Steve and Lloyd were upstairs showering, and basking in the rosy glow of forgiveness and reconciliation. Randy had cleaned off in the pool and was sitting with the other guys, all of them still in awe of the dynamic demonstration of his sexual power.

In a public humiliation for Lloyd, who was tied up and forced to watch in horror, Randy had made love to Steve and had then been ferociously fucked by him, his own brother. They all knew that by allowing Steve to fuck him in front of them all, he was making a public apology to his brother, but much more than that he was subjecting Lloyd to the most painful humiliation and degradation imaginable.

But it was over and while the group waited for the reunited lovers to reappear, the twins had brought out beer for them all and they were finally coming down from all the excitement.

"Well," Zack said, "I guess that's the end of this little Steve and Lloyd episode. "Can't say I'm sorry, either."

There were murmurs of agreement, but Randy was looking pensive. "Well, maybe not quite the end."

Bob grinned at him. "Oh no. I always recognize that look ..... something's cooking in that addled brain of yours."

But, as if changing the subject completely, Randy said to Pablo, "Hey kid, how are the repairs coming along to that big earth-mover you and Darius are working on?"

Pablo frowned. "Not so good, boss. It turned out to be a bigger job than I reckoned."

"That's what I thought," Randy said. "But I really need it back in action. Two men enough, you think?"

"Well, it would sure help a lot if we had another pair of hands. You have anyone in mind to help us, sir?"

"As a matter of fact ......" Randy stopped as he saw Lloyd and Steve emerging from the house. "Hey, Lloyd ...... come over here ...... I've got a proposition for you....."

Lloyd looked a bit tentative as he and Steve sat down with them, but he needn't have worried. Just as punishment in this house had become a ritual, it was also customary for the group to embrace the victim as soon as his penance was over. In fact, they looked with newfound respect on any man who survived the devilish means Randy used to torture and humiliate him. In Lloyd's case forgiveness was all up to Steve, and this had clearly been accomplished judging from the warm looks that passed between them.

And yet Randy had a feeling that Lloyd needed something more for him to be totally rehabilitated in the esteem of the men and boys. Which is what he had in mind as he now spoke to Lloyd. He made no reference to the harrowing treatment Lloyd had just endured. For Randy, punishment, once delivered, was over and done with and he moved on. Still, as he explained his proposition to Lloyd, everyone present had a sense that Randy was planning one last act to enable Lloyd's full re-acceptance by the group.

"Lloyd," he said, "there's a few days' lull in your architectural work until we begin the next phase of the project, so how about getting your hands dirty instead?"

Lloyd was taken by surprise (plus, the whole afternoon had left him a bit disoriented) but he pulled himself together and replied, "Well, if you mean helping the guys on the site .... hey, sure. See I always feel that it's very useful for an architect to try to see the project from the viewpoint of the guys in the crew. It helps him to....."

"Yeah, yeah, right." Randy cut him off, sensing that the architect was about to launch into one of his highfaluting speeches. "The thing is, you know that earth-mover on Site 2 that's out of commission? Pablo and Darius are working on it but it's slow going and they need another pair of hands to help them ...... your hands I thought. How about it?"

Lloyd was surprised by Randy's easy-going manner, and figured that this would certainly be a way of becoming one of the guys again after his near-banishment. "Sure, absolutely. Site 2 it is then. Say, nine o'clock tomorrow morning?"

"Six.," said Randy ..... "a.m. ..... We start at six. Actually as tomorrow's Saturday we'll be the only guys there, but I need that fucker fixed. So you'll be working with Pablo and Darius," and he shot a quick but meaningful glance at the boys.


Jamie and Nate helped the twins prepare dinner for twelve hungry guys a predictably boisterous affair after all the breathless excitement earlier. When the party finally broke up and everyone went to their respective rooms and homes Bob stayed behind to give final instructions to the twins. "Don't bother to clear up now, kids. Nate and Jamie can give you a hand with that in the morning. Besides, I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about."

"Thank you, sir," they grinned and ran off home together across the street.

Bob breathed a deep sigh of relief as he walked upstairs to the master suite. It had been a hell of an afternoon and if he knew anything about Randy (and he knew almost everything about Randy) he would still be basking in the glow of his triumphant reaffirmation as undisputed leader of the group.

He was dead right. When he walked into the room Randy was lying on his back on the bed, barefoot in white T-shirt and jeans, his hands linked behind his head, his smile one of arrogance and self-confidence. He had triumphed once again, in front of everyone, and his powerful sexuality filled the room. The effect on Bob was a roaring hard-on.

This was the dominant construction worker he had first met all that time ago in the shabby bar on Hollywood Boulevard, the man whose anger had flared when they shared a room in the run-down motel, the macho stud who had punished and degraded Bob. But in that crucible of pain and humiliation was forged the basis of a love so intense that the men became inseparable. And now here was that same man, the ultimate master, his arrogant smile sending jolts of lustful anticipation through Bob, tinged with fear.

But in spite of all that Bob had learned not to be intimidated. He was a glorious alpha male in his own right and he now assumed an air of matter-of-fact nonchalance as he spoke. "Quite a performance you treated us all too out there, buddy, punishing Lloyd by letting Steve fuck you. But don't you think that's enough? Aren't you going a bit over the top with this crazy idea of having Lloyd work on the site?"

Even though Bob had anticipated Randy's reaction he was startled as Randy shot to his feet and squeezed his hand lightly round Bob's throat. "Asshole. You should know by now never to question what I do. I'm the boss on that site and I make the decisions, get it?"

"Yes, sir," Bob said hoarsely. Randy's steel blue eyes pierced him and Bob's fear returned. He felt sure he was in for one of those savage fucks that Randy inflicted to remind him who was boss. So he was astonished to see the eyes soften slowly into a smile.

"It's OK, buddy," Randy said, reading Bob's thoughts as he always did. "I'm not gonna ream your ass. Not this time, anyway. I was just trying to scare you, 'cause I know how that turns you on. Looks like I succeeded too," he said, grinning down at the huge bulge in Bob's pants. "Come on, man, time for bed." He stripped off his T-shirt and jeans and fell back naked on the bed, assuming his previous pose with his hands linked behind his head, smiling up at Bob.

As he watched Bob get naked he said. "So ..... I saw you blow your wad watching Steve fuck me. What was going through your mind right then?"

Bob hesitated. "Well, it looked spectacular and ...... OK, actually, if you want to know, I saw the thrill in Steve's eyes and wondered just how he must be feeling as he fucked you?"

"You were jealous?"

"Hmm, envious, yes."

"Hey, can't have my main man jealous of my brother. So come on, bug guy ..... I'm all yours."

"You mean ......?" Bob stammered as he realized what Randy meant. His mind was reeling. It was this raw, rugged, unpredictable side of Randy that excited Bob the most. He oozed a macho sexuality that Bob found irresistible ..... and now the boss was telling Bob to fuck him!

Bob grinned ..... "you son-of-a-bitch," ..... and knelt down between his legs. Locking eyes with Randy he pushed his legs high, eased forward and pressed his cock between the cheeks of his ass. "That's it, man," Randy said. "Now take my ass. Fuck me hard like you thought I was gonna fuck you."

Bob's handsome face softened in a smile. "You know me, buddy ..... I don't do anger fucks ..... I do love fucks. Like this ......" and he pushed his cock slowly inside of the muscle-god lying naked before him.

Randy's cock pulsed and he moaned, "Oh, man, that is so fucking good." He gazed up at the chiseled Superman features of his lover, the square jaw, perfect cheek bones, dark hair ...... and the soft brown eyes smiling down at him. Randy sighed, "Man, you are so fucking beautiful that it hurts. I love the hell out of you, man. Aaah ..... your cock feels awesome inside me."

For a long time Bob eased in and out of the hot ass that clenched round his cock. He gazed down at him mesmerized. "Shit, look at that gorgeous body get fucked. Watching Steve do it drove me crazy. Man, there's nothing in the world like seeing a gorgeous alpha male submit to another guy ..... watching a dominant muscular top get his ass fucked. Especially when it's you .... the ultimate master."

"Yeah," Randy groaned, "and when I'm with you is the only time I don't feel like the boss. Every time I look at you I submit."

"OK, so if I'm the master now you're gonna do for me what you make every other man do. When I tell you, you're gonna bust your load without touching yourself. You get it?"

"Yes, sir," Randy groaned. He stretched his arms up and grabbed the corner bed posts, and his whole body flexed hard. Bob looked down in awe at the spectacular bodybuilder, biceps bulging, lats flaring down past his huge pecs and eight-pack abs to his tight waist.

Bob's heart was beating wildly. "God, that looks beautiful. You are such a stud, Randy ..... and I'm inside your ass! It's like a furnace ..... my cock's on fire. It's gonna make me cum. I can't hold back. Let me see you blow your wad, man. I wanna see you shoot ......!"

Randy's head was thrashing from side to side, his black hair flying as he gripped the bed and his body flexed rigid. Suddenly he gazed wildly at Bob and screamed, "Here it comes, man!"

Just as he huge jet of white cream blasted from Randy's cock Bob leaned forward, opened his mouth and Randy's juice slammed inside it and down his throat. Bob gulped frantically as stream after stream of hot cum poured upward into his mouth. In his frenzy he was barely aware that his own cum was flowing inside the big man's ass.

They were cumming inside each other ..... Bob into his lover's ass as he swallowed every drop of juice erupting from Randy's cock. As their orgasms slowed Bob fell forward, his cock still in Randy's ass, and he closed his mouth over Randy's. They shared the taste of Randy's semen as it flowed between them, then Bob moved his mouth, spreading cum over his lover's face, as he kissed his eyes, his forehead, cheeks and neck.

He looked down at the dark, handsome face now smothered in his own creamy white cum. The big construction boss, top man, King of the Gypsies, lay there with a dick in his ass and semen all over his face. He grinned up at Bob and said, "Thank you, sir."

Then they started to laugh, in the euphoria of secrets shared and a passion so deep that roles vanished. There was no master, no slave, just two beautiful men sharing their masculinity in acts of love, devotion ..... and spectacular sex.


They slept so deeply that next morning Randy almost missed his self-imposed deadline of 6 a.m. on the construction site. But he made it, at the same time as Pablo and Darius. They sat in the trailer office with mugs of hot coffee and the boys listened to the boss's instructions.

"Now I just want to say this to you boys before Lloyd gets here. He's been through a tough time, most of it of his own making, it's true, but he's been punished and that's an end of it. He was excluded from our group and now he needs to be shown that he's accepted back as a full member. And that's where you boys can help. I know what you're capable of, so I'll leave you to it. Just do what comes naturally to you to make him feel welcome, OK?"

As if on cue they saw Lloyd walking onto the site, and Randy was relieved to see that he was not in his usual preppy clothes, just T-shirt, jeans and boots ..... even if the T-shirt was sparkling white. "Wow," Darius said. "Look at that shirt. Dazzling. It's as white as I am black!"

"Yeah, Randy grinned, "well I'm sure you guys will soon take care of that. Hey, Lloyd! ..... we're in here."

Lloyd was out of his element here but be soon relaxed with a mug of coffee as they all listened to Randy. "Right, well I need that earthmover back in action by the end of the day, whatever it takes ...... whatever it takes," he repeated, looking sharply at Pablo and Darius. "Now I want to make this clear. Lloyd, as the resident architect around here you have a certain status, but today you're just one of the crew. Pablo is our mechanic and Darius is assisting him on this project, so you'll answer to them."

Pablo and Darius both got the undercurrent of what Randy was saying and avoided looking at each other. "Another thing, Lloyd. The ground rules here are .... that there are no ground rules. I've cleared all this with Steve, and he says that whatever works for you while you're here is fine with him. So whatever goes on here is just between us, and Steve says as long as it stays in the family, anything goes, OK?"

Lloyd frowned a little, not sure what Randy was getting at, but he knew that Randy always gave the orders and anyway Lloyd was eager to show that he was one of the guys and earn his place in the group that he had almost forfeited. "Fine with me," he said. "I know I sometimes come across as a bit ...... well, upmarket ..... elitist, maybe ..... but I'm more than willing to get down and dirty, so to speak."

"So to speak," murmured Pablo to Darius, nodding at Lloyd's shining white T-shirt.

Randy stood up. "OK, guys, now get that fucking machine working ..... whatever it takes."


Eager as he was, the sight was kind of intimidating for Lloyd. The huge yellow Caterpillar earthmover stood immobilized amidst piles of dirt, and in front of it stood the two-man work crew. Pablo was dressed in his habitual uniform of old dungarees, held up by only one shoulder strap, and as usual he wore nothing underneath. Darius was in black jeans and boots (always copying his master Zack) and an old, dirt-streaked white tank top stretched over the sculpted black muscles of his torso.

As Lloyd walked toward them he cursed himself for having a stiff erection in his jeans. The traumatic incident with Hassan and Steve may have tamed his behavior but had done nothing to restrain his overactive libido. His sex-drive was as healthy as ever, and these hot young guys really turned him on ..... but this was work and he had to put all of that out of his mind.

"OK, here's the problem," Pablo said, taking charge as the chief mechanic. "The gears are fucked, plus there's also an electrical problem in the cab, so the lights don't work for the night –shift guys. So while you check the lights, Darius, Lloyd can help me underneath with the gears."

Darius climbed up onto one of the huge front wheels of the vehicle, while Pablo got on the ground and pulled himself under the truck. Lloyd took a deep breath and followed him, crawling over the dirt until they were both close together, Pablo on his stomach and Lloyd on his back. It was dark under the heavy machinery but there was enough light to work by ..... and for Lloyd to see Pablo's back and especially his ass, the perfect twin mounds clearly etched under the thin fabric of the worn dungarees. "Oh, shit," he breathed.

Pablo sensed what was going on but pretended he hadn't heard. "Here, Lloyd," he said. "Here's one of the problems ..... an oil leak. I need you to hold the nut with the pliers while I tighten the bolt with a wrench. Can you get it?" Lloyd did as instructed and Pablo reached upward and began laboriously turning the big bolt. "Sorry about the dripping oil, Lloyd, but it this should fix it."

It soon became a sensory overload for Lloyd as he lay on his back, oil dripping down on his face and chest, and he watched the young mechanic's body squirming under his dungarees, the perfect ass flexing as his hips shifted. Lloyd's dick was so hard he could feel pre-cum oozing into his shorts. But relief came when Pablo grunted, "Got it! That should fix that one. Now there's another leak over there, same deal, and you can reach it from where you are, but I'll have to stretch a bit."

Lloyd clamped the pliers on the second nut and Pablo reached across him. All Lloyd could see now was Pablo's determined face but he could feel his body, writhing on top of him with the effort of tightening the nut. Oil was still dripping on Lloyd, but so was Pablo's sweat as he reached up, pressing his armpit into Lloyd's face. Lloyd breathed in the rancid smell and tasted the damp wiry hair of the armpit. His cock was shuddering now and he was afraid he would bust his load in his jeans.

But just in time Pablo said, "Great. Thanks Lloyd. I couldn't have done that without you. One more to go" He eased back and his face was now just above Lloyd's. The boy looked down at him and grinned. "Sorry about the shirt, Lloyd ..... pretty mucked up with grease and my sweat." Lloyd gazed up at the exotic young face, with its slanted dark eyes, high cheek bones and black hair falling over his forehead. His cock was now pulsing in his pants. He was real close.

The day was getting hot now and the air under the huge truck was becoming heavier with the smell of dirt and sweat and the sound of the steady drip of oil next to them. As Pablo lay on top of Lloyd, their clothes were sticking to them and they could feel each other's breaths and thumping hearts. There was a long, silent stillness as Pablo stared down at the architect's handsome face, usually so well groomed, with trim moustache and goatee, but now much more sexy, streaked with oil and gleaming with sweat.

"Jeez, I gotta say you look real hot like that, Lloyd," Pablo said. He impulsively lowered his face and clamped his mouth over Lloyd's lips. As he pushed his tongue inside his mouth Pablo slid his body seductively over Lloyd's. Lloyd was lost. In the fetid gloom under the truck he lay in the dirt and grease, with the gorgeous young mechanic on top of him, grinding the bulge in his groin against his. As he felt the muscles ripple under the thin dungarees Lloyd's nostrils were filled with the smell of oil and sweat, while the sour taste of the boy's armpit still lingered in his mouth.

Pablo smiled to himself and thought, "Well the boss did say to welcome him back. And he is one hell of a hot dude." He pressed down harder on Lloyd's stiff cock, felt it pulsing under him, then he raised his head and spoke out loud. "Lloyd, you are so fucking hot you're gonna make me shoot my wad. I can't help it. I'm cumming, man ..... I'm cumming!" He felt Lloyd's body tense under him, then buck and spasm as he screamed ..... aaah!." Both men felt sticky liquid blast into their pants, their bodies jerking against each other, breath heaving, hearts pounding.

As their breathing subsided and the cum stopped flowing they gazed at each other in the gloom, the only sound being the steady drip, drip, drip of oil on dirt. Pablo loved the wild look on Lloyd's handsome, oil-streaked face and once again he lowered his head and kissed him. Then suddenly he pulled back and rolled off him ..... and abruptly the mechanic was all business again.

"That third leak over there don't look so bad, Lloyd. I think I can handle it myself, so why don't you cut out and see if Darius needs any help. Knowing him, I'm sure he does."

And in the darkness Lloyd didn't see the mischievous, crooked grin on Pablo's face.


Lloyd dragged himself from under the earthmover and staggered to his feet, blinking in the bright sun that blinded him after the gloom under the truck. Before his eyes could focus he heard Darius's voice. "Wow, dude, you look fucking hot."

Darius was standing up high on the monster wheel, staring down at a Lloyd he almost didn't recognize. His T-shirt, once white, was now torn and filthy, covered in dirt, grease and sweat stains. His face was no longer carefully groomed but streaked with oil and sweat and his usually neat hair was now a disheveled, dusty tangle. And there was a large stain at the crotch of his jeans. As Darius had exclaimed, he looked hot!

"Hey, Lloyd. Were you any use to Pablo under there? Did he show you what he needed?"

As Lloyd squinted in the sunlight many possible answers crossed his mind but he said simply, "He thought you might need some help up here."

"Damn right," said Darius. "I've almost got these lights fixed, but this damn panel won't stay put."

Lloyd's eyes had now adjusted to the light and he got a clear view of the young black stud standing high above him, balancing on the huge tire, with his back to the cab of the vehicle, his arms stretched up to the lights protruding from the roof. It was a pornographic image of a hot young black mechanic in black jeans and boots, his body straining as it reached upwards, muscles flexing under the ragged old white tank.

Darius almost lost his balance when a loose door panel on the cab blew forward and bounced against his back. "See what I mean, dude? All as I want you to do is hold that panel in place behind me until I've finished up here. Won't take long."

Lloyd walked forward and reached round Darius to press the panel in place against the door. It was quite a reach, and Darius was standing high up, meaning that Lloyd had to press his chest against Darius's legs to hold the panel still. It also meant that his face was level with the boy's crotch. The panel shifted again and as Lloyd reached further forward he turned his face to the side and his cheek pushed hard against the huge bulge in the black jeans.

Even though he had just shot a load in his pants under the truck, Lloyd's cock stiffened again as he remembered Darius's monster, ten-inch black piece of meat. And here he was, pressing his face against it. As Darius stood on his toes and stretched higher, his jeans rubbed against Lloyd who felt the long black tool stretching down his leg, halfway to his knee. He tried to pull away, but he was reaching forward too far so his face was trapped against Darius's cock.

Lloyd was drooling now and his cock had come alive again, pulsing inside his jeans. Darius alternately stretched up on his toes, worked the light, then his heels fell back down on the tire, making his cock grind against Lloyd's slobbering face. Lloyd managed to raise his eyes just enough to see the young black stud towering above him, his body stretched in a wide V from his broad shoulders, down over the sweaty tank to the tight belt round his slim waist. In the hot glare of the sun the beautiful ebony body was glistening with sweat.

Lloyd felt that sweat trickle down onto his face ..... and that's when he lost it. He opened his mouth and clamped it over the shape of the thick rod. As he bit into the rough denim Darius howled. "Hey, dude, quit it, you're hurting my fucking dick. Here, is this what you want?" Holding onto the cab roof with one hand he used the other to unzip his pants, pull out his cock and push it deep into Lloyd's mouth, making Lloyd choke and his eyes spurt tears as the long hose slid down his throat.

Darius grinned down at the sight of the handsome architect, now covered in dirt and sweat, chowing down on his dick. With his arms still stretched forward onto the truck Lloyd was impaled on Darius's huge weapon. He felt the boy's hand clamp onto the back of his head and he was trapped, being helplessly face-fucked by the biggest black dick he had ever swallowed.

Desperately he gulped and gagged, his head swimming, his face streaming tears. All other sensation deserted him except for the giant shaft pounding his face. But then, even in his delirium, he became aware of something else. The fly of his jeans was being torn open, his rigid cock was yanked out and he felt the moist heat of a mouth closing over it.

Under the truck Pablo had heard Darius's howl, had seen Lloyd's legs pressed against the truck's side and had some idea of what was going on. He crawled out from under the truck, managed to pull himself to his knees so his face was level with Lloyd's crotch as it banged back and forth under Darius's attack on his mouth. Pablo grinned ..... there was only one thing he could do, and in seconds Lloyd's cock was in his mouth.

The boys were living up to the boss's expectations of them. They were doing their best to welcome Lloyd back into the fold in the way they knew best. What was it Randy had said? "Just do what comes naturally to you" .... And what they were doing right now was second nature to them. Lloyd was shuddering in a euphoria of sexual overload. He was being worked on at both ends ..... his face getting pounded by a huge black dick while his own dick was throbbing in a hot young mouth.

To any observer, it was a spectacular scene, as the muscular architect in the ragged T-shirt was a captive of two boys, one fucking his grease-stained face and the other eating his dick. Pity there were no observers. Except one!

In the otherwise deserted construction site there was a face staring through the window of the trailer office. "Shit damn," Randy said. He had been working hard, lost in concentration on plans, paperwork, accounts, when he had decided to take a breather, grabbed a beer and strolled to the window. He had seen Darius, standing on the earthmover's tire reaching up to the cab roof and he looked stunning in his black jeans and white tank. "Hell," Randy muttered, "Zack's a lucky son-of-a-bitch to have that boy. No doubt about it .... he's fucking gorgeous."

But where was Lloyd? Suddenly Randy saw him crawl out from under the truck, his formerly gleaming white T-shirt now ripped and filthy, and Randy chuckled as he saw the stain at his crotch. He could only guess at the number Pablo had done on him under the truck. Then he gazed in admiration as he watched Darius do his own number, watched the huge black club push into the architect's mouth. His smile turned to a belly laugh as he watched Pablo crawl out from under the truck, rip open Lloyd's jeans and clamp his mouth on his cock.

"Shit damn," he said again through his laughter. "That's my boys ...... now that is one fucking hot welcome back. Oh shit, this I gotta see up close." He left the trailer and walked over toward the hard-working crew. He looked up at Darius, his body still bucking back and forth, and raised his hand in a casual salute. Darius's response was a gleaming smile. Randy grinned at his boy Pablo, on his knees, chowing down on Lloyd's cock.

Now that the boss was watching, Darius redoubled his energy, pounding the architect's handsome face even harder. As he pumped aggressively he heard Randy shout, "Hey there, guys. Need any help?" He pulled off his old tank top, used it to wipe the sweat from his face and chest, then tossed it to the ground like a challenge. He came up behind Lloyd and grinned at the boys. "Can't let you guys have all the fun. You gotta let the boss grab a little of what's left here."

In a quick succession of moves he grabbed the waistband of Lloyd's already-open jeans and yanked them down round his ankles. He pulled out his own rigid cock, stroked the mounds of Lloyd's ass, then pulled them apart and pushed his rod slowly all the way inside. Lloyd's teary eyes opened wide and he screamed into the gag of Darius's cock, his hips jerking forward pushing his own cock deeper into Pablo's willing mouth.

It was, of course, Randy who set the pace ..... and for once it wasn't savage. He leaned against Lloyd's back and said softly into his ear, "Don't worry, buddy ...... this is not a punishment fuck ..... not this time ..... it's a welcome-back fuck ...... Enjoy!"

Enjoy !? Lloyd was whirling into a state of carnal euphoria as his body was worked on by the three incredible men. He felt they were filling every orifice, subjecting him to every known sexual pleasure at once. The master was fucking his ass as only Randy could do ...... the biggest back piece of meat he had ever seen was hammering his face ..... and his own cock was being serviced by the beautiful face of the boss's boy. From being an outcast he was now the center of everyone's sexual attention. From turning their backs on him, the men were now inside him, using him to satisfy their lustful appetites.

For a long time he had been desperately holding back his orgasm, bursting for release. And now, as he felt Randy's huge cock sliding in and out of his ass ..... teasing him with a mix of gentle massage and piston thrust ...... now Lloyd was at his limit but he was aware of Randy's sexual expertise and could only wait for him to call the shots ..... literally.

As Darius pounded Lloyd's face, Pablo his cock and Randy his ass, Randy knew Lloyd could take no more. "OK, boys" he yelled, "let's give our architect a big welcome home. Let's show him how it feels to be one of us again. You ready, guys? Do it now!"

Lloyd suddenly felt he was drowning in semen. First the long black cock erupted deep in his throat and he frantically gulped down load after load. At the same time he felt cum pouring into his ass as Randy rammed his huge rod inside him one last time. And finally came his own explosive orgasm as the hot young mouth squeeze round his cock and he felt the throat muscles swallowing every last drop of juice that streamed out of him.

He was still shuddering as he felt the men withdraw ..... from his mouth, his ass and his cock. He was steadying himself against the truck, regaining his breath, waiting for his heart to subside. But he didn't have long to recover, as he heard Randy's commanding voice. "OK, guys .... break's over. Now get this fucking machine working or I'll fire your asses. Get it?"

Lloyd gazed at him and shook his hand. "Thank you, Randy," he said. "You're a spectacular guy. Thanks for everything."

"Yeah, yeah," Randy said. "Just remember ..... be good to my brother." He turned and strode back to the trailer, watched by the admiring eyes of three awestruck men.


The previous day Zack had said, prematurely as it turned out, "Well, I guess that's the end of this little Steve and Lloyd episode. Can't say I'm sorry, either." But now finally it was true. The matter had been well and truly put to rest and they could all move on. However, the rhythm of the house had been knocked off balance and there was a general feeling running through the group that it would be good to get out of town for a few days rest and recuperation.

As it happened, a long weekend was coming up and Randy said all the construction sites would close for four days. He suggested to Bob that they take Pablo and the twins up to their favorite spot by the lake high in the Angeles National Forest, for some fishing, relaxation and ..... well, whatever developed. Bob was enthusiastic, as the lake had been the scene of some of their wildest adventures early in their relationship, and for him it still resonated with sexual vibrations. Pablo and the twins leapt at the idea, but Bob was concerned that Darius might feel left out.

He needn't have worried. Zack had been feeling neglectful of his boy and wanted to spend time alone with him, and for Darius the idea of being with the gorgeous leather stud, just the two of them, filled his mind with thrilling possibilities ..... and more than a few fantasies, of course.

As for Mark, he had been troubled by all the Lloyd/Hassan trauma, and even though the soldier had been absolved of any wrong-doing he was still alone in his small guest house up on Mulholland. So when Mark suggested that he take Jamie and Nate up to the shack in the Guadalupe Dunes for the long weekend, it was Jamie who came up with a tentative suggestion.

"Sir, I've been thinking. After all that stuff with Hassan he might still be feeling a bit ..... kind of ..... lonely ..... all by himself up there in his house. Don't you think it might be an idea to ask him to go with us?"

Mark loved that thoughtful, generous streak in his boy and he hugged him. "You're dead right, kiddo. I was actually thinking along the same lines myself. Now I'm about to work an 8-hour shift, so why don't you take run up to Hassan's and invite him yourself. After all, kid," he grinned, "it is your shack now."

A few hours later Jamie was feeling a twinge of excitement as he walked through the grounds of Steve and Lloyd's house and down the slope to Hassan's guesthouse. He stopped and caught his breath. Below him he saw Hassan, stripped down to black briefs, working out. He had installed a chin bar on his deck and his back was to Jamie as he pulled himself up and lowered himself effortlessly. Jamie's cock grew stiff as he saw the magnificent near-naked body gleaming in the sun, the muscles of his V-shaped back and flared lats rippling with the physical effort.

Hassan heard footsteps behind him, dropped to his feet and spun round. His face instantly broke into a gleaming smile as he said, "Jamie! What a pleasant surprise. Come here," and he pulled Jamie into his arms. Second only to the glorious Mark, Jamie thought that the exotic Marine was the sexiest man in the world, and the three of them had spent great times together.

Jamie explained the reason for his visit, adding, "Nate will be coming too. You haven't got to know him real well yet, but he's a great guy and I think you'll get on just great." He smiled shyly. "So what do you think, sir?"

Another dazzling smile lit Hassan's darkly handsome features. "Jamie, the idea of spending four days with Mark, you and your friend Nate is an opportunity I could never pass up. Of course I would be honored to come with you. Here, just let me finish my work-out and we'll have a drink."

Jamie lay back on a chaise on the deck and held his breath as he gazed at the bodybuilder's perfect physique. He was spectacular, a real muscle-god, with his broad shoulders, magnificent pecs, ridged abs and tight waist, and his cock bulging under the small black briefs. His exotic face was tense with concentration with sweat running down from his high forehead, into his slanted dark eyes, then down over the high cheekbones, over the square jaw and dripping onto his chest.

His eyes were closed against the sweat and as Jamie watched his muscles ripple and strain the sight was too much for him. His cock was bursting for relief ..... he couldn't hold back. He only had to touch the bulge in his shorts and he gasped as he blasted a huge load into them. He tried hard to control his breathing and appear normal to Hassan as he finished his workout. But when, a short time later, they were both sitting on the deck drinking beer he gave up trying to cover the wet stain on his shorts.

He blushed as he stammered, "Sir, I have to tell you that it was so hot watching you work out that I busted a load of cum in my shorts."

Hassan smiled. "I thought you did, Jamie. I heard you gasp. And I have to tell you something. I would give anything right now to throw you on the bed and fuck that gorgeous ass of yours, but I won't. I know Mark wouldn't mind, but I prefer to clear that kind of thing with him first. As you know, I've got into trouble with other guys many times so I am being extra careful now."

"I understand, sir. But we have four days coming up in the dunes ..... and Mark will be with us. So maybe then .....?"

"Why do you think I was so quick to accept your invitation?" Hassan grinned.


The day of departure was predictably chaotic. Pablo and the twins loaded the rowboat and all their gear into the back of Randy's truck, then climbed into the back seat of the double cab behind Randy and Bob. Pablo's dog Billy added to the chaos, clambering back and forth from the boys' laps over to his space behind their seats. Finally, with boisterous goodbyes they were off, leaving behind them a sudden silence.

Mark shook his head and smiled at Zack. "Now that's what I call a truckload of trouble. Gonna be a long ride up to the lake."

"Yeah," Zack grinned, "but knowing those guys I have a feeling that when they get there Randy will find a way to be alone with Bob in the forest for a while ..... re-living old pleasures."

Darius's fertile imagination was working overtime. "Damn, I should have given Pablo my camera. I want pictures!"

Jamie and Nate had finished loading Mark's truck, most noticeably with their two big surfboards propped forward against the cab. "Now that you two have the whole house to yourself," Mark said to Zack and Darius, "you be good to each other."

"Oh, don't worry, we plan on it," Zack laughed, with his arm round Darius's shoulder.

A few minutes later Mark's truck was winding its way up to Mulholland, where Hassan was waiting for them at his gate, looking real hot in a gray tank-top and an old shabby pair of military fatigue pants. With a huge smile he leapt into the seat beside Mark and leaned behind him to ruffle the hair of Jamie and Nate. He turned to face forward again and threw his arm across Mark's shoulders. Jamie and Nate grinned at each other, then looked down at the bulges that they both had growing in their shorts and started to laugh.

"You gonna share the joke with us, guys?" Mark said.

"Oh, it's nothing, sir," Jamie said. "Just something that came up all of a sudden," and they smothered more laughs.

"So," Hassan said, "Mark tells me you guys have brought a tent because you two want to sleep in the dunes, leaving the shack to Mark and me, that right?"

"Well," Mark cut in, "the sleeping arrangements are pretty flexible. In fact everything's pretty flexible. We'll just play it by ear ..... see what develops, eh Jamie?"

"Right, sir!" He reached over and grabbed Nate's rigid cock bulging in his shorts. "There's no knowing what'll come up." And once again the boys collapsed with laughter.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" – Chapter 136


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