"OK," Randy said to Steve. "Now, about Lloyd ....."

The brothers were sipping beer in Steve's Beverly Hills office, having just reconciled (with Pablo's help) after their big falling out. Steve's lover Lloyd had seduced Hassan, and Randy had savagely punished them both. He had since made his peace with Hassan, rebuilding his bridges one by one, as Bob had put it. First Hassan, then Steve ..... and now for Lloyd.

But Steve was not encouraging. "Nothing you can help me with there, Randy. Too much was broken and he's keeping well away from me."

"Well of course he is, asshole. How can he face you after the stunt he pulled, lying like that just to get Hassan? Guilt is what he's feeling now and he can't bring himself to apologize. Shit, I should know all about that. Lloyd's sense of shame and betrayal is so strong what he needs is punishment from you. That's the only thing that'll heal the breach between you two."

"Hey, man, you should be the psychiatrist, not me."

"Ah, all that shrink mumbo-jumbo ..... not my style. But I do know about guys ...... and I know how to punish a guy ...... just ask Pablo ..... and Bob ....."

"... and just about any guy you've ever met," Steve laughed. "So what do you suggest, beat Lloyd up, whip him, like you usually do?"

"Nah, wouldn't work." Randy tapped his finger against his temple. This time it's brain, not brawn. What you shrinks would call a bit of psychology. I've got it all worked out. Here, I'll show you ..... stand up."

Steve stood up hesitantly, Randy came up to him, took him into his arms and kissed him passionately on the lips, a kiss Steve resisted for an instant, then returned just as passionately, their tongues probing hungrily. The brothers embraced for a long time, and when finally Randy pulled back, Steve stared at him breathlessly.

Randy grinned. "And that's just the beginning, Steve .... there's a whole lot more. That'll be the worst punishment for Lloyd. Trust me, little brother."


Nate was working diligently in the garden, mowing the lawn and trimming the borders, and he was happy as a clam at high tide. He had been the houseboy for some time now and was fully accepted by everyone, so fully that the guys spoke in an unguarded way when he was around. Working all over the house, cleaning and tidying up after the guys, Nate heard many things said in confidence, but he had proven to be so completely discreet that everyone trusted him not to gossip about things he had seen and heard.

He smiled to himself as he compared himself to old-time servants in big, wealthy houses who were aware of all the indiscretions of their masters but whose lips were sealed. Even Darius could not pry confidences out of Nate, though he tried mightily. Nevertheless, discreet as he was, Nate was in a prime position to influence events in occasional subtle ways, to nudge them in a certain direction, which he did with considerable skill. People even confided in him, knowing that their private concerns would go no farther.

As Nate mowed the lawn his mind was running over the recent upheavals involving Randy and Steve, Hassan and Lloyd. He not only knew all of the details of the story, he knew how the participants felt, their reactions, hopes and fears. So when the bell suddenly rang at the gate, the visitor couldn't have had a better person to answer it. Nate stopped mowing, wiped his hands on his T-shirt and opened the gate.

"Oh ..... Nate!" A flustered and visibly nervous Lloyd had not known what or whom to expect and he hesitated as he stared at Nate. "I, er, I was hoping to have a word with Bob, but if he's not home maybe I'll leave it until ....."

"No, no, sir. Come in, please. He should be home soon."

"And Randy?"

"Oh, Bob always gets home before Randy." Now while this was technically true, Nate knew full well that Randy was due home any minute. He had heard him tell Jamie that he would be home early to go over the company's next-quarter budget. He had also heard Randy tell Bob that things were coming to a head with the Lloyd situation, and that Randy wanted to confront him. "But," he had said, "Lloyd has to make the first move. When he does, I'll be ready."

Now, as Nate looked at the nervous Lloyd, he realized that this was his moment to play a part in the drama, to nudge things along a bit. All he had to do was to persuade Lloyd to stick around until Randy came home...... no easy task as the last thing Lloyd wanted was another confrontation with Randy, and he seemed to be on the point of fleeing.

"Sir, I was just going to take a beer break. Would you like to join me while you wait for Bob?"

"Well, yeah, sure ...... I guess so." Nate ran into the kitchen where the twins were working on dinner. He grabbed two beers and when the twins raised questioning eyebrows he said quietly, "Don't ask," and ran back out to Lloyd.

Lloyd seemed calmer now and said, "The last time I was here, Nate, I didn't get a chance to talk to you much .... my attention was elsewhere."

"I know, sir," Nate smiled, remembering Lloyd's fixation on Hassan.

Nate's playful remark forged an odd bond of understanding between them and Lloyd said, "I guess you get to know a lot about what goes on around here .... like what the guys are thinking and feeling. Have they said anything, er, well..... about ....."

"..... about you, sir? Sure they have, and my guess is the dust is beginning to settle ...... everyone's sort of calming down, if you know what I mean. I really think you should stick around and wait for Bob."

Lloyd frowned uneasily, but Nate charged on and launched into an odd conversation where he did most of the talking, rambling on about Australia while he kept an eye on his watch. He brought out more beers and kept talking, stretching it out as long as he could, but after a while Lloyd was getting restive, nervous about who he might run into here.

Finally he stood up and said," Look, Nate, maybe you could just tell Bob I came by and ....."

His voice died in his throat as the gate opened and Randy strode in. Randy's piercing look completely intimidated Lloyd, whose reflex was to take it out on Nate and he turned on him indignantly. "So that's why you made such an effort to keep me here, kid, every time I tried to leave. Yeah, sure ..... 'You really should stick around Lloyd.' Then the beers, the blathering on about Australia ..... You knew Randy was coming home and contrived this so we would meet. Well let me tell you, boy, I don't appreciate ...."

"Oh sit down and shut the fuck up, Lloyd," Randy growled. "I said sit!" Like a dog obeying his master, Lloyd sat. Towering over him Randy said, "Now if you have anything to say about this kid, you fucking-well say it to me, Lloyd. Nate is my boy, he's a great kid and he's one of us, so nobody talks to him like that .... get it, asshole? As a matter of fact his instinct was right on the money. I did want to see you, so he did just the right thing by keeping you here. Now .... Stay!" Another dog command ..... and Lloyd stayed.

Randy put his arm round Nate and walked him toward the house. "You did great, kid. You're one smart guy. I was waiting for Lloyd to show up so I'm glad you didn't let him get away. I owe you one, kiddo." Nate blushed deeply as Randy smiled at him. "It's about time I paid a bit more attention to you, kid. Now I'm gonna have a word with Lloyd here, then a quick office meeting with Jamie, but after that I'd like to thank you properly, so why don't you come up to my room in about half an hour, OK?"

"OK, sir," said Nate and walked into the house feeling about ten feet tall.


Randy walked back to the table and sat facing Lloyd, who flinched nervously. "Oh, cool it, man, I'm not gonna touch you .... not this time."

Lloyd stammered, "I really came to see Bob."

"Yeah I bet you did ..... needed a kind, understanding guy to smooth the path between you and Steve. Well you got me instead, so we'll do things my way. I'll keep it short. Now the way I see it you want Steve back, and you want Steve to forgive you, right?"

"Well, yeah, but I'm not sure if he ....."

"Leave Steve to me. You were a total asshole with Hassan and you hurt Steve a lot, but he'll do what I say. First, though, he has to punish you for what you did ..... that's not negotiable."

"Oh, I know that. It's what I want ..... I really need it..... like, putting myself at his mercy."

"I know that. Believe me I know all about punishment. Trust me, it's the only thing that brings redemption to guys who've behaved like assholes ..... like you Lloyd. So here's what you do. You come back here tomorrow evening after work and I'll take care of everything.

Lloyd looked startled. "You? But this is between Steve and me. I don't see why you ....."

Randy cut him off sharply. "That's another thing that's not negotiable. This is my brother you fucked over, Lloyd .....my brother. I take care of family, so I'll take care of this. Just be here ..... tomorrow evening. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Lloyd said crisply, as if to a sergeant major. Once again the tough construction boss had completely dominated him, and as he left the house and got back in his car Lloyd resented the fact that his cock was hard in his pants.


Randy's meeting with Jamie was efficient and to the point, with Jamie expertly running over the cost estimates for the next phase of construction. "Another great kid," Randy thought to himself as he left. "Jesus, we got some great boys here." He had just got back to his room and thrown himself on the bed, still dressed in his work clothes ..... cargo-pants, boots and an old sweaty tank top ..... when there was a timid tap on the door and Nate edged in uncertainly.

"Hey, there, kid. Don't be shy ...... come on in." Nate stood facing the bed, not sure what was expected of him. He felt nervous as he looked at the muscular construction worker, lying on his back, hands folded behind his head, his biceps bulging as his arms stretched upward. But any trepidation Nate was feeling disappeared as Randy broke into a warm smile, his teeth a dazzling white contrast to his swarthy face and darkly stubbled chin.

"Thanks again for what you did down there, Nate. Keeping Lloyd there gave me just the opening I needed." He smiled again. "I've been neglecting you, kid ...... it's about time we got to know each other better. You still doing OK here? Some guys would find working as houseboy a bit menial."

"Oh, not me, sir. I love it."

"You're a good kid, Nate. I'm glad you're with us, and I appreciate your discretion, 'cause I guess there's not much goes on in the house that you don't know about, eh? Shit, the last time you were in this room I let you watch me make love to Bob. Not many of the other guys get to see that. Let's see now, I fucked your face too, didn't I .... in the shower?"

"Yes, sir," Nate said, smiling at the memory, and at Randy's blunt description of it.

"Yeah, but I haven't fucked your ass yet, have I? Well, we'll take care of that now ..... be my way of thanking you."

"Oh, sir," Nate stammered, looking startled. "Well ...... it's just that the guys say when you fuck it can be ......"

" ..... pretty brutal eh?" Randy's smile had a touch of arrogance. "Yeah I guess I do have that reputation. But that's only when a guy wants it, like Pablo does, or when some asshole makes me real mad, like Lloyd did. But you saw how I fucked Bob. He loved it ..... always does. Here, let me show you. Get naked, kid."

As Randy gazed up at him Nate self-consciously pulled off his T-shirt, grubby from the gardening, kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts. "Hell, you're looking great, boy," Randy said admiringly. "You been working out with Jamie and Pablo?"

"Yes, sir, every day."

Randy jumped off the bed, faced Nate and put his hands on his shoulders. The intense pale-blue eyes bored into him and Nate felt his legs go weak. "OK, kid, take my place on the bed." Randy pushed down on his shoulders and lowered him onto his back, then stood back to admire him. "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna enjoy fucking you, boy. They do say that a guy is not a full member of this group until I've fucked him."

As Nate had fallen back on the bed his arms fell upward above his head. Randy gazed down at the casually spread-eagled body, and stroked his chin. "Hmm, I'd really like to spice this up a bit, Nate. Has anyone ever tied you up?"

"Oh, no, sir. I've often looked at pictures and drawings of guys in bondage but I'd never trust another guy enough to do that to me."

"Damn right, kid. Never trust a stranger who says, 'you can trust me'. But you do trust me, don't you?"

"Oh, sir, I'd trust you with my life."

Randy laughed. "Well it's not your life I want, just a good fuck. But I love to fuck a boy when his hands are tied. You up for that?" Nate didn't answer, but his cock stiffened and was soon pointing straight up. Randy grinned, "Well you're cock's up for it and that's all that counts. OK, here we go."

He grabbed two T-shirts from the laundry pile and expertly tied one round each wrist, then attached them to the bed posts. He stood back and admired the shy boy lying before him, his arms stretched up to the corners of the bed. "Yeah, you look terrific, kid. Now, see if you can get free."

Nate looked over his shoulder at his bound wrists and pulled hard, feeling for the first time the sensation of being helpless, at the mercy of another man. It was a new feeling ..... scary ..... and he panicked. "Sir, I'm not sure about this, sir. I don't think I want ....."

"Sshh." Randy dropped to his knees by Nate's side and gazed into his eyes. "It's OK, Nate. There's always a moment of panic at first. That's why I told you to try to free yourself, so you'd get used to it. Now, look at me. If you want me to untie you I will. Is that what you want?"

Nate stared into the soft blue eyes and realized that he wanted to be at the mercy of this man. His cock got even harder. "No, sir. I don't want you to untie me."

"Good ..... so what do you want?"

Nate replied without hesitation, "I want to feel you inside me, sir. I would like you to fuck me."

"Good boy." Randy stood up and looked down at him. All of Nate's fear had gone and he knew instinctively what to do. Once again he pulled at his restraints, harder and harder so his young body was twisting and writhing in bondage. "Oh, man," Randy groaned, "that is so hot ..... exactly what I like, such a fucking turn-on." He was stroking the bulge in his pants as he spoke. "Now show me your ass, boy."

Nate pulled his feet toward him on the bed and pushed his hips up as high as he could, displaying his ass to the muscular construction worker who was getting really turned on, with wet patches of sweat staining his tight tank top. Nate was shuddering as he gazed up at the swarthy muscle-god and he felt his cock pulsing. "Oh, sir, I think I'm ....."

Randy reacted quickly. He reached down, pulled Nate's legs out straight, pressed down on his thighs and leaned over him. "No!' The shock stopped Nate's cock from exploding. Randy looked at him sternly. "There's one rule here. You do not shoot your load until I give you permission. Is that clear, boy?"

"Yes, sir ...... sorry, sir."

Randy's stern expression vanished and he grinned. "But I gotta say, boy, you do have one sensational ass. And for the next few minutes it belongs to me to do what the hell I like with. OK with you?"

"Yes please, sir." Nate was longing to feel his master's dick inside him.

Randy pulled back and knelt between his legs. Slowly he unzipped his pants, reached inside and pulled out his long, thick rod, hard as steel. Nate's eyes opened wide and he gasped. He had often been fucked by Adam and Jamie, but this cock was huge, thick as a beer can. He wasn't sure if he could......

But then he felt the head touch his warm hole, he saw the gorgeous face smiling down at him and he relaxed. He was about to get fucked by the boss, by the dark, muscular man some had called the King of the Gypsies. That was his fantasy as he felt the rod press harder and slide inside his ass.

He had expected pain, but there was none, only the exquisite sensation of the monster cock filling his ass, pushing deeper and deeper as if it would never stop. And when it did stop it was against the tender inner sphincter. He heard Randy's voice again. "Now, whatever happens, you don't cum ..... not yet." Randy smiled, gave one last push and Nate felt the head of the cock pass over the inner sphincter and come to rest in the deepest, most private place.

"Aaah!" His body was on fire. He couldn't believe that the cock of this magnificent, powerful man had penetrated so deep inside him. Then he felt it pull back, all the way and gently massage his ass again. Once more it passed over into the hidden depths, sending jolts of electricity through the boy's body.

The spectacular man was leaning over him, so close Nate could smell the sweat and grease staining the ragged tank stretched tightly over the sculpted torso. The gypsy face looked down at him, black hair falling over his rugged features, as his cock moved rhythmically in his ass. Nate was amazed that this big, rugged, dominant stud, who could be so brutal, was fucking his ass so tenderly.

And in fact, it was at this point that Randy's fuck often did become savage ..... but not with this boy. He knew Nate couldn't hold back much longer. As he gently probed his ass, almost in slow motion, he watched Nate's body writhing as he pulled frantically at his restraints. "Sir, please sir, I really need to touch my cock, sir. Please ..... just untie one hand, sir."

"No need, kid," Randy grinned. "Never is with me. Here, I'll show you." And only now did he, almost imperceptibly, increase the rhythm of the piston moving in and out of the boy's ass. It was a master fuck, and he watched with satisfaction as Nate's eyes glazed over. He was being led into a whole new world of pure carnal pleasure.

"OK, boy, I know your cock is bursting. But don't cum yet ..... not yet. Hold back." But as he said this Randy started to pound harder, touching every tender spot in the cauldron of Nate's ass. "Soon you're gonna feel the boss's juice pouring inside you, boy, but you don't cum 'til then. Hold it, Nate. Whatever you do, don't shoot."

"It was an exquisite agony for Nate. He had never in his life needed to cum so much, as he felt the master's huge rod hammering his ass. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, desperately holding back his orgasm ...... that's what the master had ordered. His mind was reeling, his balls felt like they were bursting with the pressure of his cum straining for release. "Please, sir," he was saying. "Please cum inside me, sir. I'm begging you, sir."

Randy knew he was at his limit. "Open your eyes, Nate." The boy obeyed and stared frantically up at the muscle-god pounding his ass. Randy smiled. "OK, this is what it feels like when the boss comes inside you, kid. This is it!" Nate felt the huge shaft pulse inside his ass. It pulled back, then with one last, savage plunge blasted its load deep inside him.

Finally Nate could let go. "Aaah !!" His head tossed wildly, his scream echoed round the room and at last his cock exploded. The first jet of white cream shot with such force that it smashed against the head board. The second hit his face, and the next and the next. His cock kept pumping hot juice over his neck, his chest, until he felt he was drowning in his own semen.

His body shuddered and writhed for minutes until finally coming to rest. His heart was still pounding and he opened his eyes, though cum still blurred his vision. Gradually there came into focus the dark, rugged face smiling down at him, and he heard his master's voice.

"At last, Nate, you've been fucked by the boss. Now you're really one of us."


They were still staring at each other when they heard the sound of slow hand-clapping behind them. Randy pulled his dick out, stood up and turned to face ...... Bob.

"Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful," Bob said in awe. "Man, that was a spectacular fuck."

"You saw? How long you been standing there?"

"Right from the point where your cock slid in his ass." Bob looked over at Nate, still bound to the bed. "You OK, Nate?" Nate was too dazed to reply but the look of ecstasy on his face answered for him. Bob turned back to Randy and threw his arms round him. "You are one hell of stud, Randy, a fuck machine. There's nobody like you. Thanks for giving Nate that."

Randy pulled back and smiled. "He's all yours now, buddy." Bob shot a look of surprise but Randy urged, "Go ahead, big guy. Knock yourself out."

Bob walked to the foot of the bed and smiled down at Nate. He was still in his business suit, so he threw off his jacket, slid off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly, all the way down. He pulled it off and stood stripped to the waist. "Think you can do the same thing for me, Nate?"

"Yes, sir ..... please, sir." Nate couldn't believe that he was about to get fucked again. His ass had just been ploughed by the boss, giving him one of his most explosive orgasms ever, and now he was about to be fucked by the gorgeous businessman, a man he loved and admired. As he gazed at the perfect, muscular physique his cock got rigid, even though he had just emptied every drop of juice from his balls.

He held his breath as Bob knelt between his legs, just as Randy had done. He unzipped his slacks, pulled out his rock-hard cock and pressed it against Nate's ass ..... just as Randy had done. Bob spoke softly. "Jesus, you look great tied up like that, Nate. Randy sure knows what he doing. Not often a boy gets fucked by the boss and the boss's lover back-to-back. I know you've just shot a huge load, but do you think you have some left for me?"

"Of course, sir. I would do anything for you."

And so he felt Bob's cock slide inside his ass, lubricated by Randy's explosive orgasm, and he relaxed into his second fuck of the day. He gazed up at the incredibly handsome, square-jawed face, into the soft, brown eyes, and felt the cock slide gently in and out of his ass, already made tender and ultra-sensitive by the cock of the master.

Soon Bob reached up and untied his wrists. Nate lowered his arms and pressed his palms against the chiseled slabs of Bob's pecs, running his hands over his chest, his shoulders, his ripped abs and the slim waist cinched by the elegant belt of the slacks. He felt the muscles ripple under the skin as Bob's body moved rhythmically above him, easing his cock back and forth, massaging the soft velvet of his ass.

Bob grabbed Nate's wrists and pinned them to the bed above his head. Leaning close to him Bob smiled. "You feel so good Nate you're gonna make me shoot inside you. You think you can shoot too, so soon?"

"Absolutely, sir."

"OK, then." Bob leaned lower, his face inches from Nate. "I'm so glad you came to live with us, Nate." He pressed their lips together, and as their tongues probed inside their mouths they felt their cocks streaming cum. Nate's juice poured all over his already cum-soaked body and Bob's mingled with his lover's juice inside the boy's ass.

Suddenly they felt warm liquid splashing down onto their naked flesh. It was Randy, towering over them, anointing them with his second big orgasm, the final display of the master's love and affection for them both.


After they had showered and Nate was getting dressed he said to Randy, "Sir, is this one of those things I can't talk about to the guys."

Randy grinned. "I appreciate you asking, kid, but this time you can go right ahead. Turn them all on." And Bob added, "It'll do wonders for your image in the house, Nate, so go for it."

So he did. Pablo and Darius were home from work now and were in a noisy huddle with Jamie and the twins by the pool. They all knew that Nate was with Randy and Bob upstairs and the speculation had reached a crescendo when Nate finally appeared. They all pounced on him, with Darius taking the lead, of course.

"Now come on, dude, none of this 'it's private' bullshit you always give us. Spill, kiddo. Don't make us tie you up and group-fuck you to make you talk."

"It's already happened," Nate grinned, and gave them a detailed description of his two bondage fucks, by Randy then Bob. There were wide-eyed gasps during the telling, which was interrupted by exclamations of "No way, dude" ..... "Wow, he never!"..... "Then what?" Bob had been right. When Nate had finished he was riding high in their esteem, having been tied up and fucked by the boss man and then his lover.

"Yeah" Darius said, "but that was just a warm-up for Randy. You know him and Steve are gonna punish Lloyd tomorrow for fucking with Hassan. What d'ya think will happen to him? ..... a public flogging, I bet, like they did in olden days in the town square. Shit, we should bring back the stocks, shackle a guy in them and leave him there all day, getting his ass fucked by everyone as they pass by. That would be so cool. And then we could ....."

"Hey, can it, dude," Pablo laughed. Your fantasies always run away with your mouth. Let's just wait 'til tomorrow and see what the guys have planned. Wouldn't want to be Lloyd, though."

"Shit, I would," said Darius, licking his lips.


To the guys all sitting in a group by the pool it seemed that a public flogging was what the brothers had in mind. When Randy had summoned them all after work the next day everyone knew what that meant. It was a ritual of the clan when one of them had seriously abused another ..... a public humiliation and punishment. The most recent had been Pablo getting his ass whipped by Randy after he had injured Nate. And before that Randy himself had been the victim when Steve had arranged for him to be serially fucked by all the guys after he had attacked Bob and put Pablo in danger.

Now it was Lloyd's turn. As Randy had predicted, Lloyd felt a need to be punished by Steve ..... it was the only way he could seriously ask for forgiveness and heal the breach between them. But Lloyd had been dismayed to learn that Randy was taking charge. He should have known that Randy's protective feelings for his brother would extend to setting up Lloyd's punishment. He had already been brutally fucked by Randy and was scared of what the savage boss had in mind now..... dreading the public flogging he too assumed it would be.

That belief was reinforced by the sight of the rope Randy was holding as he and Steve stood before him. Randy's blue eyes pierced the nervous man's gaze and when Lloyd heard him growl "Strip" he knew he had to obey. He pulled off his Polo shirt, kicked off his loafers and dropped his slacks. A murmur of admiration rippled through the observers as they gazed at the naked architect, his body honed to perfection at the gym, his handsome face set off by a trim moustache and goatee. Many cocks were stirring with the anticipation of watching this beautiful man get whipped.

Randy was an expert at ropes and knots. He quickly tied Lloyd's wrists behind his back and attached the other end to a tree stump near the pool. Lloyd could take only a step forward before his arms were pulled tight downward behind him. There was a tense silence as Randy and Steve stared at the bound, naked man awaiting the punishment he knew had to come.

The group of men and boys watching were mesmerized. Darius nudged Pablo and whispered, "Here it comes, dude. Randy's gonna get the whip ..... I told you."

But Darius's prediction was wrong. Randy's next move brought a collective gasp from the group. Averting their gaze from Lloyd, Randy and Steve stared at each other. Randy put his hand behind Steve's head, pulled it toward him ..... and the brothers kissed. Tender at first, the kiss soon became a passionate embrace as their mouths ground together, their tongues pressing hard against each other. The long kiss ended when Randy pulled back, kissed his brother's eyes, forehead and cheeks and murmured. "I love you, bro."

So intense was their passion for each other that Lloyd was completely ignored. He took a step forward and pulled against the rope binding his wrists behind him. He gazed in horror at the two men and murmured, "No." Then louder, growing to a shout, "No ..... NO!"

But the men ignored him. Instead, Randy unbuttoned Steve's shirt and pushed it back off his shoulders. Steve reacted by pulling Randy's T-shirt up over his head and tossed it to the ground. Their bare, muscular chests pressed together and their arms wrapped round each other in another fiery embrace. Their lust aroused, they separated, kicked off their shoes, dropped their pants and stood naked, staring at each other.

"It's like a mirror," Zack said quietly to Mark next to him. He was right. The brothers were almost identical and, to everyone watching, it looked like a beautiful bodybuilder admiring himself, naked, in the mirror. Every man held his breath as they watched and waited.

The two men put their arms on the other's shoulders and they sank slowly to their knees. They leaned forward and kissed again, with such intensity this time that they soon fell sideways onto the ground. With their mouths still locked together they held each other and rolled over the ground, in a building, frenzied display of love and desire .... man to man ..... brother to brother.

Lloyd was going wild. It was unthinkable that Steve would turn his back on him and instead make passionate love to his own brother, right there, in front of him. It should be him, Lloyd, in Steve's arms, making love, reconciled, forgiven. "No," he moaned again. This was unnatural .....unthinkable .... unwatchable. And yet he watched, unable to tear his agonized gaze away.

The fascinated observers were no less mesmerized by the sight of the naked brothers rolling over the grass, in a wild, frenzied outpouring of lust. Finally they came to rest with Randy lying on top of his brother, staring down at him. Darius gripped Pablo's arm and whispered. "He's gonna fuck him. Watch, Randy's gonna fuck him."

There was another long silence, the only sound being Lloyd groaning, struggling desperately to free himself and bring an end to his torment. Everyone watched spellbound, waiting for Randy to grab Steve's legs, throw them up and spear Steve's ass with his dick. They waited ...... and then it came. Suddenly Steve flipped Randy over, got on his knees straddling him and smiled down at him. "I love you, man," he shouted, pushed Randy's legs up and plunged his cock into his brother's ass.

The silence was shattered as the whole place erupted in noise, led by Randy's scream as his body was pierced by his brother's huge cock. The onlookers shot to their feet and gasped in shock as they finally realized what Lloyd's punishment was to be ..... not a whipping or a beating, but the unbearable agony of being tied up and forced to watch his lover fuck another man ..... but not just any man ..... his own handsome, macho brother!

"NO !!" Lloyd screamed, his muscles flexing and writhing as he frantically pulled at his restraints. "Please, man, don't. Don't do it. Please ..... Stop!"

But the brothers had eyes and ears only for each other, and the sight was magnificent ..... two dark, macho muscle-gods, identical brothers, one being ferociously fucked in the ass by the other. Steve was jackhammering the construction boss's ass, his cock pistoning in him like a machine. Randy howled in a pitch of pain and desire, screaming, "Come on, bro, fuck that ass. Oh man ..... my beautiful kid brother's pounding my ass and if feels fucking spectacular. I love you, bro ..... take my ass ...... it's all yours. Fuck me!"

The effect on the watching group was electrifying. They had never dreamed of a sight like this and every cock was hard as steel. The men were rubbing the bulge in their pants, but the boys were less restrained. Instinctively, Darius, Pablo, Jamie and Nate yanked out their cocks and started to beat them. The twins reached across each other and stroked each other's cocks, hypnotized by what they were watching.

But the effect on Lloyd was the most dramatic. "He was yelling obscenities, pleading for it to stop, his muscular body thrashing and straining against the ropes as he gazed down in horror at the incredible scene just a few feet in front of him. Struggling to get closer to Steve he sank to his knees, his arms stretched tight behind him, shoulders bulging ...... and in desperation he started to beg.

"Steve ...... please don't do this. It's agony for me. Please, I'll do anything ..... whip me, thrash me, torture my body ..... but not this." He was sobbing now. "I know I fucked up bad, I hurt you, betrayed you. I'm sorry, Steve. I'll do anything to make it right. Please forgive me, I beg you. I'll never look at another man. It's you I need. Please, man, I need you to fuck me. Please, Steve ...... fuck me ..... fuck me."

The sight of the gorgeous architect, naked, bound, begging on his knees, while his lover pounded his brother's ass, was overwhelming to every man watching. They couldn't hold back, and the cum started to flow ..... first the twins bringing each other to climax, then the boys, blasting cum over each other, and finally the men ..... Zack, Mark, and last of all Bob.

Bob had watched his lover make love to Steve and then get ferociously fucked by him, his own brother. He was awestruck by Randy's power. By allowing Steve to fuck him in front of them all, he was making a public apology to his brother, but much more than that he was subjecting Lloyd to the most awesome, torturous humiliation and degradation imaginable.

Even as Randy was getting his ass hammered he looked over to the group, caught Bob's eye and smiled at him. "You son of a bitch," Bob murmured. "Here it comes, man" and Randy watched him blow a massive load, a tribute to his lover's power and his triumph.

Lloyd was now sobbing uncontrollably and repeating his plea to Steve over and over ..... "fuck me, man ..... fuck me ..... fuck me." Randy looked up at Steve, nodded slightly, and suddenly everything changed. Steve yanked his cock out of Randy's ass and pivoted on his knees behind Lloyd, while Randy stood up and untied the rope. Steve pressed against Lloyd's back, both still on their knees, and breathed in his ear, "I forgive you, Lloyd." He grabbed Lloyd's waist and plunged his still-rigid cock into his ass, as Lloyd howled with the exquisite pain and joyful release of forgiveness. His lover was back ..... inside his ass.

Randy stood in front of Lloyd. He grabbed his hair, yanked his head back and glared down at him with his steely blue eyes. "Now you know what you get when you hurt my brother, Lloyd. He's forgiven you ..... but I'll be watching. Don't ever, ever, hurt him again. That clear?"

"Yes, sir," Lloyd moaned, and while his mouth was still open Randy pushed his cock into it and deep down in his throat. Lloyd choked and tears spurted from his eyes as he felt Randy's huge club pounding his face while Steve's cock hammered his ass. As Randy looked at Steve his face glowed in triumph. "That's it, Steve .... let's give him what he wanted all along. Let's show everyone that no one fucks with these brothers, 'cause we are the best ..... and together we are invincible. OK, my brother ..... this is it!"

Lloyd spun into a wild delirium of carnal sensation as he felt Steve explode in his ass and Randy bust a hot load deep in his throat. He swallowed frantically, drinking the master's juice while his lover's semen streamed inside him. When it was over and the two cocks pulled out of him, Lloyd fell exhausted on the ground sobbing, his body quivering, while above him Steve and Randy leaned forward for one last, loving, fraternal embrace.

Well ...... perhaps not entirely fraternal.


Steve and Lloyd were upstairs, showering, and basking in the rosy glow of forgiveness and reconciliation. Randy had cleaned off in the pool and was sitting with the other guys, all of them still in awe of the dynamic demonstration of his sexual power. The twins had brought out beer for them all and they were finally coming down from all the excitement.

"Well," Zack said, "I guess that's the end of this little Steve and Lloyd episode. "Can't say I'm sorry, either."

There were murmurs of agreement, but Randy was looking pensive. "Well, maybe not quite the end."

Bob grinned at him. "Oh no. I always recognize that look ..... something's cooking in that addled brain of yours."

But, as if changing the subject completely, Randy said to Pablo, "Hey kid, how are the repairs coming along to that big earth-mover you and Darius are working on?"

Pablo frowned. "Not so good, boss. It turned out to be a bigger job than I reckoned."

"That's what I thought," Randy said. "But I really need it back in action. Two men enough, you think?"

"Well, it would sure help a lot if we had another pair of hands. You have anyone in mind to help us, sir?"

"As a matter of fact ......" Randy stopped as he saw Lloyd and Steve emerging from the house. "Hey, Lloyd ...... come over here ...... I've got a proposition for you....."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 135


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