"Wonder how the other guys are doing - not as good as us, I bet," Eddie said sleepily. The boy was lying in bed with Adam after great sex, falling asleep with his head resting on the Aussie's chest. And even when his eyes closed there was still an urchin smile on his lips. Actually, he would have been pleased to know that the other guys were all doing just fine.


It had all been Doctor Steve's idea, testing a theory that he had described earlier to Adam, Hassan and Jason. "See, there's nothing more harmful to a relationship than complacency. A man and his boy get too comfortable with each other they risk falling into a rut - the same old routine, the initial excitement wears off. You have to keep the magic alive, give the relationship a jolt once in a while.

"So I have a plan. Lloyd and I don't get to see you three guys very often, so we'd like to invite you and your boys to up the house for the weekend - call it a two-day pool party. It'll be our way of thanking Nate and Eddie for being such great houseboys, keeping our place in shape."

It was all arranged, and that Friday evening, when the three men and their boys were sitting at dinner with Steve and Lloyd, Steve had explained his plan to the boys. "So here it is - I thought it would be fun if, just for one night, everyone changed partners - the boys with different masters. But I want to make it clear, there's no pressure. Anyone doesn't want to take part, that's just fine. I just thought it might be fun to mix things up a bit."

It didn't take long for everyone to get on board, after reassurances from the men to their boys that this was just a one-night deal and that they could stop anytime they wanted to. The boys, plus Lloyd, each in turn drew a master's name from a hat and, amid great suspense, the matchups were revealed. Eddie had drawn the handsome Aussie, Adam; Nate drew Doctor Steve; and Ben drew the muscle-god Marine Hassan.

"Right," said Steve, "that leaves Jason and Lloyd together. Don't think there'll be any complaint there, knowing Lloyd's lust for blond muscle-jocks. So guys, get thee to thy rooms - and I wish you all a Good Night."


After initial nervousness Eddie had been treated to spectacular sex by the hot, athletic Aussie. And now here he was falling asleep with him, wondering how his friends the other boys were getting on. He didn't have to worry - they were getting along fine.

Nate was nervous at first being in the master bedroom with the gorgeous Steve, but Doctor Steve had ways of putting a boy at his ease.

Lloyd had a boner the minute he walked into Jason's room. The handsome architect was a body worshiper. He loved being around beautiful men - drooled as he followed them around at the gym - and the blond fireman was a knockout - a calendar guy. Even better for Lloyd, Jason was vain and loved to show off his body. Hell, a gorgeous narcissist fireman, a full-length mirror and a bed - who could ask for more? God was good.

As for Ben, he had listened to endless stories from Eddie about the exotic muscle-hunk Marine in and out of uniform. Now, at last, he could get to see those homoerotic fantasies come to life.

No doubt about it, there was a whole lot of action that night in the house on Mulholland Drive.


From the moment Steve led Nate into the master bedroom the boy was overwhelmed - by the room and the man. The room was spectacular with French widows looking over the city lights of Los Angeles on one side and the Valley and mountains on the other. It was a big room, furnished with elegant but masculine taste, befitting the two professionals - the architect, Lloyd, and the gorgeous doctor, Steve. The bed was huge too. Even though it was all familiar to Nate, because of course he and Eddie cleaned it regularly, tonight was different. He was here as a guest, not a houseboy, and was to spend the night here with the doctor.

After the coziness of the small house that Nate shared with Adam, he now found the place rather intimidating, but not nearly as overpowering as the man himself. Steve was the image of his brother Randy (who was older than Steve by a year) with the same chiseled, rugged good looks and muscular physique. But Steve was the cleaned-up version, the smart Beverly Hills professional, in contrast to the roughneck gypsy construction boss.

Nate had been intimidated by Randy too when he first joined the tribe, but the boss's down-to-earth mix of toughness and kindness became easy to like. But Steve, a muscled stud like his brother, also had that veneer of professional poise that made the innocent young Aussie feel out of his depth. Steve, the astute therapist sensed all this and smiled. "Big room, eh, Nate? A boy could get lost in it unless he has a man to guide and take care of him."

The soft, deep voice and the "take care of him" made Nate feel the first stirrings of his cock in his shorts. "Have a seat, Nate. Let me tidy up in here a bit, and then we'll get comfortable." Nate perched on the edge of a chair and watched as Steve moved around the room. He was wearing a smart pale blue dress shirt, blue jeans with no belt, and loafers. His shirtsleeves were rolled up to the elbow and, with three buttons undone, the neck of the shirt flapped open casually, giving intermittent glimpses of his muscular chest.

Moving gracefully around the room the man was gorgeous and absolutely belonged in an elegant room like this, which made Nate feel all the more out of place so, to hide his nerves, he chatted aimlessly about the house he shared with Adam.

"Sir, when me and Adam first saw our house next door to Randy and Bob's it was empty, with no furniture, but there was a blanket in the bedroom so Adam laid it on the floor and we made love on it to sort of christen the house. Adam fucked me, sir, and it was awesome and we said we'd be happy in that house without any furniture, but we have plenty now, sir, except our bed is not nearly as big as this one, but it's plenty big enough for us to, well, you know ...... "

Steve laughed. "Wow, don't Aussies ever pause for breath? They all talk like this down under?"

Nate blushed. "Sorry, sir, I'm talking too much aren't I? It's 'cause I'm a bit nervous, sir and..."

"Of course you're not talking too much, Nate. I like it .... you forget, it's my job to listen to people talk. Most of my patients are far less interesting than you and not nearly as good-looking." But Steve knew that Nate could not really relax in this room so he said, "Hey, what say we crack open a bottle of wine and go sit out by the pool and enjoy the view? There's a mild Santa Ana breeze blowing in from the desert, so it's real warm outside. Come and help me in the kitchen."

While Steve was opening the bottle of white wine Nate got two glasses from the cupboard he had cleaned many times. "We're all set," Steve smiled. Holding the wine bottle to one side he leaned forward and kissed Nate on the lips, with a little tongue action too. Then he pulled back, turned round and said over his shoulder in a mock Australian accent, "Follow me, mate."

Easier said than done. Nate's legs were still weak from the kiss that had jolted him when he tasted the male essence of the man, wrapped in a slight musky scent of a sandalwood cologne. Nate's cock was hard in his shorts as he followed Steve out to the pool. "Wow, it really is warm out here," said Steve. "Those Santa Anas sure heat things up. Let's get comfortable."

He put down the wine bottle, and Nate, still holding the glasses, stared in awe as the handsome doctor unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open. He yanked it up at the waist and as it sprang free of the jeans it pulled up with it a small white strip of his undershorts showing above the jeans at his waist. He pulled the shirt off and threw it over the back of a chair. Nate held his breath, afraid to move in case the apparition disappeared. Steve looked spectacular stripped to the waist, his chiseled torso gleaming in the moonlight.

The boy was mesmerized as Steve kicked off his loafers and moved around the deck barefoot, pulling two wooden chaises close together, with a small table beside one. He threw long, dark blue cushions on them and said, "There - that should do us, don't you think, Nate?"

Nate gulped and squeezed the wineglasses hard in an instinctive attempt to steady himself. Steve grinned. "Here, let me take those before you crush them, kid," he said, pulling the glasses gently from his grip and putting them on the table. He poured wine in each glass, set the bottle down and smiled again at Nate. Nate's cock was bulging in his shorts and he was starting to sweat, not so much because of the warm Santa Anas, but because of the proximity of this half naked muscle-god.

Steve noticed and chuckled, "You gotta get comfortable, Nate. Try this for a start." He pulled Nate's T-shirt off over his head and laid it over the back of the chair right on top of his own shirt. Even that piece of symbolism made Nate's cock jerk. He kicked off his sneakers and felt the comforting texture of the wooden boards under his bare feet, still warm from the day's heat.

Steve gazed at him approvingly. "You've been working out hard, kiddo. When I first met you you had a nice lean young body but you've really pumped up those muscles. You look terrific." He reached forward and ran his hands lightly over Nate's chest, rubbing the back of his fingers briefly over his nipples. Nate inhaled sharply and he could feel pre-cum oozing into his shorts.

Steve was attuned to Nate's every inflection and didn't want him to cum yet, so he turned away and waved his hand up at the sky. "Looks like Mother Nature approves of us, don't you think? Bright full moon tonight, and look up at those stars, much clearer up here way above the lights of the city. Talking of which....." He picked up the wineglasses, gave one to Nate and threw his arm casually over his shoulder, steering him to the edge of the deck overlooking the wide expanse of the city.

His low, deep voice had a hypnotic effect on Nate. "The stars are giving the city lights a run for their money tonight but they still look pretty spectacular. Look - over to the right is Century City, and in the other direction Downtown L.A. That long ribbon of light over there is La Cienega Boulevard, and that one Vermont Avenue. You can even see in the distance planes taking off from LAX, and beyond that the ocean, lit by the moon."

He turned his head and smiled at Nate. "Doesn't get much better than this, kiddo." He raised his glass and clinked it against Nate's. "Here's to us, Nate - the night is ours." They both took a sip of wine, then Steve suddenly closed his lips over Nate's who felt himself drinking wine from Steve's mouth - an exquisite mix of cool, sweet wine and the warm scent of Steve's flesh with its musky cologne. Steve turned back to face the city, his arm still round Nate's shoulders, and they sipped their wine.

Nate was floating in a kind of enchantment - standing next to this kind, beautiful man in the silver light of the full moon, the sparkling city of lights spread out far below them, the stars, the soft, warm breeze blowing against their naked flesh. Eventually Steve slid his arm away from Nate's neck, pulled the glass from Nate's hand and set both glasses down on the deck. Facing him Steve put his hand behind Nate's head and said, "I'm sure glad you pulled my name from the hat, Nate."

Nate was mesmerized by the blue eyes smiling into his, by the handsome face that came closer and closer until it was almost touching his. "Such a beautiful boy," Steve said softly. Nate felt strong arms encircle him, felt the hard-muscled chest press against his and felt their cheeks touch. Enfolded in Steve's arms Nate felt like they were floating together high above the city.

In a trance he heard the deep voice whisper in his ear. "I want you to relax, Nate - give yourself to me. This is our moment - you and me." Nate felt the bulge in Steve's jeans press against his, but it wasn't just Steve that suddenly made him cum. It was all of it - the man, the place, the moonlight - the magic. His body shuddered and he felt warm liquid flow into his shorts. But still Steve held on, kissing his cheek. "There, that's better," Steve said softly. "Now you're mine and we can relax at last, get to know each other."

He pulled away, gave Nate a gleaming smile, took him by the hand and led him to the chaises. "Lie down, Nate. Make yourself at home. Have some more wine."


They lay on their backs in silence for a while, gazing up at the stars and taking sips of wine. An ethereal peace settled over Nate, lying out here in the moonlight, the breeze blowing over him, his arm resting against Steve's on the armrest. Steve was not only stunning to look at. He exuded an almost hypnotizing power that wafted over Nate like a billowing bed-sheet falling lightly onto him. It was a whole new sensation for the young Aussie and his cock stirred again at the sound of the doctor's soothing voice.

"You feel OK about this, Nate - you and me, I mean? No qualms about Adam?"

"Oh, no worries there, sir. If I know Adam he's probably already fucking Ben.

"And how do you feel about that?"

Nate giggled. "The guys said you would say that - it's, like, the shrink question."

Steve squeezed his arm and smiled. "Yeah, once a shrink always a shrink, I guess. But don't worry - you're not on a therapist's couch. You're lying on a chaise under the stars, looking gorgeous, I must say, in the moonlight. And I'm not gonna interrogate you, but I am gonna make love to you and fuck you." He chuckled. "So how do you feel about that?"

"Well, sir, I'll let my cock answer for me. It's rock hard again in my shorts."

"Good." Steve eased his back off the cushion and propped himself up on his elbows, which made his shoulders and chest flex. He turned his head to face Nate. "But I did just wanna make sure that you're happy with your life in the house - your job and being Adam's boy."

"Never happier, sir," Nate said, loving this conversation with the wise, handsome doctor who was soon going to fuck him. Nate too leaned back on his elbows as he continued. "My life in Sydney was quite lonely and when I read this story on-line, a fantasy about a bunch of great-looking blokes and their boys living in L.A., I dreamed of being their houseboy - used to jerk off thinking about it. I came here on vacation on my own to see if it's true what they say about all the gorgeous men in L.A., and it was. I went to a quiet beach and happened to see in the dunes two of the most beautiful, Mark and Jamie, making love."

"Wow, that must've made your head spin."

"It was like a porn movie, sir - so exciting. They saw me and invited me to spend the rest of my vacation with them, and then things happened fast, like in a dream. Mark sent Jamie back with me to Sydney for a week or two, and on the plane was this handsome flight attendant, Adam and....." He paused for breath.

"Anyway, long story short, I think I must've had a guardian angel 'cause I got to live my dream and I can still hardly believe that I'm living with Adam as his boy. I love my job too, sir, taking care of the guys and coming up here with Eddie, cleaning your house, even making the bed that you and Lloyd sleep in."

"Not tonight, though," Steve cut in. "Today you made up the bed for you and me, Nate - that's if it's not too intimidating for you."

"Oh, no worries there, mate .... er ..... sorry ....sir."

He blushed at his slip of the tongue but Steve laughed. "No worries here either, kid. You can call me mate if you like. It's one of the things that makes you what you are. I love it."

Steve eased himself off the chaise and jumped to his feet. Nate, leaning back on his elbows, stared up at the stunning muscle-hunk, barefoot, shirtless, his perfect torso tapering down from his broad shoulders over his chest and ripped abs to his tight waist hugged by his blue-jeans and the glimpse of white shorts above them. Nate felt he could cum again just staring at him.

Steve reached down, grabbed Nate's hand and pulled him to his feet. "I don't think I can take much more of this, kiddo, and neither can my cock that's straining against my jeans. I gotta fuck you, kid."

Nate thought they would go inside but instead he stood in a daze watching the shirtless doctor pulling the cushions off the chaises and laying them side by side, making a big mattress right on the edge of the wooden deck. Nate didn't move even when Steve stood before him and said, "I gotta see you naked, boy." His voice now had a guttural sound, no longer the cool tones of the doctor, more like the growl of Steve's brother Randy when he was getting a boy ready for sex.

Nate's heart missed a beat when Steve reached forward and ripped open his shorts, pushing them and Nate's briefs down to his ankles. Nate stepped out of them and stood butt naked before the powerful man like an offering, willingly submitting to whatever he wanted of him. "Oh yeah," Steve groaned, "that is fucking beautiful, boy. On your back - now!"

Nate instantly fell on his back on the mattress, feeling a tinge of fear as he stared up at the rugged muscleman pacing round the deck, much as Lloyd must look up at him every night before he gets his ass ploughed. Steve was transformed from the smooth-talking doctor into a sexual animal, his lustful, gleaming eyes reminding Nate of Randy's. The fraternal likeness was remarkable, especially the overpowering need to fuck.

As if reading the boy's thoughts Steve said, "Yeah, runs in the family. We may be different, my brother and me, but when it comes to fucking the ass of a boy as hot as you our blood-lust is the same. See, we're both masters of our world and a boy does as he's told." Fiercely he yanked open his jeans, let them drop and stepped out of them.

Nate gasped as the bodybuilder towered over him, naked except for his white boxers, the outline of his hard rod pushing against the thin cotton. Steve plunged his hand under the waistband, grabbed his cock and stroked it inside his shorts. His muscles rippled in the moonlight and his bicep flexed as he pounded his meat, his laser eyes piercing Nate's. "Yeah," he groaned, "feels incredible, but it's gonna feel even better inside your sweet ass. Grab your cock, boy."

Nate obeyed, wrapping his hand round his raging cock but stroking it only lightly as he knew he was on the edge of another orgasm. "I gotta know if you're ready for me, boy - ready for the doctor to shove his rod in your ass." He pulled his hand out of his shorts, then cupped both hands over them round the base of his crotch, squeezing the shorts so his balls and cock strained in a huge bulge under the thin fabric. With one hand he stroked the bulge and he threw his head back, moaning in ecstasy.

Nate was dazzled by the sight of the awesome stud grabbing his crotch with both hands, tensing his body so his lats flared, his biceps, pecs and abs flexed hard like in a bodybuilder's pose. Nate could see pre-cum staining the shorts as Steve stared down at him and growled, "You ready for this, boy. You ready for this huge prick in your ass?"

"Yes, sir .... Please sir....."

"Then show me...."

Nate lost control. The sight of the muscle-god's rippling torso gleaming in the moonlight was too much to resist and Nate pounded his cock until he screamed, "aaagh!" and a ribbon of white cream shot high in the air, then splashed on the deck at Steve's feet like a tribute of surrender to the man who now had him in his power.


But Steve didn't let up, staring down at the boy with a look of triumphant satisfaction. "That's only the start, boy." Nate gasped as Steve at last took off his shorts and his cock sprang out, hard as a rock, his balls still straining for release. "On your stomach, boy." Still in a daze Nate flipped over on the mattress and found himself looking over the edge of the deck where the land sloped sharply away. It was a strange feeling, looking down over the glittering city so far below as he heard behind him, "Man, that ass is spectacular. Shit, I gotta have it."

Steve gazed at the white globes of Nate's butt, fell forward and planted his hands on the small of his back, pinning it to the cushion beneath him. Nate knew that his ass was trapped and he felt the inevitable touch of the cock pressing between his buns, then pausing. "You really want this, boy?" came the deep voice over his shoulder. "You want the doctor's big dick in your ass?"

"Yes, sir. Please, I want it a whole lot. Please, I..... aaagh!" His scream flew out into the void and over the city as the doctor's cock plunged into his ass, then pulled out and drove in again. It was rough, but took Nate just to that fine line between pain and exquisite pleasure. He knew that the big man could hurt him - Randy might have - but he sensed that Steve was firmly in control of his desires and wanted to give him only pleasure. And what pleasure!"

As the rod pushed ever deeper into his ass Nate reached up and curled his fingers over the boards at the edge of the deck. The hill slope was so steep he could see no land beneath him, only the sparkling lights far below that a traveler sees from a plane flying over the city before landing. And that's just what it was like. Nate had the incredible sensation of flying over the city with Steve on top of him, rising and falling over his ass.

Steve shifted his hands, pressed them on Nate's forearms and lowered his chest onto the boy's back. Nate felt Steve's hot breath in his ear as he whispered, "Magnificent isn't it Nate? We're flying, you and me, and I'm inside your sweet ass. We're all alone way up in the air and I'm fucking you. Feel my body on yours Nate. Feel the doctor fucking your ass as we float above the city. Show me you love it, boy. Do it for me ..... I know you can ...."

Nate was in a dream - a dream where he was flying in the strong arms of this superman, holding him safe, fucking his ass. "Hold me, sir, he moaned ..... fuck me, sir ..... I love you, sir ..... aaah ...." he sighed deeply as he shot yet another load. He watched for his sperm to spray in the air and cascade down onto to the city below. But, in reality, it simply pooled under his body onto the chaise beneath him.


Nate lay in a daze, still feeling he was flying - which in one sense he was. He felt the body on him shift, the cock pull out of his ass, and his fingers get pried off the deck. He was aware of being flipped onto his back and he lay for a minute with his eyes closed. When at last they flickered open he was so dazzled he shut them again. He was still dreaming - had to be. But no, when he opened his eyes again there it was still - the face, bending over him, smiling.

Until now the boy had been transfixed by the flawless body, by the feel of the cock moving inside his ass. But now it was the face, the beautiful chiseled features, the square jaw, strong cheekbones, tousled dark hair falling over the high forehead And the eyes - the pale blue eyes set in the tanned face, smiling into his.

But it was much more than that. Behind Steve's head was the moon, bathing him in an ethereal silver glow, with the bright panoply of stars surrounding him so that his godlike face seemed to be part of the heavens. "Sir, I ....." Nate stammered but Steve said, "Sssh - no need for words at a time like this."

They gazed at each other for a long time, then Steve grinned. "Just now that was me playing Randy, fucking your ass. Now you're gonna feel the real me - making love to you. I've made you cum twice but my balls are still bursting. You gonna help me out there?"

"Yes, sir. I want to make you cum, sir? I want to feel you cum in my ass. Please, sir." Nate gripped his legs behind the knees and pulled them back, offering his ass to the handsome, naked doctor. Steve leaned forward, grabbed Nate's wrists and pushed them up to the edge of the deck. Nate twisted his hands and curled his fingers backwards over the edge of the deck, bracing himself for what he knew was coming.

"Oh, man!" Steve shook his head and smiled, "Such a hot young Aussie stud." He rested his palms on Nate's chest, stroking his nipples with his thumbs. He pressed the tip of his rod against his ass, then eased in, sliding it slowly deeper and deeper until it came to rest against the soft tissue in the back. He paused, smiled at Nate, then pushed deeper so the head of his cock slid over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the hot secret chamber deep inside.

"Aaah ..... aaah," Nate shuddered. "Sir, that feels .... Aaah." Steve, like his brother Randy, was an expert. He pulled his cock back over the inner sphincter, then eased in again, just enough for the hard rim of his cock's head to rub against the sphincter. And that's how Steve made love to Nate, massaging the tender sphincter with the corona of his cock in small, gentle thrusts back and forth.

Nate was driven wild by the incredible sensation deep in his ass. He reached up and ran his hands over the muscle-god's ripped abs and his chest, then dug his fingers into the rock-like slabs of his pecs. He gazed up at the godlike face among the stars, back-lit by the moon, the blue eyes smiling down at him. "Yes, boy," came the deep, hypnotic voice. "That's the man who's fucking your ass, driving you wild. Look at him, Nate - love him - worship him .... Now feel his man-juice pour deep in your ass. Here it comes, boy ..... yeah, that's it .... Yeah...!"

Nate was in heaven as he felt Steve's body shudder, saw his eyes open wide, the head fly back .... and felt hot cum flowing into his ass. Nate shouted, "I love you, sir. I love you ...." as he felt his own cock erupting one more time with a plume of white semen that splashed up on his chest and into his face.

They stared at each other in wonder. And just at that moment the hot Santa Ana wind picked up, blowing excited gusts of hot air over the two men as they fell into each other's arms.


After showering together they walked into the bedroom drying themselves, but Steve noticed a furrow in Nate's brow. "What's up, kid?" he asked. Nate looked confused. "Well, sir, what I said too you out there .... like ..... 'I love you' and all that. I mean, I'm in love with Adam, but when I said that to you I .... kinda meant it."

Steve faced him and put his hands on his shoulders. "Nate, in my opinion love is not so much a matter of duration as of intensity. I think when two people have great sex and say, in the heat of the moment, 'I love you', it's perfectly real. Even if the feeling disappears in the cold light of dawn, it doesn't mean it wasn't real at the time.

"Of course, what you have with Adam is real solid, the kind of love that lasts. But, just for tonight you and I can love each other, and then tomorrow you'll run back to Adam and tell him all about it - and he'll tell you about his night with Eddie. And Adam's gonna love you more than ever, I guarantee. Now come here..."

Steve led Nate by the hand into the bedroom and pulled back the covers of the bed. "I hope Lloyd doesn't mind being kicked out of his bed, sir," Nate said. Steve laughed loudly. "Let me tell you something, Nate, Lloyd loves gorgeous men. It's why he came to California in the first place. Hell, if he sees one at the grocery store he follows him around drooling. Now, tonight he's with Jason, the calendar-boy fireman, who of course is one of the most beautiful men of them all, so don't worry about Lloyd. Trust me - he's in hog heaven right now."

Steve looked down at the bed. "Now, I hope you're not intimidated by this bed anymore, kiddo, 'cause you are gonna get fucked in it .... and loved in it."

Nate flashed his playful Aussie grin. "Oh, no worries there, mate. No worries at all."


Steve was usually right about most things - and he was certainly right about Lloyd. When Lloyd went to join Jason in his assigned room they broke open a couple of beers and sat nervously making clumsy small-talk about trivialities. "Santa Ana's sure kicking up tonight." "Yeah - real warm out ...."

Jason was casually dressed in a loose check shirt hanging open over a faded red T-shirt that clung to the contours of his chest. He wore tan jeans with a leather belt and boots. Lloyd, like his lover Steve, was rather more formally dressed in a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows and the waist tucked into gray slacks, with loafers on his bare feet.

Despite their uneasiness with each other there was an undeniable aura of sexual desire in the room. Their awkwardness probably resulted from their being so much alike, in that they were both obsessively turned on by physical beauty in men, which in Jason's case often took the form of infatuation with his own image in the mirror. They also knew they shared this sexual compulsion for body-worship.... it was just a matter of breaking the ice.

Which Lloyd did when he broached the subject head-on. "Look, man, I gotta come right out and tell you that I was hoping I would pull your name out of the hat. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with great looking guys. Shit, sometimes I'm scared to go to the gym 'cause I'll probably see some Adonis that I'll follow around and make a fool of myself.

"But you, man - shit, you beat any guy at my gym hands down. You're fucking gorgeous - and what's more you know it. Vanity turns me on like crazy, watching a man preen and strut in the gym, getting off on himself exercising in front of a mirror. Every time I see you come into a room my cock springs into action and many's the time I've jacked off thinking about you.

"You know, once I even snuck into the twins' room down at the guys' house, pulled that calendar from under their bed and jerked off looking at your picture on the August page. And once when you were lying by our pool in Speedos I stood behind a curtain in my bedroom and beat my meat watching your gorgeous body stretched out on a chaise." Lloyd paused. "Shit, listen to me running off at the mouth. Sorry, man, I'm making a fool of myself." He grinned. "Not unusual for me when I'm with a man like you. Not that there are any other guys like you."

He stopped talking and actually blushed as Jason smiled at him. "What would you say Lloyd if you knew that that same day, lying on my stomach by the pool, I watched you walk round cleaning the pool with that leaf skimmer - so handsome, that flawless body of yours looking so fucking hot, and with that big bulge in your blue Speedos? The other guys were indoors so I eased myself up and down the chaise, rubbing my crotch against the canvas cushion until I shot my load in my Speedos. I was afraid you heard me gasp, and my crotch was soaked in jism so I dove straight into the pool so you wouldn't notice.

"Wasn't the first time, either. Sometimes when I stand and beat off in the mirror I picture you standing beside me doing the same, you're so fucking hot."

Lloyd stared at him, his face creased in a grin and they both burst out laughing. They stood up and Lloyd said, "Hey, buddy, let's just cut to the chase here .... we're wasting time. And this room's no good. I've got somewhere much better in mind. Follow me.


"Wow," said Jason as he looked round the room. "You guys sure know how to live. This is great." They were standing in the basement room that had once been used for storage but Lloyd, with his architect's flair, had converted it into a gym, and it doubled as a sex playroom, with mirrors on all the walls. Sexual accoutrements hung from hooks - whips, restraints, ropes - but it wasn't that which the two guys focused on. They were gazing at the gym equipment itself - and fantasizing.

They stood side by side, looking at themselves in a mirror, then turned to face each other. They reached out and ran their hands over each other's chest, Lloyd over the thin, faded T-shirt, feeling the rock-hard pecs underneath, while Jason pushed his hands under Lloyd's shirt and moaned as he felt the smooth skin of the flawless gym-honed torso. Both of them had roaring hard-ons in their pants.

Lloyd pushed Jason's shirt off leaving just the tight T-shirt, its frayed sleeves tight over the fireman's biceps, and a tear at the neck that Jason had skillfully arranged, running a few inches down from the neck and pulled open by his bulging pecs. They took a few steps back, gazing at each other. Lloyd unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it out of his pants and shrugged it off, while Jason reached behind his neck and slowly pulled his T-shirt off over his head.

"Holy shit," Lloyd breathed as they gazed at each other, both stripped to the waist. "Man, that's so fucking beautiful. Hey, you want a workout partner, man?" Jason grinned. "You read my mind."

"Right,' said Lloyd, "might as well do this right. God knows we've fantasized often enough, so let's make it real. In the bathroom there you'll find some of my old gym gear. Put it on and start your workout. I'll be right back."

Lloyd left the room and Jason went to the bathroom, which was a mess, strewn with gym clothes and equipment. Jason rummaged around in the clothes and pulled out black gym shorts, old sneakers and a stained jockstrap the he held up to his face and breathed deeply. It stunk of sweat, piss and dried semen from all the times Lloyd had cum into it at the gym. Jason stripped naked and put on the workout gear.

When he went back into the room Lloyd was still not there, so Jason stood in front of a mirror admiring himself, dressed only in old black gym shorts, unlaced sneakers and a sweat-stained white tank top stretched over his chiseled torso. He grinned with satisfaction, then began his workout with a few warm-up chin lifts on the bar. Next he loaded weights onto the bench-press, lay on his back, reached up to the bar, took a deep breath and began to bench press.

He had put a lot of weight on the bar as he really wanted a good pump to show off to Lloyd. It was heavier than his usual weight and after about eight reps he began to struggle. He was dimly aware of the door opening and heard a voice - "Need a spot, man?" Lloyd stood behind Jason's head, leaned forward and held the bar lightly, assisting with the lift. Jason looked up and almost lost his concentration as he saw above him muscled thighs and a long cock swinging over him under loose gray gym shorts.

He managed ten reps, heaved the bar back into its cradle and sat up on the bench gazing into the mirror at himself and the man standing behind him, Lloyd, looking hot as hell in shorts and a sleeveless black T-shirt with the sides cut low. "Thanks, man, that was intense," Jason grinned at Lloyd, who acted like they were strangers who had just met. "You wanna work out together, man?" Lloyd asked.

"Sure - why not?" So they did. For a good half hour they swung into a muscle crunching workout routine - bench presses, cable flies in front of the mirror, pushups - without a break until their bodies were streaming with sweat. They stopped for a breather, grabbed bottles of water and each took a swig.

They stood side by side admiring each other in the mirror, their soaking shirts clinging to their chests, veins standing out on their pumped muscles. Their wet shorts clung to their rock-hard thighs and through the thin fabric could be seen the outline of their bulging jockstraps.

Jason grinned, raised his bottle and poured water over his head, soaking his body and clothes. Lloyd did the same and said, "Jesus that looks hot." He pulled his T-shirt off over his head, Jason yanked off his tank and they gazed at each other, water streaming down their faces, over the slabs of their pecs, rippling over their eight back abs and soaking their shorts. "Time we kicked this up a notch," said Jason. "No more pussyfooting around eh?"

This was a long-time fantasy of Lloyd's - working out at the gym with a beautiful bodybuilder, getting up close to him, smelling his sweat, hearing him grunt with effort, and eventually..... here his fantasy crossed into the impossible. Except that tonight everything was possible.

By now Jason was in front of the mirror, standing between the cables, his arms stretched up and out in a V, gripping the cable handles and pulling them across his chest making his pecs bulge. "Here, Lloyd said, "try it at this angle." He stood behind the shirtless jock, pressing against him, and reached up to grip the handles over Jason's hands so they could work the cables together. "That's it," Lloyd said, feeling Jason's body flex and smelling the sweat of his armpits as they pulled together.

The effort made Jason's mid section push back and Lloyd felt the hard round globes of his ass pressing against the straining bulge in his shorts. He stared over Jason's shoulder into the mirror, watching the blond muscle-god flex and strain as he had surreptitiously watched so many men in the gym. But this time he could feel the man's naked back pressing against his chest, his ass thrusting back against his cock with each pull of the cables. It felt almost like fucking the ass of the spectacular blond jock in the mirror.

As workout partners do, Lloyd encouraged him. "Yeah, one more, man, you can do it. Look at that fucking body in the mirror, stud. Come on .... pull harder man .... push that butt back against me .... ride that huge cock in your ass." They were both close to orgasm so they pulled abruptly apart.

By now the gym routine was all geared to their sexual impulses. Jason went back to the bench-press and this time Lloyd faced him, straddling the bench and planting his own ass firmly on Jason's crotch. As he helped Jason push the bar up, every lift caused Jason's cock to push up against Lloyd's butt. Now it was Lloyd's turn to feel as if he was getting fucked up the ass. "Feel that, man?" Jason groaned. "Feel your gym buddy's dick in your ass?"

Lloyd was desperate for the real thing and jumped off Jason, standing by the bench watching Jason continue to press the bar. How many times had Lloyd watched a man do this in the gym, always from a distance? How many times had he lusted for that man, wanted to .....?

"Shit, that is fucking spectacular," he moaned as he gazed down at the muscular blond jock, biceps straining, shirtless in black gym shorts, his legs open astride the bench, unlaced sneakers firmly planted on the floor. Lloyd had dreamed of this so often - dreamed of doing what he did now.

He knelt on the floor beside the bench, reached forward and pulled the waistband of Jason's shorts down below his crotch, gasping as he saw the stained, bulging jockstrap tight round his waist. In a trance he leaned forward, breathing in the smell of sweat and dried cum, and clamped his mouth over the rough frayed cotton, sucking on the sweaty balls and cock through the fabric, his head swimming as he smelled, tasted, the raw essence of Jason's manhood.

Jason dropped the bar in its cradle, but kept a firm grip on it, his arms stretched upward as his gleaming body writhed under the relentless hot mouth clamped on his jock. "Yeah .... suck that stinking crotch, man. Lick that jock, bite it ..... make your gym buddy bust his load, man ..... aaagh!!" Lloyd felt the jockstrap suddenly become wet with the sticky cum oozing through it. He sucked hard, squeezing the juice from the jock as he felt the cock pumping underneath.

Feeling he might pass out Lloyd stumbled to his feet and stared in disbelief at the man on the bench, his magnificent body stretched upward, still gripping the bar. The head of Jason's cock was poking up above the jockstrap's waistband and Lloyd howled as it he saw it pump one last long stream of jism up over the writhing torso of the young fireman.

Lloyd reached into his own shorts, pulled out his straining rod and it instantly blasted a shower of semen that splashed down on the cum-covered chest and handsome face of the muscular blond jock - his gym partner.


From here on it was all sex. Jason jumped up, cum running down his face and chest, and issued a challenge. "We'll see who can press the longest, and the loser submits to whatever the other guy wants." Lloyd's eyes gleamed. "You got it, stud." They pulled two incline bench presses side by side in front of the mirror. They dropped their shorts, so both were naked except for jockstraps and sneakers, and each sat on one of the benches, at an incline so they could clearly see themselves in the mirror. They reached up, grabbed the bars and began to press in unison.

Both were muscular gym fanatics so they benched a good number of reps until they began to tire. Straining, groaning in muscle-crunching pain, their action became labored, even as they gazed defiantly at each other in the mirror. It was the sight of Jason that defeated Lloyd, the thought of submitting to this glorious man, being in his power. With a howl of pain he let the bar crash back into its cradle and Jason yelled in triumph, "You lose, man!"

Jason jumped to his feet and acted quickly. He grabbed two lengths of rope from a hook on the wall and used one to bind Lloyd's wrists together behind the bench. The other he put round Lloyd' s neck, securing it to the upper part of the bench. He stood back and gazed in awe at the muscular, handsome young architect, naked except for his jockstrap, bound helpless to the bench. Jason gloated, "You're mine now, man. You're finished, helpless. God you look hot." Jason pulled his cock out of his jock and began stroking it.

Lloyd instinctively pulled at his restraints but he knew he was the captive of this beautiful athlete. This was a fantasy even he had not dreamed of. He had jerked off thinking about Jason often, even over his picture in the calendar, but now he was his prisoner and the near-naked blond fireman was pounding his rod before him. "You know what's gonna happen to you, big guy?" Jason growled. "See this huge piece of meat? You're gonna eat it. I'm gonna fuck that gorgeous face. The big muscle-jock is gonna fuck his workout partner's face."

Lloyd shuddered as Jason stood astride the bench, leaned forward and grabbed the bar above Lloyd's head, pushing his hips forward until his long hard rod was inches from his face. "You ready to submit, man?" Lloyd was brimming with lust as he gazed up at Jason's sculpted features. "Yes, sir. I submit to you. Please, sir, let me taste your cock."

He dropped his eyes to the cock pointing at his mouth .... but it didn't move. He could see pre-cum dripping from it and he poked out his tongue to lick it, but it was out of reach. Lloyd was drooling, pulling at the ropes behind him, desperately trying to free his hands. "Please, man. Please let me taste your cock, let me feel it in my mouth. I'm begging you, sir."

Jason relented. "I needed to hear you beg. I need to have men worship me, worship my cock." He eased forward and slid his cock into his captive's mouth. Lloyd swallowed it all the way down until his face was buried in blond, wet pubic hair. He inhaled, drowning in the bitter-sweet taste and smell of the young fireman's sweat and semen. Jason growled, "Now eat it, man."

The face fuck was slow at first, building in speed and intensity as the muscle-jock pounded his gym partner's face, choking him to the point where Lloyd was screaming into the gag of the cock, suffocating on it. He felt the cock shudder, heard the man howl and felt the rush of semen pouring down his throat. He swallowed hard, gulping frantically, when suddenly the cock pulled out, and the triumphant jock blasted the last jets of cum hard into his gym buddy's face.

Jason stepped back and stared at the bound bodybuilder, tears streaming from his eyes, cum pouring down his face. "Now that," Jason said, "is totally fucking awesome, man. Beautiful."


Jason released Lloyd and as they took a breather, letting their heartbeats subside, Jason's thoughts went to his boy Ben, wondering how he was enjoying his night with Hassan. But he knew he had nothing to worry about. Ben would really get off on the fantasy of the gorgeous, muscular Marine and would be full of it when they met again in the morning.

Reassured, Jason turned his focus back to the handsome architect and the erotic gym which was now stinking of sweat and semen. Jason's vanity was kicking in and he wanted more. He wanted to really show off.

As for Lloyd, he still had one more fantasy to play out - the ultimate dream. "Come on, man. This is so fucking hot, I'm gonna show you something that'll blow your mind." They pulled off their jockstraps and faced each other, naked at last. Then Lloyd went into action ....

A few minutes later he stood back and gazed into the mirror. Jason was between the cable posts again but this time he was spread-eagled to the four corners. His arms stretched up and his wrists were tied to the cable handles. His legs were spread wide, his ankles roped to the bottom of the posts.

He wasn't totally naked. Lloyd had made him put on the sweat- and cum-stained white tank he had worn, which now stretched over the muscular torso of the bound bodybuilder. The frayed bottom of the tank ended just above his cock swinging between his muscled thighs, and behind, just above the twin white globes of his naked ass. Jason was gazing in awe at himself in the mirror knowing just how spectacular he looked.

Lloyd placed a chair by the mirror and sat down, back to the mirror, gazing at the young fireman, tied helpless, naked except for the thin, frayed tank clinging to his chest.

"Man," Lloyd breathed, "I have never seen anything more beautiful than that. Now for some real body-worship. You know, those hunks at the gym drive me crazy, and it's always been a huge homoerotic fantasy of mine to have one of them tied up in my power so I could work him over, make him beg. And now here I have the most beautiful muscle-god of them all, the narcissistic, arrogant blond jock spread-eagled in bondage, at my mercy."

Lloyd stood up, and ran his hands over the thin tank, feeling the solid pecs and hard nipples underneath. "You're my workout partner, man, but you fucked my face and made me beg. Well guess what, stud.... it's payback time."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 207


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