Lying in a daze in the dirt Adam slowly opened his eyes and as his vision began to clear he saw the blurred outline of two muscular bikers standing over him, dressed in full leather. He moaned in confusion. Then they became distinct ..... Shit damn ...... Zack and his boy.

Zack and Darius had returned from their trip to the desert to find what they thought was an intruder prowling around the grounds of the main house. Zack had tackled him from behind but the intruder was tough and inflicted painful damage to Zack's ribs and balls. When Zack finally subdued him he flipped him over onto his back and for the first time they saw his face.

"Holy shit," Darius gasped. "It's Adam."

In a daze the rugged Australian explained breathlessly. "The airline assigned me to work an L.A. flight at the last minute ..... I called Mark when I landed ..... he said they were on their way back and to come on over .... wait for them. I had Jamie's key to the gate. Hell, what the fuck do you think I was doing? You could've fucking killed me, asshole ......" But his voice died in his throat as he saw the gray eyes of the leather-god blazing down at him.

Adam: ..... dominant, muscular alpha male, the handsome Aussie stud every man longed to get fucked by. Only one man had ever topped him ..... Zack. The last time Adam was here Zack had tied him up, whipped him, made him crawl in submission. And Zack was the only man ever to fuck him. For the first time in his life Adam had surrendered to another man.

And now, as he gazed up at the muscular leatherman towering over him, he found himself lusting for more. No matter that he was guilty of no more than defending himself. Right and wrong were irrelevant. Adam wanted Zack just as badly as he had wanted him that first time.

Zack was rubbing his painful balls and ribs. "You fucker," he growled. "You hurt me, man ..... hurt me bad. You know I can't let that go ..... especially from you. You know I have to punish you, stud, don't you?"

"I can take whatever you throw at me, man," Adam said in a defiant challenge to the dominant black muscle-god.

"OK, man. On your feet."


Minutes later Zack and Darius gazed in awe at the tall, handsome Australian, the rugged master who took no shit from anyone, submitted to no man. He was buck naked, his muscular body spread-eagled between two trees, wrists and ankles roped, arms stretched up and out, legs spread wide apart. As he pulled hopelessly at the ropes his straining muscles gleamed in the sun and his eyes were locked on the steel gray eyes of his captor, awaiting his fate.

Zack faced him with a grim smile. "So, we have an hour before all the guys get home. Let's give them something to feast their eyes on when they walk through the gate. Man I'm gonna enjoy this. Darius ..... give me the whip."

Darius handed him the whip then ran outside to get his camera from the truck. When he returned he stayed in the background and watched. This was a contest strictly between the masters. All that a boy could do was watch ...... and film.

Zack had come up close to Adam, holding the shaft of the whip under his chin and prodding his face up so the prisoner was forced to gaze into his eyes. There was no fear in Adam's eyes. Even though he was helplessly tied, a naked captive, he was still a tough alpha male and stared defiantly at Zack. Above all Adam wanted to show this mesmerizing black muscle-stud that he was tough enough to take anything from him, that he was truly a master, his equal.

"So," Zack said, "we're gonna take up where we left off last time. Remember how I told you about the guy I once tied to a tree and whipped?"

"I remember."

"And that's what you've been longing for. Tell me ..... those shorts of mine that I gave you last time, stinking of my sweat, my piss and cum. What you been doing with them, man? Come on ..... the truth."

The look was defiant again. "You know what the fuck I've been doing, man. Every night I pressed the shorts to my face and I've busted my load thinking of you .... tying me to that tree, whipping my body and fucking my ass. I was back there, crawling naked in the dirt and licking my master's boots."

"Good. Now, last time you swore you would not let any other man top you or fuck you until you came back here to me. Did you keep your word?"

"Shit, man, of course I did. What kind of a guy do you think I am? Oh, I've fucked plenty of guys since then, tied some of them up, treated them rough. They all know I'm a master and if I order them to crawl to me they crawl. They think of it as a privilege." ...... He paused and the defiance drained out of him. "But with you it's different, Zack. When you work me over you make me feel like the toughest guy on earth. No, I've had no other master but you."

Zack gazed at him long and hard. Adam looked up at his bound wrists and pulled at them hard in frustration. He realized Zack was toying with him and anger flared in his eyes. "Come on, man, what the fuck are you waiting for? What, you think I can't take it? Think I'm not tough enough? Maybe it's you that's scared of hurting me. You wimping out? Maybe you don't have the guts to whip a guy who's tougher than you ...... aagh!!"

The whip suddenly flashed through the air and lashed across the slabs of Adam's pecs. Adam's taunts had been a challenge, and one that Zack met with force. And he didn't hold back. Again and again he lashed the prisoner's chest, coiling the whip round his torso so the tip bit into his back. He smiled with grim satisfaction as he watched the spectacular naked body writhe helplessly, the muscles flexing and bulging as the captive yanked desperately at the ropes round his wrists and ankles.

Darius had a devil of a job keeping his camera trained on the suffering man. The boy had almost creamed his shorts when he first saw Adam spread-eagled naked between the trees. And now he gazed in awe at the image of the gorgeous body jerking in pain under the lash, one dominant muscle-god enduring a trial of strength at the hands of another master.

What turned Darius on the most was the defiance in Adam's eyes. The tough Australian made no sound, there were no screams as he locked eyes with the black man in leather vest and chaps wielding the whip. He had submitted to Zack before but now his desire was to prove himself to this incredible man. He wanted to prove his strength, his endurance, his ability to withstand the pain of the whip. He had never been dominated like this by any man, but he had fallen under Zack's hypnotic spell. He wanted to be his equal, and for that he had to take whatever punishment the leatherman dished out.

He gave voice to his defiance. "That's it, man? That all you got? Shit man, if it was me whipping a guy he'd be begging by now. Come on, stud. Show me what you got?"

The taunts drove Zack wild. He was the man with the whip .... Adam was at his mercy. And yet Zack had a feeling he was losing the contest to this rugged man. He knew from their brief fight in the dirt that the man was tough, but his endurance now was something he had never met in a man.

"OK, asshole, you asked for it," Zack growled as he lashed his chest, abs and bulging thighs. "Let's see you survive this, stud. Man, I love torturing a gorgeous muscle-god like you until I hear him beg. You're gonna submit by shooting your load from that beautiful piece of man-meat you got hanging there. Come on, stud, you know you have to give up."

But Adam didn't. It was as if he didn't feel pain, and Zack knew that he had lost this round. He knew that a whipping, no matter how brutal, would never make this man submit. It was Zack who felt the bitterness of defeat as he lowered the whip and locked eyes with Adam, with a mix of anger and intense admiration.

Here was a real man, a man whose strength he could admire, respect ..... and desire. And now it was desire that consumed Zack. He had an overwhelming need to press their bodies together, to touch his flesh, join with him ..... be inside him. He wanted to have sex with him and make it so good the man would finally shoot his load in surrender.

He threw down the whip and came close so their eyes were inches apart and be said softly, "Man, you are one hell of a hot mother-fucker. You won that one, Adam. I yield round one to you. I have never seen a man take a beating like that and still defy me. God, I want you, man. You are so fucking gorgeous, that magnificent body of yours hanging in bondage, your flesh striped by the whip. I am so hot for you ...... you know what comes next."

"I've known it all along, man." With the pain subsiding Adam managed a grim smile and was able to speak through his heaving breaths. "Sure, I wanted to prove I was worthy of you by taking a beating. But all those nights I lay thinking about you it wasn't about the whip. No, I shot my wad imagining your cock in my ass. You're the first man ever to fuck me and I've longed for it again ever since. Whip me all you want, man. From you I can take it ...... I love it. The pain in my body is nothing ..... what I want is the pain in my ass from that huge black club of yours. Zack, you know what it takes to make me surrender. Do it, man."

"Shit," Zack said, "I could bust my load just by looking at you, man. But I know what we have to do. For men like us the whip is nothing ..... just a trial of strength. We need more than that. Oh man, more than anything in the world right now, I need to fuck your ass."

His face came closer and their mouths locked in a ravenous, churning embrace. Zack grabbed Adam's head and pulled him hard against his lips, probing with his tongue, reveling in the taste and smell of raw masculinity. It was driving Adam wild as he tugged helplessly at the ropes. He pulled his head back and moaned, "You're driving me insane, man. My body's burning from the beating, my ass is on fire. For god's sake, man, fuck me. You want me to beg, is that it? OK, man I'm begging. Please ..... I need your cock in my ass, sir. Please ......"

Zack smiled, knowing who was on top now. Shit, the man was already begging. He moved behind him and pressed his chest to his back, sliding his cock between the mounds of his ass 'til the head came to rest against the hole. He reached round and ran his hands over the hard muscles of the chest, over the angry welts left by the whip. "Oh, man, that fucking body of yours ..... it looked so beautiful bouncing under the whip. Now for your ass. Wait for it, man ......"

Zack was a master of torture. He pressed the head of his cock harder against the quivering hole and it was almost inside when suddenly he pulled away, gripping Adam's hips and pushing them away from him. Adam screamed with frustration. "NO! For god's sake man ...... my ass ..... Please, sir. Don't torture me like this." He was sobbing now. "I need your rod in my ass. Please man, I've gotta have ......Aaagh!"

His screams echoed round the hills as Zack suddenly yanked on Adam's hips, forcing his ass onto his huge pole in one vicious thrust, ramming his cock deep inside the tortured man's gut. He pulled back, all the way out, then slammed it in deep again. It was like a piston gathering speed as it drilled into his burning ass. The pain was far worse than the whip, spiking through Adam's body like shafts of lightning. And he was in ecstasy. His head thrashed from side to side, tears pouring from his eyes, his body twisting and writhing, impaled on the long black pole.

Darius was rooted to the spot, mechanically training the camera on the unbelievable sight of the tortured muscle-god, his striped and naked body being jackhammered from behind. Adam was screaming as Zack pushed the captive's hips forward, then pulled them back hard onto his cock, driving his rod inside him until his pubic hair smashed against the rock-hard globes of his ass. It went on and on, sending Adam into a delirious blur of pain and infinite pleasure.

Finally Zack sensed that even Adam's superior strength was giving out but he knew the defiant man would lose consciousness before he would scream his submission. Time for the last act, Zack thought ..... and suddenly all movement stopped. Adam's ass came to rest with the long shaft buried deep inside him. His body was shuddering, his ass was on fire ...... and he had never felt so alive. In his delirium he heard Zack's voice breathing in his ear.

"You are one hell of a man, Adam. God, there's nothing that beats fucking a big muscle-stud like you, a beautiful alpha male who never submits. But now, I'm gonna make you submit. I could have done this right away, but first I needed to see how much you could take .... from the whip and my cock. I knew that would never force you to surrender ..... but this will ......"

Slowly he pulled his cock back, then slid it back in, past the raw membrane, deeper and deeper 'til it rested against the inner sphincter. He paused, then eased the head over the sphincter and into the deepest chamber of the man's ass. He felt Adam's body shudder and heard him moan, "Oh god, I've never felt anything like that. Shit, man, what are you doing to me?"

"Making love to you, Adam, to a man who is my equal, a man who deserves only the best. And now, at last, you will submit to me ..... at last I'll hear those words from your mouth. This is it, man." Gently Zack pulled his cock back over the inner sphincter. He paused then pushed the head in again. The rhythm was gentle but persistent. He was massaging the most sensitive part of Adam's ass with the head of his cock, passing over the sphincter and back, in and out of the warm, deep chamber.

Adam's breathing became ragged, his eyes opened wide and he moaned in ecstasy. His world, his whole existence, was reduced to one sensation, the exquisite feeling in his ass that flashed through his whole body and set it on fire. He had no resistance left. Zack had defeated him as he knew he would. His body shuddered, he felt heat rising up his legs into his balls, felt hot juice racing from his balls, through the length of his cock ..... then blasting out in a massive, scorching orgasm as he screamed, "I submit ..... I submit to you, sir ..... you're my master ..... .I love you .....!"

Darius watched in awe as the magnificent body, impaled on the huge black rod, thrashed violently in the ropes and a huge stream of white juice poured out of the cock, high in the air, splashing to the ground far away. Adam heard Zack's deep-throated moans, felt his hot cum blasting deep inside his ass, and he watched in disbelief as his own cock poured streams of semen onto the ground.

Suddenly he felt the long rod pulling out of his ass and he saw Zack standing before him, heard his voice. "Man, you are fucking spectacular. You deserve this, stud." Zack held his own cock, pointed it upward, and it blasted a second load of cum up high, splashing into Adam's face, then streaming down his chest and abs.

"Come here, boy." Darius put down the camera and ran to stand beside his master. "Look hard at this, boy. You will rarely see a man like this, a top-man, a master, who has been tied, spread-eagled, has endured the torture of the whip and the pain of a huge rod in his ass, who has busted his load in submission, and still remains a proud master. You have my permission to show your respect to this magnificent man.

Darius understood. He pulled from his jeans the huge cock that had been rigid all the time and didn't even need to stroke it. Just as Zack had done he held it up and watched his own juice arc high in the air and splash into Adam's face, mixing with Zack's as if flowed down the superb body, over the angry marks of the lash like a healing balm.

Zack took a step back, surveyed his muscular, cum-soaked captive and gave a satisfied smile. "Well, well. I promised I would give the guys something incredible to feast their eyes on when they walked through the gate, and there's nothing more magnificent than this. It'll blow them away." Then to Darius, "Come on kid .... home."

They turned and Zack threw his arm over his boy's shoulder as they walked toward the gate, heading for Zack's house across the street. "Hell of a weekend, kiddo," Zack grinned. "First my slay-boy puts on a spectacular show and gets treated like a rock star, then two straight bikers share a bed, and the next day young Eddie makes love to your cock. And now we've watched the gorgeous Aussie get whipped and fucked. Tough act to follow. Any idea what the hell we'll do for an encore?"

Adam heard their laughter fading into the distance and then there was silence. The handsome muscle-stud was alone, helpless, spread-eagled between the trees. He moaned, his body sagged in the ropes and his head fell forward on his chest in utter exhaustion.


The two parallel trips home, from the lake and the dunes, were equally festive. All the men had had a memorable trip and learned a thing or two. Randy and Bob in the front seat of the truck were nursing hard-ons in their pants as they thought over the way Bob had turned the tables on the boss, tying him up and working him over. Both of them silently nursed a secret lust for more of the same.

In the back seat the twins were hanging on Pablo's every word. He was their hero for rescuing them from the lake, even though he had been excessive in punishing them. Once again it had fallen to his own hero, Randy, to teach him what it takes to be a master. Billy the dog performed his usual flamboyant act of clambering and drooling over everyone.

And in the truck speeding south from the dunes the seating plan had changed. Hassan was no longer in the front seat with Mark. He had elected to sit in the back seat with Nate. Jamie was in haven beside Mark, more in love than ever after their adventure in the dunes. Hassan and Nate chatted quietly with a new intimacy, reliving their military fantasy trip and talking about their plan for Nate to spend a day and a night with Hassan each week.

Another topic featured large in Nate's conversation ..... Adam. He had called Mark from the airport alerting him of his unexpected visit and Mark said he was probably already at the house waiting for them. Nate spoke about him with such enthusiasm that Hassan suspected, with a trace of regret, that Nate already thought of himself as Adam's boy.

With eager cell-phone coordination between Jamie and Pablo, the two parties joined up for a quick bite to eat at a highway truck-stop, then headed for home in a two-truck convoy.


When the trucks drew up at the gate it was quite a scene as four men got out, then five boys and a dog tumbled after them. There was noisy chaos for a minute, with Billy creating havoc barking joyously and getting tangled in everyone's feet.

"Quiet!" yelled Randy, glaring at the boys. "Now let's leave all the gear here for now and get sorted out inside." He strode to the gate, pushed it open and walked in ...... then stopped rooted to the spot. "Jesus Christ." The others crowded in behind him and gaped, their jaws dropping in amazement. They couldn't believe it.

On the other side of the garden was a naked man tied, spread-eagled, between two trees. His superb body hung helplessly from the ropes, gleaming under the sun, his muscles bulging and straining as if stretched on the rack. The slabs of his chest were striped with angry red welts, and what appeared to be semen dripped from his face and flowed down his body. He had clearly been whipped and apparently ass-fucked judging by the semen running down his legs.

His head hung down limply, his face obscured, but the noise of the group's arrival stirred him. Slowly he raised his head and, with the shock of recognition they all gazed at the handsome, rugged, cum-streaked face. Adam!

Conflicting emotions raced through the group but one thing was universal. They all had raging hard-ons as they stood in awe of the spectacular muscle-god strung up before them. It was Randy who reacted first. "Shit damn ..... the guy's been Zacked."

There was movement in the group, an instinct to surge forward, but Randy spread his arms as a signal to hold back. He alone walked forward and stood facing the alpha-male, superb in his degradation. Their eyes locked ..... and Randy immediately recognized the defiant look of a proud master. There was silence, as if the garden itself held its breath, and the men stayed motionless, waiting for Randy's reaction.

Randy cupped Adam's chin in his hand, pulled it forward and their lips met. He ground their mouths hard together in a hungry, virile embrace, master to master. It was the ultimate recognition of Randy's admiration for this beautiful man. He pulled back and said, "Man, you are one hell of stud, so fucking hot. That is fucking awesome, man, a gorgeous macho top-man like you getting whipped and fucked and left hanging. It's fucking pornographic. No doubt about it ..... you are a true master. Allow me to pay tribute to you, stud."

He ripped open his pants, pulled out his cock and stroked it hard in his fist. His steel blue eyes locked on the handsome face, then ran down over the bulging shoulders, whip-striped chest and ridged abs, coming to rest on the huge cock swinging between his legs. As his eyes fixed on it, the cock grew stiff and started to rise.

Randy looked up at Adam and grinned. "That's it, man, let's show them. Man to man, master to master. Let's show them how one master pays homage to another. You ready, man?"

"You bet the fuck I am," Adam growled.

Their eyes never left each other, and each handsome face bore the smile of recognition that the men had met their equal. Randy beat his meat faster and Adam's rigid cock started to pulse. They were both close and Adam said, "OK, stud, let's show them." He pulled at the ropes and his magnificent, spread-eagled body went rigid. They both howled as their cocks exploded with jets of semen that splashed onto each other, stream after stream, until their muscles were flowing with the other man's juice.

Their eyes bore into each other as their cocks drained. Then, as their breaths subsided, they smiled at each other in triumph. "Thank you, man," Adam said.

"Any time, stud," grinned Randy. "We masters have to stick together."

From the other side of the garden came the sounds of applause and whistles. The group had seen a rare sight, one bound and tortured master being acknowledged for his strength and beauty by another. Now they came forward and sprang into action. Mark untied one wrist and Bob the other, while Jamie and Nate fell on their knees and freed the legs. Bob, Mark and Hassan pressed forward to shake Adam's hand while the boys hung back, awestruck by this reunion of beautiful men.

Standing shyly behind all of them was Nate, rather bewildered by what he had seen. The man he loved and admired, after being bound, whipped and fucked, had been embraced by the powerful boss of the house. For the first time in a long time Nate felt disoriented, unsure of his reactions. Then he saw Adam gazing at him over the heads of the crowd. The others parted as Adam walked forward and smiled at Nate and they heard his deep Australian accent.

"Hello, mate. You missed me?"

"Too right, mate ..... you bet," his fellow Aussie replied. Suddenly everything was alright, exactly as it should be, and Nate melted into Adam's arms. Their lips came together in an endless, passionate embrace, accompanied by cheers and laughter from the boys. Finally the two separated and Adam said, "You got your own room, now, I hear."

"Too right," Nate beamed.

"Then let's go, mate. What are we waiting for?" And the crowd looked on as Adam threw his arm over Nate's shoulder and they walked together to the house.


One member of the group looked on with sadness rather than satisfaction. Hassan had grown to like Nate a lot in the last few days. He was attracted to his quiet good looks and enjoyed his company. Sex with him had been hot and he loved sleeping with him. When he had asked Nate to spend a day and night with him each week he had something more long-term in the back of his mind. And he had even been hoping to spend tonight with him.

But he had forgotten Adam, until Nate had talked so enthusiastically about him on the way home. Now he saw the obvious joy they shared in being reunited and even now they were in Nate's room, no doubt getting re-acquainted, and Nate would spend the night in Adam's arms. They made a perfect couple.

Hassan heaved a deep sigh and reflected ruefully on what bad luck he had in his friendships in this house. Still, he had learned from painful experience not to get involved in the relationships of others, so he turned to Mark and said, "Listen buddy, I know you've just driven a long way, but could you do me a big favor and drive me up the hill to Mulholland and drop me at my house? I kinda need to be alone."

Intuitive as ever Mark looked at the door that Adam and Nate had disappeared through, then at the crestfallen Hassan. He was about to commiserate but thought better of it. He said simply, "Sure, man, I'll run you home. No problem at all."


By now it was getting late, so Pablo, Jamie and the twins busied themselves hauling the gear in from the trucks. Randy and Bob walked toward the house, visions of Adam still vivid in their minds. "You know," Randy said, "there's nothing hotter than the sight of a macho muscle-god in bondage, being worked over by another master. That guy looked fucking gorgeous."

"You're right," said Bob pensively. "And the hotter, more macho the guy, the bigger the turn-on."

Up in their room they both knew intuitively that the fantasy had to become reality. After all, they were two of the most beautiful alpha-males so they both knew what was about to happen. And one of them was right.

As so often before they gazed at each other as they shed their clothes slowly until they stood naked facing each other. As Randy ran his eyes over the rugged contours of Bob's face and body he was already picturing him roped to the bed waiting for Randy to assert his dominance as always and attack his ass. A lascivious smile crossed his face and he growled, "On the bed, man ..... now!"

But Bob made no move to obey. "I don't think so, buddy .... not this time." He grabbed Randy's wrist and flipped him around so suddenly that the big man lost his footing and fell on his back on the bed, his arms splayed out above him. Bob was on him in an instant, pulling one of his wrists up to a bedpost and using the ropes that were always there to secure it.

Randy could have fought him off and, of course, he would have won. But something in Bob's eyes, a hunger, stopped him from reacting and he allowed his other wrist to be tied to the other post. Bob stood back and looked down at the magnificent muscle-stud pulling at his restraints, his spectacular body thrashing and writhing helplessly on the bed. "That's enough, asshole," Randy growled. "It's you should be tied up and ass-fucked ..... it always is."

"Not this time, man. God, you look sensational .... the big boss, the ultimate master, the King of the Gypsies in bondage. Like I said, the more macho the captive the bigger the turn on and they don't come any more spectacular than you. Shit, you look so fucking hot you'd better get used to this. You know I'm the only man in the world you can't resist, the only one you would submit to. High time you did it more often, old buddy. Look at your massive cock, hard as steel just by looking at me. Now you're gonna tell me what you want from me."

Randy gazed up at the glorious man towering over him, at his square-cut Superman features, a shock of dark hair falling over his brow, the muscles of his perfect physique gleaming under the spotlights in the ceiling. And it was true ..... Randy knew it beyond doubt ..... he idolized this man, couldn't resist him, would do anything for him. It was a privilege to be at his mercy. And he had no doubt what he wanted from him.

"Please, sir ..... please fuck my ass. I need to feel your rod in my ass."

Bob smiled down at him, knelt on the foot of the bed, pushed his legs in the air and pressed the head of his cock against Randy's warm hole. "Oh man," Bob breathed, "you look so damned beautiful tied up like that ..... just the sight of you makes me want to cum. OK, man, now you know how it feels to submit to your master." Slowly he pushed his cock inside his lover's ass, felt it gliding against the warm membrane and down into the hot inner depths.

"Shit, I'm already so close," Bob said. "But you're gonna do for me what you always make me do. You want your lover's juice inside you? You're gonna have to bust your load first. Come on, man, show me how much you love me."

Bob only had to pull out once and plunge his cock back inside the cauldron of his ass. Randy gazed longingly into the soft brown eyes, felt the shaft resting inside him, and pulled frantically at his wrists. "OK, man," he groaned. I submit to you ..... always, always, I'll submit to you. You are my only master, my life. I love you, man ...... aagh!"

They blasted their loads simultaneously, the muscular construction boss over his own massive chest and his lover deep inside his waiting ass. Their eyes locked together as their semen poured out of them until they were drained dry. Then they smiled and entered each other's eyes, passing into that mystical world that only they shared.

"You do know," Randy said quietly, "you're the only guy in the world who gets to do that to me."

"Oh, I know that," Bob smiled. "That's what makes it so good."


The next day was the last day of the holiday, time for everyone to kick back after the wild events of the weekend. While the men lazed in the pool the boys were breathlessly watching Darius's videos ...... the one Eddie had made of Darius's slave-boy show, and Darius's video of Adam getting 'Zacked'. It was an easy-going day of warm fellowship and shared memories.

Except for one man. High in the Hollywood Hills Hassan sat alone in his small house nursing his own bitter-sweet memories. He tried to get his mind off Nate but failed. That open, honest face, the laughing eyes, and the trim, sexy body. There was something about the young guy that stirred feelings in Hassan that he couldn't easily identify.

He had known many beautiful men in his time, young and old, but there was usually a touch of arrogance in them, an awareness of how good they looked and the impact they made. Nate had none of that. He seemed to be completely without vanity, happily accepting his role as houseboy, the low man on the totem pole, simply enjoying being with so many glamorous men.

Hassan shook his head. He had to get rid of these thoughts. Nate was with Adam, obviously loved him and was probably, by now, his boy. They deserved each other and Hassan knew that getting involved in that was playing with fire. So that was that. Anyway, he had sought a solitary existence, hadn't he? That's why he was in this remote house. It was perfect. "So enjoy it, asshole," he said out loud to himself.

Just then he heard a voice from up the hill at the main house. It was Steve. "Hey there buddy, great to see you again........ Yeah sure, he's home. Straight down that path. When you're done stop by for a drink, OK?"

Hassan looked up but, dazzled by the sun, all he saw was a man's silhouette coming down the hill. As he came closer Hassan realized ...... it was Adam. He heaved a deep sigh .... "Now for it."

"Hey, Adam, good to see you ..... quite a surprise. Care for a beer?" They sat on the mall patio in an uneasy silence. Adam was clearly ill at ease so Hassan took the initiative. "Look, Adam, I can guess why you're here. You've come to warn me off Nate. Well you don't need to worry, I've already processed all that and I swear I'm totally out of the picture.

"Oh, sure, we had a great time in the dunes and ...... great sex too. Well, I'm sure Nate's told you all about that, he's honest that way ..... a great young guy. And it's true that I asked him to come and help clean my house one day a week and maybe stay the night, but I realize now that's probably not a good idea.

"See, all that was before he started telling me about you and I could see in his eyes that he's crazy about you. Then I saw you two together and I knew I had to get out of the picture. That's why I left so suddenly. You may have heard stories about me and some of the other guys .... some of them true, even ..... but I swear to you that ......"

"Hey, hey, hold it right there, man." Adam interrupted him with a broad smile. "That's not why I came here. Well, in a way it is, but the opposite of what you're saying. OK, here's the deal. Nate and I .... we love each other. I think of him as my boy and so does he. As you say, he's a great young guy, with his honesty and his sense of humor, not to mention he's great in the sack."


"So the thing is ..... I live seven thousand miles away. I work for the airlines, so I can drop in once or twice a month but that leaves the kid kind of alone when I'm gone. Oh sure, he's got all the other guys and they think the world of him but ...... well I'd be happy if he had ..... someone special who'd look out for him, love him and ..... treat him as his boy. Nate has the lowest seniority in the house and I know he once had a run-in with Pablo, so I feel he needs someone he can look up to as a master.

"Last night he went on and on about you and it's clear he's nuts about you. You're right, he told me all about his night with you, the military fantasy you took him on ..... which sounds really hot, by the way ...... wish I could be part of it one day. But you're wrong about one thing. That Thursday thing's still on. He's really looking forward to coming up here and cleaning your house. He asked my permission for him to spend the night here and of course I said yes.

"Anyway, let's cut to the chase. See, I don't want to presume too much, and I know how you value your privacy, but I would be real grateful if you would take care of Nate all the time I'm gone. Hell, man, what I mean is, I would be honored if you would ask Nate to be your boy too, let him look on you as his master. I know that sounds unusual, a boy having two masters, but I think it would work ..... and I know Nate would agree, though of course I haven't mentioned any of this to him yet. It's just that .....

"Yes!" Hassan cut him off. "Yes, of course I will. I'm the one who would be honored to have Nate as my boy. And I promise you, Adam, that he'll be in good hands. He'll have the protection of a master who won't let anyone or anything ever cause him pain. There is just one thing. Before we seal the deal, don't you think we should run it by Nate?"

"That was my next suggestion. Is it OK if he joins us here?"

"Sure," Hassan smiled. "Give him a call."

Adam opened his cell phone and in a few seconds was asking Nate to come up to Hassan's, though not explaining why. He covered the phone and said, "He's checking with Bob and the twins." Then back into the phone. "Sure ..... sure I understand. No worries .... you're quite right ..... OK, kiddo, see you then."

He snapped the phone shut and shook his head with a smile. "See, like I said, I told you he's one heck of a kid. He says that now everyone's back in the house there's a lot to do getting everything straight and he doesn't want to leave it all to the twins, so is it OK if he comes here a couple of hours from now? See what I mean?"

Hassan laughed. "Honest and conscientious as ever. That's why I love him." He pulled himself up short. "Is it OK if I say that?"

"I'd be pissed if you didn't man. We can both love him ..... he deserves it."

With the satisfaction of a task accomplished and a deal sealed they both sipped their drinks in silence, a silence that became slightly uneasy. Finally Adam stood up and said, "Well, I guess I should leave you alone then, and come back later."

Hassan gave him a searching look. "Why? Why not stay 'til he gets here. Sit down, man. Listen, you and I don't know each other all that well, so don't you think we should get better acquainted? After all, we are gonna be co-masters, if that word even exists."

"Sure, sure, I'd like that." Adam grinned. "And I'll do my damnedest to keep my hands off you while we wait."

"Why do you have to do that?"

Suddenly the atmosphere changed and there was a charge in the air. Adam looked at Hassan, sprawled in the chair in his usual old military fatigue pants and tank top. "Shit, man, the minute I first laid eyes on you down at the house I got an instant hard-on. You are a spectacular man, but of course you know that. That's one reason I know Nate's gonna have such a great time with you."

"Yeah, well you should talk, man. I mean I ......" He actually blushed. "Hell, I might as well be honest with you, man. Yesterday when we all walked through that gate and saw you hanging there naked, so fucking gorgeous with cum running down your incredible body and your chest striped with whip-marks ..... well, OK, I creamed my shorts ..... I busted my load just looking at you. That's why I held back when Bob and Mark untied you. And that's one reason I left so soon after. I knew I could never compete with that."

"You know what they say," Adam grinned, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em. And since we're being so brutally honest I have a confession. Last night in bed Nate gave me such a graphic description of you in your military gear ..... fatigues and boots, tight tank and sleeveless army shirt, that my cock was raging. I could have blown my wad right there, so I flipped Nate over and fucked him hard. Now Nate is a great fuck, but I have to confess that when I shot my load I got a mental glimpse of that spectacular solider watching me cum."

"I'm flattered," Hassan laughed. "Well at least now we know how we're gonna pass the next two hours 'til Nate gets here. Why settle for imagination? You wanna see that soldier in the flesh? Wait right here, buddy."

He went into the house and Adam moaned to himself, "Oh shit ..... oh man ......" Sprawling in his chair, stretching his legs, he stroked his raging hard on through his jeans ..... and waited.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ...... Chapter 142


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