It had been a tumultuous 24 hours for Adam, the Australian who had befriended Jamie and Nate as a crewmember on their flight to Sydney and was now spending a couple of nights in the house with them. He had veered from his natural role as a rugged top-man (fucking first Jamie, then Pablo) to a virtual slave, tied up and whipped by the dominant black construction worker Zack.

Now on his second day, he was sitting with Nate and all the other guys at a big dinner in the garden, given in his honor prior to his departure the next day. He had met everyone now, including Steve and Lloyd, but there was still one surprise to come as the last man joined them.

The newcomer was spectacular, dressed in military fatigue pants and a sleeveless khaki shirt that was open far enough to reveal his perfectly chiseled pecs. Tall, muscular, he had a stunning, exotic dark face ..... an ethnic mix, Adam guessed, of Asian and Arab. It was Hassan, of course, and when he took his place among them, Darius, voluble as ever, pumped him for information about his move from Camp Pendleton up to L.A.

"It's the Marine Corps Public Affairs Office on Wilshire," Hassan explained. "A big promotion, I'm lucky. Thing is, though, first I have to find a place to live. I've looked at some apartments but they were all in those huge buildings."

"What's your preference?" asked Bob.

"Well ideally, what I'd really like is a small, quiet place somewhere, in the Hollywood Hills if possible, though that's tough to find and house-hunting can be a pretty depressing exercise."

Alert as ever, Bob saw Steve and Lloyd nudge each other and exchange a few quiet words. Then Steve cleared his throat and raised his voice above the general chatter.

"Er, Hassan, I er ..... well, I wouldn't want to get your hopes up too high but as it happens Lloyd and I have been fixing up the guest cottage on our property with a view to renting it out. We could use the extra income. It's a bit down the hill from the house, very private, totally self-contained with its own entrance from the street. With his architectural know-how Lloyd's done a real neat job on it and it's almost ready for viewing. We were going to list it next week, but if you'd like to swing by while you're up here and take a look that would be cool."

There was a sudden silence round the table as they all digested this news. Hassan flashed a gleaming smile. "Wow, Steve, that sounds real interesting. It's good of you and Lloyd to consider me. Sure, I'll still be in town tomorrow and I'd love to come by .... whatever time's convenient for you."

The group came alive again with a buzz of animated conversation, and Bob felt Randy tense beside him. Bob's antennae were always quick to pick up vibrations ...... and he wasn't liking what he felt. After all, every time in the past that the handsome Marine had appeared in the house turmoil had resulted, usually something that provoked Randy's anger. He and Hassan had since made their peace .... but it was an uneasy peace. Mark was Hassan's closest friend in the house and Bob remembered discussing Hassan with him.

"What is it about Hassan that makes guys go crazy and all irrational?" Bob had asked. "I mean it's all of us ...... like the time Pablo fell in lust with him, getting Randy mad as hell. Jamie, Zack, you, me, we've all been in trouble over Hassan .... and he really gets under Randy's skin. I mean, he's gorgeous of course, but maybe it's because he's so different, so exotic, with that mixed Asian/Arab look. Is that why guys get so riled up?"

Mark had come to Hassan's defense. "Maybe so, buddy. But it's not Hassan's fault. He knows what a hot-looking guy he is but he has never deliberately done anything here to stir up bad blood. He behaves well, always checks to make sure what he's doing is OK and won't cause trouble. But trouble just seems to follow him."

But right now trouble was hard to detect as Hassan eagerly discussed rental details with Steve and Lloyd, and the enthusiasm among the other guys was palpable. Steve and Lloyd were a popular couple among the group, especially as Steve was Randy's brother, almost his twin. Mark and Jamie loved the idea of Hassan living a few miles away, Zack shared their optimism, and Darius, of course, was already inventing new fantasies. Only Bob and Randy felt any apprehension ...... mild on Bob's side, strong on Randy's.

In fact when Randy got a private word with Steve he whispered, "Are you sure about this, Steve? The man's trouble, always has been. My advice is don't do it."

Steve sighed. "Well thanks for your advice, big brother, but Lloyd and I are big boys now and I think we can make our own decisions." And that ended that.


As a matter of fact it was Lloyd who was right now feeling the biggest surge of pleasure. He and Steve had met Hassan once before, at just such a group gathering as this. He recalled that time vividly, and his impulse now was the same as it had been then. He excused himself to go take a leak and went upstairs to Mark's bedroom, which had a view over the garden.

Lloyd was a striking man, with a muscular gym-built physique and a handsome face whose strong features were set off by a moustache and trim goatee. But he had one weakness ..... an obsession with beautiful men. At the gym, for example, he always had a more-or-less permanent erection, and when he saw an especially hot guy he would impulsively follow him around, drooling. His first sight of the glorious Hassan weeks ago had sent him into a tailspin, and today the effect was the same ...... provoking the same course of action.

By now Lloyd was peering down through the slatted blinds, unseen from below. The group was animated and, god knows, very easy on the eyes, but Lloyd's eyes were riveted on Hassan as he chatted to Steve. He was mesmerized by the exotically handsome soldier, his muscles gleaming under the loose, sleeveless Marine shirt that was open halfway down his chest. Lloyd couldn't take his eyes off the dark, sculpted features, square jaw, high cheekbones and slanted eyes that right now sparkled in a gleaming smile.

And this was the man who might be coming to live in their guest house, a few yards from them! Lloyd began to fantasize ..... his imagination took over and he could see it all. Hassan would be coming home from work, dressed as he was right now, and go into his house alone. He would be weary after work, probably stretch and yawn, then peel off his shirt. Maybe he would be wearing a white tank underneath and, as he stretched, his flawless olive skin would catch the light of the setting sun streaming through the slatted binds.

In Lloyd's imagination the soldier looks magnificent as the scene unfolds. He kicks off his boots, drops his fatigue pants, leaving on his military-issue gray undershorts. Hassan sighs, looks down at the bed, then pulls his tank over his head. He stands still for a moment, naked except for the shorts, his muscles gleaming in the sun's rays streaming through the slatted blinds. He throws himself down on his back on the bed. Breathing deeply he closes his eyes.

Lost in his fantasy Lloyd was already stroking his cock and now he imagined Hassan pulling out his own, huge rod and playing with it. It is hard as Hassan thinks of ..... what? ...... Mark? ...... Jamie? ..... maybe even Lloyd himself. Yeah, that's it ..... now Lloyd is standing in the room and he hears the soft, lilting tones of Hassan's voice.

"You are such a hot man, Lloyd. Come and stand close. Look down at me as I stroke my cock. You know what I want, Lloyd. I want to watch you cum ..... I want to feel your juice pouring over my body. Look at that beautiful soldier, lying naked beneath you, pumping his cock, waiting for you to shoot your load all over him. He's flexing his muscles for you, Lloyd, turning you on, making you so hot you can't hold back. You can feel the burning in your balls, in your cock ..... here it comes, Lloyd ...... Now!"

Lloyd feels his body tense, shudder and .... Aaah! He blasts long ribbons of cum over the gleaming olive skin, over the heaving chest, the thighs, the neck, the face. The naked Marine is lying smothered in Lloyd's semen gathering in pools in the contours of his perfect body.

"Lloyd! ..... What the fuck are you doing all this time?" Steve's voice from down below! Suddenly the glorious image, the whole fantasy, shattered and Lloyd was looking down not at Hassan but at a huge pool of his own cum on the floor under the window. In a panic he looked outside and saw Hassan chatting amiably with the guys, oblivious of the part he had just played in Lloyd's erotic fantasy. Lloyd shoved his cock back in his pants, ran downstairs and out to the garden.

As he sat down next to Steve, Steve grinned at him and said, "Sure takes you a long time to take a leak. Must be all that beer you've been drinking." Steve knew quite well what Lloyd had been doing and Lloyd knew that he knew. It had happened before and Steve was OK with Lloyd's obsession with gorgeous men. And as before, Steve thought to himself, "What the hell ..... if he gets his rocks off looking at a gorgeous guy now and then, so what? Just as long as that's all it is ..... a fantasy." But Randy's words suddenly came back to him ..... "Are you sure about this, Steve? My advice is, don't do it."


The party was a raucous success, ending with Randy making a short speech to Adam and a toast. "To our new buddy, Adam. I hope you enjoyed your visit with us, big guy, and here's to many more happy landings among us. Good thing you work for the airlines!"

There were cheers as they all raised their glasses. Zack caught Adam's eye and they both had a fair idea what his next trip would include. After their stunning scene where Zack had turned him from macho stud to crawling slave, Adam had asked tentatively, "Er, that thing you mentioned with the tree, the ropes and the whip ......" Zack had smiled, "Oh, yeah, that's on the agenda, man ....... when you come back. I'll be waiting for you."

Naturally, throughout the meal Darius had been circling with his camera, getting candid shots of all the guys to round out his movie for Adam to take back, including the spectacular sessions with Mark and Jamie, Randy and Pablo ..... and Zack, of course. The boy disappeared for a while then reappeared with a disk. Beaming, he handed it to Adam. "Here, dude, a souvenir of your visit ..... just so you won't forget us."

Adam grinned, "Fat chance of that. Thanks a million, Darius. You're a real mate ..... and I'll treasure this. I'll look at it often and ......."

"Yeah, yeah, we know what you'll be doing," laughed Darius. "One hand on the remote and the other on ......"

"OK Darius," Bob interrupted quickly. "I think we all get the picture. But I gotta say, Darius, you're a great guy for putting in all that time and effort with your camera."

"Oh, it was a pleasure, sir, believe me." Later, as the guys split into smaller groups Darius sat with Adam, regaling him with some of the past tales of these extraordinary men. "See, they all have a back-story," he said eagerly, and told him how Hassan had first met Mark ..... "That was years ago, when Mark was in the army and Hassan was the enemy and he captured him and chained him up and tortured him ....." The story had Adam's mouth hanging open in disbelief.

Darius was on a roll. "Actually, this whole thing goes right back to Randy and Bob meeting in some seedy old motel. Bob told me all about it, even took me to the motel and showed me. After they met I was the next guy to show up in the story, right near the beginning, so I know most everything. In a way I'm kind of the historian of the group." His eyes gleamed. "Tell you what, Adam, why don't I write it all down for you and send it to you .... a new chapter in each email? You won't believe some of the stuff ..... most of it, actually. So I'll send pictures."

"That would be awesome, mate ..... I mean, these guys are spectacular. But, er, try to think of a better title than what you wrote on my disk ..... 'Adam's Visit.' Bit tame don't you think after all the stuff that happened? Shit, it was more like .... I dunno ..... like a test my manhood."

Darius grinned. "OK, here." He grabbed the disk from Adam, found his pen and scrawled an addition to the title. "There ..... 'Adam's visit .... A Trial Of Strength' ..... that's more like it. And that's what I'll call the stories I send you. They're gonna blow your mind."


The evening's festive atmosphere, bolstered by abundant amounts of alcohol, helped to lower whatever inhibitions the guys still had (which was never much to begin with, god knows) and inevitably led to .... what else? ..... a whole lot of sex. As usual, Randy led the way.

He stood up and called for silence. "Guys, I have one last toast ..... to the twins. Kids, you did a great job tonight. Your food is always terrific but tonight you fed fourteen hungry guys in a flawless performance." He raised his glass and everyone joined him ..... "The twins". As the boys blushed deeply Randy added, "And to show our appreciation, Bob and I would like you to spend the night with us. And I think you know what that means, kids. There's a few more things you have to learn ..... and I'm not talking about food."

They all stood up and said their goodbyes to Adam, as Nate was to drive him back to his hotel early in the morning to rejoin his crew. Randy grinned as he shook his hand. "And next time you visit, big guy, maybe you can spend some time with Bob and me. From what Zack tells me we'd get on real well." Adam grinned, having a fair idea what that meant.

As Randy and Bob went inside with the twins, Zack shook Adam's hand warmly and said quietly to him, "While you're away, stud, I'll be thinking a lot about that tree, the ropes and the whip."

"So will I, sir," Adam said ..... "a whole lot."

"OK, kiddo," Zack said to Darius. "I'm hot, horny and drunk and I need a couple of gorgeous young studs who don't know the meaning of the word 'no'. Think you and Pablo can handle a night in my bed?"

"Yes, sir!" they said in unison. Darius grinned at Pablo. "Dude, we had to say yes ..... you know what 'no' means? Me neither." Zack smacked him lightly round the head, threw his arm over his shoulder and all three walked out through the gate.

It was understood from the start that Hassan would spend the night with Mark and Jamie, as they had so often in the past. Mark said, "Adam, Nate, I know you want to spend your last night together, but why don't you join us for a while? Give us a chance to say goodbye in our own way. Somehow a handshake doesn't cut it."

"Thanks, Mark," Adam said. "We'd like that, eh Nate?" Nate nodded enthusiastically.


The bedroom seemed a bit crowded with five men standing round uncertainly, a bit the worse for all the liquor they had consumed. Mark took charge, saying, "I don't know about you guys, but I've got a huge boner under my pants, so let's get this show on the road. Let's see now ..... Jamie, Nate, you're best buddies, right?"

"Yes, sir," they replied in unison.

"You ever get your asses fucked at the same time? No, I thought not. OK, Adam, I know you spend a lot of time fucking Nate and I've often thought how hot it must look ...... shit if you lived here he'd probably be your boy by now. And Hassan ..... hell, you're looking hotter than ever, stud ..... been a long time since you fucked my boy Jamie here, right?"

"Sure has," Hassan smiled. "Hasn't stopped me thinking about it, though. I jerk off all the time picturing you and him, and that perfect ass of his."

"OK, that's settled then," Mark said. "Jamie, I think you know what to do ...... god knows you've had enough practice with me. So go for it ...... and Nate, you follow his lead." Mark sprawled in an armchair and unbuttoned his shirt all the way, exposing the mounds of his magnificent chest. That sight alone was enough to turn on all four guys.

Jamie stood facing Hassan, and Nate faced Adam. Slowly, in tandem, they pulled off their clothes ...... T-shirts, sneakers, shorts and briefs. There was an audible gasp from Hassan and Adam as they gazed at the naked boys they were about to fuck. Jamie smiled, reached forward and began to unbutton Hassan's uniform shirt. At the same time Nate pulled Adam's T-shirt out of his waistband and up over his waist and chest. Jamie pushed Hassan's shirt off his shoulders and let it drop, while Nate pulled Adam's shirt over his head and tossed it aside.

Both men now stood stripped to the waist, and Jamie ran his hands in awe over the sculpted contours of Hassan's pecs. Nate smiled as he did the same over Adam's flawless chest that was now so familiar to him. Then, as if reading each other's mind, both boys dropped to their knees. They glanced at each other, eyes gleaming, then focused on the bulges inches from their faces. Jamie zipped open Hassan's uniform pants and Nate unbuttoned Adam's jeans. They pulled out the rock-hard cocks, leaned forward and opened their mouths, sliding them over the huge hunks of meat.

Hassan threw his head back and moaned, "Oh man, that feels good. I'd forgotten what a great cock sucker you are, Jamie. Your master has trained you well." Adam and Nate needed no words. Nate gazed up at Adam who smiled and grabbed Nate's head, forcing it onto his cock. Soon both boys were getting their faces pounded hard, making tears spurt from their eyes, then suddenly they heard Mark's voice.

"Shit, that looks hot." Mark stood up and threw off his shirt. The boys glanced at him and the sight of his gorgeous body made them suck the huge rods even faster. Adam looked over to Mark. "Hey, big guy, you want a piece of the action here? Nate tells me over and over how he once sucked your dick. Here ....." Adam pulled out, leaving Nate's mouth gaping wide. But it wasn't empty for more than a second as Mark, shoulder to shoulder with Adam, buried his huge tool deep into it. Nate once again felt the glorious sensation of the cop's huge dick pistoning down his throat.

But soon Mark looked at Hassan and they both pulled out. The boys' mouths hung open as they gazed up at the three shirtless muscles-gods towering over them. "Hmm," Mark said, "three huge dicks and two hungry mouths. Get ready, boys." He pushed back into Nate's waiting mouth and Adam took over from Hassan drilling Jamie.

And so began a spectacular face-pounding as the three men, fueled by lust and alcohol, took over from each other in quick succession. Jamie and Nate were in a daze, hardly aware which cock was shoved into them. They heard the drunken shouts as the men competed with each other ...... "that all you got, stud?..... here try this one, I've opened his mouth real good for you ...... out of my way, asshole, this one's mine." Several times each boy felt two cocks trying to force their way into his mouth at the same time as the men fought over them.

Their jaws were aching, tears streaming down their cheeks, and they knew they couldn't take much more, so it was a relief when they suddenly heard Mark yell, "OK, guys, let's wash their faces for them." The cocks pulled out, the boys looked up and saw three gorgeous men pumping their cocks. Within seconds the sight was blotted out by explosions of cum that smashed into their faces, their eyes, their hair, as the three masters poured stream after stream of hot, musky juice over them.

"Now that is one hot mother-fucking sight," said Mark as he looked down at the handsome young faces pouring with the semen of three men. As Adam and Hassan gazed at their handiwork in awe, Mark said, "Hey, guys, how about a beer? You boys ..... on the bed, on your backs."

Jamie and Nate scrambled onto the bed and lay shoulder-to-shoulder, gripping each other's hand. They heard the men, already the worse for liquor, downing more beers and exchanging bawdy, obscenity-laced challenges. "OK, the first two mother-fuckers to get hard again get first crack at their asses." "Shit, asshole, you're never gonna get that limp son-of-a bitch hard again. You can beat that meat 'til it's raw ..... it's dead, man."

As they listened to the raucous laughter, Jamie turned his head to look at Nate and squeezed his hand. "Guess we're gonna get gang-fucked real good. You OK, dude? You can say no ...... Mark would always let us say no."

"You kidding, mate? This is the best night of my life. Especially as I'm sharing it with my best buddy." They heard a loud, drunken yell ...... "OK, you win ..... go for it guys."

They saw Hassan and Adam stumble over to the bed, kicking off their boots and yanking down their pants. Nate and Jamie braced themselves as the men fell to their knees on the bed, pushed up the boy's legs and pushed their cocks between the mounds of their asses and deep inside them.

The boys gasped with the shock of sudden penetration. Jamie caught Mark's concerned, questioning expression as he gazed down at him and Jamie gave a smile of reassurance. He knew for sure that, no matter how much he had drunk, Mark would never let anyone hurt his boy. Nate similarly got a smile from Adam. "OK, mate?" Adam said softly. "No worries, mate," Nate grinned, and Adam began to fuck him more forcefully than ever before."

Soon the boys were undergoing the same group fuck in their asses as they had in their faces. First one handsome faced stared down at them, then another, as one cock replaced another and their asses were plundered again and again. When Mark's turn came with Nate he paused as he looked down at him. "This is new for us, eh, Nate? But I think you've been wanting it for a long time."

"Since the moment I first saw you in the dunes, sir," Nate said. The boy had been fucked often by Jamie and Adam, and now by Hassan, but the cock he hardly dared hope for was the stunning cop's, the man he worshipped. "OK, Nate, here it is." Nate gazed into the blue-gray eyes and moaned in ecstasy as he felt the cock slide into his ass and fuck him gently. Gang fuck or not, he would have gone through anything to feel this muscle-god's shaft inside him.

The group action was hot and heavy and seemed to last an eternity. Adam was now fucking Nate again, and Hassan was drilling Jamie's ass. The soldier loved fucking the young blond surfer, Mark's boy, and as he gazed at the beautiful face he envied Mark to the point where he felt a sudden surge of rivalry. He pulled back and plunged his dick savagely inside the young ass, again and again, as if he were taking possession of it ...... to replace Mark. Fired by alcohol and something close to irrational anger Hassan lost control.

Jamie's eyes opened wide, in fear now, as he groaned. "Sir, I'm not sure I can ...... please sir ..... it's getting too ...... please cum. Please cum inside my ass, sir."

Hassan wasn't hearing him, but he couldn't ignore the deep voice close to his ear. "That's enough, buddy. You heard what the boy said ..... he's had enough ..... he wants you to end it, to shoot your load."

"Not yet, man, this feels too fucking great. I'm not ready."

Hassan felt hands grip his shoulders hard from behind and heard the voice again. "I said, that's enough!" And suddenly Hassan screamed as he felt a searing pain in his ass. Mark's huge rod pierced him savagely, deep into his gut, then pulled back and speared him again. His cock was like a jackhammer, drilling into the soldier's ass without mercy. The cop's body was pounding him, but his voice was still soft, steely, threatening.

"I said that's enough, Hassan. Don't make me hurt you buddy. You know I can ..... like this...." And he lunged forward, smashing his cock deep inside the soldier's bruised gut, making him howl with pain. "Now, like my boy said ..... shoot, Hassan!"

One last time Hassan felt his ass impaled on the cop's shaft, his body bucked and he screamed as he exploded inside Jamie's ass. He felt Mark's cock blasting hot cum deep inside him and he was hit with the juice streaming upward from the shuddering Jamie.

Adam and Nate had witnessed this sudden, strange trial of strength between the soldier and the cop over the boy and, as they watched their ferocious triple orgasm, Adam and Nate let their own juices flow. But theirs was an expression of love. No anger, no rivalry ...... just pure, joyful love.


Right around that time Steve and Lloyd were sliding into bed together. The drive home had been kind of awkward and they had kept the conversation light. They talked about Adam and Nate, about the other guys in the house and how great the twins had been, but steered clear of any mention of Hassan. However, as Steve now curled his arms round Lloyd in bed he knew he had to broach the subject. "You, er ..... you OK with this thing about Hassan possibly living in the guest house, Lloyd."

"Sure. Think it's a great idea if it works out." He paused. "OK, you mean that thing with me jacking off upstairs looking at him and fantasizing. Buddy, you know how I am with gorgeous men, and you have to admit Hassan's a knockout. But that's all it is ..... a fantasy .... I'd never actually do anything. Steve, I love you ...... this is what I want ..... the two of us, in bed like this. There's nothing better ...... well, maybe one thing. You inside me is better."

Thought you'd never ask," Steve grinned. "Come here, stud." And harmony was restored....


Meanwhile, harmony had also been restored in Mark's bedroom. A couple of group showers had not only cleaned their bodies, it had cleared their minds of the alcohol craziness that had gripped some of them, Hassan especially. "You sure you kids are OK?" Mark asked the boys. Jamie grinned and hugged him, and Nate said, "No worries there, sir. One of the best nights of my life. Only now I ...."

Mark laughed, "...... now you're dying to go downstairs and sleep in Adam's arms, then make love again before you have to say goodbye. But you know the goodbye will only be temporary. Your guy will be back soon and ..... I assume you'll be waiting for him." There were long, farewell bear hugs and Adam and Nate finally went down to the basement for their last night together.

When Mark was alone with Hassan and Jamie he said, "OK, guys, time to hit the sack." They fell into bed, Jamie between the two men in his own special heaven. Nothing more was said about Hassan's loss of control and his brief challenge to Mark's authority. Officially they put it down to too much alcohol, though Mark knew there was a little more to it than that.

At their first traumatic meeting all those years ago, in the heat of war, pain and torture, the two soldiers had, against all the odds, learned to love each other. And ever since then their relationship had been based on mutual admiration, respect and, of course, lust of one spectacular man for another. But Mark knew that the shreds of their initial rivalry still hung in wisps around them and could take shape at any time. Still, that's what made it all so exciting.


In the days and weeks that followed, the house saw some major changes. Randy, as always the energetic leader, had pushed his team to finish the construction on the duplex in record time and when Mark surveyed the gleaming new ground-floor apartment he was to share with Jamie his eyes grew moist and he grasped Randy in a warm embrace. "Man, you are one hell of a great guy. I don't know how to thank you. It's spectacular ..... a new home for Jamie and me."

"Yeah, yeah," said Randy with a hint of embarrassment. "Now why don't you and your boy christen it in the time-honored way? And I'm not talking champagne here." And so they did, on the floor, before their bed was even moved down from upstairs.

Pablo and Darius made a noisy five-act drama of moving into Mark and Jamie's former apartment and Bob laughed, "Try to keep it neat for a few hours at least, guys. Your last place resembled the city dump." Their last place was just fine for Nate, though. He was thrilled to have a room of his own at last, and began making plans in his head for Adam's next visit.

And up on the crest of the Hollywood Hills, on Mulholland Drive, Hassan, not unexpectedly, jumped at the chance of renting the guest cottage on the grounds of Steve and Lloyd's house. Lloyd had used all his architectural skills on a great remodeling job, and it was exactly what Hassan wanted. He didn't socialize much, chose his friends carefully, and wanted a quiet hideaway. The fact that it had a spectacular view didn't hurt.

"We intended to rent it furnished," Steve said, "using Lloyd's furniture that he put into storage when he moved in with me. The bed's a California king," he grinned.

"Perfect," Hassan smiled. "I lived in barracks before, so I'd have had to buy furniture."

"Sorry that I didn't get round to the landscaping yet," Lloyd said, "but I have some terrific ideas."

"No sweat," said Hassan. "It would make a great change for me to do some gardening. Maybe we could work on it together." That last idea glided by without any further thought or comment ...... but perhaps a little added reflection might have saved a lot of trouble.


"So how's it going, Steve, this Hassan thing?" Bob asked a few weeks later. They had met for lunch in Beverly Hills, two business professionals, and Bob had detected a certain distracted look in Steve's eyes. "Oh, great," said Steve, refocusing. "Going great."

"Except ......"

Steve grinned. "Never could hide anything from you, could I, Bob? Oh, I dunno, I thought Lloyd's obsession with Hassan would fade over time but I still catch him watching the guy as he walks back to his house after work. And he seems preoccupied a lot of the time ..... even when we're in bed ..... especially when we're in bed. Oh sure, when we fuck he looks at me but I have an odd feeling that he sees someone else. Things between us are ..... different from the way they were before Hassan came."

"And Hassan?"

"Oh there's no problem there. He keeps himself to himself and we don't see much of him ..... at least I don't."

But the same couldn't be said for Lloyd, and Steve was right to worry. In his mind's eye Lloyd saw Hassan all the time, and he kept coming back to the visual fantasy he had jerked off to at Bob's house as Hassan sat at dinner with the rest of the guys. And Steve was right; Lloyd did wait for Hassan to come home each day and watched as the tall, muscular Marine strode across the garden until he disappeared over the hill to his house. He drooled over the finely sculpted face and the olive-skinned muscles glinting in the last rays of the sun.

Sometimes, if Steve wasn't home, Lloyd pulled out his cock and beat his meat as he gazed at Hassan, shooting his load just as the soldier disappeared from view. Well, he may have disappeared from view but not from Lloyd's imagination. Far from diminishing, as Steve had hoped, Lloyd's obsession grew and he was thrilled when one day Hassan came to tell him of a few glitches in the house that needed attention ..... a dripping tap, a broken light switch, a door that stuck. "I'll get right on it, man," Lloyd had said and he meant it.

The next day while Hassan was at work Lloyd used his owner's key to go into Hassan's house. He stood inside and took a deep breath, inhaling the scent, the redolence, the very essence of the man. It took him no time to fix the problems, then he stood by the rumpled, unmade bed, and his fantasy of standing over Hassan came back to him. Only now he was actually there, and his cock stiffened as he stared down at the discarded clothes scattered everywhere.

Then his heart missed a beat. He saw the same gray undershorts he had visualized in his fantasy. They were there, on the bed, wrinkled, probably stained with the man's juices. He picked them up, pressed them to his face and inhaled deeply the faint smell of the soldier's cum and piss stains. He threw them back down on the bed and imagined Hassan wearing them, pulling out his cock and masturbating, splashing his cum onto the shorts.

Lloyd's head was spinning and he had no choice. He too pulled out his cock and stroked it, just like in his fantasy picturing Hassan lying beneath him, waiting for Lloyd to blast his juice over him. So Lloyd did. He busted his load, throwing his head back and moaning, "Hassan!"

His heart was pounding as he came to his senses. He looked back down and saw not Hassan, but the rumpled sheets and the gray shorts, all smothered with his cum. Frantically he picked up the shorts and used them to wipe up the semen from the sheets. He stuffed the shorts in his pocket and quickly left, locking the door behind him.


As Lloyd had mentioned at the beginning, the landscaping round the cottage needed work and Lloyd had suggested to Hassan that they start work on it together right away. So it was that a week later they were both on their hands and knees, pulling up weeds and scrub and planting new shrubs. They were both shirtless, sweating in the hot sun. Lloyd was in worn jeans and Hassan in an old torn pair of military fatigues that he kept for messy jobs like this.

At one point Hassan stood up and began tearing off the smaller branches of a tree they were going to uproot. Lloyd 's sweat now was caused not so much by the sun as by the sight of the magnificent body, the muscles flexing and straining as he worked. Lloyd's heart was beating so hard he could hear it, and his cock pressed against his pants, straining for release. He looked up at Hassan and decided to go for broke.

He cleared his throat and, trying to control his voice, he said, "You know, Hassan, you are one of the most beautiful guys I've ever seen. I gotta confess that every time I see you ..... hell, even think about you ..... my cock gets hard and .... well ..... I fantasize about you fucking me."

Hassan looked down at him and smiled. "See this, Lloyd?" nodding down to the obvious huge bulge in his pants. "You have pretty much the same effect on me. Shit, you're a hot-looking stud yourself and, ever since I first saw you all those weeks ago, I've wondered what it would be like to fuck that ass of yours. Of course, I smother the thought 'cause I see how you and Steve are and I'd never do anything to interfere with that. It's a rule of mine ...... never mess with other guys' relationships. I've been burned like that before."

"Oh, that's not a problem with us," Lloyd laughed, lying instinctively. "We pretty much have an open relationship. Hell, Steve has been fucked by his own brother Randy, and Randy has let Steve fuck his boy Pablo. No, there's no problem there, man ..... no problem at all."

Hassan gazed down at the architect whose flawless physique was streaked with earth and sweat. He hesitated, mulling over Lloyd's words, then decided to accept them at face value. "Well in that case...." he grinned. "You should have told me earlier." He kicked off his boots, dropped his pants and his huge cock sprang to attention. Lloyd gasped as he looked up at the naked Marine and frantically yanked off his boots and jeans. He lay back naked on the bare earth, stroking his cock as he gazed up at the muscle-god towering over him.

Hassan feel to his knees, pulled up Lloyd's legs and, with the frenzy of raw lust, pushed his rod into Lloyd's hungry ass, deeper and deeper until it sank into the depth of his gut. Lloyd almost passed out, but he took a gulp of air and steadied himself by gazing into Hassan's slanted dark eyes. He was hypnotized. "Oh, man, you're inside my ass. It feels incredible, man. Yeah, come on, stud, fuck my ass...... it's all yours, soldier. Fuck me ..... "

Hassan smiled down at him and Lloyd heard his lilting accented voice. "Now, Lloyd, you will know how it feels when Hassan takes possession of a man's ass. No man ever forgets that."

The fuck was classic Hassan, a slow, gentle massaging of the membrane, followed by a brutal pounding taking the man to the brink, then lapsing back into tender love-making. Lloyd was flying, spiraling into a world he had imagined so many times, but whose reality was far more intoxicating than any fantasy he could conjure.

Hassan was a master fuck, a beautiful, stunning muscle-god who was inside him, hammering him, making love to him. Lloyd looked up at the gorgeous face, sweat streaming down over the dark brow, high cheek bones and square jaw, down the neck and dripping onto the solid mounds of his sculpted chest. Lloyd felt like he was hallucinating. It wasn't real ..... couldn't be ..... and yet there he was, impaled on the soldier's huge rod, the gleaming muscles flexing as he pistoned into his ass.

They spectacular fuck went on and on ..... for Lloyd there was no time or space. But they could not hold back their climax forever. Finally, again, Hassan's voice ..... "Now you will feel my juice deep in your body, Lloyd, and you will show me how much you desire me. Let me see, Lloyd ...... now!" Lloyd felt the huge cock shudder in his ass and blast semen deep inside him. "I love you, Hassan," he screamed as he saw his own cum spurt in a high curve, then splash down over the heaving body of the glorious man who had possessed him at last.

When their heartbeats slowed Lloyd said urgently, "Don't pull out, man. I want to feel your cock inside me. Hassan smiled, fell forward and together they rolled over in the dirt, coming to rest folded together, joined by Hassan's cock that still pulsed inside Lloyd's ravaged ass.


Steve had just got home and was wondering where Lloyd was. He knew he wasn't working today, but maybe he had gone out. He pulled open a drawer of Lloyd's desk to see if his car keys were there. They were ..... but so was something else. Steve frowned and pulled out a pair of crumpled gray shorts. They were not Lloyd's he knew that, so ..... He raised them to his nose and ...."whew!" ..... they reeked of cum. But more than that, they smelled of ..... Hassan ..... they were Hassan's!"

It was like a blow to the gut. Steve reeled as he imagined all the scenarios that could have led to this. Enough was enough. Now he knew where Lloyd was and he stumbled out of the house, across the garden to the lip of the hill. He looked down ...... and stood rooted to the spot. Way below, by the cottage, Lloyd and Hassan were lying naked in the dirt. Hassan's arms were wrapped round Lloyd and ...... "Jesus!" ..... his cock was still in his ass.

Steve had not been seen and he stumbled away, round the house to the garage. He yanked open his car door, fell in and drove blindly away. As he sped along Mulholland, swerving round the curves of the winding hilltop road, he struggled to get control of his reeling thoughts. "Come on, man," he said out loud to himself, "get a grip. You're a therapist, for god's sake. 'Physician heal thyself'." That phrase made him smile grimly and brought him back to earth.

Suddenly he knew there was only one place he could go. His relationship with Lloyd was in ruins and he needed family. He needed Bob's calm wisdom and the strength of his own brother Randy. He suddenly had an image of Bob's smiling, sympathetic face, felt his comforting arm round his shoulder.

And Randy ...... well, he wasn't so sure about that. Randy, his over-protective older brother, fiercely loyal, but quick to anger ...... terrible in his anger. His reaction would be ...... Oh what the hell, never mind. Steve was hurting, confused, and he needed them both ..... no matter what happened next.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 132


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