Adam was making the most of his three-day visit to the house. Having taken his boy Nate on an elaborate sexual fantasy he had turned his attention to Zack. Obsessed with the way the black leatherman had dominated and humiliated him on his last visit Adam had taken spectacular revenge, forcing Zack's own boy Darius to whip his master's spread-eagled body.

Now, in Zack's garden, Adam's triumph was complete as he gazed at the defeated black muscle-god. Zack's tortured face poured with sweat, his chest striped by the whip, splashed with his boy's cum, his magnificent body hanging limply from the trees, humbled and degraded. And at his feet knelt his boy, his face smothered with the semen of his broken master.

Dazed and exhilarated Darius was reeling with a mix of conflicting sensations, chief among them, he had to admit, the exhilaration of watching Adam take revenge on the gorgeous Zack, especially since Darius himself had been forced to participate. The scene would be a prize addition to Darius's extensive library of fantasies. Pulling himself together he got quietly to his feet and, as unobtrusively as possible, crept over to his camera, still filming away on its tripod.

His stealth was not necessary as Adam and Zack had eyes only for each other. Adam walked toward him and their eyes locked. It was an intense moment. The two men had now tested each other to the limits of their endurance. Each had challenged the other's manhood, tied him up, whipped him and made him submit, begging to get fucked. They were now equal in strength and authority, joined in a bond of powerful masculinity. They gazed at each other with deep respect, admiration ..... and much more.

Adam put his hand behind Zack's head, pulled it forward and their mouths locked in the passionate embrace of two alpha males. Unobtrusively Darius untied Zack's wrists and legs and the two masters fell together in a tight bearhug. They sank to their knees and rolled over the ground in an explosion of desire that had been building ever since they met.

Darius decided that his presence was no longer needed. He grabbed his camera and filmed the closing shot for his video ...... the men ripping open their pants and pulling out their rigid cocks. Then he left and walked across the street, where he was met at the gate by Nate, asking anxiously, "Hey, mate, what's going on? What happened over there? Is Adam OK? "

"Pretty nigh on perfect I'd say," Darius grinned.

"What are they doing now?"

"Fucking each other I should think. Dude you will not believe what went down. But you don't have to take my word for it ..... it's all here!" He waved his camera in the air. Quick, get Pablo, Jamie and the twins and bring them to my room."

Within minutes they were seated on the floor before Darius who had set up the video and was preening before them like a carnival barker. "Guys," he said grandly, "what you are about to see is a fantasy that tops them all. It's all about Zack and Adam, but best of all I, Darius, have a starring role. Prepare to be amazed ....."


At dinner that evening there was a buzz of excitement as the boys still talked about the awesome video. Adam sat close to Zack, flashing smiles at Hassan and Nate in anticipation of spending the night with them in the glow of his triumphant reaffirmation of his manhood. Zack had one arm over Darius's shoulder, closer now than they had ever been, and Jamie, as always, nuzzled against Mark. Probably the most excited of them all was young Eddie, sitting between Darius and Pablo, fantasizing about sharing a bed with his two new masters.

Bob smiled as he watched the twins joining in the enthusiastic gossip about the erotic events of the day. Darius was in full fantasy mode, and once again Bob wondered if his boys ever harbored fantasies of their own. If they did they were keeping them to themselves. They had certainly never told him of any. They worshipped him, sure, but he realized that as a buttoned-up business executive he could hardly compete in the fantasy stakes with Randy the construction worker, Mark the cop, Zack the leatherman or Hassan the Marine.

Well, he'd have to think about that. For now, he grinned at Randy and said, "Quite a day, it seems, buddy. This tribe of ours never ceases to amaze me. But I think that's enough turmoil for a while. Maybe now we can settle back into a quiet routine."

"With this crowd?" Randy laughed. "Quiet routine? Good luck on that one, old buddy."


As it happened, the house did settle into Bob's 'quiet routine' ....... for a while. There were a couple of farewells ..... actually 'see-you-soons' ..... as Adam took off back home to Sydney and Eddie went back to his bar job in Palm Springs. But there was no doubt in anyone's mind that they would be back in a couple of weeks. Zack had called Mike, the owner of the bar, and explained what had gone on with Eddie and Darius. Mike was thrilled to hear that the boy had at last come out of his shell and promised to give him plenty of time off for more trips to L.A.

So everyone went back to work and the house was at peace. It was unusually quiet a few days later when the twins were alone in the house. Even Jamie was not in his usual place in the office upstairs. He was making his monthly rounds of the construction sites, checking in with the foremen about payroll and other crew issues. And Nate was up at Hassan's house, his day for cleaning there.

So the twins were all alone in the kitchen. They loved days like this, working quietly together, exchanging few words in the intuitive communication they had developed over many years. They not only looked identical ...... they shared the same thoughts and impulses, the same dreams, desires ..... the same fantasies. These they divulged to no one else, not even Bob. They kept them private, just between themselves, with a secret hope that their fantasies might one day get just a glimpse of reality.

And today, suddenly, they did ...... only much more than a mere glimpse.

It was a hot, dry Southern California afternoon, the parched hillsides shimmering in the sun, the only sound the persistent dry buzzing of the cicadas. Kevin and Kyle had decided to fire up the barbecue outside and give the guys a treat for dinner. It was a long time since they had barbecued and, though it was not really advisable to have burning charcoals in these conditions of tinder-dry brush, they would take the usual precautions. Brush fires were an ever-present danger in the hillsides during the long, hot Los Angeles summers.

The twins knew what precautions to take as they meticulously cleaned the big brick barbecue that Randy had built in the garden a long time ago. They filled the pit with charcoal and poured lighter fluid over the coals with care. But, as the saying goes, the best laid plans ..... They misjudged the amount of fluid and when they struck a match the flames shot up so high they caught several of the dry branches overhead.

It all happened in seconds. Suddenly the fire in the pit was out of control and the tree was burning like a torch. They knew instantly the acute danger of the fire spreading, so while Kyle made ineffective efforts with the garden hose, Kevin grabbed his phone and called 911for the Fire Department. It was only minutes before they heard the wail of sirens as the fire trucks raced up the hill. The gate crashed open and the firemen ran in.


The prompt action spared a disaster. The fire was out in a few minutes, though it took longer to douse the sparks that had settled into the brush. The twins received a stern lecture about the dangers of open-pit fires in the hillsides, and after a few formalities the fire crew packed up their gear and left, leaving behind one of their men to check on the surrounding brush for an hour or so to knock down any hotspots where hidden sparks could still flare up.

The chastened twins set about cleaning up the mess in the garden while the fireman tramped through the brush. As they recovered from the shock of the incident they looked up from time to time and caught glimpses of the man as he worked.

And gradually they realized that one of their hottest fantasies had come to life.

In the stifling heat the firefighter had removed his bulky firefighting jacket but still wore the regulation heavy, yellow protective pants held up by suspenders over the shoulders. Under the suspenders he wore only a dark blue Fire Department T-shirt that was soaked with sweat and clung to his body. He had on the standard heavy protective boots and the big firefighter's helmet, but as his face ran with sweat he took the helmet off. The twins gasped as they saw his face properly for the first time.

The man had short blond hair and his chiseled features included high cheekbones and a square lantern jaw. He reminded the twins of pictures they had seen of the young Tab Hunter. They guessed he was in his early thirties, but there was no guesswork about one thing ..... he was stunningly handsome. The twins stopped their cleanup work and watched mesmerized as the fireman concentrated on his task, eyes focused on the ground as he moved methodically through the brush.

As the sun blazed down the firefighter looked up and wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He paused and the twins held their breath. In a sudden decision, the man pushed the suspenders from his shoulders and they dropped to his sides. Reaching behind his neck he pulled his T-shirt up and off, wiping it over his wet face then shoving it in his back pocket. He again pulled up the suspenders over his now-naked torso and resumed his methodical work in just his heavy yellow fireman's pants and big boots.

The twins were wide-eyed with shock. They looked at each other and said together, "August!" One of their secrets, known only to themselves, not even to Bob, was that under their bed was a Firefighters' Calendar, one of many put out each year showing mostly shirtless muscle-hunk firemen, all of them bodybuilders. The twins had heard that firemen had such hot bodies because they worked out constantly at the firehouse in their down time between calls to duty.

The twins' calendar was no exception, a collection of gorgeous bodybuilders who, before the boys met Bob, had been their chief inspiration as they masturbated together. The calendar was a year old but they would never, ever discard it. It was almost always folded over to the August page which depicted their favorite ..... a young blond firefighter, shirtless under the suspenders of his pants.

And now they stood dumbstruck. It was unbelievable ..... but there could be no doubt. The face, the body ...... there couldn't be two like that .... it had to be the same guy. The upper body was spectacular ..... broad, rock hard shoulders, heavily muscled arms, a superb chest with perfectly rounded pecs, incredible eight-pack abs, and wide lats that tapered down to a slim waist cinched by the belt of the heavy pants. They watched mesmerized as the stunning fireman walked slowly through the brush, his muscular body gleaming in the hot sun.

Finally he seemed satisfied there were no more hotspots. He stood up strait, stretched his muscular arms, then pulled the T-shirt from his pocket and wiped it over the sweat on his face, chest and stomach. The twins felt that they might cream their shorts just looking at him wiping his naked body. And then ..... he began walking toward them.

They were rooted to the spot as he came closer, just as if he were stepping out of the pages of their calendar. "Seems to be OK now," he was saying matter-of-factly. "I'm pretty sure there are no hotspots but I should probably stick around for a while to make doubly sure after the breeze picks up. That's the real test. You guys were lucky we got here so soon ..... could have been a nasty brush fire."

Relaxed now the fireman shrugged the suspenders from his shoulders and they hung down by his sides. Stripped to the waist, in his heavy pants and boots, his sculpted physique on full display, his short blond hair and deep blue eyes setting off his square-jawed features, he was the ultimate muscle-god, a pornographic icon.

The twins still gazed at him as if they were hypnotized. He grinned at them, flashing a dazzling set of perfect teeth. "Mind if I sit here?" he asked, indicating the bench and table by the pool. Still no response so he sat on the bench, his back to the table. He leaned back, resting his elbows on the table, stretching his legs out wide before him, the heels of his boots dug into the dirt. He grinned again. "Er, any chance of a drink of water, guys?"

Suddenly a simple request .... and it galvanized them. This was what they did .... provided food and drink in the house .... even to this man ..... especially to this man. "Of course, sir, sorry sir," they said apologetically. "Won't be a minute, sir," and they ran into the house.


When they returned in a few minutes he was still seated, his head thrown back, face turned to the sun. They had brought out a tray of sandwiches, bottles of water and several beers, which they set on the table by his elbow. Kevin said shyly, "We thought you might prefer a beer, sir."

"Now you're talking!" Again the gleaming smile as he took the beer and twisted off the top. "Technically I'm off duty now so it's kosher, and I won't call in for a while for my guys to pick me up. So, kids, I guess you're stuck with me. But don't let me stop you if you have work to do."

"We don't, sir," they said in unison. Nothing could drag them away from this man, half afraid that he would disappear back into the pages of the calendar. The twins sat on a bench facing him as he drank. Finally Kyle, the braver of the two, cleared his throat. "Sir ..... is ..... is your name Jason?"

He looked surprised. "How in the hell did you know that?" For the first time he noticed the hunger in their eyes, the look of total adulation. He had seen that look in others and he grinned. "Shit, it's that damned calendar, isn't it? Has my name under the picture. Yeah, that's me, for my sins. Did that a few years ago ..... couple guys came round to the firehouse and asked if we would do it for charity. But that was last year's calendar. You still have it?"

"Yes, sir ..... always ..... under the bed ..... open to the August page."

He gazed at them and the light dawned ..... suddenly he saw the boys in a whole new light. "Shit, you guys sure are lookers ..... you should be in a calendar yourselves. Stand up minute, guys, let's take a look." Nervously the twins got to their feet and instinctively stood protectively shoulder to shoulder. They were wearing their usual old cargo shorts, T-shirts and sneakers and Jason smiled admiringly at them. "Take the shirts off." They quickly obeyed and he sighed as he looked at their flawless bodies and beautiful young faces.

"Oh, yeah, now that is fucking awesome. You two should be models or something." He stared at them and began rubbing his hand slowly over his crotch. He narrowed his eyes as if he were considering something, then he chuckled. "You know, fighting fires in this heat not only makes a man thirsty ..... it makes him horny. Would you guys, er, be up for a little action?"

"Yes, sir," said Kyle immediately. "Absolutely," Kevin said eagerly.

"You, er ..... you ever suck a guy's cock?"

"Yes, sir!" they said together. They looked at the beautiful, shirtless fireman sprawled in front of them and they were in another world, a dream world of pictures, calendars and hot, muscular firefighters. They forgot all else ...... the house, their friends ...... and Bob. So absorbed were they in meeting the man of their masturbatory fantasies that any thoughts of Bob were temporarily crowded out of their minds. In a rational world they would never have contemplated what they desired now. But right now they were not in a rational world.

Jason was smiling at them again as his hands went to his waistband and he slowly pulled down the zip on his pants. The twins were transfixed as he pulled out his long iron-hard cock. He stroked it and said seductively, "OK, kids, let's see what you've got." They dropped to their knees on either side of him, their eyes travelling hypnotically from the cock, up over the ridged abs, the slabs of his chest and coming to rest on his beautiful face.

In a trance they moved, as always, in perfect symmetry. They lowered their faces to Jason's and nervously, tentatively pressed their lips to his cheeks. Sighing deeply Jason grabbed their hair and gently pulled their faces off him. "God, you are so fucking beautiful. Come on boys ..... make this fireman feel good." He pushed their faces back onto his and, gaining in confidence, they licked his cheeks, his forehead, kissed his eyes and then, each in quick succession pressed their lips against his mouth. Soon they were both feeding on his mouth together, their tongues searching hungrily deep inside.

Intuitively working in unison they lowered their faces, licking first his neck, then down over the hard muscles of his chest. They pressed their faces onto his pecs and worked their tongues, one of them on each nipple, sucking them, gently biting them between their teeth. He moaned loudly put his hands behind their heads and pressed their faces hard onto his chest, flexing it hard to absorb the pain of their teeth on his nipples. He groaned, "Yeah, eat those tits, guys, come on, work them, bite them ...... Jesus that feels hot."

Finally with one last tug that made him gasp, they pulled their teeth off his nipples and raised their heads. There was a reckless lust in their eyes as they gazed at their fantasy man. Still leaning back against the bench he now had his hands behind his head, elbows out to the side, biceps and shoulders bulging. He was superb ..... he was waiting. The twins' eyes grew wide as they stared at his stiff pole standing straight up out of his pants. He looked down at it then back up at them.

"Go for it, guys. You want that fireman's big cock? Eat it."

All inhibitions evaporated and they had only one thought in mind. With an animal howl they fell on the cock, kissing it, licking up the whole length of the shaft until their tongues were wrapping round the bulging head. As Kyle lowered his head and went to work on Jason's balls, sucking them into his mouth, Kevin let the long cock slide easily deep inside his throat.

"Oh, shit," the fireman yelled, "that is fucking spectacular, guys. Oh, yeah, work that cock, suck those balls ...... come on guys ..... you're nearly there. Make this gorgeous fireman bust his fucking load!"

His voice drove them wild and they took turns sucking his cock and his balls. They glanced up and saw him, arms outstretched now, hands gripping the edges of the tabled, making his whole naked torso flex, veins standing out in his straining muscles. His handsome face was thrashing from side to side in ecstasy.

It wasn't long before his breathing became ragged and they felt his cock pulsing. "This is it, guys!" They stopped sucking his cock and balls, raised their heads and looked down at his cock. They saw the head shudder, the hole opened and a massive jet of white juice blasted from it, slamming up hard into their faces.

With his scream ringing in their ears Kyle thrust his mouth down over the exploding cock and he swallowed ravenously, drinking in the bitter-sweet juice as it streamed into his mouth. Quickly Kyle pulled back and Kevin took his turn, sucking in the last of the warm semen that still flowed from the trembling cock. When it was drained at last the twins stood up and stared down at Jason, his glorious body still tense against the table, his head thrown back as he moaned, "Oh, man, that was the best. Shit, that was fucking awesome."

They could hardly believe their eyes. This was the man whose picture they had jerked off to so many times, and here he was, in the glorious flesh. Stripped to the waist, the bulging muscles of his upper body stretched and gleaming with sweat, chest heaving, torso flared in a V down to the slim waist that disappeared into his heavy fireman's pants. His legs were splayed out before him and his long cock hung, spent, out of the fly of the yellow pants.

The picture was pornographically beautiful. Was it really him or were they dreaming? One on each side of him the twins had both instinctively pulled their cocks out of their shorts and were stroking them in a trance. He was gazing up at them with his dazzling smile. "You like that, guys? Look at that gorgeous firefighter .... and you just sucked his huge dick. He's pretty spectacular, right? Hell, you've jerked off over his picture often enough and now he's right here, in the flesh. What you gonna do about that, guys?"

The twins couldn't take any more. Their cocks, their bodies were on fire. They stopped stroking their cocks .... didn't need to ..... just held them pointing down at them. And suddenly they saw the fireman's beautiful body jerk as two streams of creamy liquid poured down on it ..... over the washboard abs, the chest, the neck and finally splashing into the handsome blond face. He arched his body up to meet the ribbons of cum pouring over it, bathing in the tribute of these beautiful boys as they worshipped him with the gift of their sweet, warm juice.


Twenty minutes later the twins were still in a dream world as they gazed at Jason with rapt adoration. He had pulled his T-shirt out of his pocket and wiped some of the cum from his face but his naked chest still gleamed with the juice they had poured over him. He was drinking another beer and regaling them with stories of life as a firefighter. They were still in total thrall to him, mesmerized, and still no thought of Bob or the real world crossed their mind

Jason liked these young guys and was getting off on their adoration of him. He was vain, knew how gorgeous he was, knew he turned heads wherever he went, men and women alike, but it was a special compliment to be worshipped by two such beautiful brothers as these. As they listened to him, their eyes shining, he found himself turned on by them all over again. He had still not pushed his cock back in his pants and now it was standing erect again, as rigid as ever.

There was a sudden silence as they gazed at each other, but Jason was a confident alpha male who always came straight to the point. "Tell me something..... do you guys ever get fucked .... in the ass, I mean?"

"Yes, sir," they both answered without any hesitation.

Again that gleaming smile. "So what are we waiting for?"

The twins stood up, still shirtless, kicked off their sneakers, dropped their shorts and in an instant were lying side by side, naked, on their backs on the grass. Jason stood up and towered over them. With the sun glinting on his magnificent cum-slicked body, and traces of cum still showing on the chiseled features of his beautiful face, he took their breath away

Smiling down at them, stroking his cock he said, "Hell, this sure is my lucky day. No doubt about it, you guys are sensational. Shit, it would take a real special man to have you as his boys. He'd have to be fucking gorgeous." His words caused a fleeting stab of unease at the back of their minds but it instantly disappeared as Jason fell to his knees.

Self-assured, direct as ever, he didn't hesitate. He grabbed Kevin's ankles, pushed them high in the air and pressed his cock between the mounds of his ass. His blue eyes bored into the boy's. "You know that firefighter in the calendar, the muscle-god you so often jerked off over? Well this is him, boy, the same guy and, guess what? That fireman's gonna fuck your ass."

Kevin's heart was near to pounding out of his chest as he looked at that face, the body, and felt the fireman's long dick slide into his ass. It pulled back, then pushed in again. It was all he felt ..... the world slipped away ..... he was being fucked by the man of his dreams. He couldn't take it ..... he was drowning in the man's beauty. He moaned, louder and louder, and his moans became a scream as his cock erupted in a spray of cum over his shuddering body.

Jason waited a few seconds, then pulled out and eased over to Kyle. The twins, as always, reacted exactly alike. Kyle felt his legs pushed in the air, saw the stunning fireman leaning over him, felt the cock push inside his ass. As with Kevin, it took only a couple of thrusts and Kyle yelled as loud as his brother as he blasted a load of semen over his own chest and face.

Jason smiled down at the shuddering boy. "Now it's my turn to bust my load again ..... inside your asses this time." His voice rose to a shout. "Here it comes boy. Your muscle-stud fireman is gonna shoot his load in your ass."


The shout shattered the still air, hung there until it faded into silence. Jason pulled out of Kyle's ass, sprang to his feet and spun round. At the gate was a tall blond cop in black uniform and motorcycle boots, his eyes gleaming with anger. The twins looked up and the full horror of the situation crashed in on them. It was Mark!"


Mark stared at the scene in shocked disbelief. The twins! Naked, covered in cum. Getting fucked by this ..... this ..... half naked firefighter. Bob's boys ..... the boys he loved and protected ..... were getting their asses fucked by a fireman! In a blaze of fury the cop strode up to the fireman, hauled back and swung his fist across his face, sending the magnificent body spinning across the garden and crashing to the ground.

Mark stared down at the twins and all he could think of was Bob, gorgeous, kind, loving Bob, the man Mark was in love with. He worshipped these boys and now here they were, naked, covered in cum, giving their asses to another man. As they gazed up at him in terror he yelled, "You stupid fucking kids. What the fuck do you think you're doing? What, you've turned your back on that beautiful man of yours and given yourselves to this piece of shit? Explain! Tell me this is not what it looks like! Did he force you?"

They were numb with fear, but Kyle managed to croak incoherently, ", sir .... he didn't ..... we wanted it. He's so beautiful .... he's Jason ....on our calendar ...... August, sir ......."

"Enough!" Mark sprang into action .... no longer the methodical cop he always was but driven by anger now and passion for the man they had wronged. He reached down and dragged the twins over the lawn to a tree. He pulled them to their knees against the tree and handcuffed their wrists together behind it. "I'll deal with you two in a minute."

He strode over to the fireman lying stunned on the ground. Towering over him his voice was full of venom. "You fucking piece of shit. Oh man, I am gonna work you over good for what you've done. What the fuck are you doing here, anyway?"

Dazed though he was from the blow Jason was not about to be intimidated by this cop. "Cool it asshole. We responded to a fire ..... knocked it down easily ..... and I stayed to damp down hotspots."

"Yeah, and then what? Shit, I've met plenty of arrogant, bodybuilder firefighters like you who think they're so fucking hot that guys fall at their feet and you can do what you damn well like, including fucking the shit out of them. Well I'll tell you something, pal, these boys are already taken. They belong to a beautiful guy who's a hundred times the man you are. OK, you hungry for a fuck, asshole? Let's see if you can handle someone your own size. About time your sorry ass learned what a real fuck is."

Mark quickly unbuttoned his shirt, ripped it off, then pulled his T-shirt off over his head. Stripped to the waist he stared down at the man lying in the dirt. Their eyes bored into each other's and there was a heavy, angry silence as they sized each other up ..... the cop and the fireman, both shirtless in uniform pants and heavy boots.

It was not lost on either of them how similar they were ..... two blond muscle-gods with their finely etched, square-cut features, phenomenal bodies, muscles honed to perfection. They both knew how spectacularly beautiful they were and were used to being universally admired, so the rivalry they both felt was not just from the situation of the moment. They were vain, proud of their strength and looks, both dominant alpha males. And they were both angry.

Jason resented being floored by this arrogant cop. He had regained his senses now and he suddenly tensed and threw his leg up in a high karate kick, hitting Mark in the stomach, dropping him to his knees, stunned. Jason was on him in an instant and they began trading blows. Dazed and scared as they were, the twins stared in disbelief at the incredible scene ..... two magnificent, shirtless bodybuilders, a cop and a fireman, grappling with each other, rolling over the grass, their muscular bodies grinding into each other straining for supremacy.

Jason was strong and slammed the back of his hand against Mark's face again and again, but as he raised his arm for a final blow Mark grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back in a classic cop move to subdue an assailant. He dragged the trapped fireman through the dirt over to a tree, pulled both arms up behind it and cuffed his wrists. Lying on his back, arms stretched above his head, Jason pulled at his wrists but realized that he was helpless. "Fuck you, man," he yelled to the cop looming over him.

"I don't think so, stud. Not this time ...... other way round." His chest still heaving Mark dropped to his knees and yanked at the firefighter's pants, pulling them down to his ankles. He looked down at the near naked bodybuilder and two pairs of blue eyes bore into each other. With an arrogant, triumphant smile Mark said, "OK, pal, I believe in the punishment fitting the crime .... an eye for an eye, a fuck for a fuck."

"No, man," Jason said desperately. "I don't do that. No one ever gets inside my ass."

"They do now, big guy ..... like this."

Mark held Jason's legs in the air with one hand, and with the other he unzipped his pants, pulled out his stiff cock and slammed it brutally and deeply into the fireman's virgin ass. Jason's body spasmed, his face flew back and his mouth opened in a scream that echoed round the hills.

Mark was triumphant. "How's that feel, asshole? Wish the guys in your firehouse could see their tough bodybuilder buddy getting his ass reamed by a cop." His cock became a ruthless piston, hammering the hot ass with brutal intensity. "Now you know, you don't mess with me, asshole. Sure you're beautiful, a man's man, a muscle-god just like me, but you've met your match this time, buddy. How d'you like that, man? ..... the big cop fucking the fireman's ass?"

But as the ferocious fuck continued Mark fell silent and the mood gradually changed. So did the attack on the fireman's ass, slowing down, losing its savagery. As they gazed into each other's eyes their matching beauty and strength that had been the root of their rivalry slowly faded into something else. Against all logic it became an object of grudging respect, admiration ..... even lust. For a few moments they were not enemies .... they were simply two beautiful men, a cop and a firefighter, sharing their rugged masculinity and sexual desire.

Mark was now driven not by what Jason had done but by what he was ..... and there was no doubt that he was a spectacular looking man. And as Jason gazed up at this blond cop, beautiful as a Greek God, he felt no more pain in his ass and it relaxed round the rod moving inside him. He had never seen a man as impressive as this, never felt a sensation so erotic.

They continued to stare at each other hypnotically, drowning in each other's eyes. Seeing desire and willing submission in Jason's gaze Mark said softly. "I'm gonna cum inside your ass, man." "OK," Jason said simply as he felt the cop's semen flowing inside him and his own cock spurting jets of cum over his naked chest. His heart was pounding, his breath heaving. His ass had been fucked for the first time in his life .... and by this magnificent cop.


They gazed at each other for long seconds until Jason said softly, "I didn't know, man. I had no idea they belonged to someone else. I swear I didn't know." Mark blinked and shook his head, confused by his conflicting emotions, ashamed of them even. He pulled out of the fireman's ass and sprang to his feet. He scooped up water from the pool and washed his cock thoroughly, furiously, as if washing away the forbidden lust he had felt for this man.

But Jason's words still resonated and Mark realized that the man might not really be so guilty after all. If it was true what the twins had said, that they willingly offered their asses to him, he wasn't to know that they were betraying a man who loved them. Impulsive, vain he may have been, but not malicious.

Suddenly Mark snapped back to the scene that had so shocked him and he thought of Bob and how devastated he would be. As his anger at the fireman lessened it focused now on the twins and grew stronger. What were they thinking to have behaved so outrageously, to have ignored and betrayed the beautiful man who had offered them his love and protection? By the time Mark went back to face them his emotions were running high again and he glared at them with contempt. On their knees, their wrists handcuffed behind the tree, they looked up in fear.

The cop's voice was ice cold. "You say you wanted this guy? Did you suck his dick? Did you drink his cum?"

"Yes, sir," they both replied nervously.

"Did he put his dick in your asses? Is that what made you shoot a load over yourselves?"

"Yes, sir."

"Jesus Christ!" Mark clenched his fists and his fury returned. All he could see kneeling before him were two stupid, stupid boys who had betrayed the man Mark loved ..... and they had to be punished. Once again his anger made him irrational and he yelled at them.

"You fucking little shits, I should whip your sorry asses for this? Did either one of you think for one second about Bob while this man was fucking your face, pumping his dick in your ass? Shit, I knew when I first saw you that you were bad news, two street kids stealing Bob's car. But he forgave you, took you in, made you his boys ..... and this is how you repay him! Do you have any idea how crushed he's gonna be when he learns what you've done?"

The furious tongue lashing hit home and the twins were sobbing, shattered by Mark's words, realizing how badly they had betrayed their master, the man they idolized. Mark was losing control. "Look at me! I said I should whip your ass, but maybe you need more of what your stud fireman gave you. Maybe you need to get those mouths really fucked like you deserve."

He pulled Kyle's head back by the hair and plunged his cock into his mouth, slamming it against the back of his throat, making him choke and scream into the gag of the huge rod. After a few brutal thrusts he pulled out, grabbed Kevin and, blinded by his anger, subjected him to the same merciless punishment, pounding his terrified face. Kyle was still coughing, but he managed to plead, "You're hurting him, sir. You're hurting my brother. Please stop, sir ..... please......"

In his frenzy Mark didn't hear the boy ..... but he did feel the grip on his shoulder spinning him round, and the hand that smashed across his face. He found himself on the ground looking up at ..... Bob! And he heard his voice. "What the fuck are you doing, man? Have you gone completely insane, torturing my boys? Look at them ...... they're terrified."

Mark staggered to his feet and stammered, "They needed it, man. The little fuckers betrayed you .... they gave their asses to the guy over there. They're nothing better than cheap ....."

"Enough! All I know is you were torturing my boys. I don't give a shit what they've done. If they've done wrong I'll handle it, not you. I'll punish them in my own way without your help, you maniac. Give me the key so I can release them."

Meekly Mark handed over the key to the handcuffs, and then remembered the other guy still in handcuffs. Quickly he freed Jason, pulled him to his feet and helped him pick up his clothes. "This is no place for you, man," Mark said. "Go outside and call your buddies for a pick-up." He looked at the badge on his coat. "I'm familiar with your firehouse. I'll be in touch." They gave each other one last penetrating gaze ..... and Jason turned to leave.

As he walked to the gate he glanced over at Bob, tending to the boys, and his own words came back to him. 'Shit, it would take a real special man to have you as his boys. He'd have to be fucking gorgeous.' He smiled to himself. Well, at least he got that part right.

Bob had freed the twins and helped them to their feet. They stood with heads downcast, still in a state of shock, but they looked up again fearfully as they heard Mark approach. Bob heard him too, whirled on him and the battle of words escalated. Fueled by unthinking anger they traded accusations and insults and said things they didn't mean. Mark was jabbing Bob in the chest. "Maybe if you had given them what they really needed, some good raw sex, got into their fantasies, they wouldn't have offered their asses to the first firefighter to come along."

"You're full of shit, man. You arrogant prick ..... once a cop always a cop. You guys are all the same, swaggering around thinking you can rough up anyone you want, especially kids like this. You know what? ..... you're jealous of them ..... jealous because they've got me and you don't. Well you sure won't have me now, pal. I don't recognize the guy I used to love. We're finished, buddy. Don't come near me or my boys anymore, is that clear?"

He turned back to the twins ...... but they were gone. Unable to bear the guilt of what they had done, and watching this fight they had caused between two men who had loved each other so much, they couldn't face any more. Their days in the house were finished, they thought. They had to get away. And so they did.


The search was frantic and fruitless. The other boys all came home shortly after and Mark explained to them briefly what had happened so they would know the seriousness of the situation. The boys helped search the house but the twins were gone. Without a word or a glance at Bob Mark leapt into his truck and drove off to search the streets. Bob left too and the boys looked at each other in shock as they heard the squeal of his car tires speeding away.

There was always an instinct in the boys to circle the wagons in a time of crisis ..... and they knew this was a crisis. They had sensed the angry vibes that still hung in the air and they couldn't miss the bitterness that obviously existed between Mark and Bob as they searched the house. So Jamie, Pablo, Darius and Nate sat at the table by the pool and between them, after Mark's brief explanation, they were able to piece together most of what had gone down here.

Judging from the burnt-out tree and all the charred debris there had obviously been a fire. That prompted Nate to divulge one of the many secrets he knew, being the houseboy and cleaning everyone's rooms. One day as he had been vacuuming under the twins' bed he had come across their Firemen's Calendar opened at the August page. "The man was totally awesome, dudes, so I guess that was kind of their fantasy." He couldn't know, of course, that it was the very same firefighter who had actually been at the house.

Worst of all was the rupture between Bob and Mark. Everyone knew they were in love with each other, so the idea of them being enemies was unthinkable. "And god knows what'll happen when Randy finds out," Pablo said. "You know what he does to anyone who hurts Bob or makes him unhappy ..... beats them to a pulp. Hell, I wouldn't wanna be in Mark's place right now, or the fireman's for that matter. If Randy ever locates that guy, he's toast."

There was silence as the true dimensions of the crisis hit home. Jamie was especially alarmed at the trouble his master Mark was in, and suddenly he took a deep breath. "Guys, it's up to us! Seems like everyone's made a royal fuck-up of this whole mess, and it's up to the boys to put things right. I think we can, guys."

"What do you suggest?" asked Darius, impressed.

"Well for starters I have a pretty good idea where the twins have gone." Jamie grinned. "I have been known to fuck up myself if you recall ..... yeah even me, Nate, though that was before your time. I once told the twins about it and we talked about the place I ran way to. Remember, Pablo, where you and Billy found me? So I'm pretty sure where they've gone. But we don't wanna scare them off, so I think I should go find them myself, then you guys come after me as back-up."

"Back-up," Darius grinned. "You're starting to sound like a cop, dude, just like your old man." Then another thought hit him "You know, guys, the worst part of all this is that if we don't find the twins ..... we'll have to cook dinner."


"OK, OK, bad choice of words. Anyway, what Jamie says sure sounds like a plan to me. And then after that we'll kind of make things up as we go along. Everyone agreed?"

"Agreed," they said in unison, sealing the deal by slapping their right hands on top of each other on the table.

"Shit," Darius grinned again. "Just like a band of brothers. Then again, I guess that's kinda what we are."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ....... Chapter 149


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