The three alpha males lay together on the ground, naked and breathless. They had at last put their newfound love for each other to the physical test in the forest by the lake, where they had indulged in a sexual marathon involving every homoerotic act imaginable - every combination of give and take, every role reversal possible.

If anyone had been watching they would have seen the swarthy gypsy Randy, the Superman look-alike Bob, and the Nordic blond cop Mark, submit their muscular bodies to pornographically stunning trials of strength and sexual endurance. If anyone had been watching....

Actually, someone was.

Their sexual journey had just reached a spectacular climax, with Randy and Bob cumming simultaneously in the cop's ass, when they heard a muffled "Aaah ....aaah." They thought at first it was their own breathless gasps but then realized that the sound had come from the trees.

Randy raised up on his knees and yelled, "What the fuck? Get out here - show yourself whoever the fuck you are before I drag you out."

Leaves rustled, branches parted and a tall uniformed figure emerged. It was the Ranger - Pete.

He stepped forward, his cock hanging out of his uniform pants dripping with cum. He blushed, hastily stuffed his dick back in his pants and zipped up. In the stunned silence Bob was the first to move. He jumped to his feet, walked over to Pete and shook his hand. "Pete, good to see you again, man." He pulled him into a shoulder bump and then a hug. "Hey, we were talking about you before we came up here - didn't think you would ...."

"... didn't think you would show your face here again, Ranger," growled Randy, his body tense. "What the fuck are you doing anyway, spying on us?"

"No, no, I..." Pete stammered and Bob said, "Hey, sit down, buddy. Have a beer." Confused into inaction Pete allowed himself to be pulled to the ground where he sat facing Randy and Mark. Bob pulled out beers for them all and said gently, "So what did bring you here, Pete?"

The Ranger took a slug of beer and found his voice. "I didn't come intentionally I swear ... though I gotta admit I thought about you all a lot, couldn't get you out of my mind. But after what happened at your house, getting beat up by Randy, I swore I would never mess with you guys again. Then today as I was on patrol I saw from the highway in the distance two figures who seemed to be fighting, rolling over on the path. Then they suddenly dashed into the forest. It's my job to investigate stuff like that, so I did.

"I followed the figures into the woods and heard voices coming from the clearing. Hidden in the bushes I saw that it was you three... and you were having sex ... Bob tied to a tree and you, Mark, fucking Randy and .... and .... hell, it was the most exciting damn thing I had ever seen. I couldn't tear myself away but couldn't show myself, so I just watched .... and jerked off - a lot."

"And you saw everything?" Mark asked. "Everything we did?"

"Everything. I followed you from the clearing, watched you swim, eat your meal. I couldn't take my eyes off you, couldn't stop pounding my meat and busting one load after another. And then ... shit, I couldn't believe what you did next ... I mean you, Bob and Randy, both in Mark's ... I just lost it. That's when you heard me - cumming again." He frowned. "Thing is, the last time I saw you at your house, Randy, you were beating the crap out of Mark, and now ... now ..."

"Now we're all in love with each other," Bob grinned - "as you may have noticed."

"Ah, forget what you saw at the house, stud," said Randy, warming to the confused Ranger. "See, in our group we have a way of taking care of business and then putting it behind us and getting on with our lives. A little therapy helped too. My brother's a shrink. I wouldn't blame you if you looked on us as bad news, but you don't have to worry about that 'cos you're way out here and we're miles away in the city, so our paths don't have to cross again if you don't want."

Pete sighed. "Well actually that won't be the case much longer. See, I've been offered a job as the chief of park rangers for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks - a lot more money and responsibility. So I'll be moving to L.A. soon. Thing is I don't really know anyone in the city, except you guys, and the first thing I've gotta do is find a place to live.

"Anyway, that's no concern of yours. Just so you know," he managed a grin, "next time you come out here I won't be patrolling around and spying on guys having sex in the bushes." He laughed. "I'm told there's enough of that going on in L.A. in Griffith Park." He took a last slug of beer and said, "Hey, I should be on my way, leave you guys in peace to get on with your ....with, er, what you were doing." His voice trailed off and he actually blushed.

"Pete," Bob asked. "You any good at fishing?"

Pete brightened. "Hell yes. Nothing I don't know about the fish in this lake. I come here all the time on my own to unwind. To me fishing's like meditation."

"Yeah, tell me about it," grinned Mark remembering his wet dream alone in the boat.

"Reason I ask," Bob said, "is I was wondering if you could join us for dinner - and maybe help us catch it first? Unless you have to get back on duty ...."

"No ... no, my shift is over. That's why I was able to spend so much time, er, checking you out. Sure, I'd be happy to help you catch some fish ... and eat them too."

"Good," said Bob with a broad smile. "That's settled then. First thing we gotta do is get you out of that uniform. Randy, come to the truck and help me find Pete a spare pair of shorts.

They walked over to the truck and Randy grinned at Bob. "You son-of-a-bitch," he said softly. "What the hell's spinning through that devious mind of yours now?"

"Oh, nothing," Bob said innocently. "Just dinner."

"Just dinner! Listen asshole, if you think you got plans for this guy I gotta know."

"No you don't, Randy," Bob eyes flashed. "You don't have to know everything." Randy was taken aback and Bob softened.

"Listen Randy, the guy is obviously lonely and confused. Sure he's got his drinking buddies and his girls, but how do you think that squares with him jacking off watching three guys have sex? Hell, Randy, we've all been through this, all of us - sexually confused and scared. And what about our boys? - lonely and adrift until we took them in and gave them a place of refuge, a place where they felt they belonged for the first time in their lives.

"Picture it, Randy. The guy comes out here fishing all alone to try and sort things out. What the hell kind of tribe would we be if we turned our back on him?"

Randy took Bob in his arms. "Jesus, man, you always make me ashamed of myself. What would I do without you?"

"Fuck up mostly," Bob grinned.

"You think you'll ever civilize me?"

"Probably not. I hope not. Love the savage beast in you." He looked over at Pete, chatting amiably with Mark, laughing even. "See that? Plus he's handsome and built like a brick shithouse. Fits right in."

They found a pair of boxer shorts that Randy tossed to Pete. "Here, big guy, try these." Pete caught them, stood up and looked around at the men, all of them near-naked in thin shorts. He grinned and shrugged, "When in Rome ..." He walked behind the bushes to take off his clothes.

"Hey, stud, get with the program," Randy yelled raucously. "No modesty in this group. Get your ass out here."

"Thing is," Mark grinned salaciously, "we get turned on watching a big guy like you slowly strip. You know, as a motorcycle cop that's what I ordered Bob to do when I first met him. Funny you mentioned Griffith Park 'cos that's where it happened - smart business executive doing an illegal U-turn in his fancy car. I pulled him over and was gonna write him a ticket for drunk driving. But he was so damn gorgeous that I took him into the bushes and told him I would tear up the ticket in exchange for him stripping naked for me."

Mark grinned. "I strongly recommend it when you'll be patrolling the park, Pete. Man it was hot, watching the handsome businessman take off his jacket, tie, shirt and drop his pants, which is when I got my first look at that Superman body, naked in the bushes. So fucking beautiful - I fell in love with him right there. I let him go, but luckily I forgot to give him back his driver's license, so I went to his house and ....."

" .... and," Bob said, "what you saw just now, Pete, when you jerked off in the bushes - Randy and me double-teaming the cop's ass - was the climax of a long and tortured story that began that day. But what Mark did to me that first time, I always wanted to do to a guy .... and now's my chance. So strip, Ranger - and that's an order."

The three men settled on their backs, propped on their elbows, a beer in one hand, gazing up at the Ranger in anticipation. Pete blushed. He was used to the lustful gazes of women but here he was on full display to three of the most beautiful men he had ever seen. As a Forest Ranger Pete was used to giving orders, but now one of the men had given him an order to strip naked. And, in a robotic trance, he obeyed.

Slowly he unbuttoned his gray uniform shirt, exposing the white tank stretched over his chest. "Looks promising," Mark grinned. "OK, Ranger, take it off." They began the strip-club chant of "Take it off ... take it all off." Pete, on degrading display before these men felt more humiliated than ever before... and yet ... and yet he found himself wanting to impress them. In spite of his natural reticence he wanted their approval.

It was his shyness and clumsiness that turned the guys on the most. A professional stripper was a turn-on to a point. But this was a macho Ranger, who prided himself on being a big shot with the ladies, who was being forced to strip in front of a bunch of horny guys. He unbuttoned his shirt all the way, pulled it out of his pants and let it hang open, hesitating before shedding it.

"Guys, look at those pecs," Mark said. "Even under the tank they look awesome, man. You know, sometimes pecs look even hotter under a tight shirt like that."

"Yeah but I still wanna see his bare chest," Randy said. "Take it off, man. Show us how a stud Ranger looks stripped down to his uniform pants and boots." And he took another swig of beer.

Pete shrugged off his shirt and involuntarily flexed his torso under the thin white tank. "Now that," Mark said, "is beautiful. Look at those traps and those arms. The biceps and triceps are nigh perfect."

"Agreed,' said Randy, 'but the delts could use a bit more work. I like a man with real broad shoulders. Come on, Ranger, let's get a look at the abs."

The Ranger stood before the three men mortified at displaying himself like this and being evaluated by them so critically. He felt like an actor auditioning for a porn movie, or worse, like a slave at auction. But, despite the degradation he felt, both of those images made his cock get stiff in his pants and he flexed harder.

He reached behind his neck and pulled the tank up slowly, exposing the solid ridges of his six-pack abs, then the cleft between his bulging pecs. As he tossed the tank aside and presented himself stripped to the waist the guys clinked their beer bottles together and broke into bawdy cheers. Half naked as he was, Pete was hyped to feel that he met with their approval, especially when he saw them with their hands over the bulge in their shorts.

He was slowly shedding his inhibitions as he shed his clothes, seeing this now as just part of the guys' raucous high spirits. The party atmosphere was infectious and he found himself wanting to please them all the more. He stood facing them and raised his arms out to the side in a display of his ripped upper body, then turned round and pressed his fists into his waist, flaring his wide lats that slanted down to a slim waist cinched by his wide uniform belt.

"Hell, that must have taken some solid hours at the gym, big guy," Mark said. "But you can't stop there, man. Show us the rest - take it all off."

There was silence as the Ranger bent down and started to unlace his work-boots. The muscles rippled in his back as he leaned down and they stared in awe at his pants stretched tight over the round bulge of his ass. "Shit, man," Randy said, grinning salaciously at Mark and Bob. "We got our work cut out taming that ass. Gonna take a group effort."

The Ranger kicked off his boots, pulled off his socks, then straightened up and faced them, barefoot in just his uniform pants. He unbuckled his belt, slid it out of his pants and, as it hung down from his hand, he flicked it slightly. "Aaah," moaned Bob quietly and Randy said, "Down, boy. Nobody gets to feel that - except me, maybe."

Pete dropped the belt, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. He stepped out of them and stood naked except for gray boxer briefs clearly stained with blotches of semen. They clung to his hips and muscled thighs but the three guys were focused on only one thing. "Jesus Christ," growled Randy, gazing at the shape of the long thick cock bulging under his briefs stretching right up to the waistband.

Pete turned around and they gasped again, seeing the twin globes of his ass under the stretched gray cotton. Randy caught the gleam in Bob's eyes and grinned, "Go for it, buddy. Let's get him."

Bob crawled on his knees behind the near-naked Ranger and buried his head in the ass of his shorts, inhaling, pushing his tongue against the fabric into the crack. Pete moaned as his ass felt the sudden warmth of Bob's breath, then he gasped as he felt more heat on his cock. He looked down and saw the swarthy gypsy face licking the outline of his cock through the fabric. Randy clamped his mouth over the shape of the pulsing rod and breathed in and out, then pulled down the waistband and licked the pre-cum off the head that poked over the top.

Pete threw his head back and closed his eyes. He couldn't believe that these two spectacular lovers, the business executive and the construction worker, were already working on him before he even took off his shorts that still stunk of dried cum. He opened his eyes and found himself gazing into the god-like face of the cop, sculpted to perfection and lit with a dazzling smile.

"Incredible aren't they?" asked Mark, referring to his two buddies munching on the Ranger's ass and dick. "And there's a lot more where that came from. But right now you gotta shoot another load, Pete. I know you've already pumped yourself dry but see, in our world cumming is often taken as a sign of submission. And it sure is with you because you're on trial. You don't have to, of course. But if you don't it means you're not ready for Bob, Randy, me and the rest of the tribe. It takes a special kind of man.

Pete watched mesmerized as the gorgeous face came close and he felt him lick his lips, push his tongue over his teeth and inside his mouth, then clamp their mouths together in a fiery kiss. At the same time hands pulled down his briefs, he felt a tongue enter his ass, and his cock was engulfed in a fiery mouth. When they had said 'working him over' this is what it meant. He was spinning in a world of sensory exhilaration that he had never known before. He was with three of the most exciting men he had ever known, and he wanted desperately to belong.

He had already cum so many times today that he lost count, but that didn't matter. 'If you don't cum it means you're not ready,' Mark had said. Well he was ready - he wanted it - he longed for it. From deep down a reservoir of cum burst from his balls, raced along his cock and exploded in Randy's mouth. "Aaagh!" he screamed. "I submit .... Is that what I have to do? OK, I submit to you guys ... aaagh!" and he blasted another load into Randy's mouth.

Randy stood up, pulled Bob to his feet and kissed him and then Mark, spilling Pete's semen into their mouths. They threw their heads back and swallowed. "Mmm," Randy said, "tastes good to me ...what d'ya say fellas?"

"It's got the right flavor," Bob grinned, "the right vintage - full-bodied, bitter-sweet." Mark agreed: "Sure, I could drink a lot more of that if there's more to come."

"Are you kidding?" Randy laughed. "Of course there's more, lots more. Hey, Pete you did great - passed the first test with flying colors. Now for god's sake get out of these stinking shorts and put on the ones I gave you. Not everyone gets to wear my old shorts. Just don't bust another load when you put them on. But get a move on, buddy. You and me - we're going fishing."


Pete was witnessing another example of Randy's ability to switch gears in an instant - to jump from intense sex to talk of a lazy couple of hours fishing. Pete pulled on the shorts Randy had given him, an old, frayed and stained pair that did, in fact, make his cock stiffen as he felt them against his flesh. He looked down to the water's edge where Randy was bending over the boat sorting out the fishing tackle.

As he gazed in awe at the near-naked gypsy, the Ranger's cock stiffened even more despite having just busted a load. Thing is, Pete thought, he's not just incredibly handsome with his chiseled gypsy features, square stubbled jaw, long black hair and piercing blue eyes. And it wasn't just his flawless body with the naturally ripped muscles of a construction worker. It was the fact that he was so .... so fucking masculine, a real man's man, more dominant than any guy Pete had ever met.

But it was more even than that. It was Randy's stunning sexuality. Struggling though Pete was to come to terms with his own sexual confusion he felt inexorably drawn to the sexual magnetism surrounding the man like a force field. That time he had left their house - after being beaten by Randy and forced to watch Mark get thrashed by the enraged gypsy - when he got home he jerked off thinking about it, with a vivid image of the savage man in action. He felt ashamed and exhilarated to admit that he had jerked off many times since to the same homoerotic image.

Even more shocking to him - he wanted more. He wanted to feel Randy's strength, his ferocity. He would do anything for him - even if it meant getting hurt again. He fought against the intoxication he felt, a fixation that went way beyond the physical, though god knows he wanted that too. When he had watched Randy in the forest pound the ass of his gorgeous lover Pete had cum twice. That's what he wanted - to be ass-fucked by the savage gypsy.

"Hey, Pete! Quit daydreaming and give me a hand here." Pete shook his head to clear it and obeyed Randy's summons. It was as if the sex had never happened as Randy sorted through the bait and tackle - another of his talents being a laser-like focus on the task at hand. "Hey, buddy, you say you know the fish well in this lake. Any tips on the best bait to use?"

With Randy giving no hint of anything other than male friendship Pete found it easy to slip into easy conversation with him. "OK, see, what you have up here are mostly trout, catfish and some largemouth bass. For the trout you need an ultra-light line, which you have and ... let's see here ... yeah you got the right bait too. You're pretty good at this."

"I'm pretty good at a lot of things, buddy," Randy said raising his head and flashing a smile that gleamed in his swarthy face. Once again Pete succumbed to his charm, his dick rising in his shorts. "OK," Randy said, his eyes flicking down to Pete's bulging crotch, "looks like we're all set. Get in and I'll shove off." He looked over his shoulder at Bob and Mark and said, "You two take good care of each other - and save some for us."

In that one short sentence Randy had subtlely implied two things - his complete ease at leaving Bob and Mark alone, and his implicit inclusion of Pete in the group with his 'save some for us'. Randy jumped into the boat and took the oars - naturally. Pete assumed that Randy would be in control. He bet that Randy was always at the wheel when they drove anywhere.

As Bob watched them row out on the lake he turned and smiled at Mark. "See that, Mark? Never has Randy been so relaxed at leaving us alone together. That means he's accepted the situation completely."

"And without his acceptance it wouldn't have worked," Mark said ruefully.

"Fraid so, buddy. See, even when Randy's not controlling things - he's controlling things. But it also means that we're free to do as we like - no more quick fucks before he comes home."

Mark frowned. "It burns me to think I've got Randy's permission for loving you man."

"Oh, come on, Mark, don't go all squirly on me now. I thought we sorted all that out."

"Sorry, man," Mark smiled. "You're right of course - I guess old resentments die hard." He took Bob into his arms as they lay on the hot sand. "So, since were in no hurry to fuck, how about we just lie here and make out. And if anything develops and Randy comes back he won't mind."

"No," Bob laughed, "he'll just want to join in."


Randy had reached the middle of the lake and was about to drop anchor when he saw Pete frown. "Wrong place?"

"Well, I think you'd have more luck over there under the shade of the trees. The fish seem to cluster there."

"You're the boss," grinned Randy, not meaning a word of it. He rowed over to the shade, dropped anchor, set out the lines and flopped down on his back. He grabbed a beer from the cooler they had brought and tossed one to Pete. "This is the life, eh, buddy? Lying in a rocking boat, waiting for the fish to bite, with a beer and good company. And you are good company, Ranger. Didn't expect that."

Randy laid his head back and closed his eyes. Pete sat looking down at him, just as sexy in repose as he was when all fired up. "How do you do it, Randy? How did you do it?"

Randy opened one eye. "Do what?"

"I mean, Mark told me that when you and Bob first met you had a wife back in Texas and he was running away from one up in Marin County? How did you, like .... make the transition?"

Randy eased himself up on his elbows and looked into Pete's troubled eyes. He knew why he was asking. "Wasn't easy, man. Matter of fact it was rough - I resisted it like mad. I sent Bob away, and he came back. I sent him away again and then went looking for him. See I'd never been really in love before and didn't recognize it when it slapped me in the face.

"And when I did suspect it the thing scared the shit out of me. I fought against it tooth and nail ... against Bob too. I beat him up. God I thrashed that guy to make him leave - dragged his naked body through the desert, tied him up, left him under the blazing sun ... and then went back for him. And he took it all. He never left me.

"Man, I was a fucking mess. I loved him, hated him, was jealous of him. I couldn't stand it that he was tougher than me, more of a man than me. But most of all ... most of all ... he was so fucking beautiful, man - that face, that body. I could bust a load just looking at him. I would leave him tied up to punish him, then go away and jack off thinking about him.

"I tried to drive him away then got paranoid that he would leave me. And when he didn't - when he took it all and came back for more, again and again, it dawned on me. He was in love with me. I'm not sure if anyone had ever loved me before ... lusted for me, sure, happened all the time ... but loved me? ... in love with me? Then I knew it. I couldn't live without him. Never will be able to. He's my life, man ... my body, my soul .... my whole life ..."

There were tears in his eyes - and in Pete's too. "When love comes that strong, Pete, there's no right or wrong, no good or bad. You're caught in the bright light of truth and you have no option but to make love to the man - again and again."

There was a long contemplative silence, then Pete asked softly, "Love between two men can be that intense?"

"Love between any two people, man or woman, provided it's the right two." He smiled at Pete's handsome, wide-eyed face. "Pete, I know exactly what you're going through and, believe me, I never tried to influence you - quite the reverse."

"I know, I remember - you sent me back to my drinking buddies and the ladies fighting for my attention. So I went back, we got drunk most nights, and most nights I ended up fucking one of the girls - or two, even. I was quite the stud. But you know what? It was never really satisfying - guess that's why we had to do it over and over. It became routine - something for us guys to do to prove to each other what tough jocks we were. The more we drank, the more we fucked girls, the more macho we were - or so we thought.

But even when I was fucking I could never rid my mind of you Randy, and Bob, Zack and Mark. Talk about macho jocks. You guys were icons of masculinity to me and when I was alone I would pound my meat thinking about you. When I was on duty patrolling up here I would drive down this beach and visualize the time I spent with you and Zack and your boys, then later you and Bob, and I can't tell you how many loads I spilled on the sand.

"So that time I came to your house looking for you I was devastated that you were so angry to see me that you beat me up. But even that only fueled my lust." Pete blushed. "I used to jack off re-living it, slapping my own face and punching my own gut the way you did to me until my cock exploded in a massive orgasm."

Suddenly he jerked his head away, unable to look Randy in the eye. "Jesus, I can't believe I just told you that. You must think I'm a complete asshole."

"No way, man. That was fucking hot, and if you turn your head back you'll see the bulge in my shorts." Reflexively Pete turned and gazed at the shape of Randy's cock, the head poking from the bottom of his shorts. Randy grinned at the Ranger's awestruck face. "Man, I regret the way I worked you over at the house. Me and my fucking anger. Did you know I have anger-management sessions with a shrink - my brother Steve? Yeah, see how that worked out."

They both laughed and Randy said, "Man, we've both been spilling our guts to each other, telling our secrets, and that's great - brings us closer. But there's a way to get even closer. Words are fine but there comes a time for action." He ginned with that seductive grin of his, loaded with sex and the promise of sex.

"Come on, buddy, you know what you want. You've beat off thinking about it often enough and now you're staring at it. Did you know you were drooling, Pete?" Still propped on his elbows Randy took a swig of beer and licked his lips. "Now I'm real comfortable here and I'm not gonna move - but don't let that stop you, man. You said you like to prove what a jock you are. So you man enough for a little body worship?"

Randy flexed his pecs and shoulders and for a moment Pete could not believe what he was seeing. "Fucking pornographic," he murmured as he stared at the magnificent, demon-dark gypsy on his back on the floor of the boat, his muscles flexing, cock hanging out from under his shorts, his swarthy face grinning seductively, eyes welcoming as a heat lamp.

In a trance Pete knelt beside Randy, lowered his head and licked the trickle of sweat between the hard pecs. At first he was reverential, like worshiping at a shrine, but as he tasted the salty beads of sweat and smelt the musky scent of the rugged gypsy, he got bolder, eagerly licking Randy's pecs, sucking on his nipples, then sliding his cheek over the hard ridges of his abs.

He glanced up at Randy's face grinning down at him. Randy took another hit of beer and said. "Looks great man ... go for it." Pete wasn't sure which of them the 'looks great' referred to. The man was so fucking arrogant - with the certain expectation that men would worship him, even a macho stud like the Ranger - but that only made Pete crave him even more.

He was licking Randy's muscled thighs now, down over the shins and then the feet, smelling of dirt and sweat. In a final act of worship he kissed the feet, licked them clean and sucked the toes into his mouth. "Feels good, man," Randy said, looking down at the blond hair falling over the intense face making love to his feet. "But there's still the main event, Ranger. Unless, of course, it's too big for you."

Randy had thrown out a challenge that Pete couldn't ignore. He eased himself up Randy's leg and his face fell on the stained, well-worn shorts. He pressed against the thin cotton and inhaled deeply, breathing in the smell of the man's juices - sweat, cum and dried piss. It was intoxicating and he licked the head of the cock protruding from the shorts. "Come on, mother-fucker," Randy growled. "Rip the damn shorts and suck my fucking dick."

It was not an invitation but an order - and Pete obeyed. He ripped the shorts open and gazed at the semi-erect dick lying to one side over his groin. "Make it hard, man." Another order. Pete licked the huge club from tip to groin, burying his face in the stinking black pubic hair. The taste, the smell were driving him wild and he covered the cock with his mouth. He sucked it in and swallowed it, down, down his throat until he choked, tears streaming from his eyes. He pulled back, breathed desperately through his nose, then pushed again onto the stiffening cock.

"That all you got, big guy?" Randy demanded. "Here, you wanna be one of us? So here's how you gotta suck dick." Lying on his back, no longer propped on his elbows, Randy raised his head, reached down and clamped his hands over the Ranger's head. "Here's how it goes, stud." He pulled the head up, then slammed it down on his cock. "Yeah, that's more like it, man. Don't worry - it won't take long."

Pete had lusted for Randy the savage, and that's what he got. Randy had total control, holding the Ranger's head like a football and slamming it down on his cock, driving his steel shaft deep in his throat. As his face pounded down again and again into the damp tangle of pubic hair Pete screamed into the gag of the cock. He reached up and grabbed Randy's wrists but he was gripped in a helpless vise, gagging, choking, his mouth impaled on the massive rod.

He was close to passing out, screaming unheard for release, when he heard Randy's howl of triumph, the cock bulged in his mouth and slammed a wad of hot semen deep inside. He had no choice but to swallow, again and again, drinking the juice of the man he now worshipped.

Then - sudden release, as his head was pulled clear of the cock and raised in the air like a trophy. Randy stared up in awe at the sobbing Ranger, tears pouring down his face, cum draining from his sagging mouth and down his chin. "One more time, big guy." Unbelievably Randy forced Pete's mouth back down on his cock and shot the last of his jizz in his mouth.

Pete was in a blur of pain and infinite pleasure as he felt himself being manhandled by the big gypsy, pulled off his cock, dragged up over his chest, and then his face was pulled down onto Randy's mouth. Pete felt Randy sucking his own jizz from his mouth, then grinding their mouths together in the frenzied kiss of two stud jocks.

Finally Pete managed to get back onto his knees, and stared wild-eyed into Randy's face, his breath heaving, unsure whether to kiss him again or dive off the boat. But of course he stayed when he saw a gleaming smile spread over Randy's face and he said, "Fucking awesome, man. I knew you wanted it rough, you good as told me, so you got it. Did you cum?"

"N ... no, I guess not," Pete stammered, then managed a nervous smile. "I was kinda busy."

"Good - all the better. See, buddy, you are a definite top-man, a guy who fucks - loves to fuck. And god forbid I should change that, no matter how badly you want to service me and my cock. Men like you and me, pal, we were born to fuck. And you know what? - there is nothing in the world hotter than fucking another top man. Why do you think I get off fucking Bob so much? Ranger, you are one gorgeous, smoking hot son-of-a bitch and I wanna see you in action."

Randy linked his hands behind his own head, pulled it forward, flexing his outstretched arms, and gazed down at Pete's solid dick, dripping with pre-cum. "O yeah," he said, "you are hot to trot, man. So grab the bull by the horns, man - or, better still, up the ass." Randy bent his knees, slid his heels on the floor of the boat toward him and pushed his ass in the air.

Pete felt adrenaline surging through him. Having been a worshipful supplicant, licking the big man's feet, he now felt himself restored to the dominant, authoritarian male he was by nature. And the gypsy was on his back before him offering his ass. "You're right, man," Pete said. "Sure I jerked off thinking of you, but a lot of the time it was me fucking your ass, big guy. But shit, now my dick's not lubed or anything."

Rand spat in his hand, reached down and ran it over Pete's stiff rod. "Now it's lubed," he said. "Anyway, I can take a dry fuck - I can take anything. Let's see what you got, big guy."

"Man, you are really asking for it." Pete had already ripped open the front of Randy's shorts and now did the same in the back, exposing his ass and the curly black hair round the hole. He shoved Randy's legs in the air, leaned forward and planted his palms on his pecs. He pressed the head of his dick against his hole ... and drove it in.

"Aaagh!" Randy's scream raced over the surface of the water as he felt the Ranger's long shaft penetrate him. "Jesus, that's huge" he groaned. "Aaagh!" Again Pete's cock pistoned into the gypsy's ass, then pulled out and slammed in again. And so it began.

Pete was usually careful, considerate when he fucked, holding back, avoiding pain. But not this time. The arrogant gypsy had thrown out a challenge and Pete was as quick to rise to a challenge as Randy was. The man had said 'let's see what you got'. Well this is what he had. His cock became a pile driver, pounding the gypsy's ass, as Pete saw the swarthy face thrash from side to side, the log black hair flying. "You asked for it, stud. This rough enough for you?"

"Fuck you, man," Randy snarled, "I can take anything you can throw at me - and more."

"You want this to be a trial of strength, eh, stud? Great, but be warned - I won't let up until I hear you submit. I'm gonna make you shoot another load." Pete had never fucked like this - no limits, no restraint. He reached behind Randy's neck and pulled his face forward, staring into his blue eyes but not intimidated by them. "See, man, you can't spook me, even with those fucking eyes of yours. Here it comes, big guy."

Pete had never felt so strong, so dominant as he stared down at the stubbled face. He switched his hand from behind Randy's neck to his hair, grabbed a clump and pulled his face forward. His eyes blazing into his he said, "So you're the master fuck around here, eh stud? Think again asshole." And he let rip, fucking with no restraints, no holds barred, no fear of hurting his victim. In fact he wanted to hurt him, wanted to hear his scream, wanted to hear him submit.

Randy was feeling the full power of the dominant Ranger - and his ass was hurting. He was surprised by his strength and realized for the first time that he would have to do the unimaginable - submit to him. "OK, big guy," Pete growled, "you told me that when a guy shoots his load it's a sign of surrender. I know you just came in my mouth but - too bad - you've gotta cum again and let me hear you submit. Or this is what you'll get."

The ranger summoned all his strength, all his experience from fucking every night of the week. Only this time he was brutal. The boat rocked violently on the water as he jack-hammered Randy's ass, driving his cock in so deep that pain shot through the gypsy's body like a knife.

"No!" Randy screamed, "I can't take it ... I can't take anymore. OK, OK, I give up ... you win, man ... aaagh!" His cock exploded over his own chest and he howled, "Shoot, man .... Please cum in my ass ....." He sighed as he felt the blessed relief of jism pouring deep inside him. As his cock drained, Pete fell on top him, licking his sweat-drenched face, probing his mouth with his tongue.

And the humbled gypsy's ass was still impaled on the Ranger's cock.


"Shit, man, you are one hell of a fuck." Randy was sitting facing Pete as the Ranger scooped up water and washed his cock. "You give as good as I give - like a fucking pile driver. Not often I submit to a guy by busting a load."

Pete grinned, "Man, I have never fucked like that in my life - it was fucking spectacular. Didn't have to hold back, I could fuck like a real man 'coz it was your ass and I knew you could take it. That was man-on-man action, stud ... I felt like a stallion in heat ... and I fucking loved it. Damn, we almost sank the boat."

Just then they both noticed the tugging on the fishing lines. "Hey, the fish," Randy laughed. "Remember them? Guess we confused fishing with fucking. Haul them in buddy." That cooled the sexual heat between them as they concentrated on the catch and threw the lines back in. The men had unloaded their intimate feelings to each other and then unloaded their jism - two jocks getting the measure of each other - and now they could relax as buddies.

They talked some more, fished some more and drank more beer. They were feeling real good about themselves when Randy said, "Hey, buddy, about time we headed for shore and checked up on Bob and Mark - find out who's fucking who." Pete chuckled, thinking how lightheartedly Randy spoke of it, after hearing his account of how often he had beaten Bob up for doing just that. They hauled in the anchor and it was Pete this time who rowed back toward the beach.

Randy had been joking but it turned out he was prescient. As they came closer to the shore they saw the action on the beach - two naked men, the cop on his back getting his ass reamed by the muscle-flexing superman. Randy stood up and said. "Shit, I gotta get in on that action." He dove over the side, swam strongly to shore and strode from the water looking magnificent, with water streaming from his body, his ripped shorts hanging round his waist.

He gazed down at Bob rising and falling over Mark's ass, his own ass-cheeks flexing as he fucked. "Can anyone crash this party?" Randy asked. "An ass is a terrible thing to waste - especially a classic like that one." He fell to his knees behind Bob, his cock sticking out of his ragged wet shorts and, as Bob's hips pulled back as he fucked, Randy speared his ass with his hard wet shaft. "Holy shit!" yelled Bob as he felt the double ecstasy of fucking one of the men he loved and getting fucked by the other.

Mark grinned up at Randy. "Thank god you're here, man. He's fucking my ass raw ... Make him cum, man - make him bust his load in my ass...."

"Nothing easier, officer. You know I always obey the law ...." Bob knew well the accelerating force of the shaft driving in his ass and knew he couldn't hold out long - never could. Mark gazed up at the gypsy's jubilant face, his sparkling eyes, and felt like he was getting fucked by both muscle-gods at once. By now Pete had pulled the boat up on the beach and was standing over the writhing mass of muscle, pounding his dick as he watched the action in disbelief.

Bob went first. "Shit, you guys are killing me ... my dick ... my ass ... I can't .... oh fuck ... fuck ... fuuuck .... here I go guys ... aaah...." It was a chain reaction. As Mark felt Bob's warm juice spilling in his ass his own cock blasted jism all over his eight-pack abs. Randy was leaning back pounding ass, one hand on Bob's hip, the other arm raised in triumph like he was riding a bucking stallion. And with a cowboy's "yeehaw" he emptied his cock in his lover's ass.

It took only a moment for them to regain their breath and then they were all on their backs on the ground, laughing raucously. But suddenly they tasted the unmistakable flavor of semen splashing onto their faces and lips. They looked up through a film of cum and saw the naked Ranger standing over them, his cock still spurting jism. Randy reached out a hand, grabbed Pete's foot and jerked it out from under him, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Come on," Randy yelled. "Get him guys." They fell on him, wiping jizz from their own faces and plastering it over Pete's until he felt he was drowning in cum.


In accordance with ritual, a scene like this was followed by a cleansing in the lake. The four exhilarated men swam, splashed, wrestled, making the water seethe like a shark attack. Caught up in the high spirits Pete lost his remaining inhibitions and joined in like a natural member of the tribe. He wasn't that yet, though his status would soon be decided.

When they finally raced up the beach the men had only one focus ... food. In his habitual, time-honored phrase Randy announced, "Guys, I'm fucking starving." Pete opened the cooler from the boat and displayed their impressive catch of fish. "Mostly trout," he said, "and there's a classic way to cook trout. Will you let me do the honors?" They were only too glad to leave it to him while they drank beer and studied him, out of earshot.

Bob grinned down at Randy's shredded shorts. "Looks like you had a party of your own out there on the lake, buddy." Randy was never one to kiss and tell and even now he didn't go into details. He said simply, "Yeah, the guy's amazing, tough as nails - could easily be one of us."

"You mean he doesn't have to go through that final ritual you talked about?" asked Mark. "You're gonna let him off?"

"Hell no!" Randy said. "He's gotta go through that and, if he can survive it, he's in .... provided you guys agree," he added hastily, careful not to cut them out of the decision, though they all knew who was really calling the shots. Randy sniffed the air. "If cooking skills was all it took he'd be in already - that smell is making me drool. Come on guys, let's eat."

Though the air was heavy with testosterone, with four hungry jocks scarfing down food and knocking back beer, the conversation was civilized. Pete was asked lots of questions about his life out here as a Forest Ranger and what he would be doing when he transferred to L.A. as chief of the park rangers.

Nobody got too personal. That was dealt with on a whole other level. Randy had already performed his own form of inquisition in the boat, plumbing the depths of Pete's current state of mind, his evolution into man-on-man sex, and then letting him loose to indulge his sexual appetites. Pete had known it was some kind of test, a trial of strength, and he felt he had won Randy's approval. But he also knew there was more to come - the ultimate test.

The sense of this became stronger as the meal, and the conversation, came to an end and they settled back with their drinks. They waited for Randy to take the lead which, of course, he did. "Hey, Pete," he said. "Stand up a minute, buddy." Pete got to his feet and stood facing them, feeling once again on display before a panel of judges.

"You know, Ranger. I like you. I like you a lot. Not often we consider anyone good enough for our tribe but I think you might have the right stuff ... if you want to be one of us, that is."

"I want it, Randy. More than anything I've wanted in a long time."

"Good. Right, so you can guess that we have certain - er - procedures. Let's cut to the chase here. Out there on the lake I fucked your mouth hard, made you choke, near on pass out, but you took my big club and made me cum. Then you fucked my ass - no, you fucking hammered my ass - so hard that you made me submit to you by busting my load. Not many men can do that to me."

He stopped and sighed. "But see, any man who fucks the shit out of me the way you did has to pay the price. And, this trip at least, you haven't taken cock up your ass, and we have to make sure you're tough enough to do that."

"No problem there, man. I want it .... I wanna show you. You don't even have to move, big guy ... let me do it."

Randy grinned. "Come to think of it you look so damn hot towering over me like that that, well, see for yourself. He looked down at his own cock that was standing tall as a flagpole. "You think you can take care of that?"

"It would be an honor," Pete smiled. He stepped out of his shorts, stood astride Randy, stuck his fingers in his mouth then in his ass. He dropped to his knees astride Randy's chest and lowered his hips. Even when he felt the tip of Randy's cock against his hole he didn't hesitate. He sat straight down on it and let it slide right up the chute and deep in his ass. "Man, you're good," said Randy. "Come here stud." He put his hand behind Pete's neck and pulled him down close to him. "Fuck my cock, man. And look into my eyes. You're gonna need it."

Thinking he was getting away easy on his final test he smiled into Randy's blue eyes. He had said he was immune to Randy's laser eyes but of course he was wrong. No man was immune. He rode Randy's cock, knowing he could never get enough of the gypsy fucking him. So entranced was he by Randy's eyes that he didn't notice him glance over to Mark.

But then he felt it. Mark was behind him, pressing against his butt as he leaned forward. He felt the cock on top of Randy's, pressing against his hole. And to his horror he realized what was happening. "No," he shouted. "Not that, man .... No way .... I can't ..." He tried to pull upright but Randy had him in a vise-like grip behind his neck. "OK, OK, don't panic, man. Like I said, we never force a man do anything he don't want to. Shame, though. I wanted you in our tribe, but this looks like the parting of the ways, Pete."

"No, no," Pete panicked again for a different reason. "No, I want it, man ... I want it real bad. Please ... please help me, man."

"OK, Pete, so what did I tell you? Look into my eyes and everything'll be OK." His voice became hypnotic. "You know that gorgeous cop you lusted for? He wants to fuck your ass, man. He wants to slide that big cop dick in your ass with mine. Think of it, Pete - the big stud Ranger getting fucked by the cop and the King of the Gypsies. You can take that, can't you?" He nodded to Mark who pushed gently and let his cock slide on top of Randy's cock inside Pete's ass.

Pete panted hard, "No, no ... I can't ... I can't ..." But suddenly, staring desperately into Randy's eyes he fell under his spell as the hypnotic voice continued. "This is our world Pete. You want to be part of it, don't you? So relax and let Mark cum inside you." Randy knew a man's limits and nodded to Mark over Pete's shoulder. Mark's cock was already shuddering, squeezed into the Ranger's ass with Randy's huge club. So it took only seconds to respond.

He breathed into Pete's ear. "Here it comes, buddy. You're ass feels so fucking hot, you get my vote ... aaah." He sighed deeply as his cock poured semen into Pete's tortured ass. Then, gently, he pulled out right away, knowing this was not the end for the Ranger."

Tears were flowing down Pete's face as he look down at Randy. "I did it, man. I did it .... for you." Randy smiled. "You sure did, buddy. Now, I told you how crazy I am about Bob. He's so fucking gorgeous and the best fuck in the world. He's standing right there. Look up at him, man, look at that fucking body - flawless - and that chiseled face, the deep brown eyes. I know you already love him too .... who doesn't? So how do you feel about these two gorgeous lovers fucking your ass at the same time - feeling their cocks move together inside you?"

Pete was in a delirium of lust. "Yeah, man, I want that. I want that so bad. Please, sir...."

Randy nodded to Bob who knelt behind Pete, pulled his ass cheeks wider, and slowly, tenderly pushed his dick into his ass beside Randy's. Pete felt his ass filled with the two cocks of the beautiful men he had watched making love, the men he had jerked off thinking about so often. They were both inside him, he could feel their rods moving against each other in his ass, with Randy's hypnotic eyes piercing his. He was flying, losing all sense of self, entering a new world of carnal pleasures.

"Please, man," he moaned to Bob. "Please let me feel your cock shoot in my ass. He's right, I love you, man. Please let me feel you cum ... Aaah." Bob squeezed him round the waist as his cock erupted inside him, his cum mixing with Mark's deep in his ass.

Bob quickly pulled out and Randy deftly flipped Pete over on his back without pulling out his cock, and ended up on his knees staring down at the Ranger, pinning his wrists to the sand with his legs over Randy's shoulders. "You did, it, man. You took both my buddies' dicks in your ass. But you remember how rough you fucked me? Well now it's my turn. See, I'm the boss of the tribe and I have the final say. So I gotta do it, man. You ready?"

"But my ass is so sore," Pete moaned, almost sobbing. "It hurts so bad."

"You think I give a shit?" Randy growled. "You made me submit to you, Ranger. A man does that to me, he pays the price. This is it, man, the final test."

Bob grabbed Mark's arm and they gazed down at the two men, nervous about the end game. Mercifully it didn't last long. It couldn't. No man could take it. The fuck was brutal, Randy at his most savage, his massive cock slamming into the man's ass, driving deep inside like a battering ram as Pete struggled helplessly, his agonized face thrashing wildly.

The Ranger's screams pierced the air and echoed across the lake. "No, man, please, I can't take any more. I'm begging you. I give up .... you are the best .... Aaagh ... I love you, man."

He choked on the semen filling his mouth, not realizing that it was his own as his cock pumped juice up over his face. He heard Randy howl, "OK, man, you're one of us .... Yeahhh!!" His cock exploded in the cum-slicked ass, anointing the Ranger as the newest addition to their tribe.

Knowing that Pete was close to passing out Randy pulled his dick out and fell forward onto the shuddering body. Pete threw his arms round him and held on desperately, sobbing uncontrollably, scared to let go, knowing that his life was about to change - already had. "Help me, Randy," he moaned

"It's OK, buddy," Randy whispered soothingly. "It's over - you did great. You're one helluva fucking stud, man, and you're one of us. I'm proud to welcome you to the tribe. Don't worry, buddy, we'll take care of you - we always take care of our own."


Much later, when darkness fell the men sat at the water's edge, looking out over the mirror lake shining silver in the light of the full moon. They were all recovering from the physical and emotional intensity of the day's events. Up to now Randy had been in control but now that the mood had changed it was natural that Bob, with his gentle manner, took over. "When will you be coming to L.A., Pete?" he asked quietly.

"In a month. Gotta find a place to live in a hurry."

"Hm .... me and the guys have talked about that. You know, some time ago we bought the house next door to us and rented it to Adam and Nate, who you haven't met yet. Zack owns the house opposite us. And up the street, just below where Brandon lives, there's a house for sale that I've had my eye on for a while.

"My broker says the price is low 'cause the place is a fixer - needs a lot of work, but nothing Randy and his guys can't handle. So we're thinking of buying it as income property like the house Adam's renting - a great investment in that part of town. 'Course the next step would be finding the right tenant ...." They all looked at Pete who grinned at Bob. And that's all it took, a smile. Already their minds were running on the same track.

But before they could discuss it further Randy's cell phone rang. He took the call and frowned. "What? Oh Jesus."

It was his brother Steve. "Don't want to interrupt the festivities up there, Randy, but I thought you should know that our kid brother Ben has been acting up. He's been getting into fights with Eddie, Nate and even Brandon. Trouble is Jason's out in New Mexico working on those big wildfires and Ben misses him. But there's more to it than that. I've tried talking to him but he keeps asking for you. I'm not suggesting you come home early - no need for that - but when you do get here I think it's about time you and I took him in hand. We are family after all.

"You're right, bro," Randy said. "I've been thinking for some time that you and I should get closer to our little brother. I know I've neglected him, and the three of us have never really spent any quality time together. Sometimes family gets kinda lost in all the crap we go through in our lives. So maybe we should take a trip out of town one weekend soon, just us three brothers, and we'll show the young punk just how much we love him."

They talked for a bit longer and when Randy shut off the phone Bob asked, "Problem with Ben?"

"Yeah, but nothing the family can't handle. Seems like he needs a little tender loving care, and who better to provide that than his brothers?"

"Hmm," Bob chuckled. "Loving care from his two big handsome brothers, eh? That should solve all Ben's problems right there."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 239


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