"Sir," Nate asked Adam. "What should I call you?"

The exhilarated boy was lying between his two new masters, Adam and Hassan, all of them slowly recovering their breath, their heartbeats subsiding. Nate had just been initiated as their boy in a wild sexual fantasy where he had been forced to service them as two gorgeous, muscular Marines. Now that he was starting to get his mind round the idea of having two masters his question to Adam sought to define their relationship.

"What would you like to call me?" Adam asked him.

"Well I was thinking ..... how about 'sir' when we're with other guys and 'mate' when we're alone ...... in private?"

"Sounds like a plan," Adam grinned. "Once an Aussie always an Aussie ..... and we Aussies gotta stick together, eh mate?"

"Too right," Nate grinned. "I can't wait to tell the guys at the house that I have two masters. That's never happened before. It'll be a big surprise ..... they'll be real happy for me."

Adam frowned slightly, "Yeah, well I'd go easy on that, kiddo ..... you know, tread softly. You might make them envious. I mean, I heard how Pablo treated you when you first showed up as Jamie's friend ..... called himself 'senior boy' and hurt you bad. His anger is legendary. And don't forget, he was once real hot for Hassan ..... followed him to Pendleton. No, I'd soft-pedal all this if I were you."

"Oh, no worries there, sir. Pablo's OK ..... we sorted all that out .... he's a mate. He'll just be real happy that I'm happy."

Adam and Hassan glanced at each other, a bit concerned at their boy's wide-eyed innocent faith in the kindness of others. But Adam shook off his concerns and said, "OK, we three have the rest of the day together and, like I said before, we're two horny, macho studs with big appetites. So you've got your work cut out taking care of your two new masters. You up for it, boy?"

Nate leapt to his feet. "Absolutely, sir! Anything you want ...... anything at all."


Brimming with enthusiasm Nate reverted to duties where he knew he excelled. It's what he did at the house all week ..... it was his job. "Sirs, if you care to relax on the patio I'll bring you beers and a snack, and then I'll clean up in here. He frowned. "This place is a real mess. Looks as if it's never been cleaned."

"Hey, watch it, kid," Hassan said with mock indignation. "You calling me a slob?"

"Oh no, sir," Nate said, blushing deeply. "I didn't mean that at all, sir. I was just saying....."

Hassan ruffled his hair. "It's OK, kiddo. I was just fucking with your head. I know the place is a pigsty. Hey, you just had a three-way with two hot Marines ..... of course it's a fucking mess. There's cum everywhere."

"Don't worry, sir. I'll have it cleaned up in no time." Nate reached for his shorts but Hassan stopped him.

"Wait a minute, boy." He opened a closet and raked around on the floor. "Good, I thought I still had them. Here .....these fatigues were left in my billet at Pendleton by a young Marine I had just fu ...... well, no need to go into that. They're old, ragged, a bit raunchy ..... probably still smothered with my cum stains. Anyway they're too small for me but they should be about right for you. So this is what you'll wear every time you come up here to service me. No shirt, just the pants. OK?"

"Yes sir!" Eagerly Nate grabbed the fatigues, pulled them on and admired himself in the mirror.

"Good fit," said Adam. "A bit tight round the ass, but nothing wrong with that." He grinned at Hassan. "Look at that perfect butt, buddy. Give you any ideas?"

"Hey, cool it, man. I just got through fucking that 'perfect butt' if you recall. Besides, it's your turn next. OK, kid, get on with your work before we rip those pants right off you and double team you."

The afternoon passed for Nate as if he were in a dream world. All his concerns about his conflicting love for both men had been banished at a stroke when Adam told him that he would have two masters. And if the ensuing sexual fantasy that had sealed the deal was a sign of things to come ...... well he had a great future to look forward to. His only concern was whether he could really be worthy of them. I mean, look at them, he thought, as he rested on his broom and stared through the window onto the patio.

After their sexual exertions Hassan and Adam had pulled on their fatigues and were now sprawled shirtless in the two Adirondack chairs facing each other on the patio, chatting, laughing, exchanging stories of their vastly different upbringings in the Middle East and Australia. Those faces, those bodies .....Nate still couldn't believe how gorgeous they were, even less that they were both his masters.

Nate had fed them well ...... the beer and snacks kept on coming ...... and he was cleaning the inside of the house with a vengeance. The energy behind every scrub and polish was fueled by his desire to be the best boy two men could ever have. When at last he stepped outside to shake out a mat Hassan caught him by the wrist.

"You're doing a great job in there, boy, but you know, when I signed you up I wasn't just looking for a houseboy. We need your company too, you know."

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Nate stood to attention in a mild state of panic, wondering what to say, what to do, how to serve them......

"Hey, hey, relax, mate, will you?" Adam said. "Just because I'm you're master now, no need to treat me like some kind of god."

"Even if you are one," grinned Hassan.

"Come on, kiddo, pull up a chair and tell us again how you first met Mark and Jamie in the dunes. That's a great story."

Adam had struck just the right tone. Within minutes the boy was rattling off his story and the old Nate was back ...... bright, eager, funny ...... everything that had first attracted Adam, and later Hassan, to him. And, curiously, it was this youthful energy, the enthusiastic sparkle in the eye, rather than his physical sexiness, that now caused the two men to get erections under the fatigues. This was their boy, the upbeat, spirited young guy who inspired such love and affection in them. The men grinned at each other and stroked the bulge in their pants.

Nate finally paused for breath and noticed what the men were doing. All his inhibitions had now dissolved and he grinned at them. "You want me to take care of that for you, sirs?"

"Hey," said Hassan, staring round him, "you see any other boys around here? Me neither. No, I guess you're it, boy. See, this is what it means to service two horny studs with huge boners in their pants. Why don't you take care of my buddy first?"

Nate looked at Adam and the look of love and affection in his eyes caused the boy's cock to throb. Once again, it wasn't so much Adam's physical beauty that caused it, though he was unquestionably a superb specimen of manhood. No, it was love more than lust, the knowledge that Adam loved him, just as he was, that this incredible man had taken him for his boy. Nate would do anything in the world for him ...... though all he had to do now was work on his cock.

Eagerly he stood up, kicked his chair away and fell on his knees beside Adam. He pulled open the fatigues and gasped as the beautiful cock he knew so well sprang out to attention. He gazed at the long, stiff rod then looked up at Adam's smiling face.

"Do you love me, Nate?" Adam asked gently.

"You know I do, sir."

"Then show me....."

Nate went to work. He leaned forward and ran his tongue up the length of the huge shaft, again and again, from the pubic hair to the bulging head. Adam's soft moans inspired Nate to more inventive moves. He buried his face in the damp, wiry pubic hair and sucked it into his mouth, relishing the raunchy smell and taste of man sweat. In their recent marathon three-way Adam had shot a huge load and his crotch still stunk of rancid sweat and dry cum.

Nate raised his head briefly to see the eyes of his master, closed in sighing ecstasy. "That's it boy, bury your face in my crotch ..... suck my stinking pubes."

After that Nate went to work on the balls. The ball sac was swollen hard and Nate licked each one in turn. Again that pungent taste of masculine sex that always drove the boy wild. He opened his mouth wide and clamped it over the ball sac. He breathed out, then sucked hard until both balls popped into his mouth, cramming it full so he had to breathe hard through his nose to stop choking.

Adam went crazy, grabbed the boy's head and rolled it round over his balls, reveling in the exquisite sensation as his balls rolled in the hot young mouth. "Shit, man, that's gonna make me shoot my load. Stop torturing me, kid. I don't wanna cum yet." His voice rose. "Hell, I want you to suck my dick, boy!"

He grabbed Nate's hair and yanked his head up, yelling as the lips squeezed his balls when they popped out of Nate's mouth. Roughly he pulled the head higher and held it still, the lips touching the head of his cock so he could taste the oozing pre-cum. "Come on you cock-sucker," he growled. "I'm your master, goddamit, so suck that fucking prick." In one ferocious move he pressed hard on Nate's head, forcing it down fast onto his cock until the head buried itself deep in the boy's throat, making him choke and scream into the gag of the thick rod.

"That's it, boy, let me hear you choke on my cock. Oh yeah, that feels real fine." Suddenly he pulled the head up by the hair, off his cock until the boy's face gazed at him, tears spurting from his eyes, drool spilling from his sagging mouth. Adam smiled at him. "Shit you are so damn beautiful like that, kiddo. Now you know what it's like to suck a master's dick. You want more of my cock, boy?"

"Sir, yes sir! Please sir."

Adam pushed his head down again and this time let the boy find his own rhythm, feasting hungrily on the long shaft, pumping up and down, letting it slide all the way down his throat, then pulling back up to the head. And that's where he showed his man what a great young cock-sucker he was. He pursed his lips and pressed them hard round the ultra-sensitive rim of the head, the corona, sliding them back and forth over the hard membrane, squeezing it, until Adam was howling in anguished pleasure. "Holy shit ..... Jesus Christ, that's fucking sensational .....Oh man, it's driving me wild ..... it's gonna make me bust my fucking load ....."

"Stop!" Hassan's commanding voice made Nate jerk his head up off the cock, and stopped Adam's orgasm just as it was about to burst. "I can't take this, man. Just watching that is enough to make me blow my wad, but that's not how I want to cum. Hey, boy, don't forget you've got two masters now. Get over here."


Nate raised his tear-stained face and looked over at Hassan who had pulled his monster tool from his pants and was holding it in both fists. "Get a good look, boy. No one said it was gonna be easy servicing two masters with huge pricks." His voice softened. "But ..... hell, I don't want my boy to get hurt, so I'll let you off the hook this time."

Nate's eyes opened wide in alarm. "No, sir. Please, sir. I can suck your cock too, sir. I want to, sir." He pleaded. "I'm real good at it, sir."

"I'll vouch for that," Adam laughed. "Fucking awesome."

Hassan took his fists away and held his palms out beside his rearing cock. "OK, kid, here it is then. Let's see if you can do for me what you did for my buddy there."

"Right away, sir," Nate said, sliding over by Hassan's chair and going to work on the Marine's massive rod. Again he licked it, then buried his head in the black pubic hair. He noticed that the taste and smell of this exotic olive-skinned man was different from Adam ..... sharper, more pungent somehow ..... and it made the boy's cock fit to burst, but he made a supreme effort to hold back. Hassan's ball-sac was bigger too, but Nate still forced it all into his mouth.

"Fuck, man," Hassan yelled to Adam, "you were right about this boy ..... one awesome fucking cock sucker. Holy shit that feels good."

"Yeah ...... just wait, man. It gets even better."

The sound of these guys comparing notes over his head as he sucked his second cock made Nate feel almost cheap, like a rent-boy hired to get the guys off. As if Hassan was reading his mind Nate heard the Marine say, "Hell, he's worth every last dime we're paying him. We should hire him again, dude, make this a regular deal."

"Sure, buddy, if he puts out like this every time," Adam laughed. "Like getting two for the price of one."

Once again the men were taking him into fantasyland. He was a call-boy, hired by two Marines to get their rocks off. As the men talked over him, laughed about him like he was a piece of meat, he felt like a cheap hustler working on two massive cocks ..... and it was a spectacular feeling. He wanted these two glorious men to hire him again, so he went to work on Hassan's cock, proving he was worth the money.

As he had with Adam, Nate moved up the length of the shaft to the head and worked his magic on the rim, sending Hassan through the roof. The effect on him was the same as on Adam, bringing him to the brink of orgasm, but this time the objection came from the man towering over them. Adam shoved his fingers in Nate's hair and yanked his head back off Hassan's cock before the soldier had a chance to cum.

"That's enough, man," he said to Hassan. "This has to stop ..... it's not working. It's no good if we don't cum together."

Nate looked up in alarm. Had he fucked up? Was the whole deal off? But he was consoled by the hungry, eager look in Adam's smiling eyes. So what did he mean? What next?


In seconds they were on the grass. Hassan was lying on his back propped up on his elbows. Adam had sat astride his thighs facing him and he too now leaned back on his elbows. The result was that their balls were touching, and as Nate looked down at them he gasped with the realization of what the masters expected of him. The two cocks that had so recently been on the brink of orgasm were still rock hard ...... except that now they were close together, like two rigid poles pressed against each other.

"OK, boy," Hassan said. "Now you get some idea what your life is gonna be like serving two masters at once ...... and I do mean 'at once'. You claim to be a great cock-sucker. Prove it."

Nate fell to his knees beside them, mesmerized by the twin poles rising up before him. He was running on instinct now, fueled by his lust for these two magnificent men and their huge cocks. He knew that this was the ultimate test of his sexual ability. He licked the palms of his hands and when they were good and wet wrapped them round both cocks together, stroking up and down, lingering over the sensitive heads he had serviced so well before. The men groaned.

"Oh, man, this is fucking awesome," Adam moaned. "Your cock feels so good pressed against mine, buddy. Come on boy, stroke them good ..... tight, boy, squeeze them tight."

Nate suddenly felt empowered. These men were his masters and he knew exactly what he was doing ..... what he would do ...... what he had to do. His fingers joined round the cocks as he stroked them hard, and just when he knew they were close to orgasm he stopped.

"Shit, boy, what are you doing? I was just gonna bust my load there. What the fuck, you torturing us or what?"

That's just what Nate was doing ..... and the torture got worse ..... exquisite. The men were still propped on their elbows gazing at the beautiful, eager boy between them, his face fixed in concentration. He lowered his head and licked the cocks .... one side then the other. Then he paused, with his face above the cocks looking down on the two bulging heads. He faltered. Could he do this? He had taken their balls, hadn't he? ..... even Hassan's huge, ripe balls. He had to do it ...... had to prove they had chosen the right boy.

He took several deep breaths, then opened his mouth as wide as he could. Mercifully it had already been stretched to take their balls, because now came the ultimate test. His lips touched the tips of the cocks and the taste of the pre-cum oozing from them empowered him. Stretching his mouth impossibly wide he sank lower and felt the two heads filling his mouth. He gulped, then pressed on farther and farther until the heads rested against his throat.

He heard the mean breathing heavily and groaning. "Holy shit, man, this is unreal..... god, I can't take any more. I'm real close, man." "Me too, buddy. Man, your cock feels fucking incredible next to mine ..... like a fucking furnace. OK, man. You ready....?"

When Nate heard that he did the impossible and pressed his mouth down harder taking the cocks down into his throat. He gagged as he felt them shudder, pulse, and explode deep inside him as the men screamed obscenities and their heads thrashed wildly. Nate breathed frantically through his nose and swallowed, gulping hard, determined to devour every drop of his masters' semen as the twin jets poured into him from both cocks.

He held on as long as he could but he knew that any instant he would choke and pass out. So he pulled back, feeling the heads slide back into his mouth, still pumping juice. He swallowed again then pulled further back until the cocks ran dry and fell out of his mouth.

He looked from one man to the other, tears flowing down his cheeks, cum running from his mouth as his jaw sagged. The man gazed at him spellbound, unable to believe what he had just done. They were concerned that he may have pushed himself too far. As his breathing finally subsided Adam said, "You feeling OK, kid? God, that was unbelievable ..... but you sure you're OK?"

Nate rose to his feet and as he stood over them there was something different about him ...... a new air of confidence ...... the self-assurance of a boy who knew he had proven himself worthy. His steady eyes gazed down at them and he said evenly, "I'm just fine, sirs. Never better. But ...... could I ask a favor, sirs?"

"Anything," Hassan said softly. "Anything you want, boy."

"It's just ...... could you stay right where you are, sirs?"

He turned his back on them and fell to his knees again. He leaned far back, stretching his arms over them so his hands rested on the ground on the other side. He was stretched backward over them, his arms rigid behind him, his back arched high. He positioned himself so that his ass was poised over the twin cocks.

The cocks has begun to soften after the huge orgasms but now they sprang to attention again as the men realized what, unbelievably, was to come. "Oh, shit," said Adam. "I do not fucking believe this."

"Sirs!" Nate voice rang out strong and clear. "I want to thank you for accepting me as your boy. I am honored, sirs. I want to show you how much I love you both ..... how much I worship you."

He lowered his ass until it was resting on the heads of the two cocks. They were so slick with saliva and cum that they needed no guidance. They slid easily into the ass of the boy who uttered no cry of pain as he lowered himself further and further until at last his ass was sitting on their pubic hair. And there he rested. There must have been pain but he didn't feel it.

In truth he was in a kind of trance. Everything had built to this moment: ...... his first sight of the two stunning Marines; the realization that they were to become his masters, that they were to share him; the joy of serving them; then the exaltation of bringing them to the edge of orgasm several times until finally they exploded together deep in his mouth. And now he felt their thick cocks filling his ass, stretching it, and he clenched his ass muscles round them. Now ...... now he would show them that he was absolutely the finest boy they could ever have chosen.

"I love you, sirs," he said softly, as he raised his ass up and felt their cocks slide out all the way up to the heads, and then he lowered himself again on the long, slick rods. The sight was incredible. "My god, Adam," breathed Hassan, "will you look at that!"

The beautiful young body was arched backward across them, arms and legs flexing hard, the flat stomach and slender waist pointing up high, forcing the globes of the perfect ass to flex hard as it was impaled on the two huge cocks of his masters. Nate's supreme self-confidence, his sure knowledge that he was proving himself as their boy, brought to him a peaceful calm that settled over them in the silence of the late afternoon. As his ass rose and fell over them the only sounds were their heaving breaths, the breeze in the trees and the buzzing of the cicadas in the shimmering heat of the hillside.

The sensation in the men's cocks was electrifying as they watched the lithe young body rise and fall above them. As if hypnotized, they had a strange feeling that the boy was now in charge of his masters. They waited for his instructions ..... and at last they came. He turned his head sideways to each one in turn smiling at them in a state of bliss. "Sir's, I'm going to cum now. Will you cum inside my ass, sirs. Please. I want to be your boy."

The men watched mesmerized as the boy's cock shot a fountain of white juice high in the air. It hung there gleaming in the sunlight, then splashed down on all of them. And suddenly the silence was shattered by three loud, jubilant voices as Nate felt the indescribable euphoria of two cocks pouring semen deep inside his ass.

They kept shouting, the juice kept pouring and their hearts kept pounding, until at last Nate sank down on their cocks one last time and lay flat across them, his arms and legs splayed on the ground. There was a moment's silence, a transition, and then the shouts became laughter, wild, joyous laughter, in the certain knowledge that they had just forged a bond that could never be broken ...... the irrevocable bond of love between two glorious men and their boy.


It was Nate who stirred first. He lifted himself up, felt the cocks slide from deep inside him and slowly, unsteadily he stood up, unsure of what came next. What he had just done started to seem unreal, like a dream evaporating upon waking, and his euphoria was replaced by his customary shyness.

Adam and Hassan still lay on their backs, propped up on their elbows facing each other. They gazed up at Nate, still unable to believe his extraordinary performance. Adam smiled.

"So what do you say, buddy? You think he'll do?"

"You know," Hassan said, "I do believe he's a keeper."

They sprang to their feet and each embraced Nate in turn. "Sensational, mate," Adam whispered in his ear. "I love the hell out of you, kiddo." Hassan took over, hugged him and murmured in his ear. "We're gonna have great times up here in this little house, Nate, you and the big stud Marine who loves you."

Hassan and Adam faced each other and shook hands solemnly, sealing their pact. "Take care of him when I'm gone, big guy," Adam said. "Don't let anyone hurt him." Hassan replied, "Count on it, man. You have my word."

"Sir," Nate said uneasily to Adam, "The twins'll be expecting me back to work. "

"We'll see about that," Adam said, reaching for his cell phone on the table. He flipped it open and dialed. "Hey, Bob ....... yeah, sensational ...... better than I could ever have imagined ...... yeah, spectacular ..... and that brings me to a huge favor I need. Could you persuade the twins to let Nate off work so he can spend the night here with us? OK, buddy, thanks ......"

He cupped the phone ..... "He's checking with the twins....... Yeah...... great, thanks a million, man. I'll make it up to you ..... absolutely, man, that's a promise. See you at breakfast."

He snapped the phone shut and smiled. "Yeah, like those twins would ever refuse Bob anything. OK, kid, you're gonna spend the night here with Hassan and me, provided you're ready to work after breakfast down there in the morning. So now my buddy and me are gonna take our new boy out to dinner and then you'll sleep the night here with us. And nothing will be off limits ...... especially that sweet ass of yours. OK with you, mate?"

Nate beamed. "No worries there, mate. No worries at all."


A big, communal breakfast whenever possible had been Bob's idea. He knew that as their tribe had grown it had come to include many different temperaments among the self-willed men and boys. The potential for conflict was high, and Bob knew that communal gatherings like this were essential in keeping the group compatible.

And, of course, nobody would ever contradict the much-loved Bob, so the breakfasts had become an institution. Randy was more than happy to let Bob take charge. In fact he loved watching him assert his influence over everyone, relishing the secret knowledge that he alone could make Bob submit to him any time he wanted to. Randy was crazy about the man.

So it was that when Hassan, Adam and Nate arrived early next morning all the men were milling around, about to take their seats at the long table out by the pool. The house's jungle telegraph was extremely efficient, powered by the ever-talkative Darius, so everyone had a fair idea of the deal that had been made between the two men and Nate. Even without that, it would have been obvious from the glow that surrounded them as they walked thought the gate together.

They were greeted wild cheers and wolf-whistles from the boys, and applause from the men, who realized that a tight unit like this strengthened the whole tribe. The men came forward to congratulate Adam and Hassan, while Nate was enveloped by the boys all clamoring for details. Darius was especially insistent that he "spill all the beans" and Nate was feeling overwhelmed, but it was his own work-ethic that rescued him.

He noticed the twins detach themselves from the group to continue preparing and serving breakfast and he knew where his duty lay. He ran after them and was soon in the thick of the activity in the kitchen. As they worked Kevin said shyly, "Congratulations, Nate. Couldn't happen to a greater guy."

"Yeah," Kyle added. "Kind of like the opposite of us ...... we're two boys to one master, and you're one boy with two masters. You're in for a great time. Maybe one day you'll invite us up to visit with you and Hassan."

At the table the group divided roughly into two groups ..... men and boys. Randy, Bob, Mark and Zack were intrigued by the plans of Hassan and Adam, while the boys all talked over each other. Nate got a special warm hug from his best friend Jamie, who said, "I'm real happy for you, dude, but I hope we can still be best buddies eh?"

"Too right," Nate reassured him. "You'll always be my best mate. No worries there."

Mark got a chance for a few private words with Nate. "Congratulations, kiddo. And as the guy who kind of discovered you that day in the dunes I still want you to think of me as your friend if ever you need help. You know how much I love Hassan, so real soon I want to bring Jamie up to his place and the four of us can get together. Could get real interesting."

"Thank you, sir," Nate said breathlessly, his mind flashing with images of himself with the spectacular cop, the hot Marine, and the beautiful blond surfer. He grinned. "Doesn't get much hotter than that, sir."

The air of celebration was universal ...... almost. There was one participant who munched on his breakfast looking morosely down at the table. Pablo managed a few words of frigid congratulation as he looked up at Nate. "Way to go, kid. Two masters, huh? That's a first. Surprised Hassan would do that. He's a great fuck, though ..... was with me anyway." And he went back to his food.

The event had stoked Pablo's smoldering resentment. In recent weeks he had felt his position in the house down-shift in a subtle way. From the first he had basked in his status as the boss's boy, and then his adopted son. Randy was the King of the Gypsies and Pablo was the boy he had chosen. Added to that, Pablo's boyfriend Darius was pretty hot stuff, with his huge dick, and even though Pablo got fucked by him all the time, he felt very much the dominant partner of the two.

But then came all the stories of Darius's triumph in the desert, putting on a hot show with the magnificent Zack. And who was this Eddie he had mentioned in passing? Now Nate was the star of the show, with his two masters and his special, tight friendship with Mark and Jamie. Even when Bob asserted himself as the much-admired leader of the household, it seemed, in Pablo's gloomy imagination, to elevate the twins and knock him down another notch.

Pablo hated to feel insecure. He modeled himself on Randy, who never felt insecure ..... always the undisputed boss. But now the 'boss's boy' felt unsure of himself and began to imagine demons around him where none existed. His self-doubt, envy and paranoia gnawed at him, working its way through him like a malevolent worm, a worm that was to find fertile ground in the shattering events soon to come.


Adam had to work a flight back to Sydney the next day so he made his reluctant farewells to Nate and Hassan, made less gloomy by the knowledge that he was scheduled back in two weeks. One man who had a special word for him was Zack. He shook hands with Adam, looking at him with his piercing gray eyes. "Heard all about you and Hassan, stud, him fucking that ass of yours that you were keeping for me. Guess we have some unfinished business."

Adam's bold smile showed no hint of intimidation. "I guess we do, man. I can't wait."

So he left, and the house resumed its routine, with Nate, as agreed, spending one day and night each week at Hassan's house. After the recent four-day break, with the guys' out-of-town trips, work now consumed them all. Maybe the mood of the house would have settled into its familiar, even humdrum, rhythm had it not been for an event that occurred a few days later, whose results were to resonate for weeks to come. After all, 'humdrum' was not something this group did ..... ever.

It was a hot afternoon and Darius was working with Zack on one of the construction sites when he looked up and saw a figure standing nervously at the gate. Darius broke into a wide grin. "Eddie!" He was genuinely pleased to see the shy young bar-back from Palms Springs who had been so thrilled to spend time with him and Zack in the desert. He ran over to the boy and shook his hand. "Dude, great to see you. What the hell you doing here?"

"Didn't mean to interrupt you, sir," Eddie said shyly, "but Mike gave me a few days off from the bar and sent me to L.A. to pick up some supplies. Well, sir, you said if ever I was in town I should look you up, so ........ "

"Damn right, kid. Listen, I've still got another half hour or so with Zack, but why don't you wait for me and I'll take you to our place. Wait in the trailer over there, out of the sun."

Reassured by Darius's cheerful welcome Eddie went up the steps of the trailer and gazed from the window over the busy construction site. His eyes were riveted on the two black construction workers, both shirtless in black jeans and boots. Zack and Darius ..... two men he had dreamed about, jerked off thinking about most nights.

And now here they were, muscles rippling as they labored, sweat running down their magnificent chests gleaming in the hot sun. Every time Eddie had imagined them at night it had taken him only a minute to blow his wad. Now, actually looking at them, it took even less. He rubbed the bulge in his ragged jeans a few times before he felt the familiar damp warmth of his cum streaming into his shorts.

Half an hour later as Darius drove him home he looked down at the wet patch at the boy's crotch and grinned. "Shit, didn't take you long to get down to business did it kid?" Eddie's shy, mischievous grinned spread over his blushing face. At the house Darius took Eddie straight to the room he and Pablo shared and said, "Give me a minute to shower off this sweat and grunge from work and then I'll show you around."

Minutes later he was stepping out of the bathroom, unabashedly naked, his huge cock swinging between his legs. "OK, kid, now I'm cleaned up come here and give me a hug. Damn, it's good to see you." He folded his muscular arms round the excited boy and held him tight.

"What the fuck?!" The shout bounced off the walls and rage filled the room. Pablo was in the doorway, staring in horror at his naked lover with a boy in his arms. As the two jerked apart Pablo stared aghast at Darius's semi-hard cock and the wet patch at the boy's crotch.

"Hey, dude, you're home," Darius said brightly. "This is Eddie, the kid from the bar I told you about. He's ......" But he got no farther as the fist slammed into his face, making him reel backwards and collapse on the bed. Dimly he saw Pablo knee Eddie in the stomach, then drop him with a forearm smash across his shoulder.

All of Pablo's insecurity and paranoia, all his demons, all the resentment that had been building since Nate came back with Hassan and Adam, now erupted like a dormant volcano coming to life. And these two were the target. Screaming obscenities he launched himself on Darius who was too surprised and winded to defend himself.

Eddie was pulling himself painfully to his feet and watched in horror as this crazy guy pummeled Darius unmercifully. In a total panic he turned and fled, almost falling down the stairs, stumbling across the lawn and out through the gate.

Upstairs the noise was deafening, especially to Nate who was cleaning Mark's apartment below. He rushed up the stairs, gazed at the struggle in horror, ran forward and tried to pull Pablo off Darius. Pablo swung round, his eyes blazing. "Asshole," he sneered "What, so you think you're the boss now that you've got your big Marine stud master? Well guess again mother-fucker." He punched Nate in the stomach, then pulled him up by the hair and slammed his head several times against the wall.

He watched him slide down the wall in a heap, then turned and yelled, "Fuck you both!" By now he was totally out of control, consumed by his legendary, ferocious anger. He rushed down the stairs and out to the garden, crashing straight into Jamie who had run out of the house alarmed by the noise. The collision sent Jamie sprawling on the ground and Pablo stomped on his stomach as he walked over him. "Out of my way, asshole."

Next in the line of fire were the twins who were coming from the kitchen bearing trays of food for the evening meal. In his demented state Pablo gave vent to the resentment that had long smoldered deep inside him over Randy's lover Bob taking them both as his boys. "Well look what we got here, the boss's favorite lackeys. You two think you're all that and a bag of chips don't you? Think again, boys." Spreading his arms wide he charged between them, knocking them over and sending the trays and the food flying all over the ground.

At the gate Pablo turned and screamed dementedly, "So long suckers!" And then, with a squeal of his truck's tires, he was gone.


A few minutes later Mark was driving up the hill on his way home when he saw the figure of a terrified boy he didn't recognize racing down toward him. He stopped his truck, leapt out and grabbed the boy's wrist as he sped past. Eddie was incoherent, so Mark pushed him into the truck and drove to the house. When he helped him through the gate he was shocked by the carnage inside. He ran instantly to Jamie who was sitting on the ground moaning, clutching his stomach.

Mark dropped to his knees and said, "What the fuck's going on here, kiddo?" Jamie looked up through tearful eyes and managed a weak smile. "Pablo," he said. "So glad you're home, sir."

As it happened, Bob and Zack pulled up outside at more or less the same time. Home from work in his suit and tie Bob ambled through the gate. He stared in amazement for a second then sprang into action, running through the debris on the lawn and falling to his knees beside the twins, still on the ground rubbing sore limbs. He looked up at Mark. "Holy shit, Mark, what in hell happened here?"

Before Mark could reply Zack came in and Jamie managed to raise his voice. "Darius, sir, upstairs." Zack raced over the wreckage and took the stairs two at a time. He fell on the bed and cradled Darius in his arms. Darius looked up at him weakly and said. "Nate ..... he's hurt ..... he's gone ......" and then his eyes closed.


Yes, Nate was gone. After Pablo had left the room Nate had staggered to his feet, his head throbbing, and looked over at the groaning Darius. He tried to focus. He knew he was no match for Pablo and was terrified what he would do next, thinking he was still in the house. He knew none of the men were home from work yet but he had to get help fast and there was one obvious man to turn to ...... his master, Hassan. He would take care of everything. So Nate had stumbled through the carnage outside, fell into his truck and sped blindly up the hill.

Miraculously avoiding an accident, not to mention a speeding ticket, he arrived at the Mulholland house and staggered down to the guesthouse. Hassan had just got home and was horrified as his boy fell into his arms, his face sporting a black eye and a growing bump on his forehead.

"Sir," Nate said in a rush. "You've gotta go down to the house. They need help. Pablo's gone crazy .... beat everyone up. I'll be OK here, sir. But please go quick, sir."

Hassan examined him briefly, reassured himself that he was only bruised, and made a split decision. "OK, kiddo. Lie down ..... rest ..... stay put. I'll take care of everything. Back as soon as I can." As he ran up to his jeep his rage ignited. His boy had been hurt .... Adam's boy, the boy he had sworn to protect. He growled to himself, "Randy! That fucking asshole and his fucking boy, out of control again. OK, pal, it's me you're dealing with now."

Alone now Nate sighed, lay down thankfully on the bed and closed his eyes. He smiled as the thought crossed his mind, 'The Marines to the Rescue.' Sometime later, still half awake, he was dimly aware of distant sounds up at the main gate of Steve and Lloyd's house. What he didn't know was that another truck had just pulled up at the gate. The driver pressed the buzzer and Steve's voice came through the intercom. "Who is it?" There was a long pause until the haggard voice finally answered.

"Uncle Steve. It's me, Pablo. I'm in trouble. Can I come in?"


TO BE CONTINUED IN "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Chapter 144


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