The week's vacation was over. Randy and the guys had just come home, and everyone was sitting round the dinner table in a boisterous reunion. Well ..... not quite everyone. Jamie was the only one of the group missing, with still another week to go in Australia with Nate. The effect of his absence was, of course, most profound on Mark, who sat rather subdued amidst all the raucous high spirits.

But all that changed when his cell phone rang and his face lit up with a smile. Jamie was calling from Sydney. "Hi, dude," the boys all yelled toward the phone, and then fell into a respectful silence so Mark could hear. They saw Mark's smile grow wider and his eyes get moist as he listened.

"Guess what?" Jamie's excited voice was saying. "We're coming home three days early. See, Adam, the flight attendant we met on the flight over, is working a flight back to L.A. on Wednesday and he said that if we changed to that flight he could probably bump us up to First Class again. Nate has finished clearing up all his stuff in Sydney and says he's eager to get back to you guys and start work. And....." his voice faltered, ".... and most of all, sir, I miss you ..... I miss you so much .... I'm homesick for you, sir. I miss seeing you and feeling you. I love you so much, sir, and ..... and I want you to hold me."

"Wait a second, kiddo," Mark said quietly and lowered the phone. He beamed at Bob and the others, his face glowing. "He's coming home early! Says he misses me so much he can't wait to be with me, wants to feel me holding him." His eyes teared up again. "Excuse me, guys." He left the table and walked to the corner of the garden to take the call in private.

There were knowing smiles all round. "Hell," said Randy, "whatever happened to the big stud cop? He don't take shit from no one, never backs down, always the tough guy, but when that boy of his calls he goes weak at the knees ..... he's Jello."

Bob put his arm round Randy. "It's called love, Randy. Boy, when that kid gets home it's gonna be one hell of a reunion."

In a way the reunion was already in progress as Mark spoke quietly into the phone. "Jamie, I've missed the hell out of you too, kiddo. I can't wait to see you. And the minute you get home you know what I'm gonna do to you?"

"No, sir, tell me ......."

Mark lowered his voice. "Hang on a minute, Jamie." He walked quickly to the house and took the phone upstairs.

As Darius watched him go, he grinned, "Hell I'd love to hack into that call right now."


In his room Mark threw himself on the bed and tried to imagine Jamie in the same position. "You on the bed, Jamie, naked, on your back? Can you talk on the phone hands-free?"

"Yes, sir," came the excited voice. "The phone's on the bed beside me."

"OK, stretch your arms up and grab the corners of the bed tight. Stretch your legs out to the bottom corners. That should have you spread-eagled, right?"

"Yes, sir," Jamie stammered.

"OK, kid. Let me tell you, it's real tough when you go away halfway round the world and leave me, and it's not gonna happen again for a long time, even if I have to tie you down. In fact that's just what I'm gonna do the minute you come home. And I'm gonna look at you tied naked to the bed, just as you are now. I'm gonna watch your struggle to get free ..... just as you are now. You understand?"

"Yes, sir," said Jamie, struggling against his imaginary restraints as he visualized the uniformed cop staring down at him. "Sir, may I.......?"

"No dammit! You will not touch yourself. I'll know if you do and I'll hang up."

"No, sir, please, sir. I won't."

"Good ..... Oh man, I can see you now. You know that's how I like you best when that gorgeous young body of yours is struggling in bondage. Come on, boy, pull at those ropes ..... let me see those muscles flex as you struggle to get free." He could hear the moans and heavy breathing on the phone and knew Jamie was doing as instructed. "God, you look stunning, kid. And that boner .... stiff as a pole. Is you cock hard now, Jamie?"

"Yes, sir ...... rock hard, sir. I can see you in your uniform looking down at the boy you've captured and tied up. What's gonna happen to him, sir?"

"Hmm, maybe I'll leave him there, roped to the bed all day. And while I'm on patrol, that bike throbbing between my legs for eight hours, I'm gonna think about the young stud I've got tied up naked and imagine what I'll do to him when I see him. Shit, I've had a hard-on all day thinking about him, holding back my orgasm, saving it up for him. My cock is hard as steel in my uniform ..... I'm real stoked ..... like a stallion in heat. And when I finally burst into the room there he is. The young boy has been tied there all day and now he's desperately pulling against the ropes, trying to get free. He starts pleading with me."

Gripping the corners of the bed hard, Jamie shouted into the phone. "Please, sir, please release me, sir. You're making me so hot ..... I need to touch my cock, sir. I beg you, sir."

"Oh I'll release you alright, but not the way you think, boy." Mark stood up and pulled out his cock. "The cop's standing over you watching that gorgeous, helpless body writhe in frustration. He loves hearing you beg, seeing the tears flow down your cheeks. He looks down at that roaring hard-on you have. You're desperate to shoot your load. He decides to have mercy on you.

"He pulls his stiff dick out of his pants and his balls are throbbing. It's been building all day and the sight of the naked, struggling boy does it. Here it comes, boy. Look at that gorgeous cop, watch his face, hear him howl as he cums all over your naked body. You can't touch your cock, boy, but you don't need to. You feel his hot juice pouring down on your chest, your face, and you can't hold back ..... you shoot your load high in the air. Now Jamie! ..... Aaagh."

He heard Jamie scream into the phone and he could only imagine the eruption of the boy's cock ..... without even touching himself. Mark looked down at his own bed, empty, but smothered in creamy white cum from his own huge orgasm. As the fantasy subsided it was replaced with the aching reality of Jamie's absence ..... so far away. He knew Jamie was feeling the same.

"Sir," Jamie was groaning. "Thank you, sir. But I need to feel you, sir. I want you to touch me. I want you so bad, sir."

"It's OK, kiddo. Only another few days. Now here's what you're gonna do. After we hang up the phone you're gonna lie there and imagine what comes next, how the cop unties your legs, then holds them up and pushes his dick in your ass. Think of if, kiddo, the handsome cop who loves you is gonna shoot another load in your ass. I know you've just cum, but you're gonna beat your meat and cum again. And know that here in L.A. that same cop is thinking of his dick in that sweet, warm ass of yours, and he's gonna shoot another load too. Will you do that for me, boy?"

"Of course I will, sir. I would do anything for you ..... I will do anything for you .... everything for you ..... when I get home. I love you, sir. I worship you."

"Good. One other thing. After that you will not have another orgasm until we see each other and neither will I. We'll save it all up for then. I'll hang up now, Jamie, but though I won't hear you I'll be thinking of you ..... waiting for you. I love you Jamie ..... the best boy a man could ever have."

And so, on opposite sides of the Pacific, a man and a boy blasted a second load of cum, thinking about each other, thinking of what they would do when they were together again.


Dinner was still in full swing when Mark emerged from the house. Eating stopped as all the men looked up. They could tell by the spring in Mark's stride and the glow on his face, not to mention in the stain on his shorts, that the phone call had been a knockout.

"Hey, stud," Randy shouted. "If the boy can do that to you from seven thousand miles away just think what he can do when he's in your bed." There were cheers and laughter as Mark sat down at the table blushing deeply.

"OK, OK, assholes, eat your hearts out. But when that kid gets home you're all gonna wish you were watching our reunion."

"And filming it, sir?" added Darius enthusiastically. "I can film it for you ..... be my pleasure ..... you won't even know I'm there ...... like reality TV."

"That's because you won't be there, Darius," Mark grinned, "though I appreciate the offer. It's gonna be strictly between me and my boy."

"With the emphasis on 'strict', I'll bet," Pablo murmured, loud enough for everyone to hear."

"Hey, guys," said Darius. "Talking of movies, how about coming upstairs and watching the footage I shot on Catalina? I guarantee it'll be boners all round."

They looked enquiringly at the men and it was Bob who replied. "OK, I guess there'll be no peace around here until you boys have seen the thing. Anyway, Randy wants to talk to us guys, so you can go. But when you've finished, Pablo, Darius, you've gotta come back and help the twins clear away dinner. Don't leave everything to them."

"It's a deal, sir," said Pablo, and the boys' departure was noisy and exuberant. As their voices faded away, peace reigned in the garden.


"Shit," said Zack. "Listen to that ...... silence! ...... I'd forgotten what it sounds like. We should do it more often."

Amid the laughter Bob poured more wine, and the four of them huddled over the table as Randy took over. "Now listen up, guys, I've been thinking."

"Uh-oh," grinned Bob. "That makes a change."

"Asshole. No, I'm serious. When Jamie and Nate come back, I assume that Nate will sleep downstairs in the bed in the gym. But that has to be temporary. My point is that this damn tribe of ours is outgrowing the house, so I have a plan. The duplex has two areas upstairs ..... the small apartment of Mark and Jamie, and the bedroom shared by Pablo and Darius. But the downstairs is currently used for storage. Are you with me so far?"

They nodded and Randy continued. "So here's my plan. We build a storage unit, throw all the junk in there. Then the whole ground floor we knock into one big apartment ..... bedroom, living room, kitchen and private patio. That would be a fitting home for you and your boy, Mark. Pablo and Darius will move into your old small apartment upstairs and Nate gets their old room. That's it, guys. Whad'ya think?" He sat back with a satisfied smile.

Mark's eyes shone as he looked at Randy in surprise. "Wow, Randy, you really have given this a lot of thought, and it's a terrific idea. Only ..... how much would all this cost me?"

"Zilch," Randy beamed. "On the house ..... pro bono. It's just light construction and I can get Pablo and Darius to help me ..... that's if it's OK with you, Zack?"

"Sure, but only if you let me help. I wouldn't be left out of a project like this."

"Terrific," said Randy. "That's settled then. I thought it would be a great thing to tell Jamie about, Mark ..... like a home-coming present. He'll love the idea of sharing a nice big apartment with you. You'll be private and self-contained ..... he can keep house for you, cook you dinner on the nights you want to be alone." He grinned ..... "and then you can fuck in the big new bedroom, or whatever the hell it is that you two do with each other."

Mark stood up, pulled Randy to his feet and wrapped him in a warm bear hug. "Man, sometimes you can be the best buddy a guy ever had. I know we've had our differences ...... probably will in the future ..... but I love you, big guy. On behalf of Jamie, we both thank you."

Zack took Mark over to the duplex to take a look at the ground-floor area, leaving Bob and Randy at the table. Bob's eyes were moist as he gazed at Randy. "Man, you never cease to amaze me. You can often be the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the world ..... arrogant, opinionated, revengeful ....... and then you go and do something like this. You know you're giving those two guys the best present you could ..... and at exactly the right time."

"Ah, they make a great couple. Mark's a terrific guy and, more important to me, you love him, so I wanted to do something that would give them pleasure ...... and you too, buddy."

"Well you've done that alright. And I'll tell you this ...... it's stuff like this that makes you the undisputed leader of the tribe. You know how much all the guys are gonna look up to you for doing this? Forget all the fist-fights, the 'wrestling-to-submission'. This is what makes you the boss. I gotta thank you, Randy. You're one hell of a guy."

"Hmm," Randy said, "that 'I gotta thank you' bit. You know what that always means."

Bob stood up and bowed slightly. "I would be honored, sir."


They went up to their room, and this time it was different. When he had first come home Randy knew that Bob and Mark had been making love all week, so he felt he had to re-assert himself, prove that he was the best ..... the boss ..... let alone the most sensational fuck of all time. But this time he had nothing to prove. He knew he had already done that just now when he saw the affection glowing in Bob's eyes. Now all he had to do was love him ..... make love to him.

Well, there may have been something else too .......maybe that competitive spirit still glowed in him. Bob's words still echoed in the back of his mind ...... "Yes, I fucked Mark many times ..... we made love many times." Well, Randy could match that ...... and he was gonna love doing it. So this time as he slid his cock into his lover's ass there was no force, no pain, just the gentle rhythm of one hot man making love to another, caressing his ass, seducing him with his smiling blue eyes.

"Oh, man," Randy breathed, "you are so fucking gorgeous ..... making love to you is amazing ....." he grinned "..... almost as hot as jack-hammering your ass. You feel that, buddy? Feels great, uh?"

Bob arched his back, offering his ass, easing it back and forth on Randy's huge cock so it felt like they were fucking each other. They were in perfect harmony, the flawless union of two beautiful bodies. "You know I live for this Randy. God, I love you so much. I wish I could show you how much."

Randy's eyes glinted. "You can." He surprised Bob by pulling his cock out and flipping over onto his back. He smiled. "So ..... show me."

Bob gasped as he read his lover's mind. Randy almost never offered his ass willingly to another man. He may get fucked in the heat of battle, but never like this. Bob held his breath, his heart was pounding, as he pushed up Randy's legs and he pressed the head of his cock against his hole.

"You sure, man?"

"Take it, Bob. It's yours."

And so Bob pushed his cock into Randy's warm ass. He was slow, tender, as he gazed down at the dark, gypsy face ..... stubbled jaw, sculpted features, tousled black hair. And always the eyes ...... those limpid blue eyes. But Randy was not passive ..... he was never passive. As he felt Bob's cock slide into him, Randy squeezed his warm ass muscles around it. His muscle control was phenomenal, contracting then releasing, his ass pulsating slowly round Bob's cock as it moved in and out. Again their rhythm was perfect, as if Randy's ass was fucking Bob's cock!

Bob moaned, "Oh, Jesus, don't do this to me man. You don't know how that feels. I can't take it ...... it's gonna make me ...... aaah!"

They both came. They both felt the unfamiliar sensation of Bob pouring his juice into Randy's ass ..... they both saw Randy's cock gushing warm semen all over his own chest and face. First they looked surprised, then they smiled, and then they began to laugh, in the joyful certainty that they were definitely, unquestionably, spectacularly in love.

Finally they fell on their backs and gazed up at the ceiling as they began to recover from the physical and emotional heights they had scaled. Their minds were spinning, but slowly they came back to earth, and it was Randy who broke the silence. "So, tell me about the twins Seems you and Mark took them on quite a trip."

Bob laughed. "Yeah, they were boys-for-hire for a whole day and night. And they loved it. But I had to set them straight on one thing. They got a bit carried away and started to worry that they were becoming part of a family ..... them, me and Mark. They were relieved to hear that their family was still, as it always was, you, me and them. That's right, Randy, isn't it?"

"Damn right it is. I love the way you love them, and I love them too. Remember how they asked me to show them the ropes ..... literally ..... and I taught them the how to tie each other up? The look on their faces was priceless."

"Yeah, but they're still scared of you, you know."

Randy grinned. "So are you sometimes. 'Course, you get off on it ..... probably can't say the same about them. Yeah, I should take them under my wing more ..... teach them a few more things ...... show them they can trust me. Hey, maybe I should fuck them."

Bob sighed. "Jesus, with you it all comes down to that cock of yours."

"You got a problem with that, buddy?" Randy grinned. "Don't hear you complaining."



A few mornings later Bob was in his upstairs office at home when Mark stomped in, still in his police uniform after his all-night shift, and he was growling. "Shit .....fuck ..... I need a drink."

Bob looked up in surprise. "Hey, hey. Sit down, big guy, take a load off." He grabbed two beers from the small fridge in the office. "Man, you should be over the moon ..... your boy gets home tomorrow ...... something you've been jerking off thinking about since he left."

"Yeah, well that's the godamn problem. We got several guys in the division off sick and they pleaded with me to fill in, pulling another all-nighter tonight."

"And you being the loyal cop you are you said yes."

"The loyal idiot, you mean. I was all set to meet Jamie and Nate at the airport tomorrow morning but now I won't get off in time. The 'loyal cop' will be working, instead.

Bob laughed. "Hey, as Nate would say, 'no worries there, mate.' I'll be happy to meet them. Probably better that way ..... then your big reunion won't be in the arrivals hall with hundreds of onlookers. I can see the headline now ..... "hot young surfer gets fucked by stud cop in LAX Arrivals."

Mark smiled for the first time. "Would you really do that for me, Bob? You're a prince among men. I'll owe you one."

"Yeah, and I'll make sure I collect. Later man......"


So it was arranged. Mark phoned Jamie to give him the news that it would be Bob meeting them when their flight got in at 9:45 next morning. He would get home from his shift as soon as he could. Jamie was disappointed but, oh well, another couple of hours wouldn't make that much difference. It's just that he was longing to see Mark again, especially after the hot phone calls they had made to each other. Phone sex was one thing, but to actually see the gorgeous cop again in person ...... the thought made his cock stir in his pants.

Reliable as ever Bob was waiting in the arrivals hall next morning, growing impatient as the boys endured the long slog through Customs and Immigration. But then, there they were, pushing their baggage cart up the arrivals ramp, eagerly looking for Bob. "Hey, kiddo," Bob smiled and folded Jamie in a long hug. He turned to Nate. "And welcome to America, young man. You're gonna be a great addition to our group."

He stood back and looked them up and down. They were both showing the effects of hours of surfing under the hot Australian sun. Jamie was looking spectacular ..... a bit disheveled, but with a deep tan and hair bleached blonder than ever by the sun. "Hell, kid," Bob grinned, "you're looking awesome. That cop's gonna go ape-shit when he sees you."

Suddenly they were distracted by a voice calling, "Hey, Jamie". They looked up to see the QANTAS 747 crew, a good-looking group in their smart black uniforms, crossing the hall making for the crew bus. The tallest of them waved at Jamie, then held his hand up to his ear, two fingers crooked in a sign that he would phone. Bob caught only a glimpse of him but enough to see that he was a very handsome man, tanned, crew-cut brown hair, probably late twenties.

"That was Adam," Jamie gushed, beaming. "He's the guy who showed us around and took us to the Great Barrier Reef. And he upgraded us again – First Class all the way! He's arranged for a long layover in L.A. ..... four days ..... so Nate and I wondered if we could invite him to the house while he's here."

"I don't see a problem there, kid. Seems he's been real kind to you. 'Course, you'll have to check with Mark." He heard Jamie's intake of breath at the sound of Mark's name. "Don't worry, kid, he'll be off work any time now. May even be at the house by the time we get there."


But to Jamie's huge disappointment, he wasn't. In fact the house was very quiet. All the men were at work, except for the twins, of course, who had laid out coffee and juice at the outdoor table to greet them. The boys all hugged each other enthusiastically and, seeing Jamie look around anxiously, Kevin said, "He's not home yet, Jamie. He called to say that he'll be here in about an hour."

The boys chatted excitedly, not making much sense as they all talked over each other. Bob excused himself. "Hey, guys, I got work upstairs. I suggest that, while Jamie takes his luggage upstairs and gets settled, the twins show Nate his bedroom in the basement and help him get his bearings."

"We've been working on your room, Nate," Kyle said. "Made it look less like a gym and more like a bedroom. Looks really cool. Come and see. They picked up Nate's bags and disappeared downstairs, leaving Jamie alone ...... suddenly feeling very alone. As Mark had ordered, for the last four days Jamie hadn't masturbated or cum at all. He and Mark were saving it up for each other. And now, as he walked into their room, his cock instantly got hard as he saw the room, the unmade bed, where they had made love so many times.

He knelt by the bed and rubbed his face against the sheets that Mark must have slept in before going to work. He smelt him and even licked the pillow trying to taste him. Then he saw the discarded, crumpled shorts and T-shirt that Mark must have slept in. He held them to his face and breathed deeply. God, he could have shot his load right there, as an erotic image of the man he worshipped flashed on his mind.

And it was at that moment that he knew exactly what he would do. Quickly he unpacked, putting clean stuff in drawers and throwing dirty clothes in the hamper. He took a quick shower and as he dried off his heart was beating so fast he could almost hear it. He was startled by a soft knock on the door and the sound of Nate's voice. "It's only me, mate. Can I come in."

Still naked Jamie yanked open the door and pulled Nate inside. "You doing OK downstairs with the twins, buddy?" Nate nodded enthusiastically but before he could answer Jamie grabbed his arm. "Listen, dude, there's something I want you to do for me. It may seem strange and I wouldn't ask you unless it was real important. He quickly explained and Nate's eyes opened wide.

"Wow, you sure about this, mate? 'Course I'll do it if you really want it."

"I do, Nate. You're a real pal. And then go back down to the twins and don't say anything."

"Mum's the word," Nate grinned. Hell, this was one weird house. He already loved living here!


An hour later another heart was beating hard as the truck pulled up and the cop leapt out. Mark too had not had an orgasm for four days, saving himself for this moment, the moment when he would see his boy after two whole weeks without him. He took a deep breath and opened the gate.

Silence. Shit, where was everyone? Then it dawned on him. Not back yet. Must have been held up in Customs, or something. Shit. Mark deflated almost visibly as he walked across the lawn. He was not to know, of course, that Nate was huddled downstairs with the twins and Bob was hard at work upstairs in his office.

'Oh, well,' he thought, 'give me a chance to get this uniform off and take a quick shower. No ...... that's not what Jamie would want. He gets off on the uniform. Maybe I'll just wait. Shit, what a mess.'

Dispirited, he stomped upstairs, threw open the bedroom door and walked in. He stopped stock still, rooted to the spot. He was hallucinating .... had to be ..... it was the fantasy from their phone calls. But this time it was real! And it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Jamie was naked, spread-eagled on his back on the bed, his wrists and ankles tied to the corner bed-posts. Mark gazed at him in awe. The young surfer had never looked more beautiful ...... deeply tanned, tousled hair sun-bleached a pale, sandy blond, his muscles honed to perfection by hours on a surfboard. His eyes gazed up at him brimming with tears, his chest was visibly pounding .......and his cock stood up rigid as a pole.

After Nate had used T-shirts to bind him, as Jamie had instructed, Jamie had waited alone for almost an hour, his eyes riveted on the door waiting for the police officer to come in. He imagined the sight over and over, imagined the tall, blond cop, his magnificent master, striding in. Again and again he had to stop himself from shooting a load at the iconic image, the almost pornographic beauty of this incredible man.

He had almost stopped breathing when he heard the heavy footsteps mounting the stairs, saw the door handle twist, the door thrown open ..... and there was Mark ..... more stunningly beautiful than he could ever have imagined. He just stood there, not making a sound, staring down at him in disbelief. Jamie wanted to reach up to him, to touch him ...... more than anything he needed to touch him, to stroke his face, feel his arms, run his hands inside his shirt and feel his chest. He pulled at his restraints ...... he needed to get free ..... this was a mistake ...... he had to get free.

"NO!" he screamed and his body became alive. He twisted, writhed, pulling frantically at his wrists and ankles. Mark's golden body strained helplessly, his muscles flexed, as he looked up frantically at the still, silent man towering over him. He was afraid that the god-like image would disappear if he couldn't touch it, hold it, beg it to stay.

Once again Mark felt he was hallucinating. It was too beautiful to be real. Watching his boy struggling in bondage was his favorite image of him, but he had never seen frenzy like this. The young, naked body was breathtaking as it thrashed and kicked helplessly, sweat pouring off the face and tortured muscles.

They locked eyes and Jamie craned his head forward, desperate to be closer to Mark. His body was stretched to a pitch of tension, tears were streaming from his eyes as he screamed once more ..... NO! ..... and his cock erupted in a huge plume of white cream that shot high in the air, then splashed down on his shuddering body and anguished face. He shot load after load, all the pent-up longing for the sight of his beautiful master. Even when his orgasm finally stopped, his youthful body still shook and writhed in its restraints as he sobbed with exhaustion.

Mark looked down at the incredible sight, his misty eyes giving the picture a soft focus, ethereal, glowing. He moved at last, but only enough to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. He pointed it down at his boy, his golden boy, and didn't need to stroke it. He felt it pulse in his fist, felt the fire move up his legs, into his balls, and up through his cock, exploding in in a huge blast of semen pouring down on his boy, all the repressed passion of the last weeks, now unleashed by the sight of his spectacular boy ..... a sight he would never forget.


Mark willed himself to be calm and remained motionless as he gazed down at the gleaming young body, spread-eagled, streaked with splashes of creamy white semen. They both knew what came next. They had fantasized about it often enough in their phone conversations. Finally, for the first time, Mark spoke.

"This is for you, Jamie. This is what you've waited for, what you've cum so often thinking about."

Just as Mark's favorite sight was his boy struggling in bondage, so Jamie's was the thrill of watching the cop strip off his uniform. Slowly Mark unbuttoned his black shirt to reveal the white T-shirt stretched over his powerful chest. The boy's excitement mounted as he saw the shirt come off and fall to the ground and he gazed at the muscular cop in the white T-shirt that tapered from broad shoulders to the heavy black belt at the narrow waist.

Mesmerized he saw the T-shirt pulled up and over the head, and there Mark stood, stripped to the waist, magnificent. Mark knew what pleasure his muscular body gave to his boy so he was not surprised to see Jamie's cock growing quickly into another stiff erection. Feeling his own cock become rigid Mark increased the tempo, removing his belt, pulling off his boots, then his pants. As so often in the past Jamie gasped as he saw the blond muscle-god tower naked over him.

Mark quickly untied Jamie's ankles, pushed his legs up high and gazed down at the perfect white mounds of his ass, at the hole covered in a soft down of pale-blond hair. He sighed deeply. "Man, I've missed that." He leaned forward, buried his face in the ass and licked it hungrily. Jamie was going wild, desperate for just one thing.

"What do you want, boy?"

"I want your cock in my ass, sir. Please, sir, I've waited for it for so long."

Mark got back on his knees, eased his hips forward and smiled at him. "OK, so now your big stud cop is gonna fuck his boy's perfect ass. God, I've missed you, Jamie." There were two long, rapturous sighs as, ever so slowly, Mark pushed his cock inside the ass of the boy he loved.

But as Mark began to slide his cock deeper and deeper, as he felt it brush against the soft velvet of Jamie's warm ass, his pent-up passion overwhelmed him. He tried to hold back but he was powerless. He gasped, felt his head reeling, his body shuddering ..... and his cock exploded. Jamie felt hot juice pouring inside him, his eyes opened wide, and once again he shot a massive load over his own body.

They were both stunned by the forces beyond them, but Mark smiled at Jamie to reassure him. "Don't worry Jamie ..... that's good. Now we've cum twice I can fuck you for a long, long time."

He pushed forward again and, remarkably, they were both hard again within minutes. Mark released Jamie's wrists and the boy ran his palms over his master's hard, sculpted chest. And then the real love-making began ...... and went on and on, as time stood still.

When, finally, they had cum again Mark fell forward and their bodies pressed against each other, sliding on the pools of semen they had both poured out. They rolled over the bed, kissing each other ..... lips, eyes, necks and faces. They gazed at each other, smiled, laughed, and then fucked again. Morning slipped into afternoon and the sun was getting low in the sky when their passion was finally spent.

Mark smiled into his boys eyes. "Hi there, kiddo. Welcome home."


Finally they could relax together. Now that they had released their carnal lust in multiple orgasms, now that they were physically drained, they could finally say hello. They lay on their backs with Mark's arm stretched out behind Jamie's head, and they turned to gaze at each other. They found their voices and lapsed at last into easy conversation.

"Listen, kid," Mark said. "I've got something to tell you. You know, with Nate coming to live here we're gonna need more space, so Randy has made us an offer. Nate will live in Pablo and Darius's current room and they'll move in here."

"And where will we go, sir?" (Actually Jamie didn't care if they lived under the freeway as long as he was with Mark.)

"Well, Randy has offered to convert the whole of the ground floor here into a big apartment for you and me. It'll be ours, private, just us two together in our own home. How about that?"

Jamie's eyes sparkled. "Oh, that will be awesome, so cool. Just you and me." He contemplated this for a while, then said, "You know, sir, Randy can be real kind and generous sometimes."

"Jamie, Randy is always kind and generous underneath. He just needs someone to remind him of that ...... keep him in check ...... knock the tough-guy arrogance out of him."

"Someone like you, sir," Jamie grinned. Then he brought up something else that was much on his mind. "Sir, you know I told you a lot about Adam, the flight attendant we met who did so much for us in Sydney. Well we flew back on the flight he was working...... he upgraded us to First again ..... and he's arranged to get a four-day layover in L.A. before he goes back. So I was wondering ..... well, Bob said I should ask you .... if maybe ......

"Of course he should come here, kiddo," Mark said enthusiastically. "Stay a couple of nights if he wants to. Hell, a guy who takes such good care of my boy deserves my thanks. We'll see if there's anything I can do for him in return."

"I think just meeting you will be enough reward for Adam, sir. He says he can't wait, after everything I told him about you." Jamie smiled in happy anticipation. "Just wait 'til he sees all the guys here .... he's gonna go ape-shit. Wonder if he'll fall for one of them. He's a real hot-looking guy. Now let's see ......."

"Hey, hey, enough with the fantasies, kid, you're starting to sound like Darius. Besides, from what you told me he's already fallen for you. Hmm, maybe that's a way I could thank him...."


It was early evening when, freshly showered and dressed, Mark and Jamie finally appeared in the garden ..... to wolf whistles and wild applause. The other guys were already home from work, sitting round the poolside table, being served drinks and appetizers by the twins ..... and by Nate. The young Aussie was so stoked to be here that he was already enthusiastically working with the twins, jet-lag be damned.

"Well, well," Randy called out, "the prodigal returns. Welcome home, kid. Hell, Mark, it sure took you two long enough get re-acquainted. I mean, how long does 'hello' take, for fuck's sake?"

"We had a lot of catching up to do," Mark grinned...... "for fuck's sake."

Amid roars of laughter they took their place at the table and Jamie was immediately engulfed by the boys. "OK, dude," said Darius, "Nate has already spilled some of the beans about your trip, but we know there's more to spill ..... so spill, dude."

It was like a Tower of Babel as all the boys tried to speak at once. Randy and Zack rolled their eyes in helpless resignation. Bob looked at Mark and tried to make himself heard over the din. "Hey, Mark, while you were upstairs there was a phone call for you." He grinned. "Thought it best not to disturb you, though."

"Who was it?"

"It was Hassan. Said he had some news ..... 'great news' he said. Wants you to call him."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Chapter 129


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