Zack was helpless, his magnificent body spread-eagled naked on the sand, wrists and legs roped to stakes. His ebony muscles strained and gleamed in the bright moonlight as he looked up at Bob, standing over him holding a thick black whip. The moment had come for Bob's revenge.

But Bob hesitated. Was he really ready for this? He was a man of peace, conciliation. He did not believe in retribution ...... an eye for an eye ...... so could he really take revenge on this beautiful man he had come to love ..... especially after making such intense love in the waves? True, Zack had ended it by fucking him brutally .... but Zack always did that. And that was just the point that haunted Zack. His words still echoed in Bob's mind .....

"Shit, man I did it again. Like that first time ..... you looked so fucking hot, so incredibly beautiful, that I had to hurt you. That first time I whipped your perfect body, and this time I reamed your ass like a wild animal. What is it about me that wants to dominate you so brutally? I can't live with this obsession inside me, buddy, this need to hurt you. I have to ...... I dunno ..... make amends, put it right somehow."

He had recalled what Hassan had recently made Mark do to him in the desert ..... whip him as retribution. "I gotta purge myself of the guilt I feel, just as Hassan did. Bob, the only way is for you to do to me what I did to you ..... that first time and now tonight."

Zack had brought out the whip he had used the day before on Darius. He threw it at Bob's feet. He pointed down to the stakes jutting up from the ground, just as they had been when Zack had tied Bob spread-eagled on the sand weeks ago.

He stripped off his shirt and shorts and threw himself on his back on the sand. He stretched his arms and legs outward and gripped the stakes in his fists. Bob stood and looked down in amazement at the magnificent black bodybuilder, spread-eagled buck naked on the sand.

"Come on, buddy," Zack groaned. "Help me, man. You know what you have to do."


So Bob had tied Zack's his wrists and ankles to the posts and he now fingered the whip as he walked round the muscle-stud staked to the ground. Bob too had stripped naked, but he would have called a halt right there except for the pleading look in Zack's eyes as he said plaintively, "Please, man. Do this for me. It's the only way we can be equal ..... really seal our friendship."

But in the end it was not only Zack's need that moved Bob to action ...... it was the spectacular sight of this glorious man in helpless bondage. Zack was always a stunning sight, but this! .... this was a pornographic drawing come to life. Looking down now at his superb physique, muscles straining against his restraints, Bob felt his cock getting stiff in his shorts.

So he ignored his natural scruples and allowed impulse ..... lust .... to guide him. With his gaze focused on the Zack's sculpted pecs, he raised his arm ..... and cracked the whip across his chest. He watched the black bodybuilder spasm with pain, saw the eyes open wide and the jaw clench.

God he looked beautiful! As the body heaved and flexed Bob became lost in the visual fantasy and lost all sense of restraint. It was no longer Zack, no longer his buddy, but a stunningly erotic black muscle-god, bound naked, being savagely whipped. Lash after lash curled over the writhing body, the chest, shoulders and arms that pulled helplessly against the ropes.

Bob saw the pain in Zack's face as it twisted from side to side, saw the body stretched to its limit, veins etched in the tortured muscles. But Zack made no sound, determined to take the punishment he felt he deserved. Stoically silent he looked up in awe at the perfect man .... this Superman ..... striding around him naked in the moonlight, wielding the whip. This was the man he loved, the man he had hurt, and he needed to feel the pain of retribution.

"Harder, man," Zack moaned. "Let me feel you hurt me ...... I need it, man ...... God I love you."

The words drove Bob to even greater effort, and as the whip cracked again and again he gasped at what now riveted his gaze. Zack's huge cock was standing up rigid, hard as steel, as the body writhed in pain. Instinctively Bob curled the whip around the shaft, watching it spasm and spring free as the leather uncoiled painfully from it.

He did it again and again until ...... suddenly everything stopped. Their bodies heaving, drenched in sweat, the two men gazed at each other with a look of hypnotic intensity. One last time Bob curled the whip round Zack's rigid cock. Zack screamed, his body shuddered and a huge plume of whit juice blasted from his cock, high in the air, and then splashed down onto his chest and face. It was followed by another ribbon of cum as the cock kept erupting.

The effect on Bob was electrifying. Suddenly the spell was broken, the fantasy dissolved. He looked down in horror at his friend, his buddy, staked to the ground, his shuddering body striped with welts from the whip, face twisted in pain and exhaustion. And it was he, Bob, who had done this, had tortured this beautiful man, the man who a short time before had made spectacular love to him in the ocean.

"NO!" Bob howled. He hurled the whip away from him in disgust and fell to his knees. "Oh, man, this is not the way. I love you man .... we love each other. There's no room for revenge between us, no hurt, no pain. I completely lost it, buddy. I'm sorry. Forgive me."

Zack opened his eyes and managed a smile. "Go easy on yourself, buddy. You gave me just what I needed ..... what I asked for. I needed to submit to you, to see you dominate me, to feel your strength. And you were spectacular."

Bob looked into Zack's eyes with a look of bewilderment. But then his thoughts cleared and he returned Zack's smile. "There is another way, Zack ..... a better way." Quickly he untied the ropes from Zack's ankles, eased forward between his legs and pushed them up high.

"You want me to dominate you, to make you submit? I don't need a whip for that, Zack. This is how you really feel my strength."

He pushed his rigid dick against the hole, then with one savage stroke plunged it deep inside Zack's gut. Both men howled with the euphoric sensation of their usual roles being reversed. The powerful black stud, the man who was always the aggressor, the top man, was now being savagely fucked by the man whose ass he had so often penetrated. It was always Zack who gazed down at the Bob beneath him as he fucked him, but now he was on the bottom looking up, feeling the full force of Bob's cock ramming inside him.

Zack pulled frantically at the ropes binding his wrists, longing to touch the rock hard body. Bob's cock pistoned inside him mercilessly but Zack felt no pain. "Oh, man," he groaned. "You're fucking incredible, man. Now I know ..... that's what I wanted, that's what I needed. Fuck me, man. Fuck your buddy's ass. Come on, man. Make me shoot another load."

Bob rested his hands on Zack's chest, and Zack felt the full weight of the muscle-jock heaving above him, pinning him to the ground. He saw the soft brown eyes gazing into his, heard his voice.

"I love your ass, buddy. I love fucking you. You feel my strength now, crushing you? You gonna submit to me?"

"YES! Fuck me, man. Cum inside my ass. Please, sir. I submit!"

And once again Zack's cock exploded as he felt Bob's cock erupt inside him, felt the unaccustomed sensation of Bob's juice pouring into his ass.


Their hearts were still pounding in unison as Bob reached forward, untied Zack's wrists and fell on top of him. Zack threw his arms round him and they rolled over and over in the soft, warm sand. They were still in the same tight embrace as they fell asleep, under the waning light of the full moon that was finally setting over the far horizon, its last gleams bathing the ocean in gold.


"Well, we haven't heard from them, so I guess no news is good news," Bob said as he and Zack jogged along the beach in the direction of Mark's shack where Darius and the twins had spent the night together. The two men had woken late, had a swim, and decided to go pick up their boys for breakfast.

And there is no doubt that the boys would have called their night 'good news.' Contrary to Darius's expectations the twins had shed their shy image and taken charge, giving him a spectacular sexual experience. Tied to the workout bench he had been treated to one wild act after another ...... and everything had been double ..... sex in duplicate!

"No sign of life," said Zack as they neared the shack. "Darius said he would take care of the twins so I hope he lived up to his promise."

They came up to the door, knocked quietly and pushed it open. Their jaws dropped as they took in the scene. Darius was propped up in bed with a huge smile of satisfaction on his face. A breakfast tray was on his lap and the twins stood on either side tending to him, one with a coffee pot, the other with a skillet.

"Hi, guys," Darius beamed. "Join us for breakfast?"

"Shit damn," said Zack. "I guess you took care of the twins just fine, bro."

"Well, not exactly, sir. Actually, it's the twins who took care of me .... all night."

"I bet they did," Bob smiled, seeing the gleam in the twins' eyes. "And I suppose that ten-inch piece of meat of yours had nothing to do with it."

"Oh yes it did, sir......" Kyle blurted out but was silenced by a sharp nudge from his brother.

Breakfast on the small patio was a noisy affair as high spirits overflowed, resonant of the extraordinary night they had all spent. Afterwards they all went for a swim, then cleaned Mark's shack and locked it up.

They walked back along the beach in the same formation as when they came the day before ..... Darius and the twins walking slightly ahead of the men. Zack and Bob grinned as they listened to the animated conversation going on in front of them. Darius was again in charge and had assumed the tone of authority he always used with the boys.

"You guys did really great. We should do it again sometime."

"That would be awesome, sir," said Kevin. "See, we really look up to you. You're so ..... like ..... so macho. We wanna work hard so we can become exactly like you, sir."

Darius was flattered. "Well .... sure. I guess if you work hard at it you can end up like me ...... except .....well, not exactly."

"Why, sir?" Kyle asked, disappointed.

"Well, face it dudes ..... no matter how hard you work, you're never gonna be black."

Behind them Zack and Bob collapsed with laughter. Darius turned round and faced them, walking backwards, his arms outstretched, his eyes sparkling with mock seriousness.

"What? ..... did I say something funny?"

He turned back to the twins and continued their conversation. "'Course, there's another thing too."

"Yes, sir?"

"Yeah, well .......... no matter how hard your work you're probably never gonna end up with a ten-inch dick like mine, either."


Late that afternoon Randy and Mark were sitting at the poolside table when they heard two trucks pull up outside. They immediately saw the change in all five men the instant they walked through the gate. Darius seemed taller somehow, moving with the confident stride of an assertive man rather than the youthful saunter of a boy. And the twins appeared to have shed their shyness as they talked animatedly with Darius.

The glow around Bob and Zack was unmistakable. Their friendship had evidently undergone a reinforcement that was no doubt the result of renewed sexual intensity. At the table Mark saw Randy stiffen and he put a restraining hand on his arm. Randy had long since given his blessing to Bob's intimacy with Zack, but his proprietary instinct still took over when he imagined his lover being fucked by the magnificent black stud.

Randy relaxed and smiled at Mark. "Thanks, buddy. What would I do without you to rein me in? Sure don't want another tongue-lashing from you like the last one." He leapt to his feet and took Bob in his arms. "Had a good time I see," he whispered in his ear. "Zack treat you as you deserve?"

Bob grinned. "Let's just say we both got what we needed."

"And I never crossed you mind, eh?"

"Bullshit. You know I always miss the hell out of you, man."

"Oh yeah? So let's go and see how much." He grabbed Bob's wrist and pulled him toward the house. "Excuse us," he shouted to the others. "See you in a few. We have some business to take care of."

Mark looked at Zack and laughed. "'Business'! So that's what they're calling it these days."

In fact Randy was all business when he and Bob were alone in their bedroom. "Strip," he said abruptly. Bob threw off his T-shirt shorts and sneakers and threw himself down on his back on the bed. Randy towered over him and smiled at him.

"And I missed the hell out of you too, buddy. You know, I'm OK with you going off with Zack ..... on one condition. That you make it up to me the minute you get back." He stripped naked, knelt on the bed, pressed his hard dick against Bob's ass and pushed it forcefully deep inside. His pale blue eyes penetrated Bob's as he said. "I'm glad you're home, buddy."

"Oh yeah," Bob moaned with pleasure, clenching his ass muscles round the cock he knew so well. "That feels like home. And you know ..... there's just no place like it."


Dinner that evening at the long table by the pool was a celebration, a feeling everyone shared that their group had matured, had come a long way from the days of "ownership", where sexual experiment could be met with punishment and pain. Even Randy, the boss, the most territorial and possessive of them all, had come to realize that whenever Bob coupled with one of the other men, his love and lust for Randy was intensified ...... as they had just proved splendidly once more upstairs.

The boys were especially animated as Darius was falling over himself to relay to Pablo and Jamie every detail of the trial of strength Zack had subjected him to, followed by his extraordinary night with the twins.

"No way," Jamie gasped over one especially lurid detail. "They never did!"

"I kid you not," Darius said. "And I'm not exaggerating."

"Hmm, that would be a first," Pablo grinned.

The twins were eager to show their love and respect for all the guys in the way they knew best, and produced a spectacular meal, to great applause that made them blush. It seemed that harmony was completely restored ...... until Mark stood up and made an announcement that promised once again to rock the community boat.

"Guys, I want you to know that this weekend I have invited my friend Hassan to stay a couple of days with us." All movement and noisy chatter stopped instantly as eight pairs of eyes were riveted on Mark's face. "He'll be sharing the room with Jamie and me." As he looked around at them his gazed lingered a few seconds on Randy.

"Now I say 'my friend Hassan' because that's what he is ..... a friend to me and my boy Jamie. Most of you are aware of our history but that was in a distant time and place, in wartime. We have made our peace and I hope that those of you who resented him in the past ...." (again he glanced at Randy) "....can make your peace too. Now Jamie, stand up. I want you to tell the guys how you feel about this. You know you can speak freely."

Jamie stood up and blushed, uneasy at being the focus of attention. He cleared his throat. "I .... er .....well, as you guys know we recently had a little ..... adventure ..... in the desert with Hassan. But it all turned out fine and I agree with Mark that he's a great guy and I ..... I like him a lot."

"Way to go, dude," shouted Darius. "And later you've gotta spill all the details of that little 'adventure' of yours."

The gust of laughter broke the uneasy silence that had settled over the group, and Darius and Pablo pulled Jamie down beside them and quietly started to grill him. The boisterous atmosphere resumed and it was a contented and fairly drunk group that broke up for the night.

The only place that discomfort lingered was in the bedroom of Randy and Bob. Instead of moving around authoritatively as Randy always did, tonight he was clearly irritable as he pulled off his clothes, banged around in the shower and then threw himself down on the bed. Bob knew the mood well and waited a while before he confronted it. They were both lying on their backs staring at the ceiling when Bob finally spoke.

"You know, buddy, he's Mark's friend, and Mark is our friend, and that should just about say it all."

"He's an asshole," Randy growled.

Bob tried levity. "Who, Mark or Hassan?"

"You know who I mean. I'll never forget what that sadist did to Mark in the military ...... torturing him the way he did."

"Look, if Mark has got beyond that so should we. At least be civil to him when he's here."

There was silence for a minute. Then Randy blurted out, "You're gonna be here all the time aren't you?"

"Sure I am." Bob sighed deeply. "And it looks as if I'm gonna have my work cut out."

Randy looked at him ...... and his face broke into a grin. "You think you're pretty hot stuff, don't you, asshole? Looks like I'm gonna have to fuck that arrogance out of you."

As Randy wrapped his arms round him Bob relaxed. "That's more like it ..... sir. You're the boss."

"Oh yeah?" Randy said. "Sometimes I wonder about that."


It was the boys who were most on edge that Friday evening as they waited for Hassan to arrive. Darius and Pablo had dragged Jamie's story out of him, every last detail, and it had whetted their appetite for another look at the soldier. The twins had never seen him and chatted excitedly to each other as they prepared dinner.

Jamie, of course, had been the closest of the boys to Hassan, but Darius too had had his fantasy fulfilled earlier on when Randy had made him push his huge dick inside Hassan as a final act of retribution. Pablo had only seen Hassan briefly when he and Darius helped clean him up after his beating by Randy.

Hassan had called Mark to say he was on his way, coming straight from the Marine Base in his work clothes as he was running late. The men were drinking their first beer of the evening and were fairly relaxed, even Randy whose glowering look had given way to a more benign mood after Bob's persistent peacemaking efforts.

The twins were setting the table for dinner when suddenly all heads looked up sharply as they heard the sound of tires on gravel outside. Mark stood up and hurried out to meet Hassan. After a few minutes the gate opened and Pablo grabbed Darius's arm and gasped, "Jesus Christ."

"Not quite, but close," Darius said.

The two men looked spectacular as they stood side by side ...... contrasting images of the perfect male. The group was used to Mark, of course, the blonde Greek god, but Hassan's exotic, olive-skinned beauty stunned them into slack-jawed silence. They gazed at his finely sculpted Asian features, square jaw, high cheek bones, his jet-black hair hanging over his broad forehead, almost into his slanted dark eyes.

As he had told Mark, he was still wearing his Marine Corps work-clothes, dark green fatigues tucked into heavy work boots and a green work-shirt that hung open, revealing a tight green tank top underneath and his military dog tags hanging round his neck. His body was the kind of perfect physique that no amount of clothing could disguise ...... broad shoulders, bulging pecs and a slim, tight waist.

Mark broke the stunned silence by stepping forward and saying, "Gentlemen ..... allow me to introduce my buddy Hassan."

Hassan flashed a brilliant smile and they heard for the first time the musical lilt of his low, accented voice. "It is an honor for me to meet you all. Mark has told me much about you, and I see he has not exaggerated in the slightest."

Jamie was the first to move. He jumped to his feet and Hassan opened his arms to greet the boy he already knew intimately. After a quick glance at Mark for approval Jamie walked forward and accepted Hassan's prolonged hug. "Great to see you again, sir," Jamie said.

"Me too, Jamie."

The ice was broken and Mark smiled. "Actually, Hassan, I think you've met everyone before, at least briefly, except for the twins ..... Kyle and Kevin." Shyly the twins shook hands and, blushing, quickly returned to their table-setting tasks.

It wasn't long before the boisterous enthusiasm of the boys and their men enfolded Hassan into the group. The meal was almost ready and Mark took him into the house so he could rinse off the dust of the highway. When he came back out there was one more stunning visual treat for the boys. Hassan looked at the casually dressed group round the table ..... mostly shorts and tank tops ...... and he smiled.

"Guess I'm a little over-dressed." He pulled off his loose shirt and tossed it over a chair. There was an audible gasp as the boys saw his muscular body under the tank top ..... broad, sinewy shoulders, wide V-shaped lats sloping down to the slim waist cinched by his military belt. The tank was tight enough to show off the washboard abs rippling underneath.

Darius nudged Pablo. "Dude, will you look at that! It's just like that porn drawing I've got ..... 'Military Fantasy!' Oh, man, I gotta get a video of this. This is gonna be one hot fucking weekend." And he ran indoors to get his camera.


Everyone behaved well ...... even Randy. With Bob firmly at his side he felt secure in the knowledge that at least this man wouldn't lose his head. In a quiet moment he reassured himself as he said into Bob's ear. "I see you looking at him, buddy. He's quite the stud. But you would never ......."

Bob frowned in mock frustration. "You know me better than that, Randy. I'm all yours, big guy."

It was the boys who made the most noise. They grilled Hassan about his life abroad and his work in the U.S. attached to the Marine Corps. Hassan took it all good-naturedly and gave them enough information to fill Darius's fantasy file for months to come. Jamie was glowing with complacent pride, knowing that he was the one who would sleep that night between Hassan and Mark, getting fucked by both of them, and a lot else besides.

One thing was remarkable, though Bob was the only one sensitive enough to pick up on it ...... the silence of Pablo. He did not join in the rapid-fire questions of the others, though he listened intensely to Hassan and kept his eyes fixed on him throughout the meal.

The same was true when they went for a swim after dinner. Pablo's eyes were saucer wide when he saw Hassan strip naked with everyone else before they all jumped into the pool. Nobody bothered to hide their stiff erections as they gazed at Hassan's glorious naked body for the first time.

When the evening finally came to an end Bob sighed with relief that it had all been an untarnished success. As conversation wound down Mark took the lead. He pulled Hassan and Jamie to their feet and threw his arms round their shoulders. "Bed, guys," he smiled. "You must be exhausted, Hassan."

"Yeah, but not too exhausted," murmured Darius as he got one lost departing shot with his camera. "That Jamie is one lucky fucking dude," he said to Pablo. "And tomorrow he's gonna give us every last, steamy detail, even if we have to torture it out of him."

Bob and Randy were next to leave, as Bob grinned. "Well done, buddy. You didn't lay a finger on him."

"Ah, he's OK I guess. At least he's all man. Anyway, it's your ass I want, not his."

Zack and the twins went back across the street ...... and Zack suggested they spend the night with him rather than in their own guest house. "Maybe you can do for me what you did for Darius in the dunes, uh?" They couldn't wait.

That left Darius and Pablo chatting by the pool. Darius looked at his friend quizzically. "Dude, you sure were quiet tonight. Couldn't take your eyes off that hunk either. You fallen in lust with Hassan or something? Couldn't blame you if you did. He can put his boots under my bed any night of the week."

"Asshole!" said Pablo. "Hassan's OK, I guess ..... but I could take it or leave it. No big deal."


But that was not true ..... not true at all. The next day he maintained his stand-offish attitude to Hassan, who in any case spent much of his time with Mark and Jamie. Hassan kept his distance from Randy, even though the boss man seemed no longer to have any animosity toward him. At the same time Hassan couldn't help noticing that Pablo was also keeping his distance ...... from him.

Hassan wanted to clear the air, though, and his opportunity came on Sunday morning when they were all hanging out lazily in the garden. Pablo was sitting alone under the shade of a tree, rather sullenly, and out of earshot of the other guys round the pool. A shadow fell on him and he looked up to see Hassan towering over him, looking stunning in swim-trunks.

"Hi, Pablo," he said with a dazzling smile. "Mind if I join you?" He sat on the grass next to him. "You know you haven't said much to me since I got here. I get the feeling you've been avoiding me. Did I do something to offend you?"

"Oh no, sir," said Pablo hurriedly, blushing. "No way. In fact ....... well ......I guess I was too shy to ask you questions like the other guys. I wanted to, though."

Hassan laughed. "Well, here we are, so fire away."

Now that they were alone Pablo gazed into the handsome face and the floodgates opened. He became alive, firing questions at Hassan, mostly about life in the Marines. It wasn't long before a warmth developed between them. Hassan really liked the handsome kid, his exotic dark-haired features a junior version of his own.

As for Pablo, what always turned him on most was a man who was rugged and tough .... like his master Randy ..... and Hassan certainly filled the bill there ...... apart from being spectacular looking. And the sight of him in his Marine uniform had been an erotic thrill all on its own. The military had always held a special fascination for the boy.

As their conversation progressed and became more relaxed Hassan asked what kind of work Pablo did, and the boy poured out all his youthful enthusiasm for the big machines and vehicles he worked on at the construction sights. "Would you like to see, sir?" he suddenly asked on impulse.

His enthusiasm was so infectious that Hassan was caught up in the moment. "Well sure, kid. Sure I would. If it's OK with ........"

Pablo ran over to where Randy and Bob were sitting. "Sir," he said, his eyes sparkling, "is it OK if I take Hassan to the construction site and show him the work I do on the equipment there?"

The question came like a bolt out of nowhere and Randy instantly stiffened. His immediate reflex was to refuse permission, but he felt Bob's hand squeezing his wrist. Bob leaned over and spoke in his ear. "Look at the kid, Randy. I've never seen him so excited. You gonna pour cold water over that?"

Randy glared at Bob, then softened. "OK, kid," he said grudgingly. "But the meal will be ready soon, so don't be long."

As he ran off excitedly they gazed after him ...... and an uneasy feeling started to crawl up Bob's spine. Maybe he had given Randy the wrong advice.


Pablo put on his sneakers and Hassan pulled his fatigues over his swim trunks and put on his heavy boots. Pablo drove them in his truck and as he sat shoulder to shoulder with Hassan he felt alive, empowered somehow. He had a sense of opening a new chapter in his life, of leaving the past behind.

He was very aware of how Darius had changed since his experience with Zack in the dunes ..... become more assertive, dominant. That was hot, but it made Pablo feel more subordinate than ever. But next to Hassan he felt a renewed confidence, felt an affinity with the soldier. With his Mestizo background Pablo had the same exotic looks as Hassan and he looked on him almost as an older brother.

At the construction site Pablo was really in his element. The big heavy machinery was his kingdom and he explained with pride their intricate servicing needs. Whenever he turned to face Hassan and their eyes met the boy faltered for a spilt second before his mechanic's enthusiasm took over again.

Hassan was at first amused by the young boy's energy and passion for his work, but gradually felt a stronger affection, something close to the affinity Pablo felt. Pablo was like the younger brother he had always wanted. That, plus he was, of course, extremely beautiful.

They had been there a while and Pablo was on his knees beside a big earth mover, showing off the enormous wheels and drive shaft. He was focused on the vehicle at first but then turned to speak to Hassan ...... and fell suddenly silent.

Hassan was standing over him, his arms stretched up as he leaned on a bar above his head. The sun was behind him giving his body an almost ethereal glow. Stripped to the waist, his muscular torso gleamed, tapering down from broad shoulders to the slim waist at his fatigue pants.

Pablo fell into a kind of trance, riveted by the spectacular face smiling down at him. Slowly he lowered his eyes over the neck, down over the bulge of his magnificent chest, over the ripped abs and down to the wide leather belt tight round his waist. His gaze went lower, over the pants ..... and it was then that he let out an audible gasp. The pants were stretched tight round his hips throwing into sharp relief the bulge at his crotch.

The boy was mesmerized. The world he knew dissolved, receded into the shadows. This was his new world, his new reality. Only then did he realize that his cock had been rigid ever since Hassan had sat down beside him in the garden. But he had been so enthralled by the man himself that he was not even aware of his own sexual arousal. It went beyond lust. He was captivated by Hassan.

And there was only one thing he could do now. He had one burning need that went beyond thought, beyond reason, with no reference to past or future. This was now .....this time and this place. This was Hassan.

He raised his hands to Hassan's waist and quickly unbuttoned his pants. He reached inside, pulled down the waistband of the swim trunks and curled his fingers round the iron-hard shaft inside. His eyes misted over as he pulled it out ...... Hassan's cock ..... Hassan's beautiful cock. He leaned forward, breathed in the scent of the man, then opened his mouth and pushed forward, taking in the whole length of the cock deep, deep inside his throat.

He squeezed his throat muscles tight around the huge rod and heard Hassan's deep voice moan above him. There were no conscious thoughts of love of lust ...... except for one. Pablo loved Hassan's cock. He loved it! It was his, in his mouth and he wanted it to be there forever. He pulled his head back, then lowered it again ..... and again and again. He reached round and planted his hands over the mounds of Hassan's ass, just as Hassan clamped his hands behind Pablo's head and pulled it toward him.

Pablo didn't care about the pain as the head of the cock pounded the back of his throat, didn't care that he choked, gagged, that his eyes were streaming with tears. His one desire was to give pleasure to Hassan, to prove himself to him, show him the depth of his desire for him. The piston action went on and on and he heard Hassan's rasping breaths, the moans of euphoria, and then heard his voice.

"Oh Pablo, that feels sensational. Suck my cock, man. Show me how much you love my huge prick. Eat it ..... take it all the way down. Oh, man, you're gonna make me shoot my load inside you. Take it, Pablo ..... drink my semen."

Pablo was in a world where the only thing that mattered was the taste of Hassan's flesh as it swelled in his mouth, as it spasmed one last time ..... and poured hot liquid deep inside his throat. Pablo gulped, almost choking, then swallowed again and again as the juice streamed inside him. So intense was his focus on Hassan that he was unaware that his own cock had exploded in his shorts.

It seemed a long time before their cocks were finally exhausted and the semen stopped flowing. Pablo pulled his head back and gazed upward, white juice spilling out of his open mouth. Hassan pulled him up by his shoulders and clamped his mouth over Pablo's, probing with his tongue, sharing with the trembling boy the taste of his own sweet cum.


They were in the truck and Pablo was taking the long way home. He needed time to talk to Hassan, ask him questions ...... hell, just to be with him. Hassan's own thoughts were reeling, at once ecstatic but horrified at what had happened. This was Randy's boy. It couldn't happen ...... but it had ......spectacularly and irrevocably.

And so they talked, not really about what had just happened but about each other, their shared interests and pleasures, their lives, their hopes for the future. They got to know each other beyond the heat of passion. Hassan's affection for the boy deepened and his overwhelming imperative was to guide him, to shield him from pain and sadness. It was the protective instinct of an older brother.

But Hassan knew that it could not end right here. What they felt would not go away no matter how much they suppressed it. They needed time for their feelings to evolve, to mature, and then perhaps diminish until they disappeared. Maybe, Hassan thought, it was simply lust, infatuation, and maybe reality would take over and propel them back to where they had been before he ever arrived on the scene. Only time would tell.

Pablo seemed to dwell on the Marine Corps, asking a million questions about Camp Pendleton, about the life of a Marine, the comradeship ..... "Semper Fi". It was clear that Pablo had a fixation, a fascination, with the military. As the boy talked Hassan formed a sense of what they should do, what might help to clarify the situation. At that moment Pablo made a suggestion. And Hassan agreed.


By the time they arrived back at the house they were calm and relaxed, almost as if nothing had happened ....... except of course that it had, and they knew it. They walked through the gate and saw the men already seated round the table at lunch. Hassan felt Pablo's body stiffen beside him as he pulled himself up to his full height and took a deep breath. Then Pablo strode ahead and stood before Randy.

He looked deep into Randy's steel blue eyes. "Sir. I want to ask you something. When Hassan leaves later today I would like him to take me down to Camp Pendleton, to show me the Marine Base there. He has said he would and I want him to. See ..... I think I might want to join the Marines."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Part 107"


Rob Williams

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