It has been said that the sun, surf and lifestyle of Southern California are conducive to an overactive sex-drive, especially in Los Angeles, a fantasy city where youth and beauty rule. But if the boys were anything to go by, Chicago was no slouch in the sex stakes either. Ben and Eddie and the twins had been brought here to learn how to dress and behave like young gentlemen, as opposed to the shorts-and-tank-top free-for-all of their lives in L.A.

They had flown first-class and were now installed in a luxury two-bedroom suite at the Four Seasons Hotel with their masters, Bob, Hassan and Jason. However, undeterred by their opulent surroundings, they had let their raging hormones take precedence and sex had been the order of the day. As if things couldn't get any more heated, at their 'dress-up' dinner in the hotel restaurant the temperature kicked up a few notches when the boys saw the two waiters Lee and Toni, exquisite Chinese twins who had asked to be assigned to their table.

It was perhaps inevitable that, when dinner was over, Lee and Toni would end up in the suite serving after-dinner drinks to the men and boys. As Ben and Eddie and the men looked on mesmerized, the encounter between the two sets of twins had been stunning, almost ritualistic.

Lee had said, "Kyle, Kevin, you are such beautiful brothers. Toni and I knew when we were serving you at dinner that there is one more service we would like to perform." The Chinese twins sank to their knees and wrapped their mouths round the cocks of the American brothers. The spectators could hardly believe their eyes, the exquisite symmetry of the dark, exotic twins on their knees paying homage to the handsome all-American twins towering over them.

When it was over Kevin had said, "We want to reciprocate - and a lot more. D'you think you could .... like .... spend the night with us?" Lee and Toni eagerly agreed, then noticed that Eddie and Ben were gazing at them in awe. Lee held out his hand. "Please, we would like you to join us also, Eddie and Ben. When my brother and I watched you two handsome boys in the restaurant we both had a .... how do you say....?"

"A hard-on," Eddie beamed - "a boner, erection, woody - they all work. Sure we want to come with you. It's what we've been wanting ever since we laid eyes on you, eh, Ben?

At this point Bob, Jason and Hassan stood up and hugged the Chinese twins. Toni smiled and said, "And maybe, if you would allow, sirs, we would like to know you better too eventually, though you are such incredibly beautiful men, so far out of our reach, that we would never presume to ...."

"Why not?" Bob laughed. "Presume away kids. We've got needs too you know. But for tonight, why don't you six boys spend the night in that bedroom as it has two king beds, which I'm sure you can put to good use. Jason, Hassan and I will take the other room."

The boys didn't need telling twice and, after thanking the men for a great day, they crowded through the bedroom door and closed it behind them. Bob turned to Hassan and Jason and grinned, "Hope you don't mind, guys. I did seem to take over there, didn't I?"

"Works perfectly," Hassan said. "As a matter of fact Jason and me were saying that you've been so terrific at arranging this trip, mostly for our boys' sake, that we want to show our appreciation."

"Yeah," Jason grinned. "I know we're just a humble fireman and a soldier and you're this big executive type, but maybe there's something we can do to give you pleasure."

"Oh, I think we can work something out," Bob laughed. He opened the main door a crack and hung out the "Do Not Disturb" sign. "Looks like a contest to see which of the bedrooms sees the most action tonight. I guess we're about to find out."


When the six boys went into the large bedroom it had been tidied by the maid but it was still redolent of the twins' earlier erotic exploits there with Bob. The boys all felt the sexual vibrations but ..... they were not quite sure what to do about it. Despite their hard-ons shyness overcame them and they all sat somewhat awkwardly, avoiding eye contact and sipping the drinks Lee had brought in from the main room.

As usual it fell to outspoken young Eddie to break the ice. "Hey, guys," he blurted out to Lee and Toni, "so what's China like?" They glanced at each other and Toni replied with a smile. "Well, that's a big question, Eddie, because it's a big country - a bit like asking what America is like. The best way to find out is to pay a visit. You should persuade Hassan to let you go, or even take you there, and we'd tell our friends over there to take good care of you."

"Huh," Eddie grinned, "this flight to Chicago is the first time I've ever been on a plane."

Then the floodgates opened, hand gestures and all. "But our friend Jamie flew to Sydney, Australia .... he's the gorgeous blond surfer who lives with us, and his master is Mark, this spectacular cop ..... everyone calls him a Greek god 'cause he looks like one (though I've never actually seen one - except for him). Anyway, Jamie went to Sydney with Nate - he takes care of our house and I'm his assistant houseboy - and they met this handsome flight attendant, Adam, on the plane, and Nate became Adam's boy and now they live next door - Darius calls it the Aussie House.

"Oh, you don't know Darius, well he's Zack's boy .... Zack works with Randy on the construction site and he's a big black leather master and looks totally awesome in leather with his shaved head and all. Actually all the men in the house are really gorgeous, you wouldn't believe .... well, you've met Jason who's this awesome fireman and his picture was in a calendar that everyone beats off over."

Eddie was on a roll and didn't pause for breath. "Ben's Jason's boy, but he's also Randy's kid brother .... like I said before, nobody messes with Randy 'cause he's this big badass boss, but he takes care of us all and he saved me once from a thug and they had a massive fight. Randy's crazy in love with Bob, of course, and he has another brother Steve who's a big handsome hunk just like Randy - he's a doctor and does some real sexy therapy stuff and he lives in this posh house in the hills with Lloyd, Randy's architect who really gets off looking at hot men - well, who doesn't?

"And - oh, I nearly forgot Mario .... he's from Italy and he's kinda classy with this cool accent and all, but he looks super hot when he's working in the garden with no shirt on. And you know Hassan, of course, he's this gorgeous muscle-stud Marine and I'm his boy and....and ...."

"And that pretty much covers the whole tribe," grinned Ben, cutting off Eddie's flow and throwing his arm round his shoulders.

Eddie blinked, blushed and said, "Oh shit, there I go again gabbing too much. Darius says I have verbal diarrhea. Sorry guys, here I am rattling on and all you guys want to do is have sex with each other."

Well that sure broke the ice and Ben, being Randy's brother, realized that someone had to be boss here so he stood up and said, "I think we all owe Eddie a vote of thanks for giving Lee and Toni such a great description of our tribe."

There was a burst of applause and Eddie blushed deeply as the Chinese boys came up to him. "Thank you, Eddie," said Toni, "You make your house sound very exciting and when Lee and I get vacation maybe we could come to L.A. for a visit. You would make a great guide if you have time to show us around and make the introductions."

Eddie beamed with pleasure and he was about to crank up again when Ben forestalled him. Time to take charge - like Randy would. "OK, guys, enough of this kumbaya stuff" (aping one of Randy's stock phrases). "Let's get down to business here." Eddie, you're so good with the camera that Darius made you his assistant on those Marine photo shoots with Hassan. So go for it, dude - do you stuff." He pushed the camera into Eddie's willing hands.

"As for me, I gotta tell you that in all those lonely years in Texas I got real good at giving myself hand-jobs - several times a day. I still get off on it when there's something hot to jerk off to, like that fireman picture of Jason. Course I've got the real thing now he's my master, and he puts on a show for me and then fucks my ass." He grinned, "Shit I'm starting to sound off like Eddie .... so what I meant was, there's never been anything like you four twins getting it on. It's real intense and I want to whack off watching you. So that's it, guys. The ball's in your court.


Eddie and Ben took their places in the background while the two sets of twins stood up and faced each other. After Eddie and Ben had talked up a storm all the twins were relaxed, helped along by generous gulps of brandy. After the show they had put on in the other room, where the Chinese boys had sucked off the Americans, they had pulled on their dress shirts again which now hung open over their chests.

And, as before, they stared into each other's eyes, drifting into their own unique world, oblivious of Eddie and his camera, and of Ben quietly stroking his cock in the corner. Kyle was facing Lee and Kevin faced Toni. Again they ran their hands under the shirts and over the other boy's chest, feeling the smooth-as-silk flesh, tracing the perfect contours of their pecs and abs.

Kyle and Kevin glanced at each other in that mystical way they had of silently communicating in a split second. They knew what they wanted and Kyle broached the subject tentatively. "Do you guys .... er .... have you ever .... like .... well, taken a dick in your ass?"

Lee and Toni looked at each other and blushed. Lee plucked up the courage to say quietly, "Only each other's. We've never told anyone else that 'cause it sounds so weird."

"That's great," Kevin smiled. "We do that too. It was a secret with us too until we became Bob's boys and we told him - we tell him everything. Bob laughed, said it was awesome and he wanted to watch. He told us not to worry. 'It's not as if you're making babies or anything,' he said.

The Chinese twins smiled with the relief at these easy-going Americans' acceptance of their 'secret'. Nobody had ever known until now, and as they looked at the growing bulge in the Americans' pants they suddenly knew they were in for something they had never done with another guy before.

As before, the twins' moves were in perfect harmony - ritualistic. Smiling at each other they all shucked off their shirts and pulled off their loafers and socks. Eddie had difficulty holding the camera still as he watched them unbuckle their belts, let their slacks drop and step out of them.

The Chinese twins were wearing black briefs that accentuated their pale skin and showed off the shape of their stiff cocks and the perfect globes of their asses. The American boys, with their golden tans, were in tight gray boxer briefs, their gorgeous physiques more muscular than the lithe, finely etched bodies of Lee and Toni. They were seeing each other near naked for the first time and instinctively embraced in a sensuous hug, stroking the other's back and kissing gently, savoring each other's lips.

Kyle and Kevin let their hands roam down until they were cupping the mounds of the other boy's ass through their briefs, feeling Lee and Toni tense suddenly and kiss more fervently. They slid their fingers under the twins' black briefs and grabbed the naked flesh of the ass cheeks, then pushed the briefs lower as the Chinese twins did the same to Kevin and Kyle. In seconds the boys were naked and they finally separated, gazing at the four cocks that all stood out like swords challenging each other.

Ben was beating his meat hard at the incredible sight of the naked twins facing each other, and had to pause frequently to avoid busting his load. He wanted to prolong the pleasure - this was too special to waste on a quick load-spill.

Finally the twins separated and Kyle said softly, "You know what to do." The Chinese brothers turned to each other and kissed, a gesture of mutual understanding and support. Then they lay on their backs on one of the large king-size beds, gazing up at the tall, tanned Americans with nervous anticipation, waiting for what they knew was coming. Kyle and Kevin knelt on the bed, Kyle straddling Lee, and Kevin over Toni. They leaned forward and gently twisted the twins' nipples in their fingers.

The Chinese inhaled sharply and Toni said, "Aah, that feels so good, Kevin. Please don't stop." He and his brother reached up and reciprocated. And in that symbiotic connection they had already developed between them they all understood exactly what the other was feeling, as they were experiencing the same sensation.

Instinctively they increased the pressure on the tits until the pain became too great and they stopped. It was almost as if they were playing with their own tits, knowing exactly when they reached their pain threshold. The difference here for each boy was the thrill of seeing in his counterpart's eyes the same ecstasy he himself was feeling.

Kyle and Kevin glanced at each with that familiar flash of understanding, eased themselves back on the bed and with one strong move flipped the Chinese boys over onto their stomachs. Lee and Tony turned their heads sideways and saw themselves in the nearby wall mirrors, lying with their flawless white asses pointing upward, vulnerable to the muscular American boys straddling them. They felt strong hands grab their cheeks and pull them apart. "Dude," Kevin said softly to his brother, "look at that ..... so damn beautiful."

They were gazing at the two perfect holes, completely smooth except for a fuzzy trace of black hair ringing them. Eddie and Ben had moved closer and the twins were vaguely aware of Ben's voice saying, "Eat them, dudes. You gotta lick those gorgeous asses." The prompt was unnecessary as the twins lowered their heads, licked the dimpled globes, then pushed their faces between them into the black fuzz and pierced the sphincter with their tongue.

"Aaah," the Chinese twins sighed together, pushing their asses higher, inviting the tongues in deeper. They looked into the mirrors at the Americans' muscular shoulders and arms flexing as they pressed their hands on the small of their backs and ate their moist asses hungrily, slurping, sucking, savoring the musky juices of these exotic boys.

Ben and Eddie gazed in awe at the Chinese twins as they moaned and writhed on the bed, their muscles rippling under their thin, almost translucent skin. Forgetting his role for an instant Eddie lowered the camera and said to Ben, "Holy crap, dude, this is real intense." Then he remembered himself and quickly raised the camera to his eye. "Hell, Darius will murder me if I don't get this."

Suddenly Lee and Toni turned their faces towards each other, their eyes met, glistening with tears, and they kissed - hard, passionately, while Kyle and Kevin probed their asses, massaging the sensitive membrane with their tongues in a feeding frenzy now, knowing that they were bringing the twins to a climax.

By force of will Eddie was keeping the camera steady, hearing Darius's voice in his head - "watch for the money shot, kiddo." And Ben was going wild, pounding his rod as he watched his friends work on the bucking asses, heard the Chinese twins' muffled screams into each other's mouth as they kissed frantically and their cocks erupted beneath them.

"Aaagh!" The scream was Ben's as he could hold back no longer and blasted a shower of semen onto the heaving backs of the Asian boys, then another on the nape of their necks and into their hair. More followed, this time from Eddie who didn't even need to touch his cock for it to explode all over the twins, who were now looking into the mirrors at the amazing sight of two Chinese boys soaked in American jism.


Eddie and Ben retreated to the side of the room leaving the action once again to the jubilant American twins. Kyle and Kevin flipped the bodies over on the bed and watched them sliding on the pools of cum beneath them. The cum-streaked Asian faces stared up at them through their beautiful almond-shaped eyes. "You have sensational asses," Kyle said, "but we're not finished with them yet. You're dealing with two red-blooded Americans here and we're gonna show you just what we can do with another guy's ass."

"We were kind of hoping you would," Toni smiled. Kyle and Kevin each licked their fingers and slowly pushed one finger into the already spit-slicked ass of the boy beneath them. They knew just what they were doing as Bob loved to do this to them and taught them how to really turn a man on. Each one curled his fingers inside the ass and massaged the prostate, eliciting moans of ecstasy from the twins. Then they used two fingers, three, and the twins opened their eyes wide at the first stab of pain.

Toni gasped, "We have only ever done this to each other. We have never let another man do it, though many have wanted to."

"I bet they have," grinned Kevin. "Don't worry, dude, you know we would never hurt you." Deep down he wished he and Kyle were more skilled at knowing when a guy was right at his pain threshold. Bob had said they should get lessons from Randy, the real expert, but right now they had to go on instinct.

He and Kyle continued to loosen the twins up with their fingers, sending them into a delirium of brand new delights. As their heads twisted from side to side Toni and Lee instinctively threw their arms up above their heads and grabbed onto the lowest rail of the headboard, gripping hard, biceps flexing, as their bodies writhed. Kyle looked at Kevin and both had a gleam in their eyes. They pulled out their fingers and leaned forward, bracing themselves on their hands on either side of the twins' heads.

Their faces were close and there was excitement in the slanted Asian eyes as the twins sensed that something new was in the air. Kyle bit the bullet and picked his words carefully as he asked, "Guys ..... there's something that turns us on a lot and maybe you might .... I mean ..... you don't have to if you don't want to, of course but, have ever been, like ..... tied up?"

With a sharp intake of breath Lee and Toni looked at each other then back up at the twins. "No," Lee replied, "but we've often talked about it. We once tried it between ourselves but it was a mess and just made us laugh."

"Yeah," Kyle said, "well a guy has to know what he's doing, and Randy always drums into us that you have to really trust a guy. And you can trust us 'cause we're the same as you, plus we have a lot of experience. We were taught by Randy and he's the best. Matter of fact, as soon as we got here today the other guys went out and I tied Kevin to this very bed here and fucked his ass. It was great, eh bro?" Kevin nodded enthusiastically.

"You did?" said Toni, his eyes wide. "Right here on this bed?" Their eyes shone and at once there was a tacit understanding.

"Can you give us a hand, guys?" Kyle said to Ben and Eddie, who had been listening with mounting excitement. Eddie put down the camera and said, "Leave it to us, dudes." He ran next door and rummaged in the discarded clothes, then returned to the bedroom holding up the four neckties the boys had worn at dinner. "Here, these will do fine. They'll get screwed up but who cares? We're not gonna be needing them again for ages - years probably."

"Do you know how to do Randy's escape knot?" Kyle asked.

"Hey, I'm Hassan's boy remember? He taught me all that shit." Eddie and Ben went to work.


A few minutes later the two boys were back by the wall watching the action, Eddie holding the camera and Ben holding his dick - and stroking it.

Kyle and Kevin were looking down into the anxious faces of the Chinese twins, pulling at their bound wrists. Their arms were stretched up and out in a V, one wrist tied to the headboard at the corner of the bed, their other wrist tied to their brother's and attached to the center of the headboard. Bound as they were, they managed hold hands for fraternal support. Ben and Eddie had huge boners as they looked at the pornographic sight of two identical Asian twins, their lithe young bodies spread-eagled, writhing side by side at the mercy of the muscular American brothers kneeling over them.

"How's that feel," asked Kevin with concern?" Lee forced a grin as he replied, "Weird, actually. Kinda scary." Kevin leaned forward and said, "Here, look at this." He reached up to Lee's outer wrist and pulled at a loose end of the tie. Instantly the tie fell loose and the wrist was free. "See, that's Randy famous escape knot. If you panic I can free you in a second. Also you have to have a safe word in case you want us to stop."

Toni, now feeling more excited than scared said, "How about 'Randy'? His name keeps coming up a lot." Kevin smiled, "OK, Randy it is ..... the boss would like that." He re-tied Lee's wrist.

Ben had put a tub of lubricant on the bedside table and Kyle scooped out a generous wad and gave half to his brother. They slathered it on their cocks, pulled the twins' legs over their shoulders and pressed the heads of their cocks against the smooth holes. The Chinese boys held their breaths, but the twins took their time. A little teasing would make them more eager.

"So you've never let any man shove his dick inside you," Kyle said, "except each other, right? So are you sure you want this? We've got pretty big cocks, maybe too big for your tight holes. Maybe we should cum just like this."

"No," said Lee with a hint of panic, pulling at his restraints. "We do want it ... we do."

"What do you want, boy?" Kyle asked, with a harder edge to his voice.

"We want your cocks inside us ... all the way in. You're so beautiful. Please, sir .... Please fuck my ass."

Hearing that, Ben pounded his cock hard as he watched Kevin say, "You know why we're doing this, guys .... because you're just like us. We love to take it in the ass .... and so will you." He looked at Kyle and they kissed as they always did before fucking. Then they smiled at the bound twins and Kevin said softly, "Here it comes, boys ... you're gonna love it."

Kevin was right. They were very gentle as they eased their rods over the sphincter and let them rest so the twins could get used to them. "That feel OK?" Kevin asked.

Toni smiled. "It feels .... what you say here? .... totally awesome. Please, fuck me Kevin. Let me watch your beautiful body fuck me."

Again everyone moved in complete harmony. As the twins pulled their hips back and slid their long shafts in and out of the warm, tight holes, Lee and Toni raised their asses to meet them, urging them to push deeper. Kyle and his brother increased the tempo and had the Chinese boys moaning in ecstasy. "Oh," Lee gasped, "that feels so beautiful. Please keep doing it, guys. You look so good over us .... don't stop, please."

The bound twins instinctively wanted to touch the gorgeous chests rising and falling over them and pulled helplessly at their wrists. But the frustration of being at the twins' mercy only increased their excitement and they surrendered themselves entirely to these muscular, golden American boys. Kyle and Kevin gently lowered the twins' legs off their shoulders and onto the bed and the Asian boys lifted up their asses to better receive the cocks moving implacably inside them, faster now like a piston gathering speed.

The twins reached forward and twisted their captives' nipples in their fingers, making their bodies thrash from side to side, their muscles flexing, rippling under their thin skin, making them pull more frantically at their restraints. They were going wild and Lee pleaded, "Please, sir, we want to touch your bodies as you are touching ours. Please allow us to do that."

"Nothing easier," Kyle grinned. He and Kevin reached forward and pulled at the ties, which unraveled from both wrists and set them free. The Chinese twins instantly reached up and stroked the nipples of the boys fucking them. There were gasps from the side of the room as Ben and Eddie watched enthralled. It was the perfect meeting of East and West as the pale, exotic Chinese twins submitted to the American brothers, two gorgeous, muscular young bucks ploughing their asses, showing them just how American boys fuck.

It was clear to Ben and Eddie that the end was near. None of the four could hold out much longer - and neither could they. "Come on, kid," whispered Ben to Eddie. "Let's help them bring it home. You with me?"

"Damn right," Eddie beamed. "Bring it home - I like the sound of that. Just let me take care of this." He placed the camera on a table, adjusting it so that it was perfectly focused in a wide angle shot of the bed. They quickly shed their clothes and silently moved behind the twins, unnoticed by any of them, so engrossed were the twins in each other. But the boys soon got their attention. Kyle and Kevin were smiling down at the twins, pounding their asses when suddenly .... "aagh!" ..... each one felt a rod piercing his ass from behind.

"Thought we'd give you a hand," Ben shouted in Kyle's ear. "He means a cock," laughed Eddie ... 'two of them, actually." The shock drove the twins' cocks suddenly deeper into the asses of the other twins whose arms flew upward. Kyle and Kevin fell forward and clamped their hands over the Chinese boys' biceps above their heads, pinning them to the bed.

When Lee and Toni recovered from the shock they saw over the twins' shoulders the excited faces of Ben and Eddie and realized they were pounding the asses of the boys who were fucking theirs. "OK, guys," Ben said, his black gypsy hair flying wildly. "We'll show you something else about our group. We can make you bust your load without even touching your cock. Get ready, kids, we're in control now. You've never felt anything like this."

Fortunately the camera caught it all. This, as Darius would say, was one for the archives. Ben and Eddie grinned at each other and really piled it on, hammering the twins' asses and forcing them to pound the Chinese boys. Lee and Toni were flying in a fantasy world as they saw the four faces over them dripping with sweat. These were the proper, well behaved young boys they had courteously served at dinner, and now here they were getting their asses jack-hammered by all four of young American studs.

Ben had been right. The Chinese twins needed no hands ..... they couldn't stop themselves. They stared up wild-eyed at the four beautiful boys above them, felt their asses getting pounded by the twins - by all four of them - and they lost all of their natural inhibitions in a scream that echoed round the room.

"That's it," Eddie yelled. "Bring it home, guys.....!"

The mass orgasm was epic. The Asian boys' cocks exploded, pouring stream after stream of jism over their own chests and faces, as they felt Kyle and Kevin blast their loads deep in their asses and watched the twins howl as Ben and Eddie pumped loads inside them. There followed the sound of heaving breaths and beating hearts as the tableau of entwined young flesh became still as a marble statue.

Suddenly Ben and Eddie yanked their cocks out of the twins' asses and the twins did the same. In seconds they were standing beside the bed, Kyle and Ben on one side, Kevin and Eddie on the other. "You got any left, guys?" grinned Ben as they all stared down at the shell-shocked, exhausted Asian brothers. The twins said in unison, "For these guys? Of course."

They stroked their cocks and blasted one last stream of juice down onto the already cum-soaked young bodies. There was a long silence .... and then suddenly the room shook not with screams but with laughter. The boys all collapsed in a heap on the bed, sliding together on the pools of cum they had all poured out, filling the room with the jubilant laughter of six beautiful young men who had just had mind-blowing sex.


Meanwhile, in the men's bedroom, the atmosphere was nothing short of smug. Bob, Jason, and Hassan had brought in their glasses and the brandy bottle, unbuttoned their shirts and let them flop open. They sank into armchairs with self-satisfied smiles on their faces and Bob expressed what they were all feeling. "Well, I think our boys were champs tonight - the young gentlemen we hoped they would be, looking so cool in their jackets and ties."

"Yeah, but what impressed me," Jason said, "was that, as well behaved as they were, they never lost their own youthful high-spirits. They weren't cowed by their surroundings. Under those fancy clothes Ben was still the hot young gypsy boy I'm crazy about."

"Even Eddie," Hassan grinned, "even though he can talk a mile a minute and sometimes puts his foot in his mouth. But he carried it off. Who'd have thought that only a few hours earlier the 'young gentleman' had been whacking off over the hotel balcony, spraying the City of Chicago with his jizz?"

"Yeah," Bob grinned, "kinda reminds me of myself. Many's the time I have sat at a board meeting, all correct in my business suite, staring round at those up-tight faces and thinking, "Shit, if you guys could only see me a few hours ago, tied up naked getting worked over by Randy, the big, sweaty construction worker I'm nuts about."

Amid howls of laughter Hassan said, "But seriously, I'm impressed by the way Eddie has evolved from that shy, naïve young boy, how he's come out of his shell and become the cheeky, outspoken kid of the group. Don't know how that transformation happened so fast."

"Oh you don't?" said Bob, tongue in cheek. "Maybe becoming the boy of a handsome stud Marine had something to do with it? You are what transformed him, buddy. He's Hassan's boy, for god's sake, and he's in heaven."

Jason punched Bob in the arm and laughed, "You should talk, big-guy. Hell, what about those twins of yours? Have you ever seen anything hotter than those gorgeous Chinese boys kneeling in front of your guys sucking their dicks"? It was so fucking ..... homoerotic. Good thing Eddie got it on video. Darius is gonna come unglued when he sees it."

"Yeah, and god knows what they're up to right now," Hassan grinned at Bob. "But what's more on my mind right now is you, buddy. We said we're in your debt for arranging this extravaganza. All we have to decide is how we're gonna repay that debt." He nudged Jason. "Guess we better let Bob decide that, eh, buddy? One thing's for sure, we can't leave all the action to the boys. I bet they're steaming up that room already."

Bob stood up and faced them, large brandy glass in hand. They were all a bit drunk by this time and Bob looked at them unsteadily. "So," he said, "it's up to me to choose my reward, you say. Pity there are no hot guys round here 'cause I could just fuck their asses and go to bed." He was greeted by howls of derision from the fireman and the soldier, two of the more gorgeous men on the planet.

"Well, either way," Bob continued, "looks like I'm in for some action so I guess I better get ready." He walked over to the entertainment console, pressed the search button and finally breathed, "perfect," coming to rest on some hot, steamy jazz. He dimmed the lights a bit, came back and stood facing the guys who sprawled in armchairs about a dozen feet in front of him.

He took another slug of brandy and, with the jazz playing sensuously in the background, threw his arms out to the sides with a "Ta-da!" He was looking even hotter than usual, still wearing his well-tailored suit pants and white dress shirt, open over his chest, his red tie hanging loosely round his collar.

"Behold," he said, swaying a bit. "This is the hot young Senior Vice-President you see before you - though if you crash my board meeting next week and tell those stuff-shirt board members about this I'll deny every word and have you thrown out." He frowned. "Though come to think of it, you guys would be more than a match for our security guards."

Amid the ribald laughter Jason yelled, "Hey, cut the crap, big guy, and take it off," unleashing a chant by both men of "Take it off .... Take it off."

Bob jabbed his glass at them and, slurring slightly, said, "Be careful what you wish for, assholes. I did this for Randy the night before I came here and made him bust a monster load." Bob took a last big swig of brandy, put the glass down and grinned at them. In time to the music he slowly jerked his tie out from under his collar, it fell free and he tossed it to Jason who licked it extravagantly and deftly tied it round his own neck.

Next came the shirt. Bob undid the rest of the buttons while pacing the room, then pulled out one side from the waistband, then the other, and shrugged his shoulders seductively until the shirt fell off. More cheers and laughter as Hassan and Jason gazed at the muscular business executive stripped to the waist and started to rub the bulges in their pants.

Bob kicked off his loafers sending them flying across the room, then planted a foot in Hassan's lap for him to pull off the sock. He did the same for Jason to remove the other sock, then went back to the middle of the room, pulled his belt from his pants and threw it at Hassan who buckled it loosely round his own neck. Bob pulled down his zip and jerked his hips until his pants fell and pooled round his ankles. He stepped out of them and faced the guys wearing just his usual white boxers.

To redoubled cheers he pulled the shorts down slowly and let them drop, releasing his long cock that sprang out as proud as a flagpole. Again he spread out his arms in triumph and the guys stared in awe at the flawless, muscular body and chiseled features of the dark-haired Superman standing naked before them. They pulled their hands off their crotches as they were both on the verge of cumming in their pants, and they wanted to save it. The show wasn't over yet, and they suspected that they may be next up.


Bob refilled his brandy glass and sat on the bed, his back leaning against the head-board. "OK, guys, let's see what you got." Hassan and Jason stood up facing him. Each one's shirt was hanging open loosely and they shrugged them off, though Jason kept the tie round his neck and Hassan the belt round his. They flexed their arms at their sides and their pecs, as if presenting themselves for inspection, which in a way they were.

Like a naked potentate Bob sipped his brandy and appraised the shirtless men offering themselves before him. "OK," he said, "I've got my choice of a fireman and a Marine - and I take back what I said earlier about not having any hot men in the room. You two are abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. Makes the choice real hard, so I'm gonna leave it to you.

"Yessir," they slurred in unison with a drunken salute and a broad grin.

"I wanna watch you compete in a trial of strength - nothing elaborate - a simple arm-wrestling contest. And you can guess what happens to the loser. He gets his ass ploughed by the Senior Vice President here. Superman!"

Hassan and Jason were really into this and set it up quickly. They pulled a small table to the foot of the bed and placed a chair on each side, sideways on to Bob so he had a full view. They sat facing each other and Jason said to Hassan. "Don't know why you bother, stud, you might as well quit right now. You know I was champ in the Southern California firemen's arm-wrestling league. You don't stand a chance."

"That so, eh?" Hassan grinned. "Well I'd bet on a Marine over a firefighter any day. We do this kinda stuff all the time, and those guys are real tough. Have to be to be a U.S. Marine."

"OK, guys, cut the crap and get ready," Bob ordered. "Put your muscle where your mouth is."

The guys planted their right elbows on the table and locked hands, palms together, curling their thumb and fingers round in a vise-like grip. They stared defiantly into each other's eyes and waited. Bob's cock was rock hard as he stared at the two muscle-god contestants. He paused, then barked, "Now!"

He stroked his cock as he watched the muscled biceps and shoulders flex hard, taking the strain. They were virtually motionless for a while as they were so evenly matched in strength and determination. Both men would have welcomed Bob's cock in their ass but that would have meant losing and their pride was too great to suffer that humiliation in front of the man they idolized. The brandy didn't help. They had both arm-wrestled drunk before in the macho atmosphere of the off-duty firehouse and the Marine camp, but it sure sapped their strength

Bob guessed much of this and taunted them. "I know you both want my dick in your ass, guys, and you're both drunk as skunks, but no throwing the match, you hear?"

They weren't about to. They exerted all their strength, and suddenly Jason made his move, howling as he forced Hassan's arm back toward the table. The both shuddered with intense effort and Hassan's hand was almost touching the table when he found a reserve of strength and forced Jason's arm back into the upright position. From then on it became a test of wills rather than strength as the men stared defiantly into each other's eyes, psyching each other out.

Adrenaline sobered them up a bit and sweat poured down their faces - the dark-skinned, black-haired Arab soldier and the square-jawed blond fireman - and it was all Bob could do to hold back from blasting his load as he watched mesmerized. It looked as if the match might go on forever but then one of them saw the other's eyes flinch and that was it. With a sudden thrust he forced his rival's arm back and slammed the back of his fist on the table.


"Shit ... shit ... shit." Jason buried his face in his arm in defeat. Hassan leapt to his feet in triumph, shouting, "I win, stud, but at least you get the consolation price of having your ass reamed by our good buddy here. Better prepare yourself, man." Hassan stripped naked and fell on his back on the bed beside Bob, each of them leaning against the headboard with their hands linked behind their heads, watching.

Still smarting from his defeat Jason at least recognized that he had an audience, something that always turned him on, narcissist that he was. So he stood up and faced them, shirtless but with the tie still round his neck, instinctively flexing his muscles in an erotic display of his flawless physique.

He raised his arms and flexed his biceps in a classic bodybuilder pose, turned around and flared his back, showing off his rippling muscles. But what caught the guys' attention was the perfect mounds of his ass straining against the fine fabric of his dress slacks. "Come on, man, you know what we wanna see," chided Bob. Hassan said, "You lost, buddy. You know you gotta do it. Bob here owns that sweet ass of yours."

Without turning round Jason kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and let them drop. He was wearing pale blue briefs that stretched breathtakingly over the twin globes of his magnificent ass. "Fuck, I gotta have that," Bob said. "Take 'em off big guy." Jason slid his hands under the briefs and pushed them down, revealing the white mounds of his ass bulging below the tan-line at his slim waist, curving down to another sharp tan-line below his butt.

Unable to control himself anymore Bob leapt up, followed by Hassan, and ran his hands over the rock solid ass-cheeks. "Shit," he said to Hassan, "have you ever seen an ass like this?"

Hassan grinned, "I sure envy you pushing your rod between those cheeks, buddy. Maybe you'll let me have a piece of the action after you've finished with it. They were like slave-owners inspecting the captive muscle-god before working him over.

Bob turned Jason round to face him and smiled. "Jesus, you're a spectacular-looking guy." He kissed him on the lips and their tongues searched inside each other's mouths. The gleam in Jason's eyes told Bob that Jason was as turned on as he was. "OK, big guy, on the bed."

Jason obeyed and the guys looked down at the muscular fireman lying naked on the bed. Well, almost naked. He was still wearing the tie round his neck and hadn't taken off the black socks he had been wearing. Hassan said, "Jesus that looks hot - just like a guy in uniform who's been made to strip naked except for his socks and tie. Here, let me pin him down for you."

Hassan, the belt still looped round his neck, climbed onto the bed and knelt behind Jason's head. He pulled Jason's arms up and knelt on his palms, pinning them to the bed.

Jason looked up at Bob and twisted his body as if trying to escape but in reality showing off his stunning body. Bob knelt between his legs and Jason taunted him. "Shit, man, you're so drunk you won't be able to get it up."

Bob grinned down at him. "That so? You're full of it, buddy. You know damn well you're so fucking gorgeous that any man who can't get a hard-on for you is either comatose - or dead." Jason smiled at the compliment. "Here look at this," Bob said, holding up his rock-hard cock and spitting on it. "Man, drunk or not, I coulda cum half a dozen times just looking at you and now I'm so stoked I'll probably bust a load as soon as my dick's in your ass. Hey, soldier," he said to Hassan, "grab a hold o' these."

He pushed Jason's legs up and Hassan reached forward and grabbed the black socks round the ankles. He slid the belt from round his neck and buckled it round the fireman's ankles. He held the end in one fist and yanked the legs back so hard the ass was fully exposed to Bob's lustful gaze.

Bob spat in the ass and pressed the head of his cock against the hole's soft fuzz of golden hair. He leaned forward and planted the palms of his hands on the slabs of Jason's chest, smiling down at him. "Been a long time since we did this, buddy. You're so fucking gorgeous - a blond god - and it's a privilege to do this."

Jason moaned as Bob eased his dick into the furnace of his ass, pushing without pause until it was pressing against the soft membrane deep inside. He reached one hand forward, grabbed the tie round Jason's neck and pulled his head up off the bed while he fucked his ass. Jason struggled but he was a helpless captive, like he was hanging from a spit, his hands trapped above him, his face hanging from the tie in Bob's fist and his bound legs held high by Hassan.

It was like something out of a porn movie, except there had never been one as hot as this - three drunken muscle-studs getting their rocks off, the one like Superman fucking the ass of the blond fireman, pulling on his neck, while the rugged soldier pinned him down.

It was partly the booze but mostly their exploding lust that made their heads spin and they knew they had to shoot their load. "Man, I can't hold on," Bob moaned. "Your ass feels so hot and you are so fucking gorgeous I gotta do this....." He pushed his cock in deep so it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the fiery depths of Jason's ass. The fireman's eyes opened wide and he screamed as his cock spurted hot juice upward onto Bob's chest.

Bob's cock exploded deep inside Jason with the pent-up eruption of semen that had been building all night. He gazed at Jason spellbound, let his head fall back on the bed, then raised his eyes to Hassan's. "Your turn, soldier," he grinned. Hassan eased forward so his balls rested on Jason's mouth, which was wide open as he took rasping breaths. "Eat those fucking cojones, stud" Hassan growled. "Suck 'em in your mouth and lick the soldier's big nuts."

Hassan winced as his felt Jason's mouth close round his balls. He looked at Bob and said, "I love you man." They both leaned forward until their lips touched and they were grinding their mouths together ravenously. Hassan sucked in the brandy-rich taste of Bob's breath and felt his balls bursting inside Jason's mouth. The Marine's naked body jolted, he screamed into Bob's mouth and shot a monster load of hot jism over the cum-drenched body of the fireman trapped beneath him.


The three drunken buddies collapsed together on the bed side by side, their heads spinning as they gazed up at the ceiling. They even dozed a little until Bob and Hassan stirred and pulled themselves unsteadily to their feet. They looked down at Jason and Bob said. "He's fast asleep, and I'm not surprised. He was so fucking hot. Think he had a good time?"

"Are you kidding, being looked at and worshiped by two men like us - the main attraction, getting worked over by both of us? It's a narcissist's dream. God I love the man. But right now I gotta go out and see if my boy's OK."

"Yeah, me too," Bob said. They quietly left the bedroom and in the living room they saw Eddie and Ben sprawled on a couch dozing in each other's arms. Hearing the men come in they woke with a start and Bob said, "Hey guys, you have fun with the twins - and the twins?"

"It was totally awesome," said Eddie, blurry eyed. "But Ben and me thought the twins would like to be on their own now as all four of them fell asleep with their arms wrapped round each other. We thought we'd sleep out here."

"The hell you will," grinned Hassan. "Eddie, you're coming with me into that extra room. It's our room, yours and mine, and you're gonna sleep with me ..... if you're up for it."

"You bet, sir," Eddie smiled. "But sir, I'm real tired and I'm not sure I could ... you know ....." Hassan laughed and pulled him to his feet. "Hey kiddo, I'm not gonna fuck you. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted too so I'm just gonna wrap my arms round you and fall asleep. You up for that?"

"You bet, sir," Eddie said again, but cast an anxious glance at Ben. Bob stepped in and said, "Ben, I'm sure you'd like to crawl in with Jason, who's fast asleep and would love to feel you beside him. If it's OK I'll come in shortly and join you both. Sure you can handle the two of us?"

"Absolutely, sir." Ben hugged Eddie - "see you tomorrow, dude" - and walked quickly into the bedroom. Hassan grinned at Bob and said, "Spectacular, man - fucking awesome." Then he threw his arm round his boy and they went through the connecting door into the third bedroom.

Left alone Bob suddenly felt bone weary, but he had one more thing to do. He picked up his phone from the table, pressed a button, held the phone to his ear and smiled. "Hey, big guy. Didn't wake you, did I?"

There was relief in Randy's voice as he said, "I was just thinking about you buddy. Didn't wanna call and interrupt anything you were doing." He let the thought hang like a question.

Bob grinned, knowing his lover well. "As a matter of fact we had a great first day but it's over and I'm gonna hit the sack. And no, before you ask, I haven't been fucked - not yet anyway though it's still in the cards." The silence at the other end told Bob that Randy was still uneasy with that concept .... had never quite let go of the idea that he owned Bob's ass. So Bob said, "But I miss you like crazy, Randy, and I'll be home in a couple of days."

"Miss you too, buddy, and I've got a few ideas for when you get here. I got something for you."

Bob chuckled, "You gonna tie me up and whip me like the old days?"

"Close but not exactly," Randy said, "I might talk about it, though - a lot."

"You're not making sense," Bob laughed. "Guess I'll have to wait 'til I get home. By the way, you've gotta give the twins some lessons about bondage and knowing a guy's limits. They're confused about that and want you to teach them."

"Glad to," Randy said. "You know I love those kids as much as you do. Shit, it'll be good to have the family together again. I miss you, Bob. Guess I already said that, didn't I?"

"You did, but I like hearing it. I miss you too, and I love you."

"You know I'm crazy about you, man," Randy said. "Get some sleep now. 'Night, kiddo."

'Night, Randy." As Bob shut off the phone he realized that his heart was beating fast and his cock was stiff as a flagpole.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 211


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