Mark was still shaking his head in disbelief. As he walked into the bedroom with Jamie and Hassan they were all feeling tense, still feeling the reverberations of the dramatic events that had taken place earlier in the garden.

The whole group had been there when Hassan had come in to say goodbye, but Randy had stopped him from leaving. The standoff resulted in the most galvanizing spectacle of sexual power and domination, where Randy proved to the awestruck group his sexual supremacy over Hassan, as indeed he had at various times in the past with each of the other men. Hassan had succumbed totally to Randy’s hypnotic masculinity and the two ended in a passionate embrace ...... an acceptance by Randy of Hassan as a member of the group.

Now, in the bedroom, Mark produced the final beers of the evening to help the three of them unwind. Tomorrow morning Hassan was to return to Camp Pendleton and he had willingly accepted Mark’s invitation to spend the last night with him and Jamie. But despite the warm affection that they all felt for each other, there was still hanging in the air the searing image of the macho soldier being savagely fucked by Randy.

"I can’t get my mind around it," Mark said. "It just doesn’t fit."

"Fit what?" Hassan asked in his deep, accented voice.

"You, man. Jesus Christ, here you are, a beautiful dominant stud, the ultimate top-man, getting your ass reamed .... pinned to the ground and impaled on Randy’s cock. It’s ..... I dunno ..... kind of insulting."

Jamie coughed uneasily and they both looked at him. "You have something to say, Jamie?" Mark asked.

"Yes, sir." The boy was a bit intimidated in the company of these powerful men .... the stunning Nordic blonde cop and the darkly handsome Arabic/Asian soldier ..... but he spoke up boldly. "Sir, I thought Hassan looked totally awesome, sir." He looked at the soldier. "You were still my perfect image of a top man, sir, even thought your ass was getting reamed. It was one of my biggest fantasies seeing a big muscular top-man get his ass fucked. In fact ......"

"In fact what, Jamie?" Mark asked gently.

Jamie blushed and his words tumbled out. "..... in fact, sir, it was so incredibly hot that I creamed my shorts under the table as I watched."

Both men threw their heads back and laughed. "That does it then," said Mark. He jumped up, stood behind Jamie with his hands on his shoulders. "Hassan, old buddy, take a good look. This is my boy, the boy I love. And since he finds you such a hot top-man, I invite you to fuck his beautiful ass before we go to bed. Maybe that will restore your macho image in my mind ...... Hassan, the master"

Jamie turned and looked up at Mark, his eyes shining. Hassan gazed intently at Jamie, walked toward him and fell to his knees in front of his chair. He took his face in his hands and said gently, "Jamie. What about you? Is it OK if I make love to you?"

Jamie was trembling with excitement. "Yes, sir ...... please sir.

And so he did. Moments later Jamie was lying naked on the bed looking up at Hassan towering over him. The soldier dropped his pants and knelt between Jamie’s legs, wearing only his white tank-top. Jamie could hardly breathe as he gazed at the stunning muscle-god, knowing that the cock swinging between his legs was about to thrust inside him. Hassan pushed Jamie’s legs back and gazed down at his perfect ass. He lowered his head and licked the soft blonde fur surrounding the hole.

"Oh, man," he said raising his head. "Mark you lucky bastard, you have the most beautiful boy in the world. He has made my cock like iron. It will be a privilege to fuck him." He eased forward and, with exquisite tenderness pushed his cock between the cheeks, then slowly into the warm membrane of the young ass.

Jamie’s body shuddered as he looked up into the slanted brown eyes set in the dark, handsome face. "Oh sir, that feels incredible." He looked over at Mark. "Thank you, sir. I love you, sir."

The love-making was gentle but overpowering. Jamie could not believe that this handsome soldier was actually inside him, pushing his hard dick deeper and deeper. Rugged top-man Hassan might be, but this was the tenderness, the caress, of a lover. Jamie had expected something rough, but this, coming from such a dominant man, was exhilarating. He was mesmerized by the rock-hard, perfect body rippling under the tight tank and he ran his hands over his chest.

"You are so beautiful, sir," he breathed. The tank was already wet with sweat, almost transparent, so the bulging pecs were visible flexing underneath. Suddenly Hassan reared back on his knees, his cock still deep in Jamie’s ass, and pulled the soaking tank up over his head and threw it aside.

"Oh, man," Mark moaned, his heart pounding as he looked at the now naked Marine fucking his boy. Awestruck, he watched the dark-skinned muscular physique rising and falling over the ass of the young blonde surfer. It was beautiful to watch and Mark instinctively pulled his cock out of his shorts and began stroking it.

Slowly, gently, the rigid shaft moved in and out of the white globes of the boy’s ass. Hassan fell forward and his strong grip pressed Jamie’s wrists to the bed above his head. Jamie was pinned down, helpless, and he moaned in ecstasy. His ass, his whole body was on fire. The sight of Hassan, the feel of his rod moving inside him, made pre-cum dribble from his cock and he closed his eyes for a second to prevent an instant orgasm. . But when the opened them he saw again the massive chest heaving over him, the smiling face looked down at him ..... and those incredible eyes! That did it. Jamie’s body shuddered.

"Sir..... I can’t take it, sir. You’re going to make me cum. I can’t hold back!"

"That’s fine, Jamie. I’ll shoot with you ..... deep inside your beautiful body." He increased the rhythm, then pulled all the way out, paused, and plunged deep into the tender young ass, exploding inside him. "Aaah!" He threw his head back ..... and felt a stream of hot liquid splash into his face. Mark was standing by the bed, his cock in his fist, and had blasted his load full into Hassan’s face and open mouth.

Then he pointed his cock down at Jamie’s face. "Do you want it too, boy? You want your master’s juice in your face. "Yes, sir," Jamie screamed. Please, sir." He was transported into a world of pure sex. He felt the soldier’s cum pouring inside him, he gulped down the cop’s hot semen that slammed into his face, and felt his own cock erupt in a shower of white juice that sprayed over his shuddering body.

Through a film of cum, his own and his master’s, Jamie saw the two exquisite faces above him, blonde and dark, come together in a passionate kiss. Long seconds passed until they finally broke free. Mark was smiling at Hassan. "You are one hot fucking stud, man. Welcome to our world."


It was very early the next morning that the three men sat in the kitchen over coffee and scrambled eggs that Jamie had cooked. Hassan had to hit the road early for his return to Pendleton and Mark was on duty in an hour. Conversation was perfunctory, mostly a discussion of Hassan’s next visit, when Mark would be entrusting Jamie to him for a short trip up north. The police officer would be busy working back-to-back shifts so Jamie and Hassan would go alone. Mark had explained the plan to the whole group the previous day.

"Guys," he had said, "I want to demonstrate once and for all my respect for Hassan and the trust I have in him. He has to make a quick visit to Vandenberg Air Force Base up the coast. He’ll take Jamie with him, drop him off in Santa Barbara for a few hours surfing, go on to Vandenberg, then come back for him and they’ll spend the night in a hotel. Now I know it sounds a bit like a replay of Pablo’s trip to Pendleton with Hassan, but that’s the point. I want to purge the demons from that episode in entrusting my boy to Hassan."

Now, the morning after, as they drank their coffee, Mark was saying, "So, you guys still game?"

"Absolutely, sir," said Jamie, his eyes sparkling.

"I’m looking forward to it," said Hassan in his rather formal, accented English. "And I promise you Mark I’ll protect Jamie as you would yourself." He paused. "There’s just one thing. I ..... I think we should cool it as far as sex goes. I mean, that’s what got me into a whole mess of trouble with Pablo down south and ..... what is your saying here ...... 'once bitten twice shy?’ I would prefer it to be more like two good buddies on a trip to get to know each other better, and I don’t mean physically. I think Jamie and I have a lot to talk about. So no sex. Do you both understand my feelings?"

Mark smiled at him. "I do, Hassan. But it’s entirely up to you guys. As far as I’m concerned you can do whatever you like together. But if that’s the way you feel, fine. You, Jamie?"

Jamie looked slightly crestfallen and replied. "Sir, I have to say that I loved what Hassan did to me last evening ...... I mean sex with him is great, but ..... well ...... I like just being with him too, so ..... no sex is ..... OK with me. Provided that when we come back here, sir, you ......"

Mark grinned. "Kiddo, when you get back here I’ll be horny as a stallion and I guarantee you’re gonna get your ass ploughed. You OK with that?"

"Absolutely, sir."


The following week was taken up with work all round. Pablo was pushed hard at the construction site by Randy where maintenance work had piled up. Darius worked with Zack at the other site and the boy was in heaven working close to his beautiful, shirtless black master. (There was even time for a few trips to the trailer office where Zack locked the door and gave Darius’s ass a work-over.)

And Jamie caught up with a backlog of work in the office, under Bob’s supervision. Bob watched him carefully. "Are you sure you’re OK with this trip with Hassan, Jamie? I know Mark wouldn’t force it on you if you weren’t."

"I know he wouldn’t, sir. Mark talked to me about it before he even suggested it to Hassan. I really like Hassan." He hesitated and blushed. "I mean, like, he’s real hot, sir, and the no-sex thing will be a bit tough, but I understand why Hassan prefers it that way."

Bob smiled. "You know, before Pablo went off with Hassan I stuffed 40 bucks in his pocket for emergencies. I don’t think that’s necessary in your case."

No, sir, but thank you. Mark’s given me plenty of money and I’m gonna call him every day. I’ll be just fine, sir."

And so the day came when, early in the morning, there was a crunch of tires outside and Hassan strode in through the gate. Most of the guys were getting ready for work but their heads rose and they gazed in awe at the soldier in his military work clothes ..... camouflage fatigue pants, heavy, laced combat boots and a khaki shirt showing just a glimpse of the white tank top underneath. In dark mirror glasses he looked spectacular, a military icon straight out of the pages of a fantasy magazine.

Mark too was in his police uniform about to leave for work and he had a quiet word alone with Hassan. "Now don’t forget, buddy, the little scheme we cooked up for Jamie. I think it’ll blow the kid’s mind. So when you’re in the hotel, just give me a call and we’ll fix the details. By the way that no-sex thing you mentioned would fit in just fine if you can hold off fucking him. I’ll make it worth the wait ...... guarantee it."

Hassan grinned and hugged Mark. Jamie appeared, wearing his surfer shorts, a loose tank top and old sneakers. He was carrying a back-pack with a change of clothes stuffed into it, and the surfboard Mark had bought him was already propped up outside. Mark took him into his arms for a long, passionate hug. "You have fun, kiddo, and take care of that big stud. Don’t let him get into trouble again. Sorry I pulled this double shift or I’d be going with you. But I’ll see you soon." He grinned as he thought to himself, 'sooner than you think, kiddo.’


It must have looked pretty incongruous ...... a military jeep speeding up the coast with the tail of a long surfboard hanging out the back. And the occupants were no less incongruous, a dark, Arab-looking Marine, and a young blonde Southern California surfer. They sat shoulder to shoulder in silence at first but Hassan was determined to draw the boy out and get to know him better. Jamie was soon talking about Mark. It was inevitable that the center of his world would be the center of his conversation. Hassan smiled at the boy’s youthful enthusiasm for the beautiful cop and it was equally inevitable that the subject soon turned to sex.

"You seem to have a great life, Jamie, being Mark’s boy and working for Bob, but tell me ..... what would you say is generally the highlight of your day?"

"Oh that’s easy, sir ...... it’s when Mark gets home." Jaime blushed and hesitated. "See, when he comes in he’s been riding his motorcycle for hours and ......."

Hassan grinned. "....and he’s horny as hell."

"Yes, sir. When we hear him pull up Bob lets me leave the office and I run up to the bedroom, get naked and lie on the bed. And I love it when the gorgeous police officer first opens the door and stands looking at me." Hassan glanced over and saw the mesmerized look in Jamie’s eyes as he visualized the scene.

"I always have a huge hard-on when I watch him take off his uniform ..... first the shirt, then the T-shirt, and he stretches that spectacular body of his. Then I usually I stand up with my back to him and take his boot between my legs. He presses the other boot against my naked butt and pushes it until the boot comes off. When he’s naked he pushes me back onto the bed ..... quite roughly actually ...... I guess he’s impatient ......"

"Of course he is," said Hassan. "He’s so turned on by the gorgeous young stud with the perfect ass."

Jamie smiled at him and blushed. "Anyway, sir, that’s when he fucks me ...... and it usually lasts a long, long time. Some days, I guess when he’s real horny, he doesn’t even stop to take off his uniform. He comes in, throws me on the bed, rips open his pants and fucks me. Man, he looks so hot in his uniform, leaning over me and hammering my ass." Jamie laughed. "Once he didn’t even stop to take off his helmet, so it was like this anonymous cop fucking me."

"Anyway, sir. That’s what you would call the highlight of my day, and every afternoon my cock is hard just thinking about it ..... waiting for it." Again he blushed. "Actually, sir, it’s hard now just talking about it."

Hassan didn’t confess that his own cock was rigid in his pants as he visualized the cop fucking the handsome young surfer. It was all he could do to stop himself from reaching over and grabbing Jamie’s cock in his shorts. But, knowing his own weakness for being seduced, he took a deep breath and changed the subject.

"So tell me about this surfer beach we’re going to."

Jamie snapped out of his sexual daydream and said, "Yeah, I was talking to some of the other surfers in L.A. and they told me about this place up on the Gaviota Coast north of Santa Barbara, a few miles past Refugio Beach. Not too many guys know about it and they say the waves are perfect there."

The miles and the minutes flew by and in no time, it seemed, they were cruising along Highway 101 amid the spectacular scenery of the Gaviota Coast, the glittering blue Pacific on the left and the Santa Ynez mountains on the right. Jamie had pinpointed the beach on an online map and soon they were bumping along the access trail.

"Wow, this is spectacular," Jamie said as they stopped a bit short of the beach. "Man look at those waves ...... they go on forever!" He turned to Hassan, his eyes shining. "Thank you for bringing me here, sir."

"Glad you’re impressed," Hassan smiled. "Now listen to me. There seem to be only a couple of other guys out there so I want you to be careful. You know the rule, Jamie ...... don’t surf out there on your own. And if the currents get strong, you come right back in."

Jamie grinned at him. "You sound just like Mark giving me orders, sir. Like having two dads."

Hassan was startled that these words gave him an instant hard-on. Again he took a deep breath. "So listen, kid. It’ll take me half an hour to get to Vandenberg. My meeting shouldn’t last too long, so I’ll be back in about two hours ..... three tops. You think you’ll be OK here?"

"What do you think, sir?" beamed Jamie, waving his arm at the spectacular beach and the gently rolling waves. "I’ll be keeping a look out for you when you get back." He leaned over and kissed Hassan on the lips. "And just so you know, sir. Sitting next to you I’ve had a boner in my shorts ever since L.A." He grinned. "Sorry, sir. I know I’m not supposed to say that." He jumped out and pulled his surfboard from the back of the jeep and took off.

Hassan rested his hands on the steering wheel as he watched Jamie gallop out to the surf, his board under his arm. The boy’s body gleamed golden, clad in just faded blue surf trunks that hugged his rounded butt. His tousled blonde hair blew in the breeze and his muscles rippled as he ran over the sand.

"God, he’s beautiful," Hassan said aloud. As Jamie reached the water and splashed through the surf Hassan instinctively unbuttoned his pants and took out his cock. He stroked it as he watched the image of Jamie grow smaller and smaller.

"Shit damn," he said, coming to is senses. He stuffed his cock back in his pants, buttoned up and started the engine. As the jeep bounce back up to the highway he clenched his jaw. "Shit damn," he said again.


As he had predicted, about two and a half hours later Hassan was driving back south on the coastal highway keeping a sharp lookout for the secluded turn-off. His meeting had been very productive with his opposite number in intelligence at Vandenberg ..... as it turned out another mixed-race Arab who had served in the Middle-East.

But that was behind him and, even as the meeting had been winding down, Hassan’s thoughts turned back to the golden boy whom he imagined paddling his surfboard strongly through the waves. The image was so strong in his mind that he actually missed the unobtrusive turn-off, then drove back in a mild panic until he found it and drove quickly down to the beach.

Another stab of panic as he looked out to sea and saw, way over to the side, a couple of lone surfers ...... but no Jamie. Squinting hard he saw someone lying flat on a surfboard, paddling back out to the waves. He saw only the back and shoulders but he knew it was Jamie ..... didn’t know how ..... he just knew. He felt a stab of excitement and pulled off his shirt and tank-top that was wet with sweat. He raced down to the beach and over to a rocky promontory jutting out into the sea from the beach.

He clambered quickly over the rocks to get a better view of Jamie so he could hail him. By that time Jamie was sitting astride the board in calm water, waiting for the next set of waves to come up behind him. Hassan shielded his eyes to get a better view.

Jamie had been having a blast. The surfing conditions were perfect, every bit as good as his buddies in L.A. had promised, and his body was tingling with the effects of physical exercise, the sun, the spray and the exhilaration of riding these perfect waves. But now he waited for the next set, and as he waited his mind wandered.

He remembered the spectacular tableau of a week ago when he had seen the stunningly beautiful soldier submit to another man, offer up his muscular body and get his ass savagely fucked, impaled on Randy’s huge cock ...... one top-man surrendering to the sexual supremacy of another. The image held him spellbound, and as he sat with his legs wide astride the surfboard the slight swell underneath him rocked the board gently and his balls rolled against the hard surface. With the picture of Hassan etched vividly in his mind he felt his cock get stiff.

Without thinking he pushed down the waistband of his shorts, pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. His thoughts moved on to the bedroom where that same muscle-stud he had watched get fucked into submission was now looming over him, a white tank top stretched over his chest. He saw clearly the exotic face, the olive-skinned muscles and that huge cock. Then the cock was inside him and he felt again the erotic sensation of being fucked by the magnificent soldier.

Standing on the rocks, Hassan was about to wave and shout to Jamie but he stopped, stupefied by what he saw. "Jesus Christ." The bronzed young surfer was jerking off as he sat astride his board! And somehow Hassan knew, through intuition or sheer arrogance, that Jamie was thinking about him. He yanked his cock out of his pants and stroked it just as Jamie was stroking his. He moved a little to the side so his lower body was hidden behind a rock, in case Jamie should look up.

But Jamie was in a fantasy world of his own as his cock got harder. His breath was heaving, his heart beating wildly and he knew he was close to shooting his load onto his board. But just then the swell increased and his board rose up suddenly. He glanced back and saw another set of perfect waves approaching behind him. He stuffed his hard cock back into his shorts, fell forward onto his board and began paddling furiously, arm over arm, gathering speed to take the wave.

"What the fuck?" Hassan stopped beating his meat as he saw Jamie on his stomach give his attention back to the waves. He watched the shoulders ripple as he stroked powerfully through the water, saw the back flex, saw the incredible bubble butt outlined in the soaking shorts. And he knew what Jamie was feeling. His dick had to be hard still, and grinding against the board beneath him. As he moved, one side then the other, the cock must be close to exploding in the wet shorts pressed down on the board.

Hassan’s instinct was right. Jamie was, as usual, feeling the exhilaration of the wave growing behind him, felt the board lifting higher and higher, but this time the power was not in his arms and legs .... it was in his cock! He felt it iron hard underneath him, competing with the waves for his attention. But the waves won out.

At the crucial moment of lift, Jamie sprang to his feet, balanced himself on the board, and there he was on the crest of the wave. The exhilaration, the incredible high of speeding forward on the water was heightened by the throbbing of his cock. Riding a wave was always like a sexual high for Jamie, but this time it was real. His arms outstretched he looked up at the sky in jubilation.

And then, as he raised his head he saw him ..... standing like a bronze statue in the rocks ..... the spectacular soldier, stripped to the waist ..... the erotic image that had almost brought him to orgasm moments ago. There he was ..... in the flesh. The sight of him sent a surge of power racing through Jamie’s body. He pumped both fists in the air and screamed to the sky ...... "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

And as he sped forward on top of the wave, felt the spray in his face, heard the seething water below and the screaming gulls overhead, his cock exploded in his shorts. "Aaah!" he screamed to the heavens, as he flew through the air in a state of total euphoria, feeling jets of hot semen blast endlessly from his cock and run down his legs.

Hassan knew exactly what was happening. It had to be. He saw the elation in the boy, saw him pump his fists in the air, heard his scream. He must be having the most spectacular orgasm. The soldier felt the infectious exhilaration sweep over him. The sight of the young surfer’s gleaming body speeding over the water, screaming as his cock pumped semen into his shorts, was complete sensory overload for Hassan. His own howls of euphoria were drowned out by the crashing surf as his cock erupted in ribbons of cum that splashed on the rocks beneath him, to be washed away by the surf and carried out to sea.


His body heaving, Hassan ran back over the rocks and along the beach. He stood motionless watching Jamie completing his triumphant ride on the perfect wave and coasting expertly to the beach, skimming over the shallow surf. Jamie picked up his board tucked it under his arm and looked up to see the vision of Hassan standing shirtless at the top of the beach. The boy was a dazzling sight as he raced forward, then dropped the board and fell into Hassan’s arms.

The hug was long and intense, but eventually they both remembered the 'buddies only’ rule and separated. Nothing was said of the spectacular orgasms, though Hassan noticed by the remaining dark stain on the wet shorts that his guess had been correct. Jamie had not seen Hassan’s climax and was unaware that Hassan knew of his.

Jamie dug his surfboard into the sand, pulled off his shorts and hung them on the board to dry. He threw himself naked face down on the sand and pulled on a sun visor he had taken from his shorts, along with a small tube of sun lotion. Hassan lay beside him and propped himself on his elbow. Jamie smiled at him, his blonde hair falling over his forehead ...... the iconic picture of a dazzlingly beautiful young surfer.

They soaked up the sun for a while, then Jamie said, "Sir, my back’s starting to burn. Would you mind putting some of this lotion on it?"

Hassan got up on his knees and straddled the boy’s thighs. Leaning forward he squeezed a blob of lotion on his back and spread it slowly with both hands over the smooth, golden skin. His hands caressed the flesh, over the shoulders and neck, down the back to the waist ..... and over the spectacular ass. His heart beat faster as he felt the firm white globes flex under his hand, and he remembered what it had been like to thrust his cock between them.

He had just watched this boy cream his shorts and now here he was lying naked under him. Hassan’s cock was pounding in his pants as he kept stroking the smooth, creamy flesh. Hypnotized by the feel of the ass under his palms Hassan felt a warmth spreading over his body. The boy felt so good, glowing with the beauty of youth. As Hassan leaned forward to reach the shoulders, the bulge in his pants pressed hard against the cheeks of the ass. He stifled a gasp as his body shuddered and he felt his semen pouring from his cock in his pants.

Hassan jumped self-consciously to his feet and caught his breath. "Time to go eat kid. You must be starving and I promised Mark I’d feed you well." Jamie hesitated, then stood up slowly and Hassan glimpsed him kicking sand over a pool of cum he had shot when he felt Hassan’s cock press against his butt. Jamie blushed with embarrassment as he pulled on his shorts and stuffed his cock back inside them. Without comment Hassan threw his arm over Jamie’s shoulder and, like two good buddies, they trudged up the beach to the jeep.


The hotel was small and secluded but right on the ocean and had full service. Part of it was a collection of bungalows and theirs was one overlooking the beach.

"Jeez, looks like they gave us the best room," said Jamie, impressed. "How’d you manage that, sir?"

"The uniform always helps," Hassan smiled. "Everyone likes a soldier."

"You can say that again, sir."

"OK," said Hassan. "Let’s get you cleaned up .... get rid of all that salt and sand ..... make you presentable for dinner."

As they stripped they looked furtively out of the corner of their eye, like two straight buddies trying not to be turned on by each other. Jamie couldn’t help feeling disappointed that they took separate showers, but he knew that was part of the deal. He had brought a clean Polo shirt and jeans and Hassan changed into civilian clothes ..... jeans and a loose white shirt that hung seductively on his muscular body. They made more than a few heads turn when they walked into the hotel dining room. Some tried to guess what their relationship was to each other, but even if they had asked it’s doubtful if the two men would have known how to answer.

After dinner they had a drink in the bar and talked like regular buddies, which was the plan, after all. Finally, tired and feeling a glow brought on partly by alcohol, but also by a warm feeling of affection that was growing more and more intimate between them, they went back to their room. They quickly stripped down to their briefs and climbed into bed.

"Sleep well, Jamie," Hassan said. "Oh and, by the way, you looked terrific on that surfboard."

Jamie smiled to himself. "Thank you, sir. Goodnight."


But 'sleeping well’ was easier said than done. It was a king-size bed so they didn’t need to touch, but several times as they tossed in sleep each one was dimly aware of the other man’s flesh pressing against him and he pulled away instinctively. Jamie was having vivid dreams of half-naked soldiers. He was running his hand over the magnificent chest of one, luxuriating in the feel and the smell of the muscular body.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and realized that his dream was real. He was actually touching Hassan’s chest, smelling the muskiness of his sweat ...... and Jamie had a roaring hard-on. He eased himself quickly off the bed, relieved to see that he had not woken Hassan, and walked silently into the bathroom. He needed to pee but his cock was so hard it was difficult to point it downward to the toilet bowl and some of his piss went on the floor. He turned and was about to stuff his cock back into his briefs when he glimpsed the bed through the half-open door.

"Oh, man!" he sighed as his heart leapt. Hassan was lying on his back. In sliding out of bed Jamie had pulled the sheet down so it now covered only Hassan’s lower legs. The whole magnificent body was on view, the chest, the washboard stomach, and the dark-skinned muscles gleamed softly in the moonlight. The soldier was wearing only black bikini briefs, and it was clear from the bulge that he too had a hard-on in his sleep.

God he was beautiful! His sleep was restless and he tossed lightly from side to side, his muscles rippling as he moved, his head turning on the pillow, showing first one profile then the other. In the warm night a slight sheen of sweat covered his body and his black hair clung to his forehead.

The stunningly beautiful sight was too much for Jamie. His cock had already been hard but now it was throbbing. He dropped his briefs, held his cock and didn’t even have to stroke it. He felt the heat racing up his legs, into his balls, up the length of his cock until it erupted in a stream of cum that arced high in the air before splashing on the bathroom floor. Jamie stood in a daze, gazing at the stunning image of the man who had caused his explosive orgasm.

He shook his head and snapped back to reality. Grabbing a towel he quickly mopped up the pool of semen on the floor, then stood still waiting for his breathing to subside. Finally he felt it was safe to go back to bed and he slid in beside Hassan, but keeping a safe distance, clinging to the edge of the bed. And at last, sexually drained, he fell into a deep sleep.


In his restless, dream-filled sleep Hassan had been dimly aware of movement on the bed but it served only to fuel his dreams. Eventually, with the natural rhythm of sleep, his became lighter and he floated back to consciousness. He opened his eyes ..... and then snapped them shut. He had been dazzled by the first thing he saw, the naked, suntanned body lying face-down a foot away from him.

Maybe he was still dreaming. But he opened his eyes again and there it was again, that perfect body. The face was turned away on the pillow and the arms were stretched upward. Hassan’s eyes followed the arms down, past the golden nape of the neck and over the hard bulge of the shoulders. The broad back sloped gently down to the hollow of the waist and the sharp tan line. Then it rose up again in a sharp curve, up over the perfect white globes of the ass.

Oh, man," he thought, "an ass that could make grown men weep." Outlined by tan lines at the waist and below the butt, it was perfection, moving slightly as the boy breathed. Hassan could not take his eyes off it. God he wanted to be inside it. Only a week ago, with Mark watching, he had felt the exquisite sensation of sliding his hard rod between those white mounds and deep inside the boy. He remembered the boy’s moans as he felt the soldier’s dick penetrating him. He remembered the handsome young face looking up at him.

That face. He needed to see the face. Gently he got off the bed, walked round the other side and gazed down at the incredible sight. The tousled blonde head lay on the pillow and there was a slight smile on his face. The tanned body gleamed, rising and falling with each breath. He opened the window curtains a crack so a shaft of moonlight fell across the stunning ass.

Suddenly he gasped. The boy had moved his arms in his sleep and stretched them up to the corners of the bed. Hassan suddenly fantasized that the boy’s wrists were tied and that he was helpless, waiting for his ass to be fucked. He heard Jamie sigh deeply and, to ease the pressure on his cock under him, raised his butt slightly before settling back again.

"Oh, God," Hassan whispered. "That ass is exquisite ..... so fucking beautiful. He pulled his briefs down and kicked them away, then took his rigid dick in his hands. Like Jamie before him he didn’t need to move. His eyes riveted on the glorious ass, he pointed his cock downward. "Aaaah!" With a near-silent gasp he watched a jet of cum blast from his cock down onto the white globes of the ass, then another, and another.

When he was spent he fell to his knees, lowered his head and very gently licked the creamy juice from the white flesh. He sucked it in, gulped it down, and the sweet taste was so intoxicating that it made his cock hard again. For long minutes he licked the boy’s beautiful bubble-butt, with exquisite tenderness so as not to wake him.

Finally he came out of his trance and went to the bathroom for a towel. He picked one up off the floor, but it was damp. Intuitively he raised it to his face and breathed in the unmistakable smell of fresh semen. Looking down he saw Jamie’s briefs on the floor, and a slow smile crossed his face. He remembered the body next to him stirring and he knew beyond a doubt that Jamie had come into the bathroom and what he had done.

"Son-of-a-bitch," he murmured. "The kid shot his load looking at me while I slept. Damn, I’ve gotta have that ass again. Hurry up, Mark."


The next morning they ordered breakfast from room-service and sat quietly, comfortably on the terrace overlooking the ocean. Both were replaying their memories of the night before, though neither could share them with the other. They were secrets. After all, if regular buddies ever do that kind of thing in the night they tell themselves they must have been hallucinating ..... or drunk. Except that these two men knew differently.

As they drained the last of the coffee Hassan got up and went back into the room. Jamie heard him talking quietly on the phone and thought nothing of it. Probably calling Mark to tell him that everything was OK. (Actually he wasn’t far off the truth.) Jamie decided to go for a quick swim and, already wearing swim trunks, ran down to the water. The sea was still cold and Jamie loved the bracing feel as he swam strongly far out into the waves. He remembered his extraordinary ride on the perfect wave the day before and his cock got hard again.

His mind naturally wandered to Hassan and, once again, he longed to feel the gorgeous man’s dick inside him. This buddies-only no-sex thing was for shit and he felt like telling Hassan so. He turned and swam quickly back to shore. He ran up the beach and into the room and stopped dead in his tracks. Hassan was there alright, but he was wearing his Marine uniform again ...... fatigues, laced-up combat boots and khaki shirt buttoned half-way up, showing his white tank top underneath and the military dog tags round his neck.

He looked magnificent and Jamie felt a jolt in his cock. Hassan was smiling. "This no-sex thing is not working for me, Jamie. Last night while you slept I shot my load over that gorgeous ass of yours, and now I want to be inside it. I have to be inside you. I thought the uniform would turn you on. Now get on the bed."

"Yes sir!" Finally ...... what he had longed for ever since they left L.A. This gorgeous muscle-stud soldier was going to fuck him. Jamie tore off his shorts and threw himself on the bed. As Hassan approached Jamie was afraid he would cum just looking up at him. His ass was on fire waiting for Hassan to pierce it with his huge dick.

Hassan fell on top of him and Jamie felt the rough serge of the uniform grinding against his body. Hassan face came closer and closer ...... and then they were kissing, passionately, ravenously, unleashing all the pent-up desire they both felt. They were both lost in the feel and smell of each of each other ...... but no so lost that they didn’t hear the command.


Hassan leapt to his feet and Jamie jerked his head up in shock to see a uniformed cop burst through the door, his face invisible behind his motorcycle helmet. "Nobody move!" Jamie was frozen in fear. "You, soldier, turn round." The cop pulled handcuffs from his belt and secured Hassan’s wrists behind him. "On your knees." Hassan sank obediently to the floor.

"You, boy, lie back." Another set of handcuffs secured one of his wrists to the bedpost. Jamie’s mind was reeling. He was terrified ..... and yet ...... and yet ..... it couldn’t be ..... he knew the voice, that body. The cop unbuckled his helmet and yanked it off. "It was! It was Mark. But why was he so angry? What the hell was going on?"

Mark remained grim-faced ..... all business. "You, soldier, you know you can get a dishonorable discharge for picking up a rent-boy."

"But officer," Hassan pleaded, "we were only ......"

"Shut up!" He turned to the handcuffed Jamie "And you, boy. What the fuck were you thinking? You young hustlers should know better than to pick up a soldier from Vandenberg. Well, you’ll both answer to me now ..... and it won’t be pretty."

And suddenly Jamie knew! This was all for him. Mark and Hassan had set this up, a wild fantasy that was all for him. His body trembled ..... part excitement and part fear as it still seemed so real. The cop’s eyes blazed at him. "I’ll deal with you later, kid."

Jamie watched as the cop walked back over to the handsome Marine kneeling handcuffed before him. "But I’ll start with you, soldier." He pulled his face up by the chin. "Yeah ...... quite the stud. I’m gonna enjoy working on you."

And Jamie almost shot his load right there.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength – Part 111"


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