Nate's sudden appearance in the dunes had been as unexpected as it had been dramatic. Mark had rescued him from two young thugs who were beating him up after discovering him jerking off as he watched Mark and Jamie making love outside their shack. The muscular, blond cop was the most beautiful man Nate had ever seen and was now, of course, his hero.

Turned out that Nate was a young Australian, 21, on vacation in Southern California. He was shy, pretty much a loner and, amazingly, said he had never been with another man, though he beat off a lot reading erotic stories about them. Handsome kid, Mark thought, in a young, innocent-looking way with big, round, brown eyes that shone with honesty and more than a trace of humor. A trim swimmer's body ..... slim, nicely proportioned.

When Mark had brought Jamie up to the shack in the Guadalupe Dunes he had expected to be alone with him, but now, he thought, Nate might turn out to be just what he was looking for. For some time he had been concerned that Jamie spent most of his time in the house and, although he got on well with the other boys, he had nobody of his age as a special friend.

So Mark had had a satisfied smile on his face as gazed out to sea and watched the boys surfing. 'The boys' ...... he liked the sound of that. Jamie seemed to have taken an instant liking to Nate, who shared his love of surfing. And it wasn't long before the boys' conversation turned to sex. Nate had been really turned on watching Mark fuck Jamie and dwelt on the subject with such intensity that Jamie asked Mark if he could do something about it.

Even though their friendship was new, Mark had given his approval. And so Jamie had carefully, tenderly, become the first man ever to make love to Nate, the first man ever to cum inside his ass. Mark had watched in awe as his boy Jamie came into manhood, taking Nate into a magical new world that would change his life.

Afterwards as he lay in Jamie's arms Nate thought he had died and gone to heaven. Then Jamie's voice had brought him back to earth. "You did great, dude. Take it from me, you always remember your first time. We're gonna have a great time up here ...... and you wait 'til you meet the guys I live with. Shit, you're never gonna want to leave."


Nate's only response was to gaze lovingly into Jamie's smiling blue eyes. It had been a life-changing experience for the shy young man, and he knew one thing beyond a doubt ....... he was in love. He squeezed Jamie in his arms and held on tight.

Faced with this naked display of total adoration Jamie had no idea what to do. He looked up at Mark and opened his eyes wide with a look of "what now?" helplessness.

Seeing Nate's intensity Mark knew exactly what was happening and moved quickly to defuse the situation. "Hey," he said cheerfully. "Why don't you guys go and clean off in the ocean. Take your boards with you."

Reluctantly Nate loosened his grip on the magical Jamie, who sprang to his feet. "Just what we need, mate," he said, laughing as he mimicked Nate's accent and the Australian 'mate.' "Come on dude, show me again what you Aussies can really do on a surfboard." His enthusiasm was infectious and in a few seconds the boys were running back down to the waves with their boards under their arms.

Mark walked back up to the deck of the shack, popped open a beer and slumped in a chair. "Oh shit," he murmured to himself, "I really fucked that up. This boy-rearing thing is harder than it looks." He closed his eyes and tried to focus. He realized that in wanting Jamie to find a friend he had seen Nate's sudden arrival from out of nowhere as just what was needed. Jamie had taken a liking to him and everything seemed to be on track.

"But I pushed it too fast," Mark murmured. "I should have known better ...... I rushed it." He had gone along with the suggestion that Jamie satisfy Nate's curiosity and be the first man to fuck him, and it had sure been thrilling to watch Jamie take over as a dominant young stud. But it had all been too soon and, of course, a young rookie like Nate would fall in love with Jamie .... or feel sure that he had. Who wouldn't? Losing his virginity to the gorgeous blond surfer was a sexual fantasy for anyone, especially a sheltered guy like Nate ..... of course he would imagine himself in love.

Mark smiled as he remembered when he had been the first guy to fuck Jamie. But he had wanted Jamie to fall in love with him, and of course Jamie had ...... totally and forever. But this was different. He could see Jamie and Nate as good buddies ...... but any talk of love would screw that up completely. Mark sighed. "I'll have to talk to them," he murmured. He started to doze and his thoughts wandered back to the bedroom where he had first fucked Jamie's ass. His memories soon drifted into dreams as he fell asleep with a smile on his face.


"Hey, sir!" Jamie's eager voice woke Mark up with a start. "You dreaming of me, sir? Sure looks like it." Mark opened his eyes and saw Jamie staring down at his crotch, where his cock was rigid as a tent pole in his shorts.

"Huh," Mark said groggily, "you must think you're pretty hot stuff, boy. What makes you think it was dreams of you gave me this boner?" Jamie grinned and arrogantly cocked his head to one side. Mark smiled. "OK, asshole, of course it was you. I was dreaming of the first time I fucked you."

Fully awake now he looked up at Jamie and Nate standing shoulder to shoulder, still streaming with water, fresh from the surf. And Mark's previous concerns all came back to him. "OK, guys, grab yourselves a beer and sit down. We gotta talk."

In a minute the two boys were sitting on the floor of the deck gazing up at Mark leaning forward in his chair. "Now ....." Mark faltered, sighed, and began again. "Now, I want to talk about what happened a while ago when ..... well, when you boys fucked. Jamie, you told Nate that he would always remember his first time and that's true. But what's also true is that a boy not only remembers his first guy ...... he usually falls in love with him, or thinks he has."

Mark's throat was getting dry and he took a swig of beer. "Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but when two guys are just becoming friends it may not be, well, a good idea to ......."

"Sir...." Jamie tried to cut him off.

"Don't interrupt, kid, this isn't easy." He stammered on. "Like I was saying .....see ...... when two young guys find that they ...... " He frowned as he saw the boys grinning at each other. "What?" he asked.

Jamie was bursting to speak. "Sir, you don't need to go into all that ..... see, we've already done it. Out there when we were sitting on our boards, waiting for a wave ..... and by the way, the surf's a bummer right now, that's why we came in. I mean when the waves don't ...... "

"Jamie," Mark said impatiently. "Cut to the chase, boy."

"Sorry sir. What I was saying is that me and Nate, we've sorted all that out. Nate thinks he's fallen for me but we agreed that for now we're just best buddies."

"Well," Nate added, a bit shyly, "I'm still sure that I'm in love with Jamie, but he's right that it could bollocks up our friendship so I agreed to cool it."

"Of course," Jamie added quickly, "we can still be fuck buddies sometimes, can't we, sir, without the love thing?"

Mark was reeling, realizing that the boys were way ahead of him. He felt like a parent awkwardly trying to explain the facts of life to his kid when it turns out the kid already knows them. "Fuck buddies ...... yeah, well I guess that's OK .... I guess....."

"Don't worry sir, I'll still always be there whenever you want to fuck me, sir."

"You bet your sweet ass you will, boy."

Nate laughed inwardly as he thought, "Me, too, sir ...... me, too." But that was a fantasy. It was already a dream come true to be spending a few days with his gorgeous new buddy.


For the rest of the day Mark felt a vague but pleasant sense of relief. He was used to being constantly close to Jamie, but now he watched from a distance as the two boys got to know each other. Rather than keeping up with Jamie's boyish enthusiasm he could now sit back, relax and watch Jamie expend his youthful energy on a guy just as youthful.

And Mark was very impressed by the gentle but authoritative way Jamie introduced Nate to the pleasures of male companionship, jogging with him, swimming and laughing together .... lots of laughing. Nate clearly looked up to him, especially when Jamie began instructing him on work-out techniques .... bench-press, dumbbells, chin lifts on the bar.

"You already got good abs, dude, and the start of decent pecs," Jamie said in full gym-instructor mode. "But you could use a bit more muscle and definition. That shouldn't take long .... just stick with me."

Stick with him! Mark grinned to himself. Wild horses couldn't drag that kid away from Jamie right now."

Of course all that energy sharpened their appetite. "We're starving, sir." Mark took them to a restaurant that was a bit more up-market than the previous one (or what passed for up-market in the unassuming village of Guadalupe.) Nate's initial hesitation about ordering and the table set-up was soon engulfed in Jamie's torrent of questions about Australia. Mark was surprised to discover that in the past Jamie had surfed the Web a lot on Australian cities and lifestyle so the conversation flowed rapidly ...... with little input from Mark, though it gave him plenty of food for thought.

Back at the beach darkness was starting to fall as the three of them surveyed the clutter in the shack. "So Nate," Mark said, "the room will be all yours tonight. I promised Jamie that he and I would sleep in the dunes, under the stars. He likes to do that up here. Sorry the place is such a mess ..... our gear all over the place, and we haven't even put on clean sheets from our last time here."

"I'll help you change the bed if you like," Jamie offered. "There's clean sheets in the closet ......" but Nate cut him off quickly.

"No, no, that's OK. No worries, mate. I can take care of it." Nate was disappointed not to be spending the night with Jamie but part of him instinctively realized that this was Mark's subtle way of cooling the sexual heat a bit. And as he looked around at the rumpled sheets, clothes strewn all over it, his cock was already hard. Nate's impulsive objection to anyone cleaning the room was lost on Jamie, but not on Mark, who smiled to himself. Yeah, he thought, the kid would have a great night.

Nate's enthusiasm overcame his shyness as he drove his point home. "I mean after all, sir. It's your shack. I'm just an overnight guest."

"Actually," Mark smiled, "the shack doesn't belong to me, but in a few weeks it'll belong to Jamie. I'm buying it and giving it to him. So if you want to thank anyone, it's Jamie."

Nate's eyes shone. "Good on ya, mate. That's awesome." He held out his hand to Jamie, who smiled at his Australian slang, ignored the hand and took him into a hug. "It's been a great day, Nate. I'm glad you're here with us. Sleep well."

Mark grabbed a couple of blankets, threw his arm over Jamie's shoulder and they were soon trudging over the dunes. They found a remote spot, spread out the blankets, threw off their clothes and lay together, feeling the warmth of the sand through the blanket. There was a comfortable silence, which was broken by Jamie.

"Sir, there's just one thing, sir. I mean, I've spent a lot of my time with Nate today, talked to him a lot. I hope you don't think I was ignoring you, sir. I mean usually we spend every minute with each other, so I hope you're not ......."

"Jamie," Mark cut him off. "That's just the point. Usually we spend all the time together, just you and me. Don't get me wrong, I love that, but this gives us a bit of breathing space and I love sitting back and watching you guys get to know each other." He took Jamie's face in his hands and looked deep into his eyes. "I'll tell you another thing, kiddo. I have never been more proud of you than I was today."

"Really, sir?"

"The kindness and respect you showed the new kid was awesome. Here's this shy, lonely kid in a new country, a bit nervous, unused to American ways, and you totally took charge of him and put him completely at ease. You were awesome, Jamie. And it wasn't just kindness. It was your authority, your ...... I dunno ..... pure masculinity that impressed the hell out of me. And I don't mean only when you fucked him, although that was pretty spectacular."

Jamie's eyes were sparkling. "Thank you, sir. It wasn't that hard. I mean, I really like Nate. It's cool having a buddy like him. And I think he likes me."

"Are you kidding? ....... he worships you. Look Jamie, you know I'm in love with you, but I'll tell you something. It's one thing to love a boy, but it's something real special to love a man, a beautiful young stud like you. And tomorrow I'm gonna give my man a reward. I have something special in mind."

A slight frown crossed Jamie's face. "But sir, does that mean ..... like ..... I mean I still want to be your boy, sir."

Mark grinned. "OK, that does it. There's that insecurity again. I was gonna make nice, gentle love to my new man, but now I see I'm gonna have to teach my boy a lesson, with a good hard fuck instead."

Jamie's face relaxed into his mischievous smile. "Any way you want it, sir. You know my ass is yours to take ...... any way you want it."


While Mark and Jamie were making love under the stars Nate was in wonderland. As soon as he was alone he looked round the room and saw only Mark and Jamie ..... their discarded clothes scattered everywhere ..... used shorts, underwear, tank-tops, dirty socks and sneakers. And the bed ..... the rumpled sheets and the pillows that still bore the imprint of their heads. No, he thought, I don't want to clean up a thing.

He walked to the bed and picked up an old gray T-shirt. It was big so it had to be Mark's. He held it to his nose and smelled the stink of sweat in the armpits. He imagined it stretched over that superb body, running with sweat as he worked out. He saw a pair of white boxer briefs and saw the stains of residual piss in the crotch. He sniffed it, licked it, intoxicated with the taste and smell of the muscular cop's underwear.

What about Jamie? He rummaged through the pile and pulled out a jock strap, the frayed fabric worn thin from use. Jamie's ! He pressed it to his face and breathed in deeply. That was the smell he remembered, the smell of the young stud surfer who had fucked his virgin ass and held him in his strong arms. Aaaah! He breathed deeply again and again until his head swam with the smell of old cum stains and dried piss, the juices of his beautiful friend, the guy he was in love with.

Nate quickly stripped naked and pulled on the jock, stretching it over his balls and ass as Jamie must have done so many times. He looked in the floor-length mirror on the wall and tried to imagine Jamie stripped down to the same jock. His cock was raging hard through the thin fabric and he pictured Jamie's big tool curled round inside it.

Suddenly he thought of something, an incident that Jamie had laughingly described that had happened with him and Mark on the drive up here. He had to find it. It had to be here. Not on the bed ...... on the floor? Suddenly he knew. It was under Jamie's pillow. He pulled out the soiled blank tank-top, the one Jamie said Mark had been wearing when he had fucked him on the tailgate of the truck. The one he had sweated through and the one Jamie had shot his huge load over as his master came inside him.

When Mark had taken it off, he had given it to Jamie, pressing it to his face. Nate now did the same and as he breathed deeply he almost creamed in the jock. The strong smell of the master's sweat and his boy's cum sent Nate reeling. It was almost as if he were there, watching as the god-like cop in the black tank, pushed the young blond surfer onto the flatbed of the truck, threw his legs in the air and pushed his huge dick through the soft, downy fur into the young ass.

"Oh, God," Nate breathed as he saw the rugged bodybuilder hammering down on the young ass, sweat dripping from his face, streaming from his neck and armpits and soaking his tank so it clung to his sculpted chest. And this was the shirt! Nate breathed in again and the stink of sweat was overwhelming ..... the sweat of the beautiful Greek God.

He fantasized about Mark grabbing Jamie's cock and yelling, "Cum for me, boy," as he emptied his load inside his boy's ass and Jamie sprayed streams of cum all over his master's shirt ..... this shirt! He took one more huge breath of the cop's sweat and the surfer's juice and he screamed into the gag of the shirt, "Fuck me, sir. Please fuck me. Shoot your juice in my ass, over my body." He lost all control. He felt his cock spurting cum into the jock he was wearing, Jamie's jock, until sticky cream oozed through the thin fabric and ran down his leg.

Nate felt his heart would burst from his chest and he gasped in great gulps of air. He was in a dream world now, a world with only two men, Mark and Jamie. As if in a trance he shook open the tank, pulled it over his own naked body and looked in the mirror. It was Mark's shirt so it hung big on him, but it was totally erotic, wrinkled, covered in sweat-stain patches and streaks of dried cum. He was wearing the master's shirt and the boy's jock.

Master and boy. He imagined them right now in the dunes, and he knew exactly what they were doing. He saw the cop's muscles gleaming in the moonlight, flexing as his body rose and fell over his captive boy, his beautiful ass impaled on his master's cock. He imagined their moans of ecstasy as they gazed at each other, imagined Mark's voice: "Feel the cop's dick in your ass, boy. You know it's gonna make you cum." And suddenly Nate was there. In his fantasy he had taken Jamie's place and he was gazing up at the cop's blue-gray eyes, feeling his cock sliding in his ass, just as Jamie's had done to him earlier.

He focused again on the mirror image and saw on his own body Mark's tank and Jamie's jock, master and boy, boy and master. He couldn't separate the two. He imagined being fucked by Mark and then saw himself fucking Jamie. He was spinning into a dream-world of confusion where he was out in the dunes, fucking and being fucked. Nate was beating his meat hard and his fantasy suddenly narrowed onto the faces ..... Mark, the Greek God smiling down at Jamie, the beautiful young athlete. They were smiling at him, talking to him, yelling at him to cum.

And he did. "Please, sir, fuck me," he screamed at Mark. "I love you Jamie!" And he saw ribbons of his own white juice shooting away from him and splashing into the mirror glass. It seemed to never stop, thudding against the glass and streaming down it, right to the floor. He stared into the mirror and saw Mark in his sweaty black tank and Jamie in his cum-soaked jock.

But as his breathing subsided he blinked and it was like waking from a dream, a dream he didn't want to leave. But dreams have their own way of lingering for a minute and then evaporating without a trace, and so did this one. Now the mirror image was himself, Nate ...... a boy limp with exhaustion. He turned away and threw himself on the bed, onto the same sheets that Mark and Jamie had slept on, leaving their scents and their juices behind.


Exhausted as Nate was, sleep was hard to come by. He lay in the very sheets that Mark and Jamie had made love in, fucked in, sweated in. He turned over and buried his face in them, breathing in the very essence of the two extraordinary men. He tried to work out which pillow was which. This one was Jamie's, of course, where he had found the black tank. He lay on his back and imagined how Jamie had lain right here, with Mark towering over him, about to fuck him. He imagined he was lying beside them, watching the ecstasy on their handsome faces as they made love.

And so once more he jerked off, adding his cum to the dried semen already staining the sheets. Finally sleep overtook him. And he dreamed .... dreamed that he saw again the two men making love. And he was there with them. His cock poured with cum in his sleep ..... a wet dream. In fact, as he inhaled the musky scent of the men, he had several wet dreams that night and woke early in the sticky damp of his own semen.

It took him minutes to recover, to remember. Suddenly he realized he was still wearing Mark's tank and Jamie's jock. "Shit," he said and jumped out of bed. He looked at his watch. Five o'clock. He relaxed ..... much too early for the guys to come back in. He looked around at the messy shack. Jamie's shack. Jamie's! Then he knew what he would do ..... a small gift for Jamie. He stripped off the tank and jock, gathered the other dirty clothes and the sheets and threw everything into the big laundry hamper. His body became a ball of energy as he set about his task.

It took him several hours, including a trip outside to pick some dune grasses ...... carefully, not too much from one place .... he knew that. His task complete he waited and his heart leapt as he heard low voices approaching. The door opened, Mark and Jamie appeared and stopped in astonishment.

"Wow," Jamie said. "That is totally awesome, dude. Never seen the place look like this." It was sparkling clean, neat, the bed freshly made, all the sand swept from the floor, and a jug of tall dune grass decorating the table. Nate had found the grocery supplies Mark had brought with them and there was a smell of freshly brewed coffee from the small stove to go with the toast and cereal on the table.

"Nate, you didn't have to do all this," said Mark, thrilling the boy as he squeezed his arm.

"Oh, I did, sir. You said the house is as good as Jamie's so he has to have nothing but the best. It's my small contribution, and it wasn't that hard. As a matter of fact I enjoy cleaning. My friends call me a 'neat freak'. I'm always tidying up." He laughed. "Maybe I could make a living at it." A thought flashed through Mark's mind, but he dismissed it. Nah, the kid was only here for another week ..... then he'd be thousands of miles away. Nah, forget it.

Suddenly Mark and Nate noticed something at exactly the same moment ...... the mirror, the one thing Nate had forgotten to clean, still streaked with obvious cum stains. He blushed deeply but Mark came and hugged him tight, whispering in his ear, "Glad you had fun, Nate"

Then it was Jamie's turn to look concerned as he stared at the bed ....... clean sheets and pillow cases replacing the old ones. He hurried over to the bed and felt under his pillow. He sighed with relief as he felt Mark's crumpled tank top underneath. While all the other clothes had gone into the hamper Nate had remembered to replace the shirt. That one would never be washed. The two boys smiled quietly at each other ...... their first shared secret.


The rest of their stay in the dunes saw Jamie and Nate become closer, real buddies, sharing their hopes, dreams and secrets as friends do. Mark found himself beaming as he watched the growing trust between the two. He liked the newcomer's openness and honesty, traits that Mark imagined were somehow ..... Australian. And of course he was bursting with pride at Jamie's natural display of generosity and encouragement to the formerly shy young loner.

Mark knew there was only one major act to play out. He had promised a reward to his boy and the opportunity came when Nate said to Jamie, "Hey, mate, mind if I take run on the beach on my own. I love the feeling of being alone out there, the last bloke on earth."

"Go for it, dude," Jamie grinned. "Gives me a chance to get re-acquainted with the man I've been neglecting."

Nate was already a small figure receding into the distance as Mark said, "OK, kid, time for the reward I mentioned ...... and time for you to get some exercise. Here, chin lifts." He stood at the edge of the deck and reached up to the lintel bar above the entrance frame. Effortlessly he pulled himself up with multiple chin lifts, the strain on his muscles evident even through his worn T-shirt. Finally he dropped to his feet and said, "Let's get serious about this," and he pulled off his T-shirt and shorts.

Jamie followed suit, dropping his surfer trunks, grinning at the hard cock that sprang to attention. One of his all-time big turn-ons was working out naked with his master. He took his turn at the bar and struggled to lift himself as many times as he could, as Mark looked on with his own boner at the sight of the lithe young muscles flexing hard. Mark's turn came again, but after a few pull-ups he suddenly stopped, standing on the wooden deck with his arms still stretched upward holding onto the bar.

Jamie was standing behind him, mesmerized by the muscles rippling in the broad V-shaped back. Hell, Jamie thought, he's a Greek God even from behind. Impulsively he reached forward and touched Mark's rock-hard shoulders, then ran his hands over the back, down the flared lats, tapering down to the slim, tight waist. Finally his palms came to rest on the hard white globes of the gorgeous ass. His breathing became ragged, his heartbeats rapid. In his trance he heard Mark's voice.

"That's it, man, that's your reward. This trip you've shown me that my boy has become a man, a virile young stud. So show me ..... show me how a real man fucks. Take me, stud ..... take your master."

Jamie's legs almost buckled. His master was telling him to fuck him! He looked at the magnificent body, stretching upward, spread-eagled, and his eyes became riveted on the spectacular ass ..... the ass he was about to fuck. His hands stroked the hard mounds, he pulled them slightly apart and pressed his dick between them. Again he heard the voice. "That's it, kid. Let me feel by boy's dick in my ass. Look at me, man, the big stud cop, the man they all call a Greek God. He's yours, boy. His ass is yours."

That did it. Jamie pushed his rigid dick into the roaring heat of his master's ass, felt the muscles clench around it, heard the cop groaning with ecstasy. He felt the head of his cock touch the membrane at the end ...... and then pass over the inner sphincter and come to rest deep inside. Tears came to Jamie's eyes as he realized he was buried in the secret warm depths of the man he loved. He pulled back, almost all the way, then plunged in again, causing the deep voice to moan again.

Jamie grabbed Mark's waist, pulled the ass toward him and lost all inhibitions as the fucking began in earnest. He was exhilarated by the thought that the boy was fucking his master. No, that's not really what he was feeling. Mark said he was a man now ..... and that's how he felt. He had grown up ..... a virile stud, Mark called him ..... so this was not boy fucking master, it was man to man. Jamie felt empowered, omnipotent as he gripped the big cop's naked body and hammered his ass.

He let go the waist, reached round and ran his hands over the magnificent chest, slick with sweat. Still hammering the ass he squeezed Mark's nipples and heard him howl with jolts of pleasure and pain. "Go on, man," Mark yelled. "Just don't cum yet. I love the feel of that huge young cock in my ass."

Jamie had no intention of cumming or stopping. He was having too much fun.


Nate was jogging slowly back and the shack was coming into view. From a distance he saw two figures at the entrance to the deck .... close together, moving in unison. He squinted hard ...... it couldn't be ..... He increased his pace, straining his eyes, until he saw the men more clearly. He gasped, unable to believe his eyes.

Now he was close, just a few yards away, facing them. It was unbelievable, a pornographic fantasy. The boy was fucking the master ...... the surfer was fucking the cop ! He saw the ecstasy on the cop's beautiful face, saw his magnificent muscular body, stretched up to the bar, spread-eagled, impaled on the surfer's cock. And he saw Mark's rigid pole bouncing before him as his ass got pounded.

In a trance he walked forward, gazing at the huge cock ......... and as if from a distance he heard Mark's commanding voice. "Go for it, boy." It was more an order than an invitation. And Nate had to obey. He fell to his knees and licked the tip of the cock, tasting the pre-cum oozing from the head. He had never tasted a man's cock before, never even dreamed of swallowing the big tool of a man like Mark. He was the most beautiful man Nate had ever seen ...... and he was telling Nate to suck his cock !

Slowly, tentatively, he pushed his lips over the huge shaft and felt it entering his mouth, pulsing as the body was pounded from behind. It seemed to go on forever, until it rammed the back of his throat and he choked. Quickly he pulled back, but instantly knew he wanted more. He took it in again, and again he gagged, but this time he didn't pull back, learning instinctively to breathe through his nose.

Soon his head was moving back and forth as fervently and as fast as Jamie's hips. He reached round and felt Mark's ass, then his fingers touched Jamie's cock as it pistoned in and out. Nate was in a hypnotic trance as Mark was fucked from behind, causing his cock to pound the boy's face. It was as if Jamie was hammering Mark's cock into him. The two men from last night's dreams, who had made him shoot his load so many times, idols he had fantasized over ...... he was on his knees before them in a spectacular act of worship.

Nate thought he would pass out as his mouth was pounded raw ..... and then he heard Mark yell. "OK, boy, shoot your load in my ass. Finish me off, man ..... let me feel your juice inside me." Nate heard their screams and at the same time felt the monster cock pulse in his mouth, then pump hot liquid deep into his throat. He swallowed hard, and for the first time in his life experienced the warm, pungent taste of another man's semen. He was drinking the juice of the most beautiful man he had ever known. It was his essence, his virility. It was nectar from a God.

Soon Nate felt himself being lifted up, he felt a man's lips on his, then another's. Mark and Jamie were both kissing him, their mouths lubricated by Mark's residual cum. Nate was delirious as he found himself looking into Mark's eyes, then Jamie's. He saw them smile, then laugh with the joy of release as Mark said, "I gotta say, you guys, that was perfect double-teaming. You make a great couple."


The next day those words still resonated in Nate's mind as he sat in the truck, with Jamie between him and Mark. They were on their way to the house he had heard so much about, where he was to meet a group of men he still couldn't sort out. And despite enthusiastic efforts, Jamie wasn't much help as he chatted endlessly and confusingly about the various masters and their boys.

Once again Mark came to Nate's rescue. "Hey, kiddo. Don't you think you should wait 'til Nate meets the guys and let him come to his own conclusions? He should form his own opinions about them, not yours, don't you think?

"Sorry, sir," Jamie grinned. "It's just that I'm so proud of my new friend and I can't wait to introduce Nate to the guys ..... and tell them that I am now the new owner of the shack."

"Yeah, well I'd soft-peddle that a bit if I were you, kid. Don't want them feeling envious."

The rest of the journey south was spent in relative silence as each man reflected on the events of the trip .... especially their sexual adventures. And so, in due course, they felt the crunch of gravel under the tires as the truck came to a halt. They were home.

As they got out of the truck Jamie said hurriedly, "OK if I grab the gear later, sir?" Without waiting for a reply he took Nate's arm and led him to the gate as Mark shook his head with an indulgent smile.

As it happened the set-up inside was perfect. It was late afternoon and all the boys, Pablo, Darius and the twins, were gathered round the poolside table chatting. They looked up as Jamie came in with a big smile ...... and a new guy in tow. Mark followed them and said cheerfully, "Hi, guys. We're back ..... and Jamie has a new friend. I'll let him do the introductions. Is Bob home?"

"Upstairs in the office, sir," said Kevin."

"Great," said Mark and hurried to the house. He always missed Bob the most and was impatient to see him.

"Guys," Jamie said rather formally. "I want to introduce my new friend Nate. Nate, this is Pablo, and Darius, and the twins Kevin and Kyle."

Nate's shyness immediately returned but he did manage, "G'day, mates." Hearing the strong Australian accent they looked up at him like a visitor from another planet. Embarrassed, Nate stammered. "Wow, Jamie said you blokes were all hot lookers but you're just ..... well ..... real hot lookers." His clumsy sentence made him blush, but it was the ebullient Darius who put him at his ease.

"Hey, that accent is way cool, dude. Here come and sit by me .... What is it?"


"Yeah ..... I knew that. Like, I used to hear that guy in the commercials ...... 'Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate.' Nate laughed at Darius's horrible imitation of his accent and Darius grinned. "Well you say it, dude ..... bet you say it all the time."

"Actually no," Nate said, emerging from his shyness, "and I've never heard anyone else in Australia say it either, but since you ask ......" He took a deep breath and in a broad accent said, "Hey, no worries, mate. Just throw another shrimp on the barbie."

Darius roared with laughter and threw his arm round him. "That's awesome, dude. You're alright ..... you can stay. Is he staying, Jamie?"

"Another week, until he goes back to Sydney. Hey, and guess what guys, Mark is buying the shack in the dunes and ....." he smiled smugly "......he's giving it to me. So I'll be a property owner." He had totally forgotten Mark's advice about low-keying it. Still most of the reactions were enthusiastic.

"No kidding," said Darius. "Way to go, dude. Jeez that gorgeous cop must really love you."

"Congratulations, Jamie," said the twins in unison.

Jamie realized they had kind of been left out of the conversation so he said, "Nate, the twins are the chefs here and they make knockout food. They used to be the houseboys too but now they don't have time 'cause Kevin works part-time up in the office and Kyle helps Pablo on the construction site. So we're actually looking for a new houseboy, and Bob says the twins will do the hiring."

"Pleased to meet you, Nate," said Kevin. "We barbecue all the time here, but it's usually steak, not shrimps," he laughed, "and we don't call it the barbie."

Suddenly Pablo, who up to now had been silent, cleared his throat for attention. "Hi Nate, I'm Pablo, the boss's boy. So OK, let me explain the set-up here. There are four masters, Randy, Bob, Mark and Zack and they each have a boy ..... well, Bob has two, the twins here. Randy is the boss of the house and I'm his boy, actually his son 'cause he adopted me. So I'm pretty much the senior boy around here and if you need anything you can always come to me."

"Er, thank you sir," said Nate feeling overwhelmed by this beautiful but tough-looking young guy.

"You don't have to call me sir," Pablo said. "Well you can if you like. The twins do sometimes."

Darius looked at Jamie and rolled his eyes in a 'there-he-goes-again' gesture.' It was obvious to Darius and Jamie that Pablo right now felt that Jamie was stealing his thunder, what with his new foreign friend and him owning the shack and all, so he was reacting by asserting his self-proclaimed position of 'senior boy'.

Pablo always reflected much of Randy's attitude .... a real chip off the old block. Whenever a new man had come to the house Randy, who was a natural leader of men, had nevertheless always felt he had to establish his supremacy, even his physical superiority by using his fists. This was especially so with Mark, who was a dominant man and definitely nobody's inferior, and Randy knew it. They were both strong alpha males and there was always a competitive edge. Like two bulls in the same pasture, rivalry was inevitable.

This dynamic was reflected in Pablo, who knew that Jamie, with his quiet confidence and a gorgeous cop for a master, was a match for anyone, even though Pablo was much quicker with his fists. But this was not a fist-fight ..... it was more a pissing contest, a question of establishing supremacy in the eyes of the newcomer. Quite simply, Nate was Jamie's new friend and Pablo resented that.

Pablo went charging on, his assertiveness building. "Tell you what, Nate, while the twins make a start on dinner and Jamie brings in your gear from the truck, let me show you round the place. I think you'll find it's pretty impressive."

Nate was, of course, unaware of the tribal undercurrents in the group and felt that he should do what the 'senior boy' suggested. So with a fleeting glance at Jamie and a helpless shrug he stood up and let himself be led away. The boys heard Pablo's receding voice as they walked toward the house. "Like I said, anything you need, Nate, you come to me. I'll take good care of you. If you like, you can even look on me as sort of your master while you're here ......"

Jamie tensed at the table and clenched his fists, but Darius put a restraining arm on his. "Cool it, dude. It's a bummer, I know, when Pablo gets like this, muscling in the way he does. But I'll talk to him. Don't worry, it'll all sort itself out."

Jamie wasn't so sure. And his anger was building.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 123


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