Early next morning Ben and Eddie were bursting to tell their story.

The evening before, they had watched the Marine Hassan, and the fireman Jason, grapple for sexual supremacy and end up both getting their asses fucked. Then the two masters had treated Eddie and Ben like rent boys and fucked them in the ass and mouth way into the night.

It was something of an anti-climax next morning when Hassan and Jason had to leave early for an all-day debriefing after their inter-service emergency maneuvers. So, exhausted but exhilarated, Ben and Eddie arrived home together looking for someone who would listen to their adventures.

Darius was the obvious candidate. He regarded himself as the house historian and lapped up homoerotic stories like this (he usually filmed the story-teller), but right now he was over at Zack's house with Pablo getting their gear together for their fishing trip up to the lake with Zack and Randy. The cop, Mark, had already gone to work on an early shift, and the Aussies, Nate and Adam, were together in their house next door as usual.

So the boys ran to the kitchen where they found Bob, Jamie and Mario, with the twins serving up breakfast. As they burst in Eddie was already talking. "Guys, you are never gonna believe what happened last night ... it was totally intense, like a porn movie." He held out his arms dramatically. "Imagine ..... a Marine, a fireman and two rent-boys go into a garden and ....."

"Hey, Eddie, slow down," Bob chuckled. This sounds like the start of one of those bad jokes - 'an Irishman and a Scotsman go into a bar .....' OK, now how about you start with a simple "Good morning, guys?"

"Oh, yes, sir .... sorry sir." Eddie deflated visibly like a punctured tire. "Good morning, guys."

"Good morning Eddie," they all chanted, teasing him. "Better," Bob grinned. "Now, Ben, your big brother Randy is upstairs at his desk writing up last-minute instructions for the construction crew before taking you on that trip. Why don't you take this breakfast tray up that the twins have prepared - there's plenty for both of you, and you can tell Randy your story. He'll get a kick out of hearing it from his little brother.

Ben jumped at the chance and disappeared with the tray. "Right," Bob said, coffee I think guys, and you sit down Eddie and tell us your story while you eat breakfast. You're probably starved after your night as a rent-boy, where I guess the only thing you had to eat was Marine cock.

You're right, sir," said Eddie, cramming toast into his mouth. "See, Hassan and Jason were...."

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Eddie....."


Upstairs Randy was on the phone and as Ben came in he waved him over to the table with a grin. "Thanks, Dave," he said into the phone. "I appreciate this a whole lot, and I'll pay you at the manager's rate while we're gone. Any problems come up just call me or Zack on our cells."

He put down the phone and smiled at Ben. "Hey there, little brother, you're a sight for sore eyes so early in the morning - and you come bearing gifts, I see." He pulled two chairs up to the table. "Well how cool is this - you and me having breakfast together, just the two of us, and you're gonna tell me all about your adventures with the Marine and the fireman. Nobody hurt you, did they? You'd tell me if they did, right?"

"Of course, sir, but no one hurt me or Eddie. Far from it, we had a blast." Randy watched with pride and affection as his kid brother's eye's sparkled while he talked. It was the same excited expression Randy always saw in the mirror when he was getting ready for bed with Bob.


A short while later Pablo came through the gate having finished helping Darius and Zack get ready for the trip. But his usually jaunty step was missing as he slouched toward the kitchen. His entrance prompted no reaction from the guys round the table who were riveted by the tale Eddie was telling, enjoying his place in the spotlight and the novelty of having his words taken seriously for once.

Pablo's presence barely registered. He poured himself a cup of coffee and quietly left the room. As he sat at the table by the pool and stared blankly into the distance he heard laughter coming from the open window of Randy's bedroom. He looked up in that direction and realized from the voices that Randy was having breakfast with his kid brother Ben, who was no doubt entertaining him with the story of his night with Hassan and Jason.

Pablo was morose. Across the street his lover Darius had paid little attention to him, wrapped up in his devotion to his leather-stud master Zack. The scene in the kitchen spoke for itself with all eyes trained on Eddie who was fast becoming a favorite of the house. And now, to cap it all, Randy was huddled with Ben, having a private breakfast together.

So where did that leave Pablo? As he sipped his coffee his mind went back to the early days when the household consisted only of Randy, Bob, Darius and himself. He had been rescued from his job, his near captivity at the remote gas station in the desert, and after that he had devoted himself to his hero Randy, who came to love him so much he adopted him. Now Pablo was the company's chief mechanic, a job he loved .... but where did all that leave him? Out in the cold, it seemed. He may be the boss's boy, but a fat lot of good that did him.

Self-pity is never a pretty thing and now it gnawed at Pablo and his mood spiraled downward.


Upstairs Ben's story was coming to an end. (In the kitchen Eddie was, naturally, spinning out his saga into a more elaborate version.) Randy smiled affectionately at Ben. "Yeah, Jason's a good guy - not to mention fucking drop-dead gorgeous. I'm glad you're his boy, you deserve him. You're crazy about him, aren't you? And I bet that, after all that action, you left his house looking pretty much like the city dump."

"I guess so, sir," Ben blushed. "See, Jason and Hassan had to leave early and Eddie and me didn't clean up 'cuz we wanted to get home...."

"..... and blab," Randy chuckled. "Now listen to me, kid. With me, Zack, Pablo and Darius away for the next couple of days you're gonna be the lead mechanic on the site. I've left Dave in charge so any problems you go to him. Also, tell him I said you could leave early, 'cuz I want you to go straight from work and clean up Jason's house. Don't you think that hot fireman would like to come home to a neat house and a neat young gypsy boy waiting for him with a drink? No knowing how well he'd thank you for that."

"I've got a pretty good idea, sir," Ben grinned. He stood up and hugged his big brother. "I love you, sir .... a whole lot."

"Yeah me too, kid. Now get out of here before I decide what to do with this boner you've given me here - kid brother or not.

Randy could hear Ben's laughter all the way down the stairs and across the garden, along with his, "Bye, Pablo. Have a great trip .... bring home lots of fish."

Randy went over to the open window and saw Pablo, shoulders hunched and staring gloomily at the table. "Hey, kiddo," he shouted, "get your ass up here."


Always quick to obey Randy, Pablo snapped out of his melancholy and ran upstairs. "Shit, boy," Randy said, "you look like you lost a dollar and found a dime. Real down in the dumps. Come and sit down - there's a lot of food left - Ben talked more than he ate. Mustn't let this breakfast go to waste after the twins went to so much trouble."

"Thank you, sir," Pablo said in a subdued voice that had none of his usual sparkle at being alone with his adoptive dad, the man he worshipped

"OK, kid - what's eating you?"

"Nothing, sir," Pablo said with a mouthful of omelet.

"Now don't come that bullshit with me, boy." Randy's anger was quick to flare up. "We know each other too well for that and I expect us to share stuff openly. So what's eating you?"

"Sorry, sir. I just didn't want to sound like a whiner." He gulped. "Thing is, sir, I don't think anyone in the house likes me, except for you, sir, and maybe Bob."

"Whad'ya mean, maybe Bob?" Randy flared up again. "The man's a fucking saint and he loves you 'cuz you're my boy, and don't you forget it."

"Yeah, I'm sorry, sir I didn't mean that." Pablo knew he had stepped on the third rail by doubting Bob in front of Randy. "It's just that everyone else seems to keep me at arm's length - even Darius lately, he's so wrapped up in Zack. I mean, you've got Bob and Ben - you just had a private breakfast with your little brother - and the other boys never seem keen on having me around. Don't they know I'm the boss's boy and deserve more respect?"

"No they don't!" Randy said. "Not because you're my boy anyway. They resent you always bashing them over the head with that shit. Respect is something you earn, kiddo, not something you get just by strutting your stuff round the house."

He calmed down. "Now get this clear. I love you, boy, ever since I met you in that rat-hole gas station, a gutsy young kid standing up to those fucking bastards. And lately you were great when you volunteered to help Adam by sitting all night by Nate's hospital bed. Everyone admired you for that. I know Ben looks up to you. And as for Darius - shit, you two have been together since you came here - you live together for god's sake. He's crazy about you."

"He's crazy about my ass," Pablo said sullenly. "All he wants to do is fuck me with that huge ten-inch thing of his."

Randy grinned. "Can't blame him for that, kid, with those perfect melons of your perfect butt. And time was you couldn't get enough of all those ten inches. Anyway, we can sort all that out up at the lake - it's one of the reasons I'm taking you there, so you can get things right with Darius - plus I have some business to settle with Zack.

"Like payback for when he beat you in a fight and fucked your ass, sir?" Pablo's trademark crooked grin was back as he looked mischievously at Randy.

"That's more like it, buddy." Randy ruffled his hair. "Yeah, you know me - I could never let something like that go without retaliation. You're just like me, kiddo - we always have to prove we're the best. Difference is, I never gave a shit what anyone thought of me, but you're a bit more sensitive. What does Darius call all you boys - a band of brothers?

"But you know what? Maybe I have neglected you lately - hell, you do such a great job as the mechanic on the site I guess I take you for granted. Come here, kiddo - give your old dad a hug." In an instant Pablo was in Randy's arms, breathing in the virile essence of this extraordinary man. Randy let his hands wander down Pablo's back until he was clutching the 'melons' he had just praised.

"One thing I never take for granted, kid, is this ass of yours. Hell, a dozen times a day at work I get a woody whenever I glimpse you bent over some truck, shoving your butt in the air. Remember the time I put you in the loader scoop of that earthmover and fucked your ass? Shit that was hot. Gives me a hard-on just thinking about it."

"You wanna make use of that hard-on right now, sir?" Pablo's sparkle was back.

"Hell, kiddo, you're one pushy young buck, you know that?"

"I learnt it all from you, sir," Pablo said with more than a touch of insolence.

"Right," Randy growled, "now just for that you are gonna get ploughed, boy. Even if you do accuse me, like Darius, of only wanting you for your ass."

"I want you to want my ass, sir," Pablo grinned. He pulled away from Randy, turned his back on him, pulled off his T-shirt and dropped his shorts. He was wearing nothing underneath and flexed the flawless white globes of his ass. He knew exactly how to turn Randy on - and it worked, as Randy said, "Man, that's a sight that could make grown men weep."

It was not in Randy's nature to kneel to any man, but he did now in reverence to the flawless ass before him. He ran his hand down the slope of the boy's lats, down to the slim waist and the hollow in the small of his back, just above the tan line. For Randy this was his most erotic feature, where his back dipped before it curved up over the perfect mounds of the boy's ass.

He leaned forward and licked the velvet flesh of the hollow, savoring the salty taste of sweat that had gathered there. Randy's heart beat faster as he began making love to his boy, a sensation second only to making love to Bob. His tongue moved lower, then up over the graceful curve of the ass where he kissed the cheeks. His tongue then eased into the crack between the globes, pushing deeper until he tasted the musky fragrance of the black fuzz round the boy's hole.

Building in intensity Randy grabbed the twin globes in his claw-like hands and eased them apart. "Holy shit," he breathed, staring at the sphincter that was pulsing slightly in the boy's anticipation of his master's rod driving into it. Randy was a man who often demonstrated his virility though his muscular strength, but he never felt more macho than when he was gazing at his boy's ass knowing it was his to fuck. This was his boy, his handsome, brave boy, and he was about to enter his ass.

Impulsively Randy buried his face between the cheeks and pushed his tongue over the sphincter, tasting the damp pungency of the velvet membrane inside. He was eating the warm ass, filling it with his probing tongue as Pablo's moans grew louder and louder. Randy knew his boy well and, when his moaning reached a pitch, he knew he was on the edge of orgasm. He quickly pulled his face back and said sharply. "Don't cum, boy. You know my rules."

"Yes, sir. I mean, no sir, not until you give me permission."

Randy stood up and pulled off his T-shirt. He scooped Pablo off his feet so he was lying across his outstretched arms on his back, gazing up at the chiseled gypsy features and steel blue eyes piercing down at him. Pablo's unlaced sneakers and the shorts round his ankles fell to the floor and he was naked, feeling safe and elated lying in the strong arms of the man he idolized.

"So, I've got you now, kid," Randy said. "You're my boy and I can do whatever I fucking-well want with you." Randy was pacing the room holding his boy and Pablo loved being powerless, pressed against his master's chest, seeing the trickle of sweat run down the hairy cleft between his rock-hard pecs. "So what d'you want me to do to you, boy? Tell me what you want from your old man, now that you claim you've been rejected by everyone else."

"Sir," Pablo said, his eyes growing moist. "Please sir, I want you to fuck my ass .... I want you to make love to me. See...." a tear flowed down his cheek "... if I know you really love me I don't care about the others - don't care about anyone. You're the only one who counts .... you're my hero. I want to be a good boy for you, and to feel your cock in my ass, sir ... please."

Randy leaned down and licked the tear from his boy's face. "Shit, boy," he grinned, I've eaten your ass, loosened it up, nice and wet, and my dick is stiff as a poker, so what d'ya think I'm gonna do? You do the math. Give up? OK I'll tell you. The construction boss is gonna plough the gorgeous ass of his hot young mechanic."

Randy opened his arms and dropped the boy on the bed. He landed on his back and trembled as he watched Randy rip open his shorts and let them drop, his big, thick cock springing out like a power pole. Naked now, the handsome gypsy towered over him, slowly stroking his cock, hypnotizing him with the lasers of his pale blue eyes set in his dark-stubbled face.

Randy knew how to taunt a boy, to drive him wild. "Beat your meat, boy," he growled. "Let me watch you pound that cock without busting your load."

Pablo could cum just by looking at his naked master, and Randy knew that. Now he made his boy suffer the agony of stroking his cock to the point of orgasm, then pulling back just in time, then cranking it up again. It took all Pablo's skill and restraint, and all the time he couldn't take his eyes off his master's rod, willing him to shove it in his ass, imagining the sensation of it driving deep inside him. The thought almost made him shoot a massive load but he clenched his jaw, moaned and yanked his hand off his cock.

Randy looked down with satisfaction at what he was doing to his boy. He was a writhing mass of desire, stroking himself to the brink of orgasm, then pulling back from his climax with sheer will-power. And still the muscular gypsy paced the room, teasing, taunting the helpless boy, his head thrashing from side to side, his body tensing, driven crazy with pent-up lust. Randy had tortured men physically before, but he was equally skilled at sexual torture

"Please, sir," Pablo howled. "Please, please take my ass and let me shoot. Look, sir, here's my ass, here's my hole - it belongs to you, sir." He pulled back his legs and displayed his perfect butt. Still stroking his cock tears again sprang to his eyes, tears of frustration this time and forbidden lust. "Please, sir, you look so incredibly hot, sir, you know I can't take anymore. Please, help me, sir ... please fuck me and let me cum ...."

It was exquisite torture. He had never craved anything so much in his life. His ass, his whole body was on fire and he howled. "I'm begging ... please, sir .... fuck my ass....."

Randy finally had mercy. He knelt on the bed, pushed Pablo's ankles high in the air and drove his rod straight into the boy's hole, deep down inside. "Aaaagh!" Randy yelled as his juice blasted into the fiery depths of his boy's gut. "Now, boy, now!"

Aaah ... aaah ... aaah. Pablo's black hair flew, his face jerked back and his body shuddered as it was impaled on his master's rod..... and a huge plume of semen exploded from his cock and shot straight up. Randy opened his mouth and caught it all, swallowing hard. "Now you, boy - drink it." Pablo aimed his dick at his own face and the ribbons of cum that followed splashed into his mouth and he gulped them all down.

In a trance he gazed up and saw the blurred image of Randy with jism running over his face and mouth. A smile crossed that face as Randy fell forward and pressed the boy's wrists to the bed. "And now, boy - now we've got lust out of the way - we can make love."


Buried in the furnace of his boy's ass Randy's cock remained rock hard. He pulled it back slowly, right up to the sphincter and Pablo thought it would pull out. But it paused, then sank back all the way down the chute to the inner sphincter, teased it, then drew slowly back to the top. Pablo could have shot another load right away but he didn't want to - he wanted to luxuriate in the full range of Randy's sexual skills.

The reasons Randy was such a powerful leader of men were his imposing physical beauty, his natural dominance and his brute strength. And all of these contributed to one other attribute .... the man was an incredible fuck. Even when he was savagely ramrodding a guy's ass the guy would beg for more. And when he made love to an ass the guy fell totally under his spell.

Once a man had been fucked by Randy he never forgot it. It would be one of those fucks he would remember even into his later years, when the very thought of it would bring a smile to his face and a stiffness to his cock.

And when Randy loved a guy, as he did Bob and Pablo, he gave them the best of the best. Absurdly, though, love was a source of insecurity for Randy because for once he was not in control. He had an irrational fear that the man he loved would leave him. How crazy was that when all he had to do was sink his shaft into his lover's ass to secure his devotion forever?

It was why Bob could never leave him, even though he had tried at first before he fully realized the inescapable power of Randy's magnetism. And it was why, right now, Pablo was drifting in a magical world that only Randy could create. Randy's awareness of his sexual power made him arrogant, which only added to his macho sensuality.

As his huge cock filled his boy's ass, teasing it, moving erotically back and forth from one sphincter to the other, Randy grinned smugly, "See, boy, when I love a guy he knows it. Here, you feel this?" He gently pushed the head of his cock over the inner sphincter and let it rest in deep in the boy's gut."

"Aah ... aa ... aah," Pablo breathed raggedly, desperately holding back another orgasm.

I love you, sir, I worship you ... I'm your slave, sir."

Randy smiled. "I don't want a slave, kiddo. I want a tough, brave kid, good with his fists, handsome, great body, spectacular ass - and considerate of others. And I've found him, kiddo. You're my boy and I love, love fucking my boy's ass. Come on kid - what say we go for broke?"

"Right there with you, sir."

So Randy gave him the royal treatment - massaging his ass with his cock, increasing the pace, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, then suddenly slowing to a gentle caress. As his rod became a piston again Pablo was whirling in a state of raw lust, at the mercy of this raging stallion, never knowing what came next. Impaled on the pounding shaft he surrendered his ass to his master - his body, mind and spirit, his whole being. Randy was pile-driving his ass and the helpless boy knew he couldn't hold back any longer.

Suddenly Randy leaned down and closed his mouth over Pablo's in a raw, ravenous kiss. At the same he pulled his hips back, paused, then slammed his pole savagely into the shuddering depths of his boy's ass. Pablo screamed into the gag of his master's mouth, felt hot jism pouring into his ass, and his cock erupted in his second orgasm of the day.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Randy yelled. Darius was already talking as he entered. "Guys we're all set downstairs if you....." His words died in his throat as he saw the naked gypsy on top of his boy, jizz oozing between their bodies, tears running down Pablo's cheeks. "Oh, sorry, sir," he stammered, knowing he should withdraw but rooted to the spot (a sight too hot to miss - god he wished he had his camera.)

"It's OK, Darius - great timing, we'd just finished as you can see." Randy pulled out of Pablo's ass and jumped to his feet. He stood there with a triumphant smile on his face, his muscles pumped, chest covered in his boy's jism, sweat running down his face, his huge cock swinging between his legs, still dripping cum. "Holy shit," Darius murmured, staring in awe. When Randy fucked he really fucked.

"Five minutes and we'll be right with you," Randy said. "Kiddo, get our gear together and take it down to the truck. And both of you pick up the supplies the twins have ready in the kitchen. I gotta see Bob. He put on his sneakers, grabbed his shorts and strode naked from the room.

Bob was in his upstairs office with Jamie when Randy came in. Bob grinned broadly at the naked, cum-streaked gypsy with the gleaming eyes. "OK, three guesses at what you've been doing. One - fucking Pablo .... or two - fucking Pablo .... or three - maybe fucking Pablo?"

"Asshole," Randy said, throwing his arms round him while Jamie chuckled in the background. Jamie got up to leave but Randy said, "Nah, stay put Jamie, I just came to say goodbye." He smiled at Bob. "Take care of yourself, buddy. Back in two days and then ..." He stretched out his arms and displayed the naked body of a fuck machine.

"OK, got the message," Bob grinned. "I'll be waiting for you."

"You better be, stud. Hey Jamie, you and Mark take care of my man here, OK?"

"Aye, aye, sir," said Jamie. As Randy walked to the door Bob said, "Oh, and Randy - put on your shorts."

"Oh, yeah, sure." Randy pulled on his shorts, held out his arms and grinned. "See, Prince Charming, dressed up for the ball." And he left the room.

Bob shook his head. "Jamie, there goes a man who's one of a kind. Nobody in the world like him."

Jamie laughed. "Good thing too, sir. I don't think the world could handle another Randy."


They took Randy's truck as it was the biggest, with a double cab and a huge flatbed that easily held the rowboat and all the gear of four men and a dog. Randy and Zack sat up front, with Pablo and Darius behind them. Beside Pablo sat his dog Billy with his head hanging out of the window, his favorite thing in life - next to his master, of course.

As they drove up into the Angeles National Forest sexual vibrations still resonated between Randy and Pablo, who were both shirtless in cargo shorts. They had not even stopped to shower after their wild fuck-fest so they were still redolent of sweat and dried cum. Randy frequently looked at Pablo in the rear-view mirror and they grinned with the private smile of men who had just fucked their brains out.

But that's as far as companionship showed itself on the drive up. In the front there was an unusual reserve between the two men. Randy and Zack were best buddies, working together on the construction site as partners, with mutual respect and affection. But like all friendships between strong-willed alpha males there was always a hint of masculine rivalry deep down which sometimes exploded to the surface.

This had happened not long ago between Randy and Zack, resulting in a vicious fight that Zack had won. He had taken the prize of Randy's ass and humiliated him by pinning him down and savagely butt-fucking him. Randy had accepted defeat in a fair fight but a coolness remained between them and they both knew why.

On the rare occasions that Randy was beaten, especially fucked and humiliated, he had to get even. It was a creed he had always lived by since his street-fighter days in West Texas - an eye for an eye and a fuck for a fuck. The conventional advice - 'don't get mad, get even' - didn't apply. Randy did both.

Both men knew all this and both knew it was one reason for their trip to the lake. In the meantime their friendship had been restored when they had joined forces to defeat four bikers holding the twins captive. Fighting together, side by side, was to both of them the ultimate expression of virile brotherhood. They really were like brothers, but still that crack in the fabric of their friendship had to be mended - an eye for an eye - which accounted for the tension between them as they now sat side by side.

So often the boys mirrored their masters, and in the back seat a similar tension existed between Pablo and Darius, though it had been a longtime building. They had been lovers almost since the day Pablo had arrived in the house and they had reached that uncomfortable phase most relationships go through - a cooling of the original joy, a sense that each was taking the other for granted. The problem was more pronounced on Pablo's side, as he sensed an alienation from the other boys too.

So the tension in the front seat was playing out in the back too. Sitting between Darius and his dog Billy, Pablo leaned close to Billy and put his arm round him, causing him to lean away from Darius. Hm, thought Darius - loves his dog more than me.


When they arrived at their special place in the forest high above Los Angeles they bumped over the familiar long dirt trail and parked by the small beach surrounded by trees at the remote, placid lake, shining like glass. As they unpacked their gear Darius made a clumsy attempt at warming things up between him and Pablo. "Love this place," he said, "real cool .... and a great place to fuck."

That was the wrong button to press and Pablo rose to the bait. "Yeah, well you should be in hog heaven 'cuz all you want to do is push that ten-inch prong of yours up my ass. That's all you ever want."

"Hey, dude, that's not fair, I ...." But Pablo was ignoring him, setting up Billy's blanket and water bowl at the back of the beach. The exchange had been overheard by Randy and Zack who raised their eyes at each other. "OK, kid," Randy said sharply to Pablo. "Why don't me and you take the boat out, try and catch some fish for dinner." Zack was quick to add, "I don't know about you all, but after that long drive I need to stretch my legs. Wanna come for a walk by the lake with me, Darius?"

"Sure, sir," said Darius, throwing a sour look at Pablo. They finished unloading their gear, the fishing tackle and the rowboat, Zack threw his arm over Darius's shoulder and they took off.

Pablo and Randy changed into swim trunks and carried the boat and gear down to the shallow water. Pablo and Billy jumped in and Randy waded into deeper water pushing the boat before him. Holding onto the stern and swimming with a strong leg-kick Randy pushed the boat quickly out into the middle of the lake, then hauled himself in, his muscles flexing in the sunlight as water streamed off him. Pablo got an instant boner, his cock pushing up in his shorts like a tent-pole.

"Yeah, I know how you feel, kiddo," Randy chuckled. "I could go for that too, but we gotta talk. They set up the fishing lines over the side of the boat, Billy settled in his usual position in the prow looking down at the water, watching for movement, and Pablo and Randy lay on their side in the boat propped up on one elbow looking at each other.

"You know, kid," Randy began, "like I said this morning, you gotta sort out this shit between you and Darius, and then make your peace with the other boys. You're a great kid, but your social skills? .... not so hot. I know you try to copy me but sometimes I'm not the best role model. For instance, my social skills are for shit - practically non-existent. Bob is always having to bail me out when he sees me clenching my fists, ready to take a swing at some guy. That smooth way Bob has about him has kept me out of a whole mess of trouble."

"What I'm saying is, kid, you gotta wise up - act mature. I mean, this shit you got going with Darius ... don't bear a grudge ... bury it."

"But you're gonna get even with Zack for fucking you, sir. Ain't that like bearing a grudge?"

Randy was momentarily knocked off balance by his kid's logic. "That's not the same, boy," he said gruffly. "That's a matter of honor among men." He let that dubious argument float away on the breeze and they gazed at each other in silence.

"'Course," Randy resumed, "you know what I'm doing with you, don't you? You're my boy, my son, and one day you're gonna take over for me. Someday in the future you'll be boss of the outfit, so I want you to become a leader, a mature guy who knows how to deal with others, not always flaring up and swinging your fists." Pablo grinned mischievously. "OK, wiseguy," Randy said. "Like I said, I'm not always the best role model. Do what I tell you, not what I do."

They looked at each other, their eyes crinkled and they burst out laughing. "OK, kid, I might as well tell you now. You've been doing a damn fine job and you know the company inside and out, so I've been talking to the other company directors - Bob, Mark and Zack - and soon I'm gonna offer you the chance to become a junior partner." Pablo's eyes opened wide with surprised delight.

"But I don't want you parading around boasting about all that boss's boy/junior partner bullshit. You gotta show me you got leadership skills by respecting the other boys, starting with Darius. For god's sake heal the breach and get over your temper tantrums with him."

"Yes, sir, absolutely, sir. Thank you, sir. I promise to live up to your trust in me, sir."

"Oh yeah," Randy grinned, "and there's one other thing. One of your duties as junior partner is to make that ass of yours available to the boss 24/7. Think you can do that?"

"Of course, sir. Starting right now if you want." But they were interrupted by Billy's excited barking as he looked down at the water. "Looks like we got our first fish, kiddo, so let's cut the crap and do what we came to do - fish."


About that time Zack and Darius were having a similar man-to-boy conversation while they walked round the lake. Zack had noticed the coolness between Darius and Pablo and, typically for him, confronted the issue head on. "So what's all this crap between you and Pablo, kid?"

"I dunno, sir. He's been walking round with a face as long as my dick, and that's saying something. He says the only thing I ever want from him is to fuck his ass."

"And is that true?"

"Well, sir, he's got this spectacular pair of buns, and with my dick .... well you know the saying, my dick and his ass, a match ....."

"....... match made in heaven, yeah, so I hear. But listen, boy, it may come as a surprise to you but a man wants more from a lover than a ten-inch schlong. And he wants to mean more to you than a great fuck. You gotta show him you still love him. You do, don't you?"

"Of course I do," Darius said animatedly. "He can be a handful at times with his 'boss's boy' bullshit but I like a tough guy with spunk and he's got plenty of that."

Zack thought in silence for a moment. "And when did Pablo last get to fuck you?"

"Uh? Hm ... well, I can't remember, sir, it's been so long."

"Just what I thought. Don't you think that would be bad for a tough guy's ego - always getting his ass ploughed? Kid, the first thing you gotta do is correct that. Even the score. You probably know that's what Randy has in mind for me after I thrashed him and fucked him. The guy always has to get even and prove he's still the top gun. And I'll let him. Hell I would do the same to him if he had humiliated me by whipping my ass and fucking it."

"So take your cue from me and do the same for Pablo. Let him take your ass and do it in a showy way so he can prove that he's as macho as the next guy and has more to offer than just a flawless butt." He grinned. "Though I gotta say, those globes of his are mighty sweet - enough to make any guy drop his pants."


They had walked all round the lake and got back to the beach just as Randy and Pablo were pulling the boat out of the water, with a sizeable catch that they put in a cooler for later. Now that the preliminaries were out of the way there was a distinct tension in the air, as everyone knew what had to come next.

Pablo said impulsively, "Dude, I've been talking to Randy and there's something I gotta tell you. I've behaved like a real prick, lately and ...."

"Nah, kiddo, it's mostly my fault. I started taking you for granted .... hell, I sure took your ass for granted, like it was my own personal playground, and I gotta make things right."

Zack and Randy needed no words to express how they had to 'make things right.' They had known this moment would come right after Zack had left Randy beaten and crawling in the dust. As always, Randy took charge. "OK, guys let's cut to the chase, here. Seems like the boys, as usual, are on the same track as their masters, so let's do it. You ready?

"Ready," said Zack. "Ready," said Darius.


Billy lay on his blanket his head on his paws watching the proceedings with intense interest. He had seen scenes like this before and he knew better than to get involved. Like his young master, he was never good at taking a back seat, but this was one of the times he had to.

His gaze was riveted on the two naked black men standing back to back under a tree at the back of the beach. Watching them just as intently were Randy and Pablo, lying naked on their backs on the beach, side by side, propped up on their elbows. The smooth horizontal line of their muscular bodies was broken only by the poles standing up vertically out of their pubic hair.

"Hard not to get a cockstand looking at something that hot," Randy said. "Two hot black studs, master and boy, back to back, bodies stretched upward, wrists roped to that tree branch. Shit, look at that master, the proud, defiant face, those shiny black muscles gleaming in the sun. What turns you on the most about him, kid?"

"Well, sir, the body's spectacular - those pecs and shoulders, and his eight-pack abs. But I think the face is sexiest and that macho shaved head. Plus that monster club swinging between his legs."

"Yeah," Randy agreed, and talking of clubs, how about his boy's huge piece of horse meat? That alone would fetch top price if they were slaves at a slave market."

Which is exactly how the two black men felt as their captors on the beach sized them up like animals for sale. The humiliation had already begun.

Randy pulled himself and Pablo off the ground and they walked over to face the bound captives. "Take your cue from me, boy," Randy said to Pablo. "While I work on the stud here you do likewise to his boy." He looked straight into Zack's eyes and said, "That should spice it up a bit for you, big guy." He rolled Zack's nipples hard in his fingers. "You were ready to get worked over by me, but that's your boy tied up with you and he's gonna be getting the same treatment from my kid. Neat, eh?"

"Fuck off," snarled Zack.

In response Randy grabbed Zack behind the head, pulled his face forward and ground their faces together. Zack tasted the tongue probing his mouth and he instinctively started to respond, kissing the erotic gypsy face, but then he recoiled, resisting the temptation, pulled away and spat on the ground."

"Oh-ho," Randy said, "that's how were gonna play it eh, big guy? Suites me fine - my choice of weapons then. He reached down to the ground, pulled the belt from his shorts and the one from Pablo's. He tossed the second belt to Pablo who was applying to Darius every one of his master's moves on Zack. Randy stood back and flicked his belt against the ebony slabs of Zack's chest.

"Yeah, you're one hell of a stud, man - a leather-master who can beat any man, even me every once in a while. But you really pissed me off, asshole, when you thrashed me, fucked my ass and left me crawling in the dirt on my own construction site." He snapped a fierce crack of the belt on Zack's chest, making him flinch and his tone became grim.

"But this is me you're dealing with, pal, and I don't take that shit form anyone, even a tough son of a bitch like you. So now the badass leather-stud, the top-man, is tied up naked with his boy and he's gonna get his ass fucked. See how this feels, big guy." He stood back and lashed Zack's chest several times while Pablo did the same to Darius.

"OK," Zack yelled, "do anything you want to me, I can take it, but go easy on my boy. Thrash me but not him."

Randy's only reaction was to tell Pablo, "Turn them round, kid, facing each other." Their arms were tied straight up so it was easy to turn them round chest to chest, their eyes staring into each other. Randy gloated, "Shit, look at those fine black asses, boy. How about we prime them - warm them up a bit before we shove our dicks inside them?"

"Aaagh .... " The howls of Zack and his boy rang through the forest as the belts bounced off the mounds of their asses - one lash, two, three .... Zack stared into Darius's eyes and the boy gained strength from his master's defiant gaze. The fantasy of this whole scene was not lost on the boy, known as the king of fantasy, and the fact that he was sharing it with his muscle-god master more than made up for the pain.

The lashing stopped, Randy spat in his hand and pushed a wet finger into Zack's hole, taking pleasure in hearing the black bodybuilder groaning as his ass was invaded. Randy pressed his chest against Zack's back and rested his chin on his shoulder from behind. "Has to be this way, buddy, you know that. You're one hell of a man and if it's any consolation it's a privilege for me to fuck that fine ass. I won't insult a man like you by holding back. You know me and the way I fuck. Like this....."

Again howls of pain reverberated round the beach as Randy and Pablo drove their cocks into the helpless asses. The bound men's bodies were crushed together as they were ramrodded from behind, and their muscles flexed as they instinctively pulled against the ropes trying to break free. But gradually the searing pain dissolved in a sense of euphoria as the rods drove into their asses with building speed.

Darius especially was enthralled by the unaccustomed sensation of his lover pounding his ass. "Damn that feels so fucking hot. Show me what I've been missing, dude .... fuck me ... fuck that black ass."

Zack was no less exhilarated, falling under the spell of Randy's legendary sexuality. What Randy loved most was a man-to-man fuck, full on, no holding back as he did with a boy. This was a ferocious, pile-driving fuck, two muscular construction workers, the gypsy savage pounding the ass of the black muscle-god. And it drove Zack wild.

"Yeah," he howled, "punish that ass, man, hurt it .... that all you got? .... remember how I pinned you down and tortured your ass? .... it's payback time, stud ...... fuck me ..... fuck me....!"

Randy flashed on the image of his crawling humiliation, beaten to the ground by the fists of the black bodybuilder who then fell on him and shoved his huge black dick up his ass. His anger flared again and he hungered for revenge. He grabbed Zack's hips and, using every ounce of his massive strength, drove his shaft deep into the shattered depths of the black man's gut.

This was man to man, two dominant men at the height of their power, best buddies, brothers, proving their strength to each other - the one using his cock as a brutal weapon, the other enduring the savage assault on his tortured ass. Equally matched, the men could have fucked and suffered indefinitely, but it was Darius who forced the climax.

"Dude," he yelled to Pablo, "your cock is so damn hot I gotta bust a load. I gotta cum, man. Let me feel your jizz in my ass, dude, 'cuz I'm cumming ......." His words were stifled by his master's mouth smothering his in a passionate kiss.

And so the climax came in rapid sequence. First Pablo yelled as his cock erupted deep in Darius's ass. Feeling the hot semen flowing inside him Darius moaned into Zack's mouth and shot his own massive load between their bodies, up over their stomachs and chests. The sticky dampness of his boy's cum, the heat of their mouths grinding together, and the shaft driving into his ass combined to send a jolt of electricity through Zack and he blasted a massive load in sync with his boy's.

As he shot his load, Zack's ass clamped tight round the shaft inside him. He pulled back from his boy's mouth as he felt Randy's cock explode in his ass and the air was shattered by the triumphant roars of two lions fighting for tribal dominance. They had battled to a draw - they were even, two powerful men united in a brotherhood of admiration and respect.

Randy slumped exhausted against Zack's sweating back and panted, "That's how real men fuck, buddy. God you're incredible. I love you, man. Proud to call you brother."


At last Billy roused himself, lumbered over to Pablo and licked his feet - a canine gesture of either pride or simple affection only he knew. Quickly released, the four men bounded into the lake with howls of delight, washing off the juices of their lust and passion. And this time Billy joined in, barking, splashing in the general euphoria that all was right with the world. And, at least in their world, it was.

It would not be generally believed that all the tensions and quarrels of men could be banished with a great fuck, but in this idyllic place, between these extraordinary men, they had. Pretty soon Pablo and Darius had pushed the boat out (literally) and were floating in the middle of the lake making love on the floor of the boat, with Billy getting his licks in (literally). On the beach Randy and Zack were sprawled side by side, sipping beer and talking about whatever two rugged alpha males talk about.

Later, after a cooked meal of fish, fresh from the lake, all four of them lay together naked, enjoying each other and feeling the sap rising once again. Pablo and Darius grinned with mutual understanding and gently opened their masters' shorts. They were soon chowing down on their cocks while Randy and Zack leaned back on their elbows watching them.


The sudden command came from a tall, uniformed man who had just appeared through the trees. The arrogant voice continued, "That fire you've had there is illegal. And what you boys were doing is also illegal, and immoral. You can consider yourselves under arrest."

Billy growled softly, waiting for his cue from Pablo, but such was the self-assurance of these supremely confident men that they barely flinched as they looked up at the man - with amusement on the men's part and lust on the boys'. He must have been in his late twenties, tall, blond, boyishly handsome with an obviously well-toned, lean body under his forest ranger uniform - pale gray, short-sleeved shirt with a white triangle of T-shirt at the open neck, dark green pants and black boots.

With the heavy black belt and equipment round his waist he had a youthful air of authority as he continued listing their infractions of the law. "It's pretty clear what you men have been doing and it's disgusting. What you do in your own home is your business but out here it's against the law. I am a Chief Forest Ranger and I have to report you."

"Oh no," Pablo said in mock horror. "You're not gonna throw me in jail, are you, sir. I don't think me or my butt would last long inside. See?" He rolled over and stuck his flawless white globes in the air. Darius sputtered with laughter and the man barked, "Enough! Which one of you is the responsible party - who's the leader here?"

Zack rolled his eyes at Randy and raised his hands with a helpless 'not me' gesture. "Coward," Randy grinned. He shrugged and said to the ranger, "I guess that would be me. I'm the boss here." Slowly he got to his feet and stood in front of the young ranger in all his naked, muscular glory, his huge cock swinging between his legs. The ranger inhaled sharply and took a step back before recovering himself. "Sir, I'm gonna have to cuff you. Put your hands behind your back."

Randy complied meekly and the ranger stepped behind him. But as he brought the cuffs close Randy suddenly grabbed his wrist, whirled him round facing him and yanked his arms up behind his back in a brutal double hammerlock applied from the front. Their chests pressed together, faces inches apart and the ranger stammered, "Resisting arrest is a felony and ....."

Randy cut him off by leaning forward and pressing their mouths together, pushing his lips open with his tongue. Grinding their lips against each Randy breathed his beery breath into his mouth. The stunned ranger was trapped, feeling the sheer strength of this man and the tongue probing his mouth. A look of panic filled his eyes as Randy finally pulled his mouth away and his steel blue eyes pierced the ranger's like lasers.

"Like I said, man, I'm the boss around here and I do what the fuck I like. You lay one finger on these boys and I will personally shove my fist right up your pathetic ass."

He grinned maliciously. "So you're a Chief Ranger, eh? Well I've got news for you, pal. I outrank you ... 'cuz I'm the King of the fucking Gypsies."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 220"


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