Nate's introduction to the boys was far from easy as Pablo decided to vent his envy of Jamie, and had injured Nate in the process. Pablo had been punished dramatically by Randy and then made amends by offering his ass to Nate, becoming the first man Nate had ever fucked.

Calm was restored; the dust settled and blew away. A lesser boy might have been intimidated by these radical goings-on, but the effect on Nate was the reverse ..... he was longing to join this raucous group of gorgeous men and boys. So he submitted an application to the twins for the job of houseboy. With Bob's guidance the twins accepted Nate provisionally, provided he spent the remaining week of his vacation working in the house on probation, to prove he was up to the job.

Nate was ecstatic. "No worries there, mate," he grinned. "I'd love work here for the week ...... show you what I'm made of? 'Course, then I'd have to go back to Sydney as planned ..... square things away there ...... but I could be back here in a couple of weeks."

Jamie was not looking forward to parting with his new friend but Mark took care of that with an extraordinary present ...... an airline ticket for Jamie to accompany Nate to Sydney and return with him two weeks later. This, of course, had the potential of rousing the envy of Pablo and Darius, but Randy and Zack avoided that by rewarding them with a trip of their own. The four of them would rent a cabin cruiser for a week's fishing off Catalina Island.

A short while later Mark was having a quiet drink with Bob. "Gotta hand it to Randy," Mark said. "He comes up with some terrific ideas." He paused, and Bob saw the gleam in his eye as Mark added, "Course you know what that means, buddy? It means that for a whole week you and I will be alone together in the house, with just the twins. That hasn't happened before."

Bob took a sharp intake of breath as thoughts of spending a week alone with Mark raced through his mind. He knew the gorgeous cop was in love with him and Bob was crazy about Mark. "Oh, man," Bob said. "I've often wondered, fantasized even, what we would ......"

"Don't worry, man" Mark grinned. "I have plans for us. We'll take a trip of our own ..... without even leaving the house."

Bob felt his cock swelling in his jeans. "Whatever you say, officer. I'm in your hands."


But all those events were a week away, a week that saw a transformation in Nate as he became closer than ever with Jamie. Actually the signature moment in that process had occurred straight after they left the scene of Nate's momentous fuck of Pablo. Nate had been so blown away by the feel of his cock in a hot ass for the first time in his life that his first reaction had been to ask Jamie, "Hey, mate, can we go to your room? I mean ..... maybe we could ...... thing is, I'd really love to do that again, mate .... to you this time. I've dreamed of it."

And so they did, but this time was different from fucking Pablo. Then it was all about raw lust, the sight of a beautiful ass and the never-before thrill of entering it. But now Nate focused first on ...... Jamie's eyes ..... the eyes of his first real friend, the boy who had been the first to fuck him ...... and the boy he was sure he was in love with. What made his dick hard now was not simply the thought of his dick in a boy's ass. It was the unimaginable joy of making love, really making love, to his beautiful new friend.

"Are you sure, mate?" Nate asked, wide-eyed.

"Are you kidding?" Jamie grinned. "I've been waiting for this since we met."

They both got naked and Jamie lay on his back on the bed. There was no frantic clumsiness this time as there had been with Pablo. Keeping his gaze locked onto Jamie's smiling blue eyes Nate pushed his legs up, placed the head of his cock against the soft blond fur round his ass, and pushed. The eyes of both boys filled with tears as the cock of one slid smoothly inside the waiting ass of the other. Their hearts were beating wildly and they held their breath.

They gazed at each other, almost in disbelief, and at that moment their friendship was transformed ...... like a flower finally coming into bloom. Up to now they had traveled in a landscape of sepia tones like an old photograph, but suddenly they stepped through the doors of a Technicolor world ...... like Dorothy landing in Oz.

Physically they both felt the incredible visceral sensation in their warm, soft membrane, which made their bodies quiver. But more startling was the joining of the eyes ...... what they saw in each other's eyes. There was ...... a sameness, a perfect fit. It seemed inevitable ..... it couldn't be any other way ...... as if it had always been.

Their gaze remained locked, the same smiles, the same sparkle. Nate was empowered, losing all traces of shyness or inhibition, and as he began gently to move his cock in Jamie's ass he found his voice. "I know I'm not supposed to say this, but I don't care. I love you Jamie ..... I'm in love with you. You're my mate."

"I know, buddy," said Jamie simply.

Nothing more was said as they stared at each other, seeing themselves reflected in each other's eyes. The hypnotic rhythm was unchanging as Nate glided slowly in and out of Jamie's ass for what seemed like eternity. And in the end the climax was not so much sensual as spiritual. Quietly Nate said, "I think I'm going to cum in your ass, Jamie. Here, this is for you." He felt his cock pour its juice deep inside Jamie, as he watched Jamie's cock spurt ribbons of white cum over his beautiful, tanned body.

Minutes later they were still staring at each other, unwilling to leave the enchanted world they had just discovered.


As they lay together, regaining their breath, and slowly re-entered the mortal world, a question that had been troubling Nate came back into focus. "Jamie," he said. "Did it upset you that Pablo was the first man I ever fucked?"

Jamie frowned a little. "At first it did, when Pablo asked me if you could. But I realized that the first time would be just about that lust thing ...... discovering how it felt to have your cock inside an ass ..... all that yelling and stuff. Once you got that out of the way you would be ready to ...... well .... to make love. That would be your first real time. And I'm glad it was with me."

"Huh, no worries there, mate ..... of course it would be with you."

Jamie smiled. "There's something else you should know about this house, buddy. We've nearly all fucked with each other, even though most of the guys have a special lover. Hell, it's not surprising, with everyone so gorgeous and all. See, we're kind of a tribe and everything's OK as long as it stays in the tribe." He grinned conspiratorially. "OK, mate, leaving me out of it, who do you think is the most beautiful one ..... just between you and me?"

Nate blushed a bit as he said, "Well, Mark of course .....but they're all pretty spectacular ...... and yet ....."

"I know what you're gonna say."

"I mean, Bob kinda takes my breath away. It's not just that he's beautiful, which he is, of course. But he was real kind to me when I was hurt, he was so gentle, and when he smiled at me he made me feel like I was the only guy in his world right then. But his friend Randy is quite different ..... a bit scary, really. He's so macho, so tough." Nate grinned. "I wonder what it's like when they make love. Wouldn't it be a trip to watch that?

Jamie laughed. "Be careful what you wish for, Nate. In this house everything's possible."


Apparently everything was possible, because the next day Nate had applied to the twins for the houseboy position and started work right away on a probationary basis. It was then that Jamie decided he had to clear things with Mark. He never wanted to do anything that would jeopardize his status with the glorious man he worshipped, so that evening as he sat with Mark by the pool, Jamie opened up.

"Sir, I want to tell you something. It's about me and Nate. You know, yesterday Nate fucked me for the first time and we've made love several times since then." He paused, trying to find the right words, then took the plunge. "Well, sir ...... I know you said we shouldn't think about love but ..... I think we do love each other ..... I think we've even fallen in love with each other." He looked at Mark nervously, waiting for his reaction. He was relieved to see him smile.

"Yeah, I figured something like that was going on. Now first of all I didn't say you shouldn't love each other ..... I just suggested you give things time to sort themselves out." He paused. "You know, kid, there are lots of emotions you shouldn't give a name to, 'cause then you have to live up to them ..... like love, falling in love ......falling out of love ...... yeah that's the tough one. Better just to enjoy what you've got without defining it. Emotions shift all the time ..... don't put a label on them. You enjoy being with Nate, don't you?"

"Of course, sir, I love it."

"Then that's it. Just have a good time ..... don't call it anything. But there's one other thing to remember. If the twins do take on Nate as houseboy, he's gonna be the low man on the totem pole around here and the twins will be his supervisors. Have you thought about that?"

"Oh I don't care about that, sir. Nate is Nate ..... he's still my friend even if he is the house-cleaner. That has nothing to do with what we feel for each other." Mark smiled at the simple wisdom of youth. Then Jamie frowned as another thought came to him. "Sir, that 'falling out of love' thing you mentioned. I know people do, but I'm never gonna fall out of love with you, sir. Never!"

Mark laughed and threw his arm round Jamie's neck. "Oh I know that, kiddo. No, you and I are stuck with each other no matter what. I get transferred to Bumfuck, Iowa, you move with me to Bumfuck. You're one thing we can put a label on ...... a label that reads 'Mark's Boy' ! You're my boy and that's never gonna change." He frowned. "Provided ......."

"Provided what, sir?" Jamie said in alarm.

"Provided I get to use that cute ass of yours whenever I want. You said you've been fucking a lot with Nate. I hope there's something left for me."

"Oh, always, sir." Jamie's face broke into a relieved smile. "You know making love with you is the best thing in my life. It's what I live for. Here, sir, let me show you." He grabbed Mark's hand and pulled him across the garden to the house, pulling his own shirt off with his other hand and dropping his shorts as they went.


That same evening when everyone was gathered at the dinner table Bob stood and called for attention. "Guys .... guys." There was instant silence. "I have one quick announcement. Earlier today our new friend Nate here applied for the position of houseboy and the twins have agreed to give him a try-out this week before he goes back to Sydney. If it works out, he'll return here in a couple of weeks as a permanent member of our group." There were smiles from the men and cheers from the boys, which Bob cut off by raising his hand for silence.

"But I have a word of warning. Nate will be the houseboy ..... not your mother. I don't want anyone using this as an excuse to mess up their rooms and leave clothes all over the place. Pablo and Darius, I noticed yesterday that your room bears a striking resemblance to the city dump. So I want everyone to pull together to help Nate in his trial period. That's all I have to say, except..... 'Welcome to the House,' Nate."

There were more cheers as Bob sat down. Randy pulled him close and whispered in his ear, "Does that messy room deal apply to me too, buddy?"

Bob grinned, "Especially to you. You can be the sloppiest, scruffiest guy I've ever known. Look at the way you come home from work ...... all dirt and sweat."

Randy laughed. "Asshole ..... I thought that's the way you liked me. Never heard you complain when you were getting fucked by the construction boss in his greasy old tank-top and work pants."

Bob blushed a little. "Well .... that's different." Then he smiled. "Fuck you, man. You know me too well."


A few days later Nate was doing great. So were the twins, as Nate had sailed through his orientation. It wasn't just that Nate was a natural when it came to keeping the house clean and orderly, the twins enjoyed his company and Nate had no problem accepting them as his supervisors. After all, they would be the ones deciding his fate at the end of the week, a decision that could totally change his life.

Soon Nate was competent enough to be working alone, and late one afternoon he was in the master bedroom, Bob's and Randy's, scrubbing away at the tiles in the shower. As he turned on the shower frequently to rinse the cleanser away, he was wearing only his undershorts. He had been scrubbing for some time and was wet with sweat.

"Jesus, this is tough," he said out loud to himself. Nate had a habit of talking to himself when it helped him get through a heavy task. By now he was on his hands and knees, scrubbing away at the floor tiles. "All this grease ...... must come from that boss man. He's always filthy when he gets home from work. Real scary looking bloke. Gotta be careful not to get on the wrong side of him."

"A real scary bloke, is that what I am?" Nate's head jerked up in fright. He had been concentrating on the floor and was unaware that Randy was watching him. Now he was rooted to the spot as he stared up at the awesome man looming in the doorway of the shower. Just home from work, Randy was, as always, wearing his ragged blue tank-top and cargo pants, streaked with dirt and grease, and he stunk of sweat. Despite his terror, Nate felt his cock getting hard in his thin shorts.

Suddenly realizing that Randy had heard what he said, Nate sprang to his feet and started to babble. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't know you were ..... I mean ..... what I said, sir. I didn't ..... I didn't think ..... not really ....."

"Ah, don't get your shorts in a twist, kid. I've been called a lot worse than a real scary bloke. Come to think of it I've never been called a bloke before. Nah, you're right ..... I can be a mean son-of-a-bitch you get me riled up." Nate was desperate to escape but Randy blocked him. "Jeez, you really are scared of me, aren't you? Bob said you were the shy type. You finished in the shower?"

"Well, sir," Nate stammered. "I had one wall left, but I can come back."

"Nah, let me jump in the shower real quick and then you can finish off." He turned round, sat on the bed and pulled off his boots and socks. "I don't think we ever did get officially introduced, did we kid? I'm Randy, boss of this outfit."

"I ...... I know that, sir. I ...... I'm Nate," he said lamely."

"So you're from Australia. You know, I almost went there one time. Guy I met said there'd be plenty of work for a guy like me on a sheep station in the Outback. Guess I would have fit in there real well, but I ended up staying in Texas. You ever been to the Outback, boy?"

Nate managed to stammer, "To, to the Outback, sir? A little bit, sir." Then he fell silent and watched, awestruck, as Randy pulled off his tank-top, threw it onto the bed, then dropped his pants on the floor (completely ignoring Bob's messy-room warning). As Randy walked around the room stripped to his shorts Nate was mesmerized by the spectacular man with the sculpted, sinewy body and the handsome gypsy face, squared jawed, stubble chin, a mess of tousled black hair, and steel blue eyes Nate found it hard to look into.

What was amazing was that Randy seemed completely oblivious of the stunning effect he had, totally at ease walking around the room nearly naked, then going into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Instinctively Nate picked Randy's tank-top off the bed, held it briefly to his nose and was overwhelmed by the stench of male sweat. It was soaked so he draped it over a hanger. He picked up the pants and folded them, then put the stinking socks into the laundry hamper. By this time his cock was throbbing.

He glanced into the bathroom and gulped as he saw Randy drop his shorts and step into the shower, leaving the shower door open. Nate went into the bathroom, picked up the crumpled shorts and breathed in the unmistakable odor of stale urine and dried cum. He imagined the construction worker stuffing his cock back in the shorts after pissing; and it seemed like at some point in the day he had creamed in his shorts ...... probably when he was with Bob, Nate fantasized.

In fact by now Nate's fantasies were taking over. He had never been in a room that was so redolent of raw, male sex. It was his first taste of the sexual potency that seemed to ooze from every pore of Randy's body. He watched as Randy soaped his body, reaching behind him trying to reach the middle of his back. Almost in a trance by now Nate heard a voice say, "Can I help you with that, sir?" He looked round to see where the voice had come from ..... and realized it was his.

From the shower Randy looked at him and laughed. "Hell, I don't know if that's in your job description, kid ...... I'll have to check with Bob. But until I do, hey, why the hell not? You seemed to be making a good job of scrubbing the floor ..... maybe you can give me the same treatment. OK, come on in ..... but lose the shorts."

His heart pounding Nate dropped his shorts and stepped naked into the shower. With hot water pouring over them both, Randy turned his back to him and Nate soaped up the body scrubber. Breathing heavily he ran it over Randy's muscular V-shaped back, lightly at first until Randy said, "Hey, boy, put some muscle into it." So Nate scrubbed hard, over the neck, the broad shoulders, down the sloping lats to the small tight waist. Feeling the rock hard muscles under his palms Nate's cock was rigid.

Randy sighed. "Jeez that feels good, kid. Here, do the front." He turned round and Nate gave the same treatment to Randy's massive pecs, then scrubbed at the tight ridges of his stomach. "Great, kid," Randy laughed. "Hey, now I know what they mean by 'washboard abs'. OK, now the legs."

Nate's head was swimming as he dropped to his knees and began to soap up the solid thighs. The trouble here was that the big man's huge, thick cock was hanging right in front of him. He couldn't take his eyes off it ...... he was hypnotized as the long slab of meat swung inches from his face. He realized he had stopped rubbing Randy's legs. He looked up at the magnificent, naked bodybuilder towering over him in a cloud of steam, and mumbled, "I'm sorry, sir .... I just .... I can't ...."

"...... can't take your eyes off my cock by the looks of it. OK, boy, might as well go the whole nine yards ....." he laughed, "..... to coin a phrase. Open your mouth, boy."

Nate would have obeyed any command from this man, and he opened his mouth wide. Randy took hold of his semi-erect cock and stuffed it into the boy's mouth. Nate's eyes opened wide as he felt the huge shaft sink to the back of his throat. But this was only the beginning. Incredibly he felt the muscle filling his throat, growing even bigger as it got stiff. Soft, the cock was huge, but hard it was enormous and Nate began to choke.

"Don't gag on me, boy. Come on, any guy living in this house has to take my cock in his mouth and his ass. You wanna live here, don't you? OK then."

Nate remembered how he had sucked Mark's cock and began breathing through his nose. But this was different from Mark. Mark had been gentle, but this was Randy ..... and he didn't do 'gentle'. He grabbed both sides of Nate's head, pulled back, then plunged his iron cock deep down into his throat. Nate swallowed frantically and thought he would pass out, but Randy's words rang in his head ....."you wanna live here, don't you?" He did, more than anything ...... and right now he wanted to suck this incredible man's cock more than anything. So, like so many men before him, Nate surrendered to Randy's overwhelming sexual power.

Randy turned off the water, and now he was in full 'boss' mode as he plundered the boy's face. He held Nate's head rigid against the tiled wall as his cock pistoned in and out of his mouth. Nate was spinning into another world that consisted of one thing ..... the sight of the hips slamming toward him, the smell of the black, wiry pubic hair that smashed into his face, nearly suffocating him. Tears streamed down his face as he heard the master's guttural voice.

"That's it, boy. Now you know who I am ..... that's what it feels like when the boss fucks your face. You got a cute face, kid, and you're a good cock-sucker. I like that in a boy. So go for it, cock-sucker ..... eat it, eat your master's meat."

The pounding grew more intense and soon Nate knew he would pass out. But Randy knew it too. He was not called the master for nothing ..... he had the master's instinct of knowing the limits of the man he was working on. And he knew that Nate had reached his, so he yelled, "Here it comes, boy. Drink the master's juice, kid ...... swallow it!

Nate was on the verge of losing his mind as he felt the massive rod pulse, then felt the hot liquid blast deep down into his throat. Frantically he gulped it down, intoxicated by the bitter-sweet, creamy taste of the boss's juice streaming from his cock. Tears flowing down his face, he was swallowing thirstily now, the shy young newcomer drinking the hot sperm of the towering muscle-god, the master of the house.

Suddenly, Randy pulled his cock out, and the last jets of cum splashed into the boy's upturned face. Finally, in total exhaustion, Nate dropped his head, and as he looked down he realized that he had shot his own load over Randy's feet. Quickly he dropped forward and began to lick the feet, kissing them in a final act of homage to the ultimate sex master, who had tamed him so completely.


It had been a long day of back-to-back business meetings for Bob, the weary executive who now climbed the stairs to his room. But his heart leapt as he went in and saw Randy naked, drying himself, fresh from the shower. Randy grinned at him and Bob instantly recognized that look of arrogance bordering on triumph. "You're looking pleased with yourself," Bob smiled. "Like the cat who just licked the cream."

"Other way round, actually," said Randy nodding toward the bathroom.

Bob followed his gaze and gasped. "Jesus Christ! What the fuck have you .....?" He walked quickly to the shower and looked down at the naked boy slumped into the corner. He had a dazed smile on his face that was smothered in cum, with semen dribbling from the corners of his open mouth. Bob fell to his knees and cupped the boy's chin. "Nate, are you OK?"

Nate smiled up at him as if he were drunk. "Oh, yes, sir. Just great. Awesome."

Bob recognized that look of total euphoria. He had seen it on his own face in the mirror whenever he had been worked over by Randy. It's the look every man had after sex with Randy. Bob turned on his lover. "Hell, man, what the fuck have you been doing to the kid?"

"Nothing he didn't want ..... more than anything. Does he look unhappy to you?"

Bob shook his head. "You son-of-a-bitch. I should have known you'd have to break the kid in."

Randy looked over to the shower. "Hey, kiddo. I'm gonna make love to my man now. You've already serviced me, so how about you help him get naked?"

Nate was already on his feet drying himself and he walked unsteadily over to Bob. Bob knew what was happening and, while he kind of resented Randy taking control of both of them, he knew what pleasure it would give to Nate. He remembered that phrase Nate had once used .... "I need to see everything that happens in the house." And so he would. Also, after the day he'd had, Bob was dying to feel Randy's cock inside him. Anyway, Randy's authority trumped everything ...... couldn't be questioned.

Bob smiled at Nate. "OK, Nate, do what he says. I've never had a valet before."

Nate's cock was hard again already. Having been face-fucked by the boss he was about to undress his gorgeous lover so they could make love. From behind he pulled off Bob's jacket and put it on a hanger. Then facing him he undid his tie and pulled it from his collar. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt, daring to look into the stunningly handsome face as he did so. He couldn't help running his hands over the tight, white tank underneath the shirt.

He hung up the shirt, then pulled the tank from the waistband and pulled it off over Bob's head. "Aaaah." The involuntary gasp came as he gazed at the muscular business executive standing before him, stripped to the waist. Nate dropped to his knees, pulled off Bob's loafers and socks, then unzipped the pants and let them drop. 'Naked,' Randy had said, so Nate slowly pulled down the white boxers and gasped again as Bob's huge semi-erect cock fell loose and swung in front of his face. More than anything Nate wanted to do the same for Bob as he had done for Randy, but he heard Bob's voice.

"Not now, Nate. Another day, for sure. Right now Randy is waiting to fuck me."

Nate sprang to his feet. "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." He picked up the slacks and folded them onto the hanger under the jacket. Randy was lying on his back on the bed with his arms open, and Bob walked toward him and fell into them. Nate was about to gather his clothes and beat a hasty retreat when he heard Randy say, "Stick around, kid. You may learn a thing or two." Bob added with a smile, "After all, you did say you need to see everything that happens in the house."

And so, standing naked in the master bedroom of the house, Nate watched the two masters make love. This was the inner sanctum, the private place where every day these two glorious men reaffirmed their love that had been born long ago in a crucible of pain and passion. Nate was in a trance. In the back of his mind he heard Jamie's voice, "Be careful what you wish for, Nate. In this house everything's possible." God he wanted to live here. He had to live here.

He watched every instant of their love-making ..... and remembered it all. He was amazed at the passion the men shared. He saw them smile as they entered the mystical world in the mirrors of their eyes, and he remembered when he too had drowned in Jamie's limpid blue gaze. But it was Randy's technique that riveted Nate. When he started to fuck his lover it was slow, tender, but it gathered speed and force until he was ferociously hammering Bob's ass. Then he slowed down for a while ...... until the next savage onslaught.

Bob was soon spinning in a vortex of pleasure, one moment sighing as he felt Randy's cock gently massaging his tender membrane, then suddenly throwing his head back and howling as his ass was impaled on the iron piston driving inside him. In a trance Nate approached the bed and began stroking his cock as he gazed at the awesome spectacle beneath him. At last he saw the climax approach, watched their gleaming muscles tense, heard Bob's moans and Randy's obscenity-laced euphoria. And the boy shot a massive load over the magnificent bodies as they shuddered in orgasm.


A few minutes later Nate was gone and Bob lay in Randy's arms. "He left in a hurry," Randy said. "Think he went to practice on Jamie ..... everything he'd seen in here?"

"I've no doubt," Bob said. He eased closer to Randy. "Well there's one thing for sure..... he learned from the master."

"Think he'll work out OK with the twins and end up living here?" Randy asked.

"Oh, I've no doubt about that either," Bob said. He smiled into Randy's eyes. "Actually, I think the final seal of approval came from you. How could we deny the kid a job after the big boss let him suck his cock and then came in his face? You anointed him, buddy. He's in."



Randy was right that Nate had run off to practice on Jamie. It was a great fuck and afterwards as they were sitting by the pool Jamie said, "Dude, that was incredible. Where did you learn to fuck like that?"

Nate grinned. "I learned from the master, mate. You'll never believe what happened to me."

Darius had big ears especially for phrases like "you'll never believe...." He loved things that were unbelievable ..... and he always believed them. He ran over to the boys and they were soon joined by Pablo and the twins. Darius suddenly became solemn and authoritative as he spoke to Nate.

"Now listen dude, there's a rule in this house that you should know. Whenever anything happens to you, especially something we won't believe, you gotta spill the beans ..... all of them ..... every last one."

"No worries there, mate," Nate grinned. "OK, listen ....." And so the boys gazed at Nate enraptured as he spilled every last bean about what had happened to him in the master bedroom. As he heard the gasps of astonishment ..... "no, he didn't" .... "they actually let you watch?" ..... "wow, totally awesome dude" ..... Nate realized that for the first time he was truly one of the boys. He had a riveting tale to tell ..... and it would be the first of many."

Meanwhile Bob was practicing a little diplomacy of his own as he sat talking to Mark in his bedroom. "Just wanted to let you know what Randy did with Nate, buddy ..... just in case you had a problem with that. I know how you two can be."

"Nah," Mark said. "No less than I expected. We all knew Randy would have to prove to the kid he's the boss ..... the sexiest man alive. Just like Pablo tried to do ..... only the boy hasn't learned his master's technique yet. Just so long as Nate had a good time ..... which I'm sure he did. Though I have to admit, whenever a story includes you getting your ass fucked good by Randy I get a bit jealous. I just wish it was me doing it."

"Yeah, well, seems like we're gonna have all next week together to put that right."

"Oh yeah," Mark smiled lasciviously. "Don't worry, we'll make up for lost time. I have it all planned out, trust me."


To the surprise of almost nobody, at the end of the week the twins formally announced that Nate had passed his probationary period and would be hired as the houseboy. Nate was over the moon and so was Jamie, not least because that meant his trip with Nate to Sydney, that Mark had given him, was definitely on, and the two boys would travel back home together in two weeks for Nate to begin work.

And so the day came for the big departures. Randy, Zack and their boys were to drive down to Long Beach where they would pick up the cabin cruiser they were renting for the week for their trip to Catalina Island. Early in the morning Darius and Pablo were already noisily loading gear into the truck, squabbling about what absolutely had to be taken and what could be left behind. Randy and Zack exchanged "what-have-we-let-ourselves-in-for?" looks.

But before they hit the road, all the boys huddled together for effusive goodbyes. Once again, Darius held the floor as he said to Nate, "Now, dude, you remember what I said about reporting back to us whatever happens. And when you go on a trip that means video. Now I was gonna lend you my camera, but I'm gonna need that on Catalina, so all us boys got together and chipped in and got you this as a welcome-to-the-house present."

He held out a package and Nate ripped it open. It was a video camera. His eyes filled with tears as he said, "Thanks a million, mates ...... good on ya. You know, I'm really gonna love living here with you guys. But you gotta tell me if ever I get out of line, OK?"

"Sure, sure," said Darius briskly. "But about the camera. Now you said there were tons of hot guys on .... what .... Bondi Beach was it? Well we want film of them all, OK? Oh, and another thing. You've heard of the 'Mile High Club' haven't you, where two guys go into the plane toilet together and have sex?"

"Not any more, mate," said Nate. "With all the strict security these days two guys go into the toilet together and they get arrested as terrorists."

Darius screwed up his face in disappointment. "Hmm, OK, not that then." He brightened. "But you know, even when you're sitting together it's amazing what you can do under a blanket!"

Pablo pulled his arm. "Enough with the travel tips, dude. Come on, we gotta go fishing. Have fun, guys ...... see you when you get back from down under."

Right around then Bob was in a tight hug with Randy as Mark watched. "Take care of yourselves, buddy. You know the trouble those boys can get into."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Randy said, "quit worrying. You know I always take care of my guys ..... you especially. You should know that."

"You know I'm gonna miss the hell out of you, Randy."

"Oh yeah?" grinned Randy, "all alone with this gorgeous cop and the twins? Take good care of my man, Mark, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Shit, that pretty much means you can do whatever you like."

So the truck sped away and Mark drove the two boys to the airport. Bob checked that the twins were OK, then got dressed in his business suit for work. He knew that Mark had his uniform with him as he was going straight to work from the airport for an eight-hour shift. They would be getting home at around the same time that evening.

At LAX Mark hugged the boys before they went through security. "Take care of my boy, Nate," he said, then turned to Jamie for an emotional hug. "And you kid, just know I'll be thinking of you all the time, and when you get back, the first thing I want to see is you naked. Two weeks without that sweet ass of yours is gonna make me horny as a toad. Have fun, and take care of each other. I love you kiddo."

Jamie smiled. "Thank you, sir. Thank you..... for ..... for everything." One more tearful embrace ...... and the boys were gone.

As it happened, sometime later as Mark was driving away from the airport he happened to see the big QANTAS 747 fly out over the beach, gaining height. He caught his breath as he suddenly realized just how much he loved his beautiful golden boy. He missed him already."


It was a long, miserable day at work for Bob. He had several important meetings but he couldn't really concentrate at all. His attention wandered, first to the cabin cruiser where Randy would already be giving orders in his role as captain. Then to the plane that by now was way out over the Pacific on its long flight to Sydney, carrying two very excited boys. Then he thought of the twins, looking forward to a relaxing week with only two guys to take care of.

Two guys. That's where his thoughts finally centered. Mark and him, sharing the house. He wondered where they would sleep. Together for sure, in Bob's room or Mark's, didn't matter. He thought of the beautiful cop taking off his uniform, stripping down to his shorts and climbing into bed ..... with him! He caught his breath ...... then felt his secretary nudging him and pushing papers in front of him. "Sir, we need you to sign off on this."

"What? .... Oh sure, sorry ..... here." He normally made sure what he was signing, but not this time. Didn't matter. Somehow he dragged through the day and breathed a sigh of relief when he sank into his Mercedes and headed for home. He wondered if Mark would get home before him ...... and if he would still be in his uniform. God, that uniform. His mind went back to the day he had first seen it.

It had been a day a bit like today, a ton of work, business lunch where he'd had too much to drink. He had taken the quiet no-traffic way home through Griffith Park and had taken a wrong turn. Cursing himself for being drunk he did a quick U-turn .... and then saw red lights flashing in his rear-view mirror. He remembered as if it were yesterday. "License and registration, sir, and please step out of the car."

It wasn't the drink that had made his knees go week .... it was the sight of the cop. He remembered to this day what he had thought of Mark. One of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen ..... chiseled, Nordic features, high cheek bones, square jaw, blue-gray eyes and a shock of blond hair falling over the wide brow. The cop was stunning ... straight out of Central Casting, he remembered thinking.

He had desperately needed to avoid a drunk-driving ticket so he had asked, "Look officer, is there some way we can make this go away?" His cock got stiff in his pants as he remembered that Mark had taken him deeper into the park and made him strip. And as he watched, the cop had creamed his shorts in his uniform pants. That was all, but many times since then Bob had fantasized about what would have happened if Mark had demanded more. Even now he murmured to himself, "What else would he have made me do? Guess I'll never know now."

Suddenly Bob shook his head as he jolted back to reality. He had been in a trance. He looked around and realized that he had been so lost in thought he had driven up the hill right past his own house. "Shit," he said to himself, "get a grip, Bob." He did a clumsy three-point turn to head back downhill, but as he pulled up at his gate he was dazzled by the reflection of red lights in his rear-view mirror. A motor-cycle cop!

He couldn't believe it ..... like he had suddenly stepped through the looking glass. He lowered the window and saw the black pants and silver stripe of the uniform. Then he looked up and his heart almost stopped. It was one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen. It was Mark, unsmiling, businesslike. "Sir, you just performed an illegal U-turn back there. Would you step out of the car, sir?"

It was happening again. As if he were in a dream, Bob opened the door and stepped out. "Face the car, please, sir. Hands on the roof, spread your legs." The cop stepped behind him to frisk him and Bob felt the rough serge of the uniform press against him, the bulge of his crotch against his ass. The cop ran his hands over his chest, inside the jacket, lingering over his nipples. The hands pressed down over his waist, stroked his ass, went round to his crotch, then down his thighs."

"Thank you, sir. You can turn round now."

Bob turned and looked into Mark's face ..... that Greek-God face. He took a deep breath. "Look officer," he pleaded, "I really have to avoid a traffic ticket. Is there some way we can make this go away?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 125


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