It had been a spectacular fuck ... Hassan and Zack, two spectacular alpha males sharing their rugged manhood in a fantasy trial of strength that blew their minds.

The exotic Arab/Asian Marine and the black construction worker in full leather had taken the Harleys for a ride into the canyons. The simple exercise in male bonding had become much more intense - nothing short of a test of manhood, a trial of strength that Zack had won.

He had tied Hassan up in an excruciating submission position that had Hassan begging Zack to fuck his ass. He groaned, "You're incredible Zack. That scene was so fucking hot - you could make me do anything. Fuck me, buddy. Fuck my ass."

It was a spectacular climax to a contest that had tested the limits of their strength and endurance, from which both had emerged triumphant. It had been a spectacular display of raw, rough sex between two muscle-jocks at the peak of their power.


The trip had been strictly men-only. They had left their boys Darius and Eddie behind to do some repair work on Hassan's house and Hassan had issued a stern warning to Eddie. "Listen, kid, no fooling around while I'm gone. Darius is in charge. You do just what he tells you." Eddie grinned wide-eyed and licked his lips lasciviously. Hassan clipped him round the head. "I'm serious, boy. When I get back if I get a bad report about you I'll ream your ass. No, scrub that - a bad report and I'll never ream your ass again."

"Aye aye, captain." Eddie was incorrigible and Hassan rolled his eyes at Darius. You've got your work cut out, Darius. You have my full permission to do whatever it takes, OK?"

"Don't worry, sir, I'll take care of him - whatever it takes."

As it turned out, it took a lot. Working on the roof Eddie had seduced Darius with an irresistible blow job and his mischief had continued until Darius lost his cool. "OK that's it. I don't take insolence from no-one, least of all from a scabby-kneed kid like you. Darius disciplined him by tying him to the chimney and fucking his ass with his ten-inch dick.

Hassan knew his boy well. His sense of mischief was so strong that the Marine knew he wouldn't be able to stop fooling around, despite his order to behave. So when the two men had recovered from their exhausting sex fantasy Zack said groggily, "Guess we better be making tracks, eh buddy? The boys will be wondering where we got to."

"Yeah, the boys," Hassan grinned, pulling his clothes on. "You know, after getting worked over and fucked by you the thing I want most right now is to fuck my boy - show him who's boss. God I love the kid but I saw his cheeky mood when we left. Ten to one he's misbehaved with Darius and I'll have to teach him he can't get away with that shit. Maybe if he's faced by a Marine, a leather-master and his boy, maybe even Steve and Lloyd, he'll be so scared he'll clean up his act, start obeying orders for a change."

"Wouldn't bet on it, man," Zack chuckled. "More likely he'll be so fucking turned on he'll eat it up - in more ways than one."

With a roguish laugh they straddled the Harleys and roared off in the direction of home.


Despite their sex-on-the-roof shenanigans Darius had managed to curb Eddie's misbehavior long enough for them to finish the job when they came back down from Steve's pool. Eddie looked on Darius as his hero, lusted for him but, when he had hammered the last tile into place, that didn't stop the irrepressible boy from looking for more ways to tease him.

He looked up and saw Darius with his back to him, cementing the last of the bricks into the chimney. Shirtless, in black cut-offs and boots, his back muscles rippled, his legs wide astride to get a firm stance on the sloping roof. Eddie was focused on the bulge of his butt pushing against the black denim of his shorts. He crawled up the roof and surprised Darius by pressing his face against the bulge and munching on the fabric in the crack of his ass.

Caught off guard, Darius dropped his trowel that went clattering down the roof and over the side. He whirled round - "what the fuck?" - lost his footing and followed the trowel, sliding down the roof and falling over the edge.

Eddie gasped in horror. "No! Oh shit ... what have I done? Darius ...!" Quickly he slid down the roof, shinned down the ladder and ran to where Darius was lying on his back, eyes closed.

"Darius," Eddie gasped, "please don't be dead. You're my hero ... you can't die." He dropped to his knees and prodded the prostrate black boy but he didn't stir. Randy had taught all the boys CPR and rescue breathing but in his panic Eddie didn't know which one to use - so he tried both.

He leant down, opened Darius's mouth with his fingers and pinched his nose. He clamped their mouths together and breathed air into Darius, then watched for signs of breathing. No, he thought, this wasn't right. Darius hadn't been drowning - he had fallen off a roof. Maybe his heart had stopped. In a rising panic Eddie straddled him on his knees, crossed his hands over Darius's chest and pushed, repeating the action rhythmically. Still no sign of life ... until ...

Suddenly Darius's mouth opened and his shiny white teeth gleamed in a dazzling smile. Eddie pleaded, "Darius - you're alive? - I mean, not dead or anything."

Darius's eyes opened and the smile vanished. "No kid, I'm not dead or anything - just raving mad. You total asshole - what have Randy and Zack always drummed into us eh? In construction it's always safety first - you never do anything to harm yourself or your co-workers. And you did exactly that with your stupid fooling around."

"I'm sorry, sir, I thought I'd killed you."

"Nah - I'm like a cat - fall on my feet. Zack taught me how to fall. You drop and roll, see, cushions the fall. So all I've got is a couple of bruises - plus an urge to kill you for being such a dumb-ass kid."

Eddie leant down and said hopefully, "Maybe if I give you another kiss of life, dude, that'll help."

"Are you fucking crazy, kid? Is sex all you ever think about?"

"Pretty much, sir."

"Jesus Christ, get off me, asshole." Darius heaved the boy up high and tossed him over onto the ground. Then they heard the deep guttural voice.

"What the fuck's going on?" Zack was looming over them. "Is there a problem here?"

The boys jumped to their feet and faced the leather-master with forced smiles on their faces. "No, sir," Darius said, "no problem ... no problem at all. Glad you're home, sir. As matter of fact the job's done. Would you like to inspect it, sir?"

Totally unconvinced Zack thought 'first things first' and climbed the ladder. Eddie glanced over at Darius with a look of gratitude that he had not ratted him out to Zack. But he knew he hadn't heard the last of it and knew he deserved to be punished.

Zack inspected the chimney stack, ran his hands over it, then checked out the newly laid tiles. He came down and said to Darius, "Great job, boy. Couldn't have done it better myself. You're a good worker." Darius glowed with pride. Nothing stoked him more than praise from his master.

But then Zack glared at Eddie. You did good work too, kid, though there's more going on here than meets the eye. Come on - up to Steve's house. Hassan is there waiting for you."


On the deck by the pool Hassan was chatting to Steve and Lloyd who had been sunning on the deck and had seen the earlier mischief down below but not the accident. They mentioned what they had seen but only in general terms, reluctant to provide damaging details of the activities.

Darius and Zack came up the path first and joined them. Darius was looking a bit uneasy, even though Zack repeated his praise for the boys' work. Eddie straggled up the hill next and when he faced Hassan he had guilt written all over him. One of the characteristics Hassan loved best about his boy was his openness, his inability to hide anything - every thought and feeling clearly etched on his impish face. But his obvious guilt now was troublesome.

Hassan hugged him but pulled away sooner than usual and looked searchingly into his eyes. Eddie cast his eyes down (not a good sign), so Hassan turned to Darius. "OK, Darius, I told you I would ask for a report. How did my boy do?"

Darius shuffled uneasily. "Er, pretty good, sir. He worked hard and hammered in the tiles perfectly - didn't break even one."

"So he behaved well?"

Darius rocked uneasily from foot to foot. He couldn't lie to Hassan but didn't want to incriminate the kid either. He didn't have to do either one as Eddie jumped in and said decisively, "No I didn't, sir. Darius is only trying to protect me, sir."

Facing all five men it felt like an inquisition, so he decided to come clean. This was not, after all, a minor piece of mischief - it was a stupid act that could have caused serious injury. He took a deep breath. "Truth is, sir, I was messing around and did something real dumb. While we were on the roof I got so turned on by Darius, sir ... well, I mean those black cutoffs, sir, and his huge schlong poking out the bottom. It's more than a boy can take, 'coz, like, whenever I see a ....."

"Cut to the chase, boy," Hassan barked. "What happened?"

"OK, sorry, sir. I'm talking too much ... I always do that when I'm nervous, sir, and I'm plenty nervous now ..." The Marine clench his fists angrily and Eddie stammered, "OK, OK, so what happened? Well, sir, what happened was I crawled up to Darius and licked the head of his cock. I unzipped his cut-offs and swallowed the whole thing, all ten inches, sir, and Darius got off on it for a while ... well you know I give an epic great blow-job, sir, same as I do for you ..."

As he watched his boy tying himself into knots, what Hassan wanted most was to take him in his arms and hug him, but he curbed the impulse and growled, "I'm warning you, boy...."

"OK, sorry, sir. Anyway when I shot my load over Darius's boots he got mad and said all I thought about was sex, which I guess is true in a way. He said he'd knock that out of me so he tied me to the chimney and fucked my ass, sir - real good - and made me cum again all over the chimney .... but we wiped it off, sir, the chimney's clean and ...."

He gulped and paused for breath, sensing that he was digging himself deeper into the hole he was already in. "Well, that worked for a while, sir, but when I finished my job on the tiles I ...." He winced. "I did something real bad. See, when Darius's back was turned to me his ass looked so hot in those cut-offs that I buried my face in it and .... like.... it kinda knocked him off-balance and he .... he fell off the roof, sir."

"Jesus Christ," said Zack, clenching his fists and taking a step forward until Steve put a retraining hand on his arm and pulled him back. Eddie was gushing now, anxious get it all out in a rush and take his punishment.

"He was laying still on the ground sir, not moving, and I thought I'd killed him so I gave him the kiss of life and then CPR like Randy taught us. Then you know what? He opened his eyes. Oh, it's not what you're thinking - I didn't bring him back to life ... even I couldn't do that. But it turned out he wasn't dead after all ... well, like you can see for yourself, sir. So, like, kinda..." his voice went weak and he managed a nervous grin, ", all's well that ends well, sir?"

"Hell no!" Hassan barked. "All is not well and it's not ended. You've been a fucking idiot, boy, and you're gonna get punished. Didn't we drum it into you that safety always comes first?"

"Yeah, I already got that lecture from Darius, sir."

Exasperated, Hassan looked for support at Steve, who frowned at Eddie but spoke more kindly.

"Seems to me, Eddie, that all your bad behavior comes from an obsession with sex. But there's more to life than sex, boy."

"Really, sir?" said Eddie wide-eyed, like this was a revelation to him.

"Jesus!" said Steve, with a tinge of anger. "Sounds like you're another one addicted to sex. I'm already treating several of you guys for that. Maybe I should start group sessions for sexual compulsives, except that after ten minutes you'd all be having sex together on my office floor."

He raised his hands and looked helplessly back at Hassan, who was trying to control his anger. "OK, boy, you gotta pay for this. 'Course, I could tie you up and whip your sorry ass..." Eddie's eyes sparkled .... "but see, that's it ... you'd enjoy it. No, we gotta get your mind off sex."

He stroked his chin in thought. "You know what they do to new workers in a chocolate factory? They let them eat as much chocolate as they want and within a week they're sick of the taste and never want chocolate again. Maybe it works for a boy who gorges on jism.

Hassan looked hopefully at Steve who shrugged and grinned. "It's ... a theory..."

"If I force you to overdose on jism, boy, you'll never want to suck dick again, eh Steve?"

Steve shrugged much more doubtfully this time. "Er, well ... that's another theory." It didn't take a shrink to know that hell would freeze over before Eddie lost his appetite for cock. But he went along with the plan, seeing no harm in it, and he preferred it to whipping the boy.

As for Eddie, he was still trying to get his mind around eating chocolate and eating cock, mixing up the two ideas and coming up with an image that he found kind of sexy ... and tasty.

"OK, boy" said Hassan firmly. "You're looking at five horny guys here. Zack and me have spent a couple of hours with the Harleys throbbing between our legs, and it's not hard to miss Darius's stiff ten inches poking out of his cut-offs. Steve and Lloyd have been lying on their stomachs sunning themselves in this heat and we can see the result." He glanced down at the bulges in their swim trunks.

"So, kid, it's not just a mad-as-hell Marine who's gonna punish you. I'm gonna have help from the leather-master here and his boy, plus the doctor and the architect. So you've got your work cut out. See, kid, you've gotta get over this obsession with sex. Hell, even working on that roof all you could think of was sucking Darius off and eating his ass out. But when we've finished with you you'll never want to suck dick or eat ass again.

Eddie thought that was extremely unlikely, but still he was scared by the task ahead as he looked at the five handsome, muscular men he was to service.

The fierce soldier, shirtless in jeans and boots, ripped open his jeans and pulled out his huge Marine cock. Zack - awesome in his leather vest, pants, boots, and wrist straps - unzipped his pants and exposed his huge black club. Darius opened his cut offs and out fell his ten-inch horse dick. The two musclehunks, Steve and Lloyd, pulled their swim trunks down, displaying long, thick twin rods.

Eddie was mesmerized by the five massive cocks, all of them semi-erect and waiting for service. He was no stranger to sucking cock, having become expert working in the leather bar in the desert, where he spent much of his time on his knees servicing beer-soaked leathermen after hours. He grew to love cock and had, a couple of times, even worked on two at once.

But what he was facing now was something else and his legs went weak and his throat ran dry - not a good sign for a serial cocksucker.

He was scared, sure, but mostly he wanted to impress Hassan. He knew he had let him down and disappointed him, and here, he thought, was a way to prove his obedience and respect. He stared into Hassan's eyes, looking for that glint of love and protection - and he found it. Nevertheless, Hassan's voice was stern. "OK, boy, time to make amends, show me how sorry you are - and make me proud of you again."

"Aye aye, sir," he said, but with none of his former jauntiness. He looked forlorn and Hassan's heart went out to the boy, miserable in his guilt and willing to do anything to make amends.

"Here, dude," said Darius. He tossed Eddie the knee pads he had used kneeling on the roof fixing the tiles. "You'll probably need these." He winked at him surreptitiously, a gesture Eddie found reassuring. Darius was his pal. He strapped on the pads and fell to his knees.


As he gazed at the five semi-hard cocks a thrill ran through the boy despite his fear. They were all stunning muscle-studs and in other circumstances this would have been the ultimate fantasy for a boy whose favorite activity and foremost talent was sucking dick. But Eddie was filled with shame and the heavy burden of his master's disapproval. He braced himself, determined to give these guys the best blow-jobs a man could have.

"Right," Hassan said sternly. "In putting another boy at risk you have insulted his master Zack, so he is the first man you must make amends to."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," Eddie said humbly. He hobbled forward on his knees and stared up at the leather-master, whose eyes held a mix of residual displeasure and kindness. The strong smell of leather excited the boy and went some way to calm his nerves.

He reached forward, supported his hands on Zack's leather pants, feeling the strong thighs underneath, and flicked out his tongue. He licked the head of Zack's cock then ran his tongue up the whole length of the black shaft and buried his face in the wiry mass of pubic hair, breathing in the smell of sweat and dry piss.

Becoming more excited by the second Eddie sucked in the bulging head and pushed his face forward, feeling the cock stiffen as it slid further and further down his throat. When it hit his gag reflex Eddie stifled it by gulping hard and inhaling sharply through his nose. Using all the skills he had developed on the floor of that dim leather bar he pursed his lips and pulled slowly back along the shaft as if drawing the semen out of Zack's balls.

"Holy shit," Zack moaned, his cock now hard as steel. "Shit, you're good. Yeah, eat that black chunk of meat, boy." Expertly Eddie pushed forward again, swallowing the whole length of the cock with ease, then clenching his throat round it and inhaling the intoxicating, rancid odor of the black man's crotch.

Now he began his special technique of squeezing his throat muscles tight round the cock then releasing it, repeating it in turn but at irregular intervals so Zack was driven wild with frustration and desire. To regain some control, he clamped one hand behind Eddie's head and pulled his head back and forth on his long pole, but no matter how hard he slammed it at the back of his throat he could not make the boy gag or choke. His throat seemed bottomless.

The muscular leatherman moved his hips back and forth, his ripped abs and pecs flexing as his cock pistoned. He raised his free arm triumphantly in the air, and worked the boy's head with the other, like a rider on a bucking stallion at the rodeo. He was rough, but nothing Eddie couldn't handle. He had handled this and worse from some of the brutish leathermen in the bar.

To prove it he made a move that really stoked the men. Hassan was standing on one side of Zack, Darius on the other. Watching the boy go at it, swallowing the huge club, had made their dicks rock hard, so Eddie reached up and curled one hand round Hassan's cock and the other round Darius's. As his head pumped back and forth, so did his hands, pounding the men's cocks to the same rhythm as his mouth pounding Zack's.

"Holy motherfucker," Lloyd gasped, glancing at Steve. "That is fucking amazing." Both men were stroking their cocks, holding back their orgasm, waiting their turn. Eddie was now hitting his stride. This is what he loved, what he was good at - cock, and more cock, the bigger the better. Having one in his mouth and two more in his fists was a fantasy come true.

Tears were running from his eyes but his concentration never wavered. The sounds of the men's gasps and howls urged him on. "Yeah, work that fucking prick, boy." "Shit that's hot. Eat it, kid." Even though Zack still held his head Eddie was in full control now. He knew cock like no one else, knew when to ease up, and when to give it the full treatment. He could tease, excite, frustrate - play the cock like an instrument. And he knew when and how to make a man lose his load.

He sensed it now. All three men were close, he knew, and he decided to make them cum. He used a trick he didn't use often, but then he didn't often have control of three cocks. He pounded the cocks harder and harder, hearing the men yell, bringing them to the brink of orgasm ... and then ... he stopped ... dead ... motionless.

"NO," the three men yelled in protest. "Don't stop, work that cock ... don't stop .... please ....!"

His timing perfect Eddie let seconds go by, then suddenly resumed ... harder, faster, more intensely than ever. The cocks sprang back to life, screams flew over the hills, the three bodies pulsed, spasmed .... and their cocks exploded. Eddie felt hot semen slam into the back of his throat and he swallowed hard, determined not to spill a drop of the musky, bitter-sweet liquid.

At the same time he felt hot creamy juice splashing down on him from both sides, pouring onto his face, into his hair, over his shoulders and chest. Zack pulled his cock out of his mouth and yelled, "Here it comes boy..." Yet another stream of cum blasted from his cock straight into the boy's face. Eddie was drowning in cum, raining down on him from all sides. He opened his mouth and swallowed hard ... he smelled it, tasted it, the outpouring of three hot-blooded males.

Finally it stopped, replaced only by the sound of heaving breaths. Eddie released the cocks, wiped the jism from his eyes and, through the blur, looked up at Hassan in triumph. Hassan gazed down at his urchin boy who was grinning mischievously, his hair, face and entire body dripping with semen. And the big Marine broke into a gleaming smile of admiration and love.


Eddie was on a roll. With hardly a pause he shuffled over on his knees to face Steve and Lloyd. Steve immediately felt his stiff cock sliding down the cum-slick chute of the boy's throat, and his reaction was common to most recipients of Eddie's blow-jobs. "Wow ... holy shit!" He put his hands lightly on Eddie's shoulders as the boy worked his dick, giving it the Eddie treatment of compression - release - licking the head - plunging down deep - treating the handsome doctor to euphoria, suspense and a raging lust for more.

But when Eddie had brought Steve to the brink of orgasm he suddenly pulled away, grabbed Lloyd's cock and gave him the same expert treatment. "Oh man, Lloyd groaned. "Yeah work that dick, boy." Eddie was at the top of his game, doing what he did better than anyone.

Glimpsing Steve's shuddering dick dripping pre-cum, Eddie grabbed it and pulled it toward him. Steve and Lloyd pressed their bodies and their cocks together and Eddie opened his mouth wide enough so he was just able to hold the heads of both dicks at once in his mouth. He licked them, sucked in the pre-cum and then, in the final knockout move, pursed his lips and ran them back and forth over the corona - the hard, most sensitive rim of the head.

Steve and Lloyd yelled, "Yeah - oh fuck ... fuck ... fuuuck" and their cocks finally gave up their load, pouring twin streams of jism into the boy's mouth in such a flood that even he almost gagged as he gulped furiously. Then the cocks pulled out and emptied themselves over his face. Eddie grinned up at them with semen running down his face, oozing out of his mouth, dripping from his chin onto his already cum-soaked chest.

If this punishment was devised by Hassan to turn Eddie off sex it had precisely the opposite effect. Eddie was euphoric, riding the crest of a wave of semen and wanting more ... more. "Is that all you got, guys?" he yelled. "Bet I can make you cum again." The men formed a semi-circle round him so the kneeling boy faced five semi-erect cocks inches from his face. And he played them all.

He began with his master's cock, plunging his mouth onto it and getting it rock hard in seconds. And when the Marine was a split second from his climax Eddie pulled off, opened his mouth and inhaled the cum spraying into his mouth. He turned instantly to the next cock and gave it the same treatment.

Sucking, swallowing, closing his eyes against the cloudburst of cum, his head was pounding back and forth, from cock to cock. He was playing them all like an organist plays a Giant Wurlitzer, hammering the keys, pounding the rods and pulling out all the stops in a crescendo of noise and passion that filled the air with howls of ecstasy.

The ground before him was drenched in cum, the guys' and his own, as Hassan's 'little gusher' had lost more loads than anyone could count. He could cum endlessly but his instincts told him all the guys were near their limit. So finally he pulled away and, still kneeling, leaned backwards over his heels and stretched his arms out wide. He gazed up at the five men and yelled, "OK, guys ... hit me up."

As the final streams of cum poured down on him he threw his head back with peals of laughter, a frisky young colt, deluged in semen, whose playfulness had absolved him of guilt by playing out a fantasy that none of them would ever forget.

Hassan reached down and, in one move, scooped his boy up and sat him astride his shoulders, holding his wrists and stretching his arms out in triumph. "OK, guys, what do you say? Is he forgiven?"

The answer was a roar of cheers and applause. Cum was dripping down Eddie's body onto Hassan's face as the soldier paraded his boy around on his shoulders, then walked to the edge of the pool, leaned forward and plunged them both in. As they surfaced and Hassan pulled Eddie into a passionate kiss, Steve looked at Lloyd and shrugged.

"You see, buddy. Therapy is not always the answer. Sometimes you just have to let guys sort things out for themselves."


As so often happened in this tribe, while one drama was playing itself out another was brewing in the background. The next problem had unfolded slowly over a long period, almost imperceptible at first but reaching a point where it reared its head and became visible - to some at least. It came to a head down at the tribe's compound even as the group of guys up at Steve's house were celebrating and carousing late into the evening.

It began in Mark's bedroom earlier in the evening when the cop got home from work. The house was quieter than usual when he came in in his police uniform, his eyes shining with anticipated pleasure. In his bedroom he found Jamie, as always, naked on the bed waiting for Mark to make love to him. But this time Mark's eager anticipation was not for Jamie.

"Hey, kiddo," Mark said brightly. "Sexy as ever. But it'll have to wait 'til later cause I'm going out to dinner with Bob and Randy and I'm already late."

As Jamie watched, Mark took off his uniform and went into the shower. He reemerged naked and Jamie watched the blond cop's sculpted muscles ripple as he dried himself. The boy gazed at the expression on his Greek God face, which was focused somewhere other than Jamie, most immediately on his closet where he carefully selected his clothes, discarding one shirt for another until he got it right. Obviously dressing for a date.

He looked stunning in blue jeans and a dark blue shirt flopping open over a white tank top stretched over the slabs of his chest. Mark reached down and ruffled Jamie's hair. "OK, see you, Jamie. I'll probably be in late - you know how we guys are."

Mark left the room and Jamie thought, yes, he knew how the guys were. Since they had got together as a threesome they had spent a lot of time together - meals, sex, day-trips. Jamie had always loved his favorite time of day when Mark came home and fucked him, sometimes so horny he didn't even stop to shed his uniform. But that didn't happen so much anymore.

Frustrated, the boy now grabbed his cock and stroked it, with a clear picture of the naked cop, his magnificent body streaming with water after the shower. It didn't take long for Jamie to cum all over his chest and he lay back sighing deeply. The orgasm calmed him down for a few minutes but when his frustration returned it was worse than before. He got up, wiped the cum from his chest and pulled on his old surfer shorts.

Lonely without Mark he wandered out to the garden, which was quieter than usual as so many of the guys were not home. He heard familiar sounds from the kitchen and went in to a warm greeting from the twins, Kyle and Kevin, and from Brandon who was wheeling himself round the room helping with dinner preparations. It was a light meal tonight with so many of the guys eating out, so the twins had time to chat.

They slid a beer across the counter to Jamie who slumped in a chair. The twins and Brandon exchanged glances and Kyle said, "OK, Jamie, what's up? You look like a rainy Tuesday night."

"There was a long pause as Jamie took a swig of beer. "I don't think Mark loves me anymore."

Kevin smiled and shook his head. "There you go again, dude," Kevin smiled. "Ever since you met the guy you've been paranoid he was gonna leave you. You're so insecure about him. Sure the cop is an absolutely fucking gorgeous man, but you're a fucking gorgeous boy. You belong together. Anyone with half an eye can see the man's totally in love with you."

"Maybe before," said Jamie ruefully. "But not since he got together with Bob and Randy. They're always together, crazy about each other. How can I compete with those two muscle-hunks for his affection?" Jamie told them what had happened just now in his bedroom.

There was another silence as the twins exchanged one of their knowing glances, then Kyle spoke up. "We know what you're going through, dude. You know Bob has always been wonderful with us, but lately he's been spending less time with us. He pokes his head into the kitchen, tells us he loves us, then he's off with Randy and Mark. And all three of them often spend the night together. 'Course, it's not so bad for us 'cos we've got each other, but it must be tough on you sleeping alone in that big bed you share."

Brandon had not said anything yet. These were three senior boys and he was a relative newcomer, but he hated seeing his friend and his boss Jamie so upset. "Maybe, guys," he said tentatively, "it's just a phase. You know how it is at the start of a relationship - you wanna spend every waking - and sleeping - minute with the guy. I know that's how it is with Pete and me. In any case, can't you say something to Bob and Mark?"

Kevin smiled at him affectionately. "You may be right about that 'first blush of romance' thing, Brandon, but we can't say anything to them. You know the rule - boys don't get involved in the men's affairs - even if the affair is painful to the boy. They'd think we were complaining."

Yet another silence as they realized there was nothing they could do - just had to hope for the best. "OK, guys, what's for dinner?" asked Jamie with forced levity, putting a brave face on it.

But one thing about being a new boy like Brandon was that he was new to the house rules so they weren't so embedded in him as in the older boys and he was less inclined to accept them at face value. His first impulse was to share his concerns with Pete, but he knew instinctively that Pete couldn't intervene with the three guys in such a delicate matter. After all, Pete was new to the tribe himself.

But there was one man he could go to whenever he had a problem. He had often told him so.


Brandon kicked the idea around in his mind for most of the next day. Jamie moped round the office, having difficulty concentrating, even snapping at Brandon a couple of times, then apologizing. It was when Jamie mentioned that, in the end, he had been alone all night as Mark had spent the whole night with Bob and Randy, that Brandon made his decision. After all, when Brandon had been in despair, thinking he had lost Pete, Jamie had come to his rescue and everything had come right. The main thing was, Jamie was his friend and he had to help him.

After they closed the office that evening Jamie went straight to his room, his shoulders stooped. There was nobody in the garden so Brandon hung around in his wheelchair, nervously waiting for the sound that soon came. He heard Randy's truck crunch over the gravel outside and a door slam.

Randy came through the gate in his usual work gear, grubby cargo pants, boots and an old tank-top stained with grease and sweat like his arms and face. He strode straight toward the house when he heard a faint voice behind him. "Excuse me, sir."

He spun round and beamed. "Hey, kiddo, what's shakin'? Everything hunky dory with that Ranger of yours?"

"Oh yes, sir. Very hunky. But if you have a minute, I would like to ask you about something."

"For you, kid, I've got as many minutes as you want. Stay right here, don't move." He went into the kitchen and came back with a couple of beers. Brandon wheeled himself up to the table by the pool and Randy sat opposite him. He opened both bottles gave one to Brandon and said, "OK, kiddo, what's your problem?"

"Well, sir, it's not really my problem it's my friend's, but he'd never tell you about it. Says it's a house rule - boys never talk about what the masters do. But I'm not so sure about that, sir. I mean, if someone's getting hurt and the one doing the hurting doesn't know about it .... oh, this is more complicated than I thought ... well anyway, don't you think that sometimes it's OK to break a rule?"

Randy roared with laughter. "Kid you're talking to the rule-breaker-in-chief. I don't give a shit about rules ... bust them all the time ... make a habit of it. Ask anyone, especially Bob. Oh, not that I'm telling you to break the rules. I'm the boss so I get away with it ... well, most of the time. Ask Bob about that too," he grinned.

Randy looked affectionately at the boy's eager face, his eyes blinking earnestly behind his black-rimmed glasses and his heart melted. "I can see you want to help your friend, kiddo, so go for it."

"So I can say anything to you, sir?"

"Kid, you're one of the few guys in the world who can say anything to me and get away with it - including 'go fuck yourself'. Well," he reflected, "if you said that I wouldn't do it - I'd probably fuck you instead. But we're digressing, so let's cut to the chase here."

"OK, sir," said Brandon, reassured. "Well it's like this, sir. It's about Jamie and ... and Mark." He described Jamie's problem - that Mark wasn't as loving as he used to be, and what had happened last night, Jamie sleeping all alone. "I love Jamie, sir, and I hate to see him miserable. See, the thing is ... gee, this is real difficult ... Mark is spending a lot of time with you and Bob, sir. The twins are having the same problem with Bob."

"Bob? What's wrong with Bob?" Randy said sharply, impulsive springing to his lover's defense.

Brandon winced. "Sorry, sir, I shouldn't have said that about Bob. I shouldn't have said anything at all, I see that now. It's not my place ... I'm way out of my depth."

"Nah, nah, kiddo, I shouldn't have barked at you like that. You were dead right to tell me about this and I thank you for it. No other boy would have had the guts. And I happen to know exactly what you're talking about. You can leave it with me. I'll take care of it."

Brandon beamed. "I knew you would, sir. You can make anything come right. But you won't tell the boys I spilled the beans, will you, sir?"

"'Course not, kiddo. I know I sometimes charge around like a mad bull but I can also be discreet." He smiled at Brandon. "You know, you're one heck of a kid, sticking up for your buddies like that. One day you're gonna make a great master yourself, if ever you can find a boy who deserves you. And in the meantime, someday soon I'd like us to get together, just the two of us, 'cos I want to make love to you and fuck you. Of course, we'd have to get the OK from your Ranger, but if he agrees would you like that?"

"I'd like it a whole lot, sir .... provided Pete says it's OK."

"OK, it's a date," Randy smiled. "Now go help the guys with dinner - and not a word about this conversation eh?" He tapped the side of his nose. "Private - just between you and me, right?"

"Right, sir," Brandon beamed. As he wheeled himself toward the kitchen Brandon realized his cock was hard as a rock.


Randy went up to the master suite where Bob and Mark were kicking back over a glass of wine. Mark, still in his uniform, had come home from work an hour ago and had gone straight up to join Bob while he waited for Randy. When Randy came in Bob stood up, folded his arms round him and said, "Join the party big guy. You wanna eat out tonight or here at home?"

Instead of replying Randy turned to Mark. "You seen your boy yet, Mark?"

"No," Mark said in all innocence. "I came straight up here to Bob. I guess Jamie's waiting for me downstairs."

"Yeah," Randy said coolly. "I guess he's been waiting for you for the last hour or so. Waiting on the bed for you to fuck him, the way he waits every night. And Bob, you said hi to the twins yet since you came home?"

"No," Bob shrugged. "I thought they'd be busy in the kitchen but they saw me from the window so they know I'm home."

Randy gave them one of his looks that could freeze an ocean. "Guys, we have a problem here. Now I won't make a meal of it 'cos it's between you and your boys, but apparently some of the boys have been talking among themselves and one of them, I won't name names, had the guts to come and confide in me." Randy didn't have to name names. He had a special soft tone of voice when talking about Brandon so they knew.

"Apparently, Mark, Jamie is kinda upset. You know he's always been insecure about you ... one of the sexiest men in creation ... and now he's panicking that you don't love him anymore. You don't come home and fuck him as you always did and you spend most of your time with us. Shit, he's waiting naked on the bed for you right now, longing for you to come to him - like he did all of last night."

Mark shifted uneasily as Randy turned to Bob. "Buddy, the twins have each other, but I think the two of them would like to see a bit more of you too. When did you last have sex with them?"

Bob winced. "I dunno ... week or so ago, I guess. Shit damn, I know where you're going with this, buddy, and you're right." He took Randy into his arms. "Thanks for straightening me out, man. Hell, a few years ago you'd have dragged me outside and beaten some sense into me, and I'd have deserved it. But this new cool you is so goddam sexy. Would it be OK with you if I invite the twins up here to spend the night with us?"

"Hell, you need to ask? Sex with those two identical young bucks is always a major turn on, so go for it buddy. And always know that, no matter what, I love the hell out of you."

Mark was pacing the room, his fists clenched and for a moment Randy thought he was gonna slug him. But the cop looked at him with moist eyes and gave him a macho hug. "Man you are a helluva guy. I didn't know you could be so cool when I've behaved so shabbily to the boy I love. You should have slugged me too, I've been such a damn fool. I gotta go."

"Go make your peace, buddy. That boy's one in a million and you know it."

As he left Mark turned and said, "Oh, and thank Brandon too. That kid's quite the peacemaker."


Down in the garden Mark paced in anguish. He could see the light in the bedroom of his apartment and imagined Jamie lying there naked waiting for him with hope against hope. He loved the boy like crazy and yet he had taken him for granted - assuming he would always be there waiting for him after he had satiated himself with Bob and Randy. The number of times he had crawled exhausted into bed with Jamie and simply fallen asleep beside him.

The boy was beautiful, loyal, loving and he worshipped his master. And Mark had reciprocated in this appalling way. Tears sprang to his eyes as he thought desperately of how to make amends, to convince the boy's fragile ego that he loved him more than ever. He couldn't just go in there and fuck him as if nothing had happened. It had to be something special. Then he knew what he had to do.

He went into their apartment, through the living room and opened the bedroom door. Jamie had been lying naked waiting for him for so long that he was half asleep. He woke with a start and gazed up at the uniformed Greek-God cop. At first he thought it was an extension of his dream. Then he realized that tears were running down Mark's face.

Mark stared at him, the beautiful blond surfer boy with the tangled blond hair, exquisite face and flawless, tanned body. He was a beauty. How could he have neglected him so badly?"

Stunned by his master's sudden appearance Jamie said, "Have you come to fuck me, sir?"

"Oh God," Mark sobbed, leant down and scooped Jamie up in his arms, squeezing him tight. "Jamie, I love you so much, boy, and I've let you down. I'm so sorry, but I swear I'll make it up to you. I'm gonna take you away on a trip - up to the dunes. The shack up there is yours, so will you do me the honor of letting me share it with you?"

"Of course, sir," Jamie said, confused but elated.

"But in the meantime, Jamie, I want you to do something for me."

"Of course sir, anything."

"I want you to fuck me, boy. Please, Jamie. Please fuck my ass."


Mark put him down gently and Jamie stood motionless, stunned. He tried to get his mind round what he had just heard. The macho cop wanted Jamie to fuck him? For Jamie it was enough that Mark was back with him, but ..... His mind went back to the few times he had fucked his master ... he remembered everything in detail it had been so thrilling. But now he didn't know what to do ... where to start. So he was relieved when Mark made the first move.

As Jamie watched mesmerized Mark slowly unbuttoned his black shirt and pulled it off. The contours of his muscular body were evident under the white T-shirt and Mark paused to let his boy take it all in. Then he reached behind his head and pulled on the neck of the T-shirt which stretched tight then jerked out of his pants, riding up from the heavy black belt round his tight waist and slowly exposing his eight-pack abs.

He pulled the shirt up over his chest and shoulders and flung it aside. He unbuckled his belt, pulled it off and threw it over his right shoulder. "Aaah!" The naked boy's cock was throbbing, about to shoot, so he turned his back on Mark and paced the room, willing himself not to cum.

When he had composed himself he turned round and gasped at the sight of the muscle-god cop, stripped to the waist in his black uniform pants tucked into high, shiny motorcycle boots. His right arm was bent upward as he gripped the belt that hung down from his shoulder, heavy with the tools of his trade - handcuffs, night-stick, and the rest. His muscular torso gleamed in the rays of the setting sun streaming through the window blinds and his blond hair was tousled from the removal of his T-shirt.

"So what do you say, Jamie? You think you could grease up this cop's ass and shove your dick in it? I hurt you boy, my wonderful boy, so I'm giving my ass to you as a penance. But much more than that .... I wanna feel your cock inside me, boy. I wanna watch you fuck your master, show me you still love me. What d'ya think?" Mark turned his back to Jamie, shoved his hands in his pockets and stretched the black serge fabric over the mounds of his ass.

"Aaah," Jamie moaned. He fell to his knees, reached round Mark's waist, opened his pants and pulled them down below his ass. He pulled the white globes apart and stared at the hole surrounded by light wisps of pale blond hair. He leaned forward and pushed his tongue between the cheeks and into the warm, velvet musk of his master's ass. He savored the taste, the smell, as he rubbed his face against the blond hair, damp with sweat.

When at last he pulled back Mark turned round and fell on his back on the bed. His belt lay beside him and he detached two sets of handcuffs. Then he stretched his arms up and grabbed the corner-posts of the bed. Jamie gasped, suddenly aware of what his master intended him to do. He walked to the head of the bed and attached one ring of the handcuff to the cop's wrist and the other to the bedpost. He did the same to the wrist on the other side.

Jamie stood back and looked down at the powerful, shirtless cop handcuffed to the bed. His muscular arms stretched up in a V, chest flexing, flared lats tapering down past his razor sharp abs to his slim waist, his pants pulled down to his thighs, still tucked into his black leather boots. The sight was straight out of a pornographic bondage video and again Jamie turned round and closed his eyes to avoid losing his load.

When he turned back around the laser gleam in Mark's blue-gray eyes gave him the confidence, the power to act. It was what his master wanted - and what Jamie desired above all else. He reached over to a small table and dipped his fingers in an open jar of lube. Mark bent his knees and slid his boots toward himself exposing his vulnerable ass.

Jamie knelt between his knees, pushed his fingers into the hole and massaged his ass. "Oh, yeah, I want that, Jamie. I want it so bad. I wanna feel my boy's rod in my ass."

Jamie pulled Mark's legs up so the boots were resting on the boy's shoulders. Then, still with two fingers in Mark's ass to widen it he slid his cock in beside them, causing the bound cop to howl in pain. Reflexively Jamie started to pull back but Mark pleaded. "No Jamie, don't stop. I want you to fuck me ... really fuck me ... hard. Punish your master, boy. He deserves it."

A shot of adrenaline raced through Jamie. He pulled out his fingers, leaned forward and rested his hands on the bed on either side of Mark's face. And then he started to fuck, slowly, tentatively at first, but gathering speed and force until his cock was a piston ramming into the cop's ass.

Mark was feeling real pain now and his face winced and thrashed from side to side. Jamie stared down at the classic, square cut features, the lantern jaw, high cheek bones, the tousled blond hair falling over his brow, his eyes glistening with tears. The muscular body bucked and writhed, stretched in bondage, his wrists shackled to the bed.

The sight was so stunningly homoerotic that Jamie forget he was the captive's boy. All he saw was a half-naked cop, struggling to free himself from the agony of the ramrod diving into his ass. Jamie fucked harder than he ever had, not to punish the man but because watching him suffer was so damn sexy. Jamie had never seen Mark look more beautiful. He had never wanted him so much - never loved him so much.

Mark watched the muscular young surfer rise and fall above him, blond hair flying, his athletic body flexing as he rammed his cock in his ass. Mark howled through his pain, "Yeah, punish that fucking ass, boy. Torture that cop. Harder...."

Had anyone been watching he would have beheld an extraordinary display - a powerful blond cop shackled by his own handcuffs, at the mercy of a young jock, a tanned California surfer ramming his cock relentlessly in his ass.

Jamie had lost all restraint, all inhibitions as he stared into Mark's eyes and said fiercely, "Man, your ass feels good. I'm torturing it, man, splitting it open. You can't take much more of my cock's a fucking jack-hammer. You gotta cum, man. I'm gonna make you shoot. I wanna see that gorgeous cop bust his fucking load all over his chest, over his face."

The cop's body was heaving, arms pulling desperately against his shackles, tears spurting from his eyes. "I can't take any more," he moaned. "You're busting my ass open. I can't hold back ... I'm gonna cum ...! You win, boy .... aaagh .... aaagh!" Mark's eyes opened wide, his body heaved, and his cock blasted a stream of juice that splashed down on his face and writhing body. As semen flowed over him Mark moaned, "I love you, boy. I love you...."

Mesmerized, Jamie stopped fucking, then resumed slowly, gently. Gone was the frenzy - he was no longer the wild young surfer torturing a cop. He was Mark's boy, his loyal, loving boy and he said, "May I cum inside you, sir?"

Mark gazed up at him through his tears and groaned, "God, you are so fucking gorgeous, Jamie. Forgive me, kiddo. And yeah ... let me feel your cum in my ass." And so Jamie eased his cock deep inside his master's ravaged ass and bathed it with warm juice that flowed from his cock like a soothing balm.

Jamie quickly released Mark's wrists and master and boy gazed at each other through moist eyes, feeling closer than they had ever felt before. Mark pulled Jamie into his arms and kissed his lips, his eyes, his neck, and licked away his tears. The breach was healed. Jamie was in heaven, his doubts and fears banished.

But Mark's guilt was not totally assuaged and he needed to do more for the boy he had selfishly neglected. So as Jamie lay with his head on Mark's chest they made plans for their trip to the dunes.

And they were not the only ones. In the kitchen Bob had made amends to the twins for his many absences and had invited them to spend the night with him and Randy. They had never felt any resentment toward Bob - it was not in their nature - so they felt there was nothing to forgive. But they welcomed a night with the two men, knowing from the past that they were in for a wild ride. They were also excited at Bob's talk of a couple of days in Zack's shack in the dunes - just the three of them.

Later Randy chuckled to Bob, "So, it looks like you and the twins will be in Zack's shack right around the time Mark and Jamie will be in theirs, a couple miles down the beach. And I guess you'll both let your boys get even with you for neglecting them. Maybe the five of you should get together. That would be one helluva scene ... one for the archives as Darius would say."

"Who knows?" Bob shrugged airily. "You never know what's gonna happen."

"Asshole," Randy grinned. "I could make a damn good guess - and I'd be right."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 248


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