As Randy rowed the boat across the lake he smiled at his boy facing him. "Man, I am so proud that you're my boy, kiddo. You're growing into a real macho young stud ...... a real leader."

"Like you, sir?" Pablo grinned.

"You're getting there, kiddo."

Pablo, in a dramatic rescue, had just saved the twins from drowning. Out in the boat on their own, trying to land a fish, they had disobeyed all of Pablo's careful safety instructions, stood up and capsized the boat. Pablo had swum out to them and towed them and the upturned boat back to shore, which had taken all his bodily strength and determination.

Randy had returned just in time to witness the rescue and to come to the aid of his exhausted boy. Soon after, they had taken the boat out again to retrieve the rods and other gear floating in the lake. When they returned, Bob ran down the beach to help them haul the boat ashore. He had been caring for the recovering twins and Randy asked, "How are they doing?"

"Just fine," Bob smiled, "thanks to your boy here. They were more scared than anything else, and now they feel totally ashamed of themselves. Here, see for yourselves."

Trudging down the beach came the twins, shoulder to shoulder, still wrapped in a single large blanket making them look more than ever like conjoined twins. They were a picture of remorse.

Kevin cleared his throat and addressed Pablo. "Sir, we want to apologize. You told us to sit low in the boat ..... not move around a lot or stand up .... and we did just what you warned us not to. We disobeyed you. We were really stupid and you risked your life to save us."

Kyle took over. "You're our hero, sir. We're real sorry, but we know an apology is not enough. We deserve to be punished. You are going to punish us, sir, aren't you?"

There was a momentary silence as Pablo gazed at them, then up at Randy. For the first time Pablo was feeling like a master and he asked himself, what would Randy do? He stood tall, his body flexed and his expression was tough.

"Damn right I'm gonna punish you, boy," he growled. "You disobey, you pay the price."

Bob flinched and flashed a look of concern at Randy who had been watching his boy with admiration. He threw his arm round Bob and said quietly, "Hey, no sweat, buddy. He's only doing what I would do. After all, I reckon they owe him."


They hauled the boat up the beach and stowed the oars and the gear inside. There followed a moment of uncertainty as nobody quite knew what came next, but surprisingly it was the twins who took the lead. Acting in unison, reading each other's mind as they always did, they dropped the blanket and faced Pablo, their lithe, naked young bodies gleaming in the hot sun.

"Sir, we're ready for our punishment," said Kyle. Kevin added, "See, after what we did we wouldn't be comfortable around you guys until we've paid for our disobedience and stupidity. Please, sir ...... do it now, sir."

Pablo was rather taken aback and glanced at Randy, who nodded slightly to him. The boy-master squared his shoulders and clenched his fists. "Right," he said. "I'm glad you admit your mistake ..... you could have drowned out there. This weekend I'm gonna work you hard giving you swimming lessons. But first .... on your knees."

Meekly the twins dropped to their knees and bowed their heads before the young master. Remembering how Randy always began, Pablo pulled off his T-shirt and loomed over the boys in just his shorts and sneakers. The sight of the beautiful twins kneeling in shame before him sent a surge of adrenaline through Pablo and his dick got hard, not only because they looked so hot waiting for their punishment, but because Pablo felt his body charged with the power that comes from being the master .... and deciding the boys' fate.

He reached down, cupped their chins and pulled their faces up, forcing them to gaze up at him. Trying to mimic Randy's deep voice Pablo growled, "Open your mouths." Their mouths sagged open and Pablo couldn't stop himself from uttering an admiring, "Oh, shit!" He felt tough, a real macho stud, knowing that these two beautiful kids were at his mercy, waiting for him to discipline them. He ripped open his shorts and pulled out his rock hard cock.

"OK, boy, you first." He put his hand behind Kyle's head and plunged his cock into his mouth, sliding it in deep and making the boy choke, with tears spurting from his eyes. Bob took a step forward but was restrained by Randy.

From the first Bob had worried about Pablo punishing his boys. He agreed that they had behaved recklessly and needed to be punished ..... and by the boy who had risked his life to save them. But Pablo was young, new to the role of master, and was, of course, showing off to Randy. Whenever Randy administered punishment Bob felt safe, no matter how much pain there was, because Randy was the ultimate master and instinctively knew his victim's limits. But Pablo was out to prove himself and could unknowingly cause real harm.

Restrained by Randy Bob held back, but his fears were realized as he watched. Determined to be tough Pablo was hammering Kyle's mouth ferociously, with no pause or letup, no sense of when the boy was reaching his limit. When, mercifully, he pulled out, Kyle leaned forward and retched, choking so hard he almost threw up.

Bob looked at Randy and pleaded, "Hey, man, this is not really....."

But he fell silent as Pablo turned to Kevin who looked up at him with fearful eyes. He had been scared watching his brother's face get hammered beyond his tolerance level and now he knew it was his turn. Without hesitation Pablo rammed his iron cock deep into the boy's mouth, watching with satisfaction as Kevin gagged and tears sprang from his eyes.

But Kevin was not as tough as his brother and it was clear from his closed eyes and sagging body that he was about to pass out. "Randy......" Bob pleaded more urgently. Randy stepped forward and put his hand on Pablo's shoulder. "That's enough, kid ..... they've had enough. Finish it."

Pablo's eyes shone with triumph as he looked up at Randy. He pulled out his cock, stroked it a few times and blasted a stream of cum into Kevin's face, then Kyle's. The semen mixed with their tears and ran down their pitiful faces. In despair they did what they always did when in pain ..... they fell into each other's arms, pressed their faces together and sobbed quietly.

Bob could take no more. He fell to his knees threw his arms round them and held them tight, whispering into their ears, "It's OK guys, it's over. I've got you now." Tears were brimming in his eyes too. The twins had had tough lives before they met Bob, often ill-treated by men, and when they became his boys he promised that nobody would ever hurt them. And now somebody had hurt them unnecessarily ..... and it was Randy's boy Pablo!

As all three knelt together on the ground Bob glared up at Randy with a look of bitterness and disgust. The look pierced Randy like an arrow. The heartbreaking sight of Bob holding his sobbing boys filled Randy with remorse and he accepted full responsibility ...... it was his boy who had inflicted such needless pain. He respected Bob for protecting his boys as fiercely as he himself protected Pablo, and he leaned down and murmured quietly, "Forgive me, man. I never meant this to happen. I'll take care of it. Take good care of them and I'll be back soon."

He turned his attention to Pablo, who was still charged with macho adrenaline and looked proudly at Randy, expecting his congratulations for his first act as master. But Randy said simply, "Follow me, boy." He walked into the woods and Pablo followed in confusion.

They reached the clearing where Randy had taken Bob only a short time before. Randy put his hands on Pablo's shoulders and gazed into his eyes. Disconcerted, Pablo frowned, saying, "Sir, did I do something wrong? You're not pleased with me? I was only doing what you would do, being a master, dishing out the boys' punishment. Shit, they asked to be punished."

Randy frowned and spoke patiently. "Kiddo, you were acting as a master not for them but for yourself. You were being tough, not to teach them a lesson but to prove to me and to yourself that you're a real tough guy. You were showing off for me. Did you make them cum?

"I ..... I dunno, sir. I didn't notice.

"That's just the point, kid. You were too busy focused on yourself. Here, sit down."

They sat cross-legged on the ground facing each other, pupil and teacher. "See, kid, there's a whole lot more to being a master than just being rough and tough. Remember that thug Hans who tied you up by the lake here and would have tortured you if I hadn't beaten him to a pulp? Well he's tough, real tough ..... brutal. But a thug like that will never be anyone's master."

Pablo gazed at Randy wide-eyed. "What should I have done, sir?"

"First you have to know your boy's limits. You went way over the twins' tolerance level and you really hurt them. Hey, you know one reason Bob loves me so much? He loves it when I tie him up and treat him rough but he also knows for sure that I'll never go over his limits ..... well, maybe for a split second, and that's when he shoots his load. Shit, you can be a master without touching a guy ..... you just have to look at him. That's what I was doing with Bob right here a while ago. Here, let me show you.

Actually Randy was already demonstrating his master's skill merely by instructing his boy. Pablo gazed at him mesmerized, completely in his hands. Randy was his master .....he would have done anything for him. They stood up and Randy pushed him gently against a tree. He slipped off his belt and, just as he had done with Bob, pulled Pablo's arms back round the tree and tied his wrists together with the belt. He pulled open Pablo's shorts and they fell to the ground, pooling round his ankles. His cock swung free.

"There," said Randy. "Now I'm the master and you're in my power, so I could do anything .... I could whip you, beat you, fuck your ass like a jackhammer or fuck your face like you did to the twins. Any of those would be guaranteed to make to blow your wad. But I don't have to do any of them. See, I'm your master. I'll show you."

As Pablo watched wide-eyed Randy turned, walked to the other side of the clearing and leaned against a tree, fixing Pablo with that steely blue-eyed gaze that intimidated most men and made Pablo squirm uncomfortably. Minutes went by until Pablo could take no more.

"Sir," he said. "Are you going to punish me? Please punish me, sir. I deserve to be hurt like I hurt the twins."

Randy didn't say a word, but after another minute he stepped away from the tree. Dressed in an old black T-shirt, jeans and boots, he stretched and flexed his muscles, his biceps bulging and the square slabs of his pecs clearly etched under the tight shirt. Pablo's cock, already trembling, suddenly grew stiff and stood up straight as a rod. He watched in awe as Randy pulled off his T-shirt and stretched again, this time stripped to the waist.

Pablo's cock was now throbbing at the sight of this magnificent muscle-god, his master, and he pulled at his wrists, desperate to touch his cock and get release. Randy walked to the center of the clearing, folded his arms across his chest and again held Pablo's eyes with his riveting gaze. It was a relief when Randy growled, "On your knees, boy."

With some difficulty Pablo slid down the tree, working his bound arms down behind him as the bark scraped against his back. Randy came closer, towering over his kneeling boy. He ripped open his jeans, pulled out his massive cock and stroked it in his fist. "Shall I release you, boy?"

"No, sir," Pablo said urgently. "Please, no, sir. Please punish me ..... please whip me or fuck my face like I fucked the twins. Do it hard, sir. Hurt me ..... please, sir."

"No, boy." Randy stroked his cock harder. "Your punishment will be that I do not punish you." Pablo groaned, and Randy said, "But I need to be sure that you accept me as your ultimate and only master."

"I do, sir," Pablo said urgently. "Absolutely, sir. I worship you, sir. Your face, your body, your cock ..... I worship them all, sir. I live for you. I'll do anything you order me to, sir."

Randy smiled. "Well said, boy. OK, see this big dick?" Pablo was drooling as he gazed at the monster in Randy's fist. "Do you want to see it bust a huge load in your face?"

Pablo was becoming frantic. "Oh yes, sir. Please, sir. Please cum in my face. I want to taste my master's juice, sir."

"Hmm ...... I'm not so sure. See, if you really are a loyal boy you'll do anything your master orders you to."

Pablo was in a frenzy. "I will, sir. I am your boy. I'll do anything. I swear to you, sir."

"Your cock's real hard, boy. You wanna touch it?"

"Yes, sir. Please, sir."

Randy smiled. "Nah ..... not gonna happen, boy. You're gonna stay tied up. But here's what you're gonna do. I want to see your cock blow its wad, all on its own. And you're gonna shoot before a count of five. One..... two ..... three ....."

He got not further. Pablo's body shuddered, he stared into Randy's eyes and screamed as his cock exploded in a huge ribbon of white juice that shot high in the air and splashed down on Randy's boots, followed by another and another. Randy smiled down at him with satisfaction. "That's my boy," he said. "Here, open your mouth." The master's cock blasted a massive load of hot cum so hard into his boy's mouth that his head jerked backward and hit the tree.

Stream after stream followed and Pablo gulped frantically, reveling in the pungent taste of his master's semen until it spilled out of his mouth and ran down his chin onto his chest. Soon his face was covered in cum and he gazed up adoringly at the man towering over him.

Randy grinned at him. "And that, kiddo, is what a real master can do. I didn't lay a hand on you and you proved you're my boy. I love you, kiddo. I'm proud you're my boy."


As they walked back through the trees Randy said, "Now comes your final punishment, kid. You're gonna be forced to listen to me do something I never do. I'm gonna have to apologize for both of us. You won't say anything."

Bob was standing at the water's edge with the twins when Randy and Pablo broke through the bushes onto the beach and stood facing them. Randy cleared his throat and said, "Look, guys, things got a little out of hand here a while ago and .... and I apologize to all three of you on behalf of me and my boy. I hope you'll forgive us."

Pablo winced hearing his master humble himself, but Bob answered for all of them. His eyes were moist as he threw his arms round Randy, and murmured softly in his ear, "Thanks, buddy. I know how much it took for you to say that ... you who never apologize for anything. The twins are doing just fine. Actually, they're trying to think of ways of making things right with Pablo."

As a matter of fact it was Kyle who broke the ice when he suddenly said to Pablo, "Sir, me and Kevin were talking. Everything that happened out there was because we can't swim good. Do you think we could start with our swimming lessons right now, sir?"

Pablo grinned broadly, walked over to them and threw his arms round their shoulders. "Sure, kids, great idea." Snapping back into master mode he said, "OK, now a good swimming style comes from the core. You've gotta roll gently from side to side, kinda like a dolphin, and your breathing is key. Here let me show you."

Bob and Randy sat on the beach, with Randy's arm round his lover's shoulder. They were watching the swimming lesson in progress, with Pablo assuming the role of patient young master, his students looking up at their instructor with respect and gratitude. Bob smiled at Randy. "Well, I guess you taught your boy that being a master is not all about being tough. Hmm, maybe you could take some of your own advice, uh?"

"Asshole," Randy growled. "One more crack like that and I'll drag you back to the clearing and show you just how rough a master can be when his man steps out of line."

"Any time, sir," Bob grinned. "You're the boss."


As it happened, that same day Zack and Pablo were to demonstrate the roles of master and boy but in a whole different setting. Right now they were enjoying their time alone in the house, kicking back with a couple of beers and easy conversation. They got onto the subject of Bob and Randy and their unique relationship, and Zack was curious about how Darius had first met the guys and come to live with them.

"Oh that was so cool, sir. See, I used to work for a couple of older rich guys and one of their things was to have big parties with their buddies. They usually found two hot guys and put them on display, watching them wrestle and fight each other .... lots of bondage and punishment ..... and then fuck each other. I was the assistant, setting things up and all. Well, one day they hit the jackpot and found Randy and Bob.

"The men paid them a shitload of money (at the time the guys didn't have much) and they put on a hell of a show, more spectacular than anything I'd ever seen. They were totally awesome, sir .... well you can imagine .... Randy and Bob. Anyway, when it was all over and they left I couldn't get the guys out of my mind. I guess you'd call it an obsession. So I left my job and made my way to their house and begged them to take me in. And you can see how that turned out, sir," he grinned.

Zack gazed thoughtfully at his boy. "You like the idea of hot men on display, kid, having guys admire them, busting their loads just watching them?"

"Oh yeah ..... in the right time and place, sir. It's one of my big fantasies."

"Hmm ..... well, let's see now ...... I remember once going out to the desert with Randy and we stopped off at a bar for a beer. Randy had already dropped in once before with Mark. Anyway, Randy and me, we were quite a hit there, I can tell you ..... guys staring at us, drooling, getting their rocks off. We only stayed for a couple of beers but they all told us to come back if ever we could."

Darius's eyes glazed over. "Hell, I can imagine that ..... two guys like you walking into a bar. Bet they'd never seen anything like it."

Zack grinned. "Well, that's what they said, anyway." He looked at his boy's shining face. "As a matter of fact I was thinking of taking one of the Harleys out for a long ride. Need to feel the wind on my face and body. You feel like taking a ride out there with me, boy?"

"Really, sir?" Darius gasped. "That would be totally awesome. You and me on that bike?" His thoughts were spinning. "'Course, I'd have to find something cool to wear."

Zack laughed at his boy's priorities. "No problem there, kid. Matter of fact I bought a present for you ..... something I saw that had you written all over it." He went outside to his truck and brought back a bag that he threw at Darius. "Here, kiddo .... enjoy"

Wide-eyed the boy opened the bag and gasped. "Oh, sir. I've always fantasized about having some of these." He pulled out a pair of black leather chaps. "Oh, wow." He was already wearing jeans and boots so he pulled the chaps round his waist and clipped the studded waistband. He leaned forward and zipped each leg over the jeans from just below the crotch down to his boots, so the chaps were tight round his legs. He stood up and stared at Zack. "So what do you think, sir?"

Zack smiled at him admiringly. "Well it sure makes my dick hard. They fit perfectly, kid. Shit, you look hot. They cling to you, frame your butt perfectly and, man, that dick of yours! The chaps push your bulge out so far it looks like your cock's gonna burst out of your jeans. Oh, yeah, anyone who sees you in those is gonna go ape-shit. Come on, let's try them out."

"Now, sir? Right now?"

"Sure, right now. The day is young, I'm raring to hit the road, and I've got an awesome stud boy to ride with me. What else could a leatherman want?"

Darius was over the moon. They closed up the house and went across the street to Zack's house where he put on his motorcycle gear ...... jeans, boots and black chaps just like Darius and a black leather vest that flapped open to reveal the magnificent slabs of his pecs. He rummaged in his dirty laundry and pulled out a ragged old grease-stained white tank that he threw at Darius. "Here, kid, put my old work shirt on. Completes the picture perfectly, even if it does stink of my sweat."

Darius's cock was throbbing as he pulled on the tank. He looked at himself in the mirror, then at Zack, a pornographic icon of a black muscle-god leatherman. "Oh, wow! I'll be so proud to walk into that bar with you sir."

"Yeah," Zack grinned, "and having a gorgeous boy like you with me makes me look twice as hot. Shit we make a great pair. I'm real proud of you, boy. Hey, let's break out the Harley and hit the road. Get those fantasy wheels of yours spinning, kiddo."


Darius would have thought he had died and gone to heaven were he not feeling so incredibly alive. As they sped east along the 10 Freeway he clung tight to the spectacular man that he idolized, the powerful motorcycle throbbing between his legs, the wind blasting his face. His arms wrapped tight around Zack, he felt the back of the leather vest pressing against his chest, and he dug his fingers into the ridges of the leatherman's washboard abs.

As he gained in confidence he moved his hands higher up over Zack's naked chest. His cock was raging hard as his palms pressed round the globes of Zack's pecs and he felt the muscle-stud's heart beating under the silky smooth flesh. He laid his head against the nape of Zack's neck and breathed in the smell of leather and the man-scent of his master. Darius licked Zack's muscular neck, tasting the sheen of sweat that clung to him despite the wind.

All of the boy's senses were more alive than they had ever been and he felt he would explode. His hands went lower, down past Zack's waist until they closed round the huge bulge at his crotch. He felt the shape of the rigid cock under the jeans and began stroking the rough denim. He felt himself coming to a climax and he shouted into Zack's ear, "Sir, my cock is so hard I don't think I can hold back. Sir, I think I'm about to blow my wad in my jeans."

He heard Zack laugh raucously. "You too, uh? OK, I'll be right there with you. Go ahead, boy. Just don't rock the boat." Darius clung to his master frantically, his heart beating wildly against his back. Zack revved up the throttle and as the bike sped forward their bodies pressed together and shuddered. Darius screamed as he felt his cock erupt, shooting streams of sticky dampness in his pants and he heard Zack howling into the wind as he too creamed his jeans.

Anyone on the freeway that day, admiring the two gorgeous leathermen on a Harley, would never have dreamed that they had both just shot a hot load of juice in their pants. Zack was still laughing as he shouted over his shoulder. "That feel better, boy? Now maybe you'll stop digging your fingers into my chest. I love you, boy!"


It was not much more than an hour later when they cruised slowly through Palm Springs and into its rump community, Cathedral City, which, despite the grandeur of its name and some attempt at gentrification, still contained a shabby expanse of light industry and warehouses. And in an unassuming corner on a quiet street was their destination .... the bar.

They parked, got off the bike and stretched, each of them catching sight of the wet patch on the bulge in their jeans. "OK," said Zack. "You ready, boy?" Darius took a deep breath and pushed through the leather strips hanging over the small entrance. He strutted inside, and then ..... nothing. After the blazing desert sun it was pitch black. He could see nothing and hear nothing. In the unnatural silence he thought, 'Fuck! After all that there's nobody here.'

As his eyes became accustomed to the gloom the first thing he saw was the bar on the far wall and the first thing he heard was a shout from the bartender. "Well, fuck me, will you look at that? Long time no see, stud. Zack, right? You sure are a sight for sore eyes, looking hotter than ever. Fucking pornographic ..... every man's wet-dream."

Zack walked over and shook his hand heartily. "Hey, good to see you again, Mike. Yeah, thought I'd take another run out here, see how it's hanging in your neck of the woods."

"Hell, it ain't hanging, man. It's stiff as a pole in my pants from just looking at you. Where's that buddy of yours, the big muscle-god gypsy guy?

"Ah, left him at home this time. I brought my boy instead. Here, boy, say hello to the man." Darius had been hanging back in awe, watching the bartender's drooling reaction to Zack. He stepped forward with a big smile and bumped fists with him.

"And hello to you too, sir," the bartender said wide-eyed. "Oh yeah, you are his boy alright. Nothing but the absolute best for Zack. Hell, you may be his boy but round here you'd be everyone's master, no shit. Jesus Christ, where do you guys come from .... some Tom Of Finland photo shoot or something? Here, beers on the house coming right up."

Zack grinned at Darius, who was glowing even in the dim red light of the bar. Both of them had caught the bartender's use of 'sir' to Darius, and then his 'master' comment, and Darius was feeling ten feet tall. They turned and leaned back against the bar and realized the place was far from empty. There must have been a couple dozen guys in there, mostly older but in pretty good shape, almost everyone in leather. Darius realized that their entrance had stunned them into silence. Even the guys playing pool had stopped to stare, but slowly the silence became a low hum of voices.

Quickly the reticent customers regained their confidence and came over one by one to greet the spectacular newcomers ..... the black leather-god and his beautiful boy. Soon Zack and Darius were swilling their free beer and answering all the respectful questions the guys threw at them. But the crowd began to press and the bartender leaned across the bar to whisper in Zack's ear. "Hey, man, I don't know if you and your boy would be into it but we have a back room here where you could have some space. I have a feeling you might find it interesting."

Zack turned round and smiled. "Just show us the way, Mike."

All the while the bar-back, a young guy with a blond buzz-cut, shitless in leather pants, had been idly rinsing glasses and gazing in wonder at Zack and Darius. Mike now said to him, "Hey, Eddie, why don't you take these gentlemen back and show them around?"

The boy seemed stunned. "What ..... me? Sure ..... sure, of course." He looked up and caught Darius's eye. "It will be an honor, sir."

Eddie came from behind the bar and guided Zack and Darius through the crowd to the back room, a large windowless black space dimly lit with red spotlights. It exuded sex. It was empty at this time of day but on busy Saturday nights it was crowded with guys living out their sexual fantasies, in couples, groups, or just lone spectators getting their rocks off. Zack looked round at the pieces of equipment scattered on a bench ..... restraints, ropes, collars, handcuffs and a small black whip. And in the middle of the room a pair of chains hung from the ceiling.

Zack caught Darius's wide, excited eyes and it wasn't hard to read his thoughts. The room was a sexual fantasy all by itself. Zack turned to the bar-back. "Hey, kid ..... Eddie, right? Well, Eddie, could you leave us alone in here for fifteen minutes of so? Then, if the other guys want to come, let them in."

"Oh, they'll want to come, sir. Guaranteed. Just leave it to me." He flashed a shy smile at Darius and left the room.


"Holy shit!" "Now that's hot!" "Fucking awesome, man." "Oh shit, that's gonna make me bust my load......" The muffled groans came from the dark shadows. Eddie had opened the door a crack and guys had filtered in to a pitch dark room. Slowly Eddie had turned up the dimmer switch and the overhead red lights faded up on a sight they would beat off to for years.

In the middle of the room stood Darius, dressed as before, still in chaps and the ragged, greasy tank ..... with one exception ..... no jeans. He was wearing the chaps bear-assed, the cheeks of his ass framed by the chaps at the back, and in the front the sight that made the men drool. A hug black ten-inch horse cock swung free from the opening in the chaps, hanging down so far that the head brushed against the shiny leather round the thighs.

His hands were tied behind his back and there was a black leather collar round his neck, with a rope leash that was stretched upward and tied to the chains above. His head hung in submission, a slave waiting for his master. There was a heavy silence, broken only by the low, ecstatic moans of the men watching from the shadows. But suddenly the moans became loud gasps as the master appeared.

As before Zack was in jeans, leather chaps and boots, but now he was naked to the waist, his muscular torso gleaming under the red lights. With his muscular physique, handsome square features, shaved head and piercing gray eyes he was an iconic black leather master straight from the pages of pornographic fiction. He was holding the whip as he strode round the room inspecting his boy. He came close and gazed into Darius's eyes. Unseen by the men they exchanged a glance that reassured Zack that his boy was loving every minute of this ..... his ultimate fantasy ..... on display to a crowd of drooling men as he was worked on by his master.

Zack addressed the crowd in the shadows. "Gentlemen, take a good look ..... this is my boy. I searched long and hard for a boy worthy of me and then I saw this young black buck at a slave auction just as you see him now. Paid big bucks for him and you can bet I always get my money's worth. Let me show you."

He raised his hand and yanked the thin cotton of the Darius's tank, ripping it clear off. There were more gasps as Darius stood there chained by the neck in nothing but chaps and boots. Zack ran his hand over the smooth back flesh and murmured, "Perfect." He took a step back and slashed the whip across the boy's naked chest, watching him flinch and groan, his muscles flexing as he pulled at his bound wrists and leaned forward against the collar. Zack knew that the light blow was way below Darius's tolerance level. This had to be pure pleasure for his boy.

Again and again the whip fell across the boy's chest, shoulders and back. The spectators went wild and many blew their loads watching the muscular young stud being tortured, pulling frantically against the collar round his neck as his naked chest was lashed by his master. When the whipping stopped Zack barked, "What do you say, boy?"

"Sir, thank you, sir," Darius shouted.

Zack addressed the crowd. "This boy will do anything I command ..... anything. And I don't need a whip to tame him. Watch." Zack draped the whip round Darius's neck and kissed him, whispering in his ear, "Don't let me down, kiddo." He turned and went to the other side of the room, close to the crowd. Facing his prisoner he folded his arms across his massive chest and stood legs apart. "Watch," he said again to the crowd.

Darius was in a total fantasy world, tied up, helpless, in this sex-soaked room, his glorious master standing before him, both of them under the stunned gaze of a breathless crowd. He stared at Zack whose gray eyes bore into him. God the man was glorious. The boy idolized him, and he felt his cock get hard. Soon the massive tool, that had hung down like a hose, rose up and all ten inches stood out from his chaps, hard as steel.

The crowd went wild again, uninhibited now in their shouts of admiration. "Silence!" Zack commanded. "Now, boy, you know what you have to do. If you fail me I will renounce you, sell you right now to the highest bidder. Prove to me that you are still my boy, that you obey me totally. Do it, boy!"

"Sir, yes sir!" Darius was already roused to a pitch of frenzy and now Zack had taken him into a state of extreme sexual desire. It was true, he would do whatever his master ordered. And he would make his master proud!

Urged on by the raucous shouts he sprang forward trying desperately to break free of the collar, twisting his head frantically, but the collar yanked his head back sharply. Bucking and lunging again and again like a wild black stallion tied by the neck, the huge horse-cock bouncing before him, he pulled frantically on his bound wrists, every muscle in his body flexing, straining and streaming with sweat. To the cheering men stroking their cocks in the darkness it was an unbelievable, breathtaking sight..

Darius was desperate to please his master, desperate to obey him. His body was on fire, his cock was on fire, and he looked up pleadingly at his master. Zack gazed at his boy with infinite pride. "Now, boy ..... Now!" The raging stallion's huge black cock pulsed and, as the crowd yelled, it exploded in a stream of hot semen that arched high in the air, flew across the room and thudded onto the floor at the feet of the master. The crowd erupted in shouts of wild exhilaration, and Darius's orgasm was matched most of the men in the shadows of the room.


They thought it was over ..... but they hadn't reckoned with Zack. He walked over to the shuddering captive, untied his wrists and pulled the leash free of the chains. Holding the end of the leash he said, "On your knees, boy." Obediently Darius fell on his hands and knees and the master proceeded to lead his slave around the room in abject humiliation, controlling him with sharp tugs on the leash, yanking the collar round his neck. The captive's long cock touched the ground and his head hung in defeat, as he crawled on degrading display to the stunned crowd.

Suddenly Zack dropped the leash and walked across the room, turned and faced his kneeling boy. Like a good slave Darius knew what he had to do. He dropped onto his stomach and started dragging himself slowly, painfully across the concrete floor, his gaze fixed on his master across the room. There was silence now as the men stayed mesmerized in the shadows. This was sexual overload as they had never experienced it, all their wildest slave fantasies come to life.

Inch by painful inch the black slave-boy crawled forward until he was within reach. He stretched his arms forward and closed his hands round his master's boot. His shoulders and biceps flexed as he pulled himself forward, painfully, until his head dropped exhausted onto the boot. He kissed the boot, then he started to lick. Hungrily he lapped at first one heavy black boot, then the other, then up to the shiny chaps. He was slobbering against the leather, cleaning it with his tongue, spit running from the sides of his mouth. He rose up on his knees, licking higher and higher until he was level with his master's rock hard cock.

He gazed up at Zack and moaned, "Please, sir." Zack had watched him in awe. It was spectacular ..... he had never seen his boy look so beautiful. He forgot about the crowd .... it was just him and Darius now. "Go ahead, boy," he said. "You've earned it."

Darius reached up and grasped the waist of the chaps. He opened his mouth and swallowed the huge black club deep down into his throat. He pulled back, then drove his mouth down onto the cock again, and again. Zack clamped both hands behind the boy's head and pulled his face hard against his steel rod. He went wild watching the helpless slave getting his mouth pounded, his face smashing into his wiry, damp pubic hair. "That's it, boy, eat your master's meat. Eat it, boy. Make him shoot his load inside you. Come on boy, harder. That's it boy ..... aagh!"

Everyone knew that the black muscle-god had finally blasted a load of cum inside his slave's mouth. But suddenly Zack pulled out and his juice splashed into his boy's face. They saw the boy gasp, grab his own cock and pour another load of cum over his master's boots. In the euphoria of the moment Zack yelled out, "OK, guys, he's all yours!"

Darius couldn't believe what was happening. Zack grabbed the leash and pulled the face up by the collar so the kneeling slave was forced to stare upward. The crowed surged forward all round him. He gazed up through the film of his master's cum and watched a forest of cocks being stroked hard. In seconds he heard a shout and felt a splash of cum on his chest, then one in his face, then another and another until semen was pouring down on him from all directions like a torrential rainstorm. The noise of euphoric shouts was deafening and he thought he would drown in semen.

He was close to passing out from the exhilaration when he heard Zack's voice. "OK, that's enough, guys." The deluge stopped and there was Zack, kneeling before him, smiling. "Holy shit, you are one spectacular young stud, kiddo. That was awesome ... you were so fucking beautiful. And now you get your final reward.


It was the show's climax. Ten minutes later the crowd was back in the shadows, in an awed and respectful silence. The black slave was now standing, buck naked, his arms stretched upward, his wrists in manacles at the end of the two chains. His gleaming black flesh was streaming with the semen of many men, still pouring down his face, his chest and abs ..... his entire body ..... and pooling on the floor.

Zack was triumphant. "Gentlemen," he shouted, "is that not the most beautiful slave you have ever seen in your life .... the most spectacular young buck who ever lived?" He was greeted with raucous cheers, whistles and thunderous applause. He raised his hand for silence. "But there's one more thing. My boy has shot two loads but he has to cum one last time. What do you want me to do, guys?"

The shouts were unanimous: "Fuck him, sir." "Fuck that gorgeous black ass, sir." "Please fuck your slave, sir."

Zack came behind Darius and breathed into his ear. "You've never deserved this more, kid. God, I love you ..... body and soul. Here it comes, boy." He plunged his cock deep inside his boy and the bound body bucked and writhed as he screamed, "Thank you, sir. I love you, sir. I am your slave......."

Darius pulled himself up on the chains and raised his knees so his feet left the floor, his shoulders and biceps bulging with the strain. The slave was suspended, hanging from the chains, impaled on his master's huge shaft. He held on and on, writhing on the rod in his ass, his muscles flexed and gleaming. Finally he screamed ...... and erupted with one last triumphant stream of cum as Zack's cock exploded in his ass.

There was silence, stunned silence, for many seconds until the whole room erupted in wild cheering. Quickly Zack freed Darius and they sank to the floor. Zack folded Darius in his arms, holding him tightly, protectively, gazing into his eyes. "Un-fucking-believable, kiddo. I have never ever dreamed of doing anything that hot. And you are the only boy tough enough to do it with me. You looked fucking goregous. God, I love the hell out of you, kid."

Tears were flowing from Darius's eyes. "Sir, that was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life. I love you, sir," he sobbed. "You are the most spectacular man on earth. Please, sir, be my master forever."

"You bet I will, kiddo. But we're not done yet. I'm gonna take you home and show you the other plans I have for you. So right now you're gonna put on your jeans and chaps, but I'm not gonna let you wipe off all that cum. And as I ride that Harley along the freeway, with my shirtless black stud holding on to me tight, his whole body covered in semen, I'm gonna be fantasizing about my beautiful slave, getting whipped, crawling on his belly, hanging in chains, drowning in cum ..... putting on a show that those guys will remember 'til the day they die."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" .... Chapter 140


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