After Pablo's epic misbehavior in attacking and injuring all the boys, he had been punished by the gorgeous therapist Steve, who had tied him up and forced him to watch in frustration as six beautiful men engaged in an orgy of spectacular sex. After that Darius had taken over and led the boys in a group act of revenge on Pablo, leaving his face streaming in cum and tears of humiliation. Finally, watched by the wide-eyed young newcomer Eddie, Darius had whipped Pablo's ass, and then fucked it in an ultimate act of forgiveness.

That evening at dinner, when the boys appeared from the kitchen with peace restored, the men knew instantly that Darius had been true to his word and taken care of the situation. There was an aura of leadership about him, a confidence in his stride, and the boys gathered round him in an instinctive display of respect and admiration.

Sitting at table between Darius and Pablo, young Eddie positively glowed with excitement. Bob whispered to Randy, "Hmm ..... can't wait to see what develops there. Looks like our boys are growing up." Then Bob stood up to make his customary short pre-dinner speech.

"OK, guys, just a word before we eat. It's been a kind of a rough few days but I have a feeling things are pretty much back on track, thanks in large part to Steve and Darius. Also, I'd like to welcome Eddie among us. I understand you have a couple more days off work, Eddie, so you'll be staying here with Darius and Pablo. All I can say to that is ..... 'Enjoy!' Oh and one last thing. Adam called from Sydney to say he'll be working a flight to L.A. and he'll be here tomorrow on a three-day layover."

"Yeah, I heard about that," Zack grinned. "I need to get reacquainted with that Aussie stud."


After all the trauma of the last few days the meal was a raucous affair and all their tension was released in a blast of boisterous conversation and bawdy laughter. And it was all totally overwhelming to the shy young man sitting between Pablo and Darius. Being a newcomer to this group of gorgeous, muscle-stud masters and their handsome young boys would have intimidated anyone, but Eddie had got off to an unusually rocky start.

Eddie idolized the handsome black muscle-boy and a few weeks back had watched in awe as Darius had put on a stunning sex show with Zack in Palm Springs. Of course, Darius had told Eddie about his lover Pablo and in a masterstroke of unintended irony had said, "Can't wait for you two to meet. Pablo's a real hot dude and he's gonna love you."

With these expectations Eddie had been terrified by Pablo's blaze of anger and physical attack and had run blindly from the house, only to be met and brought back by the hottest looking cop he had ever seen. That turned out to be Mark, who already had a boy, a gorgeous blond surfer-type named Jamie who took Eddie's breath away. His mind was already spinning when he met the other men in quick succession, all so beautiful that Eddie felt totally intimidated.

Working in the Palm Springs bar he had met many men but nothing like these muscle-studs. He had been scared to death of the big macho boss man, the one they called Randy, and he still was. But his lover, Bob, was too good to be true, with the looks of a Superman but kind and gentle, constantly checking to see if Eddie was OK. Then there was Nate with his sexy Australian accent, and the gorgeous young twins who were Bob's boys and the house chefs.

"I don't think I can handle all this, sir," Eddie had said to Darius just after he had met everyone. "These guys are so far out of my league ...... why would they want a kid like me in the house?"

"Because you're my friend," said Darius with a gleaming smile. "They love and respect me, so they'll like you too. They're great guys when you get to know them. Don't be fooled by what Pablo did ...... he was just temporarily out of his mind and he'll be punished."

Eddie had watched the punishment by the boys in awe, and when he saw Darius in full leather whipping Pablo's ass he had been so turned on that he quietly creamed his shorts. There was even in the dark recesses of his mind a new feeling that he would not even admit to himself ...... a desire to take Pablo's place on the bench and have Darius work on him instead.

And now here he was, after the celebratory dinner, in the shower before bed, a bed he was to share with Darius and Pablo. He was so nervous he was shivering, even under the streams of hot water.

Darius and Pablo were relaxing in the bedroom with their last beer of the day and Darius asked, "So, what do you think of him, dude?"

"He's cute, real cute," said Pablo. "Bit thin for my taste but I can soon beef him up a bit in the gym. Nice face, handsome in a boyish kind of way, but I just wish he wasn't so nervous all the time. Hardly says a word."

"Hey dude, give him a break, it's all so new to him. He's 21, though he looks much younger, and came to California from Nebraska two years ago. Since then he's been working as bar-back in that leather bar in the Springs, living alone in a one-room apartment. And suddenly he finds himself in this house with all these spectacular guys and..... hey, talk about culture shock. Of course he's tongue tied. You would be too ..... well, maybe not you, dude.

"Anyway, he leads a pretty sheltered life. When we were in the desert he told me he doesn't have much sex, just an occasional blow-job in the back room of the bar. Mostly he gets off on porn videos and pictures in magazines." He laughed. "Says some of the pictures look like me."

"Yeah, well, It's obvious he's crazy about you, man," said Pablo. Can't keep his eyes off you, like a drooling puppy. And after you worked me over in the basement in that leather outfit (which looked pretty awesome, I have to say) I could swear he shot a load in his pants, judging by the wet stain at his crotch. No doubt about it ..... he wants to be your boy, kiddo."

Darius shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah, well about that ..... see, I'm not too good at this master thing. I think I was doing fine until you went ballistic and beat me up in front of him. Shit, man, I wanted you to meet him so you could help me out. I mean, you're so macho, like a young version of Randy, that together we could .... I dunno ..... be kinda special for him. And I want us to do it together. After all, if he's gonna be my boy he has to really like my lover."

"No problem, dude," said Pablo, puffed up and flattered by Darius's words. Assuming a macho tone of voice he said, "Be glad to help you out, man. I know just what the boy needs. Quiet, here he comes."

Darius was nervous at Pablo's tone, fearing that he would pull attitude and put on his 'senior boy' macho act, but he was surprised at Pablo's easy-going friendly greeting as Eddie stepped naked from the bathroom drying himself off.

"Hey, Eddie, you're looking good, kid. Yeah, real good. Turn round a minute." Nervously Eddie obeyed and Pablo said, "Wow, Darius, look at that ass .... real sweet. You're a looker, Eddie my boy, no doubt about that." Eddie turned to face them again with a nervous smile, blushing deeply. "You could use some extra muscle, though. What say while you're here I take you to the gym downstairs and set you up with a routine?" He laughed. "That basement isn't just used for punishing crazy guys, you know."

Eddie's grin was wider now and he said, "That would be great, sir. I've always wanted to go to a gym but I was nervous that I wouldn't know what to do."

"Well, kid, you've come to the best .... I'll take care of you. OK, Darius, our turn in the shower."

Eddie stood and watched wide-eyed as the boys pulled off their T-shirts, kicked off their sneakers, dropped their jeans and shorts and tossed their clothes in a pile in the corner. He was a picture as he stood their gaping at the beautiful naked young men, one muscled young stud with a dark Mestizo look and the other a young black bodybuilder. He dropped his towel on the floor and his cock rose quickly until it stood out like a rod before him.

Pablo and Darius laughed. "Hell," Pablo said, "not a bad piece of meat, either, especially when it's standing to attention like that. OK, wanna help us out in the shower, Eddie, soap us up and all? ..... Not that I want you to feel like our body slave or anything."

Eddie didn't mind that idea at all ...... not at all!


Darius and Pablo were in high spirits after their earlier sexual reconciliation in front of the boys. Pablo grabbed Darius's cock and towed him toward the bathroom. "Come on dude ..... should be plenty of room for all of us and this ten-inch weapon of yours." They jostled each other noisily into the shower but as the water started Eddie hung back. This was overload for him ..... he was dazzled ...... like a deer in headlights.

What Darius had said was true. Most of Eddie's sexual experiences up to now had been in the realm of fantasy, especially in Nebraska where he didn't know any guys who were turned on by men (or thought he didn't.) Lonely as hell he had finally screwed up his courage and got on a Greyhound bus for California. But even after he wound up in Palm Springs he spent most nights alone in his room with porn videos, the Internet and muscle magazines.

When he had met Darius and Zack he thought they had stepped right out of the pages of one of his magazines. And now this house! ..... full of pornographically beautiful guys, like the fitness models he had often jerked off to. He had spent several nights in Darius's arms in bed but there had been no sex, as Darius was being faithful to Pablo. And now he was going to share a bed with both of them! Part of him wanted to go and jump in his old truck and high-tail it back to the safety of his little room in the Springs with his porn.

But his muddled thoughts were interrupted by Darius's voice. "Hey, kid, get your ass in here. There are two guys in here who need your help." Tentatively Eddie slid open the shower door and walked in. It was a big shower with two gushing shower heads as this suite had been designed and built by Randy for Mark and Jamie, and when they moved to a large apartment downstairs the boys had moved in. So there was room for Eddie to hang back against the tiled wall, not sure what was expected of him.

Darius was eager for Eddie to lose his fear of Pablo and for Pablo to like the boy. Seeing his reticence Darius said, "OK Eddie, grab the soap and lather up my friend here. Make him feel good." Eddie picked up the bar of soap and ran it slowly over the bulging muscles of Pablo's chest. When it was covered in foam he dropped the soap and ran his hands over the body, starting with the broad shoulders, down over the V of his lats, then back over the slabs of his pecs, over the hard, six-pack abs and down to the slim, tight waist.

It was a gorgeous body and it hypnotized the awestruck boy, whose cock was raging hard. When his hands brushed over Pablo's nipples Eddie saw him take a sharp intake of breath and his face broke into his irresistible crooked grin. "Hell, you sure know how to make a man feel good, kid. Do that again."

Eddie ran the backs of his fingers over the foam-covered nipples and watched the handsome young face wince with sexual delight. "Shit that feels good," Pablo moaned. "Come on, kid, squeeze them .... do it hard." Eddie did as instructed, pressing his fingertips hard on the nipples. Slick with soap they slid off, causing Pablo to gasp. Again Eddie squeezed, again they slid off and again he squeezed, time after time.

The feeling was driving Pablo wild. His head thrashed from side to side, his wet hair flying and his voice rose. "Oh man, that is making me so fucking hot. Dude," he said to Darius, "this boy of yours is something else. Shit it's giving me such a fucking hard-on." Suddenly Pablo grabbed Eddie's wrists and held them against his chest in a vise-like grip. "Harder, man, harder. You're turning me on like crazy, boy ...... I love it!"

Eddie gazed into the beautiful, exotic young face and, losing all his inhibitions, went to work on Pablo's tits. The soap had washed off of Pablo's chest now so the fingers didn't slide off and he was able to hold on, twisting the hard nipples in his wet fingers. He saw the face writhing in ecstasy and gazed at the sculpted chest that that flexed under his touch. He had never done anything like this, never felt the thrill of turning on a boy as beautiful as Pablo. He lost all control, punishing Pablo's tits, hearing him moan .... and then ..... "Aaagh".

The scream echoed round the shower and Eddie saw a stream of white juice splash against Pablo's washboard abs. He blinked, not knowing what had happened. Then his eyes opened in shock. It was his orgasm, not Pablo's. The feel, the sight of this beautiful boy had been too much for him and he had shot his load all over Pablo.

His hands dropped and he tried to cover his erection in shame. "Oh, sir, I think I just busted my load. I couldn't help it, sir, you were so beautiful, I just couldn't ..... I'm sorry, sir. Please forgive me. Don't send me out, I'll try to do better ....."

His desperate voice was drowned out with laughter ..... it was Darius. "Hell, Eddie, you don't have to apologize because a man is so hot he makes you cum. It's a big compliment. Anyway, I've often shot my wad just looking at this gorgeous lover of mine." Darius had loved the sight of Eddie turning Pablo on so much. Just what he had hoped for. Pablo had his back to the shower and Darius saw that so Eddie's cum had not washed off and was still dripping down Pablo's abs.

"Hmm," Darius said, "only thing is, Eddie, you just pumped a shit-load of jism on my lover's stomach. You gotta do something about that. What d'ya think kid?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie stammered. "Right away, sir."

He leaned forward and licked the cleft between Pablo's pecs, where a few drops of his cum had reached. His cock was instantly hard again as he buried his face between the twin mounds of the chest and tasted the velvet-smooth skin. Slowly his sank to his knees, letting his tongue trail down from the chest and over the hard ridges of Pablo's abs. Now he could taste his own cum and he went to work licking and kissing the tight stomach.

He was overwhelmed by the incredible sensation of servicing this perfect body and his inhibitions were drowned in a rush of desire. When he had cleaned the abs his tongue licked lower until he tasted Pablo's wiry pubic hair. He buried his face in the tangle of hair, wallowing in the musky male scent as he inhaled deeply.

Suddenly Pablo turned round and Eddie got a close-up view of his incredible ass, the white globes crisscrossed with the red marks of Darius's whip. Instinctively he leaned forward and began to lick the ass lightly, trying to bring relief to the injured flesh. He heard Pablo's satisfied sigh and felt the hard mounds flex under his tongue. When Pablo eventually turned back around Eddie found himself facing the rigid shaft of Pablo's cock. He raised his head and gazed pleadingly up at the handsome boy towering over him.

"You wanna drink my cum?" Pablo said. "Go for it, boy. Make me shoot a load in your mouth."

The words whipped Eddie into a frenzy. He gazed at the rock-hard cock and lowered his mouth onto it, pushing forward without hesitation until the head of Pablo's came to rest deep in his throat. Up to now the only sex Eddie had had with men was blow-jobs, so one thing he did know about was how to suck cock. And he now went to town on this beautiful boy whose stiff rod was like a piston in his mouth. He gulped, sucked and clenched his throat muscles hard.

"Oh, shit, man," Pablo yelled, "this is fucking awesome. Damn, you're a great cocksucker, boy. Come on Darius, work my tits, man." Darius reached forward and squeezed his lover's nipples that were already sore from Eddie's work on them. And it sent Pablo over the top. "That's it, guys. I'm gonna cum! Get ready, boy ..... drink that juice .... all of it .... aaagh..."

Eddie felt the cock explode in his mouth and he gulped frantically as he felt torrents of warm, bitter-sweet liquid pour down his throat. He couldn't believe it ...... he was drinking the juice of this gorgeous young stud, swallowing it, every last drop. His body shuddered and he screamed into the gag of the bulging cock filling his mouth while his own cock blasted another load of cum onto the tiled floor.

When he had drained every drop of Pablo's juice he pulled his head back and gazed up at him with tears streaming down his face. Pablo smiled down at him, but it was Darius who spoke.

"Hey, kiddo ..... remember me? OK, so you did a great number on my man here, but I seem to recall that you like black cock."

"I do, sir .... I do." Eddie suddenly realized with a shock that he had neglected Darius. How could he ..... the man he idolized?"

"OK, then, kiddo, get to work on this big black club .... all ten inches of it."

Eddie gazed at the huge piece of horse-meat, held it in his palm and stroked his cheek against it. It was the biggest cock he had ever seen; he had sucked it before, in the desert, and he was in love with it. He lowered his head and licked the low-hanging balls. He buried his face in the thick pubic hair, then slowly ran his tongue up the whole length of the cock to the head, where he licked the hard ring, the corona, driving Darius wild. "Oh man, Pablo was right, you are an awesome cocksucker. Now take it all, boy.

Eddie's jaws ached but he opened his mouth wide and breathed frantically through his nose as he felt the thick shaft slide down into him, inch after endless inch. "Wow, you're good," Darius moaned. "Not many guys can take ten black inches like that." But like any good master, he knew that Eddie was reaching his limit so he went easy on him. Pablo returned Darius's earlier favor and squeezed his nipples while Darius eased his hips forward and felt his cock start to pulse. "OK, boy, here it comes. And don't you dare spill a drop."

For the second time in as many minutes Eddie felt a cock erupt in his mouth ...... and it was a gusher. Obeying Darius's instructions he swallowed eagerly, gulping stream after stream of thick juice as it poured down his throat, unaware that he had just shot his own third load of cum. The boy was in ecstasy, spinning in a world of pure animal lust ....... he was dreaming, floating, everything was going dark ..... And then suddenly the cock pulled out of his mouth and he felt himself being lifted up by strong hands under his arms.

He swayed on unsteady feet but he felt arms fold round him and he was aware of two smiling faces as mouths pressed against his and he felt tongues probing into his mouth. Darius and Pablo ..... two beautiful lovers. They were hugging him, kissing him, and the thought ran through his mind that if he died right now it didn't matter. He was already in heaven, after all.


Ten minutes later Eddie was lying in bed between the two men he had just serviced. They had showered off all the bodily juices, dried off and fallen into bed. "Good," said Darius. "Now we got all that sex out of the way we can finally all go to sleep together ..... although...." He laughed as his hand would round Eddie's stiff erection. "Shit, boy, you don't quit do you?"

Eddie smiled shyly. "It's always like that when I'm with you, sir. But I am ready for sleep."

Pablo detected a note in his voice and said, "You sound almost relieved, kiddo."

Eddie blushed deeply. "Well, sir," he stammered nervously, "to tell the truth I ..... I was kinda scared ...... like, scared you were gonna try and fuck me, sir." Then he blurted out, "I know I should have told you this right from the start, Darius, but .... well the thing is ..... I can't get fucked in the ass. Lots of guys have tried, but it always hurts like hell so it's never gonna happen." Tears sprang to his eyes and he pleaded, "Sir, I'm sure you both want to fuck me, sir, but is that a deal-breaker? I mean .... ... if you don't want me to stay I'll go away now, sir."

"Hey, hey, hey," Darius said gently, "did I say anything about sending you away? After the way you worked us over in the shower? That's crazy talk, kid, and I don't want to hear it again."

Any further conversation was cut off by Pablo's cell phone ringing and he picked up, guessing who it was. "Yes, sir. Right away, sir." He snapped the phone shut and said. "Gotta go, guys. Back in about an hour." He jumped out of bed, pulled on his shorts and left the room.

Eddie looked at Darius with a puzzled frown and Darius smiled. "That was Randy ..... wants to fuck him. It's been a couple of days, what with Pablo being up at Steve's and all. That's something you should know, kid. When your master calls, you go ..... pronto."


Darius was right of course. When Pablo walked into the master bedroom Randy and Bob were sprawled in chair, wearing just undershorts. Pablo stood to attention in front of Randy, who said, "So kiddo, I guess your ass is still sore but you know what I want. Lose the shorts and turn around." Pablo obeyed and Randy whistled, "Whew, Darius sure did a number on your ass. Sure you can still get fucked?"

"Yes, sir. Absolutely, sir."

Bob smiled to himself. He assumed that Pablo and Darius had just now been playing the part of masters, working on the eager young kid who was obviously longing to be their boy. And yet here Pablo was, standing before his master, being the perfect obedient boy. Still, Bob thought, not so much different from his own situation. To all appearances Bob was the quintessential alpha male, dominant, respected, obeyed. And yet before the sexual magnetism of Randy he felt more like a slave, willing, eager to take whatever the master dished out.

"So what's been going on, kiddo?" Randy asked. "You two made that young Eddie your boy yet? A word of advice on that. Go easy on him. You remember at the lake how you came on too strong with the twins? They had Bob to protect them and you had me to show you how it's done. But that kid's all alone. You two are all he has. It's a big responsibility.

"I know that, sir. And we really like him."

"Did you both fuck him?"

"No, sir. He idolizes Darius, of course, and likes me I think, and he gives spectacular blow-jobs, but he says that he doesn't take it up the ass. He can't .... it hurts too much."

"Bullshit," said Randy. "He'll get fucked if it's done right. And it had better be one of you who fucks him first. You know very well that you always remember your first and usually fall in love with the guy." He paused and there was a twinkle in his eye. "You remember your first?"

Pablo blushed. "Yes, sir, of course. It was my twenty-first birthday and for my present you said I could choose any of the guys to be the first one to fuck me."

"Yeah, and you chose Bob. I was real pissed about that at the time." Pablo winced. "OK, OK, I don't blame you. I would have probably jackhammered you senseless but Bob gave you just what you needed ..... a gentle fuck by the most beautiful guy in the world. Remember?"

"Of course, sir." Pablo looked shyly at Bob and Randy saw the look that passed between them.

Randy grinned. "You two wanna go again? With the state your ass is in you need someone real tender to ease you open ...... then I'll take over."

Bob stood up and dropped his shorts. "How about it, Pablo? I'm game if you are?"

Pablo didn't need to answer. His cock was sticking out under his shorts like a tent pole. Bob laughed, "I'll take that as a yes."

They both dropped their shorts and Pablo lay on his back on the bed. Bob knelt between his legs, pushed them up and pressed his cock against his hole. He smiled at Pablo. "Long time since we did this, eh? Remember that first time, kiddo?"

"Absolutely, sir. I'll never forget that. I still even beat off thinking about it."

"Well here it is again." Bob eased his cock slowly into his ass just as he had then, and as Pablo looked up at the gorgeous face and spectacular body it was as if he was again getting fucked for the first time, only now it didn't hurt at all. It was magical ..... getting fucked by this magnificent man, Randy's lover, the man Pablo loved so much. It was long, loving and gentle and Pablo gazed in awe at the muscular body rising and falling above him, his cock massaging his ass. Finally he heard Bob's soft, deep voice. "You want to cum with me, Pablo?"

"Yes please, sir."

"OK then, here we go." And with only soft sighs they both felt their juice rising through their cocks and spurting out of them, Bob's into the boy's trembling ass and Pablo's over his own body. Pablo looked up and felt himself drowning in the deep brown, smiling eyes. Bob leaned forward and kissed Pablo, then pulled his cock out and stood up.

"OK, kid." Randy's authoritarian voice changed the mood in an instant. "So, I guess you shot your load with young Eddie back there in your room?"

"Yes, sir ..... in his mouth ..... in the shower."

"And now Bob made you cum again." He grinned at Bob. "Of course he did .... no one can ever resist that gorgeous stud. OK, so you think I can make it three in a row?"

"Always, sir," and Pablo's crooked grin was back.

Randy was powerful and insistent as ever. In seconds he was inside his boy's ass with none of the finesse of his lover. Sore ass or not Pablo knew it would get pounded and it did ..... and he loved it. His ball-sac must have been near dry but when he was being jackhammered by his magnificent master there was never any question ..... he could always shoot a load. And he did. Randy was the ultimate master and pushed his boy up to his pain threshold, then over it for an instant, making the boy scream. And it was at that moment that they both blasted their loads together, master and boy.


A few minutes later Randy lay on his back on the bed, hands propped behind his head, watching with pride as his boy stood up, pulling on his shorts. There was an arrogance in Randy's smile as he saw Bob looking back at him with love and admiration. As always the boss had orchestrated everything: Bob had fucked Randy's boy; then Randy had hammered the kid, making him cum again as he always could. And now his boy was going back to his room to play the master with a new young kid. No doubt about it, Randy was the ultimate boss. Don't get much better than this, he thought.

As Pablo turned to leave, Bob stood up and hugged him, whispering in his ear. "Eddie's a good boy, Pablo. Promise me you and Darius will take care of him."

"We will, sir. I promise."

"And ...... you know how you chose me as your first all that time ago? Let Eddie choose too."

As Pablo crossed the garden and went up to his room he was puffed with his performance for Randy and with the confidence Bob had shown in him. He was ready to be master again. But when he walked through the door he stopped. On the bed Eddie was lying with his head on Darius's chest, with Darius's arm wrapped protectively round him. They were both fast asleep, Eddie in the arms of his hero, doubtless dreaming of the thrills of today and those yet to come.

So much for playing master, Pablo thought. Instead he slipped quietly into the bed beside Eddie, pressed gently against him, and in minutes he too fell asleep.


Early next morning the guys were in the basement gym. True to his word Pablo was ready to set Eddie up with a beginner's workout routine and Darius was there to keep an eye on things. He knew how cocky Pablo could get when he was in macho mode, swaggering around the gym as if he were the ultimate trainer, with lingo to match...... "Come on, man, push ..... three more .... you can do it ..... OK, hold it, hold it ...... looking good ..... awesome, man, good job!"

Actually, despite the bravado, Pablo knew his stuff and was putting Eddie through his paces without discouraging him, using light weights and basic exercises. And Eddie was clearly pumped ..... physically and mentally. Between sets he gazed eagerly at Pablo, his eyes shining with enthusiasm. Pablo had kitted him out with gym shorts and a tank top of his, which hung loosely on his slim frame. As Darius watched Eddie work his heart went out to the boy, moved by his gutsy determination and his obvious desire to be worthy of his new friends.

It wasn't lost on either Darius or Pablo that even under the baggy shorts Eddie's boner was at full mast. He had told Darius that it never went down when he was close to him and that obviously still held true, especially when Eddie was lying on the bench press and Pablo was standing behind his head, bending over him, legs wide apart.

"Not bad, guys .... not bad." The deep voice startled them and Eddie leapt to his feet, almost dropping the barbell. He turned to face Randy who had been watching unobserved in the doorway. Eddie took a deep breath and stood to attention, his jaw and fists clenched with fearful anticipation. Randy laughed. "Hey, at ease, kid, relax. I don't bite you know. Anyway, even if I did try anything you've got these two studs to protect you, and my boy here can be pretty useful with his fists ....." he grinned "..... as I believe you already found out."

Eddie was in total awe of Randy, the big boss right at the summit of the food chain as Eddie was right at the bottom. He had heard stories of his anger and believed them now as the tall rugged muscle-god stood there in gym shorts and a T-shirt stretched tightly over his sculpted chest .... an awesome, intimidating sight.

But Randy was still in his good mood from last night and he said, "OK, kid, let's take another look at that bench press." Eddie gasped as Randy pulled off his T-shirt. He was spellbound by the sight of the construction boss's incredible body ..... the slabs of his pecs, his wide lats and perfect eight-pack abs. He gazed at him in a trance, his cock pulsing in his shorts.

"Hey, Earth to Eddie ...... hello in there ....." Eddie shook his head and realized Randy was talking to him.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Quickly he resumed his position lying on the bench. "OK," Randy said, "now this time try it with these dumbbells. Again Eddie's cock jumped as Randy hands touched his when he gave him the weights. "Right, here we go ...... I'll spot you." Standing behind Eddie's head he leaned forward and placed his hands under the dumbbells to assist him.

With his help Eddie had no trouble raising and lowering the weights ..... not physically anyway. But his strength drained from him as he looked up and saw Randy's massive cock hanging down under his shorts, just inches from his face. He tore his eyes from it and focused on the dark, swarthy face with the square, stubbled jaw, high cheek bones, piercing blue eyes and a shock of black hair falling over his forehead. Again his cock pulsed as he felt sweat dripping down on his face from Randy's chest.

"Come on, kid, concentrate. Now, good form is everything in these exercises ..... let's see here. He crouched behind Eddie's head, leaned forward and pressed his hands on the boy's stomach. "See here? You were arching your back. No good ..... you've gotta keep the small of your back flat on the bench like this. OK, now work the dumbbells while I hold you flat. That's it ..... better ..... you're getting there, kid."

Eddie managed to do as the boss told him but he was quickly losing any concentration he had left. Trouble was, as Randy stretched forward over his body his crotch came closer and closer to the boy's face. Eddie could see the bulge in the shorts, see the outline of the thick cock underneath, and his breathing became ragged. The bulge came lower and lower until the shorts were brushing his face.

As Eddie worked the weights the movement made their bodies slide together, and soon the cock under the shorts was rubbing against his face. The gym shorts were old, thin, unwashed and Eddie inhaled the smell of the muscle-god's cock, the sweat, the stink of dried piss and cum. It was overpowering ..... his body started to tremble ..... his cock was on fire .....

"Aaagh!" His strength left him, he dropped the weights and screamed into the gag of Randy's bulging shorts as he felt his own cock erupt. Thinking the boy's strength had given out Randy quickly stood up, and right away he saw the stain on Eddie's shorts and the creamy liquid running down his legs.

"Oh, shit," Randy grinned. "Guess I don't know my own strength. Don't worry, kid, I've had that effect on guys before. I'll take it as a compliment. OK, guys, I guess you should take a break now. You did great, Eddie. Take care of him, guys. He's a keeper.


But Eddie was mortified. After Randy left the room he started to stammer apologies ...... "I'm sorry, sirs, I didn't mean to do that. But Randy is so, I dunno ..... "

"I do," laughed Pablo. "He's the ultimate sexual turn-on. Shit, I couldn't count the number of times he's made me cum just looking at him. So stop apologizing, Eddie. You're doing great."

"Here." Darius handed round protein drinks and they sat drinking them in silence. Darius began to detect a slight tension in the air and Eddie wouldn't make eye contact with them. "So what's up, kiddo? Why so nervous? Hell in the last twenty-four hours you've shot more loads of jism than most guys do in a week. You should be feeling great." Silence again, and the boy still wouldn't look up. Darius sensed what the problem might be. He cupped Eddie's chin and made him look into his eyes. "Eddie .... is it about getting fucked? Is that it?"

Tears sprang to the boy's eyes as he said, "Yes, sir. I mean, I've cum looking at you and sucking your cock but really what I want most in the world is to feel your cock in my ass. But I can't ..... whenever I've tried before it hurts so much I have to stop."

"But you haven't tried with us. Do you want to try now? No pressure ..... no matter if it doesn't work ..... but do you want try, at least?"

Eddie replied in a very small voice, "Yes please, sir, I do." And suddenly Pablo took over.

"OK," Pablo said confidently. "Now the first time I got fucked Randy let me choose which of the guys I wanted. I chose Bob and it was great. So the same goes for you, kid. Which of us is it gonna be?" As the one who had been first to fuck Eddie's face in the shower, and had then guided him through his gym workout, Pablo considered himself the natural leader and the obvious choice.

Eddie hung his head and there was a long silence. Finally he raised his eyes and said, "Sir, I want you to be the first, sir." He was looking straight at Darius.

Pablo was a bit deflated but, after all, Bob had said Eddie had to choose. Besides, he couldn't wait to see his lover in action with the new boy. Darius took a deep breath, aware of the responsibility facing him. He took Eddie's hand and led him to the bed in the corner of the room. He pulled off the boy's gym clothes, then his own, and eased Eddie gently onto the bed. But Eddie panicked as he looked up at the huge ten-inch black cock swinging above him.

"Sir, I've only just shot my load with Randy. Do you think we should wait a bit?"

"Nah, all the better," Darius smiled. "That way you won't blast off the minute my dick pushes in your ass. Now I'm gonna ask you one last time, kid. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes please, sir."

"OK, now relax and take a deep breath." Darius knelt between his legs, pushed them up gently and rested the head of his cock against Eddie's hole. He smiled at the boy and very gently pushed forward. It took a while as his head pressed harder, but then all of a sudden it passed over the sphincter. Immediately Eddie pushed hard against Darius's chest and shouted, "No, I can't .... it hurts too much .... pull out sir, please ..... I can't"

Darius pulled out right away, and Eddie sobbed. "I'm sorry, sir. I knew it wouldn't work."

Darius simply smiled at him and once again pressed his cock against the boy's ass. "Now look into my eyes, Eddie, and tell me ..... do you want to be my boy?"

"Yes, sir ..... more than anything."

"OK. So my boy is gonna take his master's cock in his ass, is that clear?" Again Darius pushed the head of his cock against the sphincter but again Eddie felt the pain and panicked. "I can't .... I know I can't. Please, sir...."

Darius smiled at him. "Eddie, sshh ..... relax. I'm inside you. My cock is inside your ass, kiddo......" Eddie's eyes opened wide and he was suddenly transformed. His body went limp, the pain dissolved and he gazed up at the beautiful face of the man he worshipped, his master.

"Thank you, sir," he said, his eyes shining. "Please fuck me, sir. Please fuck my ass. I want to be your boy, sir." He moaned and tossed his head in a daze as he felt the long black rod slide inside him, inch after inch after inch. Finally the head touched a point deep inside him that sent bolts of pleasure shooting through him, a sensation he had never felt before, could never have dreamed of in his wildest fantasies.

So the long, slow, tender fuck began, uniting the two as master and boy. As Darius felt the soft membrane of the virgin ass a wave of love for the boy swept over him and for the first time he understood the power and responsibility of being a master. Eddie was floating in a brand new world, a world where he had a master, whose long black cock was right now riding his ass.

Tears were flowing down Eddie's face when he heard the gentle voice. "Now, boy, you're gonna feel your master's juice pouring inside your ass, and I want to watch you shoot your load. And that's an order, Eddie."

"Yes, sir," Eddie said confidently. "I'm ready, sir."

One last time Darius pushed his long shaft in slowly, deeper and deeper. "Here it comes, boy." And his cock exploded in the warm depths of the boy's virgin ass. "Aaah!" Eddie's scream echoed round the room as his cock erupted in a huge ribbon of cum that rose in a high arc and splashed onto the chest of the man above him, his master. He was sobbing with joy as Darius fell forward onto him, his cock still in his ass, and kissed the boy's mouth hungrily. Their lips ground together in a wild embrace, until Darius pulled back and gave him a dazzling smile.

"So that's it, kid. You've just been fucked for the first time in your life. How does it feel to be my boy?"

"Better than anything I've ever felt in my whole entire life, sir."


Pablo had watched in awe and now joined them on the bed. "You were spectacular, dude," he whispered into his lover's ear. "I love you, man." Darius smiled, "Me too, kid. And you know your ass is next."

Their laughter was echoed by laughter from the garden upstairs. It was Nate, in the arms of a man in airline uniform. Adam had just arrived from Sydney on a three-day visit to see his boy.

"So what are we waiting for, mate?" Adam said. "Let's go up to your room. And later we'll go pay a visit on Hassan, eh?"

Nate was beaming. "Whatever you say, mate. You're the boss."

A deep voice interrupted, "Don't forget about me, stud."

Adam looked up and saw Zack standing at the gate shirtless, his muscular torso gleaming in the sun. Adam grinned. "Don't worry, big guy, I didn't forget about you or that unfinished business of ours. Later, man."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength"..... Chapter 147


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