Ben had been a very bad boy. Scared about what was happening to his master, Jason, the fireman who was fighting the out-of-control forest fires in New Mexico, Ben had taken out his frustrations on some of the boys and had even insulted his own brother Steve. Steve, always the therapist, explained to their big brother Randy that this was a common phenomenon - a scared but scrappy young stud hitting out at the people he loved best.

Randy partially blamed himself. "I've been thinking for some time, Steve, that you and I should get closer to our little brother. I know I've neglected him, and the three of us have never really spent any quality time together. Sometimes family gets kinda lost in all the crap we go through in our lives. So maybe we should take a trip out of town one weekend soon, just us three brothers, and we'll show the young punk just how much we love him."

So here they were, the three brothers, at Mark and Jamie's remote shack in the dunes. Ben had made amends to the boys he had injured, and Steve had forgiven him by deftly locking his behavior behind the private doors of "therapy". The only one who had not yet exacted punishment was Randy - and that was the big one. Ben knew Randy's policy. A boy misbehaved, he was punished - and in Ben's case that would come from his big brother.

Randy was a master of punishment and Ben had found himself tied up, enduring a fucking by Steve and a whipping from Randy. But the final act was inevitable. As Randy savagely fucked his ass Ben realized that he was expressing his intense love for his little brother through pain "I love you, sir," Ben screamed. "Fuck me, hurt me ... harder, sir, harder ... fuck my ass. Do what you want to me. Pound my ass because you love me. It feels so good. I love you, sir .... please love me too ...."

It had ended in multiple orgasms and as Steve watched Randy cradle Ben in his arms, both of them sobbing as their emotions overflowed, his cock blasted cum on their feet, a tribute to this graphic expression of brotherly love.

Randy quickly released Ben who collapsed in his arms. "You gotta rest, kiddo" Randy said as he carried him into the shack, followed by Steve, and laid him gently on the bed. Ben's last sight was of his two handsome brothers gazing down at him. And then he was asleep."

But a mind racing as fast as Ben's was bound to dream - vivid dreams. And in his dreams Ben reverted to the assertive young stud he had always been - a junior version of his hero. Randy was always the boss, never let any man conquer him. So neither did his brother Ben! He dreamed of being a top man like Randy, taking revenge on anyone who had shackled him, whipped him and fucked his ass. He was not Randy's brother for nothing ... he was from the same gypsy stock ... tough, invincible, with the same hunger for revenge.

His dreams took shape. He had been tied up and double fucked - but now he was in charge. He may be the younger brother, but so what? Randy and Steve were at his mercy. He stood over them and ..... and then he woke with a start, his eyes gleaming.

He was still naked but he didn't give a shit. He strode out to the patio where Randy and Steve were sitting drinking. "Hey, guys," Ben said. "What's up?"

There was a new tone, a new assertiveness in their young brother's voice that startled them. Randy grinned at Steve. Something was definitely up.


"I'm going for a swim," Ben announced and he took off running toward the surf, the fading stripes of the lash still showing on his white ass.

"Huh," Randy huffed, "no 'sir', no 'may I'? Apart from those whip marks across his butt you'd think the boy had joined the ranks of the men - a tough guy. What's up with that?"

"You should know, Randy - especially you," Steve smiled. "Look, Ben's just been tied up and he gets his ass fucked by one brother while the other whips his chest. Then his ass gets whipped and he begs to get fucked instead. Finally his ass is jack hammered by the man he idolizes. Pretty humiliating for a tough young buck like him, uh? "

"Yeah, so what's your point?"

"My point is that you are Ben's hero. He models himself on you - admires your strength and 'fuck-you' attitude and tries to copy it. So put yourself in his place. What would you do if you had been worked over like that by two guys?"

"I'd damn well hit back ... beat the shit out of the guys and do to them what they did to me."

"Bingo. And I'm pretty sure the same thoughts are running through Ben's mind right now. He's your gypsy brother, Randy. He got off on the punishment you dished out, but don't expect him to roll over in defeat and beg for more. You sure as hell wouldn't."

Randy grinned and puffed up his chest with pride. "Damn, you're right, Steve. He's my brother alright ... I taught him well when he was growing up .... taught him to be like me. Yeah, he's a tough young stud, that's for sure. Hell, look how he beat up his buddies a few days ago."

"Excuse me?" Steve snapped sharply. "That was pure anger - something else Ben learned from you."

"Yeah, OK, well not such a great example. He shouldn't have done that - especially to young Brandon." But Randy's admiration for the boy was undiminished. "OK, so what are we supposed to do now?"

"Not much, actually," Steve said. "Seems to me that Ben's in the driver's seat now. It's his move. Kind of ironic, though. The boy has to prove how tough he is and make you proud of him - and the best way for him to do that is to get back at you. Tell you what, let's go swim with him, get a sense of how he's feeling."

That didn't take long. As soon as they plunged into the water Ben swam away from them, an implicit challenge for them to catch him. And it was a tough challenge. Ben was a great swimmer, his athletic young body slicing through the water powered by his strong arms, better adapted for swimming than the muscular physiques of his brothers despite their strength.

Ben eluded them and in the end stood thigh deep in the water beckoning them on with Randy's time-honored taunt, "Come on, guys - that all you got?" This was a new Ben, strong, assertive and impressive, Randy had to admit - and admire. Ben watched his brother Steve approach him, panting hard. The sight of the handsome doctor, his gorgeous face contorted with effort, was exciting to watch and Ben's cock was hard as a rock. The surface of the water lapped round his balls and his cock stuck out of the water straight as a pole.

"I win," Ben boasted. "And I get to choose the prize." Steve swam up and as his feet touched bottom he was about to standup - but Ben didn't let him. He grabbed his head, level with his cock and Steve was forced to his knees in the water. Ben pulled it forward, Steve gasped for breath and found his mouth wrapped round his kid brother's cock.

Ben was on fire. Steve had sucked his cock in the truck on the way up here but that was willingly. Now Ben held the handsome doctor's head in a vise-like grip and pounded it down on his iron-hard cock. The sound of Steve's muffled protests only urged Ben to greater effort. "Yeah, choke on your little brother's cock, stud. You tied him up and fucked his ass, and now he's getting his revenge. Eat it, man. Suck out his juice and swallow it."

The waves broke against Steve's face as the cock pistoned in his mouth. Water streamed off the rugged face as Ben watched his brother choke on his cock. It was so fucking hot he had to cum. He grabbed Steve's tousled, wet hair and pulled his mouth onto his dick, ramming it into the back of his throat.

"This is it, doc - the kid brother's revenge. Here it comes." With one last painful thrust Ben blasted a stream of jizz deep into the doctor's throat, forcing him to swallow it, gulp after gulp. With huge satisfaction he saw Steve's own cum rise to the surface of the water. He had forced his big brother to bust his load underwater."


"Hey, Randy," Ben shouted to his oldest brother who had watched in awe from a distance. (Still no 'sir' Randy noticed but he liked that Ben used his name.) "Get over here."

Randy swam over to them and grinned at Steve who had a stunned look on his face and cum dripping from his mouth. "Hey, stud, our little brother got you good. You're a mess. Let's clean you up here." He leaned forward and licked the cum from his lips and chin.

"Yeah, well now it's your turn." Ben's voice made Randy whirl and face him. "Oh, no. No way, kid. If you think I'm gonna suck my kid brother's dick you're...."

"See, the thing is," Ben interrupted, "you always boast that you can make any man cum again even if he's already just busted a load. Eddie can .... 'course he's a master cocksucker," he grinned slyly, "but maybe you're not up to that."

Ben knew exactly what buttons to press. Not only was he playing tough but he was using his smarts. Not as good as Eddie?? It was a definite challenge ... and Ben knew Randy could never resist a challenge, as the man himself now proved.

"You little fucker," he said. "So you don't think I can make you shoot?" Suddenly Randy was gone, disappeared under the waves. Ben watched for long seconds, but he didn't surface. Then Ben gasped as he felt something wrap around his cock under water. Randy burst to the surface with Ben's limp dick in his mouth. But it didn't stay limp for long. The sight of the rugged gypsy face streaming with water, long black hair stuck to his forehead, square jaw clamped round his dick was pornographically beautiful and Ben's cock swelled in his mouth.

"Oh yeah," Ben said, "that is fucking hot. Hey, doc, grab your brother's head."

In awe at Ben's transformation from obedient kid brother to aggressive young buck Steve did as he ordered and held Randy's head from behind. Ben was so mesmerized by the sight of the husky dark-demon face trapped, impaled on his cock that he almost came right then, except that he had already emptied his cock into Steve's mouth only minutes before.

So he pistoned his cock deep into his brother's mouth and down his throat. Ben had never felt like this. He kept reaching the point of orgasm but his cock was so drained that it didn't happen. He was poised on the knife-edge of busting his load, but he couldn't .... not yet ... and the exquisite frustration was driving him wild.

"It's not happening, dude," he yelled at Randy. "Shit damn, I'm gonna have to fuck like you do." He had watched Randy's savage display many times and it was time to be like his big brother. He pulled back and rammed his cock in Randy mouth, making the gypsy boss choke and gag on the boy's cock. "Hold that head, man," Ben yelled at Steve. "He's gonna really get it."

Ben's cock was a jackhammer drilling the gypsy's handsome face, making him gag, tears springing from his eyes until a wave washed them away. Randy was gasping for air, water pouring off him.

Steve saw the agony in Randy's eyes and pleaded, "OK, Ben, he can't take much more. Have mercy on him. Look at him, man, it's so damned erotic ... the master's eyes begging his boy for mercy. It looks so fucking hot, you've gotta cum. Please, Ben, shoot your load in his mouth. Please..."

Ben finally had his older brothers where he wanted them. Randy was choking on his cock and Steve was begging him to finish him off. He gazed into Randy's agonized blue eyes and gloated. "OK, stud, I'll put you out of your misery. Here it comes, man."

Randy's eyes opened wide in disbelief that his kid brother could be so ferocious. The boy put his hands on Steve's round Randy's head, rammed his face forward onto his cock ..... and finally his sperm erupted into his brother's mouth, making him scream into his gag, choke and swallow with one desperate gulp after another.

"I'm your brother," Ben yelled triumphantly. "No kid anymore. I'm rough, tough .... I'm a gypsy .... just like you!"


Ben was on a roll. With a jubilant whoop he pulled away, dived through the waves and, with powerful strokes, swam in circles around his stunned brothers. His youthful testosterone was at its peak and he yelled, "Let's go fishing ... I'll get the boat." He ran out of the surf and up the beach, leaving behind him two alpha males still swallowing the last of their young brother's jizz.

"Wow," Randy said in disbelief. "What just happened here, bro?"

Steve smiled. "I don't think our little brother is so little anymore. The young colt is on his way to becoming a stallion."

Randy's eyes gleamed. "I love it ... I fucking love it. Shit that was hot. He was so fucking wild - just like me."

"Of course, Randy, you're seeing yourself in Ben. No surprise there - that's the way you raised him from childhood. You're his role model - his hero. Subconsciously he's always thinking 'what would Randy do' - and he does it. Hell, he just did. Up to now he's always been subservient to you - a bit scared of you. But he's just broken through a barrier, and his adrenaline is racing. This is just the start. I think there's more of the new Big Ben to come."

"Man, I love it," Randy said. "He makes me so proud. Look at him dragging that boat down the beach. Shit damn, with those muscles rippling he even looks bigger."

The boat was already loaded with their fishing gear and Ben pulled it into the surf and leapt into it. He grabbed the oars and rowed strongly toward his brothers. "Hey, you guys, you up for this? Jump in."

"Told you so," Steve murmured quietly.


Ben rowed strongly with a determined set to his face that reminded Randy so much of himself. And their relationship had changed in a subtle way. Ben asked where the best place was to drop anchor, and what was the best bait to use out here. Randy gave him guidance, as he had all of Ben's life, but suddenly there was a difference. Up to now it had always been the boy learning at the feet of the master, but now it was brother to brother - the young man seeking advice from the more experienced man.

It was exciting for them both, dealing with each other on the same level. Steve, always the therapist, understood the new dynamic exactly and watched approvingly as the two men huddled earnestly over the fishing tackle.

Ben placed the fishing rods firmly in their sockets on the side of the boat, the lines drifting with the tide, then sat back with a look of satisfaction. "OK, guys," he said, fully in charge of the expedition. "Time to break open the beer."

In addition to the fishing tackle the guys also kept a cooler of beers stowed in the boat, and Ben reached for it now. He tossed a bottle to Randy and one to Steve, then screwed off the top of a third and took a long swig of beer. He sat sprawled in the prow of the boat, grinning at his two brothers sitting in the stern.

"This is the life, eh guys?" he said, with a hint of arrogance. Ben had previously pulled on an old pair of swim trunks and Steve and Randy were still wearing theirs, drying in the sun. As they gazed at the newly self-confident, darkly handsome young gypsy, Steve glanced at Randy and knew he was bursting with pride - as proud as the flagpole rising in his shorts.


From then on the day mellowed out. The intensity of their sexual role play and role reversal was subdued for the time being and they all relaxed, enjoying each other's company - man to man rather than man to boy. And this time Ben didn't meekly listen as his big brothers talked - he joined in. As they waited for the fish to bite conversation flowed freely - a lot of sports talk.

Randy was a big fan of American football, Steve of baseball, and Ben, like Pablo and Eddie, an avid soccer fan. So they debated the respective merits of each, sometimes animatedly, even heatedly. Randy: "Football's a real man's sport." Ben: "Yeah, but in soccer the action never quits and you have to be a much fitter athlete - not just the size a refrigerator."

Between all that they landed a good catch of fish and Steve finally said, "Hey, am I the only guy who's hungry around here? Let's go eat." Randy hauled in the lines and pulled up the anchor, and Ben expertly turned the boat around and rowed strongly to shore."

Randy helped Ben haul the boat up to the shack, reveling in the sense that Ben was more of a buddy than a kid brother. Randy stretched and said, "Guys, I'm gonna grab a nap before dinner. All that driving and fucking and cocksucking fair wore me out."

"Yeah, well someone's gotta go shopping for stuff to go with the fish," Steve said. "I could do with some time alone - helps clear the brain cells - so I'll take a walk to the village and get what we need."

"OK," Ben said, taking charge again. "You take your nap, Randy, and Steve, you go shopping while I get the barbecue fired up. I'm in charge of dinner. I took lessons from the twins, the best chefs on the planet, and they turned me into a pretty good cook." Steve raised his eyebrows at Randy who grinned and shrugged. Steve pulled on cargo shorts and a T-shirt, grabbed his wallet and took off across the dunes for the grocery store in the village.

Randy got a big blanket, spread it on the sand in front of the shack's porch and flopped down on his back. "Mmmm." Randy heaved a deep sigh of relief as he stretched his arms upward and closed his eyes.

Ben pulled out the old barbecue that Jamie and Mark kept at the shack, found the coals round the back and proceeded to fire it up. As the coals warmed he took the cooler from the boat and looked down at the fish they had caught. Better to wait 'til Steve got back with the vegetables and stuff so he could time the cooking just right.

He grabbed the remaining beer from the cooler, leaned against the patio and gazed out to sea. He was feeling pleased with himself. He liked feeling confident, ballsy - a sense of growing up, becoming a man. But best of all he knew that Randy was proud of him, the man he always strove to impress, and he felt closer to him than he had ever been.

He heard a snore and looked over at his hero, stretched out on the blanket by the porch, naked except for the thin shorts hugging his slim hips - a sight even more beautiful than the stunning seascape he had just been gazing at. Ben thought his brother was the most gorgeous man he had ever seen.

Ben's cock was hard as he gazed down at him, his muscular chest rising and falling as he breathed deeply, his rugged face turned slightly sideways with its square stubbled jaw, high gypsy cheekbones and long black hair falling over his forehead. Under his shorts the outline of his huge cock showed clearly, so big that the head poked out at the bottom.

God, he worshipped the man - always had since Randy had first held him in his arms as a child in Texas long ago. His big brother had always protected him, taught him, raised him to be tough and strong like him. And today Ben felt tougher and stronger than ever. He wanted more than anything to impress him. In a deep sleep Randy moaned softly, stirred a little and stretched his arms up even further, making his biceps and lats ripple and gleam in the sun.

Ben could have cum just looking at him, as he had done before .... but today he wanted more. Especially today, now that his blood was racing and his testosterone soaring. Deep down it had always been a fantasy but he had never dared. Now he dared. After all, Randy had tied him up, whipped him and fucked his ass. Then Ben had turned the tables out in the surf and fucked his big brother's face. But that was not enough. It would not have been enough for Randy so it couldn't be enough for Ben. As Steve had said, the colt was becoming a stallion.

There were ropes lying around everywhere from the many bondage sessions that had taken place in the past. Ben took a deep breath to steady himself. He had to be very careful. It was Randy himself who had taught him all about ropes and knots. Ben chose the right length of rope and sat cross-legged close to Randy.

At each end of the rope he tied a loop with a slip-knot that would tighten when pulled. Then he crawled over to the posts that supported the floor of the porch and threaded the rope behind two of them. The looped ends stretched down over the sand as far as Randy's upstretched hands.

Ben stood up and tied two other lengths of rope round the rail of the porch at shoulder height, each of them with similar loops and slip-knots.

Now came the hard part. Randy was still breathing deeply, stretched on his back on the blanket. Ben knelt by his arms, took one end of the rope and carefully, very carefully, looped it over Randy's hand and round his wrist. Randy stirred, moaned a little, and Ben held his breath. But he was still in a deep sleep, so Ben slowly went to work on the other wrist. Several times he froze and held his breath when Randy stirred but at last he was done and stood up.

He took another swig of beer and walked round the sleeping giant. The sight was so intensely homoerotic that Ben had to turn away for a moment to stop himself cumming. The swarthy muscle-god, King of the Gypsies, was fast asleep on the ground in a spread-eagled position, near naked, muscles rippling as his chest rose and fell, unaware of the ropes looped loosely round his wrists and tied to the porch.

Again Ben turned away as he felt his cock pulse in his shorts on the verge of orgasm. He mustn't cum, not yet. It would spoil everything. The time had come - and he had to be quick. He raised his beer bottle, tilted it ..... and poured the cold liquid down on Randy's crotch. The reaction was instantaneous. Randy jerked to consciousness and reflexively tried to jerk his hands down to protect his crotch. But the rope instantly tightened round his wrists.

In a half-awake panic he naturally pulled harder, which only made the ropes squeeze his wrists more painfully. He looked up at his bound hands and was so engrossed in getting free that he paid little attention, until it was too late, to Ben grabbing his feet and pushing them way back over his head to the railing.

One foot Ben slid through the slip-knot that instantly tightened round the ankle. The other foot he fumbled and Randy reflexively tried to kick it free. Ben exerted all his strength to hold the foot rigid with one hand and, with seconds to spare, used his other hand to slide the rope over it. Randy kicked again, but the more frantically he struggled to get free the tighter the ropes gripped his wrists and ankles. Ben grabbed his thin shorts and ripped them clear off.

The big gypsy was naked, helplessly bound - at the mercy of his little brother.


It took a moment for Ben to take in what he had done. He even felt a moment of panic, which was soon replaced by awe at the sight of his brother hogtied, his hands roped to the bottom of the porch, feet tied just above them to the railing. He was bent over almost double, his ass pulled up in full view .... helpless ... vulnerable.

As for Randy, he was going through something like the stages of grief. Denial at first that this could be happening to him, tied helpless by his little brother. Then anger of course, bellowing like a mad bull. "You gone fucking crazy, boy? I'll fucking kill you for this."

Ben was defiant. "I'm only doing what you did to me, man - tied me up and fucked my ass."

Then came the bargaining. "Is that what this is all about - a good fuck? OK, kid, you've gone way over the line, but cut me loose and we'll fuck. You can fuck my ass if that's all you want."

"That's not all I want," Ben shouted. "I want revenge, just like you taught me. I wanna show you how tough I can be - a real mean mother-fucker like you. I wanna prove that I can be as good as you by having the most macho musclehunk I know at my mercy. And that's what you are, stud - totally at my mercy. Especially that gorgeous ass."

Ben dropped his shorts and his rock hard dick sprang out. He walked round gazing down at his captive and stroking his cock.

"That's it boy ... pump that dick. Cum all over me ... I'll drink your jizz just like I did in the surf. A blow job's one thing, but I never let a kid like you fuck me up the ass."

"Seems like you got no choice, man, and stop calling me a kid. I'm as much a man as you are and I'll prove it."

As Randy tugged harder at the ropes Ben dropped to his knees, crawled up to Randy's ass and pressed his hands on the exposed cheeks. He lowered his head and licked at the curly black hair round the hole, then pushed his tongue inside and inhaled the musky male essence of the man. He licked, sucked, and bit the firm globes of Randy's ass.

Still Randy struggled and yelled, "Fuck you, boy. I'll fucking thrash you for this. I .... I ..." He faltered as he felt the long warm tongue probing his ass, then Ben's fingers pushing inside and massaging his prostate. Randy inhaled sharply. "Man, that feels .... Yeah, keep doing it, boy."

But suddenly it stopped and Ben raised himself up on his knees, reached forward, teasing his brother's nipples in his fingers, and stared at him. Randy gazed back at the beautiful young gypsy face, spit running down his chin, black hair falling over his forehead, his eyes gleaming. Those eyes .... the same electric blue eyes .... his own eyes. They locked onto his and Randy felt himself falling under their spell as so many people had been bewitched by his own.

It wasn't the first time a man had seen himself reflected in those luminescent blue pools ... but this was different. The two brothers were so alike that they saw themselves reflected in their own eyes. The eyes themselves were a reflection of each other's and the men were mirrored inside them. It was a total mind trip, like infinity mirrors, two men entering each other's heads.

"See," Ben grinned. "I can do it too, man ... that eye thing you do. I'm your brother. I can do everything you do. The eyes - everything ... including fuck. Is that what you want, big brother? I'm already inside your head. You want my cock inside you too? You want me to fuck that stud ass of yours. Tell me. Is that what you want?"

Randy had no choice ... he wanted his brother like mad. It was the boy's inner strength, his power, shining from his eyes. He was looking at his own gypsy face ... it was hypnotic ... he had to surrender to him, yield his ass. "I want you, little brother. My ass is yours. I wanna feel your rod inside it. Please, man ... fuck my ass. I ... aaahh!"

He sighed deeply as the young stud's cock pushed inside his ass, sliding in deeper and deeper until he felt the head press against his inner sphincter. "You feel that, big guy?" Ben said. "You feel your brother's cock in your ass? You want more?"

"Oh yeah, I want it, bro. You are so beautiful, so fucking hot. Fuck me, man." Ben pulled back and started to fuck, slowly, gently at first. He leaned forward, planted his palms on Randy's hard pecs and stared down at him. "You taught me this, Randy. You taught me how to fuck. Only thing you didn't teach me is how to know a man's limits. We didn't get to that lesson. So I don't know when to stop. I just go on fucking .... like this," he shouted.

His cock began pounding Randy's ass, a piston driving in an out, gathering speed, driving the big gypsy wild as he pulled frantically at the ropes binding him. "Take it, man," Ben yelled, "this is your brother fucking just the way you fuck. Now you know what it feels like. Look at that gypsy face, man. You're looking at yourself, fucking like an animal the way you do. That's what men see when you're pile-driving their ass. And godammit, it hurts. And you fucking love it!"

Ben rolled Randy's nipples in his fingers, turned on by his brother's screams as he pulled frantically at his restraints, his rugged face thrashing from side to side, a pile driver in his ass.

His screams carried over the dunes and caught the ears of Steve who was slogging back through the dunes, his muscular arms wrapped round bags of food. Alarmed, he quickened his pace until he was running through the sand. The screams became more agonized and when he reached the shack he dropped the bags and ran round the shack where he stood horrified at the scene. His big brother was hogtied naked to the porch, writhing, screaming as Ben seemed to have gone wild, pounding his ass like a jackhammer.

Steve's first impulse was to leap forward and drag Ben off ... but something restrained him. Maybe it was his therapist mind, whirring like a computer and realizing that this was a natural climax to Ben's development. Maybe it was the astonishing look in Randy's eyes, a mix of pain, desire and, unbelievably, pride in his young brother. But most likely it was pure lust that made Steve stop and rub his crotch, mesmerized at the sight of the two beautiful gypsies, the younger one pounding the ass of his older brother.

"Come on, stud," Ben was yelling. "You're tough but even you can't take much more of this. I'm fucking reaming your ass. And besides, I know exactly how you make guys cum. I've studied everything you do, and I know. All I need to hear is you submit to your brother and I'll make you cum. I need to hear my big brother beg."

Running wild, fired with adrenaline and testosterone, the ferocious young gypsy poured every ounce of strength into pounding his brother's ass. As he had said, he knew no restraint and jackhammered the bound muscle-god relentlessly. Randy knew Ben would not let up until he had made him submit. He had to surrender ... he was proud to surrender to the young brother he had raised but now barely recognized in his ferocity. "OK, OK, I submit. I give up ... I can't take any more. Please, man, I'm begging you ... finish me off ... make me cum ...."

Ben pulled back, almost all the way out, paused ... then slammed his cock back in his ass, driving it deeper and deeper right to the end ..... and drove it over the inner sphincter, exploding in the fiery chamber deep in his gut.

"Aaaagh!" Randy's scream flew out over the beach, over the waves, defying the strident rebuke of the seagulls. His cock, pointing straight down at his face, erupted, pouring stream after stream of jism onto his face and into his screaming mouth, forcing him to swallow it, gulp after gulp, until he was choking on his own semen.


Ben had truly become a wild stallion, his breath heaving, eyes blazing as he gazed down at the brother he had just totally annihilated, writhing in bondage, tears pouring from his eyes, his grimacing face smothered in semen that flowed from his sagging mouth and soaked the black stubble of his jaw. The muscular gypsy was a homoerotic icon of defeat. He had been demolished by his own young brother.

To Steve the sight was pornographic and his instinct to rescue was overwhelmed by lust. He had never seen Randy look hotter than he did now. Steve pulled off his T-shirt, yanked open his shorts, pulled out his rigid cock and stroked it hard. He pointed it down at Randy's face, ready to add his own sperm to Ben's.

"No!" Ben pulled roughly out of Randy's ass and sprang to his feet. "Don't jack off .... Fuck him!" In shock Steve opened his mouth to protest but he didn't get the chance."

"I said fuck him. Fuck your brother in the ass. Look at him ... he's beaten, broken. I've lubed his ass good so here's your chance. Fuck him."

Steve was in a daze. He could never have imagined this - his older brother, the powerful construction boss, hog-tied helplessly, his cum-splashed face wincing in humiliation, cum running from his asshole and over the cheeks - a picture of abject degradation. And now Steve heard the voice of his kid brother, a voice as commanding as Randy's, ordering him to fuck the prisoner - to fuck his own brother.

He tried to resist but he was hypnotized - by the sight of his older brother and the fierce voice of the younger. "I said fuck him!"

In a trance Steve dropped his shorts and fell to his knees. He reached up and grabbed Randy's legs behind his knees, and he felt the tip of his cock sliding in the semen smothered round his hole. He gazed down at the agonized blue eyes as Randy realized that the ass-torture was not over. "No," he groaned weakly, "no more."

The gypsy's deep-throated plea only turned Steve on more. He didn't have to move. It was as if his cock was acting alone as it slid over the aching sphincter and down the cum-slick chute, deep into the fiery cauldron of his ass. Randy moaned as he felt his ravaged ass invaded once more and he pleaded with his eyes for Steve to take it gently. Mesmerized though he was Steve instinctively understood and pulled back slowly, then eased back in, caressing the raw membrane of the tortured ass.

Ben stood watching in frustration. "No, I said fuck him ... fuck him like a man ... fuck him like he fucks guys ... like he fucked me." In response Steve increased the rhythm slightly but that wasn't enough for Ben. He had to show these guys - really show them. But how? Come on, he was Randy's brother ... what would Randy do? Hell, what did Randy do - to him?

He glanced down at the ground and saw the whip that Randy himself had discarded after whipping Ben's ass. He picked it up and the feel of the braided leather handle in his fist propelled the newly confident boy to the next level of domination. He was transformed from an obedient kid to a young savage, a dark demon just like his brother.

"I said fuck that ass," he yelled and raised his arm. As Steve pulled his dick back along the chute his ass rose up ... a target ... and Ben lashed it.

"Aaagh!" Steve screamed and as he reflexively jerked his ass away from the whip his hips lunged forward driving his cock hard and deep into Randy's ass. "Aaagh!!" Their twin screams were matched only by Ben's howl of triumph. He was in charge, dominating his brothers, bending them to his will.

"That's it, stud," Ben yelled. "Fuck your brother's ass. That all you got? I said fuuuck! Hurt him. Punish your brother like he punished me." Ben was in another world, a world of lust, love and revenge. It was as if he stood outside and watched - watched the young gypsy wield the whip, forcing the handsome muscle-god to ram his cock into the ass of his bound brother. The harder he whipped the harder one brother fucked and the louder the other one howled.

As wild as Ben had become, he still had the intuition to not lose control entirely. Randy had hammered that concept into all the boys time and again. The cat o' nine tails with its many thin rawhide braids was not the kind of whip to cause real damage. And although Ben's lashes were enough to bring up red welts on Steve's ass, they were not so hard as to cause harm and shatter the illusion of this stunning event.

Still he whipped Steve's ass, his back and shoulders, and barked his orders. "You're gonna make him bust another load, man. Just like he boasts he can make any man cum twice, let's see if you can do the same to him. It's my revenge. Fuck harder, man. Save your own ass from a thrashing. Make him cum."

So it was all up to Randy. He looked up through a haze of pain at an incredible sight. His brother Steve, who could be his twin, gazed down at him with tears in his blue ass as his gorgeous body slammed down on him. And above him was his younger brother, towering over them with a whip, lashing Steve, forcing him to fuck harder. The pain in his ass was intense but it wasn't that driving him to orgasm. It was something else entirely.

His reeling thoughts flashed back to a vision of years ago in Texas when he had been the same age as Ben now. A rival gypsy had hurt little Ben and an enraged Randy had thrashed the thug with a whip, forcing him to jerk off and cum. Now he saw it again as he looked up at the vengeful Ben. He saw himself back then, swinging the whip with all his strength and yelling, "You dared to touch my brother. I'll fucking kill you, man, unless you shoot your fucking load."

"Come on, man!" It was Ben's voice now. "This is it, stud. Let me hear you scream and see you cum." Randy stared up at his brother, the savage young gypsy wielding a whip and he yelled. "I love you, boy .... I love you .... Aaagh!"

Steve watched the alpha male beneath him, hog-tied, writhing, his rugged face thrashing from side to side as he screamed and his cock exploded once again on his face and into his mouth. Mesmerized, Steve felt his own cock pouring semen into his brother, stunned to think that the bound giant shuddering beneath him now had the juice of both his brothers filling his ass.

They stared at each other in disbelief. They felt, rather than saw, Randy's legs being released by Ben and falling to the ground, then his hands. He was lying flat on his back, exhausted. A foot pressed against Steve and pushed him onto his back so the two dazed brothers were lying side by side, their eyes closed with relief.

Suddenly they both felt heavy pressure on their chests and flexed their pecs to bear the weight, which they managed easily. Their eyes shot open to an incredible sight. Standing with his legs astride, a foot on each of them, was Ben. The whip was slung round his neck, not in humiliation this time but in triumph. He was pumping his cock and raining cum down onto his big brothers' awestruck faces.

Ben's eyes sparkled as he stared down at them, then he turned his jubilant gaze upward, pumped his fists in the air and yelled defiantly to the sky.

"I am the best. I'm the King of the Gypsies."


After that triumphant climax Ben's adrenaline quickly drained, and when he looked back down he seemed suddenly surprised at what he saw, his brothers lying under his feet. He pulled the whip from his neck and tossed it away, then stepped off carefully, turned and sped off to the water. Still stunned Steve and Randy dragged themselves to their feet, Randy stretched his aching limbs, and they walked down to the water and into the surf.

No words were spoken - they couldn't think of any. There was no splashing or frolicking. They had frolicked enough. All they needed to do was clean off. Ben led them back up the beach and stared at the barbecue. As they approached he turned and said, "I'm sorry, sirs. I let the coals go out. I'll light some more and get the groceries that Steve brought. Shouldn't take me long to cook dinner, if I can remember what the twins taught me. I'll get you some beers, sirs."

He disappeared into the shack and Randy and Steve stared at each other in surprise. "Shit damn," Randy said, "he really is just like me. He does his thing - revenge, domination, whatever - puts it behind him and gets on with his life. It's like it never happened."

"Yeah, but it damn well did. Hell, I've got the whip marks to prove it you've got a sore ass."

"Here you are, sirs," Ben said. "Beer and some chips and dip. If there's anything else you want, sirs, just let me know." He turned to attend to the barbecue but Randy said, "Hey, kiddo, you don't have to call us sir now, you know. Not after all that."

"Oh, I want to, sir." Ben turned round and took a deep breath, ready to make a little speech. "See, sir. I'm still one of the boys and I like that. Only difference from them is that I've got two of the hottest brothers in the world. But I'm still your kid brother, sir - and I like that too. I just wanted to prove that I've got what it takes to be like you one day. I wanted to prove I can be rough and tough like you, and dominate guys when I want to. I hope I did OK, sir."

"Ben," Randy said, his eyes glowing. "You were spectacular. I'm so fucking proud of you. I love you more than ever now, especially knowing just how much like me you are. I fucking love that. So you can go on calling me sir, if you like, and still be one of the boys, but we three brothers will know the truth won't we? You're not a young colt anymore. You're a fucking stallion, kid, and we've got the bruises to prove it. God that was hot. You're my hero, kiddo."

"Thank you, sir. That's all I wanted to know." Ben turned to Steve. "And, sir, I still feel a bit confused about stuff so is it OK if I have another of those sessions where you're my shrink? You know, those talks where I can say anything I want and it's conferential - where you won't spill the beans afterwards?"

Steve smiled. "I think you mean confidential, Ben, and yes, I would be honored to have you as my patient. At your age - any age actually - things can get confusing and it's great to be able to get it all off your chest - to say whatever you want. And I promise I won't spill any beans - it's private, nobody else will know - even this big lug here."

"Thank you, sir." Ben beamed at them and his eyes were moist. "I'm so lucky to have you as my brothers. It's the best feeling in the world."


That night Ben was in heaven lying between his naked brothers. Before they fell asleep Randy said, "And we've got two whole days left. Now for the fun part - not that that wasn't fun - even though I still have a sore ass. You did great, Ben. I was pleased to see that you used the escape knots I taught you. That's important. But there's a subtle way to use a whip that can drive a man wild. I'll show you that tomorrow. Then maybe we'll go out for dinner. Steve's good at table manners and all that shit so he can show you how to be a young gentleman as well as a horny young stallion...."

"Sir," Ben interrupted. "There is one thing. That stuff I said about being King of the Gypsies, sir. That was way out of line, 'cos you're the real King of the Gypsies and everyone knows it."

"Ah, don't sweat it, kid. How about we call you a Gypsy Prince? How's that sound?

"Sounds perfect, sir." Ben snuggled close to his brothers and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

They all slept deeply that night and late into the next morning when they were woken by the sound of Ben's cell phone. Struggling awake he fumbled for the phone and listened. "Yes, sir, it's me. Wow .... sounds hot ... sorry, sir, I didn't mean that - the fires and all. Yes sir, my brothers are taking real good care of me ... and I'm taking care of them." Randy, half asleep, dug him in the ribs. "You have? I haven't met him yet but .... that would be great, sir, but mostly it's you I want. I'll be ready for you ... can't wait. Stay safe, sir. I love you."

"That was Jason," Ben said, his eyes sparkling. "No kidding," Steve chuckled. "How's he doing in those forest fires?"

"Doing great, sir, and you'll never guess. He's met that guy that Randy and Bob keep talking about. What is he, a Forest Ranger or something, called Pete? I've never met him but Jason says I will soon. Seems they'll be working the fires together. What do you think about that?"

"What do I think?" Steve grinned at Randy. "Sounds like a partnership that could end up on my therapy couch."


Pete had flown out at dawn from L.A. to Albuquerque and been transported to the command center for the fires raging through the hills in New Mexico. With his long experience as a Forest Ranger Pete was very familiar with fire prevention and fire-fighting techniques and had already been involved with fires in the Angeles National Forest. But with his promotion to chief ranger in L.A. he had been assigned to work a couple of days with one of the L.A. squads assisting with the huge fires in New Mexico, to get more hands-on experience on the ground.

He arrived at the command center which was a scene of controlled chaos - a lot of action, with crews coming and going. He met with a deputy chief who explained that manpower was stretched thin so the best way for Pete to participate was to be hooked up with one of the firefighters, 'twinned' as they called it, and Pete would shadow him for the days he was here. It would be a guy from the California crew as he would no doubt work with them in the future.

"We never turn down one more hand," the deputy grinned. "Come with me to the rest area and we'll see who's about to go back out to the field." Pete was led to a large tent where guys were checking in and out, some eating, many resting on camp beds before going back on duty.

"Hey, guys," the deputy said. "This here's Pete, a senior L.A. Forrest Ranger come for some field training and to give us support. I need to twin him with one of the L.A. guys here, someone about to go back out to the line. Any volunteers?"

"Guess that would be me, sir" said a voice in the back. A tall blond fireman stood up, wearing heavy yellow firefighting pants and red suspenders over his sweat-stained dark blue T-shirt.

Pete took a sharp intake of breath. This was the guy, the buddy of Randy and Bob who he had spoken to once briefly on the phone. They had never met but Pete would have known him from the picture in his girlfriend's fireman's calendar - 'the August page', as Bob had said.

"Good, thanks, Jason," the deputy said. You know the drill, keep him close at all times, don't get separated. Take him over to the quartermaster and get him kitted out."

Jason walked through the crowd and came face to face with Pete. The fireman's gorgeous face broke into a gleaming smile as they shook hands. "Welcome to the inferno, officer. Good to see you, man. Let's get you some clothes." As they walked out to the supply tent Jason said, "Actually we already spoke briefly on the phone when my buddy Bob asked you to contact me and have me call my boy Ben. Thanks for doing that, though god knows how you got through all the burocracy here."

"I can be pretty persistent, sergeant," Pete said.

"Yeah I bet you can," said Jason eyeing him up and down. Pete felt the first stirrings in his uniform pants. "Here we are. You're gonna need a T-shirt, boots and the regulation heavy-duty pants. Then the jacket, helmet and the rest of the gear. And I gotta get out of this sweat soaked T-shirt. Shit, I change these fuckers about five times a day."

Jason matter-of-factly lowered his suspenders and pulled his wet T-shirt off over his head. Pete stifled a gasp as he saw Jason's upper body, a perfect physique of rippling muscles, broad shoulders, flawless pecs, ripped eight-pack abs and a slim waist cinched by a wide belt. He was damn gorgeous - and he seemed to know it as he grinned confidently at Pete.

Much less confidently Pete shrugged off his uniform shirt and pulled off his T-shirt. "Wow." Jason stared at him impressed. "That's some build you got on you man. Work out a lot?"

"Five, six days a week."

"Me too." Jason flexed his muscles slightly, instinctively showing off to the hunky newcomer, a move that wasn't lost on Pete. Bob had mentioned that Jason had a narcissistic streak. And why not, Pete thought. Jason was even more beautiful than his calendar picture.

"I hear you might join that crazy tribe of guys back in L.A." Jason said. "I got a gym at my house near theirs - we should work out together when this mess is over and we get back home."

"I'd like that, sergeant - a lot."

"But, business first, eh? You know how it works, officer. You stick close to me all the time - mustn't get separated. I'll show you the ropes. We take our rest periods together, eat together and work together. We'll probably be sick of the sight of each other by the time it's over."

"I kinda doubt that somehow, sergeant," said Pete.

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Jason grinned. "Look lets drop all the 'sergeant-officer' shit, eh? Jason and Pete, OK?" They shook hands firmly and Pete felt his cock get stiff.

But no, Pete knew he had to forget all that. This was serious business, he was here to work. And besides, he was still intimidated by Jason. He didn't know the guy yet - didn't know anything about his personal life or his preferences. So hands off.

Hell, he thought, working with this guy might not be so easy after all.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 241


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