In the solitude of the remote coastal dunes Zack and Hassan had unloaded their secrets. They had revealed their inner demons to each other and discovered they shared the same demons ..... the pain of beauty, and the need to possess it.

Hassan had discovered Zack spread-eagled in bondage, being worked over by a couple of redneck racists. Hassan had fought the attackers off but, instead of releasing Zack, he had been spellbound by the sight of the bound muscle-god and his demons possessed him, the same ones that had driven him to chain and torture Mark so many years ago. Hassan lost control and fucked Zack savagely.

Zack understood what Hassan was feeling. He himself had experienced the same phenomenon when he had tied up Bob, in the exact place he was now bound. Tormented by Bob's beauty, Zack had whipped and fucked him. Later, when Zack and Hassan talked of their mutual compulsions Hassan had said, "Wow, I had no idea there was anyone else felt like me. You've just described me exactly."

The bond between them was now intense, almost spiritual. As they sat on the patio of the shack drinking beer Zack looked at his new buddy. "Can you stay tonight and tomorrow, Hassan? I would love your company and we have so much in common that .... well ..... maybe we have unfinished business." He grinned. "Including you teaching me some of those killer karate kicks of yours."

"Tell you the truth, Zack, I would find it real hard to walk away right now ..... after all this. Sure I'd love to stay ...... share the night and the day with you."

"And my bed," laughed Zack. "Speaking of which Darius is due to come up and join me tomorrow evening. Be great if you could stay another night, with us both."

"Sure, I'd like to ...... if you think he'd be OK with that."

"Are you kidding? Darius alone with a black bodybuilder and a gorgeous Marine? Hell, I can already see those fantasy wheels of his spinning off their axles."

They drained their beers and Zack stood up. "Now, about that swim you came here for, until you were ..... er..... distracted."

"Yeah, man, and you turned out to be one hell of a distraction. OK, let's go."

They both stripped naked and raced each other into the waves. The shock of the cool water and the joy of shared physical exertion combined to dilute the emotional intensity that had built up between them. Now it was pure pleasure, fun, as they swam powerfully side by side, testing their strength in friendly rivalry. After all the emotions they had laid bare, they were now reveling in a sensation of simple, raw masculinity.


And that's how the rest of the day progressed. They discovered the joy of companionship, the comradeship of two spectacular males in the prime of their manhood. The air was heavy with testosterone, but for now any sexual manifestation of that was pushed to the background, (to resurface later, no doubt.) They had recently been at the pinnacle of sexual desire, driven by their shared secret appetites, and the release had been so powerful that it drained them.

Now it was time for work and play for the two beautiful men, brothers under the skin. Zack pulled on his old tattered gray shorts, stained with sweat and dry semen, and he tossed a similar pair to Hassan. The next thing he tossed him was a crowbar.

"Come on, man," Zack said. "We can make short work of this. Need to pull up the rotten planks on the deck and replace them. They're so worn that a man could fall through, and then we'd both be in trouble" He grinned. "Don't think we can rely on another gorgeous Marine to pass by and come to our rescue. Too much to hope for."

As Zack predicted, the work moved fast with so much heavy muscle behind it. Soon the superb bodies were gleaming with sweat in the afternoon sun as they tossed aside the old wood and hammered in the replacement planks. Working close together, breathing in the odor of the other man's sweat, added to their sense of macho brotherhood. From time to time they looked up at each other and grinned, and each time they were struck anew by the other man's beauty and his sparkling eyes that spoke more eloquently than words ever could.

They were aware, too, that each time their eyes met their cocks stirred in their shorts. Deep down they knew there was more to come, much more, but for now they were happy just to enjoy each other's company. When the work was finished they swam again, rough-housing in the waves. As they wrestled playfully they gloried in the feel of smooth flesh over rippling muscles, and the realization that they were evenly matched ....... in strength and in beauty.

The two men dried quickly in the still-warm late afternoon, and realized they were ravenously hungry. They went inside and pulled on old cargo shorts, T-shirts and sneakers that had been lying strewn over the rumpled bed. Hassan laughed. "Messy mother-fucker, aren't you?"

"Fuck you, man, you want neatness too? Well Darius can sort all that out when he comes. Don't worry, he'll get well rewarded. Now come on, stud ..... food!"

Zack threw his arm over Hassan's shoulder as they trudged through the sand to the nearby village of Guadalupe and the old Mexican restaurant that Zack had frequented in the past. Inside it was fairly crowded and very noisy, but a sudden silence fell as they walked in and were shown to a free table. All heads turned to look at the spectacular men, with desire in the eyes of the women customers and a good number of men too, though they would never have admitted it.

Throughout the meal, and later as they relaxed with their drinks on the newly-repaired deck, their conversation roamed wide. Zack talked a lot about his affection for all the guys in the house in L.A., and Hassan of his work for the Marines. Again they discovered that they had a lot in common and their mutual admiration and affection deepened.

It was an early night. It had been a long, exhausting day, and they were weary when they finally stripped naked and fell into bed. The air was still warm so, even though they were covered only by a light sheet, their bodies soon glistened with a light sheen of sweat. They had been too tired to shower and each man was aware of the other's musky smell. They lay on their sides, back to back, and tried to sleep.

Hassan's mind wandered over the events of the day, and inevitably the image flashed clearly into his mind of the black bodybuilder stretched in bondage, his back striped with whip marks. His mind was playing tricks and suddenly the positions were reversed, with him hanging naked and Zack standing before him with a whip. Usually his bedtime musings lulled him gradually into unconsciousness. But not this time. Quite the reverse.

He suddenly sat up. "It's no good, man. I can't help it ..... I've got a huge boner here that won't quit. I've gotta go outside and jerk off." He was about the get out of bed when Zack pulled him back, grabbed his hand and placed it on his own cock, hard as steel.

"See, buddy. We think alike ..... and we've both gotta get rid of these hard-ons before we can sleep. Two guys like us should be able to make short work of that. Here .... lie on your back."

Zack twisted round so he was lying opposite to Hassan, his head at the foot of the bed. He straddled Hassan, his legs beside his head, and pushed up on his hands and feet so his body was poised over him. His stiff black cock pointed straight down at Hassan's face, and Zack was looking down at the Marine's rod as it stood rigid beneath his face. "A perfect sixty-nine," he breathed. "You want it, man?"

"Oh yeah," moaned Hassan, gazing up at the huge shaft inches from his face. Slowly Zack bent his arms and lowered himself. His lips touched the tip of Hassan's cock at the same moment as he felt the head of his own cocked being licked. Hassan smelled and tasted the pre-cum dripping from the black cock. He opened his mouth and watched mesmerized as the hips above him came lower and the huge rod slid slowly into his mouth.

Simultaneously Zack lowered his mouth onto the Marine's shaft, so the two buddies were now feeling the same sensation as their faces were buried in damp, black pubic hair. They moaned loudly as an electric charge flashed though their bodies. Each man gulped hard, his throat muscles clenching tight round the other's cock deep in his mouth.

Zack said he could make short work of it, and he did. He sprang into action, grabbing Hassan's thighs, raising himself up again, then falling back on Hassan's cock as his own tool buried itself into his mouth. Soon it was like a machine ...... two pistons ramming into the mouths at opposite ends of the bed.

Hassan could see Zack's muscles ripple with the exertion of raising and lowering his huge body on top of him. He reached round and slammed his hands in the cheeks of Zack's ass, pulling them down hard, making the balls slam against his face, the smell of the pubic hair making his senses reel. They became voracious animals, gorging on the taste and smell of the other's cock and balls.

Neither one could survive this intensity long. Already fired up simply by lying next to each other, they were now in a state of euphoria as they fucked each other's face. Zack's body rose and fell, more powerfully each time, and they were both gagging and choking on the hot flesh filling their mouths. Moving In perfect unison each man squeezed his throat muscles, making the cock in his mouth shudder.

And that was it. They swallowed frantically as they felt hot liquid blasting down their throats. They gulped again and again, glorying in the pungent taste of the other man's juice. What made their bodies tremble and their minds reel was the incredible intimacy they felt with the man they had lusted for ever since they first met.

Suddenly Zack pulled himself up and spun round to face Hassan. He fell forward and locked their lips together, their ravenous embrace lubricated by the semen still filling their mouths. They shared their own juices back and forth and the effect on them was so erotic that they felt their cocks swelling again.

Zack pulled back and laughed. "Hey, we've gotta cool it, man, or this could go on all night. Here, turn over." Hassan turned his back to him and Zack pulled his body against him, his arms wrapped round him. "That's better," Zack said. "Now we can sleep."

There was a silence as their breathing and heartbeats subsided. Just before drifting into sleep Hassan said softly, "I know you want more than that, Zack. A lot more."

"Damn right I do," Zack said. "After what you did to me today? Sure I want more .... and I'll get it. Tomorrow, buddy." Hassan drifted off into a fantasy of erotic images that gradually faded into a deep, dream-filled sleep.


They woke late. Their limbs were still entwined when they became aware of a shaft of sun hitting their faces. Zack came too first and looked at Hassan's body as it stirred, the olive-skinned muscles gleaming, striped with the sunlight that streamed through the slatted window blind. God, he was beautiful. This was the man who had topped him yesterday, left him shackled like a slave and fucked his ass raw. Yeah, Zack wanted more ..... he wanted payback.

But first things first. They got up and ran straight down to the ocean for a swim to revive them. They showered together in the outdoor shower on the side of the shack, then pulled on their shorts and T-shirts and wandered into town for breakfast. They were sitting under the straw roof of the old restaurant patio when Zack's cell rang."

"Hi, boss," said the excited, unmistakable voice of Darius. "Hey, sir, Randy said I could leave at noon today. It's almost that now, so I could hit the road and be up there with you by about three ...... if that's OK with you, sir."

Zack's face lit up at the sound of his boy's voice. "Perfect, kiddo. By the way, I have a surprise for you. Oh, and bring that camera of yours with you."

"Sure I will. I take that everywhere, sir. You never know when you'll get that perfect shot."

"Yeah ..... that's kinda what I had in mind. See you soon, kid. Drive safe."

Hassan smiled at him across the table. "You really love that boy, don't you Zack?"

Zack grinned. "He's one in a million ...... crazy, funny, an energetic young buck who always needs to be kept in check."

"Not to mention a beautiful young man, you forgot that."

"I never forget that, buddy. Every time I look at him my dick gets hard. OK, back to the beach. Feel like giving me those karate lessons I mentioned?"


After their long night's sleep the men's bodies were brimming with renewed energy and they were hot for some physical activity ..... starting with karate. Zack had been impressed by the way Hassan had made short work of his attackers the day before by dropping them expertly with his devastating karate kicks. He was of mixed Asian/Arab blood and had been raised on karate from a young age.

Zack learned fast and he was soon kicking as skillfully as Hassan. His reflexes were lightning fast and he successfully ducked the kicks Hassan aimed at him..... except for one. They had been going for some time when Hassan aimed an unexpected blow and Zack jerked his head back, but a fraction too slowly. Hassan's foot made contact with his jaw, sending Zack reeling and crashing onto the sand.

Stunned, he shook his head, rubbed his jaw and looked up at the triumphant Marine. Suddenly the friendly rivalry of the fight took on a raw edge. The blow had sharpened Zack's competitive instincts and he growled, "OK, man ...... so you wanna play rough." In one fluent moved he sprang to his feet and aimed a kick at Hassan that hit his shoulder, so it was now the Marine who was sprawled on the sand.

Their eyes met and they both recognized the gleam of serious challenge. Like a panther Hassan sprang off the sand, lowered his head and charged forward, his shoulder crashing against Zack's stomach. In an instant they were both rolling in the sand, trading punches, grinding their muscular bodies together, first one on top pinning his opponent, then the other.

They were evenly matched and they knew it. Ever since Zack's brutal fucking by Hassan the day before the tension had been building under the surface, and it now boiled over. The testosterone was heavy. They were buddies, joined in the fraternity of shared intimacy, but part of that intimacy was an innate need to challenge each other. It was a test of their masculinity, a trial of strength, a battle for supremacy that was as much mental as a physical contest.

More than that, though, it was driven by the sexual lust they felt for each other. As muscles ground against each other and they traded blow for blow, their bodies locked together much as they had been in bed all night. Even as they had slept in each other's arms, they had felt the body pressed against theirs, felt the muscles rippling as the body stirred. And their cocks had been hard all night.

Now the fight was the inevitable physical manifestation of that latent desire. Everything had been building to this from the moment Hassan arrived. The bondage, the sex, the shared secrets, the playful rivalry, the growing intimacy and comradeship, the shared bed ...... all of it needed a physical climax, like a rumbling volcano whose lava has to erupt. And this was the eruption.

As the fight intensified, a new element of competition emerged. They were both wearing the old ragged shorts from yesterday, and as they grappled the thin fabric began to rip. Now they were deliberately grabbing at the shorts and as their eyes met they both knew instinctively that the man who was naked first would be the loser.

Hassan was on the bottom but his arms were free and he reached round and ripped Zack's shorts away from his ass. Zack sprang back and Hassan saw that only the waistband was left, the shredded remains hanging loose. Hassan sprang off the ground and grabbed at the torn fragments. But Zack's fists grabbed his wrists like a vice. It was a standoff as they locked eyes, faces almost touching, eyes glinting with gritty determination.

Now it was a pure trial of strength. Hassan strained to pull his hands apart but Zack held them solid. Their eyes never wavered, their muscles flexed and bulged, their heaving bodies poured with sweat. He was so close to defeat that Zack took a chance. In a split-second move he hooked his leg around Hassan's and yanked hard, throwing him off balance. As Hassan staggered backward his arms flailed. He had let go of the shorts. Zack delivered one last karate kick and just the toes made contact with Hassan's jaw, but it was enough to drop him.

As he fell backward Zack's arm shot forward, grabbed Hassan's shorts, and there came the sound of tearing fabric as Hassan crashed to the ground on this back. In a daze he looked up at the blurred image. As it came into focus he saw the black muscle-god standing legs astride, felt his sweat dripping down onto him. The handsome face was lit up by a dazzling smile and his right arm was raised in triumph, holding the shredded fragments of Hassan's shorts.

Hassan was naked. He was beaten and he knew it. But as he looked up at that incredible ebony physique, he wasn't sorry. He had known all along that he would pay for fucking Zack's ass. The man would never allow that to go unpunished. As lay on his back on the hot sand, Hassan instinctively stretched his legs out in a V and his arms out to the sides.

It was an act of submission to the dominant man who had conquered him. He knew he was at Zack's mercy, and all his visions and dreams of the night before flooded back to him. The most erotic had been of a naked, muscular Marine staked to the ground with a triumphant black bodybuilder towering over him. And Hassan's cock was hard a steel.

Zack smiled down at the beaten man, his spectacular body spread-eagled on the sand. "Perfect," he said. "Don't move."


And a few minutes later he was still in the same crucifixion pose, except that now his wrists and ankles were roped to stakes that Zack had driven into the sand. Hassan's vision of being naked, spread-eagled and helpless had become reality. Zack was still towering over him, but now he was holding the bull-whip that the thugs had used on him the day before.

Hassan twisted his head and looked sideways at his bound wrists, pulling on them in a vain attempt to loosen them. With a mild panic of being at Zack's mercy his eyes opened wide in fear. "Are you gonna whip me, man?"

Zack's eyes blazed into his. "I should, dammit." He paused, raised his arm, and hurled the whip far away over the sand. His face broke into a malicious grin. "But I have something else in mind ...... something more painful." He dropped to his knees by Hassan's face. "See, buddy, sometimes mental torment can be worse than physical pain. Now I'm going for a run and leave you here, helpless. And while I'm gone, you're gonna think ..... let you mind go."

Hassan looked puzzled. "And here's what you're gonna think about," Zack continued. "I know you already imagined the situation you're in now. Probably beat off thinking about it. Well picture it now, the spectacular Marine staked out naked on the hot sand. He struggles to get free, flexing his muscles, starting to sweat. He looks magnificent, the hot, macho stud, the ultimate top man, the fighter. But he got thrashed by the big black stud and now he's tied up, at his mercy."

Hassan's cock swelled at the thought and he struggled to free his hands. But Zack continued. "You know, I had Bob in this exact position. Think of that too, Hassan, that man we all find so fucking gorgeous, staked to the ground naked, in fear of what comes next. He's afraid because I'm waiting for a buddy. The buddy turns out to be Randy and we both work on that perfect body together."

"But in the end Bob had me tied to the ground. Look at me, man, the gorgeous black bodybuilder triumphing over you, but imagine him degraded in humiliating bondage. Then picture yesterday when I was spread-eagled in the door frame, my body striped with marks of the lash." Hassan's cock was like iron and he was desperate to touch it. He had to cum. Again he struggled to free his hand. "Oh, man," he groaned. "I need to...."

But Zack cut him off. "Now here's the clincher, man, the image that's gonna drive you insane. Instead of me tied up, imagine Mark, the blond army corporal, stripped to the waist, his magnificent body chained to the wall. That's how you had him, man, that's how you tortured him, and you saw that face, the face of a Greek God, begging you for mercy as you whipped and fucked him."

Hassan moaned again and his breathing became ragged. "Now imagine that Mark never escaped, that you got him out of that prison, took him to your house in the desert and chained him to the wall in the basement. Imagine what you did to him .... every day ..... imagine that your prisoner came to like it, to want it, to need it. Hear that beautiful muscle-god in chains begging you to torture him, whip him, fuck him."

"NO!" Hassan screamed, his cock throbbing. "Don't do this, man. I can't take it. Please man, release one of my hands so I can jack off. Just let me touch my dick man. I've gotta shoot, man."

Zack stood up and said only three words ..... "Think about it." Then he suddenly turned and ran quickly away, into the distance until he disappeared into a haze of sea-spray and blowing sand.


The sun blazed down on the naked Marine as he struggled desperately to free himself, his muscles writhing in helpless bondage. His mind was struggling just as frantically ..... to rid himself of the fantasies Zack had planted in him. But there too he was helpless. Far from disappearing, the images became clearer, more graphic, more erotic. He saw himself, staked to the ground, then Bob, that gorgeous stud that he lusted for in secret.

But most of all he saw Mark, all that time ago. How many times over the years had he pictured the chained god begging for release, and how many times had the erotic image made him jack off and shoot a huge load. In his fantasy he was jacking off now, the picture was so incredibly hot ..... but he couldn't. Once again he looked up at his wrists and pulled frantically at the ropes. "Please," he screamed into the wind, "I need to touch my cock ..... just once."

As he struggled his pulse raced, his body writhed in despair and blood was pounding through his cock, gorged with semen waiting for release. The images in his mind were driving him mad ..... he saw them all, saw Mark, saw that beautiful face pouring tears, heard him beg. Then he shook uncontrollably as he saw the climax of that scene. He had fucked Mark's ass through the bars, tortured his tits, and watched in the mirror as the chained soldier screamed and shot a huge jet of cum across the cell in an explosion of raw animal lust.

Hassan was sobbing, his wrists raw as he pulled frantically at the ropes. He tried to cum, but needed to touch, just touch, his cock. He tried to imagine he was stroking his cock as he had done so often before, but it didn't work. The orgasm straining for release never came. He was desperate to shoot his load but the images in his mind, no matter how erotic, didn't cut it.

He was in extreme mental anguish. In his mind he heard Zack's deep voice describing the brutal images. Zack ..... he needed him .... only he could release from his torment. And at that moment he opened his eyes and through his tears saw Zack standing over him, arms crossed over his chest, breath heaving, muscles pouring sweat after his run. This was the man responsible for his torment, the man he had fought, who had beaten him and staked him to the ground. He was torturing his mind, and here he was looking down at him in triumph.

Hassan's rugged face, slanted eyes, gazed up desperately at his captor. "Please, man," he groaned. "Help me. I've gotta cum, man. My cock is in agony. Please, sir. You want me to beg? I'm begging you, sir. You've beaten me, sir. You've won ..... I submit. I beg you, sir. Please let me touch my cock."

Zack watched the naked Marine struggle, his magnificent body writhing in bondage, pouring with sweat, his handsome dark face thrashing from side to side. Zack smiled. He would not untie him ...... but he would release him. He uncrossed his arms and held them out to the side, displaying his spectacular physique. In a trance Hassan heard the deep voice. "OK, man. Here I am. Look at me, Hassan. I am the best .....I've broken you, made you beg. Now I'm setting you free. Look at me ...... and shoot."

As the sun cast a glow around the spectacular black bodybuilder it was as if his body caught fire. He was a god, and Hassan could take no more. He pulled one last time at the ropes and gazed up into Zack's glorious face. His body shuddered, his cock jolted. "Aaaagh!" His scream shattered the warm air, challenging the anguished cries of the gulls as they swooped overhead, gazing down at the incredible scene.

Finally, at long last, Hassan's cock erupted spectacularly, shooting ribbons of cum high into the air, then splashing down hard onto his face and his chest until pools of creamy liquid were soaking his smooth olive skin. He shot another load, then more, until finally he was spent and his exhausted sobs were the only sound. He was aware of Zack dropping to his knees, cupping his jaw in his hand and turning his face toward him. The black face was wreathed in a gleaming smile.

"Now you know me, buddy. Really know me. That's what I can do. I tortured you, sent you into another world, gave you one hell of an orgasm ..... and I didn't even touch you. Man, you're spectacular. You're my brother."

Hassan looked up at him weakly. "I love you, man. I love you."

Zack lowered his head and pressed their lips together in a long, ravenous embrace.


But Zack wasn't finished. He raised himself on his knees and expertly untied Hassan's ankles. The exhausted captive thought his arms would be next. But no. Zack was gazing down at him and it was lust that Hassan saw in the gray eyes. And then he knew.

"No, man," he said. "I can't. I just shot my load. I'm drained man, there's nothing left."

"That was my plan, buddy." Zack grabbed Hassan's legs, hooked them over his shoulders and with one huge, merciless thrust pushed his long pole dick deep inside the Marine's ass. The pain shot through him like a dagger, but it quickly dissolved into a sensation of pure euphoria.

"Oh, man!" Hassan groaned. "Jesus, your cock feels incredible. Fuck me, man. You don't know how often I've jacked off thinking about that huge black cock inside my ass. You've beaten me Zack, you're the best, you own my ass. Take it, man ..... fuck it ..... hard."

Hassan's pleading voice transformed Zack into a wild black stallion. As his cock pistoned inside the shuddering ass he looked down with satisfaction at the handsome, exotic face thrashing from side to side ..... the square jaw, high cheek bones, jet black hair flying over the high forehead. Hassan looked up desperately at the black bodybuilder crashing down on him and moaned. "Man, no. I can't cum again .... not so soon. I'm drained, man, finished."

"I'll tell you when you're finished," Zack said, his piston driving into the tortured ass.

Hassan was drowning in a blur of pain and ecstasy. His body was on fire, and suddenly he felt the rod in his ass shudder and explode deep inside him. He heard a scream and saw a jet of white cream blast into the air and fall back into his eyes, momentarily blinding him. In a daze he realized what had happened ..... the scream and the eruption of semen had been his. Zack had made him shoot again. The cum cleared from his eyes, and he saw the handsome black face staring down at him with a jubilant smile.

"I knew I could make you shoot again, buddy. There's nothing I can't do if a guy really turns me on. And you are one hell of a fucking turn-on, stud."

Hassan gasped as he felt the long shaft pull out of him and he saw Zack spring to his feet. At that moment they both heard the ring from Zack's cell phone lying on the patio. Zack walked over to it and flipped it open. "Hey, kiddo, where are you? Great, perfect timing. See you in twenty minutes, then. Hey, Darius, you got your camera with you? Good boy, 'cause I've got something pretty spectacular to show you......that perfect shot you're always looking for."

He snapped the phone shut, walked back to Hassan and quickly re-roped his ankles to the stake. Startled, Hassan instinctively pulled at his restraints. As the muscles flexed Zack looked down at the naked Marine, staked out bound and helpless, his magnificent body smothered in pools of cum and sweat. Zack shook his head.

"Oh man ..... my boy is gonna go ape-shit when he sees that!"


It was always surprising how much quieter the house seemed whenever Darius left it. He had made a noisy departure in Zack's truck at about noon, after an excited huddle with Pablo and Jamie over what the surprise could be that Zack had mentioned on the phone, and why he had insisted that Darius bring his video camera. After on-pain-of-life promises that he would bring back a video report as lurid as possible, Darius drove away.

Jamie worked for a while in the office, then Bob let him off early and, as Mark was still not home from work, the boy went upstairs to keep Pablo company in Darius's absence. Soon after that Randy came home and joined Bob relaxing by the pool. After a while Randy said, "So where are your twins? Strange for them to be gone so long. Usually they're hovering around in case you need anything."

Bob smiled. "It's called devotion, Randy. You should try it some time." Randy gave a dismissive snort. "But you're right," Bob said. "I'll go across the street and check their house."

Bob walked across Zack's garden and heard voices coming from the twins' guesthouse. He didn't want to intrude on them, so he glanced through the window first. His eyes opened wide with surprise and amusement. Kevin was lying on the bed, his arms stretched upward, and it looked as if Kyle was trying to tie his wrists together with a piece of rope. But he was making a hash of it, resulting in loud protests from Kevin.

"You're hopeless, dude. That doesn't work, look I can still get free. That can't be how Zack did it to Darius."

Bob tapped on their door and walked in. With rushed embarrassment and red faces the twins quickly separated and stood up. Kyle had neglected to hide the rope and suddenly realized he was still holding it. Busted! Bob smiled and raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"Sir," Kyle stammered. "I'm sorry, sir, but I .... I was trying to tie Kevin up." Realizing that sounded a bit lame, a hurried explanation came tumbling out. "See, sir, when I was with Zack and Darius, I watched Zack tie Darius up ..... you know, his arms stretched up to a tree, and ...... well, sir ...... when I described it to Kevin it sounded kinda hot so I was trying to do it to him. We're sorry, sir."

Bob smiled. "First of all, there's no need to be sorry or embarrassed about it. It's called bondage and I agree it can be kind of hot if both guys want it. Darius told me about his scene with Zack and I sort of wish I'd been there with you, Kyle. Those guys sure know how to put on a show."

Encouraged by Bob's reaction Kevin lost his shyness. "Thing is, sir, Kyle's no good at it. I kept getting free. Do you think ..... I mean, could you show him how to do it?"

Bob laughed. "You're asking the wrong guy, Kevin. Oh, sure, I've been involved in lots of bondage sessions. Hell, living with Randy it goes with the territory. But he's the expert. He's the one to teach you." He saw them hesitate at the mention of Randy, the rough boss who always scared them a little, even though they respected and admired him. "Here," Bob laughed, "come with me."

Randy was lying on his back on a chaise, sunning himself dressed only in shorts. His eyes were closed but he heard a sound beside him. He opened one eye and saw Bob and the twins standing beside the chaise. "What's up, guys?" he said drowsily.

Bob tried to sound serious. "Seems that the twins need your help. They think that bondage sounds cool and Kyle was trying to tie Kevin up but he was making a hash of it. They asked me to help but I told them you're the expert."

"Damn right," said Randy, opening both eyes now. He hauled himself up onto his elbows and gazed at the twins standing nervously before him. "OK, kids, you've come to the master. Now get your asses downstairs to the basement."

They looked uncertainly at Bob, who reassured them. "OK, I'll come down too. Hurry."

They scuttled off and Randy looked at Bob and shook his head with a smile. "You and those kids of yours. I heared that you recruited Mark and Zack to help with their sex education. Knew you'd have to come to me in the end."


The basement was equipped with gym equipment and a bed. Its walls had been witness to many hard-core sex exploits, especially between Randy and Bob. The twins sat cross-legged on the floor facing Randy who perched on the edge of the bed. Bob sat a distance away, a silent observer sprawled in a chair by the wall. He watched keenly as Randy looked down at the upturned faces and began his instruction.

"OK, bondage. First a few ground rules .... and listen up. First, every guy involved has to want it ..... even if only deep down." He shot a meaningful glance at Bob. "And as soon as the guy who's tied up wants to stop, you stop. Now sometimes the guy says stop but he doesn't mean it .... it's part of the trip, so you might wanna decide on an escape word, like using your name, for example.

And here's the most important thing of all. You never, ever, let a guy tie you up unless you know and trust him. Never! If ever I hear that you've disobeyed that rule I'll personally whip your ass and then fuck it. Get it?"

"Yes, sir," they both said, their fear not entirely stifling the stirring in their cocks at the thought.

Randy pulled toward him a big leather back he had got from the closet. "Now Bob knows this bag well" (another quick glance at him) "but for now I'm gonna just show you the ropes, as the saying goes. There's thick rope like this one, but the best is thinner cord. But that could cut the wrists so you might wanna wrap some cloth round them first.'

Across the room Bob's eyes were misting over at the sight of this rugged construction boss, who could be tough as hell, his anger legendary, now gently, patiently teaching the shy twins, who were looking up at him with riveted attention. A surge of affection swept through Bob, both for the twins and for the man he worshipped, the man who had used ropes on him many times and no doubt would again.

"OK," Randy said. "Stand up Kevin and strip naked. Might as well make this look real." Without hesitation Kevin obeyed. Although Randy was the fierce, scary boss, the boy trusted him instinctively. He was Bob's lover, after all. "Now watch, both of you." Randy took a length of cord and expertly wrapped it round Kevin's wrists. When he tied the knot he said, "Try to get free, Kevin." The boy struggled but he was bound tight.

"OK, now watch this." Randy gave a slight tug to the lose end of rope and it unraveled from around the wrists. "That's an escape knot," he said. "If ever the guy suddenly gets in trouble, panics, just a slight pull on this will set him free. OK, here we go." Randy tied a piece of cloth round Kevin's wrists, then bound them again with rope. He threw the other end of the rope up over the chin bar high above Kevin, then pulled it down and tied the other end to the boy's wrists, pulling his arms straight up.

"Is that how Zack tied Darius ..... arms stretched upwards, tight like that?"

"Yes, sir," Kyle said, his eyes glowing, "just like that." He blushed and said, "Sir, do you think you could ...... I mean maybe I could......"

Randy laughed. "You want the same treatment as your brother, eh ? Piece of cake. Take your clothes off." In less than a minute Kyle was bound in exactly the same position as his brother, his arms stretching up to the same chin bar, both of them back-to-back. "Now, try to get free." The naked boys pulled and struggled, backs sliding against each other, their supple young muscles flexing under the overhead lights. Randy ran his hands lightly over the smooth skin of their chests, then stood back to admire his work.

He grinned at Bob. "Gotta say, buddy, your boys look pretty sensational like this. You feeling OK, guys?" He glanced down and saw both their cocks standing straight out, rigid as poles. "No need to answer that, guys," he laughed. "Now turn and face each other." The ropes above them twisted as they turned and pressed their chests together. Randy looked down at the two perfect, identical young asses. His eyes gleamed as he rubbed his jaw in thought.

"Let's see, guys, you work for Pablo and Jamie now, right?"

"Yes, sir," they answered in unison.

"So Pablo's your boss, Kyle, and Jamie is yours, right Kevin?"

"Yes, sir."

"They ever fuck you?"

"No, sir. Not yet sir."

Randy grinned across the room to Bob. "Hey, Bob, these guys have never been fucked by their bosses. Every other guy in this house has submitted to his boss. Gotta complete their education, buddy. Go upstairs and tell Pablo and Jamie to get their asses down here, pronto."

Bop glanced quickly at the twins and saw their eyes shining with excitement. He stood up and smiled broadly at Randy. God, he loved the man. As he walked past him toward the door he said softly in Randy's ear, "You never told me there was an escape knot."

"Yeah, well I don't use it on you. See you're never gonna escape ..... not from me."

Bob grinned, "You son-of-a-bitch," and went upstairs for the boys.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength .... Part 117."


Rob Williams

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