As Mark's truck bumped over the desert sand he put his arm round his boy's shoulder and asked, "You sure you're OK with all this, Jamie?"

"Absolutely, sir. Being with you and Hassan in Palm Springs will be awesome."

All three men had been through traumatic, painful, even life-threatening events that day to finally reach a point of reconciliation. It had all begun years before in a distant land in wartime when Hassan, the soldier of mixed Asian/Arab blood, had captured and interrogated Mark, then an army corporal. He had fallen in love with the prisoner he was torturing and, after the war, had followed him halfway round the world.

The climax to their story had come that morning in Hassan's small house isolated in the desolate California desert where they had evened the score, with Hassan in chains being whipped by his former prisoner. But later, their rivalry reignited over Hassan's marathon fuck session with Jamie.

But despite this painful initiation, the intense admiration and respect that existed deep down among all three men had finally won the day and Mark had invited Hassan to spend the next two days with him and Jamie at the Palm Spring resort they were staying in. Hassan would clean up and secure his house and then follow them into town in his jeep in a couple of hours.

So here they were, Mark and his boy Jamie alone in Mark's truck, relaxed enough now to confront the extraordinary events of the day. Mark decided to dive right into the edgy subject of Jamie getting fucked by Hassan, and he grinned as he squeezed Jamie's shoulder.

"You know, kid, since we're speaking frankly, I gotta say that bedroom scene I stumbled into back there looked kinda hot, now I think of it. OK then, just so I know ..... and just to show you I'm comfortable with the subject ..... how would describe your sex with Hassan? Be honest with me."

Jamie blushed and hesitated. "Well ...... since you ask, it ..... it was pretty spectacular, sir."

Mark laughed. "Wouldn't expect anything less from two hot studs like you. But you know, before Hassan joins us in the Springs, you've gotta make it up to me. Tell me what I have to compete with."

"Well, sir. Hassan fucked me non-stop for an hour and I shot my load three times."

"Hmm ....... Maybe we can go one better than that. What say we shoot for four?" Jamie laughed and pressed his head against Mark's shoulder.


That last remark may have sounded flippant, but Mark had meant it in earnest. With beautiful, dominant muscle-studs like Mark and Hassan their mutual admiration would always be shadowed by a macho rivalry, and it was inevitable that their competitiveness would first focus on Jamie. Mark knew that Jamie's lust for the magnificent soldier had caused him to offer his ass to him, resulting in a spectacular fuck session ..... and the authoritarian cop could not let that go unchallenged.

Moreover, a lot of tension had developed over the last few hours ...... with Jamie's life-threatening flight into the desert, the agonizing search for him, and then Mark and Hassan's alcohol-fueled fight over what Hassan had done to the boy. So now, even though Mark was comfortably reunited with his boy, they both needed to release the head of steam that had built up inside them. And there was only one time-honored way to do that.

The cool luxury of their hotel bungalow was a welcome contrast to the brutal heat of the desert. As they faced each other Jamie knew just what to do. He smiled at Mark and slowly pulled his T-shirt off over his head. He kicked off his sneakers, ritualistically unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them down, over his waist, over the bulge of his ass, until they dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them and stood naked before his master the cop.

Mark's breathing became heavy as he looked at the naked youth. "Oh God, Jamie, you are such a beautiful young stud. And I almost lost you ......" Mark ran his hands over the lithe, muscular young body and then, overcome with emotion, he pulled Jamie into his arms, hugged him tightly and tenderly kissed his eyes, his face and his lips. But sentiment quickly gave way to sensuality as both men felt their cocks growing stiff. Mark pulled back a little and smiled at his boy.

"You know what comes next, don't you? You know that Hassan and I are naturally competitive ..... always will be ...... and right now you are the prize. You told me what Hassan did to you. You don't expect any less from me, do you?"

"No, sir. Hassan was awesome ..... but ..... you're different."

"How so?"

"The difference is that I love you, sir. And you're my master."

"Damn right I am," Mark growled. "On your back, boy."

Jamie fell on his back on the bed and gazed up at Mark as the cop quickly pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his jeans and towered naked over the awestruck boy, who never ceased to tremble with excitement every time he saw the spectacular physique of the Nordic blonde god. There was no pause, no foreplay. Mark knelt on the bed, pushed up Jamie's legs by the ankles and in one swift movement buried his long shaft deep inside the boy's warm ass.

"Now," he breathed. "You say Hassan made you shoot your load three times in an hour. You think you've got any juice left in you?"

Jamie stammered, "I think so, sir. For you, always."

And so Jamie experienced his second marathon fuck of the day. But this time it was different. With Hassan it had been raw animal lust, a sexual hunger they both felt for each other. With Mark there was lust of course .... always ..... but it was tempered by a profound love, made even more acute by the knowledge that they had so recently almost lost each other.

And so Mark eased his cock gently in and out of Jamie's willing ass. As he fucked him he ran his hands over the boy's chest, caressed his nipples, then lowered his face and licked the nipples, the chest, chin, cheeks and finally the lips. Jamie was soon lost in a world of pure sensuality where all he could feel, smell and taste was the body of this incredible man. His focus on Mark was so intense that he was unaware of the spasm that shook his own body.

Mark smiled at him and said quietly, "That was number one. Three to go."

Confused, Jamie frowned, and then was surprised to realize he had already cum all over himself. He had been so overwhelmed by the sexual power of the man that his orgasm had been a natural and unnoticed result.

And this intensity never diminished as Mark continued to fuck him ..... a bit faster now, harder. Jamie watched the magnificent chest flex as it pounded on top of him. Instinctively he stroked his own cock as he looked into the intense blue-gray eyes of the man he worshipped, the man he would do anything for ..... including shooting his load, which he did again right now. And this time he felt it, felt the cum being pushed out of him by his master's cock piercing his ass.

It was not just the feel and sight of this beautiful man that made him cum so easily. It was the overwhelming sensation of being totally in love ...... and even more important, knowing he was loved in return. He had already cum twice but Jamie knew that wasn't the end. Mark pushed him onto his side, pressed against his back and continued the insistent rhythmic fucking, while he whispered in his ear.

"Oh man, I love your ass. It feels so fucking hot. You feel it, boy ..... getting fucked by a cop's thick dick? You feel your master fucking your tight young ass? Squeeze your ass, boy. Let me feel it."

As Jamie tightened his ass muscles Mark continued to speak softly. "I know that feels good for you, Jamie. But I want something in return. You always tell me you would do anything for me. Is that true?"

"Anything in the world, sir," Jamie whispered.

"Then cum for me again, Jamie. Think of the beautiful blonde cop pounding your ass. Think of that sensational body lunging into you. You know you can't hold back, boy. You know you have to shoot again. Do it now, Jamie. Do it for me."

Jamie frantically pumped his cock with his fist, and his body was on fire. It was as if he were standing outside his body watching the magnificent muscle-god working his ass, and he did as his master ordered. He shot another huge load over the sheet in front of him.

"Good boy," Mark breathed, but still his cock stayed inside him. The fucking was relentless ...... and now Mark really turned up the heat. He turned Jamie over onto his back and gazed at him with his steely, hypnotic eyes. "OK, Hassan gave you three orgasms, but you know you have to do better for me, don't you?"

"Of course, sir. Only ..... I'm not sure I have enough ......"

"What?" Mark snapped. "Are you refusing me, boy? You saying I'm not better than Hassan? You want me to prove I am, is that it? OK, kid, here goes."

Jamie gasped as he saw Mark's body tense. He pulled his cock clear out of his ass, paused, then plunged it in hard, all the way into the depth of his gut. And so began the most savage fuck Mark had ever given him. There was pain, of course, intense pain as the huge cock pistoned inside him. But Jamie was beyond feeling pain. His eyes opened wide as he gazed at the incredible hard-muscled body rising above him, then ripping into his ass.

As the action intensified Mark's face and body streamed with sweat and Jamie felt it pouring over him, into his eyes and into his open mouth. He tasted the salt as he swallowed the liquid running off his master's body. Mark had become a wild animal, his head thrown back, blonde hair flying as he pumped every ounce of his strength into his boy's ravaged ass. He reached down to Jamie's chest and squeezed his nipples hard, sending jolts of pain through his chest.

Jamie was spiraling into a new dimension where nothing existed except his beautiful, savage master, and the sensation of his cock pounding his ass. He gazed at his ferocious, god-like face, at his spectacular body, and heard the voice.

"Come on, boy. The only way you'll make the pain stop is by shooting your load. Show me, boy. Show me I'm better than Hassan. Shoot for me!"

Mark moved one hand off Jamie's nipple and onto his cock. He wrapped his fist round it and began pounding it, harder and harder until he felt the blood surging through it. Knowing that he was about to triumph, making his boy do the impossible, he squeezed the cock and pointed it up at his own face.

Mark watched in awe as he saw white liquid blast from the cock, arc upward and splash into his face. He opened his mouth and drank in his boy's warm semen as stream after stream rose into the air. The last few spurts fell on his chest and ran down the length of his body.

"Good boy, Jamie. Now here's your reward." Jamie watched Mark pull back, saw his muscles tense and his hips fall forward in one last penetrating lunge. He saw his head rear up, heard him howl ...... and finally, at long last, felt his master's warm cum pouring deep inside his ass. Suddenly Mark pulled out of his ass, pointed his dick at him and blasted a final load of juice over his boy's face and body.

Mark's breath was heaving as he gazed down at his exhausted, exhilarated boy, wet with the sweat and semen that dripped onto him. He fell forward and their bodies slid together in a wild embrace. Mark pulled back, licked sweat and cum from Jamie's body and kissed him, their mouths sharing the mingled juices of their passion.

When their lips parted Jamie looked up at Mark in disbelief. "I did it, sir. I came four times for you."

"Of course you did, Jamie. You're my boy. I knew you would." He wrapped his arms around him, gently this time, and they rested, letting their heartbeats come back to normal. Jamie became pensive.

"Sir ...... why did you say you wanted to be better than Hassan?"

"Vanity, Jamie. I know how good-looking I am but I realized that Hassan was so gorgeous that he made you cum three times. I needed to make sure that, for you, I'm more beautiful than he is."

Jamie frowned. "But sir ...... I love you because you're kind, and gentle with me and ..... and because you're strong and you love and protect me."

"And that's what made you cum four times?" Mark laughed. "Because I'm gentle with you?"

"Well, no sir. What made me cum was that you are so incredibly hot ..... the most gorgeous man I've ever known."

"Bingo!" said Mark with a satisfied smile.


Just then there was a light knock on the door. Mark leapt to his feet and opened it. Hassan walked in and stared in amazement at the scene, a duplicate of the sight that had greeted Mark earlier that day when he had walked in on Hassan and Jamie. Hassan smiled at Mark. "Wow. Now I know how it looks, man. Just ..... awesome. You two are spectacular. Do you, er ...... want me to come back later?"

"Hell no," Mark laughed. "Come and join us."

Hassan stripped off his clothes and fell onto the bed, with Jamie lying between him and Mark. There was no more question of more sex for Jamie ..... not for now at least ...... as he had shot his load so many times that day he had lost count. But he gloried in the feel of the flesh of these superb men pressing against him as they chatted with each other.

The long initiation was over and at long last Mark and Hassan felt free to talk like regular buddies, sharing stories of their separate lives over the years and their plans for the future. And Jamie was privileged to be a part of this, knowing he would be an essential part of their future ...... knowing he was loved by both of them.


Sometime later, freshly showered and dressed, the three of them went outside for pre-dinner cocktails by the pool. The friends Mark and Jamie had made earlier were already there, the older couple Joe and Brady, nursing martinis. Their eyes widened as they saw the three stunning men walk out, with Mark and Hassan on either side of Jamie, each resting an arm over his shoulder.

"Wow," Joe said. "You have a new friend ..... and boy, he sure is worthy of you. Not hard to guess what's been going on in that bungalow."

"Yeah," agreed Brady. "Hey, Jamie, if these two guys get too much for you can always come to us older guys for a little rest and relaxation."

A grin spread over Jamie's face. "I might take you up on that, sir."

Joe laughed. "You'll be a fool if you do, kid. With these two muscle-gods taking care of you? Stick with what you've got, my boy ..... it doesn't get any better than that. You look as if you're in for the long haul there."

"That he is," grinned Mark.


Earlier, while Mark and Jamie had been driving from Hassan's house to Palm Springs, Mark had phoned Bob.

"Hey, handsome," Bob said. "It's good to hear from you. I was wondering how things turned out. I was a bit worried."

"Yeah, well, it was quite an adventure, but everything is fine with Hassan. I'll explain when I see you. The reason I'm calling is to thank you, buddy. You gave me a piece of advice that probably saved Jamie's life."

"Wow. As I recall the only advice I gave you was to take care of Jamie."

"That's the one, Bob. And I heard your voice telling me that. It made me turn the truck round and come to Jamie's rescue. I heard your voice so clearly, man, it was almost as if you were in the truck with me."

There was a moment's silence, then Bob said quietly, "I was, Mark. You know I'm always with you. I can't wait to see you. Take care of each other out there."

As it happened Bob was with Randy when he had taken the call on his cell phone. They were in Randy's truck driving up into the hills. "What was all that about?" Randy asked.

"Oh, just Mark checking in. Seems everything's OK now with Hassan. Wouldn't mind betting Mark brings him to the house soon."

"Yeah," Randy said. "Well don't expect me to do cartwheels over that piece of news."

Bob laughed. "Look, buddy, I know you don't like Hassan, but you've already beaten the shit out of him, and he is Mark's friend now, so I think we have to make him feel welcome."

Randy flashed an angry look at him that Bob knew only too well. "I don't have to do anything," he growled. "You know me better than that. No one tells me what to do." Then he smiled. "Well, that's not quite true. There is one guy can make me do anything ...... and he's sitting right next to me." He reached over and squeezed Bob's balls.

"Asshole," Bob grinned.


They were driving up to Mulholland, to Steve's house ...... or more accurately now, the house of Steve and Lloyd, whose relationship was going stronger than ever. Lloyd had finally sold his house and moved in with Steve. They made a great couple, two professional men at the top of their game, Lloyd the architect and Steve the psychotherapist. It didn't hurt that they were both handsome with great physiques ...... Lloyd the stylish, preppy one, and Steve who could have double for Randy ..... only a better-dressed version.

Now that Lloyd had settled in they had invited the guys over for drinks and dinner – a kind of housewarming. And so two trucks were now winding up the hillside roads. The twins were sitting behind Randy and Bob, and Zack was following with Darius and Pablo. Most of the guys hadn't seen Lloyd or Steve in a while and the reunion was noisy and effusive. As Darius, Pablo and the twins splashed noisily in the pool the men sat around the outdoor table catching up.

The talk eventually turned to Steve's plans for the house. With Lloyd living there Steve could now afford to add the extra room on the side of the house that he had wanted to build for a long time. They took the guys into the house and showed them the plans Lloyd had drawn up.

"Hmm, very impressive," said Randy, casting his expert eye over them. "Now all you need is someone to build it. You got a contractor yet?"

"No, Lloyd said. Of course I thought of you guys but I know how inundated with work you are right now. But I was wondering if a couple of your most experienced guys might like to take the project on in their off hours."

Randy and Bob both instinctively looked at Zack. "Hey, you've got your man," said Zack. "I could use the extra money and I'd love to work up here. 'Course, I'd need someone to help me, someone I could trust" ...... he grinned ...... "someone I could push around a bit, maybe." He yelled out to the pool, "Hey, bro, get your ass in here. Wanna run something by you."

Darius's eyes gleamed when Zack explained the plan. The two men normally worked at different construction sites and Darius was in heaven on the few occasions he got to work with his gorgeous master. He had assisted Zack when he remodeled his house some time ago and the thought of doing the same up here, working side by side, made Darius's cock stiff in his shorts.

"It's a deal then," Zack said, shaking hands with Lloyd and Steve. 'We'll work out the details and we can start next weekend. That suit you Darius?"

"You bet, sir," said Darius, his fantasy wheels already spinning into high gear.


At first it was all business. Early next Saturday morning three heads leaned intently over the blueprints that Lloyd had drawn up. Darius listened as Zack pointed out some small potential construction snags and Lloyd made notes to tweak the plans a little. The idea was to redesign and rebuild a small storage room on the side of the house, expanding it into a large office that Steve and Lloyd would share.

"First thing is to take apart the outside wall," Zack said. "We can start on that right away even before you've adjusted the plans, Lloyd. You ready, kid?"

"Lead the way, sir," said Darius eagerly.

They went outside to get their gear from the truck and Lloyd began making notes on the blueprints. After a while he stood up to stretch and glanced through the small window that looked into the storage room.

"Shit damn," he murmured to himself. "Will you look at that?" Zack and Darius had gone into the room and were getting ready for work. They were dressed almost identically in old T-shirts, black jeans and boots. Lloyd guessed, correctly, that Darius was so much in thrall to his master that he tried to copy him, including the clothes he wore.

But it's what came next that riveted Lloyd's attention. Both men picked up heavy tool belts and buckled them loosely round their waists. It was one of Lloyd's habits always to work stripped to the waist and he now pulled off his T-shirt, wiped his face with it and threw it over a bench. Darius did the same and they smiled at each other in a brief, silent acknowledgment of their shared physical beauty.

"Oh, my God," Lloyd breathed, his hand going instinctively down to the bulge in his pants. "Sweet Jesus, that looks hot."

Lloyd had long ago admitted to Steve, his therapist at the time, that he was addicted to sex, a compulsion that had got him into trouble at various times with Randy, Bob, Mark and Zack. But Steve had taken that all in stride and helped him ....... not least by indulging Lloyd's addiction, quite unprofessionally, in many hot sexual scenes together. And in no time they became lovers.

But none of that had cured Lloyd of his addiction to beautiful men ..... a big reason he had come to live in Los Angeles in the first place. He salivated whenever he saw handsome guys, followed them round at the gym, gazed at them in the supermarket. And now here he was mesmerized by the sight of two of the hottest of them. It was a voyeur's fantasy.

The one was a magnificent black muscle-stud, powerful, commanding, with his perfect bodybuilder physique, superbly chiseled features and shaved head. The other, very obviously the man's boy, was a younger version, his lithe, gleaming body buff from many gym workouts, his handsome black face gazing eagerly at his master, waiting for orders. They were sexual icons, muscular black construction workers, stripped to the waist, jeans, heavy boots, with hammers, wrenches hanging from the tool belts slung round their waists.

Lloyd could not go back to his blueprints. Standing in the shadows gazing through the window he was hypnotized by the sight of these men as their labor became more strenuous, their muscles flexing with increasingly challenging effort. The wall gave way quickly under their heavy blows and soon sunlight streamed through the latticed framework, striping their glorious bodies with golden light. They wiped sweat from their faces with their old T-shirts, but soon their bodies were gleaming wet.

What made it doubly erotic for Lloyd was that the men were obviously getting off on each other. They grinned at each other as if communicating in a secret language ...... not so secret or subtle, actually, more the crude language of lust. As they worked side by side, their bodies frequently rubbed against each other and Lloyd could swear he saw the bulge in their pants swell whenever they touched.

Their muscles rippled as they swung heavy mallets, hammered, sawed, working in flamboyant unison. They silently challenged each other in a physical test of strength, glorying in feeling their own body pump and watching the effect on the other. The intensity of their labor dispelled any inhibitions and their mutual desire became more blatant.

When Zack stretched upward to fix a beam in place Darius came beside him and buried his face in the black hair of his armpit. Lloyd could almost smell the pungent odor of sweat, taste it, as he watched the boy lick feverishly, heard him slurp. Then Darius moved his tongue lower, lapping up the sweat that trickled down his master's side. He licked the warm flesh around to the chest, then clamped his mouth over the muscle-stud's hard nipple.

Lloyd zipped open his slacks and pulled out his raging cock as he saw Zack hold onto the beam with one arm and move the other hand down behind Darius's head, pressing it hard against his chest. The window was open a crack and Lloyd heard the guttural voice, "Yeah, man, eat those fucking tits ..... make your master feel good. Shit that feels great. Come on boy, grind your face in my chest."

Zack moved his hand away from Darius's head and stretched upward, once again holding onto the beam with both arms. Lloyd pumped his cock as he gazed spellbound at the magnificent black stud, arms stretched up in a V, shoulders and arms bulging with the effort of positioning the beam. The lats were flaring, framing the naked, ebony torso as they tapered down past the chest, the incredible eight-pack abs and down to the slim waist, slung loosely with the tool belt.

The boy, working to please his master, had buried his face in his chest. In a frenzy he licked at the deep cleft between the rounded pecs, drinking in the sweat that poured down from the neck. He worked his tongue over the chest, biting the nipples, then down over the washboard abs. He went lower, licking the tool belt, and finally clamping his mouth over the bulge in the crotch of the black jeans.

It was too much for Lloyd. In a trance he pumped his dick furiously until it exploded, blasting huge spurts of cum in the air and splashing on the window. He gazed in disbelief at the white liquid running down the glass, his heart beating wildly. After a few minutes he shook his head to clear his thoughts, then raised his eyes to look through the window again.


He wiped his cum from the window and before he could even see clearly he heard the voice. "Please, sir, please let me taste it." As the glass cleared he gasped as he saw what had come next. Zack had now positioned the beam firmly in place and Darius was on his knees, gazing at the huge bulge in the pants, wet from his own saliva.

"OK, man," Zack said. "We can take a quick break from work. Go for it."

"Fuck," murmured Lloyd. He had cum too soon ..... it was not over, far from it. But then he realized that his cock was already getting hard again and he could stroke it as he watched without fear of a spontaneous orgasm now that he had already shot his load. He held his breath as he saw Darius slowly unbutton Zack's jeans, reach inside and pull out the thick black club. "Hung like a fucking horse," Lloyd murmured.

It was already stiff as a pole and Darius had only to lean forward to take the head in his mouth. He grabbed Zack's waist, hooking his fingers over the tool belt, and pulled the cock into his mouth, gagging as it slid deep inside his throat. He started to suck it hard ..... but not hard enough for Zack, who grabbed the sides of his boy's face and pulled it roughly toward him. Zack was now in complete control and didn't hold back, slamming his thick rod against the back of the boy's throat, pushing his head back and forth, using his cock as a battering ram.

Tears ran from Darius's eyes as his face smashed against the damp, wiry pubic hair and he tasted the sweat of his master's crotch. Lloyd tasted it too, so aroused were all his senses, as he pounded his meat, mesmerized by the spectacular sight. What he did not know was that Zack had glimpsed the movement behind the window when the glass glazed over with a white liquid. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of Darius's mouth and he looked down at the tear-stained face.

Darius saw Zack glance imperceptibly at the window, then back at him. Zack smiled conspiratorially and said quietly, "Come on, bro. Let's put on a show for the man."

Darius got it immediately (he knew Lloyd from before) and his cock got even harder. Ever the exhibitionist, there was nothing Darius enjoyed more than putting on a sexual show. He stood up and assumed the position Zack had been in. He stretched his arms up and out in a V, grasping the beam Zack had positioned above them. He faced the window where he knew that Lloyd was watching in the shadows just behind it.

Zack quickly unbuttoned Darius's jeans and they fell round his ankles. All that was left was the tool belt round the boy's waist ..... and his monstrous ten-inch cock standing out like a pole. Lloyd groaned as he saw the boy, naked except for the tool belt, waiting for his master. Zack came behind him, pressed the head of his dick in the crack of his perfect round ass and suddenly plunged it in, making the young black body jolt in pain, as his head flew back and he howled.

Darius was driven not only by the feel of his master's huge cock inside him, but by the knowledge that Lloyd was watching ...... and he put on a hell of a show, pulling up on his arms, twisting his body and flexing his muscles, gleaming with sweat.

Lloyd stopped banging his own cock for fear that he would shoot another load at the spectacular sight of the boy getting fucked by the powerful black bodybuilder. He watched in awe as Zack piled on the pressure, the muscular black construction worker fucking his young assistant in their break from work. He watched in disbelief as the two bodies moved in unison, watched as the huge club pistoned back and forth in the bubble butt.

"Perfect isn't it?" a voice whispered in Lloyd's ear. He gasped in shock but as he went to turn round he heard Steve's voice behind him urge him, "No, buddy. Don't turn round. Keep watching ..... it's spectacular ...... we'll both watch. He felt Steve's body press against him, felt his hands reach round and unbuckle his belt so his slacks fell to the ground. He felt Steve's rigid dick push into his ass and the fucking began.

The sensation was unbelievable. Lloyd was watching Darius get savagely fucked as his own ass was hammered by his lover. He was not only watching Darius get fucked ..... he was feeling it. It was as if the big black construction worker was fucking him. He was delirious, overwhelmed by a total sensory overload. He lost all sense of who he was, or where he was. He had no idea if it was Steve's cock inside him or Zack's ..... or both.

He could only feel ..... feel the cock plough his ass as he watched the black boy's ass get ploughed ..... feel the heat rising in his body as he watched Darius shudder and moan ..... feel the juice racing from his balls through his cock .... watch as he saw his own cock explode in orgasm just as Darius's cock blasted a long, slow jet of cum across the room. He saw Zack's muscular body spasm and knew he was pouring cum into his boy's ass, just as he felt Steve's juice pouring into his.

And he heard the ecstatic shouts of all four men as their simultaneous orgasms erupted ...... the ultimate communion of four beautiful men, united in the act of spectacular, mind-blowing sex.


Half an hour later everything was back to normal. Their rest-break over, Zack and Darius were hard at work, Lloyd was concentrating on his blueprints and Steve had gone back to his study. What had happened was not mentioned again. It didn't need to be. But Lloyd, at least, would never forget. The fantasy stayed with him for a long, long time.

"Good day's work, uh bro?" Zack said as he drove Darius back down the hill at the end of the day. But he didn't get the usual eager response, or the wisecrack that often accompanied it. Instead, the boy was unusually quiet. Darius frowned and finally spoke.

"Sir ..... would you describe me as a clown?"

Zack winced. "A clown! Where the hell did that come from all of a sudden?"

"Well, sir, yesterday me and the guys were talking ......"

"Oh sit," Zack grinned.

"No listen, sir. I was with Pablo, Jamie and the twins and I was kidding around as usual and said something that made them all roar with laughter. Anyway, Jamie called me the class clown and Pablo said, 'Yeah, the clown with the camera' ...... you know I'm always filming with that camera of mine, sir."

"They weren't being mean with you, were they."

"Oh no, sir. They like it when I make them laugh."

"So do I, kid. So what's the problem?"

Darius frowned as he collected his thoughts. "Well, sir, people always think I'm the funny one, the cut-up .... and I know you guys call me the King of Fantasy. And, you know ...... what we did today when I put on a show for Lloyd....."

"I kinda hoped you were putting on a show for me, Darius."

Well I was, sir. I'd do anything for you. But that's just it ..... I don't want to be a boy putting on a show ..... like playing out a fantasy. Sir, I want to be thought of as a man ..... a man like you. I try to copy you, sir, like the way you dress and all, but .... I wanna be more macho ..... like you."

Zack glanced at him, realized that he was in deadly earnest, and suddenly understood where he was coming from. He thought hard for a minute and then said, "Man, you really have a strange idea about what makes a man. It's not all bodies and boots and macho posturing, you know. Maybe we haven't spent enough time together, talking man to man. Shit, I've spent so much time fucking you I've neglected your education.

Darius giggled. "Well the first part of that is just fine with me, sir." Then he caught himself. "See, there I go again, making fun of everything. I should stop joking and fantasizing and take things more seriously."

"Don't you dare, kid. I like your humorous take on everything. I like that you don't take life too seriously, that you make me laugh. OK, here's what we'll do. Next weekend I'll take you up to my shack in the dunes at Guadalupe. We'll be two regular guys, good buddies hanging out together, and I'll show you what it takes to be what you call a 'real man'."

"That would be awesome, sir. Totally awesome."

"What's so awesome?" a voice said. They had arrived home and were getting out of the truck, and it was Bob who spoke, having heard the tail end of their conversation. He had just come through the gate with the twins, taking them out for a bite to eat. Zack laughed and told him of his plan to spend the weekend at his shack with Darius.

"Funny you should mention that," said Bob. "I have to go up to San Luis Obispo for a quick business meeting with a client .... you know, stroke his ego a bit ..... and I was gonna take the twins with me ..... make a weekend of it. On the way back we'll pass right by Guadalupe on the 101 and I was thinking of taking them to your shack ..... but of course if you two are there we wouldn't want to intrude."

"Intrude!? Hell an intrusion like that would be great, uh Darius? Can't think of a better guy to be intruded by. It's a long time since you were there." He grinned. "I'll never forget the last time we spent there, you and me. OK, here's the deal. Darius and me, we'll have our day together, just the two of us, and then you three come join us. It'll be great."

"Sounds perfect, eh boys?" Bob said, and the twins nodded enthusiastically.

"You OK with that, Darius?" Zack said. Darius's eyes were shining, his mind racing with images of the five of them together. Zack knew exactly what he was thinking and laughed, throwing his arm over his boy's shoulder. "There you go again, kiddo. Thought you were on a serious kick from now on?"

Darius grinned boyishly. "Oh what the hell, sir. What's life if you can't fantasize a little ..... or even a lot, if it comes to that?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Part 104"


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