Hassan had been alone in his small house in the hills, brooding about Nate. He was close to loving the boy, but he knew Nate was Adam's boy and he was determined not to mess with that. So he had been surprised when Adam visited with a proposition for him.

"Here's the deal, Hassan. Nate and I .... we love each other. I think of him as my boy and so does he. But the thing is ..... I live seven thousand miles away and only get to L.A. a couple of times a month so I kind of worry about him and ..... well, I'd really like him to have someone special who'd look out for him, love him and ..... treat him as his boy. He needs someone he can look up to as a master.

"Now, it's clear he's nuts about you. He told me all about his fantastic night with you, the military fantasy you took him on ..... (which sounds really hot, by the way ...... love to see that myself one day). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is .... hell, man, I would be honored if you would ask Nate to be your boy too, let him look on you as his master. I know that sounds unusual, a boy having two masters, and I haven't discussed anything with him yet, but ....."

"Yes!" Hassan cut him off. "Yes, of course I will. I'm the one who would be honored to have Nate as my boy." So it was settled, and Adam called Nate and asked him to come up to Hassan's house, though he didn't say why. Nate was working for the next couple of hours, so it was arranged that he would come up after that. With that settled Adam stood up. "OK, then, buddy. Well, I guess I should leave you alone and come back later."

Hassan gave him a searching look. "Why? Why not stay 'til Nate gets here. Sit down, man. Listen, you and I don't know each other all that well, so don't you think we should get better acquainted? After all, we are gonna be co-masters, if that word even exists."

"Sure ..... sure, I'd like that." Adam grinned. "And I'll do my damnedest to keep my hands off you while we wait."

"Why do you have to do that?"

Surprised, Adam looked at Hassan, sprawled in the chair in his usual old military fatigue pants and tank top. Adam said, "You are a spectacular man, buddy, but of course you know that. Shit, the minute I first laid eyes on you down at the house I got an instant hard-on."

"Yeah, well you should talk, man. I mean I ......" Hassan actually blushed. "Hell, I might as well be honest with you, man. Yesterday when we all walked through that gate and saw you hanging there naked, so fucking gorgeous with cum running down your incredible body and your chest striped with whip-marks ..... well, OK, I creamed my shorts ..... I busted my load just looking at you. That's one reason I left so soon after. I knew I could never compete with that."

"You know what they say," Adam grinned, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em. And since we're being so brutally honest I have a confession. Last night in bed Nate gave me such a graphic description of you in your military gear ..... fatigues, boots, tight tank and sleeveless army shirt ..... that my cock was raging. I could have blown my wad right there, so I flipped Nate over and fucked him hard. Now, Nate is a great fuck, but I have to confess that when I shot my load I got a mental glimpse of that spectacular solider watching me cum."

"I'm flattered," Hassan laughed. "Well at least now we know how we're gonna pass the next couple of hours 'til Nate gets here. Why settle for imagination? You wanna see that soldier in the flesh? Wait right here, buddy."


As he sat waiting, the more Adam thought about the arrangement the more convinced he was that it would be perfect for Nate, a boy who brought out all Adam's protective instincts. Nate's absence of ego, lack of vanity, set him apart from the other boys, who were all well aware of their beauty. They had been told so often by their masters, and the mere fact of having been chosen by spectacular men like Randy, Bob, Mark, Zack was enough to boost any boy's ego.

But Nate had no such booster ..... and he didn't seem to care. Sure, Mark and Jamie loved him and would always look out for him, but Jamie was Mark's boy ..... they had each other. Nate had the lowest seniority in the house and Adam felt that he needed a man who protected him, a man he could look up to, who would give him a real sense of security.

And Adam was sure Hassan was that man. He obviously had great affection for Nate and, apart from anything else, it was time Hassan had a boy of his own. Shit, when word got out that Nate had two masters, Adam and the gorgeous Hassan, his esteem in the house would go through the roof. 'Wonder how Pablo will feel about that?' Adam mused.

There was, however, one small, jarring note deep in Adam's mind where he couldn't quite accept the idea of Nate being tied up and fucked by the stunning Marine. Nate had obviously been blown away by the incredible fantasy Hassan had taken him on and Adam felt a twinge of .... what ..... jealousy? 'Nah,' he laughed to himself. He felt secure in the love he shared with Nate and he instantly dismissed any idea of competition with Hassan. Still he couldn't get the image of the dominant Marine out of his mind ..... when suddenly .... "Oooh shit," he moaned out loud. It was the man himself, like a pornographic icon, stepping out onto the deck.

It was exactly as Nate had described .... the rugged, muscular soldier in military fatigues and boots, a sweat-stained khaki tank stretched over his perfect chest and over that a frayed, sleeveless Marine shirt. When Adam regained his breath he was about to speak to him .... but to his surprise Hassan ignored him.

In fact Hassan was following his usual off-duty routine of a brief workout before his midday meal. It usually included push-ups, followed by chin-ups from the lintel above the patio entrance. Adam gazed in silent awe as Hassan strode out to the patch of lawn in front of the house and fell forward onto his hands. Effortlessly he went into a long set of push-ups, his shoulders and biceps bulging as they flexed hard in the hot midday sun. Adam stared down at the flared back and lats, tapering down to a slim waist, rising up into the two hard globes of his ass outlined under the thin fabric of the worn fatigues.

Hassan was doing something he rarely did ..... showing off. Normally he knew how to keep his beauty low-key, underplaying it to minimize the head-turning effect he had on people. But now he wanted to impress Adam ..... wanted to prove that Adam had made the right choice of master for Nate. Hassan wanted to look his muscular best, to be worthy of both Adam and Nate ..... and he knew just how to do it.

He sprang to his feet, his smooth, olive skin now gleaming with a sheen of sweat, and threw off his shirt. The tank, wet with sweat, stretched over his sculpted torso, showing every contour of his perfect chest. He reached up to the lintel above the patio entrance and, just as effortlessly as before, he began a series of chin-ups, just a few feet in front of Adam sprawled in his chair, his hand stroking the now-huge bulge in his jeans. At last Adam found his voice.

"Jesus Christ that is fucking spectacular, man. You're like every guy's wet-dream of a macho soldier ..... straight out of an erotic drawing. Shit, it's awesome. I'm starting to feel envious of Nate. He's gonna feast his eyes on you every timer he's with you, lucky young dude."

Hassan ignored Adam as he pulled himself up and down, sweat pouring down onto his pants, forming a wet patch over the bulge at his crotch. The pants now clung tightly round the shape of his cock that stretched long and hard almost up to his belt. Adam couldn't hold back. He dropped to his knees and as the outline of the huge rod rose and fell in front of his face he licked the bulge in the coarse fabric, tasting, smelling the rancid, sweaty cock underneath. His own cock was raging in his jeans and he knew it would explode if he didn't stop.

So he sprang to his feet and clamped his hands round Hassan's face, forcing him to drop from the lintel and stand in front of him. The two men were staring at each other and inevitably their faces came together in a ravenous embrace, tongue pressing hard against tongue, exploring the soft, warm membrane of the mouth. Their bodies pressed against each other chest to chest, the bulge of their cocks grinding against each other.

Feeling the pressure of Hassan's cock Adam suddenly, unaccountably, had a vivid image of the long shaft sliding in and out of Nate's ass. God, it must have driven Nate wild ..... as it did Adam, but for a different reason. His voice was more of a growl now as he said, "That's the cock that fucked my boy's ass. How did that feel, Hassan?"

"Incredible," Hassan breathed. "Such a young, inexperienced ass, so eager, so needy. He loved getting fucked by me, man. We fucked a lot, and then he slept all night in my arms."

Suddenly Adam felt something close to anger and pulled away, his eyes flashing. But when he looked at the gentle half-smile on Hassan's face he knew. He knew that Hassan was deliberately painting an erotic picture ...... testing him. With this vision of his boy nestled in Hassan's arms, could Adam still be willing to accept Hassan as Nate's master, knowing how completely Nate would fall in love with this irresistible man? The original concept had seemed like a good idea ..... but the graphic reality with all its sexual implications was something else.

Hassan smiled at him. "Second thoughts, Adam? I can imagine how hard this is for you, but you have to be sure. Here, maybe this will help." He pulled Adam against him again and held his wrists, pulling his hands toward him and guiding them round him until the palms rested on the hard mounds of Hassan's ass through the fatigues. Instinctively Adam closed his fingers round the perfect globes .

Hassan smiled. "That's it Adam ..... I knew you would understand. See, I really want to be Nate's master, but it has to be with your blessing. And I'm prepared to offer you whatever is necessary to make you feel comfortable with the idea. Yes, I fucked Nate's ass and I will again. But now it's your turn. You have to really know me in the way that counts most."

Adam gazed into the exotic, slanted eyes and understood everything. And his cock reared up in his pants, pulsing in anticipation.


Adam walked behind Hassan and pushed him gently inside the house. The soldier offered no resistance. Once inside Adam saw immediately what he needed and guided Hassan to the opposite wall, facing a full-length mirror. He saw over Hassan's shoulder the reflection of a tall, handsome, powerfully built Marine in fatigues, boots and a sweaty tank top. An overhead spotlight made his muscles gleam as they flexed in preparation for what he knew was coming.

Adam's order rang with military precision. "Assume the position, soldier!"

Hassan spread his legs and stretched his arms rigidly forward, bracing himself with his hands on the wall either side of the mirror. The position made his ass stick out prominently, vulnerable. Standing behind him Adam put his hands lightly on Hassan's neck, then ran them over his rock-hard shoulders, down over the sloping lats, then up over the back of the tank, feeling the back muscles rippling under the thin cotton.

"Shit damn......" Adam held his breath, willing himself not to bust his load in his jeans. "Oh, man, you are perfect, so fucking hot. Now I see why Mark lusted for you when you chained him in that cell and tortured him, why he's still in love with you today. I find your beauty intimidating, but I have to be your equal, man. You have to surrender your ass to me before you can have my boy." His voice rose. "Jesus Christ, man, I need to fuck that gorgeous ass!"

In one swift move he reached round, ripped open the fatigue pants and pulled them down. He gasped as he saw the hard, white globes of the soldier's naked ass, outlined top and bottom by a sharp tan-line. It was a spectacular ass. Adam yanked open his own jeans and his cock reared out, stiff as a pole. He didn't need to hold it. He simply walked forward until the tip was pressing against Hassan's moist hole. He paused, looking at Hassan's eyes in the mirror.

"This can't be just because you want Nate. You have to want me, Hassan. That's the only way this can work. You have to want me inside your ass, man."

Hassan smiled at him in the mirror. "I told you, Adam, when I saw you spread-eagled in bondage you were so beautiful I creamed my shorts. Even though you had been whipped and fucked by Zack, hanging bound and naked, you were still an incredibly rugged, alpha male ...... a true master. I wanted it then and I want it now. So yes, I want it real bad. Please ..... please, sir. Please fuck me ...... Aaaah"

Hassan heaved a sigh as he felt the rod push into him and slide deeper and deeper into his warm, waiting ass. "Oh, man, that is beautiful ..... god you feel good inside me." He felt the long cock pull out then plunge once again, deep inside. He stared at Adam's handsome face in the mirror, felt his cock inside him ...... and the cool, controlled soldier lost his poise and was consumed with lust. "Yeah, man, that's it, fuck that soldier's ass. Come on, you beautiful fucking stud, take my ass ..... fuck it hard, man ...... it's yours."

The words drove Adam into a frenzy. He grabbed Hassan's waist, held the body rigid, and his cock pistoned inside the captive ass. The men went wild, one stallion mounted by another, the ass rearing up to receive the rod that jackhammered inside him. Adam yelled, "Shit, man, your ass is like a furnace. Take it, soldier. Take that fucking cock."

He was pounding so hard now that he pushed Hassan forward against the mirror. Soon the helpless soldier was pressed against it, trapped, his arms reaching up, hands clawing at the glass as the merciless attack on his ass continued. Adam looked over Hassan's shoulder, their faces side by side now, both pouring sweat. Adam was thrilled by the sight of Hassan's exotic, chiseled features, tears spurting from his eyes, black hair flying as he winced with the pain spearing up from his ass through his body.

The once-dominant muscular Marine was now impaled on the rod of the Australian bodybuilder. He was at the mercy of the powerful jackhammer smashing into his ass and he felt his endurance ebbing away. He began to plead. "I can't take much more, man," he moaned. "I'm finished ..... you're too fucking much for me. Please, man, shoot your load in my ass. Please, sir ..... have mercy on me ..... cum inside me ..... please ...."

The sound of this glorious muscular soldier begging for release, moaning in submission, was so erotic that Adam had no choice. He felt his juice rising up from his balls, through his shuddering cock ...... and then erupting inside the soldier's hot ass. "Aaagh, I'm cumming inside you man, filling your ass with my juice. Feel it, soldier, feel that cock pumping in your ass. Shit damn that feels good."

They gazed into each other's eyes in the mirror, then turned their heads to face each other, and their lips closed in a passionate, grinding embrace as Adam's cock was still locked in Hassan's ass, still streaming cum.

As their breathing subsided Adam pulled out and moaned, "Jesus, that was a spectacular damn fuck. Your ass is so fucking hot. Man, you just got fucked good."


It took minutes for them to regain their composure. Hassan had, with great difficulty, held back his own orgasm ..... he had something special in mind. And when he turned to face Adam, a light burned in his slanted eyes that Adam had never seen before. His voice was gentle now.

"You said we have to be equals, Adam, and so we shall be. But there is something else too. So that you are completely comfortable offering your boy to me you have to know just how magnificent you are, to be supremely confident in your own beauty. There is only one way to do that, Adam..... you have to learn to love yourself. So I am going to take you somewhere I'm sure you have never been .... and you have to trust me, Adam."

There was something in the melodic voice that defied any resistance and Adam allowed himself to be pushed down onto his knees facing the mirror, then forward on his hands and knees. Hassan knelt behind him and pulled Adam's jeans down to his knees, exposing his perfect ass, white against the deep tan of his body.

"You have a beautiful ass, Adam and I know it has only ever been fucked by one man ..... Zack. I will be the second man to fuck you, but you will be amazed at who will be the next man to cum inside you. Now your journey begins.

"Aaagh!" Adam gasped as he suddenly felt an iron rod spearing his ass ..... Hassan's huge cock plunging deep inside him. He had twice taken Zack's black pole but that was an exception. He was still a master a top-man, not about to yield to another man. He had just shot his load, so the pain in his ass felt even more excruciating.

"No, man," he screamed. "No ..... pull out, pull out. I don't get fucked .... I'm a top, a master. Pull your fucking cock out of my ass!"

But the cock didn't move ..... it remained nestled in Adam's ass, and again he heard the deep, accented voice. "Look up, Adam. Look at me." Adam's head had slumped down in pain but now he raised it and gazed at the reflection of the spectacular Marine kneeling behind him.

The voice behind him was soft, lilting ...... hypnotic. "That's it Adam, take a good look. I know myself, Adam. I know you cannot resist me. Gaze on me. Beautiful is it not? Now lower your eyes .... lower ..... and look at the man kneeling at my feet. Also a beautiful man ..... a muscle-god they call him, and they're right. Look at him, Adam. Beautiful, is he not?"

"Yeah," Adam breathed, mesmerized by Hassan's voice. "He's beautiful." He gazed deep into his own eyes and saw himself as he never had before. He was always proud, confident, a master in control of his world and now he was looking at a handsome, muscular man ..... a muscle-god indeed ...... but on his hands and knees in an attitude of submission. This was a man he did not recognize ...... a rugged alpha male surrendering to a soldier. And the man was stunning.

The hypnotic voice continued. "And what is happening to that beautiful top-man?"

Adam felt the cock move gently in his ass and said, in a trance. "He's getting his ass fucked by a soldier, a gorgeous fucking Marine. The stud's getting his ass fucked!"

"But only if he really desires it. Look at him, Adam. Does he want the soldier to fuck him?"

"Oh yeah," Adam sighed. "He wants it man. He wants to feel that cock moving in his ass."

"Good," said Hassan simply, and pulled his cock back slowly, gently, then eased it back inside the trembling ass, deep, deep until it passed over the inner sphincter. As Adam moaned in ecstasy Hassan said. "Look at me again, Adam."

Still on hands and knees Adam raised his eyes and gasped at the reflection of the Marine, who reached behind his own head and pulled the tank top slowly up over his chest and shoulders, then let it drop. Stripped to the waist he placed his hands behind his head, elbows out to the side, biceps flexed. Slowly he moved his hips back and forth, his chest and ridged stomach flexing as his cock moved gently in and out of Adam's ass.

Hassan gazed at himself, at his stunning, muscular body gleaming under the lights as he fucked the man kneeling before him. Mesmerized by his own mirror image he said softly, "Now tell me, Adam, if that is not one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen ..... the gorgeous Marine, another muscle-god, displaying his body as he fucks the master kneeling at his feet."

Adam's gazed wide-eyed. It was true. It was a spectacular sight ..... a spectacular man ..... and the man was inside him, in his ass, fucking him. "Oh, man, that is outstanding, fucking awesome. Man, you are so damn beautiful. I love your cock inside me."

And so the gentle, rhythmic fucking continued. Adam was riveted by the spectacle in the mirror, two beautiful men in a world of enchantment. He wanted to be closer to them and was lured on by the Siren Song of Hassan's musical voice. "Move forward, Adam. Watch the man on his knees coming toward you." Adam crawled closer, his gaze locked on his own eyes in the mirror. His hands touched the mirror and moved upward until his body was pressed against the glass, his arms stretched upward, and his face was inches from his own reflection.

Hassan moved with him in unison, the cock still resting in his ass. Again came that hypnotic, voice. "Your boy deserves a beautiful master, Adam. The man you see there is beautiful enough for a boy to love, but first the master must love himself. Do you think he does?"

"Oh yeah," said Adam, gazing into his own eyes. "That gorgeous face, that perfect body."

"Then show me, Adam. Show me."

Under the spell of Hassan's voice, Adam found himself hypnotized by his own brown eyes. "God, you are a stunning man," he breathed to himself. "I love you, man." The faces moved closer, the real face and its reflection, one and the same, and the lips pressed against each other on the glass. Adam's tongue pushed hard against the mirror, trying to enter the other's mouth .... his own mouth. Their bodies rubbed against each other and their cocks reared up, pressing on the glass.

When Adam once again heard the soft, lilting voice, in his trance it was as if the sound came from his own lips. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yeah," Adam replied to the face in the mirror. "Oh yeah, fuck me man ..... cum in my ass. Make me shoot my load."

Again the mouths pressed together on the glass and Adam felt the cock sliding in his ass. For the first time in his life Adam was making love to himself, kissing himself ...... fucking himself. The shaft moved ever more quickly in his ass and he spoke again to his own face in the mirror. "Yeah, fuck my ass, man. I love your cock in my ass. You're gonna make me cum ..... I'm so fucking close. Come on, stud, shoot that load in my ass ..... let me feel it .....oh god...... I'm cumming .... here it comes .... I love you, man ..... I love you!"

It all happened in the same instant .... He felt the cock in his ass shudder and explode inside him, just as his own cock jerked and shot a long ribbon of semen up between his body and the mirror, splashing on the glass, running down it. He gazed into his own reflected eyes and moaned. "You're beautiful, man. I love you."

Again the mouths came together on the glass as Adam kissed his own lips one last time.


Adam found himself lying on the bed, his mind clearing slowly as if coming out of a trance. Hassan was lying beside him, propped on one elbow smiling at him. Adam frowned in bewilderment. "What just happened there, man? Seems like I ...... God that was beautiful. I can still see my face ...... I must have ..... shit, what happened, man?"

"Several things happened, Adam. First, I fucked your ass, so we are now equal as we said we must be. Then you learned to love yourself, a magnificent man proud to share your boy. All men as beautiful as you should learn to make love to themselves, Adam. I learned to do that long ago. And now at last you finally saw just how beautiful you are. You fell in love with your beauty, kissed it, made love to it and felt that gorgeous man in the mirror fucking you. You made spectacular love to yourself, Adam, as if you were cumming in your own perfect ass."

Adam was still in a daze, but he was sure of one thing. More than anything he wanted to share his boy with this strange and wonderful man. He eased himself on top of Hassan, kissed him, and they rolled over the bed in each other's arms, two spectacular males joining together in a celebration of their shared and equal manhood.

They were still lying in each other's arms when Adam's cell phone rang. Nate. "That's it, mate, work's finished, I'm all set. And guess what, the twins have made a great casserole for you and Hassan so I'll bring it with me for lunch, if that's OK." His voice became tentative. "Er ..... I hope you and Hassan are, well, getting along alright 'cause I ..... well, I really want ....." He laughed. "Oh never mind. I guess everything will work out. See you soon."

Adam smiled as he snapped the phone shut. "Yeah," he said softly, "everything's gonna work out just fine, kiddo." He turned to Hassan. "Listen, buddy, we've gotta do something real special for that boy of ours. We're both nuts about him so we have to do something that'll make him fall crazy in love with us both."

"You read my mind, Adam," Hassan laughed. "And after that night I spent with him ...... our 'military fantasy' as you call it ....... I know what turns him on and I have a few ideas that should blow his mind." He rummaged under the bed, pulled out a spare pair of old, faded military fatigues and tossed them to Adam. "Here, these are for you."


Nate drove his old truck up the hill with a confused mix of excitement and trepidation. He had had a great time in the dunes with Hassan, who had even made him start to feel like his boy. But Nate was in love with Adam and, though they were mates, he looked on the rugged fellow-Aussie with awe and admiration, almost like his master.

He couldn't help feeling that he had really fucked things up. He had spent a spectacular night where the Marine had tied him up and fucked him. But when they got back to the house he had left Hassan and gone with Adam. Then he made matters worse by telling Adam how terrific Hassan was. He had probably offended both of them. Shit, he thought, it's all so confusing. Still, here he was on his way to see them both .... and that kept his dick hard.

He came to the gate of Steve's house and walked nervously down the drive. "Hey, Nate!" He heard Steve's cheerful voice. "They're down the hill in Hassan's place ...... been there a long time. Follow the path, you can't miss it."

"Thank you, sir." Nate's heart was beating faster now as he clenched the bag of food he had brought. The path dipped steeply down the hill and he took a deep breath as he caught sight of the small house. Then he heard laughter, deep raucous laughter that somehow made him even more nervous. As he approached he saw the two men and he stopped, his jaw falling open in astonishment.

At first he wasn't sure it was them ..... two muscular soldiers sprawled in chairs facing each other, both in fatigues and boots, the one in a sweaty tank top and the other in a sleeveless Marine shirt, open so it displayed the sculpted chest underneath. They were drinking beer and seemed to be so into each other, laughing and talking, that they ignored him. Nate blinked, then he was sure. Yes, it was Hassan and Adam, but what was happening? Why were they ......?"

His thoughts were interrupted by Hassan's shout. "Hey, kid ..... you must be the servant boy they sent up to take care of us? You bring food for us?"

Nate was struck dumb by the strangeness of all this, but he swallowed hard and heard himself stammer, "Er, yes, sir. In the bag right here."

Adam looked up at him for the first time. "Well what you waiting for, boy? Set it on the table here."

Nate walked mechanically toward the patio as if he were in a dream. But if he was, he didn't want to wake up ..... he wanted to stay in the dream as a servant for these two gorgeous soldiers. He opened the big bag he had brought, pulled out a white cloth, shook it out and threw it over the table. Next came forks and napkins, all the trimmings for a neatly set table, and finally two plates and the casserole dish, still hot under its cover.

All this time he was aware of two pairs of eyes watching him, sizing him up. Nervously he took the lid off the casserole and stepped back, standing at attention. Adam leaned forward and inhaled the smell of the steaming food. "Shit, that smells good. You did great kid. You eat yet?"

"Yes, sir, I already had lunch before I came."

"OK, then," Hassan said. "Well you've got two big starving soldiers here so serve up, kid."

Nate picked up the serving spoon and scooped out large servings on each of the plates. He replaced the lid and took a step back. The soldiers dug into the food, eating sloppily, talking and laughing with their mouths full, ignoring him as they had before. Nate was tingling with anticipation. He was still in his dream state, a boy assigned to wait on these two glorious Marines. But the huge bulge in his shorts was no dream ..... it was absolutely real.

Too real to escape notice it seemed. "Hey," Adam said suddenly, his mouth full of food. "What the fuck's this?" He prodded the Nate's bulge with his fork. "You got a fucking boner under there, kid?"

Nate blushed deeply. "Yes, sir," he stammered. "Sorry, sir ..... it's just that ..... well ..... soldiers always turn me on, sir, and you are two of the most gorgeous soldiers, the most gorgeous men, I have ever seen and ...." He caught himself. "Sorry, sir. I was out of line there, sir."

Hassan laughed, spilling food onto his plate. "Hell, buddy, the kid might be OK. He might be what we're looking for. What d'ya think?"

""Hmm, maybe so ..... it all depends. Take your shirt off, boy."

Nate blushed again and pulled off his T-shirt. He stood at attention wearing only his old shorts and sneakers, embarrassed by the scrutiny of the two men as they looked him up and down.

"Yeah, real nice body," Adam said. "Cute face too. You're right, man, he might be the one."

Adam looked Nate straight in the eye. "See, kid, here's the thing. We asked headquarters to send us up a couple of boys but they said the budget only stretched to one. So me and my buddy here we ....." he grinned at Hassan "...... well we kind worked things out and struck a deal. We figure we could share a boy, provided we could find the right one .... a boy who could service the needs of two horny, macho studs who have ..... shall we say, healthy appetites. It would be like a boy serving two masters. You think you'd be up for that, boy?"

Nate was in shock. Was this real? It was real enough in his daydream, and sure, he could service these two hot Marines. But ..... was it really real? Was Adam telling him that he and Hassan both wanted him as their boy ...... that they would share him, both be his master? Suddenly he caught a look in Adam's eye that he knew well, that mix of lust and affection that always made him feel warm and secure. Yes, he decided, it was real. It was real! His shout was one of obedience and joy.

"Yes sir! Yes, sir, I can be that boy ..... yes I can. It would be a privilege to serve you both, sir."

Hassan was rubbing his chin. "Well ....... it all depends ....... We'd have to try it out first .... kind of take you on a test drive. Strip naked, kid."

"Yes, sir." Nate quickly obeyed, kicking off his sneakers, dropping his shorts and standing to attention, naked."

"Yeah, real nice," Hassan said. "Turn round." Nate turned his back to them. "Oh yeah, now that is one sweet ass. Oh, man, I can't wait to push my dick between those two fine globes."

"Hey, hey," Adam laughed, "just a godamn minute here. Who made you leader of the pack, getting first crack at that beautiful ass? No way, man. We have to start as we mean to go on. Stuff like this has to be decided fair and square. Hey, what say we arm wrestle for it?"

"Sure," said Hassan with a touch of arrogance. "Hell, I was the champion arm-wrestler in my division so you don't stand a chance, man. In fact, I tell you what. Just to make it more interesting......" he smiled lasciviously ...... "the winner gets to fuck the boy ...... and the loser gets fucked by the boy."

"Hey now, I never said anything about the boy fucking anyone, man."

"Afraid to accept the challenge, man? I took you for a real macho stud. Guess I was wrong."

Adam's eyes flashed. "OK, man, you're on. Let the games begin. Boy, clear the table."

Nate was in a daze as he removed the remains of the meal. It was as if the men had forgotten him ..... he was just a piece of ass to be fought over, to use as a tool in their clashing egos. It was a trial of strength with him as the prize. And the thought of it almost make him cream his shorts. This was something beyond his wildest dreams.

The men stripped off their shirts and stood facing each other, like rival bulls snorting steam. They sat at the table facing each other and locked eyes as they placed their elbows on the table and slammed their palms together, fingers locked like a vise. Suddenly their arms flexed and the fight was on. Nothing moved at first ..... deadlock ..... then Hassan got a slight advantage, only to be pushed back by Adam.

Now Nate had real trouble trying not to blow his wad. The sight was too erotic ..... two shirtless Marines, muscles straining and bulging as they stared each other down. The sun gleamed down on their massive shoulders and biceps, their faces ran with sweat, and their macho grunts were the only sound. Their arms moved imperceptibly as they matched strength with strength, two beautiful muscle-gods evenly matched.

Suddenly Adam took a heaving breath and exerted every ounce of strength, forcing Hassan's arm back, lower and lower until it almost touched the table. But Hassan smiled grimly and murmured, "I don't think so, stud." With a sudden, massive burst of energy he heaved his arm back upright, then over, slamming Adam's arm hard onto the table. Adam's face fell onto the table in defeat, while Hassan looked up at the awestruck boy. "Your ass is mine, boy!"


Minutes later all three men were standing naked inside the house before the mirror, Adam and Hassan still gleaming with sweat. Nate was looking nervously at Adam, who smiled at him. "That's it then, kiddo, those were the rules. But don't worry. Earlier today I got my ass fucked by Hassan and then ..... in a way ..... even by myself. So it's only right that I should now give my ass to the boy I love ..... the boy I'm gonna share with this stud Marine here who's gonna be fucking your ass at the same time. It's all for you, kid, because we both love you."

He fell on his hands and knees facing the mirror, just as he had hours before with Hassan. "Do it, boy," he ordered. Nate dropped to his knees behind him and ran his hands over the broad back, out over the flared lats, down to the waist and then placed his palms on the gorgeous white ass.

Nate's whole body was on fire but he wasn't sure if he could do this. This was the man he looked up to, the man who fucked him all the time, not a man who got fucked. This was Adam and Nate, now ..... good buddies. "Are you sure, mate?" he asked plaintively.

Adam looked up at him in the mirror and smiled. "I said do it, Nate. I want it. I want to feel my boy's cock inside my ass."

Nate held onto Adam's waist, eased forward and pressed the head of his cock against Adam's hole. He pushed forward and gasped as he felt his cock sliding for the first time into the ass of his master, past the soft, moist membrane, further and further until it came to rest in the deepest, warmest recess. Tears sprang to his eyes as he realized that he was inside the man he loved. Adam moaned, "God, Nate, that feels good ..... to have my sweet boy inside me."

Nate caught a movement in the mirror and saw Hassan towering naked behind him, muscular, magnificent. Hassan dropped to his knees and rested his rigid dick against Nate's ass. He leaned forward and breathed in his ear. "You ready? Take your rhythm from me. I love you, Nate. You're my boy." With the utmost tenderness he eased his massive rod inside the boy's ass, sliding it in slowly until it was deep inside.

For a long moment there was no movement. Nate was spinning into a magical world he had never visited before, never dreamed of. His cock was on fire, resting deep inside his master, and his ass was clenched round the thick rod of his second master. And oddly, he had no idea what to do next.

But as he had promised Hassan led the way. He was a master at this. He pulled Nate's hips back so his cock slid back from Adam's ass, while at the same time he pulled his own cock back from Nate's. Then Hassan eased them forward again, two cocks sliding into two warm asses. .

Soon the rhythm was established and all three were basking in the bliss of extraordinary sex. They looked at each other in the mirror and could hardly believe the sight of an ecstatic boy between his two masters ..... fucking one and getting fucked by the other. It was a wild sensation ..... almost like he was fucking himself. And his masters urged him on.

"Go for it, boy," Adam said. "Fuck your master's hot ass .... fuck it good." And at the same time Hassan sighed, "Oh man, your ass feels so great. Watch your gorgeous new master fuck you, boy. Feel his huge dick reaming your ass."

The rhythmic dual fuck went on and on for what seemed like eternity. As the tempo increased, became more frenzied, Nate finally let go of his inhibitions and shouted, "Thank you, sirs, thank you. Oh, man, my ass is on fire .... fuck me, sir ..... fuck my ass. I can't believe I'm fucking my best buddy, my master. Sir, you look so beautiful, your ass feels so hot. I don't think I can hold back ..... I can't ..... Help me, sirs, I'm gonna bust my load. Please, sirs ..... I'm cumming .......aaah!"

He almost passed out as he felt his cock explode in Adam's ass while the rod in his own ass shuddered and blasted hot semen inside him. He saw Adam rear up and shoot streams of juice toward the mirror, splashing against it and streaming down it. The room echoed with shouts of jubilation as their cocks continued to erupt in a spectacular rite of initiation for this ecstatic boy by his two magnificent masters.


"Sir," Nate asked Adam. "What should I call you?" He was lying between his two masters, all of them slowly recovering their breath, their heartbeats subsiding.

"What would you like to call me?"

"Well I was thinking ..... how about 'sir' when we're with other guys and 'mate' when we're alone ...... in private?"

"Sounds like a plan," Adam grinned. "Once an Aussie always an Aussie ..... and we Aussies gotta stick together, eh mate?"

"Too right," Nate grinned. "I can't wait to tell the guys at the house that I have two masters. That's never happened before. It'll be a big surprise ..... they'll be real happy for me."

Adam frowned slightly, "Yeah, well I'd go easy on that, kiddo ..... you know, tread softly. You might make them envious. I mean, I heard how Pablo treated you when you first showed up as Jamie's friend ..... called himself 'senior boy' and hurt you bad. And don't forget, he was once real hot for Hassan ..... followed him to Pendleton. No, I'd soft-pedal that if I were you."

"Oh, no worries there, sir. Pablo's OK ..... we sorted all that out .... he's a mate. He'll just be real happy that I'm happy."

Adam and Hassan looked at each other, a bit concerned at their boy's wide-eyed innocent faith in the kindness of others. But Adam shook off his concerns and said, "OK, we three have the rest of the day together and, like I said before, we're two horny, macho studs with big appetites. So you've got your work cut out taking care of your two new masters. You up for it, boy?"

Nate leapt to his feet. "Absolutely, sir! Anything you want ...... anything at all."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Chapter 143


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