At last Brandon was Ranger Pete's boy. It had been a rocky road and happened only after Randy, ever protective of Brandon, had taken charge and dragged them off to see his brother Steve for a therapy session.

Dr. Steve's unconventional methods had paid off and master and boy had consummated their union right there. They had turned their back on the chilly past and taken their first steps into a future of safety and warmth together.

After effusive goodbyes and thanks to Steve and Lloyd, Pete and Brandon were being driven home by Randy. Pete said, "I don't know how I can ever thank you, Randy. You're incredible. You sure have a way of taking charge and cutting through the crap."

"Ah," said Randy dismissively, "it's just something I do. Gotta keep the tribe in shape, get rid of the bullshit."

He dropped them off at Brandon's apartment where they would obviously spend the rest of the night. Randy sighed as he pulled up at his own gate and walked toward the master suite through a crowd of boys setting up dinner and chattering excitedly.

Bob stood up anxiously as Randy came into the bedroom. "Everything turn out alright?"

"'Course it did. Me and my brother took care of it. It was all bullshit." Randy grinned. "Young Brandon's over the moon and that's the main thing. By the way, what the hell's going on with the boys down there? They're buzzing like a hive of bees on steroids."

"Oh, young Eddie's stirring things up and you know how excitable he can be. Seems Hassan and Zack are taking out the Harleys tomorrow and going on a bike run, leaving Eddie and Darius to do some work on Hassan's house. You know how the kid worships Darius, and they haven't been alone together for months. And when the Marine and the leather-jock get back after sitting astride those bikes for so long they'll be horny as hell. No knowing what'll happen."

"So like I said," Randy grinned, "all fucking bullshit. But they better get dinner on the table fast 'coz I'm fucking starved. Anyway, you and me, we got more important matters to take care of. When I'm hungry I'm horny. Let's see here, where were we when we were interrupted?" He pushed Bob onto his back on the bed, towered over him and ripped open his greasy pants.

Randy had answered his own question. This is exactly where they were when Jamie had interrupted them a couple of hours ago to tell them about Brandon. Bob had just come home from work and was relaxing in their bedroom, still in his suit and tie. The door had burst open and Randy stood there in his usual old cargo pants, work boots and dirt-streaked tank top.

"Tough day?" Bob grinned. "A mother fucker," the construction boss had growled, ripping open his pants. "And you're gonna get your ass fucked."

So, after the distraction of Randy's trip to Steve's, here they were picking up right where they had left off. Bob knew very well what it meant when Randy had had a 'tough day' on the construction site. He was like a stallion in heat, venting all his tension on Bob, or more specifically Bob's ass. Randy was too amped up to waste time stripping Bob naked ... all he wanted now was his lover's ass.

He ripped open Bob's slacks and pulled them down below his ass. He leaned forward and growled, "Let me see that fucking body, man." He tore open Bob's dress shirt and pulled it back off his chest, his tie still hanging round his neck. "Fucking gorgeous." Randy straightened up, pulled out his own long, beer-can thick pole, spat in his palm and wetted the length of his cock. Then he grabbed Bob's ankles and pushed his legs up high.

The construction boss in the oily tank top gazed down at the business executive, the slabs of his chest exposed, pants pulled down to his knees, rigid cock pointing straight up. He frowned uncertainly as if he was seeing Bob for the first time. "Man, you are so fucking beautiful, so damn hot - and I get to fuck your ass. I need this, buddy. I need you."

"Aaagh!" Bob threw his head back with a yell as Randy drove his cock straight into his ass, pulled it back and drove it in again. "Man, that ass is on fire. I wanna fuck you so bad." This was classic Randy, horny as a stallion, fierce, dominant, driven by animal lust. What blew Bob away was knowing that, only a few hours earlier, this ass-pounding wild man had been kneeling beside Brandon's wheelchair tenderly wiping away his tears.

The fuck was ferocious. The more Bob's muscular body writhed and his face thrashed from side to side, the more turned on Randy became. As always, Bob was driven wild by the savage gypsy as he gazed up at the swarthy face, the square stubbled jaw, the laser blue eyes. Every sinew of Randy's body bulged, muscles flexed, his sweaty tank clung to his chest as his cock pistoned in his lover's ass. No man could make Bob feel like this except Randy. Hypnotized by Randy's eyes, rocked by the onslaught on his ass, Bob submitted his body to him completely.

The initial assault on Bob's ass had almost pushed Randy over the top into a massive orgasm, so he now settled into a steady pounding, riding Bob's ass with his ramrod cock. Bob always had trouble holding back his own orgasm, as he did now, feeling his balls bursting. He knew they were both close and panted, "Hey, buddy, whatever happened to making love?"

Still hammering his ass Randy growled, "This is me making love, asshole."

Bob stared at him, then lost it ... and roared with laughter ... "Shit damn I love you. I love you so much, man ... aaah!" Still laughing he shot a massive load of jizz over his own chest and face. Randy looked in surprise at Bob's handsome face wreathed in smiles .... and his cock erupted deep in his lover's ass.

The laughter was infectious and as the tension drained from Randy he joined in. He fell forward onto Bob and slid over his cum-soaked chest, rolling him over on the bed as they laughed uncontrollably. And this time it really was love.


When they finally went down to dinner they were greeted with applause by the assembled company. Everyone knew when Randy and Bob were making love upstairs, and it was obvious from the glow surrounding them as they walked from the house. The clan was already gathered round table by the pool, including Pete and Brandon who had taken a break from their own love-making to come down the hill and join them.

Before Randy and Bob sat down Brandon wheeled himself round and tugged at Randy's pants. The boss crouched down on his haunches and grinned at the boy's earnest face peering through his glasses. "Sir, I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me today. I think you're totally awesome, sir ... you always make everything come right."

Randy ruffled his hair. "No sweat, kiddo. I told you you can always come to me if you got a problem. How's things with you and the Ranger?"

"Awesome, sir. I'm so happy. And Pete's asked me to help him when he gives you input on the renovations of his house, if that's OK with you, sir."

"Wouldn't have it any other way, kid," Randy grinned, "especially as you're probably gonna be spending most of your time there." Brandon reached up and kissed Randy on the lips, then blushed and wheeled himself off to sit between Pete and Mario.

From then on Eddie and Darius did most of the talking (whether anyone was listening or not) going over the plans for tomorrow worked out by their masters Hassan and Zack.

It was a long time since the black construction worker and the Marine had spent any time together, as Hassan mostly kept to himself in his small guesthouse on the grounds of Steve's big house on Mulholland. He and Zack met at group gatherings, of course, and whenever they shook hands a knowing glance passed between them - two rugged alpha males silently acknowledging each other's masculine beauty and feeling a sexual jolt in the groin.

So when it turned out that they were both taking a day off work they had decided to take a run on the Harley motor-cycles together - a great opportunity for some male bonding. And it was strictly for men - time away from their boys Darius and Eddie who were to be put to work making a few needed roof repairs on Hassan's small house.

That was the real source of Eddie's excitement. Darius had been the first member of the tribe he met when he was working as bar-back at a leather bar in the desert where Zack and Darius had dropped in and treated the customers to a wild display of master/boy discipline. Eddie had fallen for the strong, handsome leather-boy and his monster cock and had hero-worshipped him ever since. He had followed him to L.A. and become a member of the tribe under Darius's supervision until Hassan made Eddie his boy.

Eddie was to spend the night with Hassan, which always stoked his already excitable spirits, so Hassan sounded a note of caution as they drove up the hill to Mulholland.

"Remember, boy, tomorrow you'll be working with Darius. Now I know how you admire and lust after him and his ten-inch prong, so you have my permission to have sex with him but only after you've finished your work. Repairing the roof is serious stuff so don't forget - Darius is the boss, he's the construction expert and you'll do just what he says."

Eddie giggled, "Even when he says 'suck on this, boy'?" Hassan slapped the back of his head. "I'm serious, boy. You give me your word or there'll be no 'suck on this' in our bed tonight."

That night Eddie put on a big show of contrition and made amends by working his sexual magic on the muscle-god lying naked beside him. Darius may be the construction expert but Eddie was the expert cocksucker and used all his skills on the Marine's long shaft. Even after Hassan had busted a huge load in his mouth Eddie let only a few minutes go by before he sucked his cock again to a stiff erection, then knelt astride him and eased his ass down on the cock.

"Damn you're good," Hassan groaned, lying on his back. "You don't let up, do you? Yeah, fuck that cock, boy." He smiled up at the eager boy bouncing energetically up and down on his cock.

It wasn't only that Eddie was terrific sex ... Hassan loved everything about him - his absolute loyalty, his youthful energy and irrepressible sense of mischief. He was the perfect boy for him - the perfect antidote to the intense, macho world of the Marines. Hassan was crazy about the kid.

When Hassan had cum again in the boy's ass and Eddie had spurted jism over his master's chest and face, Eddie leaned forward and licked the cum from the Marine's face and from the sculpted contours of his chest. When he had finished he knelt straight up and pronounced, "All done, sir."

"Does all this mean you're gonna be a good boy tomorrow?"

Eddie gave his trademark salute, "Aye, aye, captain."

Hassan looked up at the grinning urchin face and gave up. "Come here, boy." He pulled him down beside him, folded his arms round him and smiled as the boy fell asleep on his chest.


Next morning Eddie made breakfast for the sleepy Marine. (All the boys had been taught rudimentary cooking skills by the twins, which came in handy for simple meals like this.) Hassan was sitting up in bed with the breakfast tray and frowned at Eddie. "For god's sake, boy, stop jazzing around like that, you're making me dizzy." Eddie was bouncing around the room butt naked, unable to control his excitement, but he obeyed and climbed back into bed.

It was a small miracle that they managed to shower, dress and pull together the few things they would need for the day. "Wow," Eddie said, gazing at Hassan wearing jeans, boots and a sleeveless denim shirt hanging open over his chest. "That looks awesome, sir. That's gonna turn heads as you drive by on the Harley. Sir, if you see a boy like me hitching a ride will you fuck him, sir?"

Hassan laughed. "First of all, kid, there are no boys like you. And second of all, no. This is just a couple of guys out for a spin on the bikes, just me and Zack, strictly men only. I definitely won't be fucking any boys."

"So you're gonna fuck Zack?"

"Kid, you can be real nosey sometimes. And again, no. Zack and me are simply getting to know each other a bit better. It's called male bonding, which does not include fucking. But when I get back I'm gonna be real horny so you better have that ass lubed up and ready. Then, if you've been a good boy, I might give you a ride behind me on the bike."

Eddie's eyes were sparkling and suddenly he heard a truck pull up in Steve's driveway. "They're here!" Hassan grabbed his backpack and walked up the dirt track to Steve's driveway, with Eddie gamboling ahead of him. Zack jumped down from the truck, grasped Hassan's hand, pulled him into a shoulder bump and a brief, macho hug.

Eddie watched in awe. The two muscle-gods were similarly dressed, except that Zack's pants were leather, like the leather vest flapping open over his chest, and Hassan was in Levis and a sleeveless denim shirt. The bar Eddie had once worked in was known as a 'leather-Levi' bar and these two studs were icons of that look.

Eddie was distracted by a sound from the other side of the truck as Darius leapt out and walked toward him. Eddie got an instant boner looking at the tall, muscular black boy in work boots, a ragged T-shirt and black denim cut-offs that he had cut down from a worn-out pair of black jeans he always worked in on the construction site. The cut-offs hugged his narrow hips and muscled thighs and the shape of his huge ten-inch dick stretched down almost to the frayed bottom

Darius flashed a dazzling smile, his white teeth gleaming in contrast to his handsome black features. "Hey kiddo," he said and wrapped Eddy in his muscular arms. "So we gonna get a good day's work out of you today?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie replied crisply.

"None if this 'when the men are away the boys will play' bullshit. And by the way, dude, you don't have to call me 'sir'."

"Oh, I'd really like to, sir. If that's OK."

"Sounds just right to me," Hassan interjected. "Reinforces discipline. Like I said, Darius is in charge. You do just what he tells you." Eddie grinned wide-eyed and licked his lips lasciviously. Hassan clipped him round the head. "I'm serious, boy. When I get back if I get a bad report about you I'll ream your ass. No, scrub that - a bad report and I'll never ream your ass again."

"Aye aye, captain." Eddie was incorrigible and Hassan rolled his eyes at Darius. You've got your work cut out, Darius. You have my full permission to do whatever it takes, OK?"

"Don't worry, sir, I'll take care of him - whatever it takes."

Hassan vaulted onto the flatbed of the truck where Zack was checking out the two motor-cycles he had brought. They rolled them down the ramp Zack had lowered, stuffed their gear into the saddlebags, and threw their legs astride them. As they revved the engines Darius threw his arm round Eddie's shoulder. "Spectacular, eh, dude? Have you ever seen two hotter guys than this?"

"Radical, sir. I think I'm gonna cum."

"Down, boy. You gotta forget about cock today." Easier said than done as the guys circled the bikes round the driveway, thighs gripping the bikes, arms and shoulder's flexed as they leaned forward on the handlebars, their shirts blowing open in the wind exposing their muscular torsos. "OK, Darius," Zack grinned. "We'll be gone two, three hours. That roofing should be a piece of cake for you - provided you get good help."

"Hear that, boy?" Hassan said. "No fooling around."

"Yes, sir - captain, sir."

And with a roar of engines the guys took off down the drive, swung onto the road and disappeared.


Darius pushed the ramp back up onto the flatbed and pulled out the gear and materials he had loaded from the construction site - all the stuff they needed for the roof repairs. It meant several trips down to the small house, with tiles, nails, ropes and bricks to replace bad ones in the chimney stack. Just hauling the stuff down the track was hot work under the already blazing sun. On their last trip up to the truck Darius pulled out his tool belt, slung it over his shoulder and walked down the path with Eddie following.

Eddie was in a state of permanent erection, and now he stared at Darius's perfect ass bulging under his cut-offs, the tool belt swinging over his shoulder, his thin T-shirt already wet with sweat and clinging to the muscles of his back. Eddie sighed. Forget about cock, Darius had said. Yeah right, fat chance with his own cock throbbing under his shorts.

They stood in front of the house amid the tiles and bricks and Darius said, "OK, first job is to schlep this stuff up onto the roof. It's gonna be hot today too. He reached behind his neck and pulled off his sweaty T-shirt, then buckled the tool belt loosely round his waist. He walked round to the back of the house and reappeared carrying a ladder on his shoulder.

Eddy was mesmerized, his heart pounding as he watched the young shirtless construction worker, muscles rippling as he manhandled the ladder and propped it against the house. Darius tested to make sure it was steady, then turned round to face Eddie, putting one boot on the lowest rung, reaching one arm up and gripping a high rung.

Eddie's heart beat faster as he gazed at the pornographic image, better than any drawing in his extensive porn collection. The black muscle-boy was stripped down to black cut-offs, the heavy tool belt slung round his waist, his flawless ebony torso gleaming with sweat. His arm was stretched up, gripping the high rung, making his shoulder and bicep flex and exposing the tangled bush of black hair under his armpit, oozing sweat that trickled down his side.

His flared lats sloped down past the razor-sharp abs to his tight waist and the heavy leather tool-belt. His leg resting on the ladder rung made his thigh muscles bulge and the cut-offs grip tightly. Eddie instinctively stroked the bulge in his own shorts and gasped when he saw that the raised leg had made the cut-offs rise up Darius's legs a little. The huge cock was running down inside the other leg and the head was now poking out at the frayed bottom of the black denim.

Again the gleaming smile. "OK, boy, time to start work. You gotta stay close to me and obey my instructions. I'm your boss. It'll be hot and sweaty, but you ready to work with me?"

Stay close? Work with him? The boss? Hot and sweaty? Eddie's head was spinning, the homoerotic image became a blur and ... "aah ... oh fuck, fuck ... aaah". His cock erupted in his shorts and cum streamed down his leg.

He stared in alarm at Darius. He had already disobeyed him, disobeyed Hassan too. "I'm sorry, sir," he panted. "I know you said ... but ... but I couldn't hold back, sir. You are so hot that ... I didn't mean to, sir, but...." He looked at Darius wide-eyed.

Darius walked toward him, put his hands on his shoulders and stared into his eyes. "Look, dude, I know how you feel about me and I gotta admit that I would love to throw you on the grass and fuck the shit out of your sweet butt. After all, Hassan said I could do anything to you. But this is work, kid. You wanna fix up your master's house don't you? What - you gonna tell that big Marine, 'Sorry sir, I didn't have time to work on your house, I was too busy jerking off looking at Darius'?"

"No, sir." Eddie said humbly.

"Right," Darius smiled, "you've already busted a load, and now I'll do this to get the lust out of your system, OK?" He folded his big hands behind the boy's head, pulled his face toward him and clamped their mouths together in a searing kiss, exchanging breath, pressing tongues together, exploring each other's mouths. Eddie wanted it to go on forever but Darius finally pulled away and grinned. "See what you done to me, boy?"

They looked down and saw that Darius's monster tool was poking even further out of his shorts. Darius looked at Eddie's shorts. "Shit damn, you already hard again? You just shot a big load!"

"That's ... that's just something I do, sir. I get hard a lot - most of the time actually. Especially with you, sir." He tried hopelessly to hide the tent pole in his loose shorts. "Sorry, sir. I'm still wearing what I put on when I got out of bed - an old pair of Hassan's boxers and his T-shirt. See, I often wear his clothes - makes me feel horny - not that I need that to make me horny. He lets me do it. I think he thinks that..."

"Enough! Shit, dude, you talk as much as you shoot jizz. Let's see here. First you're gonna lose the shirt - it's already wet as a dish rag." He pulled it off and flung it aside. "The shorts will be OK, the sneakers too. They'll grip the roof fine, but be careful 'coz it slopes - not too much though, so you'll be fine." He stood back and surveyed the lithe young body and cute face. "Yeah, you'll be just fine."

He gave Eddie a light load to carry and the boy started to climb the ladder with Darius behind him. Eddie had the resilience of mischievous youth and his playfulness was showing again. As he climbed, his cock stuck out before him under the shorts and hit each rung of the ladder in turn. Each time it bounced, then hit the next rung, like a stick scraped across a railing.

Darius slapped his ass from behind. "Now quit it, kid, or I'll fire your ass - then whip it."

"You promise, sir?" Eddie said brightly.

'Jeez,' Darius thought, 'this ain't gonna be easy.'


All went well when work actually began as Eddie really wanted to impress Darius. His job was to replace the tiles that had been dislodged so he was on his hands and knees on the sloping roof hammering in nails. Darius had given him kneepads for the job and Eddie, inevitably, had quipped, "Hell, these would come in useful in my other line of work - save me from getting scabby knees. Can I keep them, sir?"

"OK,' Darius grinned, "since you seem to spend half your life on your knees. Now get on with it."

Eddie worked quickly and when he was coming to the end of his stack of tiles he started to get bored, always a bad thing with Eddie. Throughout his work he had glanced frequently at the long shape of Darius's cock under his shorts, protruding below the cut-offs. He was salivating and only work had prevented him from making a move - until now.

Darius was doing the more skilled job of replacing the bricks in the chimney stack. He was standing up and had looped a rope round his waist and round the chimney to keep him steady and prevent falling. When he leaned back on the rope he was several feet from the chimney and that's when Eddie got a good eye-level view off Darius's crotch - a view that became too good to resist. He inched his way up the roof unnoticed by Darius who was concentrating on cementing the bricks.

Darius may not have seen, but two other pairs of eyes did. Up above on the deck by the pool Steve and Lloyd were sunning themselves, lying on chaises their stomachs gazing out over their view of the city. They also had a view of Hassan's guesthouse a short way down the hill and Steve noticed them first.

"Hey, Lloyd, take a look at that." They had known the boys would be working on the roof but what was going on looked as if it might be work of a different kind. Lloyd grabbed the binoculars they kept on the deck and said, "Wow, that boy's dick sure is ginormous and it looks like young Eddie is zeroing in on it."

He was. Eddie got closer and closer until he was close enough to touch - or rather to lick. He flicked out his tongue and tasted the hard, sweat-salty head. Caught off-guard Darius said, "What the fuck? Hey, boy, didn't I warn you about ...?" But his words died away.

In this action Eddie was the master. 'The best little cocksucker in town' was the consensus opinion of the tribe and he was already going to work on Darius, licking the hard, sensitive corona of the head.

"Holy shit," Darius murmured as Eddie deftly unzipped his cutoffs, pulled out the solid piece of horsemeat and swallowed it whole. "Jesus!" He turned round so the rope was round his waist rather than his back and he leaned forward safely against the boy's face. Eddie swung into action, using all his many talents to rouse the cock to rock hardness and Darius to a state of helpless desire.

"Shit, damn, boy," he groaned. "Yeah, eat that meat." Not many men could swallow all of his thick ten-inches but Eddie's throat had, since his time working in the bar, much of it on his knees, learned a flexibility that could accommodate even this black club. He had a knack of making a man forget everything except the euphoric sensation in his cock as the hot mouth held it captive, squeezing, releasing, teasing, driving a man wild.

Up above Steve and Lloyd watched in awe. "That is amazing," Steve said. "Look at the way the kid eats that cock. If we had a camera we could make a movie - call it 'Nibbler on the Roof'." He chuckled at his own joke but Lloyd was concerned. "Doesn't look safe to me. That roof's not flat - it's a 4 in 12 pitch."

"Lloyd, stop thinking like an architect, will you, and think like a nineteen-year-old boy with a ten inch black cock in his mouth. Eddie's having a whale of a time."

Steve was right. Eddie always salivated whenever he saw Darius's huge horse cock and now he was actually sucking it, driving his hero wild. He pulled his own cock out of his shorts and stroked it as he sucked. It wasn't long before his body shuddered, he moaned into the gag of the cock ... and busted another load of jizz, this time over Darius's boots.

The sight of cum running over his boots snapped Darius out of his trance and he yanked his cock out of the boy's mouth. "What the fuck's going on, kid? You've cum again, after everything I've said. Look at my fucking boots. Clean them up, dammit."

Eddie leaned down and eagerly sucked the cum off his boots. Darius looked down at the hot young buck licking his boots clean, and the sight of that, coupled with the fact that the boy had sucked his cock to a roaring heat, made him so close to busting his own load that he decided to end all this once and for all.

He yanked Eddie to his feet, slipped the rope off himself and put it round the boy. He pulled Eddie's arms round the chimney stack and tied them so he was bound tight, his chest pressing against the chimney. "OK, kid, I've had enough. You've been asking for this all day. Hassan said I could do whatever it takes, and this is what it takes ....."

"Aaagh!" Eddie howled in real pain this time as all ten inches of the black shaft drove hard into his ass and slammed at the tender membrane deep inside. "Aaah, no, sir ... please, that hurts. I'll be good, I promise, I'll do whatever you tell me, but please don't fuck me, sir."

Darius knew very well that Eddie was begging for the very opposite. He longed for his hero to fuck him, so Darius did, though he was careful not to go over his pain threshold. His cock could be a lethal weapon, but also an instrument of sublime pleasure, which is what Eddie was feeling now. But still, Darius scared him just a bit.

"I'm sick to death of your insolence, boy. You really know how to get under a guy's skin, don't you? Well this guy don't take insolence from no-one, least of all from a scabby-kneed kid like you. This dick of mine can split a punk like you in two. So here it comes ...."

Darius pulled back then drove his cock in again, inch after endless inch, impaling the boy on his massive shaft. Eddie was pressed hard against the chimney but he was able to push his ass back onto the long rod as it pistoned into him. Tears sprang from his eyes, tears of joy rather than pain.

After a long jack-hammering Darius knew the boy was reaching his limit and he slowed down so Eddie could feel every inch of the long shaft sliding deep inside him. The long, sensuous strokes were bringing them both close to orgasm and Eddie whimpered, "Please, sir, I can't take any more. Your cock is so huge, sir, it's gonna make me cum again."

"You gonna obey me from now on, punk? You gonna submit to your boss?" Eddie nodded, tears still flowing down his cheeks. "OK, boy, here it comes." Their shouts echoed round the hills as they both shot simultaneously, the black stud deep in the boy's ass, Eddie all over the bricks of the chimney.

Up above Steve said, "Hey, Lloyd, you're the architect, you think jism hold bricks together as well as cement?"

"Knowing those guys, probably better." When they saw the boys break apart Steve and Lloyd stood up, cheered and applauded. Suddenly aware they had an audience Darius and Eddie took their bow. Standing on the ridge of the roof, one on each side of the chimney, they wrapped one arm round the chimney, leaned outward and raised the other arm in a flourish, whooping in triumph.

Steve laughed, "Kinda gives a whole new meaning to 'shouting it from the rooftops', eh buddy?"

They yelled down an invitation for the boys to join them. Before they jumped in the pool to clean off they stood naked in front of Steve and Lloyd, Darius facing them flaunting the monster cock swinging between his legs, and Eddie with his back to them showing off his bubble butt. Seen close-up it seemed even more amazing that Eddie's ass could have swallowed up the whole ten inches. Then, with a jubilant shout the boys dived in the pool.

"See," Steve said, ever the therapist, "that's why those two guys get on so well - same crazy sense of humor. I know it drives Zack and Hassan nuts sometimes. Looks like Eddie didn't behave as well as Hassan ordered. I reckon when they get back the kid will have some explaining to do. Wouldn't want to be in his place when he faces the Marine, the leather-master and leather-boy."

"You wouldn't?" Lloyd grinned. "Sounds hot to me - I'd trade places with him anytime. By the way, I wonder how those two muscle-hunks are getting on together. We just spied on their boys - pity we can't get a look at their masters too."


Lloyd, or anyone for that matter, would surely have been turned on by what he saw. The two men were feeling good astride their bikes, speeding side by side on winding canyon roads, feeling the sun and wind on their faces and exposed chests, their shirts streaming back behind them. The Marine and the construction worker were both macho alpha males - square-cut features, flawlessly muscular physiques - and they needed to flaunt their manhood in the company of another like-minded male.

Hassan was taking them to the wild area of rugged canyons, woods and streams that the Marines sometimes used for maneuvers. He knew it would be deserted right now, the perfect spot to kick back with his buddy. He led them to a favorite place where he sometimes came alone to unwind - a clearing in the canyon by a small waterfall where a stream splashed down into a pool before flowing on becoming a tributary of the Los Angeles River.

They parked the bikes, Zack pulled off his leather vest and Hassan took off his shirt. Zack pulled a backpack from his saddlebag and they flopped down on the grass by the pool. Zack opened the bag and said, "See, the twins packed up some food and beer for us before I left."

"Jeez, Bob has those boys well-trained," Hassan grinned.

"Training has nothing to do with it, buddy. Those kids worship him - he saved their lives when they were homeless - and they're always looking for ways to please him. Apparently they're phenomenal in bed, and when they're not in his bed they're in the kitchen dreaming up new ways to show their devotion. They're nigh on perfect - unlike some of our boys who can be pretty high maintenance."

"Tell me about it," Hassan said. "I love my boy like crazy but I guarantee I'll have to exert some discipline when I get back. Maybe you can help me with that, Zack."

"Be a pleasure - I'm sure we can think up something." They fell into a discussion about the boys, the tribe, Randy, Bob, discovering that they felt alike about most things. Zack was the more outgoing of the two, always a commanding presence in the tribe, while Hassan tended to keep to himself in his small hideaway in the Hollywood Hills. But Zack drew him out now and even broached the subject of sex.

If Lloyd had been watching, as he had wanted, this would have been one of his cum shots. The two shirtless bodybuilders sprawled on the grass facing each other, propped on one elbow as they drank beer. It was impossible to choose who was the hotter of the two - the rugged black stud in the leather biker pants, with his virile features and shaved head, his muscular black torso gleaming in the sun - or the Marine stripped down to jeans and boots, his exotic squared-jawed face and slanting eyes, and his spectacular olive-skinned physique.

Even as they spoke casually on everyday topics testosterone was heavy in the air and the sexual attraction between them was unmistakable. Had he been watching, Lloyd would certainly have noticed the bulge getting bigger in their pants. Which is probably what led Zack onto the subject of sex, specifically his predilection for leather bondage and domination.

"Yeah," Hassan frowned, "but I can't really get into that the way you and Adam do. Oh sure, I sometimes tie Eddie up when I fuck him 'coz he loves that but, well, my experiences in the past kind of....." He was really opening up now, feeling it easy to share stuff with this macho, easy-going guy. "Well, you know what I did in that Arab army, assigned to brutal interrogation of prisoners, culminating in Mark, who I chained up, flogged, fucked, tortured and...."

"And fell in love with," Zack said gently. "And I know you followed him here and joined the U.S. Marines. I know the story. When you met him again in that little desert shack of yours you had chained yourself to the wall, waiting for him to work you over as retribution for what you did to him. But see, buddy, those were all situations based on a chain of forced, traumatic events. As a soldier you were under orders to do what you did, and later you did your penance by making Mark do the same to you, even though, knowing Mark, I'm sure he didn't want to.

"But what I'm talking about - what I do - is bondage and domination for sexual pleasure. It's a fantasy world of macho guys in a trial of strength, where you push a guy as far as he can endure it. And he suffers to prove his manhood, show how tough he is, though you never push him beyond his limit. Shit, man, look at you - such a stud, so fucking gorgeous - I've always wanted to see you suffer and submit."

There was a long silence after that as both men felt their cocks pounding. Finally Zack jumped to his feet and said, "Man, I gotta cool off, get rid of all the dust of the road. I stink of sweat."

Hassan stood up too and, fixing their eyes on each other, they kicked off their boots, dropped their pants and stood staring at each other, two muscle-gods buck naked. A smile came to Zack's eyes, the tension eased and they turned and leapt into the pool.

Inevitably it turned into rough-housing - splashing at first, then pushing, shoving and finally full body contact as they raised their arms and clamped hands in an opening wrestling hold, testing each other's strength. Evenly matched they shoved back and forth until, in a sudden move, Hassan curled his leg round Zack's, yanked hard and sent him crashing into the water.

The Marine was on him in a second, locked his arms round him in a crushing bear hug and they rolled over and over in the shallow water, their two powerful bodies writhed together, muscles flexing as they strained for advantage.

The fight was a long one, as what began as a friendly tussle turned into a driving need for each to prove his masculinity and superior strength. They were both nearing exhaustion when Zack pinned Hassan beneath him, on his back in the mud. "You're mine now, man," he growled. "No way you can get out of this."

"Think again, asshole." Hassan bent his knee, pressed his foot on Zack's chest and pushed with all his strength. Zack flew back through the air and crashed on his back with a huge splash. Hassan jumped to his feet and pumped his fists in the air in triumph. He yelled down at the fallen man, "I win. You can never beat a Marine. We are the best. Semper Fi."

Dazed, Zack shook his head and the image cleared of the victorious Marine several yards away. Anger fueled the black musclehunk and with a hidden reserve of strength he heaved himself off the ground, sprang forward and crashed against the Marine, locking his arms round him in a brutal bear-hug. It was Zack's special wrestling hold, given the massive strength in his arms and the unbreakable lock in his clenched hands, pressing against the small of Hassan's back.

"Aaagh!" Hassan's agonized cry rang through the trees as he felt the true strength of the man crushing him. "You're finished, man," Zack yelled. "No one ever escapes this hold. Feel this?" He took a deep breath and clamped his arms harder round him like a steel vise.

Hassan's magnificent body was suspended in midair, his arms and legs flailing. He hammered his fists on Zack's shoulders, then pushed against his forehead, straining backward trying desperately to break the hold. But Zack was like a rock and pressed his locked hands harder into Hassan's back, brutally squeezing his waist with his biceps.

"Give up, man. You're beaten. You can't escape and you know it."

The Marine was screaming in agony. "You're breaking my back. Aaagh ... I can't take any more. OK, OK, you win. I submit... I submit. Please, man, I give up .... Let me go."

Zack at last loosened the hold and threw Hassan contemptuously away from him. The broken Marine landed heavily on his back in the mud and lay there in humiliating defeat. Zack towered over him in triumph and said, "You lose, soldier ... and now you'll pay.


With no fight left in him Hassan allowed himself to be pulled up bodily and carried to a tree. He leaned back against it in a semi-conscious daze, only dimly aware what Zack was doing. Zack pulled ropes out of his saddlebag, stood behind the tree, reached round and pulled the soldier's arm back round the trunk. He tied his wrists together, leaving a long length of rope hanging from them. He threw the other end over a branch above them and pulled the rope taut.

Hassan's elbows bent and his arm were pulled up behind his back in a double hammerlock. Zack walked round to face the bound Marine and grabbed the end of the rope dangling from the branch above. By pulling on it the rope tightened and pulled Hassan's arms higher up his back.

"You see, soldier, a real simple instrument of torture with just a single length of rope. No need for all that fancy equipment you used in the military. My methods are different too. See, I wanna see just how tough you Marines can be ... and you're gonna get off on it. In fact, when I'm finished with you you're gonna bust a load from that cock and beg me to fuck your ass."

"Fuck you, man," Hassan sneered. "I told you I'm not into this shit."

"Oh but you will be, soldier. "You'll be so into it you'll be begging for more."

He took a few steps back and gazed at the bound soldier. "Shit, man, that is so fucking beautiful - the Marine Captain captured and bound, his spectacular naked body at the mercy of the leather-jock who wrestled him to defeat. And all I have to do is this...." He tweaked the rope, enough to exert slightly more pressure on the arms. Hassan inhaled sharply as his arms were pulled upward behind him and a stab of pain shot through his shoulders and arms.

"Oh, man, if you could only see how hot that looks - your shoulders and biceps pumped to the max, straining against the rope ... those rock-hard pecs flexing forward ... that look on your handsome face as you wince in pain! This is some fantasy! It's fucking homoerotic, pornographic - enough to make any man lose his load. I should bring a bunch of guys here and watch them pump their semen all over the tortured muscles of the Marine's beautiful body."

"Yeah, I'm a Marine," Hassan growled, "and we don't break easy. We're trained to survive stuff like this. You wanna hear me beg you to fuck my ass? Good luck on that one, asshole."

Zack's eyes flashed and he yanked hard on the rope, jerking the soldier's arms up high behind him. "Aaaagh!" Hassan screamed, feeling like his arms were being ripped from their sockets. Zack held it a few seconds then loosened the rope and the Marine exhaled sharply in relief.

"Well what d'ya know?" Zack smiled. "Look at that big Marine cock. Signs of life. I swear it's starting to get stiff."

"Fuck you, man. You'll never get what you want out of me. Come on - do your worst."

Zack clenched his jaw, stared hard at the tough Marine, and said, "You asked for it, Captain."

Again he pulled the rope, harder this time and for longer, eliciting agonized screams from the writhing soldier. Then Zack loosened the rope, watched the tension drain from Hassan's body, then yanked it again, with the same result. Zack knew that physical pain combined with the anguish of uncertainty could finish a man off. So he alternately pulled hard on the rope, then released it, at irregular intervals so the prisoner never knew when the next jolt of pain was coming.

Sweat was pouring down the Marine's face but he was determined to endure this trial of strength. He knew he could end it at any time by simply submitting but he needed to prove his mental and physical strength, his very manhood, to the muscle-god he admired. Zack was smiling at him. "Had enough, soldier?"

"Go to hell," Hassan snarled."

"Shit man you really are tough. Not often they come as hard to break as you." He pulled the rope moderately hard and tied the end round the tree trunk, leaving Hassan with constant but bearable pain in his straining arms. Zack pulled something else from his bag - tit clamps that he clipped over Hassan's hard, bulging nipples.

Hassan gasped as Zack pulled on the chain between the clamps, jerking the tits harder and harder. Tears spurted from the soldier's eyes, but when Zack stopped Hassan smiled at him defiantly. "Think that's gonna do it, asshole? Hell you could rip them off and I still wouldn't submit to you. You lose, asshole."

Zack grinned at him in admiration. "You are one tough mother-fucker, soldier. You're right, I'll never make you surrender your ass like this. You're like Randy ... I could never break that guy with physical pain no matter how brutal. But there's a power greater than pain - and that's sex."

Zack's steel gray eyes bored into Hassan's and the soldier felt his own cock pulse as the deep voice continued. "I'm not gonna release you man, and I'm not gonna increase the pain either. But I am gonna break you, soldier. You're gonna bust your load and beg me to fuck your ass." Zack moved closer and pressed his lips against Hassan's, probing hungrily with his tongue. Then he broke away leaving the Marine stunned, unable to stop his cock getting harder.

Zack strode over to his bike and wheeled it round in front of the bound man, ten feet away. Then ... he got dressed. He pulled on his tight leather pants and buckled them at his slim waist. He put on the heavy biker boots and pulled on his black leather vest that hung open over his chest. He pulled a peaked leather cap from his bag and put it on his shaved head. Finally he buckled leather biker wrist straps round both wrists and another just above his left bicep.

He threw his leg over the Harley and kick started it, letting it throb between his legs. Then he leaned back in the seat and folded his arms over his massive chest. "Get a good look, soldier. This is the guy who beat you in a fair fight, tied you up and tortured you. Man you look fucking spectacular - the handsome Marine Captain a prisoner, roped to a tree, arms stretched up behind him in a painful double-hammerlock, his tits burning under serrated clamps."

He leaned back on the bike and ran his hands over his own gleaming black body - his eight-pack abs, the slabs of his pecs, his neck, broad shoulders and down over his muscled arms. He was making love to his own magnificent body while the bike throbbed between his legs.

Hassan watched Zack spellbound. God he was beautiful, in full leather - pants, vest, cap, straps round his wrists and biceps. Zack was the perfect icon of a leather-master, a sexually charged drawing from a homoerotic collection - and Hassan was his prisoner. The image was driving the soldier wild. The pain in his shoulders and tits disappeared as his cock grew hard as steel. Zack lick both his thumbs and stroked them over his own hard nipples, moaning with narcissistic pleasure ... and lust for the captive Marine.

"Shit , man, I was gonna fuck your ass but you look so damn beautiful - such a fucking fantasy of a tortured muscle-god Marine - that I'm gonna get off just looking at you. You know how great it feels to jack off looking at a man like you hanging helpless in bondage, while I imagine what it feels like to drive my cock in his ass? Better even than the real thing." He reached down, unzipped his pants, pulled out his fully erect cock and stroked it slowly.

"Look at this club, man, hard as steel. Shame you're not gonna feel it sliding into your ass. Still, I'm gonna get off, making love to myself, squeezing my tits and looking at my tortured Marine prisoner. Shit it feels good. You are so fucking hot, I'm getting harder. I can feel my balls bursting with spunk, shooting up my cock. I'm gonna cum, man...!"

"NO!" Hassan was writhing in his ropes, desperate to get free - desperate to feel this leather-god's rod in his ass. "Don't cum .... don't .... I want it ... I want your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me, man."

"You know what you have to do soldier. Look at this." He sat back and opened his arms wide, flexing his muscles, clenching his fists, the bike throbbing under him. He thrust his pelvis forward. "You want this? You want this big black buck on top of you, his rod pile-driving your ass? You wanna feel your ass impaled on this huge dick, man, you wanna feel the black leather-jock blasting his jizz inside you?

"YES!" I want you to fuck my ass. I'm begging you, man. OK, I submit to you ... I give up. You're so fucking hot, I can't hold back..... oh fuck ... fuck .... aaagh!" A long ribbon of cum blasted from his cock, followed by another and another as his body thrashed against the ropes, pain shooting through his shoulders, his arms and chest. He screamed, "I - want - you - to - fuck - me!!"

He slumped sobbing in the ropes moaning "Please ... please." Zack jumped from the bike, ran forward, eased the clamps off his tits and cut him free. Hassan slumped against him and Zack lowered him to the ground on his back. He threw off his cap, knelt down and pushed Hassan's legs up high. He pressed the head of his dick between the mounds of his ass and said, "Man, you are one hot fucking stud - awesome - so fucking beautiful. Here's what you want, man."

Zack gently pushed his cock into the burning ass, down the chute, deeper and deeper until it came to rest and Zack's pubic hair pressed against the soldier's ass. Their eyes met and Hassan groaned, "You're incredible Zack. That scene was so fucking hot - you could make me do anything. Your cock feels sensational. Fuck me, buddy. Fuck my ass."

It was one of the best fucks either of them had ever had, two spectacular alpha males, top-men, sharing their rugged manhood in a fantasy trial of strength that blew their minds. Hassan looked up at Zack, his ebony muscles flexing under his leather vest, the leather wrist bands close to Hassan's face as Zack pinned his hands to the ground.

"I know you already shot your load, man," Zack said, "but watching you made me so damn hot I gotta cum." He buried his dick in his ass, then pushed the head over the inner sphincter and poured hot semen in the fiery cauldron of his ass. Hassan's eyes open wide and he howled as he pumped a second load of semen, this time over his chest.

They stared into each other's eyes as their cocks drained, aware that they had tested the bounds of their strength and their manhood and had both emerged triumphant. It had been a spectacular display of raw, rough sex between two muscle-jocks at the peak of their power.

They lay together on the grass by the stream and slept in each other's arms for a while. But soon they stirred and Zack said groggily, "Guess we better be making tracks, eh buddy? The boys will be wondering where we got to."

"Yeah, the boys," Hassan grinned, pulling his clothes on. "You know, after getting worked over and fucked by you the thing I want most right now is to fuck my boy - show him who's boss.

"God I love that kid but I saw his cheeky mood when we left. Ten to one he's misbehaved with Darius and I'll have to teach him he can't get away with that shit. Maybe if he's faced by a Marine, a leather-master and his boy, maybe even Steve and Lloyd, he'll be so scared he'll clean up his act, start obeying orders for a change."

"Wouldn't bet on it, man," Zack chuckled. "More likely he'll be so fucking turned on he'll eat it up - in more ways than one."

With a roguish laugh they straddled the Harleys and roared off in the direction of home.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 247


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