After Pablo's irrational rampage through the house where his fists had cut a swath through the boys injuring them all, the long road to penance and reconciliation had just begun.

He was staying at Steve's house for a few days, subjecting himself to a series of therapy sessions, where one of Steve's prescriptions was for the boy to resume work right away. And so, shunned by everyone, Pablo had gone to the construction site where he was working all alone. Watching from his trailer office, Randy had been moved to tears at the sight of his sad, lonely boy working hard to try and redeem himself in his master's eyes.

Ignoring Steve's 'no contact' advice Randy had called Pablo into his office and made silent love to him, fucking him more gently than he had ever done. No words were spoken and Pablo had left the trailer and gone back to work .... with a spring in his step.

At Steve's house that evening Pablo said nothing of the incident. It was private, just between him and Randy. In fact, he wasn't all that sure what it meant. He knew it wasn't forgiveness. That wouldn't come so easily. It certainly wasn't punishment either. Nor was it at all typical of the tough, unyielding construction boss. Pablo smiled to himself as he realized what it was. It had to be love, just that. Despite everything, Randy still loved him ..... he loved him!

Randy did not mention it to anyone either. He just knew that he had done what he had to for his boy to put things right between them. Now Steve would do his therapist thing, including some sort of punishment, he supposed. After that Darius had got permission to step in and take charge. He had said, "I kind of feel it's important for the boys to work all this out for themselves. And I think we can, sirs."


During the next few days Pablo's therapy sessions progressed at Steve's house, and Steve was true to his word about taking a tough line with the boy. He had said from the beginning, "I want one thing clearly understood. I make the rules here and you will do just what I order you to. I know how you are, but you will not fuck around with me, boy."

Pablo's attitude to Steve was a mixture of respect and lust for the ruggedly handsome man who was a carbon copy of Randy ..... only a classy and cultured version. But he had never heard that harsh tone before and it subdued him into meek compliance. Steve drew him out, going deep into his background, and gradually they made some progress. If Pablo still had a permanent erection in his shorts throughout the sessions, he paid less attention to it as his desire for the therapist gave way to new insights about himself.

One thing that still loomed large in his mind was the punishment that Steve had promised him. He had been expecting the kind that Randy doled out ...... being tied up, whipped, then savagely fucked in the ass, something that turned him on a lot. But as Steve had said, "Randy's the wild brother and I'm the civilized one. My methods are unorthodox and my punishment will not be the kind you're used to and seem to like. I guarantee you won't enjoy it."

Near the end of one therapy session Pablo got a clue as to what the punishment might involve when he asked Steve a seemingly unrelated question. "Sir, do you mind if I ask you about my dog Billy. I miss him and I'm sure he's missing me. Do you know if he's doing OK?"

Steve softened a little and smiled. "Don't worry, Pablo, Billy is doing great. It seems that Randy is lavishing attention on the dog and making sure everyone treats him well. Not typical of your dad, I know, but while you're not in the house he seems to have transferred all his paternal instincts to Billy. He even lets the dog sleep on the foot the bed with him and Bob. Seems that Billy is substituting for you in Randy's affections."

Pablo smiled to himself ..... another sign of Randy's love for him. But Steve was not finished with the subject. "Tell me something. I know that Billy is crazy about you, of course, but do you ever have to discipline him? I mean, he's a dog, so surely he misbehaves sometimes. What do you do then, slap him or whip him."

Pablo's eyes opened wide. "Oh no, sir. I'd never do that to Billy. Sure, sometimes he gets as crazy as me and disobeys and then I have to take a firm hand. But I once read that the best punishment for a dog, the thing they hate most, is to be separated for a while from their master, from the family. So that's what I do, lock him alone in a room for ten minutes. He whines like crazy but when I let him out he's as good as gold. Works wonders."

Pablo saw a satisfied smile spread over Steve's face, and suddenly he realized that the therapist had been leading him on. He had a strange feeling that he had just prescribed his own punishment.

"OK," Steve said, "that about wraps it up for now. And tomorrow night there won't be a therapy session ..... not in the usual sense anyway. Lloyd and I have company coming ..... a party of sorts ..... though maybe not for you so much. See you when you get home from work."

Pablo left the room with a distinctly uneasy feeling.


Pablo had come to enjoy his therapy sessions with Steve. He had learned a lot about himself and had several breakthroughs. One of them was a realization that when he misbehaved it was not only because he was expressing a need to appear tough and independent like his hero, Randy. He had finally confessed to Steve that, deep in his subconscious, he had known that punishment from Randy would follow ..... and he welcomed it. He actually enjoyed getting tied up and whipped by his master so that, in fact, his punishment was no punishment at all.

But now it was Steve taking charge, and that made him nervous. Getting manhandled by the gorgeous Steve would be as erotic as it was with Randy, but Steve had said that that kind of physical punishment was out. His mind went back to their discussion about Billy and how Pablo reprimanded him by exiling him from the group. Huh, Pablo thought, if that was it, that was nothing. He'd have no problem coping with something as easy as that.

Still, by the time he got home he was feeling edgy. He fixed himself something to eat in the kitchen as he knew he was not included in tonight's dinner party. Huh, he huffed to himself, who wants to be included in a dinner with a bunch of boring old doctors and architects anyway? He'd much rather stay in his room and beat off watching porn.

He had just finished eating when Steve came into the room and Pablo's heart skipped a beat. The doctor was casually dressed now, looking gorgeous in jeans and a white V-neck T-shirt stretched over his muscular torso. Shit, he wished his punishment would be getting fucked by this handsome stud. His cock got hard just thinking about it.

It pulsed even harder when Steve's deep voice ordered him outside onto the deck, over to the far side of the pool. And he almost shot his wad when Steve said, "Strip, boy. I want you naked!" So this was it ...... sex with Steve. Huh, some punishment!

Steve pulled up a wooden Adirondack chair, comfortable with its wide arms and a cushion on the seat. Quickly Pablo pulled off his shorts and T-shirt and kicked off his sneakers. "Sit." Pablo obeyed eagerly and sat on the chair, with his arms on the armrests. When Steve produced a few lengths of rope Pablo grinned to himself ..... hmm, better and better. Uncle Steve sure read him wrong if he thought this was punishment.

Steve expertly tied Pablo's wrists to the arms of the chair and his ankles to the chair legs. Pablo pulled at his restraints and got another sexual charge from being tied helpless before this gorgeous man. This was gonna be fun. But his hopes were suddenly dashed when Steve said, "OK, well that's about it."

Pablo frowned. That's it? His punishment was being tied to a chair? What the fuck?"

Then came the rules. "I have to go back inside now as our guests will be here soon. You, of course, stay here. Now, I thought of gagging you but I won't. During our sessions I've come to realize that you are a tough young kid so I'm trusting you not to yell out. If you do, I'll come and release you ..... and that will be the end of your treatment. I will consider it a failure."

He walked over to a wall and threw a switch that extinguished the floodlights in the pool, plunging Pablo into deep shadow. The lights in the house were on full, making it look a bit like a brightly-lit stage. Pablo sat in the shadows on the opposite side of the darkened pool, feeling a bit like an audience waiting for the show to start. He supposed that was the point, but it would be a pretty boring show, just a bunch of doctors and architects having dinner. Yell out? Why in the world would he yell out? More likely fall asleep with boredom.

Shit, some punishment this turned out to be. Where was Randy and his whip when a boy needed him?


Pablo was physically comfortable but bored. Fortunately it was one of those balmy Southern California nights when it stayed warm all evening so being naked was just fine. He pulled at his restraints and realized that Steve was as good at ropes as Randy was. Hell, he thought, maybe Steve's idea of punishment was to bore him to death.

He stared blankly at the house, a long single-story building facing him across the pool. At each end was a room with large windows and wide-open sliding glass doors, typical of the indoor-outdoor feel of Southern California homes. The room on Pablo's right was brilliantly lit, obviously the dining room with the table set for dinner. On the opposite end of the house was a big room, evidently the master bedroom of Steve and Lloyd. The big glass doors were open there too, but Pablo couldn't see in clearly as the lights were off.

All very elegant, Pablo, thought ..... but boring! So boring that he was yawning when he heard the faint sound of the doorbell followed by several male voices. Here comes the company, he thought, wondering idly if any of Steve's friends would be hot-looking. At least that would liven things up a bit. Then the dining room door opened and he got a shock. In walked ...... Mark, Hassan, Jamie and Nate. Shit damn, what were they doing here? This was the company? Suddenly the hairs on Pablo's skin stood up and a tremor went through him. What the fuck....?

Steve and Lloyd were genial hosts, showing the two men and their boys to their places at table and Lloyd brought drinks and appetizers from a side table. With the glass doors fully open Pablo could see and hear everything.

And so the meal began ..... and from the start it was obviously going to be a festive affair. Instinctively Pablo pulled again at the ropes binding him. He wasn't sure why exactly, but he just didn't want to watch Jamie and Nate having a good time with these four gorgeous men, all looking stunning in casual clothes ..... the cop, the Marine, the doctor and the architect .... a spectacular-looking group.

The noise level and laughter increased as the men loosened up over cocktails. Steve had quietly mentioned to Mark and Hassan (but not to the boys) what he was doing with Pablo, but he was not visible to them in the deep shadows on the other side of the dark pool. In any case, thoughts of Pablo quickly faded as the men all reveled in each other's company, four superb alpha males and two beautiful boys.

It was more than physical shadows that enveloped the boy as he sat helplessly bound. He was to suffer the indignity of having to watch two boys, whom he considered junior to him, being wined and dined by their masters and their friends. As the meal progressed he watched enviously as Mark put his brawny arm round Jamie and nuzzled him affectionately. Hassan was overly affectionate with Nate who was clearly in heaven beside the gorgeous soldier, his new master. And Steve was keeping the party in fits of laughter with stories about some of the crazier aspects of his work.

All of this was galling to Pablo but as he scowled in the darkness he was confident that, maddening as it was, he could survive a couple of hours of it until dinner was over and they'd all go home.


But it was harder than Pablo had imagined. As the meal continued the guys were getting well lubricated with alcohol and the men's affection for the two boys was becoming ever more passionate. By now Mark was pressing his lips hard against Jamie's mouth while the boy ran his hands over the cop's T-shirt, feeling the slabs of his pecs underneath. And Hassan, the exotically beautiful soldier that Pablo had always lusted for, had eyes only for young Nate, groping down between his legs and making the boy laugh, his eyes sparkling.

Despite himself Pablo was beginning to find all this hot to look at and felt himself getting an erection. But then suddenly it all ended when Steve stood up and said, "OK, guys .... I guess we're done. Dinner's over." They all got up and followed him from the room. Lloyd flicked a switch and the room went dark. That's it? thought Pablo. They're leaving? Shit, that wasn't so tough. Still, Steve looked pretty turned on by all that necking, maybe he'll come out to me when they've gone and start on me. The thought made his cock even harder.

He heard voices in the house, assuming they were saying their goodbyes. But suddenly the lights flooded on in the master bedroom. Again Pablo got the impression of a stage set, with its huge California King bed, and the wide-open glass doors giving a clear view and sound of everything. The guys came in, or rather stumbled in noisily, loosened up by all the drink.

Instantly Pablo knew what was happening ...... and now he understood the punishment Steve had devised. He pulled at his ropes and was about to shout out a protest..... but stifled the impulse just in time, recalling Steve's order. All he could do was watch .... watch the two boys be entertained by these four spectacular guys, all of them sexual icons.

Mark was already pulling Jamie's T-shirt roughly off over his head. He pushed him onto the bed, pulled off his sneakers and pulled down his jeans. He gazed down at his naked blond boy and shouted, "Look at that, guys! That's the most gorgeous young surfer you've ever seen, and you know what? He's mine! And the thing he wants most is to get fucked by a big tough cop, that right, boy?"

"Yes, sir!" Jamie shouted, grabbing his ankles and pulling his legs back, exposing his perfect ass. Pablo was pulling harder at his restraints, watching helplessly as the cop pulled off his T-shirt and stood stripped to the waist, muscles gleaming, gazing down hungrily at his boy. Quickly he kicked off his loafers, dropped his jeans and shorts and knelt between Jamie's legs.

"Come on, guys," Mark yelled. "Grab a piece of the action, here." The cop plunged his huge rod into the surfer's ass and Jamie screamed as he felt the exquisite pain of his master burying his cock inside him.

Hassan and Nate were still on their feet, Hassan folding the boy in a tight, muscular embrace. He pulled back and said, "OK, Nate, you're my boy ..... you know what to do." The two locked eyes as they both began to strip. Outside in the shadows Pablo gasped when he saw Hassan naked, the incredibly beautiful soldier who he had lusted for so often himself. He wanted to stop what happened next ..... but he was helpless and remained mute.

Hassan turned Nate around. He gazed at the boy's back and gorgeous young ass ..... and in one quick move plunged his cock deep inside it. They fell together onto the bed beside Mark and Jamie, and Hassan expertly twisted Nate around, spinning him on his cock, so Nate was now on his back like Jamie .... and, like Jamie, was getting his ass fucked by his master.

It was a dual rhythm, intense and heavy, as the two muscle-gods, the cop and the soldier, pounded the asses of their boys side by side. Mark turned his head and looked at Hassan. "This is the life, eh, stud? Look at those two young bucks getting their holes ploughed. Man, you look so fucking hot." Their faces came together and their lips met in a churning embrace even as they continued to fucked ass.

Jamie and Nate looked up in awe at the two macho studs getting off on each other. Instinctively the boys copied their masters and kissed each other passionately while their asses were jackhammered by the cop and the Marine.

Pablo could only imagine how that felt, getting your ass fucked by your master and kissing your buddy while the men got off on each other. His ass was starting to ache with desire and he longed to jack off as he watched, pulling hopelessly at his wrists.

Then it got worse. His eyes opened wide as he saw Steve and Lloyd stripping off their clothes. Steve was naked ..... the man Pablo had sat with, listened to, talked to for hours, always with a hard-on in his pants. The man who had been dressed in business clothes was now buck naked in all his muscular glory.

Pablo yearned for him, he had fantasized about seeing him naked, but not like this. He wanted to yell 'No!' but didn't dare to, as he saw Steve and Lloyd face to face running their hands over each other ..... faces, shoulders, abs, waist and butt. Then they were kissing, passionately, when suddenly a shout from the bed made them turn. Things were coming to a head.

They stood one on each side of the bed and gazed down at the men's broad backs as they rose and fell over their boys, impaling them on their rods that pistoned inside the hot young asses. His breath heaving Mark looked at Hassan and gasped, "You ready, man?"

"Right there with you, big guy." Then to the boys, "OK, guys, this is it. Your masters wanna see that spunk pouring out of you. Now!"

"Aaagh!" The ecstatic shouts shattered the room as the four of them blasted huge loads of cum ..... the men inside their boys' asses and the boys over themselves and each other. And suddenly they all felt semen pouring down onto them as Steve and Lloyd pounded their meat and shot their juice over the men's backs and the boys' faces.

Pablo stifled his own shout as he watched the spectacular show in agony. He wanted to be there, wanted to be part of it, to feel the flesh, taste the cum of these glorious men. Instead he watched in the darkness, and his cock throbbed. He watched as Steve and Lloyd fell on the bed and all six men writhed together in a heap ..... kissing, groping, sliding together in the thick layers of cum that lubricated their bodies.

Pablo gazed at the mass of heaving muscle, glimpsed their ecstatic faces, heard their groans of passion ..... and he couldn't hold back anymore. Pulling desperately at his ropes until the chair rocked, he felt the heat rising up into his balls and up the length of his cock until it exploded in long ribbons of cum. As tears of frustration ran down his cheeks he watched the white creamy liquid splash down in front of him, wasted on the dry boards of the deck.


Pablo's face fell forward onto his chest in exhaustion. His mind was racing with a wild mix of frustration, desire, regret, and thwarted lust. But through his confusion he realized finally what Steve had done. Steve was a therapist, a mind doctor, and his punishment was of the mind, not the body as Randy's would have been. And it felt worse, much worse. He could take a whipping and a savage fuck ..... enjoyed it, even ..... but to be helpless in the shadows while he watched an orgy of glorious sex between these spectacular, iconic men was agony for him.

He had wanted to be Jamie, wanted to be Nate, wanted to be fucked by any or all of these men, especially Steve. But he had been banished from them and, like Buddy howling exiled from the family, Pablo felt like howling in despair.

Well, at least it was over. Maybe now he could go home to Randy ..... if he would have him. But then a voice broke through his muddled thoughts. "Hey, guys, what say we make the encore a bit more interesting, eh?" It was Mark. The men were all standing at the glass doors of the bedroom. It was not over. "No more," Pablo groaned softly. "I can't take any more."

Pablo watched in a daze as Mark went to work. There were two hooks in the roof overhang just outside the bedroom and Mark had threaded ropes through them ..... ropes for Jamie and Nate. Their wrists tied, they had willingly raised their arms that were now stretched upward, their naked bodies gleaming under the lights as if they were stretched on the rack. The boys were side by side, shoulder to shoulder, their eyes gleaming in anticipation.

"Steve, old buddy," Mark said, "On behalf of us all I want to thank you for giving us this spectacular evening of good company, great food and wild sex. As a token of my thanks I want to offer you the thing that's most precious to me ..... my boy's sweet ass. You wanna fuck the most beautiful boy who ever rode a surfboard? Well, you've got it, man." Mark stood in front of Jamie, his arms folded across his chest, gazing lovingly into his boy's excited eyes, as Steve moved behind him.

"No," Pablo moaned to himself. "Fuck me, sir .... it should be my ass ..... I have a great ass .... everyone says so....." But he had no control over the show he was about to see. He saw Jamie flinch as Steve's cock pushed inside him. Mark smiled and pulled Jamie's head toward him, kissing him passionately as Steve gently fucked his ass.

"Hey, Lloyd," Hassan said. "You see another ass back there?" Lloyd grinned, grabbed Nate's waist and, like his lover beside him, pushed his cock between the cheeks of the boy's ass and deep inside. Hassan closed his mouth over Nate's, folding his long arms round him, grabbing Lloyd's waist and pulling him into Nate, forcing his cock harder into his ass.

Pablo was mesmerized as he watched the incredible scene, longing to feel what Jamie and Nate were feeling. Each boy was stretched tight in bondage, each wrapped in his master's arms, feeling the warm embrace of his lips, while a muscular chest pressed against his back and a hard rod hammered his ass. Each was trapped between two muscle-gods, the helpless object of the men's ravenous lust.

It was Mark who gave the sign. "OK, guys, you ready?" Mark and Hassan, stroking their cocks, stood facing their boys. "You know what to do, boys," said Mark."

Pablo gazed in disbelief. It was hard to believe six simultaneous orgasms ..... but that's what happened. Steve and Lloyd exploded in the young asses while masters and boys shot loads at each other that splashed onto their chests and faces. In their euphoria the boys felt themselves being crushed between the heaving bodies of the men they had willingly served.


He must have fallen asleep. Physically and emotionally drained Pablo had slumped in his chair and exhaustion overcame him. He had no idea how long he had been there when suddenly he was jolted awake by the lights in the pool flooding on. Dazzled, he shook his head and was aware of a figure standing over him. It was Steve, still naked, splendidly back-lit by the pool lights. In a daze Pablo blinked, not sure if he had been dreaming or if the extraordinary sex scenes had actually happened. As so often before, Steve read his mind.

"It really happened, Pablo, but now they've gone home. I arranged all that to show you how good life can be when boys love each other and their masters ..... no rivalry, no envy, no fighting. Everyone had a great time ...... except you, outside in the dark. We've been through some pretty intense sessions, you and I, Pablo, right up to this climax. Now ..... are you ready to give me a genuine apology?"

Steve's deep, gentle voice brought tears to Pablo's eyes as he gazed at the man who had guided him through all this. "I understand now, sir, and I feel ashamed of the way I behaved. I apologize to you, sir, and I want to make amends to the boys too. They're great guys and I want to be their friend. Please, sir, I've been so lonely rejected by all of them. Would you .... could you ..... say something kind to me, sir?"

Steve smiled down at him. "I was impressed by the way you obeyed me and stayed silent as you watched us, Pablo. Took a lot of self-control. And I believe you've learned a lot from our therapy sessions. I was a little afraid all this could even harden your feelings against the boys but I see that the reverse is true. You've done well, kid, though making amends to the boys will be between you and them. I hear Darius has something in mind."

He glanced at the damp ground. "I also see you shot your wad even thought you were tied up. I suppose you want me to untie you so you can jack off again thinking about what you've seen."

"Yes please, sir," Pablo said meekly.

Well I'm not gonna allow you to jack off, Pablo. Instead I'm gonna give you a reward that I think you've earned." Quickly Steve untied him and said, "On your back, boy." Pablo obeyed and lay on his back on the warm boards of the deck. His heart was pounding as Steve knelt down between his legs. "I know you've wanted this since you walked in through my gate the other day. And here's a little confession of my own ...... I wanted it too. I think you noticed the bulge in my pants. So to hell with that doctor/patient thing. Here's your reward, kiddo."

Steve leaned forward, pressed his cock between the perfect globes of Pablo's ass and eased inside him. Pablo sighed deeply as he felt the huge shaft slide in deep, something he had longed for since he arrived here. He placed the palms of his hands on the mounds of Steve's chest and gazed up at the gorgeous, rugged face and muscular body. He was being fucked by Randy's brother ..... the civilized one ..... kind, wise and patient.

Steve's voice was gentle. "You're a good boy, Pablo. Just don't fuck up again, OK?"

"I'll do my best, sir," and Steve was treated to Pablo's crooked smile.

It was a warm, loving fuck, the climax to Pablo's journey with this incredible man. In time he felt the cock inside him move with increased urgency and he dug his fingers into Steve's chest. As Steve had predicted, there was no need to jerk off. The ecstatic boy stared into Steve's eyes and said, "Now, sir?"

"Now Pablo..... at last." And their cocks erupted together, man and boy, finally venting the pressure that had been building in them for days. Tears of relief were flowing down Pablo's face. He felt at peace for the first time. He loved Steve ...... but he was ready to go home.


The next afternoon, a Saturday, the house was quiet. Randy had taken the men out to look at a prospective construction job he was bidding on. The boys were all home. Jamie was upstairs in the office. Darius had sent Eddie down to the kitchen to lend a hand to Nate and the twins as they prepared the evening meal. Darius was alone in his bedroom ..... waiting.

At last he heard tentative footsteps on the stairs, the door opened ..... and Pablo came in. He closed the door behind him and stood nervously, acutely aware that the last time they had been in the room together he had beaten Darius savagely and then injured Eddie. He could barely look at Darius whose stony gaze was cold, inscrutable. Darius broke the silence, speaking as if picking up a conversation in progress.

"Just for the record, dude, when you last saw me here I had just washed off the dirt of the construction site after work. I had just stepped naked from the shower and was giving a welcoming hug my guest, Eddie. That's all it was, and I was glad to see you until you went ballistic. That was all it was. Since then Eddie has slept with me. We held each other but I did not have sex with him out of respect for you ..... a respect you don't deserve. "

Pablo looked at his lover with tears in his eyes. "I've been an asshole, Darius"

"Yeah, no argument there. But you're my asshole, dude, and that's all we have to work with right now. Shit, you made me angry ...... I still am. You know me, kid, the class clown ..... I can laugh anything off. But not this time. This is serious stuff. I brought a guest into this house, a shy young kid who looks up to me ..... thinks I'm hot stuff ..... trusts me to protect him like a master. And the first thing he sees is me getting beat up by my lover. How d'you think that made him feel ..... how do you think it made me feel?"

His angry tone was tinged with sorrow. "I'm the guy who loves you, dude, and you did this! No, man, this time you went way over the top and you have to pay. You have to make amends to the other boys and most of all to me."

"I know," Pablo said in a small voice.

"OK. Get your sorry ass down to the basement." Pablo had never heard this commanding tone before, never seen this new, tough Darius, and he left the room. Darius flipped open his phone and called Jamie. "Hey dude, do me a favor. In twenty minutes go down to the twins, Nate and Eddie in the kitchen. Get them together and all of you come down to the basement. Something we have to do. Thanks, man." Darius clenched his jaw, his eyes flashed.


The boys, of course, all knew the basement gym well, all except for Eddie who followed them downstairs wide-eyed and nervous. At the door they all stopped in their tracks, gazing at a scene that up to now they had seen only in porn. Pablo was on his knees with his back to the wall. His hands were tied behind him and round his neck was a wide, black leather collar. It was attached by a short chain to a hook in the wall behind his head.

Next to him stood Darius, and he took their breath away. He was dressed in heavy black boots, the leather pants Zack had given him, and Zack's leather vest that hung open over his muscular chest. He was the ultimate icon of a tough black leather-boy. Despite the circumstances, Jamie smiled inwardly as he thought that Darius could never do anything, even something as important as this, without a heavy touch of fantasy.

Fantasy or not, Darius was all business. "OK, guys, I want you to look at this man." He grabbed Pablo's hair and pulled his head back so his face gazed abjectly up at them. "A few days ago he shamed our house by committing the sin of attacking all the boys, including a young guest of the house. He insulted you all, and he has to make amends to you all. The masters have let me take charge of his punishment. Eddie, go and stand by the wall and watch. I want you to see how this house deals with men who betray us."

Eddie quickly obeyed and stood watching in awed silence. Deep down he was thrilled by the sight of the man he idolized, in full leather and taking charge. There was a heavy silence as the boys all instinctively acquiesced to Darius's leadership role. After all, he was Pablo's lover and he had been the one most injured. "Jamie," Darius said. "You're the senior boy there, so you go first." He jerked Pablo's head back further, and the reflex made his jaw sag open.

Jamie walked forward and spoke quietly to Pablo. "I agree with Darius, dude. You hurt me and humiliated me and my friends. Now it's your turn." He ripped open his shorts and pulled out his stiff cock. He pushed Pablo's head back against the wall and jammed his cock hard into his mouth. Pablo gagged and swallowed hard as his friend's cock plunged deep into the back of his throat. Jamie held his head in a vise-like grip as he pounded his face.

He growled, "You were my friend, Pablo, but this is what I think of you now," and his cock became a piston, ramming into his mouth. But Jamie took after his master, Mark, who as a cop hated physical violence, and the boy did not want to prolong the agony. He pulled his cock almost out of the mouth, paused, and then thrust his hips forward, pushing his rod far down the throat where it exploded, making the bound victim gag on the burst of hot juice.

Pablo choked desperately and would have passed out but the cock pulled out right away. Jamie held it still and blasted more streams of cum into the agonized face, watching with satisfaction as the semen mixed with the tears already flowing down Pablo's cheeks. Pablo was still gasping as Jamie stepped away and had a quiet word with Nate.

Nate came forward and said quietly in his soft Australian accent, "You were one of my best mates, Pablo, but you really hurt me, and all I was doing was trying to stop the fight. So I have to do this to you, mate." Pablo tugged against his collar but he was helpless and Nate drove his cock into his mouth just as Jamie had done. It took only a minute for him to feel the cum racing through his cock, and then erupting in Pablo's throat. Following Jamie's example, Nate pulled out and most of his orgasm was spent pouring over Pablo's face.

Pablo was coughing and choking desperately and his head fell forward in pain and humiliation. But Darius quickly pulled it up again and looked over at the twins. More reticent than the others they came forward and Kevin said, "Our master, Bob, has always told us that violence is never the answer. But you used violence on us, Pablo, and we don't know why. We never hurt you. You were our friend." Kyle took over. "You called us 'Bob's lackeys' and that really hurt. So we have to do this, Pablo."

There followed a long session of pain and humiliation for Pablo as the twins took it in turns to fuck his cum-soaked face. Through a blur of tears and semen Pablo saw first one twin then the other fuck his mouth, handing off to each other repeatedly until he lost all sense of which twin was pounding his face. Breathing through his nose, swallowing hard, he used every technique he had learned from sucking Randy's huge cock, but still he felt he might pass out.

Relief came suddenly as the twins stopped and Pablo gazed up at them. He saw two identical faces, identical cocks pointing at him, and two streams of hot semen slam into his face. He was blinded as the cum kept pouring from the two cocks. His exhausted jaw fell open and he gulped hard and often, tasting the bitter-sweet juice flowing from of the beautiful twins.

Then it was over. Darius grabbed his hair again and forced him to look up at the boys who had humiliated him. The beautiful young face sobbed in degradation, smothered in the cum of four boys. "Those are the men you hurt, Pablo, and they have had their revenge. Now it's my turn."


It didn't take long for Darius to set up what he wanted. The boys had joined Eddie, watching what the black leather-boy would do next. Pablo was now lying face-down splayed over a work-out bench, his wrists and ankles tied to the legs. There was a mirror facing him and Darius pulled his head up so he could see his reflection. His voice was harsh.

"I brought my friend to this house, a boy who respects me and looks up to me, a boy I should have protected. I brought him to meet you, my lover, and you attacked us both. Now you will make amends to us both." He eyes travelled down to the hard, white globes of Pablo's vulnerable ass. "That beautiful ass is one I have always loved, dude. I've had my dick inside it so many times when I made love to you. But now, man, I have to hurt it ...... I have to."

Darius picked up from the floor a whip, a cat o' nine tails with a dozen long braids of leather. He raised his arm, hesitated, then lashed it down over the helpless ass, watching the mounds bounce under the fury of the whip. Pablo made no sound ..... at first. But now all of Darius's buried anger came to the surface and, as he glimpsed his young friend Eddie in the corner, he shouted, "This is from both of us, asshole, my young friend and me."

Darius's strength came from rage, a desire to avenge his friend, and a need to redeem himself in Eddie's eyes after having been beaten and humiliated before him. He went wild, thrashing the ass with brutal lashes again and again until Pablo was screaming in pain. The ass that had been pristine white was now a mass of angry red stripes ..... it was on fire. Darius saw in the mirror Pablo's agonized face gazing up at him, eyes streaming with tears as he began to beg.

"Please, man, I can't take any more. I'm sorry I hurt you. I lost my mind ...... please forgive me, man. Please stop hurting me. I submit to you, sir ...... I love you."

But Darius would not give up until Jamie walked quietly forward and grabbed his wrist. Imitating what Mark had done so often when he intervened in fights, Jamie whispered to him, "That's enough, buddy. He's had enough. Don't hurt him anymore. He's your lover, man."

As if coming out of a trance Darius gazed at Jamie like he was seeing him for the first time. But he obeyed his friend's calm voice and threw the whip down. Then he turned and looked down at the ravaged ass, the ass he loved, now flaming scarlet with the marks of the lash. He was confused for an instant ..... didn't know what to do. There was only one thing he could do.

He fell on his knees, gazed at the wounded ass and stroked it. Running on instinct he pushed the tip of his cock between the injured globes and eased his rod gently into the depths of his lover's ass. He heard Pablo gasp as his wiry black pubic hair scraped against the tender flesh of his ass, so he pulled back, then pushed again into the silky depths of the ass he loved so much. He looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of Pablo looking up at him, his face wet with tears and cum. And through his sobs Pablo pleaded.

"Please, buddy ..... please forgive me. Please show me you still love me, man. Fuck my ass .... it's yours, dude. Man, I love you so much ..... I can't lose you. I promise I'll never hurt you again. Please tell me you forgive me. Please, Darius ....."

Whether it was his lover's words or the exquisite sensation of his cock inside him, Darius melted. Tears filled his eyes too as he said softly, "I forgive you, dude. I wanted to forgive right from the start ..... I just had to do this to you first. It's all over now. All I want to do now is love you, man, love that gorgeous ass. Let me show you."

The boys watched in awe as the huge ten-inch cock pulled out then glided back deep inside the ass, again and again as the two lovers wept silently. Jamie put his arm round Eddie and said in his ear, "That's love, Eddie. They're a great couple. And they'd make perfect masters for a boy ..... if the boy wanted it."

"I do, sir," Eddie whispered. "More than anything."

They heard Darius speaking softly to Pablo. "OK, kiddo, we're lovers again. Let's show each other. Let's show the guys. Hell, it takes more than one little fight to break us up. You ready, dude?"

"Yes, sir," Pablo whispered. "I'm ready."

Darius pulled back and shouted, "Here it comes, guys. We're back!" He plunged back in and the lovers came together in two spectacular orgasms ..... a display of contrition by one, forgiveness by the other, and a love shared by two boys so solid it could never be destroyed.


It was early evening before Randy and the men got back to the house, having visited several sites of promising future construction projects. The long table by the pool was already set for dinner and as the men hadn't eaten all day they took their places right away.

The boys all appeared from the kitchen, chatting amiably, and the men knew instantly that Darius had been true to his word and taken care of the situation. There was an aura of leadership about him, a confidence to his stride, and the boys gathered round him in a subtle display of respect and admiration.

There were other signs too. Before Pablo sat down the twins grabbed a cushion from a chaise and placed it on his chair. He lowered himself onto it gingerly, with barely a wince as his ass touched the seat. Darius sat Eddie between himself and Pablo and the boy positively glowed with excitement. Bob whispered to Randy, "Hmm .... interesting. Can't wait to see what develops there. Looks like our boys are growing up."

Zack, on Darius's other side, threw his arm over his shoulder and said in his ear, "Well done, kiddo. I'm real proud of you. You're my man ..... and I always reward my man ..... later."

Randy leaned over to Pablo and whispered, "Welcome back kid. Maybe you can give me half an hour later ..... that's if you ass is not too sore."

Pablo's crooked grin was back. "Never too sore for you, sir."

Just then Hassan, Steve and Lloyd came in, having driven down from Steve's house together. The twins came out with the food and, with the party complete, Bob stood up and cleared his throat. "OK, guys, just a word before we eat. It's been a kind of a rough few days but I have a feeling things are pretty much on track, thanks in large part to Steve and Darius.

"Also, I'd like to welcome Eddie among us. I understand you have a couple more days off work, Eddie, so you'll be staying here with Darius and Pablo. All I can say to that is ..... 'Enjoy!' Oh and one last thing. Adam called from Sydney to say he'll be here in a couple of days .... has a three-day layover."

"Yeah, I heard about that," Zack said with a lascivious grin. "I need to see that hot Aussie stud again."

"So that's about it," said Bob. "Any questions?"

"Yeah," shouted Randy. "When the fuck are we gonna eat?"

Bob sat down, grinned and murmured in his ear ..... "Asshole."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Chapter 146


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