Hassan was back in Los Angeles ...... to stay ..... and he had accepted Steve's offer of renting the guest cottage on the grounds of Steve and Lloyd's house. Mark and Jamie had helped him settle in, and now, except for their visits, he was pretty much keeping himself to himself. He was something of a loner, not a great one for socializing, and chose his few friends carefully.

The problem with the rental arrangement was Lloyd, Steve's lover, a man who had an obsession for beautiful men .... and especially Hassan. Steve was aware of this, but went along with it ...... just so long as it stayed in the realm of fantasy. He never believed for a moment that Lloyd would cross the line from imagination to reality.

So he got a shock when he came home one day and looked in Lloyd's desk to see if his car keys were there. They were ..... but so was something else. Steve frowned and pulled out a pair of crumpled gray shorts. They were not Lloyd's, he knew that. He pressed them to his nose and they reeked of cum. But worse, they smelled of .... Hassan! They were Hassan's!"

It was like a blow to the gut. Steve reeled as he imagined all the scenarios that could have led to this. Now he knew where Lloyd was and he stumbled out of the house, across the garden to the lip of the hill and stood rooted to the spot. Way below, by the cottage, Lloyd was lying naked in the dirt in Hassan's arms. And Hassan's cock was still in Lloyd's ass.

Unseen by the men, Steve stumbled away, round the house to the garage. He fell into his car and drove blindly away. As he sped along Mulholland, he struggled to get control of his reeling thoughts. "Come on, man," he said out loud, "get a grip. You're a therapist, for god's sake. 'Physician, heal thyself'." That phrase made him smile grimly and brought him back to earth.

Suddenly he knew there was only one place he could go. His relationship with Lloyd was in ruins and he needed family. He needed Bob's calm wisdom and Randy's strength. He saw an image of Bob's smiling, sympathetic face, felt his comforting arm round his shoulder.

And Randy too ...... well, he wasn't so sure about that. Randy, his over-protective older brother, fiercely loyal, but quick to anger ...... terrible in his anger. His reaction would be ...... Oh what the hell, never mind. Steve was hurting, confused, and he needed them both ..... no matter what happened next.


"Steve! What's the matter? God, you look like you've just seen a train wreck."

"Yeah ..... a train wreck ..... good one, Bob. That's a good one."

The twins had shown Steve upstairs to Bob's office and then discretely left them together. Bob could see that Steve was distraught, on the verge of panic. "Now sit down," he said calmly, "take a deep breath and tell me what's happened."

Just then the door burst open and Randy came in, straight from work in his usual muddy cargo pants and sweaty, oil-streaked tank top. "The twins told me you were here, Steve. Hell, you look like shit, man ...... what the fuck happened to you?"

Steve looked from one to the other, his eyes brimming with tears. "Looks like that's it for me and Lloyd, guys ..... it's over, finito."

Bob smiled sympathetically. "Come on, Steve, you're emotional right now. That can't be......"

" ....... can't be true? Oh no? You should have seen what I just saw." He gulped, took a deep breath. "I just left Lloyd lying naked in the dirt in Hassan's arms."

Randy sprang from his chair and paced the room, clenching his fists. "Hassan! That son-of-a-bitch. I knew it ..... didn't I warn you both? That fucking prick has always been trouble every time he's come here. You wait 'til I ....."

"Randy! Sit down! Now let's all cool it and hear Steve's story." Bob was the only man who could speak to Randy like that, and even though Randy glared at him it had the desired effect.

Steve took another deep breath. "I guess it's been coming on ever since Lloyd saw Hassan again. You guys know how he jerked off watching Hassan from upstairs, and he knew we knew. But I was OK with that ..... provided that's all it was ..... and I assumed his obsession would eventually go away. But it got worse. Almost every day he'd watch Hassan when he walked down to his house after work, and I know he jerked off sometimes. But I guess I was in some kind of denial ..... until today. I happened to find in Lloyd's desk drawer an old pair of gray undershorts, reeking of cum. I knew they were Hassan's."

He faltered, his voice cracked and tears started to flow. "Shit, they must have been having sex all along. I went to confront them but I didn't get further than the edge of the slope, and I saw them......." He faltered again and Bob put his arm round him. "They were lying naked in the dirt ..... Lloyd was in Hassan's arms. They had obviously been fucking ..... hell, the man's dick was still in Lloyd's ass! I..... I guess I panicked .... I mean, I just came here and....."

His tear-stained face looked pitifully from Bob to Randy. "Guys, I loved Lloyd ..... thought we were in it for the long haul ...... but now I guess Hassan has ......." He broke down completely and slumped against Bob, who glanced helplessly up at Randy. He was shocked to see the look on Randy's face ....... a frightening mix of pity and thunderous rage. Bob had to defuse his anger, had occupy him with something practical to do.

"Randy ..... would you go down to the twins and asking for some brandy ..... plenty of it?"

Without a word Randy spun round and left the room. Bob held Steve at arm's length and said, "Now listen, buddy, a lot of what you've said is guesswork. You're projecting. I mean, the fact that Lloyd had Hassan's shorts doesn't been they've been having sex all along. That's a bit of a leap, you gotta admit."

Steve smiled at him through his tears, ran his sleeve over his eyes and calmed down. Bob continued to reason with him, trying to be as matter-of-fact as he could, and it wasn't long before there was a tap at the door and the twins came in with two trays. There was a full bottle of brandy and glasses, and a substantial snack ...... smoked salmon, toast, chicken salad. Like discrete hotel waiters they put the trays on a small table, poured two glasses of brandy and stood waiting for Bob's orders.

"Kids, that's great," he said quietly. "You're the best. I think that's all we need now. But come back in half an hour, if you can." The twins smiled and left the room.

And so for the next half-hour Bob tried to talk Steve down to a more coherent frame of mind. He didn't make light of what had happened ...... he knew how devastating the discovery was for Steve ..... but he try to pare the situation down to the actual facts and to dismiss the fear and paranoid speculation from Steve's mind. And it was working. Steve had become calm and even managed to smile.

"Shit, man, you should be the therapist, not me. You're real good at this. I said to myself driving over here, 'Physician, heal thyself', but you saw how well that worked out." He took another gulp of brandy and became rational. "OK, obviously the first thing I have to do is talk to Lloyd .... find out the truth and see where we go from there. Maybe something can be salvaged."

Bob grinned. "Sounds to me like the physician's back ..... and starting to heal himself."

There was another tap at the door and Kevin came in. "You said to come back, sir. Anything else you need?"

"I don't think so, thanks, Kevin. We're doing fine." Kevin turned and was just going through the door when Bob said, "Oh, by the way, Kevin, what's Randy doing all this time?"

Kevin turned and blinked. "Oh, I thought you knew, sir. After he came down and asked for the brandy he went out Left the house in quite a hurry, sir, well over half an hour an hour ago."

Steve looked at Bob and the truth hit like a hammer blow. "Jesus! Oh my god. I gotta get over there."


In fact, just as Steve was calming down with the help of Bob and brandy, Randy's mood had been careening in the other direction ...... swelling with rage. As he drove his truck recklessly up to Mulholland he couldn't rid his mind of the misery on his brother's face, his abject despair. Randy had spent most of his life protecting his younger brothers ..... it was second nature to him ..... providing for them, healing their wounds, defending them ...... mostly with his fists. It was an instinct bred in the bone, an instinct that now blinded him to all else.

His brother had been hurt, wounded, and not by just anyone ..... by Hassan ..... the man he had always viewed with suspicion, with his macho attitude, stunning physique and exotic good looks that had seduced those closest to Randy ..... Pablo, Bob ..... and now Lloyd. The truth was that Randy felt threatened by him. Deep down he knew that Hassan was an equal, which is why he had fought with him so often and thrashed him brutally. It was a continuing trial of strength between the two men. And now the son-of-a-bitch had injured Steve ..... his brother!

All those emotions came to a head now as his truck screeched to a halt at Steve's house. He vaulted over the gate and strode down the drive, round the house and along the path to the guest house. Just as Steve had done, he stood at the top of the slope and looked down. In his fury his mind was playing tricks. It was like a double exposure in a movie ...... two naked figures lying entwined in the dirt, overlaid onto a close-up of his brother's tear-stained face ...... the one a result of the other.

But then adrenaline took over and his mind cleared. His anger became cold as steel, focusing on one single goal ..... revenge! Like an enraged bull he charged down the slope. The sleeping figures were suddenly jarred awake by hands grabbing an arm of each man, yanking them both to their feet. Dazed, still half asleep, Hassan felt the back of a fist smash against the side of his face, making him spin round and crash to the ground. Lloyd saw this in a split-second blur before another fist sent him sprawling.

Randy looked wildly around and saw lengths of rope that the men had been using to bale the brush they had cleared. He worked with the speed of experience and a steely determination, and when the stunned men struggled back to consciousness they dimly became aware that their wrists were bound. Hassan was sitting with his back a tree, his wrists roped behind it. Lloyd was lying on his back, his hands tied behind him, and as his vision cleared he saw a hazy image of a dark, demon face blazing down at him.

"Mother-fuckers!" the voice bellowed. "You mother-fucking bastards. You selfish sons-of-bitches. You've hurt my brother ..... insulted him ..... betrayed him. Any asshole who injures my brother injures me ...... and when you injure me you pay." As he paced manically back and forth and hurled obscenities at them, Hassan recovered his wits enough to painfully slide his back up against the tree until he was standing, his wrists still tied behind it. Lloyd was lying at his feet, looking up with terror in his eyes.

Randy's face was now inches from Hassan's, his hand round his throat. "You fucking prick," he snarled, "I should have finished you off when I had the chance. You've always brought a shit load of trouble to me and my guys, and now you've hurt my brother." He stood back, pulled off his tank top and slid his belt from his pants. "Well now you have to answer to me, shithead. And it won't be pretty."

He raised his arm and slashed the belt across Hassan's chest, then again, and again, making the naked soldier scream in pain and pull frantically at his wrists, flexing his massive chest to absorb the blows. Randy paused, his chest heaving. "Yeah, look at the big stud Marine now..... fucks every man he wants ..... the big muscle-god. Not so hot now, are you, soldier? ...... buck naked, roped to the tree, that beautiful body getting thrashed."

Hassan snarled back, "You've finally lost your mind, man. I always thought you were unhinged and now I know you're plum crazy. Go on, asshole. What, you gonna kill me? Go for it, man ...... do your worst."

His defiant words served only to stoke Randy's fury and he lashed the bound solider mercilessly, his body writhing in a futile effort to avoid the belt, his muscles flexing hard as they became striped with angry red welts. But even in his blinding rage Randy knew that he could not break this man, and he slowly became aware of screams from below. "Stop, man, please. Stop whipping him Randy, it's not his fault. It was all me. He's not to blame ..... I am."

Lloyd's frantic words finally penetrated and Randy stopped and glared down at the terrified face at his feet. "Oh don't worry, asshole, you're next." His voice became quieter, almost plaintive, as he said, "He loved you, man. My brother loved you ..... he wanted to spend his life with you." His voice was rising again to a crescendo. "And what did you fucking do? You betrayed him. You gave your sorry ass to this mother-fucker. Big mistake, Lloyd. When you got tired of Steve you should have turned to his brother instead. He'd have fucked your ass good ...... just like he's gonna do now!"

Randy ripped open his pants and yanked out his cock. He dropped to his knees and Lloyd pulled frantically at his wrists, tied behind his back. "No! No, Randy please. Not that .... please, man, I can't take it."

"Shut the fuck up," Randy growled, pushed his legs up high and in one savage move rammed his huge cock deep inside Lloyd's ass. "Aaagh!" Lloyd's scream echoed round the hills as he felt his ass impaled on Randy's iron-hard shaft. He inhaled desperately as he felt the cock pull back, then spear his ass again. He knew Randy's brutal fucks were legendary and he howled piteously, "No, man, please ..... not my ass, man."

"You should have thought of that when you let this prick fuck you, Lloyd. Now this is what you call a real fuck." And so Lloyd endured the agonizing assault as Randy jackhammered his ass. "Insult my brother?" Randy growled. "You're not worthy to lick the man's boots, you shithead. So, you wanted the soldier's dick in your ass ..... well you got mine now, and I'm gonna cure you, you sick fuck. I'm gonna rip your ass open so wide you'll never want a dick in it again.

Lloyd spun into a vortex of pain. All he could feel was the blistering pain spearing his ass, all he could see was the blazing eyes of the wild, dark gypsy torturing him. Helplessly Hassan gazed down at the agonizing scene and tried to end it by reaching his foot forward and kicking against Randy's bucking body. But Randy felt nothing ..... except the gratification of revenge against the man who had betrayed his brother.

In a delirium of pain Lloyd was sobbing, "Please, no more, sir. My ass ..... I can't take ..... please, sir, I beg you ....."

"Oh you can make it stop, Lloyd. You know what you have to do. Shit I can make every man do it ...... even a prick like you. So come on, asshole. Do it and I'll let you go."

"Thank you, sir. Thank you ...... here it comes, sir." And as he felt the cock plunge deep into his gut Lloyd shuddered, screamed and his cock exploded in a river of cum that splashed all over his own body and mingled with the sweat and tears streaming down his face. He screamed again as he felt the huge rod yanked out of him. In an instant Randy was towering over him in triumph pointing his cock at his face.

"Next time you want a man, Lloyd, remember this. Open your mouth, asshole ....." In a stupor Lloyd looked up and was blinded by the force of the semen pouring from Randy's cock over his face and into his mouth. He gulped it down frantically, choking, until the onslaught finally stopped. But only briefly. The gushing semen was replaced by the bitter taste of Randy's piss as he put the finishing touches to his shattering revenge.

Lloyd was on the verge of unconsciousness as he felt hands grip his shoulder and drag him over the ground until his head fell back onto Hassan's feet. Randy stood back and admired his stunning achievement. Hassan was sagging against his restraints, his magnificent naked body striped with the welts of the lash. At his feet, lying naked on his back, was the handsome architect, his jerking body gleaming with sweat, piss and semen.

"That's it guys," Randy said in jubilation. "Now you know what happens to assholes who mess with me or my family. So long, suckers." He spun on his heel and had only gone a few yards when he found himself face to face with Steve. Still in the flush of triumph he took his brother in his arms and said, "See, buddy. Your big brother always takes care of you. Take it from me, these assholes will never hurt you again." He laughed grimly. "Shit, they're in no shape even to walk."

There was a heavy silence as Steve looked over Randy's shoulder and gazed stupefied at the two naked men ...... one bound to the tree, his chest ravaged by angry red stripes, and the other, Steve's lover, lying bound and quivering in pools of cum and piss at Hassan's feet. Suddenly Steve came alive and shoved Randy away from him.

"What the fuck have you done, man? Have you completely lost your mind? You could have killed them. Revenge! ..... is that what you call this? You're not a man ..... you're a fucking animal ..... you're not fit to call yourself my brother. Get this straight, asshole. I can solve my own problems without any help from my big, fucking asshole brother. So get the hell away from me, man. Get out of my life, and don't come back. From now on you're no brother of mine!"

Steve ran to the groaning men and dropped to his knees beside Lloyd. Randy was left standing alone, in total shock, his mind reeling. After his moment of triumph his world was suddenly shattered. He had done this for Steve, for his younger brother. Protecting his brothers was what he always did, wasn't it? He was the man, and they always looked up to him with gratitude and pride. But this .....this was .....

What the hell was happening? Disoriented, he turned and stumbled away as the words still pounded in his head ..... 'From now on you're no brother of mine!' His world was collapsing .... he was drowning ...... he needed to find safety ..... a rock to hold onto ....."


Bob was pacing nervously in his bedroom while the twins watched, ready to jump in and help. He had decided to stay by the phone and wait 'til he heard from Steve or Lloyd. Then he would know what to do. But as time dragged on he became increasingly concerned and was on the point of calling Steve when he heard the squeal of brakes and recognized the sound of Randy's truck. He turned to the twins.

"Guys, go downstairs, find Pablo and stay in the kitchen. Don't do anything yet .... and don't any of you interrupt us, no matter what."

Frightened, the twins hurried downstairs and their fear was not lessened as Randy rushed past them like a wild man. Bob's heart was pounding as the door burst open and Randy stood there, shirtless, his chest heaving, eyes burning. Bob knew beyond doubt what would happen next. It had happened so often in the past.

Randy rushed forward, gazed wildly into Bob's eyes grabbed his T-shirt and with one violent move ripped it from his body. He pushed Bob onto the bed on his back, yanked off his jeans and stared down at him, breathing deeply, as the sight of his beautiful, naked lover renewed his strength. Then, with the howl of a wounded animal he fell forward, yanked open his pants, pushed Bob's legs up and plunged his cock into his ass, so hard that Bob gasped with pain.

Their eyes met and lingered in that mystical communication that they alone shared. They both knew what was coming ...... it had to. Bob said softly, "Fuck me, man. Fuck me hard." Randy's eyes brimmed with tears as he began to pound the ass that he worshipped. He felt Bob pressing down on his cock, inviting him to take out all his aggression on his ass.

Instantly they entered their own secret world, a world where they felt safe, immune to the conflicts raging outside. Randy rose and fell over Bob, his cock a piston, impaling his lover in an exquisite mix of pain and euphoria. Their union was at once ferociously physical and sublimely spiritual, a sexual act that surpassed transitory lust ...... a reaffirmation of the eternal passion they shared.

And, if not exactly eternal, the savage fuck lasted a long, long time until finally Randy leaned forward, gripped Bob's wrists and pressed them to the bed. Their faces close, he gazed at his lover with pleading eyes. "Cum for me, man. Cum because you love me .... cum because you'll never leave me, and you'll always forgive me. Show me, man ... help me ... aaah!!"

He felt his own juice flowing into the warm depths of his lover's ass as he saw Bob's cock shudder and spurt ribbons of cum up so hard that they slammed against Randy's chest and up to his face. Their orgasms seemed endless and the release of Randy's tortured emotions was spectacular. With his cock still in Bob's ass he straightened up and ran his hands all over the cum on his own chest. He smothered it over his face, sucking it into his mouth, glorying in the soft, warm feel and taste of his lover's semen, like a balm to heal all his wounds.

"Oh, man," he exulted. "That is so fucking beautiful. Thank you, man. Thank you for loving me .... for not leaving me. I couldn't live without you, man."

He fell forward and his arms folded round Bob in a resolute grip .... a drowning man who had found his rock. He was safe.


It was some time before they pulled apart and showered together. Bob pulled on shorts and a T-shirt and phoned down to the twins. "Hey, guys, could you bring up some drinks and maybe something to nosh on. Ask Pablo to come ..... and bring five glasses."

"It's all set to go, sir," said Kyle's voice. They had been waiting for their master's call, anticipating his needs.

Pablo appeared and held the door open for the twins, carrying trays groaning under the weight of drinks and a ton of food, much more of a meal than just 'something to nosh on'. Bob and Pablo helped them set it all on a table as Randy stood gazing at them. He walked over to them and wrapped them all in his brawny arms, his eyes moist with tears. This was family ..... Bob, Pablo and the two boys, whose love and loyalty were unquestioned ...... no matter what crazy stuff Randy blundered into.

"God, I love you guys," he said. Then, as he pulled away, "and you know what? I'm starving!"

Bob insisted that the boys join them at the table and the twins' shyness soon disappeared as they realized that the privilege of sharing intimate moments with Randy, Bob and Pablo was taken as a matter of course .... they were family. They listened with rapt attention to the conversation ..... light banter at first as they let the last of the storm clouds drift away.

But the main topic still hovered over them and had to be broached. After the reaffirmation of his sexual prowess, thanks to Bob, Randy's confidence, his bravado, were returning, and he launched into the stark details of what had happened with Lloyd and Hassan, ending with Steve's final words, 'From now on you're no brother of mine'. At the end of his account Randy paused uncertainly and asked, "So what the fuck happens now?"

Bob smiled. "As you have done so often in the past, Randy, you start to rebuild bridges. God knows you've burned enough of them. Hell, you're in the construction business, maybe you should specialize in bridge building. You've already demonstrated your demolition skills."

"Asshole," Randy grinned, then sighed. "Easy for you to say, man, but the question is, where the fuck do I start? If I show up, Hassan and Lloyd will pull up the drawbridge, and Steve has made it clear he never wants to see me again. No, it's hopeless, man."

The silent impasse that followed was broken by the phone ringing. Bob picked up and said gently, "How are you?" He listened intently for a minute, then gestured to the others and silently put the phone on speaker. They gathered round Steve's voice.

"So I had a long talk with Lloyd and the whole thing came out. Actually it was more like a confession. Lloyd acknowledged that his obsession with Lloyd had totally consumed him. He secretly jerked off watching Hassan most days. And Bob, you were right about the shorts. Turns out that Lloyd saw them when he went to fix a few things in the guesthouse while Hassan was away. He jerked off into them, then took them away. Hassan knew nothing about it."

There was silence as they heard Steve breathe deeply. "But there's worse. When Lloyd and Hassan were working in the garden Lloyd made his move. Apparently Hassan rebuffed him saying he respected our relationship too much, but Lloyd convinced him that we had an open relationship, as Randy had fucked me and let me fuck Pablo. (He didn't mention that all that was before we became a couple.) Anyway, Hassan believed him when Lloyd said that a one-time fuck was OK. You know the rest."

Bob looked hard at Randy. "So, Steve, what you're saying is that Hassan is really blameless in all this and that Lloyd ..... well, he lied to get what he wanted."

"That's about the size of it, though I hate to say it. You know I told you that Hassan had kept to himself ever since he moved in. He's a fairly solitary guy and I really think that everything that's happened to him with you guys ..... well, none of it was really his fault ..... at least he had no malicious intentions. The guy's just had a bad rap. Anyway, Lloyd's moved out and gone to a hotel for the time being until I can get my mind round what he did and see if there's a future for us. I just called to fill you in. Thanks for being there, man. You're the best."

After Steve hung up there was a heavy silence in the room. Randy's eyes were downcast but he was aware of Bob's eyes boring into him. "OK, asshole," Randy said defensively. "So I fucked up big-time. I guess I let my anger and my dislike of Hassan blind me."

"It's not dislike, Randy. You're wary of him because he's so fucking gorgeous, so macho and self-assured, that he represents a threat to your dominance. I think you know how irrational that is, but that's just how you are." Bob saw Randy flinch and softened his tone. "Buddy, in spite of your anger and recklessness I know you are always a fair-minded guy. You reward the good and punish the truly bad. That's the reason we men and all the boys look up to you and respect you as leader. And I believe that deep-down you respect Hassan too."

"OK, man, since you know so damn much, what am I supposed to do now?"

Bob was saved from answering as the phone rang again. "Yeah, Steve?" Bob again switched to speaker phone. "Sorry to bother you again, Bob, but I just thought you should know that Hassan's moving out. I tried reasoning with him but he blames himself for Lloyd and me breaking up. He said he's simply bad news and that everywhere he goes trouble follows him.

"And don't worry, you won't be seeing him in your house again as he feels he's already caused way too much trouble for you guys. You know, in spite of everything I think he really respects Randy, but he understands why Randy would hate him ...... god knows Randy made that brutally clear. Anyway, Hassan's packing up his gear right now and he'll be moving on. Listen, I need to get out of the house and clear my head so I'm going to the gym for a couple of hours. I guess when I get home Hassan will be gone."

"The hell he will!" Randy growled. "He's not going anywhere." His expression had darkened as he listened to Steve and now he grabbed a T-shirt and pulled it on. Bob hung up the phone and grabbed Randy's arm as he turned to the door. "Randy, be careful ..... that anger of yours."

"I'm not angry this time, buddy. Just determined."

Bob sighed. "At the risk of sounding corny, buddy, the only thing I can do is repeat that tired old phrase, 'Make love, not war.' Do it for me buddy .... because I love you."

Randy gazed deep into Bob's eyes, then turned and left the room. Seconds later they heard his truck roar away. Bob turned to Pablo and the astonished twins and smiled. "Guys, I have a feeling everything's gonna turn out OK."


For the second time that day Randy pulled up in front of Steve's house and leapt over the gate. He had a determined set to his jaw as he strode down the driveway, noticing that the garage was empty so Steve must still be out at the gym. Good ..... at least he wouldn't have to confront his brother right now ..... one at a time. He went round the house, past the pool and over the slope down to the guesthouse.

There was a bulging military kit bag propped outside the open door. Randy walked right in and saw Hassan, his back to him, stuffing clothes into another bag. He was so intent on his task that he didn't hear Randy come in, but he did hear the demanding voice ...... "Where the fuck do you think you're going?"

Hassan whirled round and faced the glowering figure looming in the doorway. He sighed with weary resignation and said simply, "Away."

"Like hell you are. You're not going anywhere, man."

Hassan managed a half-smile. "Oh no? That's a switch. What you gonna do, beat me into staying? Isn't that what you always do, Randy, use your fists to get what you want?"

"Oh, man," Randy said, running his hand through his tousled hair in frustration. "I didn't come here to beat you up. Yeah, makes a change, I know, but this time I came to talk."

There was an uneasy silence as they stared at each other. Then Hassan said, "You want a beer, Randy?" Taken aback Randy stammered, "Er, sure ..... yeah, sure."

A few minutes later they were sitting facing each other on the small porch, nursing beers. Randy cleared his throat. "Listen, man, the reason I came is ..... shit, it's never easy for me to...."

"So don't try, Randy," Hassan smiled. "You don't have to. I know Steve called Bob and explained everything ..... Lloyd's confession and all. But you know, all this is not really about Lloyd. The problem is mine." He paused, frowning. "Look, I've never confided this to anyone else, but I like to explain myself to you, if you'll hear me out."

"Sure," Randy said, and he listened intently to the soft, accented tones of Hassan's lilting voice.

"You know, the reason this house was so perfect for me that it was a hideaway where I could be alone, away from everyone." He searched for the words and decided to open up to Randy.

"You see, I know I am a beautiful man, Randy, and it has been a curse for as long as I can remember. Every time I look in the mirror I hate what I see. Beauty can be a cruel companion. In the Marines I try to make friends but my fellow soldiers always keep me at arm's length .... They regard me as an exotic ..... different somehow .... not one of them. Over the years many people have desired me and every time that has led me into trouble. Those who lust for me pursue me ..... those who envy me shun me ..... those who feel threatened by me are hostile."

"And which category do you put me in?"

"The third," Hassan said with a smile. "You do not lust for me, Randy ..... you certainly do not envy me ..... but I think that you feel threatened by me, and that is why you are so hostile. And I understand why you have punished me for all of my attachments to your men. Wartime has its own rules, and it was my military duty to interrogate Mark, but years later you thrashed me for doing so. Pablo lusted for me and persuaded me to show him the life of a Marine. God knows I never meant to hurt him, but I did, and again you tortured me. And then came Lloyd's obsession with me and today I paid the price .... also at your hands." He saw Randy flinch.

"You know, Randy, when Mark first introduced me to your group of men I thought I had at last found a place where I could be safe, where my beauty was not exceptional. I found what I thought was a band of brothers, men who were all stunningly beautiful, at least as beautiful as I, and who might accept me as one of them. But that was not to be. Their leader felt threatened by me and, despite several attempts, could never overcome his deep-seated sense of rivalry.

"Through all of this, Randy, you were the only one who was impervious to my looks, the only man who was never seduced by me. You remember at the hotel in San Diego where you let me make love to Bob? I loved that, and I thank you for it ..... he is a special man. But I never really made love to you, Randy. I longed to but did not dare to, because you would not have made love ..... you would have fucked me savagely in the way you savaged Lloyd today. You are the leader, Randy, and you will never really accept me. That's why I won't come to your house again. And that's why I have to leave here."

Hassan had finished and took a long draught of beer. There was a long silence. Then Randy smiled. "You say you never seduced me, man, but you're doing a helluva job of it right now."

"But I'm not trying to Randy. Believe me, whatever you are feeling is not my doing."

Randy smiled. "I know that, man. The same as I know you never seduced Pablo. I was just madder than hell that for a short while Pablo chose you over me. But you got one thing wrong just now .... that stuff about me not lusting for you. I've always considered you a spectacular man and ....." he smiled "..... as we seem to be putting our cards on the table, I can tell you this now ..... every time you came into a room my dick got hard ......as it is right now. I always fought against it ...... until now."

Hassan's breathing became heavy. He was wearing only an old pair of fatigue pants, shirtless, barefoot, and he looked more stunning than ever as the setting sun slanted across his darkly exotic face and his perfect chest, still bearing the stripes of the lash. There was an electricity in the air, sparking between the two men so intensely it almost crackled. Randy said quietly, "There's an old phrase in this country, Hassan ..... 'Make love not war."

Hassan smiled. "Sounds like something Bob would say."

Randy laughed. "He did, actually, just before I left to come here. You see Bob understands. He understands everything, especially men ..... and especially me. He knew this would happen ..... or hoped it would. Yeah, yeah, I know you've heard stuff like that before .... shit, you heard it today from Lloyd. But this time it's the truth. I know Bob would want this, Hassan. That is ..... if you do."

They stood up wordlessly and walked into the house. Standing by the bed they stripped naked, gazed at each other, then came together ...... their lips first, touching uncertainly, tentative at first but then building to a passionate, grinding kiss. The folded their arms round each other and Randy pulled his head back. "Oh, man, it may be a curse to you but you are so fucking beautiful. Man, I want to make love to you."

They fell onto the bed and rolled over and over, two beautiful, muscular males glorying in the hard-body feel of raw masculinity, the scent, the taste of each other, and mostly the look of deep communion in the eyes. It's what should have happened the day they met. They were equals in beauty, strength and dominance, but that equality had flared up as rivalry instead of passion. Until now.

They came to rest with Randy lying on top of Hassan. Hassan gazed up at the dark gypsy face, the chiseled features, stubbled jaw, wild black hair and ..... the eyes, the pale blue eyes, soft now, all savagery gone. "Please, Randy," Hassan breathed. "Make love to me ..... fuck me ..... please."

Randy pushed Hassan's legs up, eased forward and gently slid his cock into the waiting ass. Their eyes opened wide as they felt the exquisite sensation of their bodies joining together. Slowly at first, Randy massaged the warm membrane in the ass, then swelled gently into a steady rhythm, his body rising and falling over the spectacular body beneath him.

"Aaah," Hassan breathed. "You are a great fuck Randy ..... your cock feels awesome inside me. Oh man, I'd suffer endless beatings from you if they all ended like this."

"No more beatings, Hassan. You're the man. Here, show me." Randy pulled out, rolled over and pulled Hassan on top of him. Hassan smiled down at him, pushed his cock between the mounds of his ass and drove it inside. "Aaaah!" Randy's head flew back his body arched as he pushed his ass down on the soldiers long, hard tool. He went wild. "Yeah, fuck me, man. Fuck my ass, soldier. Oh god, that's incredible. You are one sensational son-of-a-bitch stud, man. Fuck me!"


It went on and on ..... two spectacularly matched muscle-gods who had fought and tortured each other coming together at last in a wild, passionate display of love, lust and admiration. They were howling, laughing, pouring with sweat as their magnificent bodies ground together, fucking, getting fucked, each in turn. But the climax had to come. Randy was on top when he said. This is it, Hassan, I can't take any more ..... you're driving me wild ..... I can't hold back ......Aaaagh!" His body shook as his cock exploded in Hassan's ass and Hassan shot a tower of juice high in the air.

They were still cumming as Hassan threw Randy off, rolled onto him and pushed his streaming cock into Randy's ass. Again Hassan screamed as his second orgasm erupted deep inside Randy and he watched Randy freeze, hold his breath, then howl as he blasted blast another load of semen all over his heaving body. They fell on each other, rolling over and over, their bodies slick with sweat and semen, until they were once more gazing into each other's eyes.

Randy smiled. "Asshole, you're not going anywhere. You're gonna stay put in this hideaway house that's so perfect for you in the solitude you crave. And when you want it, I will visit, Bob will visit, and sometimes we'll both visit. I know Mark will come to you often because you're in love with each other, but maybe you can make some time for us too. And another thing. Our house will be open to you at all times ..... a place where you and your exotic beauty can be safe in the rare company of a tribe of other beautiful men. You got all that?"

"Absolutely," Hassan grinned. "Besides, would you ever take no for an answer?"

"Hell, no!"


Bob looked up expectantly when Randy got home and walked into their bedroom. "Bob," he said uncertainly, "I got something to tell you, and I hope you don't get mad. I, er ..... I just made spectacular love to Hassan."

Bob threw his head back and laughed. "Well thank god for that. It's what you should have done when you first met the guy. Would have saved a whole mess of trouble."

"Yeah, well, at least it proves I'm still the best construction worker in town, 'cause that bridge has just been rebuilt stronger than ever."

"One up, two to go. Now, what about Steve and Lloyd?"

"I'm working on it, man. Won't be easy, but I've got a few ideas already."

"I bet you have. In the meantime, got any juice left for me?"

Randy grinned. "Always, man, you know that," and he slid into bed with his lover.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 133


Rob Williams

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