The intensity of Randy's love for Bob had once again led him to behave irrationally when he realized Bob's growing attraction to the awesome Marine, Hassan. His fury had made him hurt Bob once again and, unforgivably, put Pablo in a life-threatening situation. Randy had degraded himself and lost the group's respect, and it fell to his brother Steve to try to redeem him. In a spectacularly sexual trial of strength Randy had submitted to the judgment of them all. In helpless bondage he had been fucked by each one of them in turn.

It had been Randy's bid to regain their respect and their recognition of him as the ultimate master. And he had succeeded magnificently. They all gathered round the hammock and gazed in awe at the muscular body and handsome dark face streaming with the cum of so many men, juice oozing from his ass. They had to acknowledge his supremacy with one final collective act, an act on their part no longer of domination but of submission.

They looked down at him and began to stroke their cocks, paying homage to the master. Soon they felt their juice rising until it exploded onto the magnificent man bound before them. Randy felt himself drowning in the semen of nine men as it rained down on his face and naked body, drenching him in cum, re-anointing him as the ultimate, undisputed master.


The only sound was the heaving breathing of the exhilarated men gazing down at the cum-soaked muscle-god tied to the hammock. It was Steve who had orchestrated all this and it was to him that they instinctively looked for guidance on what came next. He gestured for them all to step back a few yards. Then Steve untied the ropes from Randy's wrists and ankles and stepped to the side. All eyes were riveted on Randy as slowly, painfully he eased himself off the hammock, took a deep breath and rose unsteadily to his feet.

Not a man among them could fail to be in awe of the stunning man standing naked before them. After so much straining in bondage his muscles still bulged, etched with veins, as sweat and semen poured down his body. Cum also soaked his hair, matted to his forehead, and flowed down his cheeks and stubbled chin. But the look in his eyes was one of exhilaration ..... of triumph. He knew he had survived this ultimate test of manhood and emerged supreme.

Steve grasped his wrist and raised his arm up high ..... proclaiming the champion. There was a burst of applause from the men, and shouts and whistles from the boys. The first to move was Pablo. Impulsively he ran forward and in a show of deference held out his hand. Randy ignored it and folded his arms round his boy. Pablo felt the hot flesh of his master pressing against him, still slick with semen and he gazed into Randy's riveting blue eyes. "Thank you, sir. Thank you for not leaving me .... leaving us."

Randy smiled. "Ah, all that crap I spilled before was just me talking bullshit. I'd never leave you, kiddo. Where else would I ever find a tough young stud as hot as you?"

With tears in his eyes Pablo stepped back and his place was taken by Mark, who gazed admiringly into Randy's eyes and grabbed his hand in a firm handshake. No words were spoken ..... the gesture was enough. It was a gesture repeated by Zack, who smiled as he pumped Randy's hand in a sign of respect ..... one master to another.

But Randy was obviously exhausted and now Bob walked forward and put his arm round his shoulder. Randy leaned on him for support as they walked toward the house. As they passed in front of Steve Randy grinned and said, "I owe you one, brother. Thanks, man."


In the bedroom Randy took a long, hot shower, with Bob soaping and massaging his bruised muscles. He ran his hands gently over Randy's ass that still burned with the pain of being impaled on so many cocks. Then Bob dried him with a big, soft towel and led him to the bed, where Randy gently eased himself onto his back with a huge sigh. Bob's instinct told him that Randy should be left alone to sleep for a while so he covered him lightly with a sheet.

Before he left he said softly, "You were spectacular, buddy. I've never seen you look so incredibly hot. All I could think of was getting my ass fucked by this tortured muscle-god ..... fucked hard as only you can."

Randy managed a tired smile. "I did all this for you, man. It was the only way my pride would allow me to beg your forgiveness."

Bob was eager to put everything right and stammered, "And about San Diego, buddy, I'm not gonna ask Hassan to come and ......."

"Be quiet." Randy's voice was firm. "Of course you must see Hassan there or anyone else you want to You don't have to ask my permission. You're a gorgeous fucking top man ..... that's what I love about you, don't you know that? You don't have to ask anyone's permission to do anything. So, no more jealousy, no more fights."

Randy grinned. "Shit, the guys are getting bored with our story ..... always the same routine ..... I get jealous, go ape-shit, beat you up, you forgive me ..... until the next time. Nobody knows know why you stick around ...... and neither do I."

Bob stared deep into his eyes and said, "Yes you do. This is why." They saw themselves reflected in each other's eyes and entered the mirror-world where they became one ..... one body, one soul, transcendent ....... inseparable."


Steve was alone at the poolside table with a bottle of wine and two glasses that the twins had brought out for him. As Bob emerged from the house Steve looked up and gazed in awe ..... god the man was gorgeous, barefoot now, dressed only in khaki shorts. Bob sat down at the table with a sigh. Steve poured him a glass of wine and raised a questioning eyebrow.

"He's fine," Bob said, "asleep.

"And ....?"

"And it's all OK. Randy was the perfect gentlemen to me, gave me his blessing for my meeting with Hassan in San Diego. Well, he said I didn't need his blessing, didn't need anyone's permission to see Hassan or anyone else for that matter."

Steve looked at him with a quizzical smile. "So why do I not see a smile? Why do I hear that note of uncertainty in your voice?"

Now Bob did smile. "Quite the observer aren't you, doc?" He sighed again. "I dunno, Steve. Somehow ..... somehow it wasn't the Randy I know."

"OK, shoot," Steve said. "Think of me as a therapist for a minute."

There was a long pause as Bob's mind wandered back to the past. "I don't think Randy and I ever told you how we met," he said. "I was living in San Francisco, and on a long drive south I stopped in L.A. for a breather. Went for a drink in a shabby old bar on Hollywood Boulevard and there he was, a handsome, muscular construction worker with a five-day stubble on his jaw, in old work clothes and a sweaty tank-top."

He paused with a smile of recollection. "I was gonna sleep for a while in my car but he said I could take a nap in his motel room. I was exhausted and I guess I was dreaming and threw an arm over him in my sleep. He thought I was coming on to him and flew into a towering rage. Bear in mind that neither one of us had ever been with a man before, never even given it a thought. He got real physical, went crazy, tied me up and beat me, brutalized me. It lasted all night until finally he let me go."

"And here's the crazy part. I should have just got the hell out of town, but I didn't. I couldn't. I drove around aimlessly and eventually found myself back at the motel .... and it was as if he was waiting for me. I wanted more, Steve. And he gave it to me. I couldn't get enough of him. There was something ...... I dunno, I....."

"You were already in love with him."

"Is that what it was? Maybe. But if I did fall in love it was with that gorgeous, dark, dangerous gypsy of a man. I wanted to feel his anger, feel the pain ..... I wanted him to dominate me, use me ..... own me. And you know what? Just the other day when he burst into my room, eyes blazing angry, he fucked my ass so hard I was sobbing. And I loved it! That was the guy I had first met, the rugged, sweaty construction worker in his torn tank-top, the man I was crazy about, the guy I can't live without."

Bob looked pleadingly at Steve. "Steve, look at me, a big, successful, macho top man, a master ..... but a master who wants to be dominated by another master ... by Randy. What kind of sense does that make?"

"All the sense in the world, Bob. And the best part is, Randy feels exactly the same. You think Randy could ever have hooked up with a lesser guy than you? Look at the boy he chose .... Pablo, a handsome, tough young stud handy with his fists. Look at his buddies, Mark and Zack, gorgeous muscle-studs he admires and respects but who always bring out his competitive instincts.

"You see, Bob, that's Randy ..... he has to be the best, the boss .... and he has to have the best. He has to have a spectacular lover, a gorgeous muscle-god that everyone lusts for, a man who exudes masculinity and strength. He found that in you ..... the only man who measures up. That's why he waited for you in that motel room. And that's why he's so afraid of losing you."

Steve smiled. "Don't worry, Bob, he'll never stop fucking you the way that drives you wild. But he must not let his anger control him to the point he becomes dangerous. Hell, look what he almost did to Pablo. You'll always have to watch out for that, and so will I. Bob, I love both of you. You are an exciting, magnificent couple and I'll always be there to help you through the bad times, as I was this time. Sure, when the shit hits the fan the guys will say, 'Oh god, there they go again ..... same old story.' Well, it may be the same old story, buddy, but it's damned exciting to watch."

Steve grabbed Bob's hand. "Now, do me a favor, go down to San Diego, get your boring old business meetings out of the way ...... and enjoy your visit with Hassan." He laughed. "I just wish I was a fly on the wall of your hotel room. Gets me hard thinking about it."


As Bob drove his Mercedes down the San Diego freeway, the smart executive in his well-tailored business suit, he ran Steve's words through his mind again and again. And he pictured Randy as he had first seen him in the dimly-lit bar, hunched over the bar nursing a beer. He saw the muscular body, honed by hours of physical labor, sweaty, grimy, in old work pants, boots and a ragged tank top that looked as if he'd it worn for weeks.

He recalled how the face, that rugged, macho, stubbled face, had suddenly turned to look at him, the steel-blue eyes piercing the gloom. And just like that first time, Bob's cock swelled now, though this time it was bulging under the sleek fabric of his smart business pants. His hard-on remained, even during his business meetings, where the staff looked up to the handsome vice-president as the embodiment of the successful executive. They would do anything for him ..... he was the boss. 'If only they knew,' Bob smiled secretly to himself.

It was with relief that he finally got back to the hotel. He was bored with business, bored with the adulation that shone from the staff's eyes, women and men alike. The Westgate is a luxury hotel in the grand old style and when he was shown into his room he strolled over to the French windows and walked onto the private terrace with a sweeping view of the bay. This was the ultimate in luxury alright, but right now he would have willingly exchanged it for a stool at that shabby old bar, with the construction worker staring at him.


Suddenly the phone rang. He went back into the room and picked it up. It was Hassan, calling from his jeep.

"Hi, Bob." The soft, lilting accent instantly brought to mind the image of the soldier's handsome Arab/Asian face. "I'm on the freeway, almost to San Diego. We're still on for that drink, right?"

Bob blinked hard as the image of the construction worker morphed into the face of the handsome Marine. "Yeah ..... yeah, sure we are. Looking forward to it. Drink and then dinner if you like. Meet you in the bar downstairs." He felt his heart beating as he replaced the phone and realized that Hassan was now the cause of his near-permanent erection.

He changed into pale gray slacks, a camel sport-jacket and blue tie. He looked into the mirror and was pleased with the effect, subconsciously thinking that Hassan would be impressed. He went down to the Plaza bar, ordered a martini ..... and waited. He was annoyed to find he was nervous, on edge.

He watched people come and go, and then a tall, striking man came in and stopped at the door as if looking for someone. He was stunning ..... black hair, slanting eyes in an exotic square-jawed face. He was wearing tan slacks, dark blue blazer and a white shirt unbuttoned almost to the chest. His smart clothes did little to disguise the muscular physique underneath. Many eyes turned toward the door, and Bob stood up, an automatic reflex of admiration as much as a signal to Hassan.

Hassan flashed a gleaming smile and strode over to Bob, his hand outstretched. "Bob," he said. "Wow, you're looking ...... Jesus you look great. I'd forgotten."

"Me too," smiled Bob, shaking his hand. "My memory didn't do justice to you either. Don't think I've ever seen you out of military fatigues."

"Is this OK?" Hassan asked, looking uncertainly down at his clothes. "This place is so grand ..... should I have worn a tie?"

"Not on your life," grinned Bob, looking down at the tight black hair curling between the open shirt. "You look perfect."

They ordered drinks and there was an initial uneasy silence, which Hassan finally broke. "Look, Bob, there's something I have to say right off the bat. When I was in your house I think I may have caused all kinds of problems ..... especially between you and Randy. I certainly didn't mean to and if there is any problem us being here ..... well, you know ..... together ..... then I'll leave. The last thing I want is ......"

Bob reached forward and grabbed his wrist. "No, Hassan. There's no problem at all. We sorted all that out" (he grinned at the memory) "and Randy gave his blessing ..... well let's just say he has no problem with this at all." His cock was roaring hard in his slacks and he was sure the same went for Hassan. "Look, is it OK if we go into dinner right away?"

"The sooner the better," the soldier grinned.


The food was great ...... but who was eating? The conversation flowed, but who was listening? Who was paying attention to anything except the burning look in the eyes and the feel of the cock throbbing in their pants? They were devouring each other, not the meal. They raced through the main course and Bob asked doubtfully, "You want dessert, coffee?"

"What do you think?" Hassan smiled.

Bob signed the bill and they quickly left the restaurant. The other people in the elevator must have felt the magnetic charge that sparked between the two men. It seemed like an eternity before the elevator reached the 18th floor and then they strode quickly to the room. As the door closed behind them their lips came together in a grinding, passionate embrace as the lust that had been building for weeks finally erupted. They clamped their hands behind each other's head and pulled the face forward, their tongues searching frantically inside the warm mouth, as if they were eating each other alive.

Still kissing they walked to the foot of the bed, and then held each other at arm's length, breathing heavily. "Oh, man," Bob said. "At the house as soon as you left with Mark I went to my room and beat off thinking about you. You gave me a spectacular orgasm."

"You too, uh? I can't count the number of times I jerked off thinking about you, man. Let's just say my sheets were soaked with cum."

They smiled at each other, reached forward and began to undress each other, pushing the jackets off first. Hassan loosened Bob's tie, pulled it off and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Bob too unbuttoned Hassan's shirt, pulling it open to glimpse the perfectly rounded pecs underneath. In seconds the shirts were yanked from the waistband and thrown to the floor. "Oh, man, that is so fucking beautiful," Hassan said, gazing at Bob's superb torso, and impulsively they came together again, grinding their chests and crotches against each other.

Bob knew he would shoot in his pants like that, so he pulled back and dropped to his knees. Frantically he ripped open Hassan's fly buttons, reached inside and pulled out the huge hard-as-steel cock. With a whimper he leaned forward, kissed the tip of the cock, tasting the pre-cum that dripped from it. He licked the gorged head and then pushed forward, feeling the huge shaft slide into his mouth and halfway down his throat. His face became like a piston, rising and falling on the soldier's rod. He grabbed Hassan's hips and pulled them forward, forcing the cock even farther down his throat.

Hassan was going wild, his black hair falling over his forehead as he looked down at the beautiful face making love to his cock. "Oh god, that feels incredible, man. I've thought about this so often, imagined my dick in your mouth, jacked off to it so many times. Oh, Jesus, I don't wanna cum yet though..... not yet." He suddenly pulled his cock out and Bob felt hands under his armpits lifting him up and throwing him onto his back on the bed.

Hassan reached down, unzipped Bob's pants and pulled them down below his knees. Bob's cock sprang up and was immediately sucked into Hassan's mouth. Bob looked down mesmerized as the Marine's dark, exotic face hammered his cock, pulling back, then plunging forward, clenching, sucking, savoring the bitter-sweet taste of pre-cum.

But Hassan knew that Bob, too, was close to orgasm, so he stopped, sprang to his feet, kicked off his shoes and pulled off his pants. He leaned forward and pulled off Bob's shoes and pants. Both of them were naked and Hassan stood at the foot of the bed gazing down at Bob. "Man, you are so beautiful, so fine. I've wanted to make love to you since the day I saw you."

He threw his head back and howled, then threw himself onto the bed. The two naked bodies became one in each other's arms, twisting, writhing, churning over the bed and onto the floor. They rubbed their bodies together feeling the muscles beneath them bulge and flex, feeling now what they had up to now only looked at and lusted for. They were kissing, licking, biting, trying to devour each other.

Hassan had reached a frenzy of desire. He picked Bob bodily off the floor, threw him hard down onto the bed and stood over him, breath heaving, nostrils flaring like a wild Arab stallion. He had to have this magnificent man. He dropped to his knees on the bed and pushed Bob's legs high in the air. He pressed the head of his dick between the mounds of Bob's ass and paused, savoring the moment before he took possession of the man.

Bob gazed up at the spectacular sight, the sweating, naked muscle-god about to enter his ass. He felt the iron cock pressing against his sphincter and braced himself for Randy's violent thrust that always drove him wild. Randy? Why was he thinking of ......? Suddenly the images flooded back ..... the construction worker at the bar, the wild gypsy bursting into his room, anger blazing in his eyes, muscles flexing as he pounded his ass like a jack-hammer. Then the image changed ..... Randy's blue eyes softened, became loving, setting him free to be with anyone, to do as he pleased.

He felt the cock pressing harder, harder, on the point of entering his ass. And suddenly his body jerked, he pulled away ..... away from the rigid cock ..... away from the man who wasn't Randy. "NO!"


Bob rolled off the bed and sprang to his feet leaving Hassan staring up at him wide-eyed. "Oh, man," Bob moaned. "I wanted it ..... real bad ..... but I'm sorry ..... I just ......"

"Hey, hey," Hassan said soothingly, lying on his back propped on his elbows. "Don't beat yourself up, buddy. No sweat. Don't get me wrong now ..... I really want to fuck your ass, but ...... well, it's not the only thing I fantasized about." He smiled, bent his knees and pulled his feet back toward him.

Bob's hard-on returned instantly. Just as Hassan had done to him before he knelt down, pushed up Hassan's legs and pressed his cock against his ass. "That's it, man," Hassan smiled. "That's what I dreamed about, and in my dream I came without touching myself."

"Not a problem," Bob smiled, and fell forward, grabbing Hassan's wrists and pressing them to the bed, high above his head. "We've both jacked off so many times, buddy ..... now you're gonna know what it really feels like." He eased his cock slowly into the soldier's ass, sliding past the warm, moist membrane and coming to rest deep inside him.

Hassan's beautiful face rolled to the side, he moaned and a tear rolled down his cheek. "Oh, man. You are so fucking hot. Your cock feels so good inside me ..... so right. Fuck me, man. Fuck my ass."

So, gently, lovingly, that's what Bob did, gazing into the slanted dark eyes. After the frenzy of their passionate physicality this, finally, was how it was meant to be. At last Bob was making love to the man he had lusted for from the first, the man he had fantasized over, whose image had caused his lonely orgasms. And it felt out of this world. He pushed down on Hassan's arms, pinning him to the bed, their faces close.

Spellbound by each other's beauty they smiled at each other. "Now I'm gonna make you cum," Bob said softly. He lowered his head and his mouth licked the soldier's full, sensuous lips. Their mouths slid lightly together as they felt the heat rising from their groin. Then Bob clamped their mouths tightly together so the only breath they could take was from each other.

They shared their breath, shared the heat coursing through their bodies ..... and semen began to pour from them. Hassan felt the hot liquid flowing in his ass and his own cock erupted in a stream of cum that splashed onto his body and face. At last, they were joined. At long last all their thoughts, fantasies, desires, had found expression in the joy of exquisite physical release.


Sometime later they stood naked on the terrace, gazing out over the dark ocean, the last blue splinter of sky fading to black. Bob said, "You're gonna stay the night, aren't you?"

Hassan smiled. "I got a 72-hour pass. See, what I really wanted more than anything was simply to hold you all night."

No more needed to be said. They walked back inside, got into bed and put their arms round each other. They were soon asleep, though they woke up often and made love, with Bob fucking Hassan several more times.

But Bob's sleep was not untroubled by dreams of another man, and by early morning he was wide awake, thinking. He loved being with Hassan, in his arms, but Randy's image was still clearly etched on his mind. He had not betrayed him, he knew that, but he missed him. Suddenly he knew what he must do and whispered it in Hassan's ear. Without turning over to face him Hassan smiled and said, "I knew you were going to do that. It's a great idea."

In a few minutes Bob was on the phone, waiting, drumming his fingers impatiently on the table. "Oh hi, buddy," he said at last. "Yeah fine, everything's great. Yeah, he's still here, but that's why I'm calling. Randy, I want a big favor." He took a deep breath. "Do you think Zack could hold the fort for a day or so while you get on a train to San Diego? If you take the train we can drive back together." A long pause. "Yes, I'm sure. It's just that ..... I need you, man. Thanks, I'll meet you at the station. Oh, and the hotel is quite fancy, so try to wear a shirt this trip."

"Asshole," Randy's voice growled. "I thought that's how you liked me best, without a shirt."

Bob sighed. God he loved the man.


Randy didn't take well to public transportation ..... liked to be in charge, drive himself. But he had to admit that the almost 3-hour train ride, much of it beside the ocean, was great for sorting out your thoughts. Randy was pleased with himself, almost arrogantly so. His lover needed him. Bob had just spent the night with a spectacular muscle-stud ..... but he needed him. There was a contented smile on his face as he gazed out at the ocean speeding past the window.

Pacing the station platform Bob was nervous again as he gazed into the distance for the first glimpse of the train. Finally he saw the distant light and within minutes the big train was lumbering into the station. Bob craned his neck over the crowd getting off, and his heart leapt as he saw Randy, head and shoulders above them all. Bob smiled as he saw that Randy was wearing a new pale-blue polo shirt. Locking eyes they walked toward each other and fell into a tight embrace. Bob said into his shoulder, "I love you, Randy. More than you can know."

"More than I know, uh? Wouldn't take a bet on that, buddy. After all, the feeling's mutual."

They turned toward the parking lot but Bob suddenly stopped and looked into Randy's eyes. "Randy, there's something I want to tell you. I know I don't have to, but I want you to know. Last night when I slept with Hassan ...... he didn't fuck me. I couldn't let him. So I fucked him ..... several times. But he never fucked me."

As Randy strode with his lover across the station yard his smile was one of satisfaction bordering on smugness.


Hassan was standing on the hotel room terrace in just his boxers, gazing out over the ocean, smiling at his recollection of last night, sleeping with Bob in his arms. Intuitively he understood why Bob wanted Randy there. After all, the two men were as close as men could be, joined as one, and Bob wanted Hassan to see that up close. It was essential if they were to have any kind of continuing friendship. Plus Bob obviously missed Randy like hell.

The door opened and the two men walked in. The glow surrounding them was as bright as the sunlight outside. But Hassan was not intimidated ..... he walked forward and shook Randy's hand warmly. Randy was impressed by the soldier's confidence, not to mention his stunning beauty as always, but Randy held his feelings in reserve. Hassan was an obvious master ...... but Randy would show him a real master in action.

Hassan had ordered drinks from room-service and they sat down by the window. Conversation was slight, restrained ...... the train journey, the happenings back at the house ..... trivia. Suddenly Randy stood up and said, "OK, guys, we need to clear the air here, get things settled. Bob, you know what to do."

Hassan was amazed at the natural authority of this powerful man, his mastery at exercising total control. No wonder all the guys revered him as the boss. And his magnetic power over Bob was uncanny. Bob stood up and seemed almost hypnotized as the men locked eyes. Quickly Bob pulled off his T-shirt and dropped his pants. Naked, he threw himself onto the bed, his cock already standing straight up, rigid.

Randy turned to Hassan and said, "Just watch, soldier. Your turn will come." In the past few days Randy had gone through a lot of uncertainty and doubt, but now he was in full charge ..... this was an arena where he was the unchallenged expert and he went to work with awesome efficiency. He picked up Bob's T-shirt from the floor and ripped it in two, then twisted each half into tight braids. He snapped them hard between his fists and Bob moved, obediently raising his arms up toward the corners of the bed. Randy used the shirt to tie Bob's wrists to each corner of the headboard.

He growled down at his bound lover. "Let me see you get free." Hassan gasped as he watched the handsome bodybuilder pull helplessly at his restraints, his contoured muscles flexing as his body writhed and twisted. Hassan was enraptured by the erotic sight and his cock was rock hard in his shorts. Knowing his effort was futile Bob stopped and gazed up at Randy's dark, gypsy face. He moaned as he saw him pull off his shirt and strip naked.

Bob had not been sure why he had asked Randy to join them. He had been working on instinct. But now as the glorious muscle-god towered over him Bob knew beyond doubt that this is what he had craved. Since yesterday his mind had been crowded by images of the construction worker at the dingy bar, of Randy crashing into his room in his sweaty tank-top and work pants and savagely ramming his cock in his ass. He could not rid himself of these erotic fantasies. And now here he was, that same wild demon standing over him, and Bob knew he was going to get forcibly fucked. This ..... this is what he wanted, and only Randy could give it to him.

"You want it bad, don't you?" Randy said.

"Yes, sir. Please, fuck my ass. Hard. I need it, sir."

He braced himself for the onslaught and it came like a breaking storm. His legs were pushed high in the air, he saw only the piercing blue eyes and then ..... "aaah!" ..... he felt the spear of pain as the huge cock rammed into his ass. There was no pause, no halt. Randy's hips pulled back and once again Bob's ass was impaled on the iron shaft. His body jolted with streaks of pain, his head flew from side to side, and his body writhed as he pulled frantically at his restraints.

Hassan stood up horrified and was about to pull Randy off him, but then he saw the look in Bob's eyes ...... pure ecstasy, delirium as he experienced the savagery of this wild animal that he must have craved many times. Hassan stood back and marveled at the sight as Randy powered into Bob's ass like a jackhammer.

So this is what joined them, this was their private world that he was privileged to witness. Hassan had known Bob only as the supreme top man, successful executive, a dominant master desired by everyone. And now he was helplessly bound, submitting to his own master, begging to get fucked, a tortured captive being used, degraded by a muscle-god more powerful than he, by a man he loved.

Hassan watched the savage fuck continue, saw Bob pass from pain to pleasure as the men shouted obscenities to punctuate the wild passion they were feeling. The onslaught seemed endless, but finally Hassan realized that the climax was near as Randy's deep voice spoke to Bob. "You know what you have to do, asshole. You have to beg for it. I'm gonna slam that ass until you make me shoot my load inside you."

"Yes, sir. Please cum. Please, I want to feel your juice inside me." Bob struggled mightily to get free, to touch his cock, but he was reduced to begging again. "I want to cum, sir. I beg you, please shoot your load in me. Let me cum. Please, I'm begging you."

"Why should I, man?"

"Because I love you, sir."

That was what Randy needed to hear. With one last mighty thrust his cock buried itself deep inside Bob's ass and exploded. Bob gazed into the wild blue eyes and screamed, "Thank you, sir." His own cock erupted with ribbons of creamy cum over his chest, into his face and his dark, tousled hair. Randy pulled back one last time and again speared his ass with a final blast of hot semen. "Aaah!" Bob's eyes opened wide as he blasted another load over his cum-soaked body. Then his head fell back and his eyes closed.


Randy pulled out and smiled with satisfaction at his exhausted lover, still tied to the bed. Then the surprise came. He turned to Hassan and said, "OK, soldier. His ass is all yours. I know it's what you've both wanted since you first laid eyes on each other. Now, he's already shot a massive load, but if you can make him cum again ..... you're one of us."

Bob heard the words with shock. Randy was offering his ass to Hassan, like he owned it and was loaning it out. More than that, he was using Bob as the helpless target in a sexual contest, master against master, in a challenge to make Bob cum again. He looked up wildly and saw Randy, standing to the side, arms crossed against his naked chest, smiling at him.

God the man was spectacular. He knew ..... he knew exactly what Bob wanted. He wanted Hassan's dick inside him and now he could have it, after Randy had already savaged his ass. To be used in a contest between these two muscle-gods, two men he craved, was something he could never have dreamt of. It was electrifying and his cock, so recently drained, was hard already. He was finally, at long last, going to be fucked by Hassan.

He looked at Hassan and saw pride and confidence in his eyes. Hassan was in no way intimidated by Randy. Sure Randy had ruthless strength and sexual power but Hassan knew his own kind of power. He was supremely aware of his own sexuality, an eroticism that few could resist, male or female. And he knew beyond doubt that Bob could not. Hassan did not need to use force ..... he was a force-field all of his own.

He smiled down at Bob and asked in his soft, lilting voice. "Do you want this, Bob?"

"You know I do," Bob said. "Fuck me, Hassan."

Hassan knelt between his legs and pushed them up slowly. The head of his cock touched Bob's hole, slick with the juice from Randy's cock. Hassan looked up at Randy, smiled and said softly, "Watch this, Randy."

He turned his face back to Bob and stared at him, so Bob felt he was drowning in the limpid brown eyes. He held his breath, knowing that in an instant he would feel Hassan's cock inside him, at long last. At first he didn't feel it enter, Hassan was so tender. But then he felt the long shaft pushing gently inside him, past the damaged membrane and then passing over the inner sphincter, coming to rest inside the secret depths of his body.

"Oh, man," he moaned softly. "Fuck my ass." It was not so much fucking as a loving, soothing massage, bringing balm to his ravaged ass. The membrane was super-sensitive after Randy's brutal hammering but Hassan knew how to stroke it, heal it. It did not feel like a fuck at all. It was simply a way of making love ..... like kissing ..... like the soft sensation of lips on lips. Hassan's cock was caressing his ass, making love with infinite tenderness.

"You see?" said Hassan's musical voice. "This is how I enter a man's body. This is how I please him, how I make love. And you will not have to beg. I will tell you to cum and you will cum." They were lost in each other's eyes as the gentle, almost hypnotic rhythm continued, mounting imperceptibly until Hassan finally asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes ..... oh yes."

"Right. Now I am going to do something I have always wanted to do to you, Bob. I am going to spill my seed inside you. And when I do I will see semen flowing from you. Here it comes, Bob. Cum for me. Now."

There was no sound, no screams. Bob felt the soldier's hot liquid pouring into his ass and he saw his own juice streaming from his cock, arcing high and splashing on Hassan's glorious body above him. It seemed as if their orgasms would never stop, were infinite. But eventually they were drained, and the men were still gazing into each other's eyes. A gleaming smile came to Hassan's face. Gently he pulled out and stood up. He walked to the head of the bed and untied Bob's wrists.

Throughout this spectacular display of love-making Randy had stood mesmerized. For a few moments he felt his old anger and rivalry surface as he witnessed the Marine's overpowering sexuality. But then he saw the look of pure joy in Bob's eyes and understood Hassan's goodness and the love he could inspire. The soldier could never beat Randy at pure physical strength, but he had other, spiritual qualities, that in their way were the equal of raw strength.

Hassan walked up to him with his hand outstretched. Randy grasped it warmly and smiled. "Awesome, man. Thanks for giving him that. You're one of us."


The room had a huge double-headed shower and the three men made use of it in ways it had almost certainly never been used before. Then Bob gave Randy one of his shirts and jackets and they all got dressed as befits the Westlake Hotel and went down to the bar before dinner. There was an audible gasp as the three magnificent men walked between the tables. They were not only stunningly handsome but there was a glow about them that could have set the room on fire. As one of the bartenders said to a customer, "Take my word for it. That's afterglow."

They spent the next two nights at the hotel, three gorgeous men getting to know each other in every way possible, by the pool, on the beach, and in the room, where Bob's ass was used repeatedly by both men. But finally Hassan's leave was up and, after warm embraces and pledges to get together again soon, he drove away.

Randy and Bob left soon afterwards. Randy was driving the Mercedes with Bob sitting contentedly beside him.

"Wow," Randy said, "this is one classy fucking machine. Sure beats my big old truck."

"Oh I dunno," Bob grinned. "I'll take a dirty old truck any time. You just have to know how to handle it."

"Asshole," Randy smiled. Then he looked at Bob. "We're back, eh man ..... you and me?"

Bob pressed against his shoulder. "We're back, buddy."


Bob looked forward to being in the house again. Before he had left on this trip he had asked Jamie to keep an eye on the twins, make sure they were doing OK and had everything they needed. "You're great in the office with Kevin, Jamie, so take good care of them both."

Of course he had checked with Mark that he was OK with that, and Mark was enthusiastic. He put his arm round Jamie and said, "Be great for him. You know, I've been thinking, kiddo, all the other boys go out to work, but you, running the office, spend almost all your time in the house. Sometimes I think it's a bit like hibernating, not good for your development. You've gotta get out more, meet more guys outside the house.

He saw a look of concern in Jamie's eyes and he squeezed him tight. "No, I'm not saying you should leave me. You should know that by now. We're together for the long haul, buddy. But I tell you what ...... I have a few days leave coming and I thought I'd spend them in the shack in the dunes. You wanna come? That's if Bob can spare you away from the office."

Jamie's eyes were shining as he looked pleadingly at Bob. "Oh I think we can make do," Bob laughed. "Kevin can help me hold the fort, so yeah, you can go. Just stay out of trouble."

"Well, I'm not so sure about that," Mark grinned at Jamie. "Trouble can be half the fun. And maybe, kiddo, we might even get to know someone else along the way. It's about time you spread your wings ..... let me see what you're made of."

Jamie's eyes sparkled with anticipation.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 121


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