Although the house was full of confident, opinionated (not to mention gorgeous) men, twilight fell over it when Bob and Randy were away sorting out their stormy relationship. It was as if the house itself held its breath ...... and heaved a sigh of relief when they returned, as they did now, the sparkle in their eyes leaving no doubt that all was well ..... better than ever, in fact.

The boss and his lover were back, and the house quickly resumed its normal rhythm. Mark and Zack were relaxing over beers in Zack's garden, and Mark repeated a question he had asked earlier. "So, whad'ya think now, buddy? Think the boat's finally stopped rocking?"

Zack laughed. "Calm as a mill-pond right now, but you never know with those two. But it sure as hell makes life interesting. At least now we can get on with our lives. And you're off on a trip up to the dunes, I hear ...... with that hot young surfer dude of yours."

"Yeah. You know one thing concerns me about Jamie. He's great at running the office here but it means he spends almost all his time in the house. The other boys go out to work ......"

"....yeah and Darius comes home to me spilling all his stories about the guys on the crew, the clients .... you know, all the people he's met."

"That's just the point, Zack. I want Jamie to meet other guys outside the house too. I'd like to see how he responds to meeting someone new, maybe a guy who looks up to him. So I'm gonna keep my eyes open. Wanna see that hot young boy of mine spread his wings a bit.


So a few days later here they were, the handsome cop and his golden surfer boy, halfway up the coast to the Guadalupe Dunes. Jamie was in his little slice of heaven. This was when he was happiest, sitting beside Mark in his truck, off to spend a few days together. As so often before, Mark was wearing the black tank top that Jamie had once given him, setting off the chiseled, tanned muscles rippling underneath. Jamie tried to keep his eyes focused forward on the road, but every time he stole a look at Mark his cock sprang to attention in his faded blue surfer trunks.

In fact both men had a roaring hard-on ..... had done since leaving the house. They had been up and out so early they had missed out on the early-morning fuck that was part of their ritual. "No time for that this morning, kid," Mark had said. "Gotta hit the road." And now he regretted that decision. As they drove Jamie had one hand on Mark's crotch and the other on his own, and he was stroking them both seductively.

Out of the corner of his eye Mark saw the beautiful face of the young surfer, his eyes shining eagerly, tousled blond hair falling over his forehead. That sight, and the sensation in Mark's groin, was driving him crazy. "Better stop that, kid, or you'll have me creaming my jeans."

Reluctantly Jamie pulled his hand away but their cocks remained as rigid as ever. They had not fucked since they went to bed the night before, so they had both built up a head of steam that strained for release. They were silent as the truck sped north beside the ocean, their minds focused on one thing ...... sex.

"Fuck!" Mark said suddenly slamming his hands down on the steering wheel. He swerved off the road onto a dirt track winding inland toward a stand of trees. It was remote country out here, not a house or another soul for miles. The sound of the ocean grew dimmer in their ears as the truck followed the path until it came to a halt among the trees.

"Out of the truck, boy," Mark ordered in his commanding police officer voice." Jamie scrambled out and Mark pulled him toward the back of the truck. He pulled down the tailgate, grabbed the boy round the waist, lifted him bodily and dumped him down, sitting on the tailgate, his legs dangling over the end. He growled, "I'm damned if I'll drive another goddamn mile without getting my rocks off."

He pushed Jamie onto his back on a pile of canvas tarps, grabbed his legs and pulled him forward so his ass was hanging over the edge. In one quick move he pulled Jamie's surfer trunks down his legs and off. He unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled out his raging cock.

Wearing only his loose tank top now, Jamie gasped as he looked up at the spectacular cop standing at the foot of the truck. He had rarely seen his master as hungry as this for his ass and his heart pounded as he realized what was coming. Mark pushed his legs back and said, "Here .... grab them." Jamie grasped his ankles and pulled them back toward him, offering his naked ass to his master. Mark didn't touch him. Instead he ran his fingers lightly over his own chest, stroking his nipples through his black tank.

"Oh, man, you look so fucking hot, boy, so fine." He pushed his hips forward and the tip of his cock made contact with the warm hole, covered with a light fuzz of curly blond hair. "Here, boy, this is what you've been waiting for." Arching his back the cop thrust his pelvis forward and his cock pierced Jamie's hole, and drove deep down into his trembling ass. Jamie's head flew back and he screamed. When he opened his eyes the sight almost made him shoot his load.

Mark was towering over him, and their only point of contact was where the boy's ass was impaled on the cop's steel shaft. Mark had raised his arms and linked his hands behind his head, elbows sideways, biceps and shoulders flexing as his hips pistoned forward. His black tank was stretched tight over his magnificent torso, the slabs of his pecs chest and ridged abs clearly outlined underneath. "Look at me, boy," he shouted. "Take a good look. Watch that gorgeous cop hammer your ass."

Look at him ?! Jamie couldn't take his eyes off him. He was mesmerized watching Mark flex and pose as he continued to drive his cock deep in his boy's ass. Without breaking the rhythm of his pounding hips Mark held his arms put to the sides, then flexed his biceps in true bodybuilder pose. The black tank was perfect, better even than shirtless, and Jamie thought he had never seen a sight more beautiful, more erotic.

"Oh, sir, I think I'm gonna......"

"Don't come yet boy! I wanna feel that warm, sweet ass of yours. And don't speak. Not a word. Just watch the hot cop ploughing your ass." And so the powerful fuck continued with Mark showing off his glorious body like a bodybuilder on stage. He knew how stunning he looked and loved to show off to his boy, turning him on almost to the point of orgasm. Jamie was still holding his ankles, pulling his lags back, pushing his ass forward trying to take the cock deeper than ever.

Suddenly he gasped as Mark stopped posing and grabbed Jamie's cock in both fists, stroking it slowly. Jamie saw the hint of a smile in the blue-gray eyes. "OK, boy, now I know I've made you hot as a furnace and you're dying to shoot your load. And when you do it's gonna be the biggest gusher that's ever blasted out of this cock in my hands. I want to see a river of cum. Prove to me how much you love me, how much your master turns you on. Here we go, boy."

Jamie was in a delirium of pure lust. His master was still ramming his cock inside his ass, and his arms were flexing hard as he pounded Jamie's cock. Sweat was pouring off him, down his rugged face, down onto the black tank that clung, soaking, to his chest. Jamie had never felt so hot, so ready ..... ready to burst. And then he did. He felt the cop spear his ass deeper than ever, felt the cock shudder inside him and erupt like a volcano spilling hot lava.

His own cock pulsed as Mark's hands stopped and squeezed it. He hallucinated at the pornographic sight of muscular cop, then screamed as his cock exploded, pouring stream after stream of creamy white juice. Mark tilted the cock toward himself so the rivers of juice splashed onto his body, onto the black tank, then up to his neck and onto his face. He opened his mouth and caught the ribbons of cum, swallowing them greedily, not spilling a drop. Jamie's orgasm was endless, the biggest of his life, as jets of liquid kept blasting from him.

Suddenly Mark was laughing. Surprised at first, Jamie found himself joining in and their peals of jubilant laughter rang through the trees, drowning out the distant sound of the surf. At long last Jamie's cock stopped pumping juice. Master and boy were spent. Mark pulled out his cock, reached down for Jamie's wrist and pulled him to his feet so suddenly that the boy fell against him and Mark folded him tight in his muscular arms.

Jamie felt the cum-soaked tank pressing against him and just when he was being squeezed breathless Mark pulled back and gazed at him. "You are one spectacular boy with a spectacular ass, Jamie. Now do you believe I love you?"

Jamie's eyes sparkled. "Yes, sir. Absolutely, sir."

"Good. Now back in the truck." He slammed the tailgate shut and they jumped back into the cab. With a satisfied smile Mark threw the truck in gear, wheeled it round and sped back over the dirt road to the highway. A few minutes later they were sitting shoulder to shoulder, eyes on the road, just like before ..... except that now Mark's black tank top was smothered in cum.


Their heartbeats and breathing at last slowed to normal and there was silence in the truck for several miles. Then, his eyes still fixed on the road, Mark said, "I have a surprise for you, Jamie. You know that the shack in the dunes is not really mine. It belongs to a fellow officer, a buddy of mine on the force, and he lets me use it whenever I like. Well, see, he never comes here, so he asked if I want to buy it. I jumped at the chance, but here's the kicker. When the deal closes I'm gonna put the deed in your name, kid. The shack will belong to you."

It took Jamie many seconds to take this in. Mark was giving the shack to him, the place where they had first expressed their love for each other and where Mark had told Jamie he was his boy. To this day Jamie remembered word-for-word the rules Mark had laid down back then:

"You will be my boy. You will do everything I tell you to and I will do to you whatever I want, whenever I want. I will tie you down because I love to see you in bondage. I will even whip you because I love to see your face wince and your muscles strain to get free. I will fuck your face and, most of all, I will fuck your ass again and again because it's absolutely the best feeling in the world."

And the spectacular cop had kept his promise. All of those things had happened. So the shack in the dunes was almost a holy place to Jamie ..... and now it would be his ..... he would own it. His mind reeling he heard Mark's voice again, but this time he detected a smile in it.

"Ownership comes with one condition, though, boy." Jamie snapped back to attention. "When you own the shack you're gonna have to let me use it as often as I like. And when you come up here you're gonna have to bring me with you."

There was a pause, then Jamie's handsome young sunburned face crinkled with mischief. "Oh, I dunno about that, sir. See I would only ever bring a guy up here who wants to fuck me. Somebody who's so crazy about me he wants to make love all the time. And the guy would have to be totally gorgeous: in fact he'd have to be the most beautiful man in the world. See when I'm a property owner, sir, it'll be nothing but the best for me."

"You have anyone in mind, kid?"

Jamie looked at him and tried to keep a straight face, but he failed. He sputtered and then burst out laughing, throwing his arms round Mark's neck. "Thank you, sir, thank you, thank you." He kissed him on the cheek and the mouth but Mark pulled away."

"Hey, down boy. I'm trying to drive here. I'm getting hard again too, and I don't want to have to pull off the road again. We keep doing that and we'll never get there, and I can't wait for that first dive into surf."

"Which reminds me, sir, of another condition. Whoever I bring up here has to come surfing with me."

"Ah, yeah, well about that, kid. I'm not so sure that I ......"

"You promised, sir. No surfing, no sex."


There were two surfboards propped up in the back of the truck. Before they left, Jamie had persuaded Mark to come surfing with him when they got to the shack. Now, Mark had been an expert in his teens, high-school surfing champion in fact, but he had long since given it up when he went into the Police Academy. So he knew that Jamie, who was a natural on a surfboard, would show him up.

Still, a promise was a promise and when they finally bumped over the sandy path through the dunes Mark knew what would have to come first. They stowed their gear in the shack and Mark changed into swim trunks. It always turned Jamie on watching him take off his clothes.

When Mark pulled off the cum-soaked tank he looked at Jamie and said, "OK, boy, this is the price you pay for dragging me onto a surfboard." He held Jamie by the back of the head and pressed the tank hard into his face, rubbing it over his forehead, his eyes and lips. Jamie felt he would suffocate and the crazy notion flashed though his mind that if he died this was a spectacular way to go. He was overwhelmed by the smell and taste of his master's sweat and his own cum. The black tank that had been stretched over the cop's chest now ground into his face, and Jamie would have eaten it if he could.

Mark finally pulled away and threw the tank at him. "It's yours, kid. Keep it with you and whenever you wanna beat off thinking about me, hold it up to your face. Should get you off in a few seconds." God, thought Jamie, he knows me so well.

The time had come, and in a few minutes they were both paddling out toward open water on their boards. The session wasn't as bad as Mark had feared. It all came back to him quickly although it had been so long ago, and he had to admit that riding the waves alongside his boy was exhilarating. They laughed, yelled, teased and challenged each other, howling when the perfect wave came and they flew through the spray side by side. Jamie could have gone on forever, but as they were sitting astride their boards facing the shore, waiting for the next wave, Jamie suddenly said, "Hey, sir, I thought I saw someone in the dunes. Looked like someone's head but it ducked down again."

"Hmm, maybe your imagination, kid, but let's let the next wave take us in. All our gear's in the shack so we can't be too careful. The next wave was a doozy and they rode it all the way in, skidding across the sand. Mark ran partway up the dunes but all seemed quiet. "You were seeing things, kiddo ..... probably a seagull swooping or something. But hey, that surfing got my body all fired up, so how about a quick workout?"

Jamie loved watching his master work his muscles so they quickly pulled the bench-press off the patio and onto the sand. They slotted in the uprights, rested the bar on top and loaded the weights. "OK, kid, spot me." Jamie stood behind the bench and watched as Mark effortlessly pressed fifteen reps.

Looking down on the incredible body, the gleaming chest, shoulders and biceps flexing and straining, Jamie's cock was roaring hard in his surfer trunks. He noticed the bulge in Mark's shorts too ..... physical exercise always did that to Mark, especially when he was with his boy. As they took turns on the bench, two gorgeous bodies, two handsome faces, straining with effort, the whole thing became more an erotic display than a gym workout. Jamie grinned as he thought to himself, "Uh-uh, I have an idea where this is going."


As it happened, Jamie had not been imagining things. It had been a man's face that ducked down behind a dune, and now his eyes were riveted on the almost pornographic sight of the muscle-god and the young surfer working out together on the beach. He had watched the two spectacular blond men, surfing buddies apparently, riding the waves, their gorgeous bodies gleaming in the sun and spray.

The hidden observer had impulsively pulled out his cock and stroked it and he was still pounding it, much harder now, as he watched the men closer up, sweating and straining as they pumped iron. He stared mesmerized as the action heated up and he gasped in disbelief when he saw what came next.

Jamie was lying flat on the bench, breathing hard after a muscle-crunching set. He lay there, his arms stretched up holding on to the uprights, his boyish face ginning up at the Greek-God face of his master. Still dripping sweat Mark stared down at him and his hand stroked his crotch through his shorts. He shook his head in awe. "Oh boy. Why do you do this to me, kid? Why do you have to be so goddamn gorgeous? You know what I have to do, don't you?"

"I ..... I think so, sir."

Mark walked up to the patio and grabbed two old pieces of rope lying there. Jamie's arms were already stretched up and out as he gripped the uprights, so Mark simply tied his wrists to them. Jamie's upper body was spread-eagled, his legs hanging over the bottom of the bench. "OK, boy, you know what I want to see." Jamie knew well, and he put on quite a show. He looked up at his wrists and tried to pull them free. Then his body started to squirm, thrashing from side to side, turning on his hips, his lithe young muscles glinting in the sun as he writhed helplessly on the bench.

"God, that's spectacular," Mark breathed. He walked the few steps to the patio and pulled off the rail an old towel that had hung over it to dry. He flicked it hard across the chest of the writhing young surfer. Jamie howled, and the painful grimace on his face drove Mark into a frenzy. Again and again he snapped the towel against the perfect chest, knowing that the pain was minimal, just hard enough to make the body writhe.

As the boy cried out, putting on a show of feigned agony for his master, neither man heard the louder cry from behind the dune. The voyeur had been unable to watch this incredibly hot sex scene without blasting his load into the hot sand. As his cock drained it softened, but when he saw what happened next it instantly became rigid again.

Mark was yelling. "You had enough, boy? You know your ass is next, don't you?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

Mark threw the towel away, reached down and pulled Jamie's shorts down over his legs and tossed them away too. He grabbed Jamie's legs and pushed them back up against his chest. "Oh, man," he gasped, "That is so fucking beautiful." He was gazing down at Jamie's hole, vulnerable, expectant, and it was the light fuzz of pale blond hair, surrounding the ass and curling over it, that really turned Mark on.

He fell to his knees and buried his face between the while globes, licking the downy fur hungrily, then pushing his tongue into the thicket and deep into the boy's hole. He smelled, tasted the sweet musk of the boy's ass ..... his ass, the ass he owned, the ass that was his to fuck.

He pulled his head back and howled, "I love you, Jamie. I'm gonna fuck your sweet ass." He dropped his shorts, pressed his raging cock against the hole and buried it deep inside the surfer's ass. This was the climax of the day ..... after the impulsive fuck on the tailboard of the truck, the drive sitting next to his boy, surfing with him, then the sweating, muscle-crunching workout. Mark's body had pulsed with energy and desire and now he simply couldn't hold back. His blood raced through him, his heart pounded and he felt the heat rising from his groin through his cock.

"I'm cumming," he yelled to the wind, and Jamie felt his master's cock explode in his ass. His own orgasm erupted over his bound body, streaming over his chest, into his face and his tousled blond hair. Mark pulled his cock out, pointed it down at his boy, and blasted more cum down onto his shuddering body.


This time they both heard it, an ecstatic scream from behind the dune. The hidden man had watched the amazing scene of bondage, whipping and ass penetration, watched these two glorious men pour with sweat as they made savage love, and he had screamed as he blasted another huge load into the dunes.

Mark raised his head suddenly as he heard more sounds, loud voices. "Faggot! Filthy fucking faggot!" ....... "No! No, don't, please ......"

Mark pulled on his shorts and raced over the dune. It took him seconds to size up the situation. Two tattooed young thugs were beating up on a young guy, pounding him, yelling obscenities, with liberal use of the word "Faggot!"

"Freeze!" Mark's commanding voice made them whirl round, leaving their victim huddled sobbing on the ground. "He was jacking off," one of them said. "The faggot was jacking off."

"So you gave him what he deserved," Mark growled. "Oh, yeah, you're real tough guys. Takes two of you to beat up one young guy. Well how about taking me on, assholes?" He held his hands out to his sides, beckoning with his fingers. "Come on, here I am, guys. Come and get me."

They made a half-hearted lunge at him but Mark caught them by the scruff of their T-shirts, hauled them up bodily and banged their heads to together. Howling they slumped to the ground, stunned. Mark snarled, "Not your lucky day, you shit-faced losers. I'm a cop. But I don't have time to waste on scumbags like you, so here's what I'm gonna do." He pulled his smartphone out of his shorts and quickly took pictures of them.

"When I go into town I'm gonna turn these mug-shots over to the local cops, who probably know you already, and they'll deal with you, unless you get the hell out of town and stay out. Now get the fuck out of my sight and if I ever lay eyes on you again I'll throw your sorry asses in jail so fast your head will spin." Panicked, they fled, stumbling through the deep sand of the dunes.

Mark turned to the victim huddled on the ground and pulled him to his feet. He fell against Mark and pressed his head against his chest, sobbing with exhaustion and relief as he felt the cop's strong arms fold round him. "Hey, hey, it's OK, kid. It's over. You've got me to protect you now. Here, let's take a look." He held the boy at arm's length, felt his face, his ribs and stomach. The thugs had not had time to do any real damage.

He was a nice-looking kid, Mark thought, still scared-looking, a bit shy, about the same age as Jamie. "What's your name, kid?"

The boy stared wide-eyed at the gorgeous cop, his protector. "Nate, sir. My name's Nate."


"Shit .... my boy," Mark said suddenly and whirled round. "Follow me, Nate." He ran back to the shack and Jamie looked up at him, wide-eyed with concern, still roped to the bench. "Sorry, kid," Mark said. "Just a piece of business I had to take care of." Then the nervous newcomer was standing beside him.

"Oh, Jamie this is Nate. Nate..... Jamie."

Jamie looked up with surprise. "Hey, dude. I'd shake your hand but ........"

"......but I guess you're a bit tied up right now, eh mate?"

He stopped and blushed, surprised by his own teasing words. There was an uncertain pause, then Jamie burst out laughing and Mark joined in, saying, "Yeah, a bit tied up. You said a mouthful there, kid." He reached forward, quickly untied the ropes and pulled Jamie to his feet. Now Jamie did hold out his hand and the boy shook it shyly.

"What's that weird accent, Nate?"

"Australian. I'm from Sydney, Australia."

Jamie's eyes opened wide. "That is so cool."

"Look," Mark cut in. "I could sure use a cold beer. You drink beer, Nate?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir." Nate was still in awe of this Greek God, the most beautiful man he had seen in his life.

A few minutes later they were sitting on the deck sipping beers. Jamie said, "I'm not drinking much 'cause I'm gonna go back into the waves. Hey, you're from Sydney, Nate ...... you must be a surfer. They all surf there, don't they?"

Nate blushed again, being questioned directly. "Well, not everyone's a surfer, but I am."

"It must be so cool to go surfing in Australia," Jamie said. "I Googled it once and it said Manly beach has the best surfing."

"Well, there's always a debate, Manly or Bondi. I usually go to Bondi 'cause I like the vibe, and there are lots of hot guys there ......"

He trailed off and blushed again, thinking he had given too much away. But Mark smiled and said, "So what's your story, kid? What are you doing way out here and all alone?"

Nate gulped as he looked at Mark's handsome, smiling face. "Well, sir, I always wanted to visit L.A. 'cause I heard there are lots of beautiful men here ......." Again he trailed off, but Jamie said. "Come on dude, don't be shy. You can talk to us."

Encouraged by Jamie's friendly grin Nate said. "See, I'm 21 but I've never really been with a guy, but I jerk off a lot. I've watched movies about guys ..... well, you know, porn, I guess ..... and I've read lots of stories and often jerked off over them. And when I came over the dunes and saw you guys surfing it was like one of those stories had come to life. And then when you came back and started working out, and you tied Jamie up, sir, and whipped him with the towel it looked so hot, like a fantasy come true and I shot my load."

His eyes were shining now as his story picked up speed. "I thought that was all, so I couldn't believe it when you, like, ate his ass, like in the movies, and then put your cock inside him. It was like a pornographic drawing I have on my bedroom wall, and I shot another load. It was then that those two blokes grabbed me and started ....." His eyes teared up and there was an uncomfortable silence. Jamie's heart went out to the shy boy and he grabbed his arm.

"Hey, dude, you wanna grab Mark's board and come out with me. We'll have a blast ..." He stopped himself and looked at Mark. "That is if it's OK with you, sir."

Mark laughed. "Nate, you would be doing me a big favor if you take my place on that board. I wasn't looking forward to another surfing lesson from my boy here, so please, go right ahead."

Jamie jumped up, ran into the shack and came out with a spare pair of trunks. "Here, put these on, Nate." Shyly Nate turned his back to them, took of his jeans and T-shirt and pulled on the shorts. Jamie and Mark smiled at each other seeing the boy's shyness and modesty. But soon Jamie and Nate were racing down to the water, their big boards tucked under their arm.

Mark watched them go and the thought crossed his mind that this might be the very thing he had had in mind for Jamie when they started out today ..... some young guy he could share things with ...... like surfing!


Mark lay on the sand, his back propped up against the rail of the shack's deck, and he watched with growing affection as the boys surfed together. They seemed a great match, laughing together, challenging each other, yelling encouragement atop the waves. Mark breathed a deep sigh. His somewhat vague ideas about Jamie's needs now came into sharp focus.

He thought of the other boys at the house. Pablo and Darius both had their masters of course but they also had each other, buddies of the same age. They loved each other, shared a room and mostly spent their nights together. Same went for the twins, safe in each other's arms and both loving their spectacular master.

But Jamie ..... all Jamie had was Mark. He knew the boy worshipped him, lived for him, and he enjoyed the company of the other boys in the house too, but he had nobody of his age as a special friend. That was not good for their relationship. Mark realized that Jamie might eventually feel stifled with no other outlet. And so he had a satisfied smile on his face as he watched the boys finally walk out of the surf and up the beach.

Nate was a good-looking guy ..... nicely proportioned, slim .... a swimmer's body. Could use a few sessions in the gym to bulk up a bit, but he already had good abs and nice pecs. He was shy, certainly, but he had big round brown eyes that shone with honesty and more than a trace of humor. His joke about Jamie being "a bit tied up" had proved that. Good features, brown hair, he was handsome in a young, innocent-looking way. Of course Jamie was a stunner, a beautiful young man, but it looked as if he had taken a liking to Nate as they ran excitedly up the beach.

"That was so cool," Jamie beamed. "He's pretty good .... for an Aussie!"

"Hey, mate, you come to Bondi and you'll see how the Aussie's really surf. Even you couldn't keep up with them."

Mark broke into their easy banter. "I dunno about you guys but I'm starved. How about we wander into town for a bite?"

Jamie was enthusiastic but Nate seemed reticent and frowned slightly. Guessing he may be short on money, Jamie grinned at him, "Don't worry, dude, the little Mexican place is cheap and cheerful, and anyway, it's on us." He caught himself and glanced uncertainly at Mark. Mark smiled and gave a small nod of approval, unnoticed by Nate.

Soon they were attacking piles of sizzling fajitas and Nate explained how he came to be here. "I'm in L.A. for a two-week vacation and I wanted to find a kinda remote beach. On Google I found the Guadalupe Dunes State Park so I took a train up here. I'd never been on a big train before, just the commuters in Sydney. I planned on spending the night on the beach and taking the train back in the morning."

"And you're all on your own?" Mark asked.

"Yes, sir. See, I'm pretty much a loner .... do everything on my own, go everywhere by myself."

Jamie laughed, ".....and jack off on your own. But are you serious, you've really never been with a guy, good-looking dude like you?"

"No. I guess I'm nervous about that ..... never found anyone I felt I could trust, someone I really liked that much, except in the stories I read. Never met anyone like you that's for sure." This time he flushed bright scarlet and Jamie glanced at Mark.

"Nate," Mark said, "how do you feel about sticking around with us a couple of days, and then we'll drive you back to town?"

"Oh, sir, I wouldn't want to impose on you and Jamie ...... I mean you're ......"

"Good that's settled then," Jamie said with a big smile. "You stay with us. Now I want to get a bit more sun."


Back at the shack, while Nate was in the shower Mark and Jamie were talking about him. "Sir, Jamie said. "I want to ask you a question. When we were sitting on our boards out there Nate kept asking me about .... well what he had seen ..... I mean you fucking me and all. He wanted to know what it felt like ...... seemed real curious, almost as if he wanted to try it. So, I was wondering ....."

"Look, kiddo," said Mark, cutting to the chase, "if you want to be the first man he has sex with, the first man to fuck him, that's fine with me. In fact you'd be the perfect guy. You just have to be absolutely sure that you both want it. And the first time's not easy. Remember when I fucked you for the first time?"

Jamie smiled. "I could never forget that, sir. But I was thinking. If I did do that for him, do you ..... this may sound weird ...... do you think you could be there too? It would help me ......"

"Sure I will, kid. You just say the word."

That word didn't take long. Jamie and Nate were stretched out on the sand and quickly their conversation turned to sex and Nate's obsession with what he had seen Mark do to Jamie. In fact the discussion became so detailed that both boys soon had raging hard-ons. Surprisingly it was Nate who finally took the plunge.

"Jamie, I know this is a lot to ask, but I've never felt like this before and I was wondering if, well, maybe you could ..... but if you don't want to I understand. I mean you're so great looking..."

Jamie cut him off. "Thought you'd never ask, dude. Hope you don't mind if Mark watches. Now take your shorts off."

After some embarrassed fumbling Nate was lying naked on his back on the blanket. Jamie stood over him, the beautiful golden young surfer with the sun glinting behind him. Mark was standing a little way off, having been signaled by Jamie.

Jamie dropped to his knees and stared into Nate's big brown eyes. "You're real sure you want this, dude?"

"Absolutely," Nate stammered, almost unable to breathe, his heart was beating so fast.

"OK," said Jamie with a big smile. He licked his fingers and lubricated the entrance to Nate's ass, probing with one finger, then two. The boy gasped and tensed but Jamie continued to massage the sphincter until he felt it relax. Then gently he grasped Nate's ankles and pushed his legs slowly upward. He lightly pressed the tip of his cock against the hole and paused.

"It's gonna hurt at first, Nate, but believe me the pain will soon become the best feeling you've ever had in your life. Here we go, dude."

Very tenderly Jamie pushed his cock forward until he felt the head pass over the sphincter and just inside the ass. Nate's eyes opened wide, then he grimaced and said, "No, I can't. It hurts, man. Take it out. Please, take it out." Jamie felt Mark's hand pull on his shoulder and he quickly pulled his cock out.

"Tears brimmed in Nate's eyes as he moaned. "I'm sorry, Jamie. I really want it but ..... it hurt so much. I don't think I can."

Jamie heard Mark's voice in his ear. "Remember what I did for you, kid."

Jamie looked down at Nate's tear-stained face and said in a sterner voice, "Look at me, dude. Look at my face, my body. It's gorgeous. Come on, touch it, run your hands over it."

Nate opened his eyes and gazed up at the striking young face, squared-jawed, tanned skin, smiling blue eyes, blond hair falling over his forehead. It's true, he was gorgeous. And the body! Nate ran his hands over the broad shoulders and down over the biceps. He put his palms on the perfect, rounded pecs and saw Jamie gasp as he touched his nipples. Then he ran his hands down over the ridges of his washboard abs and finally grasped the slim waist. Instinctively he pulled Jamie's hips toward him.

He was so hypnotized by this magnificent boy, sun gleaming behind him, that he was almost hallucinating. He was unaware that Jamie had increased the pressure on his ass again, harder this time. Spellbound as he was, suddenly Nate's trance shattered as he again felt that sharp pain in his ass. "No! No I can't," he sobbed. "It hurts too much."

"Hey, hey, Nate. Look at me," Jamie said softly. "Nate, I'm inside you. My cock's all the way inside you. I'm not moving. Take a deep breath, look into my eyes and try to relax. You feel that? You feel the pain going away?"

It was true. Suddenly Nate felt a warmth spreading over his body, a warmth that was radiating from his ass. He looked into Jamie's smiling eyes ...... and the pain was gone, replaced, as Jamie had promised, with a sensation he had never felt in his life. Then he knew what he wanted. "Fuck me, sir. Please, I want to feel your cock in my ass. Please, sir ....."

It wasn't just Nate who was experiencing a whole new sensation. Jamie felt like he had never felt before. He was inside this boy, the first man ever to fuck him. He was the master, on top, powerful, and yet this was the most tender he had ever been. Slowly he pulled his cock back, then pushed it gently forward. He watched Nate's eyes glaze over with an ecstasy that he, Jamie, was creating. Increasing the rhythm he was soon pushing deeper and deeper into the virgin ass, massaging the warm membrane that had never felt the brush of human flesh before.

Mark stood back and watched in awe. "Oh, man, that is so fucking hot," he moaned. He had never seen Jamie like this, never seen him fuck so tenderly, never seen him take charge of another man. And right there Jamie was transformed from a boy to a man. He was magnificent, glorious and Mark was mesmerized by the sight of his rounded white ass flexing as it rose and fell over the boy. It was too much for Mark. He stood over them both and started pumping his cock.

All three were transported into the erotic world of brand-new sexual sensation. Mark had never seen his boy like this; Jamie had never felt the excitement of a warm virgin ass; and Nate was in a new and magical world he never wanted to leave. Their orgasms were close and it was Mark who unleashed them. Overwhelmed by the sight of his young stud pistoning into the young ass he threw his head back, yelled, and blasted streams of semen down onto the bodies and faces of the boys.

They could not survive that. Nate was clawing at Jamie's beautiful body, muscles flexing and dripping with sweat, and suddenly he felt the cock in his ass pulse. He heard Jamie scream, "I'm cumming, man, I'm gonna shoot my load in your ass. Come on, boy. You've never felt this before. Let me see you cum."

Nate felt hot semen pour into his ass for the first time in his life. His body was shuddering, he felt heat rising from his legs, into his balls, up through his cock and exploding out in long ribbons of creamy liquid that splashed onto his naked body. He was screaming, his juice kept flowing, his body pulsed, spasmed, he was flying ..... and then suddenly he was still. He had passed out.

A minute later he was drifting back to consciousness and realized that he was lying in Jamie's arms. He saw the glorious muscle-god master standing over them, smiling. Nate thought he had died and gone to heaven.

Then Jamie's voice brought him back to earth. "You did great, dude. Take it from me, you always remember your first time. We're gonna have a great time up here ...... and you wait 'til you meet the guys I live with. Shit, you're never gonna want to leave."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 122


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