"Hi Nate, I'm Pablo, the boss's boy." The shy newcomer shook his hand. "Randy is the boss of the house and I'm his son 'cause he adopted me. So I'm pretty much the senior boy around here and if you need anything you can always come to me."

Like father, like son ...... even if only by adoption. When he introduced himself as 'senior boy' to Jamie's new friend, Nate, Pablo was modeling himself on Randy, who had always felt the need to establish his supremacy over any new man coming to the house. Randy felt a special rivalry with Mark, a strong alpha male who was nobody's inferior, and Randy knew it.

So here was Pablo taking a leaf out of Randy's playbook, asserting his superiority over Mark's boy, Jamie. He had felt threatened by Jamie as he bounced in from his trip with a brand new friend ....... plus the news that Mark was making Jamie the owner of the shack in the dunes.

"Tell you what, Nate," Pablo persisted, "let me show you round the place. Come with me."

Poor Nate. Shy, new to the group, he felt overwhelmed by this beautiful but tough-looking young guy and could only manage a feeble, "Er, thank you sir."

"You don't have to call me sir," Pablo said. "Well you can if you like. The twins do sometimes." Darius looked at Jamie and rolled his eyes in a 'there-he-goes-again' gesture.'

Nate was, of course, unaware of the tribal undercurrents in the group and felt that he should do what the 'senior boy' suggested. So with a helpless glance at Jamie he let himself be led away. As they walked toward the house Pablo's receding voice was saying, "Like I said, anything you need, Nate, you come to me. I'll take good care of you. If you like, you can even look on me as sort of your master while you're here ......"

Jamie tensed at the table and clenched his fists, but Darius put a restraining arm on his. "Cool it, dude. It's a bummer, I know, when Pablo gets like this, muscling in the way he does. But I'll talk to him. Don't worry, it'll all sort itself out." But Jamie's anger was building.


As Pablo shepherded Nate around the house he said, "So, you just met Mark and Jamie up in the dunes, right?"

"Yes, sir. I got to know Jamie real well ...... he's a really nice bloke, plus he's the most gorgeous boy I've ever met. See I ...... well I've never been with a man before, and Jamie ...." he blushed "....well, he's the first guy ever to fuck me. And..... and now ..... I think I'm in love with him." He stopped abruptly, thinking he might have said too much.

He had. And although he couldn't have known it he had said all the wrong things, the very things that were sure to press Pablo's buttons and make his envy of Jamie boil over. "Ah," Pablo said, "so Jamie fucked you, did he? Well see, in this house when a new master joins us my dad Randy is always the first guy to fuck them."

"And what about new boys, sir?"

Pablo was making it up as he went along. "Well, I guess as senior boy, the boss's boy, it would be me who breaks them in. Here, come and look at this." He opened the door they had come to upstairs. "This is the bedroom I share with Darius. We're lovers, see?"

"Yes, sir." A feeble response, but Nate couldn't think of anything else to say. And he was starting to feel uneasy at the turn the conversation had taken. This Pablo was a hot looking, intimidating guy, and Nate couldn't help feeling attracted to him, but he sensed there was something going on between him and Jamie that he couldn't work out. Then he gasped as Pablo suddenly pulled off his T-shirt and stood there in just his shorts and sneakers.

"I'm the construction company's chief mechanic," Pablo said incongruously, in relation to nothing. But Nate was impressed and gazed at the gorgeous young mechanic in awe. His body was flawless, obviously the result of hours at the gym and weeks of physical work. Nate felt his cock getting hard, and at any other time he would have wanted Pablo to touch him. But he was now feeling scared and wanted to leave the room.

"See, Nate, it doesn't bother me that Jamie fucked you first," Pablo lied, "but now we should kinda even the score, eh? So lie on the bed and let me do the rest."

Nate was stunned and confused. He wanted to talk to Jamie, but Pablo gave him a gentle shove and he fell on his back on the bed. With the speed of experience Pablo yanked at Nate's shorts and pulled them down, then pushed Nate's legs back.

"No, mate, I don't think I want this." There was panic in Nate's voice. "Can we cool it for a minute and take a breather?"

"What?" smiled Pablo, opening his arms and flexing his muscles. "You don't want this? Most guys would jump at the chance." Pablo pushed his stiff cock between the cheeks of Nate's ass and with an abrupt shove slid inside him. For only the second time in his life Nate felt another man's cock enter his ass, and this time the pain was unbearable.

"No!" Nate pushed back desperately and forced Pablo to withdraw his cock. "See, I'm Jamie's friend. I have to speak to him first."

Pablo laughed. "Oh Jamie won't mind. He pretty much does whatever I say."

"Is that right, asshole?" Jamie's angry voice shouted from the doorway. "Take your hands off my friend or I'll ......"

"Or you'll what?" Pablo sneered, whirling round. "You gonna beat me up? Oh that's right, I forgot. You're the big stud who fucks the new guys, and you're the big property owner now, thanks to your cop. Well here's a news flash, Jamie. Randy's the boss around here and I'm his boy. Randy does what he damn well wants, and so do I. So come on, boy, let's see what you got."

"I don't want to fight you, dude ..... just leave my friend alone." But when Pablo turned back to the frightened Nate Jamie's eyes blazed and he threw himself at Pablo, knocking him onto the bed, on top of Nate. There was a frenzied scuffle, with fists flying, and Nate managed to ease himself free. Pablo was on top of Jamie now, with his superior strength, pinning his arms to the bed. Nate's instinct was naturally to defend his friend so he grabbed Pablo's shoulders from behind and tried to pull him off.

But Pablo was a fighter, with a fighter's reflexes He raised one knee and jabbed his leg viciously backward. Unfortunately his foot made crunching contact with Nate's balls, and the boy reared up and screamed, then crashed to the floor, clutching his groin. Through a haze of pain his impulse was to get help and he managed to drag himself to the window. He pushed it open and, summoning all his strength, yelled down to the garden. "Darius! Come quick."

It took only seconds for Darius to appear at the door and only two seconds more for him to be pulling frantically at Pablo and yelling. "Dude, what the fuck? Have you totally lost your marbles? Give it up, dude." Soon there was a yelling, clawing brawl on the bed, and Nate was still curled up moaning on the floor.

"Enough !!"

The shattering voice obliterated all other sound and the fight stopped abruptly. Nate looked up and his jaw dropped. Looming in the doorway, filling it, was an extraordinary man, tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome face with black hair and steely blue eyes. He was wearing a sweat-stained old tank-top, cargo pants and heavy work boots, his face and body streaked with dirt and grease. Randy was totally intimidating, terrifying to young Nate.

"Who the fuck are you?" The laser eyes focused on the boy curled on the floor, who managed to croak feebly, "I'm Nate, sir."

Jamie disentangled himself and jumped up from the bed. "He's my friend, sir ..... my new friend, but Pablo was trying to ......" Pablo leapt right in ....."I was just trying to show him who's boss around here." Darius huffed, "Huh, not from where I was standing."

"Quiet!" Randy was seething. "Not another word from any of you."

The sudden silence was broken by a calmer voice from the door. "What the hell's going on? I heard the noise and ......" Bob stopped suddenly as he caught sight of Nate, still cupping his crotch in pain. He fell to his knees. "You must be Nate. Here, you think you can stand up?" Nate's fear quickly dissolved as he looked up at the concerned face. It was kindness he saw in it first of all ..... then its beauty.

"I ...... I think so, sir."

As Bob helped him up, Randy was saying, "You three. Go down to the garden and wait for me." He helped Bob support Nate and they eased him slowly downstairs. The three boys were standing in a shamefaced group, their heads bowed, while the wide-eyed twins stood at a distance. Bob brought Nate over to the twins.

"Kyle, Kevin, you've already met Nate I think. I want you to take him across the street to your house. Let him lie down. Would you like something to drink, Nate?"

Despite his residual pain Nate was mesmerized by this gentle, beautiful man. He cleared his throat. "A cup of tea would be nice, sir."

Bob smiled at his Australian accent and English request. The twins jumped in. "That's no problem, sir ..... we have all kinds of tea." Kevin took Nate's arm. "Here, Nate, we've been dying to show you our little house. Come on, we'll look after you."

Bob smiled as he watched them go. But Randy's mind was already elsewhere as his eyes blazed at the three boys.


There was a ritual of the house that was followed whenever the boys committed the cardinal sin of fighting with each other. The first act took place in the kitchen and that was where the three boys were now standing.

In front of them, sitting in judgment at the table, were Randy, Bob, Mark and Zack. Bob had deliberately placed Randy and Mark at opposite ends of the table because of the simmering tension. They had been down this road before when Pablo had picked on Jamie, and once again Mark was seething mad, staring daggers at Randy.

"Now," Bob said. "First of all, we want the truth from you guys. No holding back, no covering for each other. Pablo, what was Nate doing in your room?"

Pablo spoke clearly. "Sir, I was showing him round the house and we had come to our room. Nate said he had already been fucked by Jamie but I thought that as senior boy I should have done that so I was starting to fuck him. But he was resisting."

"Of course he was," Jamie blurted out. "He's my friend and you were raping him. I didn't want to fight with you but I had to protect my buddy."

Zack said. "Jamie, what was Darius's role in all this?"

"Oh Darius was great with Nate. He made him laugh with his terrible imitation of his accent and Nate liked him, and it was Darius who rushed upstairs to get Pablo off him."

Zack smiled at Darius. "OK, kid, you did great and I'm proud of you. We don't need you here anymore. I suggest you go over to the twins' house." He grinned. "See if you can make the poor guy laugh some more. He could use it."

As Darius left, Mark looked at Jamie and asked, "Have you anything else to say, Jamie?"

Jamie hesitated, then said, "Sir, you know Nate is my best buddy. I think Pablo was jealous. I shouldn't have said anything about owning the shack ..... you warned me not to. I'm sorry, sir."

"Seems like you have nothing to be sorry for, Jamie," Mark smiled. "Now go across and take care of Nate. And make it clear to him that none of this was his fault.

Now four pairs of eyes focused on Pablo who shifted on his feet uncomfortably. It was Bob who spoke. "Pablo, do you disagree with anything that's been said here?"

"No, sir. But I still think that as senior boy I had the right to ......"

Bob's eyes flashed. "Enough! First of all what is all this 'senior boy' crap? There's no such thing in this house. But more important, Nate is a guest in our house. Mark tells me he is a shy young kid, unsure of himself in a foreign country. He comes to our house and what happens? You work out your jealousy of Jamie by raping Nate and then injuring him. If I were that kid, right now I'd be wanting to get the hell out of this madhouse. I never thought I'd say this, Pablo, but you're arrogant and a coward, and you should be ashamed of yourself."

There was silence and Pablo hung his head. He loved and respected Bob and a tongue-lashing from him cut through him like a dagger.

All this time Randy had been silent, but his anger had been building. Now it exploded and he slammed his hands on the table. "What the fuck were you thinking, boy? When I adopted you I thought you were a decent, honorable young kid, but now I'm ashamed to call you my boy."

Pablo gasped and his eyes blazed at his master. Randy's rage had served only to unleash the same rage in his boy. They both had the same flash of temper and the anger in each one was fueled by the other. "Sir, I don't think that's fair. I was only trying to be like you. After all, you fucked and beat up all the men when they first came into the house to show them who's boss. So I thought I should do the same to the new boy to show him I'm the boss's boy."

His anger consumed him and he lost all control. "I was only doing what you do. You've proved you're the best by thrashing all these guys here, even the man you say you love the most in the world. Hell, you've beaten Bob so often no one can understand why he sticks around ......"

He stopped abruptly, realizing he had crossed way over the danger line. There was a stunned silence in the room as Randy stood up slowly. The cold fury in his eyes was far more terrifying than his noisy rage. He said slowly. "Go down to the basement, stand there ..... and wait."

As Pablo beat a hasty retreat, Randy slumped back in his chair. Mark glared at him. "The kid's right. He worships you and tries to copy you in everything, so why wouldn't he rape and beat up a new kid? It's what you always do to prove you're the dominant gorilla in the troop."

Randy's eyes blazed and he started to rise but Bob pulled him back into his chair. "Stop! Are we gonna get down in the mud with the boys here? This is not about us, it's about that poor injured kid who's probably thinking he wants to get of here as fast as he can and go back to a sane country. Mark, Zack, would you mind going across to the twins' house and reassuring Nate that we're not all ......what was it ......a troop of gorillas?"

He put his hand on Randy's. "And you, buddy, not for the first time, have a lot of fences to mend ..... starting with that confused boy of yours.


Pablo was standing to attention in the basement room when Randy came down the stairs, threw himself in a chair and stared up at him. Pablo said, "Permission to speak, sir?"


"Sir, please, please, would you tell Bob how sorry I am for what I said about you and him? I was way out of line. I love Bob, sir, we all do, and the last thing I wanted was to hurt and insult him the way I did." His voice cracked. "So please, sir, try to make him see ......" His voice choked and his eyes brimmed with tears.

Despite his anger Randy was impressed that Pablo's first thought was for Bob. That had been the comment that had spiked Randy's outrage, but now Pablo's tearful words mollified him. After a long silence Randy softened his tone. "What you said about trying to copy me, trying to be a kind of junior version of me .... was that true?"

"Yes, sir," Pablo said quietly. "See, I worship you, sir. Always have done ever since the day you rescued me from those guys in the desert. I watch you all the time, admire you, and want to grow up exactly like you, sir. You're my perfect man, so I try to act exactly like you. I know it doesn't excuse what I did, but I'm trying to be tough like you ..... a leader ..... the boss."

Randy stared at him, waves of conflicting emotions sweeping through him ..... among them affection and compassion. He stood up and walked toward him as Pablo flinched, expecting the worst. But there was no shout, no blow. Instead Randy folded his arms round him and cradled his boy.

"Jesus, this is tough. OK, kiddo, I hear where you're coming from, but do you really think I would have beat up a shy young kid like Nate? At least I took on guys my own size, like Mark and Zack and Hassan. Trouble is, you were thinking about your own needs, your need to look tough, rather than the needs of Jamie's young guest."

"I'm sorry, sir," Pablo mumbled into his shoulder.

"Still, when I was your age I would probably have done something similar. We're two of a kind, kid, you and me. You say I'm your perfect man, but I'm far from that, and if you copy everything I do you're in a shit-load of trouble. See, the world doesn't understand the likes of you and me, kid, nor forgive us easily. So in future, don't just watch and admire ..... ask ..... ask my advice, OK?"

"OK, sir."

"Now, you know I have to punish you, don't you?"

"Of course sir. I deserve it."

"It has to be real and it has to be public, to bring you down from your arrogant perch in front of the whole group. I won't hold back, and believe me, kid, it's gonna be as painful for me as it is for you."


An hour later Bob, Mark and Zack were still in the twins' house with Jamie, Nate and the twins and the mood was much lighter than before, almost jovial. Youthfully resilient, Nate had recovered, happy to be with Jamie and his friends, his shyness diminished to the point where he was holding forth in his thick accent on Australian slang words. No longer the shy loner Nate was displaying a keen sense of humor and quickly won the affection of everyone in the room.

Suddenly Darius burst in and said breathlessly, "Hey, you guys, Randy wants us all in the garden across the street, and you're never gonna believe ....." He stopped abruptly as Bob's eyes flashed him what the boys called his 'executive glare'. So no more was said as they all trooped across to the other house. But when they walked through the gate Darius proved to be right ..... it was hard to believe what they saw.

In the middle of the lawn was the table, covered in blankets to soften the hard edges. Bent over it on his stomach was Pablo, naked except for a black leather collar round his neck. His feet were on the ground, his ankles tied to the table legs. His arms too were stretched downward, wrists tied to the front legs. Spread-eagled as he was, his ass at the table's edge was on full display, helpless.

As they gazed at him, all the guys focused on that beautiful ass, the pure white globes outlined by sharp tan-lines, in contrast to his golden body. It was a perfect ass, stunning, vulnerable, waiting. And beside him stood Randy, still wearing his work pants and boots, but shirtless now, his magnificent chest heaving in anticipation of what was to come.

Bob whispered to Nate standing next to him, "You don't have to stay out here, Nate. It'll be rough and you don't have to watch."

"Thank you, sir, but I do. I need to see everything that happens in the house." The phrase 'need to see everything' rang some kind of distant chord in Bob, but it was fleeting. He tensed as Randy began to speak.

"This is boy has committed the sin of attacking another boy. Worse, he has hurt and tried to rape a guest in this house, so he has insulted all of us. He is my boy, the son I adopted, so it falls to me to punish him before you all. Boy, you will count off ...... up to ten." He unbuckled his heavy belt and pulled it from his pants. Without any hesitation he raised his arm and brought it crashing down across the boy's ass.

"One, sir!" Pablo shouted in a firm voice. The lash had been brutal, leaving a heavy red welt across the ass as the white mounds bounced under the blow. But Pablo uttered no other sound, no cry of pain. Randy raised his arm again.

"Two, sir!" As the belt cracked again on the white flesh, turning it scarlet, Bob took a step forward, but Zack pulled him back. "It has to be like this, buddy, you know that. But Randy knows the boy's limits. He'll take him right up to them and then, at the end, a bit over. He knows what he's doing."

And so it was as the beating continued with no cry of pain from the boy, just the firm-voiced counting .... Three, sir!......Four, sir! The rhythmic slash of the belt shattered the silence. There were no other sounds, no birdsong, no breeze ...... as if the whole garden was observing a respectful silence.

"Five, sir!" The formerly white globes, bouncing under the lash, became a mass of angry red welts as the lash fell again and again. As the count continued several of the boys averted their eyes, but Nate's gaze was fixed on the bound boy and his rugged master. He was gripping Jamie's wrist but he was so mesmerized by the spectacle that he was not even aware of the stiffening of his cock.

"Nine, sir!" There was a long pause, everyone knowing that the last blow would take Pablo over his pain threshold. "Ten, sir! Aaagh!!" he screamed. The last lash was ferocious and finally Pablo gave way, sobbing, his ass on fire.

Tears were also filling Randy's eyes. In a fit of anger, directed more at himself than at anyone else, he flung the belt aside and came up behind his shattered boy. He ripped open his pants, pulled out his iron-hard cock and in one swift, savage move plunged it into the burning, ravaged ass. "Aaagh" Again the scream rang out as the huge pole buried itself in his ass, pulled all the way out and then impaled it again.

Most of the men here had felt the violence of Randy's cock inside them, and they all knew that this was one of the most brutal fucks they had witnessed. The beautiful young body jerked and spasmed in bondage as the iron rod pistoned inside him. The construction worker's body was streaming with sweat as the muscles bulged and flexed, the steel gray eyes riveted on the devastated ass. He had whipped the flesh outside and was now pounding at the searing membrane inside.

Bob was afraid that Randy had lost control and again stepped forward to intercede, but at that moment he heard Randy shout, "That was your punishment, boy. Don't dare, ever again, to humiliate me like that." He pulled back, paused, then speared the ass one last time. "I love you, boy!" and he shot his load deep inside the furnace of the tortured ass, to the sound of Pablo's agonized screams.

He pulled out savagely and left the body shuddering on the rack as Pablo fought against unconsciousness. Randy turned to the stunned spectators and raised his voice. "That was my punishment. But another boy was been wronged and has to take his turn. Jamie!"

Jamie had sensed that this was coming but he shrank now from the task he was expected to perform. He heard Mark's voice in his ear. "You have to do this, Jamie. But I trust you to know how." Jamie looked up into the kind, gentle eyes, and he knew too.

He walked toward the injured ass, bent and tenderly kissed the flaming, tormented flesh. He licked it, trying to sooth away the pain that still pulsed through it. Jamie's cock was rigid and he pressed it against the ravaged hole. With infinite care he eased it inside and felt the shuddering ass subside, become soothed as he slid his cock slowly, very slowly against the fiery membrane.

He leaned forward and whispered in Pablo's ear. "I never wanted it to be like this, dude. I've always been your friend. But I'll cum quickly."

Pablo managed to utter words of his own. "I'm sorry, Jamie ..... I deserve this ..... I love you, dude ..... aaah. " He felt Jamie's juice pouring inside him, but this time it was like balm, a soothing liquid bathing his ass, quenching the flames that burned inside him.

"Thank you, man," Pablo sobbed. "Thank you."


Minutes later the men were still standing around, waiting for Randy to give the order to release his boy. But the minutes dragged on and still the boy lay roped in helpless humiliation. "At least let him have some water," Bob pleaded. Randy looked at Darius and nodded. Darius found a bowl, filled it with water, and held it under Pablo's face. Thirstily Pablo lapped at the water like a dog.

"Way to go, dude," said Darius softly. "You were awesome ..... I'm real proud of you. Your ass took a beating but it looked incredible, kid. Sure gave me a huge boner. I tried to hide it ..... kind of disrespectful, you know ...... but it's real hard to hide a ten-inch boner. Not many people know that ..... but then, of course, not many people have a ten-inch cock."

Pablo sputtered into the water. He was laughing. God he loved Darius. He could make anyone laugh, anywhere, any time. The other guys saw the body shake ..... pain? .... tears? No, unbelievably ..... laughter. Bob smiled at Randy who tried unsuccessfully to stifle his own grin. "OK, guys. Release him."

It took a few minutes for Pablo to be able to stand, leaving on the table a pool of liquid from the two loads of cum he had shot as his ass was whipped and fucked twice. He walk unsteadily over to Jamie and shook his hand. Then he offered his hand to Nate, who shook it with a shy smile. Finally Pablo confronted Randy. "Thank you, sir," he said, holding out his hand. Randy held it, then pulled the boy into a hug.

As he unbuckled the collar from his neck Randy said, "You did great, kiddo ..... I'm real proud of you. Now I want you to show everyone the leader you really are, a guy who can take his punishment like a man, then put everything right. So stand tall and show them how a guy can take charge without ever raising a fist."

Pablo pulled back and his signature crooked smile came back to his face. "I can do that, sir. Hey guys," he called to the boys, "come upstairs with me. I've got something to show you." This was just between him and the boys now. Pulling himself to his full height, and ignoring the pain in his ass, he strode proudly toward the house, with the boys following dutifully behind him.


When the six boys crowded into the room Pablo and Darius shared, Pablo had a short, whispered talk with Jamie, who frowned at first, but then smiled and nodded his approval.

"Guys," Pablo said. "You all know I behaved like a total ass, and got my ass reamed as a result. I apologize to you all, especially to Jamie and to his friend Nate. Nate, you are a guest in this house and I injured and insulted you, and now I have to make amends. I've just spoken to Jamie and he's given his OK ..... that's if you want it. Now I know Jamie is the first and only guy ever to really fuck you, but have you ever fucked a guy?"

Nate was stunned. "No, sir," he said.

"By the way, Nate, I was full of shit about that 'sir' thing. The name's Pablo, better known to my dad as 'kiddo', and to the guys here as 'dude'. But I guess you would call me 'mate.'

"Too right, mate," Nate grinned.

"OK, here goes then. Jamie was the first guy to fuck you, Nate, and I'm gonna be the first guy to get fucked by you." Still naked, Pablo fell on his back on the bed. "Now as you know my ass took a real beating and it's real tender .... raw. But it would be an honor to have it fucked by Jamie's new buddy."

Instinctively Nate turned to Jamie, who smiled at him and nodded. Nate turned back to the bed and looked down at the beautiful young stud lying naked on his back, his arms spread high and wide in a gesture of submission. This was the tough, rugged kid whose ass had just endured a savage whipping and an even more brutal fuck by his master, and then another fuck by Jamie. And despite the pain, here was that same ass being offered to him.

Nate's cock had never been inside another man, though he had jerked off many times thinking about it, most recently the fantasy of fucking Jamie. He couldn't help regarding Pablo as the senior boy, even though he had been punished for acting that way. It was a combination of his beauty, his toughness and ...... his macho attitude somehow, that equipped him to be the undisputed boy and adopted son of the fearsome, towering boss of the house. Pablo had endured his torture magnificently, and watching it had given Nate a huge erection.

And now here he was offering his whip-marked ass to Nate, a mere rookie. Nate's cock was harder than ever and the sight of the waiting boy made him lose all his insecurity and inhibitions. He wanted Pablo's ass ...... he had to have it. Clumsily at first he grabbed Pablo's ankles and pushed his legs back. He hesitated but was emboldened by Pablo's encouraging smile.

Then Nate gasped as he looked down at the wounded ass, the white flesh of the perfect globes crossed by a mass of bright red welts from the lash. All clumsiness gone, Nate pressed the head of his cock against the sphincter of Pablo's ass, pushed ..... and felt his cock enter a man's ass for the first time in his life.

"Oh, man! Aaah! "God that's ...... His heart was pounding and he stopped breathing as he felt the velvet softness of the membrane, burning hot, sliding against his cock, slick with the semen of the two men who had cum inside it. Nate had masturbated many times, his practiced fingers bringing him to orgasm, but he had never, ever imagined a sensation like this. His cock was on fire, it was alive, pulsing with shock waves that radiated through his whole body. He let it come to rest deep inside Pablo's ass, afraid that any more movement would make him shoot.

He looked down at the handsome young face and heard Pablo's voice. "Feels great, eh dude? Never thought it could be like this? Now fuck my ass, dude." Slowly Nate pulled back, gasping at the indescribable feeling in his cock, and when he felt the head touch the sphincter again, he pushed it slowly back in.

"Aaah! Shit damn. Fucking hell, mate .... your ass is fucking awesome. You are one gorgeous fucking cocksucker!" Nate was transformed, yelling obscenities, losing all restraint, unaware of anything but the sensation in his cock as he began to pound the ass for real.

Pablo knew Nate couldn't hold back for long. He reached up, ran his hands over Nate's chest, then stroked his nipples and smiled at him. "That feel good, Nate? Your cock feels great inside me. It's gonna make me cum. Let me feel your juice in my ass, dude. Let my ass be the first you've ever shot your load in, the first ass ever to make you cum. Finish me, man!"

Nate was in another world as he felt the fire in his legs, moving up to his groin, into his balls, then burning up his cock. He was inside a man, a gorgeous man. It was spectacular. He screamed, threw his head back and his cock erupted deep inside the furnace of Pablo's ass. Pablo stroked his own cock a few times, and shot rivers of cum up onto the heaving chest of the ecstatic boy fucking him.

In a trance, Nate pulled out his cock, held it and looked down in surprise as it kept blasting ribbons of hot, white juice over the body and face of the beautiful boy, the first man he had ever fucked in his life.


Minutes later Pablo was on his feet and, after hugging Nate, turned to receive congratulations from the other boys. Jamie expressed their feeling best as he shook Pablo's hand. "I guess you don't have to be a fighter to be a leader after all. Even the opposite sometimes..... taking a beating, then offering your ass to a mere rookie. That makes you a real man in my book, dude. You know that 'senior boy' thing? Well ..... I have no problem with that."

Jamie felt Nate tugging at him, his eyes shining. "Hey, mate," Nate said eagerly. "Can we go to your room? I mean ..... could we? ...... I'd really love to do that again, mate .... to you this time. I've dreamed of it." Jamie laughed, threw his arm round Nate and they left the room.

The twins left too, still awestruck. Alone with Pablo now, Darius grinned. "Nice one, dude ..... what you did for Nate and all. Jeez you turn me on ..... and that ass! I know it's been whipped and you've already had three dicks inside it, so it must be pretty damn raw. But ....... what the hell ..... how about a ten-incher, dude? I've had this huge boner all day. Come on, I'm only human, dude ..... well, except for the cock maybe..... more like a horse, I guess."

Pablo threw his head back and laughed. "You know I love the hell out of you, Darius. Come here." And he pulled his lover down on the bed.


The house always recovered quickly from major disruptions and this time was no exception. The dust settled, blew away, and the old rhythm returned. The next day the twins found an envelope propped against their door. In it was a very formal-sounding letter:

"Dear Sirs: I would like to apply for the position of houseboy. I really like working to make sure places are clean and tidy, in fact my friends call me a neat-freak. The only references I can give would be Mark and Jamie who were pleased with the way I cleaned up their shack. Of course, I know the house is a much bigger challenge, but I think I'm up to it. I like all the guys here, and I think I would be easy to get along with ..... if you can get along with my accent. So I hope you will consider my application favorably. Yours sincerely: Nate."

Surprised and excited the twins immediately showed the letter to Bob. "What do you think, sir?"

"Well," Bob smiled. It's really what you think ..... it's up to you guys. You're in charge of hiring and you would be his boss. Now, the first thing when you get an application like this is to set up an interview."

Kevin frowned. "Do you think you could be there too, sir? Help us out a bit?"

As it turned out it was Bob who asked most of the questions when Nate was sitting in front of him and the twins in Bob's office. "Now, there's one important thing to clear up first, Nate. You mentioned to me yesterday that on your bedroom wall in Sydney you have a framed copy of your birth certificate. Can you tell us about that?"

"That's right, sir, I'm rather proud of it. I'm Australian through and through, except that I was actually born in Ohio. Right after I was born my dad got a good job offer in Australia so the family emigrated there when I was still a baby. I always reckoned that one day I might move to the U.S. .... if an opportunity presented itself."

"And now maybe it has?" Bob smiled. "Well, if you were born in the U.S. moving here shouldn't be a problem. However, usually for a job like this there's a probationary period ...... the applicant works first on a temporary basis and, if he works out, is taken on permanently."

The twins looked at each other, communicating in that mysterious way they had, and Kyle said. "Sir, Nate has another six days before he goes back to Sydney. Do you think that could be his probation ...... that is, if he wouldn't mind working the rest of his vacation?"

Nate's eyes shone. "Oh, no worries there, mate. I'd love to do that. Jamie and the rest of you guys are gonna be working anyway, and I don't want to do any more touristy things on my own. So I'd love to work here ...... sorta show you what I'm made of? 'Course, then I'd have to go back to Sydney as planned ..... square things away there ...... but I could be back here in a couple of weeks."

Bob asked Nate to wait outside. "Are you sure about this, guys?" he asked the twins. "It's all gonna be on your shoulders ..... you're gonna have to train him, and you'll be the judges at the end of the week."

The twins looked solemnly at each other, and Kevin said. "We can handle it, sir. We really like Nate." Then, rather formally," We think we should approve his application, sir."

When he was given the news Nate ran excitedly to tell Jamie, who was thrilled. He had been dreading saying goodbye to Nate, possibly forever, so he was over the moon at the thought of him living here.

And a few days later Mark made the boys' parting at the end of the week even less onerous ..... non-existent, actually. When Mark came home, off duty but still in his uniform, Jamie was waiting for him in their room as always. "Here, kiddo, this is for you." Mark tossed an envelope onto the bed, with the red logo Qantas.

"It's an airline ticket ..... for the same flight that Nate's on and a return two weeks later. I thought you'd like to spend a couple of weeks with him there ...... sample some of those 'epic waves' you're always talking about. Don't worry ..... I've squared it with Bob. He'll give you the time off." Jamie was speechless and threw his arms round Mark. "There's one condition, though. If I'm gonna be without you for two weeks you'll have to make up for it before you leave. I'll have to fuck you a lot more than usual ...... starting right now."

"Absolutely, sir," said Jamie, throwing himself naked on the bed, waiting for the Greek God to take off his uniform.


Later that day Mark and Bob were drinking beer together by the pool. "That's a great thing you did, Mark. 'Course, your boy deserves it ..... he's been terrific bringing that kid out of his shell."

"Yeah," Mark said. "I was afraid the other boys might get envious so I'm glad Randy and Zack have made plans to take Pablo and Darius on a trip too. Terrific idea of Randy's to rent that cabin cruiser. Hell ..... fishing off Catalina Island..... the four of them will have a blast." He stopped and looked Bob in the eyes. "Course you know what that means, buddy?"

"What?" Bob saw the gleam in his eye."

"It means that for several days you and I will be alone together in the house, with just the twins. That hasn't happened before."

Bob took a sharp intake of breath as thoughts of spending days together with Mark, no interruptions, raced through his mind. He knew the gorgeous cop was in love with him and Bob was crazy about Mark. "Oh, man," he said. "I've often wondered, fantasized even, what we would ......"

"Don't worry, man" Mark grinned. "I have plans for us. We'll take a trip of our own ..... without even leaving the house."

Bob felt his cock swelling in his jeans as their eyes locked. "Whatever you say, officer. I'm in your hands."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 124


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