Zack was triumphant. "Gentlemen," he shouted, "is that not the most beautiful slave you have ever seen in your life .... the most spectacular young buck who ever lived?" He was greeted with raucous cheers, whistles and thunderous applause from the men watching in the shadows of the big dimly-lit sex room in back of the leather bar in the desert.

The incredible sight they were cheering so boisterously was Darius who had just put on a wild, pornographic master/slave fantasy with Zack that the bar patrons would never forget. They were gazing in awe at the black slave standing, buck naked, his arms stretched upward, his wrists in manacles at the end of two chains. At Zack's invitation all the spectators had blasted monstrous loads of cum over him and his gleaming black muscles were streaming with their semen, still pouring down his face, his chest and abs, his entire body, and pooling on the floor.

The climax came when the slave was suspended, hanging from the chains, impaled on his master's huge shaft. Writhing on the rod in his ass, his muscles flexed and gleaming he screamed ...... and erupted with one last triumphant stream of cum across the room as Zack's cock exploded in his ass.

When it was over Zack held Darius tightly, protectively. "Un-fucking-believable, kiddo. I have never ever dreamed of doing anything that hot. And you are the only boy tough enough to do it with me. You looked fucking gorgeous. God, I love the hell out of you, kid."

Darius sobbed, "Sir, that was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life. I love you, sir. You are the most spectacular man on earth. Please, sir, be my master forever."

"You bet I will, kiddo. And as I ride that Harley home along the freeway, with my shirtless black stud holding on to me tight, his whole body still covered in semen, I'm gonna be fantasizing about that beautiful slave-boy, getting whipped, crawling on his belly, hanging in chains, drowning in cum ..... putting on a show that those guys will remember 'til the day they die."

They became aware of a figure kneeling beside them. It was Eddie, the young bar-back who had assisted with the show and kept the crowd at bay. "Sirs," he said respectfully, "I'll clear the room for you so you can have some privacy while you recover. When you're ready the guys will be in the bar waiting to thank you. If you don't mind my saying, sirs, that was the most amazing thing I have seen in my life. I busted my load three times."

Zack stood up and pulled Eddie to his feet. He smiled at him, then folded him in a muscular embrace. "You're a good kid, Eddie, and you did a great job. You deserve a reward ..... here, let me thank you properly. His gray eyes penetrated the boy's, then he closed his mouth over his and kissed him hungrily, his tongue searching deep into Eddie's mouth.

The boy almost passed out, feeling the muscular body pressed against him, smelling, tasting, the musky essence of the stunning leather-god. His cock was bursting for release in his jeans. Zack felt the young body shudder in his arms, then go stiff as he screamed into the gag of Zack's warm mouth. Zack pulled back and rewarded him with a dazzling smile.

Still shuddering Eddie gazed at him in awe and said, "Number four, sir."


Eddie shepherded the bar patrons from the room and Zack was alone with Darius, helping him back into his jeans and chaps. "We'll probably have to have a last beer with the guys in the bar, kiddo, before we go," he said, but first I want to run something by you.

"You know Hassan has a small house in the middle of the desert ...... used to use it as a hideaway to be alone, though he hasn't been there recently. Well, when I mentioned that we might be taking a run out here he asked, if we would have time to go out there and give it the once-over ..... make sure everything's OK. How would you feel about dropping by there before we head for home? Apparently it's pretty remote but everything works ...... even has a barbecue. We might even stay the night there."

"Wow, sir," Darius beamed. "This weekend keeps getting better and better. We'd be like two bikers shacking up together in the middle of the desert. Never know what they'd get up to."

Yeah," Zack laughed, "well before you rev up those fantasy wheels again, first we gotta face those guys outside. Here, let's take a look at you." He stepped back and surveyed his boy. "Jesus Christ, kid, you look sensational with your chest and face still smothered in cum. You're gonna be real popular. You ready?"

Actually Darius was not ready for the reception they got. As they stepped through the door back into the bar they were greeted by wild cheers and applause. Zack held back, letting Darius be the star in the limelight. The boy was blown away by the ovation .... he'd never been this popular. He felt like a rock star as the guys surged up to him, shaking his hand and gazing at him in awe. He was grateful to feel Zack's hand on his elbow, guiding him to the bar.

The bartender, Mike, slid two beers toward them and he too pumped Darius's hand. "Young sir, you were fucking spectacular in there ...... the perfect slave-boy. Me and the guys will be jerking off over that for years. Shit, you could make a fortune as a porn star if you wanted to."

"That's not something on our to-do list right now, Mike," Zack laughed. "I've got other plans for him." He leaned close to Darius and said, "Like fucking my slave-boy's ass all night in the middle of the desert."

Reveling in all the admiration, Darius suddenly caught sight of Eddie behind the bar, back at his job washing glasses. "Hey, guys," Darius shouted loudly. "How about giving a big hand to our stage manager back there? He was awesome ..... couldn't have done it without him. Come on, guys, let's hear you give it up for Eddie."

There were more cheers and whistles, this time for the shy, unassuming bar-back. Eddie blushed deeply. He spent most of his time there in the shadows, picking up bottles, keeping the place clean, washing glasses, and he was not used to the spotlight. He smiled at Darius and said, "Thank you, sir." Darius stretched over the bar, put his hand behind Eddie's head and squeezed his neck affectionately. And it was probably at that precise moment that Eddie fell helplessly in love with the gorgeous Darius.

As Zack and his boy drained their bottles and pressed through the enthusiastic crowd toward the door, Darius felt a tug at his elbow. It was Eddie, pulling him to one side. "Sir," he said shyly, "I hope you don't mind but ...... in the back room when you were ...... well ...... thing is, sir ...... I got it all on video. Here's the disk, sir. There's just one copy. I swear I will never show anyone else."

Darius took the disk with a beaming smile. "That is so cool, dude. You're a man after my own heart. I'm usually the one who films everything in our house. Shit damn, you got all that on disk? Thanks, Eddie, you're a real pal. I hope we meet again someday." He took the boy into a strong bear hug and felt the bulge in Eddie's pants grow hard against him. He pulled back and laughed. "Hey, if you're not careful it'll be cum-shot number five, kid. You're a cool guy, Eddie. Take care of yourself ...... and don't forget me."

"No fear of that, sir. None at all."


Half an hour later the Harley was way out in the wild expanse of the desert, and Zack and his boy were leaving all traces of civilization far behind. Hassan's directions had been very detailed but out here everything looked the same ...... sand, nothing but sand to the far horizon. Zack nearly missed the almost-invisible track off the road, but soon, as they bumped over rough sand and scrub, they finally saw the house in the distance, shimmering in the heat like a mirage.

When they came to a halt they sat astride the bike gazing at the small building, its paint faded and peeling in the brutal sun. Darius asked the obvious question. "Sir, what the hell is a house doing out here in the middle of nowhere?"

"Hassan said it was a ranger station before he bought it, and believe it or not it still has all the service hook-ups, including a land-line phone. Shit, Hassan said he needed a remote hideaway to get away from the rat-race and he sure found it out here. Doesn't get more 'hideaway' than this." The silence and emptiness all round them was kind of awe-inspiring and as they got off the bike Zack said, "Feels like we're the last two guys in the whole world."

"Cool," said Darius with a roguish grin.

It didn't take them long to settle in. Unlike the outside walls, the interior was in remarkably good shape. Darius got the barbecue fired up with the charcoals already there, and they had brought food with them ...... and beer of course. They ate well, talked a lot ...... and drank up a storm so they were pretty drunk by the time they were ready for bed.

Any shreds of inhibition were obliterated by alcohol and in the silence of the wide expanses they drifted into another world, a fantasy world created by Darius. "Feels like we're two straight biker buddies out riding together who happen to wind up for the night in a shack in the middle of the desert." By now Zack was pretty much tuned into Darius's fantasies and willingly enlisted in this latest scenario. Sounded like a hot idea ..... and they were both drunk, after all.

Zack led the way and his voice took on a different edge as he stood up and stretched. "Time to hit the sack, man. Looks like we gotta share a bed."

"Don't worry me none," Darius replied. "I'm so bushed I'll be out like a light as soon as I haul this leather off and my head hits the pillow." He unzipped his chaps, kicked off his boots and pulled off his jeans. In just his shorts he threw himself down on the bed and idly watched his buddy. Zack shucked off his leather vest and stretched again, his incredible torso rippling in the moonlight shafting into the room. He unzipped his chaps, stripped down to his shorts, stretched one last time and lay down beside his buddy, careful not to touch him.

"Shit, you stink, man," Zack complained. "Smells like cum. What, someone shoot their load fucking load over you or something? Ah, well ...... too late to shower. I'll survive."

They lay quietly for a while, but then Darius sprang out of bed. "Sorry, man, but I'm as horny as a toad, what with that bike throbbing between my legs all day. Gotta go outside and jack off."

"You too, uh?" Zack grinned. "My rod's as hard as steel. Hey, no need to go outside. Let's just jerk off quickly before we sleep. No big deal."

Darius dropped his shorts and resumed his place beside Zack. "Shit damn," said Zack, "never seen your dick before. You are hung like a fucking horse, man. Bet the ladies go wild for that lethal weapon of yours. Just don't shoot off in my direction, man ..... I'd probably drown in jism." Zack pushed down his shorts and wrapped his fist round his own cock.

Darius stared at it. "Man, you're no slouch in the meat department," he grinned. "That is one huge fucking piece of prime beef. Must blast off like a canon."

After that there was silence except for heavy breathing as the two bikers worked their cocks. They closed their eyes at first but soon found themselves glancing at each other's dicks as they got pumped hard. They were working up a sweat when Zack groaned. "Damn, I sure wish my girl was here wrapping her sweet lips round my prick. That'd make me bust my load big time." Another silence, then Zack said, "Hey, man, you ever suck another guy's dick?"

"No way, man ...... well ..... maybe once after a big game when me and this guy were drinking up a storm. We got totally shit-faced and I didn't know what I was doing. Then I blew him. Fuck, man, he came right in my mouth ....... I still remember the taste of his sperm."

"Well ......?" said Zack.

"Shit, man, you really want that don't you? Jesus, the things I do for my buddy. OK ..... probably won't remember it in the morning when I sober up anyway." He scooted down the bed and brought his mouth close to Zack's raging cock, but hesitated. "Hey, I'm not sure about his, man. Your cock stinks." He shrugged. "Oh, what the hell ....."

He lowered his lips to the head of Zack's cock, then took the whole thick rod in his mouth. Hearing Zack moan he lost any inhibitions he still had and moved his lips smoothly up and down the iron-hard shaft. Darius glimpsed in a mirror near the bed two straight bikers stripped naked, the one sucking his buddy off. It didn't take long for Zack's moans to become a howl of lust and his cock exploded in his buddy's mouth. Darius gulped as stream after stream of pungent juice poured into his mouth.

Finally he pulled back and Zack laughed as he saw cum spilling from the corners of his mouth. "See, that wasn't so bad was it? Thanks, pal. Hey you give great head, man ..... better even than my girl does it. I'd return the favor but I'm done, man."

Darius pulled away and lay on his back. "No need, buddy, I've already cum. Sucking your dick made me blow a massive load. Shit, I didn't even have to touch my cock ..... first time that's ever happened to me."


Half an hour later they were still in full fantasy mode ..... and far from sleep. As they lay beside each other, not touching, staring at the ceiling they were both so deeply immersed in their roles as straight bikers that it had become the new reality. And they were horny again.

"Hey, buddy," Darius said, "you mind if I jerk off again? My prick's still throbbing here. It's OK, I don't need help. I've got a sure-fire way of getting my rocks off." He grabbed his cock with his right hand and pushed two fingers of his left hand into his mouth to make them good and wet. Zack saw him reach down between his legs and push the fingers into his ass. Darius moaned with pleasure as he massaged his prostate with his fingertips.

Zack watched for a while, then said, "That gets you off, uh, buddy? Looks damn hot. But hell, if you want your prostate stroked I can think of a better way. You ever shove anything up your ass?"

Through his heavy breathing Darius murmured, "Sure ..... big ol' dildoe sometimes. Feels fucking great too. Wish I had it with me."

"Well, you can improvise ..... there's always this." Zack patted his own cock, ramrod stiff.

"No way, man. Never had dick in my ass. Never gonna happen, no matter how wasted I am."

"Come on, buddy, I dare you. Takes a real man to take dick up his ass. Besides, I'm about ready to bust another load." He eased himself over and onto his knees between his buddy's legs and pushed them up high."

Darius reacted quickly, freed both his hands and clamped them against Zack's chest pushing him away. "Hey, cool it bro. I can't do that ...... no way is another dude gonna shove his rod in my ass. Back off, man, I ........ aaagh !!" His scream bounced off the walls as he felt the huge black club rammed into his hole, plunge deep inside him, then pull all the way out and spear him again. His body spasmed and his head thrashed from side to side, tears spurting from his eyes.

"No," he screamed. "Aaah .... the pain! Take it out, man, take it out."

"Don't wimp out on me, man" Zack growled. "I took you for a real stud. Come on, bro, this feels fucking great ...... better than when I fuck a girl. Shit, you know I'm a fucking muscle-god ..... there's guys would pay big bucks to have my big black dick ploughing their ass." But the victim still thrashed in pain and Zack's tone softened. "Hey, hey, open your eyes, bro ..... look at me. Don't you want to give your best buddy the ride of his life?"

Darius opened his eyes..... and the fantasy was complete. He really was a straight macho stud and he was getting his ass fucked for the first time by his gorgeous biker buddy. The sharp pain he had felt (or imagined) suddenly faded away and he relaxed into the incredible sensation of the cock sliding in his ass.

"That's it, man," Zack said. "Now you can feel it, your first cock in your ass ..... and it's huge. Look at me, man. Look at that hot muscular leather-stud working your hot ass. Now tell me ..... tell me you never thought about this ..... you never fantasized about my dick inside you. I've seen the way you look at me, drool over my gorgeous body. I know deep down you've always wanted this."

Zack's voice was mesmerizing and Darius ran his hands over the slabs of Zack's chest, his shoulders and his ripped abs. "Yeah ..... I've thought about it. Never knew it would feel like this, though. Oh man, that feels great. Come on, bro, harder ..... gimme that cock, man ..... come on, ram it in my ass. Do it, man!" Zack grinned and instantly his cock was jackhammering his buddy's ass.

Darius lost all control. "Goddam, it's like a fucking piston ramming in my ass. Oh, man, you're ripping me open, man. Yeah, fuck me, man. God, I love your dick in my ass."

Zack was pouring sweat down onto his buddy. "Yeah, feels great, uh ...... looks incredible too, that gorgeous body of yours impaled on my rod. Your ass is a fucking furnace, man ..... my dick's on fire. I'm close, man, real close."

Darius suddenly squeezed Zack's nipples and heard him scream as his magnificent face twisted in a frenzy of pain. Darius howled, "You're gonna make me shoot, man ...... it's never felt like this ...... fuck my ass, buddy, fuck it good..... my ass is yours, sir, you own it ...... I love you, bro .... you're making me cu ........aagh!!" Their screams echoed round the room as both men exploded in a massive orgasm. Darius felt hot liquid slamming deep inside his ass as he shot ribbons of cum over his sweating, heaving chest.

Their bodies shuddered and they gazed wildly at each other as the last of their juice drained out of them. As their heaving breaths finally subsided there was silence. Then, in the sudden stillness, it was as if the stage lighting changed and the room gradually faded from the scene of the biker fantasy and became once more Hassan's little house where the beautiful Zack was treating his boy to the time of his life.

Their stunned faces broke into tentative smiles, growing to wide grins, then joyous laughter. Darius yelled, "I love you, sir. You are the best!"


The next morning the room still resonated with the wild happenings of the night before. But it was time for rest and relaxation and Zack and his boy pulled on their undershorts and went outside to laze in the sun with their morning coffee. Darius was in a reflective mood.

"Wow, yesterday was one for the books, sir. Can't wait to tell the guys back home and show them that disk Eddie made. I'm dying to see it myself ..... wish I had my laptop. Wonder how he shot it in the dim red lights of that room without using a key light. I'd love to know."

"Why don't you ask him?" Darius's head jerked round in surprise and Zack smiled. "Ask him, kiddo. Ask him if he'd have time to come out here and fill you in on his technique ...... maybe even bring his laptop so you two could watch it. I have a kind of feeling young Eddie would leap at the chance."

Darius stared at his master, then threw his arms round him. "You are the best, sir .... but I already told you that, didn't I?

"Over and over," Zack smiled. Darius ran inside and used the land-line to phone the bar and talk to Eddie, who was surprised to hear from the gorgeous Darius and thrilled at the invitation. "I know of that house, sir. I drive around the desert a lot on my own and I've often wondered who lives out there. So, if it's OK, sir, I'll pick up some Mexican take-out for lunch and bring it over at about noon."

"He's coming," Darius said excitedly to Zack.

"No surprise there. You know he's nuts about you, don't you? Go easy on him, kiddo."

They were still lazing out in the back yard when Eddie's battered old truck pulled up out front. They didn't hear his knock so Eddie walked tentatively round to the back and stood silently gazing in awe at the two men stretched out on towels on the sand, lying on their backs, their eyes closed. He thought he recalled how they looked from last night, but now in the bright sunlight they looked even more spectacular than he remembered. They took his breath away,

Zack was wearing white boxer shorts, his ebony muscles gleaming with a light sheen of sweat. Darius was in gray boxer briefs and his beautifully proportioned body twitched slightly as if he were dreaming. Eddie was so overwhelmed that his first instinct was to turn and run away. But he had promised ..... and he had a big bag of hot food with him. So he cleared his throat timidly.

Zack opened one eye and said cheerfully, "Hey, Eddie, you made it. Welcome to Shangri-La."

That woke Darius who opened his eyes and sprang to his feet. Eddie was visibly trembling and for a second Darius turned and looked down at Zack for instructions. But Zack wanted to see how Darius handled a shy young guy who was clearly in awe of him, so he left Darius to it.

Darius sensed that this was, in a way, a test and he smiled broadly at Eddie. "Hey, dude, great to see you again." He shook his hand then pulled him into a tight hug. He could feel his body shaking against him, and the hard bulge in his pants. He looked at the bag Eddie was holding. "So, what you got there? Smells a lot like lunch."

"It ..... er ..... it is, sir. I stopped at a Mexican place I know. But if you don't like it, I can ......"

"Hey, hey, kiddo, relax will ya? Me and Zack love Mexican. Here, let's pull these old chairs round the table here and we'll get plates and stuff from the kitchen" Darius had hit just the right note. Giving Eddie something practical to do helped him to calm down as they busied themselves setting up the meal.

"I brought lots of beer from the bar, too. You like Dos Equis?"

"Is the Pope Catholic, or what, kid? Hey, you're real cool, Eddie.

Soon all three were sitting round the table tackling a huge pile of fajitas and Eddie's timidity was slowly fading. Darius was doing most of the talking, of course, asking Eddie non-stop questions about how he had filmed last night's scene in the bar. When Zack could get a word in sideways he asked Eddie about himself.

"I'm 21, sir ..... live on my own in a small single apartment near the bar. I came from Nebraska a couple of years ago and have worked as the bar-back in Mike's bar ever since. Mike's real good to me .... takes care of me ...... makes sure the guys don't get out of line with me."

The meal progressed easily and when they'd done eating Zack stood up and stretched. "Hell, you're bad for me, young Eddie, you know that? I've eaten too much .... gotta go work it off."

He pulled on some old sneakers. "I'm gonna go for a run out in the wilderness...... give you two a chance to watch that porn movie Eddie made last night of the hot young slave serving his master. Have fun, kids." With a knowing grin he was off, soon just a speck in the distance.


The boys had a blast and the video was beyond their most lurid expectations. Eddie had set up his laptop at the foot of the bed and they lay on their backs, side by side, their hands folded behind their heads. Darius had never got off watching himself before and even now he didn't see himself. He saw a gorgeous young black stud, bound and collared, getting whipped by his master, saw him crawl naked over the ground, suck the leatherman's huge dick then have a couple dozen men blast their loads of semen over him.

"Awesome," he breathed as he watched the finale where the master's huge cock pounded the ass of his spread-eagled slave. "Totally awesome, eh dude?"

But Eddie had been distracted by something other than the video. As Darius had become increasingly excited by the movie his cock had grown inside his briefs, stretching upward until the head protruded way above the waistband. The boy couldn't believe the size of it as it grew, inch by inch, under the thin cotton.

Suddenly he leapt to his feet and blurted out. "Hey, I gotta so, sir. I gotta leave right now."

"Oh shit, you gonna be late for work?"

"No, it ....... it's not that, sir. It's just ....." He stood there uncomfortably and couldn't tear his eyes away from the huge bulge in Darius's shorts. Eddie was wearing an old T-shirt and loose shorts but the tent pole in the shorts was unmistakable. Darius gazed at him ..... then burst out laughing.

"So that's it ...... I should have known ..... lots of goes are knocked out by my prong. Shit, dude, if that's all you want you got it. You don't have to leave just because you're turned on by my dick. After all, I owe you big time for that awesome video. Come here, kid."

Eddie was hooked. He dropped his shorts, came slowly forward and knelt on the floor by the bed. His gaze was riveted on the bulge in Darius's shorts and, in a trance, he slowly leaned forward. The tip of his tongue touched the gray cotton and pressed against the shape of the rod underneath. He moaned loudly as he made contact with the object of his ravenous desire.

He pulled back slightly, opened his mouth wide and pressed it over the tube shape in the fabric. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply through his nose. He was in heaven, smelling and tasting the essence of this glorious man. He sucked hard through the cotton and felt the rod grow harder under his mouth. Then he licked the fabric, licked the whole outline of the rod, all the way up to the waistband and then ..... he moaned loudly as his tongue touched the actual flesh of the cock's swelling knob.

His mouth closed round the head and he sucked hard, afraid to let go. He heard Darius's voice. "Hey, dude, you wanna see the whole thing? Stand up a minute."

Eddie stood up and gazed down hypnotized. Darius took his time ..... giving this boy a real show. Slowly, very slowly he pushed the briefs down, exposing his massive cock inch by inch by inch. It was as if it would never stop. Eddie gazed in breathless amazement ...... it seemed the long, black shaft was endless. "Aaaah," he gasped as finally the stiff rod sprang free and stood straight up like a massive tree trunk. His body quivered and he shouted, "No, No!" as his cock blasted streams of come over the gleaming black flesh beneath him.

He was distraught. "On no, sir. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, sir, I just couldn't ....."

"Shut up, boy." Darius's voice was commanding now. "You've made me so damn hot my cock really wants to bust its load ..... in your mouth. Come on, boy. You know what to do."

Did he ever! All his inhibitions thrown to the wind Eddie knelt at the foot of the bed and stretched forward over Darius's legs. His tongue touched the erect 10-inch pole and he began to lick. His wet tongue ran slowly from the base up the whole length to the head, then again, and again. He reached forward, held the cock in his open palm, gazed at it in wonder, then pressed it against his cheek. He kissed it all over, up and down, then licked it even more ravenously, making passionate love to the enormous black cock.

Darius was floating in a sea of pure pleasure, moaning as he felt the hot tongue caressing his dick. Eddie's mouth moved down lower and kissed Darius's balls. Suddenly he sucked hard and both balls popped into his mouth as Darius yelled, "Holy shit!" He put both hands over Eddie's head and rolled it around on his balls, basking in the exquisite sensation flashing from his balls up the long shaft to the tip of his cock.

"Shit, I can't take much more of this. Come on, boy, get to the main event. Suck your master's dick, boy. Now!" Darius tightened his grip on the boy's head, pulled it up ..... then rammed it down on his cock, pushing it down, deeper and deeper, moaning as he felt his cock sliding to the back of the boy's mouth, then into the depths of his throat. He couldn't believe that the boy was taking all ten inches, without pause, without flinching or gagging. Eddie's face came to rest against the curly black pubic hair and he managed to raise his eyes upward.

Darius looked down at the eyes streaming with tears, gazing up at him with a look of spellbound adoration. "Shit damn," Darius said softly. "You are one hell of a great young cocksucker, boy. OK, you wanted it, you got it. Eat your master's meat, boy." He pulled the head up, then rammed it back down all the way, and the boy made no protest as the full length of the huge pole disappeared down his throat.

No one had ever made love to Darius's cock like this, not even Pablo who always wanted the dick inside his ass right away. This boy really knew how to suck cock, especially one he was in love with. Darius couldn't take much more of this. He was in a frenzy now, pulling up the boy's head and smashing the face down again and again into his pubic hair. Eddie's face was impaled on his master's cock and he was taking every spectacular inch of it.

Darius was screaming. "You're driving me fucking crazy, boy. OK, this is it. Now you're gonna drink your master's juice. You're not gonna choke on it, you're gonna swallow every last drop. I'm real close ..... here it comes boy ..... aagh!" Eddie felt the monster cock explode in his mouth. His master had ordered him to drink his juice and he did, swallowing hard, gulp after gulp as the hot semen poured down into his gut.

Suddenly Eddie pulled his mouth off the cock, reared up on his knees ..... and his cock spurted another load of juice over the already cum-covered body of the man he had just worshipped.


They were still in the same position when suddenly they heard the sound of slow handclapping. They looked round to see Zack, back from his run, standing inside the door, his magnificent near-naked body streaming with sweat, his soaking shorts clinging to his hips, his ass and his hanging cock. Startled Eddie flinched but Zack's commanding voice ordered, "Don't move. Both of you, stay right where you are." He walked closer and stood facing Eddie, who was frozen in awe at the sight of the muscle-god towering over him.

Zack smiled. "So, looks like you sucked my boy's cock real good. I was watching. You are one hell of a great cock-sucker, kid. How do you like my boy's hunk of prime beef?"

"Very much sir," Eddie stammered. "It's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, sir."

"You think you're in love with my boy and his dick?"

"I am, sir. I thought I was last night, sir ...... now I'm sure of it."

Zack gazed at him with a look of kindness and affection. "Yeah, yeah, well we'll see about that. Meanwhile I haven't thanked you yet for all your help last night. Looks like you've already come twice. How d'you like to shoot for a third?"

"Oh, sir, I'm not sure if ..... so soon, sir ......"

"Yeah, well, you don't know me, kiddo. I can make anyone blow his wad. And that long run built up a head of steam in me and I've got a full load here ready to bust out. Now look at me."

Eddie gazed up in awe at the muscular black stud, his perfect physique gleaming with the sweat running down his face and chest. He saw him reach down, pull his monster cock from his shorts and start pounding it in his fist. Mesmerized, Eddie heard the deep voice. "You like that, boy?"

"It's ..... it's ....." Eddie stammered, speechless with wonder."

"OK, grab your dick, boy and do what I'm doing. Look at my face, kid ...... now my body. Pretty spectacular, right? You want to see that muscle-god blast his fucking load all over you?

Eddie was beside himself. "Yes, sir," he screamed. "Please, sir, please cum over me..... I'm begging you, sir. I want ....... Aaah!!" His head jolted back as a river of cum blasted from the huge black cock into his face, then another over his chest, then another stream smashing into his face. It went on for what seemed like eternity to the boy until his face and body were smothered in the leatherman's pungent juice, and his body was shuddering with the exhilaration of the hottest sex he had ever had in his life.

Zack smiled down at him. "Did you do it, Eddie?"

"Oh yes, sir," said a breathless Eddie, grinning down at his dripping cock. "Number three!"


Zack smiled to himself as he kicked the bike into top gear on the freeway heading west, back to L.A. He pressed back against the naked chest of his boy clinging to him, knowing that Darius was still thinking of the boy who had left them the night before.

Eddie had stayed with them for a few more hours, and Zack and Darius thought up new ways to excite him, giving him several more orgasms before he had to leave for work. Darius hugged him hard, the first boy who had ever accepted him as his total master. But beyond that Darius simply liked Eddie. They had had fun together, talking cameras and videos among many other things, and Darius had made him promise that when he next came to L.A. he would drop by the house. "Shit, dude, you're gonna go crazy when you get a look at the guys I live with."

So Eddie had left with a sparkle in his eyes and a hard-on in his shorts that he would soon relieve with another jerk-off, one of many in the days and weeks ahead. And Darius's thoughts were now spinning forward to home and the many exotic tales he would have to tell Pablo and the guys ..... not to mention his video. 'Fucking pornographic,' he thought with a wide grin.

They rode fast and in no time, it seemed, they were pulling up on the gravel in front of the gate of the main house. They knew from phone calls that all the guys were wending their way back from the lake and the dunes and would be home in a few hours, but Zack wanted to go in and check on their house quickly before he took Darius across the street to his place.

Zack went to unlock the gate but when he pushed it, it swung open. "That's weird," he murmured to Darius. "The guys never leave it unlocked. Stay back, kid. Gotta check this out." Quietly he crept forward and had taken only a few steps when he saw the back of a tall guy cupping his face as he peered into the kitchen window. Zack whispered over his shoulder, "Stay back, kid, I'll handle this."

The intruder left the window and began to walk away across the grass. Like a stalking panther Zack followed and when he was close he hurled himself forward, grabbing the man from behind round the waist in a brutal football tackle, and together they crashed to the ground, the intruder's face in the dirt, Zack on top of him.

Zack was tough but the man put up a hell of a fight. His arms flailed at first but he managed to lower them and back-elbowed Zack in the stomach and ribs, knocking the wind out of him. He reached behind him, grabbed Zack's balls and squeezed them viciously, making Zack scream in pain. Desperately he grabbed the man's wrist and, using all his strength, finally yanked the hand off his balls.

"Motherfucker!" he yelled, adrenaline racing through him giving him added strength. "Nobody does that to me asshole." In a lightning move Zack moved up on top of him and looped his arms under the man's armpits and round the back of his neck in a full nelson, banging his face into the dirt again and again. When he felt the man weaken he pulled him backward onto his knees and from behind clamped a sleeper-hold round his neck and head.

The man's arms thrashed wildly and he again crashed his elbow into Zack's ribs. But Zack was an expert at this submission hold and his muscular strength was too much for any man. It didn't take long for the writhing body to weaken until his arms dropped to his sides and he slumped limply against Zack. The black leatherman threw him contemptuously forward face down in the dirt and staggered to his feet. But immediately he fell to his knees and retched, nauseous with pain.

Darius rushed up and helped him to his feet. "You OK, sir?" he asked in alarm.

"Think so, kid. Couple of bruised ribs and my fucking balls hurt like hell. Shit that that guy's tough .... don't come much stronger than that. He almost had me. Before I hand him over to Mark I'm gonna make the asshole sorry he ever tangled with me. Quick, go down to the basement and bring up the whip and some rope."

In no time Darius came back out with the rope and whip for Zack, who was still doubled over cupping his balls in pain. He straightened up and said, "Thanks, kid. Now let's get a look at this motherfucker." He hooked his boot under the unconscious man's belly and flipped him over onto his back. Zack and Darius gazed down at him in disbelief.

"Holy shit," Darius gasped. "It's Adam."


Slowly Adam's senses returned to him and he realized he was lying in the dirt. In a daze he opened his eyes and as his vision started to clear he saw the blurred outline of two muscular bikers standing over him, dressed in full leather. He moaned in confusion. Then they became distinct ..... shit damn ...... Zack and his boy. He heard Zack's angry voice.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing, man? What, you broke in here or something?"

The rugged Australian managed to find his voice. "The airline assigned me to an L.A. flight at the last minute," he stammered breathlessly. "Called Mark from the plane ..... he said they were on their way back and to come on over .... wait for them. I had Jamie's key to the gate. Hell, what the fuck do you think I was doing? You could've fucking killed me, asshole ......"

But his voice died in his throat as he saw the gray eyes of the leather-god blazing down at him. Adam was a man's man, a rugged top-man, a handsome Aussie stud every man longed to get fucked by. Only one man had ever topped him ..... Zack. Last time Adam was here, Zack had tied him up, whipped him, made him crawl in defeat. And Zack was the only man ever to fuck him. For the first time in his life Adam had submitted to another man. And now, as he gazed up at the muscular leatherman towering over him, he found himself lusting for more.

Zack was rubbing his balls and ribs. "You fucker," he growled. "You hurt me, man ..... hurt me bad. You know I can't let that go ..... especially from you. You know I have to punish you, stud, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Adam said weakly, already under the spell of this dominant black muscle-god.

"OK. On your feet, man."


Minutes later Zack and Darius gazed in awe at the tall, handsome Australian, the rugged master who took no shit from anyone, submitted to no man. He was buck naked, his muscular body spread-eagled between two trees, wrists and ankles roped, arms stretched up and out, legs spread wide apart. As he pulled helplessly at the ropes his straining muscles gleamed in the sun and his eyes were locked on the steel gray eyes of his captor, awaiting his fate.

Zack gazed at him with a grim smile on his face. "So, we have an hour before all the guys get home. Let's give them something to feast their eyes on when they walk through the gate. Man I'm gonna enjoy this.

"Darius ..... give me the whip."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ...... Chapter 141


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