Pete’s short trip to see the guys in Los Angeles turned out to be more than he bargained for. When Brandon took him down to the house he had expected an informal lunch to welcome him to the group, but he was treated instead to a tribal extravaganza staged in his honor, with every member of the clan present.

Fortunately most of the time Pete was required to do nothing but watch, but even that was a challenge. He looked on in disbelief as the boys stood in a line, one behind the other, and fucked in synchronous rhythm, so perfectly aligned that they called themselves The Cockettes.

Then Randy Bob and Mark took the stage and Randy proved he really did have the guts and endurance to be the tribe’s leader by getting double-teamed, front and back, by the other two.

Finally Pete’s turn came, and he was offered the choice of any one of the boys to fuck in front of the whole tribe. As he surveyed the line of eager boys Pete’s choice was not a hard one. “I choose Brandon.”

And so they made love and Pete fucked Brandon for the first time. It was more intense than either of them expected and when the climax came it was something that Brandon would always remember, gazing up at the Ranger’s handsome face, his chiseled body, muscles flexing as hot juice poured into his ass. Brandon whimpered, “Sir, I think I’m falling in love with you. I can’t help it, I … Aaah!” His cum spurted up so high it splashed into the hair on the Ranger’s chest.

Brandon was wrapped in Pete’s arms for a long time until Pete picked him up and lowered him back into his wheelchair. All the boys ran forward and mobbed Brandon, competing with each other in their effusive congratulations. Pete pulled his shorts on and resumed his place with the men to enthusiastic handshakes.

When things settled down Randy said, “Now listen, Pete, we have an important question. Me and the guys are about to draw up final plans for your bungalow so we have to know. Should we make your house wheelchair accessible – ramps, bathroom and all that stuff?”

“Well ….” Pete was taken aback. He frowned, considered it, and then smiled. “Well, if you can, I guess you should … just in case, you know.”

“Yeah, just in case,” said Bob with a wide grin.


Shortly after that Randy pulled Pete aside and said, “I was hoping Brandon would find a man to take care of him. I have a real soft spot for that plucky kid and would even have taken him as my boy except that it would have put Pablo’s nose out of joint and I can’t do that. But listen, man, the kid is special to me and if anyone ever hurts one hair of his head he’ll answer to me.”

“And that won’t be pretty,” Bob completed Randy’s sentence with a smile, and Randy growled “asshole” and walked away.

“Phew, thanks, man,” Pete said. “I thought he was gonna hit me any minute. The man is incredible. One minute he’s being intuitive and super generous, offering to retrofit the house to accommodate a wheelchair, at who knows how much extra work and expense. And the next minute he’s threatening me that I gotta take care of Brandon or else.”

“I know,” said Bob sympathetically. “I think he’s a little bit jealous of you with regard to Brandon. He loves the boy and watches out for him. But you have to know that one of Randy’s strongest impulses is to take care of the boys. It comes from the hardscrabble days in Texas, a hostile environment for gypsies, where he protected his five younger brothers with his fists.

“He’s done the same for these boys often, Pete. One time when young Eddie was captured by some lecherous thug Randy rescued him and took a heavy beating in the process. Anyone harms one of those boys and Randy takes it as a personal insult. And you do not insult Randy.”

“You’re crazy about him, aren’t you, Bob?” Pete grinned.

“That obvious, uh? There’s no one like him, Pete …. he’s my life. But if you ever run afoul of him, as all the men have at one time or another, come to me. I’ll take care of you.”

“I bet you would, too. Shit, man, you’re fucking beautiful – in every way. Maybe I’ll come to you even if I don’t have any problems.

“Just say the word, Ranger”


Meanwhile, in another corner of the garden, another intense conversation was in progress. Brandon had confronted Mario anxiously and said, “Mario, I’m not sure what I’m doing. The last thing I want to do is hurt you and lose you. I love you and you’ve been so good to me. I’ll do anything to remain your friend, even it if means giving up on…”

“Hey, hey,” said Mario putting his finger to Brandon’s lips. “Silenzio, amico. You are, how you say, getting ahead of yourself. First, you and I are amichetti – boyfriends – and that will never change. But I think that you need a master to take care of you.” As Brandon started to protest Mario laughed. “Oh I know how independent you are and that’s great, but tell me, how does it feel when Pete puts his arms round you and you rest your head on that hairy chest, eh?”

“It feels …. I dunno … kind of like I’m home.”

“Exactamente! Pete is a wonderful man for you. Don’t forget we watched you make love in front of us all, and take it from me – an Italian knows love when he sees it.”

“But Pete hasn’t said anything about being his boy.”

“No, and he won’t for a while – it’s too soon. Pete is still a bit tentative with all this …. see how stunned he was today watching the show? A man like him wants to be sure about his actions and that’s a good thing. So just be yourself and take it one step at a time … I’m sure that the Ranger will take the lead. And we’ll still be boyfriends and spend almost as much time together as before. After all, the other boys have a boyfriend and a master. But one thing I would advise. If Pete has nowhere to stay tonight you, er, you might make an offer.”

Brandon threw his arms round Mario and said, “I love you so much amico.”


It was as Mario had foreseen. It had been decided that, until the bungalow was ready, Pete would live temporarily in Adam’s spare room next door. Randy would let some of the boys take the company’s big enclosed truck up to Pete’s old house in the Angelus Forest and help him move his furniture into storage at the company warehouse. But Pete didn’t have his own truck here (Jason had driven him from the airport) and there would not be room for everyone in the company truck.

So Pete appealed to Bob. “As you know, Bob, it’s all gonna happen tomorrow, and Brandon has offered to drive me up to my place in his truck and have the other boys follow us. But I won’t say yes if you need Brandon in the office, working on the renovations budget and all.”

“I don’t see a problem there, Pete. Escrow on the sale of the bungalow doesn’t close until the end of the week. In the meantime Randy, Zack and Lloyd will be working on the plans but the budget’s on hold until they’ve got specifics on what they’ll need. Jamie can handle the office tomorrow, so you can have Brandon, no problem. Oh, and by the way, we gotta find a place for you to sleep tonight. I guess we could ask Eddie and Ben to bunk in together – they usually do anyway – and that would leave a room free … or ….”

“Sir…” Brandon had overheard their conversation and now wheeled himself up and cleared his throat nervously. “Sir … um … Pete could always stay at my apartment tonight. That way we could leave from there early next morning in my truck ….” He trailed off blinking nervously behind his black-rimmed glasses and held his breath.

“Splendid idea,” Bob beamed. “Thanks for the offer, Brandon – that is, if it’s OK with you, Pete.”

“Er, sure,” Pete shrugged, “Why not?” Bob knew very well that Pete’s apparent lack of enthusiasm was faked, masking an eagerness betrayed by the suppressed smile on his face.

The party was winding down and as people left they shook the Ranger’s hand with various expressions of welcome. Bob said, “You’ll stay to dinner won’t you?”

“No thanks,” Pete smiled. “You guys have done so much for me already today, I don’t want to impose on you. Besides, we have an early start tomorrow. I’m sure Brandon can rustle up a snack at his place.”

“’Course I can, sir. The twins have been giving me cooking lessons.”

The twins smiled encouragingly. “And remember,” Kyle said, “let it cook slowly – take your time.” Kevin agreed. “Yeah, don’t rush things – take your time.”

“Good advice,” came Randy’s deep voice, his blue eyes boring into Pete’s. “There’s no hurry. And remember what I said, Ranger. The kid’s special to me.”

Randy watched them leave, with Brandon talking animatedly to Pete. As the gate closed behind them Bob saw tears in Randy’s eyes and he put his arm round his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Randy, he’s in good hands. It’s best for the boy.” He smiled at him. “Besides, you can’t always have what you want.”

“Why the hell not?” Randy growled. “I always do.”

“Not this time, big guy. You gotta let it go.”


As they drove the short distance up the hill Brandon was still chatting away about the events of the afternoon but Pete stayed mostly silent. He liked the idea of spending the night with Brandon, but he somehow felt he was approaching a watershed in his life. He was on unfamiliar territory and, as Mario had said to Brandon earlier, Pete was the kind of guy who liked to be sure of himself, to feel solid ground beneath his feet.

So when they entered Brandon’s small living room Pete sat on the couch and pulled the wheelchair round to face him. He gazed into Brandon’s wide eyes as the boy put on his glasses, blinking in anticipation. “I wanna say a couple of things to you, kid. First I really like the idea of spending the night here. And you know I feel a lot of affection for you. But tell me … how long ago did we meet?”

Brandon had a sense where this was going and it scared him. “Around noon today, sir. About six, seven hours ago, I ‘spose.”

“Seven hours. And in that time you’ve sucked my dick and I’ve fucked your ass. “See, the thing is, a lot of friendships begin with that kind of physical lust, but often the lust doesn’t last long and the friendship soon fades away. A whole bunch of other things are necessary to build the foundation of a friendship that lasts – and I want ours to last.”

Brandon breathed a sigh of relief as Pete continued, “In my former life with my Ranger buddies I used to fuck a different girl every night. Nothing lasted, I guess because I didn’t want it to. My sexual compulsion got in the way. My dick made the decisions and I just fucked. But I don’t want you and me to be fuck buddies. I want something else, something more solid … I’m just not sure exactly what.”

Brandon blinked behind his glasses. “So you want to make sure this is not just about sex, sir.”

“That’s it, exactly. See, I feel something for you that’s new to me and I’m not sure what it is. But I don’t want to rush it. And I’d say seven hours is rushing it just a tad, wouldn’t you?”

“Just a tad, sir,” Brandon grinned.

“So here’s the deal, kid. We’ll be sharing a bed tonight and I like that. But we’re both self- confessed sex addicts and the night could end up as one long orgy. So I suggest no sex tonight. I just want to feel you close to me. We’ll sleep together like buddies and tomorrow you’ll drive me up to the forest and we’ll talk and get to know each other. How’s that sound?”

“To tell the truth, sir, it’s a bit of a relief. See, I know how important sex is to you and I was afraid that – well with me being handicapped and all – I might not be able to satisfy you. Other boys are far more versatile than I am and you could have a lot more fun with them.”

Pete dropped to his knees and stared directly into his eyes. “Brandon, I never want to hear you say that again. Don’t forget, I watched my brother grow up without the use of his legs and he’s a sexual demon. He’s got this gorgeous girl and they fuck like jack-rabbits. So I have no doubts on that score” – he grinned – “especially after that epic blowjob and then feeling your ass round my dick. You’re a sexual dynamo, I know that I just want to get to know you first, is all.”

He got to his feet. “And the first thing I want to know is, can you cook?”

“Can I cook? Can I cook? Is the Pope Catholic? Just watch me, sir.”


That’s just what Pete did. He sat in a corner of the kitchen drinking a beer and watched Brandon maneuver expertly around, choosing ingredients from the pull-down shelves that Randy had installed. He was preparing dinner, of course, but Pete knew that the boy was also showing off to him, proudly demonstrating his independence. They chatted comfortably, laughed a lot, with Brandon explaining what he was cooking and how. Pete offered to help but the offer was declined as he knew it would be. This was Brandon’s show.

The dinner consisted of a salad and paste e fagioli, a traditional meatless dish that Mario had taught him. As they sat at the kitchen table munching away it felt to both of them perfectly normal, as if it were a nightly occurrence … or could be, at least. They found that, although their situations in life were so different, they had feelings and ideas in common. Pete was surprised how knowledgeable Brandon was on a wide range of topics and said so.

“Yes, sir,” Brandon said. “See, before all this happened to me my life was pretty solitary and I read a whole lot of books” – he grinned – “when I wasn’t watching porn videos.” Once again Pete’s heart went out to this brave young kid, picturing him sitting alone, evening after evening, entertaining himself in this little apartment. Never again, kid, Pete promised him silently.

After dinner they loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen like an old married couple, and decided it was time for bed. “We’ve got an early start tomorrow, Brandon. You sure you’re up to the long drive up to the forest?”

“You know you shouldn’t ask me questions like that, sir.’

“Sorry, kid, you’re right,” Pete grinned. “Let’s hit the sack.” Pete had brought with him the leather duffle bag that he had taken to New Mexico and he now pulled out of it boxer shorts and a toothbrush. Brandon watched surreptitiously as Pete pulled off his T-shirt and cargo shorts and pulled on the boxers. Brandon was reticent to take off his own shorts as his cock was standing up like a tent pole at the sight of the brawny near-naked Ranger stretching and yawning in front of the bathroom mirror.

Side by side they brushed their teeth looking at themselves in the mirror – and stealing glances at each other. They went into the bedroom where Pete hadn’t been before, and right away he noticed the mirror on the wall facing the bed, hung at a slant so the whole bed was in view.

“Great ain’t it, sir?” Brandon grinned. “Randy put that there for me. He’s an expert at these things, said it would come in useful. And it has. I sometimes lie here and look up at myself and jack off. Randy’s always doing stuff like that for me. You know, guys think he’s tough and scary but he’s always been super kind to me. He gave me a great job when they were building the office and I really love him a lot.”

Randy’s warning about Brandon rang in Pete’s ears, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. “OK, kid. Get naked and get in bed. It’s been a hell of a day and I’m bushed.”

“The bed’s a bit of a mess, sir,” Brandon apologized, grabbing loose clothes and stuffing them under the bed.

“I don’t care about that, boy. Just get your ass in bed.” Pete’s rough tone and his use of the word ‘boy’ turned Brandon on and he pulled himself out of his chair and onto the bed. Pete climbed in beside him and snapped off the light.

Remembering Pete’s words, and aware of his own erection, Brandon clung to his side of the bed. “Hey, kid, get over here,” Pete murmured. “I said no sex, not no contact. No reason we can’t cuddle.” Brandon scooted over to Pete, pressed against him and felt his muscular arms fold round him. He laid his head on Pete’s hairy chest and was asleep in minutes.


But, inevitably, it was a dream-filled sleep, dreams that revisited this extraordinary day where he had met Pete, sucked his cock and later got fucked by him. But also in his dream he heard Pete saying they should hold back on sex until they got to know each other better.

That thought jarred his subconscious and roused him to a state somewhere between sleeping and waking. His head was still lying on Pete’s chest, his arm stretched over the Ranger’s muscular body, his hand resting in the crook of his neck. He felt the hairy chest rising and falling under his cheek, he breathed in the man’s scent and tasted the trickle of sweat clinging to his chest hair.

He loved Pete, he was sure of that, and he pressed his body against him, his stiff cock squeezed against Pete’s muscled thigh. In a half dream he drifted back to the sight and feel of when Pete had fucked him – the handsome Ranger smiling down at him, his big cock sliding in his ass. He felt again how it had felt then, fire racing through him. He heard Pete’s voice … “you’re my captive boy” … heard his own voice … “I think I’m falling in love with you, sir.” He felt his juice surging through his cock and blasting over the Ranger’s chest – “Aaagh.”

Brandon woke up panting, and realized that he had shouted out loud. He really had cum – it was real! He had pressed his cock against Pete’s thigh and shot a load of cum over his leg and up over his ripped abs. He was shocked to realize that he had disobeyed the no-sex command …. and that his scream had woken Pete.

“What the fuck?” Pete jerked awake and sat up. Still groggy from sleep he wasn’t sure what had woken him, what he had heard. Then he felt it – warm semen on his abs and dripping down his thigh. Without the restraint of full wakefulness he subconsciously reverted to the authoritarian Ranger, the man who used to deal harshly with situations like this, as he had when he had caught Pablo and Darius sucking each other off.

“What the fuck have you done, boy? What did I say about no sex? You disobeyed me. You dared to disobey me. Any boy who defies me gets punished.”

Brandon stared up wide-eyed at the fierce Ranger. He had not seen him like this before – eyes blazing, jaw clenched, muscles flexed in anger. It scared the boy – and excited him. “Sir,” he stammered with a half sob. “I’m sorry, sir, I was dreaming and I got so turned on I guess I….”

“Be quiet.” The Ranger stood up, dropped his boxers and looked somewhat surprised as his own cock shot out as hard as steel. He flipped Brandon over onto his stomach and knelt between his splayed legs. Reflexively Brandon looked up at the slanted mirror and saw himself lying helplessly trapped under the naked Ranger. Again that mix of fear and excitement made him tremble, even more when he heard Pete’s next words.

“If you’re gonna be my boy,” he growled “you’re gonna have to learn to obey your master – learn how it feels to get punished by him.”

Brandon’s thoughts were reeling. ‘Be my boy?’ ‘Obey your master?’ Did he mean it?

In truth, Pete wasn’t sure what he meant. This was all so new to him – and he had only just met the boy, for god’s sake. So he acted on instinct, and it was only later that he realized it was his latent instincts as a master rising to the surface. He had watched the other masters and their boys and that had awakened in him a deep-down ache to have a boy of his own to protect. But first he had to establish Brandon’s respect and obedience.

He remembered how Jason had ‘punished’ Ben – and so did Brandon. So that was the model and they both found themselves longing for it. “What did you do wrong, boy?” Pete growled.

“I busted my load, sir, although you had said no sex – and I sprayed cum all over your abs.”

“And what’s gonna happen to you now, boy?”

“I’m gonna get punished. Please, sir.”

That ‘please’ was not exactly the word a boy who was scared of his impending discipline. But by now both of them were in the grip of a desire so strong that it eclipsed all the master/boy considerations. Pete looked down at the nape of Brandon’s neck, at his strong shoulders, the graceful slope of his back down to his slim waist and – oh yeah – the perfect globes of his ass.

Brandon watched in the mirror as Pete scooped up the cum he had sprayed over the Ranger’s stomach, and spread it over his cock. And that was it for lube, but Brandon would have taken a dry fuck from this exciting man. Then Pete clamped his hands on the small of Brandon’s back, pinning him to the bed, his ass at his mercy. He pushed his rod between the cheeks and said, “This is to teach you obedience, boy.” He slammed his cock deep in the boy’s ass and Brandon howled in pain.

Pete inhaled sharply. He had hurt him. He had not meant to cause pain to this beautiful boy … but he had promised punishment, hadn’t he? He almost apologized, but stopped himself. A real master would never apologize for fucking his boy, would he? Shit, this master thing was complicated. Oh to hell with it. Who was he kidding? He didn’t want to punish the boy – he wanted to make love to him.

“Look at me Brandon,” he said, all the harshness gone from his voice. “Look at that Ranger who’s gonna fuck your ass.” He pulled his long cock back up the chute, paused, then gently slid it back in, making Brandon moan in ecstasy. And from then on it was pure love between man and boy.

Brandon raised his eyes to the mirror and gazed in awe at the handsome, naked Ranger who was pressing down on his waist, his body arched above him like he was doing pushups. The boy watched his shoulders and hairy chest flex as his ripped body rose and fell over him.

The boy was in heaven. He had never felt safer, never before felt the sense of belonging that he felt now. The fuck was tender, loving – and deep. There was no pain. He could have taken the long cock as deep as Pete wanted. He longed for it, longed to prove that he could be sexually exciting enough to satisfy Pete. Simply put – Brandon wanted Pete to love him.

“Jesus, your ass feels incredible, boy. I love fucking you. Look in the mirror – look at us. We look good together, eh?”

“Very good sir. Please, sir, fuck me harder – I can take it – I want all of it.”

Pete grinned, “Me too, kiddo.” He moved his hands from Brandon’s waist to his forearms, pinning him to the bed. His body was arched over him, only his hands and feet touching the bed – and, of course, his cock buried in the boy’s ass. He quickened the tempo, driving his cock harder, faster, until it became a piston pile-driving deep inside him.

“Yeah!” Pete shouted breathlessly, feeling more powerful than he had ever felt, more of a man as he dominated this handsome boy. He dropped to his knees between Brandon’s legs, grabbed the boy’s hair with one hand and yanked his head back, forcing him to stare into the mirror. Still pounding his ass he shouted, “You gotta learn obedience, boy … learn how it feels to get punished by your master. You gotta feel his rod hammering your ass.”

Brandon stared up at the Ranger, the intensity on his face, his rippling muscles, sweat dripping from the hairs on his chest onto the captive boy’s back. “I love you, sir,” Brandon yelled. “I’m sorry I disobeyed you, sir. It’s just that … I love you. Please, punish me, sir. Punish my ass.”

There was something in the boy’s pleading voice that moved Pete, made him slow down until the pounding of his cock became a caress. He fell forward onto Brandon’s back and wrapped his arms round him under his chest. Brandon felt the weight of the Ranger on him, felt the wiry chest hair chafing his back, and felt his cock gently massaging his ass. Then he heard the deep voice whispering in his ear.

“I never really wanted to punish you Brandon. What you did, cumming all over me, was an act of love and I’m glad you did it. Now I’m gonna repay the compliment. You wanna feel the Ranger’s juice in your ass?”

“Yes please, sir – more than anything.”

Brandon felt Pete kissing the nape of his neck, then his cheek, and he turned his head sideways to receive a loving kiss on his lips. As the tongue pushed into his mouth he felt warm liquid flowing deep inside his ass. Brandon was so overwhelmed that he was hardly aware of his own cock spurting jets of semen between his stomach and the bed.

Pete squeezed him tight and, as soon as their heartbeats subsided, rolled them over on their sides. And that’s how they slept, with Pete’s cock still inside the ass he had made love to. With more to dream of than ever Brandon slept with a smile on his face.


In the morning Pete drowsily reached out for Brandon but felt only warm sheets. But he didn’t have to open his eyes to know what was happening – the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon did the trick. Brandon wheeled himself up with a big tray on his lap, which he placed on the bed, then hauled himself in beside Pete. “Good morning, sir.”

“”Morning, kiddo. This looks great.”

They didn’t say anything about last night. Brandon didn’t want to risk breaking the spell and Pete needed time to collect his thoughts. Instead, as they wolfed into breakfast, they spoke of the day ahead, hooking up with the other boys, the drive into the mountains, all the furniture that needed to be moved. And they laughed a lot.

They showered together in the large handicap-accessible bathroom and got dressed in work clothes – old cargo shorts for Brandon, and black jeans, boots and a loose gray T-shirt for Pete – and they took off in Brandon’s truck. As they approached the guys’ house they heard, before they saw, the commotion at the gate. Pablo and Darius had picked up the big moving truck from the construction site and the noise was coming mostly from Ben, Eddie and Pablo’s dog Billy. The dog always picked up on the excitement and ran around barking as they loaded tarps, padding and dollies.

It had been decided that those four would be the boys helping with the move. Randy had let Ben and Eddie off work for the day but Nate wanted to stay and prepare his and Adam’s house for Pete’s return. Jamie was needed in the office and, too tell the truth, he loved working alone with Bob all day. The twins, as always, preferred to stay busy in the kitchen, and Mario had meetings with Lloyd and Randy about his landscaping plans.

The truck had a big cab that seated four. When the equipment was loaded Pablo climbed in behind the wheel, with Billy between him and Darius. Eddie and Ben took the back seats, fidgeting with excitement at the prospect of a trip to Pete’s old home.

“Follow close behind us, Pablo,” Brandon shouted from his truck. “Pete will give me directions and you don’t wanna get lost.”

An hour later the convoy was winding its way along the Angeles Crest Highway, and the scene in the two trucks was a study in contrasts. In the lead vehicle Brandon was manipulating the hand controls confidently as he and Pete chatted about Pete’s brother Ricky, Brandon’s job as Jamie’s assistance – everything under the sun except what happened last night. There was no mention of the words master or boy. It was still a topic too new and full of uncertainty. They were both still learning.

By contrast, in the big truck behind them the party was in full swing. Eddie and Ben had already steamed up the windows with hot sex, exchanging blowjobs in the back seat with gleeful enthusiasm. Not to be outdone Pablo was steering with one hand while he reached across Billy, pulled open Darius’s pants and stroked his ten-inch club.

“Hey boy,” Darius said to Billy. “Get in the back will ya? Give me a clear shot at your master’s dick.” Billy sullenly jumped into the back seat, unleashing howls of protest and laughter from the junior boys. There was a small space behind their seats where Billy squeezed himself, whining at being banished and intuitively fearful of what was going on

It became a front-seat/back-seat competition, with the four boys trying to outdo each other in sexual inventiveness. But what had really taken a back seat was careful driving as Pablo tried to steer with one hand while the other hand reached over to Darius and to the boys in the back. He was totally distracted as he joined in the laughter and shenanigans going on around him.

The result was dangerously obvious in the rear-view mirror of the truck in front. Pete and Brandon both looked with alarm at the vehicle swerving and swaying behind them. Pete said quietly, “Brandon, when it’s safe to do so pull off to the side of the road.”

He gradually slowed, pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. But apparently Pablo was caught off guard because they saw the truck swerve off the road, the brakes squealed and it screeched to a halt, barely stopping as it bumped lightly against the fender of Brandon’s truck. Pete threw open his door and stormed round to the driver’s window. Still full of high spirits Pablo lowered his window and said, “Hey, Pete, what’s up?”

Pete clenched his jaw and his fists and took a deep breath to calm himself. “First of all, boy, you address me as sir. That boss’s boy bullshit cuts no ice with me – you’re still a boy. And second of all …. what in god’s name do you think you were doing? You call that driving? You’re a menace to yourself and to everyone on the road.”

Ben lowered his window and Pete could see the smirks on their faces and their suppressed laughter. “Now listen up,” the Ranger barked. “I don’t take that behavior from anyone, least of all from a bunch of grubby-faced kids like you. You’re more like a cage of baboons than the boys I thought I knew. That dog there has more sense than the rest of you put together. What the fuck do you think your masters would do to you if they knew how you were carrying on, risking your lives and topping it off by being insolent to me?”

That comment was like a bucket of water thrown over them as they finally grasped the extent of their misbehavior. There was an embarrassed silence as Pete yelled, “I’m this close to sending you all back to make a full confession to your men, except you’d probably kill yourselves on the drive back.

“So I’ll give you a break. If you can behave like civilized humans for the rest of the day, instead of total assholes, I’ll cut you some slack and not report this to your masters. But you’ll behave not because you’re afraid of your masters but because you respect this one. If I’m to become a master in that house I won’t damn well tolerate insolent, shitty behavior like this from any of you, no matter whose boy you are.” He glared meaningfully at Pablo. “Do I make myself clear?”

Thoroughly chastened they nodded, “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Pete glared at them. “Right, we understand each other then, so get this through your thick heads – I’m the boss.” He strode back to Brandon’s truck and got in, his breath heaving, eyes flashing. Then he grinned at Brandon. “Awesome, sir,” Brandon smiled back. “You sure scared me. I’ll remember not to get on your bad side anytime soon.”

As the trucks pulled away there was an embarrassed silence in the boys’ truck. Darius finally said quietly, “Shit damn, the man’s totally awesome. He gave me a massive hard-on. I feel like he just fucked me.”

“Yeah,” Pablo agreed grudgingly, but he was still smarting from Pete’s ‘boss’s-boy’ put down. “He’s a stud alright but not as tough as Randy. Look at the way Randy proved he’s the real boss yesterday by submitting himself to Mark and Bob, taking it up the ass and in the mouth. When the Ranger can do that I’ll admit he’s really one of the men. I still don’t buy the master thing, though. I mean, can you be a master if you don’t even have a boy?”

“He don’t have a boy?” Eddie snorted scornfully. “Who the hell do you think’s sitting next to him right now? What do you call that?” Eddie grinned at Ben. They knew a thing or two. After all, Brandon was one of the Three Amigos.


When they all arrived at Pete’s house the boys were determined to show their contrition and respect for the Ranger by working extra hard. Within minutes they were inside the house preparing Pete’s furniture and possessions for removal.

Brandon worked as hard as anyone, wrapping the smaller pieces and loading them on his lap and his tray table. He made repeated trips to the big truck, wheeled himself up the ramp Darius had lowered and supervised the securing of the items inside. The other boys did the heavy lifting, especially Pablo and Darius. Darius prided himself on being strong like Zack, his gleaming ebony muscles able to lift more weight than anyone.

Their effort and enthusiasm impressed Pete – and they were impressed by him. As the day got hotter he pulled off his T-shirt, wiped the sweat from his face and chest and worked the rest of the time stripped to the waist in his black jeans and work boots. They stared in awe at his straining muscles and hairy chest, and pretty soon they were all shirtless.

Their bodies got a real workout toiling side by side and the testosterone was thick in the air. The intense effort put out by all six of them was so energetic that it wasn’t long before the house was pretty much empty, the last big item being the king-size mattress in the middle of the bedroom. Pete went out to Brandon’s truck and brought back two six-packs of beer.

“Here you go, guys,” he said cheerfully. “Time for a break before we hit the road again.” He tossed a bottle to each of them. “Only one for each of the drivers, though,” he said, and noticed the flash of resentment on Pablo’s face (Pablo prided himself on his ability to drink and drive, so he thought, despite Randy’s orders to the contrary.)

The four boys sat cross-legged on the bedroom floor, Brandon in his wheelchair, and Pete sprawled on the mattress, leaning back on his elbows surveying the boys. They had worked so hard that he almost regretted the tongue-lashing he had given them on the road, though it had been necessary to curb their dangerous high spirits and to assert his authority over them.

But still he sensed a smoldering resentment in Pablo and wondered how much the other boys shared it. He knew it was not easy for them to accept a newcomer as a master – it was almost an invasion of their tribal territory. Plus they all knew his reputation as a ladies’ man, fucking a different girl every night, which put him in a whole different category, hard for them to embrace.

Pete had torn a strip off them verbally and that had helped demonstrate his authority, but he had a feeling he needed to do more to be truly accepted as a master worthy of membership in the tribe, especially by the senior boys Pablo and Darius. The opportunity presented itself sooner than he thought.

He grinned at them all and raised his beer bottle, “Guys, I drink to you all. I gotta say you’re an impressive bunch of guys, despite what happened on the drive up here. You’ve worked really hard and I thank you for that. I know Randy is paying you for the day’s work but when we get back I’ll show my thanks in the form of cash – tips all round.”

“There was a murmur of thanks, some hesitation, and then Darius spoke for them all. “Sir, that’s real generous but we’re not supposed to accept tips and we wouldn’t want to anyway. It’s been our pleasure to serve you.”

Taken aback Pete said, “But, guys, I’ve gotta thank you somehow.”

They all looked at Pablo, who said, “There is one way, sir. See, driving up here me and the boys were talking about yesterday, how Randy had proved once again that he‘s tough enough to be boss of the tribe, that he could take anything, even Mark and Bob tag-teaming him. On his hands and knees, being fucked in the mouth and ass, would have been kinda degrading for most guys but for Randy it was a triumph, judging by the standing ovation he got.

“See, we know you’re a real sex stud when it comes to girls, sir, but the only time you had sex with Darius and me was when we first met up at the lake and Randy forced you to. So, well…”

“You don’t need to go on, Pablo, I get the picture. I know where you’re going with this. Do you all feel the same as Pablo?”

The other three boys nodded, though the motives of Eddie and Ben were a bit different. They were just thrilled with the idea of watching a scene like that, and anyway they usually followed the senior boys in their decisions. Pete looked questioningly at Brandon who blinked fast behind his glasses, smiled and shrugged slightly. Pete grinned, “Et Tu, Brute?” Then, seeing Brandon’s frown, “It’s Shakespeare, kiddo – Julius Caesar – check with Mario.”

So this was the challenge, Pete thought. This was the way to get accepted by the boys. Even though he had already been warmly welcomed by the men of the tribe it would mean nothing if the boys resisted him. Besides, after getting fucked by Bob yesterday and loving it, what did he have to lose?

“OK, guys,” he said determinedly. “Which of you is gonna fuck my ass?” There was a heavy silence. Then Darius stood up, unbuckled his pants and let them drop round his boots. His semi-erect horse dick flopped out and, as they all stared at it in awe, it rose up slowly until it stood straight out rock-hard, a formidable ten-inch club.

Pete gazed at it, clenched his jaw, and stood up to confront the handsome black boy. Holding his gaze he kicked off his boots and pulled off his jeans. The stud Ranger and the chiseled black buck faced each other butt naked. Pete turned round and fell on all fours in the middle of the mattress, offering up his ass just as Randy had done yesterday.

Pete looked up at Brandon who smiled and nodded encouragingly. The Ranger felt Darius’s mouth licking his ass, pushing his tongue inside, preparing it for what he knew had to come. There was a long pause, then he felt the knob pressing between his cheeks. He tried to relax his ass as the long rod entered him and pushed in slowly – inch after inch after inch.

It was endless. Pete thought it would never stop as the thick shaft pushed deeper and deeper, pressed against the back of his ass, then over the inner sphincter and deeper still until it finally came to rest. Pete had a sensation of his whole body being filled by the massive cock. His body spasmed and he let out a howl of pain and unworldly pleasure. He willed himself to relax, breathed deeply and slowly came to accept the invasion of his ass – accept it and crave it.

“Yeah, boy, fuck me. Fuck your master. I wanna feel that long black pole deep in my gut. Shit damn, it feels incredible. Come on, stud – fuck me.”

Darius’s cock was not only huge … he knew how to use it. He could have used it as a weapon, could have split a man open. Pablo often liked it rough. But Darius knew what he was doing this time. He wanted the Ranger to succeed, to be accepted. Pete was such a turn-on physically but, more important, Brandon loved him and Darius would do anything for Brandon.

So he pulled back slowly, all the way, then eased his cock back down the chute and deep inside the inner cauldron of Pete’s ass. Pete moaned loudly, “Holy shit, that’s fucking massive. Yeah, fuck that Ranger’s tight ass.” Darius obliged, skillfully using every one of the ten inches to endow the Ranger with exquisite pleasure – a sensation he had never experienced before.

It took all of Pete’s concentration and endurance to withstand the ceaseless probing of his ass by the huge black pole. Naked on all fours the rugged muscle-stud tensed to withstand the invasion of his body. Sweat dripped from his face as his head hung down, jaw clenched. But suddenly a hand grabbed his hair and yanked his face yanked up, and he found himself gazing up at Pablo stroking his rigid dick inches from his face.

“You know what to do, Ranger,” Pablo growled, trying to sound like Randy. “The same thing Randy did for Bob.” In a daze of sexual overload the Ranger let his mouth sag open and it was immediately filled by the senior boy’s cock. Pete felt trapped when Pablo grabbed his head in both hands and drove his cock down his throat. It was the way Randy would have fucked his face and Pete finally understood what it meant to be the boss’s boy.

The Three Amigos stood watching nervously but sexually elated. Eddie and Ben kept glancing at Brandon to make sure he was not distressed by the sight of the rugged man he loved being subjected to this double-teaming – his ass impaled on the massive black cock while the boss’s boy pounded his face. But Brandon knew that Pete was tough and could endure whatever came at him. Far from upset he was pumped with pride as he watched Pete undergo this trial of strength at the hands of the senior boys.

“That is epic, dudes,” Eddie said, mesmerized. “Look at that stud Ranger getting double fucked by a couple of boys. It’s awesome – that huge black rod riding his ass, the other cock feeding his face.” The sight was indeed spectacular as tears streamed down Pete’s face and his magnificent body spasmed with each plunge of the cock deep in his gut. The three boys were all stroking their dicks, waiting for the inevitable climax.

It was a long time coming. Pablo and Darius were too turned on to let it end, and Pete was determined to endure it, partly to prove his toughness to the boys but mostly to impress Brandon. He had seen the glow on Brandon’s face yesterday when he watched Randy submit to Mark and Bob in this same way, and now he wanted the boy to be equally proud of him.

At long last Darius looked across the kneeling Ranger at Pablo and said, “You think he’s had enough, dude? Think it’s time?”

“Yeah, let’s do it, man. You ready?” They each accelerated the pace, the pain increased in the ranger’s ass and throat and he screamed into the gag of Pablo’s cock. He choked as he felt jism pouring down his throat and swallowed desperately to avoid drowning in cum. And fire flashed from his ass throughout his shuddering body as the massive cock exploded deep in his gut and he felt hot liquid filling his ass.

His body bucked as his own cock blasted juice down on the mattress and he heard from somewhere above him the shouts of three boys and felt their semen splashing on this back.

It was a while before the noise died down, he felt the cocks withdraw from his mouth and ass and he fell forward on the mattress exhausted. He must have momentarily passed out, and when he came to the boys were wiping his back dry with their T-shirts, then they turned him over gently and wiped his chest. He struggled to his knees and Brandon bent forward, licked his face clean and kissed him. “You were awesome, sir. I’m so in love with you.”

From then on there was a complete change in the boys’ demeanor. Gone was the suspicion and doubt …they now treated him with awe, the unquestioned boss, a man to be obeyed. As they drove back down to the city Pete sat with his arm round Brandon who was driving with a broad smile on his face. And in the truck behind, the four boys were mostly silent, each reflecting on the same undeniable truth. The tribe had a new master.


On arrival at the house in late afternoon they were met by Mario who first hugged Brandon then welcomed Pete and the boys. They unloaded the few pieces of furniture Pete wanted for his temporary stay in Adam’s house and then the four boys drove off to the warehouse to store the rest. After that Pablo and Darius were planning on taking Eddie and Ben out to dinner.

Brandon was having a spirited conversation with Mario and he turned to Pete. “Sir, is it OK if I go up to the bungalow and see what plans Mario has for your garden?”

Pete could see how excited Brandon was to be back with his Italian friend. The last think he wanted to do was spoil that special friendship so he ruffled Brandon’s hair and said, “Kiddo, you don’t have to ask my permission to see your friends, especially one as handsome as this guy. Besides, Nate’s gonna help me get my room straight and unpack my books, which I have to study tonight ‘cos tomorrow’s my first day in my new job.

“I’ll probably have a bite to eat here while I’m reading, so I tell you what … You worked hard today kiddo so why don’t you relax with Mario, give him something to eat now that you’re an expert chef, and later this evening I’ll come up and join you. Sound like plan?”

“Sounds great, sir. I have a lot to tell Mario.”

“I bet you do,” Pete laughed. He watched Brandon drive them up the hill, then went inside Adam’s house to join Nate. “Hey, you’ve done a great job cleaning up the room, Nate. Thanks.”

“Ah, no worries, sir. It was a pleasure. Shouldn’t take us long to straighten out your things here. First, let me show you round the house so you know where everything is. There’s not much to see.” They passed by a door that was firmly shut and Pete asked, “What’s in there?”

Nate blushed a little. Oh, that’s the basement, sir, a kinda special room. It’s Adam’s really and it’s where he takes me to … well …. to play, sir. I’d rather let Adam show you that himself.”

“I get the picture,” Pete grinned. “Where is Adam, by the way?”

“He’s out with Zack. They often go out bike-riding on the two Harleys. See,” – he blushed again – “Adam and Zack are both big into leather – belong to a bikers’ club – so they often go off together and, I gotta say, they look real hot in their leather outfits. And when Adam comes home is when he takes me ….”

“…. down to the basement, eh?”

Pete was intrigued and even felt a stirring in his cock. He was surprised how horny he was after the trip. Getting double fucked had been a real turn on, but it had given him an urge to reassert his masculinity – be a top man again. He began to feel sorry he had let Brandon go with Mario but … ah well … later.

They set about positioning the furniture in the room and Pete watched Nate move around with an intense, eager look on his face, fixed determinedly on his task. The handsome young Aussie was wearing only his usual thin boxer shorts and unlaced sneakers, and his lithe, ripped body gleamed with sweat.

Pete grinned, thinking how much more beautiful a boy looked when he was unaware he was being watched. He could see why Adam was so crazy about him, and if the situation were different he would have ….

Shit, he thought, feeling his dick get hard. He had been determined to curb his sexual compulsion, knowing that would be a challenge surrounded by gorgeous men and boys. He really needed a session with Dr. Steve, and anyway he had Brandon now. After his experience today, he felt a new confidence and had finally decided to ask Brandon to become his boy. So damn the boner in his jeans, he thought, and his growing lust for the young Aussie.

He put all his energy into the work trying to stifle his urges. Only the bed was left. The frame and box spring was already in place and Nate was struggling to lift the mattress and throw it on top. Pete got behind him to help hold the edges, the bulge in his pants pressing against Nate’s ass. They managed to throw the mattress down but it took the two of them with it. They fell forward on top of it, both of them laughing at their clumsy success.

Nate’s face was close to Pete’s and in his exuberance Nate kissed him. It was just a friendly kiss but Pete lost control, grabbed Nate’s head and pressed their mouths hard together, pushing his tongue between the boy’s lips. His cock was rock hard and he felt the bulge in Nate’s shorts. But Nate managed to pull away and said, “Sir, I don’t think we should … I mean, I’d like to but I should get permission from Adam first. He would be so angry if ….”

“Sorry, kid, it’s just that I’m so fucking horny and I need to fuck. Just let me get a look at that ass. He pulled down Nate’s shorts, yanked open his own jeans and pulled out his raging cock.

“Sir, no, we mustn’t,” said Nate with increasing desperation. “I gotta ask Adam. And what about Brandon, sir? I thought you loved him and he was gonna be your boy.”

The mention of Brandon was like a slap in Pete’s face. His head cleared, he snapped back to reality and realized with horror what he was doing. “I must be fucking insane,” he groaned, realizing that he had succumbed to his sexual addiction. “I’m so sorry, Nate. Are you OK? Forgive me, kid …I didn’t mean any of that.”

“It’s OK, sir,” Nate said. “No worries, mate – no harm done. Just a bit scared is all.”

Pete rolled away from him onto his back, leaving Nate on his stomach with his shorts pulled down below his ass. Pete closed his eyes and pressed his hands to his head in shame. His cock was still hanging out of his pants … when the door opened.

“Bloody hell …. What the fuck’s going on here?”

Pete’s eyes shot open and he found himself staring at a daunting sight. It was Adam, the tall, muscular Aussie dressed in full leather – leather pants and boots, a black leather biker’s jacket hanging open revealing a studded harness crossed over the mounds of his chest.

“You mother-fucking bastard,” Adam yelled. “So that’s why you wanted to come here – to fuck my boy!” His eyes blazing, Adam yanked the belt out of his pants and raised his arm.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 245


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