"That was your initiation, Adam. You've been fucked by the best. Welcome to the house."

Zack's words rang in Adam's ears as he stumbled across the street, barefoot and bare-chested in just his jeans, clutching his T-shirt. The handsome Australian, who prided himself on being an alpha guy, a top man, a master, had just submitted to the spectacular black leather-god and his ass had been fucked for the first time in his life.

Earlier, he had played his accustomed top-man role when Mark had let him fuck his boy Jamie, and then he had watched the cop make love to the beautiful blond surfer. God, he thought, this house was unbelievable ..... the guys were like something out of pornographic art, each one an icon ...... the cop, the construction worker, the business executive and the black leatherman, all with their gorgeous young boys.

It was all too much to take in and he wasn't sure he would survive another day. What is it Darius had predicted? "Just wait 'til tomorrow, dude. Randy says we're gonna have a big party in your honor, and you'll get to meet even more guys ...... their names are Steve and Lloyd. And rumor has it that another guy is gonna crash the party. You're gonna go ape-shit when you see him. He's a Marine ..... Hassan."

As Adam went through the gate to the main house he heard the unmistakable sound of an Australian accent. "Hey, mate, you look done in." Thank god for Nate ..... good, steady, quietly handsome Nate ..... an antidote to the overpowering glamor of the rest of them. Nate looked at the stripes of the whip-marks across Adam's chest and smiled, "Zack do that?"

"Yeah, mate, and a lot else besides. You know how I told you I never got fucked in the ass. Well that just changed."

"Man I wish I'd seen that."

"No worries, mate, you will. Darius filmed the whole thing. Do I see brandy still on the table there?"

"Sure, I had just finished cleaning up after the guys. Sit down and I'll pour."

The brandy calmed Adam as he sat and gazed into Nate's soft eyes. "Listen, mate, does it bug you that I seem to have been having nothing but sex with other guys today .... Jamie, Mark, Zack ..... I mean ......"

Nate laughed. "No worries there, mate. I knew you would .... I wanted you to ..... wanted you to sample my new family."

"And you don't mind being their houseboy?"

"Mind? You're joking, mate. I'm loving it. And they're being great to me. Jamie's my best buddy, Mark's been my protector from the start, Bob's a great guy ..... they all are ..... even Randy when you get to know him. I used to be scared of him but now I'd trust him with my life."

"Yeah, I guess you are a lucky bastard at that." Adam drained his brandy. "Listen, mate, I'm bushed. Could we go to bed?"

"Thought you'd never ask. I'm dying to feel those arms round me."

And ten minutes later that's how Nate fell asleep, in Adam's arms ...... with a smile on his face.


The next morning as Adam struggled to consciousness he thought the hammering in his head was from all the alcohol he had drunk the night before. But as he woke he realized that it really was the sound of hammering .... coming from outside.

Nate stirred beside him and kissed him. Adam had a morning hard-on and pulled Nate toward him, preparing to make love again, but Nate pulled away. "Later, mate. I'm dying to, but today's a big day. Huge dinner party tonight .... in your honor. I gotta help the twins. Come on. The guys are probably already having breakfast."

They were, most of them, sitting at the poolside table .... all except for Randy and Pablo who were hammering away at the rudimentary storage shed they were building. Randy had made the generous offer of converting the ground floor of the duplex from a storage area into a large apartment for Mark and Jamie. Pablo and Darius would move into Mark and Jamie's present suite upstairs, and Nate would move into the boys' room. But all that meant building a storage shed for all the junk from the duplex ..... and that's what they were doing now.

"Jesus," Adam said, still woozy with a slight hangover, "those guys start work early." Then he caught sight of Zack smiling up at him from the table and he suddenly recalled the night before when he had been tied up at the black leatherman's mercy. Actually, it was his cock that remembered first, swelling in his shorts. Also at the table were Bob and Mark, both dressed for work, Jamie, Darius and the twins.

"Take a pew, Adam," said Bob. "Get some food inside you ..... soak up the booze. Busy day today. Mark and I are off to work ..... Zack and Darius are going to help Randy with the construction, and then this evening there's the big dinner party in your honor. What's the latest count, Darius?

Darius was already tallying up on his fingers and proclaimed, "Ten of us, including Nate, plus Steve, Lloyd and Adam." (Nate was thrilled to hear 'Ten of us, including Nate.' Guess he had really arrived.) "Then if Hassan shows up that'll make fourteen."

"Wow," said Bob, "think you twins can handle that?"

"No worries, sir," Kevin said, imitating Nate's accent, "provided Nate and Jamie give us a hand." Kyle looked sharply at Darius. "Any more than that in the kitchen and it becomes chaotic."

"OK, dude," grinned Darius. "I can take a hint. I'll be taking pictures anyway ..... gotta complete my movie for Adam to take back with him. Give him something to remember us by.

"I don't think I'll have any problem there," said Adam, sipping black coffee and grinning from Mark to Zack.

"OK, guys," Kyle said to Jamie and Nate. "Better make a start. Cooking for fourteen is no picnic." He giggled at his odd choice of phrase and the four boys gathered up the breakfast remains and headed to the kitchen.

"Well," Adam," Bob smiled, "Mark and I have to be off. Can we do anything for you before we go?" Adam could think of several things as he stared at the two stunningly handsome men, but simply said, "No thanks, Bob. I'll just veg out by the pool. I'm still kinda recovering from last night."

"Yeah," Bob grinned, "I heard about that ...... from Darius here. Randy always says he has a mouth like a megaphone.'

"Hey," said Darius in mock indignation. "I don't have sit here and listen to insults. I can get insulted anywhere I go." He gave a puzzled frown, with a vague idea that he had just insulted himself. Zack laughed, grabbed him by the neck and steered him toward the construction. Zack looked back over his shoulder and smiled again at Adam, who felt his cock grow rigid. "Jesus," he murmured to himself. "This house is one permanent hard-on."


His erection didn't go down as he watched the four guys working. In fact it got harder. It was as if every one of them, all of them shirtless, had stepped out of the pages of a porn magazine. Randy's muscular torso was already dripping sweat as he shouldered beams of wood that could have taken three men to move. He was stripped down to old, greasy cargo pants and heavy boots, with a tool-belt slung low on his narrow waist. Pablo was in his dungarees again, but now he had tied the straps round his waist, and his pumped, naked young chest was already streaked with dirt.

As the other two joined them, Darius was all ready for work, in baggy cargo shorts and sneakers. But Zack had been wearing nothing but old, thin, cotton shorts at breakfast and Adam watched, mesmerized, as he changed for work. With no hint of modesty Zack dropped the shorts and tossed them aside. Naked now, he picked up black jeans that he had brought out with him and pulled them on, boots too. Then, after strapping a tool-belt round his waist, he looked up and stretched as a prelude to heavy work.

Adam gasped as he saw the muscular V-shaped back, and the flexing biceps. His cock was pulsing and he almost shot his load as Zack turned round and looked over to him. Adam knew Zack was deliberately trying to turn him on, and it worked. "Jesus," Adam moaned as he gazed spellbound at the stunning black bodybuilder, stripped to the waist, perfect physique, rounded pecs, eight-pack abs, the tool-belt hugging his tight waist.

Adam remembered him as he had been last night in full leather, and now the leather-god had morphed into a hot construction worker. Once again Adam flashed on the illusion that he was living in the pages of an erotic art book. He tried to relax by the pool but it was no good. He was fascinated by the sights and sounds of heavy labor, the sweating bodies, the good-natured ribbing and obscenities ..... "Hey, kid, put some muscle behind it ..... get your ass in gear or I'll fuck it 'til you can't stand up straight ....... "What's the matter Zack, you tired out from all that action last night? Maybe someone should take a whip to your black ass."

The raunchy scene was all too much for Adam and he felt himself drawn to it. Before he knew it he was standing watching in a daze. Randy yelled to him, "What's the matter, stud, we too much for you? Well you know the old saying ..... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Come and lend a hand. Better change those fancy shorts of yours first, though, or they'll get ripped and filthy...." he grinned ".....unless that's what you want."

"Here," said Zack, picking up the old, worn shorts he had discarded and throwing them at Adam. "Put on these shorts of mine. They're already pretty filthy ..... can't get any worse. He grinned lasciviously. "But somehow I don't think you'll mind if they stink of me."

Adam was under his spell again ...... would have done anything the black muscle-god told him to. He fell easily into the uninhibited attitude of the group and, with no hesitation, dropped his clean shorts and stood there naked in just his sneakers. He pulled on Zack's cotton shorts, getting a strong whiff of the man's sweat- and piss-stains on them that made his cock swell inside them. "Hey, man," said Darius, "they look real hot on you. Better than they do on Zack."

Zack clipped him round the head. "Watch your mouth, punk, or I'll go get that whip of mine and you'll wind up as the tortured black slave you're always fantasizing about." "Oooh!" Darius moaned and grabbed his crotch. Zack gripped his arm. "Come round the back with me, kid. We gotta clear that brush so we can build out there."

As they disappeared Adam felt strangely relieved. Zack was such a magnificent man, so overpoweringly sexual, that all Adam's accustomed alpha-male, macho attitude drained out of him and he found himself wanting to please the muscle-god, to serve him ...... worship him. So it was a respite for Adam to be left alone with Randy and Pablo. 'At least I won't be on the edge of busting my load all the time,' he thought. But he was wrong there.


Adam fell into an easy rhythm working with Randy and Pablo, following directions from Randy and enjoying flexing his muscles in manual labor. Randy grinned at him. "That's some great body you got on you, man. Bet those guys in Sydney are lining up to get fucked by a tough stud like you." Maybe it was Randy's words, maybe it was working shoulder to shoulder with him, but all of Adam's virile self-confidence returned to him. He felt a masculine affinity with the brawny construction worker ...... two obvious masters enjoying their mutual feeling of respect and macho brotherhood. All Adam's thoughts of his recent submission to Zack faded.

Then it got even better. Randy stopped working, winked at Adam and nodded toward the work bench by the newly constructed wall. Pablo had laid a door frame on the bench and was stretched forward over it, hammering nails into the top of it. His chest was flat on the bench and his ass hung over the end, his feet on the ground.

Randy followed Adam's stunned gaze to where Pablo's dungarees had slipped down from his waist, revealing the crack of his ass. And what an ass! The way Pablo had tied his dungaree straps round his waist had pulled the pants forward, tight over his butt, leaving nothing to the imagination. The mounds of his perfect ass were clearly outlined under the thin fabric.

Randy grinned. "See, Adam, the kid always does this to me. He knows that physical work always gets me horny and he does that thing with his ass thinking it'll turn me on."

"And does it work?" asked Adam, one master to another.

"Hell yes. Here, let me show you." Randy yanked the dungarees down over the boy's ass and they pooled round his ankles. Pablo stopped hammering and turned his head to look backward with his urchin crooked smile.

"Shit," Adam gasped, "that is one helluva gorgeous ass, man ..... enough to make a grown man weep. Only one thing you can do with an ass like that."

"Damn right, stud," Randy growled. He ripped open his fly and pulled out his thick, hard cock. He grabbed Pablo's waist and without a pause plunged his tool deep inside his boy's ass.

Pablo yelled, "No, sir, please ..... it hurts ..... pull out, sir."

"Bullshit," Randy grinned. "Like it hurts every time I ram my dick in your ass, boy. You know you love it. See, Adam, he always pulls this stunt ..... pretends he's got this tender young ass ..... hates to get fucked. Now watch this." Adam's eyes opened in astonishment as he saw Randy begin one of his legendary rough fucks. His huge rod pistoned inside the boy's ass, the perfect white globes bouncing as his master's body smashed against them. Pablo's arms were stretched forward as he grabbed the corners of the bench and groaned.

Adam quickly realized that he was not groaning in pain. The boy was loving every second of it, as he no doubt did every time the construction boss ripped into him. "Now whad'ya say, boy? You want me to pull out?"

"No, sir, please ..... fuck me, sir. Fuck my ass ..... I love it ......please, master."

Adam was spellbound as he watched the savage fuck continue, the master impaling his boy on his massive cock. But suddenly Randy did pull out, causing Pablo to howl in frustration. "Hey big guy," Randy grinned at Adam, "you wanna grab a piece of the action here?"

"Hell yes," Adam grinned back. "Thanks, man." He dropped his shorts, stood behind Pablo and grabbed his hips. "Here it comes, boy, a big Aussie piece of meat, the one every guy in Sydney wants in his ass." He plunged his rock-hard cock into the gorgeous ass in one quick, forceful thrust and Pablo's body shuddered as he yelled, "No, it hurts!"

"Yeah, right," Adam chuckled, slapping his ass. "Your master knows that's bullshit, and so do I. Now tell me you want my dick in your ass, kid. Say it!"

"Yes, sir," Pablo whimpered. "I want you to fuck me ...... hard, sir." And so Adam did, almost matching Randy's ferocity. "Oh, man," Adam said. "You loosened him up real good. His ass is spectacular. Shit, I could bury my dick in these perfect globes all day."

Adam was hammering Pablo's ass, slapping it with the back of his hand, having a great time until Randy said, "OK, stud, my turn again." Pretty soon they were trading off, one fucking the flawless ass while the other stood at the head pinning the boy's arms to the bench. They were so hot, so close to shooting their loads, that Randy said, "Here, man, flip him over. Randy grabbed the feet, Adam the arms and they flipped the boy roughly onto his back.

Pablo stared wildly up at the two muscle-studs who had taken turns reaming his ass ..... and he was in some kind of heaven. He was used to his master's savage fucks, but who knew that Adam could be such a raging stud top-man? His young body was on fire and his cock pointed straight up, stiff as a pole.

"See that cock, Adam?" Randy grinned. "Now watch ..... this happens every time when he's with me. You ready, stud?"

"Right with you, man." But first Randy reached forward, curled his hand round Adam's neck, pulled his face to his and their mouths joined, their lips grinding together. In awe Pablo watched the two masters arched above him. Then they separated and began stoking their cocks. Pablo was spread-eagled on his back his hands gripping the upper corners of the bench and his legs spread wide. His body shuddered as he heard Randy's commanding voice.

"Now kid, you're gonna feel the juice of two masters pouring down on you. But it ain't gonna happen until you shoot your load first, you know that. So look at us both, look at the two muscle-studs who've just ploughed that sweet ass of yours. They're real hot ..... two spectacular men. They turn you on, right? ..... turn you on so bad your cock's hard as steel. Feel that fire in your legs, boy, rising up into your balls, into that cock. You can't hold back, can you? OK, boy .... now! ...... shoot for your masters ..... make them cum."

"Aaaah!" Pablo's body shook, his head thrashed from side to side and his cock spontaneously erupted in a long plume of white cream that shot high, curled, and splashed down on his straining body. The sight was too much for Adam. He felt his juice race up into his cock, then pour down onto the beautiful young boy, just as he saw Randy's own explosion of cum. Pablo was drenched in warm, creamy cum that rained down on his chest and his face from the muscle-gods towering over him. Drowning in semen he couldn't stop his cock from blasting stream after stream of cum high in the air.

The gushing orgasms of all three men seemed to last forever.


Finally there was stillness, except for their heaving breaths and the drip of semen onto the boy's chest. Then suddenly Randy was all business. "OK, back to work." He grabbed Pablo's arms and yanked him to his feet. The boy pulled up his dungarees and tied them round his waist, cum running down on them from his chest. Adam pulled up his shorts and Randy said to Pablo, "So, boy, what do you say to my buddy here?"

Pablo held out his hand and Adam shook it warmly. "Thank you, sir. That was awesome. You made me feel like I was your boy."

Adam grinned at Randy, his fellow master, and his feeling of macho dominance was complete, his top-man role restored. He felt strong, powerful, ready to work beside Randy as an equal. And so he did, but it wasn't long before they heard the unmistakable voice of Darius. "Oh, Adam, Zack wants you to go and help him out back. He needs someone taller than me. Told me to take over from you here."

They all noticed that Darius was clutching his camera and Randy grinned. "Well you can't exactly take over doing what Adam was doing here, punk ..... later maybe ..... but you can give us a hand with the work." He winked at Adam. "Better go and see what Zack wants, big guy."

Adam felt a sudden shiver go through him as he walked round to the back of the building and into the scrub. He stopped still and watched Zack work. The muscular black construction worker had been clearing brush, shirtless in black jeans and boots. Now he was reaching up into a tree, tearing down the lower branches, his muscles flexing, gleaming in the dappled sunlight. "Oh shit," Adam murmured softly to himself. "That is fucking gorgeous."

He felt his cock swell again in his thin shorts, but it wasn't the same feeling as watching Pablo's ass. Now he was watching a real muscle-god master at work, beautiful, tough, supremely self-assured. And that satisfying feeling of macho power that Adam had been feeling took a hit, his confidence faded. He flashed on Zack in leather the night before, tying him up, whipping him, fucking him for the first time in his life. So the tough man who had just reveled in his role of fellow-master with Randy now had an impulse to turn and run. But he steeled himself instead.

'Fuck it,' he thought, 'I'm a top, always have been, always in charge.' He took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and felt strength return to his body. 'Never again,' he thought, 'not this time. No way. Last night was the first and last time I'll ever submit to another guy.'

"Hey Zack," he shouted confidently, "Darius says you want someone taller than him."

Zack whirled round and flashed his gleaming smile. "Hey, stud, yeah thanks..... see I gotta saw off this branch up here ..... it's in the way of the construction. But I don't want it to crack and fall .... need a clean break ...... so I need you to reach up and hold it until I saw right through it."

"No worries, mate," said Adam. He strode forward and reached up, stretching his arms wide, and grabbed the branch."

"Perfect," said Zack. "Looks great." Zack stood back and laughed. "Hell, that body of yours won't quit, man, will it? Last time I saw a guy in that position was a guy I was working with, just like now. He was stripped down to his shorts like you, arms stretched up to a branch. The only difference was, that guy's wrists were tied to the branch and he was begging me to whip him. So I got behind him and thrashed his back until his cock was so hard he shot a load right across the clearing. Fucking hot scene that was, man."

Adam closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began to hallucinate. He could see Zack, dressed just as he was right now, wielding the whip. He could feel it curl round his body, the tip biting into his chest. He felt the lashes on his back and imagined himself begging for more, screaming for Zack to whip him, torture him. The image was so strong, the feeling of the whip cutting into his back so real, that he was actually arching his back as he held onto the branch, his arms flexing as he strained at the imaginary ropes.

"Hey, man, you OK?" He heard Zack's voice and jolted back to his senses. He opened his eyes and saw Zack smiling, tapping the saw against his palm just as he might have done with a whip. Adam was aware that his cock was rigid in his shorts, like a tent pole. 'No,' he screamed inwardly. 'I gotta beat this thing. I'm a fucking top, just as tough as he is. He won't break me this time.'

"Sure, Zack, I'm fine," he said firmly, with all the control he could muster. His biceps flexed as he gripped the branch harder. "Look, can we just get on with the work?"

"You got it, big guy. Won't take long." Zack walked forward, facing Adam, reached up to the branch and began sawing. As he focused his concentration and strength on the saw, his body naturally pressed against Adam's ..... there was no avoiding it. His chest was grinding against Adam's, lubricated by their sweat. Adam felt the chest muscles rippling against his, saw the biceps bulge and felt Zack's warm breath close to his face.

Still sawing, Zack turned toward him and their faces were inches apart. "You doing OK, still?" he asked. "God you're beautiful." He pressed his lips against Adam's and probed with his tongue for just a few seconds before drawing back. He laughed. "Sorry about that, man. Just couldn't resist it. Here, I gotta get to the branch from the other side. I'll go round."

Adam sensed he was losing the fight, but still he resisted, and continued to stretch upward and grasp the branch determinedly. Zack was behind him now, sawing the branch from the opposite side. Adam felt the sweaty chest press against his back, moving up and down with the rhythm of the saw. But there was much worse. He felt the bulge in Zack's jeans pressing against his ass, banging against it as he sawed back and forth. Adam was finding it hard to breath and he began to hallucinate again.

He imagined that after being savagely whipped by Zack he was still tied naked to the tree and Zack was behind him ..... and he was fucking him. Like last night, he felt the huge black shaft pistoning in his ass as his body bucked and strained in bondage. The image was vivid ..... the gorgeous Aussie muscle-stud master tied to a tree, getting his ass jackhammered by the brutal black construction worker who had overpowered him.

"No!" he yelled, out loud this time. Zack instantly stopped sawing and came round to face him.

"Hey, what's up, big guy? Sorry, man ...... thoughtless of me, the pain in your arms must be intense. But I'm almost through. Here, let me help you hold it until I'm done." Zack raised his right arm to continue sawing and stretched his left arm to grip the branch alongside Adam's hand. "There, that should ease it for you. Another minute should do it."

Adam knew he wouldn't survive this. As Zack's chest pressed hard against his and his arms stretched upward, Adam's face was smothered by Zack's armpit. The wiry damp hair filled his mouth and he choked on the stink of his sweat. The wet black pit ground against his face so every breath he took was filled with the rancid smell of his oozing sweat. The rippling black body was heaving against his, and he felt the huge bulge of Zack's crotch press against his.

The straining muscles, the hard cock, the stink of the black armpit ...... Adam was lost and again he drifted into a fantasy world. Again he flashed back on last night. He saw the gorgeous muscle-stud, alpha-male, bound spread-eagled to the bed, his virgin ass being hammered by the beautiful black leather-god, the first man ever to top him, to fuck him.

Memory merged into reality and he felt the hard body grinding against his, smelled, tasted the sour wetness of his armpit. His body was on fire. He choked on a mouthful of stinking black hair, screamed into it as his body shuddered and he felt his cock explode in his shorts.

And just then the branch came free.


Zack had been concentrating so hard on sawing that he likely was unaware of Adam's involuntary orgasm. Maybe he didn't even notice the stain spreading over the shorts and cum dribbling down Adam's legs. Whether he did or not he didn't let on. He was exhausted. "Shit, man, that was one tough son-of-a-bitch branch. Harder than I thought. I gotta catch my breath ..... gotta take a leak. With no sense of modesty he pulled out his cock, walked to the edge of the scrub and pointed his cock over the hillside.

Adam was still lost in the euphoria of being close to this pornographically erotic man. All his pride had vanished, all sense of resistance evaporated and he knew he was as much a prisoner of Zack as if he were bound hand and foot. He watched mesmerized as Zack stood motionless, holding his cock in his fist, waiting for the piss to start. Adam saw the first spurts and lost all control.

"No," he yelled, staggered forward and dropped to his knees before Zack, who turned to him and grinned. "Finally on your knees, man. Thought you'd never get there. Sure took your time. Here, this what you want, stud?" And the spurts became a steady stream, a river of piss pouring down onto Adam's chest, streaming down it and soaking his filthy shorts. In seconds his entire body was gleaming with the torrent of the black man's piss gushing down onto it and splashing into his face and mouth.

Adam felt he was drowning, and when it was over and his body was soaked, he gazed up at Zack and realized that all resistance against his lust for this man had been useless. He was humbled, degraded, broken. Sure, he had stood shoulder to shoulder with Randy, a stud master, topping his boy. But with Zack he was a slave, a top-man on his knees before a master more powerful than him. And Zack had known that all along.

He growled, "That's where you belong man. You should've known that last night. Yeah, maybe you were a big stud over there fucking Randy's boy, bonding with another master. But look at that dominant muscle-god now, on his knees, his master's piss pouring down his face and body. I've broken you, man, you'll do whatever I tell you to. You understand?"

"Yes, sir," Adam moaned in total surrender. Zack was still holding his cock, still dripping with piss and Adam watched it grow iron-hard. He had no choice. He leaned forward and felt the huge black club ease into his mouth. The man had been the first to fuck his ass, and was now the first to fuck his face. He felt both of Zack's hands grab his head, holding it in a vise as it was pulled forward onto the long, thick shaft. He choked as he felt another man's cock push deep into his mouth for the first time in his life..

He was aware of Zack's hips moving faster and faster as the cock probed deeper and deeper.

He lost all sense of who or what he was ..... master, alpha-male, top-man? The words meant nothing. All that mattered to him was servicing his black master, sucking his huge cock, swallowing it, choking, gagging, as the huge piece of meat filled and stretched his mouth. His one desire was to please his master, to make him shoot his load.

He heard the guttural voice above him. "Yeah, look at you ..... not the big, tough boy-fucker now are you, stud? Wonder what the boy would think of his master now, the rugged Aussie top-man on his knees, body streaming with piss. Look at that gorgeous face getting fucked by his master's cock. Thought you could hold out, didn't you, big guy? Not against me you couldn't. I can always break you, stud. Yeah, suck on that big black piece of meat, man........ OK, now you're gonna tell me what you want."

Zack pulled his cock out and grabbed Adam's head, forcing him to look upward. The handsome face was twisted in an agony of humiliation, tears streaming down it, mixing with the piss and sweat. The mouth hung open, dripping with piss and pre-cum. The stud master was broken. In total degradation he gazed up at the black construction worker, the man who had defeated him, and moaned. "I submit, sir. You've beaten me ..... I'm finished. Please, sir, let me drink your cum. I beg you, sir."

The sight of the tough, handsome Aussie, now a broken wreck, was too much for Zack. Holding his head tight he rammed his cock into the open mouth one last time, plunged it deep into his throat and his cock exploded. Adam gagged, choked and swallowed desperately, savoring the pungent taste of Zack's semen as it poured into him like nectar from a god. Adam's own cock was pulsing so hard that it broke free of the shorts and shot rivers of hot juice over Zack's legs and boots.

Suddenly Zack's cock pulled out but didn't stop streaming cum. It splashed into Adam's face, on his neck, pouring down his chest and onto the shorts. When it finally stopped Adam raised his face and groaned, "I submit to you, sir." Then his head fell forward in total defeat.

"Get up." Adam staggered to his feet and Zack grabbed his shorts, pulled them down his legs and off. "You're a fucking mess, man," he said, "smothered in your master's piss and cum." Zack pulled Adam's head back and wiped his face with the shorts, then rubbed them down over his chest, soaking up all the bodily fluids he had poured onto him.

Then he walked to the other side of the patch of scrub and turned to face the shattered man. He looked down at his own pants and boots, splashed with Adam's cum. "What the fuck's this, man? Clean it up. Now!"

Naked now, the broken man fell to his knees and collapsed onto his stomach. Reaching forward he began to drag himself through the dirt, his eyes focused on the cum-splashed boots. Zack grinned with satisfaction as he saw the naked bodybuilder slowly, agonizingly crawling in abject surrender, his tortured muscles rippling as he dragged himself painfully over the ground.

"That's it stud, let me see you crawl. It's so fucking hot to see a beaten muscle-god crawling to his master through the dirt. You're finished, man."

When Adam was almost there he grabbed Zack's leg with both hands and pulled himself painfully forward the last few yards. He wrapped his arms round Zack's leg and pressed his cheek against the black denim, sobbing. Then he began to run his tongue down the leg, hungrily licking his own cum off the rough denim, then off the boots.

He knew how it must look ..... the rugged Australian bodybuilder, the beautiful, virile top-man that everyone submitted to, the ultimate master, now naked in the dirt, humiliated, his shattered body stinking of sweat, cum and piss, licking the boots of his master, the magnificent black muscle-god who had broken him so completely.


Zack hooked his boot under Adam and flipped him over onto his back. He stood astride him looking down with that gleaming smile. "You know, Adam, it takes a real tough guy, a stud like you, a real master, to be so totally degraded, broken, and submit to another guy the way you have. You are one hell of a fucking man and that's why I get off working you over the way I have."

He reached down, grabbed Adam's wrist, heaved him to his feet and drew him into a tight bear-hug. "Man, you were sensational," he breathed in his ear. "You're one of the most beautiful masters I know." He pulled back, bent down and picked up the shorts. "Here, keep these. They sink of my sweat, my piss and cum, so take them with you and whenever you want to jerk off remembering me, do this." He pressed the shorts against Adam's face.

Adam breathed in deeply for a minute, then said, "Shit, man, I'm gonna keep these with me always. Thank you, Zack."

"Another thing," Zack said. "You're gonna go back now to your proper role as top man, a macho guy people look up to, admire and lust after. Promise me this .... you will never let another man top you ...... until you come back here to me. I still have stuff I need to do to you."

"You can count on it Zack. You're my only master. And, er, that thing with the tree, the ropes and the whip ......"

"Oh, yeah, that's on the agenda man ....... when you come back. I'll be waiting for you."


When they joined the others Randy and Pablo gazed at Adam in awe, in his ragged, stinking shorts, his face and body covered in dirt, crusted in a mix of sweat, piss and cum. Randy grinned. "Man, looks like you got Zacked."

"I'll say," said Darius's voice as he ran round the corner waving his camera. "And I got it all recorded for prosperity."

"Posterity, punk," Randy grinned. "OK, fellas, let's call it a day. Looks like the action's heating up out here now."

It sure was. The twins, Nate and Jamie had been hard at work. They had pushed two big tables together by the pool and arranged two chairs at each end and five down each side. They had thrown a big white cloth over the tables and were gradually bringing stuff out. "OK, boys," Randy said, "go get cleaned up, then lend a hand out here. Zack, Adam, into the pool."

Horsing around in the pool with these two magnificent men Adam once again felt a kinship with them, a fellow master, confident and proud. His experience with Zack had not diminished his self-respect in any way. It had, surprisingly, made him stronger, knowing he was man enough, tough enough, to take a beating from Zack and still remain the alpha-male he always was.

"It's happened to all of us," Randy said as the three men sat by the pool drinking beer. "Me, Bob, Mark, Zack, we've all taken a brutal beating, survived and come back for more, stronger than ever. It's a kind of rite-of-passage for a real master. If you can crawl in submission, then stand up taller than ever ...... now that's a real man. You passed the test, Adam. You're one of us."

"Thanks, Randy. Coming from you that's a real compliment. And don't forget, as a QANTAS crewman I work the Sydney/L.A. run all the time, except for a few Singapores, so I'm in town a lot. When I have a decent layover I'd like to drop in again, if that's OK."

"OK?!" said Randy. "It's fucking mandatory. If we find out you're in town we'll come after you and all of us fuck that stud ass of yours. Besides, I understand that Zack here has a lot of unfinished business with you." They all grinned and clinked bottles. Adam had never felt better in his life.


A few hours later the party was in full swing. Randy and Bob sat side by side at the top of the table, with Pablo to Randy's right and the twins to Bob's left. Mark and Zack were at the other end with Jamie next to Mark, of course, and Darius next to Zack. In the middle were Adam and Nate facing each other, rubbing their legs against each other under the table. They had just spent an hour together talking, making out.

In their basement room Nate had said, "Man, I'm loving it here. These guys are something else. My only regret is that you have to go away tomorrow. See, Jamie's my best mate but I ...... well ..... I think I love you, Adam."

"Hey, hey, I'm only an ocean away, Nate, and you know I fly here all the time, so we'll be seeing a lot of each other. The only thing is, when you move into your fancy new room I hope you'll still let me share your bed."

"Are you kidding?" Nate laughed.

There were three empty chairs at the table but two were about to be filled. To shouts of greeting Steve and Lloyd came in with apologies for being late. Randy stood up and said, Steve, Lloyd, you know everyone here except our new buddies, Nate and Adam. There were warm handshakes all round and Adam gazed at Steve in amazement. "But you, you're ....."

"..... the image of Randy, right?" Steve laughed. "I'm his brother ..... only I'm the respectable one and he's the scruffy one."

"Asshole," said Randy, feigning a punch to his stomach.

There was one last arrival, one that caused a momentary silence to fall over the group until the raucous noise of greeting rose again. Adam looked at Nate and they raised their eyebrows at each other in amazement. "This fucking place doesn't quit," Adam whispered to him.

The newcomer was spectacular, dressed in military fatigue pants and a sleeveless khaki shirt that was open far enough to reveal his perfectly sculpted pecs. Tall, muscular, he had a stunning, exotic dark face, an ethnic mix, Adam guessed, of Asian and Arab.

It was Hassan of course, and it was Mark who rose to greet him with a hug. Hassan shook hands with Adam and Nate who were mesmerized by his lilting, accented voice as he said to everyone, "Sorry I'm late, guys, don't let me interrupt the festivities. I was visiting my soon-to-be office and they kept me late, hence the work clothes you see me in." He sat down to a general chorus of greeting, except maybe for Randy who glowered silently.

As the meal got underway Darius, voluble as ever, pumped Hassan for information about his move from Camp Pendleton up to L.A. "It's the Marine Corps Public Affairs Office on Wilshire," Hassan explained. "A big promotion, I'm lucky. Thing is, though, first I have to find a place to live. I've seen some apartments but they were all in those huge buildings."

"What's your preference?" asked Bob.

"Well ideally, what I'd really like is a small, quiet place somewhere, in the Hollywood Hills if possible, though that's tough to find and house-hunting can be a pretty depressing exercise."

Alert as ever, Bob saw Steve and Lloyd nudge each other and talk quietly together. Bob caught Steve's eye with a questioning raise of his eyebrows. Steve cleared his throat and raised his voice above the general chatter.

"Er, Hassan, I er ..... well, I wouldn't want to get your hopes up too high but as it happens Lloyd and I have been fixing up the guest cottage on our property with a view to renting it out. We could use the extra income. It's a bit down the hill from the house, very private, totally self-contained with its own entrance from the street. With his architectural know-how Lloyd's done a real neat job on it and it's almost ready for viewing. We were going to list it next week, but if you'd like to swing by while you're up here and take a look that would be cool."

There was a sudden silence round the table as they all digested this news. Hassan flashed a gleaming smile. "Wow, Steve, that sounds real interesting. It's good of you and Lloyd to consider me. Sure, I'll still be in town tomorrow and I'd love to come by .... whatever time's convenient for you."

There was a buzz of excited conversation round the table and Bob felt Randy tense beside him. Bob's antennae were always quick to pick up vibrations ...... and he wasn't liking what he felt.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ...... Part 131


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