"And that, buddy, is how a boy welcomes his man home from the wars." That was Jason speaking about his boy Ben to his new buddy, the Forest Ranger Pete.

Jason and Pete had spent the last few days in the inferno of the New Mexico forest fires, working tirelessly shoulder to shoulder and even finding time for some rest and relaxation - if you could call fucking ass and sucking dick 'relaxation'. Which these guys certainly did.

When they came back to L.A. Jason had brought Pete back to his house for the night as Pete had a meeting with Bob the next day. When they arrived home Jason's boy Ben was there to greet them beaming like a lighthouse. Master and boy had an emotional reunion after Jason's painful absence in the dangerous fires, and Pete watched in awe, moved by the depth of the love that could exist between a man and a boy.

Of course their reunion would not be complete without sex and they had invited Pete to join in. After a wild three-way, with the hot young gypsy tied up and worked over by the fireman and the Ranger, Ben fell into Jason's arms, sobbing, "Thank you, sir. That was the best ever, sir."

They showered all together, then pulled on T-shirts, relaxed over beers and ate dinner. Now that the excitement had calmed down they chatted about what came next. Jason leaned back in his chair, linked his hands behind his head and flexed his arms (always posing).

"So, Pete, tomorrow Bob's gonna show you the house he's gonna buy and rent out to you. And then my bet is you're gonna meet the rest of the tribe. That'll be festive. They always lay on something special for a new arrival. Most of the men you've already met, except for Adam, the Aussie in the house next door, and Hassan the big stud Marine, part Arab, part Asian."

"And they all have their boys, is that right?"

"Sure, you'll meet them too. They'll go ape-shit over you, don't you think, Ben?"

"Totally ape-shit," Ben grinned. "And what's more, sir, if you end up living in that house at the top of the hill you'll be right next door to Brandon's apartment building. Brandon's my pal - everyone's pal - and a great guy. His legs don't work so he's in a wheelchair but he's incredible - he can do practically everything we do."

"I bet he can," Pete said, "just like my younger brother, Ricky. He lost the use of his legs when he was young and uses a wheelchair, but I always took care of him and he's a real champ. Now he's out on his own, just starting college and he's got a girlfriend. Those guys value their independence I know, but maybe, if I'm this kid's neighbor, I can be of some help to him."

Jason and Ben grinned at each other. "Oh yeah," Jason chuckled, "I don't think there's much doubt about that."

And so they went to bed together. A few nights ago Ben was sleeping between his big brothers, Randy and Steve. Now here he was lying between the fireman and the Ranger. As he drifted off to sleep Ben snuggled close to Jason and murmured, "Good, ain't it, sir?"

Jason folded his arms round him. "Very good, kiddo. Now go to sleep or the Ranger and me'll have to fuck that sweet ass again."


They slept late the next morning. Jason and Pete's tour of duty had been extended and they had eventually arrived home on Friday, which meant they had the weekend to relax. In any case, after their exhausting deployment to New Mexico, both Jason and Pete had some leave coming and they planned to make the most of it. Sleeping in late was part of the plan, with young Ben snuggled between them.

It was the doorbell that woke them up. Jason struggled awake, rubbed his eyes, staggered out of the bed and opened the door.

"Well there's a sight you don't see every day of the week." It was Bob, smiling broadly, wearing his usual blue jeans and V-neck white T-shirt, and looking like a million dollars as always. The sight of the naked, disheveled fireman always made his cock jump, and he said apologetically, "Sorry, man. I'm too early. I guess I interrupted something."

Jason laughed. "Bob, the man who turns you away from his door is a fool - and I'm no fool. Come on in, buddy."

They walked into the bedroom and Jason stood beside the bed. Pete opened his eyes, saw Bob, threw the covers back and leapt out of bed with alarm. He stood on the opposite side from Jason, both of them buck naked, and said, "Oh shit, this is all my fault. I was supposed to meet you, Bob. Is it noon already?" Ben, lying on his back, propped himself on his elbows and grinned mischievously at Bob displaying a big boner.

Bob threw his head back and laughed at the tableau of the two naked men standing on either side of the bed with a proudly erect Ben grinning between them. "Well," Bob said, "it doesn't take an Einstein to work out what's been going on here. But guys, if I'm 'de trop' as the French say, I can always come back later."

"Don't you dare go anywhere," said Jason. "As long as you promise not to hit us up with any more French so early in the morning."

"No so early, actually," said Bob. "But no, Pete, it's not noon yet. I heard you were here so I came by to pick you up. But it's Saturday, so we have time. And I'd kill for a cup of coffee."

Ben leapt out of bed and said, "I'll take care of that sir. And you don't have to kill for it, though a fuck would be real cool."

"Boy, that's enough," Jason barked.

"Sorry sir," Ben grinned. He ran past Bob but stopped and looked down at his cock. "Oops, sorry," he said and pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. "Ben," Bob said, "a boy never has to apologize for being butt naked, especially if his butt is as cute as yours. Here, I'll give you a hand with the coffee."

Bob followed him into the kitchen where Ben said, "I can handle this, sir - I know my way around this kitchen."

"I should hope so," Bob chuckled, "you spend enough time here taking care of Jason - which I guess you did last night, eh?" Bob leaned back against the fridge, his arms folded across his chest watching affectionately as the young gypsy worked energetically. "Bet you're happy Jason's back, eh, Ben?"

"Happy as a pig in shit, sir.' Ben grinned and blushed. "Pardon my language, sir. A bad - what d'you call that thingy - begins with 'm'."

"Metaphor," Bob smiled.

"Yeah, that's the one."

"Not a good one to use in polite company," Bob said, "but it's OK among us guys."

Ben loved talking with Bob, and being taught by him. He stared at his gorgeous, smiling face, at his muscular physique bulging under his T-shirt. "Sir, do you think I could get a hug?"

Bob open his arms and wrapped them round Ben. "Mmm," Ben sighed. "I love that, sir. I've got a stiffy already. If I didn't have Jason you'd be the man I'd choose .... 'course I wouldn't get to choose 'coz it's the master who chooses .... except you wouldn't choose me 'coz you've already got the twins ... but, you know, hyperactively, sir."

"I think you mean hypothetically, Ben."

"Yeah, that's the one ... Oh shit, I'm talking too much, ain't I?"

"Aren't I..." Bob corrected.

"No, not you sir ... you ain't talking too much at all."

Bob laughed. He couldn't win so he changed the subject. "Randy and Steve told me all about your trip with them to the dunes. Randy's real proud of you, you know. And now there's Pete."

"Oh yeah, sir, Pete's awesome ... we had a great time. When they came home yesterday they tied me up and Pete sucked my dick while Jason fucked me in the butt ... it felt awesome, and I came all over the Ranger's face - couldn't help it - so he got mad and fucked me and then Jason grabbed the chin bar and...."

"Hey, cool it, Ben," Bob laughed. "I don't need a play-by-play. You give that to Darius later and it'll be all over the house in ten minutes."

"OK, sorry, sir. Anyway, I'm gonna tell it all to Steve 'coz he said he can be my shrink and whatever we talk about it'll all be continen ... conferen .... shit I never get that right..."

"Confidential?" Bob suggested.

"Yeah, that's the one."

Bob roared with laughter again. "Hey, how's that coffee coming along, kid? I can hear the shower running so the guys'll be ready soon."


Actually Jason and Pete took longer in the shower than expected - though the reason for that could have been expected. Two horny muscle-studs in a shower together and, well.... After their extraordinary sexual encounter under the red skies of the New Mexico fires, where they had come out to each other in more ways than one, there had been no opportunity to repeat the erotic experience, as the fires took first priority of course.

When they got home Pete had got off on helping Jason 'discipline' his boy Ben, and it was the sight of the naked fireman, as well as the bound young gypsy taking it up the ass, that had made Pete bust his load. And now the Ranger was alone with the fireman - not only alone but naked in the close confines of the steamy shower.

And not only that, but the shower was mirrored on all sides (a refinement made by narcissistic Jason of course) so Pete could see every contour of the fireman's flawless body in a reflection repeated to infinity. "Shit, man," Pete grinned at his own reflection, "add all that up and you do the math."

Jason guessed what he meant and smiled into the mirrors. "Hot, eh, buddy? Especially with a hunk like you reflected a million times. Damn I love that hairy chest. You've still got jism in it. Here, let me wash it out." He soaped up his hands and ran them over Pete's hairy pecs. "Man that body drives me crazy. Here, grab the soap."

Pete caught the bar of soap, lathered up and reciprocally pressed his hands against Jason's flexed, rounded pecs. As the two alpha males got off on the feel of each other's pecs Pete dug his fingers in and moaned, "Man you are so fucking gorgeous."

"Here," Jason grinned - you wanna see gorgeous?" This'll get you hooked on mirrors as much as I am. Look there." Pete turned and found himself staring at the images of two muscular naked men side by side. Despite the steam in the shower the extractor fan kept the mirrors clear and the reflection was so erotic that Pete instinctively hooked his fist round his iron-hard cock.

"Nah, not like that..." Jason pulled Pete's hand off his cock and curled it round his own, then he grabbed Pete's. "It's called mutual masturbation," Jason grinned at Pete in the mirror, "better known as buddy jack-off. Shit, you have a lot to learn, big guy."

"I told you, man, I'm new to all this ... but hell that looks hot, and feels fucking great. Let's cum together, buddy."

"Not yet - you've really gotta get off on this, man. Now here's the real secret known only to a few. Here's what you do - simple - just narrow your eyes." Pete did as instructed. "See what I mean, buddy? It blurs the image a bit so you can't really see who the guys are - they're strangers, just two gorgeous muscle-hunks jacking each other off."

"Wow." Pete narrowed his eyes and was no longer looking at Jason and Pete. But whoever the guys were they were fucking beautiful, with spectacular bodies, one with a hairy chest, the other with smooth, flawless pecs. They were rugged athletes .... and yet they were stroking each other's dicks.

Pete fantasized about two straight jocks in the shower at the gym after a bone-crunching workout, getting off on each other's bodies in a session of muscle worship that was so hot they had grabbed each other's cocks - something they would deny, even to each other, the minute they left the shower.

Jason, who traveled this road often, read Pete's mind and became one of the fantasy jocks. "Man, that was one punishing workout - look at that pump. Your biceps really popped, man. Mine too, see?" He let go of Pete's cock, raised his arms up and flexed his biceps in a classic bodybuilder pose. Pete matched him and they flexed hard in an exhibitionist pose-off.

"Let's see those lats, big guy." They both pressed their fists into their waists, pushed their shoulders forward and flared their lats, the fireman and the Ranger getting turned on by themselves and each other.

"That's epic, man," Jason said, dropping the pose and running his hands over his own pecs as he flexed them. "Shit, man, working out that hard always makes me horny as a stallion in heat, just like now. Sometimes I just grab my fucking cock and give it a workout - pump that muscle 'til it bursts. I get off on the muscle-jock in the mirror, jack off and bust a load all over it."

They grabbed each other's cock again and stroked them, keeping their narrowed eyes riveted on the two athletes in the mirror doing the same thing. Their breathing became heavy, the fantasy more vivid. Pete was in a whole new world - a world through the looking glass. His cock was throbbing in Jason's hand as he squeezed his fist round Jason's huge shaft.

"Man," Jason said, "get a look at those gym buddies jerking each other off. They're so fucking horny after their workout that the dumb muscle-jocks don't even know they've grabbed each other's cock. Look at those bodies, man - clouds of steam, water streaming over their ripped muscles. They're so fucking turned on by each other they can't hold back. They're pumping harder, they're yelling .... "I love you, man .... fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... yeahhh!"

Two streams of semen blasted across the shower and slammed on the mirror, then another - and another. Jason turned off the water and they watched the thick jism run slowly down the glass. Jason dropped to his knees before the mirror and Pete knelt beside him. They leaned forward and licked the glass, their tongues lapping up the creamy sperm - their own and each other's. They sucked it in greedily, held it on their mouths, then turned to face each other.

They clamped their mouths tight together and shared the cum. It flowed between them as they breathed in sync, sharing the same breath and the same bitter-sweet juice. They rolled onto their side and, locked together, slithered over the wet floor, their faces sliding against each other smothered in cum.


"Hey, you guys. Coffee's getting cold." It was Bob's genial voice shouting from the living room. Jason and Pete struggled to their feet, turned on the shower again and rinsed off. They soon appeared with towels wrapped round their waists.

"What the hell you guys been doing all this time?" Bob grinned.

"Nothing," Jason shrugged. "Just showering," Pete added casually. They felt like the straight muscle-jocks denying to themselves that anything had happened.

"Oh yeah?" Bob grinned. "Two hot naked guys in that hall of mirrors you got going there, Jason. Ah, I get it. You don't remember anything - must have been drunk at the time. Seems I've heard that line before somewhere - like maybe a million times." Bob and Ben smiled, the other men spluttered, and everyone erupted in fits of laughter.

"OK, guys - no need to dress for breakfast ...."

".... no need at all," Ben murmured impishly.

Bob clipped him lightly round the head and continued, "The coffee's still hot and there's toast, eggs ... gotta replace all that protein running down the mirror in there."

Pete did a double-take. "How did you know there was....?"

"Been there, done that," Bob smiled.

"Man, I'd like to have been there to see that."

Jason faked disappointment. "Traitor. Ah, how soon they forget."

And so the banter went on, with Ben watching the three gorgeous men wide-eyed. When the food was finished and the coffee pot drained Bob said, "OK, Pete, time to take a look at that house. Now you can go like that in a towel if you prefer, you wouldn't hear me complain, but it might start a riot so...."

"Of course," Pete said embarrassed and jumped to his feet. He promptly lost the towel and blushed, butt naked.

Ben stared at the semi-erect cock and grinned salaciously. "Wow, you won't hear me complain neither."

"Ben," Bob said sternly. "You and Jason haven't spent a moment alone together since he came home. Don't you think you should be thinking up ways of pleasing your master when Pete and I have gone?"

"No problem there, sir," Ben said jauntily. He stood up, pulled off his T-shirt and dropped his shorts. "Ta-da!" he said and raised his arms, exposing his full nakedness and his fully erect flagpole.

Bob raised his hands in defeat, sighed and shook his head. "I give up. Jason, I wish you luck with this young punk. I'm sure you have ways of dealing with him."

"He sure does, sir ..." Ben began, but was cut off by a gruff Jason. "Boy, go into that bedroom, tidy the bed then, get on it, butt naked, and wait for me. Do I make myself clear?"

"Aye-aye, sir," Ben saluted and scampered out of the room.

Bob smiled at Jason. "You love the hell out of him don't you?"

"Like crazy," Jason grinned, "what's not to love? A hot young gypsy, cheeky - and sexy as hell. I better go take some of that impudence out of him. Hey Pete, forget that uniform. Here's a pair of my shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt. Don't forget to bring them back. Give you an excuse to visit again."

"Yeah," Pete grinned, "like I need an excuse." Jason hugged Bob, then Pete. "See you again soon, Ranger. Enjoy your new house."


Bob's Mercedes was parked outside and they climbed in. Maybe it was the scent of expensive leather, maybe the proximity of this beautiful man - probably both - but Pete had yet another boner in his shorts. It exhilarated him and unnerved him at the same time. Was this his future with these guys - a permanent erection?

"So," Bob said cheerily, "you have a good time with Jason and Ben?"

"Oh, man, it was ... jeez, it was something else. Kinda blew my mind. See, I'm new to all this stuff .... well you know that, Bob."

"We were all new to it once, Pete. So what's your problem?"

"Ok I'll level with you, Bob. I have this huge sex drive - bordering on sexually compulsive. When I was with my buddies up in the Angeles Forest, you know, we'd get together for drinks most evenings and I would always end up going off with one of the girls, often two, and fucking my brains out. I could never get enough.

"Then I came across Randy and Zack and their boys at the lake and they showed me things I'd never dreamt of." He paused and sighed. "And then I met you and that changed everything ... and when I finally got to fuck your ass.... shit damn, that was another game changer, man. I could have fucked you all day, every day. Man, I'm fucking lost. You put an oversexed guy like me in a group of muscle-gods like you and ... and my cock's gonna be spurting like a fountain."

Bob threw his head back and laughed. "Sounds like you'll fit right in, Ranger. We gotta talk. But hold that thought 'til later 'cos we're coming to the new house. That's our big compound we're going past on the left here and the new place is at the top of the hill. Next door that small apartment building is home to Brandon, one of our boys. I think Ben mentioned him to you."

The Mercedes pulled up to a small, modest California bungalow that had seen better days. It was what's known as a fixer, in need of considerable renovation. With its overgrown garden it had a forlorn look, but Bob said cheerily, "Don't worry, fixing this place up will be a piece of cake for Randy and his crew. Appearances can be deceptive so let's take a look. I'll bring this six-pack of beer to christen the place. It's still in escrow but I've got the keys already.

Pete held the six-pack while Bob let them in. It was kind of a mess inside but they both saw its possibilities and Pete experienced a sudden feeling of warmth and relaxation. "Wow, it feels like coming home. New house, new life." He turned to Bob. "Man, I'm so grateful to you for all the help you've given me. You're one terrific guy." Impulsively he threw his arms round Bob in a tight hug, but pulled back and blushed, with his cock standing up in his shorts like a tent-pole.

"See what I mean?" he said shyly. "Dammit my cock has a will of its own."

"You too, uh?" Bob laughed, looking down at his own bulge in his jeans. "The thing about sex, though, is it shouldn't distract you, so let's finish the tour. Here, wait 'til you see this."

They walked out into an extensive back garden, overgrown now but with orange and lemon trees and a breathtaking view of the city. "You can see the ocean on a clear day," Bob said. "And don't worry about the mess out here. We'll have Mario take a look at it. He's our landscape gardener, a young Italian, sprinkles his speech with Italian words. He's gorgeous, a real head-turner, and..." Bob stopped and smiled. "I gotta stop trying to describe all the men of the tribe - let you find out for yourself this afternoon. Hey, what say we break out the beer?"

"This afternoon?" Pete frowned.

"Sure," said Bob without explanation. "Here, this looks like a good spot." He flattened down the long grass under an orange tree and sat on the ground with the six-pack, Pete next to him.

They took a long draft of beer and gazed at the house with satisfaction but apprehension too.

"Don't worry," Bob said. "Like I said, Randy and his guys will transform the place. I'd like you to be there when we meet with our architect Lloyd, and Mario, and Jamie and Brandon from our office who'll be keeping an eye on the budget. As you can tell, these things are a group effort." He chuckled. "That's the great thing about us buying distressed real estate - having a tame construction worker to do the work at cost - and do it better than anyone else."

"Hmm," Pete grinned, "I wouldn't exactly describe Randy as tame. I couldn't imagine anyone taming that guy - except you, of course. He'd crawl over hot coals if you asked him to." He blushed deeply. "Sorry man, I didn't mean to comment on your private life like that."

"Pete, you gotta get with the program here. In our tribe guys are encouraged to say and do whatever they like. 'Course, we set boundaries for the boys and punish them if they go too far."

"Yeah," Pete grinned, "but if Ben's punishment by Jason was anything to go by I'd say they look forward to it."

"Yeah, there is that," Bob sighed. "But we do our best."

They were starting to feel a beer buzz, a mellowness enhanced by the fragrance of the orange blossom overhead and the view over the city stretching to the horizon. Most of all it was the companionship of two alpha males, new friends, that set the mood ... and caused the hard-ons.

"I was thinking about the sexual issues you mentioned earlier," Bob said. "Strikes me you should go see Doctor Steve, therapist to us all. He'd be perfect for you ... huh, maybe a bit too perfect. He's Randy's brother - looks just like him, the cleaned-up version, him being a Beverly Hills doctor and all. He's totally gorgeous and you'd no doubt have an erection all through the session, though Steve has a way of taking care of that. His methods are somewhat unorthodox."

"Sounds good," Pete said," but I gotta say you yourself are real easy to talk to, Bob. What is it you said you encourage your guys to do - say and do anything? Well here goes. But stop me if it gets too graphic." Bob smiled to himself. After everything he had ever heard from the men and boys (especially Randy) he doubted that anything Pete said would even come close.

"See, like I said, I've got a very high libido, fuck whenever I get the chance. But that's the point - fuck. Fucking guys is not such a huge switch from girls but getting fucked! Now that's a whole different ballgame.

"Sure, I got fucked by Mark and it was real hot but it hurt like blazes. I got fucked up at the lake too and double-teamed by you and Randy together. A big part of me wanted it, but mostly I did it to prove to Randy that I was tough enough to be part of your group. It was an initiation - and it was damn painful. Made me scream like hell. The memory of that is why I didn't get fucked by Jason last night 'cos I was scared it would hurt too much and I'd disappoint him."

Pete paused, in obvious embarrassment. "So you see, Bob, I don't think I can be a real member of your group 'cos, unlike all of you guys, I don't think I would ever actually enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Not like in that making-love kind of sex. It hurts too much for me to like it. I wish I could but I can't."

Bob smiled at him in sympathy. "That's because up to now it's almost always been forced on you. You've never really wanted it - never looked into the eyes of a man and actually longed to feel his dick in your ass. Never looked at a man the way you're doing now."

"Shit, man, stop looking at me like that. What are you trying to do to me?"

"I'm not trying to do anything, Pete, except maybe make you shed those hang ups about being a top man and admit what you want. Listen, getting fucked has nothing to do with your masculinity. When I fuck Randy do you think he looks diminished? Hell no, he looks more macho than ever - a muscle-stud gypsy, a construction boss with my dick up his ass - and I go crazy for him. Imagine it, Pete. When I get fucked by Randy, which I do a lot, do you think that makes me any less of a man?"

Pete was breathing heavily. "Bob you could never look any less of a man than you do now. I'm looking into your eyes and I ... I ..."

"You what, Pete? You want me to fuck you?"

"Yeah ... god, yeah ... that's what I want."

"Really, Pete? 'Cause what you're describing, that making love thing, you have to really want it."

Pete was close to sobbing. "I do, man. You are so fucking ... oh, not only gorgeous but, I dunno ... man I really want it." He frowned. "But what I don't want is another fight with Randy."

Bob threw back his head and laughed. "Pete, some time ago you would have been right - Randy would have beaten up both of us for fucking. But that was then. Since then, as you said, I've tamed ... er ... well, let's just say he's a lot calmer than he was. So you leave Randy to me and let's just cut the crap here. You want to get fucked and I sure as hell want to do it. Here look at this..." Bob jumped to his feet, kicked off his loafers and pulled off his T-shirt.

"Jesus Christ," Pete gasped as he gazed up at him, barefoot, stripped to the waist in blue jeans, his chiseled superman features, his muscular torso with his broad shoulders, the square slabs of his pecs, razor sharp abs, and wide lats tapering down to his slim waist where a strip of white undershorts showed above the waistband of his jeans.

"Incredible," Pete sighed. "Man, I think I'm gonna cream my shorts just looking at you."

"No, not yet, buddy. You'll know when it's time." Bob smiled, ripped open his jeans, let them drop and stepped out of them, naked except for his boxers. Pete looked mesmerized at the bulge in his shorts, the outline of his cock visible under the thin cotton, so long that the tip poked out at the waist. Bob slid his hands under the waistband and pushed his shorts down. As they fell round his ankles his huge rod sprang out in all its naked glory.

"Aaah!" Pete was looking at a statue - a classical sculpture of a perfect man set against the background of the endless blue sky, the dappled sunlight playing through the trees over his flawless physique.

"Mmmm," the Ranger whimpered and stood up in a trance. He robotically pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and stood naked, baring not only his body in tribute to this demi-god - he was baring his soul. He fell to his knees, then crawled on all fours toward Bob until his face was inches from his cock. He licked the bulbous head and then, in an instinctive act of worship, he lowered his mouth over the thick shaft, further and further until he felt it slide down his throat.

He squeezed his throat muscles tight round the hard flesh and heard Bob groan with pleasure. Pete could hardly believe he was sucking the cock of this incredible man in this wild, unkempt garden high above the city. It took only a few strokes before Pete was overwhelmed and knew he was on the verge of orgasm. He pulled his face away, leapt to his feet and turned his back on Bob not daring to look at him.

He paced round the unruly garden in a turmoil of desire and frustration, his arms up, hands laced behind his head to stop him touching his cock, willing it not to cum. When his frenzy subsided and his heartbeats slowed he dared to look again at Bob. He had not moved, except to fold his arms across his chest. He stood there motionless, legs apart, his cock still hard as steel and dripping pre-cum ... an icon of rugged male beauty.

The sight was dazzlingly homoerotic and Pete could not control himself. With a howl he threw himself down in the long grass, twisted onto his back grabbed his legs behind the knees and pulled his legs up high, displaying his ass. "Fuck me, man. Please, I wanna feel your cock in my ass. Please, man," he howled, "I wanna get fuuucked!"

Bob had seen some stunning sights, but this one was awesome - the handsome, authoritarian Ranger, powerfully built, a rugged top man, proud of his dominance as a fuck machine. And now here he was on his back in the weeds, humbly offering up his ass, begging to get it fucked.

"I don't care if it hurts, man. I don't care .... I just gotta have that rod in my ass."

Bob smiled, "But see that's the point, Pete. It's not gonna hurt. Like I said, if you really want it there's no pain. And to make sure...." He leaned down to his discarded jeans and pulled something from the pocket. He held up a small tube and grinned. "Lubricant ... never know when you'll need it ... don't leave home without it."

He squeezed a good amount in his palm and rubbed it over this cock. He knelt close to Pete's upraised legs and pushed two greasy fingers into the Ranger's ass, making him sigh deeply. "See, that doesn't hurt, does it?"

"No, man, feels great. But I want you're cock in there, man. I've never wanted anything so much. Please, Bob ...."

"Put your arms above your head, hands on the ground, and whatever you do don't touch your cock. I don't want you to shoot until we're both good and ready." Pete obeyed, and Bob grabbed his ankles and held them high. He pressed the head of his cock against the Ranger's asshole and pushed gently. "Keep focused on my eyes, buddy, 'cos you're gonna feel pleasure like you've never felt before."

Pete held his breath as he gazed at Bob and felt his cock enter him. Slowly, gently, it pushed deeper and deeper into his ass, and when Pete breathed again it was a sob. There was no pain, only indescribable pleasure that radiated from his ass and set his body of fire. "Aaah ... fuck, man .... that feels .... Oh Jesus .... I've never .... You're fucking me, man ... it feels so good."

That was it, Bob knew. He had him ... he could do anything to him. But all he wanted was to give Pete pleasure, a pleasure that he would want to repeat again and again. Bob's gentle, hypnotic voice said, "That's how it really feels to get fucked, Pete. And you'll never look back. From now on you'll want to fuck, get fucked, all of it, and I'm gonna introduce you to a group of guys who will fill all your sexual desires. Now lie back and enjoy."

Bob let one of his legs drop and held the other one up high, looking down at his own cock sliding in and out of the Ranger's ass. "Feels good, eh, buddy? Even better when I go faster - like this."

Bob increased the tempo and watched with satisfaction as Pete's head rolled from side to side, groaning in ecstasy. "God, that's incredible," he moaned. "Go faster, Bob, go real deep."

Pete looked up at Bob - one arm raised holding his leg, the other stretched out sideways, his muscles rippling as he pounded his ass. Then Bob did something Randy had taught him. Without pulling out he flipped Pete over onto his stomach, then pulled him up from the waist until he was on all fours, the cock still working his ass from behind like a piston.

Bob's hands weren't touching him and when Pete looked back over his shoulder he was dazzled by the sight of Bob with his arms outstretched, fists clenched, muscles flexed, pumping his hips so his cock pistoned in the Ranger's ass. Pete pushed his ass toward Bob with each stroke of the cock, slamming it again and again against Bob's pubic hair.

"Man," Bob said, "your ass is so fine, so tight, I can tell you're new to this. I love fucking you, man. So fucking hot."

"Don't cum yet, Bob, please .... I don't want you to stop fucking me, it feels so good."

"I won't cum until we're both ready, Pete. That's part of making love. And that's what we're doing, man. Two macho top-men making love. Take it from me, there's nothing like it. Especially when we do this ...."

Bob pushed Pete down on his stomach, then spun him over to his original position on his back. His legs were hooked over Bob's shoulders as Bob leaned forward and gripped his wrists, pressing them down on the grass, still pounding his ass.

He smiled down at Pete's startled face. "How does it feel to be helpless, Ranger? You're my prisoner - your ass is mine, I own it. I can fuck it as hard, as fast and as long as I like. You ass is impaled on my shaft, man, and there's nothing you can do about it."

He was driving Pete wild with desire. "You can do anything to me, sir. Chain me up, whip me, whip my ass, drive your pole in my ass."

"All that's for later, man. For now all I want you to do is look into my eyes ... focus on them until they're all you see."

Pete gazed up into the deep brown eyes and saw everything in them ... the strength, the sex, the kindness ... and then something else. He saw himself - reflected in them.

Bob saw the change come over him and smiled. "That's it, Pete, that's the best ... men reflected in each other's eyes. You're inside my head now, and I'm in yours - and in your body. We're joined, man, body and soul. That's how love should be."

All Pete could see was the eyes, the eyes of the man fucking him. But he could hardly feel his cock anymore ... it was much more than that - a warmth, a euphoria consuming his whole body. This glorious man was inside him, in his eyes, his ass, his whole being. He had to consummate it. "I gotta cum, Bob. Please ... please."

"OK, buddy, but I said you would know when it's time. So look at me ... look at me .... feel me inside you..." He pushed his cock in deeper until it rested against the inner sphincter of the Ranger's ass. "Now I'm gonna make you cum man ... you won't be able to resist." He pushed the head of his cock over the inner sphincter and let it come to rest in the deepest, fiery recesses of his ass. "This is it, man."

Pete's eyes opened wide as he felt Bob's cock pouring hot semen deep inside him. He inhaled sharply and howled. "Aaagh ... oh fuck ... fuck ... I love you man ... I love you....." His body spasmed, and his cock exploded in a massive eruption of white liquid that rose high in the air and splashed on Bob's chest, stream after stream, until juice was dripping down off one man onto the other.

When their breathing subsided and their bodies relaxed Bob smiled down at the stunned Ranger. "And that, Pete, is how one top-man fucks another. So no more bullshit about not being man enough to join us. You have been well and truly fucked, buddy - you're one of us."


They lay together in the long grass, flesh against flesh, inhaling the scent of orange blossom and watching the sun climb over the city. They didn't say much. When two men have been joined together with such emotional intensity words are inadequate - one-dimensional.

But eventually Bob sighed deeply. "Guess we can't stay here all day, buddy, much as we'd like to. Hell, I don't even own the place yet, though we launched it pretty good, didn't we? And no matter how Mario transforms the garden, whenever you come out here in the future and look at this spot under the orange tree you'll remember what you did here before you even moved in, when the grass was long and the garden wild."

"Pete grinned. "Hell, I'll probably stand here and jack off fantasizing about the time I first learned how to enjoy getting fucked up the ass."

"Good," Bob laughed. "A talent for fantasy is an asset in our group - hell, it's essential."

"Yeah, I already had a taste of that with Jason in the shower - a fantasy about two straight jocks getting it on. It was sensational."

"Talking of showers," Bob said, "I gotta get home and take one, then check on how the preparations are shaping up." Pete looked puzzled, but Bob didn't elaborate. They got dressed and walked out to the street.

"Shit ... fucking shit." The frustrated voice came from a boy wrestling with his wheelchair. Brandon had come down the ramp from his apartment and the right wheel had sunk in a pool of mud made by a leaking garden hose. "Fuck, fuck." He turned it hard but it just slid in the mud.

"That's Brandon," Bob smiled. "Let me give him a hand."

"No, wait." Pete put a restraining hand on him. "Just a minute." He went back into the garden and picked up a piece of stiff cardboard he had seen lying in the trash there. He came out and said, "Here, kid, this should do the trick."

Brandon looked up in surprise at the tall muscular stranger. His cock jerked reflexively but it was his current frustration that consumed him. "Thanks," he said, and took the cardboard from the man. He leaned forward, pulled the right wheel back a bit with one hand and used his other hand to jam the cardboard under the wheel. He let the wheel roll forward onto the board and then, with a little effort, was able to roll over it and out of the mud hole.

Relieved he looked up at Pete and, his predicament solved, realized how hot the man really was. "Thank you, sir," he said. "How did you know ....?"

"My younger brother is in a wheelchair," Pete grinned, "and he uses that trick all the time. He always carries a piece of cardboard or wood with him in case he gets stuck. Good idea if you did, too. Hi Brandon ... my name's Pete." They shook hands and held each other's eyes.

Bob was impressed. He would have just pushed Brandon free but Pete had instinctively found a way for Brandon to do it himself. Pete and Brandon were still staring at each other and Brandon broke the silence. "Would you like to come in for a cup of tea, sir?" Then, as an afterthought to Bob, "You too, sir, of course."

"Thanks Brandon," Bob said, already feeling that three's a crowd, "but I gotta get home and see how things are going down there. Take a shower too - my chest is kinda sticky."

Brandon didn't miss the smile that flashed between the guys and understood right away. Bob added, "You probably want to take a shower too, Pete, but ...."

"He could shower in my place, sir, while I make the tea." Brandon blushed and said sheepishly, "If you would like to, sir. It's a pretty big shower - handicap accessible and all."

"I would love that, Brandon. Thank you for the offer."

"OK that's settled," said Bob, feeling even more 'de trop' here. "Brandon, could you bring Pete down to the house when you're ready?"

"Leave it to me, sir. I'll take care of him." With a knowing smile Bob drove off in his Mercedes.


"Follow me, sir." Brandon led the way into his apartment and wheeled himself straight to the kitchen. Pete smiled as he watched Brandon use the pull-down shelves to get the tea and cups.

"My brother Ricky has shelves like that too."

"Randy put them in for me, sir. Man, that was an awesome day. Zack came next - he was in leather pants, no shirt - and put in two air conditioners. Then Mark the cop came and told me all about safety and put a peep-hole in the front door. And then Jason - he's a fireman - came and replaced the smoke detectors and gave me some fire extinguishers. And you know what?" He looked round conspiratorially as if someone might hear and lowered his voice. "Every one of those guys had sex with me before they left. It was a day that blew my mind."

"No kidding," Pete grinned. He was beginning to see how this group operated, the men taking infinite care of their boys. "Er, now maybe I could ..."

"Oh sorry, sir, the shower's right though there."

Pete went into the shower and smiled at the familiarity of the handicapped accommodations built into it - reminding him of his brother Ricky's place. He showered quickly, wrapped a towel round his waist and rejoined Brandon in the living room. Ben did a double take as he saw the near naked musclehunk come in and sit down.

"Didn't take you long," Pete smiled, looking at the tea and cookies neatly displayed on the low table in front of the couch." He looked round the room. "Hey that's quite a collection of videos you got over there. I should dip into them sometime, get a few ideas of what guys do with each other," he chuckled.

"I used to spend hours watching those things," Brandon said, "but since I met the guys - hey, who needs videos when the real thing is so much hotter? See, I was what Doctor Steve called sexually compulsive ... still am, I guess."

"You too, uh?" Pete grinned. "I'm that way inclined myself - fuck all the time. Bob said I'm compulsive and should go see Doctor Steve."

"He's great, sir. His methods are a bit weird but he helps me a lot. 'Course, I'm still horny all the time. Tell you the truth, sir, I've had a hard-on ever since I laid eyes on you."

"You too, uh?" Pete chuckled. "You're a sexy young man, Brandon. See this?" He looked down at his towel which was standing up like a circus tent."

Brandon laughed. "Oh I could take care of that sir. No trouble at all."

"Nah," Pete said. "You probably guessed I just had sex with Bob, and my dick gushed like a garden hose. Nah, it'll be a while before I can cum again."

Brandon smiled mischievously. "Wanna bet, sir? I give terrific blow jobs. I learned from Eddie. He used to be a bar-back in a leather bar and sucked the customers off all the time. He's an expert cocksucker and he taught Ben and me. Want me to show you, sir?"

Pete smiled at the boy's openness and enthusiasm. He was already a sexy young guy and his wide-eyed frankness made him even more so. Pete stood up and said, "Think you can take care of this?" He dropped the towel and his long cock sprang out, hard as a rock.

"Wow, that's pretty huge, sir, but I've never been beaten yet." He wheeled his chair round the table to face Pete and grinned up at him. "Three minutes tops, sir." And he went to work.

"Holy shit," Pete gasped. "Man, you're good. I've never felt ... wow...." Brandon was giving him the works, swallowing the cock deep in his mouth, then squeezing his throat muscles round it and pulling slowly back, as if he were drawing the juice out of it. He was using every technique he had learned from Eddie - and the effect on Pete was immediate.

"Shit damn," he moaned and clamped his hands round Brandon's head. He pulled it back and forth onto his cock, driving it hard into the boy who didn't gag once. "I love that, boy. Damn you're good. I can't take much more .... it feels so ... oh yeah ... you're making me cum already, boy .... three minutes be damned." He threw his head back and laughed as his cock blasted a stream of cum into the back of Brandon's throat and he swallowed it, gulping down every last drop as his own cock spurted jism onto the floor.

When he had drained Pete's cock, Brandon pulled off it and looked up at him with sparkling eyes, cum dripping down his chin. "Minute and a half tops, sir, I'd say."

Still laughing Pete reached down and pulled Brandon out of his chair. He hugged him tight, his legs dangling, and said, "Here, let me taste that." He licked Brandon's chin clean, then his lips, then clamped their mouths together, sucking in the cum and Brandon's breath. Finally he pulled away and held the boy out at arm's length. "You are one terrific, kid, you know that? And a whole lot of fun. Don't often meet someone who makes me cum and laugh at the same time."

Suddenly Brandon's cell phone rang and he said, "Sir, if you'd put me down I think I should get that. Probably the guys wondering where we are. We gotta go."

He was right about the caller, so they put on their shorts, T-shirts and sneakers and Brandon cleared away the tea things. "Is it close enough to walk?" Pete asked.

"It is, sir, but let's go in style, eh? You are the guest of honor after all."

"Guest of honor?" Pete said, bewildered again. "I thought this was just a lunch, kinda meet-and-greet."

"A little bit more than that, sir. You'll see."

They left the house, Brandon locked the door and wheeled himself confidently down the ramp, avoiding the mud pool, and out to his truck. Pete watched with awe and affection as Brandon skillfully eased himself behind the wheel, collapsed his chair and hauled it in behind his seat. "Hurry up, sir, they're waiting."

Pete jumped into the passenger seat, Brandon operated the hand controls like it was second nature, and in a few minutes they were pulling up at the gate. They got out and heard a clamor of loud voices from behind the high wooden gate as they approached it.

Pete hesitated. "What the hell's going on in there?"

"Don't worry sir," Brandon said breezily. "You've already met some of the guys, but you ain't seen nothin' yet. Brace yourself sir." He threw open the gate .... "Ta-da!"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 243


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