Kyle and Kevin had never seen anything so erotic. From their vantage point in the dunes above Zack's beach shack they looked on stunned as their master, Bob, had tied the naked cop, Mark, to a doorframe and had subjected him to emotional torture and physical pain. When at last the scene's climax came, so had theirs.

They had always been intrigued by bondage, and Randy had once even given them a lesson on typing rope knots. They had been so turned on by the sight of Bob and Mark and their sexual games that they were dying to duplicate them, to do the same erotic things to each other. But Bob suspected as much as he and Mark jogged away from the shack, so they had doubled back to watch them from the twins' former viewing spot in the dunes.

Things were developing as Bob had suspected. Kevin was tied in the doorframe as Mark had been - sort of. The twins had obviously forgotten Randy's lesson and had to keep stopping when one of Kevin's wrists slid out of the rope. Kyle was not so skilled with the whip either. He couldn't judge his own strength and sometimes hit too hard, prompting a howl from Kevin, "Ow, that hurt too much, bro. Not so rough."

Bob chuckled and whispered, "Hmm, those boys need lessons."

Mark smiled, "Hey I have an idea. We'll give them a lesson they won't forget in a hurry. Quick, let's run back to my place." As they ran through the dunes Mark sketched out his plan. "You know whenever I go anywhere I always take my uniform with me in case I'm suddenly called back to duty. We'll drive back quickly on the track behind the dunes and surprise them."

And so, a short time later, Mark's truck was bouncing along the track and stopped a safe distance from the shack. "We'll walk the rest of the way, Mark said, "and when we get behind the shack leave it to me for a few minutes."

"OK, buddy," Bob grinned. "It's your show."


Things were not going well for the twins. They had been so turned on by the erotic sight of Bob and Mark that they were dying to recreate the same fantasies with each other. But they were novices and making a complete hash of it. Kyle had taken his turn tied in the ropes but Kevin was even more clumsy with knots than Kyle had been. He had somehow managed to tie Kyle up but when he came to brandish the whip he missed a couple of times and Kyle snapped derisively, "That's no good, dude - you gotta aim better."

Then, all of a sudden ...... "Freeze!"

They had been so focused on each other they had not seen the cop approach from the dunes and now they looked up at him in shock. The police officer was in his full black uniform, high motorcycle boots, mirror sunglasses and a cap pulled low over his eyes so they did not recognize him. All they saw was a tall, muscular cop towering over them and they froze as ordered - frozen in fear.

"What the fuck's going on here?" barked the unfamiliar voice. "Tell me!"

But the twins couldn't utter a word, terrified of what came next. The cop walked round them, sternly surveying the bondage scene. Still disguising his voice by affecting an accent, he growled, "You know I could book you on multiple charges - forcible detention, bondage, slavery, grievous bodily harm. Can you give me any reason not to haul your sorry asses to jail?"

They gulped and Kyle at last found his voice. "Sir, we were only playing games. We're very sorry officer."

"Games?!" He picked up the whip that Kevin had dropped. "You call this a game? You could do serious damage with this." The twins looked at him wide-eyed as he considered his next move. "OK, I should book you both and throw you in jail, but I'm gonna give you a break. I'm gonna show you that this is no game you've been playing. I'll give you a choice. Jail - or me."

"You, sir," they said in unison, scared to death of ending up in jail.

"Right - you" (to Kyle) "stay where you are. I'm just gonna tighten the ropes your buddy here fucked up so badly." He used just one of the ropes to tie both of Kyle's wrists together then pulled the rope taut round the beam so Kyle's arms were stretched up high beside his head. "You" (to Kevin) "get your ass over here." He used the other rope to tie Kevin exactly like his brother, so they were standing side by side, their arms touching as they were stretched upward.

"Yeah," the cop growled. "Two of you - identical - hot looking kids. I'm really gonna enjoy this...." and he cracked the whip on the sand, making the captive boys flinch. He raised his arm and brought the whip down lightly against their chests. It coiled round them both, effectively tying them together for a moment. The brief surge of excitement that made their cocks stiffen was overtaken by fear which prevented a full hard-on.

They closed their eyes waiting for another lash, but suddenly ..... "Hey, what the hell's going on here, officer?"

A familiar voice - Bob's! A wave of relief swept over them. Bob would rescue them. The cop looked at Bob as he ran down from the dunes. "Nothing these two punks don't deserve," said the officer - but his voice had changed - it became a voice they recognized. The cop took off his cap and glasses. Mark, of course .... how could they have been so stupid not to recognize him? The shock of fear when they saw him appear so suddenly had blinded their judgment. In their panic the possibility of it being Mark never crossed their minds .... all they saw was a cop, his face hidden by sunglasses and the peak of his cap, speaking with an accent.

Bob was wearing jeans and one of Mark's black tank tops stretched over his muscular torso. Mark undid several buttons of his black police shirt. They looked spectacular and the twins' cocks rose in unison to a stiff erection, two identical rods standing at full attention. Tied up side by side, their bodies stretched upward, they were at the mercy of these two muscle-gods. It was one of their widest fantasies and they pressed against each other, sharing their excitement.

The cop said, "They were playing some kind of dangerous sex game but they obviously don't know shit about tying ropes so I'm teaching them a lesson, showing them just how rough bondage can get."

"Damn right," said Bob. "Mind if I give you a hand with that, officer?"

"Be my guest," said the cop, still showing no hint of a smile. The twins realized the two men were playing this for real, though they trusted Bob completely not to allow them to get hurt. Still, they wanted to feel what it was like to get whipped and they watched as Bob went into the shack and came back with the cat-o'-nine-tails.

Bob stood behind them while Mark, facing them, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, looking stunning in his white T-shirt, the contours of his chest showing underneath, the T-shirt tapering down to the tight waist of his black pants. His biceps bulged just below his short sleeves, especially when he raised the whip. "OK, man, let's rock," he shouted to Bob. "Here begineth the first lesson."

The twins' bodies jerked and they almost busted their load as they felt whips simultaneously strike their chests and backs - lightly enough to sting but not cause real pain. Again the whips fell, slightly harder this time, and they moaned in excitement and trepidation. They felt one whip lash their abs while the one behind them bounced off their asses. After several more lashes Bob walked round and stood beside Mark facing them. "Us cops know how to handle boys like you," Mark said. "It gets slowly worse - unless you can get free. Let's see you try."

As ordered, the twins pulled against the roped binding their wrists, struggling, twisting in a hopeless attempt at freeing themselves. "Shit, man, will you look at that?" said Mark, his cock swelling in his pants at the sight the two beautiful, identical twins, their boyishly handsome faces grimacing, their bound, athletic bodies straining and gleaming in the hot sun. Bob walked closer and asked quietly, "Do you want to be set free?"

"No, sir," Kyle said instantly. "No thank you, sir," Kevin agreed. Bob's concern for them overcame their fears and they knew they were safe.

Bob walked back to Mark. "OK, officer, that was their last chance. Let's see how much these two young bucks can take."

Mark reached behind his neck, pulled up on his T-shirt that pulled free of his waist, slid up over his chest and head, and was flung to the ground. Bob did the same, pulling off his tank top and tossing it aside. The boys gasped at their master and the cop, stripped to the waist, their muscles flexed, ready for action. This was one of their widest fantasies, being strung up at the mercy of two muscle-hunks. The image had often sparked mutual jack off sessions.

And so the whipping began - more teasing than torment as the blows were light - just enough to sting. The twins had never been so turned on as Bob worked on Kevin's chest and Mark on Kyle's. They gazed at the rugged cop and his buddy, both shirtless, their muscular torsos gleaming with sweat as they wielded the whips in the hot sun.

The brothers' reflexes were always in sync with each other and now their groans and rasping breaths grew louder in unison. The sting of the whips made their cocks shudder, but it was not so much the actual whipping as the sense of a fantasy come to life that sent them over the edge. They projected their former illusions onto their current predicament - they writhed in bondage as they imagined the real pain of the brutal lash, and they gazed at the two gorgeous men torturing their bodies.

"You ready, bro?" Kyle whispered. "You bet," panted Kevin. "Aaagh" The twin screams were matched by the identical jets of semen that blasted across the sand and splashed down at the men's feet, followed by another. Then their heads fell forward in submission and they hung limply from their ropes.

Mark and Bob walked forward and pushed their chins up with the butt-end of the whip handles and the twins excited eyes told Bob that they were thrilled by every minute of this fantasy. The men twisted their nipples lightly between their fingers and Mark growled. "You punks are finally learning your lesson, surrendering to your masters by shooting a load of jism. But it ain't over. You gotta learn that when you're tied up helpless at the mercy of a horny guy he can do anything to you - even fuck your sweet ass. What d'ya say to that?"

"Thank you, sir," they said in unison, their eyes shining.

"Turn around." The brothers obeyed, hands still tied, the ropes twisting above them. "Oh, man," Mark said, "get a load of those perfect white asses." He stroked the handle of the whip between their ass cheeks and the boys thought for a shuddering moment that the cop was going to shove the whip handle in their asses. But instead Mark said to Bob, "Take whichever one you want, man. They're both identical after all. You two - face each other."

The twins made a half turn and stood facing each other, their chests pressed together. Bob got behind Kevin and Mark behind Kyle and they eased their stiff cocks between the white globes. "Here it comes, boys," growled Mark, and the brothers braced for a savage penetration of their asses. Instead they felt the exquisite sensation of a huge cock pushing slowly inside them, sinking to the depths of their ass, pulling back and sliding in again.

The boys sighed in ecstasy, sharing the exhilarating rush by gazing into each other's eyes, then staring at the rugged face over their brother's shoulder. Despite their orgasm minutes ago their cocks were rock hard again, pressed up between their bodies. The prolonged and gentle fuck launched the twins into a world of pure pleasure, their wildest sex dreams coming true as the men's cocks massaged their asses and their own cocks were squeezed together between them.

Instinctively they rubbed up and down against each other, their cocks stroking against each other, their asses riding up and down on the men's stiff rods. It was as if each boy was simultaneously fucking a man's cock and his brother's, causing ecstatic groans from Mark and Bob. Then it was the twins' turn to send their masters over the edge. Smiling into each other's eyes their faces closed together in a passionate kiss .... their lips ground together as their asses rose and fell on the huge cocks.

The men were driven wild. "Hoy shit," Mark breathed. "That is un-fucking-believable. Come on, man, let's give it to them." They grabbed the boys' hips and, working in sync, increased the pace of their fuck, pounding the brothers' asses while Kyle and Kevin pressed their cocks and their lips hard against each other.

Men and boys were approaching their climax. The twins were so fired up by the feel of their brother's body and their masters' cocks pistoning inside them that their faces pulled apart and they yelled as hot cum pumped up between them. Their bodies were soon sliding together on a thick film of cum. The men were only seconds behind. Smiling at each other over the boys' shoulders, their pent up lust finally erupted, filling the hot young asses with their man-juice.

The men and boys clung together until their hearts and ragged breathing slowed down. Then the men reached up, quickly untied the twins' wrists and, as their arms fell, held them in a tight embrace. "There," Mark grinned, "you learned your lesson now?"

"Well," said Kyle slowly ..... "maybe not entirely." Kevin joined in, "We think we may need another lesson soon, sir."

"You little fuckers," Bob grinned. "But listen, Mark was speaking the truth that if you try this together you gotta be more skilled. What you're doing can be dangerous, so I'll ask Randy to give you more lessons on tying knots and how to use the whip properly.

"Thank you, sir," they said, thrilled at the idea of sitting with the big boss getting instruction.

"Come on," Bob said, "we'll drive you back and you can get cleaned up."

"No thank you, sir," said Kevin. "Remember?" said Kyle. "You asked us to come and organize Zack's kitchen, so that's what we'll do. Then we'll jog back and rustle up a snack before dinner. Jamie and Mario will be starved by now and we don't trust them in the kitchen. Thank you for the lesson, sir. We'll take in the whips and leave the ropes up for next time.

As they walked into the shack, each with one arm over his brother's shoulder and the other hand dangling a whip, Mark looked at Bob and shook his head. "That is two awesome young boys you got there, buddy. You should be damn proud of them."

"I'm wild about them," Bob beamed. "Can't you tell?"


When Mark's truck drew up behind Jamie's shack, Jamie and Mario ran to greet them with wide questioning eyes. "Did you see the twins, sir," Jamie asked breathlessly.

"Sure did," Mark smiled - and he said no more. But seeing the men stripped to the waist, their shirts slung over their shoulders, with Mark in his uniform pants and shiny back motorcycle boots, the boys knew there was a lot more to it than that - a whole lot more.

"Ask the twins," said Bob with a wink. "Come on - let's all go for a swim." A few minutes later they were horsing around in the waves, with Jamie showing all of them the techniques of body surfing. Eventually they ran up the beach to the shack and Boob said, "Now, the twins don't want you rattling around in their kitchen but do you think you can get us all a beer without mucking things up in there?"

So it was that they were all lounging on the deck when they saw two figures jogging up the beach. When they reached the shack Jamie and Mario gazed at them expectantly, agog for news, but the twin pointedly ignored them and addressed Bob and Mark. "Sirs," Kyle said, "we did a number on Zack's kitchen and it's in good shape. As you said, you could hardly boil an egg there before, but you could do a whole lot more now." "At least we could," Kevin smiled.

Jamie was fit to burst. "Come on, dudes, tell us what happened. Bob said we'd have to ask you." Mario was more cajoling, "We're dying to hear what you all got up to at Zack's shack."

"Sorry guys," said Kevin resolutely, "it'll have to wait. Darius called our cell a little while ago and he's calling a meeting of all the boys when everyone gets back to home base. Says we all have to share our experiences." Kyle grinned, "In other words, spill the beans. He also said we can't tell anyone before then. So that's it - our leader has spoken."

Jamie bristled at that for a moment, then said, "Yeah, we'll see about that. OK, well even if you guys have lost the power of speech at least you can make dinner. Me and Mario would help you but we've been banned from the kitchen," he said smugly.

"Touché," Mark grinned at the twins. Mario chimed in, "Jamie's right. You said it yourself, dudes - 'We're the kings of the kitchen - you're the king of the waves'."

"OK, you majesties," Bob said. "If you four kings could stop bickering like a bunch of old queens maybe we can hope for dinner on the table sometime this century."

"Not that long, sir," Kevin smiled. "More like half an hour."


Now that Bob, Mark and the boys had lived out their fantasies and purged their lust, they could kick back, relax and enjoy themselves. There was still sex to be had - plenty of it - but more as an expression of love than raw lust.

Early next morning Jamie roused the boys just as the three youngsters from yesterday came over the dunes for their surfing lesson with the athletic young man they had come to idolize. But this time the twins backed out. "We gotta make an early start home," Kevin said, "so we'll get breakfast ready while you guys go play in the surf."

"It's not playing," Jamie scoffed haughtily, but then checked himself and said, "Sorry, dude." He smiled and shrugged at Mark who had just appeared. He seemed to imply, 'This assertiveness thing could get out of hand'."

The three local boys stayed for breakfast again and before they left exchanged numbers with Jamie in their cell phones. "If you're ever down in L.A.," Jamie said, "give me a shout and I'll take you surfing in Malibu. "Thank you, sir, that would be way cool," the tallest one said, and all three hugged him shyly and went back over the dunes.

"OK, boys," said Bob. "Party's over. Let's load up our gear. The twins cleaned up the kitchen while Jamie and Mario tidied the shack and began loading the two trucks with backpacks and surfboards. Bob was to drive the twins in his truck while Mark took Jamie and Mario. There was a lot of hugging among the boys and Bob laughed, "Hey, you're not parting for life, you know. You'll be seeing each other in a couple of hours. Jamie, thanks for letting us use your shack. You're a great host and an awesome young man."

Then Bob turned to Mark and, surprisingly, they shook hands, smiling at each other wordlessly. They knew the complicated and subtle rules that bound them. Randy had at last come to accept that the two men loved each other and sometimes needed to spend time with each other. His open-mindedness had come from the loss of his insecurity - a growing certainty that Bob would always come back to him as his main man, his love for him stronger than ever. Bob and Mark were aware of all this, so this was a separation - no hugs, just the warm knowledge that the separation was temporary. They both already had plans in mind for the next time.

It was Sunday so on the drive back down the coast traffic was light, mostly just beachgoers. The twins, sensitive to all Bob's moods, broached the subject uppermost in his mind. "Sir," said Kevin, "do you think Randy will be OK about all this when we get back?

"Oh, sure," Bob said. "We worked all that stuff out a long time ago." Then he fell silent. Thing is, he thought, you never quite knew with Randy. That's one of the things he loved about the big lug.


The two trucks arrived at the house within minutes of each other and chaos ensued. The boys gathered together in an effusive, noisy reunion. Hassan had brought Eddie home, Jason was there with Ben, and Adam and Nathan had come from next door. Bob, of course, was looking for Randy, and then, through the crowd he saw him and his heart missed a beat.

Randy was at his messy best, his old work tank-top, his cargo pants and his rugged face smeared with dirt and sweat as he planted shrubs in front of the new building. He seemed oblivious of the festivities taking place on the other side of the garden. He was bending over as Bob came up behind him and said, "Hey, big guy."

Randy stood up, turned round and their eyes met. Bob at once saw the confused mix of emotions in Randy's face - joy at seeing Bob again, a hint of pain that Bob and Mark had been away together, and uncertainty about what came next. But Bob's beaming smile, his handsome face, and the exhilaration in his eyes went a long way to making the rugged gypsy melt.

Bob opened his arms and said, "Pleased to see me?" Randy took him into a squeezing hug and didn't say anything. He just held him for a long while. When they finally broke apart Randy's eyes were moist with tears, but he pulled himself together and Bob saw his expression become one of pride. "Look, Randy said, waving an arm at the new building. It's finished."

Bob gaped in astonishment at the building, housing rooms for Mario, Eddie and Ben over three much-needed garages. "It's done? How in hell did you manage that?"

Randy was preening now. "When me and Zack got back from the lake we called up a couple of guys from the crew who needed some overtime and with Pablo and Darius we worked liked shit on the place. All the major stuff was already complete so it was mostly just trim and paint, installing the windows and moving in the boys' furniture I was just now putting in a few hedging plants that will eventually form a low box hedge."

By this time the rest of the clan had gathered round with oohs and aahs, especially from Eddie, Mario and Ben, the future occupants of the building. Randy planted the final box shrub and grinned at Mario. "So, does it meet with the approval of our new Italian gardener?"

"Si, signore," Mario said, examining the plants. "Good choice, a box hedge, but if I you don't mind my saying so, sir, you've planted them a bit too close together. Box plants expand a lot and they'll crowd each other out."

"Hell, I don't mind advice like that, kid. Later you can help me move them. Bob tells me you're raring to go with the rest of the garden, so we'll get together and go over your plans." Randy gazed at the eager, handsome Italian face and his athletic body and grinned, "It's gonna be a pleasure working with you." Mario blushed under the boss's lustful gaze and said, "Thank you, sir. Likewise."

Randy let that hang in the air, then put his hand behind Bob's neck and said, "But right now me and Bob have some business to attend to while Pablo and Darius give you the tour of the new building. They helped build it, after all." He propelled Bob toward the main house and Darius said, "OK, guys, follow me, and after that I've called a boys' meeting."

"Would that be a "spill-the-beans" meeting, Darius?" asked Eddie with a mischievous smile.

"Damn right, kid," Darius grinned.


While the noisy tribe explored the new accommodations, things were much quieter in Bob and Randy's room, with an edge of tension. Bob got a couple of beers from the small fridge and Randy sprawled in the armchair, no matter that he was covered in dirt. Bob stood before him, not quite knowing what to expect from Randy .... but he should have known.....

"Did he fuck you?"

Bob sighed and sat on the bed facing him. He supposed Randy would never be able to resist this opening question. He was so used to it that he answered evenly, "We fucked each other."

"Oh yeah? What else?" Randy's look of hurt resentment slowly changed to smug satisfaction as Bob described in detail how he had tied Mark up to the doorframe. Randy's cock stirred in his pants as he vividly imagined the whole thing - Bob wearing a pair of Zack's black jeans, his square Superman face, heavy stubble on his jaw, moustache on his upper lip, his broad shoulders, bulging chest, ripped eight-pack abs and the jeans clinging to his narrow waist.

"You whip him?" Randy asked.

"I started to but then decided to torture him with sexual frustration." Randy smiled broadly as Bob described Mark straining for a touch of Bob's lips, getting his tits tortured and ending up begging Bob to fuck his ass.

"Shit, I shoulda been there to see that." Then Randy's expression changed. "But, you got off on it big time." He stood up and paced the room. "You got off on dominating the hot cop. After all, you're the alpha-stud top man now. The guy I used to fuck hard is now as tough as me." There was confusion in his eyes. "The guy I first met has gone all stubbled macho on me."

Bob understood just what Randy was wresting with and he knew what he had to do. "Sit down, buddy - relax and give me a few minutes." Bob went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Randy sat nurturing his beer, sullen and confused, feeling out of his depth, his confidence ebbing. But then the bathroom door opened - and everything changed.

Bob stood there buck naked - and clean-shaven. The stubble was gone. To Randy he looked like the clean-cut guy he had first met all that time ago in that shabby bar, his preppy look out of place as he sat at the bar, glancing at the greasy, sweaty construction worker sitting near him, quietly getting drunk. This was the man who had innocently gone with Randy to his motel room and had ended up naked, tied to the bed, the victim of the construction worker's anger.

Randy stared at him, stood up and said in a deep voice, "Fucking gorgeous, man. On the bed."

Quick to obey, Bob lay on his back on the bed and stared up at the sweaty, grimy construction worker in his dirt-streaked tank top stretched over his muscled chest. Randy paced back and forth round the bed, his eyes never leaving the naked muscle-god lying there, his chiseled clean-cut features, perfect torso, strong arms, the slabs of his chest, his washboard abs, slim waist and muscular thighs. Randy ran his hand through his hair in a gesture of frustrated lust.

"You are so fucking beautiful, man - too fucking beautiful. I wanna eat you, man, devour you."

Suddenly Bob turned over on his stomach and Randy stared at the perfectly round white globes of his ass. "Holy shit," he groaned, "that ass! I gotta have it."

Bob raised his head and looked at the image in the mirror at the head of the bed. The blue eyes gleamed in the dark gypsy face as he ripped open his pants and pulled out his long, thick piece of horsemeat. He stroked it slowly, transfixed by the perfect ass waiting for it. The man was taking his time, savoring the moment when he would feel his lover's ass close round it.

Finally Randy could take it no more. He fell forward and clamped his big hands on Bob's waist, pinning him to the bed, his ass helplessly exposed. Bob looked in the mirror, their eyes met and Randy said, "Remember the first time I fucked you, buddy? Not at the motel - weeks later in the forest in the pouring rain. Remember? It felt just like this....."

"Aaahh," Bob sighed as he felt Randy's huge pole driving deep into his ass. Instinctively he tightened his ass muscles round the cock in a loving embrace. This is when Bob felt most complete - with the big man's cock in his ass. Randy pulled back and Bob tensed, waiting for the usual savage fuck to begin. But it didn't. Instead, Randy pushed in deep again, insistently but without pain.

Randy was staring down at the gorgeous ass and watched his rod pushing inside it. There was a time when, after Bob had made love with Mark, that this would have been a brutal punishment fuck. There was a time when Randy would have been driven by his own wounded pride, not by the desires of his lover. But that was in the past. This was not punishment - there was nothing to punish Bob for. Randy's worship of Bob was now so intense that it banished the baser feelings of anger and revenge.

Now, all Randy wanted was to give the ultimate pleasure to his man in the way he knew best. And he had learned that, by focusing his passions on Bob, he himself felt reciprocal sensations of a joy beyond all others. As he continued to ease his long cock deeper and deeper into the welcoming heat of Bob's ass, he said softly, "Do you want it hard, buddy? You want it to hurt?"

Bob gazed at him in the mirror. "I want you to make love to me, Randy."

Randy's eyes blurred with tears and he quickly, expertly flipped Bob over onto his back, his legs over Randy's shoulders, all the while with the gypsy's cock buried deep inside him. Randy leaned forward, bracing himself with his hands flat on the bed beside Bob's head, smiling down at him. "So, you like it like this, eh, stud?"

"Yes, sir - just like this." Bob ran his hands over Randy's sweaty tank top feeling his pecs flexing underneath as he rose and fell above him. His ass was on fire, his lust building as he reached up behind Randy's back and dug his fingers hard into the tank and the back muscles rippling underneath. Their breath was becoming ragged, their hearts pounding as Bob's nails pierced the tank and ripped it off his back. It fell forward, a rag hanging loosely round Randy's neck and over his chest.

Bob gasped. Looming over him, Randy had never looked more exciting - his intense, dark gypsy face, the square stubbled jaw clenched, long black hair falling over his brow, the shredded scraps of his shirt hanging down from his neck as he fucked Bob's ass relentlessly.. Driven wild, Bob wanted to see pain on Randy's face, so he reached up and dug his fingers into Randy's nipples, squeezing them hard. The big man winced and his reflex to the pain was to fuck Bob harder until his rod became a piston.

They were both being driven to the limit and as they gazed into each other's eyes they entered that transcendent world where only they existed, a world of raw sex and passionate love. The pain in Bob's ass was matched by the pain in Randy's chest and they were united as one - one body, one mind, one soul.

Randy moved his hands behind Bob's head, howled as he fell forward and pressed his lips hard against Bob's. Their writhing bodies shuddered against each other, chest to chest, their mouths grinding ravenously together, kissing, licking, biting, as Randy slammed his cock one last time into the fiery depths of Bob's ass. They screamed into each other's mouth as their passion erupted in simultaneous orgasms, Randy's juice blasting into his lover's ass and Bob's streaming between their bodies.

Reluctant to break the magic spell, they lay together for a long time, licking each other's moist eyes, kissing each other's face, their bodies pressed hard together. At last Bob smiled into Randy's eyes. "Buddy, there is nothing, nothing in the whole world like that. I love you, man."

"Yeah, well just so you know, you pay for damages around here, buster." Randy pulled off his shredded tank. "You rip it, you own it."

"Asshole," Bob grinned, before he was stifled by the sweaty tank being jammed in his mouth.


It was late afternoon when Bob and Randy finally emerged to join the other men having drinks in the garden. The boys were still up in Pablo and Darius's room 'spilling the beans' about their weekend adventures under Darius's enthusiastic direction. But suddenly they heard Randy's booming voice blast up from the garden. "Hey, you punks, any chance of getting something to eat around here? Move those cute asses of yours or you'll feel my dick up 'em."

"And we wouldn't want that, would we?" Darius grinned. "Would we, guys?" When their laughter subsided, "OK, dudes, meeting adjourned until tomorrow. And next time I'll bring my camera."

They rushed downstairs - the twins, Jamie and Mario into the kitchen - Darius, Nate, Eddie and Ben into the garden to put together the long table and set it for dinner. Dinner was the usual raucous affair, with so many men in the house, and it didn't break up until late when Hassan and Jason had to excuse themselves. They would both be getting up before dawn, Jason for an early shift and Hassan to be on the set early for another Marine video shoot.

They hugged their boys and Jason said to Ben, "Enjoy your new room, kid, and tomorrow I'll spend the night there with you." Eddie looked expectantly at Hassan who said, "That goes for me too, kiddo. We'll try it on for size - give it the right vibes, eh?"

They left and the party broke up. Randy grinned at Ben, Eddie and Mario. "OK, you kids, get your asses up there up there and give your rooms a test drive. You'll probably find some kinks that still need fixing - always are in a new building - but just let me know and I'll take care of it."

The boys all thanked him and Eddie added, "And thank you for building it so fast, sir. First time I ever really had a room of my own."

The boys had, of course, explored the rooms earlier, which were already furnished, and had moved their clothes and all their gear in. There were stairs at either end of the building and a small balcony that ran in front of the rooms. Jamie's room was at one end, Ben's at the other and Eddie's in the middle. Eddie wasn't used to sleeping alone and somehow felt more secure with a boy on either side of him. As Mark also had a very early shift and it was already late, he offered to let Jamie sleep with Mario to 'christen the room' as he put it.


They all went to bed and Eddie felt excited but a bit apprehensive in his new room, especially as a wind had kicked up outside. But a room of his own was one more step for the boy on his road to self-esteem and confidence - a step on the road to manhood. He climbed into bed, pulled the covers round his neck and was starting to doze when a loud noise made him sit up with a start. A strong gust of wind had rattled one of the windows and it was shaking in its frame.

He got up and tried to prop a broom against it, but that only seemed to make it worse. The looser it got the louder it rattled. Damn, he thought, one of the kinks Randy mentioned. He got back into bed and pulled the covers over his head, but that didn't help. Boy, he missed Hassan. He climbed wearily out of bed again, frustrated and a bit scared. He knew he couldn't sleep if this wind kept up.

He thought of getting help from Mario, but he knew Jamie was with him and he didn't want to interrupt whatever they might be doing. There was Ben on the other side, but Eddie had always been in awe of Randy's brother. Still, he went out to the balcony in just his boxer briefs and tapped on Ben's door. No answer, so he tried the door and it opened.

Inside he went over to the bed where Ben was fast asleep. Ben had pushed the covers off him and, despite his anxiety, Eddie couldn't help staring at the naked young gypsy boy who looked so much like his older brother - black hair, high cheek bones, a boyish stubble on his chin and a lithe, muscular body. Eddie felt his cock growing in his shorts .... but suddenly snapped back to his senses. He felt foolish standing here and he turned to leave, but in the darkness he stumbled against a table, making enough noise to wake Ben.

The light snapped on and Ben jerked upright. "What the....? Oh, it's you, Eddie. What's up?"

Eddie blushed and stammered, "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to wake you .... I ..... I was just ..... just leaving, sir."

"Hey, dude, calm down and tell me what the trouble is. You look scared as a rabbit."

Hearing that, Eddie pulled himself together and explained about the loose window in his room. "Shit," Ben said. "Yeah, that thing was giving us trouble from the start and we worked on it and thought we'd fixed it. Never mind, I know how to mend it. Not now though - the hammering would wake the whole house. I'll do it first thing in the morning."

"Thank you, sir," said Eddie, turning to leave. "Hey," Ben said, "where you going? You won't get much sleep in that room. Why don't you bunk in with me? I don't mind - and I don't snore - promise," he grinned

Eddie hesitated but realized it was the only solution, so he climbed in bed beside Ben. "Thank you, sir," he said.

"Hey," you don't have to call me sir, you know."

"Oh, I prefer to, sir - you being Randy's brother and all and me just the assistant houseboy.

"Enough of this 'just the houseboy' stuff. You're also the boy of that big stud Marine, Hassan. That's quite something, dude - he's a hunk. Most boys would envy you. Still, just as you like," Ben grinned and dimmed the light down low. Eddie turned his back on Ben and clung to the edge of the bed, fearing that his cock would get hard again next to the hot, naked young gypsy.

Ben looked at him and, like so many before him, felt a wave of affection for the shy kid. He was about to turn the light off but he couldn't stop staring at the beautiful young body, the curve of his neck and the tousled hair. Eddie sure was cute and Ben felt his cock getting stiff. He turned over and tried to sleep but the thought of Eddie beside him kept his cock rock hard. He turned over and said quietly to Eddie's back, "You asleep yet, dude?"

"No, sir. You neither, uh?"

"Trouble is," said Ben, "I got this huge boner keeping me awake." Eddie turned over to face him and said earnestly, "Oh I can take care of that, sir, no problem."

"Yeah," Ben grinned. "They tell me you give the best blow-jobs in town."

"They tell me that too, sir. You want me to show you?" He pushed the covers off them and turned his body round to the foot of the bed, head to toe with Ben. "Oh yes, sir, that's a boner alright. Here ....." And matter-of-factly he took the long rod in his mouth and swallowed it smoothly down his throat. Then he clenched and unclenched his throat muscles, working on Ben's cock without moving his head.

When he started sucking its whole length Ben gasped in amazement as he felt his cock slide right down the boy's throat, getting alternately squeezed and released. "Shit," Ben groaned, "that feels fucking awesome, boy. Keep doing that." Eddie was everything he was cracked up to be and used all the skills he had learned as a busboy in the desert leather bar. The taste and smell of the gypsy boy's cock turned him on big time, his face buried in Ben's black, sweaty pubic hair, and he felt his own cock get hard in his shorts.

This was not lost on Ben whose face was now inches from Eddie's crotch and the bulge in his shorts. He used his teeth to pull the shorts down below Eddie's balls and was almost hit in the face by the cock as it sprang free. All he had to do was open his mouth and the boy's sweet-tasting dick slid into it. Ben gulped it down and soon picked up the rhythm of the mouth moving expertly over his own rod.

Feeling the heat on his cock Eddie realized that Ben was sucking him, which spurred him on to suck faster and squeeze harder. He heard the muffled sound of Ben moaning as he sucked, and Eddie ran his hand over Ben's thighs and stroked his ass. Ben did the same and the two boys moved in unison, savoring the taste of each other's pulsing cocks.

Edie had 69'd before but it had never felt this good. Ben was giving as good as he got, having had lots of practice while hitch-hiking to California, giving blow-jobs to the drivers as payment for the ride.

All Ben's tiredness and Eddie's nervousness vanished as the ecstatic feeling in their cocks radiated through their bodies. They were both expert young cocksuckers but this was something special as Ben's gypsy face and Eddie's eager, boyish features rose and fell on the other boy's cock. As they moved in perfect unison, lost in each other, it was an awesome sensation - almost as if they were sucking their own cocks.

But inevitably the sensation overwhelmed them. Their cocks shuddered, their balls were ready to burst and they felt cum racing up their cocks. They plunged their rods in deep, clenched their throat muscles hard and screamed into the gag of the other boy's cock as hot cum streamed into them. They swallowed hard, gulping frantically, determined not to spill a drop.

When their cocks had drained Ben pulled away, spun to the other end of the bed, grabbed Eddie's face and clamped their lips together in an open-mouthed kiss, sharing each other's cum back and forth. Finally he pulled away and they stared into each other's sparkling eyes. "That was intense, dude," Ben said. "You are one hell of a cocksucker, like the guys said - totally fucking awesome. Can we do it again in the morning?"

"Definitely, sir," Eddie said, cuddling up to him and laying his head on Ben's chest. As they let their heartbeats slow, Ben said softly, "You know Eddie, I've never told you this but you're pretty much a hero of mine. After everything you went through, alone in the desert, servicing the guys in that bar, you were a shy kid when you came here, from what the guys told me. But when that thug captured you and Randy came to rescue you, you joined in the fight, swinging that chair like a gladiator, and saved Randy from a beating. That's real hot stuff, kiddo."

"Thank you, sir," Eddie said, becoming drowsy on Ben's chest.

"I really like having you in my bed, Eddie. Tell you what, maybe I won't be in a hurry to fix that window. It'll rattle every night and you'll have to come in here and sleep with me. And we'll sixty-nine every time you do. How's that sound?"

"Works for me, sir," Eddie said drowsily. Ben cradled his head on his chest and Eddie was soon asleep with a blissful smile on his face.


The next afternoon Randy and his boys came home early from work. Randy was eager to inspect the plans Mario had drawn up for re-landscaping the garden, while the boys were dying to go to the meeting Darius had re-convened after abruptly adjourning the day before. True to form he had brought his camera which he trained on the twins, whose turn it was to tell their story of being tied up in the dunes by the cop.

The only boy who was absent was Mario, who had been working hard in the garden and had spread his landscaping plans over the outdoor table by the pool. As soon as Randy got home, without bothering to change out of his work clothes he joined Mario and they were soon side by side, with Mario explaining his plans in detail. He described the plants and shrubs he intended to use and the landscape pattern he had created to plant them.

"Jamie's given me a budget, sir, so I know what we have to work with. One big problem I have is that huge tree-stump over there, right in the middle of the ivy. I'm having to work my designs around it."

"Why don't you just remove the stump?" Randy asked.

"Oh that's not possible, sir. I was obviously a huge old tree with a deep root network. It's in the ground for good."

Randy grinned. "Kid, when you get to know me better you'll realize that when a guy tells me something's impossible I rise to the bait. Me and you together can do the impossible, kiddo. Wanna give it a try? I'll loosen the soil with a pick axe while you clear away the ivy."

"OK, sir," said Mario doubtfully and they walked over to big expanse of wild, ivy-covered land.


Upstairs in Darius and Pablo's room the boys' meeting was in full swing. The twins had been talking for some time to a wide-eyed audience of awestruck boys as Darius circled with his camera, carefully filming them from various angles. But the twins were getting hoarse so Darius said, "Cut! OK, take five, guys. Let the twins rest their pipes."

The boys stood up and stretched their legs, and Eddie strolled over to the window. "Hey, guys, he said excitedly. "Take a look at this."

They all crowded round him and gulped hard at the sight below them. Randy, in his work clothes of grimy old tank top, cargo pants and boots was swinging a pick axe at the tree stump, his shoulders and arms pumped, muscles gleaming with sweat in the hot sun, the wet tank clinging to his chest. He was an icon of powerful masculinity - at his magnificent best.

Nearby Mario, disheveled in an old dirt-smothered white T-shirt, jeans and boots was bent over, yanking up fistfuls of ivy. The young Italian gardener stood up straight and ran the back of his hand across his sweaty forehead, leaving streaks of dirt on his handsome face, his tousled, curly black hair falling over his forehead. He smiled at Randy, a satisfied smile induced by hard physical labor. And even from the bedroom window above, the boys could see bulges growing in Randy's work pants and Mario's jeans.

"Shit damn," said Darius, grabbing his camera. "This is gonna be one for prosperity."

"Posterity!" the boys all chorused, crowding together at the window to watch the action below them as the two men began to remove their shirts.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial of Strength" - Chapter 204


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