"One up, two to go," Bob said. He was talking of bridges ...... as in rebuilding bridges that Randy had so expertly demolished. The 'one' Bob referred to was Hassan ..... the 'two to go' were Steve and his lover Lloyd.

It all began when Hassan moved into the guesthouse on Steve and Lloyd's Mulholland property. The balloon went up when Lloyd seduced Hassan, shattering Steve and incurring the fury and revenge of Randy, whose instinct, as always, was to protect his brother. But, as so often before, Randy's anger consumed him and Steve was horrified to see a bound and whipped Hassan, with Lloyd lying at his feet, bound and covered in semen, quivering from a savage fucking by Randy. Steve ripped into Randy. "Get out of my life .....You're no brother of mine!"

But later, after a confession from Lloyd, Steve called Bob and told him the truth. Apparently it had all been Lloyd's fault, lying to Hassan so he could satisfy his obsessive desire to get fucked by him. When the truth came out Randy knew he had been unjustified in thrashing Hassan, so he went to his house and made amends by making spectacular love to him.

One bridge rebuilt, two to go. But Randy was nervous about Bob's reaction as he confessed, "Bob, I got something to tell you, and it'll probably make you mad. I, er ..... I just made love to Hassan."

Bob threw his head back and laughed. "Well thank god for that. It's what you should have done when you first met the guy. Would have saved a whole mess of trouble."

"Yeah, well, at least it proves I'm still the best construction worker in town, 'cause that bridge has just been rebuilt stronger than ever."

"One up, two to go. Now, what about Steve and Lloyd?"

"I'm working on it, man. Won't be easy, but I've got a few ideas already."

Ideas were one thing, but putting them into practice was something else entirely. "Trouble is," Randy said, "how the hell do I get Steve to even listen to me? He's madder than hell at what I did to Lloyd, ploughing his ass the way I did. Steve's always mister squeaky clean, never puts a foot wrong ....."

"......and you're like the proverbial bull in a china shop, crashing around, busting up everything in sight ...... and this time it was Lloyd's ass."

"Yeah OK, OK, lay off me, man. You're the only guy gets away with saying stuff like that to me, you know that? Anyone else I'd ....."

"....beat him to a pulp ..... or fuck his ass ...... or both."

Randy glared at him ..... then they both broke into uncontrollable laughter. Randy took his lover into his arms and the subject was dropped. They had better things to do.


Pablo didn't like Beverly Hills. He felt like a grubby little fish in a big, shimmering pond. But here he was, pulling his old truck up to a parking place (illegal as it turned out according to the ticket he later found on his windshield.) He had cleaned himself up (with some effort) and was wearing a neat Polo shirt, new jeans and .... smart loafers. Pablo in loafers! "Now that's something you don't see every day of the week," his lover Darius had teased.

Pablo didn't like what he was about to do but he steeled himself and crossed the street. He had to do it ...... for his dad. Right from the start Pablo had been aware of everything that had happened ..... partly from Steve's phone calls to Bob, partly from Darius's megaphone mouth. Anything confidential in that house stayed secret for about five minutes, until Darius latched onto it.

Randy was in trouble and finding it tough to put things right. His impulse to protect his brother had started it all and, like a chip off the old block, Pablo's instinct was to protect his dad. He may be Randy's son only by adoption, but it was as if the same blood flowed in their veins. So he took a deep breath, went through the revolving door of the gleaming office building and up in the elevator.

He squared his shoulders and walked boldly into the suite. "I have an appointment," he said to the receptionist. She examined her computer screen and said, "That's right ..... Peter, you said ...... a new patient."

"Yeah. How much does it cost to see the doctor? Hundred bucks do it?" And he slapped down five 20-dollar bills.

Taken aback the receptionist said, "Well, it's usually on a sliding scale ..... and anyway you have to fill out a new-patient form." A buzzer sounded. "Still, as it happens the doctor is free right now so you can take care of the form afterwards. You can go right in."

Pablo went through the inner door and closed it behind him. The doctor was at his desk, busy writing, and without looking up murmured, "Take a seat, please ..... Peter isn't it?" Finally he raised his head and his professional smile instantly faded. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Sir," Pablo said to Steve in a rush. "Please don't be mad. I made the appointment under a phony name 'cause that was the only way I could think of seeing you. I knew you'd say no otherwise."

"Randy sent you," Steve said sharply.

"No, sir. He doesn't know I'm here. I came here for myself. See, I got a problem."

"Well ....." Steve said uncertainly. "It's true you've been here before for a consultation so I guess I am your therapist, even if I am kind of your uncle. OK then. Sit down and tell me what's the matter."

Pablo's wide-eyed confused-young-boy act was one he had perfected over time. He chose his words carefully. "OK, sir, let's say a guy's dad has got into a whole mess of trouble, don't you think his son should try to help him clean it all up?"

"Well, of course that would all depend on...."

Pablo barreled on ..... "Say, for example, that the guy had fucked his brother's lover, and the shit hit the fan big time and the brother called him an asshole and told him to get lost, and the guy knew he'd fucked up, that he was in a shit-load of trouble, and he really did love his brother but the brother was right, the guy really was an asshole and fucked up all the time, and this time he had totally reamed the lover's ass and then shot his load all over him, but after all, how was he to know that...... ?"

"Stop, stop, stop!" Steve threw up his hands. "Pablo, stop talking!" He shook his head. "Now I know Randy didn't send you if he had known you would shoot your mouth off like a toilet flush." He sighed. "OK, Pablo, let's cut the crap. Stop bullshitting me and tell me what you really want."

Pablo's big eyes locked onto Steve's. "I want you to fuck me, sir."

"You what !?!" He stared at the boy in disbelief but before he could protest, Pablo charged on.

"See, the way I see it is this, sir. Randy fucked Lloyd and that made you real mad ..... and by the way, sir, I understand your feelings, really I do. I mean, after all, he is your lover, sir and you it's no wonder ......"

"Pablo ....!" Steve tried to interrupt but Pablo rattled on like rain on a tin roof. "Anyway now, because of what Randy did to Lloyd, you won't speak to him and he can't speak to you. See, I think my dad sees himself as the black sheep of your family and you're the white sheep ...... he fucks up all the time and you never fuck up .... you're squeaky clean.

"So here's how I see it, sir. If you were to fuck me, Randy's boy, that would even the score and maybe then you and him would be ready to talk. It would kinda keep it in the family, if you know what I mean ..... would make it 'Even Steven'." He flashed his crooked grin. "Hey that's pretty good ..... 'Even Steven' .... Get it, uncle Steve?"

"Pablo, once and for all, will you be quiet?" Steve shouted

Pablo looked hurt. "I thought shrinks were supposed to let their patients do the talking, sir."

"I said stop!" Steve ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "What you suggest is totally absurd. This is a doctor's office not some back alley. I could be struck off the register for something like that."

"But we did it here before, sir, with Randy, and it was great."

"Pablo, that's enough! Now look, you're behaving so irrationally you are obviously in shock about this whole thing, so I'm going to give you a prescription for anxiety and panic attacks." He looked down at his prescription pad and started to write. Half a minute later he signed the form and said, "There, I want you to take one of these night and morning and ..... " He raised his head and his voice died in his throat.

Pablo was standing in front of him butt naked, his jeans pooled round his ankles. Steve shot to his feet and locked the office door. He pressed the receptionist intercom button and said, "No calls, Linda."

Pablo was now playing it to the hilt, pulling out all the stops ..... even had tears in his eyes. "I thought you liked to fuck me, sir. Hell, when you fucked me up by the lake it was like a trip to the moon for me and I thought you got off on it too, but ....." and now the tears began to flow.

Steve was being sucked in. "Pablo, it's not that I didn't enjoy fucking you, of course I did, but ....." Again his voice died as Pablo turned round in mock embarrassment to wipe his eyes, and Steve found himself staring at the prefect white globes of the boy's sensational ass. His cock instantly got hard in his pants and he faltered with uncertainty.

"What .... what I mean is ....." Pablo dropped the tissue he was using and bent down to pick it up, thrusting his ass upward right under Steve's face. "Oh, Jesus," Steve murmured. The ass was spectacular and of course he remembered fucking it. It had been breathtaking, and the memory flooded back. His head was swimming and his cock started to do his thinking for him.

Could there be any truth to the boy's crazy proposition? He couldn't even get his mind around that. But it was true that Randy had brutally fucked Lloyd and deserved retribution .... and this would sure do it, fucking his boy's ass ...... fucking his boy's ass ...... fucking that ass ..... oh, man, it was a spectacular ass. He could feel sticky pre-cum oozing from his rigid cock into his shorts, and he walked round the desk. Pablo looked up at him with wide, plaintive, tear-stained eyes, then turned and leaned forward over the desk.

Steve was lost. He threw off his jacket, unzipped his pants and grabbed Pablo's hips. He pressed the head of his cock between those perfect white mounds and felt his cock sliding into the velvet softness of the warm young ass. "Oh, man, that's right ..... I remember that ..... your ass is incredible, Pablo. Oh shit ......" He pulled back and pushed in again, feeling the head of his cock sliding deep into the exquisite ass, pressing against the inner sphincter, then over into the hot recesses of Pablo's secret depths.

"Oh, sir, thank you, sir," Pablo sighed. "Your cock feels great in my ass. Fuck me, sir. Fuck me like you love my ass." Steve didn't need to hear that twice. He picked up the rhythm and was soon pulling Pablo's ass toward him, ramming it down onto his cock, slamming that awesome butt hard against his pubic hair. The fuck became fast and furious and Pablo's legs were starting to hurt as they banged against the edge of the desk. He stood up straight, turned his head over his shoulder and pressed his lips against Steve's.

The kiss became so passionate that Steve panicked a little and pulled back, so suddenly that his cock slid out of Pablo's ass. Pablo smiled, fell to his knees, then onto his back on the thick carpet. He hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs far back, raising his ass in irresistible provocation. Steve stared down at the exotic young face, the high cheek bones and slanted deep brown eyes, his jet black hair flopping over his high forehead. Steve's gaze ran down his perfect, muscular body and slim waist, then settled back on the ass .... the ass!"

"Aaah," Steve whimpered. He loosened his tie, dropped to his knees and once again pushed his cock inside the warm, moist hole and felt the ass muscles clench round his pulsing cock. "Oh yes, boy, do that again ...... oh man it feels incredible."

As the pounding began again Pablo gazed up at Steve's handsome face, the mirror image of Randy. As his body jerked under the pressure of Steve's pounding Pablo smiled his crooked grin and said, "Sir, I love your cock in my ass. You are so beautiful, sir. You look just like Randy ..... but Randy in a suit and tie. Not that Randy ever wears a suit and tie, but still ....."

"Pablo," Steve said softly, "you're doing it again. The mouth. I don't want to hear your mouth .... I just want to look at your gorgeous face, your awesome body, and feel my cock caressing the most beautiful ass in the world. Oh man, I love fucking that ass. Here, take my cock, boy. Take it all."

The office faded, their surroundings became a blur as they were both transported into a whole new sphere where only flesh, male beauty and lust existed. They gazed into each other's eyes as Steve pounded him and Pablo squeezed his ass tight each time the cock went deep. It became too much for Steve and he murmured, "I've gotta cum, Pablo. I'm gonna shoot my load into that gorgeous ass. Here it comes, boy...."

Pablo was stroking his cock, timing it perfectly to blast off at exactly the moment he saw Steve's body stiffen and felt his cock explode deep inside him. They were careful not to scream, but their eyes said it all. Pablo looked up in awe at the gorgeous face, thrown back in ecstasy as his cock continued to pump semen inside him. Finally Steve stopped moving, except for his heaving chest, and he smiled down at Pablo.

But suddenly, now that his orgasm was over, reality rushed over him like a cold wave. He was looking down at a naked boy, lying on the carpet in his office ..... and the doctor's cock was inside his patient. Quickly he pulled out, stood up, grabbed a towel from the adjoining restroom and wiped his cock. He threw the towel down to Pablo, zipped up his pants, tightened his tie and pulled on his jacket. "You have to leave, Pablo," he said quietly but insistently.

Pablo dried off and got dressed quickly. Steve was smiling at him. "You know, you and your dad are gonna be the ruin of me. But tell me one thing, Pablo. When I was fucking you, was your reaction still part of your act?"

"It started like that, sir, I admit," Pablo said sheepishly. "But when you began to fuck me it all changed. I loved feeling your cock in my ass, really loved it. You're a sensational fuck, sir, and anytime you want to do it again ......" He laughed. "Hell, it was worth a hundred bucks of anyone's money"

Steve frowned. "Is that what you paid for this consultation with me, Pablo?"

"That's right, sir. In cash up front.... to your receptionist."

Steve smiled, shook his head and pressed the intercom. "Linda, when the gentleman leaves, please give him back his money. This consultation was pro bono."

Pablo's eyes lit up. "Pro boner? You mean it's free just because I gave you a big old hard-on?"

Steve struggled to suppress his laughter. "Jesus Christ, kid. "Pro bono! It's Latin ..... it means there's no charge. Now get the hell out of here."


"Sir, there's someone on the phone called Pablo, asking for the Senior Vice President."

Bob was in his Beverly Hills Office, on the phone with his secretary. "Really?" he said, taken aback. "OK, Millie, put him through." There was a pause. "Pablo, this is a pleasant surprise..... I hope ..... bit formal though, asking for the SVP."

"Seemed the proper thing to do, sir, using your title."

So what's up, kiddo?"

"Well, I'm sorry to interrupt you, sir, but I'm here in Beverly Hills, in front of your building. Can I talk to you about something?"

Bob looked at his watch and said. "As a matter of fact I could use a break from the office. How about a bite of lunch? Stay right where you are, kid, I'll be right down."

A few minutes later they were in a quiet booth in an upscale restaurant where Bob was a regular. Pablo sat proudly next to the handsome business executive who was popular with the staff. When lunch had been served Bob said, "OK, Pablo, so what's this all about? Beverly Hills isn't your usual stomping ground, is it?"

"No, sir. But I've just been to see uncle Steve in his office. Kind of a consultation."

"I see. Well now, doctor/patient consultations are confidential so I won't ask you what was said."

"Oh, that's OK, sir. I asked him to fuck me.'

"You asked him to what?!...... What the hell did he say? Did he throw you out of his office?""

"No, sir. He fucked me."

Bob gasped. "Pablo, I can't keep up. You and our dad will be the ruin of me."

"That's just what Steve said, sir," Pablo said with a grin. "But here's the deal ....." and Pablo repeated the convoluted explanation he had given to Steve ..... the whole 'black sheep-white sheep' thing that prevented the brothers from talking to each other ..... unless Steve fucked Randy's boy and evened the score ...... 'Even Steven' ..... Pablo liked that phrase and repeated it with relish.

"So you see, sir, Randy fucks Steve's man, Steve fucks Randy's boy ..... Even Steven. That's why I wanted Steve to fuck me ......and he did."

Bob's head was spinning. "And where the hell do you think it all goes from here?"

"Ah, that's just the point, sir ..... I don't know. See I never really planned any further than this ..... that's why I called you. I kinda thought you could take over from here, sir .... you're so good at stuff like this."

Bob heaved a deep sight of frustration. "Jesus, kid, you and Randy are so much alike ..... always charging in trying to put things right and only making them worse. And then I'm left to pick up the pieces."

Pablo's crooked grin crinkled his face. "Guess that's about the size of it, sir. Oh, and by the way, I just got a parking ticket ...... you know, Beverly Hills and all."

Bob rolled his eyes. "OK, give it to Jamie and he'll write a company check. Anything else I should know?"

"Just that this fancy restaurant is great. Thank you for bringing me here, sir. The food is awesome. Er, could I have another order of fries?"


"Shit damn," said Randy with a mix of pride and irritation. He was with Bob in their room and Bob had just told him the whole story. "That kid is something else ..... he's my boy alright."

"The thing is," Bob said, "crazy as it sounds his explanation makes some kind of weird sense. I mean in a way he hit the nail on the head. Steve won't speak to you because of what you did to Lloyd, and you won't speak to him because you can never bring yourself to apologize. But now that Steve has fucked your boy, now that he's no longer 'mister squeaky clean' as you call it, you're the injured party. If any apology is due, it's due on both sides. Seems to me that clears the way for you two to talk."

"Shit, man, this is all getting too fucking complicated. OK, OK, I'll give him a call. It's about time this whole fucking mess was cleared up. We are brothers after all." He was interrupted by a timid knock at the door and Pablo walked in.

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Damn right I do, kid." Bob got up and, murmuring that he would leave them both to it, he quietly left the room. Pablo stood at attention and Randy glared at him.

"So, it seems you went to Steve's office and got him to fuck you. Is that right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Did I tell you to do that? Did you ask for permission? Did I give you permission?"

"No, sir."

Randy shook his head. "I dunno about you, kid. Bob's already told me your crazy explanation, but what the fuck made you do it?"

"Well, sir, you know how you are protective of your brother and all us guys. Well, I tried to be like you and be protective of my dad. Like I told you before, you're my hero, sir, and I try to think like you and do what you would do. I was just trying to fix things."

"Oh, kiddo," Randy sighed, "I've told you before that if you do everything I do you're gonna get yourself into a shitload of trouble ...... like you are now. You've acted without my permission, seduced my bother into fucking you. You know I have to punish you, don't you?"

"Yes please, sir," Pablo grinned. Then he checked himself, put on his somber face and said humbly, "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

"OK, now that Nate's moved out of the basement it's free for me to work on you. But before you go, just tell me one thing. How the hell did you get Steve to do it, kid?"

Pablo turned on his act. He looked at Randy plaintively, with wide, teary eyes. Then he turned round, dropped his pants and pushed his ass backward.

Randy gazed at the perfect white globes and murmured, "Yeah, that would do it ...... every time. OK, get your ass downstairs, boy."


Randy smiled at the closed door after Pablo had left. "God, he loved the kid ..... and he had never been prouder of him. He had done all this to help his dad, his hero. Shit he reminded him of himself when he was his age, headstrong, fearless and always protective of family. He chuckled as he thought of Pablo seducing his uncle Steve, the buttoned-up Beverly Hills doctor, in his own office. Still, he had technically done wrong and Randy had to put on a show of punishment. Huh, punishment! He recalled Pablo's enthusiastic words .... "Yes, please, sir."

Randy wiped the grin off his face before he went down to the basement where Pablo was standing naked, his hands behind his back in the attitude of a captive awaiting punishment. In fact that fantasy in his mind would have impressed even Darius. Randy stood in front of him, his blue eyes piercing into him.

"OK, boy. You seduced another man, made him fuck your ass. Are you prepared to apologize to me ..... admit that you did wrong ..... ask for my forgiveness?"

"I can't do that, sir," Pablo said without flinching. "In my mind I did nothing wrong. I have nothing to be sorry for." Actually, those words didn't take much courage. Pablo knew Randy's moods well and he knew the look of anger in his eyes. But the blue eyes now shone not with anger but with something more like affection, pride even. Pablo wasn't scared ..... he couldn't wait for his "punishment".

"OK, that does it. One thing I cannot tolerate is an insolent boy." Randy grabbed a coil of rope from the corner of the room and threw it over the chin bar above Pablo's head. He tied Pablo's wrists together with one end, and pulled the other until the boy was stretched upward, his feet still on the floor, but his arms pulled up beside his head in helpless bondage, the rope secure to the bar. He was facing one of the gym's full-length mirrors.

Randy stood back and gazed at the beautiful young body being stretched before him, at his master's mercy. "God, that's gorgeous. I'm really gonna get off punishing you, boy." Randy pulled off his T-shirt and Pablo gasped as he saw the muscular construction worker stripped to the waist in jeans and boots. He saw his own helpless reflection in the mirror as his cock shot to rigid attention. It shuddered and he almost blasted his load at the mere sight of his magnificent master.

Randy growled. "You don't dare shoot that load until I give you permission, boy, is that clear?

"Yes, sir."

"OK, that's a gorgeous young body you got there, boy. You think it would look good getting whipped."

"I ..... I think so, sir. Whatever you say, sir."

Again Randy went to the corner and picked up the cat o' nine tails, the multi-tailed whip he had used so often before. He knew that it would be perfect for applying just the minimal amount of pain he needed ..... discomfort but no real harm. Pablo stared into the mirror and saw the face and body of his master standing behind him. He saw the arm raise up, the bicep flex, and felt the sting of the whip across his back.

"What do you say, boy?"

"Sir, thank you, sir," shouted Pablo.

There followed a rain of blows that stung so much that Pablo's body arched defensively, writhing in helpless attempts to avoid the whip. He saw the intensity on Randy's wild, gypsy face as he applied even more pressure and the boy's cock began oozing pre-cum, straining for release. Pablo was frantically twisting and flexing his body, not so much because of the pain but because he knew that the sight of his boy writhing in bondage turned Randy on the most.

But suddenly the whipping stopped and he heard Randy take a deep breath. He was looking down at Pablo's ass. "Oh, man, that ass of yours is spectacular. Pity you had to give it to another guy. What, you wanted my brother inside you more than me? I'm not hot enough for you, eh?"

"No, sir," Pablo said desperately. "It wasn't like that. I do want you, sir. Let me prove it. Please, sir, whip my ass. It belongs to you, sir. Whip it!"

"It'll be a pleasure, kid." Again Randy raised his arm and the whip slashed downward, bouncing off the perfect round ass. A few more lashes, then he threw the whip down and, instead, clamped his big hands on the solid cheeks, squeezing them hard. He let go, raised his arm again and slapped the palm of his hand across the flexed cheek, making Pablo gasp in a jolt of pain and pleasure. Again Randy slapped the white globe, and the sight of it bouncing under his hand made Randy's cock hard in his jeans.

Randy liked seeing his red hand print on the ass as he paddled it ..... first the palm, then the back of his hand, across first one cheek then the other. "This is what your ass gets boy when you've given it to another guy. It's mine, boy, and I can do what I like with it. You get that?"

"Yes, sir," Pablo shouted. He was in heaven, his ass on fire as he felt the sting of his master's hand paddling it, blow after blow, and saw in the mirror the flexing biceps, the sweating body of the muscle-god punishing him. He saw himself in the mirror too, tears running from his eyes, his cock bouncing as his hips jerked forward with every crack of his master's hand.

Randy was a master and knew his boy well .... knew his threshold between pleasure and pain. "OK, man," he yelled. "When I see that cock shoot its load the punishment will stop. But I've gotta see your juice blasting onto the mirror and running down the glass. Is that clear, boy?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Pablo shouted. Now that he had offered Pablo release, Randy used all his strength in slapping his ass, already bright with red hand-prints. It didn't take long before he saw Pablo's eyes open wide and his cock shudder. Desperately he shouted, "Sir, please sir, may I cum, sir?"

"Go for it boy!" Randy watched in awe as the lithe young body shook and Pablo screamed, his cock exploding in long ribbons of cum that splashed against the mirror, stream after stream, pouring down the glass and pooling in the floor. Randy walked round to confront his sobbing boy. He wrapped his arms round him and squeezed him tight, grinding their lips together in a passionate embrace. He licked the tears from his eyes, his cheeks, then kissed him again.

When Randy pulled back Pablo saw the loving blue eyes gaze into his. "Thank you, sir," he whimpered. "I love you, sir. I love you."

Randy smiled. "You are so fucking beautiful, kid. You're my boy ..... and I love punishing my boy. But that's only the first part. There's more to come, you know that don't you?"

Pablo smiled eagerly. "Yes, please, sir."


Randy walked back behind the bound young man and stared down at his ass, the white cheeks criss-crossed with red hand-prints. "Oh, man," Randy groaned. That is so fucking gorgeous." He dropped to his knees and grabbed Pablo's waist from behind. He pulled the cheeks apart and buried his face between them, probing the sweet dampness with his tongue, running it round the velvet-soft membrane inside. Pablo moaned in sheer ecstasy as he felt his master massaging his ass with his tongue, and once again his cock rose in a stiff erection.

Suddenly the rimming stopped and Randy sprang to his feet. He ripped open his fly, pulled out his cock and pressed the head against the hole, now slick with his spit. Pablo saw his master's dark face over his shoulder and heard his deep voice whispering in his ear. "Now that I've whipped you and paddled your ass, this is what you really want, boy, I know that. It's what you always want. Only this time you couldn't wait and you gave your ass to my brother. Did his cock feel good inside you, boy?"

"Well ..... yes, sir ..... but ....."

"In that case you don't need me. My cock can always find another ass to fuck," and he pulled back.

"No, sir," Pablo said frantically. "I do want it, sir. I need it. Please, sir. Please fuck me .... punish me. Sir, I'm sorry for what I did .... I apologize, sir ..... please forgive me ..... and fuck my ass."

"It'll be a rough one, boy, you know that." Pablo nodded desperately. "OK, here it comes." And it was rough..... one of Randy's savage fucks, the kind that sent the kid into a vortex of ecstasy, pain, and indescribable rapture. Grabbing his hips Randy pulled the perfect ass back onto his cock, pushed it away, then pulled it back again, impaling it on his huge shaft as it buried itself into the burning depths of his gut.

Pablo felt the jackhammer ramming him, drilling his ass as it was remorselessly yanked backwards, slamming against his master's heaving body. He saw the wild demon face in the mirror pouring sweat, black hair flying as he poured all his ferocious energy into his boy's ass. "You think you can give your ass to another man, boy, and not get punished?" Randy growled. "Did my brother fuck you like this? Nah, this is the real thing, boy ...... this is the cock you need ...... this is the cock you never forget."

Randy reached round and squeezed his boy's nipples hard, making him scream, and still he pounded the young ass mercilessly as Pablo's body hung from the ropes, bucking and writhing as the piston drove into him. Pablo saw his young body in the mirror, being battered by its master, until he saw his own cock shudder. "Sir, please, sir, you're making me cum, sir. It feels so good, sir, I can't hold back. Please, sir, please let me shoot my load ...... aaah!"

He felt his master's cock explode inside him, so deep that it forced his own cock to pour its second load of creamy juice onto the mirror and down onto the floor. His body was jerking wildly as he felt juice spilling out of his ass. When at last Randy was spent, drained, Pablo's knees went week and he hung exhausted, his body shuddering, gleaming with sweat.

Randy came round and put his hands on the side of the tear-stained face. "And that boy is the punishment you get when you misbehave .... you get that sweet ass whipped and fucked by your master. Every time you do something crazy you'll get the same treatment. What d'you say to that boy?"

Pablo's face lit up with his crooked smile. "I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of crazy things in the future, sir. A whole lot."

Randy roared with laughter. "Trouble with you, kid, is that you don't know the difference between punishment and reward."

"When I'm with you, sir, there isn't any."

Randy expertly untied the ropes, Pablo went limp in his arms and Randy eased them both down onto the bed. "I love you, kiddo. Thanks for what you did today, trying to help me and all. Sleep now, and I'll be right here with you. Pablo turned over and nestled his back against Randy.

Just as he was falling asleep in his master's arms he murmured, "Feels good, eh, sir?"

"The best, kiddo. The best."


The next day Doctor Steve had another surprise visitor. "It's your brother, sir," said the receptionist. "He doesn't have an appointment, but ..... "

"That's OK, Linda. Send him in."

Steve stood up and the brothers faced each other uncertainly, their initial glare gradually softening. Steve said nervously, "I was kind of expecting you, Randy. "

"I hear you fucked my boy."

"Yeah, well, I can explain that, Randy. I'm sorry about it and I apologize, but ....."

"No need to apologize, man, any more than I'm gonna apologize for fucking Lloyd. Let's just call it a draw." Randy looked at him quizzically. "But I know my kid brother by now. You're smart and I think you kinda knew what you were doing all along."

"I've thought about that and you may be right," Steve said. When I came to you and Bob for comfort I wasn't thinking straight, but I guess deep down I knew what your reaction would be. I knew you would give Hassan and Lloyd the kind of brutal physical punishment that I never could ..... however much I felt they deserved it. And I guess in my gut that's what I wanted ..... only I underestimated your anger, and your violence shocked me.

"And later, when Pablo came to see me and explained what he was doing there was a weird kind of logic to it and I let him seduce me. Not that it wasn't a beautiful experience, as you know only too well. Hell, bro, you and that boy are like a crazy double act ..... doing things no one else would dream of ..... and getting results against all the odds. After all, here we are, talking."

"Yeah, here we are, kid." Randy smiled for the first time.

Steve relaxed. "Take a seat, Randy. Remember? I keep a secret stash of beer in my office." As they sat silently, sipping on their beers, Randy murmured. "OK, another bridge rebuilt. Two up, one to go."


"Oh, never mind ..... just something Bob said. Now listen, about Lloyd ....."

"Nothing you can help me with there, Randy. Too much was broken and he's keeping well away from me."

"Well of course he is, asshole. How can he face you after the stunt he pulled, lying like that just to get Hassan? Guilt is what he's feeling now and he can't bring himself to apologize. Shit I know all about that, man ...... just that I have my boy Pablo to help me out of my mess. Lloyd's sense of shame and betrayal is so strong, what he needs is punishment from you. That's the only thing that'll heal the breach between you two. And even though you're still angry I know you want him back."

"Shit, man, you should be the psychiatrist, not me."

"Ah, all that shrink mumbo-jumbo ..... not my style. But I do know about guys ...... and I know how to punish a guy ...... just ask Pablo ..... and Bob ....."

"... and just about any guy you've ever met," Steve laughed. "So what do you suggest, beat Lloyd up, whip him, like you usually do?"

"Nah, wouldn't work." Randy tapped his finger against his temple. This time it's brain, not brawn. What you shrinks would call a bit of psychology. I've got it all worked out. Here, I'll show you ..... stand up."

Steve stood up hesitantly, Randy came up to him, took him into his arms and kissed him passionately on the lips, a kiss Steve resisted for an instant, then returned just as passionately, their tongues probing hungrily. The brothers embraced for a long time, and when finally Randy pulled back, Steve stared at him breathlessly.

Randy grinned. "And that's just the beginning, Steve .... there's a whole lot more. That'll be the worst punishment for Lloyd. Trust me, little brother."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 134


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