There was always an instinct in the boys to circle the wagons in a time of crisis ..... and they knew this was a crisis. Jamie, Pablo, Darius and Nate sat at the table by the pool and between them they were able to piece together most of what had gone down here. They looked around at the burnt-out tree and the charred debris on the ground, and they had all sensed the anger and bitterness that had flared up between Mark and Bob.

It had all started when the twins' barbecue got out of control and they had to call the fire brigade. One of the firefighters left behind to mop up the hotspots turned out to be the gorgeous hunk in the Fireman's Calendar they kept secretly under their bed. He was the ultimate muscle-god, a masturbatory icon so beautiful as to be pornographic.

Mesmerized, they readily agreed to spectacular sex with him, only to be interrupted by Mark, who was shocked at the sight of this total betrayal of the man he loved .... Bob. He dealt with the fireman first, handcuffing him and fucking his virgin ass. Then he turned his fury on the twins, losing control as he brutally fucked their faces.

Enter Bob, stunned to see the enraged cop brutalizing his boys. The results were traumatic ..... bitter enmity between Mark and Bob, and the disappearance of the twins who, unable to bear the shame and guilt, had run away.

While Bob and Mark were out searching for the twins the other boys were putting their heads together. They understood that the worst part of the drama was the rupture between Bob and Mark. Everyone knew they were in love with each other, so the idea of them being enemies was unthinkable. It was Jamie who took the lead.

"Guys, it's up to us! Seems like everyone's made a royal fuck-up of this whole mess, and it's up to the boys to put things right. I think we can, guys. For starters I have a pretty good idea where the twins have gone. I once told them about the place I ran away to. Remember, Pablo, where you and Billy found me? My guess is they've gone there. But we don't wanna scare them off, so I think I should go find them first, then you guys come after as back-up."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Darius. "And after that we'll kind of make things up as we go along. Agreed?" They all slapped their right hands on top of each other's to seal the deal. "Hey," said Darius, "just like a band of brothers. Then again, I guess that's kinda what we are."


If a man, or a boy, walks a couple of miles from the house, down the hill, across Figueroa and over the Pasadena Freeway, he will come to the Arroyo Seco, a sprawling, green wilderness area where a person can lose himself. During the day it was frequented by hikers, but at night it was home to coyotes, deer and other animals seeking refuge from the city. It was also home to the homeless, where people down on their luck would spend the night in the thick brush.

It had been Jamie's home for a while, way back when he was living rough with a buddy before he was taken in by the house and eventually became Mark's boy. Jamie had told the wide-eyed twins stories of that time and place, and had even taking him there once on one of their hikes. The twins had looked in amazement at the small, hidden hollow, surrounded by bushes, where Jamie and his buddy had once hunkered down.

Knowing the twins as well as he did Jamie had a hunch that, in their despair and misery, that's the spot they would head for. He had gone on ahead of the other boys after giving them directions. Now he tramped through the grass and brush, recalling with a shudder of recognition the trails he had followed as a young outcast from society. He thought now of his hero, Mark, and the trouble he was in with Bob, and longed to feel his strong arms round him.

But first things first ..... he had to help put things right. As he approached the hollow he heard low, somber voices. He took a deep breath, broke through the bushes ..... and there were the twins, huddled close together, sitting on the grass, hunched forward miserably with their arms round their knees. They looked up startled.

"Jamie! What are you doing here?" They looked past him with alarm. "Is Bob with you?"

Jamie sat down next to them and smiled. "No, just me. I guessed you would come here. You're not the only guys ever to fuck up, you know. I did once.... big time .... with Mark."

"You did?

"Yeah ..... I must've been crazy letting Steve fuck me. Mark caught us and beat up Steve and I thought Mark would be so pissed off he would throw me out, so I ran away ..... came here."

"Just like us," said Kevin.

"Yeah, just like that. But you know what? Mark didn't want to throw me out. No ..... he still loved me and went frantic trying to find me. Then Pablo came to get me with Billy."

They perked up slightly on hearing that someone had once been in exactly their predicament, but gloom quickly fell upon them again and tears began flowing down their cheeks. "Yeah, dude," Kyle said between sobs, "but that was you and Mark. We can never go back after what we did!" He heaved a miserable sigh. "Everyone in that house loves Bob, and we're the guys who betrayed him and fucked things up between him and Mark. How could we face anyone after that? No one in that house is gonna even want to look at us."

Just then there was a rustling in the bushes and Pablo's dog Billy burst into the clearing. He rushed up to the startled twins, tail wagging furiously, and started to lick their faces, lapping up the tears on their cheeks. Jamie stood up and laughed. "There's your answer, dudes! At least one guy in the house still loves you."

"And that goes for us too, mates," came the unmistakable Australian accent of Nate as he followed Billy into the hollow along with Pablo and Darius.

The four boys sat crossed-legged facing the twins, making a tight circle ..... their version of circling the wagons. "Dudes," said Pablo, "don't think you're any different from us. We've all fucked up in our time, and been punished for it. But let me tell you something, when those guys take you on as their boy, that's it, you're theirs for keeps ..... fuck-ups and all. So whad'ya say? Come back with us and face the music. And we'll be right there cheering you on."

Confused and uncertain the twins looked from one eager face to another. Seeing they were wavering Darius said, "Think of it another way, dudes. If you don't come back us guys are gonna have to do the cooking. Picture it ..... an hour of that your kitchen's gonna look like a war zone."

Surprisingly that was the clincher. Above all else the twins took pride in their kitchen and their cooking skills and they couldn't stand the thought of anyone screwing it all up. "You guys can't cook," Kevin said softly, and the boys nodded in bright-eyed agreement. Slowly the twins pulled themselves to their feet. The boys put their arms round their shoulders and they allowed themselves to be led away from this place of sad memories.


About that time Bob pulled up to the house and dropped his face onto his hands on the steering wheel, emotionally exhausted. He climbed wearily from the car, walked through the gate ..... and came face to face with Randy. He had just got home from work and was looking around with amazement and mounting anger at the burnt tree, blackened barbecue and debris scattered all over the garden.

"What the fuck's happened here?" he barked. "What's been going on? And where the fuck is everyone .... Mark .... the boys? The place is deserted." Then he saw the ashen look on Bob's face. "Hey, buddy, what's up? You look like shit. Here, let's go inside and get a drink."

"Thanks Randy," he said, "but I'd rather we go up to our room. I don't want to run into Mark right now. They went upstairs, Randy poured two large brandies and listened as Bob haltingly described everything that had happened. When he came to the part where Mark was savagely fucking the twins' faces, punishing them for having sex with the fireman, Randy had heard enough and jumped to his feet, his eyes blazing.

"Where is he? Where's Mark? I'll damn well ...... and the asshole fireman ..... what fire station did he come from?"

He walked toward the door but Bob barred his way. "No, Randy, please, don't." He had a vision of Randy beating the crap out of Mark, then tearing apart the fire station. "That'll only mess things up even worse. Please, man. My only concern now is the twins. They've run away and I was out looking for them but realized I'd be more use here so I can talk to them if they should call. Please, Randy, sit back down." His voice cracked with anxiety and fatigue. "I need you with me, man."

Randy looked at his stricken lover and gathered him into his arms in a tight bearhug. There was a heavy silence, broken suddenly by the ring of the house phone. Bob broke away and grabbed the phone. "Yes?" His body slumped with relief as he heard Jamie's voice. "It's OK, sir. I found them ..... they're with me and the boys. We're bringing them home."

"Jamie..... thank you ..... thank you. You're a great kid. I'll meet you at the gate. Great job, Jamie. You're terrific." He hung up the phone, turned to Randy and fell into his arms again. "They're safe. Jamie and the boys have got them. I'll meet them outside and take them into their house." He pulled back and looked into Randy's eyes. "And while I'm gone, please, Randy, please...."

"OK, OK, cool it, buddy. I promise I won't take Mark apart ....." he grinned ".... or the fire station. When the other boys come in they can help me clean up outside and then" (with a mock salute) "I'll wait for orders from the boss."

"God I love you, man. Thanks for....." He teared up, but checked himself and became businesslike. "When I've had a talk with the twins I'll call you on your cell to join us. I think I'm gonna need your help with what I have in mind."


Bob stood outside the house and watched the group trudging up the hill. The twins still appeared to be in shock, but the other boys were animatedly trying to cheer them up. Darius, naturally, was leading the effort and his cheerful voice floated up to Bob as they approached. "So, dudes, don't forget the rule of the house. It's a ritual called 'spilling the beans'. When this is over we want to hear everything ..... every last detail. And feel free to exaggerate." Bob couldn't help smiling. There was nobody like Darius to cheer a boy up.

The boys' laughter died down as they saw Bob waiting for them. Bob thanked them profusely, with a special smile for Jamie that melted him as it always did. "OK, guys, while I talk to the twins Randy's waiting for you to help clean up the mess in the garden." A few minutes later Bob was facing the twins in their little house in Zack's grounds, their heads hanging down, afraid to make eye contact. Bob made them sit at the kitchen table and he sat facing them.

"OK, now first I want you both to look me in the eyes." Slowly they raised their heads and Bob's heart melted when he saw the haunted look of guilt and fear in their eyes. "Right, you should be able to see in my eyes that I still love you, OK?"

"Yes, sir ..... thank you, sir."

"Good, now we've got that settled I want you to tell me what happened. Take your time." There was an uneasy silence, then a look passed between the twins and Kevin got up and went to the bedroom. He came back with their Fireman's Calendar, sat down and pushed it shyly across the table to Bob. Kyle said quietly, "August, sir. Jason."

Bob flipped the calendar open to the August page and gave a low whistle. "Wow, does this guy here look like your fireman? I only got a quick glimpse of him in the garden."

"You don't understand, sir .... that is him, the same guy. He's Jason. He was in the garden."

Bob looked at them in astonishment and suddenly understood everything. The firefighter was spectacular, stripped to the waist in his bulky yellow pants, suspenders over his heavily muscled torso. Bob could see how the twins couldn't resist, especially as they had doubtless often looked longingly at this picture ...... probably cum all over it. Bob smiled inwardly as he felt his own cock get stiff just looking at the picture.

"OK, kids, now here's the deal. I understand why you were tempted by the guy ..... he's gorgeous. But two things disappoint me ..... one, that you didn't trust me to understand what you did and you ran away. And two, that you didn't feel you could share your fantasies with me. I know I may look like a buttoned-up business executive to you, but I have my share of fantasies too, you know .... hell, Randy is one of them. And you should check with Pablo and Darius. I've taken them on a few fantasy trips that they still talk about, probably still jerk off to."

"Sir, we're very sorry, sir. It's just that we ...." Kevin's voice trailed off as tears filled his eyes.

"Now listen," Bob said. "I want us to put all this behind us. There's kind of a rule in this house that when a boy steps out of line he gets punished ...... and then it's over, done with. You do know you have to get punished, don't you?"

"Oh yes, sir," said Kevin eagerly. "It's what we want," added Kyle. "We need you to punish us."

"Yeah, well, it's not gonna be me. I'm not great at physical punishment but I know someone who is. Wait here for a minute."

Bob left the room and called Randy on his cell. He had a short but intense conversation with him, then rejoined the twins. They sat in an uneasy silence, then suddenly the door flew open and there stood Randy. Looming in the doorway, back-lit by the sun, he was a formidable sight. He was still in his work clothes ..... cargo pants, boots and his dirt-streaked tank-top .... still sweaty from cleaning up the garden in the hot sun. His voice was gruff.

"OK, kids, you should know one thing ..... it's a rule. When anyone messes with my guy here, anyone hurts him, they answer to me. You betrayed him, you get punished ..... by me."


The twins were surprised and dismayed. They had expected Bob to punish them and felt they needed it ...... looked forward to it even. They knew that Bob's gentle soul would never allow him to hurt them. But Randy! His punishments were legendary ..... bondage, ass whippings, and brutal, prolonged fucks. They were scared.

"OK, strip naked. Then on your backs ..... on the bed." They scrambled to obey and soon Randy was towering over the frightened, naked twins, lying pressed close to each other for mutual support. This, they knew, was the worst. To get fucked by the boss was the worst punishment a boy could expect ..... he could rip their asses raw. Their worst fears were confirmed when they saw him with lengths of rope that he had brought in. He worked with the speed of an expert, and minutes later the twins were helpless, their wrists ties to the bedframe above their heads.

Then came his classic command. "Let me see you get free."

The beautiful naked young bodies began to writhe beside each other, tugging at the ropes, their lithe muscles flexing as if they were being stretched on the rack. Standing in the background Bob gazed in awe at the stunning sight ..... two young brothers in helpless bondage, at the mercy of the big, swarthy bodybuilder.

Bob ..... after the first flush of fear, they both suddenly realized that he was still in the room, watching everything. And this provided them with a zone of some comfort. Bob loved them, he had told them so. He would never let anyone really hurt them .... even the fearsome Randy. So when the construction boss knelt between their legs they were not as terrorized as they might have been if Bob had been absent. But Randy's rough voice reignited their fear.

"This fireman ....... did he fuck your ass?"

"Yes, sir," said Kyle timidly.

"Like this?" Roughly Randy pushed Kyle's legs up and pressed the tip of his rod against his hole. Then suddenly he buried the whole length of his shaft into the boy's ass, making him howl with pain. But instantly he pulled back and the pain lessened until the rod thrust down again and Kyle howled as before.

Randy was a master .... and Bob had known it. He had received Bob's instructions and as he pistoned inside the young ass he was hurting the boy enough to make him yell, but not enough to injure him as he could have done. He was expert at this, pushing the boy to his limits, then taking him over his pain threshold for just an instant.

As his body rose and fell over the boy Randy growled, "You're getting your ass fucked by the boss, kid, because you betrayed the boss's lover. Now you're gonna tell me something. Look at me, feel that cock, and tell me who's the best..... me or your fireman? Look at me, boy."

Kyle looked up at the magnificent dark demon, his piercing, hypnotic blue eyes, his muscular chest heaving under the thin fabric of the greasy tank-top, and he felt the huge rod taking him right to the edge of pain but leaving him wanting more. Like so many others before him Kyle was falling under the spell of the man's sexual magnetism and he said, in a trance, "You are, sir. You are the best. Please fuck my ass, sir."

"Good answer, kid." Randy pulled all the way out, paused, and then in one savage move plunged his cock into the depths of his gut, over the inner sphincter into that seldom visited spot. The boy's head flew back and he screamed. Randy had just taking him beyond his limit ...... and it hurt ..... but that didn't stop Kyle from blasting a stream of cum over his chest.

When Kevin's turn came he looked up at Randy with a mix of fear and excitement. As always with the twins, the experience for one was exactly as it had been for the other. Randy gave him the same treatment, burying his cock deep in his ass to the edge of pain, then pulling out, leaving Kevin gasping for more. The boy looked up in awe at the muscle-god's chest heaving under the tight tank, sweat dripping down on him. Randy growled, "Tell me what you want, kid."

"I ..... I want you fuck me harder, sir, make me cum like you did my brother. Please, sir." Randy pulled all the way out, paused ..... and speared the young ass savagely one last time, sending Kevin spinning from pain to ecstasy as he screamed and his cock erupted.

Randy pulled out, stood up and turned to grin at Bob. Bob had trusted him to punish the boys in a way that would hurt them, but not too much ..... to make them scared, but not too much. Randy had delivered as Bob knew he would. Bob smiled at him in appreciation and love. He was crazy about this extraordinary man. Randy pulled off his sweaty tank top and said, "Hey, big guy, you wanna help yourself to some of what's left here?"

Bob pulled off his T-shirt and stood beside Randy, both dropping to their knees on the bed. The twins looked up at them in awe as Randy said, "OK, boys. I just made both of you shoot a hot load of jism. But now you have to apologize to my man here ..... not in words ..... in cum. I wanna see you shoot another load to show you're master how much you love him."

He pressed his cock against Kyle's ass and Bob did the same with Kevin. "OK, stud," Randy said, "let's do it .... let's finish them off." In unison the men pushed their hips forward and their cocks glided into the young asses, already tender from the pounding by the boss's thick pole. The twins gazed up at the two shirtless muscle-gods and heaved huge sighs. They had misbehaved, run away, been rescued by the boys, reunited with Bob and punished by his lover, the boss. And now they were in heaven.

Even though they had shot their loads only minutes ago they couldn't resist the sensation of the cocks sliding gently back and forth in their asses. They were being fucked by their master and his lover ..... and they couldn't hold back. Suddenly Randy shouted, "OK, guys .... Now!" And there were four spectacular orgasms, with the boys shooting another load over their cum-slicked bodies while their masters poured hot juice deep inside them.

There was a long moment as the men and boys gazed at each other, their breath heaving. Randy untied their wrists then sprang to his feet and looked sternly down at them. "OK, guys, that's it. The rule of this house is that you get punished and then it's over." He raised a warning finger. "But make no mistake ..... you ever disobey or hurt this man again, and I will personally come back and ream your young asses so fucking hard you won't be able to sit, let alone get fucked, for weeks. You're home with your master, now. Treat him well."

He turned to leave, but then looked back. "And get your asses back in that kitchen, boys. I'm fucking starving so start cooking."

"Yes sir!" they said in unison, exchanging conspiratorial smiles with Bob as the boss flung his shirt over his shoulder and strode out of the room.


"Better do what the man says," Bob smiled as the twins got off the bed and hugged him. 'You don't want more of that treatment ....... or do you?" There was mischief in their eyes as they ran laughing from the room.

Bob heaved a big sigh. He was relieved that that part was over, but there was still a knot in the pit of his stomach. He kept seeing Mark, kept remembering how he had hurt the twins and how he himself had hit Mark in anger. The bitter accusations and insults they had traded rang in his ears, especially his parting words to Mark ..... "We're finished, buddy. Don't come near me or my boys anymore, is that clear?" There was no going back on that.

Gloomily he trudged across the street and up to his room. Randy was just getting out of the shower with a towel wrapped round his waist. He grinned at Bob. "Was that thing with the twins OK? Did I carry out your orders, sir?"

"To the letter, Randy." Bob smiled and put his arms round him. "You were terrific. Just what I wanted and the twins needed."

"Hell, man, you should learn to dish out punishment yourself. You're way too soft. Still, that's what I love about you. And it means you need to keep a big lug like me around to do your dirty work." Bob pulled away and now Randy noticed the faraway look in his eyes. "Shit, for someone who just got his boys back you sure don't look too happy ..... more like a rainy Tuesday night." He frowned. "It's Mark, right? That big fight you two had?"

"Yeah ..... it's the first time we've ever been enemies, and...." he choked up ...... "sorry, buddy." He turned round to hide the tears welling up in his eyes."

Randy walked forward and threw his arm round his lover's neck. "Listen, man, I've always known you two were in love with each other. I'm OK with that, just as long as I'm always your main man, understood?"

Bob brightened. "Never any doubt of that, stud." He grinned. "You wanna prove it?"

"Damn right," said Randy, letting the towel drop, his iron hard cock rearing up. "Get those fucking clothes off you before I rip them off."


Following Randy's orders the twins had produced dinner on time. It was Randy and Bob who were late. When they finally walked into the living room the glow round them was obvious to all the men sitting round the table, and they were greeted with a ripple of applause.

Dinner was served by the twins and Nate, but there was still a cloud hanging over the group, heightened by the absence of Mark and Jamie. Mark had taken his boy out to dinner. Conversation skirted round the elephant in the room, the almost unbelievable rift between Bob and Mark, two of the most popular men in the house who had been so in love with each other.

At another meal table, in a nearby restaurant, there was a similar tiptoeing through the conversation minefield. Mark was proud of Jamie's taking the lead in finding the boys and his affection for his boy was warmer than ever. But beneath that his mood was still somber. Like Bob, Mark's unhappiness was tinged with the shreds of anger that still lingered and, like Bob, he was determined not to be the one to heal the breach.

Jamie understood everything and couldn't bear to see his beautiful master so sad. But, as before with the twins, a plan was forming in Jamie's mind and he said carefully, "Sir, I was thinking ...... you know how you gave me your shack in the dunes. Well, sir, as it's mine now I would like to invite you up there for a couple of days. Be good to get out of town."

Not for the first time Mark was surprised by the insight and kindness of his boy. Mark had been dreading his first confrontation with Bob, and this would be a way of delaying it, of putting some distance between them. Yeah, a trip with his boy up to the dunes was exactly what he needed. He smiled for the first time and placed his hands over Jamie's on the table.

"Jamie, I love the hell out of you, boy. As it happens I've been working back-to-back shifts so I have a few days coming to me. How about we leave first thing in the morning? The way I'm feeling, though, I might not be such great company so why don't you invite Nate along too? You two can get in some surfing while I nurse my bruised feelings."

"Awesome, sir." Jamie smiled, pleased with himself. So far so good.


That evening Mark went to bed early, going into his apartment the back way to avoid the others, especially Bob. But Jamie stayed, and when the meal had been cleared away all the boys huddled round the table outside. At first Darius was in charge, insisting on the 'spilling the beans' ritual he had mentioned to the twins. Emboldened by Bob's attitude to their Fireman's Calendar they decided to share it. They pushed it across the table to Darius and said, "August."

Darius flipped it open and his eyes grew wide. "No way, dudes. This was never the actual guy! He's totally fucking awesome ..... and he was actually here?" With mock solemnity he got up, fell to his knees and kissed the ground Jason had walked on.

After the raucous laughter died down the twins did indeed 'spill all the beans' of their adventure with Jason to their spellbound buddies. Only one of the boys did not fully share the high spirits of the others. Jamie remained silent and contemplative and it didn't escape Nate's notice. "What's up, mate? You still worried about that Mark and Bob thing?" All eyes were on Jamie.

"Look, guys," he said, "I know we got the twins back for Bob, but we've still got work to do. I think us boys can fix this mess and I have a plan. But Darius, you'll have to enlist Zack's help."

"Hell, nothing I like better than a good conspiracy," Darius grinned. "OK, dude, what's the scoop?"

And so the plan went into action. Early the next morning Darius had a private word with Zack, who grinned and said, "Leave it to me, kiddo."

At breakfast Bob was still withdrawn and gloomy. He had given Jamie time off from the office, though all he had told Bob was that Mark was taking him out of town, not where. But Bob was certain it was to avoid him. While the twins were away in the kitchen Zack smiled at Bob.

"I don't get it, buddy. You have a great night of sex with that stud of yours, you've got your boys back and still you look like you're on death row. Listen, maybe you can do a favor to me and yourself at the same time. That shack of mine in the dunes. I've been trying to get up there to check it out ..... make sure it's still standing .... but work's been a bitch and I haven't had time. Why don't you take the twins up there for a few days ..... give them a treat after all the shit that's gone down here? Breathe again, man .... get out from under those rain clouds."

The twins had just come out with more coffee and they heard the last bit of Zack's suggestion. Their eyes sparkled as they looked expectantly at Bob. He saw their eager anticipation, thought for a minute and said, "Well, I sure could you a breath of sea air. If you're sure about this, Zack, it's a terrific idea, eh guys?" The twins nodded enthusiastically. "I was gonna work at home the next couple of days but I guess it can wait. Hey, Pablo, you think you and Darius can cope here, with Nate gone too? It'll just be you two, Randy and Zack."

"He'll cope," Randy growled into his coffee, "if he ever wants to feel my dick in his ass again."

"Yes please, sir," Pablo beamed, with his familiar crooked gin.


So quickly did Bob warm to the idea of getting away with the twins that he couldn't wait to leave. Next morning it took only an hour or two for him to make a few business calls and the twins to pack supplies. Alone in the kitchen Kyle made a quick, breathless call to Jamie's cell. "We're on, dude ..... it worked ...... stay tuned."

And then they were on the road. Bob had taken the truck so they could all share the front seat but it was a fairly silent trip as Bob was still wrapped in melancholy. The twins didn't much mind the silence, though. They were with the man they idolized, he had forgiven them, they were going on a trip, and all was right with the world ...... or soon would be if their plan worked. They smiled at each other conspiratorially and gave each other's hand a hidden squeeze.

A few hours ahead of them there was a similar mood in Mark's truck. He was mostly silent, wrestling with his confusion of anger, guilt and desolation as he saw Bob's beautiful face constantly before him. But, ever the cop, he was defiant. No way would he apologize or reconcile with Bob. Later, after they had arrived at the cabin and had a bite to eat he tried to relax in the sun. But he was restless and knew what he needed to shake off his dark mood.

Physical exercise usually helped him through times like this and he turned to his old friends, the bench press and weights he had there, and the chin bar in the door frame. His concentration became intense as he began his workout. Jamie and Nate had kept their distance, letting Mark brood on his own. But now they watched from behind a nearby dune, as the near-naked cop in gym shorts strained and grunted, his spectacular body lying on the bench, his chest and biceps flexing and straining as he pressed ever heavier weights.

The boys had watched this before but it never ceased to enthrall them. Hidden from view they gazed in awe, stroking their hard dicks faster and faster. When Mark sprang from the bench and began pulling himself up to the chin bar the sight of his splayed muscles was too much for them and Nate said softly, "You gonna cum, mate?" "Are you kidding?" Jamie whispered. "Let's do it, dude." And they both shot a long stream of juice into the hot sand.

But even after a rigorous workout Mark was still not at peace. He drank a beer, or half of it, paced, then turned to the boys and said, "I gotta go for a run, guys. Wanna come?"

"Sir," Jamie said, "me and Nate were just waxing our boards to go surfing. Is it OK if we ......"

"Sure, sure," Mark said absently. "Just be careful out there." He turned and began a steady jog up the beach.

But the boys didn't go surfing. They rested their boards against the shack and Jamie pulled out his cell phone. "Hey, great," he said to Kevin, "you're there already. Now listen ......"

Bob and the twins had just arrived and as Bob came from the truck Kevin quickly put away his phone. Bob stripped down to his swim trunks but it was obvious to the twins that his mind was elsewhere. They glanced at each other and Kyle said casually, "Sir, how far down the beach is Mark's shack?"

Bob looked up sharply at the sound of Mark's name. "Well, technically it's Jamie's now, but it's about three miles away." Suddenly he wanted to be somewhere that reminded him of Mark, a place they had spent happier times. "Now you mention it, when any of us is here we usually check on each other's place if it's empty, just to make sure everything's OK. So if you guys don't mind finishing unloading the truck I think I'll take a run down there. Do me good."

They encouraged him to go, and as he ran off they high fived each other, their eyes gleaming.


At the other end of the beach the afternoon sun beat down on Mark as he picked up speed, his feet pounding the wet sand. He breathed deeply but his jaw was clenched as he willed himself to get over the despair he felt. Once again he ran over in his mind the events in the garden, the things he had done to the twins, had said to Bob. Had it been all his fault? Hell no, he was just giving the twins what they deserved because he loved Bob. No, he was fucking in love with him .... the man was magnificent. But what was it he had said? "We're finished, buddy. Don't come near me or my boys anymore." That was plain enough. They were done.

And then, in the distance he saw what looked like a figure approaching.

As Bob ran steadily down the beach he was eager to get to Mark's shack. There would be nobody there, but he knew how to get in, it was easy. He wanted to breathe in the essence of the man, to lie on the bed where they had once ..... he tried not to think of the sex they had had there. Mark's used clothes were always scattered on the bed and he wanted to hold them, smell them, be close to Mark .... or as close as he would ever be again, he thought mournfully.

His eyes were becoming moist, but through his tears he saw something moving in the distance. The sun was shining straight into his eyes, dazzling him, but it looked like someone running. Strange, there usually wasn't another soul on this remote, deserted beach.

Down the beach Mark squinted. As he ran through the surf the spray clouded his vision but now he could make out the shape of a man. Yes, a tall, well-built man, he was sure of that. Shit, his mind had been focused so much on Bob that it was playing tricks now. The guy even looked like him.

Bob was gasping for breath, not from exertion but from disbelief. It couldn't be .... not here .... It was like a mirage shimmering on the hot sand. He didn't know what to do ..... his impulse was to turn and run away ..... he couldn't face him. But it was too late ..... the muscular Greek God was pounding toward him. Bob stopped, rooted in the wet sand.

Mark slowed and gazed at the stunning body, the beautiful square-jawed face, the tousled dark hair. He came within fifty yards and stopped running. The two men gazed at each other mesmerized, and all the anger, doubt, confusion fled from their minds. Each man focused on only one thing ..... the beautiful man standing before him, the man he loved, the man he needed right now more than anything. Their cocks were straining for release in their shorts.

They both started running again, faster and faster until at last they fell into each other's arms. Their faces came together and they were kissing, licking, biting, trying to get closer, inside each other, their passion erupting out of the anguish they had both been suffering. They pulled back, gazed into each other's eyes, then kissed again, their tongues searching hungrily deep inside the other's mouth.

When at last they separated they ran their hands over each other's body. Slowly they sank to their knees, embraced again, and soon their bodies were clamped together, churning over in the shallow surf. They were gasping, their hearts pounding as they tried desperately to convey through muscular strength the depth of their longing and overwhelming relief of being together.

When they came to rest at last Mark was on his back with Bob on top of him and they stared at each other with eyes of wonder. Mark stroked Bob's face and said quietly, "Fuck me, man. Show me you forgive me. Please, please ..... fuck me. I need to feel your cock in my ass. Please, man ....."

In an instant they were tearing frantically at each other's shorts, feeling the ass muscles clench as the fabric tore to shreds. Bob grabbed Mark's legs, pushed them high and plunged his cock into his ass. As the surf splashed over them they both screamed to the heavens. Bob was fucking the ass of the man he loved, the man he had lost and now found again.

As his cock pistoned inside the cop's ass Bob shouted above the crashing waves, "I love you, man. I never stopped ...... I never stopped loving you. How could I?" As if to prove it he pounded the cop's ass even harder until his raging cock was on fire and he shouted, "Oh man, I've wanted this so bad .... your ass feels so fucking hot. It's making me cum, man. I'm gonna shoot my load in your ass, buddy. Cum with me ..... please ...."

Their screams drowned out the waves and the cry of the seagulls as their orgasms erupted. Mark felt his ass fill with cum as his own poured out of him and was washed away in the surf.

There was no doubt what came next. Bob flipped over onto his back and Mark gazed down at him. Despite their massive orgasms their cocks were still rock hard and Bob moaned in ecstasy as he felt Mark's cock sliding inside him. He felt he was dreaming as he saw the muscular body rise and fall over him, felt the huge pole penetrating him, and saw the blue eyes smiling down at him. He had to cum again..... had to.

"Go ahead, man," Mark said. "I'm ready." And so they blasted another load of juice, yelling at each other wildly in the joy of rediscovered love, anger cleansed and bodies reunited. When it was over they lay entwined in each other's arms in the sand, the surf plashing over them, their only witness the seagulls, swooping high above with screams of protest and envy.


They lay together for a long time, fearful of letting go of the man they had found again. It was some time before they helped each other to their feet. They were walking back toward Bob's shack in silence, still elated at being together again, when they saw the twins running toward them. Kyle didn't hesitate. "Sir, we were walking down the beach to see Jamie and Nate, and we were wondering. Would it be alright if we spent the night with them?"

Taken by surprise Bob said, "Well ..... sure ...... I guess Mark and I can manage on our own in Zack's place. Whad'ya think buddy?"

"Sure sounds like a plan to me," Mark said with a gleaming smile."

So the twins dashed off, but Bob was puzzled ..... how did they know? When they got to the shack the penny finally dropped. Set up on the porch was a table with drinks and sandwiches. And inside there was a casserole in the oven and the bed had been neatly made and turned down. Bob grinned at Mark. "Buddy, I think we've been set up ..... by our own boys no less."

Mark put his arm round Bob's shoulder. "I had a feeling there was something going on in Jamie's gorgeous young head. You're right, man, this whole thing is a set-up. The boys have been taking care of their masters. Guess we have a lot to thank them for." He was right, and when the twins reached Jamie and Nate there were triumphant whoops and high-fives all round.

Bob and Mark showered together and Bob called Randy to check in. "Hey buddy, guess what. Mark came up here too ..... I think the boys have been plotting. Anyway, Mark and me, we're ..... we're spending the night together in Zack's place, if that's OK with you."

"Sure," came Randy's voice. "About time you two made up. As matter of fact, Darius and Pablo have asked us if they can go up there and join the boys ..... seems they're planning some kind of boys' orgy in the dunes. So, that'll leave just me and Zack here. It'll be great ..... we can kind of get reacquainted. So, sure, you two have a good time together."

Bob smiled as he hung up, relieved at Randy's easy-going acceptance of the situation. What he couldn't see, of course, was Randy's clenched jaw, the glint in his eye and the tension in his body as he recalled his own words to Bob ..... "just as long as I'm always your main man, understood?" Oblivious of this, Bob turned his attention to Mark and the exhilarating thought of spending the night with him. Not that they would probably get much sleep.

As they sat on the porch over drinks, the sun sinking toward the horizon, conversation flowed easily, with no mention of recent events. That was over, in the past. So Mark wasn't ready for Bob's sudden question that came out of nowhere. "Mark, that fireman who came to the house ..... what's his name? Jason? Well ... would you know how to get in touch with him again?"

Mark smiled in surprise. "Well, sure, I guess ..... I know what fire station he works out of. But why in the world ......?

"Oh, nothing. Just thought of a favor you might be able to do for me."

"Anything, old buddy, you know that." Mark grinned lasciviously. "Now that you mention it I can think of a few favors we can do for each other right now. Let's go inside."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Chapter 150


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