The gathering was more of a celebration than a simple dinner. Of course, by now all the details of the twins' capture and rescue were well known, thanks to Darius, his video and his motor-mouth. What had not been caught on video was described by the twins at Darius's insistence. There was a lot of praise to go around, mostly for Randy, Zack and Mark, but especially for Bob whose surprisingly tough action and tirade in the bar was the highlight of the video. He was now held in even higher esteem than before - an unchallenged leader among men.

In a way the twins were at the center of all this and it made them very uncomfortable. Kyle spoke up for them both. "Sirs, this was all our fault for going to that stupid bar in the first place. We must have been crazy and we're really sorry we put you all in danger."

Randy saw the pained look in Bob's eyes and spoke up. "OK, guys, let's talk about that. Listen up all you boys. What the twins made was an error of judgment, made worse by sheer bad luck. Now we don't want to clip the wings of any of you boys ... we're raising you to be strong and independent. That said, if ever you feel like doing something unusual or even a bit daring out there you must call your master first, and if you can't get a hold of him call me or Bob. Especially if it involves sex - we need to know first. Any questions?

"Yes, sir." Eddie's hand shot up. "Sir, does that include jacking off? Often when I'm driving around I'm thinking of Hassan in his uniform - or better still out of it - and I have to beat off and shoot a load. Should I call him first before I do it? He's sometimes hard to get a hold of."

Darius sputtered, stifling a laugh, but Zack clipped him round the ear. "That's a good question," Randy said, glaring at Darius. "No, you do not need our permission to whack off. But there are two conditions. Never do it while driving - pull over and park. And make sure there's no one who can see you - that could lead to trouble. Thanks for raising the question Eddie." Eddie blushed with pride at Randy's thanks and looked smugly at Darius.

But still, in the rowdy chatter that followed, the twins remained subdued, and when they were back in the kitchen Bob and Randy came to check that they were OK - not suffering from delayed shock. "No, sirs," Kevin reassured them, "we're feeling fine - except we're ashamed. We're thinking that as members of the tribe we should be punished for what we did."

"Ah, so that's it," said Bob. The twins didn't see him wink at Randy as he said, "What do you think, Randy?"

"Hmm," Randy said pensively, stroking his chin. "I guess they're right. Tell you what, why don't we force them to spend the night with us and when they're good and naked we'll find some way to punish their sorry asses. And it won't be quick ... we'll make them stay with us all night long."

Bob shot a grateful smile at Randy and turned serious as he faced the twins. "You hear that boys? When you've finished in the kitchen you go upstairs to the master bedroom, strip naked and wait for us. Sorry, but that's the way it has to be. Come on Randy, let's have a nightcap by the pool.

As the men left, Kevin and Kyle looked at each other. They knew they should be feeling scared but, punishment or not, the thought of spending the whole night with their handsome master and his big gypsy lover made their eyes sparkle with excitement.


By this time the party had broken up. After what had happened to the twins - a near disaster averted only by the quick action of Randy and Zack - the masters were feeling even more protective of their boys than usual. Hassan, the Marine, had whisked Eddie off to his small house tucked away in the Hollywood Hills; Ben had gone with the fireman, Jason, to his house down by the Arroyo; and Jamie and Mario were with the cop Mark in his big apartment.

Zack had plans for his boy Darius in his house across the street, and they had taken Pablo with them as they knew Randy would be spending the night with Bob. And Adam and Nate were next door in the 'Aussie House' as always.

And so a moonlit calm settled over the house, especially peaceful in contrast to the dramatic, often violent, events of the day. Randy and Bob were happily alone in the garden facing each other at the table sipping brandy.

"Hell of a day, buddy," Randy grinned. "But those boys of yours are something else ... after all they went through they come bouncing back and serve up a fine meal as if nothing happened. They've got guts, those two."

"Yeah," Bob said, "but you saw the embarrassment they feel inside - you heard it in their voices when they asked to get punished." His face clouded over and Randy touched his arm. "You love those kids like crazy, don't you, buddy?"

Bob's eyes were moist as he replied, "When I think of the life they led growing up, running from one foster home to another, desperate to stay together..... I keep trying to think up ways to make their life better."

Randy grinned. "Maybe tonight's 'punishment' will help. We should think up something real intense for them - make them feel extra special." Just then the twins emerged from the kitchen. They didn't notice Bob and Randy as, hand in hand, they ran eagerly into the house and up the stairs to the master suite. "Now that was not fear on those kids' eyes," Randy said. "That was excitement."

"Yeah," Bob smiled. "I can imagine them now side by side, standing naked as ordered, waiting for footsteps on the stairs." The two men briefly discussed what they were going to do, but then decided to pretty much play it by ear. "You know us" Bob grinned, "our story pretty much writes itself. Come on buddy, let's give them a night they won't forget."


Bob's imagination was dead on. When the men went into the master bedroom the twins were standing just as he had described - close together, butt naked, at attention. They were staring straight ahead, expressionless, except that Bob caught a flicker of excitement as he came in with Randy.

"Oh yeah," said Randy as if he didn't know the boys, "you must be the guys who've been assigned to us for punishment, right? Well that'll have to wait. Right now me and my buddy have some stuff we gotta deal with, starting with a drink, so you can wait on us. And if you do that OK maybe we won't hurt you so bad when we decide how to punish you. The drinks are in the cabinet over there - make it Cognac - and there's stuff to eat in the fridge next to it." His voice was gruff. "Well jump to it, boys - at the double."

The men sank down into armchairs that were pushed together, so their elbows touched on the center armrest. The twins moved quickly and in unison, Kevin pulling out the brandy decanter and a couple of snifters and Kyle getting a selection of munchies from the fridge. They prepared two trays and set them down on small side tables beside the men. Kevin poured brandy into each of the snifters then they went back to their original positions, standing side by side, hands behind their backs, facing the men from several feet away.

From then on Randy and Bob ignored them, treating them like servants - boys for hire. Earlier, sitting by the pool after dinner in the cool night air, the men had changed out of their thin T-shirts and pulled on short-sleeved casual shirts which they left unbuttoned and which they still wore now with their cargo shorts and sneakers.

Kevin and Kyle had nothing to do now except watch and listen to the men, waiting for their next orders. They had expected something quite different, some kind of physical contact, or at least some sign of recognition. They got neither, but they found it strangely exciting in the role of two naked boys serving these incredible men - one a rough-looking, muscular gypsy still bearing the marks of a fight, the other a more sophisticated, handsome man with the square-jawed, chiseled features of a comic-book hero.

Bob smiled to himself as he cupped the brandy snifter in his hand and swirled the amber liquid in the glass. "Last time we were in this room things weren't quite so peaceful, uh? As I recall, the macho construction boss who had just beaten up four bikers and left them chained to the wall was himself spread-eagled on the bed begging to get his ass fucked."

"Yeah well," Randy conceded, "like you said at the time, the ball was in your court and you were still pumped from playing the big boss man, putting the fear of god into the guys in that bar. Hell, I never saw anyone so shit-scared as those asshole bikers. You were so fucking hot, man, dominating the room - the ultimate master. I told Zack, 'Hell, I am so gonna fuck that man's ass tonight'."

"Yeah, but it didn't work out that way, did it?" Pleased with himself, Bob put down his glass and sprawled in the chair with his hands linked behind his head, his elbows stretched out so that his unbuttoned shirt fell open exposing his sculpted chest and abs, his rock-hard biceps pushing back the short sleeves. The twins stirred as they took in the sight of their handsome master, the muscle-god who had verbally ripped the bikers to shreds.

As if in competition with his lover Randy too sprawled in his chair in the same pose, his shirt also falling away from his massive chest that still bore the marks of battle. "Maybe so," he said, "but since you seem to have instant recall tonight I'm sure you remember what you said after you'd busted your load in my ass. You were afraid that, after you'd topped me, the caveman would disappear, crawl back in his cave. Huh, no way that was gonna happen. Like I said, when payback time comes, we'll see who's really the boss. No man makes me beg and gets away with it."

Their faces turned toward each other and they grinned salaciously. Then they quietly picked up their drinks and sipped in silence.

The twins could not take their eyes off them. The raunchy conversation with its hints of action to come, coupled with the sight of the two gorgeous men, legs sprawled apart, their shirts open over their chests, was a huge turn on for the boys. They didn't care how badly they would be punished. Just being in the same room as these men, listening to their intimate, sexual banter made them quiver with excitement. And they couldn't control their dicks.

"Well fuck me," said Randy in amazement, "will you look at that!" The twin's cocks were stirring in unison, rising up, getting stiffer and stiffer until they stood straight up like twin flagpoles.

Bob and Randy grinned broadly and the twins blushed red with embarrassment. "Sorry, sirs," said Kevin. "It's just that you look so incredibly hot, sirs," Kyle added.

Randy chuckled, "Hey, like I've told the other boys, you never have to apologize to guys who give you a boner just by looking at them." He slapped his hand down on Bob's wrist. "Hey, buddy, let's take a look at what's getting these kids all steamed up."

He got to his feet, pulled Bob up and steered him to the full length mirror on the wall. Side by side they gazed at their reflections. "They were right," Bob said. "Look at that." He stretched his arms out, bent at the elbows, and flexed his biceps bodybuilder-style. His shirt pulled open once again revealing the slabs of his pecs and his ridged abs.

Standing behind the men the twins gasped as they looked at the mirror reflection of the sculpted Superman. There was something even sexier about the torso being partly covered by the shirt, exposing some of it and leaving the rest - the shoulders and upper-arms - to the twins' active imagination.

"Damn hot, I'll give you that, buddy," Randy said. "Sure brings my dick to life. But you ain't seen nothin' yet." He inhaled sharply and flexed in the same bodybuilder pose, his muscled physique rivaling Bob's. The men exchanged challenging smiles, then lowered their arms as Randy once again addressed the twins curtly.

"OK, you boys, you're supposed to be here to serve. Take off the shirts - nice and slow."

The last traces of trauma from their earlier capture now dissolved, replaced by cock-throbbing excitement at watching and serving the two men. Kevin stood behind Bob, Kyle behind Randy. They touched the shirt collars and pulled them slowly sideways, away from the neck, off the collar bone, exposing more and more of their upper chest. The boys' cocks were dripping pre-cum as they gazed at the mirror reflections of the shirts falling off the broad shoulders.

Like good houseboys they draped the shirts over hangers and returned to their posts. Again their cocks pulsed as they saw the men engage in a playful pose-down, pressing their fists into their hips, pushing their shoulders forward and flaring their lats in a classic competition pose. "Just look at those two," Bob grinned. "One has the brain and the other the brawn. Guess we're gonna see which one rules in the end."

"Damn right we are .... OK you boys, now the shorts." Trembling now the boys reached round the men from behind, feeling the electric charge of the muscled backs brushing against their nipples and the men's butts pressing back against their cocks. The twins slowly unbuttoned the men's shorts, then stepped back and let them drop to the floor. Staring into the mirror the twins saw the incredible image of the two bodybuilders, naked except for the Bob's black low-rise briefs and Randy's gray boxer briefs.

The boys tried desperately to tame the growing urgency in their cocks that increasingly dripped pre-cum, remembering that they were supposed to be merely impassive servant boys. But when Bob and Randy moved toward the mirror the helpless twins knew they were beaten.

Randy gazed at Bob's reflection and moaned, "Man, you are so fucking gorgeous." He touched the glass with his finger and traced the outline of Bob's face on the mirror, then his neck, down the cleft between his pecs and over his washboard abs. "I could cum just looking at you in the mirror, buddy. But I want more. From the minute I saw that big alpha stud dominating the guys in that bar room I've wanted one thing .... to plough your fucking ass."

"Aaagh! Aaagh!" The two howls behind Bob and Randy were followed by the warm, wet feeling of cum splashing against the small of their backs and onto the briefs stretched over their asses. The twins had surrendered to the erotic visual image, grabbing their cocks and letting them explode over their masters.


"Shit damn," Randy barked, looking over his shoulder at Bob's ass as jism poured down from the small of his back, over his black briefs and down his legs. He felt the sticky warmth of cum running down over his own boxer briefs, and he whirled on the twins. "Did I give you permission to bust your load? Did I? Did I?"

"No, sir, but we couldn't hold back, sir," Kevin pleaded. "But you said a boy should never apologize for...."

"For a hard-on no ..... but spraying your jizz all over your master's ass ..... shit, you two are heading for one hell of a punishment, you know that?"

"Yes, sir...... thank you sir," they both stammered in confusion at the sudden turn of events and Randy's deep, threatening voice.

Bob's voice was gentler as he said, "You've gotta clean up your mess, boys. On your knees!"

They fell to their knees, Kevin behind Bob and Kyle behind Randy, and steadied themselves by resting their hands on the men's hips. They leaned forward and began at the small of the back, licking the cum-streaked flesh, sucking in their own juice. They moved down to the ass, licking the wet fabric of the briefs stretched over the men's asses, feeling the ass cheeks flex underneath.

Their hearts beat wildly ..... there was something highly erotic about licking the men's shorts, sucking their own cum off the thin fabric. It was so erotic that, to stop shooting another load, they reflexively bit into the hard cheeks, making the men gasp at the momentary pain.

"Careful, assholes," Randy growled, "or I'll fucking whip those hot bodies of yours and ramrod your fucking asses. Now get the legs and clean the ass good."

Randy winked at Bob in the mirror as the twins desperately lapped at the semen running down their legs. When the legs were clean the twins glanced at each other and nodded. They pulled the briefs down off the men's asses and stared wide-eyed at the white globes, wet with the sheen of semen that had seeped through the thin fabric of the briefs.

They set about licking the asses clean, feeling them clench as their tongues flicked at them. They weren't sure how far they should go but another quick glance at each other confirmed their mutual desire to go all the way. They put their palms on the ass-cheeks, pulled them gently apart, leaned forward and buried their faces between them into the fuzz of damp, dark hair. They paused, then pushed their tongues into the musky holes until the tips were licking the warm membrane inside. They were intoxicated by the bitter-sweet taste and pungent man-smell of these virile hunks.

Bob and Randy were still gazing at each other's mirror reflections and now their bodies jolted as they felt their asses invaded by the boys' stiff tongues. Naked now, their huge cocks stood ramrod stiff. Bob ran his hands seductively over his own chest, tweaking his nipples, while Randy gazed at him and stroked his own cock. Feeling Kyle's tongue fucking his ass, watching his lover get off on himself in the mirror, Randy knew he was approaching his climax.

For the third time in as many days he was getting fucked in the ass. First Zack had bested him in a fight, held him down and taken the prize, his huge black pole ramming into his ass. Then Bob, his own lover, pumped with the adrenaline of domination, had tied him up, made him beg to get fucked and he had surrendered his ass. And now a mere boy was expertly probing his ass with his tongue and bringing him to the edge of climax. He, the powerful construction boss, was getting butt-fucked yet again!

Randy's notoriously unpredictable anger could be set off by many things - and it exploded now. "This is fucking bullshit!" he bellowed He pulled away from the boys, whirled round and faced them and Bob.

"Enough! I've had my ass worked over by the black leather-stud, then by my own lover, and now by the tongue of this boy." He flexed his magnificent body. "Look at me .... does this look like a man who takes it up the ass? When I'm stoked, when I've been in a fight, I don't wanna jack off looking at myself in a mirror." His voice rose to a shout and he pumped both fists in the air. "I'm the King of the fucking Gypsies and I ... need ... to ... fuuuck!!"

His powerful voice echoed round the room. His eyes blazed at Bob, he grabbed him by the waist, lifted him bodily and hurled him through the air. Bob's muscular body bounced on the bed as he landed naked on his back, looking up stunned at the man pacing the room like an enraged stallion.

No doubt about it - the caveman was back.


"You should have known this was coming, asshole, you and Zack." Randy was pacing naked round the bed glaring down at his lover. "Zack thrashed me in a fair fight and took his revenge with his massive black club. Well that won't stand and I'll deal with him later. But you, buddy, you tied me up and made me submit to you, made me grovel and beg you to shove your dick in my ass. Like I said before, no one makes this man beg and gets away with it."

He grinned maliciously. "Brain versus brawn, you said. Sure, you're good with words - can bring a room to a standstill - but there's no match for sheer brute strength as you're gonna find out, stud. You had to tie me down. Fuck, I don't need ropes with you - I got these," and he tensed his hands like claws.

"You two," he barked at the twins, "you're not in the clear yet either. Stand by the bed, one on each side." The twins had been cowering in the corner, scared of this sudden eruption of anger. Bob knew exactly what was going on, had expected it, craved it, but the twins saw only the fearsome boss and his legendary anger. Still, as always, they took their cues from their master, and he was lying on the bed making no move to escape and staring up at the raging bull with awe and excitement tinged with the dose of fear Randy always inspired.

The fear quotient was much higher in the boys and they scurried to obey the formidable man. In an instant they were standing on either side of the bed, hands clasped behind their backs awaiting orders. They gazed straight across at each other like good serving boys, not daring to make eye contact with either Bob or Randy. Despite their fear their bodies were charged with anticipation as they knew they were about to witness something that usually took place in private and about which the other guys in the house could only speculate - as they always did.

Looming over Bob at the foot of the bed Randy dropped to his knees between Bob's legs. He looked up at Kevin, nodded to the night table and said, "Lube." Kevin opened a drawer, pulled out a tub of lube, opened it and put it on the bed beside Randy. He scooped some up on his fingers, and curled them round his massive cock, stroking it up and down.

Bob gazed up at him and had to keep his own erection in check or he would lose his load just with the sight of the brawny construction worker lubing up his massive shaft. One touch of Bob's cock with his hand and it would spurt, so he raised his arms and grabbed the corner bedpost. He raised his knees, slid his feet back and offered up his ass.

Randy looked with satisfaction at the spectacular Superman stretched before him. Like he had said, no need for ropes here. His man wanted this as much as he did. He dipped into the lube again and pushed two greasy fingers into Bob's ass. "Aaah...." Bob moaned as he felt the fingers probe inside him.

"You know the rule, man," Randy growled. "You don't shoot a load without my permission. If you do I'll take my belt and thrash that beautiful body until you beg for mercy - understood?"

"Yes, sir," Bob said simply.

Randy was expert at working a man's ass and he now twisted his fingers inside, massaging Bob's prostate. He inserted a third finger, then another, feeling Bob's muscles relax and watching the ecstasy in his handsome face. Bob looked up at the swarthy gypsy face then down at his arm, the bicep flexing as Randy caressed the warm membrane inside him. "Aaah," Bob sighed and locked eyes with his lover. "Do it, man," he breathed softly.

It was easy. Randy folded his thumb under his extended fingers, then pushed gently. His whole hand slid effortlessly over the sphincter and came to rest inside, where he carefully curled his fingers into a fist, "Uh ... uh ...uh," Bob whimpered anxiously, frowning at Randy, who smiled and said, "Ssh ... ssh ... relax buddy ... I'm inside you. Remember this? Long time since we did this, but I promise I won't hurt you."

Bob took deep breaths and a radiant warmth suffused his whole body. Their eyes met in that secret, faraway world where they were physically and spiritually united as closely as two men could be. Randy smiled again. "Right now I own your ass, buddy, and you have to trust me. I'm gonna turn my fist just a bit - it won't hurt. He twisted his hand gently back and forth, massaging the soft membrane, cautiously watching the expression of joy cross his lover's face. He increased the tempo until finally he saw Bob wince and knew he'd had enough. Randy carefully, tenderly withdrew his hand, causing Bob to inhale sharply as it came out."

"Towel," Randy said sharply to Kyle, who grabbed one from the night-stand and handed it to him. The twins had been mesmerized by the sight of Randy's whole hand disappearing up to the wrist. They were prepared to pull Randy off but when they saw the exhilaration in Bob's eyes they realized that his lover was taking him to a place of total ecstasy. They felt privileged to be present at such an intimate happening between the two extraordinary lovers.

Randy was on his knees wiping his hands in the towel grinning confidently at Bob's awed face. "That's what you call total control, buddy. At that moment I had to have your complete trust." His expression turned serious. "And I never, ever want you doing that with any other man, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Bob said. Randy's tone lightened. "But hey, that was just to loosen you up, man, help you relax. Now comes the main event ... assuming I choose to go there."

A look of alarm passed over Bob's face and Randy raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. "What, something worrying you? What is it you want, buddy?"

"You know what I want. I want your cock in my ass .... I need to feel it .... I need you to fuck me, man."

"Hmm," Randy said indignantly. "I seem to recall that when the tables were turned and I asked you for the same thing, you made me beg. Me! - the big boss, the King of the Gypsies, tied to the bed pleading with another man to shove his dick up my butt. Man, that was humiliating for me. Now, you may be a big tough alpha male, ordering guys around scaring the shit out of those bikers - you may look like Captain America, with your square jaw and muscle-god body, but you're mine now and you're damn well gonna beg if you want my rod in your chute."

This was classic Randy and he was driving Bob wild. He was trembling with desire to feel his thick shaft inside him and he knew what he had to do. "OK, you know you've got me right where you want me, so I'm begging. Please, sir ... please, I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want to see your body rising and falling over me, driving your dick up my ass. You want me to submit? OK, I submit to you, sir." He raised his legs high in the air. "Look, here's my ass. Please, man. Fuck me .... Please."

Randy was spellbound by the sight and sound of this dominant alpha male, the powerful executive and stunning bodybuilder, surrendering his ass to him. His chiseled features grimaced with lust and desire as he pleaded with him to take his ass.

"Man," Randy shouted, "that looks so fucking hot .... I gotta have it, man." He aimed his long pole at the waiting ass and in one ferocious move drove it into the hole, buried it in the innermost depths of the fiery cauldron ... and held still. "Aaaagh!" Bob screamed, looking frenziedly at the steel-blue eyes in the dark gypsy face as his body slammed against his ass.

Randy fell forward and clamped his claw-like hands over Bob's wrists, pinning them helplessly to the bed.

"That's strength, buddy - pure brute strength and it drives you wild. See, man, it has to be like this. That's the guy I am. When I fight with a man I have to win - then I own him. That's the way it has to be with you too, buddy. I am so fucking in love with you man and you are so fucking gorgeous. You're the most beautiful man I've ever known and I have to own you. And the only way I can do that is to fuck your ass. I have to give you something no other man ever can, something you'll always come back for, something that will bind us together forever."

He paused, breath heaving, and his voice became almost plaintive. "You want that too man, don't you? Don't you?"

"More than anything in the world, Randy. Take it man - it's yours."

With the howl of a triumphant animal Randy pulled his cock all the way back, then slammed it in again. "Yeah," he howled, "this is my world ... YOU are my world."

It was a marathon fuck - even by Randy's standards. Within seconds his cock was a ramrod, slamming into Bob, making him howl and beg for more. "Fuck me, man .... come on stud, let me feel that piston in my ass ... aah ... aah ..."

Randy drove his massive cock in deep, taking Bob to the brink of his pain threshold, then slowing to a tender caress as his pale blue eyes drew him into their world where he held him captive. "Don't you cum, buddy," Randy said softly. "I tell you when to cum."

The sight of the sculpted face and the magnificent body beneath him, the body he was penetrating with his massive cock, all this sent Randy over the edge. He fell forward, clamped his mouth over Bob's and ground their lips together in a ravenous embrace as the fuck grew more intense. Randy's fiery gypsy passion peaked. All he was aware of, all he could feel, was the blazing sensation in his cock, which again became a weapon, pile driving the tortured ass as Bob moaned loudly, begging for more.

In a frenzy now, Randy wrapped his arms rounds Bob's chest and pulled him over onto his side. Lying on his side behind him Randy gripped him in a suffocating bear-hug, trapping him against his chest. And still Randy's hips moved like a jack hammer, driving his shaft in deep. The force of the pounding body eventually forced Bob over onto his stomach, his arms stretched upward, and instinctively he dug his fingers into the bed in a futile effort to drag himself forward, off the piston driving in his ass.

But Randy held him firm, pressing his hands into the small of his back. He was a wild man now, a stallion proving his supremacy over the other leader of the herd. "You can't escape me, man," he yelled. "I am the king - I own that ass and I'm gonna pound it until you beg me to pour my man-juice inside it."

But the alpha male in Bob was not yet ready to yield, and from somewhere deep inside he summoned enough strength to turn them over on the bed so he was on his back on top of Randy. As the cock still the cock pounded his ass from below Bob contorted himself and managed to sit up until he was facing Randy, kneeling astride him as Randy lay on his back. Bob was riding the iron rod now, sitting on it then raising up and plunging back down, burying it deep in his ass.

He felt the head of the cock resting against his inner sphincter and, gazing at the wild gypsy face he said, "Now ... this is my tribute from one master to another." He took a deep breath and slowly lowered himself further, further ..... until the head of the cock slid over the inner sphincter, coming to rest in the deepest, hottest chamber of his ass. "I'm in control now, man," Bob gloated

Randy looked up at the muscle-god towering over him and felt the indescribable heat in his cock. Bob smiled at him and moved his ass slightly as Randy yelled, "No .... no .... you're making me cum .... don't, please, man, don't make me .... aaagh've beaten me ... I'm gonna shoot .... Aaagh .... Aaagh!" He thrust his hips up hard against Bob who felt hot semen pouring deep inside him shuddered as his own cock blasted a ribbon of white juice that slammed onto Randy's heaving chest.


Randy's head was still thrashing from side to side, his arms were stretched up grabbing the bedposts as Bob fell forward and clamped his hands over Randy's wrists with a look of triumph. "Now who's the boss, buddy? I made you bust your load, then I splashed my juice on your chest. I fucked your dick with my ass and made you cum. That makes me the winner, man ... I am the best."

Randy lay pinned to the bed gazing up at Bob with a mix of admiration, lust .... and anger. He had been bested once again. Naturally anger was the emotion that prevailed and he growled, "I told you, man, it's strength that counts - pure brute force strength. Like this." His biceps flexed and Bob felt his arms being effortlessly pushed up as Randy powered out of the hold. With an animal roar he grabbed Bob's waist and lifted him up bodily, off his cock, into the air, then flung him onto the bed beside him, on his back.

Stunned, Bob didn't move as Randy leapt up and straddled him on his knees. Bob gasped as he saw Randy's cock, still hard as steel. Randy grabbed it and said, "You see that, asshole? That cock is always rock hard when I'm looking at you. This is the rod that made love to your ass, but now it's your worst fucking nightmare. You think you can humiliate me, man - like you're the top man who can break me? Think again, stud. This time it's for real - no holding back, no limits. I'm gonna fucking ream that ass, the ass that belongs to me, until you scream for mercy and beg me to let you cum."

Randy's muscles were flexed hard and his stubbled gypsy face poured with sweat as it scowled above him. Bob had never seen Randy quite this intense and it scared him. "I can't man .... I just shot a huge load .... I can't cum again ....."

"Fine," Randy snarled, "so you'll just feel my rod ripping you open .... maybe then you'll submit to me at last. I've waited too fucking long for this." He shoved Bob's legs high in the air and plunged his rod deep into his ass. No foreplay this time, no restraint, just a hard-core, no-rules, no-limits fuck.

It was savage from the start and as Randy again pinned Bob to the bed his eyes blazed and he growled. "I warned you man - I always win. No man gets away with trying to break me. You feel that cock? That's a man's cock and it'll rip you open if you don't do just what I tell you - is that clear?"

"Yes, sir." The cock was ramrodding Bob's already ravaged ass with no sense of restraint. Bob knew Randy was serious this time - this was the caveman he craved and feared. His ass was on fire and he knew he was no match for Randy's invincible strength. He had to submit. "Please, sir ... I love you, sir .... I'll do anything you say, sir. You are the best ... you are the boss. My ass belongs to you. Please, I beg you, sir. Make me cum again."

"You know I can, don't you?"

"Yes, sir. Just look into my eyes, sir. Take me with you..."

The pace of the fuck gradually slowed as Randy gazed down at the agonized Superman face. He watched the pain drain away as he led Bob into their private place where no pain existed, only the joy of loving. Randy smiled at his lover. "You are fucking spectacular, man. I love the hell out of you. Now I want you to shoot while I cum inside you again. Here it comes, buddy, feel it splashing in your ass? Your turn now. Come on, man. It's an order."

"Yes, sir ..... thank you, sir..... aaah..... aaah." This time Bob gave himself body and soul to the man he loved as his cock erupted again. Randy leaned over it, opened his mouth and let the juice stream into it, gulping down the warm, sweet nectar. He reared up and threw his head back swallowing his lover's juice as his own juice flowed inside his man.

His black hair flying, the King of the Gypsies pumped his fists in the air in triumph and howled, "I love you, man! I fucking love you....!"


But what of the twins in all this? Standing dutifully on either side of the bed, their hands clasped behind them as ordered, they had quickly become aware that they were witnessing a very private, intimate event in the lives of their masters. As the action became more intense their natural instinct was to quietly leave the room, but Randy's command had been for them to remain still and silent so they did, though they took a few steps back as a sign of respect.

Above all, Randy had said, they were not to touch their cocks as they had before, provoking his anger. But holding back became increasingly difficult as the action grew wilder and more erotic and their cocks trembled, sticking out hard as iron, dripping pre-cum all the time. They were so incredibly roused by what they saw that, afraid they might shoot without touching themselves, they occasionally glanced away and stared at each other for mutual support.

But always they were drawn back hypnotically to the incredible scene of the two muscular alpha males writhing together on the bed. They almost lost their loads twice - first when they saw Randy's fist disappear into Bob's ass, and then when at last they saw the rugged construction worker bury his cock deep into the ass of their beloved master. But they steeled themselves, even though they could feel their juice rising inside them, their balls about to burst. And they succeeded in their restraint, even when the climax came and Randy howled in triumph.

Now the two men were lying side by side their eyes closed, chests heaving as they recovered from their marathon display of lust and love. In a trance the twins stepped forward to the sides of the bed and gazed spellbound at the two glorious faces, the swarthy gypsy and the chiseled features of their master. The action had stopped, the men were resting, so maybe now it would be OK if they .....

They didn't think .... they moved by instinct, urged on by the sight of the men, by the memory of the endless fuck, and by the unbearable ache in their balls. They glanced at each other, then back at the men and dazedly reached for their cocks, stroked them once, then sighed with relief as their pent up passion gushed from them, pouring hot jism over the faces of their masters.

Instantly they knew what they had done and froze in fear. Randy's eyes opened wide and he yelled, "What the fuck.....? What the hell did you young punks do?"

Trembling, Kevin stammered, "We... we just blew our wads all over you, sir...." Kyle added, "We're sorry, sir, but you were so incredibly hot that..."

"Enough! You'll pay for this. Right now you clean your fucking jizz off our faces. On your knees - now!"

Frantically the boys dropped to their knees, leaned forward and began to lick their cum from the men's faces. Kyle felt his tongue scrape against the heavy stubble of Randy's jaw, matted with cum, and he sucked up the gobs of semen stuck to it. Incredibly he felt his dick get hard again as he lapped at the rugged, battle-scarred gypsy face, the cheeks, the eyes, the lips briefly until he pulled back in fear. There was even jizz in the long black hair that Kyle licked out.

Kevin too was supporting a boner as he ran his tongue lovingly over his master's face. When he came to the mouth and ran the tip of his tongue lightly over the lips he felt them open slightly and he found himself kissing his master, their tongues touching.

"OK, that's enough," Randy barked and sprang to his feet. He pulled Bob gently off the bed, steered him to the armchairs and they sank into them as they had before. "Towels," Randy said and the boys scrambled to find clean towels that they used to gently wipe the men's faces dry. "Now, you bring two beers and a bowl of water."

The twins scurried away to the fridge and the bathroom and Bob turned to smile at Randy. "Don't hurt them, buddy," he whispered.

Randy squeezed his hand and grinned. "Hey, they're your boys. You know the only one I hurt is you, buddy."

Bob squirmed his ass in the chair. "Tell me about it."

In a few minutes the men were sipping beers and the twins were on their knees at their feet, with a bowl of warm water between them. Randy looked at them fiercely. Now you boys disobeyed me and your master, not once but twice. I won't tolerate that from punks like you so you're gonna get punished. To start with, you wash these cocks clean. You know where they've been - and I know where they're going - in your fucking mouths.

Again the twins felt their cocks pulse as they set to work, wetting the towels and washing the huge cocks. As they wrapped the towels round them and pulled them the length of the shafts, the cocks started to get hard again and Randy looked at Bob and rolled his eyes. He took a last swig of beer and jumped to his feet. The boys stood and faced him.

"Now listen up. This afternoon you had a scare from those asshole bikers. I don't want you intimidated by that, so my remedy is what I call 'a hair of the dog'. Like when you wake up with a hangover the best remedy is to have another drink. And when you fall off a horse the only thing to do so you don't lose your nerve is to get right back on. Get it?"

He went to the side of the room and dragged over a couple of ordinary wooden chairs with arms. "Sit!" The boys promptly sat down, their arms resting on the arms of the chairs, and a frisson of remembered fear ran through them. That was the point. "OK, now I'm not gonna tie you up like those mother-fuckers 'cause I'm damn sure that you're not gonna move your hands this time until I say you can, right?'

"Right, sir." "Definitely, sir."

Randy looked down at his semi-erect cock. "Hey buddy, get over here and make me hard." Bob sprang from his chair, came close to Randy and kissed him passionately, probing his mouth with his tongue. Randy pulled away and looked at both their erections. "Always does the trick," he grinned. "Now you boys, we're gonna do to you what those mother fuckers would have done if Zack and me hadn't shown up. And then when you've lubed up our cocks we're gonna shove them up your asses. Right?"

"Yes please, sir," they said in unison.

"Wrong answer," said Randy. "You're supposed to be scared."

"We are, sir," said Kevin. "Trembling, sir," added Kyle"

Randy looked uneasily at Bob for support, but he simply shrugged helplessly with the hint of a smile. "OK," Randy soldiered on, but feeling the steam go out of him. "This is the punishment you've earned, you little fuckers." He and Bob stood side by side, leaned forward and grabbed the tops of the chair-backs. Their cocks were inches from the faces of the twins, who opened their mouths eagerly. In unison the men pushed their hips forward and sank their cocks deep into their throats.

The twins didn't even choke. They loved the taste and smell of their masters' cocks as they pulled back and pushed in again even deeper. Randy was nervous of hurting Bob's boy so he moved with unaccustomed restraint, following Bob's example. Their rods eased in and out but the look in the twins' eyes was ecstasy. It was not supposed to be that ..... it was supposed to be fear.

But still the men ploughed on until suddenly the twins clamped their throat muscles round the cocks, and swallowed hard (something they had learned from Eddie). Bob and Randy felt their jizz about to be squeezed out of them and they quickly pulled out their cocks just in time to prevent an orgasm.

Randy looked desperately at Bob, who was amused to see the big guy drowning. "OK," Randy barked in a last-ditch attempt to salvage his authority. "On your fucking knees facing each other. The twins eagerly obeyed kneeling alongside the mirror with their faces close together.

"OK, let the fuckers have it buddy," Randy growled in his harshest voice. "Let's rip 'em open." They knelt behind the twins and Bob gave him a cautionary glance as they pushed their cocks gently but firmly inside the warm young asses. The twins sighed with pleasure as they felt their masters enter them, something they had fantasized about even before they entered the room.

Randy could have made the boy scream with one lunge of his huge tool, but this was Bob's boy, and Bob was beside him, making love to his brother. Randy gave up all pretense of punishment and relaxed into the exquisite sensation of the young velvet ass round his cock.

Then, kneeling face to face, the boys delivered the final blow to the shredded remains of the men's authority. They raised their heads, gazed at each other .... and kissed - building from warmth, to heat, to passion.

The sight of the beautiful twins making passionate love to each other while their asses were getting fucked was too much for any man to endure - and certainly not Randy. He looked at Bob and groaned, "Oh what the hell, buddy, I can't take this. I gotta cum man ... these guys are too fucking much ... they're so fucking hot .... Aaah..."

He sighed deeply as his cock erupted one more time, just as his lover did beside him into the identical ass. The young asses reared up and the boys yelled, "Thank you, sirs," as they shot ribbons of cum on the floor beneath them.

But still Randy wasn't ready to concede. "It's not over, punks. Like I threatened you, you're gonna stay here all night in bed between me and my man here and, like rent boys, you're gonna have to put out on command. We get real hot and horny at night so you better be prepared to get those asses fucked good and hard whenever we feel like it. Do I make myself clear?!"

"Loud and clear, sir," said Kyle trying to sound scared.

Randy shook his head. "Come on, buddy, let's get in the damn shower." As they closed the bathroom door behind them they heard the twins giggling in bed and Randy said, "Shit damn, why is it the only time I feel out of my depth is with you and those kids of yours. Why do I always wind up with the feeling like I'm the loser?"

Bob grinned. "Don't feel bad, buddy. You know what they say - love conquers all - even you."

In a few minutes they were all in bed, the twins between Bob and Randy, their heads on the men's chests fast asleep. Randy looked over at Bob as he too was drifting off to sleep with a smile on his face. Randy put his hand gently on the head of the sleeping boy. 'Shit,' he thought, 'if this is how losing feels, it ain't half bad ... pretty damn good, in fact.' Then he too was asleep.


The next day, as it turned out, a similar scenario was to be played in another house. There also, two other boys played serving boys to their masters as two alpha males came home hot and horny and competed for sexual supremacy.

Los Angeles County had been conducting inter-service emergency drills, coordinating the emergency responses of police, firefighters and the military. Hassan, the Marine, and Jason, the fireman were heavily involved and it had been a grueling day under a blazing sun. When the exercises finally wrapped Jason invited Hassan back to his house by the arroyo to unwind over a drink. Their boys, Ben and Eddie, had been alerted to get drinks and snacks ready, and they were tingling with anticipation when the men finally arrived.

The boys gasped. It was like the opening act of a homoerotic movie as the Marine came through the gate in his military fatigues and boots, his muscles bulging under his sleeveless shirt and olive green tank, dog tags hanging over his chest. Jason followed in his fireman's work gear - heavy yellow pants and boots, and bulky jacket hanging open over his chest.

They were both soaked with sweat and streaked with dirt from the day's grind, and as they came in Jason shrugged off his jacket. Underneath he wore no shirt, just heavy red suspenders stretched up from his pants over the perfect musculature of his sculpted physique.

They flopped down in chairs and Ben and Eddie brought them the drinks and snacks they had prepared. The boys took a step back, but their antennas were on high alert, seeing how the men were supercharged from the physical labor and exhilaration of the day. The dark-haired Marine and blond fireman were looking at each other with lust in their eyes, and Eddie flashed on how Randy was when he came home bruised and bloodied after a fight and all he wanted to do was to fuck.

The question here was, which of the equally matched muscle studs would be on top. It quickly became clear .... so quickly that the men didn't even stop to take off their uniforms.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 218


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