It had been a transformative day for Jamie - first his ferocious fuck of Mario, then his forceful treatment of Mark, tying him to a chair and controlling his orgasm, and then the dramatic rescue in the waves where he had been in absolute command. He had even dominated his master's ass. But after all that that he reverted from top-man to boy, falling into Mark's arms and asking plaintively, "Sir, will you fuck me, sir, like you always do?" Mark had been happy to oblige.

Afterwards, as they lay together on their sides gazing at each other, Jamie said with a slight frown, "Sir, after today, will I still be your boy?"

The cop smiled at him. "Jamie, you know you will always be my boy, now and forever. But after today you'll be a whole lot more - my boy, my man, my buddy, my lover. And it's gonna be so hot. See, kid, the great thing is you can be all those things together. Being some guy's boy doesn't stop you being a man - even a top man. We'll fuck, get fucked, just as the mood takes us. And there's nothing like fucking a real man like you. It's gonna be so much fun. You are such a beautiful boy, and such a rugged, handsome young man. You know what you are, kid? You're my man-boy - and it doesn't get sexier than that."

"But you know, sir," Jamie sighed, "it's kinda tiring being a top-man." Mark laughed and stroked his face. "Don't worry, kid, you'll grow into it. Stick with me and we'll be everything to each other.

"I think we already are, sir," Jamie said and snuggled closer.


Outside on the patio Mario smiled to himself. He had never felt happier in his life, being so close to these beautiful guys, loved by them both. After the love-making noises from inside had finally abated a stillness settled over the cabin, the only sounds now being the distant cry of the seagulls and the waves hissing onto the sand. Mario closed his eyes and drifted into a dream-filled sleep. His muddled dreams included the sound of car doors slamming and excited voices. The sounds persisted, grew louder and, as Mario stirred into consciousness he slowly opened his eyes, blinked, and found himself staring up at the smiling faces of .... the twins.

"Hey, Mario," they said excitedly. "Surprise!" He sat up and blinked again. "Mio dio - it sure is. Hi, guys - you here alone?"

"Of course not," said Kyle. "Bob brought us," said Kevin.

"Hey, Kyle, Kevin," said a deep voice. Mark too had been roused by the noise of the truck and now stood in the doorway, buck naked. "Where is Bob?"

"Right here, buddy." Bob came round the corner of the shack, shirtless in blue jeans. As he locked eyes with Mark their faces lit up with dazzling smiles.

"Shit," Mark laughed, "if I'd known you were coming I'd have worn some clothes."

"Nah, stay just as you are .... nothing I haven't seen already, big guy - and I use the word 'big' deliberately," Bob grinned, looking down at Mark's swiftly growing cock. Mark blushed, ducked inside the shack and re-emerged wearing boxer shorts, which did absolutely nothing to hide his erection. "Doesn't work, buddy," Bob said. "Just makes it look bigger - like a big old tent."

"Come here, asshole," Mark laughed, holding out his arms, that Bob walked into with a tight embrace. Mario looked up at the twins and raised his eyebrows with a big smile. They all knew that Mark and Bob had the hots for each other - were in love, even - and that this wouldn't end with a simple embrace. And with Bob's new look - his macho swagger, strong stubbled jaw and all the confidence of an alpha male - he was an even bigger turn-on for Mark.

"Hey," came Jamie's voice as he appeared in the doorway rubbing sleep from his eyes. He also was butt naked, obviously just post-sex. "I could swear I heard the twins just then...." he opened his eyes wide ..... "and what d'ya know - we got company. Welcome to my humble shack, dudes." He strode across to them, heedless of his nakedness and the cock swinging between his legs, and hugged them both together. "So what brings you to this neck of the woods?"

It was Bob who answered the question. "We just kinda came on spec. I tried to call your cell, Mark, but it kept going straight to voice-mail." Mark chuckled, "Yeah well I was a bit tied up at the time."

Bob glanced from Mark to Jamie ..... "Yeah, I guess you were at that. Anyway, Randy and Zack have taken their boys fishing at the lake; Ben is with Jason, Nate with Adam and Eddie up at Hassan's, so the house was left pretty much empty. I remembered what a great time I had with Zack up here recently and thought I could do the same for you." He blushed deeply, remembering how he had done what Zack wanted - tied him up and whipped him. "Sorry, that didn't come out right. I didn't mean ..... I mean .... what I meant was .... Hell, it's just good to see you, man."

"Good save, buddy," Mark grinned. "Hell, you don't have to have an explanation for coming here, man. It's terrific to see you any time ....." He glanced down at the tent-pole in his shorts and it was his turn to blush.

"Sir...." The twins leapt into the embarrassed silence and Kyle said, "We've just been checking out the kitchen and there's not a whole lot to eat."

"Hey," Mark said, "I went grocery shopping a while ago and ....." "Oh you did very well, sir," said Kevin condescendingly. "You're a good shopper but ...."

".... but don't give up my day job, eh?" Mark laughed. "As a shopper I make a pretty good cop, that what you're saying?" Amid the general laughter Jamie took charge. "OK, why don't Mario and me take the twins to the grocery store and we'll get what they want. I was thinking a barbecue would be awesome this evening. You guys know how to barbecue?"

The twins huffed scornfully. "Does a fish know how to swim?" Another burst of laughter as Jamie pulled on his shorts, got his wallet and led Mario and the twins across the dunes.


"Wow!" Bob said, "what's happened to Jamie? I've never seen him take charge like that - a real assertive young stud - a leader. What you been doing to your boy, officer?"

Mark was glowing with pride. "It's more what he's been doing to us - topping first Mario and then me. And then, talking of leadership, three young surfers got trapped in the current and Jamie rowed out with Mario and towed them to safety. Man, it was awesome - I've never seen anything like it. In all those waves he fucking surfed the rowboat to shore, man. But you know the best part? After all that macho stuff, in the end he kinda melted and became my boy again, begging me to fuck him 'like we always do.' He's one hell of a kid. I call him my man-boy."

Bob gazed at Mark with growing affection. The pride in his eyes for his boy was moving, especially coming from a cop who had triumphed so often in amazing exploits of his own. It wasn't just affection Bob felt, either - there was a heavy dose of lust, too. "Hey, I've still got the dust of the highway on me," he said. "How about a swim?" He stood up, kicked off his boots, yanked open his jeans, let them drop and stood facing Mark in just his white boxers.

Mark stared at him and shook his head. "Jesus, Bob, this new tough look of yours - the stubbled chin, macho attitude - hell, you've set a whole new ideal of an alpha male for the boys - first Darius, then Pablo and now Jamie. Not to mention making me wanna cream my shorts just looking at you. "Yeah, let's cool off in the waves - I need it bad."

They raced each other to the water, launched themselves into the surf and swam strongly, piercing through the waves just before they broke. When at last they were in the calm beyond the waves they stopped to take a breather. "No farther, man," Mark panted. "Don't wanna get caught in the current. We don't have Jamie to save us this time."

Bob laughed and grabbed two driftwood logs floating by. He clung onto one and shoved the other toward Mark. Soon they were facing each other, the logs behind their necks, their arms stretched out sideways along them, their legs floating in front of them. They smiled playfully and, as they floated closer together, they stretched out a foot trying to reach the other's crotch. It soon became a contest of who could score the most hits.

Mark scored a decisive hit and Bob grinned, "Fuck you, man." He let go of the log, took a deep breath and dived underwater. Mark looked down trying to see him, but he felt him instead, felt his boxer shorts being pulled down his legs. Bob burst to the surface, waving the thin, wet shorts in triumph. Then he pulled the shorts over his own head and round his neck. "A trophy," he yelled.

He took a couple more deep breaths, then dived again. This time Mark gasped as he felt hands grab his hips and a mouth close over his cock, pulling and pushing his hips so his cock pistoned into Bob's mouth. Still leaning back on the log Mark groaned with the erotic sensation of getting his cock sucked by an unseen man - unseen but visualized as Mark fantasized on Bob's rugged face working his cock underwater.

Suddenly it stopped and Bob burst to the surface again, took in more gulps of air, then disappeared again. Again Mark felt hands grab his hips, but this time he felt the raw sensation of stubble grinding against his ass, then pushing between his cheeks and a tongue spearing his hole. "Aw shit, man," Mark groaned, though no-one could hear him. "Jesus Christ ..... you're gonna make me shoot, man ...." But just in time it all stopped and Bob shot to the surface.

The exhilaration on Bob's face, streaming with water, the joy sparkling in his eyes were enough to make Mark almost bust his load, but Bob forestalled it by saying, "You like this new alpha guy, right, stud? Well here's what he's gonna do to you next." He reached under water and his hand reappeared waving his own white boxers that he hung round the cop's neck. "See, big guy. That means that out here we belong to each other ..... and I'm gonna prove it."

He swam behind Mark, folded his arm round his chest, pressing his own chest against Mark's back, his cock against his butt. Mark flexed his arms on the log as he was now supporting them both. Bob rested his chin on Mark's shoulder, scraping his stubbled jaw against his neck. "Oh, yeah, man, that feels good," Mark moaned. "Come on, buddy, push that rod in my ass. Let me feel it...... aaah." He sighed deeply as Bob's cock slid inside him, then began fucking him slowly. The salt water made it sting, adding to the erotic sensation Mark felt in his ass.

Bob ran his palms over the hard mounds of Mark's wet chest, then squeezed the bulging nipples, rolling them in his fingers. Clinging to the log the two men rose and fell on the gentle swell, alone in the empty expanse of the ocean. Their bodies were crushed together, one man inside the other, both of them floating in the ecstasy of unleashed passion.

Mark looked back over his shoulder and glanced at Bob's Superman profile. "Shit, this is the best. I love you, man. Fuck me - make me shoot my load." Bob murmured in his ear, "Not yet, man. Hold back ..... later. I'm going first. Here it comes, man ..... aaagh." His scream sped over the surface of the water to be lost in the wind and the waves as his cock plunged in deep and blasted a stream of cum in the cop's ass. Mark clenched his jaw, forcing himself not to cum as he felt the exquisite warmth of more hot juice pouring into him.

"Shit, man," he pleaded, "I gotta cum ...... I'm real close..." Bob responded by suddenly pulling out of Mark's ass, turning around and striking out for the shore with long, easy strokes. "Hey," Mark yelled in protest. He let go of the log and swam after Bob. But his arms had been stretched out for so long that his stroke was weak until the blood started flowing through them again. Then he picked up the pace and was getting closer to Bob when he saw him stand in shallow water and stumble toward the shore.

Mark felt sand under his feet and ran after Bob, coming close enough to make one desperate leap forward, throw his arms round his waist from behind in a classic football tackle, bringing them both crashing down. They rolled over and over in the shallow surf, their muscles straining in combat until finally Mark had Bob beneath him, arms upstretched, wrists pinned to the sand.

They were panting hard, their eyes gleaming with exhilaration, Mark staring down at Bob in triumph. "Fuck you man," Mark panted, "you get your rocks off and what am I supposed to do? Oh right, I forgot, you're the big macho stud these days, uh? Well, we'll see about that...." In a sudden move he reared back, hooked Bob's legs over his shoulders then fell forward and clamped Bob's wrists on the sand again. A wave broke over them, making them sputter, and Mark said, "Good, that washed most of the sand off my cock - most of it anyway," he grinned maliciously. "So this won't hurt quite so bad."

Mark stared down at the rugged features of the muscle-god with water washing over him and pushed his cock slowly into his ass. There was no pain for Bob, just the sublime sense of being with Mark, the surf breaking over them, Mark's rod moving slowly in his ass as his blue-gray eyes smiled down at him. An especially big wave crashed over them, rolling them over, making them gasp, and they rolled back with the outgoing rush of water. And still Mark's cock drove into Bob's ass, plunging deeper with every thrust.

Mark couldn't hold back for long. He had already been brought to the edge of orgasm but held back when Bob came inside him underwater. And now that he looked down at the stubbled face, the dark wet hair spread over his forehead, Mark's shorts round his neck, the image was overpowering. "You're so fucking hot - and I'm inside your ass! "I gotta cum, man .... my balls are aching ..... here it comes, buddy ..... aaagh!!"

His ecstatic howl was drowned by the noise of the breaking waves as his cock exploded in the warm depths of Bob's ass. When his cock was drained he pulled it out, released Bob's hands, fell forward and the two men folded their arms round each other. It was a spectacular sight - two glorious muscle-gods rolling over together in the surf, hugging, kissing, their muscles gleaming in the sun-splashed spray. Suddenly they saw a string of creamy white jism float past and they erupted in laughter in the euphoria of this triumphant moment.


The glorious image of the two men did not go to waste. Four awestruck faces watched from the top of the dunes as Mark and Bob sprang to their feet, embraced again, then walked slowly up toward the shack, their magnificent naked bodies glinting in the sun as water streamed off them. Their chiseled features were set off by the other man's shorts strung around their necks, evidence of having made love out at sea.

The boys, all holding heavy shopping bags, held back, reluctant to intrude on this stunning scene, though each of them grabbed his crotch with his free hand and rubbed his swelling cock. But their hesitation dissolved when they heard Mark shout, "Hey guys - you got food there? Bring it on down - you got two starving men here."

That galvanized them into action and they ran down the dunes. With a last adoring look at the two masters they crowded into the small kitchen and unpacked the food. While Bob and Mark showered together in the outdoor shower on the side of the shack, the twins got busy in the kitchen.

Jamie and Mario brought a long folding table out of the house, set it up on the sand in front and threw a white sheet over it. They set the table for lunch, then brought out a bottle of white wine and two glasses for Bob and Mark, who by this time had dried off, pulled on shorts and T-shirts and were sitting at the table.

While the four boys worked inside, Bob said to Mark, "Your boy doesn't let up, does he, giving orders right and left, taking charge? I sometimes wish the twins would be a bit more assertive, come out of that comfortable shell they made for themselves."

Just then raised voices came from inside the cabin. One was Kyle's: "Look you guys, we need room to work in here, so you have to get out of the kitchen. Kevin's was the other: "It's a real cramped space and I'll remind you that in the kitchen we're the bosses. So please leave!"

Mark grinned at Bob. "Seems like your boys have no problem throwing their weight around, at least in the kitchen."

"Yeah," Bob said. "I guess what it comes down to is that all the boys see themselves as the boss in their own area of expertise - boss of their territory. There's Jamie in the office and in the surf, Darius with the boys and on the construction site, Pablo and Ben around heavy machinery and even Nate and Eddie when it comes to the running of the house, and now Mario working in the garden. Still, I'd like the twins to be .... kind of ..... a bit more adventuresome."

Just then Jamie and Mario came out of the shack. Jamie grinned, raised his eyebrows and shrugged resignedly. "We got thrown out of the kitchen, sir."

"Damn right," said Mark. "That kitchen is pretty rudimentary - it'll be a miracle if they can produce anything halfway decent to eat. Here, you two, sit down and have a glass of wine.

As it turned out, a short time later the twins showed exactly how much they were masters of the kitchen when they appeared with trays bearing appetizers, braised trout, spinach and new potatoes, with berries and yoghurt for dessert. Like expert waiters they poured more wine for the four men and themselves, then took their place side by side on one side of the table.

Jamie and Mario sat opposite them and Mark and Bob sat at either end. They were all blown away by the sight of the spread before them, and Jamie raised his glass and said loudly, "A toast, gentlemen - to the twins, kings of the kitchen! I'm glad they booted us out."

"The twins!" they all chorused, clinking glasses and making Kyle and Kevin blush with pleasure.


Lunch was a predictably lively affair with everyone in exceptionally high spirits. Mario, on Bob's left, talked enthusiastically about his new job as gardener and landscaper at the house. "My dad back in Italy was a landscaper and I learned a lot from him. Actually the climate and conditions of Southern California are quite similar to those in Tuscany, so I feel right at home."

"Great," said Bob. "When we get back home we'll get together with Randy and you two can work out a plan for the garden. It's pretty much of a mess right now."

Jamie and the twins were planning the sleeping arrangements for that night. "Sir," Jamie said to Mark, "would it be OK if me and the boys pitch our tent in the dunes tonight. We four boys could all sleep out there if you and Bob don't mind sharing the bed in the shack," he said with a mischievous grin.

"Fuck you, kid," Mark smiled, with a playful slap behind Jamie's head. "Just because you're the new tough young stud around town don't mean you can dictate who we're gonna sleep with." He shrugged nonchalantly. "But, since you mention it, I guess there'll be no problem me and Bob sharing a bed. I'll check with him. Hey, big guy," he shouted to the other end of the table. "Seems the boys all wanna sleep in their tent tonight. That means you and me will end up in the bed in the shack. That OK with you?"

Bob stroked his chin in thought, then shrugged. "Hmm ...... yeah, I guess .... I guess that's OK. As long as you keep to your side of the bed and don't snore." The four boys snickered with their hands over their mouths at the little charade the guys were playing. Everyone knew full well that Bob and Mark would be spending the night making love no matter what Jamie had planned. The way Jamie saw it, he was just being the perfect host. It was his shack after all.

They spent the rest of the afternoon lazing in the sun and, after the evening barbecue on the patio, they hit the sack early - and fell asleep late. Mark and Bob, of course, made love for hours, while in the tent it was pretty much the same thing, only much noisier and with lots of laughter from the boys as they writhed together, testing all the possible permutations of four boys coupling together in ones, twos and threes.


Even though it was late before they finally slept in a tangle of limbs, Jamie was up with the dawn next morning, rousing the others. Come on, guys, the waves'll be bitchin' this early. I guarantee the guys won't be up for another couple of hours so we got plenty of time. Kyle, Kevin, you brought those boards that Bob bought for you?"

"Yeah," Kevin said sleepily, "they're in the truck, but Kyle and me are lousy surfers." Jamie laughed. "Never mind, kids, I'll take care of that." They all knew by now the story of the three young surfers and their rescue the day before, and Jamie said, "I'm giving lessons to those dudes so it just means I'll have a bigger class. I told them 7am sharp ..... and what d'ya know? Here they come. There were introductions all round and the three youngsters gaped at the group of Jamie, Mario and the gorgeous identical twins. The twins got their boards and everyone paddled out under the stern direction of Jamie, the expert.

It was, as Jamie predicted, a couple of hours before Mark and Bob stirred, and the first thing they did was fuck each other, which was the last thing they had done before they slept. They lay together for a while, Mark gazing at Bob with a faraway look in his eyes. "You OK, buddy?" Bob asked.

"After last night sure I am - never better."

"But ......"

"Shit, that intuition of yours," Mark grinned. "Yeah, well last night was terrific but .... well, I guess I'm still a bit jealous of Zack - what you did to him and all, him submitting to the tough new superstud." Bob laughed. "Is that all? We can soon put that right. How about we take a jog down to Zack's shack after breakfast? Mark's eyes sparkled in agreement and they got up, showered together, pulled on their boxers and made a pot of coffee. They went out on the patio in the early morning sun, completely relaxed after the night's sexual exertions.

As they sat drinking coffee Bob looked out to sea and said, "Wow, what's that out there - surfer school?" There were seven boys out on the usually empty ocean, with one of them obviously directing the rest of the pack. Mark laughed, "That's my boy - leading a surfing class - Mario, the twins, and those three kids he saved from the current yesterday. Looks like they're about to pack it in, though."

Jamie had spotted Mark and Bob on the patio and knew they would be wanting breakfast. Bob caught the pride in Mark's eyes as he watched Jamie surf in with a graceful slide over the sand, the others doing their best to keep up. Jamie led the exhilarated group up to the shack and said, "Sorry, sirs, we got a bit carried away out there - the waves were awesome." The twins planted their boards in the sand and Kyle said, "Me and Kevin will have breakfast on the table in no time, sirs," and they went into the kitchen

"How about you guys?" Bob asked the three youngsters. "Would you like to join us?"

The boys blushed, looked nervously at each other, then the tallest of them said, "Well, sir, we've got classes later at Santa Rosa Junior College but we could stay for an hour or so."

"That's settled, then, said Jamie, but in the meantime, we gotta have a de-briefing .... I'll let you know how you're doing and give you some pointers on how to improve. He sat cross-legged on the sand and the boys sat in a semicircle facing him. The youngsters gazed at him, listening intently, clearly smitten by this dominant, virile young buck. Bob and Mark watched in awe and Bob said, Hell, they're gazing at him like he walks on water."

"He does," grinned Mark, if you could see him gliding over those the way he does."

The surf chat continued through breakfast as everyone sat round the long table wolfing down the food the twins had cooked. But finally the three boys had to leave and they looked expectantly at Jamie, who was by now their hero. Jamie smiled at them. "OK, OK, we can have one more lesson before we go back to town tomorrow. Seven o'clock again?"

"You bet, sir," they said, shaking Jamie's hand and looking nervously at the two muscular masters who before today they could only dream about, and would now dream about often. "Great kids when you get to know them," Jamie said as they ran off over the dunes. "You just have to gain their confidence."

"Which you did brilliantly Jamie," Bob smiled - "not to mention their hero-worship."

"Thank you, sir," Jamie said, and blushed like a young boy.


As breakfast wound down Bob and Mark grew silent, glancing at each other often, and everyone sensed a tension building between them. Finally Bob stood up and said, "Thanks for the breakfast Kyle, Kevin. Gourmet as usual. Maybe you could go down to Zack's shack later and reorganize his kitchen. Right now it's a mess - can hardly boil an egg in it."

"Right, sir," said Kevin. The twins had always wanted to see inside the shack of the sexy black construction worker. "Thanks, guys," Bob said. "Now Mark and I are gonna take a jog down the beach to check on Zack's place. Be careful in the ocean - watch those currents."

"I'll take care of everyone, sir," said Jamie cheerfully.

"I bet he will too," Bob said to Mark as they began their jog. "Great kid you got there."

But those were the last words that passed between them as they jogged together through the shallow surf. The boys' senses had been accurate - there was a tension between the two men as Bob picked up on the tightness in Mark's body and the set of his jaw.

There was something Mark had done that he never told to anyone. Zack had described to him how Bob had worked him over, tying him to the old doorframe, whipping him, fucking him until Zack begged to shoot his load. After hearing that, as soon as Mark was alone he imagined the scene and jacked off thinking about it, seeing clearly Bob's chiseled features, the stubbled jaw and moustache, and his muscled body wielding the whip. He pictured the black leatherman wincing and writhing in bondage, but then Zack's face morphed into his own. He saw himself at Bob's mercy, felt the strength of his body, heard himself begging for release.

That fantasy had never really gone away, and now it was even more vivid in his mind as he ran side by side with the very man he had fantasized about. That is why he was silent, stealing quick glances at the profile from his dreams, and that is why his cock was rock hard, bouncing under his boxer shorts.

When they reached the shack it was Bob who spoke first. "Let me show you where Zack hides his key." They went round to the back and Bob reached up to a ledge under the eaves and retrieved the key. "Let's take a look inside," he said, unlocking the front door. The air inside was redolent with sex, the faint, lingering traces of sweat and semen. Zack, never the tidiest of men, had left his used underwear and T-shirts scattered around. Mark's eye went straight to the wall where there hung, apparently as decoration, a bull whip and a cat-o'-nine-tails.

In the dim light Mark looked at Bob's rugged profile as he too stared at the whips. And finally Mark spoke. "I gotta have it, man. I never told you how ..... how I beat my meat thinking about you giving me the same treatment as you gave Zack. You look so fucking hot .... such a tough alpha stud. Making love with you is perfect, but I gotta have this too, man. I need it bad."

Without a word Bob went outside and Mark followed. Bob looked at the weathered door-frame planted in the sand, the only relic of a shed that had once stood there. And what made his cock swell in his boxers was the ropes that still hung from the crossbeam, a reminder of the intense session he had had with Zack, the black leather master hanging naked from them.

Bob glanced at Mark, who knew what to do. He walked forward and stood in the doorframe facing Bob, reached up and, his arms in a V, grabbed the ropes above him. Bob approached and deftly tied the ropes round Mark's wrists. He stood back and marveled at the sight of the near-naked cop spread-eagled before him, his muscles flexing in bondage, his blond hair falling over his beautiful face, his steely blue-gray eyes staring at Bob with a pleading look.

"Do it, man," Mark said with a gravelly voice. "Please....."

Bob went into the shack and a few minutes later came out wearing a pair of Zack's black jeans. He had the bull whip in his hand. "Holy shit," Mark breathed. He had never seen Bob look more beautiful - the powerful Superman face, heavy stubble on the jaw forming a moustache on his upper lip. His spectacular torso gleamed in the midday sun - broad shoulders, the slabs of his chest, ripped eight-pack abs and the jeans clinging to his narrow waist.

Bob ripped the shorts off Mark and stood back to gaze on the magnificent naked cop straining at his ropes. "Yeah," the cop moaned as Bob raised his arm. He lashed the whip against Mark's chest and watched him wince and groan through gritted teeth. He raised his arm again, but as he saw the welt form on Mark's chest he paused, frowned .... and threw the whip contemptuously to the ground. He walked close to Mark and stared into his eyes.

"I can't whip you, man - not the man who made love to me all night. That's not the way it is between us. I know what you need but there's another way I can make you beg. And it'll be a lot more painful than the whip, believe me. It starts like this....." He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Mark's. The cop was so fired up by this time that he kissed Bob voraciously, probing his mouth with his tongue. He knew he could cum like this .... but at the height of his passion Bob suddenly pulled away.

Mark leaned forward, his arms stretching back, taught against the ropes, his tongue out, craving another taste of Bob's mouth. But Bob turned his back on him and started to walk away. "No ..... please," Mark shouted. Bob stopped turned round to face him from ten feet away and folded his arms over his naked chest. "Please, man," Mark begged, "come back - I need to touch you, feel your flesh on mine, touch your lips with mine. Please, man, don't leave me ...."

"Oh I know what you want, stud, what you need," Bob said. "But I gotta be sure how much you want me. I gotta see you submit before I come back to you." Bob thrust his hands in the pockets of his jeans and pushed them lower down his waist, so the waistband of his white shorts showed above the top of the jeans.

Mark stared at the stunning bodybuilder, his muscles flexing, arms and shoulders bulging as his fists pushed down in the jeans. With his rugged superman face, his piercing brown eyes, he was spectacular. Mark pulled desperately against his ropes, every fiber of his body wanting to break free, run forward and throw his arms round the man he idolized. He narrowed his eyes to focus them more acutely, so all he could see was this incredible man, backlit by the sun so he took on the gleaming aura of a god. He was a god, a god to be worshipped - to submit to ....

The cop had to surrender. He pulled forward against the ropes, his whole body rigid with desire, his balls bursting, his cock rearing up as he screamed, I submit, sir. I submit ..... aaagh!" A long ribbon of cum blasted from his cock, arched in the air then fell to the ground and was absorbed by the burning hot sand. Another stream followed, and another, accompanied by Marks groans and quiet sobs as his cock drained.

Bob came forward and kissed him. As before Mark searched Bob's mouth ravenously until, once again, Bob pulled away. He smiled at Mark and said, "Well that's a start, anyway." He squeezed Mark's nipples, rolling them savagely between his fingers, then his finger nails, causing the captive cop to scream with pain, a pain that was even more excruciating after his massive orgasm. Then suddenly the pain stopped and Bob walked back into the shack.


Mark hung limply from the ropes, his legs buckling. The pain in his nipples was subsiding, but the cop knew that he was entirely at the mercy of this Superman. Even if he had not been tied he would still have been in a state of submission, doing whatever he was ordered to do. Now there was silence, except for the sounds of the surf and the seagulls, and the breeze blowing through his blond hair as he hung abandoned in the blazing sun.

His mind was still focused on Bob, on the incredible image of him flexing his muscles, shirtless in black jeans with the white strip of his shorts poking above the waistband. Mark was desperate for more. Where was Bob - what was he doing - would he come back or had he deserted him as a demonstration of his superior power? Was this all part of his plan? The uncertainty was torture, far worse than enduring a whipping, as Bob had predicted.

Mark was growing desperate when suddenly the door of the shack opened and there stood Bob - butt naked. Mark's cock reared up, like a soldier springing to attention, and instinctively he pulled against the ropes, longing just to touch the naked muscle-god.

Bob walked over to him, put his hand behind Mark's head and once again kissed him. Mark knew that, as before, the kiss was a prelude to more action. But again Bob surprised him, his face moving down from Mark's mouth, his tongue licking his neck then his chest and finally settling on his painfully sore nipples. He bit them lightly, sending sparks of pain radiating from his chest, but pain that Mark welcomed as it proved Bob's renewed interest in him. "Yeah, man," he moaned, "let me feel it. Eat those fucking tits, man."

After gnawing on the tits for a while, making sure Mark's cock was good and hard, Bob moved lower, licking the ridges of his abs. What he did next amazed the bound cop. Bob fell to his knees, grabbed Mark's stiff dick and lowered his mouth over it. Mark felt his whole rod slide to the back of Bob's throat, then the face pulled back, plunged forward again and the action began.

Mark's thoughts were spinning as he gazed down at the stubbled face sucking his cock. Mark wanted to submit to this macho top-man, but here was the man on his knees before him sucking his cock. Mark shuddered with the euphoria of worshiping a man who was in the act of worshiping him. Bob was so self-assured, so dominant, that he had nothing to prove. His virility was so strong it allowed him to kick over all the conventions of top and bottom and do anything he wanted.

It was so exciting to Mark that he yanked at the ropes round his wrists, desperate to touch this incredible man. Watching the strong, stubbled, wide-open jaw swallowing his cock was so erotic that Mark knew he had to cum. He tried to hold back as he did not want this to end, but his cock was pulsing so hard it was impossible not to shoot a load, which he did with a howl that echoed round the dunes. As his cock emptied into Bob's throat, he moaned, "Man, I couldn't hold back ..... I didn't want that to happen."

"But I did," said Bob after pulling back off the cock. He stood up, grabbed Mark by the hair and pulled his mouth onto his, letting the cum in his mouth spill into Mark's. They passed it back and forth, lubricating their mouths as they both swallowed the cop's semen. Finally Bob licked the remaining drops from Mark's lips and pulled away. "We're getting there," Bob grinned. "What d'you want next, big guy?"

That was easy. "My ass, man. I need to feel your rod in my ass. Please ..... "

"Be careful what you wish for, stud." Bob walked behind him and looked down at the perfect globes, white against the tan-line of the golden-brown skin. He grabbed Mark's waist, pushed his cock between the ass cheeks ..... and suddenly, savagely, plunged his cock into the depths of Mark's ass. At the same time he reached round him and squeezed the tits that were painfully sore after the punishment they had already suffered. The pain in the cops ass and chest was intense and again his screams drowned out the sound of the crashing waves.

Bob rested his stubbled chin against Mark's neck and shoulder and murmured, "Now you're gonna do the impossible and submit to me a third time. If you don't the pain will get worse."

But Mark was running on raw instinct now. He grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up off the ground in a reflexive move to try and escape the pain flashing from his ass and his chest throughout his body. But still the torment continued. Bob felt Mark's muscles flex hard against him until his strength failed and he slumped back to the ground, hanging helplessly from his restraints, resigned to endure whatever his captor dished out.

And still Bob cajoled him from behind. "You know how to end this, man. I told you I want proof of how much you want me. You've already shot two loads and now, while I punish your body, I need you to submit to me one last time. I'm here, man, giving you just what you craved, torturing your body. Picture me, man, that hot, macho stud you want to worship. I'm in your ass .... feel it man ..... feel my big tool in your ass and my hands on your tits. You can't take any more .... you know you have to submit to me. Show me, let me hear that cop scream as his cock busts another load of jism. Do it, man ......"

"Aaagh!" The tortured cop, writhing in bondage pulled himself up on the ropes again with a burst of strength, clamped his hands over the bar. As he hung from it, his legs kicking wildly, muscles rippling his cock exploded with cum shooting across the sand. Exhausted he fell back to earth, and Bob's howls rivaled his as his cock erupted in the naked cop's ass."


Theirs were not the only orgasms at that moment. Hidden behind the dunes two awestruck boys had watched the entire scene, stroking their cock and busting their loads as the men screamed. Then the boys turned to each other and kissed. The twins, as Bob had asked, had made their way down the beach towards Zack's shack earlier than Bob had expected. From a distance they saw that some activity was taking place so they went up into the dunes and ploughed through the sand until they were high above the shack with a clear view of the action.

Stunned and arouse they had stood in silence watching every move the men made, knowing full well what was happening and what impulses drove the men. They had never seen anything so erotic as their master tying up the naked cop, then subjecting him to emotional torture and physical pain. When at last the climax came, so had theirs.

Now they watched in silence as Bob released Mark and held him in a long, passionate hug. The men walked down to the water and fell into the waves, washing away the sweat and cum as the cool water soothed away Mark's pain like a healing balm. When finally they walked up the beach the twins thought it safe to make their appearance. They ran down from the dunes and tried to appear calm as Kyle said, "Sir, we came, like you asked, to have a go at Zack's kitchen and try to put it in shape."

Bob saw their eyes trying to avoid the doorframe and its hanging ropes and, sensitive as ever, he knew they were not feeling as calm as they looked. But he smiled and said, "Thanks for coming, boys. The shack's open."

As the twins went inside Mark frowned. "Why do you think they came from over the dunes instead of along the beach?

Bob grinned broadly. "Because they must have been watching us - probably saw the whole thing. Just now they couldn't even look at the ropes on the doorframe, the whip and your ripped shorts on the ground. Yeah, they watched it all, alright. They've expressed a curiosity about bondage before. Randy even gave them lessons on tying rope knots, even his famous escape knot. I know my boys, buddy, and I wouldn't mind betting ..... Here, let's jog along the beach a way then circle back behind the dunes. Now it's our turn to watch."

Mark grinned, enjoying the little conspiracy, and they did as Bob suggested. By the time they had doubled back through the dunes and were standing in the spot where the twins had been, above the shack, things were developing as Bob had suspected. Kevin was tied in the doorframe as Mark had been - sort of. The twins had obviously forgotten Randy's lesson and they had to keep stopping when one of Kevin's wrists slid out of the rope.

Kyle was not so skilled with the whip either. He couldn't judge his own strength and sometimes hit too hard, prompting a howl from Kevin, "Ow, that hurt too much, bro. Not so rough."

Bob chuckled and whispered, "Hmm, those boys need lessons."

Mark smiled, "Hey I have an idea. We'll give them a lesson they won't forget in a hurry. Quick, let's run back to my place. As they ran through the dunes Mark sketched out his plan. "You know whenever I go anywhere I always take my uniform with me. Occasionally I've been called back to emergency duty when the cops have got something big going down so I always have to be prepared. We'll drive back quickly on the track behind the dunes and surprise them.

So it was that, soon after, Mark's truck was bouncing along the track and stopped a safe distance from the shack. "We'll walk the rest of the way and when we get behind the shack leave it to me for a few minutes."

"OK, buddy," Bob grinned. "It's your show."


Things were not going well for the twins. They had been so turned on by the sight of Bob and Mark and their sexual games that they were dying to duplicate it, to do the same erotic things to each other. But they were novices and making a complete hash of it. Kyle had taken his turn in the ropes but Kevin was even more clumsy with knots than Kyle had been. He had somehow managed to tie Kyle up but when he came to brandish the whip he missed a couple of times and Kyle snapped derisively, "That's no good, dude - you gotta aim better."

Then, all of a sudden ...... "Freeze!"

They had been so focused on each other they had not seen the cop approach from the dunes and now they looked up at him in shock. The police officer was in his full black uniform, high motorcycle boots, mirror sunglasses and a cap pulled low over his eyes so they did not recognize him. All they saw was a tall, muscular cop towering over them and they froze as ordered - frozen in fear.

"What the fuck's going on here? Speak, or it'll be all the worse for you."

But the twins couldn't utter a word, terrified of what came next.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 203


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