew exactly what turned Steve on and, incidentally, the other guys too.

"Time for congratulations by the looks of things," Lloyd said jovially. He set the tray on a small table and they all sat down. "A toast," he said as they grabbed a beer. "To Randy, Bob and Mark, the non-toxic triangle - and whatever comes next." They clinked bottles. Then, suddenly shy about catching each other's eye, they looked instead at Steve, eager for guidance.

He sighed. "You said it, Lloyd. 'Whatever comes next' ... aye there's the rub."

"No Shakespeare, doc, please," Lloyd protested. "Is that all you got?"

"Asshole," Steve grinned. "OK, how about another overworked phrase? 'One step at a time'."

"Sounds like a plan," said Mark. He glanced round at the four guys, lingering on Bob and Randy, and said, "Well I know what my next step's gonna be. Jamie. I want to tell him what went on here and explain why before he hears it on the grapevine. You know how news travels in this group, especially when Darius gets wind of it. I have to take care of my boy."

They looked at him admiringly - thinking first of his boy - and he shook hands all round. "Thanks, Steve," he said. "You're a great shrink, whatever anyone says," and he grinned at Randy. "And I just wanna say one last thing here. Bob, Randy, what Steve said is right. You two are so in love it's branded on your forehead. You make a perfect couple and, whatever happens next, I swear I'll do nothing to spoil that.

"As Steve also said, your relationship is the rock on which everything else in that house is built - even our friendship, whatever form it takes. Of course, I want to make love to you - one at a time or both together. And Randy, I admire that gypsy slugger in you - so damn hot. So I hope you'll get even with me for what I did to you - minus the police baton, maybe.

"Right, now I've got that off my chest I'm outa here. I'll see you two later at the house. In the meantime I guess you have things to say - and do - to each other." Flashing his gleaming smile he turned and walked up the driveway to his truck.

"Great guy," said Steve, "and he's right - you two have to talk. The guest room is all yours."

Bob stood up. "Thanks a million Steve - and you Lloyd. We'll make good use of it." He grabbed Randy's arm and practically pulled him into the house."

Steve smiled at Lloyd. "I do like it when a therapy session goes well - and I'd say this one did."

"Yeah, doc, and it's about time I had a therapy session with you. One of our, er, special sessions. Like I said earlier, you can't always be in command. Someone has to take you down a notch or two. It's about time the patient turned the tables on the doc."

Both of them sported huge boners as they went into the house headed for the basement.


Once inside the guestroom Randy and Bob fell into each other's arms and hugged silently. They had been through a lot in the last couple of days and Bob wanted to know one thing. He pulled back and gazed into the smiling blue eyes. "Randy, we're still the same aren't we? Nothing's changed between us, has it?"

"Only for the better, kid," Randy grinned. "Look man, you and me we're rock solid. Sure I fuck up all the time and you give me the cold shoulder, but it looks like I'll be behaving myself better now that this thing with Mark is out in the open. Guess we've finally ditched that old routine - you know the one - Randy fucks up, gets yelled at, punished and forgiven. That tired movie has played once too often - way past its 'sell-by' date. From now on we're gonna have fun with Mark, and the fact that we're all in love will just make it hotter. But no matter what, you and me, we're as tight as ever - always will be."

"Thanks, Randy," Bob replied in a serious tone. "But there's one important thing I have to do first .... I gotta apologize. It was Steve opened my eyes. Man, I've behaved so shitty to you in flaunting my love for Mark. I practically boasted how much I loved him, we eye-fucked each other all the time and actually fucked when we felt like it. How could I have done that to you, Randy? It must have been agony for you to watch, especially now we know that you lusted for Mark too. No wonder you lost your cool and busted guys up. But most of the time you never reproached me. You just gritted your teeth while I misbehaved."

"Ah, come on buddy stop beating yourself up. I was just as much ...."

"No, Randy let me finish. You know, I was thinking. If someone ever wrote the story of you and me the readers would picture you in a black hat - the fist-swinging villain - and me the white-hatted hero, cool and restrained. But they should see it the other way round. I hurt you making love to Mark and you got the blame when you reacted physically. I know you better than anyone and you are the kindest, most generous and - yes - gentlest man I know.

"The boys all look up to you and know you would protect them with the last ounce of your strength - you've done it so often. Pablo, of course, worships you. And look what you did for Brandon. When Eddie told you about him you reached out to him, took him under your wing and turned his life around. He idolized you so much that he broke the rules and came to your defense when we were all tongue-lashing you. That kid's led a rough life, he's learned a thing or two, and he was right about you all along. You're his hero, Randy ... and you're mine too.

"So I take my hat off to you, buddy - the white one - and give it to you." He came to a sudden halt. "Well, I guess that's all I have to say."

"That's all, uh? Well you said a mouthful there, buddy. Come here." He pulled Bob into his arms and squeezed him tight. "All I ever wanted was to make you happy, Bob - to make a good life for you and me. Hell it may not seem like it when I go ape-shit the way I do, but I'd do anything for you, man - anything in the world."

Suddenly he pulled away, threw himself on the bed and lay on his back, his hands linked behind his head smiling up at Bob. Still naked from his swim the muscular gypsy looked magnificent. "You know, buddy, this conversation is coming real close to 'Kumbaya' and you know how I react to all that feel-good bullshit. You know me, I'm a man of action, not words. So - you say you treated me like shit, made me feel bad. Well, time to make amends, man - how about making me feel good, instead? Think you can do that?"

Bob smiled. "With you lying there butt naked, the King of the Gypsies with the muscle-god body, stubbled faced and those damn blue eyes? Yeah, I think I can do that."

Randy reached up and grabbed the corner bed-posts, flexing his muscles to turn Bob on even more. Bob paced round the bed looking down at him and moaning, "Oh shit, man, that looks fucking incredible. Even if you were that fist-swinging villain I'd follow you anywhere." He grinned. "I'd just have to learn to duck."

Randy grinned. "You're a piece of work, man - and a damn gorgeous one at that. I love that preppy look on you - white T-shirt and blue jeans. 'Course, you look pretty good naked too."

"I can do that," Bob smiled. He bent down to unlace his sneakers and Randy admired the muscles of his broad back rippling under his shirt. Bob stood up barefoot and, as he had done so often before to please Randy, he pulled his T-shirt up slowly over his head, exposing his flawless physique. He tossed the shirt aside and continued to pace around, naked to the waist this time, with Randy's hungry eyes following him.

"See, buddy?" Randy said, "Our relationship's not the only thing around here that's rock solid." His cock was standing erect as a pole as he gazed at the shirtless muscle-god towering over him. He dropped one hand to his groin and began, very slowly, to stroke his cock. His other hand still clung to the bedpost so his body was stretched tight, his muscles rippling.

The two stunning alpha males were deliberately turning each other on. Bob rubbed the bulge at the crotch of his jeans and with the other hand twisted his own nipple hard, hurting himself so his face winced in pain, a sure-fire way to excite his lover. "Shit, I want you so bad," Randy groaned, feasting his eyes on the chiseled Superman face with tousled dark hair. "You're such a fucking stud I could bust my load just looking at you."

"Not yet," Bob said. "You asked me to make you feel good so I will. As always, your word is my command." That admission made Randy's cock pulse. He let go of it and again stretched up his arms and gripped the bedposts. Bob stared down at the naked gypsy spread-eagled on the bed, his cock standing straight up dripping pre-cum.

Bob knelt on the bed between Randy's splayed legs and curled both hands round the long, stiff shaft, hands clasped together, and moved them slowly up and down the whole length of Randy's cock. Randy groaned, "Shit man that feels so fucking hot you're gonna make me shoot a load." Bob stopped instantly, loosened his grip and stared directly into Randy's eyes. He knew Randy's sexual appetites so well, knew exactly when he was about to cum, and knew how to slow down, pause and restart to keep him on the brink of orgasm.

When the cock stopped pulsing in his hands Bob leaned forward and gently lowered his mouth over the head, squeezing it in his lips, licking it. Slowly, with a loose grip, he began again to stroke Randy's cock lightly in his clasped hands, keeping the head in his mouth. When he felt the cock begin to pulse he paused until it started to relax. He was driving Randy wild with desire.

"Don't do this to me, man. I hate it when you do this." Bob paused. "No, don't stop. I love it ... it's so fucking hot." Randy lowered his arms and ran his hands through Bob's thick, curly dark hair, watching his beautiful face as Bob made love to his cock with his mouth and hands, licking the head, stroking the shaft. Time and again Randy was on the verge of cumming, his balls were bursting, semen racing up his cock .... and then nothing as Bob abruptly stopped just in time to forestall his orgasm.

It was exquisite frustration and the tormented gypsy was close to sobbing as he pleaded, "Man, you're killing me ... I gotta cum .... I gotta bust a load ... what do you want from me? ... you want me to beg? OK, I'm begging you, man ... I submit ... finish me off." The macho gypsy was Bob's prisoner as surely as if he were chained to the wall, and he was being tortured as surely as if Bob were flogging him.

That erotic image flashed on Randy's mind, pushed him over the edge and he screamed, "I'm gonna cum man ..... aaagh ...... No! ..... Shit, fuck, piss."

He pounded his fists on the bed in a pitch of frustration as Bob pulled clear away at the last moment and once again his orgasm died an instant before cum was about to blast from his cock. "No!!" he howled. "You mother-fucker ..... Let me cum, you son-of-a-bitch...."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, buddy," Bob grinned and leapt to his feet. Once again the shirtless Superman paced round the bed, driving Randy insane with desire. "See, I'm in charge now, asshole - you're helpless, totally at my mercy. I can do whatever the fuck I want with you. Get used to it, man, 'cause this is what it feels like to be in love with a guy like me."

Randy was riding the crest of an endless wave that wouldn't break, a peak of passion that was so strong it physically hurt. "I can't take any more, man," he groaned. "I gotta end it myself." He started to move his hand to his groin but Bob was on him in an instant, kneeling across his chest and pinning his wrists to the bed. "Well look at this ... Steve and Lloyd sure know how to fuck - ropes tied around the posts of every bed in the house. This time they're for you."

It only took a minute for Bob to tie Randy's wrists to the bedposts, with minimal resistance from him. He stood up and smiled down at the stunning image of the gypsy stretched naked on the bed. "That'll stop you whacking off," he teased. "Go on - give it a try." He really was turning the tables on Randy who always got off watching Bob struggle in bondage. Desperate to touch his cock Randy pulled at the ropes, his body thrashing from side to side, his rugged face grimacing with effort.

Bob stared down in awe at the rippling muscles in Randy's writhing body. "Man you have never looked hotter than you do now - the naked muscle-god straining to get free .... The King of the Gypsies in bondage. Fucking unbelievable." He climbed on the bed and knelt over him straddling his chest, reached down and twisted his nipples lightly in his fingers. Bob's ass cheeks were just above the tip of Randy's cock, touching it sometimes with the illusory promise of lowering himself onto the thick shaft.

Randy was going insane with lust. "You're killing me, man. You're torturing my fucking cock. I gotta cum, buddy, I gotta. Sit on my cock man .... Shit damn, what do you want from me...?"

Bob stared into his eyes. "Ah, those blue eyes of yours," Bob said. "They've hypnotized me so many times, drawing me into your secret world - but that can work both ways. Only difference is, my eyes are brown - a deep brown - and they're gonna seduce you, man. This time it's me inviting you into my world, just you and me, buddy." His voice grew softer, hypnotic. "Look at me, Randy ... can you see yourself in those deep brown eyes? ... see yourself in my head? ... you're always there, Randy, in my head, my thoughts, in my soul."

"What do I want from you? After all that's happened I want to make sure that you love me as much as you always did. You say we're rock solid but I have to prove it. I want to seduce you, make you long for me, beg me for release. Tell me, Randy, do you love me? Do you love me as much as ever?"

"More ... more than ever, man. I can't live without you." He was breathing raggedly. "I am so fucking in love with you man I need to show you. The only way I know is to cum for you. I'm helpless, man, I'm your slave. Please, sir, I beg you. Let me cum for you." Tears came to his eyes. "You are so fucking beautiful man I'd do anything for you...."

"Would you let me fuck your ass?"

"Yes, yes," he said desperately, glimpsing hope. "Yes, sir, fuck me .... please fuck me .... let me feel your cock in my ass. Oh shit I need that, to be butt-fucked by that spectacular, beautiful stud. Please, please, fuck me man. Show me you still love me ... I need it so bad." And the big construction boss sobbed like a child.

"No sweat, buddy," Bob smiled, "you only had to ask." He eased back off his chest and Randy raised his legs in the air, presenting his ass as an offering to the man he worshipped. Bob leaned forward, pressed his palms against the slabs of Randy's chest, stood on his toes and raised his hips up high. "OK, big guy ... now I'm gonna make you cum - and it better be good." Slowly he lowered his hips until the tip of his cock was pressing against Randy's hole. "Please, man," Randy howled. "Please ... Fuck ... My ... Ass!!"

At last Bob sank his long cock into Randy's ass, down his chute all the way to the tenderest depths. "Aaagh," Randy screamed. "Fuck me....!" Bob pulled back, then slammed his ass hard and fast as Randy had so often done to him. But just when Randy was about to shoot Bob stopped. Randy yelled frantically, "Don't stop, man .... Don't stop."

Knowing that Randy had never been so hot to bust his load Bob said, "Now I'm not only gonna let you shoot, buddy - I'm gonna make you shoot. I love you Randy ... let me show you how much..." Locking eyes with his lover Bob pushed his cock in deep, paused, then pressed the head of his cock over the inner sphincter and deeper into the inner chamber than he had ever gone before.

Randy's eyes opened wide and gazed up at the muscle-god above him ... and he screamed. "Aaagh!" He pulled at the ropes, his muscles bulged, his body writhed as his cock erupted in a pent up orgasm that had been so long repressed "Aaagh ... aaagh ... aaagh .... His bursting balls delivered their load that raced up his cock and blasted out in a massive stream of jism that rose high in the air and splashed back down on his heaving chest and face. Again he shot, and again and again as his body thrashed in the agony of release.

Bob suddenly pulled out, eased himself back over Randy's chest and sat down on his cock. "No, no," Randy screamed and his cock erupted again inside the ass of the man he loved. Bob stroked his own cock and said calmly, "Open your mouth." The gypsy obeyed his captor, opened his mouth wide and was instantly choking on the pungent semen flooding his mouth. He swallowed, gagged, gulped as jism filled his mouth and spilled over his stubbled jaw.


It took a while for the juices of both men to stop flowing, for their chests to stop heaving and their pounding hearts to subside. Their eyes were locked - they were unable to tear themselves away. Sure, Bob's ass was impaled on Randy's cock but they both knew the truth. Bob ruled. And he had proved, if any proof were necessary, that their mutual embrace of Mark had not diluted their passion for each other one bit. It was more intense than ever, and the fact that they were both dominant masters, two powerful alpha males, made their union as exciting as hell.

As Randy gazed at his lover's Superman face and body, his cock still spearing his ass, his emotions overflowed and they scared him. Randy had always been his own man - proud, self-assured, self-contained. He had never allowed emotion to pierce his armor - until he met Bob.

As soon as Bob eased his cock out of Randy's ass and untied his wrists, Randy pulled Bob down on top of him and folded his arms round his lover with an urgency generated by fear. "Man," he breathed in his ear, "don't ever leave me .... please .... I need you, buddy, and always will. I love you so much...." Tears welled in his eyes that Bob licked gently away.

"Randy," he smiled, "I'll always be here to lick away your tears, to love you, support you and give you great sex. Don't you know after all we've been through that I idolize you? I thought we'd got rid of this 'don't-leave-me' bullshit."

He kissed Randy one last time and pulled off him. "OK, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna shower - together - say goodbye to Steve and Lloyd, and then go home and talk to our boys. Mark was right - as soon as Darius gets wind of all this it'll be all over the house, so we should be there to explain to our boys. That sound like a plan?"

"Aye-aye, sir, you're the boss," Randy grinned. "You better believe it, man," Bob said. "Now let's wash off all this damn jism. People will think we're some kind of sex addicts."

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," Randy said and followed him into the shower.

It was a long shower as they explored each other's bodies and kissed endlessly under the streaming hot water. When they had dried off Bob pulled on his jeans and sneakers and flung his T-shirt over his shoulder.

But, as they had found out so often before, even the best-laid plans can get side-tracked.


They went out to the deck to pick up Randy's clothes and he pulled on his jeans and stuffed his tank in his back pocket. They had expected Steve and Lloyd to still be there but there was no sign of them, there or in the house, though their cars were still there. "In the basement, I guess, working out," Randy guessed. "Quick goodbye, then." They went down the stairs and were about to open the door to the gym/playroom when they heard Lloyd's voice.

"Think you're hot shit, don't you, doc? Always sorting out guys' lives for them, dictating to them what to do. About time someone pulled you off that fucking pedestal and showed the hot-shit doctor with all those fancy diplomas up his ass that he's not always the boss."

"What the fuck you think you're doing, asshole?" came the doctor's protest. "This is supposed to be a therapy session for you."

"Oh it'll be therapeutic alright, doc. But instead of mental therapy for me it's gonna be physical therapy for you.....and those diplomas are not gonna be the only things up your ass."

Randy opened the door quietly and he and Bob went in unseen, partially hidden by a screen. But they saw plenty, and it froze them to the spot. They knew that Steve had stored down here an old therapy couch that he no longer needed in his office since using a couch for therapy went out of style. It was a simple long padded bench with a pillow at one end, and now it had been pressed back into use - by Lloyd. And the patient on the couch was Steve.

Not so much patient as prisoner. He was lying on the couch but not by choice - he was tied to it. His arms were wrapped round under it and his hands were tied underneath. The handsome doctor was still dressed in his formal clothes, a short-sleeve dress shirt with a tie loosened at the neck, tan slacks and loafers. The patient who had turned the tables on him, Lloyd, was stripped for action in T-shirt and boxer shorts, his muscular gym body flexing underneath.

Lloyd was walking round the helpless doctor taunting him. "I guess I should start by asking that question all you guys ask .... 'So how do you feel about that, doc?' Nah, no need to answer, I see how you feel - angry. But ain't that what therapy's all about, to get rid of negative vibes? Think of it as anger management, doc. OK, first things first."

Lloyd reached forward unbuckled Steve's belt and unzipped his pants. He took off his loafers, tugged at the bottom of his pants, pulled them down his legs and tossed them aside. The doctor was now ignominiously wearing only his shirt and tie, white boxer shorts and black socks, his muscular body straining against his restraints.

The reaction of the two onlookers was different. Bob looked on amused but Randy's impulse, of course, was to rescue his brother. He took a determined step forward but was pulled back by Bob. "No, buddy, can't you see? It's that doctor/patient fantasy of theirs. Looks damned hot to me. The muscle-stud doctor (who looks just like you by the way) is roped to the bed with the humiliation of wearing no pants and just black socks. He's at the mercy of his patient, the hot architect, built like a brick shithouse, towering over him in T-shirt and shorts."

Placated, Randy too felt his cock stiffen in his jeans as he watched the scene. Steve was saying, "This isn't gonna look good on your permanent record, man. This is really backsliding from the progress you were making. Let me go and we'll talk about it."

"Hm," Lloyd mused, "That backsliding thing grabs me somehow. Let's give it a try." He pulled on Steve's legs and slid his back further down the couch so his ass was hanging over the edge, stretching his arms even tighter under him, making him groan loudly. Lloyd grabbed Steve's shorts and pulled them down his legs and off. The doctor's cock sprang up rock hard and Lloyd laughed, "Well, will you look at that? Looks like the therapy's working fine, doc. Just needs that final touch."

Lloyd pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and his stiff rod sprang out. Steve gazed up at the naked architect who flexed his gym-honed muscles in a bodybuilder's pose. "Oh shit," Steve breathed. "What you gonna do to me, man?" Lloyd went to a nearby table, dipped two fingers in a tub of lube and held them up. "This," he said. "How do you feel about that, doc?"

He approached the bed and said, "Just gotta check your prostate, like you doctors always do." He eased his greasy fingers into Steve's ass, curled them and massaged his prostate. The doctor's rugged face tossed from side to side and he moaned, "No ... no ... let me go, man, please.... please ...oh man, it feels so fucking good .... please, don't stop."

"Atta boy, doc, you're starting to get into the swing of things. Nothing like a little prostate therapy. But you know, I can't quite get the pressure I need this way. Needs something bigger than my fingers. Hey, how about this? He grabbed his cock and spread lube all over it. This is just the thing."

"No," the doctor said in a panic. "I can't take that. I've never been fucked in the ass."

"About time you did then, doc. Best therapy in the world. Get rid of all that anger and that superiority complex you carry around all the time. Here we go."

"Aaagh" Steve yelled as Lloyd pushed his cock deep inside his ass. Of course Lloyd had fucked his lover many time before but Steve was so deep into the fantasy it felt like the first time and he moaned, "It hurts man. Pull out ... pull out." Lloyd gazed down at the gorgeous doctor with his chiseled features and blue eyes, his hair falling over his brow, his body flinching with each thrust of the cock.

"Man, you look fucking beautiful," Lloyd breathed. "Here, let me just do this ...." He leaned forward, unbuttoned Steve's shirt and opened it just enough to expose his pecs, though the tie was still tied loosely round his neck. "Oh yeah. Now that is fucking hot .... that's a man I gotta fuck," and Lloyd pounded his ass faster and faster, leaning forward and pinching Steve's tits.

Randy and Bob watched in awe. They had never seen Steve look more spectacular, tied to the bench, his shirt open over his chest, his black socks pushed up high while the architect hammered his ass. Bob knew Randy well and knew he couldn't hold back. So this time when Randy walked forward Bob didn't restrain him.

"Hey, man," Lloyd said with a smile. "Come to join the party? Look at the doc here. Man his ass feels good."

Randy stood by the bed and gazed down at the doctor, blue eyes to blue eyes. The brothers looked so much alike that they could almost have been twins, and their feelings toward each other ran the gamut - mostly love but with a healthy mix of admiration, reserve, competitiveness and resentment. Steve stared up at him and said, "He's hurting my ass, bro. Make him let me go. You can beat him ... you can beat anyone."

"Not a chance, brother," Randy grinned. "OK, Lloyd, I can take over the tits." Lloyd let go and Randy twisted Steve's tits hard in his fingers, making his face writhe in pain. "Shit," Randy said, "you always look so cool and calm I never see you in pain - and it looks so fucking hot. You are one hot mother-fucker, doc. Look at you, not the elegant shrink now in nothing but your shirt, tie and socks. Pretty demeaning, bro. Looks fucking great."

"Hey, man," Lloyd said, "his ass is so smoking hot I gotta shoot inside it."

"Right with you, Lloyd." Randy let go of Steve's nipples and stroked the doc's cock instead. "Wow, that's hard as a rock, bro. Like the man said, therapy's working a treat." He pumped harder. "You pretty close, doc?" He could tell by Steve's rasping breaths that he was.

"OK, Lloyd," Randy yelled, "let's finish him off." He bent down, opened his mouth and let his brother's cock slide right in, all the way down his throat. Then he clenched his throat muscles and dragged his tight mouth up, practically drawing his juice out of him.

Steve looked up at his lover ramrodding his ass and his gypsy brother sucking his dick, and his scream bounced round the room. As Lloyd poured juice into his ass Steve pulled frantically at the ropes binding him, his body jerked uncontrollably and he blasted a load of cum into his brother's mouth. Randy swallowed at first, then held the rest in his mouth, his cheeks bulging. He pulled off the cock and lowered his mouth onto Steve's, letting the pool of cum flow into it.

Their lips locked tight and they shared their breath, shared the semen flowing freely between the brothers' mouths. When Randy finally pulled away, cum was running down his stubbled jaw and Steve's mouth was sagging open, semen dripping down his chin. "Hey, Lloyd," said Randy cheerfully, you want a little of what's left here? He closed his mouth over Lloyd's who sucked in the last drops of the doctor's jizz.

"OK, Lloyd, you opened up that ass real good. Now stand back." Lloyd pulled out and stood beside the bench. "Bob," Randy shouted, "Get your ass over here. I'm gonna show you an example of real brotherly love." Randy was on a roll. Totally sure now of Bob's love, stoked by the incredible sex they'd just had, the cocksure gypsy was back and he was showing off - playing the boss, the older brother. After Bob had made him beg and call him sir, he had, of course, to reassert his authority over them all.

He had taken Lloyd's place standing at the foot of the bench holding Steve's legs in the air grinning down at Steve who looked up in fear. "No, man, not my ass. Please ... Lloyd's my lover - you're my fucking brother."

"Yeah but your older brother, and you know how I've always taken care of my little brothers. Time I took care of you too. Besides, the other day you said I should open up to you, let you into my life. Well, fair's fair, bro. You gotta open up to me, let me into your ass."

"But I just shot a huge load, man," Steve pleaded. "You've got such a massive dick and you know how it hurts to get fucked when you've just cum."

"Hey, what's a little pain between brothers? Besides, you're tied up, doc. Not a damn thing you can do about it. So here goes, big guy. Welcome to my world". He grabbed Steve's tie and pulled up on it, raising Steve's head off the pillow so he was looking straight at him. He pushed his dick against his brother's ass and let it slide in.

"Aaah!" Steve inhaled sharply but then his gasps of pain quickly dissolved into sighs of pleasure as his big brother fucked his ass with his huge shaft, holding his tie like reins in one hand, raising the other arm up high like he was riding a stallion. And all the time his eyes pierced Steve's eyes like lasers.

It was a long, rough ride, with Steve's muscular body writhing while he howled with pain and pleasure as his brother rode his ass. But when Randy felt Steve was reaching his limit he slowed down, let go the tie and Steve's head dropped back on the bench. As Randy's cock still eased gently in an out of his brother's ass he leaned forward, bracing himself on his hands beside Steve's head so their faces were only inches apart. And once again their eyes met.

Bob knew exactly what was happening. Randy did this to him every day - those hypnotic blue eyes. Mesmerized, Steve was unable to turn away from them. He saw himself reflected in the eyes of a beautiful man who looked exactly like him. It was magical, like an infinite hall of mirrors reflecting to infinity. "Like I said, bro," Randy smiled - "welcome to my world. You gonna do what I tell you?"

"Yes, sir," Steve whispered.

Randy's voice was hypnotic now. "Right, now I know you've just cum, but you're gonna spill your juice again for me. I'm gonna unload in your ass and you're gonna cum for me. See, Steve, we're brothers, the same flesh and blood ... and my dick's inside you. Not many brothers in the world get to feel that. Thing is, I love you, Steve - the big successful doc, except right now you're just my brother. So here it comes ... you feel it? ... that's my jizz you feel flowing inside you. I'm cumming inside my brother's hot ass. Show me you love me too, kid. Give me your juice."

Steve lost sight of everything else. At this moment he lived only in Randy's eyes and he felt hot liquid spilling over his stomach. It was his own semen ... he was cumming again ... he had to. He had to obey his big brother. It was the only thing to do.


"What is it about you?" Bob said as Randy drove them home from Steve's house. "You can make any guy fall in love with you."

"Yeah," Randy grinned, "but there's only one guy who really counts. And I think we nailed that one already, old buddy. We're solid, man."

It had been quite a morning at Steve's house - ostensibly a therapy session, though everyone knew what that meant with Dr. Steve and his unconventional methods. It had resulted in Randy's affirmation of his love for Mark, followed by Randy and Bob 'solidifying' their relationship with spectacular sex. And to top it off Randy had intervened in Lloyd and Steve's doctor/patient sex fantasy and had given a whole new meaning to the term brotherly love.

The four of them had said effusive goodbyes with promises of getting together again soon (maybe even repeat performances) and it was with some relief that Randy and Bob pulled up at their gate. By now it was late afternoon and most of the guys had stopped work early and were gathered round the outdoor table over pre-dinner drinks, waiting for Bob and Randy to return.

Mark had come home earlier and had immediately taken his boy Jamie to their apartment to explain all the details of what had happened and to reassure Jamie that their relationship was unchanged - more secure than ever now that he and Randy were no longer rivals.

Darius called their meeting "an explanatory fuck" as he sat with the other boys, a description that turned out to be right on target. Afterwards Jamie gave the boys the bare outline of the reconciliation between Mark and Randy, but withheld the details despite Darius's animated protests. He was determined to grill Jamie later and make him spill the beans. "This is a major event in tribal history," he said grandly to Pablo. "I gotta record it for prosperity."

When Bob and Randy finally came through the gate the guys all stood up in breathless anticipation. Randy walked straight up to Mark, shook his hand and pulled him into a shoulder bump which became a long, tight hug. When they kissed the boys cheered and whistled until Bob restored order and they all sat down.

After a few drinks, Randy took Pablo aside and his boy asked, "Are you sure about this thing with Mark, sir?"

"Absolutely," Randy said. "Main thing is, Bob's fine with it - it's what he wanted all along. But it makes no difference to you and me, kiddo. You're still my boy - the rock I depend on. But Bob is a bit concerned about the other boys. Says they depend on the structure of the group and he doesn't want us to rock their boat. You know how the boys always act like junior versions of their masters. So I want you as the boss's boy to take the lead in this. Try to patch up whatever bad feelings still linger from the battles Mark and I had.

Pablo gave his crooked grin and said, "OK, sir - leave it to me." They went back to the table and Pablo confronted Jamie. The boys all held their breath as Jamie stood up and faced him.

"Jamie," Pablo said, "I want to apologize to you for the way I've treated you sometimes. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye - you being Mark's boy and me being Randy's - but I'd like to bury the hatchet and be good friends. Maybe we can spend some time together, maybe even ...." He paused, searching for the right words. "Well, I've always thought you're a real hot stud and maybe, after what Randy and Mark did up at Steve's, maybe we could even...."

"Got the picture, dude," Jamie smiled warmly. "Nothing I'd like better. Come here...." He opened his arms wide and, copying what their masters had done earlier, they hugged tightly and pressed their open mouths together. As before, the boys stood up and cheered, while Bob raised his eyebrows and smiled at Randy who had pride written all over his face.

And that simple act of reconciliation between two of the senior boys clinched it for the other boys. Order was restored. Bob went into the kitchen to check on the twins who were busy preparing dinner. They stopped work and smiled up at him. "OK guys," Bob smiled, "you can quit giving me that Sphinx-like, knew-it-all-along smile you're so good at. You hinted earlier that you knew what Steve had discovered about Randy. We're you right?"

Kyle said nonchalantly, "You mean that Randy really loved Mark? Sure, we knew it all along ... oops, sorry sir," he grinned impishly. "See," Kevin took over, "we see a whole lot from this kitchen window and we talk, put two and two together...."

"... and come up with six or seven," Bob laughed. Remind me to consult the oracle twins when I want to know what's going on around here. Any other insights you care to share?"

"Well, sir," Kevin said as he chopped vegetables. "Remember we said that Eddie's nose was a little out of joint 'coz he used to be Brandon's best friend? Well now Brandon's gone up in the world, being Mario's boyfriend, having a great job with Jamie, and being real close with Randy and Pablo - and Eddie's feeling a bit left out. I mean, Eddie's real happy with Ben, and of course he's over the moon at being Hassan's boy. And Brandon's still friendly, but it's not the same as it was when Eddie first discovered Brandon and brought him into the group. And you know Eddie - always thinks he's 'only the assistant houseboy'."

"But I thought you mentioned that something was in the works."

"It is, sir," said Kyle. "We dropped a few hints and Brandon has invited Eddie and Ben up to his apartment for dinner a few days from now and of course Mario too. Eddie says he'll spend the previous night at Hassan's house, and the day too until he goes down to Brandon's place." Kyle grinned. "He always hates leaving his handsome soldier so Hassan might even drop in on the group later, though it's hard to see how that big stud Marine would fit in with that little group."

"Oh, I dunno," Bob smiled lasciviously. "I can imagine several ways he could 'fit in' as you say. I'll keep my ears open and let you know what I hear. And you guys keep looking through that window and adding two and two. I kinda like the results."

Bob left with the twins' laughter ringing in his ears. He saw Randy in the corner of the garden in earnest conversation with his little brother Ben. He had his muscular arm round the boy who was gazing up at him with wide, adoring eyes. Another conquest, Bob thought. He sighed a contented sigh as he looked around at the group and smiled to himself. Randy's phrase, 'All this Kumbaya shit' came to mind. But all seemed right with the world - at least this little patch of it. And Bob enjoyed these interludes of Kumbaya - shit or not.

Of course, he knew it wouldn't last. With this crowd? he thought. Are you kidding?


Eddie was up at Hassan's little house helping him do some gardening. He had spent the night with the Marine, mostly wrapped in his muscular arms ... when his mouth wasn't wrapped around the soldier's dick, or when Hassan didn't have his dick in the boy's ass. Up here Eddie always felt he was on top of the world, which in a way he was, in Hassan's small guesthouse on Mulholland Drive, a two-lane road that ran along the spine of the Santa Monica Mountains high above Los Angeles. And it was heaven to Eddie being alone here with the Marine he idolized.

As they knelt close together on the grass, weeding the borders, Eddie glanced up often at Hassan's olive-skinned Asian/Arab face with its exotic features, high cheek bones, slanted dark eyes and jet black hair. The Marine was, as usual, shirtless in old military fatigue pants, displaying his powerful physique, honed by grueling exercise in the Marine Corps and long sessions in the gym with his fellow soldiers.

Close to his master like this Eddie's cock was permanently hard, never more so than now with Hassan's muscles rippling as he worked, his olive skin gleaming with a sheen of sweat under the hot afternoon sun. Hassan sported a stiff boner too as he glanced over at his boy - barefoot, shirtless, in an old pair of baggy surfer shorts that Jamie had given him.

Hassan was crazy about the boy. He loved his innocence, his wide-eyed honesty and his sense of fun. Plus the kid was sexy as hell and gave a blow-job that could make a grown man weep. Eddie was a perfect antidote to the testosterone-laced machismo of the hunky Marines Hassan worked with all day. Hassan, with his exotic, chiseled good looks and flawlessly muscular physique stood out as a leader among them and was lusted after by many, though they would die before admitting it. He had sought out this little hideaway in the Hollywood Hills to get away from all that, and the company of his sexy young boy made it picture perfect.

Hassan looked over at Eddie's dirt-streaked urchin face with his look of earnest concentration as he worked. He smiled and asked, "How many times did you cum last night, kid?" Without looking up from his weeding Eddie said casually, "Five, I think, sir. Maybe six."

Hassan grinned to himself, always amazed at how many loads of jizz his 'little gusher' could shoot. Eddie was leaning forward to reach a distant plant, his lithe young body stretched out and the shape of his ass cheeks clearly outlined under the thin fabric of his shorts. It was more than Hassan could take and with a low growl he leaned over and buried his face in the mounds of the boy's ass, breathing in through the worn cotton. The Marine's cock was pounding in his fatigues and Eddie fell on his stomach in the dirt with surprise and delight.

Hassan moved up the boy's body and rubbed his shaft against the shorts, massaging the crack of his ass through the cloth. "Shit, that's one fine ass you got on you kid, and it's mine, and I can do what I like with, right?"

"Yes, sir, definitely, sir" Eddie mumbled, his face pressed in the dirt as he desperately held back his orgasm. Hassan sprang to his feet and with his boot flipped Eddie over onto his back. "Shit, you're filthy, boy, dirt all over you. But I like working on dirty boys ... you a dirty boy, kid?"

"Yes, sir .... definitely sir. I like it dirty too, sir." Eddie was stunned, thrilled ... and a little bit afraid of the towering Marine.

"You like it dirty, do you, boy? You'd sure get off on me and my Marine buddies when we're working in the repair shed of the motor pool."

He ran his hands over his face and chest that were also streaked with dirt. "We get real down and dirty there, stripped down to our fatigues, our faces and bodies get covered in grease, oil and sweat running down our chests. We stink real good and we're fucking horny too. A hot young buck like you shows up we'd strip him naked and work him over. How do you think that feels, boy, a young guy getting that sweet ass gang fucked by a bunch of horny Marines, sweat and oil dripping down on you as they take turns shoving their big, greasy rods in your ass?"

Eddie's imagination was reeling as he stared up at the savage look on the soldier's face. "I'm the captain of this crew and I'd save you for last, kid, when my buddies have greased your hole up good and blasted their loads in your ass. I got the biggest dick of them all, I'm the boss around there, and I'm a mean son-of-a-bitch when I've got a kid like you under me on the greasy floor of the truck repair shed. He reached down and pulled Eddie's shorts off.

"Oh yeah, you'd look damn hot, a naked young stud at my mercy on the ground, filthy as you are right now. I'd have my Marine buddies hold you down while I drop my pants and my massive dick shoots out ... like this." He dropped his pants. "See that dick boy? It's going up your greasy ass chute and even though my buddies have already greased you up it's gonna hurt like hell, boy. You'll panic as the Marine captain drops to his knees .... pushes your legs in the air like this. Shit, boy you're so scared of that horny soldier you'd do anything he orders you to.

"Told you he was rough. He wants the fuck to hurt good, so he wants you to bust a load before he shoves his pole in you. That's what you're gonna do, boy. You're gonna show me your spunk. My buddies are holding you down, you got no choice - unless you want me to chain you to the truck and have my crew gang-fuck you again. You want that boy?"

"No, sir. I'll do anything you say, sir. I'll shoot for you ... I'll do it now ....aaagh!" The boy screamed as cum blasted from his cock and slammed into the soldier's chest." He looked aghast at his own jism flowing down the captain's massive pecs, mixing with the sweat and dirt.

"Damn you, boy. Who the fuck do you think you are? Nobody shoots jism over this Marine, especially a young punk like you. Boy, you're really asking for it .... and you're gonna get it."

The boy flinched as the soldier pushed his cock between the globes of his ass, over the sphincter, all the way down so the boy was impaled on the captain's long shaft. "You feel that, boy? You feel my rod in your ass?"

"Yes, sir ... thank you, sir." "So what d'ya want boy?" "I want you to fuck me, sir. I want to feel your cock fucking my ass."

"Right, hold him down, guys, this is gonna hurt. The Marine pulled his dick back, then plunged it in at the start of a long, hard fuck. Knowing deep down that Hassan would never hurt him, Eddie was lost in the fantasy of being held down on the greasy floor by a group of sweating, bare-chested Marines while their captain hammered his ass. He felt the soldier's rancid sweat pour down on him and he looked up at the wild, dark face of the muscle-god Marine, his magnificent body flexing, his black hair flying over his face as his huge rod pistoned in his ass.

"Man, your ass is hot," the soldier groaned. "I could get used to it. Yeah that's it - maybe I'll take you prisoner, throw you over my shoulder and take you up to my house in the hills, chain you to the wall and use you as my sex slave. Every time I come home, hot, sweaty and horny, I'll fuck your ass like I'm doing now while you hang there. Then I'll jerk off and shoot my spunk all over you, just to prove you belong to me.

"Chained up alone all day you'll think about me, waiting for me to work you over. And when I come through the door, stinking of sweat, you'll watch me strip my uniform off - the muscle shirt, the tank, and I'll pull the fatigues off over the boots. I'll grab a beer and you'll watch that fucking gorgeous Marine, that mean mother-fucker, pace naked round the room in just his combat boots, deciding what part of your body he wants most.

"You'll be so fucking scared, so turned on that you'll end up begging him to fuck you, in the ass, in the mouth ... you'll beg him to whip your body, whip your ass. You'll want to belong to him so bad... you'll beg him to use you, to let you become his boy. Is that what you want, punk?"

"Yes, sir ... yes, sir." Eddie was raging with desire for the rugged Marine captain.

"Yeah but you'd have to earn it, man. You'd have to cum whenever the captain demands it. Like right now, boy, while I fuck your ass. Here's the deal - if you can cum right when I order you to I'll take you away and you'll belong to me forever. So let's see what you got, boy."

The Marine became a fuck machine, pounding the boy's ass, staring down at him with his wild exotic eyes, sweat pouring off the rippling muscles of his olive-skinned body. The young prisoner was in a trance, waiting for the order that would change his life.

"OK, boy, I'm gonna dump my load in your ass and I wanna see you shoot. Here it comes, kid, let me see your jizz .... let me see it now!!......"

Dazed, Eddie felt the soldier's hot juice pour into his ass and he screamed as his cock exploded with cum that rose high and splashed onto the captain's chest. As the Marine's cum and sweat dripped down on him Eddie gasped through heaving breath, "Did I do it sir. Can I be your boy?"

Hassan threw his head back and roared with laughter. "You're my boy, kiddo - even if I have to chain you to the wall to prove it. He fell on top of him and they rolled over and over in the dirt, master and boy, laughing with the joy of sharing something wild and raging hot. "'Course," Hassan grinned, "you know you disobeyed the captain and shot your jism all over his chest again. You'll pay for that later, boy. Maybe I really will chain you to the wall."

"Yes please, sir," Eddie said with his urchin grin.

Hassan stared at his face, covered in dirt sweat and semen. "Damn you're filthy. Didn't you say you have a party to go to? We gotta get you cleaned up." Don't want you to let the side down. You are my boy, after all."


When they had showered together and Eddie was drying off Hassan threw him a new brown Polo shirt he had bought for him. "Present for you, kid ..... matches your eyes." He watched him pull it on, then his shorts and sneakers. Eddie stood to attention, presenting himself for his master's approval. "Good enough to eat, kiddo. Shit damn, that was fucking great sex. I'm gonna miss you, kiddo. So listen, do you still want me to drop by Brandon's place after dinner ... kinda crash your party?

Eddie's eyes gleamed. "Yes please, sir, would you? The guys would really get off on that. Though there will be four of us and we can get pretty rowdy. Think you can handle that?"

Hassan laughed. "Don't worry about me, kid. I can get pretty rowdy too ... as you just found out." He took his boy in his arms and hugged him. "Thank you, sir," Eddy said. "That was the best sex ever. I love you so much, sir." The mischievous smile was back. "And you really can chain me up if you want to."

"Be careful what you wish for, kid. Now get your ass outa here." Hassan watched affectionately as Eddie scampered up the hill to his truck. He grinned and said to himself, "Four rowdy ones, eh? Shit, can't be worse than a locker room full of Marines."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 236


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