It was a long, frustrating day at work for Bob. He had several important meetings but he couldn't really concentrate at all. His attention wandered, first to the cabin cruiser where Randy would be playing ship's captain to Zack, Darius and Pablo. Then to the plane that by now was way out over the Pacific on its long flight to Sydney, carrying two excited boys. Then he thought of the twins, looking forward to a relaxing week with only two guys to take care of.

And that's where his thoughts finally centered ..... on Mark and himself sharing the house for a whole week. The rest of the day he could not get Mark out of his mind, and as he drove home, wondering which of them would get home first, he vividly recalled how they had first met. A bit drunk after a long business lunch, he had taken a wrong turn driving home through Griffith Park. He had made a quick U-turn .... and then saw red lights flashing in his rear-view mirror.

He remembered it as if it were yesterday. "License and registration, sir, and please step out of the car."

He had been mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the blond cop, but he had desperately needed to avoid a drunk-driving ticket. "Look officer," he had asked, "is there some way we can make this go away?" After some hesitation Mark had taken him deeper into the park and made him strip, and as the cop watched he had creamed his shorts in his uniform pants.

That was all, but many times since then Bob had fantasized about what would have happened if Mark had demanded more. Even now he murmured to himself, "What else would he have made me do? Guess I'll never know now."

Suddenly Bob shook his head as he jolted back to reality. He looked around and realized that he had been so lost in thought he had driven up the hill right past his own house. "Shit," he said to himself, "get a grip, Bob." He did a clumsy three-point turn to head back downhill, but as he pulled up at his gate he was dazzled by the reflection of red lights flashing in his rear-view mirror. A motorcycle cop!

He couldn't believe it. He lowered the window and saw the black pants and silver stripe of the uniform. Then he looked up and his heart almost stopped as he gazed once again at the one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen. It was Mark, unsmiling, businesslike. "Sir, you just performed an illegal U-turn back there. Would you step out of the car, please?"

It was happening again! As if in a dream, Bob opened the door and stepped out. "Face the car, please, sir. Hands on the roof, spread your legs." The cop stepped behind him to frisk him and Bob felt the rough serge of the uniform press against him, the bulge of his crotch against his ass. The cop ran his hands over his chest, inside the jacket, lingering over his nipples, then down over his waist. They stroked his ass, went round to his crotch, then down his thighs."

"Thank you, sir. You can turn round now."

Bob turned and looked into Mark's face ..... that Greek-God face. He took a deep breath. "Look officer," he pleaded, "I really have to avoid a traffic ticket. Is there some way we can make this go away?"


For the longest time the two men held each other's eyes just as they had done on that first day. Finally Mark walked behind Bob, pulled his arms behind his back, and Bob felt the touch of cold steel round his wrists as he heard the double click of handcuffs. "Go through the gate sir."

This was not like it had been before ....... no handcuffs then. In a daze his earlier thoughts came back to him ..... "what else would he have made me do?" Obeying orders he stumbled through the gate and stopped in the middle of the lawn. The cop walked round him, surveying the handcuffed business executive like a tiger stalking his prey before the kill. As he watched the uniformed cop staring at him, Bob's heart was thumping and his cock was hard as steel in his elegant suit.

The cop stopped in front of him, his steely blue-gray eyes piercing his, and finally Bob heard the command. "On your knees." Obediently he fell to his knees, so his face was level with the bulge in the uniform pants. He felt Mark's hand press behind his head, pushing it forward and clamping his mouth over the rough serge of the pants. He felt the bulge pulse in his mouth and heard the cop's heavy sigh. Holding his head in a vise-like grip the cop thrust his hips forward, grinding Bob's face into his crotch, making him choke and drool against the black fabric.

Two young faces stared in disbelief from the kitchen window at the incredible display. "We gotta go out there," said Kevin, "gotta help Bob."

"Nah," Kyle reassured him. "Can't you see? That cop is Mark, he ain't gonna hurt him, not really. Everyone knows he's in love with Bob."

"But look what he's doing," Kevin persisted. "That's for real, dude."

Kyle gave him a dismissive look. "Dude, haven't you ever listened to all Darius's fantasy stories? That's what this is. Though I gotta say ..... it looks pretty real to me."

It felt real to Bob too, a bit too real. He was still gagging when he felt his head being pulled back by the hair. Gasping he looked up at the blond face staring down at him ..... and saw lust in his eyes. Mark's blood was racing as he looked down at the chiseled, square-jawed Superman face, spit running from his mouth over his chin, black hair falling over his brow. Yeah, he was gonna enjoy working on the arrogant business executive he had arrested, kneeling helplessly before him.

He knew he was not only humiliating the man ..... he was seducing him. Mark was aware how incredibly handsome he was, how stunning he looked in his uniform, making heads turn wherever he went. He could make this man do anything he wanted, but he would let him make the next move. "You know what to do, man."

And Bob did. Instinctively he pulled at his wrists cuffed behind him, wanting to touch the cop's crotch. In frustration he leaned forward and with his tongue found the metal tag to the zipper. Seizing it between his teeth he pulled it down, then nosed open the cop's pants. "Oh, man!" he gasped as he saw the shape of the cop's huge rod under the thin white cotton of his shorts. He pressed his face against it, breathing in the musky smell of the officer's sweaty crotch, with a hint of piss where his cock had dripped.

In a frenzy now, the businessman eased his tongue inside the opening of the shorts and, with a frantic effort, was able to get his lips round the cock inside. Clamping his mouth over it he tugged at it, until finally ..... "aaah!" The cock sprang out of the shorts and stood straight out from the pants, inches from Bob's face. Bob looked up at the gorgeous Nordic face, then lower, over the white triangle of T-shirt at the neck, down over the tight uniform shirt, past the heavy belt at the slim waist ..... and down to the huge tool that he knew was intended for him.

He saw pre-cum oozing from it and knew what the cop wanted .... what he needed. Bob flicked out his tongue and his body jerked as he tasted the pungent tang of the filmy white liquid. Suddenly he felt the cop's hand behind his head again, this time pushing his face forward so the cock sank into his mouth, coming to rest deep in the back of his throat. Bob choked and his eyes spurted tears.

But just as suddenly as the cock had plunged into his throat he felt it withdraw. He looked up in alarm at the cop. God he was beautiful, especially now that his shirt had become unbuttoned almost down to the waist and Bob saw the tight white T-shirt stretched over the mounds of his pecs. His desire for Mark was stronger than it had ever been.

The cop stared down at him. "You wanna suck the cop's meat, is that what you want?"

"Yes, officer," Bob gasped. "I'll do anything you want, sir." It was Mark he was talking to ..... and yet ..... it was so real to Bob it felt like the first time they had met as strangers. Here he was, still in his business suit, on his knees, gazing up at the magnificent cop, waiting to feel his cock thrust back into his mouth. But the cop was taking his time."

"You look like a big-shot executive. You the boss in your company?"

"Yes, officer. Senior vice-resident."

"So you give orders to people and they obey?"

"Yes, sir."

The cop smiled. "So now here is, mister big-shot vice-president, on his knees before a cop waiting to take orders and obey, is that right?"

"Yes, officer. Whatever you say, sir."

The cop still stared at him. "You know why I didn't give you a traffic citation?"

"No, officer."

"It was because you look so damn hot. I get off looking at beautiful men and you are absolutely fucking gorgeous. Look at me. What do you think of me?"

Bob gazed up at the pornographically handsome blond face. "You're the most beautiful cop I have ever seen, sir."

"So you want that beautiful cop to shove his dick in your mouth?"

"Very much, officer. Please, sir."

"OK, man, eat it. I've had that bike throbbing under my crotch all day and it's made me hotter than a pistol. I've worked up a heavy load of juice that wants to explode. Open your mouth."

Bob was in a trance. It was no longer a question of fantasy or reality. It was now just the handsome executive servicing the cop ..... not because he was ordered to, but because he was longing to. His eyes focused on the huge shaft, veins pulsing along it, the head dripping with pre-cum. God, he had never wanted anything so much in his life. His body shuddered as he felt the hand behind his head again. There was a pause ...... and then his face was rammed forward onto the monster cock that plunged once again deep into his throat.

But this time it pulled back right away then slammed inside him, again and again, making Bob gag and his head spin as he gulped desperately. He saw the rough black serge of the uniform as the cop's slim hips pulled back, then slammed forward. Each time, his face was buried in the wiry blond pubic hair that smelled faintly of sweat, piss and cum.

The pounding was merciless, but Bob never wanted it to stop. This is what he had dreamed of, being used, hammered, humiliated by the spectacular, god-like cop. His face was held in a vise as the huge steel rod pistoned into him, deeper each time, savaging the searing membrane of his throat. The pounding went on and on, tears spurted from his eyes, and he thought he would pass out as his mind swam in a daze of pain and ecstasy.

And suddenly it stopped! The cock pulled out and through his tears he saw it being held stock-still in the cop's huge fist. He gazed at the head ...... it was pulsing, dripping, the hole was opening up ..... and suddenly Bob's head flew backward with the force of the hug jet of semen that slammed into his face like a hammer. "Aaagh!" He managed to open his eyes, only to be hit by another blast of cum that streamed down his cheeks, down over his tie and his crisp white shirt. He was drowning in the cop's cum, he was gasping, his mouth wide open ..... wide enough to receive even more juice that poured into his throat. He swallowed frantically, choking on the river of semen that seemed it would never stop.

He looked up at the cop, whose chiseled features were contorted in the euphoria of his gigantic orgasm. His blond hair flew back, then fell over his face. He looked spectacular, and as he gazed at up him Bob heard his own scream and felt a load of cum blasting into his shorts under his business suit. He was sobbing, his tears mixing with the semen flowing down his face. He gazed up at the cop and managed to stammer, "Thank you, sir."

Mark stared down at the sculpted Superman features, cum streaming down them and oozing from the corners of his mouth. "Yeah," the cop grinned as he zipped up his fly. "For a big stud vice–president you're one hell of a cock-sucker, man. Unfortunately for you, you've made me so damn hot I haven't finished with you yet. When I arrest a guy he remembers it. And you're gonna remember this day, man. I guarantee it."


The twins were hypnotized ...... they had never in their life seen a sight like this. Their earlier worries had disappeared as they bought into the fantasy with an intensity that made the whole thing seem real. "Dude," Kyle said, his eyes sparkling, "I wonder what the cop would do to us if he knew we were here."

It was uncanny ..... almost as if Mark had heard them. He looked up and caught sight of their faces at the window. "Hey, you two kids," he shouted. "Get your asses out here."

A jolt of fear ran through them but they obeyed the cop instantly and stood trembling before him, shoulder to shoulder for moral support. The cop stared at them, then nodded toward Bob. "This man here, on his knees, his face and shirt covered in cum ..... he your boss?"

"Yes, sir," they mumbled together.

"OK then, you can make yourselves useful. See, soon I'm gonna fuck your boss up the ass, and you can help us get ready. He pulled Bob roughly to his feet and snapped off the handcuffs. "You," he nodded at Kyle. "Strip him naked ..... and do it slowly." Then to Kevin. "You, take off my shirt."

As the twins got into position there was a fleeting glance between them and Bob. That was all it took to reassure Bob that they were as much into the scene as he was. Bob and Mark stood facing each other, their eyes penetrating like lasers. Kyle went behind Bob and pulled off his jacket. Then he reached round, loosened his tie and pulled it free. Mark watched spellbound as he saw the fingers unbutton the shirt slowly, revealing first the contours of his chest, then the ridges of his eight-pack abs.

At the same time Kevin was standing behind the cop and Bob saw his boy's hands come round and pull the already-unbuttoned black shirt from the heavy leather belt at his waist. Simultaneously both shirts were pulled off by the boys, and the men gazed in awe at the each other's torso, Bob naked to the waist and Mark with the white T-shirt stretched over his chest. Kevin pulled the T-shirt free, eased it slowly upward, over Mark's head ..... until he too was stripped to the waist.

The cop and the executive, both shirtless, gazed at each other in awe. "God, you're beautiful," the cop murmured. Breathing heavily, Bob said, "You look incredible. You can do anything to me."

"I intend to, man. Hey, you boy," he said to Kevin. "Go help your brother with the rest."

Quickly the boys took off Bob's loafers and socks, pulled down his slacks and shorts and stepped back, always awestruck when they saw their master naked. The cop grabbed Bob behind the neck, steered him over to a tree, pushed his back against it and handcuffed his wrists behind it. "Now," he said, "you're gonna have the pleasure of watching your boys service me."

He walked back to the lawn and threw himself onto a chaise with its back raised, and put his hands behind his head. Facing Bob, stripped to the waist, his arms and shoulders flexing, with one knee bent so his motorcycle boot rested on the chaise, the cop looked spectacular, like something from an erotic drawing. Seeing Bob's awed expression he said, "Looks hot, eh, man?"

"Magnificent," Bob breathed, his heart pounding.

Still lounging in the chaise Mark addressed the boys as if training them. "Now here's the problem, boys. See, like I said, I am gonna fuck your master handcuffed to the tree over there, but to do that I need a stiff dick. But I just shot my load all over his face as you can see. So that's where you boys come in. You ever been in a porn movie?"

The twins gaped and it took a few startled seconds for them to grasp the sudden question. Then, with some indignation, Kyle said, "No sir!" "Never," said his brother.

"Pity." Mark was still in instructor mode. "You know, L.A. is the porn capital of the U.S., so of course, as a police officer, I have frequent run-ins with the porn crowd and get to know how they work. For example, you know what they do when they need an actor to get a hard-on for his scene?" The twins shook their heads, wide-eyed with curiosity. "They call in the fluffer. That's the guy who gets the porn boy hard so he can go back to work. So guess what ..... you guys are hereby both deputized as fluffers. On your knees, boys."

The twins were at a pitch of excitement. It was a whole new world for them and they had lost track of where they were ...... in reality, fantasy ..... or in a porn movie. The only thing that was clear to them was what they had to do. And they were longing to do it. They knelt on either side of the chaise and Kyle pulled down the zipper of the uniform pants. Kevin put his hand into the cop's shorts and pulled out his semi-hard dick."

"See that?" Mark said. "I need that to be a steel rod to do justice to your master over there. So get to work boys."

They didn't need telling twice. Holding the cock, Kyle lowered his face onto it and sucked it in, swallowing as deeply as he could until he felt it growing slowly in his mouth. As he moved his head up and down it was not long before he felt the cock get hard. Kevin saw it too and pushed his brother's face away. "Here, let me have a go at that," he said.

Kevin was a bit more tentative as he sucked on the cock, until he heard Mark's voice. "Hey, is that all you got, boy? Come on, hard as steel I said." It wasn't just the command of his voice ...... the boy really wanted to please the cop, so he began hammering the cock with his mouth without pausing for breath.

Bob was going wild and pulled uselessly at his cuffed wrists, desperate to touch his cock. Again he was lost in fantasy. Having been humbled by the cop he was now bound naked and helpless to the tree, forced to watch as the cop made his boys service him. The shirtless cop's hands were still linked behind his head and his torso flexed as he looked arrogantly down at the eager young boys working on his cock. Then he raised his head and flashed a penetrating look at the naked muscle-stud struggling against the tree.

"Aaah" Bob moaned as the blue-gray eyes pierced his. He was at a fever pitch now. The stunning cop was torturing him in a wild vortex of desire and frustration. His boys were now fighting over the huge cock, hungry to taste it. Sometimes the young faces came together, both licking the cop's shaft and his balls, desperate to please the spectacular man. But it was Bob himself who was frantic to submit to the cop. He would do anything for him ..... anything. Most of all, he wanted to submit his ass to him, to feel his cock inside him.

Mark's body was starting to gleam with sweat, his chest heaving as he felt the hot young mouths round his cock. Suddenly he shouted, "Enough." In reflexive obedience the boys pulled their heads back and waited for their next command. "Shit, you two almost made me cum there," Mark said. "Gotta hand it to you, you are two great little cock-suckers ..... almost as good as your master over there. You would make perfect fluffers on a porn set. 'Course, fluffers get paid so I guess I should give you some kind of reward, eh?"

He saw the gleam of expectation in their eyes and said, "I suppose you wanna shoot your loads, don't you? OK stand up." They shot to their feet and stood, one on each side of him, looking down at the cop sprawled shirtless on the chaise. Still resting his head back on his hands, his arms flared outward, Mark teased them, flexing his biceps, chest and washboard abs. "Look good to you boys?" Incapable of speech the boys nodded enthusiastically. "Good enough to shoot all over it?" They nodded frantically. "OK, kids, go for it."

Now it was Mark's turn to be surprised. Instead of grabbing their own cock each boy reached forward, across the cop, grasped his brother's cock and stroked it, just as they had so often in the past. They looked into each other's eyes, communicating in that mystical way they had, then lowered their eyes to the incredible sight beneath them. The cop was smiling up at them. He looked like a pornographic picture, stripped to the waist, flared lats tapering down to the tight waist cinched by the wide belt of the black uniform pants. One knee was still bent, the high black boot resting on the chaise. The rigid cock still stood straight out from the fly of the pants.

The twins were spellbound ...... and it didn't take long. In perfect unison, they stroked each other's cock, the rhythm increasing to a crescendo. Their eyes opened wide ..... they screamed ....... and their cocks erupted with long ribbons of hot white juice that splashed down onto the magnificent chest beneath them. Mark thought their orgasms would never stop, as torrents of semen poured down onto him.


When the storm finally abated Mark smiled up at the twins. "Hell, when you young guys shoot you shoot a river don't you. You've soaked me. OK, kids, go stand over there. I'll need you again in a minute." Their heads swimming, the twins withdrew. Mark pushed his rigid cock back into his pants, zipped up, then sprang to his feet. He stood still for a moment, gazing across the lawn at Bob, leaning helpless against the tree.

But he didn't walk toward him. Instead he paced round the garden ..... strutted, showing off. And there was a lot to show. Mark always looked sensational in his uniform, even more when he was shirtless. But now that his chest was covered in cum, streaming from his neck and shoulders, down over his pecs, over the eight-pack of his abs, dripping over his belt down onto his pants, the man looked spectacular.

Bob watched hypnotized as the pornographic icon strode around arrogantly, aware of how stunningly beautiful he was, taunting the desperate man handcuffed to the tree. Bob was desperate to touch his own cock and pulled frantically at his wrists, making his own beautiful body writhe and flex in helpless bondage. Mark smiled as he looked at the glorious sight, the naked executive he was torturing without laying a hand on him.

In a pitch of frustration Bob moaned, "Don't do this to me, man."

Mark's smile vanished and the harsh voice of the cop returned. "You telling me what to do, asshole? I don't think you're in much of a position to give me orders. You're not in that smart business suit now, are you mister vice-president, giving orders in your office? Look at you ..... handcuffed, naked, your face smothered in the semen of a cop. You're my prisoner now ..... taking orders from me. You get that?"

"Yes, sir," Bob said humbly hanging his head.

Mark cupped Bob's chin and raised his face, gazing into his eyes. "I'll give you this, man, you are one hot looking son-of-a-bitch ..... the most beautiful guy I've ever seen. You know, when I saw you in that fancy car, in your fancy suit, I flashed on seeing your gorgeous body naked, tied to a tree, so I could beat off looking at you. And that's just what I'm gonna do, then leave you here for your boys to release you."

Bob panicked as he saw Mark unzip his pants, pull out his still-rigid cock and begin to stroke it.

"NO!" He screamed in desperation. "Please! Please, sir. Don't cum"

"What do you want, man? Tell me."

Bob was sobbing now. "I want you to fuck my ass, officer. I want to feel that hug rod in my ass. Please, officer. The minute I saw you, when you pulled me over, I knew that's what I wanted. You are so beautiful ..... I want to watch you while you fuck me."

Mark stared at him, stroking his chin in thought. "Hmm. Sounds like you want my dick real bad. OK, I'll do a deal. I'll push my dick in your ass, if that's what you want."

"Thank you, sir."

Provided ....... provided you shoot your load first."

Bob stared at him in disbelief. "But I ....." he tugged at his wrists.

"Oh, I know you can't touch your cock, and just now you creamed your shorts, but that shouldn't stop you. Look, man, I know how fucking gorgeous I am, and that should be enough for you. Look at me, man." He held his arms out sideways, flaring his lats, flexing his shoulders and chest. "Hell, you have to submit to that. You will submit to me, man.

He came closer to Bob, looked deep into his eyes and lowered his voice. "You know what guys call me? A Greek God. Now picture that god leaning over you, man, his sweat and your boys' cum dripping from his chest onto your face. Now, feel the cop's huge shaft sliding inside your ass, feel the head pushing in deep, into that secret place deep inside you. Then it pulls out slowly, then plunges in again. Soon it's like a steel piston, piercing your ass so all you can feel is my cock, all you can see is my eyes. My eyes ...... look into my eyes, man."

Bob gazed into the eyes that were gleaming with power, passion ...... and love. He heard the voice again. "That's it, man. Now you can do it. I'm ordering you to do it. Submit to me, man. Let me hear you submit. You said you'd do anything for me. So do it, man. Do it!"

In a delirium of lust Bob felt his body shudder, felt the heat rising from his legs into his balls. He held his breath, gazed at Mark's beautiful face, the face he loved. He screamed, "I submit to you, sir. I submit!" And his cock exploded, spraying semen in a high arc, then splashing down on Mark's chest, flowing down it, mixing with the juice of his boys.


Bob's head fell forward, sobbing ...... with love, desire, pain, and the longing to feel Mark inside him. He felt strong hands on the sides of his head, felt his head raised up ...... and felt lips close over his, tenderly, then passionately, the tongue searching deep in his mouth. Then he was looking into Mark's smiling eyes, moist with tears. "Hi, Bob."

"Mark," Bob breathed.

"That was all for you, man. It's what I wanted to do to you that day we first met, when all I dared to do is cum looking at you. And now I'm gonna do something I want to do every time I see you, every moment I'm with you." He smiled. "Man, I want to be inside your ass. But see, I took my time because I wanted you to really want it ..... want it so bad it hurt."

"Oh, man, I'm aching for it."

"Good. And I made you shoot your load 'cause I wanted your ball-sac drained, so you wouldn't cum the instant I entered you. See, Bob, I intend to fuck your ass for a long, long time."

He walked behind him, quickly unlocked the handcuffs, then pulled the naked man to the center of the lawn. "On the ground ..... on your back," he said and Bob obeyed. The boys were standing at a distance, still mesmerized by the incredible sights they had seen. Mark called to them. "Hey, Kyle, Kevin, come over here, kids, and get this damned uniform off me." He threw himself onto the chaise and the twins knew exactly what to do. They had watched Jamie do it for his master.

First Kyle turned his back to Mark, and picked up one of the boots between his legs. Mark pressed his other foot against the cheek of his ass and pushed. The boot slid off suddenly and Kyle staggered forward. Kevin took his turn and removed the other boot, then they unbuckled his belt and soon Mark was standing up naked. "Thanks, guys, he said. "Now go stand over there and watch two men who love each other make love. And if you like, you can shoot your loads again when we do, OK?"

"Yes, sir," they said in unison. They gazed at him with shining eyes, convinced that they loved Mark almost as much as they loved Bob.


Both men were naked now, and Mark was on his knees, straddling Bob lying on his back. Mark smiled, "So this is it, man. This is what you were begging for, what I made you wait for. Tell me again what you want. I like hearing it."

"Mark, I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to make love to me."

They stared intensely into each other's eyes and finally, at long last, Bob felt it ..... felt the head of Mark's cock press against his ass, press harder and harder until, with a sudden jerk, it was inside, sliding gently deeper and deeper inside him, pausing at the inner sphincter, then passing over until it came to rest in that private, secret place. "That's it, Bob," Mark whispered. "We're together now. Finally we're together."

As predicted, the love-making was long and intense. There was no hurry, no urgency. Mark took charge of the man he loved, overpowering him with his beauty and tenderness, gently rising and falling over him, his cock stroking the warm membrane inside him, sending flashes of infinite pleasure through his gorgeous body. There had always felt a deep spiritual connection between the two men, but now that harmony found expression in the exquisite joys of the flesh.

Twilight had just begun as they joined together and it deepened as they continued to make love. The sky slowly darkened from azure to indigo, the moon rose, stars appeared ..... and still they made love, still Mark's cock glided gently inside of Bob as they lost all sense of time and place. It was their world, theirs alone, and nothing else existed.

But ...... the world still did exist, of course, and finally they had to leave their paradise and return to earth. Mark said softly, "I want to cum inside you, Bob."

"I know," Bob breathed. "Let me feel it."

And so quietly, gently, their juices started to flow. Still lost in each other's eyes their union was finally complete as Bob felt Mark's semen pouring inside him and Mark watched Bob's cock stream ribbons of white juice over his gleaming body. And then they were still, gazing at each other in surprise, unable for an instant to grasp what had happened. It was not something to be understood, just felt.

Mark fell forward and folded Bob in his arms. They soon drifted into the sleep of exhaustion, so deep that they did not feel the warm semen flowing over them from two boys, staring down in awe at the magnificent bodies joined together as one.


Sometime later it was the smell that woke them ..... the smell of food. When the men opened their eyes they found themselves gazing at each other. Then they looked over to the table by the pool. Covered with a cloth it was set for dinner, and the twins stood together, like waiters in attendance. Slowly Mark eased himself to his feet and pulled Bob up beside him.

"We thought you might be hungry, sirs," Kyle said.

"Wow," Mark said. "You guys are something else. And I'm starved. But a quick swim first to rinse off."

"We thought of that too, sir," Kevin smiled. "There are towels on the chair there, and we took the liberty of bringing shorts and Polo shirts from your rooms ...... right there."

Bob smiled, walked over to them and threw his arms round both of them. "You guys are terrific. I'm real glad you're here with us. You belong here."

After the swim the twins were a bit deferential at first, considering it an honor to wait at table on these spectacular men. But Mark once again took command. "Hey, guys, you're gonna join us aren't you? Listen, you're Bob's boys. I think of you as a small family, and this week I hope you'll consider me part of that little family too. The whole week is gonna be just Bob, you two and me. We'll have a great time and you'll be a big part of it ..... so sit down."

The twins sat down eagerly and Bob said, "You know, Mark's gonna be sleeping in my room this week, so why don't you guys sleep in Mark and Jamie's room for the week? That way we'll all be closer." The twins' enthusiasm was obvious, then Bob changed the subject. "So what did you think of your first taste of fantasy?"

"Oh, Darius was right," said Kyle. "And for once he wasn't exaggerating," Kevin added. "It was unbelievable. It felt so real."

"The best fantasy always does," Bob said. "'Course, it always helps to have a cop around who knows just what he's doing." He grinned at Mark. "Maybe he can come up with a few more ideas for us."

Mark was about to reply when suddenly his cell-phone rang. Surprised, he snapped it open and as soon as he listened a broad smile spread over his face. "Hold on, kiddo, I'm here with Bob and the twins so I'll put you on speaker phone. OK, so where are you?"

Jamie's voice was clear and excited. "At Baggage Claim in Sydney Airport. We just landed."

"Good flight?"

The words poured out in a rush. "The best, sir. One of the flight attendants was this cute guy, real handsome, and he must've liked me and Nate 'cause, guess what ..... he bumped us up to First Class 'cause that's where he was working! It was so cool, sir, like real beds and movies and all kinds of neat things, and great food ...... though not as good as what the twins cook, of course. Anyway, guess what ..... this flight attendant is based in Sydney and said he had some time off so he's gonna take us up to the Great Barrier Reef, which he says is awesome. There's a train that goes along the coast and ......."

"Hey, hey, slow down kid," Mark laughed. "Now this guy, you sure he's ......"

"Oh he's cool, sir, real cool. Nate and me, we told him we're a couple, and he knows I'm in love with a gorgeous cop in L.A., and anyway I would never do anything with him without calling you first, sir. Oh, sir, I wish you were with us ..... I miss you already, sir. Are you having fun with Bob and the twins?"

Mark grinned at Bob. "You bet we are, kiddo. Now listen, you boys take care of each other and if you need anything ..... like advice or anything ..... you call me right away. Jeez, I miss you, Jamie."

"I love you, sir ...... Oh, our bags are coming off the carousel. I gotta go. I'll call again soon. Goodbye, sir, I love you ..... oh, I already said that, didn't I? Well, I do anyway ..... Hey, Nate, grab that brown one over there....." And he was gone.

Bob had never been so fond of Mark as he was now, looking at his tearful eyes and the tender smile on his face. "You really love that kid, don't you buddy? Sounds like he's gonna have a terrific time. Don't worry about him. He's your boy ...... he'll be fine."


A short while later Bob and Mark were lying naked in bed, but Mark noticed a wistful look in Bob's eyes. He smiled, reading his thoughts. "Call him, buddy. He's probably thinking about you right around now."

"Won't be a minute," Bob said, picking up his cell phone and hitting the speed-dial. There was a pause, then, "Hi, buddy. Did I wake you up? Oh good. Yeah, I'm here with Mark. Really? OK ......" He turned to Mark. "He wants to be put on speaker phone."

"Hi, Mark," came Randy's voice. "You taking good care of my guy? Don't answer that ..... I can only imagine ..... no, I don't want to imagine. Well, have fun together."

"But how about you?" asked Bob. "How's the trip going?"

"Great. The boat's perfect and the boys are thrilled to bits. I'm up here on deck taking a breather.... the guys are down in the cabins. It should be a great week ....."

"But ......" said Bob hearing a reticence in Randy's voice."

"Shit, can't hide anything from you, can I? Oh, I dunno ..... you know me, the way I can be. Guess I came on a bit strong ...... kind of a 'captain-of-the-ship' thing ..... and I must've rubbed Zack the wrong way. You know he don't take shit from anyone and ..... I guess I was giving him shit. Hell, man, I wish you were here. I need you to keep me in check .... to referee, at least."

"Randy, you two were bound to butt heads at first. You're both alpha males, like two stallions staking out your turf. But you'll sort things out between you. Thing is, deep down you love and respect each other, so you'll work it out in your own way. Just wish I was there to watch you do it. Just don't screw it up for the boys."

"Oh they're fine ..... happy as pigs in shit. And you know that whatever happens Darius will be filming it with that damn camera of his. So don't worry, you'll get to see it all in living color. I'd better go below now to Pablo. He's probably got that sweet ass of his high in the air waiting for me to fuck it. Zack and Darius are already going at it in their cabin. So everything's fine ..... or soon will be. Hey, Mark, let that man of mine get some sleep will ya? And Bob, I love you, man. I miss you. Can't wait to see you. G'night, buddy."

"Love you, Randy." Bob sighed as he snapped the phone shut. "Well, Mark, what do you make of that?"

"No more than we expected. You know Randy .... and Zack. Put those two studs in a small space, protective of their boys, and there'll be steam coming from their nostrils until they both piss on their territory and set some boundaries."

"Guess so," said Bob, then he laughed. "Can't wait to see the movie."

"And in the meantime," said Mark suggestively. "Seems to me that I put you through the ringer today, buddy, then fucked your ass real good. Wanna get your own back?"

"You got it, big guy. Always do like watching a stud cop getting his ass fucked."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" .... Chapter 126


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