When Bob, Hassan, Jason and their boys returned home from their 'way cool trip' (Eddie's words) to Chicago it was an evening of wild reunions - exaggerated by the boys (who always overplayed everything) - and passionate between Randy and Bob.

Eddie had helped Darius edit the video he had brought home - in more ways than one. While Darius drooled over the video replay of Eddie sucking the Marine's cock on the hotel balcony, Eddie himself had sucked Darius's massive black rod under the table.

Bob and Randy had reunited in a dramatic replay of the day they first met in the shabby motel where the handsome business executive had fallen under the spell of the wild, charismatic gypsy and surrendered to him. It was a reaffirmation of their intense and passionate love for each other that often found expression in lustful, sometimes savage, sex.

When it was over they sat together in their bedroom winding down with a beer, while the rest of the tribe ate dinner down in the garden. Randy always enjoyed kicking back with Bob after great sex. "OK," he said, "about those twins of yours. You say they want lessons in bondage?"

"Well yeah, specifically in knowing when the tied-up guy has reached his pain limit. Seems they had trouble with that with each other and with the other twins. They went too far and the kid had to use the safe word, which of course breaks the rhythm and cools the heat of the moment."

"Yeah," said Randy, rubbing his stubbled jaw in contemplation. "Thing is, that's not easy to teach - not something you can explain with chalk on a blackboard. Only way to do it is on-the-job training. Reckon I'll have to take them down to the basement and show them how it's done - give them a practical demonstration."

"You won't hurt them, will you?"

"Hey, buddy, relax. They're your boys aren't they? You think I would ever hurt anything that belongs to you?" He grinned suggestively. "Now you yourself - that's a different matter."

"No kidding," grinned Bob, rubbing his wrists. "Now I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

Down in the garden the men and boys round the dinner table had heard the howls and screams coming from the master suite upstairs and some of them, especially Mark, had started to get uneasy. Then suddenly all their concerns vanished as Randy appeared with his arm over Bob's shoulder. They looked jubilant and were greeted by a roar of cheers and applause.

Clearly something pretty dramatic had gone down. They could all sense the jubilation in Bob and Randy, but they could not really conceive of the phenomenon that had caused it. They could never know what the guys knew, or feel what the guys felt.

That was something unimaginable - except in the secret world shared by two beautiful men who were wildly in love.


The next day they all summoned the energy for a regular workday, though some of them were a bit jet-lagged after their trip, especially Ben and Eddie who had never even flown on a plane before. But Eddie seemed to have boundless energy and quickly resumed his duties as assistant houseboy under Nate's supervision.

The only problem there was Eddie relating every detail of his trip to Nate in a non-stop, machine-gun delivery, where everything was 'awesome', 'way-cool', 'intense', 'radical' and every superlative in between. Nate eventually tried to block it out, smiling at how Eddie was the only boy he knew who could talk without pausing for breath.

Ben was the assistant mechanic on the construction site under Pablo who understood Ben's residual fatigue but even so kept him hard at work. Pablo's (adoptive) dad Randy never let up on his crew and neither would his boy, modeling himself as always on the big boss. But finally the day was over and as dusk fell Randy was working late in his trailer office as he often did.

Taking a breather the looked up through the window at the empty work-site, everyone having gone home. Well not quite everyone. Looking through the gathering gloom Randy saw a lone light over by a big earthmover. He grinned as he saw a figure bent over it, his dungarees stretched over an ass Randy would recognize anywhere, even when the light was failing.

Grabbing a couple of beers from the small fridge Randy left the trailer, strode across the site and stood behind Pablo. "You doing that just to show off that hot ass of yours, boy?"

Surprised by the sound of the deep voice, Pablo jerked back and spun round. "Oh, sorry, sir, I didn't know you were still here."

"Bullshit," Randy grinned, putting down the beers. "You were flaunting that ass just to turn me on. Well, you'll be pleased to know it worked, kid." Randy grabbed his crotch in both hands showing the outline of his thick, hard cock in his pants."

Pablo's grease-streaked face broke into his signature crooked grin and Randy felt his cock get harder. He gazed with awe and affection at the beautiful dark-haired young mechanic standing there in his greasy dungarees, held up by one strap over his left shoulder. Wearing nothing underneath, his muscular young body was streaked with oil, gleaming under the swinging light he had hung from the roof of the earthmover. Beside him sat his dog Billy, who wagged his tail when Randy approached, but also with a soft, deep-throated growl, always a protective reflex for his master - even with Randy.

"Hell," Randy grinned. "I'd be crazy to lay a finger on you with that dog waiting to pounce."

"Nah, he knows you're one of the good guys. You can lay a finger on me, sir - or two or three."

Again that sideways rascal grin.

"Later, kiddo. How about you take a break and have a beer?" handing him one of the bottles. "Why are you working so late, anyway, and all alone?"

"I wanted to get this thing finished before tomorrow morning, sir, in case you need it. I let Ben go home 'cause he's still kinda jet-lagged from his flight." He chuckled. "Plus I wasn't sure if I could take anymore of his non-stop gabbing about his trip. It's all he talks about - he's still totally jazzed about it."

"Yeah, I guess Bob did a number on him, Eddie and the twins, eh?" They sat astride one of the earthmover's huge tires facing each other, master and boy, and took a swig of beer. Randy looked at the boy searchingly.

"You're such a great young mechanic, kid, same work energy as mine. Yeah, yeah, I know you try to copy me in everything. But the fact is I've neglected you lately, kiddo, what with Bob away and all the work going on here. But I keep my eye on you. Shit, every time I look up and see you working it gives me a boner. I'm so proud of you, kid, you know that don't you?"

Pablo blushed a little. "I hope so, sir."

"Right, let's try that again .... You know I'm proud of you, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Pablo grinned. "Absolutely, sir. Thank you, sir."

They took another slug of beer, smiling at each other over the bottles. "By the way, kid, did you know Bob wants me to get a new truck? Nothing wrong with my old one but he said he's budgeted for it so we're gonna go pick it out tomorrow. Sometimes I think Bob spoils me."

"You don't say, sir," Pablo smiled mischievously.

"Smartass! Watch it, buster, or I'll take back the present I was gonna give you?"

"Present, sir?" Pablo's eyes gleamed in anticipation.

"Yeah. How would you like my current truck when I get a new one?"

"Your truck, sir? That great big truck? Are you serious? That would be totally awesome, sir."

"Of course, I'd get all the mud washed off and clean out the cab that right now stinks of me."

"No, sir, please don't do that. I'd like it just the way it is. I love that it smells of you. That way I can whack off when I'm in it, take a deep breath and bust a load thinking of you."

Randy roared with laughter. "OK, kiddo, we got a deal."

"That is so cool, sir. I don't know how to thank you."

Randy grinned lasciviously. "I do, kid."


Randy reached into the cab of the earthmover, turned a key and pushed a lever that raised the front loader arm so the wide scoop was a few feet off the ground. "Come here, boy." Pablo recognized the rough change of tone. He had heard it many times before and it meant just one thing. The young mechanic stood with his back to the loader scoop, facing the rugged construction boss who reached forward, unclipped the buckle on his shoulder and let the dungarees fall down around his boots.

"Jesus Christ," he groaned, staring at his boy who as usual had worn nothing under his dungarees. The hard-body mechanic was butt naked. "Turn around." Pablo obeyed and flexed the perfect white globes of his bubble butt. "An ass that could make grown men weep," Randy murmured. He grabbed a few tarpaulins off the ground and threw them into the wide scoop to cushion against the hard mud caked inside. "You know what to do, boy."

Pablo turned his back to the scoop and pulled himself into it. Sitting on the edge he leaned back in the scoop and grabbed the sides for support, his legs dangling over the front, dungarees pooled round his work-boots. Billy sat nearby, his head cocked, keeping careful watch, though his tail was wagging as he had seen this often before, just never in the scoop of an earthmover.

Randy towered over the boy in his regular work outfit - old white tank top streaked with dirt and grease and showing off his muscular chest and shoulders, grimy jeans tight round his slim waist, and muddy work boots. He grinned down at Pablo. "You still going hot and heavy with Darius? You still taking that fat ten-inch schlong of his up your ass?"

"Every day, sir."

"Good, then this should be no problem for you." Randy unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive cock, already hard as steel. "Make it easy on yourself, boy. Use that pre-cum dripping from your dick. Pablo's heart was pounding as he wiped the pre-cum into the palm of his hand and spread it over the head of his master's cock. Then he spat in his hands and used both of them to stroke up and down the long shaft.

The swarthy, muscular construction boss went to work on the young naked mechanic with the exotic Mestizo looks, grease-streaked face, high cheek bones, deep brown eyes, his jet black hair flopping over his high forehead into his eyes. "Let me see that ass, boy."

Pablo raised his legs up, his boots and crumpled dungarees high over his head, offering his ass to the boss. "Shit, boy, that is one sweet ass. On this job you gotta keep the boss happy and when I see a hot young buck like you there's one thing I want. This....."

"Aaagh!" The handsome young mechanic screamed as the boss slammed his rod deep in his ass. The savage gypsy pulled it all the way back, then rammed it back in like a piston, pounding the boy's helpless ass, making his beautiful face thrash from side to side, tears springing from his eyes.

"No, sir, please, sir. I can't take it ..... it hurts too much."

"You got no choice, kid," Randy panted as he ploughed the boy's ass. "You know when you signed on here that I'm the boss and take what I damn-well want from my crew. I see a hot young mechanic like you with the ass of death and I take it ... I own you, boy ... I own your ass."

"But your cock is so huge, sir .... I'm not sure if ......"

"It's the price a good-looking young stud like you pays for working here. You wanna quit, is that it? I'll pull my dick out, you quit your job and you'll never see me again. Your choice. I either fuck your ass or fire your ass. What's it to be?"

"No, I don't wanna leave you, sir. I don't wanna be fired. Please, sir, fuck me, sir. Fuck my ass ..... it's yours, sir."

"Right, and every day when I'm on the site that ass is gonna turn me on so bad I'll fuck it all the time. During breaks I'll call you into my office, bend you over and fuck you. When the guys leave at night it'll be just you and me and I'll fuck you as long as I want - over a truck, in the mud, wherever. Like I said, it's the price you pay for working for me."

Randy jacked up the pressure, hammering the mechanic's ass even faster as the boy yelled, "Yes, sir, please sir. I wanna work for you, sir, and I know I'll have to put out for you. My ass is yours whenever you want it sir. Please, sir, your cock's starting to feel so good in my ass ..... I've never been fucked like this. Pound my ass, sir. I love it ..... aaah .... "

He let go the sides of the scoop, reached up and grabbed the slabs of the boss's pecs through the thin tank. In a frenzy now he grabbed the frayed fabric and pulled it toward him, urging his boss to pile-drive his cock in his ass. As Randy pulled back the tank ripped and fell to his waist and the boy gasped at the sight of his massively sculpted bare chest. Randy grabbed the boy's wrists and leaned forward, pinning his arms above him to the back of the scoop.

"Now you're trapped, boy. Your ass belongs to me and it feels so damn hot I'm gonna fucking ream it."

Sweat dripped from his stubbled face down onto the mechanic's face and into his open mouth as the relentless jack-hammering continued. Anyone walking onto the site would have seen a staggering scene. In the dark a single light was swinging over the earthmover where the young mechanic was on his back in the mud-caked scoop, naked except for dungarees wrapped round his work boots, pushed high in the air. He was pinned down by the construction site boss, the black-haired muscle-stud gypsy whose massive rod was pounding the mechanic's helpless ass.

"Shit damn," the boss panted through ragged breaths, "that's one fucking gorgeous ass you got on you boy. Man, it feels good. From now on, every morning when you come to work you report to me and I'll fuck you. And you don't leave at night until I've fucked you again and whenever the hell I feel like it, got it?"

"Yes, sir. Aaagh..... That feels awesome, sir .... I love your cock in my ass. I'll be your boy, sir. My ass is yours to fuck as often as you want, sir."

Still pile-driving the boy's burning ass the boss pierced him with his steel blue eyes. "One other thing you should know. Every time I fuck you you're gonna bust your load without touching your dick. I can always do that to a man ..... any time I want. And you'll cum the instant I tell you to and not before. That clear?"

"Yes, sir. I've been holding back ever since I felt your cock in my ass, sir. I really, really want to shoot."

"You can do better than that, punk. I wanna hear that hot, macho young mechanic beg his boss. And I can make you. I can make you do anything." Randy grinned lasciviously and the fuck turned savage, the long, thick shaft driving ever deeper into the furnace of the boy's ass.

"Please, sir," the mechanic begged, tears running down his face. I need to cum, sir .... I can't take any more ..... my ass is on fire ..... please let me shoot my load .... I'm begging you, sir. My ass is yours, sir, but please let me cum .... I can't take any more .... I beg you ....."

Randy knew the boy's limits and he was almost there. He knew it hurt now, but he was an expert at taking him right up to his pain threshold and then for one euphoric moment pushing him beyond. He saw the pain in his boy's eyes, his beautiful face thrash from side to side, his body writhe in a futile attempt to get free. And that was the moment.....

Randy pushed his cock in deep, then pulled all the way out ... paused ..... and in one brutal thrust speared the boy's ass one last time pushing him through the pain barrier and into a state of pure ecstasy. "Now!" Pablo heard his master's command and ... "aaagh!" ... his cock erupted in an explosion of cum that blasted from his cock, rose high and splashed onto the boss's massive chest.

At the same moment he heard his master howl like a triumphant animal and felt hot liquid pouring deep into his shattered ass. As the flood of semen continued, Pablo shot another ribbon of juice that splashed this time over his own chest and face. It seemed they were both cumming endlessly as their wild eyes met in instant recognition, a reaffirmation of the savage love between a master and his boy.


Pablo's tears became sobs as adrenaline drained from him and he was overwhelmed by emotion. Through his tears he saw the chiseled gypsy face smiling down at him, sweat dripping from it and mixing with Pablo's tears. It had been perfect sex, both of them easing seamlessly into the erotic fantasy of a powerful construction worker initiating the muscular young mechanic into the demands of the boss on his first day on the job.

"You are the perfect boy for me, kiddo," Randy said. "I love you, man." He fell forward so their faces were inches apart. "But I meant what I said just now. Physical labor makes me real horny, so at any time of the day I might call you into my office, bend you over the drafting table and fuck your sweet ass. Then you get right back to work until the next time I feel the sap rising. You OK with that?"

"Absolutely, sir. I'll have a boner all day waiting for the call." Pablo moaned as he felt the huge cock pull back from the depths of his ass, all the way up his chute until the head squeezed pass the sphincter and fell out, accompanied by the boy's last short gasp of pain.

As Randy pulled back Pablo suddenly felt something long and wet slobbering over his cheeks. Billy was standing over him licking the tears from his face. Remarkably, throughout the long, ferocious fuck the dog had sat watching and wagging his tail. Despite Pablo's cries of pain he knew his master was doing what he wanted. The dog had watched it so many times before and he trusted Randy - the man who had rescued him from his previous home and reunited him with the boy he had always loved.

Randy was on his feet now, looking more magnificent than ever, bare-chested with his torn shirt hanging round his waist. He looked down at the cum-soaked mechanic lying in the loader, naked except for the dungarees pooled round his boots, his handsome face drenched in sweat and jizz. "On second thought," Randy said, "maybe I'll leave you in that scoop all day butt naked. I'll take this earthmover out of commission and use it just for fucking you whenever I feel horny - which is most of the time."

"Sounds like a plan, sir." Pablo gave his crooked grin. "I'm all for it."

"Asshole," Randy said, grabbing his wrist and pulling him to his feet and into his arms. He kissed him hungrily, then pulled away and said, "OK, after thanking me like that for the truck, I guess you better have it. Let's take a look. Pablo and Billy followed him to the parking lot, trying to keep up with Randy's long stride.


There were two trucks on the lot - the boss's big Ford Super-Duty mud-spattered truck and Pablo's own smaller truck. "There it is, kiddo. It's all yours." He tossed the keys to him "Wanna drive me home in it? You can bring Ben into work tomorrow and he can have yours."

Pablo's eyes were gleaming as he looked at the boss's huge double-cab truck. He opened the driver's door, pulled himself in and sat behind the wheel. It was higher off the road than his old truck and already he felt like the King of the Road.

Randy had been right, it did smell of him. Pablo picked up the mess of old tanks and T-shirts from the floor and smelled the boss's sweat and dried cum on them. Randy pulled open the passenger door and Pablo yelled at Billy, "Hey, boy - wanna come for a ride?" Billy leapt into the cab and sat proudly beside his master. Randy pulled himself into the passenger seat and grabbed the old shirts.

"Shit, it's full of these old shirts that I've stripped off at the end of the day and wiped the sweat and dirt from my face and chest and under my arms. Yeah, and while Bob was away on his trip I often jerked off thinking about him while I was driving and used these old shirts as cum rags to wipe the jism from my dick and chest. You don't want these in here."

"Oh, I do sir," Pablo said hastily, grabbing the shirts from him and tossing them in the back seat. They'll remind me of you on the days I don't have a sore ass to remind me."

"Yeah, like that'll ever happen," Randy grinned. "That ass is always gonna be sore, what with my horny dick and that big ten-inch club of Darius's. Mind you, those shirts don't come as standard equipment on this truck. They're optional extras."

"Yeah, well I'll take the truck with all the options. And if you've got any more extras, sir....."

"You little punk. Sure I've got extras, but they're not optional - they're mandatory."

Pablo giggled, then concentrated on the road. He had been in the truck many times before of course, and in one way knew it better than anyone because he maintained it, as he did all the trucks. But this time he was driving, and he owned it. Randy looked across at him, the pride shining in the boy's eyes as he sat upright and bold behind the wheel of his new big truck, his dog just as proud beside him. The boss was crazy about his boy.

After a while Randy broached a topic that was on his mind.

"Listen, kid, I've got a favor to ask you."

"Anything, sir, you know that."

"Right, well Bob has asked me to give the twins lessons on bondage. Seems when they were in Chicago they got into it with each other and those Chinese twins they met (and who I wanna meet, by the way, when they visit here). Anyway, apparently they screwed up once or twice not knowing when the guy they had tied up had reached his pain threshold. They went over the top and the scene had to stop, and you know how that can fuck things up."

"So I'm told, sir, but it never happens with you 'cause you're the expert."

"Yeah, whatever. Anyway Bob asked me to help so I'm gonna give the twins a practical demonstration. And when I've shown them some of my own stuff I thought I'd ask you to join us. I'll need you as an example - might involve some fucking but, talking of experts, you're no slouch in that department.

"Glad to help, sir anytime ..... except when I'm at work waiting to give my ass to my boss. He comes first and he can be pretty insistent."

"Damn right he can, kiddo, and don't you forget it."

"I won't forget it in a hurry, sir, with my ass this sore."

When they pulled up at the house Darius came bouncing through the gate, wondering what had kept them so late and weaving his own fantasies about what happened. He would soon wring every last detail out of his boyfriend. "Hey, dude, what happened to your truck?" he said.

"This is my truck," Pablo said proudly. "Randy gave it to me."

"No way, dude! You wanna give me a test drive?"

Randy jumped down and held the door open for Darius. "Jump in, boy. And just in case you've got any ideas, go easy on his ass. It's a bit sensitive right now."

As they drove off with a showy U-turn Randy grinned, seeing Pablo on top of the world, his dog Billy and his pal Darius beside him, no doubt urging him as always to 'spill the beans'. Randy was feeling good as he strode through the garden and up the stairs to the master suite.

"There you are .... I was starting to feel abandoned." Bob was lounging with a glass of wine. He had just got home from work, showered, and was looking stunning as ever in just his boxers. He grinned as he stared at Randy, dirty, sweaty as usual, with his ripped tank hanging round his waist. "No need to ask what you've been doing. Pablo, I guess. Well, his gain is my loss."

"What d'ya mean your loss?" Randy growled. "What d'ya think I am, a sex machine?"

"Hell yes!"

Randy smiled a self-satisfied smile. "Yeah, maybe you're right. Did you ever know me come in and look at you without getting a raging hard-on? No matter how much jizz I spilled in my boy's ass, there's always more for you, you know that. Now take off the damn shorts and get on the bed."


In the ensuing week Pablo spent as much time as he could in his new truck. He had always basked in the role of boss's boy, always tried to copy Randy, and now, to cap it all, he was driving the boss's truck. He felt like a boss himself and had to keep in check his impulse to lord it over his assistant mechanic, Ben. He had got into trouble with that before and knew that Randy would come down on him like a ton of bricks if he did it again.

As it was, Ben was feeling more confident in himself now as Randy's kid brother. He knew exactly what was going on and grinned when, each lunch break, Pablo was summoned to Randy's office and the blinds were drawn. When he emerged later Ben taunted him. "Hey, dude, come and sit here ..... if you're not too sore."

"Fuck you, dude," Pablo grinned and they went back to work.

Everyone was so busy during the week, including the twins with their task of feeding a hungry tribe, that it was not until the next weekend that Randy could fulfill Bob's request and give the twins their lesson. He waited until they had cleared away breakfast on Saturday morning, and most of the men were lounging round the outdoor table when he said, "OK, Kyle, Kevin I wanna talk to you. Get your asses down in the basement."

The twins tingled in anticipation, with a good idea of what Randy wanted them for as Bob had promised them that the boss would be giving them lessons. They glanced at Bob who nodded and smiled encouragingly as they took off.

As they left Randy looked at Ben and Eddie. "Ben, are you expected at Jason's, and you at Hassan's, Eddie?" he asked. "Not till this afternoon, sir," they said in chorus. "Right, you might as well come join us, but just as observers, mind." Excitedly they followed Randy to the basement stairs.


Apart from being a sometime guest-room the big basement doubled as a gym and sex room, with the equipment often used for both activities, such as the chin bar for pull-ups and tie-ups. The twins were sitting next to each other in nervous excitement at the thought of being coached by the boss. They revered Randy, partly because of his natural authority but also because he was crazy in love with their master, Bob. They tensed as they heard him come downstairs and stood up as he entered. "Hey, sit, sit, kids," Randy said. "This is a lesson, not a military drill."

He was followed by a somewhat uneasy Ben and Eddie, not quite sure what Randy wanted of them. "Ben and Eddie will be joining us, guys," Randy said, "but only as spectators. I don't want any of my boys ever getting into trouble over botched sex games. So you two sit still and no talking, especially you, kid," staring at Eddie. Eddie's eyes sparkled and he made a sign with his fingers of zipping his lips, causing Randy to stifle a smile.

Randy sat on a bench, wearing cargo shorts and a clean white tank top (which Bob had insisted on at the meal table), while the twins in shorts and T-shirts sat crossed legged on the floor gazing up at him.

"OK," Randy began, "Bob tells me you tried to have a little bondage scene in Chicago with each other and then with those Asian twins, but each time you had problems knowing when you were really hurting the other guy. Luckily you had a safe word otherwise things could have got totally out of hand, but still it kinda fucks things up. So that's what you want me to teach you, right?"

"Yes please, sir," the twins said in unison.

"Problem is, sussing out a guy's pain limits is not something you can teach, like how to cook. Cooking you can teach but not this .... it's more of a gut instinct, something you sense, feel."

"But cooking is like that too, sir," Kyle interrupted. "We cook by taste, smell and instinct, that's why we're so good."

"Yeah, yeah," said Randy, "OK, bad example. But at least you get what I mean. Now there are certain indications, like a guy's body language and the look in his eye. It's important to keep eye contact so you can see what he's feeling."

As Randy went on to describe various tell-tale signs in body language Bob came quietly halfway down the stairs, unseen by anyone. He had looked in to make sure everything was working out OK and he stood for a minute watching the scene. The master was bending forward talking in authoritative tones while his students sat crossed legged before him, gazing up at him intently, hanging on his every word. In the background Ben and Eddie sat silently, equally engrossed.

Bob's eyes became moist as he looked at his lover. He knew Randy in every mood, especially the rugged, no-nonsense construction boss, quick with his fists, and the savage, muscular gypsy with a cock like a jack-hammer. Now here he was the teacher, taking the boys gently under his wing as he taught them his skills, looking down at their upturned, mesmerized faces. Silently Bob turned and went back upstairs, glowing with affection, his cock stiff in his shorts.

"So," Randy was saying, "you get what I'm saying here?"

"I .... I think so, sir," said Kyle with a slight frown.

"Nah, thinking so is not good enough." Randy stood up. "I can't tell you this shit, I gotta show you. OK, I need a volunteer."

At the side of the room Eddie's arm shot up and flapped eagerly until Ben pulled it down. "He means one of the twins," Ben whispered in his ear. The twins looked at each other and in an unspoken agreement Kevin said, "I'll do it, sir."

"OK, kid, get naked and get on your back on the bench here. Kevin quickly obeyed, a little embarrassed by the way his cock shot up when he dropped his shorts. "See, lesson number one," Randy grinned. "You can see from his boner that the guy really wants it .... but now we have to find out how much." From among the sexual equipment scattered round he picked up two short lengths of rope, pulled Kevin's arms down to the floor, a little behind him, and tied his wrists to the legs of the bench.

"OK, you other guys too, gather round. I want you to see this up close." Ben and Eddie joined Kyle standing round the bench as Randy said, "Notice how his cock's gone a bit soft. That's a natural reaction to first being tied up - the fear of being at a guy's mercy. And his ass will have gone tense at the same time, am I right, kid?"

"Yes sir," murmured Kevin.

"That'll make it that much harder but more satisfying, to fuck, especially with a schlong like this." Randy dropped his shorts and his huge, thick cock fell out, semi-erect. "Now, a cock has to be real hard going into a tight ass. Forcing in a soft cock can hurt like hell. OK, Eddie, you're the one to take care of this."

Eagerly Eddie dropped to his knees, pushed the boss's cock into his mouth and, with the boy's cock-sucking talents, it was rock hard in seconds. "That's great, kid,' Randy grinned, pulling him to his feet. "Like I always say, best cock-sucker in town." Eddie blushed with pride at his small role in the proceedings.

"Right," said Randy, "even though it's me doing the fucking we need a safe word." Fresh off his small blow-job triumph Eddie blurted out, "What about 'beg' sir?"

"OK, you guys, why is 'beg' not a good safe word?"

Kyle answered, "Because the guy might say 'beg' when he's real enjoying it, like begging for you to cum."

"Excellent," said Randy. "So let's go with something neutral like, say, 'Bob', a word I like especially," he grinned. "Now, first I'm gonna do it dry - like this." He pushed Kevin's legs in the air and leaned forward, pressing his hands on the bench beside Kevin's face. "Look at me, kid." He pressed the dry head of his cock against Kevin's hole and eased it over the sphincter to an instant reaction from the boy - "aaagh .... aaagh ... no, no ....."

Randy pulled out gently and Kevin relaxed. "See," Randy said, "that was real pain, he wasn't fooling around, so you know he can't take a dry cock this big. Few guys can. Pablo can 'cause he's my boy. In fact he loves it and after so many fucks by me his pain threshold is sky high. OK, Kyle, hand me the lube." From the tub of lube Randy took just a little and pushed it inside Kevin's ass.

"Now, I could lube my dick too, but we'll try something else. You three boys, make it wet." Instantly Kyle, Ben and Eddie dropped to their knees and started to lick the huge shaft, wrapping their tongues round it slobbering over it from the damp pubic hair up to the huge round knob. Kevin raised his head and gazed at the scene.

The handsome teacher, standing naked except for the white tank stretched over his muscular chest, had ordered his students to prepare his cock for fucking. Kevin was the volunteer, tied to the bench, waiting for the wet cock to enter his ass. The sight of the excited boys, eager to obey the coach, their tongues lapping at the thick rod, made pre-cum ooze from Kevin's cock and flow down the head. He glanced frequently at his brother Kyle, reassuring each other that everything was OK.

"OK that's enough." The boys jumped to their feet and stood round the bench, spit running down their chins. "Now, this time should be different." Randy resumed his position over Kevin, their faces two feet apart. "Remember guys, eye contact." His steel blue eyes pierced Kevin's and he said softly, "You doing OK, kid?"

"Yes thank you, sir. Very much."

"OK, you've got lube in your ass and the boys have soaked my dick, so here goes." Again he pressed the head of his dick between the ass-cheeks and this time it slid over the sphincter easily and moved slowly down the chute. Several times Kevin flinched, Randy stopped for a second, then continued to push. "See that boys?" Randy said. Those flinches were more out of fear than pain, like in the dentist's chair when you want to signal the doc to go easy. So that's your cue to stop for a second. Makes him feel safe - helps him trust you."

Slowly Randy continued to push his rod deeper until it was pressing against the sensitive membrane at the back of his ass. The pressure made Kevin gasp and whimper. "Easy, easy, kiddo," Randy said gently. "I'm all the way in. The master's cock is deep in your ass. Feel good?"

"Yes, sir. It feels awesome, but I...."

"No buts, boy. I'm in charge, you gotta trust me. Now guys, I'm gonna show you something. Watch the boy's eyes and body language carefully." Randy pulled his cock back, then drove it in fast so it pushed hard against the already tender membrane. It took only a second but it was enough to make Kevin's eyes shoot open, his body writhe frantically against the ropes binding him and a cry escaped him ..... aaagh ...... no...."

"Easy, kiddo," Randy said. "Now you all saw that - the eyes shoot open, the struggle to get free, the scream. That was real pain, not just fear. And he wasn't faking it. That, boys, was his pain threshold. It may be that his pain limit will extend as time goes on, but those are your signs to go easy." He turned his gaze back to Kevin. "You're doing great, kiddo. Now, you want me to fuck your ass properly? You've earned it. You're not just one of my volunteers ..... you're a beautiful boy with a sensational ass and the teacher wants to fuck it. You want that?"

"Yes please, sir. I really want it ..... you're so awesome, sir."

Randy began easing his cock gently in and out of Kevin's ass. "Don't worry, kid, I know I have a reputation as a rough mother-fucker, but that's not for you. I won't plough your ass like I do my boy Pablo every day. He likes that, he's my boy. But you're Bob's boy, you're gentle like him, and I love you for it." Randy sensed it was time for a little fantasy. "There, you feel that huge pole riding your ass? Imagine that - the teacher fucking his student. He's tied you down to the bench and he's taking your ass."

Randy always had the knack of unlocking a boy's fantasy, often something that had been dormant in the boy for a long time. After all, Randy was something of a fantasy in himself, a pornographic image come to life, hypnotic even, so that just a couple of trigger words, like "teacher", "student" and "tied to the bench" did the trick.

Plus, Darius, who knew most things about everyone in the house, had mentioned to Randy that Kevin had told him he once had a big crush on a handsome, muscular teacher and used to sit in class watching him, mentally undressing him and wondering how it would feel to get fucked by him. So Randy knew exactly where he was going with this.

Kevin's eyes glazed over and his voice seemed to come from far away as he said, "My teacher's so hot I've wanted him all year, and now he's taken me into the gym, made me strip naked, and he's naked too except for his white tank." Randy straightened up, pulled off his tank, then resumed his position leaning over the boy, gazing into his eyes so piercingly it made Kevin hallucinate.

"Oh, man, the teacher's naked now. When he was in front of the class I always wondered what his body was like under his white shirt and I beat off under the desk imagining it. Now I can see - it's, it's gorgeous .... the chest, the biceps, the abs ..... He's so beautiful and he's tied me to a bench in the gym and now he's fucking my ass with his massive cock.

"He's made the other gym jocks gather round watching me get my ass fucked by our muscle-god master. He's put me on show, he's using me as an example to coach the other boys. I can see his awesome body rising and falling over me as his cock fucks my ass. God, it feels good. I've jerked off in class imagining this but I never thought it would feel this good."

The fantasy was contagious and the boys were so turned on they were stroking the bulges in their shorts. Randy's only vanity was his sexual prowess and he was pleased with the effect he had created so he decided to turn up the heat. Almost imperceptibly he increased the tempo of the fuck as he coached the others boys. "See, guys, he's loving it so much I can fuck him harder now, raise his pain level. It's good to check with him too, like this....."

"You like that, kid? You like me putting you on show for all these jocks and fucking your ass. Tell me, boy. Tell me what you want."

"It feels so good, sir, it's making me so hot. Your cock feels so good in my ass it could make me bust a load without touching my dick. My balls are bursting, sir, I wanna cum so bad."

"Yeah, but you'll cum when I let you cum. You'll know when." Then louder, "So this is it, guys, the boy is right at the brink - he's dying to shoot his load, but here's where advanced technique comes in. See I know his limit and I'm gonna take him there - and then some. Here's the deal - at the last minute I'm gonna push him over the limit, make it hurt, and in that instant wild horses couldn't stop his cock from exploding in the hottest orgasm of his life. So watch his face carefully. He's smiling now, but not for long."

There was a change in Randy's eyes from gentle to steely as he began to really fuck the Randy way. His cock was a piston now driving deep into the boy's ass. At first Kevin took it but he was soon writhing against his restraints, his body struggling to get free as he felt the cock ramming into his ass. "You want me to shoot my load, kid?" Randy yelled. "That teacher you've been lusting over, jerking off to, you wanna feel his hot jizz in your ass? You wanna feel the coach bust his load in the young jock's ass?"

"Yes, sir, please, sir. I can't take any more, your cock is so huge. Please, coach, I beg you, finish me off, sir." Randy glanced up and panted, "Here it comes guys, this is where he submits." He pulled his cock all the way out, gazed into the boy's eyes and yelled, "I'm gonna cum in your ass, boy!" He slammed his rod hard down the chute and, with one final, savage thrust, over the inner sphincter into the depths of the boy's ass.

Kevin's eyes shot open as he screamed, "No! .... I can't .... I give up, sir ... aaagh!" His body spasmed and a huge plume of cum blasted from his cock high in the air, then splashed down on his own face, followed by another and another as he felt his master's cock pouring hot semen deep inside him. His body was shuddering as his cock kept spurting juice all over his body, until at last he relaxed into the incredible sensation of the teacher's cock buried deep inside him.

Randy grinned down at him. "That was spectacular, boy. We should do it again sometime."

"Yes please, sir," Kevin managed a grin as tears ran down his face."

Randy looked up at the awestruck boys. "So there's your lesson, guys. We found the kid's limit, lulled him into a state of euphoria before pushing up to his limit and then, when he was bursting to cum, we took him just over the limit and you saw what happened. That's how you know how much a guy can take. That's how you fuck a guy."

By now Kyle, Ben and Eddie all had their dicks out and were stroking them hard. Randy looked down at Kevin. You see these young jocks standing round you beating their meat, and you're tied down, on display, and there's nothing you can do about it. OK, guys, let him have it."

Kevin gazed up, saw three cocks above him, saw them shudder, then closed his eyes as jism burst from them into his face and over his chest. Randy leaned back almost horizontal, his cock still buried in the boy's ass and he laughed, "Don't forget an apple for the teacher, guys." The three jocks pointed their cocks at him and sprayed their young hot juice all over the coach's magnificent naked body and dark stubbled face.


A few minutes later they were still standing round the bench, rooted to the spot, Randy standing with them, all gazing down at the beautiful cum-soaked boy. "OK, guys, next lesson." He reached for his shorts, pulled out his phone, tapped it and held it to his ear. "Hey, kid, it's time. Get your ass down here."

Randy had previously primed Pablo on exactly what he wanted - to ramp up the fantasy a notch - and the boy didn't disappoint. He raced down the stairs wearing gym shorts, sneakers and a loose tank over his muscular chest. "Hey coach, what's up?" He pulled up short gazing at Randy, his body smothered in jizz, cum still dripping from his cock. The three boys stood with him, also with dripping cocks. And beneath them one of the twins lay helplessly tied to a bench, with cum streaming over his face and body.

Pablo grinned, "Shit dam, guys, you sure did a number on this dude. Guess he got his ass good and fucked by the coach."

"Yeah," Randy growled as he bent down, untied Kevin and pulled him gently to his feet. "Your brother's fine," he said softly to Kyle. "Take care of him, he did an awesome job - just beautiful." As the twins embraced enthusiastically, their eyes sparkling, Randy said to Pablo, "I was teaching these guys a lesson. Now I gotta see how much they learned. I'm gonna quiz them on it, give them a practical exam. But see, we're all pretty much drained dry right now, so it's up to you. You haven't jerked off lately have you?"

"No sir. I've been saving it for these guys."

"Right, well now's your chance. You can stand in as my assistant 'til my dick gets hard - you know what to do. OK, guys - who's next?"


As the lesson progressed, though, things gradually took a surprisingly different turn. The arrogant young assistant coach started to get kinda rough, knowing that the coach, who fucked him regularly, would let him get away with it. The athletic young jocks finally had enough and thought it was time to turn the tables on the muscle-stud coach and his cocky assistant.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 213


Rob Williams



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