Jamie was back from Australia with Nate, and the passionate reunion of Mark and his boy had lasted from late morning to early evening. When they finally emerged, the other guys were already home from work, sitting round the poolside table, being served drinks and appetizers by the twins ..... and by Nate. The young Aussie was so stoked to be here that he was already enthusiastically working with the twins, jet-lag be damned.

When the two men joined them at the table Jamie was immediately engulfed by the boys. It was like a Tower of Babel as all the boys tried to speak at once while Randy and Zack rolled their eyes in helpless resignation. Bob looked at Mark and tried to make himself heard over the din. "Hey, Mark, while you were upstairs there was a phone call for you." He grinned. "Thought it best not to disturb you, though."

"Who was it?"

"It was Hassan. Said he had some news ..... 'great news' he said. Wants you to call him."

There were not many things that could make the ruckus screech to a halt, but the mention of Hassan's name was one of them. In the sudden silence all eyes were on Mark, who took the news in stride and played it cool as usual. "Excuse me, guys," he said. "I'd better call him from indoors."

As soon as he left the table voices were raised again, only this time the subject was no longer Jamie, but Hassan. News? Great news? What could that mean? The speculation was wild, with Darius's fertile imagination producing the most creative scenarios. After all, every time in the past that the gorgeous Marine had appeared in the house the results had been tumultuous, usually something that provoked Randy's anger.

When Mark reappeared he sat down at the table and they all stared at him, bursting to know what the 'great news' was. "What?" he asked with a puzzled grin. "Why the sudden interest in Hassan? OK, in a nutshell, the news is that he's leaving Camp Pendleton. He's been promoted to the Marines Public Affairs Office here in L.A."

"So he's gonna be living in L.A.?" Darius asked, his eyes sparkling.

"Looks like it. He's coming to town soon to start looking for somewhere to live."

There was a stunned silence as they all absorbed the news. The silence was broken by a growl from the end of the table. "Well he's damn well not gonna live here."

No one dared to respond to that terse edict from Randy, and it effectively closed the subject.


It was with some relief that Bob changed the subject to Adam, the QANTAS flight attendant who had worked both flights Jamie and Nate were on, and had taken care of them in Australia. "Mark, while you and Jamie were, er, saying hello upstairs, I had a call from this flight attendant Nate and Jamie keep gushing about ..... Adam. I told him you two were busy but that, as he has a four day layover in L.A., you had suggested he stay here a couple of nights. So the long and the short of it is that he's coming by tomorrow afternoon. Hope that's OK."

"And where the hell is he gonna sleep?" Randy asked.

"He'll sleep with Nate," said Jamie. Nate looked nervously at Randy. "That's if it's OK, sir."

Randy's eyes softened with amusement at the thought of the Adam/Jamie/Nate triangle. "Fine with me, as long as he doesn't interrupt your work here, kid."

"Oh, no worries there, sir. The twins have already worked with me on a schedule of the things I have to do and I won't let anything get in the way of that."

"I'm sure you won't, Nate," said Bob gently. "Just so long as you and Jamie are here to greet him and make him feel at home. Might be a bit overwhelming to suddenly land in the middle of a group like ours."

"There aren't any groups like ours," grinned Zack.

Darius's fantasy wheels were already spinning. "Well I'm gonna film it. He'll have to have something to take back with him otherwise his buddies won't believe we're for real. Can't wait to meet him. Another Aussie, eh? How old did you say he is ..... 28?" Hmm, not a master and not a boy ..... somewhere in between. Wonder how that'll work out."


Bob had offered to have one of the boys pick Adam up at his hotel, but Adam had insisted on taking a cab. He said he didn't want to cause any disruption in the household schedule, which he guessed was pretty hectic. Bob said Jamie could get off work in the office a bit early and the twins made the same offer to Nate.

And so at four o'clock next afternoon Jamie and Nate were waiting outside the gate as the cab pulled up. Adam stepped out carrying a backpack with a change of clothes and the boys swamped him in effusive greetings. They pulled him through the gate and downstairs to Nate's basement room where he would be sleeping the next two nights.

The rest of the house was quiet as everyone else was at work, except for the twins who were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. They were always shy with strangers, so elected to stay there and meet Adam with all the others. "Come and see my room," said Jamie effusively and Adam was again pulled along by the two boys, up the stairs, across the lawn, and up to the bedroom of Mark and Jamie.

Not long after that a truck pulled up. Mark was home from work, still in his uniform. He was tired but, as always, energized by the thought of seeing his boy, watching him get naked, and then making love to him. It was a homecoming ritual that he never tired of. In fact it seemed to get better every time.

But this time as he climbed the stairs to his room he heard laughter. He paused, frowned, then smiled. Of course, Jamie's flight attendant must have arrived and was huddled with Jamie and Nate. As Mark opened the door the laughter stopped abruptly and the three men stood up. There was a momentary, slightly awkward silence until Jamie spoke up. "Sir, I'd like you to meet our friend Adam. Adam, this is Mark.

The two men shook hands and Mark beamed. "Adam, it's a pleasure to meet you at last after everything Jamie's told me about you."

Adam, usually outgoing and confident, seemed tongue-tied, but managed to stammer, "Likewise, sir." He was stunned. In Australia Jamie had described Mark many times and talked endlessly of his master, the cop, but Adam had assumed that the boy's obviously intense love had led to some exaggeration. But no. If anything Jamie's description did not do justice to this gorgeous man.

Nate had told him that everyone called Mark a Greek God, and Adam could see why as he stared at the sculpted features, square jaw, high cheekbones and shock of blond hair falling down almost to his piercing blue-grey eyes. The black uniform did nothing to hide his muscular physique as Mark stood, legs apart, his helmet under his arm making the bicep flex. Broad shouldered, slim waist, his pants tucked into high black motorcycle boots, Mark reminded Adam of some pornographic icon ...... "like something out of Tom of Finland," he thought.

He felt uncharacteristically intimidated as Mark took stock of him. Hmm, Mark thought, I can see why the kid was so enthusiastic about him. Adam was dressed simply, in jeans, a white T-shirt and boots. He was tall, obviously muscular under the T-shirt. (Mark remembered that Jamie said he worked out a lot at the gym.) The face was striking ..... strong, finely etched features, golden tan, brown crew-cut hair, and clear, confident brown eyes (despite his current stunned look). No doubt about it, Mark thought, this Adam's a stunner.

It was Nate who made the first move. He knew very well that as soon as Mark got home it was a daily ritual that Jamie got naked and the cop fucked him. Anxious not to get in the way of that, Nate said, "Er, excuse me, sir, but I should go back to the twins and help them with dinner." He grinned shyly all round and quickly left the room, with a meaningful glance at Adam, who took his cue and said, "I should leave you alone with Jamie, sir. I'll go and see if ......"

"Nah," Mark smiled. "Stick around, Adam. Oh, I'm sure you've been told that whenever I get home the first thing I do is make love to my boy, but today I first want to find some way of thanking you for looking after Jamie so well. Wanna beer?"

The tall, confident man was taken aback and stammered. "Well, but I thought ...... I thought ......" Then he collected himself and smiled. "I would love a beer, sir."

Jamie was just as surprised as Adam, but ran over to the small fridge and grabbed three beers. Mark sprawled in an armchair and got comfortable. He unbuttoned his shirt halfway and as it fell open his muscular chest was clearly evident under the tight white T-shirt. He knew exactly what he was doing and smiled at Adam as he saw him take a sharp intake of breath.

Mark was well aware of his own beauty and usually took other people's stunned reactions in stride. But he was also vain and loved the ease with which he could turn a guy on, especially if it was someone he wanted to impress. Mark liked this new man, Adam, and he was also well aware that Jamie was very fond of him, obviously turned on by his masculine good looks and air of easy confidence. So it was not just vanity. He wanted to make perfectly clear that Jamie was his boy and devoted to him. Not that Adam had any doubts on that score.

The fact that Adam automatically called him 'sir' was a sign that he accepted Mark's absolute authority. It probably didn't come naturally to him as he had the air of a self-confident alpha male. Adam was sitting rather formally on a chair and Jamie was perched on the edge of the bed. Mark knew he had them both in his hands and he didn't mince his words. "Gotta say, Adam, you're one hell of a good-looking dude. Jamie tells me that he and you didn't have sex over there. That surprises me."

Adam blushed at Mark's directness. "Oh no, sir, there was no question of that. Jamie made it clear that he was exclusively your boy ...... and I can see why, now ..... so of course I wouldn't fuck him...." he caught himself "......I mean, I wouldn't ...... take him to bed unless he said it was OK." He blushed again after his somewhat clumsy speech.

"But you wanted to, didn't you?"

Adam grinned. "Hell, the whole crew on my flight wanted to, sir. Who wouldn't .....? I mean just look at him." Again he caught himself, fearing he had been too outspoken.

But Mark roared with laughter. "Well you got that right ...... just look at him. I could probably have had any boy I wanted, and I chose Jamie ..... and he'll always be my boy." It was Jamie's turn to blush. Mark stood up and paced the room. "As I said, Adam, usually as soon as I get home from work Jamie immediately gets naked and I fuck him. Sometimes I'm so damned horny I don't even take my uniform off first."

"I do know that, sir, which is why I thought I should leave and ......"

Mark cut him off. "But this time ..... well, I said I wanted to thank you so ...... how would you like to substitute for me, Adam?"

A startled look came to Jamie's face. Mark smiled. "You see that look of panic, Adam? No matter how many times I tell Jamie I love him he is still scared that one day I'll send him away or offer him to someone else. Total nonsense, of course. Wouldn't happen in a million years."

Adam said softly, "Maybe when a person loves something as much as Jamie loves you he's always afraid of losing it."

"Well said, Adam. But in this case I was simply trying to find an appropriate way of thanking your for everything you did for my boy, and I can think of no finer reward than Jamie's sweet ass. So I was offering you the chance to do what you've wanted to do ever since you first saw him on the plane and upgraded him and Nate to First Class. Thank you for that, by the way."

Adam's mind was reeling. He was still mesmerized by the spectacular cop, and here he was telling him to make love to his beautiful boy. "That is," Mark added, "if it's OK with Jamie."

Still confused, Jamie stammered, "Of course I would like it, sir, but would you ...?"

"Oh, don't worry, kid. I'll stick around. I've often wondered what it's like watching my boy get fucked by a handsome stud like Adam here. Wouldn't miss it for the world.


Mark sprawled in the chair again and watched. Adam stood up and looked Jamie in the eye. "Is this OK with you, Jamie? You know I want it ...... even jerked off thinking about it ..... but it's all up to you."

"Of course I want it, Adam ..... a whole lot." But he flashed a quick, questioning glance at Mark and was reassured by his encouraging smile. Losing his anxiety and warming to the whole idea, Jamie stood up and quickly took off his T-shirt and shorts. He stood naked, looking from Adam to Mark, who both felt their cocks get stiff at the sight of his beautiful young body.

"Sir," Adam said to Mark, "you have the most beautiful boy I think I've ever seen, and it will be a privilege for me to make love to him. Thank you, sir."

He stood up, kicked off his boots and pulled his T-shirt off over his head. Jamie had seen him shirtless before, but it was new to Mark and his eyes opened wide at the sight of his lean, beautifully proportioned physique. "Gee, all those gym sessions sure worked for you, man," Mark said. "That is one gorgeous body. I can't wait to watch you fuck my boy."

Jamie lay on his back on the bed and gazed at Adam as he dropped his jeans and his white briefs. Again Jamie and Mark felt their cocks pulse as they saw Adam's long cock and the firm, white globes of his ass, outlined by sharp tan lines at top and bottom. Adam bent down and instinctively pulled a condom from his jeans pocket and rolled it onto his already hard cock. Mark was gratified to see that the man's reflex was to protect Jamie, just as he had taken care of him so well in Sydney. His admiration for Adam was growing.

With all the impulsiveness of youth Jamie grabbed his own legs and pulled them upward, exposing his stunning white ass, with the just-visible soft blond fuzz round the hole that always turned Mark on more than anything. In fact, just at that moment Mark had a sudden spasm of doubt and a reluctance to watch that ass, his boy's ass, be invaded by another man, but he saw the joy sparkling in Jamie's eyes and he relaxed again. "Go for it, man," Mark said softly. "Take it from one who knows ...... it's the finest ass in the world."

Adam knelt on the bed and smiled down at Jamie. "This is the moment I dreamed of Jamie. At last I'm gonna be inside you." He pushed his rigid cock between the white globes and it slid easily inside him. As he heard deep sighs from both men Mark felt his own cock grow rock hard in his uniform pants, and he stood up. He watched in awe as Adam's perfect ass rose and fell over his boy. He was fascinated by the sight of the cock easing back and forth into Jamie's ass, by the look of ecstasy on Jamie's face and by Adam's deep, masculine voice. "Oh Jamie, your ass feels so perfect. God, you're beautiful. Man, I dreamed of this but never knew how good it would feel. Give me your ass, Jamie. Give it to me."

Jamie pushed his ass toward Adam, pushing it down on his cock, inviting him into its inner depths. Then he squeezed his ass muscles round it, making Adam's body tremble as he shouted, "Oh shit, man, that's incredible. You're gonna make me shoot, Jamie." But Jamie abruptly relaxed his ass and prevented Adam's orgasm seconds before it would have erupted.

Adam was gasping. The boy was spectacular ..... and suddenly he realized that endless sex with Mark had made Jamie an expert. He knew every skill, every technique for giving Mark infinite pleasure, to make him fall in love all over again every time he fucked him. Adam shook his head and smiled up at Mark. "Hell, man, you've trained him well. He is absolutely mind-blowing. There's no one like him. No, you'll never leave him. How could you?"

Mark glowed with pride to hear this from Adam, who, he noticed, had lost the 'sir' now he was inside his boy and felt empowered. That's the effect Jamie always had on Mark. He made him feel like a giant. Of course Mark could never leave him, and he was glad that Jamie had heard that from Adam's lips. But Adam's words made Mark feel something else too ..... impatience. He loved watching this man make love to Jamie, but it made him hotter than hell and he could feel pre-cum dripping from his cock into his shorts.

He knew how to bring it to a climax. In full view of Jamie and Adam as they kept fucking, Mark unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, pulled it up out from his waist, and dropped it to the floor. Adam gasped as he saw the muscular cop stripped to his tight T-shirt that tapered down to the heavy belt at the slim waist, an image reflected in the mirrors around the room. God the man was spectacular. Adam's cock was already rigid in Jamie's ass, but the sight of the boy's master towering over them made it pulse harder than ever. He looked down and saw the thrill in Jamie's eyes, the thrill he said he always feels when he watches Mark take off his uniform.

"Oh God, no," Adam gasped as Mark reached up behind his neck, grabbed the T-shirt and began to pull it up slowly, free of the waist, over the ridges of his abs, up over the slabs of his chest, clear of his shoulders. And there was the cop, stripped to the waist ...... spectacular.

Adam knew he would masturbate many times just thinking of this incredible sight, but this was a hundred times better. He was not only gazing spellbound at the shirtless cop, he was inside his boy, impaling him on his cock, burying it in the furnace of his ass. His mind was reeling ..... he fantasized that making love to the boy was an act of worship to the master.

It was then that Adam lost all control. He looked back down at Jamie, at the exquisite face and shimmering eyes. "You're too much for me, Jamie. You're both too ..... too fucking beautiful. You're too fucking beautiful!" He looked up at Mark. "Man, that body, that face! It's fucking pornographic. And you, Jamie, his boy ..... the most beautiful boy a man ever had ..... and I'm fucking him! I'm fucking the master's boy!" He pleaded with Mark. "Please, sir, please I want to cum inside your boy. Please sir, I can't hold back ........"

Mark smiled calmly. "OK, both of you shoot your loads ..... do it for me ..... for your master."

"Aaah!" Jamie's cock erupted in ribbons of creamy cum and Adam's muscular body bucked and heaved as he exploded in the most massive orgasm he had ever experienced. It seemed to last an eternity, but finally he fell forward, sobbing, and covered Jamie's face in kisses, licking his eyes, his cheeks, then clamping his mouth over the lips of the beautiful boy who belonged to a beautiful cop.


As the two men recovered in the bed, coming slowly back to earth, Mark was ..... on the phone! "You home Darius? ...... Good. You know what you kidded about yesterday, about filming our reunion? You said you'd be silent, unnoticed? Well now it's real, kid. Get up here."

Darius could be noisy, intrusive ..... a pain in the neck sometimes. But he was no fool .... and had a great sense of the quietly dramatic. He ran up the stairs with his camera and slipped into the bedroom. He sized up the situation in an instant and without a word stood in the shadows against the wall. Jamie and Adam were still in a state of nirvana as they lay together on the bed and, if they noticed Darius slip into the room, it didn't register. They had eyes only for each other, and for Mark standing shirtless over them.

"Stand up, Adam," Mark said. Adam got to his feet and the cop took him into a warm bearhug. "Sir," Adam said, "I kinda lost it back there ..... my mouth just took over and ...."

"No sweat, buddy. Jamie'll do that to a man." He pulled back. "Now that was something you'll remember and beat off thinking about for years. But I'm gonna show you something else to go with it. Just stand back and watch. Mark sat in the chair again and said, "Hey, there, kiddo. Boots."

Jamie sprang to his feet, turned his back on the cop and took a boot between his legs. Adam watched mesmerized as Mark pressed his other boot against the round cheek of Jamie's ass and the boy jerked forward as the boot came off. He pulled off the other, then fell back down on the bed. Mark stood up, undid the heavy belt and dropped his pants. As he stepped out of them, naked, he stretched his muscular limbs, flexing, preening. Adam gasped. "Jesus Christ, that is so fucking awesome. That is the most glorious body I've ever ..... Oh man...."

What came next was inevitable, but still Adam could hardly believe what he saw. As he had done so many times before, Mark knelt between Jamie's legs and smiled at him. "Here it comes, kiddo ..... what you wait for all day." And he slid his iron-hard cock into his boy's ass.

Adam drifted into a fantasy world, a world where all the pornographic photos and drawings he had ever seen came to life. This spectacular muscle god, this naked cop, was fucking his boy, the golden young surfer Adam had lusted for since they met. It as an awesome spectacle and he stood spellbound as he heard words of lust and love pass between master and boy. The glorious fuck went on and on, and for Adam the room became a world unto itself, unattached to time or space, a room steeped in images that would stay in his memory for ever.

In a trance Adam watched, unaware that he was stroking his own hard cock. Of course he was ..... he had to. He was hypnotized by the sight of the muscular body rising and falling over the boy, until finally both their bodies shuddered and he heard Mark's voice. "You ready boy? OK, now!" Adam heard their howls of joy, saw their bodies convulse and at the same time felt his own cock explode, saw his own juice pouring over the two bodies in a euphoric act of worship.


A few minutes later the three men were standing together when they heard, "Awesome, dudes. Totally awesome." Darius stepped forward and Mark grinned. "Adam, I want you to meet Darius, the recorder of most things that happen in this house. Darius, my boy, you did a great job staying quietly in the background. Never thought you could pull that off."

Adam smiled at the handsome young black guy and shook his hand. "Damn," Darius said, "you're one hot-looking dude. It's a pleasure to film you. See, I'm gonna make a record of your visit with us and put it all on a disk for you to take back with you."

"That's brilliant, mate." Adam said, "'cause the guys back home will never believe a word of this unless I show them proof."

"Ah, this is only the beginning, dude. Now come with me and let's find Nate and you can shower before dinner. You've got the rest of the tribe to meet."

Adam dressed quickly and, after more hugs, left with Darius. As they crossed the lawn they heard a deep, angry voice. "He's a fucking bullshitter. I was crazy to hire the fucker." The gate was flung open and another amazing sight met Adam's eyes. A towering figure of a man, like a swarthy, muscular gypsy, in a sweat-stained old tank-top, dirty cargo pants and work boots. Close behind was a beautiful, exotic-looking kid wearing ragged dungarees held up by one strap over his naked shoulder.

Randy almost charged straight past them but Darius said, "Sir. May I introduce you to Adam, sir?" Randy stopped and Adam took a step back as a pair of steely, pale-blue eyes pierced his. Randy shook his hand with a grip like iron. "Oh, you're the airline guy who looked after Jamie and Nate. Well thanks for that, man, and welcome to the house. Name's Randy. I'm the boss around here."

Pablo stepped forward with his trademark crooked grin. "And I'm Pablo, the boss's boy. Shit, Nate and Jamie didn't exaggerate .... you're a looker, man. See you at dinner." Stunned, Adam watched the pair walk away, with Randy's words hanging in the air. ".....I tell ya kid, he pulls one more stunt like that and I'll bust his jaw and fire his fucking ass."

A voice behind them said, "Bad day at work apparently. Sorry about that Adam." Adam turned round and blurted out, "Shit, this house doesn't quit." A stunning man in a business suit was facing him, tall, broad-shouldered, with a gorgeous face and a welcoming smile. "I'm Bob. I spoke to you on the phone Adam, and glimpsed you at the airport. You're very welcome here. You may find us a bit overwhelming at first, but we're good guys at heart ..... even Randy. Talking of which, I better go upstairs and give him the only thing that calms him down."

As Bob left Adam stammered, "Wha .... what did he mean?"

"They're gonna fuck," said Darius succinctly. "OK, now for the twins."

Adam was impressed by the shy politeness of the handsome twins, who suggested that Nate take Adam down to their room before dinner. After such mind-blowing events and meeting these extraordinary guys Adam was pleased to relax with Nate. He loved Nate ..... quietly handsome, unassuming, fun, someone he loved to spend time with ..... and sleep with. Maybe he didn't have the raw glamor of some of the other guys, but that was just fine. Adam was glad he was sharing his bed.

Dinner turned out to be another mind-blowing event for Adam as he was engulfed by the group, all firing questions at him at once. But there was one more shock to come. Randy suddenly looked up and yelled, "Finally! What kept you, stud? Who were you fucking this time?"

Adam's jaw dropped as he saw striding across the lawn the most magnificent black man he had ever seen ..... tall, muscular physique, striking square-cut features and shaven head. Shirtless in black jeans and boots, he was pulling on a T-shirt as his one concession to a dress code. Adam blinked as his mind flashed on erotic drawings he had seen of black muscle-studs in full leather. This guy was spectacular ...... another pornographic icon.

He stood up to be introduced to Zack ...... and their eyes met.


Dinner was a boozy affair and when it broke up they were all mellow from drink. Randy took Bob and Pablo back into the house and Mark and Jamie paired off for what Mark called "unfinished business." Nate said he would help the twins in the kitchen and see Adam later in their basement room.

After everyone was gone Zack stood up and, staring directly at Adam, said, "Hey, man, you haven't seen my pad across the street yet. Why don't you join Darius and me there for a nightcap?" As Adam followed them he was aware of a roaring hard-on in his jeans. Darius, his antennae as sensitive as ever, had noticed the silent sparks flying between his master and Adam all through dinner ..... and it excited the hell out of him.

Tension crackled in the air as the three men sat in Zack's living room over brandy. But Adam's inhibitions had been blunted by all the alcohol he had consumed at dinner. Also, his extraordinary experiences of the day had emboldened him to be as forthright as the macho guys he had been with. So, "When in Rome ......" he thought, and launched right in. "Zack," he said, "I gotta tell you that I find you ..... I mean ..... you're an exceptional looking guy. When I first saw you my mind flashed on drawings I've seen of muscular black studs in leather, and ......"

"Leather turn you on?" Zack interrupted briskly.

"Well yeah ..... it's kind of a fantasy of mine. I mean, I hang out a lot in leather bars in Sydney but you know, most of those guys are all show. Oh sure, a lot of them look great in all their gear, but when you talk to them ..... well, the illusion kinda disappears. They don't come across as the macho leather studs they pretend to be ...... they don't have the attitude, if you know what I mean. Now I'm sure you're not into leather, but if those guys saw you in those bars in leather they would all go absolutely fucking ape-shit."

Darius was on fire at the turn the conversation was taking, aware of all the leather gear Zack had. Zack grinned at Adam and said. "OK, man, let's cut to the chase here. Nate and Jamie told us all you were hot looking but I wasn't prepared for a stud like you. You gave me a hard-on the minute I laid eyes on you. In other words, it would be a pleasure to fuck your ass."

Adam recoiled. "Oh no, whoa there..... I'm afraid that's not gonna happen. Don't get me wrong, man, you are a huge turn on and I'd love to have sex with you. See, I'm real sexual .... been with lots of guys in my travels ...... but the thing is .... I'm always strictly a top man. I've never been fucked. I could never give my ass to another guy, even one as gorgeous as you.

Zack eyes blazed for a second. "And you think I get fucked, man? Look at me." He stood up, pulled off his T-shirt and spread his arms wide. "Does this look like a guy who gets his ass fucked?"

Adam was devastated that he had displeased this man that he wanted so badly. But he was saved by Darius who said, "Adam, why don't you go into the bedroom and let me have a word with Zack. We'll join you in a few minutes."

Adam went into the bedroom and lay dejectedly on the bed. He had fucked up and he knew it. His eyes wandered over the room, which was redolent of the big black muscle-stud, his clothes, the sheets, the faint smell of his sweat. God he would have loved sex with him ..... but no way could he ever let that big black cock fuck him. His mind wandered and he was starting to wonder what was going on when suddenly the door opened and he gasped, "Jesus Christ!"

He was looking at the most stunning leather fantasy he could have imagined. Zack was spectacular, far hotter than any leatherman Adam had ever seen, in pictures or in life. He was wearing black leather pants, tight round his thighs and tucked into heavy black boots. He was naked to the waist except for an open, black leather vest that displayed his perfect chest, ripped abs and slim waist, cinched by a heavy leather belt. On his head was a leather cap whose peak was pulled low over his eyes, hidden by mirror sunglasses. And he was carrying a braided leather whip.

Adam was lost. His body was on fire and he almost shot his load just looking at this pornographic picture. When he heard the deep voice he had to obey. "Stand up and strip." Adam sprang to his feet, stripped off his clothes and stood naked before the commanding leather stud. "Yeah," Zack growled. "Real fine ..... you'll do. On the bed."

Adam was no longer the top man he prided himself on being. He was completely in the power of this magnificent black muscle-god. He shuddered at what came next, but made no move to prevent it. Zack picked up from the floor two strips of leather and swiftly, expertly, tied Adam's wrists to the corner bedposts. Adam had participated in a few bondage scenes in the past but he had always been the master. He would never have allowed himself to be tied up. So now he panicked and struggled to get free. Zack gazed with satisfaction at the beautiful, writhing body as the muscles strained and flexed.

"So you're the big muscle-stud around town, eh? The top-man, the master, the guy who never gets fucked. Yeah, they probably fall at your feet begging you to fuck them. Well now it's you gonna do the begging, pal. Look at you, spread-eagled, naked, in the power of the leather god you've always lusted to meet. Well you've met him, stud, and you can forget your sorry leather bars. This is the real thing. I'm serious, man ..... I always get what I want and you're gonna do just what I tell you, got it?"

"Yes, sir," Adam groaned.

"OK, now I seriously wanna fuck that gorgeous stud ass of yours but I'm gonna have mercy on you ..... give you a choice. It's my cock ..... or the whip."

Adam pulled again at his restraints but knew it was hopeless. "Man, I've never been fucked .... I can't ....." But when he saw the Zack's look of angry impatience he gave in. "OK, OK .... the whip." Again he saw anger flash in Zack's eyes and said, "The whip .... sir."

"That's better." Zack raised his arm, paused, then brought the whip lashing down across Adam's straining chest ..... once, twice, three times. "No!" Adam yelled. "You fucker. Let me go, asshole. I'm not into this. Just because you're a gorgeous mother-fucking leather stud, you think you can do whatever the fuck you ......"

The whips lashed twice more, harder this time and Adam's defiant tone changed. "Please, sir, no more. I'm begging you. Please, I can't take the whip." He saw the trace of a smile cross Zack's eyes and knew it was hopeless. "OK, sir ..... I submit ..... please fuck my ass, sir."

Zack threw down the whip and gazed down at the broken, bound top-man. "OK, you're mine now and you're gonna do just what I say. Now look at me." Zack paced round the room and threw off the vest. Stripped to the waist his black muscles gleamed in the dim lighting as he flexed and posed. Adam's heart was thudding, his breathing ragged as the image before him changed. It was no longer Zack, no longer anyone he knew or could hope to know. It was a pornographic fantasy that didn't exist in real life, a shirtless black leather god with a perfect physique, in total command of his world. And he was gonna bury his black cock in Adam's ass.

Adam's cock was pulsing hard and he knew he was real close. He struggled and yanked at his restraints, his chest still feeling the sharp pain from the whip lashes. "Please man," he groaned. "I've gotta shoot my load. Just untie one hand so I can beat my meat ...just for a minute, that's all it'll take. Please, sir, you look so fucking hot I have to cum. I beg you sir ..... aaah!" And all by itself his cock shuddered and shot a tower of juice high in the air, splashing down on his chest and agonized face. He shot again and again, screaming with ecstasy, frustration, fear ..... but above all with euphoria at the sight of this spectacular man.


The mood changed. Zack threw off the cap and the glasses and knelt on the foot of the bed. He smiled down at the exhausted man and his tone was softer. "Good man. That's how I wanted you, Adam. I knew when I first saw you I wanted to fuck you and knew you'd be a challenge. Shame I had to lash you to get there, but you'll beat off thinking about the whip too. I also knew that the minute my cock entered your ass you would shoot a load and it would be over. So I made you cum first so I can fuck your gorgeous ass for a long time."

He surprised Adam by leaning forward and pressing his mouth over his, probing with his tongue. Adam was intoxicated by the taste and smell of the man who had bound and whipped him. Zack pulled back. "Now, Adam, I'm gonna fuck you. But you have to look at me and tell me you really want it."

Adam gazed up the rugged, masculine face, then lowered his eyes over the heaving chest dripping sweat onto him. He looked back up into the soft gray eyes and heard himself say. "I want it, Zack. You're magnificent ..... the ultimate master. I want you to be the first man ever to take my ass. Please, sir. I want you to fuck me."

"Good." Zack unzipped his pants and Adam gasped as he saw the huge black rod that Zack pulled out, hard as steel. He moaned, "Oh, man that is so fucking huge," and his courage almost failed him. But Zack eased forward, hooked Adam's legs over his shoulders and fixed him with a hypnotic gaze. "Now I'm not gonna hurt you, man. It'll feel like it at first, but relax, breathe deeply and whatever you do stay focused on my eyes. You ready?"

"Yes, sir," Adam said, with conviction tinged with fear.

Zack pressed the head of his cock against the hole and pushed. He felt it slide part way in and paused. Then he pushed again and felt the head pass all the way over the sphincter. Instantly Adam panicked and struggled frantically. "No, no, wait ..... please, man, pull out, pull out .... God that hurts." Zack immediately pulled his cock free and felt Adam sigh and relax under him.

Adam stared into the steady gray eyes, breathed deeply and said. "Man, I really want your cock inside me. OK, I'm ready." Once again Zack pushed slowly, paused, then with more force thrust his cock fully inside the ass. "No!" Adam yelled, his body writhing desperately. "I can't take it, man. It's no good."

"Adam, look at me." He heard the firm voice and stared into the hypnotic eyes. And then something happened that had never happened to Adam before. He took a deep breath and felt his ass relax round a cock, the huge black cock that was buried in his ass. "Oh, God. Oh, Zack. You're in my ass ..... man, it feels incredible. Are you all the way in?"

Zack pushed a bit further and said, "Now I am, Adam. My cock is all the way inside your ass. And now, stud, for the first time in your life, you're gonna get fucked."

He started slowly at first until he felt the ass relax completely, then increased the tempo and soon he was pounding the ass. He saw a change come over Adam's face and knew he was ready. He began to hammer the ass, pushing deeper and deeper until the head of his cock pressed against the inner sphincter and passed over it, sending Adam into flights of ecstasy.

Quickly he untied the wrists and Adam frenziedly ran his hands over Zack's rock-hard shoulders, the chest, down the lats, over the ridges of his stomach to the belt at the tight waist. Zack thrust in deep and again pushed his cock over the inner sphincter, into the deepest, hottest chamber of his ass.

Adam had never felt a sensation like this. He was spinning in a wild delirium and all his verbal inhibitions vanished. "That's it, man," he yelled. "Fuck that ass. Push that huge black dick in my ass, man. Let me watch that gorgeous leatherman fuck the big stud master. You whipped his body, you mother-fucker .... now you're torturing his ass. Come on you black son-of-a-bitch. That all you got? Ream that ass."

Zack was driven wild by Adam's words and fucked like a jackhammer, impaling his virgin ass on his steel piston. Adam, looked up at the face, wiped the sweat from it and licked his hand, tasting, smelling the man-sweat that was pouring off the black bodybuilder. "You like that, stud?" Zack murmured. "OK." Without easing up on the brutal fuck Zack fell forward and smothered Adam's face with his armpit. Adam choked, his mouth full of wiry, rancid wet hair. His face was smothered by the stinking black pit and he licked it ravenously, gulping down the sweat, suffocated by the intoxicating smell of sweat and leather.

Zack pulled back up and hammered the ass more savagely than before. Adam was spinning in a vortex of raw lust. "God, you are a gorgeous son-of-a-bitch. Man, I love the stink of your sweat. Your cock feels so good in my ass. Oh, man I can't take much more ..... I'm gonna have to cum. Please, sir, let me cum. I'm begging you, man ..... I want to feel your cum in my ass. I can't hold on much longer, sir. OK you win, I submit to you. You've broken me .... you're my master. Help me...... aagh!" His cock exploded and, for the first time in his life, he felt semen flowing into his ass, pouring into it, as his body was smothered in his own cum.

Suddenly Zack stopped. He pulled his cock out and sprang to his feet. Dazed, Adam looked up at the magnificent leatherman towering over him, his shirtless torso gleaming with sweat as, unbelievably, Zack shot another huge load of juice into Adam's face, stream after stream. Adam opened his mouth and swallowed the semen, gulping it down, choking, until he felt he was drowning in cum.

The leather god looked triumphantly down at the beautiful man whose shuddering body was streaming with white juice. A gleaming smile lit Zack's face.

"That was your initiation, Adam. You've been fucked by the best. Welcome to the house."


It was a full half-hour before Zack and Adam were sitting at the table nursing beers ...... along with Darius, who had been lurking in the shadows all the time. He was gushing excitedly.

"That was unbelievable, dude, and guess what .... I got it all on camera! It'll go great with that Mark and Jamie scene. Nate's waiting for you now, so go to him and tell him the whole story. It'll blow his mind. But just wait 'til tomorrow. Randy says we're gonna have a big party in your honor, and you'll get to meet even more guys ...... their names are Steve and Lloyd." He glanced quickly at Zack. "And rumor has it that another guy is gonna crash the party. You're gonna go ape-shit when you see him. He's a Marine ..... Hassan."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 130


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