The four men sat at the water's edge, looking out over the mirror lake shining silver in the light of the full moon. They were all recovering from the physical and emotional intensity of the day's events.

In the forest and on this small beach Randy, Bob and Mark had indulged in a sexual marathon that had confirmed beyond doubt that they - the gypsy, the businessman and the cop - were officially a trio, in love with each other ... and definitely in lust.

But that was just the beginning. The macho Ranger, Pete, had watched the whole thing from the bushes before showing himself, longing to join the ranks of these incredibly hot men. "So, you want to be one of us, Pete," Randy had said. "OK, we've got procedures for that."

The euphemistically named 'procedures' subjected the handsome, muscular top-man to trials of sexual endurance by all three men, involving double-double-teaming and a final brutal fuck by the boss, Randy. When it was over the exhausted Pete threw his arms round Randy and clung to him desperately, sobbing uncontrollably, scared to let go, knowing that his life was about to change - already had. "Help me, Randy," he moaned

"It's OK, buddy," Randy whispered soothingly. "It's over - you did great. You're one helluva fucking stud, man, and you're one of us. I'm proud to welcome you to the tribe. Don't worry, buddy, we'll take care of you - we always take care of our own."

Now, as they sat quietly together by the lake they talked about the future. In a month Pete would be moving to L.A. as the Chief Park Ranger for the city, and Bob, typically, already had a plan for Pete to rent a small house they were thinking of buying up the hill from their own. That provoked an enthusiastic discussion that was cut short by the ring of Randy's cell phone. He took the call and frowned. "What? Oh Jesus."

It was his brother Steve. "Don't want to interrupt the festivities up there, Randy, but I thought you should know that our kid brother Ben has been acting up. He's been getting into fights with Eddie, Nate and even Brandon. Trouble is Jason's out in New Mexico working on those big wildfires and Ben misses him. But there's more to it than that. I've tried talking to him but he keeps asking for you. I'm not suggesting you come home early - no need for that - but when you do get here I think it's about time you and I took him in hand. We are family after all.

"You're right, bro," Randy said. "I've been thinking for some time that you and I should get closer to our little brother. I know I've neglected him, and the three of us have never really spent any quality time together. Sometimes family gets kinda lost in all the crap we go through in our lives. So maybe we should take a trip out of town one weekend soon, just us three brothers, and we'll show the young punk just how much we love him."

They talked for a bit longer and when Randy shut off the phone Bob asked, "Problem with Ben?"

"Yeah, but nothing the family can't handle. Seems like he needs a little tender loving care, and who better to provide that than his brothers?"

"Hmm," Bob chuckled. "Loving care from his two big handsome brothers, eh? That should solve all Ben's problems right there."


Ben's problems weighed heavily on Randy's mind, along with a large dose of guilt on his part. But he put it all on the back burner for now, which wasn't hard given the fact that he was to spend the rest of the weekend with three gorgeous men, one of whom had just come through a baptism of fiery sex.

The trip had begun under a cloud of uncertainty and nervous anticipation as they entered an unpredictable union of three men, followed by the indoctrination of a fourth. But with all that exploration behind them they could now relax and spend the rest of their time as buddies - four hot alpha males enjoying each other's company. There was more sex, of course, but most of the time was spent eating and drinking, talking, swimming - and male bonding.

Pete quickly grew accustomed to his new world, and his former drinking buddies soon paled into insignificance compared with these exciting men. During the conversation Randy mentioned Ben and his master Jason who was working on the forest fires out in New Mexico. Pete pricked up his ears. "Hey, they're sending me out there tomorrow for a few days. As part of my new job I'll have to study techniques in fighting forest fires and that's a great place to see it firsthand. There are hundreds of guys out there but maybe I'll run into this...Jason was it?"

"Well he's hard to miss," Bob laughed. "So fucking hot they put him in one of those firemen's calendars."

Pete chuckled. "Yeah, one of my girlfriends had one of those. Kept on about this hunk she was wild about, and I saw her point. Stunning - a ripped, flawless physique, blond hair, chiseled square-jawed face. Intimidating, though - I could never compete with that hunk."

"August page?" Bob asked innocently.

"What?" Pete frowned. "Yeah ... yeah I think it was." His frown turned to a grin. "No ... that guy is never your buddy. No way." Bob nodded. "Shit damn, when I'm out there I'll sure keep an eye open for him."

But now the time had come for them to part, with the satisfaction of knowing that the separation was only temporary. Bob arranged for Pete to come into town next week to take a look at the house he would be putting a bid on, a house that could become Pete's new home. There were firm handshakes all round and when Pete gripped Randy's hand he pulled him into a tight bear-hug and whispered, "Thanks for everything, Randy. Couldn't have done it without you. You're a helluva guy." He put his uniform back on, climbed into his Forest Ranger truck and drove away.

"A good man," Mark said. "Hotter than a pistol too. Wonder what the boys will make of him."

The mention of the boys brought Randy's thoughts back to his brother Ben, and Steve's disturbing report of him. After they packed everything up and drove off he was unusually quiet behind the wheel. "Don't sweat it, Randy," Bob said. "You'll sort it all out when we get home." Mark grinned, "Yeah, if anyone can you can - the big boss man."

Bob smiled to himself. At least, he thought, unlike the drive up here there was no question now about who would drive - Randy or Mark. Petty little contests like that were a thing of the past.


As expected when they pulled up at the house they were greeted by the ritual cheers of the boys as they swarmed round the truck and began unloading all their gear. Hearing the commotion from across the street Zack came out of his house and shook hands with the three men. But this time the boys' high-spirited noise faded away unusually fast and they watched the men nervously. There was obviously something in the air.

"Randy," said Zack, "I guess Steve called you and explained about Ben. I'm sorry, man, I should have been here but I was real busy on the construction site and Darius was helping me."

"Of course you were, buddy, don't sweat it. How's it going on the site?"

"Great - real busy. Couple a problems but nothing I couldn't handle. Had to slug one of the guys but he's OK." He grinned. "I pulled my punches."

"You fire him?"

"Nah, he's basically a good worker and he got the message. He'll stick around."

Jamie and Pablo ran up at that moment and Jamie smiled at Mark. He was shirtless in just his surfer shorts, ready to shed them when Mark took him to their bedroom. Then his face clouded over and he said, "Sir it was mostly my fault - I should have stepped in sooner."

"Mine too, sir," added Pablo to Randy. "I kinda knew something was up but couldn't work it out until it was too late. Ben just went kinda crazy - even with Brandon, that was the worst."

"It's OK, guys. My brother Steve already filed me in and I know none of you are to blame. If anyone's to blame it's me." Randy walked over to Eddie, Nate and Brandon who were hanging back nervously. "You guys OK?" he asked. "Sure, sir," Nate replied. "No bones broken."

Randy looked down at Brandon in his wheelchair, a boy he admired a lot for his courage, and felt strong affection for. "You doing OK, Brandon?" Brandon grinned. "Doing fine, sir. I had no problem with what Ben did - upending my wheelchair and all. But it was the things he said that ...." and he choked up.

Randy winced. "I'm real sorry my brother hurt you, Brandon. It's OK, you don't have to go into it now. I'll get the truth out of him - he knows better than to lie to me. Where is he, anyway?"

Eddie stepped forward. "In his room, sir, and he's locked the door. I keep knocking but he tells me to go away. Thing is, sir, we're boyfriends, best buddies and yet he ..." He teared up.

"OK, OK," Randy said. "I'm here now and Ben is my responsibility so I'll handle it from here on. I apologize on Ben's behalf. You're all good boys."

Bob was watching and his heart went out to Randy. It was always hard for him to apologize, especially to a bunch of boys. He put his arm round him and murmured in his ear, "That's why I love you, Randy. Big-hearted - and gorgeous too. And by the way, I want you to fuck me."

"That goes without saying, asshole. Get your ass upstairs, strip naked, on the bed, and I'll deal with you when I've dealt with my kid brother. Damn, I want your ass."

They all watched Randy stride away and up the stairs to Ben's room. And they all had a comforting sense that things would soon be under control. Randy was back.


Randy knocked on the door. "Go away!" He knocked again, more insistently. "I said go the fuck away. I hate you ... you're not my boyfriend anymore. If you don't leave me alone I'll fucking well ...." The door was yanked open and there stood Ben, the young gypsy in just boxer shorts, fists clenched, eyes flashing with anger. It was the same look Randy had seen often - when he looked in the mirror. But this was his kid brother.

"Oh..." Ben said, visibly deflating. "I thought it was Eddie again."

There was a silent standoff, then Randy said, "Well, you gonna let me in?"

Ben stood aside and Randy walked into the disheveled room. It was a mess, clothes thrown everywhere and the sheets tangled on the bed. Randy looked at the streaks on the pillow. "You been crying?"

Ben flashed a defiant look and pursed his lips. Controlling his anger Randy snapped, "Now listen, boy, I'm your brother and you have never lied to me in your life. So I'll ask you again. Have you been crying?"

"Yes, sir...." The admission ended in a sob and he fell into Randy's arms. Randy held him tight, giving him time to compose himself. Eventually Ben pushed him away and stood up straight. "Sorry, sir. I know I'm not supposed to cry."

"Who in the hell told you that - this bullshit about big boys don't cry?" Man, I've even seen Bob cry and it made me love him even more." Ben looked confused, rocking nervously from foot to foot - and Randy's heart went out to him. He pulled him down on the bed beside him and stared into his troubled eyes. "OK, kiddo, so what's it all about? Tell me everything."

Encouraged by the warmth in his brother's voice Ben said. "I'm scared, sir ... I'm scared for Jason. Just after you left for the lake they assigned him and his division to go to New Mexico to help fight those big wildfires they got going there. And I haven't heard from him since. I watch the news on the Internet all the time and the fires are out of control. They gave the names of several firefighters who were injured, but Jason wasn't mentioned. Maybe he's dead, sir."

As he spoke Ben's voice had become more and more anguished and he now stopped abruptly, his eyes brimming with tears again. "Hey, hey," Randy smiled, "that's a little over-the-top don't you think, kid? When those guys are in the middle of nowhere fighting wildfires do you imagine they have time to call home, even if they had cell-phone service? My guess is you're being just a tad paranoid."

"Yeah, that's what Eddie said but what does he know? So I slugged him and he yelled at me and we had a big fight and I don't want him as my boyfriend anymore. Nate heard the noise and came in and started slagging me off 'coz he's Eddie's boss and all, so I slugged him too - nearly knocked him downstairs." Ben's defiant look was back.

"Holy shit," said Randy, thinking that at Ben's age he would have behaved exactly the same way. "Haven't I always told you if you get into trouble to come to me, or to our brother Steve?"

Ben flared again. "Yeah, well Steve don't know shit. He came here with his bullshit shrink mumbo jumbo and I told him to get the hell out of the house."

Randy grabbed Ben's arm, squeezed it painfully and growled. "Now get this straight, boy, you do not talk about your brother like that. Steve's a great guy and a good therapist. He's solved problems for a lot of guys in this house, including you as I recall. He loves you."

Ben shrank from the blazing eyes and said, "I'm sorry, sir. I love Steve too, but sometimes I don't know what I'm saying. It was the same with Brandon."

"Brandon? What happened there?"

Once again Ben took refuge in defiance. "When Eddie told Brandon about the fight he wheeled himself up to me and tried that soft-spoken bullshit he uses - to 'calm me down' he said. You know that act of his, like he's all that and a bag of chips. But he can't pull that crap with me and I told him so. Everyone thinks he's such a damn hero just 'cuz his legs don't work but I told him he plays the cripple card and gets away with all his crap. I was real mad so I tipped over his wheelchair and he went sprawling on the grass."

Randy sprang to his feet and paced the room, his fists clenched, breathing deeply, trying hard not to hit the boy. When he finally faced his brother again Ben was terrified by the look in his eyes. Randy jabbed his finger at Ben, trying to control himself. "That boy ... that boy is worth ten of you, punk. What are you, a fucking animal? What you said and did was totally out of line, and the first thing you're gonna do is apologize."

"But, sir, you always say you never apologize."

Randy was knocked off balance. "Oh yeah? Well ... well I'm learning to. Shit I even apologized to Pete up at the lake."

A look passed between them acknowledging that they were brothers, alike under the skin with a strain of savagery. Randy had used the words 'a fucking animal', the same charge often leveled at him. The only difference was that Randy had more experience - and most important, he had Bob to keep him in line. That thought took away some of Randy's rage and he said, "Come with me, boy."

Still barefoot in shorts Ben followed his brother downstairs and out to the garden where all the guys were standing around apprehensively in groups. Randy understood more than he had let on. Steve had explained to him that when a guy is scared, especially a macho young buck like Ben, he often takes out his insecurity on those closest to him, lashing out at them in frustration, saying crazy things. But for Randy there was no excuse for what his young brother had done.

"OK, gather round, guys." They dutifully came together as a group waiting for the boss's verdict. Bob and Zack sat off to one side, watching how Randy handled the situation. "Right, my bother has admitted to me what he did and now he has something to say to you guys." He stepped back and Ben found himself alone, facing his friends. He glanced back over this shoulder but Randy had folded his arms and was not about to help him. Ben was on his own.

"Er..." Ben cleared his throat. "Er guys, I er ..." He faltered, until he saw the eager encouragement in his friends' eyes, urging him on. "Guys, I love you all but I fucked up. See, I was scared about Jason out there in the middle of those wildfires and when I didn't hear from him I ..... Sorry guys, I'm not giving you excuses. Fact is I fucked up big time. Eddie, I'm sorry about slugging you and saying what I said. I still want us to be boyfriends but I don't blame you if you don't want me anymore."

"Of course I do, dude. Provided I get to fuck your stupid ass tonight."

Ben smiled and was encouraged to go on. "Nate, I know you were protecting Eddie and I'm sorry for slugging you. I'm glad you're Eddie's boss, looking out for him the way you do."

Then Ben looked down at Brandon sitting in his wheelchair and his eyes got moist. "Brandon, I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for what I did to you. Are you sure you're OK?"

"Sure," Brandon grinned. "Physically, at least. I've taken spills from my chair before. It was what you said - like, me playing the cripple card and all. I always try hard not to do that and ..."

"Dude, please, I was talking bullshit. God if only I could take all that back. I love you, dude. I didn't mean a word of what I said. You're the toughest guy I know. Shit - I wish there was some way I could make it up to you, Brandon."

Brandon grinned and stroked his jaw. "Well, a good blow job would go a long way. After all, Eddie and you are the best cocksuckers in town. I haven't cum since you attacked me so, you know, I'm locked and loaded."

Ben looked eagerly back at Randy who smiled and nodded. Ben said, "OK, dude, stand by for the best damn blow job you ever had." He fell to his knees, inched forward to the wheelchair and pulled down Brandon's shorts. His stiff cock sprang out and Ben eagerly licked the pre-cum oozing from the head, then lowered his mouth onto it. In all the nights he had made love to Eddie, the expert cocksucker of all time, he had learned a lot and now used all of it on Brandon.

Ben knew that this was a penance, but a penance he was eager to pay. He loved Brandon and was deeply ashamed of what he had said to him. Ben, Eddie and Brandon were a trio and so this was for Eddie too, an attempt to keep him as his boyfriend. Above all it was for his big brother Randy, to restore Randy's faith in him and back up his words of remorse with action.

All that - plus Ben loved to suck cock. So now, with everyone watching avidly, Ben went to town, using all the tricks and techniques he had learned from Eddie. He swallowed Brandon's cock deeper than ever before - and held it there, breathing steadily through his nose as he squeezed his throat muscles tight round the pulsing shaft. For a long time he simply squeezed and released, over and over, sucking Brandon's cock without moving his head.

But at last he drew back, clamping the long rod hard as if he were drawing the juice out of it. But when he felt Brandon close to orgasm Ben opened his mouth wide, took several deep breaths until Brandon relaxed ... and then went back to work.

The boys stood in a circle round them, watching in awe as the master cocksucker worked his magic. Eddie was particularly impressed, knowing exactly what Ben was doing. He had taught him, after all. Eddie was pumping his own cock in his fist, and soon the others followed suit. Randy, a sort of ringmaster at the event, leaned toward Eddie and whispered in his ear.

Eddie grinned back at him, then fell to his knees behind Ben ... and pushed his stiff rod deep in his ass. They all heard Ben's muffled groan but he didn't miss a beat, his face moving rhythmically up and down the cock of one buddy while the rod of the other pounded his ass.

The sight and sound of the black-haired gypsy boy slurping on Brandon's dick, plus the heat of Ben's ass Eddie felt round his cock, brought him to the edge of orgasm. He held off for a while but in the back of his mind he knew that this was supposed to be Ben's penance and that Nate too had been harmed by his swinging fists. So with a howl Eddie let go, pouring hot jism deep in Ben's ass. Ben's response was a muffled moan and a quickening tempo on Brandon's cock.

Eddie pulled out, jumped to his feet and said, "You're next, Nate. You owe him one too. I got his ass all lubed up for you." Nate grinned, took Eddie's place kneeling behind Ben .... and it was an easy slide into the young gypsy's cum-slicked ass. Ben moaned again but still he worked his mouth over Brandon's cock, bringing him close to orgasm again and again, then backing off, sending Brandon into an ecstasy of exquisite frustration.

The other boys, all stroking their cocks, watched the serial fuck with sparkling eyes, all of them thinking that, penance be damned, they would gladly have taken Ben's place.

But already the sticky wet heat of Ben's ass and the sight of him pounding Brandon's cock were proving too much for Nate. The young Aussie, like his master Adam, was used to honest-to-god action, no holding back, so when he felt like it he went for it .... as he did now, howling "Fuuuck" as his cock emptied in Brandon's ass. And still Ben continued his marathon sucking of Brandon's cock.

Eddie, the young gusher as his master Hassan called him, was so turned on, watching his boyfriend work on Brandon while taking it up the ass from two boys one after another, that he was already hard again. Randy grinned at Bob and Mark. "A sex-drive that won't quit. The kid must run Hassan ragged. OK, Eddie, go for it .... bring it home, kiddo."

In an instant Eddie was back on his knees behind Ben and shoved his rod back into Ben's ass. He grabbed the gypsy's black hair from behind and pounded his face back and forth onto Brandon's dick, making Ben choke. "Yeah it's me again," Eddie gloated. "You've been a bad boy, Ben, but you're still my dude. That is, if you can make me and Brandon bust our loads. Show me you still love us, even though you spewed out all that bull-crap to us. Come on kiddo. Remember what I taught you? Make him cum, dude."

Brandon was reaching his limit. Ben had been sucking his cock feverishly for a long time, even while the boys fucked his ass in turn. And now Eddie had taken over, grabbing Ben's hair and forcing his face down on Brandon's dick. Brandon yelled, "Dudes, I can't take anymore. Fuck him, Eddie, fuck that ass. I gotta cum .... I forgive you, Ben. I love you .... Aaagh." His pent up juice raced from his balls along his cock and exploded in Ben's mouth.

It set off a chain reaction .... Eddie shot another load into Ben's ass and Brandon poured jism onto his own stomach and chest. It was a tribute to youthful potency that they all kept pumping juice until finally Eddie pulled out and fell on Ben from behind. Brandon pushed himself out of his wheelchair and all three fell on the ground, rolling over and over, laughing, kissing - the 'three amigos' as close as ever, all the bullshit dead and buried.

Randy rolled his eyes at Bob. "Well I guess that settles that. If only it were all that easy."


Unknown to anyone else, while Randy had been talking to Ben up in his room, Bob had tried to reach Jason on his cell phone but there was obviously no cell service in the remote New Mexico forest. On a hunch Bob called Pete, who had said he was being sent out there to join the team. "Pete, I need your help."

Pleased to hear Bob's voice so soon Pete said he was about to call the command center there to get his orders. "It's probably pretty chaotic out there but I'll see if I can get a message to Jason. Give me a chance to get to know him," Pete grinned to himself.

The result was quicker and better than Bob could have hoped for. During the time Ben was confessing to Randy, then serving his 'penance' with the boys, Pete had, through persistence and good luck, managed to make brief contact with Jason, who was on a break, and quickly explained Ben's troubles. And so it was that, while the three boys were lying on their backs, still regaining their breath, Ben's cell phone rang. He dived for his pants, rummaged frantically in the pocket ... and as he held the phone to his ear a huge smile spread over his face.

"Hey kiddo, how you doing? This guy named Pete got in touch with me, said you'd got yourself in a spot of bother." The two had an animated, but brief conversation, which they had to cut short as Jason was using a command center line. "Don't worry, kiddo, I'm doing fine. I'm being cycled out of here next Monday so keep my bed warm for me. And while I'm here I'll keep my eyes open for this Pete fellow. Find some way to thank him for giving me a heads-up."

With declarations of love and lust the call ended, and Ben looked around at everyone, his eyes sparkling. "He's OK ... he's fine ... he misses me .... gonna be home Monday ... wants me to keep the bed warm." He went up to Randy and gazed at him earnestly. "Thank you, sir, for helping me. And by the way, sir, Jason told me to ask you if you would take special care of me 'til he gets back .... if you don't mind."

""Course I'll take care of you, kid. Matter of fact, our brother Steve and me have big plans for you this weekend. Time for a family trip out of town, just the three of us. Think of somewhere you'd like to go. Oh and, by the way, it's Bob you have to thank for getting the word to Jason via Pete. You haven't met Pete yet but I've a feeling you will, especially if Jason hooks up with him out there.

Jamie, who had been in earnest conversation with Mark, now came over to chat with Ben. Ben's eyes grew wide and he ran back to Randy. "Sir, sir, Jamie's just offered us his shack up in the dunes that Mark gave him. I've never been but he says it's awesome up there. You think we could go there for our family thing?"

"Sounds like a plan, little brother. Thanks Jamie, you too Mark. Your place will be perfect."


A few days later young Ben was still on top of the world. Jason was safe and said he missed him. Ben had made his peace with the boys and Eddie still wanted him as his boyfriend. And now, after a boisterous send-off by the boys, here he was in Randy's truck, sitting between his big brothers as they sped up the coast road to the north.

He was thrilled to be here, but the kind of jittery thrill with an edge of anxiety. To tell the truth, Ben was always more relaxed with the boys in the house, guys his own age, than with his two brothers. He respected them, looked up to them, but they were so much .... so much bigger than him - not only physically but in their experience and knowledge. He was always the kid brother, which conflicted with his need to assert himself as a tough young stud in his own right.

He felt closer to Randy than Steve - idolized him. Like Ben, Randy was from gypsy stock - rough, tough, always ready for a fight. Both of them had a strain of anger just below the surface that erupted and got them into trouble - as it had with Ben so recently. Steve, who had been removed from the family as a baby and brought up in the rarified air of Marin County, was much more sophisticated, better educated and a successful doctor. Ben found him more intimidating than Randy, especially now, knowing how he had rudely mouthed off to him just a few days ago.

As if reading Ben's mind Randy said, "Hey, kid, is there anything you want to say to Steve?"

Ben knew this was coming and he took a deep breath. "Sir, I want to say sorry. I was scared about Jason, and took it out on the boys. When you came to help me I lashed out at you too, shooting my mouth off like a crazy guy. It was all bullshit - I didn't mean a word of it - didn't even know what I was saying and ... and I'm real sorry, sir. I hope you can forgive me."

"Nicely said," Steve smiled. "Well now let's see. I can forgive patients in therapy when they mouth off to me. They're stressed out and often take out their frustrations on me. Hell, one guy even yelled at me and called me a quack." He glared at Randy who stifled a guilty grin. "I can forgive a patient, but I cannot excuse that kind of language from a brother - and a younger brother at that."

He paused and Ben wriggled uneasily. "So here's what we'll do. Let's just say that when I came to talk to you I was being your therapist. You were a patient under stress and mouthed off to me. I accept that from a patient and, what's more, it's private - comes under doctor/patient confidentiality. So there it is, private, locked away, not to be spoken of again."

"Thank you, sir," Ben said meekly.

"However," Steve added sternly. "From now on you're my kid brother and you behave as such. I fancy Randy has some kind of punishment in mind and I won't object. Might even join in. But this is meant to be a family affair - us getting better acquainted. So there will be punishment, but there'll be fun too."

"Maybe both at the same time," Randy grinned roguishly.

"Not helpful, Randy," Steve snapped. There was silence - then they sputtered and broke into laughter that rang round the cab of the truck, with Ben joining in. And that was it - three brothers bonding - and having fun. Randy and Steve threw an arm over Ben's shoulder, resting their hand on each other's bicep. Ben was in heaven. It's not known if there are boners in heaven though there sure as hell was a big one in Ben's shorts.

They were all wearing shorts - Randy shirtless, Ben in a tank-top and Steve in a T-shirt - and they all looked down at the tent-pole in Ben's shorts. Ben blushed and said, "Sorry, sirs. I know that kind of thing is forbidden between brothers. People would think ...."

"Who the hell said it's forbidden?" Randy chuckled. "Huh, 'people would think'! Listen, kid, one thing you gotta know about this family is we don't give a shit what people think. I never have and, judging by the methods of the shrink here, he don't give a shit neither. So we do what we damn well want, eh Steve?"

"Right on, bro - well said. Only thing is, it doesn't solve Ben's little problem here - or should I say big problem? Only one remedy for a thing like that."

To Ben's amazement Steve leaned over and ripped open Ben's shorts. His long cock sprang up proudly and Steve bent down and clamped his mouth over it. Ben looked down in disbelief, watching the handsome doctor's sculpted features moving up and down over his cock.

Randy grinned. "Yeah, bro, our young brother needs help with his stiffy so give it to him. Shit if I weren't driving he'd have two mouths working on it. Come here, boy." Randy put his hand behind Ben's head and dragged his face to his. Keeping one hand on the wheel and one eye on the road he clamped their mouths together in a grinding kiss.

Ben felt himself in a small, speeding world, the roar of the road beneath the wheels competing with the slurping sound of men's mouths. One brother, the sophisticated one, was eating his cock while the other, the gypsy one, was munching on his mouth. Ben was fleetingly aware of the scenery speeding by, of the head moving up and down on his cock and of the steel blue eyes so close to his. This must be what Steve called 'fraternal bonding' ... wasn't it?

Whatever it was it was driving the boy wild. He had the illusion of the truck speeding faster and faster as the mouth worked faster on his cock and the tongue probed ever more fiercely in his mouth. He was flying, he was shaking .... he was pouring jizz in his brother's mouth. There was a moment of suspended ecstasy, then the sound of three voices howling in triumph.

Steve's mouth was bulging with his young brother's cum as he pulled off his cock and sat up. From then on it became a brotherly exchange of semen. Steve yanked Ben's mouth away from Randy and pressed it against his own. The boy's own cum flowed from Steve's mouth into his, almost choking him. Then Steve pulled away and said, "Hey, Randy, get a taste of this." He pushed Ben's face back into Randy's who took his turn sucking in a mouthful of cum.

And there they sat, three brothers side by side, heads thrown back gulping down the jizz of the youngest. 'So that's what 'fraternal bonding' means,' Ben thought. 'Yeah, that must be it.'


The ice was well and truly broken and they were on their way. Ben was as happy as a clam at high tide with his brothers' arms linked over his shoulders. He wondered if the 80 miles-an-hour blow-job was part of his punishment .... nah, couldn't be, it felt so good. But Ben had made amends to the boys he had injured, especially Brandon, and Steve had forgiven him by deftly locking his behavior behind the private doors of therapy, 'not to be spoken of again'.

The only one who had not yet exacted punishment was Randy - and that was the big one. Ben knew Randy's policy. A boy misbehaved, he was punished and in Ben's case that would come from his big brother. His fight with Eddie and Nate could be dismissed as a boyhood squabble, but not his unforgivable words to Brandon, nor his insolence to Steve. To Randy they were both totally unacceptable, and Ben knew it.

But suddenly these nervous thoughts disappeared as Randy pulled off the highway at the small unassuming town of Guadalupe, and soon they were bouncing over the sandy track into the dunes. They pulled up behind an old shack nestled in the dunes facing the beach and Ben's eyes opened wide. They all piled out of the truck and Ben said, "May I, sir?" Randy nodded with an indulgent smile.

Ben raced up to the top of the highest dune and gasped as he took in the wide sweep of the beach and the ocean stretching away to a knife-sharp horizon. He had never been here before but he had heard endless stories about it from the boys. They all loved it because it was so deserted. They had it to themselves, no one ever came to this remote spot. Ben knew that Mark had bought the shack from a fellow cop, then made a present of it to Jamie.

He also knew that this is where Jamie had met Nate when the Aussie was on vacation from Sydney. He knew the dark side too, how Jamie had got involved with a bunch of sleazy surfers and done drugs with them. Mark was so incensed that he had sent Jamie away, but their love was so strong it pulled them back together and Mark forgave him. Ben's eyes settled on the remains of an old doorframe standing up in the sand.

"Aah .... so that's it." He had heard stories, most of them exaggerated by Darius with each re-telling, about the men who had been tied up, spread-eagled in the frame, and had been variously punished, whipped, fucked. It had happened to Bob, Mark, even Zack. Ben became lost in fantasy, in vivid images of the naked, bound men, when suddenly he was jerked out of his reverie by, "Hey, kid, come and help unload the truck."

He ran down and saw the inside of the shack which was redolent of sex, the bed strewn with sheets from the last time Mark and Jamie had been here and made love almost non-stop. They quickly stowed all their gear in the shack and Randy said, "OK boy, I know you're itching to get naked and run into the surf. So go for it, kiddo."

The young gypsy tore off his clothes and whooped as he took off down to the water's edge. Randy and Steve had broken open a couple of beers and sat on the porch watching him dash for the waves. Steve sighed. "Randy, I love that kid to bits. Look at that ass as he runs ... damn nigh perfect .... that lithe young gypsy body, jet black hair ... a junior version of you. Man, I want him to have fun with us. Do you really have to punish him still?"

"Yup." Randy took a swig of beer. "He expects it of me. But I know what you mean, so I'll make sure his punishment's a turn-on for him. We'll scare him a bit at first - did you know fear can be an aphrodisiac? Hey, I'm talking to a shrink - of course you know. Then we'll punish him so he'll be pleading for more. But I agree with you, I want it out of the way, so we'll do it as soon as he gets back."

Ben was gamboling like a young foal in the waves, thrilled to be here with his gorgeous brothers. Suddenly he wanted to be with them, share things with him, so he splashed out of the surf and ran up the beach. Randy and Steve watched the handsome young jock running naked up the beach, water pouring down his face and body. And each of them had a hard-on.

"Looking good, kiddo," Randy said. "Hey, me and Steve are going for a run on the beach."

Ben's eyes sparkled. "Great, sir, I'll try to keep up."

"No, boy, not you. I've told you before, the best way to discipline a bad dog is not to beat him. It's to separate him from the family for a while. A dog hates that ... and so will you."


A short while ago from the top of the dunes Ben had gazed in fear and awe at the old door frame by the shack, the only remaining part of a long-ago abandoned shed. He had imagined the muscular bodies of Bob, Mark and Zack tied to it and wondered how it must have felt.

Well now he knew.

The young gypsy's naked body was spread-eagled, his wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the frame. And standing in front of him were his two handsome brothers in swim trunks, their magnificent bodies gleaming in the sun. He felt helpless and fearful as they talked about him like a slave at auction. "Not bad, eh?" Randy said. "Handsome young buck."

"Not bad," Steve agreed. "Bit on the wild side for my taste, but I guess he can be tamed."

Randy walked up to Ben, face to face. "You know, in the old days when a slave boy got out of line his master would tie him up like this and whip the shit out of him - his chest, his back and especially his ass. Well you got way out of line, punk, and that's why you're tied up here like a gypsy slave boy. I've disciplined many a man like this right here - tied him up, whipped him, fucked his ass, shoved the whip up his ass and left it there.

"So I want you to think about that, boy, while we're gone - imagine those guys and think about what's gonna happen to you. Only difference for you is there are two of us - two muscle-stud brothers working you over. You let us down, kid, and now you'll pay. Don't worry, no one else ever comes here. You're alone and safe - until we come back. That is, if we come back."

He turned away and took off running down the beach. Steve flashed a reassuring smile at Ben and followed Randy. Ben watched them pounding through the surf, quickly growing smaller in the distance until they were only shapes in the mist of sea spray. And suddenly Ben felt incredibly alone, left to his own thoughts to the rhythmic sound of the breaking waves and the taunting scream of the seagulls.

His mind ran over how he had attacked his friends and how Randy must have hated what he said and did, especially to Brandon who always tried to be so brave. What would Randy do to him? He had heard how he had punished other the guys here, and now he knew how they had felt. His mind conjured images of Bob, Mark and Zack tied up just as he was. He imagined their naked bodies being whipped by Randy, getting their asses pounded by Randy .... and the images made his cock stand out in front of him stiff as a pole.

Then the images morphed into another man, a boy really, a gypsy boy getting worked on by his two big, handsome brothers. He pulled at the ropes, as he would do desperately when they punished him. He had been tied up before by Eddie, but that was just playing. Now it was for real, and he was all alone, waiting for his brothers to return. The mere fact of being helplessly bound excited him like hell and his cock shuddered.

The sound of the waves and the birds was becoming hypnotic and he started to hallucinate, as if Randy and Steve were already here. He wanted to surrender himself to his brothers. He wanted them to punish him, to hurt him. He saw himself - the helpless young gypsy writhing in pain, begging for release. "Please, sirs," he moaned, "I know I deserve it but you're hurting me .... I can't get free .... have mercy on me, sirs. I'm sorry for what I did ... I'm surrendering to you ... I'll cum for you. Please, I'm your brother .... Aaagh."

He watched in a trance as his cock blasted out a long string of jism that splashed on the sand in front of him. His body was shaking, he was moaning, he was alone .... and his brothers were not there. All he could do was hang his head and wait, hanging from the doorframe like a beaten slave."


"Man, will you look at that .... fucking gorgeous." Randy and Steve on their return had slowed to a walk as they got closer to the shack and now stopped some distance away, gazing in awe at the beautiful young gypsy hanging in bondage, his head hanging down, eyes closed. "That little brother of ours is gonna grow into such a hunk," Randy said softly. "And see what I said? That pool on the sand in front of him is his own jizz. I told you fear was a big aphrodisiac."

"That wasn't fear," Steve said. "It was fantasy - of the guys who've hung there in the past and of the black-haired gypsy boy getting disciplined by his brothers. He wants it, man. He wants us. Shit, Randy, all I wanna do is throw my arms around the kid, tell him how much he's loved by both his brothers. So can we get done with this quickly, bro? I just wanna hug him."

Randy nodded, just as moved as Steve was by the sight of their kid brother, head hanging down as if in a trance. He walked noiselessly to the porch of the shack and picked up a whip hanging on the wall - a cat o' nine tails that he knew could be used with minimal pain. He went over to Ben, put the tip of the handle under his chin and pushed his head up.

Unaware of their silent approach Ben's startled eyes opened wide and he whimpered with a mix of fear and relief to find himself gazing into his brother's steel blue eyes. "Oh, sir," he stammered. "I didn't .... I wasn't .....I mean, I busted my load, sir .... I didn't mean to, I...."

"Ssh," Randy said. "It's OK ... and you're gonna shoot a lot more. That'll show us that you're sorry for what you did, and that you love your brothers. You think you can do that?"

"Yes, sir, definitely, sir. I'll cum as often as you like, sir."

"Good, now you see that man over there - your brother Steve? Beautiful isn't he?"

"Very beautiful, sir - just like you."

"Well that beautiful man is gonna fuck your ass while I use this, just like I did on the other guys."

"Yes please, sir. Thank you, sir."

Randy nodded to Steve who got behind Ben, dropped his swim trunks, spat in his palm and wetted his cock. He moaned as he slid his rod between the perfect white globes of the boy's ass, paused, then eased it gently inside and all the way down the chute. "Aaah ... aah ... aah ... thank you, sir." Ben clenched his ass muscles round the huge shaft, making Steve groan, "God that feels good. I love you, boy."

Punishment be damned, Steve just wanted to make his little brother feel good so he moved his rod slowly, lovingly, in and out of the warm ass. He left the pain to Randy - and his whip.

And the rugged gypsy was a master of pain. He could be brutal or subtle depending on the man and what he deserved. If anyone attacked one of his boys that man felt the full force of his savagery. But most of all Randy had an uncanny sense of a man's pain threshold. So now, with the kid brother he loved, he could take him right up to his limit before he backed off, always leaving him wanting more. He snapped the cat o' nine tails on the ground and said, "You scared boy?"

"No, sir, I'm not. Because I Iove you."

Randy raised the whip and slapped the leather braids against Ben's muscular chest. The boy winced and pulled at the ropes, but then realized that he wasn't hurt, just stung, and he thought he glimpsed the faint glimmer of a smile in his brother's eyes. Randy lashed him again and again, harder each time until Ben was about to cry out in pain .... and in that instant it stopped.

Ben knew that his powerful brother could have cut him to ribbons, but he also knew that would never happen. Instead he was brought to the limit of his pain, then he moaned as the pain decreased, leaving him frustrated and longing for more. It was exquisite torture. And all the time Steve pumped his ass with his cock.

Ben had fantasized what it would be like but this was beyond even his imagination. Now in his mind he saw the young gypsy slave spread-eagled in bondage being fucked in the ass by his big brother as the other brother, the man he worshipped, whipped his flexing chest. Both sensations brought him to the pitch of orgasm, then left him begging for more. He wondered if the other men had begged for more and, as he gazed into Randy's eyes, he knew that they had.

"I can play you like a flute, little brother," Randy said. "You know I can make you do anything. I can make you shoot another load anytime I want, you know that?"

"Yes, I do, sir."

"Right. OK, Steve, give it to him." Ben gasped as Steve's gentle cock became a piston in his ass and his demon brother flailed his chest hard with the whip - up to his limit - and over. "Aaaagh! No it hurts, I can't ... I can't ... no!! Aaaagh!" He felt Steve's cum flowing in his ass as his own cock exploded with another flood of semen that arched high and splashed onto Randy's chest. The pain stopped instantly. He closed his eyes as he felt Steve's cock pull out of his ass, and when he opened them he was looking at the smiling faces of his two brothers.

"That was terrific, kiddo." Randy said. "Only thing is, with everything that's happened today, the only thing you haven't felt is your oldest brother's dick in your ass. And I think you've wanted that ever since I walked into your bedroom at home. Am I right?"

"Yes, sir." Ben was sobbing with desire. "I always want it, sir. Whenever I'm with you. I know it's wrong, sir, but I can't help it. I love you so much."

"Wrong?! Bullshit. You know something, kid? I always want it too ... and now you're gonna get it. I know you've just busted another load, but you're gonna do it again."

"I'm not sure, sir. I've cum so often I ...."

"Fuck you, boy! I can always make any man unload his jizz, especially my hot little brother. Steve, work on his tits." Randy walked behind him and growled, "Man, that ass is so fucking perfect. I gotta warm it up a bit more." He raised his arm and lashed the round white globes, watching them bounce under the whip. He lashed them lightly enough to cause minimal pain, but hard enough to leave red stripes across the pure white flesh.

"Man, that is so fucking hot," Randy said. "Makes me feel so good I could whip my kid brother's ass all day. I should do that - tie you up whenever I feel like it and thrash your sweet ass. You'd like that eh, little brother?"

"Yes, sir .... very much, sir."

"Yeah, but I wanna hear the gypsy boy beg. You got a choice, kid. Either a real thrashing or my big dick up your ass. OK, Steve, this is it. Work those tits hard."

Suddenly the pain intensified, in this chest and his ass. Steve's fingers dug into his nipples and twisted painfully while the strokes of the lash on his ass became unbearable. Ben held out as long as he could but he knew he had to give up. "No, sir ... please, I can't take any more. My ass hurts so bad. Please, don't whip me any more .... fuck me, sir ... please, push your cock in my ass, I want it so bad. I'm begging you, sir."

Suddenly everything changed. The pain in his tits became a gentle finger-tip caress and the whip was hung loosely round his neck. "This is what I've been waiting for, boy. But I'll do you a favor - make it hard and quick." He pushed his beer-can thick cock in his brother's ass, slowly at first but quickly accelerating until it became a pile-driver.

Ben gritted his teeth, hoping it would end, then hoping it would go on forever. This was Randy at his most savage ... and Ben had a sudden revelation. This was love. He had never known before that love could be expressed through pain - but now he did. He loved Randy - loved him hurting him - worshipped him.

The pain was not pain anymore and he screamed, "I love you, sir. Fuck me, hurt me ... harder, sir, harder ... fuck my ass. Do what you want to me. Pound my ass because you love me. It feels so good. I love you, sir .... please love me too ...."

His muscular young body thrashed in bondage and he heard Randy's voice. "Here's how much I love you, kid ... here it comes ... yeah!" His huge cock exploded in his brother's ass. Ben opened his eyes wide and howled like a young animal as his cock erupted one more time.

Steve stood back, stroking his cock, gazing in awe at the spectacle of two gypsy brothers expressing their love for each other in a ferocious display of forbidden fraternal passion. As he watched Randy cradle Ben in his arms, both of them sobbing as their emotions overflowed, Steve's cock blasted cum on their feet, a tribute to this graphic expression of brotherly love.


Randy quickly released Ben who collapsed in his arms. "You gotta rest, kiddo" Randy said as he carried him into the shack, followed by Steve, and laid him gently on the bed. Ben's last sight was of his two handsome brothers gazing down at him. And then he was asleep."

But a mind racing as fast as Ben's was bound to dream - vivid dreams. And in his dreams Ben reverted to the assertive young stud he had always been - a junior version of his hero. Randy was always the boss, never let any man conquer him. So neither did his brother Ben! He dreamed of being a top man like Randy, taking revenge on anyone who had shackled him, whipped him and fucked his ass. He was not Randy's brother for nothing ... he was from the same gypsy stock ... tough, invincible, with the same hunger for revenge.

His dreams took shape. He was in charge ... he may be the younger brother, but so what? Randy and Steve were at his mercy. He stood over them and ..... and then he woke with a start, his eyes gleaming.

He was still naked but he didn't give a shit. He strode out to the patio where Randy and Steve were sitting drinking. "Hey, guys," Ben said. "What's up?"

This was a new tone, a new assertiveness in their young brother's voice that startled them. Randy grinned at Steve. Something was definitely up.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 240


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