The boys were growing up ..... thanks to the efforts of Zack and Bob in teaching them what it takes to become a man. The lessons, however, couldn't have been more different. At his shack in the Guadalupe dunes Zack had put Darius through a physical trial of heavy labor and proved to him that he had the guts and physical strength to be a man.

At the same time Bob had been giving the twins self-confidence in a different way, buying them stylish clothes and taking them to a luxury hotel in San Luis Obispo to expose them to the sophisticated world outside of their casual shorts-and-tank-top existence. In both cases, though, the evening had ended with spectacular sex, with the twins servicing Bob in the hotel room, and Zack fucking the ass of the now-confident, macho Darius in the beach shack.

Early the next morning Bob and the twins were set to join Zack and Darius in the dunes, and when they arrived Bob gasped as he pushed open the door of the shack. Zack and Darius were still asleep in bed and the room was resonant with sexual vibrations, the air heavy with the odors of sweat and semen.

"Jesus," Bob said, loud enough to wake them up. He grinned broadly. "No need to guess what's been going on here. Want us to leave so you can finish up?"

Zack struggled back to consciousness. "Nah, we're done ..... for now anyway. And the only place you're going, buddy, is into the water. We need a swim ...... wash off last night's ...... well, as you see," and he looked down sheepishly at his sweaty, cum-streaked body.

The swim was a long and boisterous reunion of all five men. When they finally walked out of the surf and up the beach Bob remarked on the change he had noticed in Darius .... his assertiveness and the confident way he talked to the twins. "So that's the new Darius," he said to Zack. "Almost didn't recognize him. He's gone real macho all of a sudden. What you been doing to him, stud?"

"Oh, teaching him a thing or two. As a matter of fact, I was hoping he could spend some time alone with the twins while you're here. I want him to know how it feels to be in charge, if you know what I mean. It might be the making of him."

They watched in amusement as Darius organized the twins. "OK, guys," he grinned at Kevin and Kyle, "either of you boys know anything about cooking?"

"That's a joke, right?" Kevin smiled. The twins also wore their new mantle of confidence and warmed quickly to Darius's playful tone. Kyle added, "Don't recall any complaints from you in the past, sir. Just point us to the food and the stove and we'll have breakfast ready in no time." Darius grinned over to Zack who gave him a subtle thumbs up.

And so the easy banter continued as they spent most of the day lazing on the beach. Darius was in his element as teacher and guide to the twins, showing them how to fix up a rope between two poles so they could all play a rudimentary game of beach volleyball with an old ball Darius found in the shack.

Later in the afternoon Bob said to them all, "Hey guys, you feel like a long walk along the beach? I promised Mark I would check on his shack .... the old place he has a few miles further up the beach in a different section of the dunes. He hasn't been there in a while and wanted me to make sure everything was still OK."

Darius walked with the twins a little ahead of the men, and Bob and Zack caught snippets of their conversation. Darius seemed to be responding to the twins' questions. "Don't worry, kids ...... you'll do just fine ....... Yeah I used to think that, but that's not all it takes to be a man. See, just because you're someone's boy that doesn't make you any less of a man ......"

Bob grinned. "Sounds like something you've been telling him."

"Pretty much word for word," Zack said with a hint of self-satisfaction. He explained how Darius had been feeling insecure and the extreme measures he had used ..... making him dig the trench ..... to convince the boy he has what it takes to be a real man. "Physically, anyway," Zack said. "Now comes the part I'm not so sure about ...... showing him that consideration for others is part of the equation too. I want him to learn that even a boy can take care of others ...... you know, be in command but treat them with respect." Zack smiled. "He admires the hell out of you, man, and wants to try to be like you."

They walked in silence for a while, watching the twins up ahead paying rapt attention to Darius's words. Bob smiled ..... "I have an idea."

Zack gave him a playful punch. "Don't you always? What's on your mind, buddy?"

"You know, last night I took the twins to a hotel in San Luis Obispo and we had a great night. In fact," he grinned, "our room this morning looked a bit like your shack did when I walked in on you. Those guys may look shy but they're demons in bed ...... exhausting."

"And they worship you, of course."

"Yeah, well that's just the point. They treat me like some kind of god or something, and I don't want them to get too obsessed. They have to be around other people, not just me all the time. I want them to be able to look up to and respect other guys, realize that there are other role models out there. After all, you said you want Darius to spend time alone with the twins, so I, er, I have a feeling we can kill several birds with one stone here."

"You're starting to intrigue me, Bob," Zack said, and then he was surprised to see Bob blush.

Bob spoke hesitantly ....... "It's true, I do think it would do them all good, but ...... well, I admit I also have a selfish motive. See, I ..... I remember the last time you and I were together up here and ......" he blushed again ..... "well ..... I was kind of hoping to spend some time alone with you again, Zack."

"You read my mind, buddy," Zack grinned and threw his arm over Bob's shoulder. "It's been way too long since we got together. I'm tired of jerking off thinking about you. I want the real man."


Bob had given Mark's house key to Darius and by this time the three boys had run on ahead. When Zack and Bob reached the shack it was as if Darius and the twins had already settled in. They had quickly found the set of weights and the bench press that Mark used to work out when he was here, and Darius was already demonstrating the equipment to the twins.

That clinched it for Bob and he took the twins aside for a quick talk. Then he made his suggestion. "Darius, how would you like to stay the night here with the twins, just the three of you? They like the idea, and it would be good for you all to get to know each other." He laughed ...... "Call it a boys' night out. I know you would take good care of them, Darius. I trust you and so does Zack. And maybe you can put that gym equipment to good use. Kyle and Kevin have said they want to beef up a bit. How about it?"

Darius's eyes sparkled, proud that Bob was putting this trust in him. "That would be awesome, sir, provided the twins are OK with it. It'll be like camping out."

The twins were enthusiastic. They had always liked Darius .... he made them laugh ..... but they had never realized before today what a commanding figure he was ...... self-assured, real masculine ..... and they found that a turn-on. So all five of them went into town for dinner, picked up a few supplies that the boys would need overnight, and then Bob and Zack made sure the boys were comfortable.

Bob gave a few parting words. "You'll all be sleeping in the same room, of course, and Zack and I agree that whatever you guys get up to together is fine with us ..... in fact we encourage it. Just so long as you all want it and that you're good to each other. Agreed?"

They all nodded enthusiastically and Darius shook Bob's hand. "Thank you, sir. Thank you for your trust in me. I know Kevin and Kyle are real precious to you and you can be sure I'll take good care of them."

Zack hugged his boy and said. "Thanks for last night, bro. I love the hell out of you, you know that. Now be a man to the boys ..... and, whatever you do, have fun. By the way, these are for you to keep. You've earned them, kid."

He threw Darius the thin, ragged shorts he himself always wore in the dunes, the same shorts he had made Darius wear digging the pit. Darius gasped. "For me, sir? But you always wear these. Wow, that's awesome, sir. I'll always wear them from now on. Thank you, sir."

As Zack and Bob walked away from the shack they heard three excited voices behind them already talking over each other.


The night was beautiful. The full moon was almost as bright as day, the ocean was a silver-brown color and the surf sparkled in the moonlight as the waves washed gently to shore. Bob and Zack walked silently, so close that their shoulders touched occasionally. Bob's mind was still on the twins he was leaving behind, and Zack picked up on his apprehension.

"They'll be alright, you know," Zack said suddenly. "Darius is a great guy and he'll make sure they're fine. Besides, he knows my cell number and he can always call me if necessary."

"Yeah, yeah, I know all that," Bob said, "but thanks for saying it anyway, buddy. It's just that they don't often spend time away from me." He sighed, "God, it's such a responsibility having boys depend on you like that. Takes a lot of work."

"Tell me about it," Zack said. "Trying to keep a live wire like Darius in check leaves me exhausted sometimes. It's great when I'm free for a while to spend time alone with a guy like me .... an equal" ..... he grinned ...... "such as yourself. Course, you always have Randy."

"Oh, yeah, I'll always have Randy I know that. But I'm real pleased to see you, Zack, each time you come across the street to have dinner with us. It's a shame you always have to leave so early."

There was another silence, before Zack said quietly. "I don't actually ..... have to leave early, I mean."

"Then why do you?" Bob could see Zack hesitate. "Come on, big guy. We're out here all alone on a moonlit beach ..... just you and me. You can tell me anything."

Zack took a deep breath. "OK. Usually the reason I leave early is because of you, Bob. You're so fucking hot and you've always turned me so much I can't stand sitting next to you without touching you ..... holding you. I feel so frustrated that I get the hell out, go home, lie on my bed and jack off thinking about you. How's that for spilling my guts?"

Bob smiled and said softly, "I often wondered if you did that. You know, Zack, that first time when I was driving down the 101, saw the sign to Guadalupe and turned off to visit you in your shack ..... it was...... as if I was drawn to you. Well, you know the rest. Randy had to do his thing, of course, prove that he was the boss and I was his guy, but when he got to know you he accepted the inevitable and encouraged us to spend time together."

"Which just about brings us to now," Zack said ...... "to this moment."

They stopped walking, turned to each other and came together in a tight embrace, two gloriously beautiful men exhilarated by the touch of masculine flesh, muscle to muscle, basking in the warmth and intimacy of close friendship ...... and in the stirrings of raw lust in their groin. They pressed the bulge in their shorts against each other as their cocks grew rock hard.

"Phew," Zack said, pulling back. "Let's take this slowly, man. Swim?"

Facing each other they pulled off their shirts, kicked off their sneakers and dropped their shorts. Bob gazed at the perfect naked physique, black as ebony, ripped muscles gleaming in the silver light of the moon. The smile dazzled in the finely etched features of Zack's face. Zack too was mesmerized by this impossibly handsome muscle-god with the Superman looks, the man who had so often been the inspiration for his solitary orgasms alone in his bed.

Then the spell was broken as their gaze lowered to the two hug cocks standing erect, and they burst out laughing. "Come on, man," Zack said. "Time to cool off. See that big hunk of driftwood way out there. Race you to it." And they sprinted into the waves.


It had been one of those scorching Southern California days and even now the night was still warm. So was the water, and its velvet softness somehow made the sensation even more erotic as they swam out side by side with powerful strokes, challenging each other in a muscular display of macho strength and pride. The big driftwood tree-limb floated forlornly, carried by the tide from some distant shore, and the men reached it at the same time, panting hard.

In the deep water they stopped to face each other, catching their breath, treading water, rising and falling with the swell of the waves. Suddenly a wave pushed them together. Their chests touched and they reflexively put their arms round each other to steady themselves. Their mouths met and locked in a hungry embrace. The physical bond was intense as their naked bodies entwined, their legs and groins pressed together and their mouths crushed each other.

No longer treading water, their bodies sank lower and their heads were submerged, though they barely noticed as their mouths were joined so perfectly they were watertight and they breathed back and forth, sharing their breath, sharing their life. Their union was complete as they rolled over and over under the water, bodies pressed together in a mass of tangled limbs, their mouths breathing in life-sustaining harmony.

Finally, though, they broke to the surface again and looked at each other in wide-eyed wonder. "God, man," Zack gasped. "You are fucking sensational." He reached down behind Bob and pressed his palms against the hard globes of his ass, that flexed as Bob treaded water again. "Oh, man, please," Zack said. "I dream of that ass. I need it so bad."

"Then what's stopping you?" Bob said.

Zack twisted Bob round in the water and pushed him toward the driftwood. Bob threw his arms over the log and Zack held him from behind. He breathed in his ear, "This is what I think of when I jack off in bed. This is what I dream of doing." As they floated together in the swell of the warm water Zack's iron rod pressed between the cheeks of Bob's ass and entered him. Their howls were lost in the vast emptiness of the ocean as they felt what each had imagined so many times. Only this time it was the real thing.

Zack gripped Bob's waist from behind and pulled him back onto his cock, penetrating deep inside his ass under the surface of the water. Clinging to the branch Bob pushed his ass backward forcing Zack's huge club to drive deeper into him. And so their bodies pressed hard against each other, linked together by the long black cock of one man spearing the white ass of the other.

And there they floated in the solitary space of ocean and sky. Their only contact was with each other and the warm water enveloping them. They were suspended in space and time, aware only of their intense spiritual union and the physical euphoria of penetration. As Zack continued to pound Bob's ass in the water he looked up at the sky and howled like a wolf baying at the moon.

Drifting in the silver-flecked ocean swell Bob felt an almost mystical harmony with the beauty of the night. Everything felt right. He moaned softly, "Oh, man I love that ...... I love feeling you inside me. Keep fucking my ass, man. It feels ..... so .... fucking ..... good."

"I love you, man," Zack said simply.

So mesmerized were they by the intense feeling in their groin, as Zack's cocked pistoned unrelentingly in Bob's willing ass, the two men were unaware that they were drifting with the tide toward the shore. But suddenly they felt sand under their feet, and were soon standing chest deep in the water. But the rhythmic fucking never relented. Bob let go of the branch, they stumbled forward and fell onto the sand in shallow water.

The light waves washed them gently toward the beach, two bodies compliant with nature just so long as they could remain joined together. To separate right now was unthinkable. Slowly they drifted and rolled over the wet sand and, as they finally came to rest, Zack eased Bob onto his back, with his cock still inside him.

They were face to face for the first time. Zack looked down in awe at the stunning features of the glorious man he had fucked relentlessly ..... under water, in the waves, and now in the gentle surf on the beach. Bob gasped as he looked up at the black face silhouetted against the bright full moon. He hallucinated that he was looking up a dark demon who held him totally in his power. He was unable to escape the relentless piston of the huge rod in his ass ..... as if he would have wanted to!

Zack had Bob pinned on his back, gripping his wrists above his head, pressing them into the soft sand. Bob saw the gleaming white teeth of Zack's smile and heard his deep voice. "Out there, rocking in the waves it had to be gentle, buddy. But now I've got you pinned to the ground ...... now this is the real thing, the way one muscle-stud really fucks another ...... especially one he's in love with."

The look in his eyes changed, became almost savage. Now it really was the look of a demon. He pulled his hips upward so the tip of his cock almost came free. He paused, gazing into Bob's eyes, then plunged his shaft forcefully deep into the captive ass, deep into the gut and over the muscle of the inner sphincter. Bob's scream was so loud that for once his voice drowned out the sound of the waves. His heart beat wildly and he took deep breaths as he saw the black body rise again, and fall back heavily onto his ass.

There must have been pain but Bob was immune to it. His scream was a shout not of agony but of exultation. When he had fantasized about Zack in the past ..... this was it ..... exactly what he had seen in his deepest imaginings. He was being fucked, savagely fucked, by this glorious man, this pornographically beautiful black muscle-god.

For the first time Zack lost control. All those nights he had lain awake jerking off with the image of Bob in his mind, all the frustrations of being close to him but unable to touch, all the times his cock had strained in his shorts, longing to fuck him ...... all of it now erupted in an explosive display of total sexual domination.

"Oh, man," he shouted. "I have to do this, man. I have to own your ass. I've waited so long for this. I have to hammer you, man. You're mine now. I have to hurt you!"

It was like the first time they spent together. Zack's obsession with beauty, his deep-rooted need to hurt someone he found painfully beautiful, had made him, that first time, tie Bob up and whip him. Now, as he gazed down at the impossibly beautiful face and body beneath him, he had to overpower it again, in a different way..... to totally dominate it.

And so he did. His cock was like an unrelenting piston, pounding the target of his raw lust. Both men soared into an ecstasy of uncontrolled passion. Bob pushed his ass up to receive the weapon and clenched his ass muscles tight around it, as if to slow the onslaught. The tightness of the ass served only to intensify their physical craving for each other. It was a savage fuck, endless, merciless.

Waves, indifferent to this extraordinary sexual spectacle, broke over the naked men grappling in the surf. But Zack and Bob paid no attention to the warm water washing over them. In the bright moonlight the muscular, soaking bodies gleamed as they bucked and strained. Bob was hypnotized by the wild man above him, water pouring off his glistening ebony face and body.

They were both yelling now ..... words of love and lust, obscenities, as they urged each other toward their climax. But through his all-consuming physical passion Zack instinctively felt that this time had to be different. When he had masturbated thinking about Bob he always built to a physical climax, pumped harder and harder, until he yelled and his cock exploded.

But this time it wasn't fantasy. The object of his desire, of his love, was beneath him ..... he could feel him, he was inside him ...... and they would both cum together. This time it would be special. All these instincts ran through Zack's subconscious mind and made him suddenly stop moving. Bob looked up at him in surprise but saw the look in his eyes, tender now, the savagery gone ..... and Bob understood.

"Now?" he asked softly.

Zack smiled. "Yeah, now."

He pulled back one last time, almost out of Bob's ass, and then gently eased his cock back inside, slowly, tenderly, deeper and deeper. He looked down at Bob's cock that was trembling, on the verge of climax, and he knew that cock was feeling exactly as the same sensation as his own. He raised his face and gazed into Bob's soft brown eyes. "I love you, man," he breathed. "This is for you." And he felt his cock explode deep inside Bob's body.

Zack looked back down at Bob's cock and saw it shudder, pulse, and then pour with streams of white juice that arched high and splashed onto Zack's face and body, mixing with the sea water pouring off him. He watched spellbound as Bob's head thrashed from side to side, heard his screams, as ribbons of cum kept pouring out, this time covering his own beautiful face and chest.

The image was so beautiful to Zack it was impossible to take in. He couldn't watch anymore. He raised his face and once again howled triumphantly at the moon. The sound reverberated and then faded away into a long, long silence as the men looked at each other in wonder and waited for their breaths and heartbeats to subside. The experience had been so intense they were strangely shy, not sure what to do next.

But nature took care of that. Suddenly a big wave rolled in from the ocean and crashed over them, sending them rolling over and over together in the surf, washing away all the juices of their passion. When they finally separated they lay side by side on their backs on the wet sand. They gazed up at the moon, stoic witness to the night's spectacle, which it had illuminated so brilliantly.

"Thanks, man," Zack shouted to the moon. And then they started to laugh ..... jubilantly ...... startling even the seagulls into silence.


They spent a long, blissful time in the shallow surf, holding each other, kissing lips, eyes, neck chest, reveling in the salty taste of their flesh. But finally they were spent and Zack sprang to his feet and pulled Bob up beside him. They picked their clothes up off the beach and, without a word, resumed their interrupted walk along the beach to the shack. They didn't speak. Words were irrelevant, not necessary for their minds and bodies to communicate. It was as if speech would bring them down from the ethereal world they had created in their extraordinary act of passion.

They reached the shack, pulled on their shorts and T-shirts and sat outside on the sand taking thirsty slugs of beer. But gradually, almost imperceptibly, Bob sensed that Zack's silence was caused by something other than euphoria, something more troubling. And finally he spoke.

"What's wrong, Zack?"

"Can't hide anything from you, man, can I?" Zack smiled. "Yeah, well ...... shit, man I did it again. Like that first time, you looked so fucking hot, so incredibly beautiful, that I had to hurt you. That first time I whipped your glorious body, and this time I reamed your ass like a wild animal. What is it about me that wants to dominate you so brutally?"

"You didn't hear any complaints from me, Zack, as I recall."

No, but ....... I can't live with this obsession inside me, buddy, this need to hurt you. I have to ...... I dunno, make amends, put it right somehow."

"How can I help?"

Darius was silent as he collected his thoughts. "Did Mark tell you the story of what he did to Hassan in the desert? Hassan was so remorseful of how he had tortured Mark as a soldier all those years ago that the only way he could purge his guilt was to have Mark do the same to him ...... chain him up and whip him. Only then were they equal, and only then could they really be true friends."

"But we're already as close as two guys can be, Zack."

"I know. But I gotta purge myself of the shame I feel, just as Hassan did. Bob, the only way is for you to do to me what I did to you ..... that first time and now tonight." Zack became animated, sprang to his feet and went into the shack. Moments later he came out holding the whip he had used the day before on Darius. He threw it at Bob's feet.

He pointed down to the stakes jutting up from the ground, just as they had been when Zack had tied Bob spread-eagled on the sand weeks ago. In an instant he stripped off his shirt and shorts and threw himself on his back on the sand. He stretched his arms and legs outward and gripped the stakes in his fist. Bob stood and looked down in amazement at the magnificent black bodybuilder, spread-eagled buck naked on the sand, muscles gleaming in the moonlight.

"Come on, buddy," Zack groaned. "Help me, man. You know what you have to do."


At the other end of the dunes, in Mark's shack, the mood was decidedly lighter ...... a lot of laughter, in fact, led of course by Darius. True to his promise Darius was guiding the twins through a workout routine on Mark's rudimentary equipment that he used whenever he came up here. As he demonstrated the uses of dumbbells the twins stared in awe at his gleaming black body, clad only in the thin shorts Zack had given him.

"Didn't Pablo show you a lot of this stuff already?" Darius asked.

"He did, sir," Kevin said, "but we never used that flat thing," and he pointed downward.

Darius winced. "Flat thing? How old are you guys?"

"Nineteen, sir," they said in unison.

"Nineteen...." He shook his head. "Dudes, you've got a lot to learn. That 'flat thing' is called a bench press. Here let me show you. Kyle ..... on your back. I'll spot you."

Kyle lay flat on the bench and stretched his arms up to the bar. Darius loaded light weights on each end and stood behind Kyle's head, guiding the bar up as the boy lifted. "Come on, dude," Darius urged him on, "put some muscle into it."

But it wasn't lack of muscle that caused Kyle's strength to fade ..... it was what he saw as he looked upward. Darius was standing, legs astride, right behind him and Kyle's gaze was riveted on Darius's crotch a few inches above him, or more precisely on his monster cock. The old ragged shorts stretched over the bulging outline of his ten inches, and the head hung down below the bottom, right above Kyle's face.

The boy managed only half a dozen presses and then begged Darius to take the strain of the bar and replace it. "I ..... I'm sorry, sir," Kyle stammered. "I ..... kind of got distracted."

"The golden rule," Darius said authoritatively, "is to focus ......never lose concentration. Here Kevin, see what you can do."

Kevin took his brother's place but the effect on him was the same. How could he focus on lifting weights when his eyes were riveted on the biggest piece of meat he had ever seen?

"Huh," Darius huffed in frustration. "Maybe we should take a break. Let's get some water." The twins sat on stools and Darius sat astride the bench, so his shorts ran further up his thighs and exposed even more of his long black club. The twins looked at each other for an instant, smiling secretively. If Darius had known them as well as Bob did he would have realized they were planning something. But he was blissfully unaware, and was surprised by a question that came out of the blue.

"Sir," said Kevin slowly. "Do you think it's true what Jamie says, that when Mark went to see Hassan in the desert he chained him up and whipped him?"

"Sure it's true," Darius said in his big-brother voice. "Hell I just wish I'd been there with my camera. Not that it's anything that unusual ...... we've all been tied up at one time or another. It kind of goes with the territory."

"Wow," said Kyle, his eyes shining. "What does it feel like? We're you scared?"

"Scared? Nah," Darius boasted and took a casual swig of his water. 'Course, it depends who's doing it. Now Randy can be real fierce, but for you it's gonna be Bob so you'll have no problem there. You're gonna love it. Shit, I'd love to be tied up by that stud."

The twins shared another fleeting look and Kyle said, "Sir, do you think we could try it?"

"Now you mean?" Darius looked at the two beautiful brothers and his mind went on overdrive, fantasizing on how they would look tied to each other. "Hell, that's no problem," he said eagerly, but then caught himself. His promise had been to take care of the boys and he was sure that didn't include tying them up. He was thinking now like a man, no longer like a sex-obsessed boy.

"No, dudes. The first time you get tied up it's gonna have to be Bob that does it. He's your master after all."

Seeing their disappointed look Darius suddenly brightened up. "But hey, if you want to see how it looks ...... here I'll show you." He lay on his back on the bench and raised his arms up and pressed his wrists against the uprights. "See, then you tie the wrists right here."

"Like this, sir?" The twins quickly pulled off their sweaty T-shirts, twisted them into a rope and tied them round Darius's wrists and to the posts.

"Hey, you're not bad at this," Darius said. "Then what you have to do to turn the guy on is struggle to get free, showing off, flexing your muscles ...... like this." The boys watched spellbound as Darius's spectacular near-naked body tugged and stained against the restraints, twisting and flexing on the bench, gleaming with sweat. Darius saw the effect it was having on the twins and his own cock started to get stiff, straining against the shorts. The fact that the twins were excited turned him on. Hell, he was turning himself on.

By this time the twins were salivating. "Sir," said Kyle. "You have such a beautiful big cock. Sir, do you mind if we put out mouths on it?"

"Mind!" said Darius. "Hey guys, go right ahead. Knock yourself out."

Quickly Kevin pulled Darius's shorts down over his legs and clear off. The twins gasped as they saw his huge black cock spring to attention. They dropped to their knees and both began to lick it ..... the head, the shaft and then the balls. They exchanged another quick smile and Kevin lowered his mouth over as much of the huge rod as he could take in. A few thrusts and then Kyle took over, until they were fighting for possession of the huge black prize.

Darius was going crazy. He looked down at the two beautiful young faces feasting on his rigid pole and it drove him wild. He pulled at his restraints and said, "Oh, man that feels awesome, guys. Quick, untie me so I can touch you."

But the twins ignored him and continued sucking his cock and balls voraciously. Then suddenly they stood up and Darius looked up confused, wanting them to continue. He pulled again at his wrists and was about to plead with them when he saw them, in unison, unbutton their shorts and drop them, then kick off their sneakers. For a moment the identical brothers stood over him, naked, and Darius was mesmerized.

Kevin put one leg over the bench and stood on the floor straddling him, facing him. He put his hand behind him and felt the long cock, hard as iron. Darius gasped as Kevin slowly bent his knees and lowered the cheeks of his ass until the head of the cock pressed against his soft hole.

But Kevin hesitated. "Sir, we've been fucked a whole lot by Bob and we love it. But we've never seen a cock this big. I'm not sure if I can take it, sir."

"But try, kid, try!" Darius said loudly, desperately. The thought of this lithe young body sinking down onto his cock almost made him shoot his load right there. When he had thought of being alone with the twins he had never in his wildest dreams imagined a scenario like this. To have his dick slide into this beautiful kid's perfect ass! Now that was a fantasy! He wanted to push him down on it, but he couldn't get free, though he struggled mightily. "Come on, dude," he pleaded. "Do it...... please."

Kevin took a deep breath and slowly, very slowly, he sank lower and he felt the cock enter his ass and slide into it, inch by inch. There was a kind of pain, but the feeling was so incredible that he didn't care. He couldn't believe how long it was, couldn't believe that his ass was taking all of it, all ten glorious inches, until he felt the head come to rest deep inside his body, touching a place that had never been touched before.

Kevin and Darius both yelled simultaneously, throwing their heads backward in a spasm of delight. "Oh man," Darius howled. "That is so fucking beautiful. Go on, fuck my cock, kid. Fuck me!"

Kevin rose up and up until he felt the head against his sphincter, then lowered himself again, faster this time, waiting for the exquisite feeling when the shaft touched that secret place deep inside him. Darius was in heaven ....... He was getting his cock fucked by this stunning young boy and it felt spectacular.

He was unaware that Kyle had removed the barbell above him and was standing behind his head leaning forward toward his brother. Darius suddenly saw the two faces of the twins coming together over him and he watched mesmerized as they kissed, gently at first, then hungrily. He watched the brothers kiss, felt his cock penetrating the ass of one of them and knew he had to shoot soon.

But, unbelievably, there was more to come. As Kyle leaned further forward his dick hung right over Darius's face. Darius wanted it, wanted to lick it. He pushed out his tongue trying to reach the head and strained desperately to free his wrists. "Please man," he breathed. "Lower please. Let me lick your cock. Please man, I'm begging you. I can't take this. Fuck my face ..... please!"

And so it happened. Kyle pushed his stiff dick into Darius's pleading mouth, while Kevin continued rising and falling on his long black cock. And all the while Darius saw the brothers' faces above him, grinding together. This was a fantasy he could never have conjured up in his wildest imagination. Two beautiful young twins kissing each other while one sat one his dick and the other fucked his face. Unbelievable!

His body was on fire, his mind racing out of control. The twins were moving in a perfect, steady rhythm that sent him into a hypnotic state. There had never been a sensation like this and he knew that his orgasm was close. But they were in control and he was a captive to the rhythm they had set. It was only when he felt the cock in his mouth shudder, when their breathing become ragged and he saw their faces separate, their eyes grow wild, that he knew his time had come.

The cock plunged into his mouth one last time just as the ass sank down heavily onto his cock. He felt the cock in his mouth erupt just as he saw Kevin's dick spray a huge ribbon of cum that he felt splashing down onto his face and body ...... and only then did his own release come. As he swallowed Kyle's juice Darius's cock exploded in the secret recesses of Kevin's ass, blasting stream after stream of hot semen deep inside him.

The noise of the three men screaming echoed off the walls of the small room. But they were unaware of it. They were unaware of the room itself, of where they were. At that climactic moment they were aware of only one thing ..... that they had experienced the wildest sex together they could ever have imagined.


When they all caught their breath, when their hearts stopped thumping, the twins pulled themselves off Darius and stood beside the bench. Darius looked up at them, his eyes still wild. "OK, guys. Untie me now ..... quick."

The twins smiled down at him. "I'm very sorry, sir," Kevin said. "But we can't do that ..... not yet. You see, sir, we're twins, and we share everything. If one of us does something the other has to do it too. Bob calls it our 'symmetry'. So now we have to do the second part."

Their positions were reversed. This time it was Kyle who straddled Darius's body and Kevin who stood behind his head. Darius realized what was about to happen and knew he had no choice. Hell, he didn't want a choice! This time he did not struggle. He lay there in willing bondage, and relaxed in the exhilarating expectation of what surely would come next.

His eyes sparkled. "Dudes ..... you guys are too damn much. This is gonna be one hell of a fucking night."


They couldn't know it, of course, but right about that time Darius was not the only man in bondage in the dunes. A few miles away his master, Zack, was equally helpless, his magnificent naked body spread-eagled on the sand, wrists and legs tied to stakes. His ebony muscles strained and gleamed in the bright moonlight as he looked up at Bob, standing over him, legs astride ..... with a heavy black whip in his hand.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 106"


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