Randy and Zack had taken their boys, Pablo and Darius, up to their secret spot by the lake, high in the Angeles National Forest above Los Angeles. They had some issues to sort out between them that had involved lots of talk, climaxing in heavy man-sex as a way of diffusing their frustrations and resentments.

As usual sex had done the trick, even dealing with an unwelcome visitor who had blown in like a lion and stumbled away like a confused puppy. With the excitement over, calm was restored and Randy and Pablo were at the water's edge, disentangling the fishing tackle, getting it ready for the next spin on the lake. Zack and Darius were standing in shallow water skimming stones over the glassy surface of the water.

Suddenly Zack heard a sound and looked up at the beach. "Well what d'ya know?" he said softly. The other three followed his gaze and stared in awe at the tall, shirtless Forest Ranger standing under the trees, his shirt hanging from his hand at his side, the sun playing through the leaves over the muscles of his bare chest.

Their visitor was back.


The ranger had earlier appeared on the scene as the men were relaxing lying naked on the beach, watching their boys work up a head of steam giving them great blow jobs. To some men the sight of the swarthy gypsy and the black muscle-hunk getting their dicks sucked would have been a turn-on. But not to Ranger Petersen, who was not only arrogant and coldly authoritarian but aggressively homophobic, describing their conduct as obscene, disgusting and illegal.

A rugged blond in his late twenties or early thirties he was vain about his good looks and muscular physique and had boasted of hanging out with his drinking buddies, picking up girls and fucking their brains out. Randy, of course, saw this macho stud as a challenge, a challenge to his powers of seduction .... and Randy loved a challenge.

He had subdued the ranger and subjected him to an elaborate mind-fuck, making him watch as Randy ramrodded the ass of his boy, Pablo. While he watched, mesmerized, Pablo had sucked his dick until he was begging, "Yeah, oh yeah, I wanna cum, man. Let me cum...."

When it was over and the ranger had regained his senses Randy suggested he stay for a beer, but the degraded man had snarled, "Go to hell, man. I hate your fucking guts. Fuck you all."

He stumbled through the forest back to his truck and heaved himself in. Slumped in his seat he took many deep breaths, steeling himself to banish the gypsy's image from his mind. But as he stared blankly through the windshield he imagined himself back there, staring into the steel blue eyes, watching the gorgeous body pile-driving his boy, muscles flexing, gleaming with sweat. What was the boy feeling - what was it like to have this gypsy's huge prick in his ass? He struggled to shake that haunting image from his mind - and failed.

He could smell the man, his beery breath, his sweat, his cum that the gypsy had blasted over his face and chest. He could hear him again .... "You wanna shoot, man?" "Yeah, oh yeah, I wanna cum, man. Let me cum.... Aaagh!" and he felt again the gypsy's semen pouring over his chest. He ran his hand over his chest, spreading the hot juice over it, sticking his fingers into his mouth, tasting his cum ..... his own cum!

He groaned out loud as he realized he had pulled out his own cock and busted his load over himself, fantasizing about the man who had made him shoot, wondering what a guy felt like getting his ass ramrodded like the gypsy had pounded his boy.

"Fuck ... fuck ... fuck." He slammed his hands down on the steering wheel in anger, confusion and frustration. "Gotta get out of here." He gunned the truck that skidded in the gravel and took off, bouncing over the track until it reached the highway. Which way, now, buddy - right or left Come on man? Where you going? Which direction .....? There was only one place. The ranger yanked the wheel and spun the truck round in a U-turn.

The arrogant chief ranger, normally so authoritative and self-assured, a confident macho stud, had lost his balance. In fact, he was a mess. All he could see before him were those defiant blue eyes in the stubbled gypsy face .... and the ecstatic glow on his boy's face as he felt his master's dick piston inside him. What could it feel like....?


And now here he was, back again. The group was stunned into silence - all except Randy who took it all in stride as if he had expected this. Which, of course, he had. He marched up the beach toward the tense ranger and said jovially, "Hey, Pete, good to see ya." He came close and gazed at the ranger with a satisfied smile. "I been keeping that beer on ice for you."

Once again the ranger felt himself being drawn into the pools of those limpid blue eyes. "You knew I would come back, didn't you?" he said weakly.

"Pretty much," Randy said, his dark, handsome face crinkling in a grin. "And I'm pretty sure I know what you came back for - and it wasn't beer."

"You son-of-a-bitch," the ranger said softly.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Randy laughed. "But whatever you call me, we still got a lot of ground to cover, buddy ..... I can call you buddy, right? See we're gonna get real close, man, mighty close actually. And I think you're about ready. Do you think you're ready, chief?"

"Damn you, man. You know I am."


Zack was fully aware of what was happening - he knew Randy well in all his moods, his need to dominate a man, especially this homophobic prick who had insulted the boys and threatened them with arrest.

"Hey, guys," Zack said quietly to the boys, "Randy probably needs a few minutes alone with this guy." Pablo and Darius exchanged knowing smiles. "So why don't we finish up sorting out these fishing lines and earn that beer that's coming to us?"

All three hovered over the boat working in silence, their attention and their ears focused on the conversation they could overhear not far away where the two men sat on the sand facing each other, Randy wearing only ragged shorts, Petersen shirtless in his uniform pants and boots.

Actually the conversation was wordless at first, conducted with the language of the eyes. Randy's confident blue eyes gazed serenely at the ranger who faltered nervously, trying to tear his eyes away but failing as if he were hypnotized.

Randy knew he had complete control over this ruggedly handsome man and the ranger knew it too. He was bewitched by the macho gypsy with his chiseled features, long black hair, a muscled body that wouldn't quit .... and those eyes, those damned eyes. Petersen made a clumsy attempt to cover the growing bulge in his pants.

Randy glanced down at the man's crotch and grinned, "Ah, don't worry about that, Pete ... I get that a lot from guys. I consider it a compliment."

Shit ... the ranger clenched his jaw ... the sheer arrogance of this man ... he was so fucking sure of himself, so sure he would come back. Petersen's anger smoldered inside him, mixed with ..... he didn't know what, or at least wouldn't dare admit it to himself. But he had to know something ..... "How..." his throat was dry and he cleared it .... "how did you know I would come back?"

Randy settled back, enjoying himself, milking the situation. He got off on having a tough, alpha male like this one in his power, eating out of his hand. And he had done it without swinging a fist.

"How did I know you'd come back?" he said in his deep Texan drawl. "OK, I'll tell you a story, Pete. Some time back when I was still just a transient construction worker with a wife back in Texas, I was having a drink in a shabby bar on Hollywood Boulevard. After a long day's work I must've looked fucking raunchy and smelt worse.

"Anyway, this dude came into the bar, tall, dark, preppy-looking in jeans and white T-shirt, a face like Superman and built like a brick shithouse. He was running away from a bad marriage up north, on his way to Tijuana. We looked at each other and ...." His voice trailed off into memory and his cock stiffened in his shorts. "Anyway, long story short, he ended up crashing for a few hours in the room I had at a rat-hole motel round the corner .... Room 14 ..." His words trailed off again.

"It was just to sleep for a couple of hours, then he'd move on. Only one bed but hell we were both regular guys, both had wives for Christ sake. The guy fell into a deep sleep, but I guess he was dreaming or something and, well, he kinda touched me in his sleep. Made me angry as hell and I beat the shit out of him, tied him up, whipped him. I went way over the top but there was just something about the guy that scared me and I soon had this fucking Superman shackled naked to the wall." The ranger felt his cock getting hard despite himself.

"Went on for a day or two, him begging me to stop and let him go, me thinking up new ways of torturing the big stud. Gotta say, he looked damn hot in bondage pleading that he couldn't take anymore. Well, in the end I went out to work and left the door unlocked. When I got back he was gone. I was relieved .... but I couldn't get the fucker out of my mind. I looked at the wall and imagined him shackled to it, saw that spectacular body and gorgeous square-jawed face.

I tried to forget him - even tried one of my regular fucks with the barmaid but that didn't work and she stormed out. I was kinda lost, lying on the bed gazing at the wall, when there was a knock at the door. I thought it was the barmaid come back, but when I opened the door there he was. The guy had come back for more. Our eyes met and it must have been at that moment we both knew he would never leave me again."

There was a long silence as Randy and the ranger both mulled the story over, with Randy back in the motel gazing into Bob's deep brown eyes.

But Randy hadn't told this story just to take a walk down memory lane. For a rugged street fighter, prone to sudden fits of anger and lashing out with his fists, Randy was also expert at working on a guy's mind. He was part caveman, part mind-fucker.

He knew he was going to fuck this arrogant alpha stud up the ass, but he had to soften him up first. If the ranger saw him only as a musclebound gypsy with a huge dick it wouldn't work - except by brute force. The man had to want it, and seeing Randy as a man with feelings rather than just a macho fuck machine would help. And it was working.

"What was the guy's name?" Petersen asked quietly.

"Not was ... is. His name is Bob, the most beautiful man on earth - inside and out - and we've lived together ever since." He caught a gleam in the ranger's eye and his voice hardened. "And he's mine - he belongs to me," he blurted out petulantly. "In the unlikely event you ever get to meet him you remember that, pal. He belongs to me, got it?"

The gypsy's sudden, irrational flash of anger startled the ranger. The man is incredible, he thought, capable of violent rage, of torturing a beautiful man, then falling in love with him - a love that seemed to border on obsession.

The ranger's cock was now raging in his pants. He had never wanted a man before this - he'd never wanted anyone this much before, not like he wanted this wild gypsy. He felt dazed, weak, scared ..... but he knew one thing for certain ... he wanted to give himself to this man.

"Anyway," said Randy, jolting back to reality, "the reason I told you that story was a just a long way round of answering your question. Sure I knew you'd come back. If a man like Bob, the most beautiful man on earth, would come back to me even after the way I'd tortured him, I knew you would. Besides, that day when I opened the door to Bob there was a hungry look in his eyes. And that was the look in your eyes when you said you hated my guts and stormed off."

"And you know why I came back too," said Pete. "You know what I need, don't you, man?"

"Of course I do." Randy stood up, pulled the ranger to his feet and gazed at him with those pale blue eyes and a hint of a smile. "So let's do it, big guy."


Let's do it, fine .... but what?

For once Randy didn't take the lead, gave Pete no cue. He knew that if the ranger was really going to get off on this he had to retain some of his self-image as a top man. Of course Randy could have dominated him, thrown him on the ground and buried his cock in his ass in a classic Randy rough fuck. But the ranger was a proud, macho alpha male, the type Randy loved to fuck (Bob being the supreme example). He sure didn't want to emasculate him. Randy wanted a man!

But even though he didn't move a muscle, Randy was still in control. As Pete faced him in nervous uncertainty Randy knew how to give him confidence. He simply stared at him with those limpid blue eyes and their hint of a smile, arrogance .... and lust.

Pete was startled by the idea that this man actually wanted him. He had half expected a brutal ass-fuck as a form of punishment, a way of Randy proving his dominance. But there was no hint of that in his eyes. What there was ... was desire. It was this look that could seduce any man. Like the mythological Medusa - any man who looked into her eyes would be turned to stone. Except with Randy it wasn't stone .... it was raw, rampant lust.

And that's what Pete was feeling now as he was bewitched by that gypsy face, the chiseled features, square, heavily stubbled jaw, and the long black hair falling over his brow .... and those eyes ..... Everything except that face faded away - the lake, the beach, the three men watching them in awe, mesmerized by the sight as if they really had been turned to stone. Until Darius jolted back to life and reached for his camera.

As the ranger stared at his face Randy's lips parted slightly, and any last shreds of Pete's inhibition fell away. Pulled forward by sheer sexual magnetism Pete's face moved closer, closer, until their lips were touching. The feeling was so intense that he jerked back as if from an electric shock. He stared at the face again for a second then clamped his hand round Randy's head, yanked it toward him and kissed him with a frenzy that allowed no other thought or feeling to come between them except raw, male passion.

Surprised by this impulsive move Randy reciprocated - man on man, mouth on ravenous mouth, their tongues probing, pressing together in mutual exhilaration. Whatever their motives had been before - eagerness, reluctance or defiance - it was now pure lust that ruled the two rugged, dominant men as their embrace became ever more frenzied.

Darius circled discreetly, focusing his camera closely on the two faces locked together. He was an expert at moving unnoticed around his subject, but in any case Randy and Pete were so engrossed in each other that they were oblivious of anything else. Their mouths now formed an airtight seal between them and their breathing was in sync, inhaling and exhaling the same air between them, their bare chests pressed together, nipples rubbing against each other.

Pete was on the verge of orgasm and Randy knew it so he pulled away suddenly, leaving the ranger gasping, wild-eyed, spinning in a vortex of newly discovered passion he could never have dreamed of. His rigid cock was dripping pre-cum and his eyes were begging Randy to consume him, to dominate him by owning his ass.

But Randy had other ideas. Before he made the man submit his ass to him he had to teach this instinctively homophobic top-man the meaning of masculinity, the real dynamic of one alpha male submitting to another. He was running his hands appreciatively over the ranger's chiseled features, down his neck, over his broad shoulders and then the mounds of his chest, rubbing the backs of his fingers over his nipples.

"Man," Randy breathed, "you are one hot stud, you know that? I can see why the ladies fall at your feet. And I bet a lot of the guys who see you at the gym go into the shower and jerk off thinking about you. But you've met your match in me, big guy, and you know it. I'm gonna show you what it takes to be a real man."

Pete held his breath. This was the moment, he was sure - the moment he had fantasized about, where the big gypsy would pick him up bodily, throw him scornfully to the ground and push that monster dick into his ass.

But he was wrong.

Still stroking the ranger's muscular body Randy was saying, "You're the kind of man who should be admired, Pete ..... worshipped." At first Pete couldn't believe what was happening as Randy sank slowly to his knees, running his hands down the length of the rangers body, from his chest, over his waist, over the bulge in his pants and down over his legs to his boots. Then he wrapped his arms round Pete's thigh, feeling the muscles ripple under the uniform pants as he pressed his stubbled cheek against the rough fabric.

In any other context this would be a ritual act of humiliation and surrender. But Pete knew that it was nothing of the kind - no humiliation, no surrender - not from this man. In paying homage to a man with this gesture Randy lost not one ounce of his masculinity. On the contrary, it reinforced his image as an indisputably dominant male, so sure of himself he could kneel before a man in admiration, so confident in his sexuality he could even .....

'No,' Pete thought - 'surely not - not that..... Randy pulled away from the ranger's leg and gazed up at him. He stared into his eyes while he unzipped the uniform pants and pulled out the man's rock-hard uncut dick. Wordlessly Randy licked the protruding tip, then pulled back the foreskin and closed his mouth round the exposed head, pursing his lips, hearing the man moan loudly above him. Then he pulled back, gazed up at Pete with a lascivious smile ..... and plunged his face forward, taking the ranger's shaft into his mouth and deep down into his throat.

"Aaaah!" The ranger groaned in ecstasy, fire shooting from his cock and consuming his whole body. His cock had been sucked many times by women, and even once recently by the boy Pablo, but never anything like this. This man knew what it felt like to get sucked off and knew exactly what he was doing now. It was an other-worldly sensation like none Pete had ever felt before.

He looked down at the wild, macho gypsy, the rugged face, the stubbled jaw locked open as the long rod drove into his mouth, the muscular top-man swallowing another man's dick ... and Pete had another revelation. He knew that somewhere buried deep inside him a core fantasy had always lurked of a dominant, powerful alpha male getting brutally topped by another. As he saw the gypsy on his knees sucking his cock the ranger's mind went back to the revenge fantasy he had had earlier of what he would do to this man - though now it was not revenge - it was lust.

In this fantasy he would strip the macho gypsy naked, tie him up spread-eagled and whip that magnificent body, watching the lash bounce off the muscles of his chest, his abs and his back. He would whip that huge cock and his naked ass. He would drive his cock into his ass, break him, humiliate him until that spectacular body writhed in agony and he screamed for mercy and surrendered to the ranger. He would see the king of the gypsies, his broken body hanging limp, shackled to the wall, whimpering over and over, 'I submit, sir ...... I submit...."

In beaten submission the gypsy would kneel before him, have his jaw forced open and a cock rammed into his mouth. Pete looked down and saw that same man in the flesh on his knees, tears flowing from his eyes as a long shaft pistoned into his mouth, slamming against the back of his throat. The ranger's mind was racing and in his delirium the roles were suddenly reversed - the gypsy was on top. It was the ranger's own mouth getting pounded, his own naked body spread-eagled at the mercy of the savage gypsy .... his own ass getting hammered by the massive gypsy cock.

He, the handsome, athletic forest ranger was at the mercy of the gypsy and he could feel his cock pounding his ass. "Yeah," he yelled, "fuck me, man, fuck my ass ... let me feel that club reaming my ass, man .... It's gonna make me cum ..... Fuck me, man .... Fuck me ... aaagh!......" His body convulsed as his cock exploded in the gypsy's mouth. He looked down in disbelief at the dark, stubbled face, the neck throbbing as he swallowed stream after stream of his semen.

Suddenly Randy pulled his mouth free and leapt to his feet. He grabbed Pete's head and locked their mouths together, sharing the warm bitter-sweet juice, Randy forcing the ranger to swallow his own cum. When they separated the ranger was moaning desperately, "Please man, you gotta fuck my ass. I need it so bad. I'm begging you, man. Fuck me .... Please."

Randy grinned with satisfaction. At last he had him. This is what he wanted - total submission. The arrogant, macho stud ranger was begging to get his ass fucked by the gypsy who, unbelievably, had vanquished him by sucking his cock. OK, so that's what he'd get.


Randy smiled at Pete, put his palm on his chest and with a sudden shove sent the ranger sprawling on the ground on his back. Randy dropped his shorts and stood astride him naked, his arms folded across his chest, a homoerotic icon of sexual dominance. Pete gazed up at the swarthy, powerful muscle-god, at the massive horse-dick swinging between his legs and he gulped hard. He croaked huskily, "I gotta feel that in my ass, sir. Please ..."

"You, boy," Randy shouted to the spellbound Pablo. "Get Ranger Petersen ready." Randy liked to add a touch of ritual sacrifice when he was about to tame a virgin ass.

"Yes, sir," the boy said, scrambling forward and dropping to his knees at the ranger's feet. Quickly he unlaced the heavy work boots and pulled them off, then the socks. Pete's cock was already out of his fly, hard again despite his orgasm in Randy's mouth. Pablo leaned forward, unbuckled his belt pulled his pants and his shorts down and tossed them aside. He stood up and all four men gazed down at the muscular blond ranger, seeing him naked for the first time.

"Now that is one hell of a stud, man," Zack said. "Look at that chiseled face, athletic physique - the star of his gym I'll bet. The big hunk is a hit with the ladies alright, but right now I'd say he's yours, buddy - all yours."

Randy didn't look up at Zack or the boys - he had eyes only for the man lying on the ground, arms stretched up above his head on the hot sand. Noting this Pablo asked, "The stakes, sir?"

"Yeah, boy. Why not." Pablo ran to the truck and brought back two short wooden stakes and pieces of rope. Expertly he hammered the stakes into the sand, and began to tie the ropes round the ranger's wrists. Pete realized what was happening and a stab of fear seized him. "No, man," he gasped, "I can't take that man, I don't want......" His voice died in his throat as Randy's eyes flashed in anger.

"You want me to fuck your ass don't you?" Pete nodded helplessly. "Right, well this is the only way. This is the way I work."

The ranger's naked body was now spread-eagled on the sand, wrists tied to the stakes, and he instinctively pulled at his restraints. He was scared .... and exhilarated. For the first time in his life he was entirely at the mercy of another man ... a man who was about to fuck his ass.

Randy loved to torment a man. "Beer," he said and Pablo hurried to bring him one from the cooler. Swigging beer with one hand and running the palm of his other hand down the length of his cock he strode around the helpless ranger staked out on the sand, never taking his eyes off him. Pete stared up at the cock swinging down from the mass of black pubic hair and the huge balls as the naked gypsy walked round him, evaluating him, tormenting him, planning how to invade his ass. The ranger had never wanted anyone more than he now craved this man.

Randy always got off watching a hot man struggle in bondage so he said, "Try to get free, stud." The ranger looked over his shoulder at his bound wrists and yanked hard, twisting his body, groaning as he writhed on the hot sand. "That's it, man," Randy grinned, "a hell of a fucking turn-on. Look what you're doing to me, mother fucker."

Randy stood, legs astride, looking down at the struggling man. He took his hand off his cock and ran the cold beer bottle over his own hard nipples, inhaling sharply as it sent jolts of pleasure through him .... and down to his cock. He focused on the handsome face, grimacing with effort, and the sight made his cock stir. Once in motion the cock grew slowly .... rising up, harder and harder until it was standing straight out, long and thick like a power pole.

Seeing the massive shaft Pete instinctively clenched his ass. He tried to imagine the cock in his ass and a wave of panic swept over him. He couldn't do it, he had to get free and he struggled with renewed urgency, not in obedience to Randy now but in real fear of what would happen to him.

Fear was good, Randy thought and dropped to his knees between the ranger's legs. He grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs up high, seeing the ranger's asshole for the first time. "Jesus Christ, that's tight," he said. 'Course it is - that's right, you've never had it opened up by a cock before." He shook his head. "Not often that a virgin ass gets broken in by a rod as big as mine, buddy ..... might hurt a tad." He shouted, "Hey, boy - lube"

Again Pablo hurried to do his master's bidding, rummaged in his backpack, pulled out a tub of lube and placed it open at Randy's side. Randy pushed three fingers into the thick grease and pressed them against the ranger's hole. He pushed his middle finger inside and said, "Shit, you are one tight-assed mother-fucker. Gotta lube you up good." He massaged the hot, velvet membrane inside, then eased in another finger, then another, expertly relaxing the clenched ass muscles as the ranger's head rolled from side to side with a mix of pleasure and pain.

Randy pulled his fingers out and pressed the head of his cock lightly against Pete's greased up hole. He stared at him with his hypnotic eyes. "This is it, buddy. Something I wanted to do the minute you came through those trees .... and I always take what I want. I know you're scared, man - first time always hurts, especially for a big top-man like you. So you really wanna feel this gypsy's big cock inside you, man?"

Despite his near panic the ranger heard himself say, "Yes, sir. Fuck me, sir."

Randy slowly pushed against the sphincter, harder and harder until suddenly the head of his cock slid over the sphincter and inside the ass. The reaction was instantaneous. "No!" the ranger screamed, pulling desperately at his staked wrists. "I can't take it .... The pain in my ass ...! Pull out, man ... pull out. I can't take your cock ... Pull out....!

Randy's eyes blazed at this rejection. "Fuck you, man," he yelled. "No man ever says no to me. You begged for my fucking cock and you're gonna take it. Now.....!" He plunged his massive shaft down the ranger's chute, deeper and deeper until it slammed against the back of his ass.

"Aaaghh!" The ranger's scream echoed across the lake, his eyes opened wide with terror ... and he blacked out. There was silence for a few seconds and then the eyes opened slowly, painfully. "No," he groaned, "no ... I can't ... the pain in my ass .... I can't get fucked man, please, I'm begging you .... pull out, man."

"Look at me." The anger was gone, the voice was soothing, hypnotic. "Look into my eyes, Pete." The limpid blue eyes, the comforting voice and the use of his name helped to alleviate the worst of the ranger's agony, though his ass still felt it had been pierced with a red-hot iron.

"Pete, I'm inside you, my dick's inside your ass and I'm gonna take the pain away. Look at me, buddy, take deep breaths, that's it, relax ... feel my cock inside your ass. There, that's it ... that feel good?"

The ranger allowed himself to succumb entirely to the gypsy's seductive power and slowly the pain diminished. He breathed deeply and as the pain faded it was replaced by ... by .... it was indescribable. This spectacular man, this rugged, muscle-god gypsy, was looming over him ... and his cock was inside his ass .... inside his ass! It felt incredible, sensational, as flames from the furnace of his ass shot through his entire body. For the first time in his life he was giving himself to another man.

The feel of the thick shaft pulsing in his ass was going to make him cum, he knew it and his breathing became ragged. But suddenly the cock jerked back slightly and a new stab of pain forestalled his orgasm.

"You don't shoot, man," came the deep voice. "When I fuck a man he doesn't bust his load until I say he can - until he feels my jism pouring in his ass. See, man, this is not just a dick in a man's ass. I'm gonna fuck you man, I'm gonna make love to you. You OK with that? You wanna feel my hot jizz in your ass?"

"Yes, sir. Please, sir .... Fuck my ass." Slowly, gently Randy pulled his cock back and Pete moaned in ecstasy. When the head was straining against the sphincter, Pete panicked, thinking it was about to pull out. But Randy paused, then pushed in again and saw the smile of ecstasy in the ranger's eyes as the head buried itself deep inside him. Wanting to feel the cock more acutely Pete clenched his ass muscles round it and moaned with exhilaration.

"That's it, man," Randy grinned. "You're a natural. Now I'm gonna make love to your ass."

"Please, sir. Please let me touch you, sir."

Randy reached forward and with one pull on each of the ropes released his hands. As Randy began the long, slow, endless caress of his ass, Pete reached up and ran his hands over the rock-hard slabs of his chest, his abs, his shoulder and neck and up to the face. His cock jolted as he felt the rough stubble over his jaw.

Then he reached down to his crotch, past his own balls and touched the greasy cock sliding into his hole. He pressed two fingers astride the cock as it pumped inside him. Finally both of his hands reached down and pulled his ass cheeks wider, inviting the long rod to fill his ass. "Fuck me hard, man. Fuck me like you fuck your man. Give it to me like you give it to him .... like I'm your man."

"You asked for it, buddy," Randy grinned. "I started nice and easy but I knew you'd want it rough, you're that kind of guy. OK, stud, here it comes." Randy pulled back, then rammed in hard, launching one of his legendary, savage gypsy fucks. "Aaagh!" Pete howled as the rod pistoned into his ass. There was pain, sure, but the kind of pain where a man wants more ... and he got it.

Once Randy's testosterone reached its peak there was no stopping him. He became a fuck-machine, pile-driving the man's ass with his massive tool. Impaled on the merciless cock Pete was flying in a world of rugged man sex, one stud hammering the ass of another in a ferocious union of alpha males. Randy let go Pete's legs and fell on top of him, chest grinding against chest, mouth against mouth.

Still pounding his ass Randy threw his arms upward and pressed his armpit over the ranger's face. Pete inhaled and choked on the taste and smell of the gypsy's stinking pit, the tangle of wet black hair, the rancid smell of armpit sweat. He was suffocating on the stench when suddenly Randy pulled back and his wild eyes blazed down at him. "Welcome to my world, big guy."

He yanked one of the ranger's legs over, his ass spinning on his cock as he was forced onto his stomach. Randy pulled his cock out and yelled, "Let me see that ass, ranger. Give it to me." On his belly, the ranger pushed the white globes of his ass high in the air and shouted, "Take it, man - it's yours."

The shaft plunged in again, pile-driving the ass harder than ever. The ranger crawled forward in an instinctive impulse to escape the rod in his ass but Randy reached forward and pulled him back until he was kneeling straight up, his back against Randy's chest. Randy slid his arms under his armpits and locked his hands round the back of his neck in a tight full nelson.

They were facing Zack and the boys - and it was a spectacular sight. The naked ranger, his face and chest caked with sand, was on his knees, his arms trapped and spread wide in a merciless wrestling hold, his ass still getting jack-hammered from behind by the gypsy. Randy was triumphant. "How's he look, guys? Feast your eyes on the sight of a stud Forest Ranger stripped naked and getting his ass ploughed by a gypsy. Hey, you wanna take a look, big guy?'

Maintaining the full nelson hold Randy hauled them both up on their feet and pushed the ranger over to the truck under the trees. He forced him to look at his own reflection in the big window of the truck, with the gypsy's face over his shoulder, still ramming his ass. "See him, man, that hot stud ranger getting his ass fucked for the first time in his life. Looks hot, eh? Show him, man."

Randy pushed the ranger's face against the glass, against his own reflection, and in a daze Pete found himself kissing the handsome face of the man in the mirror, the man getting his ass ploughed. "That's it, stud, now look at the gypsy face behind you. He's the man you begged to fuck your ass and he's pounding your virgin hole with his massive cock. You feel it? You wanna feel his hot jizz pouring into your ass, man? You want me to let you shoot your load?"

"Yes, sir," Pete screamed. "I can't take any more ....you're cock is so fucking huge ... I gotta cum .... please, sir ... let me cum."

Randy yanked him round, away from the truck so they were standing facing the other guys, the ranger on helpless display in a full nelson hold, his trapped arms stretched out to the sides, his beautiful body jerking forward with each brutal thrust of the gypsy's cock. "Here it comes, men," Randy yelled, "this is how you break in the virgin ass of a top-man. Come on, Pete .... feel that gypsy spunk in your ass and show them how a real man submits. Here it comes ....

"Aaagh!" They screamed in unison as the ranger felt hot liquid pouring deep inside him and his own cock erupted in a ribbon of semen that shot across the beach and was swallowed up by the hot sand. Randy lifted him up, his feet off the ground, so he was hanging from Randy's arms, impaled on his cock ... the captive ranger writhing in pain and ecstasy as he shot streams of juice at the feet of the spectators watching spellbound.

As Pete's body went limp Randy let it slide off his cock and fall onto the ground on his back. Randy was stoked, racing with adrenaline and testosterone and he grinned at Zack. "OK, my friend, he's all yours." In a daze the ranger saw the naked black bodybuilder tower over him and he groaned weakly, "No .... no more ... my ass can't take any more..."

"It can take whatever I say it can take," Randy said. "I own your ass, you said so, so I'm loaning it out to my buddy and our boys. We share everything, especially something as tempting as your ass. Look their lining up for it."

And so Randy stood watching, his arms folded across his chest, while the man he had tamed was fucked in turn by his buddies, by Zack, Pablo and even by Darius's ten inches of prime beef. He blacked out momentarily several times, but each time his opened his eyes he found himself gazing up at Randy and he clenched his jaw, determined to show the boss he could take it all - that he was worthy of him.

But at last the gang-fuck ended and the ranger lay exhausted on the ground, his ass ravaged, his body twitching from the pounding he had taken He looked up dazed at the men standing round him and heard Randy ask, "You guys got a drop more jizz in those cocks? I think we should give our new friend here one last little gift to remember us by, don't you?"

They all grabbed their cocks and pumped them. The sight of the handsome ranger, his exhausted body stretched out naked on the sand, was so erotic that in a few minutes, with shouts of triumph, they shot their very last load of cum. As Pete saw the streams of juice pouring down on him, smothering his face and body in semen, he opened his mouth and swallowed hard, gulp after gulp. The ranger grabbed his own cum-soaked cock and howled as he blasted a final load of jism high in the air, watched by the men who had just gang fucked his virgin ass.


When their heartbeats subsided Randy pulled the ranger off the ground, his face and body caked with sand, sweat and semen, and raised Pete's arm up high like a prize-fighter, to the cheers and whistles of the other guys. Then he pulled him into a tight embrace and said, "Fucking awesome, man - you were an epic fuck. How's your ass feel, buddy?"

"Feels incredible. That was .... you were ...." Tears filled his eyes. "I think I love you, man."

Randy put his hands on Pete's shoulders and smiled into his eyes. "Now listen Pete. You go back to your life with your good buddies and the girls falling at your feet, and enjoy yourself like you always have. Tonight you go out drinking with your buddies." He chuckled. "Just don't let on to them what you've been doing up here."

"You were having a great life before you met me and you will again. What we had up here is separate - and I gotta say real hot. Now, I bring my boy up here fishing a couple of times a month, and the next time I do I'll give you a call and we can meet again - if you still want to. Pete, I don't wanna change your lifestyle, god forbid. But it would be great to see you again once in a while.... maybe play out a few of those fantasies I know you have in your mind. In the meantime, what you did with me you do only with me, no-one else. Got it?"

"Got it. Thanks Randy .... you're one hell of a guy."

After a swim to clean up, the boys helped Pete to dry off, tending to him respectfully as if they were his boys. They helped him dress and there were handshakes all round. Pete gave Randy his cell number and in a final hug Randy said, "See you again, stud. Hey, next time I might even bring my man Bob up here. He'd get a kick out of meeting you."

"It would be an honor," Pete grinned. And then he was gone.


Meanwhile, back in the city, another new friendship was taking shape. And this one too featured a blow-job - by young Eddie who, it was universally acknowledged, was a master at sucking cock. Except that this one was different in one respect from any that came before.

Eddie, the junior houseboy, had met Brandon when he saw him struggling to propel his wheelchair up the hill outside their house and he had helped him push it up to his small apartment at the top of the hill. Brandon had come from the grocery store and Eddie was impressed by the way he had whirled his chair round the apartment, deftly putting away groceries in the fridge and cabinets, nothing above head high. The boy was obviously fiercely independent.

He offered Eddie a beer and as Eddie sat facing him he was immediately drawn to the eager, open face. Direct and curious as ever Eddie had soon got round to the subject of sex. "Dude, you say your legs don't work but what about the rest ... like ... what about your cock?"

Brandon roared with laughter. "Shit, Eddie, you don't mess around, do you? Cut right to the chase. Well, no worries on that score - my dick's just fine. I cum all the time and shoot a lot of jizz - a regular gusher."

"Hey, that's what the guys always say about me," Eddie laughed. "I can cum over and over."

Then he furrowed his brow and asked with his typical bluntness, "But ... I mean, how do you ... like ... what can you do?"

Brandon smiled and held out his right hand, curving it in a semi fist. "See this, dude? A guy's best friend, especially if his legs don't work. I got the strongest wrist in town. Hey, see that cupboard over there? Open it." Eddie was impressed. "Wow, dude, that is intense." He was looking at the biggest collection of porn videos he had ever seen ..... and they were all male. His peal of laughter rang round the room. "A dude after my own heart," he said.

They examined the collection together and Brandon said his favorites were videos featuring big, handsome muscular guys - "you know, Tom Of Finland types, especially guys in work clothes or uniforms - like construction workers, leathermen, cops, firemen, that kind of thing." I got a fireman's calendar that I jack off to a lot. Here it is, open it to August. Eddie found himself staring at his fireman friend Jason, but he didn't let on. Too much too soon.

"But, dude," he said, "surely it doesn't always have to be one off the wrist. I can think of something else right away." He grinned conspiratorially. "Listen dude, there's not much I'm good at except cleaning house and working as a bar-back, but there was one thing I learned in that bar sucking all those leather guys' dicks night after night. Now there I'm a real expert - all the guys say so."

Brandon's eyes gleamed. "You mean you ..... you would really do that? You wouldn't mind?"

"Mind?! Hey don't sell yourself short, stud. You're a hot looking dude, great face and, with all that wheeling, a great upper body. Plus I like you - and I love sucking cock. Hey, dude - you got the dick, I got the mouth. Bet you I can make you cum .... what .... three times at least?"

"You're on, dude," Brandon laughed and reached for the remote control. "Nah, that's another thing," Eddie said. "You won't need the videos. I guarantee." Eddie pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and stood naked in front of Brandon flexing his young muscles as he had seen Jason and the other guys do to turn guys on.

"Wow, you're hot, dude," said Brandon, yanking open the buttons of his shorts and pulling out his already rigid cock. "And you're hung, man," Eddie laughed. "Beating off so much must have lengthened your schlong. Let the boy see the boner, man."

In seconds Eddie was on his knees, bracing himself on the wheelchair, his head bent forward and his mouth working Brandon's cock. "Shit damn," Brandon gasped, "you are good. Oh, man, it's never felt like this before." Eddie pulled away and grinned. "You ain't felt nothin' yet, dude. Here, bet this'll make you cum." He slid his mouth over Brandon's cock, taking it all the way down his throat ... and suddenly squeezed his throat muscles and swallowed hard.

"Aah ...aah ... aaah," Brandon moaned, his cock shuddered and he blasted a load of cum deep down Eddie's throat. Eddie gulped it all down then raised his head with a big smile, cum running down his chin. "Told you," he grinned, "Number One. Wanna go for Number Two?"

"Wow, dude, that was intense. Sure, see if you can make me cum again." Eddie went to town, using all the tricks he had learned - and he had many. Soon Brandon was yelling, "I'm cumming again dude ..... here it comes ...." This time Eddie held all the jizz in his mouth, then kissed Brandon and squirted it into his mouth.

They were both laughing now and Eddie said, "You're turn, kiddo." He pushed the chair back against the wall, stood over Brandon and braced his hands on the wall behind him. He pushed his hips forward, Brandon opened his mouth and sucked in Eddie's stiff cock. Eddie didn't hold back, pounding his friend's face until he yelled, "Here it comes, dude. Don't spill a drop." He shot a load down Brandon's throat and, as ordered, he didn't spill a drop.

"This is way cool, man," Eddie gasped. "OK, you say you're a gusher. So let's see what you got, boy." Eddie fell to his knees and once more sucked his friend's semi-hard dick. It took a bit longer this time but Eddie was determined and it paid off. Brandon was yelling, "Way to go, dude .... I'm cumming...."

The two young gushers were both laughing like crazy after their display of sexual potency, and through his gasping breaths Brandon indicated a cupboard where Eddie would find a towel. But the top cupboard was empty and Eddie found the towels lower down. They cleaned up and Brandon got two more beers from the fridge.

As they calmed down they got to talking some more and Eddie happened to ask, "Hey, dude, how come all those higher cupboards are empty and the ones below are so crammed with stuff?"

Brandon laughed, "Why d'ya think, idiot?" He pointed to his useless legs. "No can stand ... no can reach." Brandon actually made it sound funny, then added, "I sure could use the space though, and I would if they were fitted with those pull-down shelves they make. I've got some actually. Landlord paid for them but said I'd have to get someone to install them. So I'm saving up until I can afford to pay some carpenter to do it."

"You mean you got all the hardware? So all you gotta do is find the money and a carpenter." Then they got off the subject and it wasn't mentioned again before Eddie had to leave.


When the four guys came back home from the lake there was the usual commotion and Darius couldn't wait to screen his erotic video for the boys. But Eddie, for once, wasn't really paying attention and slipped out of the room. He ran up to the master suite and banged on the door.

"Come in." Eddie burst into the room to see Randy and Bob pulling out of each other's arms. "Oh, shit, I'm sorry, sirs ... I should have known ..... oh shit .... I'll go away and come back...."

"Hey, hey," said Randy with a grin. "Looks like something that can't wait. What is it, boy?"

Eddie was hopping from foot to foot like he needed to pee. "Well, it can wait, sir - but not really. See I met this guy and he's way cool but he has a problem and I wanna help him, 'cause he don't have much money - he's only got Disability - and he don't have a carpenter neither so I was thinking that ..." he frowned .... "well maybe it's not such a good idea, sir, you being with Bob and all, so maybe...."

"Eddie, Eddie," Bob said gently. "Shouldn't you be telling Hassan all this?"

"Oh, I did, sir and he suggested I ask Randy."

"OK, so why don't you take a few deep breaths and start again from the beginning?"

Eddie stood wide-eyed, taking exaggerated breaths, then swallowed hard. "Well, sir, like I said, I met this guy, Brandon, and I gave him this great blow job and he came three times ...." Bob raised his eyebrows and Eddie said, "Sorry, sir. Talking too much.

"Anyway, did I mention he's in a wheelchair? Well he is - legs paralyzed - car wreck - so usually he beats off to videos - he likes big muscular guys like cops, leathermen, fireman and construction workers - oh, just like you, sir," he grinned at Randy. "Oh sorry, there I go again. Anyway, the point is... (the point at last Randy sighed) ... the point is the cupboards in his house are too high for him to reach unless he has, er, puller something or other ..."

"Pull-down shelves," said Randy, beginning to see where this was going.

"That's the things, sir. He's got them already and he's trying to save enough money to have them put in, but he's only got his Disability money like I said. So anyway, I got some money saved up from my wages - Hassan said I should try to save - well, it's not much but I was wondering, sir, if you've got some real junior carpenter on the crew who could use a few extra bucks, I could use my savings to pay him. I mean I don't have that much, but maybe ....." He had run out of steam and fidgeted nervously.

Randy looked over at Bob and saw him gulp, his eyes moist. Randy smiled at Eddie. "Why a junior carpenter, kid? Couldn't it be someone senior, like me for instance?"

"Oh, I could never afford you, sir." Randy laughed, "Nah, keep your money, kid, I'd do it pro bono."

Eddie frowned, "Pro boner, sir? Well, I could sure give you a boner - they say I'm like a pro ..."

Bob smiled. "Pro bono, Eddie. It's Latin, means 'For the public good' .... Free of charge. You won't have to touch your savings."

"Really, sir?" Eddie said, wide-eyed. "Yeah really, kid," said Randy. "We install a lot of those things. Piece of cake. Brandon's the kid's name, right? I'll go myself before work tomorrow."

Bob smiled. "Eddie, you've given me an idea. You say this friend, Brandon, likes big hunky guys like cops and leather guys and such. Well, I think I have a plan. How would you like to be my co-conspirator?"

"Yes please, sir." Eddie wasn't sure what a co-con-thingy was but he'd like to be anything with Bob. "OK," Bob smiled, "it's a deal - we'll work on this together. Now here's my plan...."


Very early next morning Brandon was woken from a deep sleep by a banging on his door. He forced himself awake. "Who in the hell? ..... must be the Welfare...." The banging was insistent so he rolled out of bed and pulled himself into his wheelchair. He always slept naked but he was too groggy to pull on clothes and he wheeled himself to the door. He unlocked it, opened it and gasped. He must still be asleep and this was a dream.

Standing on his doorstep was a fantasy - a big muscle-god construction worker with a dark, rugged face of a gypsy, more gorgeous than anything he'd ever seen in a video, or anywhere else for that matter. He had on a greasy tank-top stretched over his muscular chest, old cargo work pants with a carpenter's belt round his slim waist loaded with tools, and muddy work-boots. It was a pornographic dream and the boy wanted to go back to sleep so it wouldn't go away, when suddenly he heard the deep Texas drawl.

"You Brandon? I'm told you need help with some shelves here, boy."

Brandon was speechless as he gazed up at this homoerotic vision on his doorstep. Randy looked down at the naked boy and smiled at his stiff cock standing straight up like a tent pole. "Yeah, I'm glad to see you too, kid. Now forget the boner and show me the shelves you want fitted. And you're gonna have to give me a hand, boy - kinda like a carpenter's assistant. You up for that?"

If this wasn't a dream, Brandon thought, he had just died and gone to heaven.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 222


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