The excited shout pierced the stillness of the afternoon. "Hey, boss, it's me!"

With the sun high in the sky, Randy and Steve had been floating aimlessly in the rowboat on the lake. The fishing lines drifted unattended and they lay on their backs, shoulder to shoulder, gazing up at the sky. They were talked out, happy to drift in companionable silence.

What Randy had once called "that bonding bullshit" was actually happening between him and Steve. Finally .... against all the odds! At first Randy had fiercely rejected the revelation that he and Steve were indeed brothers ..... a rejection he emphasized by fucking the ass of his new brother. Not exactly an act of brotherly love.

When Randy walked out on him Steve reacted by hitting the bottle and driving drunk all the way up to the lake in the Angeles Forest. With Steve in real jeopardy Randy went into full brother-protection mode, an instinct that was deeply ingrained in him from adolescence. He followed him up to the lake and saved him from near drowning. And that's when the bonding began.

Now, lulled by the lapping water, their eyes were growing heavy with sleep when suddenly they heard the shout from across the lake. They both raised their heads groggily and looked over the side of the boat. They squinted in the sun and saw a tanned figure in baggy shorts, shirtless, barefoot, jumping up and down on the beach, waving his arms with excitement. Beside him was a black dog, barking just as enthusiastically.

"Hey, boss, it's me, Pablo. Pablo and Billy."

Randy grinned broadly. "Well, so much for peace and quiet. It's that boy of mine. Must have come up here to see how we're doing. Do you mind?"

"Hell, no," Steve said. "I love that kid. You adopted him so what's not to love? Besides, if he's your boy then I guess he must be my nephew. Better get re-acquainted."

"Yeah," Randy said thoughtfully. "Only I have a feeling that right now he's not thinking of you as an uncle. Definitely not what he has in mind."


As he watched the boat approach the beach Pablo's excitement dwindled down to mild apprehension about what kind of welcome he would receive from the two men. He knew he was intruding, but one of his most exciting memories was of the time he spent time with them at the lake once before. Dying to repeat the experience he had impulsively thrown caution to the winds, loaded his faithful dog Billy into his old truck ..... and now here they were.

Pablo stood almost coyly as Randy pulled the boat up on the beach, and even Billy hung back silently, taking his cue as always from his master. The two men, wearing nothing but faded cargo shorts, stood towering over him. "So," said Randy with a twinkle in his eye. "You couldn't leave your old man in peace, couldn't let me have a bit of quality time with my new brother, eh?"

Pablo shifted uneasily from foot to foot. "Sorry, sir, but..... (he was winging it) ..... well, er, Billy needed a good long run, sir." He winced at the lame explanation and grinned uncertainly.

Randy folded his arms. "OK, your dog needs exercise so your drive thirty miles up into the mountains and wind up right here on this particular beach by this lake."

Pablo gazed up at them and shrugged. "Guess that's about the size of it, sir." Then his face broke into his crooked grin. "Oh, that plus the fact that I brought more food and beer and some fishing bait. When Bob said you were staying two nights here I knew you wouldn't have enough ...... sir."

"Now you're talking, kid. Good save there. So what d'ya say Steve? Should we let him stay?"

"Well ......" said Steve rubbing his chin. "Turn around, kid."

Pablo turned his back to them, put his hands in his pockets and pulled his shorts forward, stretching them over the globes of his perfect ass.

"Yeah, definitely," said Steve. "He can stay."

Randy laughed. "Come here kiddo." He took him in his arms and ruffled his hair. "Great to see you, kid. Now say hi to your uncle."

Pablo looked at Steve shyly and held out his hand. "Hello, sir."

"Hell, don't I get a hug too?" Steve pulled him into his arms and Pablo instantly felt his cock getting stiff in his shorts. And he could swear it was matched by the bulge in Steve's shorts, too.


Pablo had brought the small barbecue and soon the smell of three steaks wafted across the beach. Throughout the meal Randy and Steve did most of the talking, still catching up on their respective, and very different, lives lived apart. Sometime later, well fed, they were all sitting at the water's edge nursing beers.

And Pablo was in heaven. Here he was, sitting with the man he worshipped, and the brother who looked like his twin. The two men talked about intimate family things, accepting it as quite natural that Pablo heard it all, and that made the boy feel like part of the family as he sat mostly in silence and looked from one to the other while they spoke. They were both gorgeous men ..... the one his adoptive dad and the other, in a way, his uncle.

Steve was saying, "You sure you're OK with Lloyd sleeping over with Bob while we're here?"

Randy shrugged. "Gotta admit, I felt a stab of my old anger when he first told me. But I know it's not rational. Hell, we're here together and Bob's fine with that. Guess it's something I've gotta get over." He grinned. "Maybe I should book some therapy sessions with you, doc."

"Hmm, since we're brothers I think that might be a conflict of interest."

"Yeah," Randy said. "I got lots of interest.......shit load of conflict too."

Steve laughed. "And that's the part we have to work on."

By now Pablo had tuned out their conversation, wrapped in thoughts of his own. Ever since he arrived he'd had a huge boner in his shorts just from being close to these two ultra-hot men. Randy had been right when he had joked that Pablo was not looking on Steve as an uncle. No, the boy could never forget the time all three had been at the lake together just like this.

On that occasion Randy and Steve had taken turns fucking his ass and now, as he gazed at the two rugged, almost identical faces and their muscular bodies, he was re-living that incredible experience. He wanted that again ...... or something very like it. And that, of course, was the real reason he was here. His eyes glazed over as he remembered that time, and worried that this time might be different now that Randy and Steve knew they were brothers.

There was a sudden lull in the men's conversation. Randy noticed Pablo's pensive face and waved his hand in front of it. "Hey, Earth to Pablo. You look lost in thought, kiddo. You a long way away?"

"Not really, sir .... not far away at all. Right here as a matter of fact."

"So what's on your mind, kid?" asked Steve.

Pablo looked searchingly at Steve. "Well, I was wondering. Sir, you being a shrink and all ......can I ask you a question ..... kinda like ..... patient to shrink?"

Steve smiled. "Go ahead, shoot"

"Well sir ....." He cleared his throat and took the plunge. "Do you think it's OK for an uncle to fuck his nephew's ass?"

Randy stifled a grin but Steve frowned, faking deep thought. "Well, let's see, now. Speaking as ..... as a shrink ..... I'd have to say it shouldn't happen."

"Oh," said Pablo, disappointed. Then he brightened. "Well, forget the shrink thing ..... how about speaking as a regular guy?"

"Ah, well in that case I'd say it all depends on how cute the nephew's ass is."

Pablo's face lit up. "No problem there, sir. No problem at all."

Randy threw his head back and roared with laughter. They all got to their feet and Pablo stood in front of the two brothers, wide-eyed with anticipation. "OK, kiddo," Randy said, "let's cut to the chase here. Do you remember when you were last here at the lake with the two of us?"

"Of course, sir."

"And that's what you were thinking about just now, am I right?"

"Yes, sir. I was remembering how you both fucked me in turn, sir. I've never forgotten it."

Randy rubbed his jaw, frowning. "See, the thing is, kid, Steve and me, we're brothers now."

Pablo looked gloomy. 'Here it comes,' he thought.

"...... and brothers always share with each other ...... especially things they value most. Now you're valuable to me, kid, and you know what turns me on the most?"

Pablo paused, then said tentatively, "My ass, sir?"

"Bingo! Hey Steve, you ready for some brotherly sharing?"

"Right there with you, bro."

They both stared down at him and Randy said, "OK, kid, you know what to do."

Pablo knew from long experience. Quickly he pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and stood naked before the brothers. Randy shot a quick glance at Steve, and Pablo's eyes grew wide as they both, in unison, slowly pulled their T-shirts up over their heads and dropped them on the sand. They unbuttoned their shorts and let them drop. Pablo gasped as he saw them naked ..... two identical muscle-gods, same dark, stubbled faces, same blue eyes, same flawless physiques. He would do anything these men told him to.

Randy took charge. "On your back, Steve."

His brother lay down on his back on the sand. He looked up at the beautiful naked boy and his cock grew rigid. "Hey look, Randy, I've got a wicked hard-on just looking at your boy."

"Don't worry," Randy grinned. "He knows how to take care of that. I've trained him well."

Pablo stood astride Steve and fell to his knees over his chest. He looked down at Randy's brother with a hint of mischief in his eyes. "Sir, do you want my ass, sir?"

"You know damn well I do. Don't mess with me, kid."

"Okey-dokey," said Pablo. He rose slightly on his knees, reached behind him and grabbed Steve's hard rod. Then he sank down, guiding the cock between the cheeks of his ass. There was no pause, no hesitation as he lowered himself, feeling the thick shaft sliding up into him, deeper and deeper until he was sitting all the way down on Steve's pubic hair.

Steve threw his head back. "Oh, man ..... oh shit ...... that feels fucking incredible. Oh yeah, boy, give it to me." Pablo knew just what he was doing. He always knew exactly how to turn Randy on and figured that the same technique would work for his brother. So he rose up slowly, paused, then quickly sat back down, feeling the head of the cock plunge inside him until the head slid over the inner sphincter and came to rest deep inside the furnace of his ass.

Steve looked up wildly at Randy standing over them. "Oh, man, your kid is the best. His ass is spectacular." Pablo leaned forward and placed his palms on the slabs of Steve's chest. He touched the nipples lightly as he continued to rise up and down, fucking the shuddering cock with his ass. He gazed with satisfaction at the look of pure ecstasy on Steve's chiseled features. "Shit, man," he moaned to Randy, "you gotta feel this bro."

"Oh I intend to," Randy said in a deep, guttural voice.

Pablo was so focused on Steve's face and the glorious feeling in his ass that he was unaware at first of Randy kneeling behind him. Then he heard the low voice. "Lean forward boy."

He did so instinctively, but then his eyes shot open with alarm as he felt the head of Randy's monster prick touch his ass. "Oh no, sir. Please, I can't do that, sir. Not both of you."

Randy's voice breathed in his ear. "Look up, kiddo." Pablo raised his eyes and found himself staring into the stainless steel side of the barbecue, parked just beyond Steve's head. And in it he saw a near-perfect reflection of his master's face behind him, just over his shoulder. It was the same image as the face looking up at him from the sand. He knew he was about to get double-fucked by these two glorious, identical muscle-gods.

"OK," the deep voice growled. "Now did I hear my boy say the word 'can't?"

Pablo gulped. "No, sir. Sorry sir."

"See, I said I wanted to share your ass with my brother, but not one-by-one like before. This time it's gonna feel ..... like this....."

Slowly but firmly he pressed his rigid cock against his brother's between the mounds of Pablo's butt, then paused as it rested against his hole. Pablo took deep breaths, looked down at Steve, then up at Randy's reflection. He had to do it. God, he wanted it, longed for it. Then he screamed as he felt his master's cock enter him, sliding against Steve's into his burning ass.

He almost passed out but his master's voice saved him. "Hold on, kid. Look at Steve, then at me. Two of the most beautiful brothers in the world, and they both have their cocks inside you. Now how does it feel?"

The pain was gone. "It feels awesome, sir. The best ever." And it was true. He felt the two huge cocks sliding against each other inside him, and his gaze flicked from the face on the sand to reflection of the face behind him..... both the same, both making love to him and to each other at the same time.

"Oh, man," Steve groaned. "Randy, your cock feels so good sliding against mine. His ass is so tight, so hot. Shit, it's like you're fucking him and me together. I love you man, you and your boy."

"OK, bro, so let's fuck him!"

The tempo increased and both men began fucking in earnest. For Pablo it was like two steel rods, grinding against each other as they pistoned into him, piercing the depths of his ass. Pain was long gone, all thought and fear had vanished ...... it was now pure sensation. The boy went wild, his ass rising and falling, impaled on the twin cocks of these spectacular men. In his fantasy he was riding the cocks of two stallions, two glorious studs sharing possession of his ass.

The brothers were moaning in ecstasy as the boy rode them for what seemed an eternity, his hand wrapped round his own cock, working it hard. He felt it shudder, and said, "Sir, I can't hold back much longer. You're making me real close, sir." His cock spasmed, making his ass convulse around the two cocks, trapping them in the cauldron of his ass.

"OK," shouted Randy. "You ready, Steve? You ready to unload in my boy's ass?"

"Let's go for it, man. I'm cumming ......!"

Screams echoed across the lake. Pablo felt the cocks jolt inside him and explode with jets of hot liquid deep in his body. His own cock erupted and poured ribbons of creamy white liquid over the magnificent chest and face of Randy's brother. All their bodies bucked and heaved as the triple orgasms seemed to last forever.

When finally they were spent it was Randy who ended it. He yanked his cock out of Pablo's ass, causing gasps from his boy and his brother. Then he threw himself on top of them both and they rolled on the sand, over and over into the shallow water. Steve and Randy were both making frenzied love with the boy, kissing, licking, squeezing until Pablo thought he would suffocate under the weight and the passion of the two brothers.

Still breathing hard Randy leapt to his feet and the other two lay gazing up at him, a spectacular muscle-god with water pouring from his gleaming body. He smiled down at them in triumph.

"Look at that ..... my boy and my brother. Now that's what I call sharing!"


Later, as they swam quietly in the lake it was as if they were bathed in a new and different light. Sure, the sun had just set into a purple twilight, but it was the light glowing within them that was new. They felt a sensation of pure harmony, of a world that looked different now, with a certainty that things would never be quite the same again.

But there was one final act to play out. When they got out of the water and dried off Randy pulled blankets from the truck and spread them under a tree at the side of the beach. He said gently to Pablo, "Kiddo, take Billy and go sit over there for a while. And just watch." Then he turned his full attention to Steve.

"One thing left Steve. I said we share everything, and God knows I've taken everything you have to give. Now it's your turn." They were both still naked and Randy lay on his back on a blanket. Steve looked down at him and knew what his brother wanted.

Pablo had an arm over his dog and they both sat silently, motionless, watching in wonder. They saw Steve kneel at his brother's feet, push the legs up, and ease forward. He pressed his cock against the big man's ass ...... and pushed it gently inside. Randy breathed a huge sigh as he experienced the final act of union with his younger brother.

Pablo was holding his breath, knowing he was privileged to be watching something that was almost mystical in its meaning. He watched the brothers smile into each other's eyes, each one seeing his own face reflected in eyes identical to his ..... like an image mirrored to infinity.

There was no sound as Steve's body rose and fell over his brother. It was not long before they suddenly became still, but Pablo knew when he saw Steve's body jolt that he was pouring his juice inside his brother, who responded with his own silent outpouring of love, streaming over his chest. Steve leaned forward and kissed Randy lightly on the eyes, then the lips.

He stood up smiling, then reached down, took his brother's hand and pulled him to his feet. Randy folded him in his arms, while Pablo watched mesmerized. Finally they broke apart and Randy looked over to Pablo. "Come on, kid. Bedtime."

Billy curled up under a tree with a contented growl, while Pablo lay down between the brothers. Randy pulled a blanket over them all, and in a few minutes the three of them were asleep.


Back at the house Lloyd was alone by the pool. He had got there early and everyone but the twins was still at work. He was grateful that Bob had suggested he come over and stay with him while Steve was away. The sight of Steve driving drunkenly away had shaken him and he did not want to be alone in their house. What he needed was the reassuring strength and common sense of a man like Bob.

Still, as he waited for him Lloyd couldn't help feeling a twinge of nervousness, as the history of their friendship had been tumultuous right from the start. He recalled the first time they had been together just after they had met. It had been a disaster. They had driven out to see examples of Lloyd's architectural work and spent the night in a hotel. Similar in background, education and stunning good looks they had talked long into the night ..... and then made love.

But in the morning Randy had been in the parking lot waiting for them. Nervous of losing Bob to this handsome, clean-cut professional Randy had been at a pitch of anger and they had both paid a heavy price. Worse came later when Randy retaliated by using his magnetic sexuality to seduce Lloyd, resulting in a rift between Randy and Bob.

'Convoluted' was the word that sprang to mind as Lloyd mused over their checkered history. But then suddenly the clouds of apprehension parted as the gate opened and Bob strode in, looking impossibly handsome in his business suit, immaculate shirt and tie. Lloyd stood up and gasped, as he always did at the first sight of this gorgeous man.

Bob flashed a dazzling smile. "Man, I'm sorry I wasn't here to meet you. Business meeting droned on forever ...... the usual two parts boredom and three parts bullshit." He wrapped his arms round him in a warm hug. "Twins been taking good care of you, I hope?"

Lloyd raised the beer bottle he had been nursing and smiled. "The best. Those guys are really terrific ..... cute as hell, too. And they're obviously crazy about you."

As if on cue Kevin and Kyle hurried out of the house with a beer for Bob. As always, they had been looking out for his return. Bob threw his arms round them and Lloyd looked with envy as the two boys clung to him. But when they pulled apart they appeared a bit nervous.

"Sir," said Kevin. "We'll bring out appetizers in a minute ......" he paused uncertainly.

Bob smiled at them. "Thanks, guys ....... but it looks like you've something else on your mind."

Kyle took over. "Yes, sir ..... well, sir ......see, Mark and Zack are taking Jamie and Darius out to dinner tonight so, well, as it's just gonna be just the four of us, we ......"

It was Kevin now whose words tumbled out. ".....we wondered if you would be our guests for dinner in our house. It's only a small place, but ......."

"Guys, that would be terrific," Bob beamed. "What's on the menu?"

"Grilled salmon on a bed of white beans and sautéed spinach," said Kevin proudly

"Sounds perfect. What d'you say, Lloyd? The twins live in the guest house at Zack's place just across the street."

"I'd be honored," said Lloyd. "And thank you for including me."


A few minutes later Bob and Lloyd were sitting at the table by the pool, munching on warm hors d'oeuvres and sipping martinis. Alone now, there was still that slight frisson of shyness between them, so Bob broke the ice.

"I heard from Randy, and he said Steve's doing just fine. Did you know that Pablo drove up there to join them? I had a feeling he couldn't stay out of the mix for long" Lloyd smiled and Bob looked intently at him. "So how goes it with you two? Steve still working on that sexual-compulsion thing you have that brought you together in the first place?"

Lloyd liked Bob's directness and relaxed. "We're doing great. And as a matter of fact we came to the conclusion that it was not so much addiction to sex as addiction to beautiful men that gets me all worked up. Bob, I can't help it. At the gym I see a hunk and follow him around the place, drooling. Hell, at the grocery store I see a hot guy and follow him from aisle to aisle. Even had a grocery-cart collision with one the other day in the produce section."

Bob roared with laughter. "Sorry, man, but the image is too good ..... lust among the lentils. But coming here must be a challenge with all these fitness-model type guys around."

"Yeah, and the last time I was here I guess everyone knew I was upstairs jacking off as I looked down at that stud Hassan. God he's gorgeous." He paused and blushed. "Still .... I'm sure I'm not supposed to say this but ..... the guy who turns me on the most is the Superman sipping martinis across from me right now."

"Sure you can say that, Lloyd," Bob laughed. "Coming from you it's a real compliment. You're such a hot stud yourself I'm surprised you don't jerk off looking at yourself in the mirror."

"Oh, I do that too. Various clothes, outfits ..... slowly stripping 'til I'm naked. It all turns me on. Muscle worship they call it."

"Yeah, I've heard the phrase," Bob mused. His mind went back to the day when he was pulled over by a motorcycle cop for an illegal U-turn. In exchange for tearing up the traffic ticket the officer ordered Bob to slowly strip naked out of his business clothes while he watched. The gorgeous blond cop creamed in his uniform pants just looking at him. That was how Bob and Mark met, and they had lusted for each other ever since.

The memory was giving him a hard-on and he shook the image from his mind. "Listen, I gotta get out of this damn suit and tie. Fine for the office, but I'm way overdressed for dinner with the twins. Come upstairs and talk to me while I change."


In Bob's bedroom Lloyd sat on the bed while Bob rummaged in a drawer for a clean T-shirt and a pair of shorts. He was about to shrug off his jacket when Lloyd jumped to his feet. "Wait," he said, and blushed. "Would you let me do that for you?"

Bob stared at him ..... and then understood. "Sure," he grinned. "Knock yourself out. And take your time."

"Oh, I intend to." Whenever Lloyd saw Bob in his business suit he wondered what it would be like to touch the shirt and feel his muscles rippling under the fine cotton. So now he did. He slipped his hand under the jacket and stroked the shirt, feeling the slabs of the rock-hard pecs underneath. He ran the backs of his fingers over the nubs of Bob's nipples, and as Bob took a sharp intake of breath Lloyd's cock jumped in his jeans.

Lloyd moaned. "Oh, man, you are so beautiful. You don't know the number of times I've jacked off thinking about you, imagined you coming home from the office and taking off your clothes. Just like this." He reached up, loosened Bob's tie and undid the top two shirt buttons. Reaching round, he ran his hands down over the broad back, down below the jacket and cupped the pants over the perfect mounds of his ass. His hands moved round to the front and he gasped as he felt the huge bulge in Bob's crotch. "God, it's huge," he groaned.

Taking hold of Bob's shoulders he gently turned him round to face the full-length mirror. From behind he pulled the jacket off slowly, folded it and put it on the bed. He looked over Bob's shoulder at the reflection of the magnificent man in the white shirt, a tank-top showing through the thin cotton. He reached round and ran his hands over the shirt stretched tightly across the flawless chest, then down over the wide lats until he grasped the slim waist.

"Man," he said in Bob's ear, "you've gotta admit that is one hell of a guy. Just look at that face, that physique. I'm gonna love seeing that stud naked." Feeling Bob flex his muscles under the shirt Lloyd sighed deeply, pressing himself against his back. He reached up to undo the tie and let it hang loose. Then he unbuttoned more of the shirt, slowly, almost down to the waist. He pulled the shirt open, revealing the white tank underneath, tight against the pecs.

Lloyd was in a trance now, mesmerized by the image in the mirror. His hands stroked inside the shirt over the ribbed tank, over the chest and abs, sinewy under the thin fabric. He undid the last of the shirt buttons and pulled the shirt clear of the waistband of the pants. He stood still, gazing at the handsome business executive, his shirt open, tie hanging loose, his sculpted torso covered only by the thin white tank. And then Bob moved.

He unbuttoned his shirt cuffs, rolled up his sleeves and pushed them up over his biceps. He raised his arms, bent at the elbow, and adopted a bodybuilder pose, flaring his lats and flexing his biceps. The sight was too much for Lloyd. He fell against Bob's back, ran his hands over the pecs and hard stomach and howled, "No!" The sight, the feel, of the half-dressed bodybuilder ...... that face, that physique ..... "No!" ..... and he felt his cock explode in his jeans.

As the cum-stain spread over his crotch it took a long while for Lloyd to regain his composure. He moaned, "Shit, man I couldn't hold back. You looked so fucking ..... God you're beautiful. I came too soon."

Bob smiled at him in the mirror. "No you didn't, Lloyd. I can make you cum again ..... and then again. You want something to worship, man? I'll give you a sight you won't forget. I'm the best. Go and sit in that chair next to the mirror."

Lloyd slumped into the chair and looked up at Bob. But Bob was not looking at him ..... his eyes were fixed on his own reflection in the mirror. He pulled his tie off and dropped it, then shrugged his shirt back onto his shoulders so it was hanging almost off. He smiled at himself. "Looks sensational, doesn't it, Lloyd. You say you jerk off imagining me stripping? Well here's a secret. So do I, only I don't have to imagine ..... I'm actually looking at myself. When I get home from work, if I'm alone, I sometimes beat off in front of the mirror watching myself undress. Only Randy knows that ..... and now you, Lloyd. Watch."

He threw off the shirt so he was now stripped down to the tank, pressed his fists to his waist and flared his lats in another bodybuilder pose. The tank stretched even tighter over his body as his muscles bulged. Lloyd gasped, ripped open his jeans and pulled out his cock, already hard again, still sticky from his orgasm. He narrowed his eyes to get a fantasy image of the spectacular man. In Lloyd's imagination Bob was alone, had just got home from work and had decided to turn himself on. And Lloyd was the hidden voyeur.

He stroked his cock as Bob reached behind his neck and pulled on the tank. Slowly it rose up ..... out of the waistband, over the ridges of the abs, over the chest and off. And there for the first time Lloyd saw the magnificent body naked to the waist, flexing, gleaming under the lights. Now Bob really went to town, striking one muscle pose after another. He was smiling at himself as he began making love to his own body, squeezing the nipples, running his hands over his naked chest and abs. "You're fucking gorgeous, man," he breathed. "Look at that body!"

He walked toward the mirror and with his finger traced on the glass the outline of his handsome face. "Beautiful," he sighed. Lloyd could not believe what happened next. Bob's face went closer and closer to the glass until his lips pressed against the mouth in the mirror. He was kissing himself ... passionately. He raised his arms high up against the glass and pressed his body against the mirror, chest against chest, rubbing his crotch against its own reflection.

Lloyd was pounding his meat, mesmerized by the incredible image of two stunning, shirtless men grinding against each other .... talking to each other. "Come on, man," Bob pleaded with his reflection, "turn me on, let me see your dick, man. He reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his rigid cock. He pressed it against the mirror, pointing up against his stomach, and gazed into his own eyes.

"That's it, man. Wow, that cock's beautiful. Rub it against mine, man. That's it. Look at that body. Shit, you're making me hard. You're so fucking beautiful, man. You're gonna make me shoot my load. Oh, man, I can't hold back ...... here it comes, man ......aaah!" Lloyd's eyes were wide with disbelief ...... two incredible bodybuilders shooting simultaneously, their cum blasting up between them, covering the washboard abs in streams of thick, white juice.

It was the wildest fantasy for Lloyd. He stopped beating his meat, held his cock still, threw his head back and screamed as semen blasted from it for a second time. He was sobbing as he closed his eyes, trying to burn the spectacular image into his memory forever.


Minutes later Lloyd was still sprawled in the chair and Bob sat on the bed, having zipped up his pants. Cum still ran down the mirror glass and Lloyd's shirt was smothered in his own juice. They hadn't spoken since they had shot their loads. They were lost in the dramatic images that were still seared so clearly on their minds. But finally Bob stood up and, still stripped to the waist, towered over Lloyd.

"I promised you one more orgasm, Lloyd."

Lloyd shook his head. "Oh no, man. No way ...... impossible ..... I'm drained, man. Besides, nothing could top that."

As if he had not heard him Bob said, "Stand up." Lloyd jumped to his feet. "Strip naked." Without any hesitation Lloyd pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and dropped his jeans. He lowered his shorts and stood naked. "You have a real hot body, Lloyd .... beautiful. Now, on the ground." Lloyd dropped to the floor and lay down on his back, his head against the mirror.

Bob stood at his feet, facing the mirror but looking down at Lloyd. "Now this is the way I end my muscle-worship session when I get home, Lloyd. It always gets me off and I guarantee it'll do the same for you." He kicked off his loafers, unzipped his pants again, dropped them and stepped out of them. He was now wearing just his white boxer shorts and socks. "See, Lloyd, I always get turned on looking at a powerful business executive stripped down to his shorts and socks. And here's another secret ......I sometimes do this in my private restroom in my office."

He began stroking his cock as he stared at himself in the mirror. "You know, Lloyd, I keep my body in perfect shape like this for two people ..... for Randy and for myself. Randy loves to get off watching me do this, but when he's not here I turn myself on looking at the guy in the mirror. Usually I shoot my load over my own reflection." Suddenly he looked down at Lloyd, lying naked at his feet. "But this time I have you."

Lloyd gasped as he realized what was happening. His cock became rock hard and he began to stroke it. Bob fixed him with a piercing gaze. "See, here's what happened, Lloyd. You saw the gorgeous business executive come in through the gate and your cock got hard. You had a drink with him and you had a boner in your jeans the whole time. Then he took you to his room, you slowly undressed him and shot your load. You watched him make love to himself in the mirror and that made you cum again. Now look at him, Lloyd. Look at the gorgeous face, the flawless body. What do you think?"

Lloyd could hardly speak. "Incredible, sir. Absolutely spectacular."

"Good, 'cause now the businessman is stripped down to his shorts, and he's gonna shoot his load again. And this time it's gonna be all over you, Lloyd. You've watched him, lusted for him, creamed your jeans for him, and now you're gonna feel and taste his semen pouring over you. And you, Lloyd, are gonna cum one last time. Right?"

"Yes, sir." Lloyd was hypnotized by this incredible man. He would do anything for him.

Bob pounded his cock harder and his breathing became heavy. His muscles rippled, gleaming with sweat, his jaw clenched, his dark, tousled hair flew wildly. "You ready Lloyd? Here it comes, man ..... this is it." His cock exploded in a ribbon of white cream that arced high in the air, then splashed down onto Lloyd's chest and his face. Lloyd opened his mouth and swallowed hard. He was dimly aware of his own cock erupting for the third time. He looked up at the muscle-god in the boxer shorts, pouring his sperm over him.

It was a sight he would remember forever.


"Here, take these shorts and T-shirt of mine," Bob said. "Mustn't be late for the twins."

They had showered together and Lloyd was still in a daze. Man," he said as he pulled on the shorts. "I have never, ever, dreamed of anything like that. Fucking spectacular. Now that was muscle-worship!" He shook his head. "You're a spectacular man, Bob. One in a million."

Bob laughed. "So people are always telling me. And you know the next thing they always say? I could have anyone I want, so why the hell do I stay with Randy and put up with all his anger and aggression? Even Randy asks that, every time he's scared I'll leave him."

"So why do you stay with him?"

"Because, Lloyd, he's the only man in the world who is really my equal, the only man who can tame me. And I need that. For instance, that show I just put on for you ..... when I do it for Randy it's because he orders me to, and I love it. As he watches me strip off my clothes for him I see the love and lust shining from his eyes. You talked of worship ..... well he absolutely worships me. And when I'm finally stripped naked I give my body to him and he fucks it." Bob smiled. "You were one off, Lloyd. Actually Randy and I are two in a million. That's why we'll always be together, no matter what."

They went downstairs and Bob grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen. "OK, now for the twins. Can't wait to see what they've cooked up." As they walked toward the gate Lloyd smiled at him. "You really love those boys, don't you?"

Like crazy," said Bob. "There's still a lot I have to teach them though. It concerns me that they're never apart ..... like they're joined at the hip. They work together, play together ...... they're always together when they have sex ..... even jerk each other off. They're scared to death of being apart ...... and that kind of dependence is not healthy. So I have plans for them ..... big plans."

"OK, here we are." They had gone through Zack's garden and were standing at the door to the guest house. Bob knocked, the door opened and the twins were standing shoulder to shoulder, with twin smiles lighting up their faces.

"Er, hi," said Bob, offering the wine bottle. "I'm Bob and this is my friend Lloyd and we were invited to dinner, I think."

"You sure were, sir," said Kevin. They led the way into the small living room where the table was elaborately set with flowers, four immaculate place settings and intricately folded napkins. Mouthwatering smells drifted from the kitchen.

"Something smells good," Bob said. The twins stood together behind the table, both smartly dressed in Polo shirts and shorts, smiling nervously. Bob's heart melted and his eyes misted over. Yeah, he was crazy about them, all right. And now for his plans.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength .... Part 114."


Rob Williams

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